The Sports Bar-Hour 1 12/5/17-Jeremy White

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with the guys discussing the suspensions of Rob Gronkowski, George Iloka and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Jeremy White of WGR joins us next to discuss the best option at QB for the Bills and how bad it could get with this season's Sabres campaign. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink Drink to That" where the guys further discuss the Sabres ineptitude over the past four games.



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Most sports bar with the danger and exactly you have to score points however you score points you've got to be able to move the ball and score points. That's so we haven't done well enough to this I have confidence that will be able to do whatever we need to do move the ball when the game we just have to be efficient what we're doing. Mike danger so you handle the colts. And you tied your your back there your your type once again with the with Baltimore and senior year a better position is you wrap of the season the final three weeks of the season came exactly. Pan am when Tyrod Taylor went out well. I don't people who wanna hear this but there goes your season right there any and he shot making the playoffs if if Tyrod Taylor isn't healthy and you can start to look forward to next year because. And he Peterman is not only this team to a playoff berth the world is gonna do what's right team. That's so down the pass those who continue to move forward. I'll Wear wherever they want to play it's like showing an ever. Writing in the same approach this week Rochester sports leader at 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon. We'll just doing join us the sports bars open for business for 54 ESPN is our phone number. 4543776. We appreciate you listening however you may be listening AM 950. 957 FM ESPN Rochester dot com and the free to download ESPN Rochester I am quite danger hello Jeanne it's. Tag Maya danger how are we today ready for another dose of daily dose of some process. Are you ready for some process and cash. Now all evening talk today details on the albatross. They're really lay out the process today. They offer process hangover we'll get to that tomorrow will figure out who's quarterbacking maybe tomorrow. I'd like that game last night. There's a part of me that really. And and I should be ashamed to admit this but I'm not the violence of the game is part of what makes me want to watch the game. And we need a whole lot now more now than we did when we watch this game it's children right. We know that what will pay damages done to these players. When hits like that are delivered. But that's the part of the game the next pick is still love to see big hits big collisions. Clean hits obviously now moving forward is is what you're looking for in. Now the juju hit him. Don't lose dirty as much as it was a taunting afterwards isn't pour form. The OK it was filthy that was during filthy. I on you know. Both teams sit there shut the best player on the outside of the ball. You need to try to dig up perfect on the defense side of the ball for Cincinnati try to take up brown the office of officers ugly just ugly is much. Is I enjoy it that's the kind of game. That will destroy. The NFL today. On how how do you how do you announce a game how do you play game after the show easier instant. And is this gonna be the narrative danger of well you know he he was leading with a helmet Newt you're not tackling properly these things can happen. Okay. Dan rather than these things can happen how about paralyzing how about finding cop out. If you see somebody tackling like that stop. Stop. Because where it may be okay in the pros a time where NATO okay if they don't get high school AOK pop Warner. And watching crying she easier flipped himself over last night. We've legs that were acting like spaghetti act. I'm money easy today danger I know you're you're attracted to the violence but that one play right there. I can't get their play out of my head today. Yeah it's the kind of game that. I don't know what it does for their ratings I don't know what you know those are the type of games. That will destroy the NFL. Or will it we're talking about it today is the not a positive way down you know in and you know I feel guilty admitting. That part of why I watch the games is for the violent collisions for the big hits. And I don't root for that and roots her. Injury to occur I don't want to see. A great defense a player like Ryan Shea easier have his career cut short. I don't wanna know whether or not he he can walk to the next day or not I mean that's terrifying stuff. But they hates in the violence that come with the game is part of what I think. An ailment alone are not the only one that thinks this way. We wanna see a big hit. Well look we want to. We want a story that's all we want any watt was the story yesterday. You want and I'll take things it wasn't danger in nine years ago would have been wow look at the vikings however the number one seat car. We be talking about the vikings in your discussed and it changes a rule with the Eagles may move could Seattle. Bieber now we're talking about that yesterday we're talking other rocket or gene that's because you're you know outside of buffalo. Now did you watch all the national stories that was. Your national story yesterday. On a Monday reaction Monday around the NFL. It was the wrong can't. And now today we're talking about two dirty it's a Monday Night Football so is this were happening and it felt that a danger work. We're we're just Elise Elise she is tight of the game we don't care about who liens or who loses we just care about what's good piece of video what can we talk. Mountain all the angles not the only thing that I'm watching the NFL for an end you know I city yesterday and I'll say it again today yeah I loved the Sunday night game. Not because there were big hits but because you saw two quarterbacks is duking it out to. Really good quarterbacks. Playing a high level that was entertaining to me that was satisfying to me. I don't like the injuries agrees that that are result of those big hits. But I still like to see big hits on the field I don't like to see the helmet to helmet stuff. Every time you see it you know in there was a year earlier this year that keeps getting brought dizzy was suspended for the when I was watching the bears and carry out an extra base in. You know he. Blasted the Vontae apps have to side with Salman you know his nose is coming out zero hole after that it. It's always been able to get on the field next week's miraculous to me. You see those hits in your first reactions rule. Still right like that's the first thing use its. Mean not only got to see okay right while your first reaction is well dish okay was the Shuster hate. Dirty or not. I mean I think it's this close to borderline Asia you can get them when you see it's perfect I'm new I'm watching that real time that block. For a wide receiver to pick up that block the weight of what wow. Remember fixed down and an OK you're gonna you're gonna do is WW we stopped and you know flax over the guy having come. Come with the. I was waiting for juju did drop Trout would just take a Wii is all over brew look what else you have to do after you knocked amount Mike Todd juju. There are other steeler fans had a perfect beat. Real list of enemies in the NFL today yeah audience I mean players you heard Antonio Brown afterwards saying karma. That's karma. That's karma you didn't need dirty Regis did you dirty. And if that continues in the NFL's gonna have a problem. It's kind of why. Well I can appreciate. Your Mike hi enjoy employer saying that they'll remember the grunt kit when they go to Foxboro. I really wanna see the bills. Retaliate. My play do the talking and win the game. You retaliate you're gonna put yourself. Your team your your your home your success on that Sunday in jeopardy. Well okay your build knowledge shock. You. Let's assume our anger be saved us today. Not safe to say okay that the pictures are to be a top to see I'm not sure they get maybe they're playing for the number one overall that point. Bly if you've already got the Biden danger. And you could win this game without Rob Gronkowski are you limiting. Your tight ends wraps or does this all the sudden become like. Baseball should it be like baseball when he backed baseball they have their rules date. We use thrown archive or gonna throw what you would do well they mean it should should the Buffalo Bills had to take a baseball approach to this. I don't know my goal you know listen the B the revenge in my you want to win the game troubled being in the in the winning game like about. How many yards of penalties it's it's nanny rack up yesterday. I lost sound like a 153 so photograph taken out there at the center that played a part in them losing that game now who. Martin Lloyd should be gone okay easy looks like a coach it's on his way out of the terrible loss or since there last night by the way you're watching this right. You knew Pittsburgh was gonna win that game right as soon as the bell play happens where he's not even tackle. Save what habitat we NFL OK we're ready to play into wind and now it's. Tackling is bad everything you know you're not getting as many wraps you know practicing as hard you know practicing technique. And in you know. I mean he's directly involved that Larry had just tackle the tackled in one attack on another panel is like a crazy crazy outcome. The Steelers do with the Steelers do play down their competition to find a way to win one. In a close game in the handsome of those they've lost this year but more times than not that come on top so they continue to roll. New England on many of the today's power rankings power power rankings you see doing with the top looking like the best team. In the league. Hi I am. Wanna kind of shift away from the grown up conversation that's kind of dominated. Our show and and and talk shows and and TV shows everywhere because. You know where does it go from here you rely on a conversation really now is. Can we get some consistency how how can you compare what you saw last night into the same. Amount of time for those guys as you did for rock who went out of his way. After a play to go after a guy who was down. Well I mean the grand story. It's over uncaring. Anybody disagree it's a dirty yet now's a dirty at the punishment came. We debated yesterday the response by the Buffalo Bills. And it and it was it sufficient enough well whether it was was and whether wasn't. The stories over for grunt right now eight you know at least for the time being will it kick back up. Are believed. Wayne's days before the hatred game a Christmas Eve sure we're sure will danger we will be talking about that but as as far as angles that story the grunt story. He's suspended its done I will say one thing. I was very disappointed to read that Larry FitzGerald disagreed with the suspension. Wow Larry FitzGerald. You're supposed to. Held in this high regard how is that not suspend the bowl Manning is can cost because of another man's actions. So anybody that that that's the only angle in the last 44 hours that I find. A little bit interesting is that future hall of Famer is OK with it like desk. Caught and by the way you know if you wanna be outraged that ground appealed the suspension. I just feel like every clinic it's spending now is going to appeal what you have to every single on eight C Eads Connie you're duty is. Part of the players association to do so today all wise he just own it BAA he apologized for what is he just own it now and then and its vigor they they are all. In both Shuster and de Oca both. Appealed their suspension is already today like that that's just there everybody's gonna appeal. Know whether or not it's changed his wanting to the other John Hilton joining us in sports bar danger but tightly hey John. They guy I don't term. Our trip to comment about the game last night but. The first mourners I believe that belt play it all happen on the sidelines because it shouldn't. That's the early hours trying to wait out the teapot is in a blog to wanna get a penalty. And number chinks. But she shook locker writing me a lot of back and our budget years ago warned checkbox I won't let Packard and they are outraged remember that might. Yep it was a left tackle and head coach of the time Mike Sherman again. He went to remember it all look great piece of video great putting and finger quotes a unique piece of video work. As sure remain challenging sap and I forget the offensive lineman named for the Packers but. That's within the rules only few we have to have your parents will want a quick change like that so. For perfect yeah you you weren't you didn't have your head up you were looking the wrong way so that's part of the game by it. Nobody is fine with Shuster and what the way he acted that's that's that's the line to me. John thanks for the call appreciate it 454 years paean as a sports bar is. Opening and taking your calls. So we're gonna talk the 4 o'clock hour to Kent sterling he's from our sister station in Indianapolis CBS sports 1430. I can't give us the out colts perspective in advance of Sunday's match up against the bills nor feel which. By the way you can hear starting at 9 AM with pregame on ESPN Rochester and then it just few minutes will jump ball with the WG ours. Jerry why it's been a few weeks about Germany on. Yeah a good time to have a mom because the sabres play tonight and if you haven't noticed it's because well. They've made themselves are relevant I mean the sabres are. Terrible worst team in the league right now. Haven't scored a goal off from the Blue Line all season buffalo right now was. The tank worth there was yeah did having Michael okay. Whoa look or act but I'm also cures it the thoughts of Jeremy who is in buffalo law. We are predicting brewing in Rochester right now. How to buffalo people use this because could cool we helped the sabres yeah ha. I is Omar better than the other two goalies in buffalo generally answer that but I think he deserves a shot. I'm Jeremy White I don't know that how are answer those questions but I am curious to get the thoughts of somebody from buffalo. Do they like what's happening in Rochester or should Rochester just go off and try to fix what's up going wrong in buffalo Jerry white to join us here in the sport. Talks in bills we Germany as well I'm curious to see what Jeremy thinks is far as the starting quarterback for the bills. On Sunday I'm started I've been a tyrant apologist. From day one gene you know this now. We. I think more than many show win this tone and in going out of her way to say it. There are worst quarterbacks in the National Football League in Tyrod Taylor careful what you wish for. And anything we saw some of that bear fruit. Wind fuming got to start in Los Angeles. You come back the next decades and I told you sell or you know you see that's what it looks like we turn over the ball like. It out Tyrod had a really ugly interception against new England and I wonder what the the outcome of that game is. If he doesn't throw that ball if if they are able to score a touchdown there on that drive them against Korea on in Iraq via I mean it and get three they get nothing big it's bloody huge because tyrant there was an ugly interception. It was at that point Jean. Where I started to question whether or not for the remainder of this year Tyrod Taylor gives this team the best chance to win. I think it's two separate conversations. Okay beat the conversation being who is the best but is Nate heater men ready. I don't know the answer is that you don't know the answer to that. We can say from the Los Angeles Gainey IRS well yeah I mean because if it what what difference does it make if he's not ready you're gonna wreck the kitten. Well we say oh we what we. Thought going into the Los Angeles game was that was a winnable game for the bills and as it turns out Los Angeles probably pretty good that defense especially. He's playing very good that pass defense is playing very good. For the chargers. Com. But against the colts. And when we talked can't we'll ask him but you know against the colts. Against that defense against that team against the team that knows their head coach is gonna get fired at the end of the season. I'll give you a chance. Our healthy Nate Peter may who may already be a better state in the Rick Dennison office and Tyrod Taylor verses. He banged up Tyrod Taylor. Against the colts. Genome leaning towards Peerman I think uterine. We should get the Sar. Think tyra just you know Dick Cheney's we don't you wanna get paid the off season would wanna do anymore damage Tierney. Good guy Buffalo Bills telling Tyrod kind of take it easy not over exert himself. You know he's gonna wanna get out term play but can he get out term flag. Well a loss the COLT and that's it it's a dizzying going to is agreed that excel I am and what you play abort you can't beat the colts three win team. You're still alive. And you know that the team you're looking up to in Baltimore. Has a very lose a bowl game against the Steelers on Sunday night. I'd like to thank and again I might as my brain might be rationalizing thoughts that aren't there but if Tyrod Taylor. The hole in it this injury was different right normally you see injury and you can pinpoint what play it happened. We think it happened on the first drive and on this play yet he played essentially the rest of the game so my question would be. Hate coaching staffing the Tyrod wasn't right he. He was performing that horribly at what point did you put two and sued again until we went over the cart so that would be my question danger is that. And I'm I'm saying is because in the back in my mind is like you're gonna come off as a Tyrod apologist. But he was a right against the patriots I don't eat you can't fault him here. Everything factor we Tyrus had just two back to back atrocious performances at home. Weather could be a factor on Sunday you might be asking your quarterback to do very little on Sunday. Why not ask your rookie quarterback to be the one that does very little once and do just enough to get that win. And gain the confidence that you may have lost. In that atrocious half of football in Los Angeles. And I say all of this in the lord I see behind everything I'm saying and the reason why I should be contradicting myself right now. Road Accra this piece earlier today are up among the 61 quarterbacks. Who've attempted a pass in the NFL this season. Peterman ranks last in passer rating. 59 out of 61 total QBR. 54 in completion percentage and 52 in yards per pass attempt. Terrible it is. Awful awful awful stats. Again amongst these 61 quarterbacks. Who have attempted. A pass this season. Now that being said. He is QB are at the end of the saints game. Was the fourteenth best of any quarterback this season for what that's worth. In in May it you know it's probably not worth a lot. He's got a chance he's got a chance on Sunday. Against and all colts team. Who is last in passing yards allowed per game. Blasts in that yards per opponent per pass attempt. And thirtieth in opposing total QBR. If you're gonna put him out there. This again until it. Now if if Tyrod healthy danger I I and still not in. We weren't sold steadfast last year. In agreeing with Rex Ryan meaning okayed theirs. What what's the movie dumb and dumber so you're saying there's a chance while there was a leading the little tiny chance that Christmas Eve game what you know everything we're broke right. He had the bills won that game. We agreed with Rex Ryan that you don't putting Carl Jones and you know reporting in. And up under you quarter and a guy who gives you the best chance to win on Sunday I don't see any evidence of that being a Peterman U wanna waste that to be true and let's not run assert. That's pastor so if Tyrod. Ease its each should be easy decision okay. Tyrod isn't healthy Tyrod doesn't dressed set up in your back up does Joseph weapon he can come and run the wildcat when you know grumble about to let it let the thing we needed it Peter being. You can't ports Peter in all for a healthy Tyrod to not at this point he hasn't earned it change. He has. You bet you have a responsibility your fan base you have a responsibility the man on that team your responsibility your sponsors to do everything you can't. To wean that game. And there is no evidence. Then Nate here remain at this point. Would be the better choice of both quarterbacks are healthy. I'm Sar. Let's get jury what you hear enthusiasts say Jimmy white from Howard in Germany. Every morning and a sister station buffalo WGR. It's been a few weeks we've talked German get among with us next in sports park danger of tightly on ESPN Rochester. This it's. Go again window love the music off so you didn't know what else. This is amazing and also you guys don't know about cliff like I know about Oakland a hockey. Do we just played all the great news. I like this from crazy love equipment uses honestly I don't care what else happens out. That was a man. It scored a window on AM 950 and 957. FM best sports leader. ESPN Rochester. Protesters hold for a light sport to another best sports talking anywhere EM 950 and 957. At them thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. So much to get to the chairman Dwight Howard Jeremy our sister station at 550 WGR in buffalo Jeremy joining us now in the sports bar with the injured tightly how worn by. All we're doing great here you know Lee's we have. Kind of deals football at someone in your staying here in the month of December Jeremy as far as the group on Kate menial yank brought at least I find interesting was the response. You how do you view what the bills theater bird didn't do in terms of the immediate response following immigrant housekeeper at. And like it for the players because on one level one and they didn't want to sign though wouldn't know. Exactly what happened while peppering him and I think. Human nature to immediately kind of look back and demand applied normal and capital on what will be different. Near record cartoonish elbow drop from rock but you know when you're watching Hawaii crop might ultimately it. On an electric casual laid it in your native strict point I think it took later our political rock like will take a fifty yard. It's upon review and replay and read that you see that it really want such a bad shot. Athletic players get a bit audio because. You know given the institute again maybe they would respond by the same time. Neutral on all but you're suspended and then were article from there Connecticut just trying to. It seemed lost in. You gonna walk you better about thumping but you know or. Yeah and even last night when you have dirty hit upon dirty hit and wanting that I noticed last night is. But neither team really went to the defense of their player either I mean these guys are are kind of discipline and that they know that the second guy in his gonna get that flag every time. Yeah and I'm glad you don't party you'll you'll get your retaliation penalty and you hear someone on the vodka like automatic rob that. Ideal. What Apollo play don't struggle with the seniors about letting. Opened up the actor is important Robert side. That the best way to beat anybody is the economic or or that the woman mattered the most epic oil or whatever like Greek. You know you hit it it could build all the couldn't and up elbit. Don't we will hit them late anymore being brought in Italy or what 78 years in the record dominant figure out like our. It would pretty beaten by crime year every single year it was very isolated incident that was. I'm portrait Negron could open that it probably longer but it about it that I've worked out as the ones or Cohen beam that Merrill. Jeremy White from Howard and Jeremy WGR guest here in the sports bar so here the bills have a well you would think winnable game colts coming to town we're just three wins but. Who should start at quarterback. It Jeremy is there a case to be made that putting Tyrod health aside that you know Tyrod was. Just so bad in the last game and back the last two home games is so bad that mean you know how how much worse innate human. Yeah I mean act I wanted to myself I know you really attic and charters but you know given an opportunity to play home. We've got to throw your crap truck we might get beat on what you got green Taylor doesn't burn all over but I mean respect. You're not gonna win and again and think of 58 yard passing him and are aware though the budget that not fighters and it. Ineptitude of the passing game that ultimately will kill your chance to win so no one looks different result ultimately Spain I think they'll play Taylor peace LP. But you know the goals we want to they just kind of activity not and day out on that ball with the current one thing that it it technological. It with McDermott on back and forth. He goes back to tailor it might really just beat but he he he he's great to watch Taylor play out the string. It was orally. Could it the world iiroc played. The more that. McDermott that looks like how well I'm not aware of that game because Taylor at such a terrible last spot sixteen people like getting. Thinking he could beat San Diego. How much of this is on Dennis in those two I mean like I you know there's a part of me that. Doesn't wanna see the guy go for the sake of continuity this offseason but then there's another part is like you know what. This guy that there'd been officers quarters gotten fired for a lot a lot less of what Dennison is put on that field this year when authorities side on this when German. I never really I'm not too mad at him for not getting the Tyrod Taylor. Really usually post it. But it's in the run game and a part of what they don't I'll bet at super conservative and they took. The number one rushing attack only to drop it and it'll be in one day it's very similar one Rex Ryan came into the great defense and took it now. I looked up at the double pane and you know if built want to win now and it went later. They should tried to find some predicted match with the quarterback better Eric Taylor this year having an awful I mean awful got to kind of bad year. And edited it to get that early it's all they've. They change what does it taken away number as a weapon and one of the weapon seen strong abroad. That might have been a big weapon and the bill act if change well. Like I doubt it but how to play evaluate them but it is job was not Decatur Tyrod Taylor into daddy didn't care about Taylor. But the same time. All the sudden I've got but it anything I'd be at. Be good at 10 ball and explosive with big plays in the passing game Allen got they really topic. How much of that is up player personnel on how much of it is the skiing Jeremy what percentage speakers. The scheme we don't go ahead. I think given a weapon we mean you know. Of the other receiver they came into the year with not great we. I was that. You know maybe there's there's an accurate or thereabouts receive from retreated for another guy but they've got enough weapons they have again they have that no one on. I did think victory in any walk in and looted the trial would hurt them in the run game and ultimately at. But. I think coordinator of the Dennis and yet at some level accountability that the candidate beatle may help the governor talk about helping. You know what what is John McDermott made it. Our old re gonna do next year and it continues this yes. Different kind of blocking in the run game we couldn't wrap quarterback and that's the if questionable. The organ in the critical all in. On a quarterback what style quarterback it mean for that hasn't been here or a week you know a year you've been super couple coffee might be gone. They're fired because of bad year it gave that a great year and get another job. It might find the quote my franchise's future basically come down to which packed it in an awkward. Per opposite order that you know higher gone to get more out all I know what whatever make a decision based on my coordinator or. The higher the quarterback and then. To the court neglect on out of college system when he ran well liked and hire the guy that it into the court expert what what. That being said Jeremy who real likening the news or allowed to start looking at these prospects that the college season is about to end. And we're gonna be you know looking at these guys and the Jewelers I. Arnold's name that we were thrown around it is you know late as last year's Rose Bowl and and he certainly is still there Jackson is still there. Oh were you seeing that that could be potentially coming up for the Tony eighteen drafted to those could target for quarterback. I like different things about each one of the guys in the bill based on how Sean McCormick Eric and all of the local and patient. Are they basically present themselves be it. They have the law embargo that the meat and Arnold is electric children are Michael because it and that was an interview that don't have he had just. Picture Shawmut directly quarterback all the local ball he says he wanted. A bar or are attributed much he loved the games. Arnold does in like a student of the game kind of guy and low -- off like silicon dialogue prop well either Rick Erica. Wrote debate field I love what they are still that. Rosen got a terrible team around him but to meet you look at the grossed out or wreck or. Mayfield course I've had an incredible year being one about how quarterbacks to ever watch. I wonder about the bill if they'll go for a guy like Rosen or garlic may oh. Nobody peeled it. Raster cocky and he's super competitor pretty gonna talk treasured city gets in trouble. You know rose and on the other hand if the guy that become an audience labor work super pac. You know he's a free thinker and a lot of teams are gonna want a guy who's gonna all of line wanna rethink that request the coach question why we. Oh that might appoint Rosen. Mark Jackson I law and an idea. But I just don't know what he's gonna say about him he's been the best player one of those players ever. A mile and Enron he's he's got everything. The question on Jack's new. I don't they don't think you play it broke in or something that he. Canticle windows I let that thought was mpeg elect second roundabout route which. But let me get wrapped up going to put it all oral got on the pop it. Long ball only went tent that he was. We're in full swing but people all the crap you political intent though I bet they'll hopefully quick and it will Burnett probably be aggressive. Jimmy white stuff from buffalo WG our guest here in the sports parts of danger are a danger and I hear on the air Rochester Jeremy. The Rochester Americans going some good hockey. I'm just curious to Kate pure earth where we're aware of what it yet yet the average of playing good hockey. So. Urges just curious to get your thoughts up in buffalo because there are really the way this works these. Players play well they get called up to big team the sabres could use some help right now. What's the prevailing thought buffalo right now as far as goalie. All mark. The the U resisting sip it through the temptation. Hasn't been there yet at least four Jason Bob troll the call up some bodies here that could help the sabres team perhaps. And gathered. Well Beatty signed. That doctoral at all about development the fact that they'll call up every defense and expect Brendan goalie is an indication that every one of the guys they view it like. Long term or a development guy. He's gonna go ahead and you go ahead and keep developing and we need a body or call. Stack Redmond ormat and it's been my connect out he went well I just because there are side. Another side is babble and it's waved and present them to come up a Rochester they traded for and and a joke I beat it wanna. Keep Rochester together and let it ruby glow in the stumping where. You build. Group players that get to know each other and get to work together and ultimately. Graduate as a group released some of them. Up with the big club but that believe that's my every element of the bowl parade and all the defense moves are pretty solid they're about. Germany hinted this sense of shall houses I mean you know he's come across little frustrated by me. How frustrating was to be for a guy who played entire career as an offense and defense not seat. This team score a single goal from the point. I don't know I would like eventually among gonna quote graphic that house with as many goals of the players on the team on college. And that's pretty pretty bad. It was a problem for banned by ultimate duplicated or the principle like it was in late November last year they were muddle scoring apparently. Last year was Georgia's cohesion and it hit the third was where eighteen minute height difference in the papers. We've got the real lowest scoring are real on the bottom or. Anybody over a few minutes so it's been a consistent problem. It's that much is not good we are frustrated but that even what they've gone they have. Really I think neglected the Blue Line terribly for a long time. And less spending at a great defense or a group it was like boom in a leader and wire. When you will be cured by Eric are together and it was great for a year and it just all disappear like Myers fell off a cliff. Air about it are you OK with it then in over the line and then like below wall back there that any ability they passed up on defense in the draft. It it just is not but it could be good step by blue line again for these. Well wasn't that one of the platforms when you know Phil Housley gets up there and he's talking about this attacking offense and starts the Blue Line jumping in. I guess my question is Jeremy if the guy's name was Joseph Smith will we be talking about this is being a bad hire. Or we blind to that because it's what you. Possibly buttress the line and into the Pentagon a number line got better possession papers are becoming a better that's being popped on the Blue Line. Bogosian play at all or a gamer to. All used brand due to the team as well if there's one guy who worry about it Jake became cult object BK went from a guy I was really excited about two. Well not that. So this scandal about the heat and develop OK he's good. He built his girl well it is I guess it's going to be probably going to be probably good to be about what an out they'd make a trade or other defensemen but he didn't Gorham. Because I just pulled a bit horses here I mean I'd. I didn't think fill out the requirements are and then file terrible line into the national predators. Output and figure get this bad. But as you know if you don't have the guys to run system. Much like that dole often I guess or look pretty bets on. How active do you think they could be at the trade deadline but by the tree down I mean Cain is name we keep journals and over again and what do you think you could fetch. For getting rid of your top score. Yeah I think you'd actually build buildup poetry Cain what what I yet. The great question now what I'd like to find it would seem that it's planning nine. Parting ways like with our SA or. No and fight him package Cain and my first round pick. And I wouldn't be on the Bynum if you like folks overall are at this site yet all right I had the memories for I had this idea when. The sabres were started flounder like it was a mid range brick. I you know can I trade a future with the rental boat can be more hockey treated as what these rental you'll like it to respect erupt like. Jeremy here comes the tough question you were proponent of the tank and the archivist this is and the way that everybody thought it would go on buffalo. Have you changed your mind on this whole process. No not at all. In fact you buy control apparently is reported that everybody on the trade block except project article write them though. That's kind of like gays about Milwaukee you know and things I've wallet like. Well the only thing you guys did right was get him. So now I'd doubtful they'll put on an idol that I mean what is sabres are now you have to root for balloon game but. The best thing that could happen and amid a good finish last. I'd stick. Yet little lottery which will be nice that the government. But down. Got that idea about players you weaponized been bad so. Thank work. Billed afterwards did not and that's why don't people have been fired and that's what people man you know I mean 81 point two years ago. The 81 not that. There were erection gonna that the worst six team that finished below them standing failure when Nady 81 points. Edmonton made the playoffs Columbus has made the oil Toronto has made oil Winnipeg is the best in the last currently. Particularly the New Jersey Madden. But go look at it on those cricket team standing all the teams below them they got good. Though and the idea that because of the paper were bad in 2004. Team affecting me three years later Obama fit the decisions have been made. And those engines that are the problem but with the biggest impact player they've they've brought on. Since that day they addressed the Jack Michael. That's the question that anybody want to type of the tank didn't work it is banned two and a half years. The biggest impact player they brought in that they they draft to be answered probably oh so who is not contributing too much. War and want. I mean you lenders not here there to pick your view that the printer be like. Happy to see you can look good if you were here are truly not here and there is no attack. Since the day they drafted Jack cycle and for anyone that wants to make it about you shouldn't thank you should bill roster. Others Emery roster look at the other they needed right now. It became trade worked out there about pollute came free agency so those are contemporary gold. What else. The directed at roster looks pretty bad. But one thing he did right I think definitively. Did get a player to build. Yeah and and I almost feel like with all the changes that happen yup C nine this is both bills and sabres see you know. Exercise a little patience be careful what you wish for this you know you had to know. That that that breaking continuity and in new development in new stuff on development for the sabres and of course the process with the bills I mean these things are going to take some time. And I I wonder how and where. Quote bold politically Oklahoma all of how bad will be key into the absolute order. They are approaching. Editor below crank case and worst team in the league and three point clear everybody else they're not it's been picked an apple a bit about. Your not quote eager. Total different but I chief bottle up trying to wipe out quite what the problem is. And an advocate Peter. Multiple ways and I believe it. Which also I think a positive step I mean. The grass guys are such non Packers took so long. You're in the little arson at the top mileage out. Of space don't ever war. We're also defensively and they are not opening game but. Gillick to a about it on the team for ten years and I just you know it it's where I got it all. I don't under focus on the road to recovery but at least it's something like I've been in on the the playoffs they're not gonna happen for the game and they got by opening you up at least our move look at like they're armored. We got a month sister station WGR in buffalo Howard and Jeremy Jeremy White great with this time always appreciate your insight Jeremy thanks so much. It. Gotta talk dissing chairman like joining us here in the sportswear with danger to tightly and if you miss that we'll get an up and on the map for you shortly the only ESPN Rochester. Dot com way to breaking news. Oh breaking news. Where's our breaking it was music. Notice we've got a second bid on Doug Whaley this break it is important breaking. It Doug Whaley laundry Doug Whaley knows up the 550. Dollars to somebody saw the helmet idea this result can you imagine. Two days from now the frenzy in this and enduring Art Shell danger all my goodness the frenzy at the end lunch with whales. By fifty. And tan 555. And I'm jumping game you keep calling me but I'm gonna play this to the end danger and I but it snared where he he's gonna come into the sport part we're gonna have launching. Morgan kind of get his wisdom sanction that update. I don't think I would buy Doug what really an extra refill Logan bury a mighty taco. Would not do that. But thanks for updating us far fifteen are very good. Let's play altered that next we'll give you some sports comments to wrap your mind around agree or disagree you're always welcome to join us at 454 ESPN 454. 3776. During the sports bar with danger tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. He's Bullock you know we don't. I forgot to play defense and pick up game I can't relate I don't know what that feeling despite this or what happened and no one likes that god gives afterwards scenario where Africa hey don't always regret did you see them the keys to get on Brady's backups over the years and told his side normal thing to talk about competitive views I won't point to that point about the guy who plays defense and pick up game. They're playing a basketball game against the local firemen teams in Foxboro and they were losing Tom Brady called timeout and got the he movers and we are not. Bleeping losing duplicate nationalizing those firemen pulled it out scored like twenty points in the final item and store it all just focusing on just three distributing data out through their bodies may throw bilateral donor personal shot up didn't throw. I'm co quicker function there's nothing about him. You've scored your window on ATM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. It is a rental car world yeah. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. Gino I'm not afraid to admit kind of hitting. That occurred in last night's Steelers Bengals game is partially what drives my eyes to watch games but at the same time knowing what we nobody had injuries games like last night games that are gonna kill the NFL. Art and don't normally we don't expand on these things but I want the little room for him because archer contradicting yourself here futile bid within walking wire other people different. We're we're drawn to that game last night. We're talking about that game last night. I haven't seen the TV ratings from last night but I'm sure that they were pretty good because I'm watching thinking my god what's gonna happen next. Yes it's bad for the game gains yes. The league is okay with this if they were OK with this thing you've seen more than a one game suspension. What they shouldn't be OK with his and then there's a man right now in -- easier. One of the premier defensive players in the league that we're not getting updates sign at least not to our liking that he's okay. That it that there there really being hush hush about this. That has meal comparable more than anything else right now and the narratives while C led with his head on that those things can happen OK you know why. Today inaugural for anybody that tackles like death. I mean the NFL in the unless they root they're not gonna be serious about this and delay and out. Real suspension sixteen to eight games make it like he decent days of solid drink to that. A much lighter note I mean you know loves the spotlight himself it's Jon Gruden. Jon Gruden saying. You know only he's not pick taken a position on the giants' job okay I'm not saying he wouldn't turn it down. He's already been linked to return to Tampa volume and all that guy right now their Connery still employed there last I checked at least he was. Well he does having his name out there and some say he likes having his name out there in that lines just to get more money on ESPN. When we time. You're not getting more money he has the endless days are over. One of those jobs whether it's the giants whether it's a return to Tampa but one of those quarterbacks. That's good attempt gruden back to the sidelines next year I'll drink to that I think Tampa's that the way to deal I think he's. He's already established himself made one draw and showing up at training camp for hard not to he's getting face time on hard not cities. What is he showing up Cotter but I mean just seeing him there. It was awkward it was like an awkward weird exchange where you know he wants to be coaching. But he's not allowed to coach. And drew no wind up back in Tampa again he ends up anywhere and by the way you know talking about him in the in the Booth. Thought we're gonna talk about this and NFL appetizers but there's an ex FL player that's gonna be taking a couple of reps away from Chris Collins worth. Before the end of the season is this month a Kurt Warner. Going to be taking us wraps. In the Booth alongside Mike to Rico could mix give me a few weeks off without columns were allegedly bet it would sleaze and in my point that you know if you think you're gonna make money. In the book the make more money in the book that your value was going to increase being in the Booth. Guess again there'll guys lining up. To take your gig and they'll do a lot more affordably than what you're asking for so I'll drink to that I noticed last night's game after. Jorge de Oca. Look I laid out it's audio Browning and juju drilled wants his perfect. Neither team came to the defense of their fallen teammate Jean. You know maybe there is something to the discipline that's drilled into the head of a player when it comes to retaliation did anyone think we'll Marshawn Lynch did earlier this year was. Marte you know outreach that because you were changed my perspective are your view we do is probably would Jeremy want. Where it's easy for us how many times is everybody seemed grunt replay it five times. Ten times we have a monitor in the studio danger eat I think you know every two minutes still even today they're still talking about. It's like. In any walk of life in Disney's with your friends with her family how many times danger of you thought. A man had apparently had said this or employee had done that if you replay things on your day what that that's kind of what we're talking about here right it's it's the each. Ortiz standards Costanza what a church posts jerks are all there. You don't you don't ever know. Out it's yes it's that could've would've showed up enlist in the retaliation. You know eventually that's gonna get you apparently or it can get to a suspension or could cost team the game he really wanted to retaliate. Wind and win the game and I guarantee you Pittsburgh's. Pretty good about themselves this morning so I'll drink to that. At what happened to this attacking style of defense to remember dollar it jumped in and who knows all promise by Phil Housley. You told us there are no goals by a defenseman in buffalo this year words to want to get this season. That hasn't happened in the National Hockey League in seven years by the way seventy years ago there were sixteen going dollars 31. That's how way out of the ordinary it is is. Now you could say. Now right now this roster tonight he's guys are working and it's so why. If Phil house please name was Joseph Smith. We talked about job security right now we'd be talking about. Boy it what was desire but instead it's still house Lee and we want this story to be so much different. Former sabre great leading sabres to. From his left the I I hear what you're saying. I'm gonna pass on this when the because it would've given enough time and we were so impatient and we thought that this is such a great hiring and might turn out to be Abbas. But it might turn out to be just fine if you give it a little bit it's time to give it to three seasons and you start to see signs that maybe there is something to this team. But right now yeah you're you're allowed questions right now it's like well what is happening with the same song rings to back to that point in the last four games. They've not let once. They've trailed for a total 188. And a half minutes they've been tied for 51 and a half minutes. And the sabres take on Colorado it's ninety feels like a loss feels like anger me watch it feels like a loss of he's a bat that savers days solid red. Did that I will be like hey we're we've got this game tonight danger the orator on ESPN Rochester tonight Syracuse and UConn. And yes this is Miami waxing pull away nostalgia blah blah blah but here it comes. Anyone remember the six overtime gave me in the big east tourney man. Sings I'm missing in sports right now. On the top my list number one the old big east please please glee that is never gonna happen I'm amazed Syracuse Georgetown I miss Syracuse saint John's and Syracuse Villanova it's gonna understand but. On my list of things I miss the most in sports big east basket. Obama wants one of those games he remember where you were when it was going on right I was in Minnesota. Visiting not living meet visiting Minnesota visiting a friend it was on the bar and we couldn't leave when none I don't know we're not leaving where we were all. Just delude. To this would normally again. And and yet I mean. Organize and I mean it if we're about accountability and honesty danger. I remember I remembered even door getting on the scorers table. And throwing his fists and with just says you know you all tell us a little. Like a 1:30 in the morning Yelp. I was only 1230 Minnesota one ounce aren't so often was the bar so we're free to go to Minnesota. You know what I was out my friends. Bachelor weekend my friend's bachelor party. He was the inning was a Rochester guys are Rochus a guy who moved to Minnesota we were there for his bachelor party so yeah he's the player to be named later basically when you came. Here in the tradeoff yeah and a pretty such if let's get let's get to a 4 o'clock hour here in the sports bar with danger retained in our conversation with. Can't sterling. Allred talked to can't here come about. Half ourself from CBS sports 1430 in Indianapolis I wanna talk about this danger so the giants history fire the coach them we expected that who's next. The fire out of death let's get in that hot seat. Coaches that are gonna be replaces soft seasonal diamond that more nexus sports or danger to tag lead in my 5957 FM ESPN Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. Act with Rochester is most listened to sports. Ford's car would dangerous big time. Just to wrap. 57. In Rochester.