The Sports Bar- Hour 1- Erica Whyte

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys move the conversation towards the Rochester Americans. To help them out, Amerks game day host, and team reporter Erica Whyte joins the show to give her take on the Amerks who are preparing for a playoff run.


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Exactly former bills wide receiver Jordan Matthews has agreed to terms on a one year deal with the New England Patriots who just traded away branded cards that happened last night. I think they're going broke we gave her only until then he got hurt they get bitter and neat guy I get this thing rolling off. Off Mike danger. It's always been about system in value with the patriots right you can find guys in our system minorities get them the value we're never gonna overpay for anybody GB tablet at the bills couldn't wait next year and take quarterback just to get everything else. No no if you missed on the quarterback this year than you try again next year that the position is that important. Thornton that's why the Buffalo Bills haven't been there you realize that the Buffalo Bills take a quarterback at twelve. Dealt with the highest they've ever taken a quarterback. That's loader greatest acts crazy. I'll take your favourite as war that they feel that they are better quarterback than those things which. Suggest that they are willing to go to this season we'll just AJ McCarron if they. Peter Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon out of office duel and join us the sports bar with danger and the tag glee is open for business and we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be eliciting this afternoon on AM 950 or 957 FM video might ESPN Rochester dot com where you can. Read up on the latest bills and sabres news also search for us on the radio dot com out. Free downloading need to take this with you wirelessly on your device wherever you go Bluetooth Smart speakers. You're Smart dash I am Mike danger he is Jean to tackle him take twenty days danger that did twenty days to Vienna filtering not that kind of I am. We should follow up on a conversation and Omer. On the John Murphy show in and it's no secret EC with the LE rams are doing and you you know is a football fan I love what the LA rams are doing you see young team. Active young head coach turns things around you go basically do complete 180 from you adding Jeff Fisher two years ago torture had and Sean McVeigh. This last year. A brand new team and a new culture you know you hear. Sean McDermott talked about cultural all the time and how it's. It's you know it's the first thing that comes culture comes in the winning follows well. In LA yet it's a similar kind of stories what Jeb awfully at a team that not a lot of people thought was gonna do anything to help we were joking about your in the sport sport to BBC and obviously it's going to be. Buffalo Bills LA rams Super Bowl right when they both came off to these. Kind of hot starts to start the season. And did a good job earlier today talking about you know why wire the rams as active right now as they are. If you follow the NFL and you know kind of the ins and outs of it it's pretty clear like you've got out of quarterback who's performing at a high level and Jerry golf. Who's a value for you right now he's on his rookie deal you're not over paying like a lot of teams have to do for your franchise quarterback. You can build around your franchise quarterback right now he can still keep meta value. And you find yourself with a very talented roster very good team. This is what the LA rams have done. Not exclusive to the LA rams we've seen the Philadelphia Eagles obviously do the same thing around Carson Wentz got it went in the same draft is Gerri golf. Win a Super Bowl last year. But it goes deeper than that she. And this what this what they didn't discussed during the summer for sure this I didn't hear that discussed as you can correct me if I'm wrong but. More than anything more then then that the quarterback being on his rookie deal I think why the rams are doing. All that they're doing and you know the the trade of for branding cooks is the latest and probably laughs this off season but. It leads to Jordan Matthews getting acquired from the free agency a bills wide receiver lashing out with New England Patriots kind of fill that void that they and a wide receiver bigger did that the rookie contract for the quarterback the reason why I think you see the rams. Doing what they're doing and doing it now. Is the stadium. It's the new stadium. It's the PS cells that need to be sold. Now it. Now is the time to to strike and sell those premium seats. At a 100000. Dollars for the best seats in the new stadium that five billion dollar stadium that their building in LA. Yeah ain't doing that. By resting on your laurels he doing now by. Not being active in free agency or in the draft or putting a winning product on the field. Like what the rams are doing the it's good for football what's good for their team obviously. And and yes of course you have the opportunity because of a quarterback who's performing under his rookie contract but more than anything. This about the stadium is about putting a product on the field today. That makes you want to invest in this team. In the future. I think you have. Two different story lines here right we wind Murphy's talking about just the football part of it. Yet this is the trend right now but there's all the teams like Philadelphia that have done is arguing this with great success. There you have the stadium. So this will be a template if you hit correctly. On the rookie quarterback. Well there's 234 are are great I think you're like you're saying here in this is probably why they can go anywhere near this on their shell. How does this relate to buffalo kind of timeline a young they'll tell you how are. It's the buffalo thank you Jeanne thank you for setting me up. We've seen this story happened in the NFL before you we have seen this story happened in the NFL before let's look back. At the New York Jets. Prior to MetLife stadium. Their last few years in the meadowlands before MetLife stadium opened up you had a head coach and Rex Ryan. You invested in Mark Sanchez is your franchise quarterback in the draft you brought in Bartz got to be the quarterback of your defense and you made it to the AFC championship game in consecutive season you we'd all Ian. At that time you invested you were active you had a great team that made it to the AFC championship. And then it then. You moved it to MetLife stadium jets fans will remember that one. Put it wasn't just the jets that had this happen to them let's look at this effort Cisco 49ers. When Jim Harbaugh always your head coach and Jim Harbaugh led that team that forty niner team with Colin tapper back. Patrick Willis Navarro Bowman the Super Bowl. If he's to the Super Bowl and and they moved into their new crib. Sold out all the PS cells may need the money that they need to make. For their new. Gorgeous Levi stadium there and broke the bad enough to take our public debt and now the jets have made the playoffs cents. The niners they'll be looked like they might be on the right track. Haven't made the playoffs right like. So the revs all in right now in and part of it yes is that quarterback rookie deal you're able to manipulate. But I think the bigger part of it is there all right now because they were being need fans in vested invested what's going on they need fans. To gobble up those PS cells and you can't do it as the stadium is opening up you have to do it now. These next eighteen months. That's their window of opportunity. How does this relate to the Buffalo Bills. Pattern a week we seem to be the only ones even remotely talking about the idea. Of a new stadium. We'll give our body creek inn in Toronto credit for pressing the issue with now Abdul at the owners' meetings last week John creek asking him to question. You will you opt out of the Leeson 20/20. And the goal is and and follow up Roger Goodell. You know basically saying that the guerrillas are in the early stages of talking about news. Eighty or you know earlier this week we hope we did today so short term turn financing. With the bills to make some short term improvements. And that facility. I know that their focus on this there that they're looking at. How they address these issues long term but I think those are better covering from the caboose whenever there at the point which they wanna share that with the community. I think there's very early stage it to stay so. Early stages is better than not talking about it all good Dell's not gonna be a one because he can't be the one that says the other gonna book ability stadium. It has to come from Google's and ask him for the coolest with help from the statement from the county. But we didn't you start hearing rumblings. Of that new stadium. That is what you can expect the bills. Ago crazy in terms of formulating a roster and and doing whatever it takes to get you know but it starts it does start with getting the right quarter. Time. You're you're lining up a timeline here danger. By the way I just wanna share this entire creek sent us an email this is the Toronto star. He complements you guys are the only ones and what's your crew heard talk about that stuff John trick last week the owners' meetings questioned Terry Google. The opt out of the stadium lease is now less than two years away. From what I'm told if you do that it doesn't necessarily of course for. Foretell anything but it would give you more stated flexibility with what you can do independently. Any political entities is that something you've considered doing. I'm gonna give you the same poker answer we talk about that heavily internally but. Enough publicly. Talk about it internally you have a team playing you have a timeline you have to know wing you're going to do what. Because if you are to build a stadium at some point you're going to have to sell those PS cells if you can sell those PS cells you better make sure that your team. Well all the I don't we I think we're getting ahead of ourselves saying buffalo PS cells we don't know map like you know old that. The price for Swedes the price for everything is gonna go off I think more or less when you it's different in Los Angeles. Okay that if the money's gonna take care itself from cracking owner here. The bigger issue isn't PS cells danger. The bigger issue days in the battle for in this date in my view all half to battle all the nay saying. Rachel Barnard south there are no offense to Rachel but that's what that would represent the opposition now there the opposition will be strong to public. Money there's a PR battle that would need to be one thing everything else with a passion for this team. We'll take care of itself a bad don't think Terry but Glock is going to want everybody's mortgage payment maybe he will. But getting back to your timeline. Eight it's. The brand's time. We learned there's an opt out in the Leeson 22 point which the bills have said they're not gonna exercise okay fine. What happens in 22 point now they have a right to talk about it. Now they don't violate the release of they openly show you pictures and everything else that they wanna build downtown that's the timeline here. So the bills drafted quarterback this year. And Dan next year you have that quarterback maybe going to the playoffs the first time it. Also that also coincides danger winds. The salary cap getting cleaned up so the Buffalo Bills that's why would people cereals and computers are great because those not doesn't have time. The bills will be in the market come to the when he twenties with new quarterback. What if defensive pieces right now your tray whites and whatnot they'll be left over to van and the capital because leaking by that point. 12221. That's when I think if you're just laying out a plan for the Buffalo Bills you could expect this team to contend for a championship. Which matches up with the end of the least. It's what they're doing in LA Fiat and Ed piece of history here to danger and ate it seems like a smaller scale but let me bring you back. In 19991990. Yes. 1998 was forty mania. Nobody expected it got its start well. Those fleece was not. Ferraro was knocking on the dark Cleveland was knocking on the Dorian had a team at that point 1998 a lot of nervousness. 1998 about the bills leave. This stadium that in buffalo didn't have any luxury suites and a couple but not like this the renovation was massive. And in order to get that done you need to do you sell these weeks. It was funny because I've talked to bills executives the bills would sell suites danger on Monday. After the bills want after Doug Flutie will pull out of game home deals and get close. They would have open houses the Monday after the bills lost nothing. There is certainly a core relation. To how things get sold. And win. Winning it matters and yes we have supported the Buffalo Bills through thick and thin. But they've never really asked the state or something like via X. Who was your tax dollars are not talking a billion we're talking billions it will cost. We've heard Terry goal in the past mentioned that before you can even talk about the seating yet to make sure that the product on the field is right. He said that it because recently is last off season you know even listen we're not gonna talk about a stating we're gonna talk about getting our team right. What would appear that you're starting to move in the right direction to the Buffalo Bills you've got the right GM. Looks like you have Ritchie have the right head coach. Do you have the right quarterback that's that's the pressure of of this draft that comes down to bring like. Saw another mock draft today Jeanne the burglar. Who will be joining us by the way next week in the sports world. Yeah Matthew Herbert is funny Matthew fair Burton mentioned you know last week we spoke to spoke to a minute and Herbert join us here again next hour in the sports bar. Thurber from Syracuse post standard mentioned you know one of the guys that he trusts in terms of looking at mock drafts and evaluating talent. And prospects gain burglar who. Is the NFL senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com his. Third mock draft came out today Jeanne and a brigade out because. He has movement in the first round he has a team trading up with a New York Giants. It is the Buffalo Bills topple apple all the bills it too. Are all trading out c'mon twelve years in Rosen. Josh Allen hole hole and you know there has done this. Alone jalla and blow. Subtly. You have to really all it is it's Josh. Yes folks there must. Korea we have William. Oh I'll call it maybe affluent cities and is there anybody like it. If the bills Josh element number two can we get the audio may opt in bed. But it could keep it clearly meant to the music that we won't want to put under if we get in trouble for two he. Yes and thank you. That's right now who would listen. I saw oh I can't wait to tell G moved ruler has his monster hall. Gosh. Well. That's a good guest to have on somebody that. Says they see the Buffalo Bills trading up the numbers too to get Josh Allen I don't want any part. The quarterback is everything is an end and making sure that. And the rams so we're we're ready to label Jerryd golf Abbas after a year under Jeff Fisher. That changed pretty quickly. Mates BC would have its Chicago now the you've got a new head coach in new offensive coordinator. You gotta get the right quarterback. Andy and skills are big part of it obviously but I think you also have the after the right mentality. The right mentality to play in buffalo or mentality. To be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. And if I'm allowed to acquire Sheehan AJ Mick caring and just for a second this has nothing to do with AJ McCarron is a football player but when your wife. Is sending out snaps she's landing from buffalo. Saying also known as aunts article. It's not like Catherine Webb is going to make life easy for each human carried in buffalo if that is the out of two. You're kidding me she said that. This courtesy of our our friend nick erotica from the Buffalo News. She yes she along the senate it's now up point and upper announces that can see it. Next stop Buffalo, New York it's a picture taken from within the though of the the flight. It nicks Buffalo, New York AKA and are to cut snowflake MO NG. You're right nick it's not even so if she would what would you think if she landed in Rochester. Today it always different issues at their heels colts game. Oh god oh my gosh. In from the south. We grew up in the south and I'm guessing broke the self. So this is a little bit of an adjustment but now I know how we all are. In this region were proud that we're from here in his budget we might bitch about the weather don't you go after us don't know. They're you you rule has announced. Outsider take the lowest of low hanging fruits and use it against us. And by the way sucker podger pointing out. In our timeline here that that she spelled an article wrong as well. There is Antarctica. Okay so well what can we learn about that that's bad for AJ McCarron isn't sure Beijing is gonna hear about them from the team. Cat from lack I can deduct your danger she runs the show in the house right. That is is it this is of the poor man's Tom Brady drank. That's a capital lavish she's the report version of just apple could. Organs to sell yeah. Well look. I'm sure she's of I'm sure she's lovely. I'm sure she's lovely but I saw that at the a lot of people who saw that might look at that we elect a halt this isn't going to go over well. We take we take you know like where you take pride in where you let that be like us going down south and making a joke about them not having. Running water. It not only do certain things you don't shorty tours I I don't do that right it's like it's it's why my friends from. From Minnesota get mad at me when I congratulate them on getting Wi-Fi for the first time. You don't do that you eat it felt like you don't wanna be told your baby is ugly. But she's letting him buffalo calling it an hour Erica. This is her first impression. Room. KQB apology coming up in pine Alison I don't want her apology we discussed this yesterday in the sports bar don't apologize solicit sincere. Don't apologize because somebody's telling you you need to apologize. Away it. Did the exes are you referring to me. No no no no no no I'm referring to. The guy in Houston Texans Bob McNair a Bob Kerrey I had guys is obviously the average rent is actually apologize and well. You should apologize in the first place and you're right. Because your apology was insincere and every. I 99% of the apologies EC after something offensive his Vick. We checked the intention on what was said because I'm pretty sure his intention wasn't to offend anybody and if it. If his intention was not to offend anybody that his apology will be empty moving forward there's a stomach the problem go away and basically brighten up. Yes she's not an apology she shouldn't apologize I don't want her to apologize. Just you know. An effort to adopt. Have to be. Called awful and Gloria is she's not the. Where a two day at. Yourself in the could creases of the hills mafia danger calling off Antarctica. On. Well he's the backup quarterback in my book. Yeah yeah out Josh Ellis starting day one you ready for marriage is it a are we. A great show lined up for ya as I mentioned fair burden going to be joining us Matthew chairman of the Syracuse post standard joining us about an hour from now wolf. I'm a little bit deeper into what let's see the Jordan Matthews signing into wing Glen the printing Coke's trade you know all of the speculation that went with that earlier this week. And of course we'll talk more NFL draft. These covering at all. Yeah so I'll look forward to welfare burn Friday on the wings by the way how tightly that the sun is out now thank you but eight need. Move we we work just a few blocks away from frontier feel there's still snow on the field as you can imagine so the wings game has been postponed a 305 tomorrow. Bonnie you're looking for something fun to do tonight may suggest a Rochester Americans. Think every night tonight. I like that yeah all the time but a Rochester. Join luster from guild has will be joining us along with thing and works. In game host and reporter Erica White Emery got a caller reporter shows and on around us more than just a game she is Zeum reporter. And mostly reporter senior reporter. Reporter. I dare you to mess up her title on purpose. Not. She's got America's bad side. To happen to grow America's debts I I don't wanna be on America's bad side I just don't. Erica White. Rochester and Merck's reporter. And in game most joins us in a few. Along we join Lester from Gillis club Rochester we will talk pink the rink tonight's action of blue cross arena with the Rochester Americans. All the way next in the sports bar danger and tag Leo on ES PM Rochester. ESPN Rochester half let's talk some members talking. Season winds down the Emerson playoff position nice name nice game tonight. Belt filled the opponents you can hear the action on ESPN Rochester you can go to blue cross arena for a good cause tonight it's pink the rink tonight our special guest she. Yeah I Ed back here we've had to land this is like twice in three weeks we've seen so excited yes this isn't and from guilders club join Lester joining us also lot. Our good buddy. Erica White. Yes it is it Rochester Americans reporter. And in game hopes yeah. That's was is actually giver promotion without even knowing that they ought to call you senior reporter you know thanks so. Your senior year. Eating because we let kids run like we have like it in elementary school I come and they are like the annual net monthly senior reporter let me technically I am so there are. Erica White senior reporter Rochester Americans also India most enjoin a Lester. From Gil this club Rochester doing great work in the community out tonight is a special night talk about paying the rank. So tomorrow night and tonight we got a game tonight against Al globally due out tomorrow night is pink the rink tonight that's happening. As we played the trying to Marlys solar partner and the ever departing with our frantic deal the club Rochester for pain every night that's happening this upcoming Saturday slots tomorrow night not tonight so. Of course this event is in support of breast cancer awareness so we encourage everybody to Wear the color pink and keep you you won't be alone because our emirates will be wearing. It's absolutely amazing pink jerseys as they always do and those beautiful jerseys will be auctioned off their backs throughout the course became in given. PD highest bidders at the end of the game there's also a lot of awesome things happening within the arena itself. There at the games we've got our mystery puck so pretend I mean very special. Pink during mr. putt which of course he is a beautiful bubble gum paint a little is meant we got our ticket packages over thirty dollars. You can get it best available take it as quality pinky ring teacher. And of course all of those things a portion of the proceeds will go back to our friends act that was up and you might have a playoff preview runs on top of that. We do this is I mean personally this isn't a teen I want us to be playing in the first round thank you. But we've hopefully we've played them in why figure out why fear does not exist in this don't try what I know I I can't you I hear you but I mean there is if they are the best team in a cal arguably stats that they now. They have a 104 point of the earmarks and against them this year Erica we've done pretty well that's right we put up a really good fight against them. But I mean I think that for the first round playoffs we maybe don't wanna face. The best he. Right that's just that's just at that certain departments and not worried about of our best of. Five and we're not worried about it at the air. Was going to be uncle came ones I mean we don't know all what's going on Linas hallmark. Wilcox goes up with Daniel Hanson's been playing pretty well so if you're Chris Taylor howdy manager. Through that situation. Well I think that's pretty safe to say that Linas I'm mark has been the MVP for the last two years straight. Pretty much everything he's played so I think without a doubt he'll be our go to guy. The guy that we count on the day game inning game out as the hadn't classmate definitely keeping you back well cop and court agreed in Johanneson has really liked. Yeah I've been really impressed with his since he's been called up he is really he is putting his heart and soul into the game he's playing partly cart Wheeling around I'm really. Really impressed with his care to talk what's. The other new additions to the high marks a new we've we've seen a regained join the team in recent weeks we you know we got two guys from. Saint cloud state that's my old though it's time I lived there before who derive some very familiar with the sink let's say Huskies. Let's it to see you know up Peterson come up and Morgan a talk about what these guys are meant what do you know you've got to spend some time with them what with their personnel. Some organic Peterson are interesting because like you mentioned there both from Saint Cloud so dubious at Saint Cloud for those of you that don't fall and Evelyn hockey they it was. The number one seed going into turn and take a pounced and they got knocked out. Which was the real heartbreak I think for them and out on a Friday night. By Saturday. They both had basically orchestrated and sign their contracts and come to the error the linger even got a breath after having an amazing season. I've Huskies are in Saint Cloud. And so not only were they Huskies together acting class but they also were both draft picks for the sabres and they RD how this initial bond they told me that and then. They were roommates. In Saint Cloud and now they're roommates at the hotel and they're staying out here in Rochester both been cool to see them. Have this dirty together because I mean for a lot of guys when you're so young in your it's your so just can populated like people don't understand how. Tracy is for these kids their lives daily picked up and they get shaken out on top on a plane they have a bag and just put into the your situation at this new team it's awesome but any. It's crazy I think it's cool they can do to. And Merck's in game posts Erica why we're talking some hockey as the hammer home tonight is bill bill in in the paint the rink tonight tomorrow night. Against Toronto hi Erica that the story from earlier we Porter going up and the UN are going up there's some people we've we've firm not not happy about that that the okay this feels like the sabres of last year taken off. You know some players that are eight we could have to debate if they're ready or not but it. Lead to kind of short handed on what are your thoughts on the UN are going on. I mean let's. As far as I'm concerned we have a playoff spot. Obviously geeky as we want to be playing as a unit and that'll be great. But I think it's nice for you lender to get a little bit of an open mind well. You know when in fact if we wanna be seen him as a prod the major prospect as he develops and you know you can happen in these games where it doesn't matter. That they went there. Let's face it so this cyber at a favorite are the favorite at this point. But I mean if he can get a little bit of taste of you know getting it kind of ties to be the key banks sent argued manage not repeat what I wherever if we plan to have mad as a as a important component of our team in the future that might. Share some of his closest team as you are haircut you know talk about the development of new lender from year one tier two Neal has been it's been really interesting for me because. I mean there's. Buzz around him coming onto that he Max itself being you know wanting money yet youngest guys to ever play in ache now. And then you know of course having his dad being a former American and his brother. Being such a big belief success trying to at least expect so everybody had their eyes on him. But people were so critical right away because he wasn't producing the wind and get people hoped him to hope for him to but I think what people didn't understand was. He was he was literally eighteen he was eighteen years old he couldn't do you think about. Think about how old somebody has an 1890 couldn't right he didn't know how to cook for himself. Anything yet zero skills. Like zero life skills and he just you got a little bit of time and so on that last half of this year he has really. Blossomed and it's been really nice to see he's being really physical I think. At the beginning the first year year and a half even he was really Tenet that was something that was one of his downfall was that. He would kind of somebody would come to check him and he went away from them he duck them to avoid it and so. He's really he's growing and he's some autonomy camera conceive physically he looks a lot more like a man and I think that he's playing well more like man. What where is the expectation for guys that have been up now for weeks if not months like raining cool Lee for instance I expect big things when it comes back here. Yeah I think it bring goalie nick back tees we expect big things and I think either guys I think it's almost great that there are so many of them that have been up with the sabres could at least the roles that would playing together. At least these guys are still used to playing with each other and once they all come back down and we make that they playoff push hopefully it'll be some sort of cohesion it because definitely. To meet somebody seeing how many of our players are often buffalo you think. Hope they can readjust since they get back but knowing that there's a lot of them partnered together in that it would be a more seamless. Transcendence back if the. Talking with Erica White it Merck's reporter and in game homeless also join a Lester from Gil this club Rochester joining us in the sport or join a step on up. Work set for tomorrow night sorry about them at the misspeak earlier that tomorrow night in the ranked blue cross arena. Against Toronto talk about what this night means four for guilders of Rochester how important it is for girls club right. It's just such a great night out for us it's great because it's the only oriented you can take your kids can take you know local your coworkers. Supports you know bring some awareness to breast cancer which you know so prevalent some people attachment that. And really speaks at a higher mission of he'll discover as well which is were all cancers so it doesn't matter which can't even touch by come out Wear pink. Support the Emmerich support ills of Rochester we're so grateful to have such great community partners in the embarks on tap this opportunity. Yeah I saw you couple weeks ago across journal cancer how far what I mean I was text in danger that Sunday night and we we we had the high off of blood just. The only perk great event I mean was that Arabs were a record for you guys. That was deathly them the biggest turnout we've had for that event which was so wonderful to see. So many kids so many you know Stanley's coming out. Which we always love you know we don't have a ton of family. Focused events so it's great when we do have went to deceive you know so many people coming out as a Sunday to have the kids playing a nice to have that. Local media members so you know the emirates alumni playing just a great day overall everybody coming together in just having a good time or somebody smile so much laughter. Which you know we always encourage it was a that's. No carrier toward across a cancer it's a great event in and VMware supports a part of that as well with the alumni playing in the game. And then tomorrow night into Lincoln blue cross Serena great cause we invite you out as he embarks take on Toronto blue cross Serena tomorrow night now on Erica. I'm happy the sabres season then. Tonight we have bad hockey fan you know there is next year. Feel like we've heard that you know. Yeah. Yeah but this time I mean we have a playoff contention here it is nominee. That's I think that's your sabres fan that's the only silver lining you have is you know if if you listen to Jason Bartel said from day one we're gonna focus on development of building this from the ground up and it starts at the HL level and you've got a team. He the hammer set has improved duty here the year in the post season assure last year. You had nothing right not not not the case whatsoever so if there is a silver lining is that you know hopefully it deep playoff run this year for the have Merck's translates to some future success for the sabres. Erica thank you star models here tonight. Got Erica White join Lester from mock from Gil this club Rochester I guess you're in sports or danger tightly Gina what are you sales during that now. I'm ready as we've got dozen thoughts for you to wrap your mind drive for five for ESPN your always look and full of the sword join us here in the sports bar danger and tag Lia on ESPN Rochester. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. So. Jeanne the local pro down in its part of the pre draft process that we don't spend a ton of time talking about each team can do. Essentially a local catapult the prospects. And we consider the amount of football talent markets like Los Angeles or. Miami South Florida it's got to be at least a slight advantage for the rams the chargers and dolphins over markets like save the awful. From past in this one you don't think it's an advantage now I mean it is when was the last time anybody found any you know how all of these amateur tryout and what is it's an extra looked. So you can bring in. Lamar Jackson is one of your thirty visits right now Lamar Jackson with a high school in South Florida so. You invite even if he accepts that it's an additional look at Mark Jackson felt that means anything but it's got to be at least. A slight advantage given that there's a bigger talent pool in some of these bigger markets like in LA or taxes or about sophomore crash. It gave anything. Yeah I guess I'll give it to you on that point he can bring somebody else in life if you're doing your homework in your scouting. These guys at the end of its. Beat the street create history well they're gonna take a job where they can find solid. Tip that I've heard so many people bitching about the Yankee's ball near the slow start by the Phillies other managers and eightieth. Everybody know roots it controls. X again don't pistol snow on the ground. Know how long this season is. What it's may sixth. I wanna hear from the problem based analogy enemy even get a lot of enthusiasm and excitement over opening day and everybody goes dormant until October. Maybe September. It's just too obviously got a 160 games just to. Log on a guess maybe you can't get passionate as you do about awful Paul Casey for instance in blaming things but for people that are upset. But the yankees' case in point. It's then went on for 55 strikeouts opening day in their bowling. Come on there a 161 other dangerous. Solved brings to that threat in the sports verdict Veronica we mentioned this earlier usual flu news he captured the snap from my agent Richards wife Catherine Webb. Picture from inside of her flight as its landing in buffalo with the caption next stuff. Buffalo NY. AKA. And Tartikoff. Happy wife happy life Jeanne we know Israeli agent Karen's wife. Is giving off be happy to be here viva have a feeling it's great you know any Jim McCarron. Let me. Well let's Cincinnati is a tropical paradise compared to buffalo. My way. What if Nate he's your man. Shows improvement for year warned. The year two. Daughter OK but enough for improvement he larger backup quarterback last year yup. Okay so we're just assuming that he's gonna get demoted to third stream might. My point gain a lot of teams like the bills last year carry two quarterbacks hey mom. Katherine. Don't worry about your husband doesn't produce the bills get top quarterback who shows something. Maybe you gain here so I'll drink to that peace ease the awards season in Buffalo Sabres history suffer there are altered that gap there. The tank here had a purpose of ways. They were but this year there was some talent on this team do we agree that. To beat the worst team in hockey week this roster unacceptable. Even more unacceptable danger. Coming home when this team have this year eleven. Yeah yeah that's it. What season you're savers and you have every right. To be discouraged. Every right. Then like we just mentioned if there is a silver lining in it thin silver lining but. The average make in the post season win last year there was nowhere in sight or last year you had zero hope at least this year. That is a little bit of hope and it starts the HL level so I'll drink to that I picking up masters coverage yesterday today eulogies hit me. You know what Tiger Woods is playing like. Tiger Woods played like a 103 ranked golfer the world that's what he has. Just having him back and play consistently should be enough but we. We're greedy we expect so much out of our stars we wanted to remain immortal. For our own personal well being because of these are social faults and flaws that well then clearly were getting older word out what we want to work tiger may be back. But it's gonna take a lot more than a few tournaments played for him to really. Be back. Well right now Tiger Woods on the dais three over through seven outs including net double bogeys so we inputs and four over for the tournament. Hi that is only one stroke ahead of the projected cut at five over so. If a book I've if tiger is out there on Sunday. I'm watching. Whether that is teeing off at new order teeing off with the leaders at the end of the day to me suggests. Getting him to make the cut. The U gotta take steps here today nobody thought tiger is gonna finish top ten in the masters I think we had I think there are people that had an expectation. Oh did you Lotta people did I mean at one point he was the favorite pick up how ludicrous that. You know that's ridiculous. Ease the 103 ranked golfer in the world. And he's playing like. He's back yes. He's cut that violent swing that that we've all grown accustomed to and he's he's playing well. Boy he's not playing at our level of expectation because we want him to remain immortal we want to remember him for what he was in May be. Maybe he gets there but it's gonna come with time it's gonna come with wraps. Two to think it could happen after just playing and a few tournaments. Realistic. They'll be fine he will win again I don't know movies is a regular turn and in our major or whatever that will be fun it's not going to be this weekend at least that's not. The way it looks right now as he stands he's nine shots off the lead did your co leaders in this ever changing leaderboard right now mark liked minn. Patrick reed. Like she ministers seven today a five under Reese at five under through 51 stroke back. Rory McIlroy. Jordan's beef. That's going to be an interest in we can I don't know what they're gonna do tomorrow I'm hearing rain in Augusta tomorrow. The analyst I was not elector crane your fine and so only through. Tiger at one of what was that one of only two players one of five players. To not get a birdie on the par five yet answers why it's a thing that's we were tiger when you're watching this what's failed and it's not. It's not that derives its it does potter. Potters is off. So. Neither comes a time he got to of course and wholly a double bogeyed earlier today he was deep in the woods. What we'll keep you updated on what's going on to masters at Augusta of course throughout the afternoon here in the sports part danger tag we will also. Be joined shortly by Matthew fair or unfair burden Friday MacKey Durban the Syracuse. Post and wanna talk a little bit of NFL draft with fair Verne will talk more about these moves being made by the New England Patriots this week the trading of branding cooks the subsequent. Picking up a free agent Jordan Matthews. Bills wide receiver last season Jeanne we make anything of that. Palm it would when make of that I it didn't correct me if I'm wrong and did the bills ever have any interest in bringing back toward Matthews I didn't. Here. Sat in trying to get to have survived. Made that was coming from Matthews to. Matthews played here want a month so he really didn't have an emotional attachment there was a reason why Philadelphia got rid her own. The great people freaked out quarterback like Harrison once it did deal as he FF. Philadelphia didn't think all that much of them they felt that they need really to fix the corner position. Well when he got here the bills is viewed him as a guy. Well here's the thing about the going on offense you can take guy is in turn them into really good wide receivers. The all over page at that position danger they beat Eads Tom Brady that makes the receiver. Not the other way. Around. Miami go look at Danny Amendola but if you're expecting. Him to replace the stats of drivers Landry and that Baghdad is not happening. You did Matthews will do fine. And it's going to fit this date narrative of the way there's another bad move by the Buffalo Bills letting go this layered into England and a stop it. Stocks. But you might jealously wasn't visible. And Chris whole game. Bills are capped troubled soul Hogan's debatable why I'm Italian too when he sixteen I thought Hogan should be caught from this. That he's to me feels like a depth pick you got to Paterson and you got gentlemen coming back from injury. You know settlement is less than a 100% are battling gets hurt again in Matthews is a nice little. Replacement they're nice little back up but I don't see Matthews given everything that they have being that much of a factor. And and for everybody that thought to kill mostly would feel the equal care blog roll from two years ago. We clearly saw that you know over time Rex Burkhead. Cut a lot of those carries a lot of that work that kills it was getting earlier in the season Lester kind of disappear for whatever reason. And they don't have to just buy anything will we'll see what might kill sleaze role looks like moving forward but I don't necessarily think the Jordan Matthews. Is is that guy that we're gonna look back and do it all can you imagine if we just had Jordan Matthews. I don't know about that. Every one of these players at the I think Gil Leslie was an interesting debate last year by you look dad it. And could the Buffalo Bills really afford to make. The payments on jealously because of the feels brought back jealously he would have been the highest paid it back up running back. At some point one was gonna have cap trouble she would say you would think. Other news us story just breaking on Mike wrote back releasing days apparently there is a statement an update here on the progress. I'm Jim Kelly a good Jim Kelly mr. Kelly continues to makes solid progress in his recovery from extensive surgery for his oral cancer. He has been moved out of intensive care. And made that transition by walking on his own from the union to the impatient floor well he continued the next phase of his care. He is still several days away from resuming swallowing. In taking nutrition by mouse. Oh god I gene is somebody I've seen family members go through this I can't I don't even want to imagine what's going on. Within his family right now to see him in the state that he's in now granny getting better every day which is encouraging. But still the idea that he can't speak the idea that he's. Not able. Is really the only silver lining you have win win a loved one is going through what he's been going through. My mother went through it after having the brain angers brain surgery and and you know it's it's devastating it's devastating to a Stanley really really strengthens your core really makes you. Makes you value every breath that you now. The change neck Kelly's feeling queues go. Mean did your mother suffer a lot and in disorders pain management. I mean should we Jews in the hospital she was in a similar situation where she was an icu for a long time after brain surgery and you know I just I believe that they are so bad you're so medicated. That any pain that you might have you don't really realize until. You're well out of the hospital you're weaned off of the pain medication but the you know. You only hope that that the person you love is comfortable that they are able to rest and that they are able to progress is day by day and it is a long process. It's a long road ahead. But you don't hear. His wife Mino mentioned and it's how hard it is to not hear him speak and he's not able to speak. Off got a breaks my heart it breaks my heart. And Ali all I hope for is is that he recovers smoothly and and you know we get we get Jim Kelly back and I'm not gonna bet against cal c'mon. I I have a I have an image year. Bills open week one only wrote I've I want buffalo to open week one. Newer fields snowplows are routes yeah. That's still from this winner is the next winner getting buffalo AKA an article that's right yeah this hasn't. You you're you're looking through the lens of Catherine when this. Yeah I NA here ladies and domain and walking out of the field Jim Kelly. Walking yeah and then addressing the crowd. How fired up people being. Even if it's just go bills gold hill cuts already like even if that's all he's able to Muster. Yet that would be pretty cool. That would be pretty neat. Wishing them all the best. That's could update could be here. These out of icu that's that's improvement. Matthew fair rejoice and few minutes here in the sports or danger to take Lee can read his work at. New York upstate dot com talks more NFL draft. What are we talking about capital rubble all I know what snapped and the real reason why the Los Angeles rams are as active in the off season right now as as they have been. To to win a super holding your. It's a win now. Yeah and is a bowler and I will get into that more next day in the sports bar danger and the tag Lee were back next on ESP in Rochester.