The Sports Bar-Hour 1 1/5/18-Rich Donnelly

Danger and Battaglia begin hour one of The Sports Bar with their predictions for Sunday's playoff matchup between the Bills and Jaguars. Next, News 10 NBC's Rich Donnelly joins the guys from Jacksonville with the latest news from both camps and his prediction for the game.


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But sports bar with danger and exactly. You sit Vista. Bush on. You know. She is decent things today. Okay. It is these days there. It's a big game in this jungle out there. Six the other one full time right now to see how it goes through the for the individual art practiced a nickel for. Mike danger it's the journal speaks the ability to get the ball from their opponent and again if they haven't just bring it back around. It's got to come off of mistakes but played portals and maybe you know for for an ad gene exactly. But the bottom line here is Tyrod Taylor will have to make some plays here this week Obama's wife played again. They've got a good team strong team public that our guys believe we've got a good team. Rochester sports later 957. ESP yet. Afternoon pull up a stolen join us sports bar is open for business danger entangling. Appreciate you checking us out however you may be listening to pay a 915957. ME SPM Rochester dot com. Free to download ESP. Mike did you hear. Genotype billionaire. Hey Mike danger of football Friday in January I don't care that it's. Arctic weather here Rochus to life is grace. Park. How about everybody shows are today that's good we can all learn from coach Belichick. Drive earlier Tate take extra time to not use this as an excuse. Now Danny's mom. Today his mom. Right striped. I got home last night night I got into it with with my wife with Cindy. Oh about this this very topic and a were soft. What do we do with the kids are home from school tomorrow. It was good because my daughter knowing that they were gonna have his an off day today planned day asleep over with her friends and that. It went over her friend's house adversely apple are well that's convenient date that would David's fine and this is what Tuesday when there is just a whisper if you'll. It's not an option. Yet go to school today but I guess that there's a there's a fine line between being soft and being safe. And I know our children are safe today because none of them went. I mean I feel like I have to give the cliff notes version if you're new to the show here. I ain't them lifelong rocked hysteria in danger married to Greece girl he's been here you are what twenty something years but you grew up. In Minnesota. Did they take snow days for the herb wind chill factor. Snow day here or there growing up. But it was a snowed that it wasn't because of cold temperatures you deal with cold temperatures mean. I begs the question gene do they take days off for cold temperatures north of the border. What do they do in Canada. Well I'll tell you what do we generally don't big ol'. But we can't be adults the the problem is. This second. A less than. Capable parent. Sends their kid outside without a jacket that she gets frost bite the school gets sued you don't wanna gas. Page's desire only let me just citing its ruined everything because the adults are really adults too we just be adults. You know you have to go outside you know we have to take your kids. I gotta go there about this very subject. And the here's the irony of of the whole thing we end up. Letting our daughter go to the sleep over her friend's mom comes to pick her up and it turns out. She was picking up her daughter from hockey practice. This mom grew up in Canada. And we were laughing relate. You must love this is this it's this kind of weather you would get days off for Canada should ever took days off because of the weather in Canada. Oh thank you. Are you saying that they're more adults there the more adult to another the more mature in Canada they have better common sense in Canada. I late lists in the week to a slow people over saying ever happened in my house journal by your house danger and in god bless that woman golfer letting your daughter sleep over there because I gotta get up. For work early I don't need a house full of twelve year old girl's ear of the hell up all night yeah. Now yeah well listen then there was whispers earlier this week that we may be closing up our offices today. I was part of a text chain this morning that was up behind trying to decide whether or not we should open up or offices and a happy to say. Everybody reportedly want to do decision. Does the road to save it there's a no unnecessary travel ban and then you considerate I don't. Think anybody is talking about that bunker I saw a garbage truck I was gonna save this for altered to the capital opera or not they're not able revisit it later this hour in sports bar. I saw a garbage truck up that way today drive off the that drove off on 390 they were heading 390 north off the road garbage truck. And so that cover guy. And it may be start to think and ponder like what it takes to get people to drive more safely regardless of the conditions on the road. Just regardless like our cars and our safer than they've ever been there more reliable than they've ever been right you remember a time growing up we knew. We you turn that key in weather like this you hope your car would start right. Even a question anymore like weight with an amazing times but what would take. To get people to drive. More safely and I came up with a million dollar idea. All you need to do Jeanne. Is your place one out of every five vehicles. Airbags. In the steering column. With an active beehive. Something like that. Yeah an active beehive. You get an accident. And you release of these and these are your car wants. It acted beehive and their lap should they get an accident and you know your car is equipped with the active beehive system. But if it is you get an accident where you run the risk of attack by a swarm of angry bees that have been living in your steering column and active behind. Hell. If that's too violent. Raspberry jam. Nobody likes getting splattered with raspberry jam. Sticky stains. It's all over the upholstery. Yeah you are saying anything you don't know art ideas now I wanna talk about the Buffalo Bills and yet we have what I thought about it. Ideally it would get people drive more safely. Was some quick practice practice to. Kind of limited yeah yeah. What do you do should it be that this is a tough decision is it not. This is one practice enough he's gonna dress up danger but. If he's not right to go all you have only two running backs Murphy and Colbert for this game that's a problem right. So far they haven't promoted the kid green from the practice squad so you're figuring the McCoy is going to address at this point. Bly at what percent do you dress was Shawn McCoy might danger for the game months. Proved through his paces and pre game. He'll test out he'll check out he'll start he'll get out there. You're gonna have to make a pretty quick decision whether or not he's effective. You have to try a couple of things. And you'll be able you should be able to tell right away in that game setting whether or not he's effective whether or not he can do what he wants to do but. This guy's looking for his first ever career playoff win I don't think there's anything that's gonna keep him off the field. And he's been in the situation. Twelve times this season news on the injury report but he got them out about their cell you know. If he's not he's not a 100%. But is anybody on a percent. Mark is Burke is under percent Z has had Iran riot correct so. You know if you're asking me who I want out there I want a lot Shawn McCoy up there. That said if they do yank him because he's less and effective Mori's ease. Suffered a setback during the course of warm ups or during the course of the game. And it's it is all week and keep it long and Marcus Murphy I like that story I liked the story of an unknown. On the platform on the stage of the NFL playoffs. Having a career type game or even just one big play here one big play away. From a payday in the future stable future in the NFL. He'll be my advice to what it Murphy fumbles early on. Do not wreck the kids confidence he's the guy you've got to give a shot here bright danger if the Buffalo Bills are gonna pull off. The upset tonight you have to say upset Barry point underdogs. It's not pretty my whole run of the ball forty times in this game I can tell it. It's going. To deal former SEC running back out of Missouri he's played in big games before we just never knew his name. And all things are equal this point of the year like you said everybody a little bit banged up. This guy is in this guy should be fresh and ready go and we have other instances in NFL history or running backs of com main. Dad haven't been used all that much pat we talked about the 25 year anniversary of the great comeback game while. There was a running back that there wasn't used all that much Kenny Davis Kenny Davis is up back up wasn't used are we all that all but. That game he was brash and he was a big factor in that come back danger. I'm excited to see Murphy this week not it LeSean McCoy is expense obviously if McCoy is ready you you've played it coy. But I don't think it's that death kneel. So to speak for the Buffalo Bills of McCoy. Either a doesn't dress or be pulls what he did down in Miami remember that game work you went out there and. Yeah not he's not going to be ready and I mean I if you're limited today. And year you're participating in in individual drills and transitional drills. I have a hard time believing that that. That he'll be ready like hunter he's not going to be 100% let's let's put that. And his ability to do the things that we see him do I think is going to be hampered I don't know what you're gonna see. Your cut on dime LeSean McCoy I think you're gonna see with some quite trying to do LeSean McCoy things. This is where you really have to know your player and and no inking yo have trust and communicate with him and really try to figure out like. What are you got. You tell us. Knees is now ready to go coach that. Overrun kid have a seat. Can make any friends but eager to do what's right for the football team in I believe Sharma terminal make that right move. When push comes shelf. There's an easy second guess here though this doesn't go awful way are well aware how to make a prediction that at some point yes we will see a third down checked on the Mike Tolbert I feel like we see that every week so. You know at a I haven't Colbert they've been bored guy well it's it's the quarterback and say listen if we could see more of Mike Colbert doing what he did last week. Trucking over defenders like he did on that sixteen yard run I mean that's that's his highlight reel right there for the Tony seventeen season. You know I'm skeptical that we'll see that against Jacksonville's defense. But that will be nice. Trust Kelvin Benjamin. Trust Benjamin on third down. Don't check down all the time at all if you check down in you can run you know five yards or first down and you do it but it. The dole reliant had Tyrod in York. Trust element in this game. And Charles clay the other big the other big target who's died I think is plays in just wildly disappointed the last few weeks drops. Just knots. Certainly not work. You're paying him why it. That's and I mean and how many glory tight ends are there and in football today I would argue not too many right. Well yeah he's not where his contract is thank you Doug Whaley for that. Blight. Hate that it doesn't even matter danger in this game he's cool everybody is going to have to make plays. A lot clay is not on the injury report dot questionable for this game mental line now. Dionte Thompson and Joseph Webb jordin males now mills got hurt came back. Model that not a lot of laughter and you know that kind of went under the radar auto hasn't practiced all week. He's not right you would figure hamstring hasn't practiced didn't finish up last week. So it's Ramon Humber. That's a problem for the Buffalo Bills this game and then Dionte times and so. To me I'm not is worried about how the bills put up points without LeSean McCoy to me. The big concern I have in this game for the Buffalo Bills. Is what I think is they're fatal flaw danger how do you stop the run. This is being a big problem with this personnel they're just not good enough. You better believe they're gonna address it in the drafting Michael free agency but I just don't have any confidence right now. In the unit Preston brown. Lorenzo Alexander. Now Ramon Humber. And an offensive line that you know is OK but not great that line backing core against lender for net debt to mismatch in my opinion in this case I. Indeed the best chance you give yourself on defense to stop lender for that is to put eight in the box. And you let your guys you were secondary do what they've been doing all year you let them have this wide receiving corps of the jags try to beat you. And listen if if mark piece Lee gets the best trait wire Allen herds gets the best BJ Gaines well then the bills probably don't deserve to win an apple and what you do everything you can you put eight in the box trying to stop when a format and let these wide receivers go one on one with. With this bill secondary and it's. It's been so highly touted here over the course the last couple of what. Scalia I would drop Jordan Porter down indicating. I spend a few safety blitzes. You know make portal stink about it twice back exited to me I would definitely do that and like any other football game threes instead of sevens on both sides that would be. Now at Jacksonville gets the ball rolling okay will then you know what we better tighten up inside the twenty yard line. Two we agreed that this game is going to be close in the fourth quarter I don't see either team with the capability of blowing the other team now this game. And I I knew you probably wanna wait until 5 o'clock to give our predictions bomber did give mine I have been chomping at the bit I I think we get our prediction now prediction NYNEX are you get a puppy you know we keep you up there we don't we don't expect you to be a listen for. For you know three hours continuously all the we would love you we ask YouTube but we know who you lead but is he lives have been a realistic world. And we put on Twitter as well you got to you when you tell us what you think what happened predict the outcome. For the bills game on Sunday this is our Twitter apple today at ESP and Rochester on Twitter right now. 61% of you have the bills winning in a close one. 18%. Of the jags winning by more than a touchdown. 15% of the bills winning them by more than a touchdown. And 6% have the jags winning in a close one Jim exactly what's a. The MVP is not gonna be right for this game the MVP of the Buffalo Bills on single show on the court. So the bills offense you're not gonna be able to rely and you gonna neat career days and that's asking a lot career days at a Tyrod Taylor who has by the way no 300 yard passing games this year. Tyrod Taylor is not gonna turn the ball over but you do need to put points up in this game. Which means. The way I see this game going might danger you could have a 73 game at halftime you get a three nothing game at halftime I either way. But the problem being. Who is that healthier Ryan gain in this matchup entering it at obviously ease Jacksonville and I would take my money. On the home team. Now offensive line wore a two or three yard gain in quarter number one or two. By the time the fourth quarter comes around that's where I expect Jacksonville to take this game. I hope I'm wrong but I have the jags. Winning this game twenty to ten Jacksonville over buffalo. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost the final two games of the regular season. 37 teams prior to this season into the playoffs and at least a two game losing streak. Since the NFL schedule expanded to sixteen games in 1978. Of those 37 teams. Sixteen. Lost their first playoff game. Blatant portals. In the month of December. The first three games three and now. With seven touchdowns zero interceptions and QBR 85 point one. The final two games of December. Owing to. With a two touchdown five interception ratio and AQBR 41. Point one. We've spent a lot of time talking about late portals and the key is going to be getting Blake portals. To turn that ball over or maybe you get lucky with the Ford F fumble maybe you use you know just force enough pressure up the middle that you are able to get something. And that stops that Jacksonville run game which I agree with you is healthier although Ford isn't 100% right I looked the same time. Still healthier though at least what we're perceived to believe was some poise health today. I love. I love. The matchup between the bill secondary. And the jags wide receivers and I think he played that strange. You try to stop the run with date the box you let your secondary. You let your secondary match up against these guys and try to get those turnovers. And you get. You eat don't you be able to do here towards the bottom that this the last quarter of the season you start off strong offensively with a good sustained. Opening draw life. The jags. Are all in six when falling behind by more than eight points. I like the deals in this game gene although what I'm going bill's nineteen. Jags fourteen. I think the bills are able to get out Ted. Maybe it's a ten nothing early lead. And the jags keep it close. And the bills on the leg of Stephen Roche got more than on the arm of Tyrod Taylor are able to win. And win ugly the way they have all season I'm not is afraid of Jacksonville as that eight point point spread we did I I I don't buy it I don't I don't. I think it's closer than that it's. Is the eight point point spread because you have now in this. Digital age everybody reading all the analytic guys between football outsiders and pro football full gaze and 538. Today called the Buffalo Bills you know all of that they're not think they're bad playoff team BO YOK that's fine but. Here there are and you can't judge demy and I'm just looking at this match up here. Again I have this game going close in the the end but to meet danger. I hear what you're saying but the fatal flaw to this bills team is their run defense and whether it's this week. Or apparent. Wanna jinx it next week against patriots. There will be a team. That they will go out and bow out to and that's how it'll have. Yeah it's been up there had their run defense has been ports listen it's hard to defend but. It is almost been more of a bend but don't break defense and it's been this way all season when you really look at the bigger body of work. And the turnovers helped that the turnovers helped. Keep this defense in games. And while they were able while they did give up a lot of yards they were able to keep their opponents for the most part audience and keep these games close. With the exception of of course two big thirty point blow odds that. You know we were trying to forget it. You know those blowouts occurred. On need to Peerman watch five interceptions in the first half and of that that chargers game and if you eliminate that first half of football. The Buffalo Bills will be a plus fourteen turn over. Ratio team in the NFL that would have them third in the NFL and be a bigger story right now we would be talking about that. As an advantage as to why The Beatles can't win on Sunday. But with that first half of football against the chargers they're plus nine and it just kind of average. I think I think this team. I think they can do it I'm out of money where my mouth is 1914. Bills. To advance to flock asp world. At all if that happens we'll have plenty of all yeah we'll get will get to the patriot story we will talk obviously there are other NFL matchup to talk about. And we'll talk to Rich Donnelly is already down in Jacksonville news ten NBC Matthew server coming up before we go to break danger here's the story that kind of broke in the last hour and I just want your quick take. I'm last year we all kind of raised eyebrows when San Francisco gave John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan and seven year deals. Jon Gruden and they will announce officially Tuesday ease the Oakland raider head coach of this is not a done deal. John grew an accordion Rappaport is getting eight. Hey it. This year deal. I mean you want to talk about re setting a marquee you can't go below the record before it was seven years current coach that you just what that. And what shaggy shedding that 77 yeah yeah I mean other NFL older brother Terry the goal line I see Mark Davis somewhat. Yeah all just reset the market to have much. Jerk. Jon Gruden did ten years I come back and somebody offered me at ten year 100 million dollar contract that's crazy. Yeah. Hey listen how fitting is it that this franchise is moved to Las Vegas because the owner just made a massive gamble. You're gambling in hedging the future of this team. On the guy that once brought it to greatness. And his ability to do you know lead these men. And get more of these guys on what they got out of their last ten Jack Del Rio. And juries ought to whether or not. Some people think at any IID one of the guys do like and these kind of lowering and everybody's really good head football coach. But there's dog leg got the house last year. Yeah injured this year that is yeah they had a clear Zach last year who knows what that they're trying to do listen and can draw get more. Out of Clark then Del Rio did you think you probably can't. My point being well why. Profession and life is a worthy of a tanker which. Your. Theory could be real. Really really regretting missed. Ten years. Really your shocked a guy with that haircut this move shocks you. Mama Jeane. Surprisingly he goes he took what you have chain and doesn't surprise me. When you eat that much job. What it what is the orange chicken when you picked up much orange chicken Mandarin beef. And that's your haircut. Nothing the man does she Shockey. Ten years a hundred million for gruden good for him. And the alcohol much stock you put this put the idea that this guy has spent as much time as he spent now. Scouting talent. For ESPN. Communicating with other teams. Learning about their person now their strengths their weaknesses. I don't know that other head coaches have that kind of time that other head coaches are doing that much work that much like work. You know once scouting new talent or Scott he coming end. Pretty well equipped in with a little bit of an advantage with Dick over some other head coach is certainly. Head coaches in the AFC west you think Andy Reid as much time. Do you think Anthony ladies doing that much worker Vance Joseph is doing much work to try and figure out what the what what the rest of the league. Has either team and mean could Joseph Knoll Lynn probably not any Rihanna and you read me sacker. And yes he's not a family. I maybe I you know it's so. Then there's opportunity there and and they have talent. That's a team with talent. There are cheap this year eating or some injuries yeah but knew they had the defense of late under achieved. Well they just sign car event big deal is so where crude in case Jack curry quarterback camp I'm gonna find the next quarterback well. You don't necessarily have to do that Hoosier. Paying this guy in it for paying car that much money you're not gonna draft somebody in Deborah Carr party can't do it very easily put that. Well through the years of doing this quarterback camp think about it Jean easy he's got notes on all of the guys. They're not quarterbacks in the NFL he knows they're stretching those are weaknesses he's evaluated them if quarterback is the most important position on the field. Then one head coach in the NFL has more data on all of them than anybody in its group. How do you stop this court how do you stop Marcus Murray go to what's good thing as him coming out of college. Think the NFL is too big today to do it all on your own. It it you know which you need to build your support system. So look what they have him buffalo that their building up its you know it's me it's McDermott being supported by dean. Gruden can't do it all on his own so. Do the raiders have the wherewithal is Mark Davis gonna land and build up his scouting staff and do everything else because when during a season. A tight watch John grins I gonna have timed you know got some strip mall I don't look at cool you know architecture still moving forward. He's not gonna have the advantage cities had up to this point in the it gadget he's got up to this point I think is significant. I think it helps him at least in year one probably in your tee than as the league evolves in his DO players coming going and change teams and it's exactly you know the longer he does it so you know it's I think it's a bat. It's a long term debt for a short term success. I think and he's best chance of success. Is now waning moon. Giving all win a championship before now old enough and that's it thing hit listen if you're Oakland they had it and you're ready to sign off on this team because we're going to Vegas. Don't we just yet look what we just did we drop back the one guy that you all the toward the long got you said we should let go of not only that we brought him back. Long term so if you love him in Oakland how can you not love him in Vegas and subdue. Really well bell it's brilliant from the sales standpoint you can make their football argument that there is that. That Rex Ryan got hired type of feel to let. That eager to sell me on the sites like yeah yeah it's you know and you you're moving it to Vegas that should excite debt market and off but now. Now you have a celebrity this'll be the only celebrity. Head coach I think getting these guys will come back but. I don't know me it is another owner that's gonna pick up the phone see this and say hey bill cower you were really good I really like do would you come back here's your ten year offer I don't know there's another owner. That crazy to make that Sorrell offer. But I would say days. Now is only five openings are not a big you know all year for coaching changes I don't expect you're gonna have a big celebrity name I don't expect. You know power and exceeded Ernie as the names could Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh. That's an interest in one because it seemed like if you paid attention Michigan football is was not a good year for the wolverines. I could see Campbell yes it may be maybe Indy. You mentioned that can be reunited to block. Yeah I don't think he's going to work for that guy. I think that's what made him leave the NFL's working for crazy owner working for crazy GM I don't think he's gone back to that guy. The giant. Mountain. Intriguing. I I get the move withdrew Nelly you know you think about this if Europe. If you're raider fan and Oakland raider fan who was. And you know at the beginning of last season you know. Burning raiders gear because you're so pissed that they are leaving the Las Vegas. This year did not do much to inspire you to continue your tandem once the team moves. But John Bruins back. And Jon Gruden can turn this team into a winner. In its last season in Oakland before its last season and o'clock am. Are you raise anybody's saying oh that's terrible. Ten years too much no I don't care if I think if I think I did you why decked continuity you want. You know commitment oh I love the idea of Shanahan being offered a seven year deal is he doesn't have pressure. He knows that he can build it need to take the time to build what he needs the built. Well that it talk about re setting a mark in any business though all seven years was the record you just went head and you looked at ten. While every other owner has to be aiding Mark Taylor is that this. Listen if you're an owner in the NFL you march your own drummer you don't have to pay attention to what he you know if you feel like it's. Odyssey and that's again Mark Davis is gonna do what Mark Davis wants it Mark Davis is Mark Davis. Our news mark Davis and Mark Davis he's got us in. Gave her the ball want to offer a ten year deal but he offered ten year deal to even if keyboards on not a good idea eyes I believe in this is a good idea. Mark Davis is the missed fit the 32 owners. We agree on mount and certainly is our bigger miss that green Daniel Snyder is the nerdy kid who do you have made money early and now he's. He's just annoying. You got it but I think in the upper Echelon you got Snyder you've got Gerry and you've got craft. And then I think there's a bunch of cattle like middling. Guys that that are retailers and Darian. And Allen in Seattle. And Davis. I'd put him in that middling kind of like we know hey we want to be what they are. But we're just too goofy and flamboyance to be what they are Arthur Blank I would say is on the top tier that. Mentally is the EE is on the top tier would put that but for somebody like span knows who basically Jerry Jones said you're moving to L could happen. He's on the bottom six down. I'm the real commissioner of the NFL they've just got to stay down here there are weighing in on any league issue or anything you have a simple way to do yeah. The end don't open your mouth until you need to open your mouth there just aren't listen you don't get to become a billionaire. By making stupid decisions throughout course your life now they know what they're doing you'll face and little bit of trust in and by the way that faith and trust. As people the playoff berth for the first time in seventeen years we got Buffalo Bill playoff and a ball to talk about in January we're gonna do more of next. As we welcome in our gas from news ten NBC sports rector Rich Donnelly joins us from Jacksonville G series in Florida. He is already in Florida so like get an update in fact down. I think he talked to martial artist and two so we went into that also fair burn in Jacksonville as well so. And now rich just email me right announces pay. The runaway. We are running that's right arm we're gonna get out Donnelly next in the sports port danger to tag Leah EST in Rochester. Football. Play off tonight this Sunday the bills travel to Jacksonville to take on the jaguars. Forgotten ones with John Murphy and mark Kelso and brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest. And vice Alina when Barnes feature film waiting colored text speaks. Yeah 915957. Epic main streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrap. Plus sports leader ESPN Rochester. News ten NBC sports director Rich Donnelly. With his feet. Florida. In Jacksonville they're rich. You're not sure. All right great Sosa the scene where are you what are you seeing you Don and and jags camp today so to speak what what he's been doing down there in Jacksonville. I am every week and right up by the stadium the Buick in being unit ready to go here I'm looking Altria and people are winter have Angela. Arrange culmination of your elite. And the temperature is. Right now it's got the award Ortiz on route or not there. Our we were doing our wired it yesterday and your career your tax bill under a little bit political route upshot of eighty. Cross street and I could not agree at all into the room. There was I. On the road it was reading what I have right now obviously not bring with the bigger or Garrett or was it purely the coal. Well again if factor all this game rich. I appropriate oversight and that it could it up in the mirror a UX these are on very. I think there are a speaker and I doubt whether will be. Parent from Florida I think it really Graham who were coming out from Western New York might. Oh there's a picture though the crate your wild go that you're that we're getting here so. Who period or who come here. Richard there at Jacksonville's camp and I'm curious as to the health of some jaguars marquee easily. I hear was back to practice today. You know have you had a chance to to see these guys in that Sheen do we know if if lender for net is a 100% in these kind of a big deal when nagging injuries you don't stretch of the season was latest. Well we were as every media we were not allowed to walk pac. You get your secret. They're the builder on Figueroa what I have very well be wary I been ordered to walk into a lot of a little bit today. You aren't. Again or older are known trying to tackle him. He had been injured mark equally did not hear a lot. But I look for one thing that was kind of our. Art so art what an open book. News media today. You bank mile and a great record heard about truck who cover the bill. And trait all of our group or via what ever we are there is nothing chartered. And there are in the dump certainly is aware of what it is really trip like on the very eager are there look at. We don't have. A good way to correct cleft. And normally what you'd it is epic scope if you'd like cook Carter something ordered. Hold back and it would hurt in some of them from our perspective. That's the puzzling thing about Marcel Darius and you know this rich rich down only news ten NBC is that. He at Heinz can be a gregarious. Engaging. You you you flat but but. Under the veil of the keys and make sure well and has recently that's dwell debt that's also Harvey danger is that eaten and he will just say things. I I'm just curious what what else he had to say about it is time in buffalo and does he seem to you more as a guy he's down in Jackson the bridge. You know he really gut and what voters are we about Mark Bell. Is a guy is if they win if they lose it quite well that will determine. How would you rate and go to media obligation mercker. The other beleaguered general Marc all the really light upon they would win and it would appeal we've. Other current they would lose it they'll be under luckily you're wearing your electric heat are. Close them in perhaps whatever. I don't worry you're Iraq doubtful and use it. Then you lose you you really wax poetic about Kyle really. Under treatment or in. That you're around I'll more than them around their family. Are about Eric Wood and you you know you're excited. In what air would actually arithmetic game the next guy who played. I don't each other in cracked their. Mark Bell in hire her career but for the first time. They'll act like opening in the count against O they're into your. What mark opened up over it you're not in the good thing about player. Am not didn't bark. Really negative spin on the current app with typical. I don't know what I'd. Inching rich shuttling news ten NBC or gas in the sports bar danger detect Leah. On ESP and Rochester rich would be breaking down the match up some that go in favor of the bills on the go in favor of the jags and one of the matchups that we believe favors the bills is the bills' secondary. Verses Jacksonville's. Wide receiving corps which. Maybe allows you to put eight in the box and attempt to stop the rush game and Leonard four net and force report to throw the ball a little bit more what do you see heading into this playoff matchup between the bills secondary. And and that jags receiving corps. That open directly effect your record it would be a lot. Single covered. They're gonna act about. Her murdered airport oral. Broder there which is. In my opinion beat our R&R. Because of our work yet none of these guys with other tired even. Like they have found a way to yeah I don't know if he got it. In a later out of respect and we all knew Mike aren't good I don't know we knew you were there I don't know we ought to have their go to the U. In order white well I'd hope but. The way he's been able to beat them on. Their art in there and he was in very impressed with what you thought the bill partner eight. And you mentioned you brought up well they ordered art multiple partner on the not the way that they can create colonel. Not that you can worry because he's a professional athlete he's confident in his own right. You're not overlooked in the buffalo partners he knows that it is or severity and and there are going to be on him battle. Rich Donnelly news ten NBC down in Jacksonville. Couple specials for you know your station coming up we'll tell everybody about your little bit. Out rich obviously a big key to the Buffalo Bills he's whoever is carrying the football for them others LeSean McCoy or markets Murphy. Has to have a big game. When you're talking the Jacksonville players are day expecting McCoy to give this a golf. Or are they what are they saying about markets Murphy do they even know anything about Marcus Murphy. I don't think. Earlier there you know market where the army to be honest they're all court play they expect. It here is our effort there could be. You know no 100 per copy bird. Through the way that we're able thought it he's expecting a strong record on on and get the best that you've got out of court. Or are quite like it is progress on repaired by very. But currently being. Dragged out you've covered. Rich what if McCoy does give it ago and if McCoy shows. Early that he's blessed a 100% not able to do all the LeSean McCoy it's exiting normally does. And does McDermott debt via haven't HE trigger finger and go to the markets Murphy gave you with a dash of Mike Tolbert or go with my mother with Mike Tolbert a Daschle markets Murphy. How short of a leash do you think coach richter will have. On LeSean McCoy and his health what he sees on Sunday. I think he's gonna give you on any opportunity. Will like you. Know beyond a doubt that on your Hewitt. It certainly get over or. And then murdered work Murphy into the game but again when it comes running. In mobile won't I won't get all. More. Like to get him at eight I think dialogue will be a much of a factor. Or fear over become the running game bill. Did done wrong talk today at all and yeah I mean are we making too much of data bills they're gonna get revenge against their former head coach or or is there is there's something to that would you say average. They're so cute. Know that were built when you lose. Oh yeah like our our public had it crested. William. Ward. In. Another page that aren't in. Think of other impact order certainly. I'm aware certainly in the you know he did it sitters. He spoke for grand total of your murder or up or. Early requests about buffalo is that weird like the cart media decoder. So on the back on the court it one year. Ago. And bring up currently. In the BM. Pretty. Pretty believe it is not focus on his team in the game and I even. Men and ordered a reflector what do you know it's going to be an art beat some of the people coat and work with. But the storyline but I think our league. There's the good news is or about it admiral and I think it. Rex Ryan bill. Well. Dug around. Or when you have that Iraq. Are there would be better off because you aren't always. Malone got quit. I think that the current one. Rich I'm I'm curious as to what you think the role momentum. Might play in this game if if it plays any role at all I mean the jags have lost two straight they gave up 44 to the 49ers and week sixteen before losing week seventeen death. To Tennessee getting them into the playoffs the bills of course on an emotional high after making the playoffs and improbable fashion. Will momentum and does momentum play any kind of factor going into playoff games such is this. But perhaps I really very calm. Because our Eric were resting orders are out there. You're a lot earlier if you're in. Roethlisberger proposal later on broad street clothes. Okay you know it is. A bit. Or why not play in and played in this game as well. And law. I think that matter and that you Oreo of the bill. Well in winning the game that it European. I think Bogut is there and I think in the area over in Britain. Actually written that we are the I never occurred on or warm you know the bill. The ball out from Ornette and create a couple colonel I think they're going to be our benevolent. Could it. Under Carter directly Ricardo. Right now we're doughnuts were Allred 73% or audience they say don't mean his game. So you know they've driven hearing you correctly if you have an early prediction here what do you are leading buffalo. I am reading about well I will not go you're pre. Convinced him that respect. We're about predictions from. Various people that it is going to be eager special right now it was great your mind. Obviously there are building or an X incurred in and out and they're ordered Google and expired. There's not too far off more. That's up Erica. I sit 1914 innocent four hush to field goals. Are either there to the game in and that the you know that the bills might get off to a little bit of a hot start to keep Jacksonville in the game me will be tight but I think if the bills. The judge owing six. When they fall behind by more than eight points. And if the bills can get off to an early maybe ten nothing lead. I think that's going to be enough for bend but don't break kind of Wayne and you know couple turnovers that might get how bush got you know those those long. Fuels and he's been so prone to hit all season long day given the opportunity and to make some of those and it'll be close but I do of the bills win this game. I wouldn't let them go formula for the way to go from one these. Are important first half and then they're. Old the other aspect and I think that's exactly out of it I. Even the real outcome could be elected and might not even be offered at least you know other. And then what exactly go in and it would I don't it will move the ball much on. But if they didn't have already there it out there right. I mean you don't record a noble and I argue it is very lows and I'd be done if there are more than a point or combine. Rich you're down there and you got your pulse on what's happening in Jacksonville has bills mafia completed the migration getting you started to see some bills jerseys in what. Look I mean my expectation will be that that stadium is going to be there's going to be plenty of bill's representation in Jacksonville this we can be seen anything thus far. Our seal up and go our a lot of them coming in today I would imagine that. Tomorrow there can be more airports. I regard my hotel who broke in our group that might make it back on it under both both ordered him. David it is accurate it is during their. Is around the circle bill are called when it and he had it was a wild last night and Hillary in typical bill art. There are gonna come in or are on more than Tampa. Actively or other divers are renowned for the game here we're trying to organize under likes Saturday Sunday we're going to be there. Nobody. Graham went from Western New York who live in Florida ordered them out others like air opera and become. I'm probably it'll eat if you will. And are I would. This beta industrial a lot of blue and red on the. Rich tell us about some of the special you guys are working their over at Dutch open. Well I haven't earned it the builder back. We're in perspective a little bit on what happened to rock the error and or of all in the southern New Year's or something your gut the bill collapsed in the air and also. One I think they're a little. Under reported now that you've gone along but. Well they're hard at her record act on it. What are your door for under bill and no and Coke and now they're getting ready for a while. And with that awkward and it. We hit a wall of that locker room mate ever. Thought chink in one. Waited this it was an adult and I just think it's funny that we were alt break in forwards are were excellent. But prayer in the fire but he was on the current. Lagging in the build back and our expert here the last. Lou little. What bill and coaches on their first year and when you look at what on the earth they're able to insert cannot be more price. Rich it's funny we we talked you'd jags beat reporter for Mike to Rocco yesterday in the sports bar. And we we talked about the differences between what they had Gus Bradley and now what they have with Doug Maroney and he can't mention that does Bradley all he talked about was the process the process the process. And I'll all Mulroney is done is talk about winning winning winning in its funny to hear how. The process and once situation couldn't have worked out any more terribly that it didn't Jacksonville meanwhile here. Actual belief in what he's selling has turned out in buying in to what he's selling is turned out into your first playoff berth in seventeen seasons. It is ironic how some proper productive braille and other and all these. I can't speak like a Bradley are afloat by. Clearly it was bad and about admiral elevate them often the barn coat and code. I remember when on the current. And humid in the and you begin her roll your eyes like a B and you are part is that gonna during the line of Michael are you Greg Williams in the year of required. What it line like that are. Now I relate in great. The whole family who bought it a player recorder and I figured. How. Are these Rodrigo create and avoid here nobody here like I'm about there don't. Yeah and you talk about crazy having music come to buffalo the way they dealt with. With Kyle Williams and what might have been his last game I mean. That shows aggressively we respect our players we respect their longevity. That's an attractive move for for other players to see how the bills. Now whole way vs how they had treated him in the past how they do treat their players today. I think truly believe that entry and all over the world that they did it could be. Okay all the way. Wide receiver are pretty. Have. A little more wide receiver currently on the eve. And that I think that it had earlier order that we're going to leave it over we would. Maybe you do not have helped by you know agent market by. Well I went forward in order. To create a little bit they alternate and that would be the local big ball all. Oil is up people with your organization. And he's the kind of guy that you were able to bring in our that are being able life. And they are in the oil there we gave her. Harlow William as the legacy player that you can. Well now create might shoot becomes about flow rather than need to be over eight of the. Rich Donnelly news ten NBC from Jacksonville. Rich we look forward to a senior reports appreciate your time today and I have fun on Sunday. Or. You got a Rich Donnelly news ten NBC and if you came in late on that conversation. We'll get it up for later this afternoon on demand the all new ES PM Rochester. Dot. Com yeah and when you get home tonight later you're you know buyer phone right now on goal retort Twitter page break the outcome for the bills game on Sunday. I'll right now danger it is up to you what 75%. Of bills winning eight Ingrid sensing the Windmills win by more than a touchdown 57. Percent saying the bills win a close one. Only 4% saying the jags what a close one so why you can go over to ESPN Rochester and wearable right now. Provocative thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree with gene and I have armed ourselves with them and we unleash seven a game we play called I'll drink to that we do it next in the sports bar. Danger in the tightly where you're always welcome to pull the stolen join us at 454. ESP and that's 4543776. More next on ESPN Rochester. Amber so. We expect to. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with the Rochester is most listened to sports. Listen to sports bar would dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Gestures voice leader. Like salmon. ESPN Rochester.