The Sports Bar-Hour 1 1/8/18-Jenna Cottrell

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a recap of yesterday's Bills loss at Jacksonville and the story of Richie Incognito allegedly using a racial slur during the game. Next, 13 WHAM's Jenna Cottrell joins the guys to share the scene from Jacksonville including post-game comments from the players. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including the debate on the Bills 1st and goal fade route call.


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It. Those sports car with danger and exactly 34 seconds. Timeouts down by seven here we go. I'm quite a name and. Heck of a year appreciate how hard the guys played hard they worked all season. And you know this was a step. We learn a lot of vital lessons today. Once that will carry forward has been afforded organization. Note that said we're we're not really need to beat Mike danger into the process and once situation could have worked out any war terribly. Then did Jacksonville came exactly. You can be sad but you really can't right because you see a distraction for the team. The parts are there you need to improve the run defense. You one way or another have to address the cornerback a good year but we know we have more plans and more goals bird on his start our fans of the best wins or place for him. It's been a great privilege and our place of those guys on the issue Rochester. Sports leader. I'm 57. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stolen join us the sports bar is open for business we appreciate you listening however you may be doing self pay 950957. FM RE SPN Rochester dot com. The free to download ESPN Rochester app. Mike danger here Jeanne attacked earlier there. Good afternoon Jay Don good afternoon reminds us the 2017. Season for the Buffalo Bills concludes but it can't it's. It's gonna say well where do you fall gene which when you use your lifelong bills fan this team means. You've got memories and that you can tell stories for a lifetime. On what you've been through as a fan of this team what it means to you what it means your family what it means your relationships. Are you satisfied with the 2017 sees it or do you find yourself wanting more. Certainly got a feel disappointed after the result of yesterday's game well it. That's the funny thing here is that game as bad. Is that bills offense was yesterday. There was the bills with the ball in Jacksonville's territory with Napier men an opportunity. To tie banking way. So I knew the Carolina game like exactly twenty under yeah exactly it was so what's like the Carolina Galileo. Feel like he just put the same. Template that you had for the Carolina game and applied it to Jacksonville. With with different elements of playing Carolina obviously you have to deal with Cam Newton and and who knew that plagued morals. Would beat you the way you would take a mobile quarterback like Cam Newton could beat you with he's feet. Usually counterattack so all know I mean in any we've all heard the stat he actually have one more rushing yards than passing yards. I mean that's the anomaly yesterday they held in NFL quarterback to 87. Yards passing. And that was the home team. And yet you lost it you know half to add that one out danger yesterday so to answer your question. Funny because they're raising the bills went through lack I think echo what the senate for a lot people yes people are kind said today there is I don't want. That was a fun ride were ready for next year however the further we get away from this I think we're gonna kind of say you know what that was a missed opportunity. To get to new wing. And then who knows what and going on in when I don't. What happens in New England. You loose. You Jacksonville. Is you know I don't see Jacksonville beating Pittsburgh again I'm sorry I just don't moving forward. And announcing New England losing to Tennessee I mean that this plays out in the AFC the way we kind of always thought at one. Worried Derrick Henry and I don't always gonna make big they're gonna be in that game more than you think with Tennessee yes. Yeah no that's not Houston thanks for coming in I'll slap among the button sets them on their way you watch. I don't know jelling yet if Derrick Henry is able to rip off some big plays and ye that's the only chance they have but. You know you the American. Tom Brady against Tennessee's defense now I'm sorry I I I think going on where I think you're gonna end up seeing what we all expected to see in the AFC which is. Pittsburgh knowing when clearly the two best teams consistently through the season. Playing each other for. All I don't give Iran I agree with apple what I'm saying is that Tennessee will I think they'll get my game. And that's what I think a lot of bills fans a lot to wonder local we have given the New England Patriots. Dame look look what eight yesterday come down to. It came down to you first and goal the pass to the lap he came down the clock management. Eight came down to nil takeaways. I if you can reduce start this game before the game and tell if I were to tell you. By the bills are not gonna take way defense leads they had no no chance but hey you had trait light with an opportunity to make a deception you had. Cole commanders say game. Indonesia you got to come up with that I'm sorry mica high were in their wonder what would happen and that what my question you'd danger all those three things. Which one did you have the biggest problem. Well I'll start by saying the thing that I think will be most scrutinized or that was at least in the moment most scrutinized and I was kind of following along on Twitter as I was watching the game. And and poise that fourth down. That fourth. Or that first and goal. Pass to Benjamin where you had the the push off aid if they'd passed him bomb. I don't hate that call I don't hated it all and and we don't really know for sure if that was the coal walls or there was an option for Tyrod. Two to change its line of scrimmage to decide whether or not wonder on the freighter or run the ball to. To McCoy whatever the case is I don't hate that call because. That's what Kelvin Benjamin does that's why he's on your roster he see physical. Freak. He's an anomaly he he he he's in it to disadvantage. To a defensive back and yes you are playing a good defensive back you're playing one of the best defensive backfield in the NFL. But if you execute that play properly it works UC good teams talented teams execute that play with the greatest cities. The bills don't have that you have that penalty which looked lazy to Meehan and it kind of it's not to call a bothers me is much is the execution of the play that bothers me play call for me I was fine with with bacon FE passed on first but the execution. Was terrible. No turnovers hey listen. Tray why is hopefully going to be a Buffalo Bill for a long time. And you take experiences like yesterday and grow and learn from them get better from them. You've got to make that interception I mean you know that was. That was potentially. Turning point for this for this team if he makes an interception who knows how that came and an end. You know that that was one of the few opportunities jabbed his plea portals was just sold wildly inaccurate for most of the game. Throwing the ball to you had to know if you couldn't capitalize on that opportunity to get many more. All of those opportunities. Clock management sure you know the end of the game. It became very clear to me that what the scout said about Nathan Peter men were right. His biggest. Downfall his biggest weakness is lack of arm strength and it sure looked like when he threw that ball. That the ball got it Ramsey that it was on its way to completion. But it didn't have and he's a bright it's just like it got there in slow motion and if you got the arm strength that that passes completed. And ramseys there a step too late. I don't know it's that danger of just inexperience. I'm sure that that could be the you know you have an experience court like hey time and space and it's not gonna make that throw. Does though is at least. In terms of the arm strength. The experience they both fixable Lloyd the experiential get wrapped she'll get more opportunities to show you can do in the pre season next year. And our straight you know what kids get in the weight room let's as much you can work on that arm strength get as many reps throw the ball. It's your arm falls off I mean the EU can improve that. Which is why would they drafted him knowing that that was his one weakness are his biggest weakness. It's not that big of a deal if if your quarterback that's committed to working hard. And hopefully that arm strength improves and I don't know what his future is in buffalo it's gonna be had he's got a big hole to dig out of but you know we're allowed to speculate now what is a few towns like. Rule what does it look like who is the guy easy Tyrod Taylor is that somebody that they draft is a freeagent I mean this is gonna be the conversation now folks. Sorry day here we hear a lot about this until things become a little bit more crystallized as we closer closer to the draft in the post draft. You're welcome to call us at 454 ESPN 4543776. I don't think bill's fans of any right to be upset today and I get the sense that they're not. Actually disappointed sure upset. No. On usually Mondays are a blame game Monday's who's at blame blame blame blame OK we can blame Tyrod can blame the coaches. I mean of those scenarios I had a problem with. Again I say Sean McDermott excellent Monday through Saturday by. Clock management at the end of the first half of this is a field position game. And it was a struggle. Just to get down the field the one time you did. What made you think you're gonna move the ball again. It with two minutes and change remaining and I just go back to decision Mike Dennison. To thrall and stop the clock subsequently after you know it in completions at the end of the first half. Thus. Not only to get the ball back to Jacksonville but also you've force Jacksonville not to burn their timeouts Jacksonville has the timeouts they kick the field goal. I don't know if that's the difference if a three nothing game in a 33 day and a half but it feels a little bit different. If you goals to the locker room with the lead as opposed to giving up the three point at the end. Here's again here's the good news. Sean McDermott is a rookie head coach. A rookie head coach ended the drought got this group of players you could argue the amount of talent in that locker room. To the playoffs. So the good news is if if he's a man of his word he's gonna learn from the mistakes that he's made. And he's made mistakes this year it hasn't been a perfect season for stomach and now we've documented plenty of mistakes that Sean McDermott has made. And it just so happens this year those mistakes didn't. Punish the bills the way they have in years past it is certainly in years during the drought so. EU hopes that next season he comes in with a little bit more experience and and the Wii's dome. From the mistakes that he made it 2017. I believe that he will. Because he's he says it enough that it's hard to believe that he will he. It's hardly at that guy doesn't believe everything that he's comp that has he has coming up has now they just feel like he believes. What he's thrown up their weight when you hear guys talk about the process yes there there's some coach speak to that too but. Be with him I believe they you know there's a difference between him talking about the processing Gus Bradley talked about the process in Jacksonville. I think McDermott has a really good idea of where he's going and what he's doing with this organization. They didn't speed they could've taken the easy road in other words danger you could just stood pat with the same personnel. And if the bills didn't make the playoffs then make changes as their under valuation when I mean no words they had a year's grace period. And Nate came in and they were aggressive. And trust me. Everybody replay of the comments on your own timeline okay this Sammy locked in straight not popular. Ron Darby not popular I mean some of these moves were not popular. Daria first sixth round pick what you're doing you know yes a lot of people were in favor of that but I am my point being they made some bold moves. I don't know if you necessarily have to you look what more bold moves could this team may. In terms of the current roster now I think it's been stripped down hiring you you build up for a player. As funny aegis that mention all of those moves and I'm thinking about all the people that the bills have essentially done business with this year they all made the playoffs and they'll got bounced around one. Panthers. Chiefs. Rams. Marcel made a play answering our cellmate a laugh ma eight play right I heard his name. Once and then and listen to what I don't hate that move I still don't hate that move for what you're paying that guy. You need him to be Mort then destructive one play her game and that's not worth it I don't have a problem with them making them move Marcel the only guy gets this rod Sammy Robert Woods all the guys in LA you know all actually Darby Darby saw a plane next week but you don't have Carolina. And Kansas City and buffalo in the rams. All gone home after the first round of the playoffs trustees. Yes Sammy creating now who. Lot of that decision there in las. An effort number two receiver. The idea that that's your number two receiver right after the idea that Sammy Watkins easy really the number one. That he was drafted to be that he's actually more of a number two. You know again that there is a piece earlier this year I can remember off the top man who wrote it was an ex Buffalo News writer who wrote it on Sammy Watkins guy just. It it it paints a picture of the guy who does not have a between the years. And eat out to the point where he's basically asking his quarterback in the huddle where he needs to go because he just doesn't know. The media and good luck to look trying to figure out what to do with him but you know the moves that were made. Question that don't question that we remember how excited everybody was when Kelvin Benjamin was added to this team with the trade deadline. Kevin downs Benjamin turned out not really to be a factor this season and maybe he's not a 100% media has been on a personal season and maybe that's partially why. Carolina had no problem parting with him. But Carolina they're really recover in the passing game we DeVon fun just fell off towards the end of the year. The biggest receiver in Carolina half spurs after Kevin Benjamin left ended up being. Christian McCaffery the n.'s Greg Olsen. Evan funds this if you watched in the next game dot com. Mean the world to open the war for Carolina spew it came after all that so yeah. Get 454 ESPN as our number 4543776. There you go listen not season begins now. Are we still don't know danger win these. State of the bills is gonna happen in other words every NFL team is required. To have the C easy and ending press conference so. I would expect that need the end of this week early next week when Brandon being asked to sit down and the who's this'll be refreshing as compared to last year's end of the season press conference where you have so much direction now this bills team and where you wanna go on the drafted. What do you do it in regards Tyrod in some of the decisions with the players on this roster and there are a lot of questions. Credit also by the way may say credit I really thought that the rental Alexander with this season this year that he was playing his way off the team but. He made a decision a little more tough for the Buffalo Bills yesterday what do you gain yesterday ten tackles. The one sack so decisions coming up here for the ball. And you know were allowed to speculate for awhile Gina I mean you know Kyle Williams eight you know if you if you're on ESPN Rochester dot com. Nice report from Paul Hamilton on the bills cleaning up their lockers in getting some some some audience of soundbites from. From some of that notable bills players who were accessible to the media and including Kyle Williams. Who doesn't who mentioned that he does not have a timeframe that he's gonna meet with people that need to be met with. And discuss and see where will go oh we're allowed to speculate I mean they're probably gonna take their time to figure out. You know what they're gonna do in free agency who they can acquire that you know. Kyle Williams. A young anymore. Well can still say but. What rate are you gonna pay him. If he wants to come back next year that if he wants come back next year. If he comes back he has this place on this team. Right I would think I mean he's not playing with another team but the question yes but if the question is. What is it worth to the bills as an organization. To pay a guy who's essentially. A locker room. You know because I I I'm not saying he could still pay. But you could upgrade. At that position you certainly can upgrade outside linebacker Lorenzo Alexander has been playing all season. Do you keep these guys around because of their character because of what they mean to the locker room or. Do you make the move to acquire talent an upgrade at positions. Of need an end. You know if you look at the mock drafts that are out there already Jeanne I mean he knew the bills. Are being held speculating speculative Lee gonna be picking defense guys in the first round with two picks 11 and twenty. Now I hate you well to answer your question danger at that the hunting this bills team sorely lacks. Is death. So I mean when you say you want to upgrade of course one upgrade over cow one's absolutely epic cowlings to me would be built. It defensive line. To me you can never have enough depth bright so fast you bring him back and he would come back understanding that. You know we're we're this year I don't know he's in the helmet what percentage wraps will make he'll get 5% less. Next year how Williams he'll take a little bit of time off. Figure this out I mean you're not gonna expect the retirement. Announcement yesterday nor should you expect it tomorrow too or to hear now cowboy and say I'm coming back he needs a little. Time off. To figure this all out. The other story right now out of buffalo on Dieter Utah home mean. Is this really a story or is this sensational. While we can't tell you is that Richie in kind need old did not. Talk in the media. Today in danger you're racist. Your racist and now if I said that wouldn't you feel like no not at all you would wanna get in front of the cameras and. This I mean where and god Nino has been dubbed racist in his past. And I imagine that if you've been dubbed a racist and you have an opportunity. To rehabilitate yourself and move on with your life as he has the the last thing that you would do you. He's attempt. To become a racist ten to do things and act and act in a way that would get you labeled a racist again. I have a hard time believing especially now that you hear reports that both Eric Wood and racist. Out of the mouth of Richie Incognito and they both say now. So reject or you don't not making himself available today to the media was some point I'm making himself available to the media today. Tyrod Taylor concussion protocol not available to the media today some of the media players you'd wanna hear from. As the the post season winds up for the Buffalo Bills you're not gonna get the chance that. See you care about however you know air would. Did. Mention. It is post in his locker room clean out that quote he didn't hear anything I mean it was chippy out there he says I don't Dion tweet it's something that he didn't hear it. And rich he's done a lot the past few years to restore his image. And I hope it's not all thrown away off of speculation. Now whether or not it's speculation I don't know or if it's a guy just won the label guy racist. That seems more plausible to me really it feels to me more like he got way is is. Just going after the guys history and wanting to label him a racist. Because he just got over. Well it is Koppel updates on this story and getting kind of broke last night because in block away. And again I don't that that Tyson it was great to win today and it's 64 and 64 meaning Richie. You gonna have to come back car than some weak racist slurs and prod in my African heritage as are 70% of the other black players in this league had staying I'm Jonathan Martin. Now is he referring to past history shorted something actually happen. Well what the league said this morning is that they are investigating and taking this very. Seriously so the league is investigating and by the way collide as Campbell said he heard something so new like. How the bills are having locker clean out there will Jacksonville like on a normal Monday they make their players available to the media now no one came on said specifically yes I heard this. From what you heard collides Campbell today down in Jacksonville saying he heard. Something so. Danger I just can't slop the soft as saying a guide got loose on Twitter. I mean it EE it's a story in my opinion until the league says it's not store that's fair. Yeah gas. Aim and you know here's the other thing gene. And get used to the idea that a lot of these guys that we've grown to love him Buffalo Bills uniforms are gonna be gone next year. One reason or the other. Because McDermott and being are gonna build this team. The way they wanna build this team and there's a handful of guys that they inherited that they've been able to make good with. But they're not necessarily. Look this is a loyalty in the NFL you have to. He Kyle Williams or Richie and tugging on the new U side air would say that contract earlier this easy probably gonna keep him you know like. You would you rate begs the question what you do Tyrod Taylor what do you do with LeSean McCoy. What do you do with your linebackers. Can't even you could potentially replace all three starting linebackers on the defense of side of the ball. So that the names that you're used to of the names that you maybe have have. Grown to love weather be a Lorenzo Alexander reaching cog Ni don't. About the way Ryan Droid didn't play about when he was now. Trash. Younger. You match that offer sheet. What's your plan with him. While well your plan is that in being cut need LF. 34 bringing back to him here. If this is true why I mean there's there's no listen. He would get suspended I would I would figure some discipline for the league and I don't see that the goal is announcing this organization how they preach character. Any of the debt that could be the end here I mean it again. In this day and age you have to take all this seriously so and so this point it does is following running reaching back Neil but danger. If he's sick ate these are allegations are true. Bringing him back Arian. I wouldn't not not now no I mean will listen I mean he was brought in during a different regime again you know who rademan. Rex Ryan. Right. Whaley Rotterdam try to study came recommend for sure Rex Ryan was here. I mean the second go round I wanna see. A yes. So I was Rex is first trying to. Fits that Rex rye in cowboy way you know mentality of the I just want a guy who's I wanna bully on my team. I wanna hire who's that EL that rubs guys the wrong way. And you know he's got a lot air what is wrong he's got a lot to rehabilitate. His image hell we talked in the training camp. He I didn't get any sense there is anything. Off with Richie and god you don't you seem like a guy's guy. Works hard comes to work every day does his job. I don't know what his personal life is like. I don't know what he does this free time you certainly hear whispers you certainly heard rumors that the guy is a racist a flat out racist. But we haven't seen it we haven't heard it since he's come to buffalo. Ate what when he's training camping when he's talking a lot seemingly in the locker room layman but that's normal. Yeah of the day business went on the full fueled the national football union league when somebody's trying to rip your hat off. Yeah I would figure emotions might get high and you keep your your testosterone might be going crazy at that point you might want to rip somebody's head off and can you keep your emotions in check in. You know if you really have those thoughts would you be able and again I get we're really talking about this because this accusation came out. And if it's the other way around where there's really didn't happen that. Then this is a well yes at a -- if it did happen that is unfortunate but it wouldn't shock me if it did though Jeanne you wouldn't shock me given his history and it went shopping given the motion of the game and if that he knew if it's in your DNA and now that it's a ruled out that it is something that the league. Wants to outlaw completely the other have to investigate it he'd get might not. Let Richie guy that's why. That's why in danger when they asked if he's cold or racy big one knocked. Poll. So eager to meet Richie staying quiet danger you call me a racist I'm saying no one knock. So the fact that Richie is just stayed down thrall that is maybe the bills are telling him stay down don't say a word. Hi to me I would be telling you are we shouting from the mountaintop this is not true we work through these so you feel like he's silence is it leaves Jews and regulations. Silence leads the speculation Linda. In a web Sterger the sports bar with danger and the tag Leo how are you Linda. Guy is imminent I think what missing in all of this is that we're only used to. Seen here being labeled racist when we don't recognize. Down that there's great equipment. And I really we need it and yet it whatever Richie and instead. It. But this day at a low. Not a thought. Out well you know we've we've never. And that currently a part in getting at the plate that other people wouldn't. You know that. We're just being really ignorant and ailing nine year and a I really all I needed all of the it's not just a that it is okay at the lack that an issue about what are not unlocked for about what the and out there that bears a group of people at I eighty Matt. Euro group. Here why. Not. Then it away bat. A person in. Am I just need to stay that I had made sure I ignorant at ala. Anybody I've heard anybody feeling. But I think we need statement. Well thank you under yellow and I'd like I've got mean Linda brings that up and I search question all right well then. What is a racist in when he. Eighteen if he's a racist a guy that throws around us lurk in the heat of an NFL. Match up towards the race is the guy that we work with that he'd held. Has his feelings towards a specific group of people. Doing or not doing what he feels they should be dealt. Well any indicates a routine kind meego. With his whole history and track record you know we keep their decision Knoll there's no role there's no wiggle room today it's so. That's what's disappointing event that we're talking about this today when we should be. Talking about what I great season this was a war. Where the Buffalo Bills goal from here but. Honestly is now an issue I don't think you you say okay that the Buffalo Bills tape they're you know the they're the guys they don't want they're gonna continue to bear. I say they've already done that I'd say there already done that danger in the end to meet Richie and got me know if up until this point I would say yes your Pro Bowl left tackle why would you cut the guy. You're not cap jail bring to guide back in and then if he doesn't perform well and can't thank you got but don't need to make that decision now well these changes. A lot if again if it's true for. Keep have to qualify that because if it's not true that it's it's terrible character assassinations that's what we're kind of walking a fine line here. Thanks again for the call Linda 454 ESPN. Four by 43. 776 all right we've got Jenna talk troll who was there from thirteen win sports in Jacksonville. Who's still in Jacksonville I think yeah yeah that's living less living version of planes trains and automobiles with the Mike catalog up with the Rochester sports second worse places agenda Contra could be then now on the road with the Rochester sports icons like that line it really was and when we think of Florida weather I think you know and spring training and now it what was it sixty Darius can I don't like ball from the my friends that were at the game that network. Tweeting gays say it felt like a fall afternoon. Okay. We had. What twenty degrees yesterday that felt like spring. It feels like summer today yeah that's gonna get to fifty Thursday so what are we gonna do my goodness. Yeah maybe gets are looking at the forecast again without getting depressed. So anyways yes Jenna was there. Budget was there at the end of the game interviews with from the Shawn McCoy and and other players so we will get her for insight on what she saw. There in Jacksonville what went on after the game mobile continue to discuss the Ritchie talked needle pieces well agenda cock to thirteen win sports. Our guests next in the sports were also before 4 o'clock will play around of I'll drink to that will give you some. Some thought provoking comments from around the world of sports you agree or disagree with and like Lyndon Webster your while to join us any time. But pulling up a stool or 454 ESPN 4543776. Here in the sports park danger and tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester. Asterisk in the week for me emerged tickets and I've been Superman sports junkies can come and night's play hear an expert. But college football championship leaves here the Alabama Crimson Tide but Georgia Bulldogs pregame at 630 tonight on PM 915 N 957 Afghan DOS sports leader he. ESPN Rochester. College football's national championship game brought you part tonight by the tax oppose or. Homeowners are you over painter property taxes because that town you live in in Monroe County is over now knowing your property. The tax oppose or will give you a free no obligation review of your assessment they absolutely nothing unless they succeed. Guaranteed. 5468185468180. For the taxables. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and the tactically in ninth 50957. Of them as we continue to discuss. All of the action from yesterday in Jacksonville let's talk to people that were there people that have their ear to the ground that were there in the locker room. As the bills' season came to the it people like jackpot for entertainment sports he joins us now to sports agent. Did it sounds like you're on the beach there are generating the kids out of how was the atmosphere there yesterday. Or it could very well that the a lot of people do that they'll block it traveled well that it but being ever think it'll do all that bill signed on the boat colored. It went off and he'd that and it is rabbit and it went bad again. And Jenna but what was the overall reaction from the players and team. After the loss insured disappointment and in some some of your work there with with LeSean McCoy after the game but. That you know was there any says I get the says the fan base is kind of see she aided with just making the playoffs and should the players don't feel the same way. The shot McCoy is eat or thinking that you've got app decades that our reporter asked them. Would get that way out what this game. They built it bought for the court you you would not happy with the fact that they don't want that you know at their fingertips. At a big ticket and it and eat at you know. You want the wind out you never want to play out it means you. Want the big opportunity when it makes an aid in it he didn't do it yesterday. Well into play everybody will point to him why not handed off to McCoy when you're throwing to Benjamin. What was I said about that played Jenna and now what was your personal take on the decision to throw on first single. I mean the players were only in the bank that was the way it is called an act it will all. But it. But I think that at least I mean you're versed in all but one that shot appointed in expect both erupted there on that particular. That attack that helmet bat and it did. I mean. It's authentic and bury bad read. And the fact you did it get it in the coal is there right. Adding it within eight I think Arab the other day that the big acting op at the court here it would Ahmadabad. All because the abort the dog and another topic you layer on a couple of work out get it done but. And needed to set out in it it being in an app that opposite Bennett. I don't know I mean I feel like I think to myself if if he scores on that plane nobody's questioning that call. And and I'm I'm curious can if you heard was that a Tyrod Taylor decision at the line to throw the fade or was it. Was it at the actual call was to throw the fade along was run ever a part of that play call. So let's on the quite edit option. A cabinet that the and I think you're getting it on a player's locker made it a lot it was indeed and you're in the air but. I think it weigh 88 at you know that they. I don't know what you have gone that it. That. In my opinion I get one at what he knew that when he's and it was made up and hit it. Jenna con troll from the thirteen when joining us here she was in the game yesterday in Jacksonville. As a wrap up the season I've Jenna what was your impression of the defense yesterday hard to imagine that Don could played any better. I mean. The rent out and their appetite is being met in need it be better on that but I mean they give up and point kept out. Usually you can be and not mean they were able nick and in Bordeaux in Arabic and being able mean. You had to go to that because you. That wrote the ball. I don't think it really are seen and it attic to highlight the bill might work being need to put out on the op and including the defense that it will debate they cut down Jack. When you look ahead now. Is the bills wrap up their season we speak which in a cultural of a thirteen win sports. You know it's safe to say that that this team does need some additional parts on both sides of the ball. My gut tells me that that McDermott will probably. Address defense. Before how offense and the guys that you're targeting the dead Kyle Williams in the Lorenzo Alexander as the guys that are a little long in the tooth. You know what their future in buffalo. And and you know are those guys it's guys in the locker gutsy emotional leaders are you know. Do you think their back next year. I think they're really get a big all of the players bought or is it is bigger I'm that I think. It's organization is being in the right direction and you weren't out there I'd eat the elderly is being what they want. But I know it they will vote and those are the I eight linebacker that immediately add talented and been able to do the job that La Renta has done. Now Kyle Williams I think if you want to be back I. It will buy it away and bring him back I think they're willing to work a little bit more whip out because he's been an organ at least there's no long. But I mean I don't really at the play out the op is I would not be shocked if Kyle was back here I really. Well on the other side would you be shocked if they picked up the six million dollar bonus. Brought back Tyler Tyrod Taylor at this point. I would be there in the prize I'd been in it and it kind of don't when I brought it capable. I think. It once again it was it it it it wouldn't be it I don't think we're had been great up a highlight it and but it is important I think you know we. Donna Durban is that in the city veto it and at the start but that one game obviously think it will work out how McDermott would have wanted it in debt issue yet. Want that on an option. What do you think that Jenna I mean is is this a situation where you you draft early and try to get a young quarterback you go the free agent route I mean. I don't know the we've seen enough of Napier meant to really know I mean what we've seen hasn't been good obviously but yeah the a lack of arm strength and I think. That was on full display with that last pick the last pass of of the game you know that ball gets there was some zip and you've got a completion. But because he doesn't have the arms in the good news with a strict is. He can work on this offseason Nazis going to be a change quarterback and look like a man a new man come training camp is at the route that the bills really wanna got me. It's free agency or or draft what's the best way to build if Tyrod is in back into when he team. I mean I think that got the doctor and I don't need to be great things for the bill that they. They have odd that top 100. You are expert in second pick. Don't think you wanna go up and get elaborate any issue and get that they wanna go to free agency they are bat that ability well it in other quarterback. A quick and perhaps one that may go. Out Mitt or even like in any adult mentors won in regard and that but I mean. This game. Around their head coach now they need to move that next piece. And find different side board and I think McDermott at La Britney been either right I'd get that on an unexpected it's been that strap is well and it detected at that burst rap where that two of them together intend them. The guys is in good hands and I get to be whatever it that available and if they're able the move up. I get it I it would racked up one but I think it's gonna play out you know closer as we get near to the. Jenna Contra all thirteen wham in Jacksonville as you're you have a real light planes trains and automobiles get back home with had a lot of today. A artists are in the sports are ninety eyes seven ESPN. Jenna the other stores were kind of tracking data kind of moved up here in a way where. You allegedly had something from Ricci income and yield sad and you hope this season true obviously. Oh and what what do we know about the situation right now. I've seen Eric Wood talking aid via dock in pop he ought that we get out the fact that you know beyond been. Been playing alongside Richie all of these belong. Again yesterday as well he didn't. Near being. Noted that app that rich is by and he'd gotten the buffalo I really like it cleaned up you know they call on a reformed Richey I think he's realized that. In late in the game and and that that unacceptable acuity is. I mean. You like you that you hoped that that is panicking and I like Ricky has learned a lot on his pat period and I did. It's harder to see that happening and. Yeah I feel like if you get dubbed racist that you do everything that you can within your power to reform yourself as quickly as possible. In order to continue your life in the idea that this would just spring up out of nowhere seems a little far fetched me might just be a guy. Bringing back his past and trying to you know use it it is it is some. You know being maybe some trash talk after the game is also and. At the Arab. League. But at the table I don't think it would ever get in that. In opinion at any track. But I don't think it and went to that level or in any debate note is not appropriate at play in. Jacox troll thirteen when Jenna would this have been a different game and you know Micah Hyde maybe was in there instead of COLT Anderson enemy so many playoff. So many games at AA when I look at this game going back to the game. If you told me before the game the Buffalo Bills would not get a take away I would say well in the and I gonna win the game and yet they have the football at the end of the game with a chance to win the game. But is expected to play east trait lie had his hands on one potential interception. And nine COLT Anderson I'm thinking well if Micah Hyde is in there maybe that's a pick six to meet Jenna those of the plays that. OK if you don't make them then it makes all the more tough when that game. You'll need to play and deter and actually when they didn't get it adds an immediate and direct. I think if the bill would like to believe that would work like portal that wrote the ball court which being human person is. Whoa I mean. That was out. Now I think that it's in that gained it back that the act would add to try and get point in the board again trying to throw the ball I think it would have opened up the secondary in the it and the fact that there would have been born an opportunity. You pick up the ball obvious that you what you would want turn white as well like I'd be able to catch up in it that they had. But I think by by the if they were port wouldn't even more opportunities for that it. I thought that plagued morals won that game that when it was also and Donny came down to his scrambling. And his ability to run the ball which he'll really account for when you're going up against Jacksonville you were able to stop for Nat. You were able to hold portals and check in the passing game it really came down debt. They are two or three scrambles that that got them in a position to win again. Yeah and that act out integrate. You know I mean it back and portal able to one. That would I think bill and a great job they would have did want. In reliant on the back at the build off and indebted Don there's there's flaunt their and their need to be a solution because. This game so that big and played defense. To be Unita court the wind. Share it but I will say this on on that touchdown that the Jacksonville touchdown. Covering the tight end for for Jacksonville was remote number and I'm curious as to what the out of looked like had you had a speedier quicker Matt Milan are covering that tight and it's back to the ends up. Yeah I think the diet you know meeting Britney. In that report out the pack but the shot buoyed by that I'd be used to it but I don't think people realize. Apple being out any imminent. Ballplayer and he earned that starting job and the kind of the cry in the that he was not and and I think like you that the hunger and that plane that if the touchdown like what difference could have been made it more on that and what. Edit that it showed it to build depth and been an issue this meaning that even. And you know I predicted one thing they needed it up there again there's been drafted in a pretty upbeat and. And Jenna I mean you talk about depth I'll just say overall talent on this team we mean. Going into the season there wasn't a single analyst and had this team doing. What they did this year and that's just based on the talent that's on the field so it did see them break the drought to see them go to the playoffs eight you know. I'm not gonna at fault the fan who is content with watching them bow out in the first round. I I putted well and up and looking forward would be longevity of that franchise. Whereas you know and the players are pressured that they wanted to win that playoff game but I think that. Organization is finally found their vote which it and we we have been able to say appropriate long time. I I think is a positive and moving forward and I said. Out why you want to act in the activate it in and they were able and the drought. I think that that a lot about the caliber approaching what mechanic and get out of his players. Jack Hough troll as we look ahead to the off season of 2018. So. Jenna or Heidi weighed this out I mean you you you have all of his draft currency. Do you mean what are you load up you load up on defense and try to make this the best defense possible or are they do you do everything in your power to fix out offense in knowing that he can't. Can't necessarily hold up on both sides of the ball where. Personally I think I would go off. Because I think on the direct on the bag that he didn't get the best that it is the players and I think that the often that it's been touching glaring issue this evening. That you you need to take that you need to bring in more wet. You can bring and a quarterback that Abel the the ball I mean you bring in an op coordinator would Abel you read the that the players and build his team of that I mean at the question is well. But I would say personally I would hope is more often that. LeSean McCoy. I would. I mean I think he'd been able to get it off and going and a lot out what you're entered down rushing attack here but. I think that Cheney could be thirty this year in the older running back. We note that this and that is exactly eight well. You know really put an end and hunger for the ball and I think they needed been able to show that he is that reliable. Died. And with the new law and that he more moving poured it in baking. Go back to get more at a Dayton and seen in past years. And a cot for all thirteen wham we appreciate you what given us a few good minutes here and not safe travels back from Jacksonville. A Dallas having gel with us there in Jacksonville if you miss that are if you came in late on that conversation we'll have an opinion on demand shortly at the all new ESP and Rochester on ice. Think she's right danger I don't think she ran know she's right she is saying that if you had it to choose hearing all the temptation is going to be. Fortified the defense but you could fortify their defense and you don't address the offense in the draft this year forget it I would rely. On the abilities of brain dean goal you know to the five and dime and try to plug in some of those places in free agency go that route Campbell at the offense when it comes after them. Something tells me it's gonna go the opposite way and I saw tells me that all round of the of the draft is gonna be let's get a guy that can stop the run in the middle let's get a linebacker that can you know be that looped weekly type of of defense of leader in the that the kind of linebacker that the you know was sorely need this year and not take away anything from. From pressed him brown and from Lorenzo Alexander but there's just there's a gap in talent there between what. They are and what I think McDermott expects to have on that side of the ball will be just to see with the end up doing. What he Seiji up next I'll drink to that. Yes special altering to that does some thoughts side to get your mind out working here we call and I'll drink to that danger. I'll give this is a tease what. In football was fine years ago today roughly speaking of by itself. I got to college football championship tonight. 20:13 20:13. Am gave us a gift partners I'm pretty sure knew where you go with this unveiling next in the sports bar danger and tag lay up on ESPN Rochester. You're seeing. Winning goal. I'm seven. The score. In Rochester. Rochester rapist beat. Easiest way to connect with the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Sports bar with a dangerous bit. Rochester wrapped. 57. ESPN Rochester. It is my round. Coach rigs in the in the sports. It's. Say greatest danger I really really like Tony Romo as a broadcaster great DEU tells me things I don't know. Makes me smarter may not smaller. Rumble wasn't afraid to call out Tyrod Taylor for not seeing guys wide open but really Romo I don't think there's another broadcaster that would've thought. Charles clay had actually stepped out of bounds and the way the Buffalo Bills are nonchalantly walking up the line. Green mills had no idea sorry Brent lost murder but Tony Romo he's. I'll drink to that and not because I disagree with grandma's for I don't ever wanted to disagree with the crowd must forgotten to be met this guy we could show or Colbert. It may be a winner too. I will say you know I was just Tony Romo that picked up that that place have done about it was all those mics on the sideline. You can Jacksonville players like he's got. That's up from a series. Miniseries what's going on the field in the clearly saw what what turned out to be the right call. Keep he stepped out of bounds and hit your right Romo makes us all smarter football fans and I'll go one further Jeep it's up that you might know or not a big fan of that. Will make us smarter football fans in the future and this guy can't. I can't give you a view of the game that you're not used to seeing but you can see plays develop you can see. What quarterbacks are seen as they're making their decisions it makes you eat smarter fan I know it's hard on the eyes could just. It's not we're used to see it but if they keep going what this guy can technology and they feed it to your little bit more consistently. You're going to be a Smartphone I'm leaving. Sold on that one but I'll hear yeah so I'll drink to that high so the most scrutinized call from yesterday's action. Was that first single called the that the feet passed it to management. Listen. I'd hate okay then that's why. Yup venture beat on your roster you bring you need to run that takes it to run those kind of if you can be mad at anybody he met the players and the execution was terrible news. This size. That management has for him to put shot that's just a lazy penalty furthermore you know we're hearing conflicting reports that was a cold run with Taylor given the option to throw the fade. That was what he chose I mean it. Execution on the field he's to blame not the play caller in that regard that personal. Faulk a couple of things are dangerous person not drinking this LeSean McCoy did say that was a run pass options so I will take mccoys word at this. Not to mean any game like it is time was scoreless. We taking the highest percentage. Play OK if we're looking at analytics where does it say feet. First and goal I understand the argument actually cute and don't push off. But. No we've saved a run on first and and her first and goal excuse me from the one doesn't work in yet second down in third down. That was the worst possible outcome and any other risks there was not factored in by Dennis and when he made that plague so. So I'll drink to that Jim Nance had a suggestion for the NFL I really want. One of the things the league doesn't like my opinion actually is the Walter Payton man of the year we hear all the negative stories but I think it's important. If rolled the positive things right Lorenzo Alexander by the way is the bills nominee but you figure the winner this year it has to be JJ while we're all money raised for the victims of hurricane. Nance is suggesting his base is that the NFL. Should also name a fan base of the year in honor Walter Payton. And with bill since joining the Andy Dalton's charity buffalo would certainly fit the criteria if there were such an award. Counter to that end and they'll be nice little positive vibe piece. On a fan base that you know gets labeled as wild and crazy and table breaking in setting themselves on fire in just a drunken bunch of idiots. But wait Dick did a lot of people down there actually go to the game. There are times where I was listening Mike writes that there's a lot of bills fans in the stadium but every time I saw a crutch edit the look like is that the teel was the prevailing color. Whether or bills that just tailgating did it make it into the state that that's the question we should ask Jenna to forgot to ask that question but you know yet an award. For specific fan base bid Buffalo Bills would want to Gervais and how they reacted to dignity don't solve real divac. Just cross my mind with any don't like that so much that he decides next year that it somehow ditch your anti dole as a starting quarterback buffalo. I would throw that out there and stranger things that I know you're really hope to see that narrative play out at the end of the game where. And becomes a hero. But I bet that last Jalen Ramsey pig that was very obvious to me that what the scouts. Have been saying about it at Peterman. From last offseason was true his arm strength. Just isn't there that ball was not delivered with an opposite the good news is. You can improve on that the weight room this off season you've proven that by throwing the ball it's your arm falls off I'm not saying that need him Peter does the future. Put me to Peter men will improve. From the sees this as it back. Why you've thrown at Ramsey first of all second evolved it you know rookie quarterback who ran too Smart enough to know OK you know what they don't have any timeouts they're gonna go sideline Ramsey was just sitting there 888 home. Ball game no the bills can do better than Peter of home elements. So I'll drink to that hey I hockey dig the mavericks took it today he had an earth Venus hallmark and branding tool they were both called up for the sabres. Tell mark to be back soon as it turns out Robin Leonard took a puck to the face yesterday you could this interest by the way lady yesterday who. They lost Todd Cooley may be up for awhile or ever fans don't freak out. Buffalo Sabres making the playoffs. Now no they're not. Will we ever to make the blacks yeah I think play 500 hockey from here on out yes the Rochester Americans will be a playoff team. Cool we will be back you'll be a big part of that playoff. Yeah altered through that and boy I mean you know if you're going to be. Enthusiastic about anything having to do with Buffalo Sabres it's what's happening here and and the word process has been thrown around liberally since the hiring of Sean McDermott this is a process for the sabres two bottles. Big buzzword was development right and you're starting to see that development here in Rochester and hopefully. With the next couple of years bear some fruit and up in buffalo with the sabres so I'll drink to that all right Jeanne. Five years ago what was that five years ago five years ago tonight is. The college football national championships you'll get five years ago had to be something. Something based around the college football champion yes. Was in the national championship game. It was Notre Dame but wasn't for Notre Dame. It was for Alabama wasn't for Alabama's quarterback. It was for Alabama's quarterbacks girl I got to raise glassed in this one of the greatest called civil. I'm when your quarterback in Alabama. You see that lovely lady there she does go off of one of the net but she also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the ride is DB owner. That's it is wow I tell you quarterbacks you get all the the good look at the guys have looked beautiful lovely fees paid day doing well. Some things right so very observant Alabama. So I get the football. I'd throw that. And apologized for that your doll. I apologize for that for implement digger per sag that woman is attractive. Creepy old man right he got labeled the creepy old man he had a book he may Catherine Webb. Kath there I'd love. There's stats I'm Catherine when she had like a hundred followers. Before the game in my sperm makes that comment in on Twitter all the sudden cheer on her 2000. On my favorite part of that by the way. How does Brett mos burger Knoll the mother's name and he's great I mean that's the greens keeper of it now there's dating and yeah that is remember that must burger not this Brett Maas. Get off it okay. First of all you're intruding on your play by play man Jim Nantz who just trying to give us if we like to watch the game okay. And you're not going to be hit here's a memo to all of you people losses great. It's not gonna happen. In the further the more years you spend away from the league get. You're gonna no less unless about the personnel. That's out on the field so on blowing that. I stop the hype OK right now. Wow what did dinner yeah I don't like that I guess he didn't share win many innocent and don't hi I want this for a Mossberg Kucera cold wasn't it may be one or two that's a must burger I'm going to remember not angry bitter get off my lawn for a mosque burger. Must burger that's that's talking about Katherine weapon in his her mother IDD with the way we mention any Dalton earlier AJ McCarron. Well yet AJ McCarron you get the package deal genius he comes the buffalo. I mean enemy knew pulled embrace will be paying attention did the bills football Katherine. Call Brett we Kucera cold blood and they feel one or 25. Years ago. I've you're too old. Quick couple Wall Street is also the wind in Haiti. Today. I. That's for that. That's you're complementing our woman on her beauty. Can't do that. Well let's let let's dig a little bit deeper into this and cut vetoed it talking about the world we're living in now and in. You know I just got a direct message from mile. Sort of the show who. Yeah made up of made a very good point and will dive it you know I asked the question what is a racist in 2018 do we even know. What that word means. Anymore it and he's there. Any meaning to the word racist anymore if you're getting labeled a racist. Is it is it is serious allegation. Is your lead is gonna investigate. Cheating cog Hedo again. Because he allegedly. Said some racist derogatory remarks on the field so what got a little bit more to that the latest that we've heard from that Richie Incognito not available. To the media today during bill's locker clean out day which. Is that an indictment on which he talked neo. I don't know April were me and somebody's leveled that charge against me. I would be screaming from the pole is building here Rochester saying it ain't true. And I'd be doing that on social media I would be calling the jaguars what did you hear I would be trying to get to the bottom of that I. You know he could be just being advised to be quiet this'll all work its way out but to mean I silence leads to speculation are. Got that coming up we've also gotten X Rocca the Buffalo News gonna join us here a few minutes is while he was there a couple of bills drive today's bills clean out their lockers for the end of their 2017. Slash 2018 campaign will like it Nick's perspective on the players and their feelings as they exit the facility. And head towards the offseason all that more coming up in the sports bar danger and the tag Lia on ESPN Rochester. You guys still dominant physical teams that have topped the bottom freaks everywhere you think about what Georgia's strength is and how you look at where Alabama is where they're held and that's why it's gonna be like. Bad may have first Superman and I do away. Made 630 tonight on PM 950 and 957. Advantage thus sports leader. ESPN Rochester.