The Sports Bar-Hour 1- Chris Taylor

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk about motivation and what it takes to be elite. Next,  head coach of the Rochester Americans Chris Taylor joins the show to give an update on where the Amerks stand just after the AHL trade deadline. 


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HDT when W 239 PM Rochester AM 915 and nine Levi examine them. The sports Larry ESPN Rochester. It. Those sports bar with danger and exactly. I think the whole thing with the term. As we just gonna keep my. We had a great strength of schedule this year is much better than last year. You know we're just gonna try to put the best we can Mike Dee injured when the weight overweight force a win over North Carolina be enough to get the orange into the turn. I think beating North Carolina tonight will be enough to get a PS. Because they're right on the coastline. Came exactly yeah. New York's going to be the ACC champions please update champions. ICB or just a citizen. I think this you Sam Arnold was the number one pick your laughs mark. Why this one's self I guess that is the safest of all the quarterbacks Rochester sports leader on 957. ESPN. And good afternoon to pull up a stool and join us the sports board danger Mattel actually we are open for business and we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening this afternoon AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com is our website. You can find this on the radio dot com now to search on ESPN Rochester. I'm merely Mike danger he over there he's the brains find the operation. Gene gets not really but hey you know how like we grew up there everybody that loves sports talk at one point was into the roamed show and Rome had this thing called the jungle karma ran yeah come into the jungle in mullah I give you some karma. This day there is actually a thing now and we have evidence. We're documenting some sports park armor it's true sports or karma is a thing I want every athlete. To listen. If you wanna get promoted if you want the next step here's what happened the what has happened. Somehow get yourself balked on our show all looked in good things are gonna happen to you. Because for the second time here in of what six months of players had to cancel. On us for very good reason. They just got called off. So Daniel Rea was the join us this hour and he got word he is needed in ball below actually. Technically he's had a dot wisely he's getting a head start here on the travel the next day surprised by that move at all. Not really native played back to back nights. Is the time when you can take a walk guys and he can go off and my question to Chris Taylor will be the expected back this weekend so. To meet for the sabres hey look let's take a look at the kid. And it's you know that's really back to back nights you have for the Buffalo Sabres this season so they have it tonight. Home against Calgary at Ottawa tomorrow all. To not very good teams let's take a look see what we got here the to the big level feels. Right now. If you're Alex Neil under. Batter he's got up points streak I think in five games and for taking baby steps that. But I mean how are you feeling if you were Alex and you wonder if you're the player in the guys just came into the locker room a couple of days ago. Is getting called up and you're not well I mean hopefully. He should have his head on straight causes hasn't. Earned. I've heard this well season's over to bring a mob Kimmel look now. That was the team marine air if Tim Murray was the general Mandel Buffalo Sabres knew Lander would have been up last month. Danger we've had Paul Hamilton we have got other experts on her show that at Nittany Lander. At some point in January February bringing belong in the American hockey we use plain that portal. He's what. One in 1919 is somewhat yes so lucky. Can you address the player that young it's going to take. Time but to answer your question if he's upset too bad grow walk and I don't think that's the case. And that's switchers won't. Now why are we we mention his age you you can question whether or not somebody that age is mature enough to handle. That kind of I want called a snub but you know. No it's not normal you know that there are guys that locker room that all they want is get that call up their only playing just immediately all you want is to get that call writing this the teeny growth watching. And got its video for cup coffee it's called immediate. Now local for daily use the his story is a little different where he didn't start out in buffalo. Was here goes up gets hurt and that also he's going on for months and it's taken isn't in some time. Work harder. On point the fingers right. More Carter. Isn't it is in it and really that's all comes to what it's all said and done. And we'll get off a little bit of a tangent here this is it really breaking news or headliner but you know we're having a conversation with. With lets him upstairs one of the sales managers and he was asking us if we'd spent any time with the Brady documentary the the FaceBook gritty documentary. And admittedly I've not watched any. Me I guess the Ross most is through the hold you know that the host calling him the eldest daughter and name there I mean we've talked about it that I had not sat down. Right so you know so much to judge whether or not it's it's quality con ten or not and buttons you know to listen to him describe what he's watched. With this series. Well you don't have to question why Tom bradys are as quarterback of all time it comes down to one thing and one thing only. Work. Comes down to work he's putting in the hours he's putting in the work. He's not just ordered himself not to an isolated. Stone with his teammates. And his teammates join him on a retreat work on stuff together. As a team. Throw a million balls your way Julian Evelyn let's get this right. Working with his coaches. Sit there in the part of the series where he's calling Josh McDaniels in the middle of the night sketching out plays against a an opponent. Work. Work ethic. And it's got to be more than just the scheduled time. You have with your team. Every team has time for practice every team has time for workouts every team has time to decide the film. It goes beyond. The best teams the best leaders the best players. They know that. Don't even question it's in their DNA they get out there they get after it. And I guess when you hear stories like. What we're hearing from Tom Brady if you watch this series that it's no question that you would think well that's an automatic. Why doesn't everybody do that could we know that Tom Brady came into the sleep not for most physically gifted athletes did you see his forty time. All that well now he's nobody thought anything want to kind of sum up where don't want this. Everybody wants the great you wanna be great I wanna be great but who's willing to pay the price to be great. Are pretty says they're willing to pay the price but this is why they listen what are really looks like they used the great ones leading. And balanced life really until I mean for Tom Brady would he rather be home playing with this key it's not only Eagles out to Montana and holds camp and he's up till 2 o'clock in the morning it's not a Jew. I mean and that's the common thread between all the great ones between jordin and Colby. I just got done reading it in by the way it's weird how this all kind of connects but the story about teacher teacher about a way my favorite baseball color. Very rarely do you read a story where you think you know something about someone and you realize you know anything. We trust that same cloth how does he get so many hits well he has been putting in the twelve to fourteen Howard ace. Ever since he was three years old aids sounds like a tale of L Drake and you know his dad there and Tiger Woods there but. My point being though that another guy that. He wants to be great what he paid the price to be great. I read a book. This summer. Of a colleague of mine turned me on this book easy knows that gets off that I get off on a motivational talk in game. And talk of greatness and work ethic and so he told me to go go pick up the book relentless. Relentless from good to great to unstoppable. By Tim Grover you recognize sending you remember that name Tim Grover. Now Tim Grover was the guy that was basically Jordan's guru. When Jordan needed to get right he went to Grover Grover got it right. And what Grover documents in this book is how how he deals with with these not not athletes. These mega athletes these. Ridiculous brands the LeBron James Michael Jordan's the Kobe Bryant's you know these guys aren't big got a different gear. That that is almost impossible to achieve but you have to wanted so bad that you're willing to sacrifice everything else. Everything else. Now the living genial nine we were family guys have kids running around we've got multiple roles of multiple jobs if we wanted to be the best sports talk show in America. I think you and I both thought we could be the best sports talk show America what that would take all of her energy all of our effort wherein I. We're we're close we're there yet but but you know so. That's the sacrifice you have to be willing to make it or to be for me you know as this book describes good to great unstoppable be unstoppable guys he calls cleaners. Because he's that they're there after hours there there with a cleaners are there there there win nobody expects them to be either they don't stop they all are. Relentless. That's Peyton Manning Brady is net historically would open up he is best friends on in the organization we're actually. The trainers in the club visas so to speak because they're there at all hours in. That's what Peyton Manning once at all hours per one in. Last one out. Great. And when any of these guys suffering injury. As Jordan was prone to do is LeBron is that it doesn't matter. It Colby when Kobe got injured I mean can you imagine how devastating that was for Kobe who want to be looked at as an elite players one of the best ever what he'd do he worked harder he came back stronger he came back batter he was relentless. That is the expectation. We want out of all of our professional athletes now some of them. That hard work can only get into the middle for for a lot of people there's a handful of people have that extra bit of talent that touched by god and they become. They've become elite and with Tom Brady I think the hard work come to a point that he got a taste of what that hard work could lead to. And it fueled his desire to get better and better and better and not stop in curious do you scene and insight I don't. I mean we we all say we all applying for the day that Brady's skills diminish in the just fall off a cliff and the patriots become an also ran. I don't know that I see that happening. Not when I hear stories this guy working the way he works well how are what he's doing. He's not a CEO always not aiming Jack his body will will dictate one match. He's doing everything he Hannan isn't that the whole idea of what Tom vs time there that side and everything that's legal ruling. We're gonna learn and and pride that's his next act is how can you extend your. Life expensed expectancy is an athlete that Tom Brady is breaking new ground when it comes out you he shouldn't be doing what he's doing at forty years. Yes and he'll be able to make a means when he retires just talking Ted. You know is a life coach or talking to CEOs are talking to boardrooms are talking to conferences he he'll be he'll be fine. The you know but that that is what we expect this to dance we expect. That level of commitment that level of dedication. And so let's look at what that is not specifically Tom Brady just that the concept of a relentless athlete are relentless individual. Do you how that when you look at our teens when you look at the teams we follow that we're the most passionate I mean that. I would argue if you win inside the Buffalo Sabres locker and you'd see a lot of guys who say that they care. What are they don't want their spare time. Are they take that extra step are they spending more time on the ice more time in the weight room more time watching film of film grossed. Hey it's kind of like. Part of the culture of hockey and we you know you're gonna hang out you do some booze with the Boise Gannett now you downtime major down time. I'm saying. No down time there is no doubt on all your professional athletes. You have guys there that mentally strong that capable. We're gonna talk later this afternoon. To Josh Lewis who's the voice of the UCLA Bruins he's gonna give us a little bit of insight. On Josh Rosen. Quarterback out of UCLA that that many people are saying is going to be the top prospect in the NFL now aren't gonna judge baseless and I don't know but what we do know is. Josh Rosen is a kid that came from privilege. That you know a lot of things that he got his life he got because of who he was not necessarily what he did now he's worked hard to get to where he is but again that hard work. Might only take you. So far. The hard work cast either be cooks with more hard work or at some point you've got this immense talent you touched by god and you become one of the great. One of the best that it mean that's the fascinating part about this whole com buying and determining and that's got to be. District the fear god in any NFL GM that is gonna make a first round pick when you look at this athlete may tell you they have that work ethic. Now and I can tell you story Mike Williams. Mike Williams everybody remember that angels fans Mike Williams number four overall pick right tackle lot of Texas was gonna be you know a big part of this buffalo bills' offense. He ease the example of what happens when your hand somebody a big pile of money. And somehow all you made it in the motivation goes away in your own through the motions and everything else. Listen. These guys are Smart enough to know the right thing to say. All I'm an unbelievable work ethic first one in last one out every day they'll say that because they know that that's what we want to hear. To the dual. You actually see them do you actually know. Until Peyton Manning's closing down the colts campus again he's just watching how these Alaska. Listen you're getting paid millions. Of dollars to play a sport you love is too much to ask. That you pour yourself into that yet mean it is going to come to sacrifice and I'm not saying that he's got that EL PG like is that you would die. When we sacrifice. What we sacrifice but at the end of the day we have balanced lives. We go home we've got our families were there for arcades where they're at their sporting events were not on the road we're traveling we're doing everything that we could be doing. In any specific facet of our professional career if your professional athlete is it is it. Is it impossible to lead at how does that does that do you where you go. You being a competitor but. Just ask him to me yeah. Any way meal yeah okay I am a little piece of me that that that that that eats away at it you know at the end of the day I look at my daughter's a look at my family global we've accumulated what we've accomplished. And I have gratitude for I had I can't be anything but but thankful for what we have and I don't believe in luck. Heavily in making good choices I believe in making your own luck and the choices you make determine your destiny. I can be at peace with where I am in my life I know you can be at peace with where you are your life but can you be at peace is a professional athlete. Let's say your golf as long how can you know of course not you're not at peace so what are you going to do about it. I am gonna give you another example anybody wants the weigh in on this conversation we always welcome different viewpoints of 454 ESP import 543776. A figure in what's New York that. Room. Last ten years as divisive. As any war and was in the news yesterday is in the news today. A player with immense talents. We can debate that work ethic that is what's holding him back from being great he's going to. He's not the best wide receiver in the game not by any stretch are talking about Sammy Watkins. That's what's missing from Sammy Watkins is that fair to say Vader although he was heard it and it okay Wazir last year. Yet every opportunity. Last year should have been the I got a chip on my shoulder I'm gonna prove everybody wrong. And okay you were number of the war in terms of receptions and LA rams team. When he gave up the sec around the net. LA letting him hit the streets. Says all lots. I understand why the Buffalo Bills traded I think most of Bosnia understand what the Buffalo Bills let Washington's goal for a second round pick telling any of us saw the story playing out like this. Get the ramp to give up a second round pick. And comes the realization that this year and I you know. This guy doesn't have what it takes great warm welcome back but you know what we correct that there's a price tag M as we're not willing to go there. And it's not always physical on the EC guy like Sammy Watkins that he has all the physical tools media guys and and it's it's probably with him it's it's the books. It's the film study its learn in the place it's knowing where you need to be win that plays called on the huddle I mean to hear. I'm turn remember what article laws but it was it was a good piece earlier this season that basically say Sammy Watkins has turned a corner he's so happy to be in Los Angeles not that anything was wrong in buffalo but he had problems and now he's he's turning new a new page he's ready. But there were stories and reports that Sammy Watkins. Need somebody in the huddle to tell him he needed lineup on any given play. Lots. Now you have immense. Physical ability. What you did back that up also with the mental toughness that he you have to have to play. In any sport any Professional League. Eight. In he's the example to me because he was on our show zenger. Training camp two years ago talking about how he wanted to be the greatest receiver in the game today how key measure himself. Against all dealt Beckham junior guy that had better stats and that's how he wanted to have. Better stats and by the way keep and the backer my warned it league he's not gonna go somewhere to be at number three he wants to be number one. Well that's great. It's yes you set high goals which are not. Willing to pay. Right buddy says the right things most people see the right thing. Your actions always speak louder ending awards show only three actions that you mean what you say. I really really wanna be at work today. Great essential and email all I didn't check my email why it. You didn't check your email we just be really wanted to be at work today eating Schechter even put all okay see you're saying one thing. Your actions are saying complete. It different than. Look I'm just gonna save as we take a little closer to home. College team local leave dad wanted to be great. But. Lot of guys spotter on the bars that being great. Listen you know I mean meager can't get there's a different set of rules but at the end of the day there's other teams out there yet that aren't doing that you know another book that every Catholic I'm Anthony Robbins also another book that I denied dabbling in your next it's in a chapter got a ranger chuck go willing. Is a former Jesus I don't feel apology not stop days are there now don't. Not Lou and those are jobs. This is a big. The job go Willy is a former navy seal he has a book out called discipline. Equals freedom and really that you don't even need to read the book just to hear the title says all you need to say this discipline equals freedom it doesn't mean you have to be so display each ankle and have a pop. But if you're gonna have a pop understand the consequences that come with that you're gonna have to work that much harder the next day. The burn off what you were what you're doing yourself that night. And not a lot of people have that kind of discipline especially typically just at the collegiate level and collegial after your party fund. Al L Ron danger L. Ron Hubbard. I picture of the book now the volcano exploding. I think on the Internet there are you are not yet ready to wonder Wonderwall their college I think you but don't don't Colombian would decide to by the way we were we were in Clearwater Florida where I think you know this is paradise is the greatest ever loved this place this is a place while we're let's get condos let's ask let's see where this might be where we someday I'll wait. Let me gas and any of this sticker shock gray. All right we drove. To get to the beach and realized as were structured like a minute look around here. This is a science G campus. Where no riding through a giant apology camp this year. But how can you saw the people there wearing the uniforms and how. It's reach her and Tom Brady in the know now. And no I didn't sign up gee no well no you can't make me. All right. Hard. You say you wanna work hard now show us that you want to work hard every player's gonna say I worked hard over Carter work and got a question you work ethic because you've got to where you are because you worked hard. But there's another gear yet kick it into if you want to be great what you want to beat the best. And you can't just settle for being a professional athlete. Don't just settle for saying I made the Buffalo Sabres here. I'm a Buffalo Bill I'm here no no you don't want those guys now. I wonder who the last players off the ice everyday for the rock just. To assess Chris Taylor now. Tales joins us next righteous Americans head coach Chris Taylor our guest next in the sports bar danger of tag Leo on ESPN right. Up next local sports talk about flowers city but John Murphy she OM a sports bar would danger and exactly. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back to sports bar danger of attack lived CST in Rochester sergeant it. This ran for Walter Napoli I think I think you did your listening to motivational. Tapes during break I wanna think job Billy who sweetest one of the best videos of my guide Diop oh willing who is jock aware like you kind of cool meet him here. Just go Willy Kazaa a former navy seal. Jot go willing. He key can't go to our managers meetings that we had a while back. And he spoke to 20 all of the general managers and program directors and and you know he had a book called. Extreme ownership that he had the outside for everybody and it was it's a great read I I highly recommend these followed up with. A new book called. It discipline equals freedom. And the if you read that book and you'll get fired up but this just the title alone does everything you need now. Discipline people's freedom if you have the discipline. To do what you know you have to do every single day than the freedom that you so desire you'll you'll receive because you have discipline in the first place. I'm curious. To talk about that teams and discipline he's coached the Rochester Americans Chris Taylor. Personal coach I mean if it was a clearing your team wants. To be called up to the sabres just haven't agreed to come on our shell air weird that we have a cause and effect you in the shorts more karma we can't tell us how Oreo. Doing great Chris course up Blair that comes off the bodies will last during your practices. Also. Want it now it. Is now you know rendered some huge. Blast. Eric are now we know our guys back to Italy. Noted that this thing out there are the undisputed don't Wear now. And Google or not they're prepared also of course around there. Chris Taylor our Rochester Americans that coach our guest in the sports sport danger and tightly coach we haven't talked you since. I want to cease its pre season meets meet the players now last time we Albert do a lot of that does happen obvious that he. Since the distillery you know including your birthday how did you spend your birthday yesterday coach. Aren't. There and if you're much. Enrollment. Relax more or. But it broke out. I mean it is her folks are not familiar with your story I mean. That's got to be a birthday present issue within itself just being at home because last year what was that like. Just commuting back and forth where your family's base the Rochus during the you've got a few walks bear wherever don't have that team was point. Yeah I don't have like dot com. Economic and and chances and it online or read it is that. You know Hispanic outright they are richer Al are for a moment. And run in eight hours here and get back there are people practice a glut driving by again lowered it in. Mean never that gambling here in area friends serving at all. Never checked coach Chris Taylor our guest in the sport sparking germ attack Leah. On ESPN Rochester or talking you today. A place Denny or Regan who we have scheduled to to be it's a thank you by the way for giving us your time and in stepping in place of of Danny. What you think the chances are that he might be back in time for this week interest. I'm more operate the I. Our guys are there. And delegates need teams here Brett the night so. You don't want under that we retain his title burger and you are now you can tell he's got a lot still. He's Geithner was stored on him or not we're now the guys that are under technical financial and that's what they want peace and you know I mean that Borger our jobs and making sure they're ready or they're on. I you've got to of course another busy weekend and these are always tough to three games in three days here begin with Providence at home on Friday night so. Odds this weekend I shape up for you guys we dissect. Well it's giving it up we can not that structure for our team Reagan blockbusters. Art it will experience from you know there are. Not the popular division ordered that the vision. I'm so you know parties is that game person. And you look at started and hated greens aren't all. You're cute they're not really mediator role it's where you really look at that tree entry it's really guided. It probably only. Three games in thirty some hours there at 7 o'clock on Friday in third there last you know our current and there you go by our like I'm in four hours but only in support it's a very weakened for the guys that. You know we among them later during the we are just because that. What gets through that I mean you know I. I can't even imagine how much pain they're in after that three games or after that two game stretch when when your playing. I'm back to back nights I mean is it ice bats for everybody Chris what do they have to get ready to go. For for getting on the ice again another night. Or historically operated debated it is eating graded. It ensure that it'll water it. Hydrate very welcome you know I'd you're in model where I want that art is hurt in one color picture editor Brit by. The biggest part for me is those are very being is because it still are not there conserve water when you're not if it. We always certain Margaret real talent that you know wears you out of you know well all. Nearly every bit removed her seat not big name talent and not my job to make sure that are pretty apparent. And not played ignited much. Ever tech coach Chris Taylor joining us here of course I am Brooks hall of famers was a player Europe player. Assistant coach and now this being your first season as a head coach well what's the one thing you've learned. In your new position this season Chris. Well the biggest thing is never ink. The player known rhetoric. And bite you think you told them before. And then you know couple. We're going to upgrade your year but it that they should know what they're. Reiterated what we're hearing more on top but. A lot of that none you know Andre. The other person to pick Ryan technical trade created in the early need to forget saying you know what we wanted Beers urged that the united. Aren't that order restored they're you know on the earth and the liberal prepared and you know we take all of the those all all the other element they do for the been to work within or at that he reached well you know what did it. That you make ensure that we don't know what they're. They needed all it ironic in your bases there and on this topic is meant a lot of acquired and now we're prepared or announced so. You know individual to get gold Glover. Well versed about the org is a new players to make sure that Iraq or. Chris Taylor Merck's head coach I guess in the sport for a danger in the tangling that listen to the game against Providence Friday night from blue cross remember here. On ESP and Rochester. Chris a lot has changed. Your year with the Rochester Americans we find ourselves and and a in a position that that we are not really accustomed to for the last few years is it too soon. To talk about the policies are not trying to jinx anything but this time has looked good this season better that certainly we looked a year ago at this time. Yep for sure you know reported and it goes a bit you know you're. No need to do it I'd do it the biggest thing for me and they're younger they're getting better and the development and where am I could forget that they that it went down. Bring your record it or interpreted but obviously that are meaningful. Way out back just make out where it looked like he'd been good player out. You know win our last game and that's not where I want celebrated in the vote not to. Pale well I can't. Wait couple name on the first router. But now more or Erica. They'll compete and develop all of that. You know that's what that's court are important news that last month near future that will pushing in the right direction. You know we're going in and the food and now we're operate like our. I would say you know goal number one would be avoid to Ronald the first trauma that being said Kristi. Played pretty well obviously against that that Marlys teams on me now yeah I would imagine yeah I would imagine that you're not afraid anybody at this point. Aren't we were not you know let rip a player replay and you know I just look at that. We look at that we come on division earlier we were up by them and another great game and there's no question what are our hands full and Bilbray and all the guys are owed you and there's coddled and and there will be rated players get might think we you know how it increment in Paris from greater good. From the start that he didn't there are a lot of our guys have been off for that I've. We got organized that are hurt and guys in the lineup on those guys back here and there. You know they're pretty good scene went down you know an art Hewitt Lina and now Wilcox sat. No corporate structures or just don't count us in. Chris Taylor Rochester Americans head coach our guest in the sports bar with danger to tag Leo earlier Chris you mentioned that Neil under Alex new owners. One of the guys it stays on the ice action the last guy on the ice it's fair to say that the past two weeks. These plays been encouraging talk a little bit about what he's been doing the last couple weeks for the earmarks. Well I think it's sink or he can eating a lot harder for others sparked it you know getting an action has been an outsider we are calmed them down. You know were were to gain that was fortunate actively come back hearted kind of R&B I expect and you know he's he's very young Indian rule. On the part and that a lot of young guys that they're not. Very popular. Park and regretted it are are juniors. And their Little League so they're playing well. You know under you getting married in the article goes getting there. The area that he. Actually that threatening batters that you get on the op are a lot quicker because barrier you've heard Kurt he's on. A lot wouldn't you're not much is because you know he didn't know we're girl. I'm in north checked properly. You know there on the little things that at a news caught. Oh he knows. Then we get an older more properly and in. And you know that that's creating some or forward to you in the playbook when you hate it when you played. If I decided. And our guy here via an eye on that and not that this at our challenge collider guys aren't but he he's third or. CJ Smith of course he's out with an ankle you know what's the latest timetable on return their coach. Yeah he's started eating it every year and iron on there or another. Probably four or get your game Aaron Allen miss him dearly and you are great player first birdie here I have. North and it does drivel about so make sure that I'll be and that. Not person or mostly if it is energy back in the strike back everywhere despite that it. Does it or body but everywhere and make sure that he if he had I don't know if that's going to matter is we're not thought. Turks that coach Chris Taylor in advance of the three and three this weekend starting Friday night at the cross Renee against Providence. Itself Irish night at the arena Jeanne is gonna dress up as a leprechaun on our side current eyeballing during the and Chris I know you're busy with your team but if you have the chance. You know come on to the bench and watches throw gene into some mob bowling past. Yeah I do not build anything you have to Chris nobody wants to see that but what better journey on Friday night. Appreciate your time as always and I talk to you soon Emerson coach Chris Taylor good luck this week in coach. You got it great having him on it's been a guy guy sees is gone by so fast. Israel has like. We talked to coach since. Still I know me. Now we and that's kind of what happens with hockey in general right. So many beat you you're focused on the NFL's easy and and it's October and eggs are busy that we get the holidays and then. We realize walk and for us here Rochester. I aimed not touching seeing anything here in danger you would have a collapse of epic proportions of this team did not make the post season they are making the post season. I do think you'll be good to avoid Toronto are in the first round get to that sat around I don't think that's an pony you've shown you can play with Toronto yet so. How fortified as the amateur roster gonna be as Smith going to be there is you know all the PCs backed off from buffalo so that'll be fine. And to see the embarks roster. Full roster with buffalo being knocked out you wait to see that coming up in April. Could be a lot of fun and men will be fun to see that bar rock and for a playoff game or two right I mean you know let's hope for deep runs that we can really really get things go on but. The last time we had that what what how long ago I mean it's been soul. And end with it was all fired last and they won a playoff series a lab with each passing. Sees it it just you know let's get back on the front burner with the Rochester Americans this team she's. A winner this year they're playing like a playoff team now specifically. Through some basic inconsistencies through the course of the year for sure but. You see something with this team that make you believe another could be deep run that are in their future. Does that encourage you more talk about work out that your show today debt. Knee Lander is one of the guys he cited as being the last off the aren't sure but that's again that's just part of it that's part yeah that's that that almost should be the expectation you should want. You should want to be the last guy in the eyes each and it should be. Yeah of course Alaska I mean it's not only that. I'm goal Rick the film room or go right to the weight room I'm gonna bulk up when it you know do everything that I have to do. And my social life is gonna take a backseat because I know of by the discipline. To be the best athlete that can mean now what some point my social level take care of itself. And I need that distraction and you know that's what a lot of these guys I mean and it's not see Avery and in its not for everybody. Would you ignore your family if it meant you were going to be much more successful. I don't know that I would. I want my family before it put and I. To many people that's why it's imbalance. Gionta is an interesting case. Family Guy put that's kind of worked out I felt dizzy and yeah yeah I'll give him all the crew in the world that he's. Doing he's balancing his best is he can't now is best this weekend and you know is he still competing at a high level yeah. You know has aged up to assure catches up to everybody you're right I mean it some point you just can't. Physically do what you once were able and that's why the clock finally ran out I'm yuck hot younger your record Manger. Stay in this league until he was 45 years old it's because he was going on the ice not long today. Twice a day practice will be all over and then the afternoon. My days off. Why did teams keep bringing it may have because daisy is the way it should be done. And I'll also say he falls under that category that touched by god category right elected there's a skill there. That not a lot of players have no matter how hard you work that hard work we'll get to a point but if your hard work and then your also. Gifted in that you've you've got disability that that he's just. Second nature to you. Now you can have that kind of career and that's that's kind of scorer the younger his I mean you know the hard work yes absolutely and at this age the hard work is his serve him well. Longer career than I think any of us thought he would out. But you know just making it to the pros is enough for a lot of these guys. Just saying a professional athlete is enough I've. Blocked getting a pile of money and it didn't get here you can take care a lot of stuff when you become a professional yet to hell of a deal out. Provocative thoughts are on the world sport's next game we play called. I'll drink to that. Coming up here in the sports bar as I yeah. Peyton Manning. The numbers that are being talked about to have him as an analyst and tiger why is worth every every dollar that are our buddy actress to paso made an interesting point on Twitter that I wanna share with you guys you can agree or you can disagree. I also learned something about Michael was she that's actually it's of that. It's just quite don't laugh. I was a G Martin and Michael but Michael boggling you. All right just let's let's see what happens here in the sports bar danger tag Leah. Other vet next stay in the sports on ESPN brought to. It is my right. Post rigs in the sports. I'll reports say that ESPN and fox. Aren't bidding war. What could they possibly be in a bidding war over this DNA. Peyton Manning. ESPN wants mom Monday Night Football fox Swanson on Thursday night football reportedly. Data guess how much. Annually Peyton Manning now lets up duke reportedly didn't know. Dollars a year each are willing to bet Fred color commentary is not right. Now now it's not really they manage he could pitch pizza satellite TV insurance no one can pitch a product which Peyton Manning. The network Jeff Lance being Manning is going to get a return on that. Ten million and absolutely and I also read that he sold all 31 of his Papa John's franchise is just days before. The new agreement for a he's response you can't endorse Papa Johns now also will be paid to our top of you know yeah yeah I know Peyton Manning is a lock to be on one of those two networks. I would say Smart money's on fox that's the better. Of the two gigs with the wider audience out. Drink to that genius from our pal Crist apostle was strong point on the concept of saving money in the NFL. When you consider money can always be pushed to the future. That the cap increases anywhere from eight to ten million dollars per year and that every GM and coach whether they say it is outlawed or not he's he'd win now mode. Saving money in the NFL over rated. Yeah absolutely dismal would you say you let Mike taught how to network efforts Archie brown saving and fortifying the browns on the road you out of a job so I'll drink to that ESPN's Deirdre Val reporting that the NCAA. Top one. In revenue in Tony's seventy hall. Yet why you. Clear that we wonder why everything is so hurrah to. I would we're one billion go to danger but that might get divvied up. Back up player who doesn't get a pizza that final play. This guy you know what they're the of course there's a way that players could get that slice of the pie. But then you get into the whole conversation of who gets wide and gets this quality about the book but if gates. Is so corrupt it's that I don't know it's beyond fixing I don't know what that you don't. Let's get Jean-Gilles on the Jay bills could probably fix everything we can't so we are material yeah Oak Hill except aren't. Problem so I noticed the other night at the Oscars. And and you already know listened not. A big fan. Of the tone in the attitude. Out of Hollywood or use this you know. Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts went. Or street. Those schools is that's the definition of sync the mall just I can. Just get off your Kindle for yourself a terrible what he obviously. It and this is not a laughing matter this is a clause in the meat to movement is. Is you know what every good reason and out lie a lie is going to a lot of bad guys doing a lot of bad things a lot of bad people doing bad things because they have the power to do those bad things. But there are some stores that make you stretcher and likable that. He's what was that relief. Does that qualify as sexual misconduct or is that just. A bad date like you know I know G the James Franco story but I know that but god won a Golden Globe earlier this year was Muriel whisper. On Oscar night. So if it wants to make you disappear. They won't make you disappear they will punish you when you will feel that paid. However at the same time you're punishing. This actor. Kobe Bryant is up their crosses the stage. We have short memories. No way idol added that Hollywood has been double you don't know anything about Kobe Bryant's story danger how he was. He was charged with rape and was it the charges were dropped its okay and that's the story. However that's gonna stick would've brought what Kobe Bryant did in Colorado. He's probably ten times worse and one guy is probably ten times worse than what Al Franken did or James Franco porous he's sorry I'm not. Letting everybody off the hook I don't know what Matt Damon did. OK but I'm guessing what Kobe Bryant did it. In that hotel room. Ten times worse and anything that any of those other guys did. Yet they're the ones that are being punished and Kobe brought the hypocrisy of Hollywood he's absolutely. Staggering solves drink to that. On a much lighter note here. College Hockey needs a change today are we talking College Hockey on the shelves no not really seriously. Putting the NCAA hockey conference tournaments next week. Next week. It's dawn seriously who is paying attention when basketball design here's my solution danger. More proper this easy in College Hockey to begin in September plea of frozen for the final weekend in February. You'll get a much better spot in the sports calendar. Yes we can all agree. Al greeted but here's the thing it won't happen it won't change because. We've always this way yeah. They Donald jump on desks as long as I can. About how the Super Bowl should move to the Sunday before President's Day. It just makes all the sense in the world figure a way to expand overseas by another week at war games more sponsorship revenue that will happen because of the money. That didn't you'd be expanding the season high they don't have generalize so I'll drink to that. I got things I learned today and I'm glad we have Franklin and dad nick our interns are under appreciated interns in the studio with us today did today I learned. That my cohost jima Tagliabue. It's a bad bad man. Sister dare I say gene. Is a gangsta. Gee you explain yourself. While our. And explain myself and getting in trouble with the yes you'll this company's listening because what they do now a positive way how can. On the sales floor danger BS they have this new software in this new software is meant to detract you I mean meant to celebrate. When you make a sale and negative and you that I correct myself Greg gum and so when you make the same ol'. You have your own theme music like like almost like you have walk out music you have to bat like you're walking up the play. You can do that yeah well I get fired up yeah I didn't think that this would cut you know. Important. I put this in. This is your request yeah it is my request you know you're in this yeah. That I would like deja absolutely absolutely yeah I I would have pictured you are dealing. Let's get some steely do again. It can mean a Meryl Streep for a survey is this is not the arts. Gee what music. Are you say. Reggie look music. Sailed into an. Agreement. Only connect good news DMX seemed quite good use the F Max out at. And similar language I guess maybe I could get you know something call you know yeah I don't need to make sure our visit you don't have a problem with these lyrics and all of intimacy. Is it. Maybe I mean let's just first second in appreciate it ludicrous. QB. Yeah I think that is a more as a sales anthem if there ever was one rollout by Ludacris had him in a unit OK here's my dangers. Reading. I got might tweet Glock forty's cocked back. Mere weeks so drop that. We are rolling on twenties with the top back. So much money. You can't stop that. We look forties cocked back we only so drop that. We rolling on twenties at the top back so much money you can't stop that. I tired today that it has sailed anthem right there and it poetry. Poetry really obvious. For Eugene. Fired up up fired up to that. I hear that sought yeah. I'm more of a southern hospitality talent comes a ludicrous listen to southern hospitality you guys are too young you don't remember ludicrous right you have no appreciate all I mean does best and that's what floors me weights like frank. This stuff Bob Franken is are that bearden and that. Thanks for Ralph well as produce and all of this stuff like Terrelle got a sings a happy song that that was a big hit a couple of years ago I don't remember us for that Terrelle. In the early two thousands was like. The only thing happening in hip hop he was kicked off life support what ran through for anybody that wanted to Jammer would defer Rel for wrote produced it it was hot. At Doral that a lot of ludicrous stuff La ludicrous songs. T I mean there's an old show on MTV frankly it was called yo and TV programs. And for me spending part man life in the Bronx that was your wit and while her home. It was equity hours. I have slope where you. Okay and are easily can only do was don't stall I don't yeah I. That's act or other and exchange. Hours yeah hit it nice can I stop you for a senate if at all off. And stay there I am a stay there yes I. I saw DJ cal perform at the grammys. DJ Khaled has convinced an entire generation of music listeners. That he has a shred of talent I got him. Cyril to act now on newsroom. Frankly it's your dad. And if so where so just by saying he's the best automatically no you're the best is he starts every so we asked him. With the best at what distracting from the people that actually have talent on stage with you re was trying to say see this is where I was trying to return address these music's not. Other. Yeah yeah. You know if he's in the eighties the best point at the ceiling he does a lot of that. Does a lot of that now that's all disagree with you that's all if you wanna get far corruption gee that's a good opponents are current on PX how mild Oklahoma. Pool. And like hip op. I had DJ Khaled fan and be a little bit. Oh my god are you kidding me. No you're not really no no there are people that are more talented when I talk about people being touched by god. That is not a guy I have on that list sorry. But I gave for it was wrong that song for you do you want to song. You wanna set at all I would change on next week that I like that's again and you know additional don't change because that means I have to be that the one gets the song watch just how she did the world. Let's and by the way let's go back to football on big move today for the Seahawks and is there another big move happening. For the Seahawks it's it's your guide a couple of big moves and we just got word of another trade of what we know another trick with the Los Angeles rams will get to that old or next and we've also got John. Louis joining us hear the voice while you see labor it's coming up here just few minutes in sports bar with danger and tightly we've got the ACC tournament on the big screen here in the sports bar. Yeah cues with a win last night. They would turn him in action now gone brackets writer on the colossal idol guy is upset alert here Boston College leading NC state 6955. I can't wait. Can't wait for next week I can't wait. When the brackets are set to get in there and make my picks and a expect especially excited this year. To try something new five hour energy brackets dot com is where you wanna go real time brackets that allow you to change your ex. During the live tournament games in meat house were talking about this earlier today gene on FaceBook live. 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So stock up on the five hour energy now set up the game winning assists this month grabbed twelve pack of five hour energy get that feeling of energy and focus to watch all tournament long five hour energy. Get back to 100%.