The Sports Bar-Hour 1 1/9/18-Mark Ludwiczak

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a recap of the Bills end of season press conference and the possibility of Mike Shula reuniting with Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane after being relieved of his duties in Carolina. Next, editor of Bills Digest, Mark Ludwiczak, shares his perspective from the press conference after attending in person at One Bills Drive. Finally, a round of I'll Drink To That that has the guys wondering if audio exists of the alleged racial slurs that were used by Richie Incognito in Sunday's loss to the Jaguars. 


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But sports bar with danger and exactly you know we have a long way to go we really do we have a lot of work to do. Work trying to compete to win every day we've got a lot of work to do I saw flashes. Time it's of this thing getting turned in the right direction but we have to actively like to mention earlier she's division we're not there yet. The whole another level and by the biggest challenges. To sustain success. Mike danger you know it's safe to say that this. This team does need some additional parts on both sides of the ball my gut tells me that McDermott will probably addressed defense before. More offense can exactly yeah. On the other side would you be shocked if they picked up six million dollar bonus. Brought back Tyrod Taylor at this point. I've been bitten it and it kind of don't know what sided mobile. I've been there once again it was big and their tippy we're not satisfied with the whole often. Fans and it wasn't just about Tyrod. Can't we know we have to get better on offense on defense special teams and we are far from a finished product right. Gestures boards leader and 957. DS yeah. Good afternoon. Pulled the stool and join us to sports bar feasible open for business of we appreciate your business however you may be losing this afternoon. And 950 and 57 FM. ES PM Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN. Rochester app. My teacher here G tag glee over there putting Mike how are you today. Gonna have to carry me a little bit today G struggle a little late last night watch some college football are now what a game worth it now worth it but man. And we and we harp on a little bit yesterday on the air. That gave it even started late it's just. College Republicans are law. And now it's I. Wow that that's that mr. year because we eat and rightfully so all. Identifying complain about the pace of play in baseball and the National Football League and dumb things of the NFL but when it comes the college football. I and I know older people that lost college football bowl of the NFL on that that's totally cool and but. Really. What what are we need to stop the clock for first owns patriot air rethinking college football is much much slower pace to in my opinion. I'm sure that the handful of Alabama fans and exist in Western New York please of that outcome and mix it is saving just basically. Cementing his legacy is is one of if not the best ever college football coach you mean the you know it. The kind of move that he made the last night in in benching his starting quarterback for the second half and having it work. Unprecedented an and a great game but worth staying up for about like you said you met Jeremy loved. It is not now will be finally got I mean we are going to be if you wanna talk about that game last night eat you're always welcome to pull the stool of us here. At 454. ESPN as dimension we're gonna talk a lot of Buffalo Bills football as today it was well they do the state of the union you know address and I'll be coming up later this month in Washington. This was the state of the Buffalo Bills that fuel this was brain and dean. And Sean McDermott. I gaining Zeta podium there at a table today just kind of sitting down our press conference that lasted about forty minutes today which you heard here lying on ESPN Rochester. And as you can imagine a lot of the questions they indeed. Duck not getting any specifics. Meaning if you ask about Tyrod Taylor brain and being Smart up the pivot to talk about things that Tyrod Taylor does well. I mean he's sold on Tyrod Taylor but I mean there is a window where the team could you pick up the option they agreed to win you know and trade him well. Yeah you're not gonna you know dump on your own product so to speak so no specific. Mentions about player personnel. But you can read between the lines might danger and some mean reading between the lines series. While yet they're not giving any specific direction about player personnel. But the coaching staff was since they're out there under valuation to. So this is an opportunity to say hey now I am obviously we like to job that Rick Dennison did in. And Leslie Frazier did not eating have any of that today. So that leaves open the possibility for change is on the coaching. Yeah and I think you're gonna have changed in the front office mean would you be surprised prying gain ended up going to Houston I wouldn't. No and I think that. Debbie five they have internal candidates that they can promote. But as far as Dennis in not getting a vote of confidence today. My love to connect dots here danger. Easy he had Paris Mike Shula was let go from Carolina today term. Make sure it was like OK Dorsey was like oh that basically the offensive coaching staff in Carolina's gonna be overhauled. And it's. You know you are absolutely allowed connect those dots. I don't necessarily know that those dots being connected equals a better. Coach. Better offensive coordinator. In buffalo and you know what they did say and I do believe this I gave you want your coach is that the you know good coaches good teacher. And it Rick Davis improved to be good teacher this year. Mean in some aspects probably in some aspects probably not mean were you able to. Teach your system and when he says that that that comes down to teaching your system to the players that are involved in that system right. And some players probably have a better handle on it and others. Run game took a step backwards so maybe the lying will be no need a little bit to help it better is your went on and and the kind of rebounded after a sluggish start it. The offer its itself to me. I don't know what you gain. By replacing one offensive coordinator in Rick Dennison with another. Like Mike Shula I don't know if that's a lateral move forfeit system. New code he I don't know at what it does not go to necessarily moves the needle for. Well. You've we can go back in time here. We are McDermott's hired he's got an idea we once and the defense of silent Bob of the offense aside that's not his Forte. And you had the chargers head coach that was let go in he turned down Riley did to go to Denver and and you had musgrave who. Turned on the pulse taken assisting job in Denver or other words Dennison was not choice number one tennis and ironically comes from down. So if Dennis it wasn't choice number one if they gather somebody else. If you go back to the whole synergy. Idea here danger that if you have units in or whatever you feel comfort trust. It's Sean McDermott trust and it Shula going back to the days in Carolina wallets. Right it's no different then than anything else is organization is gone in if you took a leap of faith with brain and dean and other things and other. Aspects from Carolina I could see this happening. Possible sure. Is very real possibility at the opposite corner defense accord or hate each other. From their time together and Carolina you now other extras so yeah you know what else you know only they know what their relationship is like whether or not. That would be intriguing to him I got to imagine if your Mike Shula I mean you've you've coached at Alabama before. You know youth. You've held this position this off its accord it was reported six seasons in Carolina wants a select out there and so. Is this appealing to Mike Shula. These guys to me feel like they're Tommy does and an interchangeable parts and you know the idea that Marty morning wave is still profits a quarter Nader in this league. I don't know the necessary you just need to have a system. And be able to teach that's it's in your players and and that's I think what what to take away it was from what McDermott said the urine UT your coaches need to be good teachers. So again more clarity that it's gonna be more about getting players who fit the system rather than molding a system around a player's strengths. If you believe that that's the direction they're going that I would think that Tyrod Taylor may not be the best fit for the system moving forward based on the results we saw this year. I mean it's it's coming more more evident that they're looking to move on from tyra we don't know that for certain of course but. It's too mean whoever that next. Coordinator would be whether it's Dennis in coming back whether it's somebody new. At that debt. Coordinator has to be new brought the teacher. To the next quarterback. And the bills will probably bring in a veteran. And they will probably draft somebody we all agree on that probably you're not cutting any Peter Manso will seen it here and once again not at saint John Fisher College so. Who ease the best. Teacher for this offense I'll listen to the argument both ways danger but. Hard to. Dispute affected his offense took big steps backward and I know the defenders will say well hey the personnel wasn't as good as it was a year before well. The Brian Gay was probably much. Yeah the offensive line was the same you took steps back. Yeah like his name in Jeanne you know. To say that Mike Shula could come and make things better way Mike Hsu why didn't actually get fired from Carolina. Now same reason why the bills are looking you know the potentially looking elsewhere for an office according content could pass the ball. Passing offense was bad. Okay so again are we making this move because we feel like it's a forward movers is a lateral move. Are we making are we changing just for the sake of change. Or are we actually wanna try and build something here and I get this it's these guys trying to build something here while you might not. The deficit might not having your first choice. He made it through a season with him. And it. Our time believing that that the decision to bench Tyrod Taylor was solely Sean McDermott's. And I have a feeling he was getting in that Dennis it was an easier chirping about that that you know this is a quarterback that doesn't allies is not yet. If you well if you pick up on that that everybody picked up on this today when Wayne Sean McDermott. Sad about the you know lives that Tyrod decision invention go with Peter rent you remember that date danger this is my decision OK you're the coach of the stops here. Today said while I consulted with Brandon and likens it to us which. What is it is alternately it's his decision lying ultimately it's his decision before you make a decision like that you seek to console of his many people as you can get. Before you make that kind of on earth shattering suspicion. And I'll give the bills credit I'll give Brandon being credit payment. You were shipped. You decide what you wanna do it your call I mean there's something to that that style of management. And again you learn from those mistakes. You'll never admit that it's a mistake or that it was a mistake. Would he say after that we IAE said I regret the outcome and not the decision I don't regret the decision I regret the outcome which is great that is awesome. Well you need your coach to be a little bit of a jerk and that's. That's a positive in my book that McDermott does he really it was a nice guy you can you can show that tray. We forget because of how quickly this team descended and how much they exceeded expectations that this is your one and and I think what we heard today the press conference just. Reaffirmation. That we've still got a long way to go as an organization mean that that's essentially what I heard them saying over and over again at the bills. Have a lot of work to do and the good news is they seem very enthusiastic to get to work and continue building on the success they had this year. But. Year water to personnel changes away from doing exactly what Miami did two years ago hey they've made the playoffs they got bounced in the first round. They were losing team this year and and a lot of questions about a second year head coaching databases don't. You know what's he feel so you can see I can see that scenario happening just as likely it's when he eighteen as I can this team improving in 28 team well. Yeah I mean it's a few bounces don't go your way next year into it to gain flip your have a losing record ramming a different conversation button. I think I think these guys prove themselves for five Aureus pinned for 5437. 76. Other highlights off from this press conference learned according Glenn had surgery deny no matter successful. Operation and he's beginning his rehab here's a mean you'll get a healthy courting Glenn if that's the case will then get ready for. Analysts forty Glenn trade rumors this offseason which is fine that's fine build up this trade value and in send a mosque that they wanna. Going that direction. The other thing to live good that came out today was. Asked directly about the whole Richie in cog Neil what did he say. Our branding dean address this today saying quote there was definitely an exchange talked mining in cog kneel on the Jacksonville player. I think there is amiss understanding. Of what was set. Nobody is saying anything on the record. And there's a lot of speculation and I think the reason why we haven't seen any kind of statement is because there's audio. I believe there's probably audio of what exactly was said. And if you come on say this is false no you know if your Richie acog needling you defend yourself right now I am not a racist I said those things. You do that if the audio if you know that there's audio out there that improve that you never said those things. So without that audio it's hard to say whether you don't where this goes but I have a feeling that's why you haven't heard in these because he is audio hole playoff game Jenna. Everything's Mike OK yeah. Every team is might adopt are endless cameras remember that a guy getting run over there furthermore that the NFL doesn't want us to know what he said it will never know what he said. If the NFL doesn't want us and that audio is property of the NFL. If the NFL on the other hand. Punts for T tiger you know off the league they thought we kingmaker here they could face a decision here yes and yeah it's interesting to me what was the wording you're not hearing the Jacksonville player in them players in unison as we talked a lot about this yesterday. But I think the Spain for word today on this is that seems like the bills are cotton I wanna see support but there. At the very least taking a wait and see but they're hearing it from Ricci sides of the bills kinda right now. Urges waiting years to see what the leaders saying so that they're not coming down throw on their own player under the bus nor are they. Coming out guns a blazing saying this didn't happen. Yup and and you're gonna find out your of course the next couple days. If there is audio I've I guarantee there has to be audio off in a playoff game with everybody might dump the way they are. On the fields. And there's something will surface if the NFL wants something to what is the. Appoint to come out that's tonight right so if you were you subscribe to I would assume that they continued the alt when he to film if you subscribe to that. Well if you wanted to go back and watch every single down on the offensive line. Yet that that would have happened I would think after a player erred during some sort of pile up in. I would have to imagine that you would see the eight you'll be able to isolate itself from that standpoint danger if they do put the alt when he too while for a playoff game then. I would expect that it is in this tonight somebody might. Find you know the timing of one. Exactly this'll pledged nothing happened. We're gonna talk funny a Buffalo Bills this afternoon. As that press conference of course our lead story here. Our daily special if you will in the sports bar with danger to tightly in 4 o'clock hour Chris Brown of Buffalo Bills to calm will be joining. Yes so brownie will be stopping by he was obviously at the press conference today and he's he's a really Jimmy he's gained on the beats. In essence is suitable place when he when he's working for GR nine now media rights for Buffalo Bills dot com but. I'm just curious to get his take on this being on the beat as long as he has he can read between the lines. What is he hearing about Dennis in what's his belief fund's high ride. You know so Chris Brown who is certainly in the know will join us next hour. Buffalo Bills digest editor mark blood Zach joins us here in just few short moments. He was also a press compensate and be nice to get his perspective on what he heard anything common seamless on time as well as so. Mean eight eights. I did not expect. There are to be proclamations. And definitive today that's why when there is the team announced actually that they were holding their season press conference. 48 hours literally 48 hours after the kick off of their playoff game I was actually kind of this point and 'cause I knew you knew the danger is no way they're they're making a valuations here within 48 hours we're gonna learn anything of of substance here. So what reading between the lines how there wasn't a you know our coaching staff to sign everybody's coming back I mean are we to. Or are we love to believe that there are going to be changes to me yes. But the guys are actually in that room talking to people after work are marked what was that. Along with Chris Brown joining us later today one other deals known acts as kind of the Dole's note. Brandon being confirming that. In Marcel arias the trade now that is going to be a fifth round picks okay so six around to a fifth round pick for draft next that's that's no. Or the in my tonight when we talk more about this one play I'll drink to that here before 4 o'clock it was one thing that I wanted to bring up Jean with. Eight draft picks. And the fifth rounder that you got from Jacksonville really being the worst traffic that you have now. You know you heard him this afternoon mentioned that you got flexibility with all that draft capital to do kind of what you wanna do. In my alone in that I would kind of like them to just let the draft come to them I mean you've got. Eight draft round picks not worse than a fifth. You get a lot of talent. In that draft if you done your homework and if you. Know who's available when your best available at any given time and you just slipped to draft condi rather than Wheeling and dealing potentially losing a body here or there. To have to give up draft pick in order to going reach for a guy. When the bills are good at the draft Bill Polian and John Butler they would never trade up in fact trading back was always the preferred option. You only trade up danger when you think you're one player away. Atlantic trading for Julio Jones special town didn't generate all right away but he's a big. Part of that machine right now in Atlanta that's a move you make when your calls. Look. Let's be honest here the deal's close to winning a championship now not right now. There's only one position I could make it argued a year old need to look at come draft time. That's safety. Every other position there's no doubt that this team defensive line linebacker offensive line wide receiver corps back a second running back. Another tight end how about a quarter opposite trade like you Google directions and route one and you could sell me on that. That's why danger actually right here. Yeah you don't trade up you can keep those Dixon backed Credo get more picks this team is sorely lacking. For depth and this year. For bills fans in half of the injury but common knock him but if it paid it would have been a different story for this Danish. I I'll give them the benefit of the doubt based on how they perform how they performed at last year's draft how Sean McDermott performed really at last year's draft using the data that was acquired. From last the the previous regime scouting staff and assume that this year staff will be that much better now much more informed that they will be able to find. Guys that fit. And their systems and their culture character guys like he's been talking about to build. To build the team the way they want to do it I mean with eight draft picks and not worsen the fifth. You can get some for any significant talent considering. He got the first rounds this year worked out pretty good for him. You know I'm I'm trying to think of where they whipped in this year's draft I mean you could say Nate Peter and is a whiff in the fifth round. Well I think we always have to pay hate evens eight Jones okay. Law not a good rookie season blind. Get a thorough. How are you check back in three years okay. So what we look back at the dog Whaley drafts OK they're terrible day because nobody's up on the team. Yeah Emanuel who is a wide receiver juniors me Shuster is really the only rookie wide receiver that broke out this year right. And he's got Ben Roethlisberger future hall of Famer throwing him before so I. What receivers take time they're not all going to develop the way Dell back commend Mike Evans stated and I'm fine with siege on idle mind that peck you had to make that pick and that pick was necessary. And and helped. Allow you to get rid of Sammy Watkins in an acquire another second rounder. While that's when we get so many chances and everything else and you know this is where we're talking about now yet that's one player are all going to be looking at the progress. Ozzie Jones. Straight white speaks for himself Dion Dawkins had a nice season. You know you pressed him into duty when you needed to when he stepped up. And Obama Avalon and Matt Milan all pleasant surprise me out when you saw them go linebacker. Late in the draft. You know vale L we didn't really know much about any acting special teams contributor really that's about it a Milan a nice surprise in. Something to build off of off his rookie year in nice rookie season form. So with more picks. You can spread it around here when we talked Jenna can't troll yesterday from thirteen wham Astor the question are which. Which way to you go back to you do you try to deal that championship defense is meteor close of that or this offense is really really bad need to fix it. They always the latter and she gave a good explanation you kinda. Got to rely on the fact that he you McDermott in Frazier this is their wheel house they can go find other parts of his defense like a met a lot of later. It'll be just to see which direction say Gelman I thought about that today when I looked at the actual number of picks and where they have them. And the only thing I can think it's you could have potentially eight impact players come out of this draft. With none of them being worse in a different if you've done your homework. Stick it looked draft can be a listen listen to offers see what's out there but I don't think you necessarily need to reach out to necessarily need unless you feel. With 100% certainty that the quarterback of the future franchise quarterback this team is up their instructor I can't see that can you not at this point opal have that answer by the time draft. Draft day comes around but maybe maybe there's something there that they see. While in sand Darnell falls the fifteenth or sixteenth I could see listener elect. You know one we've waited long enough near Golub and get. Well I don't know I think it's murky at best. It turns away and and there are still a lot that needs to be shown there's a lot of work outs that need to be on the come by and obviously and we'll see how these. How these prospects all pan out the good news is you've got a lot of guys. Going through their due diligence to make each her. That come draft day were were taken guys that did that make the most sense. For the bill's future. What when they made that trade with Kansas City I think every one of us was thinking all right that's a top ten pick and no use that Kansas City tech does trade helping get in the top five for. Nobody thought out and 22 and. And and by the way last year in the draft that was what we all kind of wanted to see them do right. Tracy Dow down right out get out that nick get something in the did an eight started. This kind of this momentum word now you've acquire all of these you've got these trades mating. What you do that you do that for flexibility sure but I also think you do that because now with eight picks in the first five rounds. You can build something with that that's that's a lot of talent. Acquisition. On one day your team is going to improve. On draft night. Trapping now. A let's get Mark Williams I here. Look Zacks licking his chops who he was at that press conference table get his his viewpoint in the sights and sounds of today's end of season press conference with Brandon being. And shot victory that far cry from what we're talking about last season's end of season press conference all our press conference but good for the team that it was a boring press conference we don't have to listen to Doug Whaley talk about what it takes to have successful draft in the NFL. When in this business it's about to bring. About players who might. Really use words of wheeze done it. The key to having a good draft. Easter drafted players. And having your good draft. I've been Superman sports chunky. Lights play you're an expert. 857. From the field to the court took a week. If you were sports on ABM 950 and 957. FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Excitedly while commanded the editor of Buffalo Bills I just bought what was that the sports bar with danger of the tightly on ESPN Rochester mark was there press conference at the end of season press conference brain and being in. Sean McDermott quite the contrast from what we dealt with last season with the press conference in the season a mark. Yeah we were pretty well you're. Euphoric. I guess yet and yet we kind of knew that you would not not gold they would go full belly checked getting information here at this point when the season's only not even 48 hours dawning earmark. What what was your biggest take away out of the press conference tonight. Yeah I mean honestly America are mad I it is equate that if you are in and that. That kind of BMO on McDermott. You know we realize that throughout the year. They beat but they'll really you know paid much. Going to be and I you know overall draft is you know for our goat Yamon out of pocket ideal. I think he's a little more engaging in that regard are. Again like you expect even when we're talking to Batman. The fact that they used to have valuation estimate in the you know they really want a Pallet and pay or they make city. You know potential moves or anything like that. We are a way other that level output that you played with immediate idea that we really. Indeed the lack of a vote for a vote of confidence for either Rick Dennison are Tyrod Taylor I mean it that. Leaves it all up in the air for speculation right I mean what we don't know if either of these guys are going to be Bakken 2010. We don't and again I mean I've we expected today is really you know it was telling them to permit that you know really. Didn't pay much in that order the government that as we has there. Been. Eight. Honestly I I don't feel any differently about what direction they may go in the united I personally think they should they change up at the coordinator but. Based on what we've heard today the allies. Leaning one player and others are I think he'll do because they didn't really. So me on that mark Weil why do you think the change what do you think did that happen with the office according to position. That would be considered an upgraded who can you bring in the can be considered upgrade over Rick Dennis 120 tent. In other than adding that the couple questions as part means go only because. You know so much of that has to do it your comfort factor in who McDermott may Nolan who's you know Lee's dirty work with the net. Indy reed coaching trees so. You know today early January I might need a little more time to speculate that means but. I I like a lot of people like it wasn't impressed with Rick Dennison you're here. As offensive coordinator. You inherit running game that was. Or in the lead decreased two years they do a massive switch. To a zone blocking scheme on the offensive line and I think it took probably after recorder at Eden. Relying guerrilla fighter group because it's a completely different blocking. You know zone blocking compare demand in there urged. It's extremely different so. There's that and then I IE. You know I I've I've never been our healers you know biggest supporter but I do believe. And this year has proven even when he's not great he's somebody you can wouldn't it what do you know the bill go to the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor by acting out. Is true and then when you look at. All that the bill did it eases and how I don't believe they played Taylor street much of the year. And then there's that that you know that the constant. Fullback. You know La. There are a lot of pain. And the scratch your head and again I mean it's something that app and a lot opposite struggle. But from a dramatic standpoint. In there were things that bought me and I I also think that more than greatest Byrd in game adjust on and sometimes they they come out by area the first a couple of drives of the game and and come back in and out. It seemed like it would get out coat on that side but also to me that that Altman Rick and I'd be put in May change. Mark love will Zach is the editor of bills digest for information about subscribing to bills digest. A look at the website deals digest dot com or against here in the sports park is sticking with Dennison and whether or not he stays or goes. Kind of timeline you think we have here mark because as as we're talking I'm watching on the monitor here Jon Gruden is giving his introductory press conference in Oakland and is Conrad you know reminds me of the fact that you know there are other teens are trying to fill out staffs or yourself. If the bills have their ride I think senator to internally while it they might wanna move on that so. Could we expect up quick resolution one way or another year. I think so we're married and I think you are gonna do it. He'd be quick and and do what you need to do before somebody else might. Scoop up your guy so. I think either way hopefully it would bode well. You know predictive in regard repent and. And you mentioned earlier that maybe there's a need for somebody that you're familiar with certainly a guy that Sharma term will be familiar with from their time together in Carolina. Mike Shula made do we know about their relationship kind of relationship they have if any. He certainly did you know the three men having worked together in Carolina and have some sort of knowledge of each other. Yet he picked out area right covered here I don't think we don't quite know what I'll. You know well they've been by. Eight I do think you know Sean McDermott is the type of guy that we eat into what. Players you know you rot in. On both sides of the ball wasn't just you know players he worked with on the defense the anabolic yet relationship with a look at Michael examples so. I would think even more so that would. You know relate coaches so. Yeah I mean you get to see if you're connecting dots I think that make sense but. You know sometimes it but patty from erect buried our coach is it some time off the law and yet though. This guy you know thirteen years ago that he has apparently there. You know latency. Brian gain today I've confirmed that he did interview for the GM position in huge sting itself. On not knowing whether he gets that job or not mark but in knowing you don't call refused him but. What what would this mean the buffalo what are the chances. In your opinion of him. Leading in and what would this how big a loss would that be for the bills would there be internal candidates that could just bump up. Yes and I think that Alito on I think you know we're going to be touched on earlier this even. You know they're a couple guys pan. You know I'd be one of them that. You know are. Especially in OG a candidate and he wasn't necessarily expecting them to be able to come over. But they you know they give him a bomb that title then you know you know looking forward to helping out apple here it comes over and you know he he's I think is equality and eighty clearly obviously got history there he's been so wouldn't shock me if they welcome back but. You know hey. The more qualified. Personnel people with the period that Brandon beam is. 100%. Comfortable what are the more in the post. I can have a better. Com all right yeah I mean you know you do well and I mean it's funny because I mean this is a side effect we haven't seen bill means to well over. The past and he could hear what you do well you're gonna be. Is that the way be it goes so you know I don't think those should really be. You know losing sleep over losing you know topped out at the yen and whatnot. Is that same time it's it's by the you do well. Did your Buffalo Bills digest mark what was Acker guest here in the sports part danger of a tightly on ESPN Rochester as we crap we recap. Earlier today this afternoon the oppressed don't see indices Prescott has Brennan being shot electorate not saying much saying a lot and we learn a little bit more. About this Richie cog need no on issue wave with. Whether or not he was throwing out racial slurs during a loss on Sunday that it did the NFL is investigating that the bills are cooperating with that investigation mark. I'm curious as to why. We haven't heard anything official. From anybody you know is it safe to assume that there ease audio. From the game that may indeed maybe implicate Ritchie going you know in in these accusations against him in using racial slurs on the field. You know it require I was wondering that when Brandon being spoken earlier because I mean. My my first initial guess would be that they would have healed by. That maybe you'd be able to. Look further into that means god knows how many cameras and you know audio if ever these games nowadays though. Wouldn't shock me you know if they can sign up in the air by. You know whatever it is it sounds like they're they're still looking into it trying to get well so. You know until that. You know all we really knows like operated in that state scene but there was an incident by you know exactly what that. We don't know area. Well if for being to use the word miss understanding. I you know week in reading the tea leaves here it sounds like. You know he's sad dollar Richie got his side of the story and at least to me that. They're not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water here so to speak here that that there. They're letting this play out and that. It was short of defending Ritchie a 100%. But to mean they didn't defend him a little bit here today Marchese affairs sect. I think though the united if you you know read into what he said it sound like. Again it doesn't sound like you know what he's been couldn. Particularly acute all the that the there was again that type of verbal altercation in the eighties rookies they had a I didn't say that court be. No he product that is exactly that as you're. It's one of those though. You know until we know more. That he's that situation. Mark club with tech editor bills digest our guest in the sports parking germ attack Leo on ESP and Rochester we did get. Some clarity on what direction the bills are gonna go in the draft eight picks in the 2018 draft we learn that the sixth round pick from Jacksonville for the Marshall various trade is actually a fifth since they made the playoffs no compensatory picks and and Gina are kind of spit balling about what the bills could do with that kind of flexibility 860 you. Marquis do you think the bills. Use that draft capital in and move around a drafty PP stamp would let the let the draft come to them what direction naming is certainly. No shortage of needs to with eight picks you you've got potential with apex and none of them worse than a fifth. You the other potential that some real talent this roster and when he came. Yeah you know I think when they made these straight you know to step up all these track record but he remarked that opinion is there's there's a great position to. I've been interpreted as quarterback. In this draft I don't think anything changed in that regard I think debate in the pressing. Now that. You know Tyrod. Struggle from here and there are asking me you know in the third interception return. Down field. I I think. I think it's up to buffalo I think it is they you know go down as is Brittany big decision here. You identify your quarterback and you actually by the way to get. You might not be able to get cal quarterback you know I think you'd be awarded to you might appeal would get those guys. To be on the outside in it looked like there are. 45. They're quality quarterback prospect in this draft. Again just quite seen. You know on the outside it looked like it is one of the better quarterbacks classes. I believe in a long time so. There should be somebody there they. You can identify whip them in dialogue with the idea behind closed doors element. And like his Caitlin. And built to have the flexibility. To go up or down you know in between you know to get that that player so. To me at all about that you'd you'd get that player the rest fall let their wallet there there certainly are you. You know they were asked today about linebacker situation you know Preston brown. Scheduled you know under the creation of the Anders. Not necessarily getting any younger. They're gonna eat their quarterback. I entered it this way. Completed the air that is still need to receive very. There are stepping down by. I mean compared to is that you know what. Quarterback you know the quarterback. Like the entire ocean. Yeah we talked the other thing there you know immediate drop here and there so. To me it's all about I get a fine quarterback you want that you have you know media reasonable chance of acquiring somehow. Using. Our intrepid be out. And go get them. Well there is not only drafting the white. One about what's available either free agency your trademark because. To me watch the playoff loss we've broken a lot of angles down from that game by. To meet another angle days. Hey you have the ball in Jacksonville territory driving trying to tie up the game at the end and you have an inexperienced quarterback. As your second string quarterback. Do you see the Buffalo Bills bringing in. Multiple quarterbacks next year. Well I mean it depends on what they do it Tara Miller first and foremost so. I mean I I think it. I'm not opposed again this is me here I'm not opposed to that he'd been Tyrod. And that is. You know current salary. It's Europe that you know the top Netgear. I know it may sound a bit crazy but it is that the way in inflated quarterback right is our in the lead these days. I don't think adding Tyrod interact in the quarterback buyers. Out is necessarily the worst thing in the world. It brought iiroc struggles. Again you look around the league. And this sit by the qualifier there it and it works you know. I mean you know even eastern. You know not awful or that away. Is much harder these days that it was many years ago. Again I mean you take our right out error. You know the Eden and put native appeared in their in the in the making the play out so. I think there's still more with tyra for all of its law though. I'm not opposed to meet demand and s.'s current crisis. If they decide to turn the page if they feel they can do better. Adding a created veteran. Hands. Somebody high in the draft and yet not a course that either not buried Eric Taylor but. You know have a plan. And either keep up or you do get. More than one out there. Mark Lowe is sexy under Buffalo Bills digest mark we love having you on with us here in the sports bar tell everybody where we can get the latest. From bills digest. Dirk we will never be wrap up issue argues an early that glee though. He did on line iTunes or an actor rules in order. Such as electric bill replaces. Be on the lookout for that mark we appreciate your time as always great having you in the sports bar enjoy the rest your afternoon. You got mark blood was that the editor of Buffalo Bills die just joining us here in the sports organ germ attack. Now and I let the speculation began to jumped in at the end of that obviously we'll have that up for you on a web site later tonight you can listen back at your convenience that yes peeing and Rochester dot com I think that next year you had to have a real quarterback depth chart tinker. Is that. For everything that way it wrong with that bills' offense and a lot did all the way there was the game for you to try to send it over time and you had a he didn't hear me and that obviously is not ready for that moment on that stage. I'm not saying against that Jacksonville defense that. I don't pick a quarterback that Brian Hoyer or whatever quarterback he may bring in but you know why you do need to address that position. Im on multiple fronts next year. Yeah hey it's it's a no brainer I just don't know that I wanna see that reach. For that position I don't know you know I feel like EU somebody they're 2221. And if you wanted to wait until the second round is probably still gonna be somebody. Of name value of quality that you could still get to come and compete against a free agent or against Tyrod Taylor should you decide to keep. My mom what we know this is could draft analysts are great traffic good draft a quarterback I think what we need to learn and and we're gonna have all the best experts on here in next few months. What are the rest of the positions look like I mean if you have. Great depth that all their positions how I get always danger what is the all overall quality all of this draft because you have teams of multiple means and and that will force quarterbacks to calm to use of that's gonna play a role in this cell. It is the big first test your brain and being here he's been working you know nearly a full calendar year up to this moment so we'll see what he does. Provocative thoughts from around the world of sports that you could agree or you can disagree with its game gene and I play every afternoon at this time called. I'll drink to that and it's on the way next in the sports bar including. You know and had potential. Head coaching vacancies being filled and some of the names that are out there wouldn't dismiss one of the names immediately. Go right crosses name off the list because he's not gonna be a head coach in the NFL really now aka. We'll get to the report on yet more morally next in the sport sport danger to tag glee on ESPN Rochester. For amber it's. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect with the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Listen to sports bar with dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrap. 57. In Rochester. It is no right no yeah. Hooked rig yeah in the sports. It's. All right Cheney's head coaching vacancies in the NFL begin to materialize in the name that I refuse to take seriously as a candidate is the man. Who is national legacy it's college level with a huge win new great game last senate talking about of course Nick Saban. Good luck convincing that guy that there's unfinished business in the NFL. When he'll go down here in history as one of the not the greatest coach coach in history and that's before. We even talk about what it'll cost. Hire him I'm sorry Nick Saban is not coming to the NFL. Well and again eight money can always talk there and I don't see a Mark Davis tied to move. He's 66 right. And he's still coaching him well after yet another factor mean you want to. You want to reset your whole clock there because you don't win in the NFL right away there and we came to Alabama dangerous for Jack you're losing team. This bowl eligible but there are game at 500 new coach what's right. My jewel guy who's an athlete's sex I'll drink to that Golden State head coach Steve Kerr called the bar all the cards actually NBA. That's funny. Where I heard that before and who said that. Shot. I said dad yeah yeah well yeah RE two thoughts here one Kerr obviously is right. And I thought it vet them we talk a beloved ball a boost more more of his brand stop talking about. To coach them all credit to us here in Rochester are coming up within analogy fits danger zone. Yeah I'll drink to that although again I don't know it and say this all the time I'm not. Anti ball OK I I actually. Don't understand from the world's obsession with the watching him fail or trying to see him fail. But I think if he is successful doing what he's doing. It changes the game and his sons will be trailblazers when it's all. Old Jews in front office exact must hated the world's biggest role let's what are years and he paid a lakers are losing track record is let's get the whole ball reaction to solve. Brings to that aren't we touched on this earlier eight picks for the bills working within this April in the NFL draft and while you have flexibility as they mention in their end of season press conference to move within the draft. My personal opinion gene I would you have the original first. When he first overall the chiefs' first 22 overall your original second the rams second he got there what can steal the eagles' third that you Upper Darby your original four. Your original fifth and the jaguars fifth which improved to a six when they made the playoffs. Than the pick these up for martial artists do you need as much beyond talent as you can acquiring each kick. You distract is valuable state what do your homework but the draft come to you when he. Yes I'll drink to that but tonight you know that water it down here a little bit dangerous yes that's planning game. But when it comes to the draft the good teams have planned ATC and there's a player. That falls just a little in my gut she did more than then go get him because you know our team is gonna be content that. Two you only trade up in two instances one giving your one player away yet I mean you do it but the bills are not one player away. Why we still need the quarterback getting decked quarterback. Whoever the bills have their I am a bunch of ball. Fifteen sixteen yearning to jump up in the top five but I think you should keep that option open certainly solve. It is so all much ground to cover yesterday danger may I go back to something from over the weekend. Adios Jeff Triplett. The referee who by the way could see holding his oath when he can. The referee announcing his retirement following the playoff game he called. First playoff game by the way triple colts it's when he thirteenth older I definitely is Moses parting gift from the NFL. He was busy detects this. AAA save them marked his merry old it was eligible to catch at the bucket basket without the shock. It's only falls any offensive player even a longer aiming can catch a deflected past I know that you know that it's good to see that after all like eternal war. Jeff Triplett still in all the wrong. Altered that I don't know how he got into a playoff game the way he'd watch week seventeen in Miami we. That was an laughable. It was a mass confusion he had guys did telling him what numbers and the numbers were rock who is ejected who's not here to get any of it right he was awful. Awful. After retired a few years ago I'm sure there was a date when he was a good NFL official put. Happy trails Jeff Triplett enjoy your retirement solid drink to that I could there be actual audio. Oh what Ricci Encarta Nevis said on Sunday tee I didn't got way. On Sunday my bet is yes and that's the biggest reason why you haven't heard any real statements from anyone. On this issue no one wants to be proven a liar. So regardless of what was sad was it just east justice usually. Prevails in situations like this gene and it has mean terrorists the longer this. Plays out with no official statement from anybody. That there might be some truth to what the jags are alleged. Well wolf think about the whole time line here I mean the bills called the season press conference in weight gain time at home okay we're done with visiting give me anything usually way. Give some time here in between collector thoughts is almost like the bills wanted to be I had it is where they didn't have to answer about. Potential discipline for gene got nearly to be another angler. Solved. Just that Rochester cameras announcing today a former goaltender Marty for Ron is going into the team's hall of fame he'll be inducted in February. Dangerous college choice. Debatable is the best goal at all times in the history of the camera it's probably not Marty around but he is certainly had a good run. But if there was a choice for nicest guy ever history. It's Marty. And it's pretty close I mean I remember. Marty coming into the league as a rookie and he spent some time here in the studio is making some on air appearances as players are prone to do from time to time. And you didn't. No they did so French Canadian. Thick accent and did what he can still like what are you genuinely. Good dude and still to this day and by the way. The gene that we're overdue for a little Marty I think so yeah we got party aren't back. I'll drink to that it. Not like the NFL playing in the UK what would appear that the league is profiting from its international series and we'll have the 48 team London schedule by Thursday. Afternoon as they announce it on FaceBook live at 3.5 personally do. I love this Sunday's three you can take it some early morning full from London nothing like fourteenth straight hours on the couch in a completely wasted signed. You lost game. With the exception named altering today as I love the early morning Sunday but if it's fourteen giving up the home team. Let Jackson go go off after scheduled for all live here by the way you know hasn't been tapped on the shoulder that's. Steepest in the back your mind bills fans. The bills have yet to give up my home. Team. To London they got around it saying all week and we U we're offering Canada that was international series but by role somewhere in the fifteen years of the series. Every eighteen months give up all home gained to one and that's the way I understand the rule just keep that in the back your mind don't be upset if the Turk comes knocking it says they give up a home game while they sell folding tables outside of a big mess I'll drink to that Tony Kornheiser. Said that Tyrod Taylor is the worst passers ever see any NFL. But it Aetna Aetna. Letting our guard Blake model of hyperbole Tyrod is in a good passer Tony might not be all time horse. Ever seen Tim Tebow passed okay are I'll give you this when gene you know what you yeah I'll give you that it is Tebow was not a very good passer. Of the football while he was in the NFL but he did find it very similar to what we saw Blake morals on Sunday like. He's terrible he is having a bad bad afternoon plot. Figured out a way to make just enough plays with his legs and kind of almost will. That offense to some points enough points to get the win on Sunday you'd. Don't think if Tebow shelves the whole baseball thing. As is my fear danger of being mr. anti Tim Tebow but if ESP and once ratings in the wanna get orbit college football audio got you know. No don't say gee don't say who always gonna replace current and on Monday Night Football. Then not gonna want. You edit the guys that we would want his football fans. You know somebody like Louis Riddick Smart makes me smarter somebody like Mike may not Smart makes me is no all they want a big name naked selves you know. Corona beer ads two or whatever like grid. People would not not people beer but that's the guy they want I. I'm afraid it's good T I'm afraid really Rex Ryan's team beside RE Christian mingle in the house and current ads you get a Christian mingle ads now. To guide it makes sense I hated but it makes sense. Rex Ryan. All know aid. That was our our run last year danger well I'd rather listen you know we discuss this. Win the news of gruden leaving the Booth you know first entered the new stream last week in and really for me gene in and I think I speak for for most. NFL football fans there's there's really. There's only one guy you really wanna see in nab Booth. Who was napping we even know it in I know it. That quote it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field so you have to love just watching. Both events tells us. From here. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helped him a lot tonight yes quarterback at Colorado defense of Matthew. Sergio dip by the way out of that diversity in his background helped him this season Vance Joseph good season. Is that diversity is back a while they're being tapped as jobs and divers in the background in journal keepers I want to air this season was the time of his life you think he had the time of the like the season. Sergio. Sergio in the boot Sergio it's one of surgery and and bring Bratt Brett. Bring back Mossberg. Yes we Kucera cold wind and maybe one or two I want that Brett mos burger in the Booth not angry so early get off my lawn Tony romo's Sox guy campsites Brit must burger getting pretty happy go lucky Brit my I want Brent must murder while that is a beautiful woman and let me tell you about that you'll be asked yes I wanna what I want I want seventeen weeks of Brett must burger apologies. Outreach Monday Night Football game. I looked up must burger Yelp is really the cheerleaders from the threat but I. It is not a good does Isiah. I had act. Obama states you don't hear were laying on the floor than we could have a backdoor cover coming up we Kucera cold and an idea winners to die that's Aldridge that. Sports toward danger of the tag Leo 4 o'clock upon us and were few moments away from Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills Telecom joining us Chris courses at the and it sees a press conference it branding being shot McDermott less eventful end of season press conference on what we endured last year and we'll find out what exactly Chris was privy to bite the hand that press conference a more on the way the sports part danger of tag lay up on ESPN Rochester.