The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Dennis Bernstein

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a conversation with Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period. The guys preview tonight's game seven between Winnipeg and Nashville plus Dennis shares his scouting report on Rasmus Dahlin.


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But sports bar with dangerous but sadly the rookies will be out until Friday and Saturday registered voters can't get called vita won't build it get there on Saturday no media availability of dual marketing to Russia and Mike danger what is Josh how is that impressive. Some hurdles for the reporters can't be a little bit of got talent are. Frey she's exactly yeah youngsters to get worn down. I'm a foursome you streaks free agents who might actually made the 53 man roster but they're different factor in the NBA. How do you mentally prepare yourself. Everything that comes with the ball. I would good form that appear maybe give a good partner bought it but in the end. This size that Garth and Matt's problem brought Dave along with that ability to perform in the polls. There's going to be too much but these Boston Celtics we fights it and we don't back down nobody so that brings us games out now Winnipeg. Nashville I think Matt's ability advantage just because their whole Rochester sports. The leader 957. Yes he had good afternoon I'm told us all join us the sports bar would danger the tag glee is open for business we appreciate you stopping by. AM 9159857. FM ESPN Rochester are all on one where we are also streaming shot. If you search for us on the radio dot com Apple's street now what you could take ES PM register with you. Anywhere you go listen anywhere any time big danger along its genes it's actually. I couldn't pick two old. Some teens I really don't care about NHL last in Winnipeg international animal in tonight. If there's game seven ladies teams have been playing yes. Thank you and thank you Justin Timberlake for pushing this act back an extra day that's why we had to wait until tonight apparently there was a Timberlake concert. There again last night so old here we get gain setting tonight. And I think Ed Shearer is the cause of many schedule headaches for the NFL this fall as well believe it shear and he's doing a stadium tour which is why some of the teams in the NFL have a little bit funky your schedules we will do with multiple road game in just kind of mucks up the works a little bit there when you go on the stadium of the arena to force the Justin Timberlake and national lots of big show that's. That's his neck of the woods is Tennessee boy. Yes so they put down on Wednesday night when I'm sure they drew a lot of people there last night so if you're wondering wait why did they go from Monday to Thursday that's. That's the reason but I'm only endanger tonight 8 o'clock I just hope it doesn't go five overtimes like that they're cocky like. I would take a five overtime gave I would force myself to stay awake for five overtime game. We're anticipating. Shut getting Beers on the catfish right this is a game seven right. So we'll see the a Tennessee Titans offensive line show up with. It's a giant catfish and in beer chugging and all of that is Carrie Underwood singing. I was excellent I was gonna say Emmy award of the over under is on celebrity couple ways tonight son Robby is at the profits some action on this game. We know what's gonna be good on the ice let's get some action on now what's happening off which take Mary owed that's five to one that he would be high shown tonight. I know I don't even know he's going or not. Yeah. Yeah I I think he had merry go to to get the office of wanting to get the usual antics I think you get the the shot gunning a beer through what catfish. I think one of the offense one that will be our short list and that goes without saying it's. If history serves that's all we can expect pregame. I don't we can expect on the ice during the game is. Just evenly matched team this series statistically. I don't know if you can find more evenly matched series. The shots the shot operatives are scoring chances is ease. These two teams have battled I I am excited I am all in on game seven and really to me this is. This game is more intriguing then. Whatever the Western Conference final looks like and certainly more intriguing to me in the Eastern Conference final it's it's tonight. So you think the winner tonight goes of the final. Did that Vegas. Date has been a nice story but. I don't wanna bet against Vegas because what does that got me so far. Yeah that the team that Vegas faces is one of the two best teams in the league this year in Winnipeg. Or Nashville. And I think they they both have just more than Vegas can handle butts. But. I don't wanna bet against Vegas based on everything that they've shown us so far this year it's it's pretty remarkable story. Marc-Andre Fleury freezing consistent as he's been in the post season throughout his career. This year standing on his head he's been remarkable. It's. It Beckett to draw the analogy danger it's like last year when we have Pittsburgh or Washington in this round that was great series Pittsburgh prevails and then. All that's cute they get Ottawa. Yeah well AI they out what was feisty adding that went six of I remember correctly. I think Vegas is a little bit better than Ottawa last year took for crying out loud can we we go back to the one verses eight format so. When you do get to the conference finals we all have these questions look at the NBA. We all were looking toward a rockets warriors. Final. The game look better round two they make sure that the two best teams at the brackets out would be facing each other in the final Matt's organic. Via. The NBA finals. A conference finals are set. Boston Cleveland. Golden State's Houston. It here many of those games right here on the sports leader ESP and Rochester. Hi you doing today geno was worried about your last night here your Mets had you a little bit of a sour mood yesterday I want you feel better today. With them warm angry yesterday. About the Mets fanning out horror or the Buffalo Bills drafting Josh fail. You have you have video of me getting angry. Which never released yet I. Release it it is gonna save it just for the archives just kind of remember where it was the night the Josh Allen was drafted. Because I was part of the part of the the group saying. Rosen Jim guy he's there get roses and get Rosen now that is is invested is a fan. Is is you or your lifelong bills fan you grow up watching this team. You know I love the bills I wanna see the bill succeed. We have to talk about the bills every day on the shelf but. I don't know that it in the moment in my I don't see the wisdom and then taking Josh Allen over Josh Rosen but here's what I have that you don't Jeanne. I every year headstart argue this is exactly after last year's Chicago Bears fan. Whitney gave up everything they gave up to get. Mitchell Robiskie. And there's a lot of unknowns. And a lot of questions yet to be unanswered some of them will start to see develop. Rookie minicamp this weekend when Joshua Allen takes the field. Lot of Smart people are doing a lot of hard work in dissecting he's game. Guys like Joba stallion from WK BWA buffalo. What are the Buffalo Bills getting in Josh Allen that he's article at WK BW dot com. We're gonna break it down with Jo and 4 o'clock hour this afternoon. He watches more film and you can man action cards so he's done the homework on this and it is recommended reading you get a chance. On. If you're hoping for a conclusion I don't know we are going to get that but it is a little bit enlightening as to what. It goes beyond just the all it needs some work on his accuracy or control explain exactly what he needs the work out. And steps and and things that bills coaching staff is going to need to look for. Before you can see Josh Allen's starting any games. Lawson and talks mocking him more hockey in a yesterday we had a great conversation Brian blessing out of Vegas. You remember Brian blessing from his days in the empire sports network. And I was today is covering the golden knights in and any time its chance to talk hockey with Smart Smart hockey people we take it Dennis Bernstein. Big gum. These big biggest golden knights there all right Jane he. Huge golden knights. And is. You're listening I have my tongue in cheek but that last Imus and always a big and he's bad he's an objective. Reporter for the fourth period dot com editor at the fourth period. Dot com a great web site a good piece on the fourth period I checked it out today on. Hon Brad marsh out of mark Marcia and I was on C Marshall it's hard marsh and Brad marsh had. And end. What he's going to try and do. Moving forward and realizing that maybe his antics. Brought a little bit of negative attention to his team in a little bit of a distraction. To his team this post season. The white garlic the face of Ryan Callahan might be crossing a line. Not the first time he's done on trying to write and so. May be just clean that up a little bit that's right now the fourth period dot Kabul talked Dennis about that of course we'll talk about tonight's game seven. I'm curious is sit his thoughts on Brian Gionta and we seen the last of Brian Gionta and NHL team. And we have had Denis Johnson's before. The NHL draft lottery. Give us a scouting report on Rasmussen Colleen. Mean really everything that they've behavior sabres fan can you get enough rest for stalling Al thinks. I think you wanna know everything you can every perspective every viewpoint. Wait for somebody say what you know something negative about this guy he can be a transformational. Figure the sabres are evil yeah. He's the best defensive prospect to come out since. Last night questioned the Dennis come on I mean it is exciting and now I don't want a temper anybody's enthusiasm when it comes that is because. Well now we we've had enough to do it you'll be down about here what syrup comes to a hockey team that. Plays down the road in buffalo sold vase ease exciting. On the prospect of Nebraska's d'alene coming to buffalo. Dennis Bernstein the fourth period to join us journal but it does today's big NFL story. Big story for her report NFL team big story for the NFL. Big societal story here we go out with another. Accusation. This time. Not accusation but an actual indictment that was dug up. Yeah 22 years ago I think this story goes beyond sports and if you're not familiar let me kind of catch up to speed here give you broad strokes. By the Detroit. News last night did a story. Broke the story actually that lions take coach Matt Patricia. On during spring break his senior year at RPI. Was charged by the cases brought to a grand jury on this for. An alleged incident that happened that involve the young woman again this is back down in taxis in the year 1996. When you bring something to a grand jury all the grand jury asked that it look and say. Ari is there enough here to bring this to trial. Yes or no. Well what happened was the alleged victim and I got to phrase it that way because we really don't know. On she declined to testify in a prosecutor. Drop the case the lawyer at the time for Patricia and not Patricia friend by the way. Was two guys involved in this bomb it said this was a complete. Fabrication. So this is the first time we the public we're learning about this here's the kicker. Apparently the Detroit Lions claimed they knew not being a politics. It was just up backgrounds. Search that the Detroit. Free Press there DEA to. On there at new head coach oh my gosh look at this hot and we do not know about this so. I guess that would be my first question is hot does not calm up. If you or hiring somebody of that importance where your organization alliance. Are standing by Matt Patricia at this time and if he would is. Never brought to trial. While I guess what's bigger the quarter public opinion danger today or is. In the actual court system. Well the mob gets involved. That's when you hear the apologies in in UUU apologize to the mob to placate the mob and the mob gets quiet mob goes away certain. Matt Patricia. Never got his day in court to make this go away. So really all he can do is confidently. Express. That these allegations. False. And essentially what he did this afternoon. And and then furthermore that the team standing by him they have to kind of give the same kind of message of no we've got his back he was never able. To clear his name. But we believe that these accusations are false because it no trial existed. Now if the alleged Vick dumb. 22 years later the word to step up in the world that we live in now. And say it and make a comment to make them you know make it known that this did you help. Dead I think he's now the mob gets involved. Now now he's gone now he's done. Because. It's complicated right. Because she'd refused to testify. He never went to trial. The truth. Is what all eventually set everybody free here this it if mat trick show is telling the truth the story is over. Why. I'm just wondering what this is like Forbes as one man. Wherever she is now two days some 22 years later her. Does she wanna stay if this actually did happen game. And she comes out of their story I don't think there's any recovery for Matt attrition even though is digging coal. To. Trial because how many stories to we have like this might danger where a victim just refuses. Can alleged victim. Refuses to testify. It becomes a bigger so it is way beyond football or any thing but. There's a remote possibility that if this woman. Steps for that the lions believe he. Lee has a new massive. PR problem on their hand I don't know Patricia would survive. Yet the league. I don't take the lead can really do anything here in terms of this violating their they're code of conduct policy. Because it happened before he was an employee. Of the NFL because. The there was no truck wasn't found guilty. This is like an HR thing though right because when you're you're applying for any job. Rite Aid the U you have the box if you ever being convicted of the crime. Which are sitting tucked up box. However then. Went dead spin is kind of filed appear a little bit too there why is Som. It is that or rob the time Patricia got hired. There was a private investigation. Firma PI firm that bad did request the court documents now. We don't know all who paid that firm. Was a Patricia was that the league was that the lions. I have no nobody knows blight. If the lions knew this going in then they advocates say anything. If they never ask the question I don't know if they could say anything right. But if the lions are lied to I guess in the interview process. Well I think if they were lied to the interview process you get a little bit less than the support you're getting from the team right now in the wake of this surfacing. It sure sounds like based on the statements they've provided that the team is gonna stand by Patricia. And out of that anything's gonna change that short of the alleged victim. Making some noise. And it you know is it too little too late at that point. But I again just speculating at one of the alleged victim just comes out tells her side of the story and says. I was twenty wine. I was really embarrassed that I was in the situation. This happened I did not want to embarrass my family out one of the whole thing to go away. You falter for making that decision when she was 21. Does she have responsibility. To go through. I don't know the answer is that it's. Sachs said it it's so bizarre I mean think about 22 years ago. Think about the world's 22 years ago. Vs the world now think about where somebody 22 years ago could've been in their life vs where somebody could be now 22 years China. Or George or twenty years later. I don't I don't anticipate we're gonna hear any thing. From the alleged victim. But any in the world we live in now in the meat to won't move in immediately via that feels like it would be an opportunity. For her to. Find peace. If it. This actually happened. Or if it's Patricia side day and by the way treasures lawyer. Who said quote it's a complete fabrication. You know what you're if it is one thing they did not testify but if that's not rule that's motivation. To me say no I'm not Lott is a I would be. The final lions fan right now just be following the story. Just be following him because. What would be the next step here. While it is galway and Matt's back in the league like everything else table looking to Witten you'll never hear about it again and or in the need to movements. And this woman who was 21 of the time now let's say she's 43 today and she's talked it over with their family today and she's willing to step forward in and tell her story in the hopes that missile. Help the world Lauren I mean I don't. No she would do with the takedown Patricia but just. Find some peace like you said. Will be the next step peer. New York Times Wall Street Journal I I I don't know but to meet this deals like one of those when we look back at the need to moment. I think this is one of the biggest once they hit sports right now potential potential. All in there there would be eight and massive football problem here for just like they've lost their echoed. Thorough decent I'm not just be Detroit's. When it just be sort of traded by the way if you are Detroit. You could've found out about this I mean you know that it's. If you have access to you the nexis database if you're you know if you subscribe your your member and your log in. You know if you have that service yet EU and see this it would come up right away. There's plenty of ways. It's a find this out a new and you mentioned the them. The private investigation firm that request the court files. Back in January may be the NFL did that maybe the lions did that. Maybe another team in the NFL requested that information. But he's denying it. CEO. Steve took all the questions many took Lara thirty he actually they're probably still more questions that were being asked I think he took. Over a dozen questions on this topical laundering as press conference today. Yeah and this press conference but I do like here buffalo or they're getting ready for Ricky Manning camp that's what this is about the lines and the rookie mini camp and then everybody. I'll get crowned match because he could've just gone into the talked to my lawyer tonight though you're. Yeah I think handling it the way he's handling it is the only way if you're Matt Patricia or neutralizing you could you have to hit the you have to take them on. Pat on the deny it with confidence it never happened. It never happened. Yes yes I was indicted. But. That grand jury would have found mean not guilty because it never. Happened and will never know. Because she. Chose not to go through that legal process. And if she were to speak up. And now the court of public opinion did takes over. Brian and Dick that's where. You can say that quarter public opinion a lot of cases today it's bigger than a regular court system right I don't know that the court of public opinion is enough. To see Matt Patricia loses job this season with a tree lines. And I really don't know I don't know that it is. How does it work van because. Of the NFL right danger. Incidents happen with these athletes. How does this happen then when the next time you head out of alliance. Player. Who's accused of some thing. Yeah it's only act he's. Asia is same thing that they all do right data every team when they have a player in trouble what do with a what do they all say. Let the legal process play out. We're seeing it in Sanford Cisco right now we remember one got that Ruben Foster story like. Critical are weak in the NFL if if the NFL is gonna see this in the we have this this personal conduct policy. I got. So bad guy doing bad things you wanna make a statement. Don't Paterson dude had it not letting the legal process play out. Overly litigious world that we live. We'll see how it all shakes out on remote Costa is a bad guy I don't need I mean the court tell me that that's a bad guy. That's a bad guy I would want him on my team I don't care how talented years. I Patricia up. Over the course of twenty years probably as maturity. Whether he was or wasn't in any kind of situation on spring break I would imagine that you've come a long way since partying on South Padre Island with your RPI. Fraternity brother. That way is it was there anything less shocking than to hear that map Patricia was it's the spring breaking in south primary island with a split fraternity brother he's still dresses like he's in a frat. With his hat forward or backward and have the pencil during the press got rid of that unbelievable. More on that is we find out more and I'm sure that's a story. During down by the way during a down news cycle in the NFL as well not with the NFL ones are Artie yeah that is why don't we're talking about a rookie mini camp. And them bull. Got Matt Patricia deal with this. Yikes. Let's get the hockey Dennis Bernstein the fourth period dot com. USA's big nets fan or should I see Zbigniew kings picked up Dennis object. NHL reporter. Editor at the fourth period dot com some really good stuff on that side if your hockey fan Muster read material will get a preview of tonight's game seven we'll talk some Brian Gionta with Dennis. And look forward to the NHL draft where the Buffalo Sabres will be selecting number one overall. The fourth period dot com's Dennis Bernstein next in sports are danger and tag lay up on ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy and peels wallet Famer Steve tasker gives you all the latest news from. Exclusive interviews lined up seats in Tampa NFL analysis Murphy and task are taking wins I don't. On the sideline to keep you want to meet with everything hills right here knew that three on home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN broadcaster. We've got just goalie can win go in the morning and drive home with danger of exactly how. In this sports o'clock PM 950 and 957. At fifth does sports leader ESPN Rochester. The danger to Tagliabue is our mission to make QA smarter fan. Better NHL fan we talked to some of the best and brightest minds out there guys like Dennis hurts people in the fourth period dot com always good at this time to join us here in the sports bar Dennis. How are you. Injure the acrid filler creates people that they it to game seven I'm doing great. Now we get our second one finally tonight natural and Winnipeg. It's so many things we can talk about this game a bit to be a what do you think it comes down to tonight basically Dennis this game seven. I'd throw up a much debated discussed this. Do looked historically it's been a 170 games sevens on eighteen to 100 or wipe out 50% of the time so I think you look at who's gonna come out hot. I was gonna come up stats. On this national want to win this game as starkly pours cold wind tried seventy almost 75% of the time. First gold in game seven went on so I think they're gonna jump tart it up a wanna take. I used a huge hole might have been to have with the Utah crowd to be happier and I particularly to try to jump on them not a lot of history with both these franchise in game seven I mean. Nationals won one game seven in franchise history. It's the first game seven in the when the tech Atlanta. Pressures. Franchise history I mean Phoenix. After removed when a page from within a couple of game sevens so not a lot of familiarity here. But I I think that the first spot seven minutes. I think when the picture and I have to stay in the type of big rush. I national opening game that they can then I expect that. This could be a very competitive skiing in about 25% and at times I was looking in overtime in game seven so I think we could be looking at maybe. Tariq reactor it is sixty minutes and going to a and overcoming instant. I got my five hour energy at the ready that this series Dennis is statistically. I don't think you could find a series that that is more even. Statistically. It and you mention that home icing gonna make that watch out for me personally I think the home ice might just be enough of that advantage given how statistically. Even this series is dead. Yet but they'll be out there. Particularly critical international Olympic twice forcing people and actually went up there and TS spell and won two games up there so maybe I think off. The trumpet and make people want to settle into the game in this. Patient flow I don't think they care about home ice and you talk about specifically if you look at the two top lines for both teams distract you or has nine goals and thirteen assists and series. The predators fluctuate and top line has nine goals and fourteen assists but not like. That no other series. Usually you're kept got thrown some guys also want become group but in this series the prime time players have produced and I suspect that the night over the top line's going to be better. Conduct he's gonna want that. Dennis Bernstein from the fourth appeared guest here in the sports bar 957 ESPN meanwhile Vegas skits. Little rest here in you know here we go again wondering how big is is gotten this far Dennis I wanna say the winner of tonight's game will advance of the cup final but. The wrong twice before here. Yeah I've been golf cart before. Well couple things. They're gonna bigot is gonna be the more rest between number one on the beat. Put a peg or national does not have a political better. Marketers Florian display Pepsi I put it there there's really no pressure on the screen. Even at this level during the final four you would pick another team likes national everybody expected national a cup final. Most people could from the wind because that gap is no pressure whatsoever. Our biggest all the intangibles wrestle that can be arrested if a goaltender. That a great goaltender in the playoffs. And you know so I think at this point. It's going to be he had to stand up I think again I'll go back to Lidstrom led from the top line on the mark is a lot for Vegas was then passed. They need to be fantastic game because especially tight if it would play when the papers what they've got a lot scored a lot of depth. I think belt if you wanna pick it is its national eye chart literally got the peak. They could because of a couple of coping with a great story of the sport it would be fantastic. We get international coverage in North America though from a sporting equipment to general news standpoint but it. That they can can match. When natural speech. And that community if that happened in a matchup I give them a better chance against national Olympic affecting what do excited and and and got. Scoring can really give me a lot of trouble but I thought that about Timothy as well that will be underdogs biggest Olympic you know like us they're very comfortable barrel this point. We keep selling them short we keep selling and should we keep saying I've Vegas is an advance faces in advance and here we are there in the Western Conference final awaiting the winner of tonight's game seven. I I think I would probably think the same thing Marc-Andre Fleury having given his history at some point. There's some inconsistencies in his it is post season play that we haven't seen it yet. This post season why Dennis. Because between the trouble is really good and Smart it's they limit their chances in front of them like I looked and in LA here wish you'd think a big physical team like LA would have a lot of opportunity because the slot. Most thinking they are not counting they speak eliminate traffic. That's system a truck or putting down on has been fantastic forum on and it is it's worked on even and he didn't you know bigger. They were really got into the front Democrat had been not very big teams in a space so I could see that. It was an easier count amid the Los Angeles series now the next certificate wanna pay with custom off what may be that man. Well like we a little more frankly it's going to be at the store with the system works they get they get because we're little quick because we have mobile defenseman. But they get the puck and they've been you can assume very quickly if not they don't have the fort hanging around to it it just works. On an era when not a role I think a lot of it as you know the sport is probably 80% mental. He's our role he doesn't give up any bad almost. Got a court came in front of them and defeat there also were they all love each other go to nor god it was during this last week if they don't see the last series they don't have a chip on social. Right I mean big big column couldn leftovers or were they don't know. They still carry that collective chip on your show almost beloved underdog role there at the public cherishing it in saying that the huge advantage of them so. I just think the system works walked hot and that's what happens or you know you have to be good but sixty games here. You gotta be good for sixteen went to wiping more and more critically enough juice up the win eight more games. Absolutely he got on an open. Dennis Bernstein the fourth period here you you mentioned San Jose and obviously work. Now wondering if a grander cain's gonna sign with the sharks Dennis because if the resigning stairwell and the sabres get upgraded to a first round pick. What do you think the odds are the Cain does stay in San Jose. I think he had the incentive because without him but he can't score if you watch widely lost the last round. And it was because our current balance on a writes I would props it's when those and they can do it. An abandoned even though he was really to typically heard in Japan and an actor. But it can wrap up its business last week on they need him we desperately need him. And they have local commercial picnic and the that you can't get that this panel in the draft. This condition and scoring on the wing. I would be shocked if he didn't go back on this and say it's not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination of circuit test the market by. They really need him an and I think that you've gotten off well. Wolf that we get a first round pick form because they beat this acute need to score on the links but such regional sport with a little jolt is gonna come back but. Come over not having knee injury took about he didn't look great play out smoking to toward the better center. On this team that it was going to bet half the skywalk away if they're making their trade would make a lot of sense so I would suspect the and the lack of there I think but the other thing on the look at probably six million dollars here that the left went scoreless went on to I would think if an actual seat community impact and it. He's in his first in the fourth period dot com a great website great resource for hockey fans read up on all the latest NHL news at the fourth period. Dot com Dennis let's shift to the east we have and Eastern Conference final between the Washington Capitals the Tampa Bay Lightning gives little preview that's serious force. Well the capitals got the 600 pound gorilla that back. Couple nights ago when that could let the scored the overtime win at Pittsburgh took I think prominent financial standpoint. If everything we've been able Washington. People didn't think it beat Pittsburgh get beat England in in Washington they lost that game off about it get blown two goal lead and they had a puck in a tough road. That the Columbus are it was difficult on this less certain almost it was very difficult but now the playing without Smart it's that that's one thing America. But a couple of things. Nick back from have to veto if he's not healthy and doesn't reform globally needed on that double ourselves and secondly there in Washington but not good enough to beat Washington. An ethnic specimen is healthy that's produced great hope we have the B. On the better goaltender in this series with Washington spends too a couple of I assume all detector is gonna get his gold but it's great the second that's going to I don't think they're gonna spent now. Despite the Tampa Bay and nobody's talking about it but they and can could be between the pipes. They what they mean they walked through Boston most people pick Austin. Because they're mentally tough but they walked to bought in the coast when you go back and look at this team they were beat beat Boston a five. Without getting much from you don't spend Kozo of course of course draw didn't make big one of the plot. Point in time to light bulb but got to produce and when you go back I was go back and defense you look at their top six get have been sort of top player. Become a data and strong and the second pair in that certain chip. Could have been a rookie year and been different here. And Britain called partnerships or paired defensemen it's a really deep interest team they are conducting a prohibitive favorites to win this and I would be shocked if they went on to. The two win it because on paper they're gonna kick. On probably five or six games but. I don't sell. Washington short because you know what common to the Pittsburgh here is that you gotta be the year. If there ever going to be it's sort of picks it's important that could but as the weeks and they could have put a lot of hockey the last species. I think this is the and I picked them in seven. They got they got home and six doesn't altering potential ally with Washington by. But it deep interest team in Tampa and the gonna have to play their best hockey Washington a ball trichet there at the racial leveled out a couple of post the but because the because I just was really Pressly people bought them. United talk a little bit about Boston getting eliminated specifically. Marsh and you have a piece up on the fourth here right now I mean that's scary you really can we actually believe he's capable of changing his behavior on the ice. I don't think you can tell him I I think it's incumbent upon. His teammates. By. Back this chart. Are drawn. They have to make him change his way he said he wants to but you know what that would mean and I culture are charged with coming on the back on the ice when that happened. Right I mean I would go higher multiple sparked element in the in the lock on about so it's got the leadership team. Yeah I get it he said he wants to change and I agreed that you when you got him. I have no problem keep doubting that he can treat waste but I think that they could on this guy I think that. And leadership group had the Golden State this past the stop right now and I think it will I do I disagree I think this is this at the end of rope a Marshall because look. If we just concentrated on his scale. I go back to that gamespot being four over shorthanded goal of the game or perhaps between him and and Bergeron Balata and tat. At the plate what we're talking about I am licking the talent base as long as there is no place where it looked and the rest mood to. And Russia didn't to it and it to a game misconduct for that they missed the ball on that too but I I think it's. Certainly the team could spell out the guy he's publicly said he's gonna carpet. But again I think the leadership group in that room at the slim down and training community is keen happening. Did delete missed the boat and in the league kind of giving him a stern warning a stern talking to Britain no real. Penalty I mean you know this isn't a guide that just flew off the handle this series the long history of being this. This agitator and its point. You know if the league has any value of player safety job and we marsh is gonna get eats. I think that look people because it happened twice in one play after. He's right after the first time writer director of that series you know bad refereeing in the regular all the guidance saying look. But if this stuff happens again at the two and attempted to the game misconduct. What every one you had been one adjudicated but there is a rule of people to basically Brian Gionta rule like it was a short may revoke not been ruled in this. In the book right now the penalize that about the back. Right which has no place in the game I get the store or. I can try to get people pick in and understand that that's not what to do with their all the way to do it but won't produce up but nobody talked and that part also hide all that low bridging of but he did. In Atlanta which is all it would tighten more dangerous double spaced so I think that. You know. I guess in that. They did or what perspective they shouldn't focus than thing to look at this happens again. But it went in went on penalize the first time around so big that we would have been wartime what would do the second time and that's what they did they missed the boat on that. Right and I think that he didn't and that's what you should be even didn't see it happen to be reviewed by deputy patent series but I creepy I mean it is it's just no place and if they blew it. But I don't think they'll upload again I think that it's very very clear probably wouldn't trust this ever happen again but I just think this is just a one off. Would a player who just really overstepped his parents. In net tonight game four in laws in the overtime Tampa winning eight and there was that deflection in front of things quickly my eyes that is okay were was. All know that was Brian Gionta on the fence there. I'm big guys I don't want that to be you know he can be this mean our hometown of for Brian Gionta here and you don't want that to be our lasting image of Brian Gionta on the ice but. Is that going to be our last image to Brian Gionta in the NHL. The B forty years old in January. Where's are spot on a contender. It's gonna put forth prime minister BO discretion. We get paid a million dollars a year I don't seem to be honest with you I think that what you know fortunately I don't think he's gonna go up between that but that's the signature. Move for Brian Gionta and leave the seminal moment form right and meat and fortunate. On the team you know a relic of the game seven you know white guy with LA Chicago and populate and collectibles put up at Nickelodeon like and it. And when I'm going to Hispanic up. I'm so I don't think it was bad but I I just don't keep making political play. In Europe maybe it's what's going to have one way of picking up I don't see you believe that is all that's going to be discredited but I've beat. I just don't see where he's fit in the beyond to maybe contended that the farm. I don't think a player that spectrum that the the PPL training kept trying to earn a spot it's the need them and I think he's got a little way of action don't Andrew McCain. Right they have an opportunity come back nobody had interest because again. For prime minister moan don't you want to put pride right so I don't see him. Brought up in the front of order or should it be on that sour note. Pressure I think when you look back at his career leader a great guy. And just the winner and in general so I don't see him fitting in excuse. It then this person in the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports bar with danger and tag and a couple of weeks ago Dennis you've probably heard a collective. From Western New York pass they're a little bit of drama with the NHL draft lottery but when it's all send on the sabres. Leave that night with the first overall pick in all indications are restless Colleen is going to be that pick what's your what's your scouting report on calling. Generational where. Okay low output by the states could probably wrap it up a couple of offensive nick Lidstrom off famously. At rats at the age he's better than Nikki wants when he was. Authorities and well liked it if he gets a vote accomplished so much that. He's playing with men right off the bat right now so eat eat his performance and I'm playing in the pro Likud and back in Sweden by a generational talent I am happy for Buffalo Sabres and finally. I'm and he'll combining to hit the jackpot goal in the future looks pretty good now at the left. But a lot more trapped between that this is this a legitimate star player like maybe you know maybe you gotta manager expectations in the first year adapting to believe in diplomatic services in the bad natured but this. Or period it is generational count the opposite was unhappy affair probably could do a lot of years from this great player. Well it in you don't wanna heat expectation on an eighteen year old when he's coming hand in and that being sad if the sabres don't start weighing. Mean we have that we have a conversation before Dan is about. The status of Phil house Lee and it won't you know or consensus was safe house Li PD's new player like this unique. He might be looking for work come holiday time but. Dennis does this change the narrative a little bit because you bring in a town like Colleen you might have to give a whole team a little bit more partner. They know little bit more time. Look at who he's coat was coaching a whole Spain defenseman. I'd bet that that would that aspect of the announcement quite so that's the perfect guy to coach in America are so I think there's a little bit more lead time here but. I you know. If they came out of the box opposite team would he be in trouble that charge about winning got results right and so on I don't think that. Ali could improve that came off the bat coming out of the first when he came out of the box what you really have to think long viewed here you really do like it was a bad he's in I think because. Just washed out last season and try to build I don't think they're going to be how come out of pocket I think people apple lowered expectations I really do. I mean it that they've been a while for so long I think to wait another. Six more to one season. That the developmental season would be OK with me amateur took it with papers and I'm I do believe like you say that I think typical diplomatic because. He can Methodist defenseman who can beat a great pro player obviously. Dennis Rasmussen at risk Salina wit with Colleen coming in he does that make here a team make it does he make more sense staying with the sabres it may be being a second. Second let defenseman or. The sabres move on a player that they can actually get something for it in in Rasmus for Salina and this offseason and then I'm curious also as to what you think the sabres could or should do. With Ryan O'Reilly. Okay. Contributory to Europe that's just can't do this gamble got to stay and people but next he's lucky he's our long term. Right so FAA and the next season let's see you know I I assume that Ellington played a full year. That was the women as anyone to trim next year the draft I get there and spin it now commented on what you haven't spent on the court. By O'Reilly. I don't know who's taken a contract are more years or more years of seven point five. You know maybe Montreal won't want to Montreal to give me if there's if there's sort picker second pick becoming the go to perfect now but I would. I would keep what would doubt if I were him. But you know look I'm one I don't wanna treated like cooking with the unrest. And that's the guy what it could potentially with the artist about this cease. No probably that he wears and a gun. It's it's I don't think it's it should ignore negative leadership he's honest about it so. Could go out and looked at in the market form yet I mean seven point five would be a legitimate second line center at below the two spent the they want to retain salary and not short depend everybody can get traded but I wouldn't trade him because about it. You know it is not you know. This is not a failure came in and new distraction in the shower and went back right that is not that as a player but sincerely want to went into game or put a lot of minutes. Does a lot of rolls on I'd be very careful out there I got a good deal. I got a first round pick getting younger player when I look at it sure I would not off the bat if I'm borrow at the draft pick people. Look at the trade I haven't listened that was part. But I don't think that the right move this opponent Tom on the should get a legitimate value back but this fire and emotion you can bet that more. If Almonte Twitter at Dennis. He asked. Trucks on the fourth spirit dot com and an aspect of probably go to war. It's a grim kind of we are actually giving a triple way to Las Vegas that they. Hockey ceremony next month two for two with airfare accommodation and a couple of good things because of course spear dot com and it welcomed that bad bad giveaway and yet and being out. With respect to NHL especially with digital primetime now. Creative team attractive to a lot of stuff so. The suspect or a staff of writers and to complete the this bit numb my stuff up there but yeah anything but expect the trade through the draft door like after the contest going that they could expect. He could go to the portrait dot com get more information. A lot of tennis we love having you along we appreciate you being so gracious with your time with a four to speak with you again. Real soon buddy got to be good and go Vegas. So I'll bet it would be good sport over the the economy. That is in the best appreciate it that's bursting the fourth period dot com and eat a must. A must visit for all hockey and yet today I mean you should be fired up your hockey fan tonight game seven a man who's playing but these are two great teams I want to when the cop Winnipeg national. Game seven tonight that's at 8 o'clock stay soft you can always right to what's at ESPN Rochester. Reacting to that interview Nathan writing in. Why are we just focusing on the licking we should be focusing on the illegal hits the staring in everything else he does there's no place the way he plays in. Days later look at knots I I kind of touched on that the licking is that the most recent thing right but. He's antics he's just general he's antics on the ice are going to get in you know other players or himself. Really hurt I mean like it's gonna take a retaliation it's up it's gonna happen with this guy. I I can't believe Callahan didn't kill him I really thought Callahan was going to kill Brad marsh and. There really isn't always right there. Actually being okay ten minutes your call and so that's probably Italians like really eating get anything for that. I know the legal discipline if you're leaving your skates in your hitting up high contact of that that's gonna get their attention that all get a suspension. Everything else martian does is. Is in a different league naif enough. A real literally they'd appreciate that I like up there has brought up the now the F forgot the name Shawnee remember that in fact our whole week how public. He would imminently act where he would act like a serpent in front of the goaltender and finally his mouth off the ice that's what did he made India and got him the suspension work. Teams are just like we we just can't the way he acted off the ice. Finally got the league's attention. If you re read up on though the Brent marsh and peace it's about the fourth period dot com right now. You'll see that he's at least saying the right things but as we know actions speak louder than words and end. You know he's while he's delivering his mere Coppola and we'll see if he can actually follow through with that next season could see he is a he gave. Really really good hockey player I mean we we are talking about he's easy legal hits and and everything that he does and a negative way. But man he is nice the in and Dennis is right that that play between he and Bergeron. Or. Filthy filthy stuff on ice. What that took the weight Tampa handled Boston that Campillo focal we're talking about every team except AM book. Just seems like the best team in the east not giving enough credit through makes me think that that might be beat the team to beat. Sneaky good Tampa Bay Lightning as they advance the eastern. Conference finals in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs against Washington of course game seven tonight to determine who will take on this Vegas golden knights in the west. Tonight of course Nashville posting the Winnipeg jets are let's take a break here geno let's come back with altering to that we got the provocative thoughts from around the world of sports. I wanna apply for a job with the city of Rochester because there's somebody that's hammering Jack's. For not doing any work I'm I'm excited I can't wait it's my new career I hope you'll support me in my venture. Oh yes we have. New whose. Finger quote there. Regarding the blue cross of green oh good okay some great. Coming up in the sports bar WK BW Buffalo's jolt this Dahlia. Tell you what's. Bills rookie quarterback. Josh Allah has in common. With Derek Zoolander. All right from Joseph Joseph this guy gonna join this year and got a 20/20 five minutes associate in sports mark. Danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Love super fans sports junkie. Slayer and that's. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join in pact with the action from the the end. He's 57 MMS forcefully. No sports leader and listen lives when he Forsett. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when children exactly how. Stories opinions and contents people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.