The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Brent Axe

Brent Axe of ESPN Syracuse joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar during the first hour of today's show. We ask Brent if wins against Wake and UNC will be enough to get the Orange into the tournament and also his thoughts on what the Bills should do at quarterback this offseason.


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But sports bar with dangerous do exactly yeah. Has a lot of benefits. You know a lot of which have been talked about already a veteran players that fits in your system. Mike danger you already house. Your starting running back on center thirty Chris Ivory is up there did his best years I think are behind me struggled the last two in Jacksonville team that has been able to run the football right now if I look at production and then he has not slowed down achieve exactly. Kind of that number two complementary running back you can certainly do better we know there's the Mike Colbert the vaccine brawny and Chris eyes. Chris I agree to not a bad. Greedy you know most ideal situation you want to you know be signing a thirty year old running back try to give them snaps behind another thirty year old running back but first played at behind that. The lines crystallize it with a shot. Again I think that all of our First Solar power play came through for us we've got a good start that we needed in I thought their fortune but really solid. Rochester sports leader and 957. ESPN. Good afternoon thought stolen join us the sports bar would danger and Tagliabue is open for business we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listened to this afternoon AM 950 not 57 FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Also check us on the radio dot com website and now. Answer GSP in Rochester the free to download ES PA Rochester count as well I have merely my danger here is Jeanne detect Leo we. Are fresh from a life of opulence. You walking in a place in Rochester what's the one place you walk in an. All this is the definition of where else but what wells consultant it's judo Cilic unsure globe the thought they let us and the Syria a little stress launches an oak hill country club. This is no regular luncheon at oak hill country club we were we were crazy. Some information. No the PGA championship. The majority prowling it was not coming to Rochester it is coming Memorial Day weekend when he nineteen so this was just kind of in order FAQ for the media I get you up to speed what's coming up next of course you've got the PGA tour championship. The major that's coming into when he 23 but it's just a good reminder how. We have this jewel this course there is one of the best in the world and it's brighten our own town. It's funny IA. I seriously talk about the one time I played OKL. And you and I figured it out I did the math that was the year prior. To the PGA champion Jules was in 2003. Yep. So almost fifteen years ago effective probably was fifteen years looks that he was the summer before the PGA championship came so we're being 2002. Now they got picked up a golf club again for over ten years ages demoralize mean I think the course is just destroyed beat them. Or allies me and I was I I swore off golf club dog I don't have time for this gave a frustrated stupid game. About it anything you know like you're all way with this history of playing golf is a kid with my dad and living across the street from golf course growing up and sneaking on in getting a few holes in before the sun would sad at 98. And now now I have a eighty year old daughter. Who for as long as I can remember has said she wants to play golf. And now I'm back in I'm more excited about golf now than I've been in my entire life and it I have my eight year old daughter to thank for that because she's. I'd see the game again through her eyes through perspective and yes the game is frustrating year ad side not. I'm not nearly the kind of golfer I'm sure a lot of you far. I don't know if I go up there and embarrass myself but I certainly. Make some shots were I'm like well. My in my first reaction is oh same. Stupid game. Still the game what you at least should not me going to sort of speak heights on number two out there and hitting how's. That you hoped it so bad. In her eighty year with people around you knew they realize oh my gosh we've got sixteen more holes this little. All right so all you listen you feel better by your golf game is complete with me now let's make a commitment now get this for this summer we're getting raps were going out we gotta get out we got it we gotta make the time. I'm making the time even if it's southern meadows about Lloyd even ask. Small executive course I'm definitely not gonna work on my game this year good. I it's funny how you have like in your timeline of Oak Hill it's funny you're in my mind. Kind of work it similar in this way where. Milestones in my life they inner stacked with sports milestones in other words I can mark time. By what happens in sports. So weigh in the in the PGA tour championship team here in 2003. The landmark time in my family wise. A lot of trouble last week that. Not in my life now while maidan to all our 2003 this sort of gains Sean makes the team owners fifteen years ago right Shawmut deal wins the PGA. Toward chant of a relative on the home but the that was the highlights of tiger Warren tonight. Haider Phil Mickelson and I Indies was a huge event not the Tony thirteen wasn't that that was great too but 2003. Call wow. Dollars and them below the opportunity to cover that danger got to wrestle the press nationally and you know I isn't long before the daisy is near Rochester was born. Speaking of born my daughter was born. Three weeks prior okay yeah my wife didn't like he's working around the clock that. By the Dow was when I learned I had says. Sometimes say Knoll war center and the I didn't negotiate marriage. Continuous negotiation. Sign up now for the electric chair. Yeah I. This is what happens all the time and rightly do you think about where you were. What do that you were matter what was going on your life for any given time. I was having this conversation on my next door neighbor just the other morning in my each how it might have been this morning. He you know he's Doug about was what turned 49 years old men. I've ever partied for your fortieth. It was a night that the bill sites Boeing's. Opt opt. Let's me just say okay. Guess everybody in the everybody was so excited. It was his fortieth birthday TO overshadowed. My neighbors fortieth birthday I'll I remember. I'll remember the night I remember the company also remember that TERRELL OWENS got signed by the Buffalo Bills that died on his fortieth birthday. Funny and I contain new. Good date wanna dates who with the sports bar when our show debuted. Day one we're coming off the regional Colin cabernet weekend. All my gosh do you wanna start a show on a worst note we're talking about. We're we're we're gonna come on Florida do sports talk differently in Rochester talked to have full line and just lighten it up in a homeless and we have to talk about police brutality. And race in all the things it. And that would just bring you down male talk while then. We get by that because then there was another story Dane number two might danger do you remember what was the big story. On the second day of its board of Bridgewater mass voting yes Teddy Bridgewater is knee exploded. And the vikings had to make a move. And eventually traded. For Sam Bradford gave up a first in a fourth. Got Sam Bradford. The Eagles got better the vikings got better. Than the two teams met last year that Jeb did you it's kind of funny out all works. Well I think we old are you know our show a debt of gratitude to Teddy Bridgewater. Because date number two if we are forced to talk another day about Colin Capp brink only got gathers enough that talk going around that time. And it only escalated as the season progressed so let's not let's not talk. Tackle. Where were you. When the Buffalo Bills signed Chris Ivory. You heard Oak Hill driving elsewhere Karl Torres and loves Chris saw Missouri. Has been soaring for the pulls a little drills. Yahoo! that in just like how the fan base is excited when. TO will sign. Oh yeah I just like them now. Now. Okay it does mean met first question do danger. Why. I think probably because it helps in the compensatory draft pick formula doesn't it I think you're bringing him in riot. The way I mean I don't know how the money shakes out here if you caught him in other words he doesn't make the roster how much of a cap hit that would be. But it seems like a Knoll harm. No foul kind of move here for the Buffalo Bills I'm not excited about it to me he's just. Odd guy and is Chris I agree. An upgrade over Mike Tolbert. Well I guess I can answer this the way it is the question this way for him I would savings upgrade over Mike Tolbert after last year sorry. Two years five and a half million dollar base. Three and a quarter million guaranteed the first year it can be worth six million Macs. One is that guaranteed that. They won first year burst here yeah. He's on the roster for at least a year they're pretty much guarantees he'll make it through camp right now. So. Now if if state. Now to go do this but if they settled with ivory is the number two. I think they're still gonna get somebody in the either in the draft her after the rafter bringing into an unsigned free agent. It's it to compete to just add to the back and you need that depth and I doubt that depth so you know depending on who debris and he you have the younger dispossessed actual at least 49. Of course thirty. You got sixteen games or Shawn McCoy. That's pretty remarkable yes I don't know again and again I don't know you can't count on that let's just put it that way more course I Brees hasn't been. Healthy. The first stretches in his career either and what at least excited about is is his lack of production. With a team that showed they were able to run full well Jacksonville them in less than four yards. Per carry average the last two seasons in Jacksonville for Chris Ivory who. Early in his career with the with the saint sitting showed some promise. So much so that the jets were able to sign in and he had his best year. 2015 where it was 1000 yard rusher I just feel like it and I mentioned this in the open I think his best years are behind him. But you're gonna utilize him as your number two. Hi English on and you just again keep your fingers crossed. Nothing happens to McCoy that he can stay healthy again for another season. Avoid the big hit and and then. Had and somebody value either through the draft her. Rise well I think he needs for right you should fill out your roster of your 53 man you have. A core I. Ivory as your number two. Drafted running back and I don't think that running back will be in the first or second round always to be wrong but I don't see that happening. And street three aging guide you can bring in whether that's you know of veteran that might a gotten like go another team more. Edit name it we talked about a little bit at the end of last year that just popped into my head. Even really come to fruition because because he didn't see that the field in Jacksonville but we're talking a lot of markets Murphy. With that was Shawn McCoy injury what we know about that kid and maybe does he stepped up in training camp do we see him. You know is he capable taking out large roller she Jessica. I think he's just a guy I think that running back eighth and if you have fresh legs a week's seventeen A you are. Your commodity that during training camp everybody should be frat so I think Murphy would have an uphill battle. Are making their final 53 and by the way he literally. You some of them Miami game of the year really seem all I'm watching the Jacksonville game and it'll McCourt credit for playing hurt us a little and a B I know. Any any criticism I had a McCoy going into last season. He was able to kind of shed those preconceived notions I had in my Lee's injury prone and can't stay healthy. Now he played all. He you know at this point I would say the guy that says never overspend on a running back I'm saying you pay LeSean McCoy what you're paying him and it's worth every penny now. Give a different situation going on you'll get to this later as well and I'll drink to that later this hour in the sports bar in Pittsburg where they have officially franchise tags. Let beyond bell. And maybe a Bell's not can be happy about that not going into that the pre season or the offseason with without long term deal and you very well conceived threatened to do what he was talking about the end of last season media just. Retire may be on just hanging out. Trying to get him kind of leverage that he can't over the team to get some sort of long term deal and if you ask me. I think it's urged the right thing like this is a running back that debt probably will command top dollar should command top dollar based on his production. But I don't know if your Pittsburgh you need to pay him. Top dollar for production when you have. That defense. When you have so many needs on the other side of the ball and offense that's just as prolific. Whitney's out of the lineup as it is when he's in the loan so. What he's trying to do is totally understandable get yours why you can but I would expect them if they can't get that long to deal I don't think they will give them long term deal. One more year is a franchise tag player and in Pittsburgh and then lithium bell. Broken life beyond bell who probably get all kinds of touches and legally get touches once again and will probably hit the free agent market. Because it's for gore refused to overpay for running back I think in the situation it's mark. I think the bill situation. You Taylor Shawn McCoy what what he's worth you pay him what you're paying in and it makes sense to me and I'll say that especially after what I saw of him last year. Down by adding McCoy is ready for a different role on a steam and it wants away and you're always welcome to join us at 454 ESPN 4543776. One thing with some accord did not have last year that I. Would expect in the have this year. That's the seal on the jurors not to have to. Always kind of viewed is that me first guy and you know certainly some of his comments and you know some of his actions over the years would Warren data means some of the silly feuds he's been whether it's Chip Kelly you're this. Manufacturing. Few in his head with Kiko Alonso. But now on an offense. Where you likely will not have Tyrod Taylor and you're not gonna have there Lloyd. He maybe rich in content you know is an even back in you know we that's still a possibility we don't know but you right now he's back. My point being that this is an offense that needs leadership. To me. I think LeSean McCoy showed leadership last year I think he kind of his mellow here as he turning. He's become what you wanted him to become he's become a pillar of the franchise. And we were kind of sketchy about him and you go back and read his piece in the players' tribute gates reciprocal he's loving the fan base now he's body in. On what the buffalo fan base is. It's this team and so he's because age and the U wanna see a difference in in how a team perceives a player. Listen to the comments that are made by about Tyrod Taylor vs the comments that are made about the Shawn McCoy in the offseason LeSean McCoy is coming back we we have no our our offense is built a relish. Tyra you know tyra really it's really good things for us and you know as of right now he's on the yeah. Lots of day in great language in terms of tyra take no vote of confidence with LeSean McCoy know they know like that's our offense. Well we talk about who could be a potential cap casualty and I just mentioned a few minutes ago. Re Gian cock meat on that's because we've had experts say well you know that that could happen. No expert nor his skating or suggesting that LeSean McCoy would be attacked casualty but if you just. You like to say divorcing emotion from the situation. Running back over thirty years old highest paid running back in the National Football League those two facts right parent then there alone would suggest. Okay this could possibly happen but no one. He's suggesting that do we were looking at it. Last year. Yeah sell me a shirt yes because again. What have you done first production wise and I would argue that in 2016. A oft injured LeSean McCoy and and at times I mean you saw Mike jealously look like a pretty good back in that backfield alongside LeSean McCoy so why why are you investing in somebody's where you have somebody at at a discount they can give you legal production out of the you have that. Anymore after what we saw was some point 117 so I'm. I'm all for. Investing in the running back. Wind that's really all your offense and in this is and this is where this really all the offense that the bills that it's gonna go through LeSean McCoy they're going to be run heavy again. In 2018 regardless of who's behind center. But if your team like Pittsburgh and you have the weapons that you have and you of running back. Pool. Let's face sitting off the field he's one mistake away from missing a lot of time. When he's on the field these productive he's one of the best in the league if not the best in the league. You also have a hall of fame quarterback and and let's face and Antonio browns on his way to L hall of fame career at wide receiver. You really need to invest heavily in all three of those positions. Probably not. And statistically. Again in the games. That bell has missed. Pittsburgh scored the exact same points per game. As they have in the games Reese played. So give Pittsburgh credit they're handling this and you know some feds might disagree with that you you've got to get real. None and Pittsburgh being Smart they're being Smart by other managing this other managing their for their money. And I think they recognize who we got work to do on the defense side of the ball we a lot of holes to fill we got to get better and that's about it how do you let Jacksonville. Do you the way they did in the playoffs that defense. Terrible public morals. That should not happen or else I'm sorry steeler fans but that's the reality series would you wrap her. We'll support of fire offensive picks the defense. Yeah I deny it he cares about who really educating get to New England to the AFC championship game. Benjamin tweeting in by the way you're always welcome to join us at 454. ESPN 4543776. On Twitter we're at ESPN Rochus were Benjamin tweet your favorite NFL ref is gone yes. I get to this NFL appetizers next hour Benjamin Ben death. From a couple of referees have have hung it up for the last time at a hockey league and the gods will be whole stirred. How many times I read that headline has always going to minutiae did gardens have been all stirred. Well and that night we already knew Triplett was hanging it up but my got Triplett to go up the way he did. Can use try to call my gosh tell you who could forget the week seventeen game bills and dolphins OK all got thrown out number. And he's yelling Richey Ritchie and got Neil wasn't on the field okay into that Max the man said he did not. It could Tennessee Kansas City playoff game all all confused not knowing the rules guys Jeff Triplett. Couldn't say holding on hole being. Yeah goofy smile on his face has laughing his way through to get it I guess is good to me knees haven't thought he's he understand. I got to imagine there's a lot of pressure and being an NFL referee. And I'll say this all take. I'll take. Jeff Triplett you don't have to chuckle or two during the game. More than I'll take. Sleep like mean taking it so seriously you don't does that guys just to be. The worst. Good show for your line to say the sportswear with danger to tag glee were chock full of gas including. Red wings manager Joel Skinner gonna join us in the 4 o'clock. I yes it is spring training time is Florida today is actually the first day between the minor league camp reports well course. Jewel skater has been up with the twin soul how the twins looking what does mean for the red wings have a good baseball conversation coming up with a wing skipper in the 4 o'clock hour. Coming up next in the sports bar with danger in the tag Leahy is the host. Of on the block at ESPN Syracuse Brett asks what sorts for Syracuse dot com the Syracuse post standard it's been awhile since we've had an album good time now. I mean he considering that date Syracuse is gonna bid the order gonna be the ACC champions. I mean c'mon I see a winning streak coming up wake and and he got beat North Carolina and the brackets all the gonna be Miami that duke. Mean he's kick piece of cake. Champions. I see the orange is a sixty. Was funny easy gorgeous it is quite Bonaventure fences really got chirpy haven't day wow they're all coming all you have they're all like gallery of worrying right now we're in right and you listen. By any chance. What happened a few years ago just just wait we can until the ink is on the bracket. Which of that bracket comes out well what what they hear your poll. Syracuse or your Poland Bonaventure brackets season is upon us Jeanne I'm excited because for the first time ever now all. You can switch your pool your brackets even real time five hour energy brackets dot com. How we have a group that we're setting up here that you're allowed Cleo played with gene and I and follow along with your team struck the German Knoll. That you can do so without a busted racquet it's it's kind of innovated in terms of how. The brackets have now evolved you know for years and years and years you've you've played it this way where you're lose out a bunch game stay one day to your brackets busted. And you've lost interest will now with five hour energy brackets dot com. We you can change your points. In real time you start with your picks. As you would for any bracket then if you've got a team that's that's losing we can make a switch in any game with up to four minutes left in nineteen accumulate points. And the the the player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins it's pretty simply sort of bragging rights and and everything that you get with a regular bracket game just able to changer picks and real time I'm excited to try it out. This year for the first time five hour energy brackets dot com. If you wanna register in advance before the brackets come out next week and by the way he you're also able to play on the go there's an app. Five hour energy brackets not come all the information you need while you're talking about college basketball all of the hoop action the going to be watching this march. Stock up get yourself a five hour energy get that feeling of energy and focus to watch. All term and long zero sugar four calories stricken and sec it's Phelan in minutes it lasts for hours five hour energy. Get back to 100%. Re Max joins us next in the sports bar danger to tag yet on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk next week yeah Merck's tickets. Good super bad sports junkie. Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. Scores in on demand audio book market sports leader ESPN Rochester dot com. Welcome back to sports bar danger and tightly it's been a minute since we've talked our buddy Brent axe. Who's the host of on the lucky ESPN Syracuse flip or fixed now right now for joining us on the phone hey Fred how are you. Gentlemen how are we today now we are loving life brand we. Let's just ask the question Hampshire Denton right out of the gate are right soul search he's beats way and it they beat North Carolina and again those are two big yes. That enough to get in the tournament. Well I think just they don't. One thing you got to keep an eye out. If people swipe those did that Turkey's need good idea that large itself there's so let's take you back a little news. In the Western Conference championship final hurdle that they will put BYU at all. Welcome back a critic at an at large pit so that's like one way here so keeping in mind. In the out at world I think being Carolinas now that's work harder wanna win. Do rank. Turkeys as well. Or possibly boast that helped you. I think that should it be bad idea BP Miami to what we got a little scrapbook. Ecstatic they lose tonight. I mean it shouldn't come down to one can create EC tournament but it kind of feel. Brent acts host of on the block ESPN's turkeys are very we're gonna try and work through your cell right now I don't know if you're moving around her what we're getting you cutting in and although a little bit cutting out a little bit. Are you did you say that if they lose to wake tonight it's over is that it did we hear you clearly on the. Yup series for capital currently or there right now are up in a. Well is it possible get to a land line for me could set this up. And the answer my question that the it's the media and got a cowboy Aaron go what are we got it. I doubt about it just credit just try to be clear EE I think you said that if they lose tonight it is done right I mean they they can't lose to wake tonight Debian. They can't they can't loose tonight now because you need that circle under one win at North Carolina shouldn't come out to any eternal. It is a giant got four months not you know or that. Are we to have to try to settle land line I think your danger so we'll see if we can't get Brent axe here on set back up. Yes a cable will do that here in a second you know what let's do this let's take a quick break here. Was trying to Brent axe back on the other side of the break we also have all drink to that on the way in the sports bar danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rabbit speedy. Easiest way to connect. That would run gestures most listened to sports. Ford's car with a dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Gestures voice leader. Like salmon. ESPN Rochester. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. Rochester. NFL NHL and Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home park life support Tuesday and 95957. And then. ESPN Rochester. You know incident just like the grace Julie Jensen let's you and I I think right now is a yacht rotten guy. No got to be ready as yet you're up there and a pleasure cruiser you're listening to some Steely Dan oh god now. I've I've I've got a line and that's her song. You can't get like three summer Elton mean it's eighty degrees and on the wait it out all kind of cruised to them so I'm not seeking it out that that's if that's. You and I do not park in the same cry. Are we got red back on the line with us now clear connection Bradley let's just start from the top again I mean I'm curious. As is the question that everybody's tool what the weight overweight force a win over North Carolina be enough. To get the orange into the term. I it will be what this exception. Because you know that the at large that thing is where you gotta be careful like say it like for example BYU gets wild and went to the West Coast Conference tonight. Give data gets an at large bid in that case so as long as. Too many at large bids don't get swipe up in the course of conference championship week this week I think beating North Carolina tomorrow night should Syracuse went to night. Will be enough to get them in their right on the cut line. I mean depending public wreck ecologist to put your faith computer either one of the first four hour or one of the last four in now. This means they're going to do eight boys this doesn't mean you know they're playing on Thursday or Friday they're playing on Tuesday or Wednesday at UB North Carolina and Miami. Maybe that's what she she went to be you know they air quotes real target but I think we'd all rather watch a game in Dayton that in the Carrier Dome for example in the ninety. No question about it Brent axe he's the host of on the block he is in Syracuse our guest pre game six tonight given though considering Syracuse lost. Week earlier this year so you know hot your opinion not using the ACC tournament plays off of the larger. Well if it. What I'm curious about wake it's indicative threes you know even that game at the dome that Turkey's wanna cut ties battle you know going all that. At night scoring over thirty points wake still hit 103 pointers in that game I think Syracuse will be much more cognizant of the fact that you don't Mitchell will look can. And he shot woods and Brandon Childress and all these guys can hit three east. You know Brian Crawford is their highest battle he's just gonna score he's just a guy who turns scoring average 21 points per game against Syracuse this year. So just don't let them get hot from three point range but I think Syracuse Gupta breaking getting the 7 o'clock game you don't want that dreaded early game you'll have the crowd tonight. In Brooklyn and you know is is more respect to contain the damage in a limit to read what Syracuse needs. Is two out of there are three of the Big Three there have been ignites in you just need somebody. In the end of the Clemson game that was the case of miracle tonight. Just to contribute something else on the offensive that I think you need Pascal to quote it just. You know he did what he did against ones in that degrade but he's been so inconsistent this year I can't really hold that down. But the way does have the key element to beat Syracuse and that's terrain down threes so it was like to contain the damage there. And don't let them get up from the outside I think Turkish certainly when this game. He has great taxis the host of on the block ESPN Syracuse you can also read his work Syracuse dot com the Syracuse. Post standard. With expectations kind of low for the rest of this season let's look at certain next year. For SU we nobody Baier time is coming in from what we know what's coming in is there more reason for optimism next season for the orange. No question about it and the thing has body might even richer and that's how deep they're gonna be next here you've got body can shoot the lights out. You've got Darius Baddeley was the top ten player. One of the highest rated recruits Syracuse is ads and Carmelo Anthony and that's how good he is how highly rated he has. Jalen carries a four star guard is gonna committed adds yeah I mean there's no guard depth on this team you know by beyond. Ties battled Frank Howard Cheadle sore left the team however Washington who comes back next here got hurt and then into your gate and a walk on territory so. You're gonna have got that guard next year you're gonna have a score in a playmaker dazzling and now added. That the players and I think we'll be back I think I guess is gonna go through the NBA process and I think ultimately he'll he will return I certainly negotiate percent. Will be back although his NBA stock is slowly but surely rising so you add that you go from a team that's depleted. To compete with the snap of the finger and Syracuse just got a lot of bad luck to go back to orient tops and leaving at the beginning of deceit and it just bolt from the air. What you're gonna have as a deep team you don't barring some on perceived things something weird always seems to happen. In Syracuse offseason but what they still really need to that's not wonder what bloodiest. A consistent three point shooter someone that can really stick it from the outside and even next year's team. You Woolsey OSHA it will be better entire certainly will be battery and Frank Howard can still hit threes here and there but they need that indie route and spike shooter in a body doesn't ride sure and can get enough laps and about time he can provide that for this team I just don't know that's gonna beat. Next year or the year after that. Brand yummy fired up the den it's funny how the news cycle works Crist two weekends ago all we're talking about is. Yahoo! story and the FBI investigation who's next in. Well as a single way I mean what your opinion unity should SU fans brace for the worst when it comes a story. I think you always have to be mindful of things going out there perform everything we've heard they're they're clear in this they don't have a lot of Andy Miller. Contacts there are couple former Syracuse players that did sign with that Andy Miller agency that there doesn't seem to be anything. That implicates Syracuse John gill one's name was written in a larger. Because he was you know going to sign there but you know you know the pork on Gil and nothing against him he wasn't a bigtime prospect and he. Not somebody that you know is flourishing in the pros right now so. Never say never I think we've learned that with everybody because of the big names that were involved and let's keep in mind the noise. This is one agency this is one. Agency of many and there's always something lurking around the corner but. You know so far so good Syracuse fans read the report they like their brow in and in addition to brace for the next one and helped or not and that one as well. He's a host of on the block ESPN's Syracuse ran acts joining us in the sports barging German tech Leah. On ESPN Rochester broad last year at this time we were kind of wondering what the future of Jimmy I was gonna be easy to write off into the sunset of course got really busy and hectic after the season ended its fair to say that with. John while the heck is he athletic director debate I'm gonna be able to coach as long as he wants right. I think so because you know you look at the timing of it bloody day I'm and I I joke with somebody the other day as that he's a director body just so we can coached by more here that pathetic. It's a funny thing is Kim made a comment recently reset. While I'm not gonna leave my son there. And I'm like annually at ten minutes from campus like what do you mean not gonna leave them there you can you can come any time your game day I'm what you can show up again election win it'll be okay but. I don't think John is gonna let him coach as long as he wants what they're really gonna have to have a big reason the portion right clicked. They don't go to the current for three straight years or god forbid another one of these investigations doesn't fault Syracuse but. Which in daytime. You know and you look at Mike Hopkins and the pac twelve coach of the year to that which just goes to show you what they have been waiting. He just wanted his own opportunity at his own place which is understandable. There is an aide Mike Hopkins ready to step in and take over not to say there's not a lot of great coaches that would be welcoming to do well at Syracuse but. I don't see all of you know a big push for job wild act to get them out now here's the thing guys. We match in next years to a lot of pressure on that. Because this is the fourth straight year whether or Syracuse gets in or out this year is a force stricker they've been on the bottle blonde bubble part national. Gap brand acts are our guest here from on the block insert its funny you brought up Mike Hopkins that's next question in my screen I mean. On your show whether or their fans or anybody in Turkey's second guessing the move let Hopkins get away. All it definitely and it comes up frequently comes up in my columns a lot and the big misnomer that people have to get over is. Why did Syracuse let him leave. And that's not what they did they gave him a deal to take over for Jim bay I'm after this year. They did all they could a lot admin he got a great deal. At a school he wanted to go to that he had roots in Robert likes the West Coast guy and got an opportunity to form a program somewhere else it's not like that contract. You don't gave Syracuse the the right to match immediately got into you know incompetent and at the front door that don't. So people need to get over that perception Syracuse did a long time ago he chose to leave he got a great deal and took them but there's definitely. Fans that. Are looking at it now saying well look at the transition and what an opportunity to it would have been did get a fresh oysters you got to remember something guys a lot for agent they time. Mike Hopkins is the is the polar opposite Jim daytime like Mike's a good cops and the bad cop Mike is young infraction happened. All about energy and you know he's he's just reminds me like you like a Pete Carroll type of coach in the same city right worst GM. Gyms are curmudgeon you know Jim is done things his way forever and that's how he's gonna do it and he certainly melody in recent years and I think he's more relatable players than he was prior but. Might just represents something middle and eight he represented something that circuit spam law. He's assert he's got he went your there's roots there he's got skin in the game so that opportunity passed in and it got to figure out what the succession plan is from here. Probably Jerry MacNamara I would guess split. Just when you second guess that don't make the mistake of sync circus like a joke as that's just that's just all they news. Brent. Real quick switching gears to SU football we love every time we get chance to cut talked to Dino bears who were heading into year three of the Dino beavers era. Is this the year the viewers need to at the very least have a winning record or says something where we need to exercise a little bit more patient I mean it. I certainly get every time we talked to live like this guy's got energy. It seems like he's doing all the right things he's saying all the right things they're lost to middle Tennessee you lost the middle Tennessee where when I did you beat Clemson won that we were trying to figure out like what can we expect. Out of LSU football in year three of the Dino beavers error and is this the year that we should expect at minimum a winning record. I think the schedule eases up a little bit I think because you've gone for an eight in consecutive years. There's only so much collateral that that deal climes in winter Baidu and Virginia Tech win a year before that but it does help when you're winning games like that. That and your shelling at Syracuse is capable of doing and I understand Kelly Bryant was hurt neck game which you still speak once in a team that I'll rank you recruiting wise and every position now. The problem has been as much as we focus on penal offense. The defense has fallen apart in the last two years and particularly in the last four games of the year which coincides with Eric dungy. Getting knocked out so there's two things there one there's going to be a legit quarterback competition here Tommy DeVito is gonna push. Eric dungy I think it's dungy Stephen his job but he's got a legit back up behind him and that defense is got a short things up and the interesting thing is kindest. Pick up what are their best defensive players were put on offense and want quarters now wide receiver. In camp and I think that's a good move considering court he's missed 21 of the last 24 games because he's been irked. But they need help on the defense abandoned and I'm not sure they've got the piece that you know kind of the I don't want to recruit split you know that lots of big linebackers and that defensive line is still young and that's secondary I think. Still has some question marks so what are you doing to ensure that that defense. Does not fall apart at the end of the season and you know can blocking an 886 win season for the march. Finally Brent guy you can imagine here Rochester topic not number one on our show is what the Buffalo Bills to a quarterback topic number two ways. What's the Buffalo Bills do what quarter upgrade it one time you were the pre and post game post whether the Buffalo Bills I know you follow this team. Are closely at what should the Buffalo Bills do you in your opinion. At quarterback this draft. I think they should do everything possible to draft one of these top names they've got a lot of Texas he not only that the 2122. But you know print and dean has acquired a lot of second and third row next. Study got to move up and get the guy that you want to I don't think any of the premier quarterbacks are going to be sit around 2122. Or should take the risk that they do it. I think they should target baker mayfield and take him and I think they should sign a veteran quarterback that's out there. To compliment him. And that name should not be Tyrod Taylor I think I've seen and also Tyrod and I partly thanks for the memories he's provided some good ones he's been nothing but a great leader. And classy all the way but if you're just asking me bare bones football wise I think I've seen enough. And you know on whatever is march 14 right if you on the roster I think it's gonna cost to build a little too much money. For a guy that clearly not the the franchise quarterback of the future. So. Be active in the trade market and draft a quarterback I Perkins nick pulled drummers this week I'm not all about that because I think a lot of nickel success. Is working with Doug Peterson. So I think the bills need to you know kind of go that route of happily throw some names I mean there's not a lot of sexy names beyond full encased in a man a couple of guys out every delegate Teddy Bridgewater quarterback draft next would be good for. Hey I mean even if the bills were were the ones or make an Colin falls like I'm OK with him kicking the tires and ask what's gonna take in several hundred -- you know I I agree with you though I think falls success goes hand in hand with with the best play caller in the game right now and Doug Peterson as it is is mayfield your guy is that guy you play your flag and. Definitely can I don't think the bills are gonna move up far enough to get you know what Josh Alan archer of rose and or Arnold I think produced on the board. In the first Iverson expects. If you can get their great. Well I think mayfield I just love his toughness Lebanese a five year guy in college I don't want this story I just think that's a leader. I just love the way he plays I think he's got a chip on the shoulder to prove to people. That he can play this game and not debt woes and or Arnold ailment don't have their their qualities and the tools can get a they've got to take a hard look particularly rose and he's my favorite those rates but I think realistically. What they could target and who they keep yet. Is speaker mayfield will Mark Jackson the big question mark polite and I saw him beat up Syracuse two years overall put up almost a thousand yards of offense himself. In two games I just think he's he's got to put on some weight and I just. I don't know he's worked at forced out investment. That hide put the bills can't make a trade Anderson there are 2220 still and they'd done their due diligence that scouting him. He's an intriguing option there but I'm convinced they're gonna move blocked it takes about. Is still pull it off as rocker for suggesting that Lamar Jackson junior wide receiver. Yes yes yes and I love Bill Polian who doesn't as the bills and because of what he did what for that organization like that it got his old school thinking that is just an old school analyst looking at an athlete like bats that well got to try and wide receiver. Well Mark Jackson the quarterback one way or the other. Brett acts you can read his work it Syracuse dot com doing great stuff at Syracuse post standard also they host of on the block. Honey ESPN Syracuse very good with this time gracious with his time this afternoon joining us here in the sports bar Brent it was far too long let's let's get you here again since we can do this again. Absolutely. Relevant guys you've got a friend acts bring unit here in the sports are a lot to react to and if he jumped in late we started off with a big question. What's it gonna take is North Carolina again you gotta eat wake tonight but would it upset over North Carolina. Get in to determine Brett said no not necessarily be did you just don't know how the rest of these conference these. Play out any point you can zag of guns that a loses tonight then that takes a slot away from an at large teams and you've got to root for all the favorites here to win. In addition to be warned shy getting past the second round. Keep in mind those at large bids and of course it helps if they can. Upset the Tar Heels and run to if they can get you don't win tonight via air mailing me into my head start with that ready for a drink to that Cameron. It is yeah round. Post rigs in the in the sports. I don't blame sabre fans at all. Don't blame you for selling tickets and trying to make about the sabres are bad why don't pay money and if your season ticket holder and you don't wanna gulf. Police try to recoup some of your best. But that being sent last night was an. Absolute. Embarrassment not on the ice paid sabres won the game to beat police who I'm talking about you sabre fans the team. Higher lower bowl. All leaks advanced. In sports today danger. Name me one stadium or. Don't want arena out decades club only taken over by the visitors don't wait till Toronto Maple Leafs fans take over. The stadium in buffalo. You can't still at his bold words it is eight terrible loss for the buffalo scene. Now on national TV no less you're on NB CS and with that last night the only. The closest thing I've come to what is is the lack of relevance and the LA chargers now off. In their own market that that would team like Philadelphia can come in overtake that stadium and can demoralize a team to argue the savers credit everything all that against them working against him as far as lack of fan support last night. And they still pull off the win albeit on a week with a little help from this is ready every Syria it eEye yeah don't apologize for winning the NHL. Toronto is a good team and you handled them at home last night solemn. Rick to back G Matt Forte has decided that sign a one day contract with team that drafted in my Chicago Bears there was. Good stretch of time there in his days playing Chicago where he was considered. The most dangerous dual threat back in the league so the bears' single season record for catches fire running back calling 802 passes. Beckett when he fourteen good run number 22 always watching he wants and now. It was a fun era of the authors football pour in you know hopefully debuted at. So I'll drink to that whole game needs and Shaq Griffey so much talk about daequan Barkley for good reason but if there is one player. One player. Nobody can disagree without I want the Buffalo Bills to go out there and draft. Shaq Griffin I know he's not a first rounder. If you're not familiar here's a story we're gonna be invited to come by got the invite he's the one hand it linebacker from Central Florida who ran the fastest forty time. In the last fifteen years at linebacker the guy can produce Jesus died this guy can ball. I think he could start at outside backer. Buffalo in day one yeah listen I like that that story and I like the player. But if you're looking at linebacker. There's one name that I'm gonna throw out there that I'm not elect bill until we know where he's going on draft day. Blatant Vander ash. Late and better excuse me evens. Sounds like he belongs in buffalo after we draft a ball may have about. Well yes yes I don't wanna get to greet the actor would you that song to. Drink to that are the Steelers made it official today slapping the franchise tag up lay beyond bell bell won't likely to go to next season without long term deal and I certainly work something out here Ed and by the way he might even do what he did at the end of last season threatened. Retirement and if your steeler fan. That's a blessing in disguise and it is gonna. Play out the same way it did last year right where OK he's not sign he's not signed training camp opens not signed first preceding game not signed. You'll be that we want. Oh yeah and by the way I think over fourteen million with the franchise tag or running back so I mean he'll be doing just fine for himself present lack of long term deal. And guaranteed money that's gonna make him a little bit skittish going into the season without that without that. Came by and steeler fans and team you might. Just this marks he'll offense that I talked to know from the Steelers are playing this the right way to get sick body lay beyond bell that you say goodbye to a rather than. Overpay for a solid drink to that danger I always dream of a Dick but Rochester gets a Major League franchise. It was and as my dream my degree whatever you want right or at least to me division one hopes. That's not happening either I'm sorry but I always remind you of one thing today one tool in our town. The media today out at Oak Hill got a preview of the senior PGA championship in 2019 and there is that major coming that PGA championship in 20/20 three. Listen I would much rather. Get a major in Rochester once every ten years. And an annual PGA tour stuff. I did this at an annual PGA tour jewel radler after I know you have a male would you rather have the PGA common throughout town every single year but it's not a major. Allred you rather have one major every ten I think that's where we're at right lake we've kind of shown what. The LPGA is not the PGA with no annual LPGA. We were able to sustain that right do they went they went away. It just went away it well we caught well. Problem might think if if we never went that major status I think he'll PGA would have done it but. Everybody had that kind Rochester flip. You do you're too good for us now that we don't want the we were gonna be downgraded to appeal and LPGA's annual stop. That I don't wait Rochus and that's fun fit time. The LPGA commissioner stifled so he's a liar who aren't into everything I can righteous real what you did you EU. Took the money your rant I viewed I. I like the I like the major you know I like the major I'd like the big stage. We got a taste of an earlier today would mirrored Oak Hill to talk about that the senior PGA championship here next summer I IE. I think those are those who win our Rochester becomes its most vibrant UC. He start to see people coming out eat people you know what work best and community. Win those kind of events come through town and you see time and time again. Boy we known for that it. That sick that we hang our hell and they even mentioned it in in a little presentation like we'd love Western New York but we feel like each. Market buffalo Rochester and Syracuse has their own unique kind of niche in in Syracuse you've got. You know college athletics in the orange in in buffalo you've got the pro franchises and in Rochester. You've got golf. You've got off now we've got kill we've got this this great golf course that is one of the finest in the world. And able to host. Major golf tournaments. Like the senior PGA championship like the PGA championship. Coming up in 20/20 three I'm excited for both I've never been as excited about golf as I am right now. As an adult living in Rochester New York. It helps to your daughter's getting into it you get to see a whole new you know. Homer way to look at the story it's it's great to look at it through lies and Reno if it makes me understand why. My dad was doing when he break brought me out to the golf course in in the two of us who play golf. For hours and hours and hours and deal by the way not a very good example my dad of of how you're supposed to handle yourself on the golf while swearing off. Just angry you know I would say yeah I could say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree but the Al. Does not fall far from the UK not swearing in forty your daughter or don't go off course I don't I don't don't do not in front of horror. It's a frustrating game. Stupid game I have heard the story from your wife you got angry and give you peeled off the golf course because she was playing slower something like that particularly drag your I think all our. Can wait verdict ended up. That I did you hold what are we doing. Each hit a big ruse utterly hike from the hole golf cart. Not my finest moment now but I am excited about. The a senior PGA championship next. Next summer the kitchen aid senior PGA championship coming next summer. Tell Oak Hill that's going to be a lot of fun Eisley what what's good about sports and now we have pot SP what's good sports and arts the red wings. Spring training. Rallies manager Joel Skinner I'm we have talked on since he was formally introduced Kelly to get him on what this year next hour. Lie of from Fort Myers so he's he's actually at the twins game today it's in progress right now and when wraps up we'll be joined up by the twins. Triple A manager that the angels Skinner knew men under the Rochester red wings. Had a Mon knock you earlier this year to this will be the first time from Florida so hard things. Shaping up danger as. Want more about a month away from. Nice lie like that I'd give us about a half now we'll give you red wings manager jewel Skinner in the sports part danger of the tag lay up. AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester.