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The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, February 14th

Brad Evans of Yahoo Sports highlights hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys break down Brad's bracket and how he came to the conclusion of Syracuse being the last team into the tournament.


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But sports bar with endangering the tax bills have hired a new wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie. He's been an NFL coach for the last 36 years what a work in progress we've got to quarterbacks all your alarm. I think Josh wrote of the apple they're right Friday was probably looking at this thing I wanna get my quarterback. I would like to be able to develop a quarterback. But he's also Smart enough to understand that we think Europeans are that the president quarterback Mike danger we're gonna talk sabres he says. Because we have to. Well he's writes gene which sadly how do you evaluate. The job. Phil Housley is doing with the guys on the ice right now. How much you sort of a thought we opted for a lot of honest everybody's body with this group of guys I can't tell if we could coach or not because he's got some guys up there is just what to do things are away. But I think different type of our goaltending former defenseman Anson Ford stepped up tonight Rochester sports leader 957. EST yes. Good afternoon. Pulled the stool and join us. The sports bar with danger protect Lee is open for business appreciate you stopping by how over you may be listening this afternoon AM 950957. FM. ES PM Rochester dot com VE SPN Rochester out free to download also radio dot com search ideas in Rochester you find us. And all of our fight sister stations in one place I like danger GB tightly hello. How low danger sun is out it is Valentine's Day love is in the air wore red today you're that guy. Your exact guy I am hum. Look I mean at 3 o'clock attorney the sports guy the rest of them sales guys those sales guy wearing red yeah seeing client and asking for money. Right there I'm. And bother him there there is D'Amato the closet they are highly Valentine's guy. I'm ashes on the forehead guy really shouldn't say where they're gonna know what you know what I I somehow they got smudged and it didn't even look I don't even know what it looked like anymore so I just in our eyes it's off scene make me feel bad because. I too grew up Catholic. Yeah. Finally got it also some of the kids that we work with here a few of them were surprised when when I mentioned that I was at church this morning. For Ash Wednesday. And they didn't believe that I would actually do such a thing that I would go into church get my god on. And and you know come in with the date you know the cross on your fourth the ashy crossing your forehead. And one of the questions that was asses. Do you people leave all of that evil dealing is that really what you believe and my thing is like. Do believe in molasses and what you blurred what do you gain from having faith yeah yeah I believe in that I believe in them. So you go to that everybody who's with me today starting the land sea this season of lent. If she certainly got a lot to repent for gene that that your mom right. If a frog so that your mom from Spain that that's her in points right on you know the growing up Catholic yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I went to Catholic school for nine years. My parents couldn't afford to semi deprive account for school but the semi anyways that was. One of the sacrifices one of the many sacrifices they made from my dad was won't grow Lutheran eventually converted to catholicism again. Because my mother and he you know went through the process confirmation in and remember that being the big ceremony when when I was a kid. Fun fact though I did not officially get confirmed what nine years Catholic school but. I never officially. God you get a married in a church or did you know and know all that's who they pick that stuff seriously do and a IA somehow we got around that would it. Same thing. It worked out it always works out there's always a way to make things work. So sad day it's Valentine's Day and I'm that guy and you're that guy and I'm that guy and if you're listening you're probably that guy to. Spent a lot of time talking about where you're doing for your significant other. Brokering a deal. Married guy CBS flowers and her. Appear to bear guy your brokerage for the annual if your single guy you're probably scrambling last minute for the CVS flowers. Hopefully you're smarter better than that. But happy Valentine's Day do you admire the way I mean we. Have an intern on the shown neck. Who called in today because then before Valentine's Day specifically PD tonight. Have I not taught him any thing there are no days off in this business. Business are. Now all day isn't com. Now today is alone. Called in because he has a fiance. In wanted to make sure they got to dinner and we'll. Oh my gosh loom I thought this kid was gone some yeah. Him if that's that's a tough one. Still one team. His voice to that when your day and turn. You're never going back right because it that he's gonna get married to this girl and this girl's gonna say Sunday. You know means there remember we need to head off for Valentine's. Let me. Setting a little bit of an unfair precedent right there. Yeah. Hey listen I mean is this probably you know at some point. Go get sick of each other's ass right that's kind of what happens and ever relationship and just kind of view each other and so like. I guess children. And the romance is officially gone romances gone. Nobody wants to admit that they settled or that they just kind of looked at I guess she'll do. Look I'm fortunate. She looked at me it's an I guess you'll do and it worked out okay. And on that romantic note and again happy go at his down times the alright so we've got a pretty good show lined up for you this afternoon we appreciate you stopping by the sports bar. With danger and the tag Leo we're in talks remember hockey. A little less than an hour from now with Rick ceiling yeah I figured really talked to Rick. A long time. And if you saw if you got turned them watched a little bit of this morning's Olympic Games. Yeah I unites states and look that good. It was a Canada they didn't lose to Russia. And I got to make sure I get this right to it's not Slovakia. They lost to Slovenia. Slovenia with one NHL player comments. Slovenia. You know that is you know when I saw slow I immediately jumped to Slovakia and Michael also who Slovenia. Wounds from the wind came right now. Okay. Ceiling might also have some insight as to what he's been seeing. On the blue cross arena eyes of their Rochester embarks. Yes so I did didn't we do is this normal in any season where you're gonna go through a stretch and overcome this adversity or is this a real sign of trouble. Plus I ask Rick to one not confirming his appearance today does he have a Marty brown story. Everybody has Marty runs story good so brick ceiling on becoming a cool I want to ask him how the future deal in the air. Right and a future happening again right. Rick ceiling will join us say you can hear him. To a color for an works home games are here and ESPN Rochester of course former buffalo sabre ceilinged. Joining us in the sports bar right around four clock. We're gonna we're gonna get it to some beef here in a little bit Jennifer. And I mean you have people that I really don't have beef with well. But you have taken exception to. Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports who won Twitter a couple of days ago. How did not endorse Syracuse faithful yet he he's he's saying the orange and in he's got to explain this to me first of. Okay. The difference when you're laying out. A resume. Fourth team and getting into the NCAA turn meant. And now the new buzz phrase is what why greed is the between Iain is a blogger one is a quandary two squadron three water for. Like you're laying it all out as far as where teens in RPI or whatever and the bottom line is he's saying that the order only have one quadrant one victory on their resume that's because Jim they hide. Never schedules are tough ought to come principal. Well he said that. And boy it was on punch wicker because. All over ordination picked up on that I caught it at the end where everybody was getting in on this. And there oh my gosh it's it's noise they're going out yeah noise is found. There is firing back. To meet the narrative Jim behind scheduling cupcakes. That no longer applies especially since the orange left the big Easter is the big east disintegrated whatever you wanna say because. He's still sketchy holes teams in the big east. Not belittle this year but Villanova last year and at Georgetown this year to its capital Marilyn this year yes they did all the way I forgot about this one danger they played the number two team in the nation at the timing and exists. Yeah case. So no it was an all. Colgate tonight owners I'm sorry. And every team has a Colgate and Iona on their schedule on college basketball. But out of bread should come on into. Well what I love about Brad. And if you follow law Brad on twit Arab League it's Yahoo! noise. Brad is his full disclosure he gets killed. He has haters people go after him constantly. And he discloses all of it he is not afraid to back down he owns he invites media feel like he owns it he owns it. A year not gonna agree with everything I have to say but here's my resume in here's why you're wrong. By the way too. He has accomplished. Accomplishment that and makes it funny is because most of these guys who are accomplished that you probably take more series at the jewel minorities of the world the take more seriously as a brackets all just. And in you know hell we know Brad Evans Mort is a Yahoo! fantasy sports guy. Fantasy football got the Wii dual brackets colleges but the the fact is. Evans is resume. At least the last two years he's. Better yes racquet is better than usual and Arnie yes there. Or are now web sites that are devoted to give you the head Olympics. Of course is the best bracket colleges. And and noise finishes that have ESPN's Jill Murray so. It's a good data have a month to danger because by the way Syracuse is a pretty big game tonight taking on NC state at the 9 o'clock tip. And for the awards at six and six and conference. In NC state at six in six in conference you look at the remaining schedule here for for Syracuse. This is one you better yet because you can't goal. On a losing streak here goes six intending conference is that it's lights out no NCAA tournament for the second year in a row. I'll be guilty of at least asking one fantasy football question what we have Brad Evans with us as well I can't help myself I know we're we're gonna talk some college who put. Ask at least one principal question. Oh. Keep in general in Baghdad and nothing specific current thinking marriage are judged wanna get that you know. Again were coming down right coming down off of the high that was he and I. All right here's one in my mind. Grew rock below. Where do you what we're now forty slot him man as far as fantasy quarterbacks next your danger whoo yeah. Bringing. Intriguing. And from the always come and I'm yeah he'll be joining us here around 325 in the sports bar with danger. And the tag Aaliyah what else is going on the Buffalo Bills making some moves today Gina. Yes so they have a new leather wide receiver coach in buffalo while winning tackle this is a happen after a show while bolted. Odd to join Anthony is staff now with the chargers that's fine all well and good. But now that's almost like they knew this was coming picking up off the scrap heap. Last year's offensive coordinator with the Tennessee Titans now the new wide receiver coach. Terry Robiskie. To ski I think is work for every team in the league but buffalo now the latest in. You know for for Sean McDermott that's a man that's confident because Terry Robiskie in my mind danger he's mr. interim head coach. Redskins fire the actress Kate Terry Robiskie. Rounds fired there coach K Intermec coach Terry Robiskie so Terry Robiskie 34 years. In the National Football League and he's your new wide receivers coach self. Get these guys get recycled I'm fine with it that's OK and daddies is an unnatural position he has been coaching for many many years including with the Redskins. Out wide receiver the bills also hiring and athletic trader a video director. Any director of analytics remember the hole and athletics department got blown out so much question has. It will always focusing in on because if you're focusing on. Analytics. As in free agency and numbers and everything like that. Or is this someone who is actually going to be up to the coach's box saying. Are you run your own 42 genre on its fourth and one we're gonna go. So that would be my question was exactly them so he was an IT consultant for the bills last year. And now he's been promoted to. Director of analytics. How that's the world we live in an IT guy. Now an important role here in the bills' front office well. And I would imagine that if he's a director of analytics and they'll be able to hire a staff. Of people who you know. I would imagine that they're bringing this guy in not to be a glorified IT guy that you're gonna have some Smart people. Poring through numbers. Importing them into spreadsheets. Staggering out probabilities. Doing the Nino to a all the number crunching. Hire a staff of Baghdad's. And then maybe you're the guy that's in the here that's like my my dream would be for the Buffalo Bills to embrace at the way Philadelphia's embraced it not just. From the that the coach's box down to the field but as an organization literally as an organization here. Teri Figueroa come out the way Jeffrey Laurie has come out in favor of analytics in the pivotal role that they play in their organization. That's the kind of ownership I would love to see the bills take in terms of what analytics mean today. You know like if the bills fans are rolling her eyes right now. Well hopefully now rolling her eyes on your driving by a you know what I'm talking about. Ros brandy and getting up there what was it 56 years ago when his famous quote it's gonna on them we're gonna hire eight. Robust. Analytics department. Okay well I yeah the roar robots foul. That and nearly annaly. Department they all say you know it's one of those things you throw out Alley it's important yes let's hire somebody. And I don't know what you're doing yeah you hire the right person so you're promoted the guy who is jerk director of fire your IT consultant. What that means. Does that mean he -- consultant so he was employed by the bills the duty work with the bills or was he just kind of off somewhere else consulting the bills. No are all IT guys independent. Bright kids look it's a small business well Koch we have this server issue let's go you'll call the IT guy. So yeah be independent ninety guy now as a Abiola on the front well my. Analytics guy. To be and again I want that person to be the smartest person in the building I want that person to be on comfortably Smart. You don't want talking about the kind of guy that you can't even have a regular conversation with because there are showing to the numbers. That they're just awkward. Well the this thing too is it what's good sign here though is is the trust. If he started out in the building as this part time consultant. IT guy like imagine that a micro computer crashed this guy comes in but now he's got a big role here. On it starts with trust. And for if you wanna lay it out like you're saying the Angel like the Eagles lay it out. Peterson has trust in the eight in the night T guy in Philadelphia right. Well yeah again it started at the top it starts with the owner saying we're going to invest heavily in analytics were where invests in and from the top down and end. L we don't hear a lot of territory Golan what his vision for this organization is but I would love to hear him come out and say how important. He feels analytics more. To the future of this team. Because I believe it's the future bully I believe it's it's going to play a big role in how teams play and perform your rating year out. And the Philadelphia Eagles are the latest example of that I mean they've invested in it from an early say I mean even when Chip Kelly was there they had an investment analysts were tracking. Every step that was being taken by every player of their team every piece of nutrition. Every exercise all of it was being monitor all of that was being kept tracked. There's no there's no emotion involved in all it's all raw data. Now we're talking now listening. If all you had was raw data and your emotion. If you use your gut when you have to use your gut because it's a 5050 call or you know it could go one way or the other. But when you have raw data that supports the decision or about to make that decision can't be questioned. While I mean the raw data I I follows common sense. Tied game over time blizzard don't plant with four minutes ago. When you have the ball on the opponent's territory. So. Now eight and didn't and that's the defense however. Is Sean McDermott gonna trust. Knew I ET egghead guys you have to hear what. My question would be. Was that he is decision based on gut war with somebody telling him hey statistically this is what. You should plummet that gagged and that's why that guy got fired the last OK because that was a dog. I could tell its dominant not a negative idea yeah. But it's up I was excited to see that that they. I was not excited to see them blow up their entire analytic staff but maybe this signals a new chapter. The Buffalo Bills behind the scenes look at the kind of heroes you don't hear a lot the unsung heroes of the Buffalo Bills the egg heads crunching numbers. Really really diving deep into the data. So that these guys can make better and more informed decisions on game day. I love it. I can talk about battled back and I hope. Here in the next couple days we can talk to somebody. Who has a little bit more knowledge is this related the Buffalo Bills and what this means because this might seem like a just a passing headline on a slow news day. No and enough for me what they're doing with their athletics department very very important to their future is very important. Just based on what we saw Philadelphia do I'm not dismissing it. I wanna know more about it. I want to know more about what this what this means for the future the Buffalo Bills and what role this new director of analytics is gonna have with the team right that's his title officially. Director of analytics Luis. Diablo. We ski I'm. Was in ninety console for the bills last year. In new director of analytics long with Jeff Mueller. The new video director. And nick Gretzky had athletic trainer breast Kia. It's he would Bruschi come from rescue was an assistant trainer with the bears last year. And Mueller is familiar to Branyan been. The last twenty years he spent with the Carolina Panthers. So obviously there's a connection there. What you know we you know not what you know who you know always. Art let's sum. Let's take a break here Brad Evans standing by. I'll talk to him. Jim it's going and let's go in hard. Valentine's Day after all Colin Hart and draw that he's ready for you sort of accepting he knows how the colors right ready for it. He deals with us all daily deals with worse humans and you believe me he watches Twitter feed school. A little piles of humanity reaching out to Brad Davis tell he sucks. Any channels at all takes it all and Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports our guest next in the sports bar danger and take Leo on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk please urge tickets. But Superman sport's young. Lights play you're an expert. Need more on the rocks and you're in the sports car with a knee injury exactly. Right gestures towards the leader. 85 scattered ESPN. On the back to the sports car danger to take Leo why I love Brad Evans mentioned this earlier if you follow Brad Evans at Yahoo! noise on Twitter. He doesn't hide anything. Haters come out and noise shares. Their anger towards him and it takes all. I mean what you see is what you get I don't know that there's anybody more real then route seventy Yahoo! Sports who joins us now to talk to brag. It's apology and end. Brad and in his interest and opinion earlier this week that I think a lot of Syracuse fans took exception to Brad. How are you. Well good fending off the Syracuse and army. Pretty much relentlessly here the last 48 hours this boy did otherwise guys are. You now do you people have enlightened you Brad. You have changed your pain in you saw that you know yes your kids to play Syria the Kansas Jayhawks this year they they played Georgetown you have changed your opinion that Jim daytime is indeed. Does not schedule a complete cupcake nonconference got. But not entirely the candidate for a lot of it was able historically historically YE throwing out there this is you know this is a bunch of hogwash about to be ass you know it's a narrative that you know a lot of people play up on the national scene but. There is some substance to it and I provided some data. You know to my audience on Twitter and tell although you know Syracuse fans that were coming at me. In regards in my opinion on this and you know I I understand that people use the RP II the RPI is incredibly antiquated. It's an archaic method of measuring a team's strengths and weaknesses and it terms overall strength of schedule they can pom is actually a fair perspective. I'll district to schedule that you with the indeed played. And you know knowing Jimmie being his tendencies and this is pervasive throughout all college basketball a pleasure to clarify that initially that this isn't an issue limited to Syracuse in daytime because everybody tends to do it. Some more so than others but you look at Syracuse since 2010. There's not a single season in their according Tim palms metrics and which are nonconference strength of schedule cracked the top 170 overall. And there have been a bunch apaches in there and wind behind his ventured away now this year of course playing at Georgetown. Which are you know I took the cap that's a commendable. You know scheduled game. But many times he'll play these quote unquote neutral court environment games and image G or the Barclays center this year though going to South Beach and facing Kansas and truly neutral court environment deathly deserves a tip of the cap. How do you measure then. Say add team might Bonaventure. Right now. Let fair to say they're bubble team but they lose salt do you give in your metrics your system you give credit to Syracuse war. What some people may say would be lost against good opponents. I say it's it's definitely a positive loss if there is Fraser could be uttered because he Bonaventure is that it definitely in the bubble conversation you know this the team you know we're gonna talk about this. Incessantly probably during this segment about quadrant one wins right to run so what is a plot written one win and in this is something that you know brackets colleges in analysts are gonna be spewing ad nauseam between now on selection Sunday. For those that are uneducated about a Q1 win essentially is it's it's is based in the RPI. If you have a home victory against a team that ranks the RPI one through thirty that the Q1 win at a neutral floor garments want to fifty it's our true road game it's one through 75. And right now based on saint Bonaventure stating that's not a bad loss for Syracuse and in fact it enhances the overall strength of schedule. Because our bodies have played so well this year and are very much in that at large conversation though. More from mountain to climb I think to secure. An at large berth considering that does say about a pitcher has four bad losses on the resonate to go along with the three quadrant one wins. One of those being against Syracuse self. I would say that the beneficial loss in the end for the awards are right now Syracuse just lacking meet in that Padraic one category with only two. Water on wins on the season. Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports joining us saw in the sports partying German tag lay up. On ESPN Rochester Brad ELU document that the selection committee's process it's cumbersome it's arduous. What do you look at to determine your bracket how can the selection committee. Ensure that they get it right each in their remarks simplify it for everybody. Yeah had to really it needs to be simplified in general actually just read this out there should be like a single love formula single number that this election he cranks like had a similar what the BCS does. And that's selection committee where everybody can follow it it's clear concise here are the variables that are put an end is up pot that that you know stewed in stirred around. And it spits out this number. I wanna get away you would these popularity polls as a meaningless whether it's the eight people with a coach's poll whatever it is. And start focusing more on the advanced metrics and analytics that are out there because we all or any day and age of an analytics. And there are some great sites other words PPI KPI can palm stagger their literally hundreds of college basketball. You know computer measurements out there. That are more accurate than what the human element is delivering it this current moment in time self the one thing that we did exceed every selection committee is a little bit different. With the bracket preview over the weekend other really set out to meet a really stems from where Oklahoma stood you know Oklahoma was a point of contention for a lot of people understandably so. As a team that you know now they've lost seven last nine games after dropping a road match up last night against Texas Tech but over the weekend they had lost six of eight. But the reason why they were the sixteenth overall team in the bracket preview. Is because they had five quarter when winds at that time. And a very strong straight to schedules so what does that tell it while the selection committee when they pull up that. You know team sheet. On their virtual computer screen that thing that they are looking at or those moderate one wins. And straight to schedule always -- harper are sub back to what they it would Jay bill was always says this time a year it's all about who you played. And who you beat and Oklahoma satisfied. And both of those categories that's why they were the sixteenth overall seat so. I think when it'll push comes to shove on selection Sunday there really scrubbing embedding the field it's gonna boil without those key victories of squatter one wins. Maybe hammy bad losses you have to go along with those water when winds and your overall strength of schedule body of work. Brad I made it this is part of machine though right debate now CBS debate that night head coach that got shot out. More debate in generating ratings. I look to another sport. Call College Hockey and they used pair wise and it's very simple and it's the computer formula and that's it end of story will we ever see a day were college basketball just go by the computer and that's it. I say no because this is too important to the whole machine here are generating hype from March Madness. That's another and the drama I think you're right you know there is there's too much money at play here either they're trying to. You know yet like you said build hype Bob to try to you know did basically you know put lipstick on a paid. What the marquee event I mean I totally understand that that perspective because it's a money making machine. But they should be able to simplify the process in some way. I am encouraged about the fact that they are involving more of those advanced metrics in the actual selection process though if you look at the team she'd it's it's like such as small rated the top that I. I think your eyes are not drawn that they're distraught of that quadrant system in the and the other thing that the slush committee is getting wrong is that. It's a global beta keys she dated athletic directors you have. Bigger issues at play like I don't know running their sports programs and dealing with internal issues and they do want to ago what that on a day in day out basis. They email instead of having a collection of athletic directors in a room why did you place I don't know some bracket colleges. Some of reporters who do this for a living. And have their opinion weigh the same as theirs because chances are they watched a ton more basketball than those currently in the room. Are bright as we get closer and closer to turn to Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports joining us in the sports bar. I know you've got your eye on some teams that that might have some momentum going in the could surprise is if and when they get in the tournament march. You add a person for a serving its Texas Tech can and team that just continues to impress me this is a team to look out for ya I think the three. Number one seeds are pretty firm right now an order of you know Virginia Villanova and Xavier barring a complete disaster for many of those school lives. I think they're gonna land on that number one line now that fourth and final number one seed is very much in flocks. I have all over the air currently the selection committee had Purdue's there after losing back to back games what Ohio State. Inside MacKey in West Lafayette and of course losing in the east Lansing Michigan State's still that conversation with the Cincinnati with a Michigan State. With a closer but it's always Texas Tech. I think Texas Tech is that dark horse team. They can he get from just smoke and hot here down the stretch. They're writing I believe like a separate game win streak right now including that huge win against Oklahoma entry younger company last night. You've got to add a couple of tricky games to be pit bulls forum here next couple contest at Baylor at Oklahoma State but circle it. On your calendars crawl symbolize that they've played Kansas February 24. And Lodwick. That's a game that can ultimately decide the big twelve regular season title. And if tech were to secure that can break the thirteen year win streak to New England Patriots of that league in Kansas. I think he would be very deserve being. That fourth number one seed in a team that's got a dynamite guard indicated Evans they've got depth. They guard their butts off I'd love Texas Tech credit they're still fly at a where your radar the national scene and that the team McEntee blazer trailer San Antonio. And Brad have inside Yahoo! noise. Toward joining us here in these sports are 957 ESP yet bread two teams of local interest here we talked a little Bonaventure and obviously Syracuse by manager Friday night. Hi they get Dow Rhode Island team that is rank so let's say. Bonaventure gets this one at home and you mention the bad losses and they want to. If that bodies pulled this one off Friday night what more would they need to do to build a resume. And many have Syracuse tonight there is seeing conference record it NC state if the George don't get this one tonight. It's you know I would imagine there with the schedule ahead of the pretty tough for them to you know find a path to get to the tournament. Yeah let's. It away NC state a team that's in better overall standing they may not have a strong of an RPI they may have played a tougher string to schedule a Syracuse but they do have the full work blogger one wins. In those four quarter when winds are spectacular. And I think they're gonna weigh very heavily in a slash committee dramatic you have the one bad loss. But Syracuse right now has two black guys and the rest and several days they'd need to mount up you know those those quality wins are racking nose still it's really state case I currently have Syracuse is my very last team and by the latest iteration of the bracket keyboard which that you update nightly sports dot check that out. But the the winner of this game will that would have a leg up. All the loser in terms of maybe getting one of those last at large gauge and a potential playing game in Dayton now saint Bonaventure. Yeah I've Brody is a massive gain that's one they have to have you know they lost to Rhode Island on the road earlier this season by fourteen. You worry about you know whether or not EC Matthews if your Rudy fan if he's gonna be available after having injury scare last night sell. That to gain at the bottom of the bodies Ashley must have an audit that essentially went out. In the age and a regular season to have. You know a. Chance of being in the conversation with a out larger problem is this year guys is it the bubbles really strong. Like I cannot do when their brackets algae gig for a dozen years and I can't remember and others sees at least in recent memory where we've had probably 67 maybe eight teams. This late in the game and have strong arguments for the last sued to force spots in the at large fields. So that's working against same bottom venture that's working against Syracuse but destiny is in those teams' hands if they take care of business against formidable competition. That they're gonna say it very strong case as a selection committee room and ultimately wind up Indian CA's or not the ninety Brad how much. He ACC teams do you see dancing in March. You know right now again you have a number teams are kind of on that backside. Involved in the bubble are currently on the bracket big board I have nine ACC teams and now I think is gonna be a firm seven. You know it could eight ethic that the most would be nine analysts are something that sneaks in there. That gets the automatic qualifier. You know unexpectedly. Other Canadian it'd be a big steeler for another ACC team but you know it's NC state and Syracuse right now you know they're both of those scenes are part of my. Last four and so that's how monumental this game is tonight. For both the school's. And then the next ACC team I have up is you know Florida State. And they got a big game tonight and holding its clients and actually fear might for a half shockingly enough in that contest. That's a team it seems to be dating particularly defensively other the second worst team in the entire conference in terms of adjusted offensive efficiency allow the during league play and the Virginia Tech looks like they're on very firm ground right now of course with you could argue the biggest way to. Of any team in the conference season going to possibly into Charlottesville. And knocking off Virginia in overtime. And now they've got another colossal match up but this time all the road against duke who can't defend anybody could cut out. Had evidence follow him at Yahoo! noise or guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Brad hearing your voice it makes me hungry for fancy for yeah I. I'll Erica Pratt you know I got to know I. You know I knew that you did some brackets Knology stuff and I've always known UN and respected and admired your work from afar in Tennessee football but. Do you favor one over the other mean that he knows this is this too is just like trying to. Decide who your favor cadence. Really this I mean how well both side almost equally I mean. Michael Moore I'm a fantasy guy but I absolutely love the brackets algae business you know I've been in it were like affix my twelve year that I've done it. Ten years with Yahoo! and that's been successful heck I've. Beaten down a beat the breaks off a whole Joseph we brackets ESPN and Jerry palm of your the last couple years consecutively cell. It's a passion play for me you know I love the NCA tournament I think it is the marquee sporting event of the year of the consumables highly overrated unless you're an Eagles fan you will indeed horse dung at. You know and in celebration. But. I do love both and it's great how the season's kind of coincide with one another you know once seeing if their regular season and I immediately transition. Into scouting and breaking down film a college basketball and crunching the numbers as well so it's it's the best of both worlds for me. Yeah I do you allow yourself to think Koch. She meeker romp below where would he go in a draft and started to get these questions right now Brett. Well he's well aid terms of a handsome man draft highly number one. He's dreaming and I wish I had his bank account because he got paid so at least he's. Defeated the L in terms of being a Sam's is go 49ers quarterback a guy that I think it has the reads the progression is. The versatility he's a heady quarterback. They easy to get some weapons around him did considering what he did this year. With mark she's good yes as he's number one target you. You guys all got our keys could win during his days in buffalo is nothing special he's more or less a streak receiver advanced he's gain became a more well rounded receiver with the 49ers out of necessity. But you you don't you bring in a couple of weapons may be go lopsided Jarvis slavery in free agency or draft to Cortland Sutton can IS and view ethic has all the skills and intangibles intangibles a B and it's an impact player at the NFL level. And years suddenly looking at San Francisco although the at this dark cloud Rubin Foster right now as possible being a playoff team next year or so I think he was worth every penny. I think in the end New England made a tragic mistake I understood they try to get to smoke as much as they could and entered the draft equity. But it really the quarterback of the future and really could be the quarterback of soon. For doing it should have been Jimmy Rob Lowe but the best case and air worked out for him finale is far away from Foxboro as humanly possible is gonna kill picture Bre. At what is your biggest fantasy football headline had in the offseason heading into the 2018 season. Well I mean it's tough for me. You know I'm curious to see where some of these free agents are gonna go they are curious to see what New England does not back here because I believe every single running back is a free agent Rex Burkhead Dion Lewis James White. They're all our and I think you probably beat number one with eight bullet topic is sequel on Barkley low right. Because you look at the running back position the NFL. It you know it's largely the the workhorse running backs or an endangered species though I think you're start to seal a bit more of an old school mentality these three down running backs into the melting gourds the lady on bells the world. David Johnson's gonna be back in the mix after me a missing almost the entire to what seventeen she's with a wrist injury. You know I think the the running back position is getting on firmer ground it's getting back to where was where people like already take a wide receiver in round one dog got investing rock I can invest in a running back because the turn overs. So tremendous on a year in Europe bases which is true but those workhorse running back to sort of come back in the fold I think seacor Barkley. Is going to be the next Zeke Elliott the next lady on bell I don't care where he glanced duties of these dues go to ball Lott is going to be a high volume rusher much like Leonard four and was this year for Jacksonville. It is gonna paid instant dividend I would gladly draft in the back half of round one no matter where his landing spot is. One last question cousins he's gonna get paid but is anybody really going to be worth that any save the Buffalo Bills end up with Kirk doesn't need to imagine we're having this debate. Almost on a daily basis Brad would you do it. No I don't think I would I I don't think he's gotta be worth what I'm with a good what what's gonna draw right now if garrote blows getting. You know 137 and a half million dollars you know what's gonna be of forty million dollar per year deal for cousins. Fifty million I mean you're mortgaging your entire franchise for quarterback like let let's let's put in this scenario if you were it ever. Bodies back in the pool every single player every single quarterback. Andy where would you land in terms of the quarterback rankings if you could draft him we're wish he. Is he a top ten guy I don't know the US is the top twelve guy I don't think he necessarily is I think there's some better options out there. But AI it's it's going to be a fascinating development I still think he ends up in Denver itself because I'd leave here it's because I think the Broncos are gonna go all way and I think they're gonna get critic keep to lead cut bait there with that the hefty salary. They're gonna get rid of Emanuel Sanders as well is kind of burned some bridges here also an expensive player and they'll find a way to lasso Kirk cousins. And that team could easily go from being a basement team. An AFC west you a title contender almost overnight if they do acquire because they have the green some place. He is more glorious than Lovie Smith's beard Brad at us. Tell everybody where we can read your work see your work and get more noise. Really glorious if my University of Illinois fighting Illini can win in any sport sure that would be drain pat. Basketball football I think now a Tug on that Lovie Smith beer all day long they can get to like I don't know the Bahamas bull or something next year to the top quality on Twitter at. At Yahoo! don't always get checked out to the press the big board as well sports that And watch a two for tourney bracket live we're gonna be returning lives during the actual selection Sunday show two hours. Yahoo! Sports that Tom myself pat forty Stephen bardo former flight a lot of great 1989. I'll break it down the brackets and reacted in real time incidentally tune into that. Yeah I wanna. Hate what you were saying about the award which you you made too much sense here so he won me over. CA daddy I'm lucky. Very honest for the right that's right keep it real it eventual you know I always back. Well all my arguments up what do you think there you know idiotic or not with sound SL deck for what it's worth I do appreciate the title. Rad it's been great avenue I look forward to talk to you again soon Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports our guests in the sports or enjoy the rest draft new Brad good luck here or expect you gotta thank Brad Evans. If you miss that conversation accumulate while Brit brat I was Briggs it he brings the noise is nothing wrong with what he said it well I mean a bracket colleges who. Gosh. Why does he have a national radio show does he danger I would think that somebody would want that personality on there yeah. He's got going on that Brad Evans you thought this was a fantasy football I don't know now. Turns out he's an accomplished. Racquets apologists as well you know it's funny I thought OK we throw fantasy football questions are on February 14 now he was ready for a horse course. Brad Evans. Yahoo! Sports. On messing around here in the sports bar that was awesome. Love having them on all right let's. Let's move to Alter that the sports bar with danger detailing the coverage ceiling coming up just few minutes here as well. I'll talk some hammocks hockey. More on the way stay in sports more danger to tag Leo on ES PM Rochester. For amber are talking. Every spectacular scene. Mean slack shunning the team winning goal. My seven. The sports leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey has struck you on toward running wilderness you. Or Williamson. And buying Debbie so flying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Sports bar with dean drill bit Jack. ESPN right. Rochester wrapped. By examining. Yes can't Rochester. It is our round. It's time for poultry and in the sports. It's. Yes some guy name O'Neal scored the first American bowl today at the Olympics which got me thinking danger. When you be better for the sport. If the United States had a line of say I am now Austin Matthews and Patrick Kane and if Jack Michael. Movie that you've got Hertz. Has there been an Olympic break thanks Gerri. Volleyed Matthews and I go. Gary that menu or the war he's great. Is this acceptable. We use helping. Widely hated this guy is how is he still employed how. Still acceptable. Oh yeah that's ready makes everybody a lot of money that's that's great that nice thanks Batman south. Have actually given that there's been very little emphasis from what we can tell on analytics at this point. The NASA today of a new director of analytics at one bills drive and encouraged at the Buffalo Bills have finally taken a bold step in the year 2010. The trend of losing you save the bold step they hired at the part time IT guys. The IT consultant is the new director of analytics. Why I hope this guy's really Smart or it's just somebody that was fixing Sean McDermott's computer on a daily basis. I don't drive numbers they would excel spreadsheet Ctrl+Alt+Del. Sean that ties do red. Look I'm not getting excited about somebody I don't know anything about cool let's learn more about it because it gets an intricate part of what they're gonna have offered for successful future. I'll drink to that the back to this morning's. You might know it's only one game my whole league's top United States losing to Slovenia not Slovakia. Slovenia three details. If the United States doesn't make it out of the opening round if you will make Dennis Bernstein was right our guest earlier in the week. There won't be an NHL offer for Brian Gionta post Olympics and here we all want to got to retire on he's terms. But it's a quick exit for teen USA then team watches your Americans will likely get. Geography he wants to come back and play from Rochester Americans and I think that's still a big if you have to weigh the pros and cons and again. Like we say all the time here in the sports bar would danger mechanically continuous negotiation. Marriage continuous negotiations solve drink to that. We make fun of the browns are botching the AJ McCarron trade by the way we're still waiting McCarron me be ruled a free agent today and you know that happens if he wins is appeal. Any ends up being an unrestricted free agent. Well we make fun of the bronze to botch that trade the Bengals if the Bengals let the carat gold for nothing that that serves it cry. The Cincinnati Bengals are eight John. Little lazy organization. They don't get nearly criticism they have thrown their way. Honestly did did you get a pass here because of these idiots they're in their division Cleveland that's it. Cincinnati is a lazy dumb organization or. I'll drink to that. Yeah and but they're they're playoff record Jose. From their retaining Marvin Lewis shows. Any call that told me there and I did you know the then the comfort level you showed it doesn't look it is contract. Affordable option at this point. You gotta get we pay foreign Dalton. He's not. Lighting it up bright. Middle of the road guy. We get a playoff games. What the rounds trait that fell through shell was there was a market for McCarron to possibly get a second round pick. And that fell through because you waited till the last second we also not shame on you browns your number around since day he's just his dawn. If McCarron walks out the door doesn't get any thing and then say he's the starting quarterback in Denver where else say oh my gosh how could the Redskins diesel duck and Cincinnati he's so dumbed McCarron it's a mark. It starts at the top gene you know you can tell who is dysfunctional by who's owning the team it starts at the top the teams that are. Look at look at this year Ziemer Robert Kraft lets his guys if there's any dysfunction into it let's is Robert Kraft started meddling in the personnel. Does the champs Jeffrey Laurie from the top down there in alignment. No dysfunction. Redskins please the browns come on the bank. Dysfunction runs rampant. And hopefully. It goes learned their short times NFL owners let the guys do their job. You're welcome to come in and share your opinion or express concern. And what you see you want to but don't him now don't do it don't be that we got ceiling waiting up. Waiting on hold which we ceiling who does that color for the Rochester Americans are broadcasting you here. Right here on ESP and Rochester to cross arena and join us next talks in Rochester Americans hockey. Maybe some buffalo abuse hockey with its ceiling. Yeah how important can Rick is a hockey guy and it. He'd like cats they hate do you have a Marty Iran story everybody has Marty amber yeah so Marty in Iran will be joining us tomorrow on the sports bar but doc good to catch up a brick ceilinged. What the air Merck's are are doing right now is is just a little bit of the say users is a big problem. So Rick ceiling will join us here. Virtual career fair is happening right now. And virtual career fair Dhaka. As to discover your next professional opportunity all from the comfort of your. You visit the virtual career better. Boost from local employers and openings that need to be filled immediately log on right now to apply for a position at virtual career bear dot com. And 950 and 957. These sports leader ESPN Rochester.