The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Brain Blessing

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a review and grade of Brandon Beane's first 12 months as Bills GM on the anniversary of his hiring. Next, Brian Blessing of Vegas Hockey Hotline stops by to dissect the success of the Vegas Golden Knights and look to what appears to be a brighter future for the Sabres.


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But sports bar with danger and exactly via our record you're actually there are elaborate about our Carol and we really love gash in terms of sizes athletic schism. He's played in this type of conditions that we find ourselves in here in buffalo to keep his buffalo. Mike danger moving forward their goal is going to be built this team around Josh Allen G exactly so much talk about Alan let's talk a little bit about Jermaine and it's we haven't talked at all about Jermaine and it's inside outside guy rush the passer or cover. Highly heard talk that highly athletic physically gifted ordered everything that you could put everything medal at the Mike linebacker by the that you get when it'll make plays the Dark Knight. Met or beat any team. To go somewhere to get this fixed so the Max. Didn't have much of a chance here she's got to focus more on senior factual first and foremost. Chris Paul was able to take over the game and we had. Now it's. Can all of those pieces combine. Being good enough to beat the best team that we've seen but I think golden stay cool. We'll find a way they start experience and better overall talent can be greater Rochester sports leader and 9570. ESP yet. After now and pulled off the stool and join us the sports bar. We danger and tag glee that is open for business we appreciate you stopping by it however you may be listening this afternoon on AM 950 year 957 FM. Maybe your streaming us your computer at ESPN Rochester dot com where you can read the latest bills and sabres news or. Stream just to the radio dot com which is free to download. And take ESPN Rochester with you anywhere anytime. I am Mike danger he is she exactly. I'm salty. Ul why what happened. I played what ten years a Little League I think ever better not or one stage during every CNET Lilly. So art Mets batted out of order today instead of having a runner on second he had an older. We need to focus I mean and your team's playing an extra innings right now the focus on the task at hand. We have applied sports talk to deliver them. Our unity it's behind me here this board mats rats 11 whatever our results. Death in April was fun may sucks area. We're celebrating today gene were celebrating an anniversary yak bills fans why it was one year dole today. Today being may ninth. So we go back to may. Ninth 2017. One year ago today. I'm just looking over some transactions here hi yes. This is what we've all been celebrating today. May ninth twice seventeenth. Buffalo Bills signed the contract with. So linebacker Colin Bradford. That's really going right Bradford signing with the Buffalo Bills now known goal for something little bigger in the actually Saddam and a. Well then I'm stumped she's in Dayton brand MB was introduced as the general manager of the Buffalo Bills one year ago today my mouth feels like longer over remember. Doug Whaley still had seat at the table sort of speech dearly wants and control last year's draft but. He was still the general manager it was the Monday after the draft where he got blown out. And then late April early may the bills began their. Search for new general Mandarin in relatively speed and take all that long John McDermott knew who we want it is contact being Brandon dean. Brain and being coming in. So here we are. It's a year later danger. And the Buffalo Bills yes they made the playoffs but yes a lot of those moves. Debt help them make the plows arrayed before Brandon being guy here. So I think today would be good data kind of alleyway there right where no one year in. To the brain and dean error here in buffalo yeah I'm look. Ing it does some of the transactions that occurred since. May ninth when he seventeen. Of course she signed. Your 2017 draft picks to all of their rookie deals. Looks the first kind of significant moves that I that I'm seeing Gina tell me if you're seeing the same thing. May 24. Now. He's on the job for a couple of weeks and has to figure what good do. With my tackle who's in a field with his pants off. Begging officers to kill him allegedly shoot him or where was that that's so bizarre story around Cyrus won Joseph. Cyrus Kwan Joseph was waived by the Buffalo Bills may 24 when some teeth to seize the think the first kind of significant. Move that brand and beat had to make. Insignificant might be relative and when you think the kwangju was kind of back up guy it was related. A well. Ate it up I wanna say that that was a move that you could've very easily told the fan base Hayward and get that. The help he needs and see what happens. Now either you're on border not in. The talent of course plays a lot into it Cyrus Kwan Joseph didn't live up to his second round billing here in buffalo. It would make a move that came after that. We forget it was the eve. Hope you I think you were down nine vacation Virginia at that point and he treated her dale Jones. Carl Jones a lot of people had high hopes for colonel Jones who saw. At least week seventeen some significant time how would he look through it well apparently through the mini camps. The bills coaches were not impressed in out before he went for a seventh. Round pick and that's win that you begin to get the feeling danger that. This is not going to be Whaley Ryan air if you are not. Playing up to your abilities here practicing this case than you were you organ me on apparel Jones. By all accounts just was not grasping whatever it is the bills are teaching him out the before he went that was on July 26. Fast forward a week or two and you could think to bills training camp August 7 when the bills. Signed Kwan Boldin to a one year or two and three quarter million dollar contract with belts. And not a lot of money that you remember the back and forth that went out was a long time coming in I talk to people at Fisher and Bolden was actually. Asked Fisher essentially for the beginning at camp working out. Bly who is just a negotiation that dragged. Out. Credit brigantine heating bend over backwards when bulls and wanted out. That bomb dropped on a Sunday nights after the Philadelphia pre season game and Wimbledon on a few weeks later on. August 20 so Anquan Boldin. His tenure with the Buffalo Bills if you had to take gas. Thirteen days that was it that was that it thirteen days he's spent bills training camp and any long enough. August 11 2017 that's the day that to me. Branding dean arrives as the general manager of the Buffalo Bills that's when you look at this guy uncle taught. He's making money move seemed massive around. August 11 was the day. That Ronald Darby was traded to the Eagles. For Jordan Matthews in the third round pick. Which turned into. Harrison Phillips finishers draft. Also August 11 the bills traded ED IE traded for EJ gains. From the LA. Rams. With their 20182 round pick for Sammy watch skins. And meat when he eighteenth sixth round. While now remember that the night before was the first preceding game against the vikings. And wow CME walking it's Tyrod threw on three straight times Sammy Watkins is going to be. Now that that it's almost like they had a deal in place let's see what Sammy Watkins can do can it was feature Sammy Watkins. It was about noon on Friday where. The deals release that information so what both moves to pull me danger nobody had any word that those trades are happening in the old Buffalo Bills. We what I heard leaks we would have known about it beforehand. And then boom. I remember. Striving in my car. You get the alert from the bills and what on earth is going on so not only was I'll watch demonstrated but Ronald Darby was traded blot. Dean's credit. He's got to be useful players out Jordan Matthews. In the end he got hurt and not October but he came at least it told the team hey we are not. Punting kind days sees it EJ Gaines fill the role on this team. In fact you could even make the argue any. For that defense did a better job than Ronald Darby. Garvey just was not going to be the player that would would play that that schemes so. The bills wisely send to Philadelphia and Darby had not now and year but he did give suffering on India. Before training camp was it was over for the pre season was over I should say Branyan being with another move. Trading one. Reginald radical end. On August when he eight to Kansas City. For next year's fourth round pick. Now this one. If you wanted to say which one can we quashed. And were eventually will get to the draft but it's it's hard to if you wanna give Brandon being a great for the when he eighteen draft. Knock yourself out to me it's foolish to give group draft grades this early. However this rag and trade danger this is the one that cord. Haunt the bills' Reggie Brett was coming off a major knee injury. Reggie brag when the open up Tampa's tough third string inside a lot more what I thought it was supposed to compete with Preston brown. So I don't know if he wasn't getting it I don't know if you wasn't healthy whatever the case. As second round pick out of Alabama Reggie radler and shipped to Kansas City now everything sounds nice and Rosie out of Kansas City right now there really high on this player. So the bills got what they could meaning he wasn't gonna make this rosters so to get a Tony 194 round pick for rag when at that point. You could say it was a victory but in the end of Franklin turns out to be a player with a chiefs are gonna question them. Yeah what will evaluate that is an incomplete I'm not really sure we know what what the bills might BM might have given up in Reggie redolent. I keep on Seymour was stealth on September 2 Carolina. For Kaelin clay. That was Iraq's guy. I think Steve on Seymour when he came in was the darling you know how we had danger last year a Yarborough as the darling at camp while he was key months Seymour. In when he sixteen. And keep on Seymour was hurt and couldn't perform a man's soul that's. Part of the Mon truck this team if you're not available then he can't help us what are we doing here so that was a player that was shipped out. And Seymour made the panthers' roster but I don't know that is a move we're gonna. You're down the road question brain and dean of the Buffalo Bills. After. Cuts were paid. Outposts training camp this year I'm just throwing out some of this some of the so sincere that may have impacted last season branded beats vs a general manager. Joseph Alba. Was the quarterback that was brought it to sign a one year deal a 900000 dollar contract on September 4 now. Is it significant is that as Joseph Webb. Do you have a part in one of Buffalo's victories. That led to them getting to the playoffs and ending the drought that this noble always a web. I mean if you decibels there was a third string quarterback on the team Lester and move some people might say nobody not it was Joseph Webb. Granny plates and special teams too but when Nate Peter Grimm was in constant. You know Tyrod did not does suit up for that game that the snow game against Indianapolis last year it was Joseph way out. Finding. And this is another mole. A forty yard pass to. Those veteran free agents to to pick up throughout the course of the year right. Mike Gillis Lee being the shining example yes accidents started whales at work. Can we get rain ambiance out a little bit of credit not Thompson would leave for Dallas signing up. More money but he was picked up by the Buffalo Bills October 17 brand name being signed DOT Thompson. To proctor to buffalo and Thompson for what it's worth. You know in in a season where the bill's passing game was not explosive anything but. Thompson was a nice little player for the Buffalo Bills last season picked up in the middle of the season. October 17. And then of course city what we just fast forward to. While the trade deadline. Right before the trade deadline. That's a Marcel arias was traded to Jacksonville. Up for that fifth round pick that the bills have turned into why teller. To be determined. And October 31 the bills. Picked up Kelvin Benjamin from Carolina. For a Tony 183 round pick. And it's 118 seventh round pick. Kelvin Benjamin. Becomes a wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills oh those are my Erica what would it actually mean well. It's on me well distributed where he could but he was hurt most of last season. Right. The Dario is move you could say well this is a player that was number three overall why the bill settle for a fifth from pit. The amount of money that kind was being paid. And the perceived lack of effort and cocaine wasn't helping himself purim ball below. To get a fifth round pick by the way to clear that based off of the roster. Now if there is still some damage when it comes to the signing bonus. But this is one of the reasons why. In 2019 the bills are in. Excellent shape when it comes to the salary cap that would have an easier path danger. Derided our Marcel Darius because where the Buffalo Bills a better team. After they traded Marcel there is it now. No they wore what every few building something for the future to get that salary off the blocks. And is it in the Buffalo Bills ever guns make the Super Bowls Marcel Darius gonna have that old veteran role that Kyle Williams had holes. Chance they have that work ethic. Watch what happens in Jacksonville dog moral owner Marcel Derrius mark my roar of words roll the tape on that. That should be for now the veteran being. Deadline mole that was dawn I think danger correct me if I'm wrong. In part hate wearing contention. Why not give this team these guys a little bit of confidence we need to go fix this we believing Kelvin Benjamin because this. Benjamin Graham what likely could walk at the end of next year the bills get nothing and they gave up a third round pick what Kelvin Benjamin did was. It just gave everybody. In that locker room heading into the month of November pay. We're actually gonna goal for this we are not stripping this down we're trying to improve our. Roster if anything I'll I'll sit here they brought in Kelvin Benjamin to address and he'd. He'd have a wide receiver with that kind of size other than Charles clay. Charles clay is playing a rented needs so you know not that Kelvin Benjamin was a model of health last year but. You need. Some wide receivers on this roster Kelvin Benjamin. Easily the the top. Receiving option for Tyrod Taylor last year for need to Peerman last year and going into this year he will be the top target the top receiving option. In the bills' offense. Let's fast forward. Through a disappointing playoff loss. Has an extra ends at the next few transactions. Will impact the Buffalo Bills 2018 again were reviewing. Branding beans. Highlights. Since becoming general manager of team one year ago today. It was February 26 that the bill signed Vontae Davis to a one year five million dollar contract. It was march 6 when the bill signed Chris Ivory. To a two year five and half million dollar contract. And the one that floored us gene no one that I'll always remember where I was when it happened march night. The Buffalo Bills traded quarterback Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland. Furry 20183. Round pick a pick at the bills would eventually trade. But it that they would trade in order to stay with two picks in the first round of the Shuster. Right so it is the fact that you not only dealt Tyrod Bly. You have to pay that pain million dollar bonus. Cleveland paid that ten million dollar bonus so here was Cleveland years old war just setting themselves of this great cap situation and then. Like they got drunk one night at the bar and all of a sudden twenties are flying out of their wallet and everybody gets around here and what it's almost incredibly took advantage of the situation now. Tyrod gonna play nice role for Cleveland this year and in nobody's saying this I hue Jackson the liar he's a bridge quarterback. What he was in buffalo. But the bills got a third round pick and help the fortified their position in. To move up not once but twice lie in the draft on Thursday night ones for Josh Allen and wants her commandments. Not so for Tyrod Taylor to leave in Quetta third round pick. We have we talked how many deals experts on the show. Not one cent a third round pick it was more like to be lucky to get a six or seven puts for Tyrod Taylor. And then another move made by branding being in this is one that I'm a big fan of because you were able to do something. Without giving up any of that draft capital he traded according Glenn. To Cincinnati. You gave Cincinnati your 21 overall pick in the first round and 20185 round pick. For their first round pick number twelve which you eventually traded up four. And your Tony eighteenth sixth round pick which turned into river McLeod. You moved up the draft without giving up any draft capital. Would be funny if ray ray becomes a cult figure in buffalo and ray ray becomes at this productive wide receiver on this bills team and then. Or how did he arrive on the roster. My gosh that was a draft pick received in the forty clan trade what's I thought. His brother was this move to move up I added a few slots in the first round of fortified a position to draft a QB of the future well. And that was Brandon dean. Just ask him for a little bit more. Free agency hits this offseason brand name being active. Bigger splash should be starlet to elect. And the bills got a quarterback any Jim McCarron who signed a two year ten million dollar Contra group a flaw march 14. He also picked up Trent moss feet. Who agreed to a three year 22 and half million dollar contract. They brought back taveras cadet. Russell codeine. Inbound from Cincinnati signed a two year. Five million dollar contract with buffalo. There. Mitt is right. You dealt with Richie Incognito. By reducing his base salary. A lot of these votes by the way. Meant. To clean up cap situation for 2019 well into. Richie kind NATO we just take it on the face level here a 34 year old player. Asking that 34 year old player to take a pay cut because this is what your market value race. By age you may not seem fair but this is the reality is sports and that was the right thing to do. Okay reaching got near you can't pay on past performance you have to project what is his value to me. It the routine kind EL. Sockeye if you will this offseason shelves of brain and dean. Isn't going to overpay. Just to make a problem goal way. Because he knew this real problem there was a weird week. But what Brandon dean. Showed me. Throughout the whole Richie and I need a thing they move Don there was no drama on no drama. Richie is retired from professional. And I. A you can make the same argument that with this is what you did in dealing with Sammy Watkins as well you knew that. You saw there were going to be trains were going to be colliding on the road where we do with his fifth year option what are we. Are we gonna break the bank for this guy who hasn't been able to stay healthy who hasn't been. Available what's the number one ability of football availability. You also in free agency this your son Jeremy curly to a one year contract and now. And now you get to the draft. You get to the draft where. For the first time in franchise history. You're in the top ten. And you address the most important position in the field the draft Josh Allen. You move up to do it E*Trade up with Tampa Bay to make that movie trade up again. To select from Maine Ed means at linebacker you address the quarterback on the offensive and defense of sides of the ball in the first round. Of the 2018 draft. Ready meets first with the team. Right so it's when he eighteen. It's going to be a learning year for these two players. Bly look how the cap is structured by blowing out the contract of darkness. By not attain sandy blocked kicks by blowing out Darby buying not overspending in free agency. It's very clean for 2019 and you can be a real spender in 28 point funny how the curve kinda connects that if you. Here on the quarterback like you're your your projecting. We've seen teams like the Eagles in the Ramsey everybody if you can get the quarterback on the entry level deal. And van fortified at the roster run you see what brand and being is doing. Now. You brought up an interesting point there a danger that he saw where the Sammy watched in staying once had aid we're not gonna pay in the thick it was actually. That it was actually McDermott. Who said we're not gonna pay him at that point but it credit Brandon being forgetting the second round picks. What would be the mole. Next on this bills team another words. Hey I I didn't see that T outings that trade coming. Could mean Benjamin. Just throwing that out there and you don't have any doubt the wide receiver belied if he's not going to be I can't see the Buffalo Bills danger. Paying big money to Kelvin Benjamin next year doesn't seem like a franchise quarterback somebody might. You see any team paying Kelvin Benjamin big money next year I can't. Not based on what he's shown so far in his career you'd pick your option based on his rookie deal right this is this fifth year correct. They'll look you know if you produce on the field and you have that conversation. But you know can overpay for a guy based on the limited production. Based on a small sample size you see if Kelvin Benjamin really wants to be a Buffalo Bill. In 28 team. Each got edited out in 12017 he had he wasn't right for most of the season. And these guys know Kelvin Benjamin his make up what he's about they drafted him in Carolina. They went after him at the trade deadline because they know what he's made of last offseason was mostly gravy in it but if if Benjamin shows up to camp and he's in shape and he's determined he's healthy. Bet it's a nice wide receiver in this sleek. And easy easily your number one. So do you pay him next year next season. Now you don't know yet I think that's an incomplete. Here's here's what I wanna know what I'm curious to hear from bill stands at 454 ESP at 4543776. The sports bar with danger tag Lee also on Twitter at ESP in Rochester great Brandon being. On his one year anniversary with the Buffalo Bills. Give him a lot of this is still in complete a lot of this is still to be determined but how many times the last twelve months Jeanne have you and I've been like. All might god. I can't believe he pull off. Yeah. Old yet you had did have the almighty god trade. Tyrod wine. Courting gland to the bench can trade that everybody yeah. That was at the trade deadline at the at the eleventh hour nobody saw coming and boy I remember how excited bills fans were about that move. We'll. See if we increase our. What is your target throw to because he's not a security get yogi just. Until getting these big guy. That's still applies by the way 2018. He's got amazing size. Ridiculous size. That Tyrod deal was number I mean it out of the anybody. Saw that coming. It to have it come before the deadline for him to get that signing bonus. Remarkable deal Jeanne if you had to put it a grade. On brandy are mean and don't we given a lot of this is incomplete. One year anniversary year Brandon being major general manager of the Buffalo Bills. Radar. OK can I duel with a caveat of course a lot of tape yet but I'm not gonna roll the tape them and use this against you know you know well it. The draft this year. It's AI I think it's harmless part of the body of work it's part of the body work whole board. Then rest stops short of the ping giving him a man. 'cause if I aid you've got your quarterback what she did. Trade up twice. And sometimes trading up doesn't work we know. I'm gonna give him a B plus. First and foremost he brought credibility. And his organization and this is how I wanted GM to actors is ally won a general manager to be a I want the general manager danger. To be smarter than me in every other bills fan out there. Do things you didn't think were possible and I want general manager. That's going to be. Grass I don't necessarily want that the gentleman's of the world while our numbered true. And not gonna pick we're gonna put you know that that was the John Butler our that the old way of thinking. I like this new age of let let's be aggressive let's go to away. But again I'm not willing to. Give good grade on this year's draft because jot down when not been my pick but again if I'm wrong on that today. I'd like to think the management here at Entercom enough army. If bread and beans are wrong guess what that's his job. Many minuses. Are slightly slightly are great and I think they'll do that because I liked Josh I'll pick a little bit more than you do. And more than anything with that pick. It takes gigantic. Courage. To go upping get your guy and stick with that short guy in and that's Richard duel with Josh. They're all in on Josh around. He's going to play in 2018. It's a matter of when not if. Well and then. Sticking with that. You decide it's Josh yelling you're ready it's Josh Allen you've got an ordered answered two of its Josh Allen oh by the kuwaitis tweets come. We've seen in NFL history other teams. Mark down players on their board and a wanna go down that role. Bly. That's in that that's part of the risk when you take Josh oil into it would have been very easily to tap out so. You you have to what Meyer brain and dean port he's conviction to trade up. Select the player. Net knee in a dollar bills fans at no. Net and you know this is not the guy alive. In blood brain and dean and like you said danger and encourages the right word because it that was against. Popular opinion here in Western New York. Completely. And I don't think everything has been hit. I don't think everything these doesn't mean. Whereas I would say the move to get it take get up in the draft without giving any up giving up any draft capital when you traded according Glenn. Well I would say that's an aid to an eight plus Internet costs yeah I mean you know while I would say that getting a third rounder for Tyrod Taylor. Is an a plus. About the Reggie Redmond trade. I'm still kind of on the fence about that and I think that's still kind of in complete. Well it what would you have done differently. You would've stashed in my on the 53. B who on the bills' roster would've lost the job because Reggie Rankin was okay. Tenor of the way home crumble come. Where you are they there there wasn't. Source of fat on the bills' roster you quotas stat right Reggie rag when last year you could you could argue that the Darby Jordan Matthews trade wasn't. Spectacular. Again incomplete because you don't really know what you have a Harrison Phillips. That's the picked you've got. By dealing. Darby. Philadelphia. Than the Watkins deal. I understand the move it makes all the sense in the world. But again you know when it comes down to what you traded. Freije McCain's first season. And for a second round pick that you end up trading meaningless the second round pick that you and the training that help keep yourself in the first round. That was one of the picks you gave to Tampa but to move up for your quarterback right so it'll be fun someday if Josh Allen. Could become such a Pro Bowl or leads the Buffalo Bills the promised land how'd that happen. You eat you can Trace back to Sammy Watkins. The Sammy Watkins trade because you get that second round pick and that's one of the picture flip to Tampa to move up in the draft. Don tweeting it ESP in Rochester Benjamin will be a centerpiece for the Allen experiment album love story 5050 balls and always trust his receivers catch. Tickets catch a contested ball. And you can get he can't get much more going get it in Benjamin but the Tyrod for a third. Text from the NFL app is an all timer but it dom remembering where he was getting that that. That notification on your phone saying the Tyrod Taylor has been dodging we were here. We were in his studio ready to cut out for her amber tonight ever I we had to go Irish yes it was Irish night. And we do think now it in our studio here we we'd like most studios we have some minor we have an audience yet. And we're just you know shut down the computers Goering cleaned up in I don't background Zan chapter and Adam shaft or. Did a very radio type d.s well we have lecturer aiding in the National Football League in the Cleveland Browns have traded for veteran player pause pause pause in danger in not turning in the and we hear the first syllable high. Who and you think about how in this day and age you're gonna find information on Twitter or social media way before a television. ESPN actually broke the bat on I don't know all the sports under the six or whenever was we had gone into hiding Spain if it's at that point. If he can't get back on the years so it was a it was a memorable Friday night after it was for sure. How would you grade brand him being his first year's general manager the Buffalo Bills would love to hear from you throughout the course of the afternoon at four by four. 3776. That's 454 ESPN or online at Twitter that ESPN. Rochester were or gonna have to bomb. Reflect as well I mean it's. It's been a year since Brandon being was here but you know woe is. Look back fondly to previous administrations in buffalo bills' front office. Randy never give us any. Advice. I don't know and Britney just goes about his business he's not interest in educating you're right you mean he's not interested in and dishing out any. Words of Wii is still. When in this business it's about two things. About players who might realize. And yeah. Yeah. Really is and whether it's a wheeze done it. The key to having a cookie on bush. He's having some. And eating lunch. Hour. I don't play hits in the sports bar. Michael requesting some Willie's words of wisdom as we reflect on the past twelve months. With branding beaten as a general manager somebody hired bill Whaley please. Please wing elite brand in both out it's a new day at one bills drive. It's been a new day for and clearly. It AE. In Panama to the front office of the Buffalo Bills in the last twelve months their claim they have cleaned out. The future Temi at least. Feels a little bit brighter. I can't minimize some curious as to what you would give Brandon being celebrating his one year anniversary in the job. As general manager for the Buffalo Bills aren't we got a full show for you this afternoon includes more bills talk next hour with Ryan Talbott Syracuse post standard New York upstate doc. Yet because coming up Friday we will have our first look at the bills rookie its mini camp Friday and Saturday will get to set up for that then we haven't talked to Ryan actually scenes before the draft so be good to get doubled to right Intel bit. Newark upstate. Dot com hi there is no hockey once again tonight danger. However. The last round I think Vegas have what ED's arrest so this is nothing new for a new to them. Yeah. I am just curious how are they doing it we gotta talk to somebody who's been following this team from day one from inception. Right blessing. Is a host of Vegas hockey hotline at 14100 KS HOP in Las Vegas if that name sounds familiar. To sabres fans. You may remember him hosting. Sabres hockey ot. Right now with the role being and that was. I'm the old empire sports network Bob when empire went away. Brian went out west and he's living the good life in Vegas right now hosting a midday show. Outs in Vegas not talking about hockey and yeah I'm just curious when. When it went late I'll go offer him like wait a second this team's gonna be way better than anybody thought does not really an expansion team. Brian blessing to join us here now. X now I'm curious to get his take on the NHL all post season I'm also curious to get his take. On the future of the Buffalo Sabres who won the lottery what does it mean when Rasmus Stahl lean. In the fold Brian blessing Vegas hockey hotline joins us next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can deals wallet Famer Steve tasker if you all the leaders knew was brought. Exclusive interviews like puppies any intent to NFL analysis Murphy and task are taking wings I don't. On the sideline to keep you want to meet with everything hills right here and you get three on home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 95 cents and thus affords leader ESPN broadcaster. If you want pure unfiltered un adulterated sports you come tomorrow right place KM 950 and 957. Afghan thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. The sports bar danger and the tags live here on ESPN Rochester where our goal was to make you a better sports fan you better. Hockey fan and if you're watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs do you might be wondering how. How does how has Vegas as an expansion team done what they've done here they are the Western Conference finals. And who better to having to discuss. Then Brian blessing. Yeah if the name sounds familiar we have Brian back on one the expansion draft happen Brian blessing of course was the host the sabres hockey hotline and now. Don't think they own Vegas Vegas hockey hotline 14100 K as HP Brian we. We appreciate your time and this has been a lot of fun watching this Vegas team I'm just curious to get. When the light bulb went off for you. When did you realize. My gosh this team actually might be something special here. Oh or or guys on. It and I'll problem. About forty gain air what would survive. The better it. That bit dot rumble week in people all during the week gave what I've covered up ordered all. The benefit of the gate that would but yet. In the beginning where they edit a whole band. Ignore all. That away early and they went book that the game but they went on to game eastern road wearing. Well all we are worried pepper that there and copper. That improper. Call on thought they would never rate and every stop brought in light it like fourteen. And wait five order copy for the and update. Any should never be forgotten where there's been no. But what met me in a lot of what is that. There were electorate they. An unlikely big east around every. Company newspapers span that we want the paper weight belt that or else. In a 00. It's been tight game out of it in and they were good and started oh. We talk about that fast start all always remember Vegas his first year in the NHL because it came right on the heels of well the deadliest shooting on American soil on it on Vegas property Ito. Past peg Vegas strongly how emotional was that not only for for the community but how much did this. This team feeding into that and use that is is that as a galvanizing factor to their early success. About two week greet the team in the community. Are already ordered back down the street in orbit or are. And you know. That that night the opening night in Vegas. They are remarkable tribute to her game when news of possible guys like you talked in the role. Volunteer that I've one break I wanna be it would follow. And that review it was. And but they drop butter ball they were born opened in the wake of high. People for forty minutes in their team needing wept in the bank for the final period it was so emotional. At the gate. That brought that that. Together it brought the I feel like they were part of bumping in the community. And up. It really want. There's pick bonding thing. And there was a true welfare developed immunity to the team beat it beat. These guys went out they went but what a debate ought we all they all rate Indy put hockey on the back more. And and they were a war rather know what do they work. Prime bring respect that night where were you do you is your station on the strip what was that whole experience like. In gobble it up or like at practice facility at about forty minutes on the strip off well. Up at night and up a bug call in that ED. So I was actually all of and what's going on all right on your side. If what a repeat that you want to on TVs in use you know we. All that happened around the world is it really is a believer all when it's your own back yard. Brian you mentioned that this schedule and as one of the benefits. And it did the NHL were working you know gave to make his golden knights at the that they were able to get some of those tougher. You know matchups on the way early in the season. Let's look out the Stanley Cup Playoffs Ani a new you were able to roll through. The kings. The sharks in round two on your way to the Western Conference finals. Some would argue that. That doubt schedule to Western Conference finals was was a little bit of a cakewalk is well I mean it's almost as if Vegas is being set up. For where they are right now what are your thoughts on somebody that would say that that Vegas had an easy path. To the Western Conference finals. I sure would be when Elway. It would have been in America you know big wept they'll. But every game was a male white and I'm looking go to whatever we worry late on Bobble head. My concern coming out of the deep principle what playoff. And they. Were. On BP in the wrong it is. You know a great vision even the speed. I think being seen with open. Late in the old days. It whispering that they get at is they rule or why. We're but. Most nor the bench in the third period want or more white out in the fight game with more minutes ago. Where now that the typical in the near what it what do you mean the week that rolls or why they're more like. We're at a very high level. Bo I don't think they opt out to all be handled it was a very about. You know we albeit packed it. Pat on the chart at the rate deadline. And via big impact in the spur route and they think about it I mean. Attempt in Quebec back here it hit a really good job on the work he went out. They were able to paint for the most part out where there in their game plan was really good. Prime blessing former sabres hockey hotline host now doing that I'm Vegas our guest here. In the sports are 957 ESPN. I guess from the scene standpoint trying to or use to have a once the rate the conference in now you'd you'd do it by the division in last your we. We saw Ottawa argued that pass through and at. I its early evening as Vegas team is better than Ottawa but that being said. Now you're either gonna get went in today. Or Nashville as we look ahead here and indicate did get some extra rest during that stood Vegas has benefit but how do you size up the Western Conference final inside these opponents. Not without pay and they're going to make in game seven like yeah I think they could ultimately. All I think there's the would be different that theory. All yearlong iPod with bill and they operate as one of the cup well I figured we are all order to beat that goal. All of that I would get down is an opportunity I would I would be a big. Me. Format. Though it be art. But while I want the clock back 3540 year. I think you know we watch out street cop would hope you know Billick or radioactive. I would they want for a little cup without import rival. I I yet it appears up where the paper go back year Ike could and you know it is what it is. Oh. Amazing thing about the RB this. And I beat art cart. Is there Opel Bible or are going to be. They get at the moment. Of goal we played a lot. Would we were here you came out of the spotlight on there that night. That being named the I would politely they eat and die. Greek in order people as well upper make the competitive. And him being a great. You know victory in game it would building an organization. All but here they are there. Are eager epic bout I would back collect pedigree. Eric Holder played at about what people and let them all but it may make your old beef with Washington. Shall submit it but in vague that would reject that got about oh. He's not off flurry and when I think Vegas I think that's team without stars save for who's between. The pipes flurry is really the only star in a given how inconsistent he's been in the post season. Throughout his career is refreshing to see him playing at the level he's playing out with a bag as I wanna focus on the rest of the team Brian. Who on this team if you're casual NHL Fannie and you don't know some of these names or you don't remember where some of these guys came from I mean who's worth watching. Who'll who. Star on this team outside of floor. Only here but I've Cory beat that I've been you know bang it drop and make the team on opening night but it was because remote. I like that they've walked that we all right but I reached the door. It's going to be the best player on the road that. This is basing the spread of wood up in the capabilities and he brought up what I'd now go you go. Out there or on the road it'll say. He played like eleven minute vote period go watch yet it they want shore up at all I think you or spectacular. But other Burnett the O line. They BP or just I I would challenge anybody commit or even by our lucky it by guys on the other want them now in the pit. The port wine bar call and mark O Reilly met. Here in battle they were like at that point short. Well why didn't Marie in Rick. All they got chemistry. If so remarkable line in the make them really special group they are really good girl. I mean. A lot more. Had forty goal I was out for a while there is a problem or owner they are being on the lot and. Carlson be in the player that scored six last year though I guess this all comes back to coaching. Brian one biggest hired to Kohut. At the time we when he got fire by fla I wondered. Why did they do that in other words if if they don't give him the coach of the year this year it is something's wrong. Doherty got. They predicted the we are now no doubt he is without doubt. I would accurate yet here we got up you buy it but there. Be an immunity to it broke. And mark Ed you bank. Out for dale and when he was here I network them all ears covered. I have never looked at all. People rallied around dot. What are mortal rallied around war one when he got fired more. It was cute like yeah I mean it would better you know analytic not then. And we'll put ordered people out that there is able Ayers in it by. You know people are the in their triple play. Where more eat more or write a paper oil. You know there are over what they were. Our. Job or get an up. We're prepared we're almost there will be you know part of a tire call for all. You know what what you'll outgrow that you pick what Carl. Oh OK she called the RB. I wouldn't get it by a guy picked it up value weaker outlook properly. But there are all critical world art regular. Brian blessing Vegas hockey hotline you can hear to 14100 KS HP Brian really quick give a website where people can hear Vegas hockey hotline. Our total lies are going to Pacific no word. Yet your side. For radio and then off or your Easter it would be pretty good spot he outlined here at the dot all the tools are or radio about. Great yet it done here every time we get here or or don't always a new York and beyond that we. Are not taught in. I don't spell Oprah spot on the paper won a lottery though. Look what it but you security team but what I was brought here burger is what you put that group. The bride before we let you go I mean I I had to get your opinion I mean you know it's I think it's kind of car wreck that they the year that they tank. As the year they get the number two overall pick which netted do you Jack cycle which you could do a lot worse than now but the year that you actually struggled in engage your effort. I gave your all with the new regime you end up with the number one overall pick what do you know about Rasmus Colleen. And how much of an impact will he make in the buffalo Buffalo Sabres lineup on day one. Well what New York one we want all that good about that prospect about thirty years. Ought you think what it being a repeat it rip a lightning go a little bit ego too many minutes you will bring down the respected pairing who we come up. Oh but at the print that could stop at the ball become good. Keep it middle spectrum it and that the U LB guys etiquette that you'll ever got on you know you can get him. Go up beat up but out on what way. On your record out or they're being watched ball bark IPO mark will be line they got a critical back contract. It that it is that the game. They proved it what with being the first but what they got it they got to get better with these appear to be what we do want Brett they've current deal. Right one last question being on Vegas activists the state of football I'll bears are preparing for the raiders to come in and you know why ahead in the league RD move them I can't they set up something temporary you know the or something like that. Well wouldn't want that would be a raiders left game and oh yeah. You know you don't like that it would you know near the coming your life I live with it. If you guys go white as watched. Like all purple pill. You know you are until we all buckle up oh I hit it it altered the but one top yeah I'll use the pay it. They thought they doubt big goal that we humanity and what the standard don't they though but the elegant. Out why your I think it will be all. The order app the will be born here in Abu breaker people. I'm glad the hot seat at the gate where it's great being. Our I worked at these town guerrilla. Personally. I figured it is specifically. We all want to call it and you don't yet being put on the game on the bedding or what I wonder though we hate being equal game. You've albeit in via the old on what in Portland art. O'Brien there there's almost an entertainment value that comes with having a franchise in Vegas and I didn't really. Recognize it until the Stanley Cup Playoffs when you see the pregame theatrics. T-Mobile read up for for a golden knights game I mean. You're not just paying for game you're paying for a show well. You're out of the one thing I yet you know because what are out for game or their late night. It's been that way all your off me. Opel 41 game. That like the well be that there was a game against L Carolina Emeka or want that all her. Off the bat. That plate is is it's like they're allowed open week is the calm through all about it. They're being. Atmosphere in this place that we night it is never wipe out now Burke is back. But there are those await reform is between periods and sure they all thought. It. The rate they eat you up an incredible game presentation. But you're the bigger the better ball liberal courts you well liked the air credit if they're they're gonna market. Results are good people like. That's their. 30000 people there are the ball well and and you're. Europe are hot. Quick art girl alive. While the bulk up the fitness and that thing is now people ever caught by. Our pick and they quickly learn the more I mean I've I'm sure all by the about the about he and ultimate art puck. We and what you've got to. Open water at your. Brian blessing. Former buffalo resident former sabres hockey hot line now the host of Vegas hockey hotline 14100 K as HD Brian we really appreciate your time today and not have fun covering the Western Conference finals. Are on order or order call. Great talking to Brian blessing in the sports bar danger to tangling the biggest story is one that that he will never forget. Expansion team doing what they've done year one with really no stars. Glad we have him on the kind of break down their success this season. And I can't be mad at them from a Buffalo Sabres standpoint it's really gonna staying if you see that team wasting the cop personally I I don't think they're gonna get it. I am I I think there was something to with the seeding this year. Now they're gonna get that one of the two players left being Winnipeg or Nashville to meet goals are going to be what wins game seven there is gonna represent. The Western Conference final but then again. I've been wrong many putts on Vegas is everybody else has been so we're back now. I don't wanna bet against the right now let's get to altering that next in the sports bar that was great conversation permissible have an online and on demand for you shortly. At ESPN Rochester dot com next provocative thoughts from around the world of sports is to gain gene and I play called. How did that you're always welcome to join us agree or disagree 454. ESPN 4543776. Got a lined up their for altered that you. Course I do I mean there's one thing in baseball that is not special anymore and touch on that just a little bit in the following up. On what we're talking about there in Vegas penguin fans you lost but I don't wanna hear anything coming out of Pittsburgh. OK so penguin fans Knoll revisionist. History please. Change is coming to NHL arena. Not named blue cross. Get into that next and Alter that as well. In the sports bar danger and the tightly on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. 57. A sports league. The sports leader and listen lives 24/7. Probably his heels receivers you earlier this sports bar when T injury and exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.