The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Dino Babers

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a conversation with Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo to discuss the new lease agreement in place at Frontier Field between the Rochester Red Wings and the county. Next Syracuse head football coach Dino Babers updates us on his new class of recruits coming into the 2018 season.


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But sports bar with dangerous but sadly it just me great honor to join an eye on me and announcing that Monroe county and Rochester community baseball has finalized in the long term lease. That will keep the red wings here frontier field for many many years to com. Mike danger he lease term he's ten years from April 1 when I. April 1 128 includes a mutual option for another ten year renewal thereafter that could keep the Rochester red wings in Rochester all the way through 2030. Gene which sadly a match. We don't have to go through this next year OK now at least we're not gonna have to answer these questions again delete your 20/20. Eight. What if the bills. Don't move up get the premium when it comes to quarterbacks I think you wait the bigger quarterback away and that's because I think they'll figure out why it. Buffalo giving a live Mac to avoid scandal don't read what just I. What's don't have these future buffalo and I think that he's missing consequential for the team and spending cuts and a very consequential itself. Rochester sports leader not 57. ESP yet good afternoon. Bullet stall and join us the sports bar with danger for tightly is open for business we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening this afternoon in 915957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Radio dot com am officer chuck ES PM Rochester and you you'll find us we've got a great show lined up for you today in sports bar with danger of tag Leah will toxin sabres and networks hockey with the Paul Hamilton former sister station WG are coming up to 4 o'clock hour. Syracuse head football coach Dino neighbors. Joins us later this hour in the sports bar with danger and the tag Lee and Jeanne if I'm not mistaken I think we might have our first guest already lined up for us this afternoon gaffe. We can all breathe a sigh or relief as the Rochester red wings and admiral county. Getting a deal done danger and I joining us on the phone is the county executive. Sherlund awful Cheryl congratulations on getting the deal but can we say it's done this. Wouldn't say it is done scenes so congratulations all the county that route great win. There really home run obviously for the red wings and for the academy as well. Cheryl how important was that deadline to getting this guilt on Mina and know that you guys were working feverishly to get. To get this deal done as soon as possible but it it seemed like this action really started to happen once we heard from the International League and they set a march 1 deadline. Well might actually might not mine Jeanne was to make sure that we had to compatible legislature for the February meeting which has tonight. And the reason for that quite frankly is that knowing that the team that's ready to open up on April Bechtel wanted to make sure that we had. A league and played it. That really helps support the red wings and protects the taxpayer here in the county of Monroe before opening day. On the I'd certainly I'd just take it would be advantageous to have the team. Planned. Month to month not based server especially that we're putting capital. Dollars and two retaining yes stadium at 120 my deadline was really tight. And I'm really glad that we're able to meet that and certainly with the legislation going to work on it legislature tonight. We'll be able to meet and exceed. What the internationally but it just at all. Monroe County executive Sheldon off slow is our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. I'd talk about the importance too of making this a ten year deal the fact that. In a sort of speaking kick the can down the road here for another year at least you won't have to worry about this such conversation here and when he nineteen. I he'll certainly be originally but that's what nearly you can tell as we embarked on looking at what is the Pakistan and and hopefully twenty years look like. I would direct you red wings and with I only children her and her great leadership and her team. Whether to make sure that you know we got it right and we examined every aspect of the leaders began to picture that the eighteen remain viable. I'm certainly Bristol her daily contribution. To mineral county. I'd won at least applaud and celebrate by equally important the quality of life that they are brought to directly being operated in the pro county. No we're looking at having people make a choice to live in Monroe County to invest in Monroe County businesses to compare. On the topic content on the quality of life and you can't say the words about quality of life without equating that with the Rochester red wings and their contributions felt very important. That we kept our rupture community based on the rumblings here our community. Mineral county executive Schulte an awful joining us in the sports bar with danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester. You mentioned some of those capital projects that are going to be in place up for frontier field what what can fans look for in terms of improvements of the stadium were a key to the stadium. Her while we. Recently has not terminator fans have noticed we had a safety netting put in place in accordance with the legal requirement they keep adding upgraded lighting. Structural appeal restoration and a new pedestrian bridge or even conversion of the the field constantly in the is that for other band and in the future things that you won't actually be able to deeply you'll certainly experience or upgrades to our heating and cooling of some upgrades to elect electrical. Security enhancement where enhancements in painting the structural steel just for starters. You know we working hand in glove all kidding aside with the team to make sure that. As we look at the capital expenditures that were making on behalf of the county accounting yet not. That the team is getting that they need to make sure that the league is really. In tip top premier shape that our fans argued there was certainly. We are one of the premier stadium but all of the internationally and we intend to keep the child like that. Jerrold that to help bridge the gap here at the our our return ticket purchasers going to be asked will there be a ticket should surcharge here. Well certainly that ticketing. It but it is in the hands of there are things in and all of the ticket sales with. It has done that the county does receive a portion of the ticket sales proceeds that will go on under the new legal under the same terms and conditions as before. I think that the fans will continue to experience. Family friendly and Stanley affordable. Entertainment. And and sports here right mineral county at a restaurant linked. Cheryl you know your campaign was one of the promises your campaign was breaking up a lot of the LDCs that work. Running rampant throughout our county and and of course frontier field was one of those and talk for a second about. What the count me running this stadium does in breaking up these LDCs and in how it it it translates to savings for taxpayers. Thought I appreciate the questions first of all it really provides transparent because that is. You know I'd a deal between the county at the grow in Iraq like rattling. That's incredibly important there's no middle person and there's no LB entity that. Joining the two parties together with Peter. Contract between the county. In their Bradley and others transparency which is incredibly important me. In addition to that end eliminating the LTD is we're going to be meeting about 320000. Dollars a year. The first services that our parent to put it says America administrative summer intern. Both kinds of content will not have to do. Panel to taxpayers with anymore smoke break cost savings and eliminating LDP's. Looking pristine and other cost savings as well within the these requirements and maintenance agreement of force but in the end. Yesterday was a real home runs for the team in the community as well and so grateful to my team. Who helped negotiate the deal I was very intricately involved in those negotiations that I know that. For the red wings as well. Lot of conversations a lot of hard work but we got it right for everybody and yesterday was a real plan. But an account executive share the novel is our guest here in the sports bar. And so now the red wings are done and Gerard amassed his question fully understanding is not your jurisdiction but we have other issues and how we looking at the rhinos perhaps being evicted. We were told there were ten million dollars estate ten million dollars state set aside for the blue cross arena the war memorial. My question being here. How do we get. Everybody on the scene page in this town it seems like. Hero here in Rochester it's that. You you have a lot of political infighting I'm sure you hear this question quite often. Are you know certainly. It I I just try to get my job done and that to make sure that we have a high quality of life for the people here in the community that we helped buster economic development and hockey people working in employee that really is the backbone of what could definitely stronger community stronger as well. You know the situation with the rhinos and I I just I hope that the other titles on the that he can come to. You know some understanding that begin in the room and I hammer out an agreement no. They cannot. Peacefully code that's been making no forward and mom and compassion and I'm hopeful that they'll be able to. You know work out whatever differences they have. But you know you you raise not a great point and I'll tell you what we bring in new businesses that are coming out of the first questions they today. You know what he has to deal perhaps came in you know where you go after work. What what's the quality of life here like. And it has a lot about a community that week and talk about was pride. The great frontier feel that we can of the great amenities that we have that are that great an experience. The baseball team that we have with their front wing. Police acting differing accounts of pride in community. Natalie to the president that you're here but both were looking to locate here. Or result of taking your business as well and I agree that you know we need to make sure that we have both types of amenities. That really do enhance the quality of life and again attract people of businesses to our community. I love the idea that the red wings are secure for at least the next ten years at their stadium because of the work that you were able to do with it. And quite frankly it'll be like that there is. An option to bring you mutually pop agree ability the party but I think you know the care. That we both sides stuck in getting through that steel and making sure that it was very thoroughly examined very complex situation. Will provide longevity for the rattling. Well and I love that I love the longevity along the Volvo long term vision. For what frontier field will be for the next twenty years and I guess my Mike what makes me curious about what's happening with. Both blue cross three in the emirates and the tele sports stadium. And the rhinos he is this a matter of the International League just having this kind of clout this weights where you know we. You you've just got an organization in this league that that. Has it together won't accept anything less than what we were able to provide them with the Rochester red is when you consider that the Merck's kind of kicking the can down the year lease view year to year but with their leases at blue cross arena. Million dollars. Pretty Mobley the president of the addition nationally when you wonderful. Cattlemen and certainly noticed is that while. I would tell you however that you know was it was great to have him certainly I am to come here back. Late summer early all he did that I was grateful to have the chance to expel him and and see what the league you know what's really needed. But quite frankly there was no real identifier on my part as county executives to make sure that the red wings stayed here and I think that's what it takes to take the you know the Ford played and the desire to get the job done and it takes willing partners to come to the table and I applaud the Wyoming and again Mason and your partner and their whole. They're whole staff to do just that to join to join accounting and just work through it. Honestly didn't think Elkhart working and always bring good results when people have good intentions and getting the job done and and that it would add. I chair I'm sure you you know don't. Locate all the social media comments but I would have to imagine your office her comments on this curious about you. Personally here I predict how much did you hear from red wing fans because I would imagine you eat the if you did heard anything. You heard that passion and you know it you you go into his business knowing that that sometimes you're gonna have to make unpopular decisions so. I know this is all now behind you but what was that whole experience liken. How did you make it through. You know again and again I think I'm says the goal was put to make sure that other troubling if I had the opportunity to figure Monroe County. But you know equally important was that the taxpayers in the count he had been Rowell also had their interest protected. And that would talk a good deal that was really a win for everybody and that's just what little time plan I can say. That it was I think you can land where everybody involved and I knew that it was going to be. You know I'll bet it'll probably get we are looking at a twenty year agreement that have would have expired. You're looking at what is the next twenty years look like in your undoing in building the Indy in between and really doing business like completely different way. Well it was it was a process that took it as a given and take what would it really took was. Willing participant to sit down roll up. Roll our sleeves and just get the job done. That's my bad my commitment from day one of the community and now we did just that in and the situation like I can't say thank you went off. Certainly to our team here in the count me. And pay and dial lead over her team as well forget the job done for the people here in our community deserves it. She is Monroe County executive Sheryl an awful good with their time in joining us here in the sports bar danger of a tightly on ESPN Rochester Cheryl I know. I speak on behalf of Michael host gene into in saying congratulations once again this is a great deal for our community I know how tirelessly you when your team. Worked on getting this deal done I love the long term vision I love everything that's coming out of this congratulations once again. Well think that's for having out out remember opening day is April 2 look at all. Yes we need spring began here in Italy we knew we definitely a and paper paper that bothered to I would go back to talk about the team might look now that they don't wanna talk about show expect I would suspect it's. Appreciate it shell and enjoy your enjoy your afternoon I have an amateur and now I haven't won yet jailed an awful joining us here in the sports bar. Mean the one question I wanted to know was. Our ticket prices gonna go up and I don't think they are but I didn't hear that definitively and guess it's not her place to say that horse. But having the ticket surcharge will make him how I guess. I imagine there be just some kind of a surcharge on the ticket okay and we can look at and be like oh buck 52 bucks whatever the surcharge might be wars are going to want what's that. It's the cost of doing business you know like this deal probably wasn't ideal. For both sides since there's probably some give and take somewhere so what can you be at peace with what can you live with the you know I think that the Red Wings' experience is going to be. What it's always been what we can expect to see if frontier field is what we've seen for years and years and years just under a constant summer of entertainment fun. No corners cut a weak world class operation right here in our backyard. And I don't know that that happens if they have to cut corners in and make concessions in this deal and I don't feel like they did it doesn't. Donna we like it it but I guess we'll see over the course time whether doctorates. Why I'm glad that they figured out here in advance how do you pay for necessary. Repair renovations to frontier field eagle there now it's beautiful but. You tell me how is that gonna look five winners from now. All right do you live in Rochester New York you own a home in Rochester New Yorkers in the upkeep. I remember the final days of silver stadium danger. We all looked back all silver nostalgic. So for stadium. Was run down OK at the and we needed a new home. Desperately. There was a renovate sheen's circa 1982. Els a band aid on it but my got by the end it was here yeah yeah it was painful if you wait ten years without repair. Or upkeep to frontier field and I don't you're driving people away so that's when he that was the most important part of. Hewitt twenty years without upkeep to an arena a couple all. Wing Tia well. A lot about what. Cheryl an awful said you know when we asked her about. The twenty year lease that the ten year with the tenure. Extension. The option that the idea that. You've got some long term vision here you know and what what is it take to get that deal done is it that you don't my thing my thought was what the International League is just. They're just better equipped in in no on a mobilize in the know that that they have a standard that is set if you don't. Meet our standard we will go elsewhere. Well what about the other sports leagues and and it really it according to hurt comes down until leadership. Wanting. To get the deal done wanting. To do more. With that that team and and I mean I hear that I think you're probably right. There's anybody in this city that really wants to work. As a partner with the Rochester Americans to anybody in the city office that really wants to work with the Rochester rhinos at this point. And I can't anybody from the cedar turn my phone call I think that I will say this. Optics suggests he's pleaser you know he's calling me back at 10 o'clock at night answering questions on this story. On I don't know the seat took it personally that we broke that pays the BM Merck's aren't happy story last year. But they need to be more transparent. And look I got asked the question how we all get along better in this town Rochester. Easing unique in the sense that you're gonna always have one side of the aisle the other side of the Allen sometimes it's tough to get things done but it seems like. We have Morton. Problems and other communities when it comes to getting projects and people wanting credit and whatnot. And now I look over the city and they have not one but two problems in my opinion one problem being the blue cross arena that needs work the other problem being. You have days. Relatively. New soccer stadium that is in danger beings. Vacant. Yeah I don't want it. I know it's cliche. It's gonna come down to who wants it for you know gene it'll it'll always come down whoever wanted to know what they say in Rochester we are a working class blue blue color down now. We'll bring our lunch pails hero after nose to the grindstone. Right. Yet when I mean I brought my lunch pail to work today did you. That's the kind Stevie this is. But I'll give her credibility of Cheryl an awful credit he you know. She had the here. The complaints in and boy it got loud there the last couple of weeks with fans. And and citizens just are you kidding me really this what we're talking about we're talking about this team the Rochester red wings not. Being in Rochester anymore after over a hundred years after having the longest tenure. Of any minor league franchise in America. She got healed up. I never believed danger that. They wouldn't be playing in April honest never believed the first second but what I thought was gonna happen and I fear was gonna happen once all. RA well we can't figure this out so all let's just put together a little short term thing year no. And you meet that's where the red wings dug in their heels there and said no we need ten years plus ten. We don't wanna be dealing with this and I'm happy actually fill holes sales staff we'll take the part of the Rochester red yeah that answer any hesitating asked for any and all. I walked in this morning with Al wings general manager Dan Mason congratulated him and he had a big smile on his face to to deal. He was making the rounds this morning to it to talk about what this deal means for the red wings in the future and and again. Let's put let's put an exclamation point on the end of this story in let's say let's move on let's talk about baseball moving forward we don't have to worry about this anymore. Yeah you might see a surcharge on your ticket at some point but understand that might be the small price to day. In order to have this great asset in our community the Rochester red wings who've been in our community for as long as they have. Now can we can we look forward again to the horizon look for the future and think okay. You mentioned silver stadium in its last days genes before I am just been his last days it was decrepit. What at what stage is blue cross arena right now and will you know we imagine that ten million dollars I I would speculate that the state was given us ten million dollars and we didn't use it it's gone or maybe that ten million dollars became the thirty million dollars that rocked the mom. Maybe there maybe by not taking that and we got an additional twenty. Were allowed to speculate about all of that right maybe there's some some way of figuring out whether or not that's true or not might. My question would be then. What would renovated blue cross and it looked like do an easy pass the point of repair today. I signaled something now. That's my position since day one how does a law Condit we get it done too we come up with a plan that we lead the conversation here. Our I don't mind mentioning our competition danger years ago all was actually Matthews. Okay years ago. Who let the conversation gets frontier field built okay now this is our generation dangers bizarre Shelby is our time. Can we leave the conversation how we get into arena in this stuff. Who's gonna step up because. OK if you wanna point to other communities. This is a blue cross street of bigger and nicer than Sadie unsaid or insert he's sure in a lot. Syracuse what are they Syracuse we deserve better in this town we do we have more. Is more cost effective than what you have right now in the blue cross arena have we. He's got to read it too big for what we've become. A degree question. Yeah right now I mean we got 101000 people in there for Gionta a couple of weeks ago. And that's the biggest. Attendance number that that camera to have seen how long. It doesn't happen often and you rather be in a situation where you can't get a ticket because it's sold out look Karl I'm not. Our team Neiman sellout this year. Usually they do for a via brick city game. I still think I would like at 101000 seat arena. In this town just so you can attract those major concerts by the way you cut your Internet business danger. How often do we get passed off in this town because the blue cross arena isn't you know to the specs of what these major before. Sherri I mean yeah not getting the Red Hot Chili Peppers does there they were doing you know keep accent right you're you're gonna get passed outlawing it. Justin Timberlake or you know brutal mall ours. It's stuff you can get by at without you know when I think in five was last year okay. The Maroon 5 insured has a a pretty decent show I think go to what I'm sure that there'll be that sellout. If it came close aren't sold to panic sets the bar right there. That should be the boss what you you can get high eight. I'm feeling you get by if you can get her screeching every couple of years right at me like that does not feel like that's always the hot ticket of blue cross arena. Hey the boss is coming to campers recede like impresses you know gonna continue to tore it and cut makes his way through then. Guy that that's that will be that but you know maybe hip hop show on occasion a standup comedian like our our boy Kevin Hart is gonna become an AO whatever that might. Be. Again I would say you're probably. Better off operating from a position of it's harder to get a ticket to enamored scheme because more of these games are selling out I'm not saying you need to. Shrink. An arena. I have to its size I don't know what that looks like downtown I don't know what that feels like tore community but. When you view Rochester. From 30000 feet it's not the same community it was 203040. Years ago it's not even close. It's gotten smaller it's not growing it's shrinking and if you continue to do business. In a venue that's that expensive. To operate just to turn on the lights. And your operating and it did and it quarter capacity. Half capacity. Nightly. I don't know I mean what's more cost effective. At some point do you look at is building a new arena. That's. Eight it's got the specs for what OR. I don't know I don't have the answer but I love that we at least have somebody in our community. Who's got that vision who we who worked out a deal that that is more long term than just one year lease a kicker kicked. I don't think she had a choice though on that matter I think that was the red wings digging their heels in danger but. Tour credit doll she got the deal done so we thank the county executive from got to credit. He's followed through on a promise she made when she campaigned you know one of their big points was breaking up these LDCs. Look she can now say hey look at what we did a frontier field we save taxpayers all this money and you can tweeting in at ESPN Rochester where by the way we love hearing from you. I don't mind paying an extra two or three dollars for tickets because I still have a ticket the bye and that's the great thing about this we have our team and they're not going anywhere. Let's go weeks. Listen if you're upset if that indeed is a case we don't know that to be true. Again. Little thing in this town goes a long way walk. And walk. Walked you can find parking around downtown but if you wanna park close you're gonna pay soul. I can understand that maybe hammer bands don't when he gets in you know and cold outside it's not comfortable but. During the summer for the red wings. Walked a little bit. All right let's take a break here Gina because we've got Syracuse central coach Dino neighbors we are awarded today we will talk to Paul Hamilton next hour. I he has a new article up on her website is bottles planned for Rochester we'll talk to a mob that. How on earth do evaluate Phil Housley. As Paul that quashed. Greats who wants us is we got Hamilton on what this'll be good to talk to him in the 4 o'clock hour. Head coach at Syracuse football Dino neighbors joining us next in the sports bar danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester tomorrow is the date gentlemen. Valentine's Day it's me danger from my friends are rock castle floors increasing candidate what do what I did get your order in. Do it now you don't have any time to waste. Valentine's Day is tomorrow you're gonna hear a lot of that here in the next 24 hours from national floral office and ask yourself where are those flowers coming from are you really shopping local. He help the local guys rock castle floors increasing candidate with a got you covered with all of your Valentine bouquet ideas or chocolates or cupcakes. Stuffed animals whatever you might be looking for they have for you and you're gonna save order online. At rock council forced dot com today guys do not drop the ball on Valentine's Day do what I did order a local from rock castle force dot com. Asterisk yeah hurts tickets. I've been Superman sports junkies and. Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio bookmark this sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com to. The sports bar we danger but I Leah thanks for joining us on ESPN Rochester in 959 to 57 FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Thought for a little bit of football withdrawal GW I think it's natural this time of the year that you know. College football season is concluded the NFL season has concluded we we need a little. Little moments where we can get you know get her teeth sink our teeth into something meaty football related and that's why. What's our pleasure honestly to have head coach of the Syracuse football team do you a favor joining us here in the sports bar. Coach how are yeah. Aren't you guys will do an excellent work grade any coach we haven't taught we got to catch up here. And it's I just a quick story in twenty seconds danger die we call the local high school games here on spectrum on a Friday night. And you could imagine what Friday night I'm talking about we're looking at her phone like wow how look at. We get done with our game I think I must've done eighty to ninety miles an hour on the expressway disallow can get home in time. To watch that game you guys upsetting clumsy and why was that experience what did that win do for your program. Well I think it was huge noise it's the biggest win in my coaching career as a head football coach that's for dog venture. And just concede. The people in the stands and and that meant that happened after the game and to be live on ESPN and and they have a reporter talking to you and I literally could not hear and she got closer and I'm like I can't hear what the questions asked. An issue got closer I'm like you've got to stop my wife is in the in the stands I think it was unbelievable. Unbelievable loud. How loud the crowd was that the best kept festivities afterwards and then just the players looking in the players' side and knowing they accomplish something that's going to be whipped them. And they're going to be able to other kids about it their grandkids about it it was really something it was really special come even excited even brought it up. But thanks a lot I appreciate. Syracuse head football coach geno favors joining us in sports part danger and the tech Leah. Do you know we we knew going in the last season you had a really really brutal schedule. That Clemson win was was massive the talk about the rest of the season your thoughts on last season. As a whole Lester for the program. Well first of all it. When Eric W my quarterback on the winning football coach when he's not I'm not and you know we've got to find a way it's two to get that. Guide. The play an entire season and if not that we've got to do a much better job. Of giving our football team to be able to play without him and that's whether it's a backup quarterback are getting the defense even play better but it just seemed like as he goes we go. And we're gonna work really hard historian. To make sure that our football team understand that. We wanna keep being helped me. But we've got other people they need to step up if he's not going to be able to place September and October were for two years we're winning football team in the month of November we're not good. And we got to find a way to be even better in September and October and that could be a whole lot better in November. Mayor how a year your initial thoughts coaches you know we're looking forward to spring football. You know hot do you think that the defense will improve coming up the season. You know is interesting because if you went to the first nine games this season we would we would say the defense was greatly improved. And I really felt that we'd done the things that we needed to do on offense for the first nine games we add six wins. We'd been sitting at six in three going into those last three games now on what you will last three games. Through injuries and everything else we just weren't very good on defense there's there's no way to. You know sugarcoat it we weren't very good. And we've got to find a way to continue to keep more people healthy. Increase our which I think we've done with this last recruiting class I think we've got a really good one so we can carry more people in the November we can do a better job of those last four games of the year. Syracuse head football coach Dino neighbors in the sports bar with danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. Coach you know another year the program you mentioned. That class coming in we know that this is a process in the are working to build something. Great something that that these fans haven't seen the longtime talk about this class that's coming in your initial thoughts. I've written wolf first of all on paper is the best class we've got probably I don't know the last ten years here for sure. And I really think that there's some movers and shakers in this class are gonna have an opportunity. To play earlier this freshman now that being said. It's everybody's job. Every culture every player on this football team every redshirt freshman and sophomore or junior and every senior to make sure that those guys don't get an opportunity. I I was talking to ought to have to couple my god don't talk into our our run Rebecca. Are running back today and wait much in my job is to recruit guys that can teach you about. Your job is to make sure that those guys don't get to play until after you graduate and that's the way needed to handle and we're gonna make this team better they get it better from the bottom up. And that stuff is gonna rise to the top and eventually it will be supplement to top that pot of soup. That everybody can eat everybody can swallow that these bowl seasons and bowl rating the wanna get my finger pitted when she's always. Thank you coaches Syracuse football Dino neighbors are favored here joining us in the sports park. So as we peek ahead of the schedule. September 1 it'll be here before in knowing that opener against western Michigan what are your thoughts on you know of the schedule that is ahead for your program. You know when you look at it you I would like to say hey it even easier than last year. When you really look at it it's not really not that much different when you think that we're trading LSU for Notre Dame. And look we're trading. Western Michigan are central Michigan and Connecticut for middle Tennessee got don't give Iran cultures it was really good obviously they beat us. But. I would say it a little. Less stressful than last year but not much I mean I've been very surprised if we're not in the top ginned up the schedule again but Woolsey. Talk about that middle Tennessee loss for second coach I mean to be I think we're all kind of surprised to see the outcome of that game. You know I really I really put that game on me I really do like spot that. It is always difficult anytime you have family members coming back at them remember coming home. You got to remember that you know my best kept my head up my hat goes off to coach Schaefer and he recruited a lot of these guys. Which means he knows a lot of their weakness is a lot of districts. And these foreign emotional roller coaster for an eighteen year old 21 year old to have someone come back it went too and they're looking to get on the scholarship. Compared to a grown man add one thing on his mind. You know I've if I had to do all over I would take a different approach their game and I would put I put the word too good to look by talks a little bit and make sure those guys didn't have anything to think about except for me. And not have time for all the sentimental stuff before the game. But. It was it was an emotional emotional loss forest and I think it's something that our football team and the coaches step slow myself will grow from. And I look at that steadily get the play at Yankee Stadium against the Notre Dame or U yankees spank coach. Well Dick Cavett actually meet judge in 99 come on man. With that's got a thrill I mean you know it's ivory I think was last Muslims believe searches is a yes or whether it was an I wanna say. Wire where we're having trouble Kamal the last ball game coach we believe the engine a bowl we gotta get your Yankee Stadium and that's a big game when Notre Dame I mean that's. That's that's a big look for the program. Well yeah yeah it'll be awesome middle of the night will be out there in New York was supporters. Don't vote going to homers think they're gonna outlaw we got news for physical abuse but it's going to be exciting. So much time we spend another road right now coach what's you know what's that day in the life of a coach neighbors right now as we wait for spring practice. What you winter coat like all over the nation finishing up this recruiting class right now I just came from upstairs we're going to author and indeed there could cut. Making changes to. Thing that we wanna get done offensively and defensively and we're really. Bringing introducing new ideas that we wanna put on both sides of the ball and we're gonna practice both during the spring. Chain around chased them sit there and looked up and we won us wallet comfortably wanna spread out and they get ready to go in the summer to get this football team ready to 28 K. Love here and it Dino neighbors Syracuse football head coach joining us here in the sport or danger to tightly just to get us a little taste of some football today just to get us fired up hearing your voice in the enthusiasm in your voice in the passion you have for this team coached we we expect great things in the 2018 season and look forward to hearing more about team as they hit the field this spring and of course this summer preparing for. Eight now OJ Mike let me ask you guys I mean you know like all the great movies in the sixties and suddenly they all had thirteen and fifteen songs. You guys come onto what you guys saw when when danger except what is actually at but he has come on. You don't want to show yeah we started every day every day with it's the instrumental of Elvis Costello is pump it up. Syria via YED you know the song you know talking about. Coach maple maple and up for you read a minute ago. This is our walking music. Don't have to apply yeah now now. Now you might not hear you might then you're just Geoff you'll you'll recognize this part right here you'll recognize this. Yeah Berry got that does. I'm isn't as accurate iron up there are a lot of and the public will go golf we deal neighbors what does that happening. I don't know why you're listening coach you don't wanna go golfing with me go golfing with then I admit your boss while back and I made a fool of myself on the core zone but. Blogs and you did it after occasion you can go play with me because I do it all the time out a lot I don't know what the pleasures of just all around. Digit scores all the dog on time I don't get it I wanted to go out and play with them I will. All have the other Bluetooth speaker played a walking music the entire time when the course and offend everybody on that course don't worry about it. And like you guys thank you so much appreciate you guys. Enjoy the rest you have to new coach appreciate your time deal favor Syracuse head football coach joining us in the sports orgy germ to tag this weekend had to that schedule. It was western Michigan that's a row game lack near subdivision or candy or should be to an all. You're gonna get a conference game that week three Florida State at the dawn. Yeah Panetta did at the dawn okay don't rest on connector imagine if you knocked off Florida State mention that there's opportunity before now heading to Clarence. Just saying if you can get by Florida State Pittsburgh. Then home against North Carolina home against NC state at wake. Home against lawful that's going to be a Friday night November. And in the game at Yankee Stadium against the fighting Irish and then you finish out. Against Boston College now to be bowl eligible we've got to get six. Getting him western Michigan in getting to know Wagner gonna go in Connecticut. Dim or Carolina. Pretty giveaway. So hot of the remaining seven. Can you find one between Florida State Clancy game. At heads home against Louisville the Notre Dame game or Boston. College. I'm telling you dangers they are going to go global game action and they are not going. To look past that debt that I'm glad you brought up that Middle Tennessee State game. I love the way you answer the questions. You know how many coaches would say you know I would you'll lose your role again I do the same thing. Now coach said I would've would've Saudi yeah I was on handed you do would have brought little harder that week to those guys. So he really thank her look past western Michigan you really think they don't pass Connecticut. I don't I know their kids relatively speaking but to me. This looks like a team that should be in a bowl games when he eighteen I don't think I'm going out oil and their can you beat Boston College BC. Usual it. Pittsburgh I wouldn't rule them out. NC state William lost the mustard that's that's gained could win. As you'll have Lamar Jackson they were no they don't how they going to be RO. All your home against those guys. A month I have come Duncan fired up as a doubtful. Have if of course she and part of who we just talked to deal labors I mean any time he talked that guy how are you not fired up. And that he makes is player walk up music come on. Next. What are your top three in my mad crush. Let's see how it okay for fruit for these pure intellectual. Football knowledge I'm I'm putting Cigna blue number three. Dino gamers. A number number two my. Number one. Really I mean you really need to know number one is on the man crush. List. Why he's ever been on the show. Goes without saying. Ginger general. How's he gonna fit in a wedding when he's got to prepare for football Hadi has that Bork. Yes she does although all the work he's watching game he's breaking down game film. I just want to know if he got down on one knee which was it is bad nearest good me. Better it is he's good you don't don't over exert yourself. Opposing. Carson. Neighbors is the best. Jeter legal golfing with him. It's not even gonna be getting in call what we would do golf I mean it would just be let's just have a party on the golf course yeah. Well. For a college football coach. And a lot of that business sees. Hey college athletics you have these things called boosters. Basic things they're the people call boosters. How much how many times as you have to go all the booze and god coming your dire not right to reject you know I as you athletics danger but I would imagine that. That's a lot of the job and no word as a Lotta that happen him on the golf course yes sir. That was great if you miss anyone have a four and eventually the only ESPN Rochester come up next provocative thoughts from around the world of sports it's game we play called altering to that. You're always welcome to join us at 454 ESPN 454. 3776. Making fun of Gary Bettman has become so commonplace that it's not even a big deal to make fun of Gary Bettman anymore. All explain why next you know. Retire will explain why we talk about sports park gassed. Brad Evans of Yahoo! he's in the upper Echelon gene for sure he is off his rocker Manger and he is all over his head if he landed in the deep end he doesn't know how to get out of the current Brad I love you mr. wrong now I. We're gonna get to that moral thing to that is next in the sports bar danger but I Anglia ESPN Rochester. For average talking. It was spectacular city. News flash I think dean winning goal. On seven and the sports leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey is brought you on toward running wilderness you. Williamson at the height Debbie supplying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Listen to sports bar with dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Just fortunately there. By examining. ESPN Rochester.