The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Doug Kezirian

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a conversation with ESPN's Doug Kezirian on the legalization of sports betting. Doug shares how this ruling may impact Fantasy Football, why Vegas is excited about this news and his thoughts on Dave Gettleman's handling of the NFL Draft.

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Most sports bar with endangerment to tag Leah Kelli. On the Monday night game 2018 when the New England Patriots come to buffalo and October. The buffalo losing and retire your Jersey number 34 obviously incredible. You have your number. Retired. Mike danger that's going to be tough home game gene which sadly enough but it's a medium that's always exciting it is this is. The last of this current lottery format says that things were changed facts here. One it's 2018. NBA draft. Goes to. The Phoenix Suns. Nothing in the Eastern Conference final until. Seven. Read here in game 2 we have tonight Eastern Conference final between the Washington Capitals the Tampa Bay Lightning across passes. Different color shot race car it's still hot and why can't I short side integrated all excited. How or why golf Bentley hit a three hour. Rochester sports leader but he's 57 that. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stolen join us the sports bar with danger and protect Leah is open for business we appreciate you stopping by and AM 95957. FM. ESPN Rochester dot com our whole online where you can stream ESPN Rochester or the radio dot com now let's just. Take ESPN Rochester with you everywhere you go listen anywhere. Any time alongside GB tagline I'm Mike danger raging. Full show today but it should be a lot of we'll they had this you know we don't have anything going. Honor to talk to Buffalo Bill in the 5 o'clock hour scheduled to join us right around 5 o'clock. Buffalo Bills rookie defensive tackle Harrison Phillips thinks he wrestled Sean McDermott yeah. And Sean invited into the basement never had a basement now with the mats laid down the basics or did he see you yeah yeah. That definitely had to be at least an icebreaker right hey dude you won now three straight. Wrestling titles in the state of Nebraska as a high school student. Oh you're my kind of guy. Harrison Phillips. A lot of people say it looks like. A young Kyle Williams will be joining us. I don't care what he looks like. He plays like Kyle Williams in the bills have a find in the third round so the bills this week. Quiet out there but there are rookies. They're just hang around just didn't work inherits and fields be one of them they'll join us leader today in the 5 o'clock Syracuse athletic director John while Pak joins us next hour. Awful. Eight peak project the carrier don't now if you have grown up in Rochester I'm gonna gas at some point. You went through the airlock at the Carrier Dome in you took any gaming you know what it was really cool. In your 1980. Her feet or 79 when it opened up on yeah I need a little bit of work it this is a massive. Renovation that's gonna happen at the Carrier Dome will get the details from the man in charge. B eight. Bolivia eighteen to get displaced throughout this whole renovation it's not going to be done in one offseason is a NASA project including a new. Roof and literally raising the roof there are a little bit so no more air supported dome in yes there will be air conditioning now pictured on. Yes one of the great ironies in all sports who come to an end I'm kind of curious as to his thoughts also is an athletic director. Fur and a major program major university will his thoughts on legalized sports gambling. How second affect the college game. John while tackle join somebody else who's gonna join us here in a few minutes that has no shortage of opinion and viewpoints on sports gambling becoming legal ESPN's ducks area. See once sports senator. Yet that the Syrian year year months Saturdays on our station hosting game day. His background he's from Vegas who worked out there post abetting podcasts all. Hot as this impact Vegas. These states know what they're getting into what's coming up next. Yet Doug is an expert on this so I I and I'm very anxious to be talking to a darkest area not coming up journal that. And while there isn't a lot of Buffalo Bills news to report on there was one major announcement being made today that we should touch on no. That won't bills live just did essentially three hours on this very topic but it's it's worthy of it Thurman Thomas having his number 34 retired. By halftime. Of the Monday Night Football game against the patriots knew where field. On this on nut on October 29 that look like you needed another reason to go insane over that. Well a couple thoughts here number one I don't know that touched on this it in one bills live or not. But that date date retired Jim Kelly's nom over. The bills we're down now at that point and they were playing a Seattle seahawk team this is free keep Pete Carroll the Seahawks would add Dan to. Is that the stadium was half full in late November when he does doesn't feel right. It was a it was a ruse to sell few extra tickets and not a big big didn't do that right when they retired. Jim Kelly's number they learned from their mistake and it was a different regime different ownership but to retire Bruce Smith's number. Crying time against the jets you remember that week to win. You know Greg Roman was fired the next day it that was Bruce Smith tonight and everybody came back for that. So can you imagine. What the atmosphere is going to be like in buffalo and that is not only got to have everybody all aunt operated over the patriots which also going to hang out. All of the Buffalo Bills. Greats from that great super mobile era combing back to support their match if there's one thing that makes back teen unique Mike danger. Name me another team that never won a championship. The law that you've let the script I had 25 point 627 years later. And these guys are all Brothers today so to speak they are all very tight so I would expect everybody to act there. That night for Thurman Thomas that special might when number 34 gets. Odd you know goes up. On the wall retired permanently and is one other thought here to danger we buy your calls at 454 ESP yet put this respect. Eight 2018. Who's going to lead the league in total yards from screen. Who did it last year will talk girl okay so slate Todd Gurley does that again he did in Tony seventeen. Dating to when he eighteen. Have to do and getting 2019. Thought they'd already getting money want me that's what Thurman Thomas accomplished. Or consecutive years leading the league. Yards from scrimmage three yards from scrimmage is one of the most under appreciated stats of the matter are rushing or receiving their lead to a ball. Top notch to mean that is a market is going to be very difficult. I think about what the league was like before Thurman Thomas made his impact on it and it was a lot of ground and pound. Up the gut smash mouth kind of football Thurman with that ability to catch the ball out of the backfield kind of revolutionized and you know I would say. Craig Craig in not Roger Craig in San Francisco was kind of the similar yeah template right where we just saw a guy catching a lot of balls on the back field but the it really kind of revolutionized. The run game and now you see many backs. That have that ability to catch the ball out of the backfield whereas before it was really just to you know how big are you can you run between the tackles you know AD. Just the ground and pound kind of mentality Thurman Thomas were leading the league in yards and scrimmage for four consecutive years. I I hope we get to see running back some day that's able to accomplish out because it would mean that that they accomplish something great on our watch we we should take that program. He was special and if you have. You know an argument where you wanna say OJ Simpson was the best running back all time buffalo bills' history. Okay I'll listen to that Bly a lead to me it is Thurmond. You could say it was Shawn McCoy is on pace for that now. LeSean McCoy is a fine running back he's not Thurman Thomas Thurman Thomas. Had it not been for Emmitt Smith had it not been for Barry Sanders he would've been celebrated. As the without question best running back of his hair he just came along with a couple other great running backs of the seats are. Yeah and deservedly in the hall of fame and officially on October 29 a deservedly having his number retired. And I knew her field during halftime of the money in a football game against the patriots that's going to be what what was already an insane sees going to be even more. In saint liking needed another reason to go nuts for that who. It's a win economic thank you would day. We're we're gonna talk some legalized sports gambling with ESPN's stuck Syrian refugee now what kind of pose this question you and anybody at 454. ESPN 4543776. Or. On Twitter at ESPN Rochester my question is who hopes first. In New York's legalized. Sports betting landscape meeting where you be able to go first. Laid out some action on some sports. Did indeed. Native American casinos right I would have to think because even though even though they may not have legally checked all the boxes and again that's a little out of my skull. They end up. I think if I would think that they already prepared and there was a report that the writers are preparing to go for this football season. In New York State there's a bill right now that was sitting there that OK there could be in the by the time in the Racine ups. I don't know one now happening. But how can Italian the the the Indian nations they will not have to wait for any bill to be hassled just go ahead and do. So to suss Soria from spectrum Specter news this was based out of a Specter Buffalo's offices but did that the senate 'cause are the ones to watch. Consider that there's only so much gambling money out there they're gonna do whatever it takes to stay on top of gaming trends not lose their market share. This is a huge huge opportunity. For their casinos now the politicians are gonna chime in they're gonna remind them that sports gambling easing included in their current deal. Between the state and Seneca nation. But here's where you could see some action because right now all the state senate 'cause are locked in arbitration. Where they're trying to resolve a dispute over get this gene over slot machine revenue. So sports gambling could actually be the bargaining chip the forces everybody back to the table for some negotiation. They have an actual reason to get together with the state the state could get. Now they they may never get slot machine revenue again but the state couldn't get the percentage of that revenue. From the casinos. For sports gambling should dale sit down and figure this out to there might be a bass track for the Seneca is because of this. This slot machine. Dispute that's that's already. Implants or may be different from maybe the senate Google saying. Yet now now where we are okay we're we're doing this. Come after Reza do you want that so yeah there is already kind of a strained relationship between the senate has and the state. So the state might never not only might not see slot machine revenues ever get it but it it might also just have to deal with them. Going grow in doing their own thing in starting up sports gambling. Illegally before the state can figure out how to how to get their their cut of that. Well can you picture this and if you've ever being too. The the side of the skyscraper on the American side of the falls right did the Seneca I don't know what they call the Seneca nation yeah. Personally going there and it's turning back the clock you know there where it's smells like smoke but that's beside the point OK it's cut it. You have to think area to blow prince right pace fast track some sword. Of dean plays where you could CAM watch. A sports betting parlor. We brought this up yesterday but I had a real world situation in god we work with upstairs. Many you may know armies from Greece ready. They should be. He he he goes on in your friendly yes site he goes on every football season what is guys Bahrain in some ways yes. Does take us what he's going to Atlantic City. He's got it he's locate the these tell me like and hurt he did you see them did you see mom a wallet mom with is already the goal in my BL we're gonna go to Atlantic City him. Conficker while. All right so here is someone we now. The pride of Greece New York show me cool these canceling a Vegas trip to go somewhere close error. So he can lay some action. Knowing that new Jersey's going to be up and running in those Atlantic City casinos laxity. There are big winner here and all this New Jersey gives that. The goal I had that becomes all the sudden hot destination suddenly my summer vacation looks a little bit more appealing doesn't achieve now hovering in were doing Atlantic City at the end of July yeah. Now. It yeah Oliver also like port story. No man yeah. And that way we I didn't approve bills camp that we worked on all of this bills camp I don't know don't. The sports or takes party of power over my family overall the sports for a fall over for you Jeanne good idea. I'm glad that you have your primary. But it will be interesting to see it I think if you're looking locally. Or at least regionally. And keep nine seconds keep an eye on on Seneca nation and there in a Niagara Falls. Given that they've already got a little bit strained relationship with the state dairy either gonna get to the negotiating table faster. Or they're just gonna do whatever they want to have the state try to catch up with them. And steel be this state will lag the way it always is here's the other thing to think about you mentioned the idea veto roll out the blueprints and and creating a sports book. You know how the bills fit into all of us think about the Buffalo Bills and their situation their stadium situation. They're lease situation by the time they're forced to. Explore that opportunity building a new stadium in me the other at least 20/20 aren't they opt out of that lease. They can they can start having that talk about where and why it looks like in and where we would build and and here are the renderings and all us of so within the next two years we can we said. Be having that talks if they decide to opt out of their lease which ends in 20/20. Our way. And I'm just projecting that we brought up the NFL's integrity feeds into line as fierce. That's that's like the real world Mott brighter and he has an integrity thief or watch for nothing well. The bills leases off. You don't have to deal with Yuri Tony or or go to York state. Mean why. What state Al there. Would have would be willing to pay. Inning hey greedy fee I don't know I'm just wondering if that's when things like that will come into play there all the sun the NFL it's a little bit. You more of the action here. Well. I was gonna go with this is the Google is. Have to realize. What a great day this is for the league what a great date that is four for any team within that league you just saw. A team in the NFL golf for about 60% of what you paid for your team so things are looking up. If you know your investment in an NFL franchise is not a is not a lost investment. The Carolina Panthers. Owner what it would tepper spend two point a to Tampa. So. That said knowing that that the value of these organizations with legalized sports gambling is only gonna go. Maybe you're able to look down down the role that look into the crystal ball and think about how you can build. Not just the stadium. But in entertainment. Shopping and entertainment complex. Two different than what New England has. It's awesome and that's that's the one where old Foxboro is nothing more than a stadium in a field on route one party get to one zones one and yap. It's it's now although quick the complex where you have what's that the mixed used development danger you know so that's that's the buzz Frasor. For buffalo hall. Ernie we know the goal is have been buying up spots in downtown buffalo and I can picture day. Where you go as the bills fans of 1 o'clock game in maybe just go as the you know to take it game but instead a tale gain of forty gonna walk across the sports ball right across the street. Something like this six. Hi how watched the 4 o'clock gains you know what I really like the raiders plus the three in Denver today give me the raiders. Something like. A complex you can use for more than just eight Sundays a year. You can go to a sports book if they were to build something it if they were to build on his part of a new. Downtown stadiums column what is it writing in the stadium right there yeah right if not right in the single right next to see just open you know all the way to get more revenue into your complex. Everyday not just. Eat Sundays a year. With some mixed in concert series. That's where if I were running Ol TV or in these outfits Dax which you've got to be looking at because me as the consumer. That's what I want. I want something like. Eight XOK I applauded the around that wanna be comfortable I want top notch food. And drink and wanna watch the games that's what I want. When you go to Vegas you're willing to pay top dollar and that's how I think. The goal is sure thing is that build it top notch not lowest common denominator. Sorry that's what totally and come off as. How are you going to possibly get people to agree. To get state money how eager to get state money to help build a complex like that it has to be a complex can't just be. The stadium you have to offer more than just the stating Reich as we've seen time and time again that is building the stadium can be drain it doesn't really work out. For the states that do that after the municipalities have that pour their money in these Steve's giving is certainly the bullets are gonna invest plenty of their own private dollars. Into renovating your pour into a new stadium downtown to renovate downtown buffalo continue the renovation of downtown buffalo but you can probably get more people on board. From a states' standpoint if you had more amenities all around the stadium shopping. Entertainment's. And sports book whatever it might be you you make it a complex. And you make the stadium and the crown jewel of this this complex it really is if you're gonna do it don't write go pick. Go big. And with sports gambling being legal now. And the bills have the opportunity to do that. Sport is only gonna get bigger why is only any bigger mean it's. To be funny we're gonna get that the potential in buffalo. Is to go from the worst hostile block. Two of the Jefferson's moving on up in the big big deluxe apartment in the sky because that's what's gonna feel like right danger because you'll have all their teens looking. With envy color Baltimore Ravens look. Okayed it they're kind of cornered in the Durban the Ravens Stadium it's it's right there is not a lot of room for development around that. Them yet but here you have buffalo now with all these extra avenues and you could all American excited. Yeah and because of the events this week I think you have the possibility that have realistically have that conversation. And happy election that. With the revenue that's coming in from sports gambling. Yeah we give a percentage of that revenue to help fund a complex. Downtown buffalo not just a new stadium but. In entire complex. Buffalo Bills way or whatever you wanna call now. It's an exciting time. We've been excited about are always a feeling we spent a lot of time talking about him being allowed to hear your opinions on as well as 4543776. That's 454. ESPN up next in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah we talked ESPN's. Doug. Syrian. You see him on ESPN's sports center anchoring sports center he also cover sports betting for ESPN chalk. He's co host of the behind the bats podcast. We'll talk a little bit more legalized sports gambling with ESPN's Doug is Syrian next in the sports bar danger of tightly on ESPN Rochester. And on her feet and pills wallop Famer Steve tasker gives you all the latest news from one you'll drop one. He's your home for exclusive interviews lined up each city. FL analysis Murphy and task are taking we've signed a mockery and down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with their. Mean bill's right here and you get three on the home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN Rochester. Bone crunching hits backboard shattering dunks back flips in hack. Hat tricks on the sports leader he had 950 and 957 Afghan ESPN Rochester. Our purpose in the sports bar would danger which may lead to make you a smarter sports fan that's what we talked only the best and brightest like ESPN's Doug Azeri you could see him. Of course anchoring sports and Ernie ESPN LC covers sports betting for ESPN chalk. The co host of behind the bats podcast joining us now in the sports bar Torre ducked. Well one. I'll. Told Doug I can't imagine this was a busy week to 72 hours after this there's news broke. I just kind of Carol overview here for from what you're seeing how biggest story is this. The legalization of sports gambling. Well I think it it for train there are a lot of people Wear line brought the board feet. Is were so adamant but now they that it currently dating at all yet they knew very well and they were like all read a read well where the beta. Well popular form or written about what the board that and likely into the open. Oh. We. Op is that they're. That it degenerate behavior. Like ought we. Believe it or are there are bad apple I regret not everyone into the bill. Yet and Doug are Shiite I park my car in the same garage I know exactly we are saying and I I believe that you know week as a society should be able to regulate ourselves in and you know yes we're all gonna enjoy a fast food burger from time to time we're also gonna laid out some action from time to time and you mentioned fantasy football being a cousin that one of the first things I thought as somebody who loves fantasy football. What does this mean for fantasy football does it does it increase the popularity of fantasy football does it. Decrease the popularity of fantasy football what's your opinion on that. I don't think it an either or thing bigger one is into court he currently he's back in view. We're invite or. Either or back up in bad. In Fort -- world that they're currently overlap there and a lot. On. You have a gap there whatever they world or is it that would be double the board spending rate though. Whether it well on. Order bride that weekend or it you know baseball game. You know let the paper I wrote it all our guys. And Doug when you hear about players who actually play in Tennessee football being the Tennessee football was. Considered legal what's gonna stop players from participating in and legalized sports delegates picked up and I don't think that there's going to be any kind of scandal because it's been going on anyways. But how do you think players are going to react to news of this week what what changes in their world. I don't think anything because we've alluded there but ethnic debater 400 billion dollars that. He legally bought her book that book. Oh it is being aren't going to be is already being done now beat them. Up metal act that is now well courtly polite but no players have bet on its own. Seen or own league that league rule that a federal rule so players who are. Com but they have a baseball whether the and the well. Probably we will do whatever we need not mean anything unethical or the betting game that outright. Doctor Syrian now you hear his work Saturdays during game day at ESPN across all platforms are guest here in sports are 957 ESPN. I got we work with here in this is that light bulb went off in my head today he is talk about how at every fall he and his buddies will go. Today gazing Ingle wanna golfing trip in. And this year they're gonna change it up in gold to Atlantic. CAD knowing that okay by the time that football season goes around lake city what will be in step. Is that being sad I mean if you could see dollars moving out of eggs how nervous he's Vegas overall of the rest of the world has caught up or. And as Vegas the industry out there been preparing all along for this day. Everyone on our. Record on our very eyes of the no win that a couple. And there are grand. Which is used by bill. That. Also com. It is all about the red state it may have. Sick of it may have and powdered along the way it might get the losers daily on that front now. If you think about it the reasons and not worry about it probably you want debate about four. The couple more dominant Wii but the ball where mark that but for the most part of a lot of other entertainment whether he goes rap rock all cool weather the current winner of them like that. Note board that is one of the opt it. These people who sort of that debate but it oh lead and they are going there like the other investment in the ought. Reality whatever may need. And that worked pretty eager net is there evil well you know. Without that there are welcome with open on the net is that network and I don't maybe more that we that you met him. Covering sports betting for ESPN chalk talk is Syrian is joining us in the sports barging germ attack lay up. On ESPN Rochester Doug recently in the last few weeks actually we've been reading stories about. The Vegas golden knights in the kind of drain that they have been in the losses that Vegas has been taking. Because of their local team's performance will franchises in states. That make gambling legal seal a similar kind of drain from their local teams if they have that kind of that kind of output below what is your take on on what the knights have met to Vegas in their inaugural season. Let it rate went actually a story on Matt and how odd makers that are broad that beat it. Well if you really. Read. Up in light warriors brought it out at them every nickel we. However when I bet all that yeah now for apple on the weather and regularly in line. Guys have bought torture and eat it expected that we are about it. Matt when they were terrible. What is it would be a lot and one we don't don't know about one. The Goldman about whether Barack point. On the board. I'll be. Out there though there were completely out of our blog report. That. Going to be Rita and at that rate of the art were bought in terms of about an hour now indeed here. You have a lot. Nine whatever well hello bill. In all. Oh. Will be oh well. The golden night is that wearable all like that that does that work. And what now. It will it be ridiculous it out and Eddie Rita. Brought that out and he'll like eight. But number right to eat out a lot. What you need more on. Our. And it beat. Yeah Doug hey if you were advising me state skating into this and from where we say oh it's really easy to set lines and mean. If if you don't hire the right people in places everybody this is our race to get this up and going. I mean could you see. States actually perhaps not getting the returning or perhaps even taking a passive state. Didn't hire the proper people to set lines correctly. I do it all in the bat last year I. So you'd know what you're not at all. The people understand the sport that he has been released similar to our market. And you have a budget amateurs getting caught with the wheel on an injury here in the air raid or a sharp line moved offshore. It is an adult accordingly. And is very. There's a lot of the net the ball is Matt and that is and it is very like any other industry though. It really maximize the profit gonna hire the right and that happening right now in Nevada like number you can read or baker where. Getting post beat number one belt. Yeah I was gonna say Rangers Jersey he's got to be on the phone trying to get some of those Vegas oddsmakers. To come work for them in their state knowing that that they're ready to go today. I'm curious dog is we've been spending a lot of time talking about what this means. For professional sports what does it mean for collegiate athletics what is the NCAA gonna have to say about legalized sports betting in in certain states. Well that's what a lot like. Com. You know like a national sport we base it all at your. Or industry does not need their patient. They don't eat well it all in all these sports book needed elbit and more and big run now. In order cooperated. It all added that I'd. Won by that. One angry that no one that need to be gains or party. Or one. Machine already. So. What we're up. By then it. Right there is the thing like that. And maybe the more that are made yet windows and that your read on the program. Even on the road. On your there's a lot of things out there that operate in you know. Will it be fair and accurate. All that was going on for the Supreme Court ruling on Monday right. More under dollar. Bet he's legally. In the United States offshore. Area. But lower than like 150 billion idiot boy oh. All that was or go all out there and day. Out. That he players eighty. I just don't think that people any players. Although read that it didn't whether the dollar opportunity whatever. That that it needs. Ruling that the outer. It that's us there is gonna go with the I was gonna say you know if if it is. Legal if the NCAA finds a way to get a piece of some of that action will we see a day were were the amateur athletes the student athletes start getting compensated knowing that there's all of this action around. Their performances on Saturdays or or any other day of the week. It is what it is right isn't that nature of sport that all that. What it is like. You know what they owe you and Herman cooperate. But he. Ought. What that at. All. Doctor serious piano joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN. That I was cute that the NFL sent this letter and appealing to congress talking about integrity and we. We hear these things about integrity Steve at the NFL might whining you just kind of alluded to that but. But really does the NFL have much leverage when winning comes of the sort of stuff. Hero then now there is no let. Bet there whole leverage at a pay it law. While while there. But the league currently out there. Doug could do league then down the road. Use their lack of integrity fear there lack of any slice of the apply it against this states that that want to build new stadiums are looking for. You know public I mean I I've tried it it's and to see how the NFL negotiates and and whether or not this could. The states down the road if they don't cave in to what the NFL wants or if there is absolutely zero that the NFL has with this ruling. It goes back issues to be well. Not. While it is the rule. Not. The rule them out there at all for example. Com. Entry mean apple clubs are legal. Those aren't our commercialize it brought in and out right but yeah I don't think about or about all of yet I'd. During broadcasts that out there don't they token boulder bought it. Not illegal and leader BR or bill. Beating them money. Like why is it that walk rate but while that old or. Order that you will put it very ball subtle or. Doug I can't imagine you've got to be yourself excited about this because of a gun drawn analogy. Twenty years ago weeding have a guy like Matthew Berry now I can't imagine. You know put setting my fantasy lineup without getting information I had at times. With this story. From ESPN for everybody. How does this gonna change the way we consume sports news I was gonna also asked to follow on that when we'll Matthew Berry become president of the United States is just a matter of time right. Well look buddy is that we buried a red line and people buy out or is there like these that it don't like. He's very bright eyes you'd like a calm and very important career. Think I'm joking I'm not joking up series I think he'd be president of the and I know it's Smart that guy is. You don't get the word like. A very bright he. At a very. Well what brought you Peter bright but I think it all but at the I don't think. Were all that you know we read the vocal point of a broadcast it is don't. On because it. It is supplemental like that he would like. Anything is Beatty did. And now be a little bit more aware of we read a lot Brett but burger. Probably but it that on the road you're idle at the need to use. Sort of are you Puerto. Vocal point it would be the topic is there but yeah we've been eaten programming change yeah. Along those lines out at the big Abu label. On elect. Doug I IE immediately thought of of a company and Al wondering if you could see a world where there's a company with massive reach a company with an happen pretty much everyone's phone. A company. Maybe like ESPN. That you know when you look at the avenue looking at the previews of the games you see appoints Brad or you may be placed streak for the cash and you you know see all the different prop pets at her up. Could a company like ESP and some day get involved in the legalized sports gambling business. I don't see why I not now it is going to be similar Billy don't believe in all and the net of bitter right com blight. I. I would put it that it be spread out on one year that we are back yet. What did you tell him that at that down the road again. He removal of a band. Does that mean that it ultimately like he'd eight Abbott added going to be. You know you know at a bitter back and the mayor but com. Like we get that not a negative. Not that. You know what the difference between watching a game with a fifty dollar bought it appears your body. And a dollar orally or body all. It increased I didn't order it or whatever. It. We ate for dinner in all the odd that not paint ball like we eight were being quite. We ate four. You might quote it right we paper and hoping that we. We all paper you're like. Whale watch. Paper. Double Decker bought it pretty well right when we looked anything but what are we eight or eight week game. Any period. And it all losing one. Dollars on whatever read a lot or did about a year. All. Over. The whale watching poll is that that's stronger to get it going out that K man gets the great experience or kids. Dump one last question. You're on the air here in the heart of buffalo bills' territory of the bill strained right down the street from our studios. All right so the bill's trade up they get Joshua Allen from where you see it what your early forecast for the Buffalo Bills and when he team. Want to cry on or your honor but there is. That but no way I did well now I think. Every harbor statement the bill and start with the patriot. It is just the nature of the peace and I think. I but it Belichick had a lot about race there I don't think that they needed to build on it. If it would it. But I like what it is wrapped up the open guy the quarterback whether. And I would be used and it is bought our ball not break down all day at eight point. I figure it like the expert in my biggest beef with all the is that they're tired of ownership yen in all the all neatly appear now that these recorded vote at spring is that there will be Robert the Sacramento or whatever it despite. But not enough that thirty you bet Ian will all find out that these rap I thought he'd been. The New York giant they're going nowhere. And why I don't. All and it had to be targeted at that spot all quarterback did get the party traded up on the all the or whatever. Way back byte man who knows what they would are. Rated actor got wide. Agree we're going to yet they want Barkley running back at number overall. That the Nittany your view if you and and lap and analytic. Oh you're not. Giving your best game that would be it that simple I just want in well. And I think he would be at a better at that rate went raping and great. Hawk who does not nailing cattlemen a lot of I love it so strong duck is aryan. You see a money ST eight acre exports that are covering sports betting for ESPN chalky your money SPN radio and the behind the that's podcast. I know we're gonna be talking you again in the future Doug because this story is only gonna continue to grow and expand and is it becomes legal in state by state by saying no we can have. More conversations like we just have with you here in the sports bar with danger to take they really appreciate your time. Enjoy the rest your afternoon Doug. You've got a guy that. On. Talk the past that was a great conversation that he just called him in a meet and yes. That just happened giant bins. Or flip or is yeah and the Gator meat edgy yeah. He's got a point I mean you know look I I don't necessarily hate that pick a Barkley at two you know. I you don't mind that crush on Barkley got a little man crush on shark once sharply I think he's going to be just loud too Lee's point though showcasing the jets are seeing you wanna create the illusion why did god. They're urged doomed does not errors baited them into giving up extra picks yes you need to tell me. Each point Colin on the same thing with a chance. Just you're just sitting there in. It in your creating this illusion that you're gonna trade out. Two strategy yeah. Now there's no point in rushing in the pick. Right there. That's very old school. And we're gonna kick the Arctic where Reid right. Maybe that's we end up looking ambit. Our darkest area and if you jumped in late we'll have that all on line. Odds stacked covered a lot of ground injured and the fact that I thought Vegas would be knee nervous. I. I. PM yeah if yeah oh my gosh you couldn't exit. Everybody that we're talking to every expert that were talking to were asking about this what do they say that this does. Saying does nothing changes. Nothing no you can expand. The plane and go to Times Square. Any brand who's worth anything is in Times Square now. Could you put a seizure right in Times Square and I am yeah just imagining if you can. You can French guys you're Brandon the biggest cities in America are desperate companies that are in Vegas and we'll law of the future. We should have known this was coming in trump got elected right I mean the guy had casinos meet this is where we were going we knew that we realize this we saw this. I it. Sports gambler everybody make money everybody don't get short OKE. Book is Syrian said zenger. Up while the analogy of hey you've got. You you're inviting guys older. And you've got fifty dollars worth of beer essentially in front you're gonna pound that with your buddies you booked fifty dollars now. Is that. An analogy Ford guilty. Well I've always viewed gambling as. In investments in entertainment. If you're going to the casino. And you're not putting down action on on on the game he's playing blackjack and you loose. I had played blackjack for a couple of hours and I lost a couple hundred bucks but it was fun. It was entertainment pets and drinks. At some laughs. Cried a little bit leave you with the tail between Mel likes that was entertainment that was fun that's why you do. I think you have to view it through that lands I don't think there's anyway did you at any other way to view it through that limited to the people that they do apartheid understand that. And that's why I think anybody that about this Doug included. What does this mean it means nothing it's been going on for years decades. Doesn't change anything now it just legitimizes it. Ed and the Vegas point is a big one if you go to Vegas is gonna be nervous again. The Vegas has been sitting on piles and piles of money for years and now they can expand it. Their brands those casinos can go to Jersey that was XP those casinos can come to New York when it becomes. Oh my god. Tina come off of the MGM sports book in Times Square if you make it sell. How will be an attraction wow. That will be an attraction. Good stuff from duck is Syrian of ESPN will have the for you on demand surely hear it ESPN Rochester dot com if you missed it. And you could hear on demand get a busy afternoon for you here in the sport we're gonna play altar to that next give you some provocative thoughts around the world of sports you can agree or disagree you're always looking to join us. At 454 ESPN 4543776. John while tax Syracuse athletic directors on tap for the 4 o'clock hour and also a while we're talking about ESPN tegra Ozzie auto put out an article earlier today Jeanne the album. The quarterback depth chart confidence index. Borrow. One of venture a guess as to where the Buffalo Bills to land on that list we will get. I have to say it's not in the top probably not the same battle that's a safe bet ya our we we will not get to that here and in a few minutes stay the sports bar danger and the tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester. Extra. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered the demand audio and all. From the sports bar with a teacher convicted. ESPN Rochester dot com. Let us fortunately. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader the radio. He's the official annual poll of ESPN Rochester. Via apple cart lady or android on a ten to wirelessly you. Speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find EM 915 and 957.