The Sports Bar-Hour 1- Chris Trapasso

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk about the teams in the NFL that will be looking for a free agent QB. Then, Chris Trapasso draft analyst from CBS Sports joins the show to talk about sleepers from small schools in the 2018 NFL draft and a focus on a new breed of player at the linebacker position.


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Those sports bar with danger and exactly. Roger is trying to make something happen but I think. You could've pulled back in just got to change what's up do we want it to be a couple bad bounces com. Bill Burton as a whole wasn't there let it happen to us cancel games so this is Marty you all are you. Mike danger ties to Rochester of course it's. His days playing with the efforts and those connections will pay dividends as he is inducted into the Rochester Americans hall of fame. I don't microphone and I start going door and talk isn't big deadline the music and they're like I have people that you know. Jeanne exactly one bill's not yet passed along here in danger Vontae Davis taking his first free agent did it it's the Buffalo Bills it seems to be another indication that bills are moving on from DJ gates quarterback AJ McCarron does he fit in the Buffalo Bills plans for a free agency Rochester sports leaders 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon but still I enjoy thus the sports bar is open for business we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening AM 950957. FM. ESPN Rochester dot com radio dot com after John. ESPN Rochester alongside gene to tag Leah I am like danger here to kick off your sports weekend hello Jean ended dangerous. Friday the sun is out of time here next week you have one foot out the door but I'm gonna make you. Stay these three hours are you all infertile are not focus geno might have my jacket on a one foot out the door but I am all needed focus sports bar this afternoon. We've got a great show lined up for you talk a lot of hockey. De Brian Duff is to join us in the 5 o'clock hours got confirmation on that he's coming into town tonight pat waited Saber Brock has it really pumped up Marty is sure it. Not a show via the tribute video last night during the Saber broadcast which I'm sure we'll see tonight the blue cross arena Marty moron going into the Rochester Americans hall of fame. And does soul Brian Goff who course. Does the MSG broadcasting intermission reports of Mari he's coming in tonight. Right does sneaky in you know quite often they catch some members games he is actually enamored band so. Good to see to offer is gonna be a joining us with their way to kind of juggle things around a little bits of Don Stevens. Is going to join us a little earlier in the program to damn sure he's got a good Marty story Don Stevens at fort 45. And then it's time we haven't had a monitor few weeks I always enjoy a talking to a national reporter danger we're in you pick up the phone you're down 585. Yeah ass cars are gods aren't guy. Chris are also gonna join us in a few minutes draft analyst for CBS sports. Dot com and of course doing some work as well with Buffalo News. Chris Russell always brings a great inside and in his we get closer and closer to free agency closer and closer to the draft. Always love to hear what Chris has to say about who's available who's out there who's moving. And who could be looking at whom as the regular season kicks off here that have the football season kicks off. In the middle of march were less than a mum about a month when a lesson among the way now. Yeah it is so is Chris is this week wrote an article about the linebackers he says this is a good class for linebackers. Soul. Look we're gonna always talk a lot of quarterbacks the bills are going to be in the market for perhaps that trend certainly in the draft. But when it comes other positions. Would you see danger linebacker. Is the second biggest need on this team. If Preston brown is gone yet no doubt. In your your paper thin back there you can do better than Ramon number I'm sorry can do better than Lorenzo Alexander at this point do. You can do better impressed him brown. Yeah I I'm not really sure Sean McDermott wanna address that defensive tackle position. Before the linebacker position but I think there one a and one B if anything. And firming up that middle of the defense and he's going to be a priority whether they do it through free agency with a guy like starlet to lay allay the they say is named Renton now dammit now. The tool allay. Can I get a verdict that's correct let's. Okay now. Tongue twister games are doomed to hold me it's NBA all star weekend he's really go any place in Milwaukee that all he's free cell and and and Ted ticket no bloom now and old frankly Heidi let me outsell levee. I just don't know role. Coal health and G your giants on tape decorum ball on it could blow. On take a couple. All the great play. Well remembering that it agreed to break it's a better brand. Anna Nicole let. What what what is starlet to lay who has screwed it up again didn't we just calms star symbolic right now scoop all star and a tick. From Utah yap you might get a break Millen who aren't I mean I'm listening to that. If they came up yesterday late in the show. If you were joining us yesterday you heard us talk a little bit about. AJ McCarron who's now a free agent backup quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. AJ McCarron you'll probably 2018 make more money that Bengals starting quarterback Andy Dalton. That's funny nice going dangles way to screw that hopping good for McCarron that you know he found agreements and hot again is agent Todd France. Has a long time Disney's relationship. With the the coolest having bought the majority interest in that sports agency so. McCarron certainly will be a topic of discussion in buffalo I think it's cool it's from this sense danger he just puts another body. How there is we're trying to figure out the dominoes. Of who needs a quarterback and who who's left here for the Buffalo Bills because I'm. Let me just state this up front I know people we've had on the show lights will be in the teak. Rich Donnelly also be a planted their flag any goal signed Kirk cousins. I am not all of that ilk. I don't think cousins is the second coming of Drew Brees as far as veteran quarterbacks are also in gonna become franchise quarterbacks the Japan have to pay. Franchise quarterback type of money I'm not interest it let somebody else take that hiring was a risk but it's gonna screw up your cap. An intervention for doing other things soul who won we look at the market right now danger. Hey I will identified. Pushing the Buffalo Bills out of the equation for now we know bills need a quarterback. You tell me if there's any teams are missing here. There are four teams right now that should be having the should we pay up for cousins or should we go. And for another guy whether it's teen on the whether it's Bradford weather is now AJ McCarron. Denver we know Denver certainly is a team that is interest it has been linked to cousins. The G at its obviously. But McCown. Didn't know K job last year. Arizona orders Arizona's planting corn and your quarterback ol' boy united you wanna feel better by herself and for that matter Cleveland. Now Cleveland being the other team we can agree that those four teams right now. We identified four other teams danger you to tell me could these teams. Woman that's gonna prevent say you know in his game of musical chairs. The Miami Dolphins sure. Yet they're not gonna bring back a Jay Cutler but they commit a lot of money Ryan tanner now. Yeah you you're losing them more free agency Alicia bring him back. On sewed minimum you need somebody that he can back up right antenna hill and at best to bring somebody in. Who can compete. With Brian Tenet yell not beat Ryan tennis. I think that's a real option should be mad maybe Miami draft somebody but I expect that the dolphins have to addressed its position better than Jay Cutler. How about a team that Dodd did it. Go to the playoffs this year playoff team. Could they upgrade. Normal ones danger that is picked up the fifth year option on their starting quarterback but could they bring in somebody else to push Blake morals and talk about Jacksonville. He's Jacksonville. In the market for any of these quarter. Similar situation where you are gonna lose Chad Henne in free agency Alicia bring him back. And I would say yes if you're you know you could. If you're Jacksonville draft quarterback in a later round and bring them in is somebody that could maybe back up late portals but maybe they show you something that that feels like where. Kyle latter would be like safe draft pick in the second or third round if he's there that late. Vets a guy that could probably compete with the late portals in camp if not just back him up for the fifth year. As far as veterans though crude I'll be the Jacksonville Jaguars. Spending money I'm a veteran. That feels like where maybe a Michael landing could Lander or you know one of those type they're gonna have to bring in sight but I feel like they wait I feel like they'll be in the the camp of teams that weight in freeagent soak it. We'll cry out for now cross them off the list. Another team in aid to taking all they have a plan but what their plan falls apart. Kansas City. Kansas City didn't spend a lot of money on the quarterback position but would they be in the market again for somebody Decker com main. Three years at 56 million again I'm just throwing out just hypotheticals here like a case keen him. Like a Teddy Bridgewater. Yeah I don't know I mean with what they've invested in and pat pat homes the idea that he's a starter I mean I think again that's another team that. If they address a quarterback will be through free agency will be laid you'll be kind of like what Eagles did with nick falls you know it'll be well past star free agency in those. Alia we're gonna bring back broken arm and across the marvelous here's another team that I think you'll agree with me. Yet they should get a better quarterback. Boy lives. And they're blind to weigh. I think they're really blind to what they're living in year 2012 which team in my talking about tired of the Baltimore Ravens and Joseph Flacco you could certainly upgrade over Joseph slack now. But free agency wise. Does this team have the wherewithal to actually go out and get a veteran of pushed offline. And ever since it paid Joseph Flacco these have been able to get the pieces around him I mean I don't know that they have. Without looking at their cap triggers or what you know how much his salary messes up their cap. I would say they probably wouldn't be in the market for those top. Free agent quarterbacks because I'm only going to be able to afford the top free agent right back along with what you're paying your franchise quarterback Joseph Flacco he made that commitment. You gave him that big country now that contract back then was a big big contract after he won the suitable right now it's. Well now it's like chump change it's funny in any adult contract when he said it was a pretty big deal. And I do you know like wow what an insane value Andy Dalton is a wonder he's staying in Cincinnati no wonder they're keeping around. It's not a financial burden at all. Now when you see what Matt Stafford is bullet in car's pulling in all by the way Alex Smith just got paid what are you gonna pay. What are you gonna pay Kirk cousins mean these guys are going to make bank. Well. Maybe Baltimore at sixteen's a threat for the bills of the bills wanna say hey we're gonna wait for our quarterback I think that might be a secret team that you would not normally expect to take a quarterback in the first round. Wow you wanted to give Joseph Flacco a little shot to the ribs there he gig going. We need more per auction and if not. All right well then we're gonna season quarterback here a little bit here may be like my homes maybe 2019 becomes the year for the Baltimore Ravens. I don't think there's any other teams are missing out for the point of this exercise. I am not saying New Orleans. Let's just assume the wallets is resigning Drew Brees I don't share for see that but I think we sure I'd just say that every one. The giants know I don't see the giants bring in another veteran do you. My courtesy of bringing another veteran and less it's like a geno Smith one of those again like wade and create CC what scraps or left don't overpay for a guy. Get him very cheap if if you're committed to Eli Manning now. Could be giants take a quarterback yeah they certainly take a quarterback at number two they wanted to. Or they can do a lot of people have been speculating trade out of that tape with a team like buffalo picked up when he first 22 picks. And take a quarterback there quarterback it's when he won and or 22. There will be a quarter. Yes it's so I mean a ball boy what I'm saying is teens that in this first thing we see free agency now I've I don't we've identified five here. Or 54 ESPN as a number Denver obviously the jets Arizona Cleve land. And we're gonna say the Miami Dolphins OK because Ryan ten analyze and a long leash obviously did not play last year. But dolphin fans you really feel comfortable as that being your only option this year. If you have only five. Teams. Danger. If you look at the market. Where would you predict cousins ends up. When those five teams. I'd I still think Denver. I think Denver Arizona I don't know what airs on his cap situation is like I'm pretty sure. That they would be OK would be okay and not my dream scenarios put him in Cleveland and Cleveland all of a sudden now we're entry I'm number one that would open up the world the possibility here. Are for the Buffalo Bills. I'm gonna save dad from it across two teams off of this list. Certainly the jets are signing somebody with a it's been dunking and McCann you know all McCarron or cousins Denver is signing somebody. Arizona has assigned someone look there's no doubt. The point of this being that the bills we can be left over way. And you look at it and somebody like Sam Bradford QTV. I'm Sam Bradford. Mimi Teddy Bridgewater. And again I'm going under the assumption they making them is they had it is getting it free agency and as the vikings are gonna say it out too rich for us maybe he goes back. I don't think is going to be a lot of options that might point to the Buffalo Bills here if they wanna be fiscally responsible. In this first wave of free agency. That includes me care. That includes McCarron McCarron in my book that's probably option number two right now if he's option number two a danger. Am what do Florio say he could make in this market sixteen not interested. The court medical him beat out any stinking Dalton's he's you know I. As soon as he was announced is a free to my first thought is that dude is gonna make between fifteen and twenty million horror. With three regular season starts in one playoff start under his belt back and when he fifteen. That's the kind of guy wanna bring in to compete for a starting job not to just hand over the starting job have you. If Cleveland brings him and I can see Cleveland bringing him in. And did him competing with dish on Kaiser and whoever they might draft. And now you've got a decent quarterback competition you've got you know and by the way he has connections with Cleveland hue Jackson was offensive coordinator. Keisel quarterbacks coach now as he office coordinator Clint so you've got. Some connections there they're familiar with McCarron what McCarron can do so that wouldn't shock me at all. And especially when you consider them they have the money now just because we think a guy should make. Or is going to make between fifteen and twenty million per year doesn't necessarily mean it's right. But Cleveland as all of this money to throw at them whether it's right or wrong they could they can do that. Probably wrong but they'll probably do it anyways his Cleveland. They should now I think the north of the fans don't Rite Aid importing all this has sort of the fans. Put the best players on the field that give you the best chance to win. Is it AJ McCarron may be is it worth sixteen million per year find out I don't know. I don't know if that's what he's going. Mean if you re competing with well when we see sixteen is that Glenn in like meaning. You're gonna hear these big numbers are their escape clause after her problem you know it's like he had a source contract that you don't generally speaking the contract doesn't benefit the player. It doesn't protect the player protects the team more than a protects the player. That the team always have the way to get out. It is always teaches peace who says they won't pay you money and it's at and if we decide to not pay you money that will be that. Usually. So these players ever written a pretty good where they they take care but I I have a feeling that if you're gonna take a chance I got like any Jim Carrey and yet you're gonna have a pretty good out clause in there after one year. Maybe after two years. We can we. Hag McCarron as mean they've the great bridge quarterback queen bee more. When any team view him as being more than just the dive you're in a draft somebody and making sure. Again. I I am intrigued by name is a rich guy because. We didn't see a whole ton of him. And what we saw was his average was it was a little bit better than average. But again yet you're not good enough to beat any dull. And the knock on you was arm strength that you're not able to make all of the NFL types rose. You know I'll let somebody else take that gamble I tree by AJ McCarron I really am I'm curious to see. What he looks like playing for a team with an opportunity to go out there and get it. But animal farm so intrigued that I would say yeah we want them buffalo. He's just compelling and he's compelling name in the free agent market just because of the unknown. That's that always the unknown. That's why Kile allowed all the sudden his. The anti my guy because I don't know all that much about him and what I do know I impress me which is why you and iron not. In the business of evaluating how right right that is not a reason to pick somebody up I got right but I imagine. Dugway earlier in NFL executive you don't say you know we don't have intrigued by AJ McCarron. The unknown. Likened your dog where we actually that's why you're out of war again that's why you're out of port even need. Again is if you're Smart. If you're gonna look at. Raw statistical. Data that shows why making this decision. Is the right move for the organization rather than saying you my gut tells me this is the guy well it. A little bit of analogy here if you're an NBA fan there was a guy last eight. But a decade ago Minnesota drafted at any played great in Spain. Ricky Rubio. Yeah I like how how much how many scouts how many analysts said well it's just the unknown. Boy I hope NBA scout earnings come a long way between the unknown and now you know I one where the bulls were but the overall pick there from Minnesota. Our rate. But as fans we had this hey it works the toy no. I think Mike byers last year against the Shawn Watson was. Can't watch a lot of this guy and going through a lot of Texans owner if we can you think you know which you don't soul. It works the other whales and who knows and nobody. Ultimately nobody knows nobody knew nick fools would be the Super Bowl MVP. People had Carson when it's pegged as one of the bottom third. In quarterbacks going in the last season you know when you're ranking quarterbacks if we played where's the line don't and I thought we would have put 32 days act RS. Go off. Yes what's better yes nobody knows nobody knows. Is that the one name that we didn't talk about through all of this exercise gene and it's you know you you gonna wanna. You know and this. You're talking about the bills and you're talking about free law. See now and talk about try hey it's not about how we are having a TT free Friday. Number five brief Friday yes become cheaper I get death are high rise. Yes yes yeah he's familiar with the team. Yeah he's familiar with the coach what will Baghdad he'll slide as a leader in the locker room all wrong I might go on vacation that day danger when news if that ended up happening because the fan base will Disco the were on the something new here. See this is where I have a problem with that though. Play offs should be happy how they've earned at least a little bit of trust. From the fan base that they were able to take that roster. Roster of jump that we didn't think would win more than four games last year at the end that drought we. The benefit of the doubt we don't want to let them. Handled their business the way they see fit follow through on their plan financially with assists seven with value that might include. Bringing Tyrod Taylor back. No because every bills fan and as an opinion on this team danger Welker running back I mean this is the byproduct of the seventeen years that came before it and all the Monday Morning Quarterback yeah. Bird it's over it's. We have talked about yet it's done too we look at the future and say what's best for the organization right now and know that these guys. Have the same intention that every bills that happens we will win a Super Bowl this is our plan to get us there and we might we recognize that might not be the most savory options but it is. The best option at the optics might not it again it might trick your brain into thinking this is going to be ugly pig. But it easing is bad as you actually think it is good but isn't as bad as you actually now. Drizzle is the NFL they me it's very publisher of the brown somebody weighed down on the bottom by a state they're Smart this off season. Better believe they're gonna be much better next year. Doesn't take that long to turn around I think 454 ESPN has a number 4543776. We've got Chris to par so drug covers the draft and is analyzing all the prospects CBS sports dot com great article this week talking about the future. Linebacker in the NFL and how there a couple of prospects to keep an ion. In these shears draft one from Boise State that has my attention a specifically that will diving a little bit deeper with. Crist paso CBS sports dot com our guest next in the sports bar with danger and tag linked. That's 705 Marty for Ron going into the earmarks hall of fame. One of the proud sponsors of amateur hockey NE SP in Rochester will hurt you pull it. Now you're having trouble selling your current mine if you worried that my car truck dropped a pass inspection in what do I do here's what you do. You sell it to will words Cole will birds you pull it at 315. 5892. To cheat you or visit them online at WUPI dot com stopping at their store 4936. State route 104 million San. And you can. Hash. For your car truck Zander SEV today at Wilbert pupil. If you want if you were on filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place BM 950 yen 957. Afghans don't sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to sports bar with danger to tightly enough and makes us happier than dialing into one of our experts. It started with a 585 area code is doing amazing work for the Buffalo News not to mention. Just a ridiculous amount of work. For CBS sports dot com draft. Analyst for CBS sports Stockholm or for interest apostle joins us now in the sport story Chris. Don't know it is good to start the weekend with you my friend I wanna just coming off the Senior Bowl here. A couple of my eyes like what I saw I'm just curious to learn more about him but we're having this debate is it. We do we hold people and players prospects that we don't know much about more in high regard like that. Did the unknown the mystery that is Kyle Alanna. On video set us straight on here what we're do you think Kyle will let actually falls as an NFL prospect. Well I think and a Senior Bowl. During the week. At a big repealed I thought you would that back quarterback. In mobile and really the week of practice and almost way more than actual game is game hamburger corporate scrimmage the core vector in the air for period Rowell. Bombs. But I beat the in the game well let. Retreat touchdown one million BP of the game well I think the entire week where its future and and I would on this show things that he's he would show that he could away. Again you know. Better competition that would eat speak at Richmond but overall it's film is good. Doubtless feel he you know it Eric Idle waned a little bit under pressure. I'm heat not appear read that pocket Wilbur. Or are you director like it today. I think he took. Not be any body or any movement preacher at I think you'd like a sports fans may the early round product backed by. I think if he'd. Pretty but it right well wrote the book ball pretty well because of a quick relief and I think Jimmy drop below. Actually helped Camelot he is there are similar to their gain actually went back. And looked at my notes from a 2014 draft I'd give me the and there are. Pretty similar that I ate even roll back in Illinois about Europe or that. Under pressure. He got really cryptic didn't know what to do was. What treat them bad act would make the bed agent but one cup clean he was trying to distributing the ball point guard at trial. Long live to certain degree in community at a little bit quicker lead a little more accurate all of the field. But I think is what we've seen from drop below. Com and big time Turkey time out while he played reported that speed and will help them and it wouldn't be surprised he ultimately go a little bit earlier. You know the sport in the fifth round. Our greats who can expect they'll check to draft law letter that their products are set to also CBS sports dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger to tag Lee and I invite you know. Reach of the work he's been doing on the NFL draft at CBS sports Stockholm on peace that caught our higher earlier this week Chris. I love it the future of linebacker. In the NFL talk about some of these prospects at the were all familiar with the good that the household name broke on Smith. Out of Georgia but there's a couple of other guys that you mentioning your article. That because of their size and their ability. They they could be transformer of players at their position moving forward tell us about these guys. Yet ultimately true guy trimmed mean and men from Virginia act. Gently in Vander ash from Boise State. Well I personally Oxfam. I wasn't that big is Spain and because I in. I've kind of been conditioned. To see these op while linebacker like Patrick Willis like equally. There are all between Dick Button it too. And at this point 220 by didn't need eight to forty at the bigot. On they can get up watch early while the rate again the raw and they have pretty good at audit that. To kind of run panting. With right now and running back out of the backfield. But admin and enter ash are all their four. Wondered if he blocked now. On April blocked it into them they're back and shut it died back in. You know do any of those were buying the linebacker. Things that we team from a lot of guys that honor and good careers well I think they're kind of potential train and players at linebacker spot. Is that believe in and they certainly did it in touted but we at the pro level is really. Morphing into college and it almost becoming. To a certain degree oven on that in camping out. Where length and speed and lettuce is down almost attorney commander more than having nose and a new line. Skilled at the linebacker spot. So I think if these guys I mean that we fiber and years ago they beat their fourth round pick but now. I'm just with what they can do with how much ground they copper with their long stride athletic they are. I think they're old and a blow up the timeline in it and don't owe me a minute and I'm not sure can happen but I wouldn't be surprised. If after the I'm buying. A lot of my draft them and ultimately happens will have admin and may even be under ash going several client met. Cool and amazing spell but he's just cannot be so much smaller. And based just. What they do relative of their I don't think Mitt is gonna have and get a by either of those two so I don't know. In the future Indiana wrote you really need to you know these great skills to stop the run it's all about adding Lang. To get after the yet there pom and get to the sideline that he popped the ball and true mean admin leaned in ash. Are true enormous prospects that are due booed him on the. How are you numbing soul here Christa possibly joining us here in the sports are Chris is somebody who are covers you know the draft process and the Buffalo Bills to boo. On OK so we know that Preston brown is is a free agent you have. Lorenzo Alexander you Ramon Humber mental model might be one of those linebackers that with the speed like you're talking about how the league is adjusting. I guess here's my question if if the board goes the way you think it short and as far as linebackers. If the Buffalo Bills were to invest first round pick or second round pick a mean. Could you upgrade on say date number two was one of these prospects what will be there. Values and it deposition from buffalo would have to think that's a big big need. Yes definitely and you look back cat. What Sean McDermott and into airliner rated B and they were entered in loops equally. That you would a guy and it really and ordered it be that they're playing well before he got there by. The technique that anfield in airline and then over the next five years and then. They critical to lead equity current because of and that the middle linebacker spot. And you're right in that meant a lot no. Putted. Looked to be in nimble child richter while I'm at the weak side linebacker spot on pretty well they put 225 which. Call to. Just relative to what we've seen it islanders Butler really. Are in now and and moving into the future that kind of approach a side. But the middle linebacker spot and be a little bit bigger and you want him to be able to hold up against the run and again we blocked a little bit better. So if one of those guys. And me in orbit and were there and back around. I think that. Either of those two would be great picture of the bill were shot and then. On what probably on the first I think is Alabama I'd agree you'll have only to do with that. On he doesn't have and avail back to the and a bit and I'd mine beat. But he's a little bit old school and that -- get up blocks he's greedy and Ron. Could it could that while the outline and there there was some talk that he might not actually wrote that the other linebackers in the class. That intact particularly well in Indy he can beat that round. And yet mental battle ranging from Ireland to our line you would have been in the middle being at bumper and you know really improving. The interior. Of the bills rugby and this is one in the back and probably be back linebacker flat on that I ever doubted. And going back 2013 no actually rotate it it definitely is about that that started liberal probably. Eaten that it there round. Could give someone. That will ultimately be. Be you know starting middle line back for them NBA they're good players as good on the top in a lot. Chris one more thing on linebacker just because you mentioned Lou Heatley and what Sean McDermott hating Carolina let's not forget. Luke Heatley also had Thomas Davis playing by his side union you mentioned in your article. Roker on Smith the kind of reminds you a little bit of of Todd Davis CEO rope once Smith. It seems to be here is is appear to be from all the locks and I've looked at like the guy the linebacker. That you that you wanna gat early in the first round but what it what it I mean what if the Columbine happens and some of these guys put up ridiculous numbers mean. Are there any where several conference on your market and is there anyway that rope on falls as far back as 122. Well I think in terms of where I am right now it's great to think that. We're still so early in the quote unquote track for a slow game and on her over now. On that things can change and I I really will not be the prize at. Relative to his side it being rolled on it is an advocate you can eat on only be good at Lee he's very bad way. Com he's pretty powerful but I think those two guys admin and B and they're gonna measure in taller. And be here longer and I think they're gonna have explosive numbers. When we seem teen had just the end of well in general but I am I mean upload them and I I think they're pretty Smart for the most part. That I wouldn't be surprised. If one or bowl. Opposed by an actress go edit and did beat. Public at that that what they can offer with pat Lang and that that was and how quick they cover. A lot of brow. I think we're apartment will probably a bit went out they will probably go in the top ten team. But. Again I mean I don't think we're gonna eat three linebackers all of ten or fifteen so if I think combined is all the mentally and maybe the probity are ultimately be. Deciding factor in these kind of pecking order a at the linebacker spot and shot and in. I don't like him as much as the men do calm but he is day eight it pretty good middle linebacker. Prospect he can beat someone certainly should be aired 122. And might be available. In the second round the other sleeper let be it an act in. Dairy liners from South Carolina State talked about you know ability. To overrunning their trade and he get it had very well the combine. 2230. Pound tackling machine. And they you know small school level when he of one net. Definitely will be here and back in the ground. Will he be there when the builder picking a Specter on I'm not sure but I ain't he. Probably on the right it will continue to rise over the next two months. Krista paso CBS sports draft analyst joining us here in the sports bar also you can get some of his work on the Buffalo News website the DM blitz. Hi Chris were at the time a year now where. ID B it's almost like you need a filter when it comes to some of these stories I mean what would be your advice because I heard this story this week in danger and I debated I'm sure you sought to. All that the Buffalo Bills have this. Great interest in Josh rose in in the wanna trade up. It's fun to speculate but I I Chris I've thrown the flag on this how you cover the draft. Long inning in all then we have certainly you know the process I can't buy. Anybody that's saying to the Buffalo Bills have their mind up on any quarterback now that we haven't even reached to come by and at this point. Yeah I think debt a print that they only beat and and even pay that that are hearing about it now. Is probably a pretty good that is not true because I think. And on one organ here 00 La and are. And then they'd love does her and in Milan judge Allan. Think we're gonna go all like oh we're seeing things in at the ground that are capped at. It was. In January that there were locked in imperiled. Now it can turn this in their report said that they've scheduled a private meeting would be great field he's giving the number one. And it happened every year that is seen. Clearly in need of a quarterback. It cycles through and you guys remember Lester the true bit key there was the shot watt than that time there's a little period to three week. Where a report from now everyone is pointing to one team with one quarterback. Told the fact that happening this early in the preacher that. To me would indicate that is probably not true I can happen. And I did. Been that commitment that was how much rain in beans some victories have reached. The product that building it into the draft in the ultimate goal when Super Bowl. That some moved from 21 to two. Even if rain being does have day you know. Connection to speed cattlemen from the time in airline. Who's now the kind AM to give up. Old first round pick maybe it back in next year for all much in the team does have. So many holes that it just would be owner productive degree in a young quarterback like John. And now that peck built around. Chris have you ever been in a position where. You use your your alarm went off in your had where weather was a front office type weather was an aging and because certainly teams wanna plant stories that might be steak or something like that. I mean how prevalent is this around this time of the year and you know how how much have you encountered that. On the I will say that. He moved to. Rusty with media members. They're not nearly as open to talking leaking information. And certainly connected with meat by. Eight and there are a lot more balls in and one spread you know positive news about why I. Remember back in the twenty sport team direct it. Neither did they have a draft of the date for. Com. And I mean you think you would it agent but there was an agent who contacted the calm and said that he would give it trade out for. To date been cloudy and active in the wanna panic and you're in or you don't have to go number one but it can be to a different team in that your or I wanna they would the falcons. That they are gonna trade opportunity game comedy. And the deal would. Ready to go and I was a little reluctant and I cried why did. You know. Maybe he'd try to I similar treatment recently been a monopoly Conant. Alternately obviously that did happen I'm so it is certainly a guy name. Where a lot of people that are. Over the years to realize you know to. But it lying beaten buddy nick before bill via east all the data he would love that he could go into the speed and and tell everyone according glad the dark so that they could get him in the second round. Oh is it. I think hearing and reading them is important to that stage. Opted date with everything happening but did believe. Anything yet and they value at this point I think. Is it coolest create it almost hard to go and seen it needed. How many good players out of time you know like to have a lot of different rumors out there beating up people are. Where your follow at Twitter at Chris to plot so his latest work at CBS sports dot com. Highlighting the small school sleeper prospects Chris before we let you go for your weekend. They give us a few names from some of the smaller schools that could make an impact on Sundance. Tired of one died the area Leonard it being built and should keep him in mind because he does a middle linebacker. He is the athletic you're check all the box is John McDermott why out Carolina that he I have them today ballot back in rounder at that point. Della Goddard from South Dakota that he balm in the trip to help these type of site and I am at my number fifty overall prospect at that point on I think he would at Columbine. You could maybe be in the end of the first round. I think the patriot can maybe look at damage and impairment rapper out of the scary proposition. On. Jabbar and Roland you know from Arkansas State. Awards super productive at thirteen dec this year in nineteen tackle for a lot and was really productive in your career. And are not be. Not someone that can really while you Atlantic lead doesn't really look like I'm Miller coming up yet but he uses it and really well though at a being offered the climate in that way and most small school guys don't have that they usually get when it sure what it is the mother bigger than everyone now. He's 61 to 35 to 48. You know stand up out at linebacker but the technical at crushing guilt. I think it'll help him a lot and what other guys built could potentially be in Michigan later in the draft. Torre Powell in from. University of Northern Iowa he would be offered the MVP at the East West Shrine Game. Did make that Google but he will be at Columbine. 61 true and we've got pretty good night for being gay. Downfield speedster I think you're gonna do very well pick out by John. In the forty yard dash or be someone that the bill do wanna add bet on it element dory while. In the players that meet sport at that brown that the bill could get. And ease back into camp liberty but at the next year but could be hit deep ball actually that ball up and certainly need. Krista paso read his work on the Indian bullets the Buffalo News also CBS sports. Chris really appreciate you cover not a few minutes were a senate Friday ever grow great weak demand. Yeah crystal plus the best. Best I talked to maul three hours I don't. About milk hyper or Todd Mitch day Mike may not pretty these guys they'll let Jed they're not picking up the topic of the phone we call we're just not big enough for them we only know with. We got one guy in our backyard no we're doing great work one now. Shall skim let's put it this way so ESPN's platform uses Skype permit Shea. CBS. Mr. possible Chris to paso Dan. He's from here his phone number begins with the area code 585. Of that. Absolutely got him out of the draft show through this year that was flipped rapture coming up right I have a drug showed absolutely love that our. So that was awesome if you missed it. Why have it up for you shortly at the only ESPN Rochus should become more few came in late. A Crist apostle CBS sports stock come up next provocative thoughts around the world of sports I'll drink to that. In the sports bar with danger and the tightly Gina preview. We think and I've got an unpopular opinion I'd like to share. Editor of all you have 12. Look you are taught me danger. To divorce emotion from the store yes Bahrain and there's a hockey story. If we'd have forced the emotion from dad. Yeah you figure out where this guys don't okay. Aaron all right that's coming up and I'll drink to that next in the sports bar danger of the tag Leah on ESPN Rochester.