The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Gary Davenport

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report. We discuss Gary's article Breaking Down the Most Realistic Potential Trades of the 2018 NFL Offseason.


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But sports bar with danger and exactly if you're the Eagles. You have the ultimate security blanket in Naples I think they have to consider building trade offers how would me. Of the mindset of keeping the full simply because we see what happens it would cost awareness with the Stacey L book in this system. It works morning polls hoping they'll be going to be inclined to just give people the way. Mike dangers should the bill's trade for Naples. No word on our future and how appropriate time and replace it and all that good. I actually a lot of pride in wearing those W Jersey and I just for being here genes exactly how. I am not Rangers did it on the Buffalo Bills in the bulls even though just won the Super Bowl form of the contract right now. Until I'm told otherwise. Hello Bob loves it may sound there. We have a special edible and I think especially if it doesn't down due to the show resiliency and just to keep focused throughout the whole year's home Colombia that. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes. Good afternoon full of the stool and join us. The sports bars open for business would danger to tackle it we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening this afternoon and I'm fifty. 957 FM. ES PM Rochester dot com the free to download. He has M Rochester have Miami might gain Turkey is cheap it's actually danger what's going on today love it outside nice and bright. Spring's coming in yeah he say that is a snowstorm hits I think we should start to show by. Why Ike I don't know I mean I guess I have mixed feelings but it's one of those moments where you just know it might be time to let go gene in might just be time. To say goodbye. He's officially off the market. This got me. Mean this kind of breaking news. You come to the sports par fours and not. L this is the longtime girlfriend as the high school sweetheart he popped the question the Matty and Noelle. And I he you know of course she said yes of course she said yeah. Say yes courts say let me think about it. Who could possibly say it was six or 5235. Pound. Going into his third year quarterback and reports there was blue collar work in the mid midwest rallies who Dana. What do I know we took all these pictures I just hope he's happy Jeanne just hope he's happy. We have to retire Berlin now. The way. The verdict on this geno eighties tweet. To the world announcing that he's been engaged. Read it. She said it all caps yeah yes. And now Matty and I both got us a ring. Remote G. Sunglasses a Modi. Here's where I take issue. Can't wait to marry my best friend. What's Sandy's not your best friend wide. I thought they know she is she typed I hope I can hang with the guy who openly says my desperate he. Your be guessing everybody by saying she is your best friend. She might be your best friend but this come up what was my best for oh really. Really does. If she can for the star spangled banner that I would say she might be considered your best friend. If she's wired the way a guy is wired. And totally understands. The way you know like some things that we you know when your hang with your friends your real friends. You don't even need to explain yourself. What are your wife's sought to explain yourself like I doubt that hate. My best friend should want to go to the Super Bowl with me my best French want to go to. You know. Kanye West caught whatever it might be right. There are instances where you know you're able to do that with your best friend. I don't know that I can hang with. My wife for my girlfriend is my best friend guy that's sponsor. Go back to 2000. Mean we didn't have social media event how would. Young might danger handles his announcement. What do on the same thing we're taught you know I've been lol yeah. And yeah way. All. Way Hampton no way to eighteen are. I know you resolve it you wouldn't you would've been the same way you would not have done that you would certainly not going to. You're not going on social media ever. 00 happy anniversary to my best friend. You're trolling for the annual. And hit all eight. That's the only justification I can give that is the only justification I can give it if that's your motive. Right then I have no problem with it would just throw it out there for valid play desperate you're trolling for the annual. I've done that with your. Jules. I've been in trouble weakest Fisher was playing in Kentucky on the anniversary so excited I. I love you happy anniversary you're gonna miss you had to make yet to grunt and make us via a ground cover I don't. I don't know like my best friend carries that much weight. With a woman I don't let people what what is it about my best friend what do how does that carry weight with a woman. Does that really mean that much of them to be considered a guy's best friend. Go re men are from Mars women I just don't talk that it's all about relationships and friendships with women so yes. Carson wins is looking to score big points with. New fiancee what is not yet he doesn't even need to troll for the annual. Any marriage no way he started getting rights. A weekly event really asked of me at least right broad deal four times a day probably. Crickets is vagaries energy. Swearing can throw fifty yard bomb with a one let any Super Bowl vacuum wins indeed it is way. Because maybe they don't wanna trade nick falls because the car some Wentz is going to be married and and he's got his knees were weak before marriage. Wait until what happens to his knees after marriage. So that's CEO flu that's obviously our lead story today. And Carson Wentz getting engaged to his best friend. Good involved he's a team guy why because he waited until after the super loan this would have drawn attention. From his team and they'd done is during a playoff Brian. So gang Carson whence he guy waiting until after the Super Bowl right. Nothing I mean listen. Well things as I love using getting engaged on Tuesday. I would have said yes honestly catalog pointed out your right my cat a lot of thirteen wham you the icon. You know I think Mike Dee George CS I would say yes personal moments yes. Yes absolutely. No questions asked. How can you not IV it. He's off the market. Our latest. We got a good show for you this afternoon. Jeanne we are. Our cumulative. Super Bowl predictions with with all of our guests all of our our experts are analysts. And one man. Was closest to the hole. Only one guy. Picked the Eagles to win by. Might save more than once score I guess technically was one score with a two point conversion but. Everybody had to chose the Eagles the Eagles going back three or four funny how that worked out. Except for one god. And we is that I had the hometown tickets as archer he's down in Philadelphia of course he's gonna pick the Eagles to win by ten. You pick by the way I will save days he came close UN he had the high watermark. As far as points. You said Italy 3027. Orchards at thirtieth when he so we give the credit departure for winning or pool. John Archer will join. Yeah I had I had eagles' thirty pats 27. Close margin had a ten point. Margin of victory though closest to the hole. Bleeding green nation radio WIP Philadelphia we'll departure coming of the sports pouring gloat for a little bit here after 4 o'clock. And there's a great piece on Bleacher Report written by Gary Davenport has been in the sports bar before we like to talk. I DP. Come fantasy football season in Davenport he's the expert. This was a great article because it was it was basically. Breaking down the most realistic. Potential trades. Of the 2018 NFL off season. And the Tyrod Taylor conversation gets sparked up again. And the bills get anything of value. For number five. Davenport has the browns making a trade with the bills. For Tyrod Taylor. Rule which is interesting because Davenport that's where he's based out of Cleveland. So. Look is there any team is willing to trade for Tyrod Taylor. A long shot. And the primary reason his season because Tyrod Taylor isn't it. Good quarterback he's a serviceable quarterback we can all agree on Mac war right serviceable. But the problem is it really isn't a marquee when you know he's going to be gone so. Es un team really going to give up an asset. Whether it's a draft pick. Media there's a veteran nine Cleveland and we we want to thought there was a useful part on the Cleveland Browns last year but you know why. Buffalo guys safety at bat Cleveland wishes they wouldn't of let get away it being Jordan Boyer so. Is there anything more than value for buffalo betray with with Cleveland and by the way brown said he might wanna stick around because I am curious to get Davenport's thoughts on. He aware of the browns going this draft as well so at Butler for Tyrod Taylor danger. This was the first got a national report you when I read that. Really you think Tyrod Taylor at team would trade for tyra I don't see. I don't see how. Any team that knows the score what's happening here in Western New York is going to actually pony up something you're really wanna Tyrod Taylor then. You just wait. He's to a roster bonus of six million in March the bills won't pay it. And calm day one of the league year he'll be released. That's the likely scenario. We didn't get to a couple tweets lately show yesterday were having this discussion. Alex tweeting at ESPN Rochus who by the way you can always reach us on Twitter for 54 ESPN as their phone number in the studio. Alex tweeting I would like to see AJ McCarron and buffalo he's interesting and if it doesn't work out he shouldn't cost too much. And you can still draft quarterback and when he eighteen or 2019 and the Caron was was also one of the potential. Trades. That could happen in 2018 according GAAP Davenport's piece of Bleacher Report will didn't dive into that little bit more when he joins us here in a few minutes Benjamin tweeting us. Trade Tyrod for show on Kaiser. Hopes the salary draft a quarterback three young quarterbacks under control. And have an open competition camp. I don't think Cleveland's did you know trading away their one of their first round picks last year that quickly not for for Tyrod our earth referred. Bright for Tyrod when you can get for free. I like the thought bend but I don't I don't see that happening either direct was ideas to Iran registry and calls a 454 ESP at 454. 3776. And there's other trades he has damn important suggests. Live beyond bell. I in no way you can laugh and be so important that. What we go by your. Thesis danger what are your main points in building its team. You really want to paid money top dollar at that position but then you add in. And just call it drama. All the stuff that you don't need to deal with the bell. You can you can factor all of that you could factory his usage in 2017 I mean it is almost like the Steelers knew he wasn't going to come back. So there just any Wear him to a fine hole. In the 2017 season I believe it over four or touches. And and Davenport's peace has the belt going to a team that's in great salary cap position going into the off season in San Francisco. With Carlos Hyde becoming freeagent. That makes some sense. But well at Davenport explain the other thing that came out today gene and it's wanna touch and because I know that there is something. The EU EU is scenario that that got triggered today by an announcement by an NFL team that I wanted to get to yep. We should mention topic Shea ESPN put out his second version of his 2018 mock draft 2.0. And if you had. The bills if you have the bills taking a quarterback. In round one when you look them each make Shays a mock. You might be a little set to realize that the bills or not. Taking a quarterback Romans escorted to his mocking of course doesn't factor in any trades that might happen between teams draft picks being exchanged. He has. The bills at a 21 taken linebacker Rashad Evans out of Alabama. And 22 to run pain the defense I. Apple out of Alabama yet if you're wondering his mock who is available. May fields off the board has mocked so. You'd have to trade up in his mind to get mayfield but Lamar Jackson would have been there at when he winded. And also the quarterback from Oklahoma State Mason Rudolph would it in there at 21. So. Not the first mock we've seen that it you go to apostles first mock danger had the bill's not taking a quarterback. In the first round now we see this now but if he gets passed free agency. And there's not a hot day saints veteran quarterback whether that be. AJ McCarron. Whether that's he's seen them. Well there's somebody else and gonna throw while they're here in just a little better in get to salivating your bills fans but. If we get to the drafting you don't have that name that ports the bills in a really. Bad situation meaning. Hard to block your way that you're not interest in and at quarterback when you don't have a quarterback on the roster right. In terms of Chicago last year nobody thought they were gonna take Robiskie but they had a veteran quarterback play you know what they think is kind of used him as a beards so to speak. You're gonna need to get back guys severe danger you're gonna need kind of a calm herself to me. My expectation is that what ever cap dollars you have. Whether it's Brad for whether it's McCarron well. You're gonna need a veteran presence on this team and I expect the Buffalo Bills in March whether it's a trade or free agency to make sure they get a guy. That to the fan base. They can't praise and ads here is your starting quarterback we believe we can build around this guy blah blah blah blah blah but that if you really have your eye on. Wherever days. And kind of work stealth Wii because to me we've seen that happen before in the NFL where a team will bring look at Seattle. Seattle signed Matt Flynn any madly in big money contracts third round a year after Russell Wilson met winners sob alive today and CEO. Happens all the time dom up making it a fair point or Matt fair burner but he. Fair burned out put up a mock draft and in his mock draft he'll house for teams to moving he has buffalo moving up the three. To take Sam Arnold. So you know like look it makes Shea Mok is is assuming no deals get done and who he see he's going to which team where. It wouldn't shock me. If the bill's focused on defense should they not move should they stay you know should they. Not pull the trigger on a traitor or move up in the draft. Get that defense right. So that those are two areas of need in the middle of the defense. I don't disagree with with either of those export of our time disagree with either of those picks I know that if you wanna quarterback in the draft that that's not gonna sit well with you. But I'll also believe. You'll be able to either get that guy in free agency for a year. If if when he 198. The plan is always been win now win in the future right and and sell. Course there towards the end bud EU once you get that defense right. Yet then you worry about which got going on with quarterback I think I you know and I think it's it's Sean McDermott's mind defense minded head coach. Branding being Campion a rush to go after a quarterback I mean that's his legacy and if he doesn't love any of these guys. Then stay put Nash. Well. Right Bly if you do within go get yes it's still is a quarterback league. This year is gonna be the anomaly when we look act and it there was a year that. It is it that day you know how everybody for years of bush who. Is good friends who do drink for two would use Super Bowl. Are just gave everybody they have ways but that's what we're gonna point to this year that's when he eighteen Super Bowl well today. You know he could win would nick polls you can win with any quarterback in a lot. Yeah you're gonna have one of these situations once every ten years bio large though you're not gonna have a year where. Aaron Rodgers and can dish on Watson and Andrew Luck and all quarterbacks go down one year. You still need a quarterback and for the Buffalo Bills danger I hear what you're saying buy it. I would rather the bills are in a position gold get to die if you believe that guy to win you games. Comic Shays mock total going one of the browns Rosen two to the giants. Mayfield going fifth to the Broncos in the jets taking Josh Allen six. Six and out of the 101 ten picks I'm sorry. Know what is it four. Out of the first ten picks would be quarterbacks in this scenario. And animal that that's ever happened pretty sure that's never happened. Four of the first. 1040%. Now next. It's three out of the top five you have to go back in 1999. This doesn't happen all that all right. I think we get through the process in the brother come buying and whatnot in the individual days that. You gonna get more more flaws with all these quarterbacks whether it's. Mayfield attitude or in other of this style of Lamar Jackson in court I gonna follow. And he had to to port at one that you just mentioned their Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph another one. That would probably still be there 2122. If the bills chose to go quarterback. At their current draft position. So deal of those guys enough to take a shot at them there. You know really whipping on of if you move up. And whiff. Forget that you just set your team back another five years we've seen this movie before. Or your Philadelphia and you move up you get your guy and you could delay and got to get the right guy. Is dark all the right guy. It's funny. After that Rose Bowl win over Penn State everybody would have been. Yeah. Yeah now and how many shows do we do over the summer danger take you might get sand Donald yeah. Yeah now. And then he comes back for another year. Now. You mean everybody else we all like football but we don't have the the scouts I hear is war really happening US. What's that Arnold regressing laws of the wide receivers with a I don't know the answer to. Aren't there let's let's roll out another scenario and this comes out of completely out of left field on the twisted and distorted mind of Michael host. Jeanne the tag glee. Well. I it bid to twist in his story of mine last night we got off the air like a case of Patricia is named lines that coach what are they waiting for an Indy. Why the delay. Any got to be in the last night there was no announcer for an Indianapolis okay. Paid a Super Bowls over haters don't break away lay in what are you waiting for gulf hired a staff. Unless he was backing out while the news today indeed made it official Josh McDaniels is going to Indianapolis. Happen is first time the NFL danger. In Denver. I remember vividly Jeanne now that you mention it out because it landed the Chicago Bears what I thought was gonna be there for a while was their franchise quarterback didn't. I'm not exactly the way I think most bears fans. Hope it would Jay Cutler was dealt. By Josh McDaniel almost immediately upon arrival. Mcdaniels. Treaty animated it's hard because now we know what color really is a pact and coming off a decent season. Is that Broncos drafted him in the top ten. Normally didn't see guys like that in their prime. Getting dealt and it repairs and we got over. It was because mcdaniels thought it was smarter than everybody else in the room. I just bring up the scenario because of their laying everything out. And of mcdaniels wants to buy himself more time. One buys more time danger in the end. It is. Drafting another quarterback you're in position and made you fall in love with Sam Arnold only made you could ship and grew block off. I'm just suggesting. That the buffalo deals. Pick up the phone. And see if it's even an option. Would you send 21 in 22 to Indianapolis for Andrew walk. Not knowing. What is health situation as that's the big wild card in this whole thing. But let's assume you have access to medical records and everything else I would. A lot of people. It's a mcdaniels gets up on that podium and says yup I love Andrew Luck in Morgan where he could even say that but gosh. He shipped out. And I gain game work out ailing now. I really attend TII. I would make that call and I don't have a problem with what you're saying except I have a hard time believing Josh McDaniels didn't learn. From his past mistakes. Legacy if you could do that over again if you Josh McDaniels you probably do that over again right US for a Mulligan on the out one. The Denver coaching. Experiment was terrible for him is a bad experiment just everything went wrong. Drafted Tebow. Track to Tebow. Well he drafted. Tivo in the first round he drafted call got what would you do over again all of it all of it. I would imagine that he's grown up I would imagine these learn from his mistakes. And held these gonna coming guns blazing in the Indianapolis the way he did in the Denver the look and a looking to cap full well that don't see eye to eye with him and he might not see eye to eye with Andrew. You don't think he will. Under. I'd worked under head coach that just OK hey you're doing something before the Super Bowl your magic. Yeah I mean listen. I think there's one thing about setting a precedent it's another thing did you say hey we there's no way we're gonna work together and I don't know that I see Andrew Luck is the same kind of personality. As Jay Cutler either they Jay Cutler. You know behind closed doors is probably a different guy than what we see in the media you know kind of like fun loving guy the jokes around the press conference never takes anything. Too seriously he's probably probably different guy behind closed doors from an attitude perspective. Don writing and if buffalo got a healthy Andrew Luck the city of buffalo will collectively. Believe. Bricks. Yeah I'm suggesting that. You pick up the fall not suggesting eats on the market but mcdaniels did something hey similar when he got his first day let's. This buyer next guest Gary Davenport richer Bleacher Report. Great article that he published yesterday breaking down the most realistic potential trades of the 2018 NFL offseason. And maybe this is one of the energy we can slow down this scenario by and see what he says Gary Davenport a Bleacher Report joins us next in the sports bar. Danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester gentlemen. You know it's been a busy winner now it's almost Valentine's Day this is your chance. Your big moment to bring the romance. To the table with a gift card to the spot don't mock your best friend will appreciate trust me. She's not always going to tell you what she wants. But you know the gift card to the spot the Belmont was sure that you've been paying attention make your right move and purchase gift cards and store or instantly online. And Del Monte spot dot com. Asterisk yeah Merck's tickets. Good super bad sports junkies can come and. AM 915. 957. Epidemic streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and CE. ESPN Rochester wrapped up us sports leader ESPN Rochester. In the sports bar would danger of attack clearly only talk to the best and brightest minds of people that make you smarter. Just from listening to ESPN Rochester and you can record it. Bleacher Report dot com is. Latest article published yesterday breaking down the most realistic potential trades of the 2018 NFL offseason is always our pleasure to welcome in. Gary Davenport in the sport forward danger tangling Gary how are you. I'll do it well. Let me hear there are no days off you know bill as Souter and one season and starting. Correct yes and here we are on to the next one Gary air we enjoyed reading you're your your article there. I wanna hits with a another trade possibility telling me if if I'm crazy or not. What do you. You're teen dealing. Andrew Locke or where you're on the air here right now it's Buffalo Bills you know territory were edited teen star for quarterback and I I could only imagine what Andrew Luck could fetch on the market if any were. To Florida offers is that even a remote possibility with the new head coach being on named today mcdaniels. I think it would have if the novel opera I mean would probably be talking multiple first round picks I mean. Packaged as it is sort of tree we just don't see in the National Football League. Andy and them were even be willing to you to deal among the other team I think that gives me pause I'm adapt when I'm wondering what's wrong they look shall I'll bet is that what did they know that I don't Madeleine Martin Willie are. Gary Davenport Bleacher Report joining us in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah hey Gerry can we talk about the trade the cat become officially official. Until March we knew when you figure what they had to give up 41 on paper looks to be equal production at the position. How Washington win that trader your break even on that Alex Smith deal. Logs for sure they don't. It is just there's which I mean they know Kirk I know that there are some reports to register considering. Trying to franchise tag Kirk cousins an entry in its tumble what they spent on Alex it back but that's not there and rocket fire up the potentially 34 million dollars in cap space. And then Calcutta which turn around and not sign the franchise and also. Altered. Can't they heater core back. Given up the third round pick and a promising young quarterback is one thing the did then ever around. And purity of the million dollars it's I mean that they're at this point they're married Alex Smith now on what 20/20 at least. And I just I think it's going to be another big money deal literate and her look back on regret. Gary talk about what that does to the quarterback market now in free agency Mena kind of sets the tone. And know a lot of these guys that they have cousins of course being the lead example gonna make a lot of money in free agency would without really anything to back it up. All absolutely Iacocca and pulling out all the certainly going to become the highest paid player. In the history of the National Football League and he's I think a beginning of our partner shorter was one play out or that all. Edited it does show you the absolutely. Desperation in the grips. Every and a double. And that court and printer that score to thirteen lined up. Offer her cousin of working thirty million dollar a year it wouldn't surprise me if a guy like him Bradford. When the contract that dates you're looking million season or more work. I cannot share wrapped already made over a million dollar special or wrecking and and thing Indiana so. Now you have passed since that he's got to get paid again. Gary Davenport Bleacher Report our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Certainly what caught our pinching Gary was not. Yet you your idea that the browns will be in the market new link that temple players the browns could you know be in the market for including. Tyrod Taylor. Net now. I guess a little let me ask you is way I mean if you had to put a percentage Jon and knowing that Tyrod. He likely you know what that six million dollar bonus could be caught what what percentage would you put on it that the bills would actually be able to trade the Tyrod Taylor. I would probably wouldn't go much higher than 5050 on any that we just that Alex betrayed an exception to the rule we don't. Didn't you and they're actually based or reach retreats to fly him back and work all offseason long there relative rarity in the unit well I mean I'm sure the bills. If they are sent on. Moving on from Tyrod Taylor which appears in either direction granted them and I'm sure they'd be glad to get what they could for him and they can get our proposed and that when. I believe it was a fourth round pick which would be the first stick around for. A tiny speaker in the supplemental picks probably just outside the top 100. If they can get that and get out from our retailer salary I'm sure they've looked at it and I think it's a deal that makes sense for Cleveland. Assuming you're gonna kick or wrecked there in the top five and maybe you just want. A bridge guy who can be achieved through the 2018. Season they got one. Cap space is not an issue goes around comes the taken on. Breaking down the most realistic potential trades of the 2018 NFL offseason. With bleacher report's Gary Davenport in the sports barging through the tightly on ESPN Rochester a AJ McCarron. Is a name that is popped up and a name of interest it at the position of quarterback and we only have a limited sample size so. Hi is fair to wonder if a guy who camped out Andy doll the first starting job deserves to be a starter himself. What's his offseason situation looking like I Gary. Yes and we're not really going to know until I believe it's there or they're cheap that's when his arguments will be heard by the Internet though. And he wants me declared. And unrestricted free agent based off an injury that he had. As a rookie at least urges or you're on the pup list he wants credit for those game to get some. That'll get him in their triggers are received and are free agent Mike or wrecked and are treated Jack. If he's still restricted free agent I think probably take a pretty good offer to get him away from the Cincinnati mangled. If only because it's such cheap insurance policy or any L. That's dead it's you've got a team that's willing to opera say it's sector around their ugly single answers we consider builders. No realistic way I mean one way or another after this season. We're going to see agent quicker it created in which I saw this play out. This accurate Jim Baker upload I'm not comparing Asian workers should drop well and anyway. But it seems as you get toward trading deadline and you know that guy is going to be on the next year. Yes free choice act and play that is not really realistic for radical change you franchise tag they're packed up cold. I would I expect probably McCarrick can be moved one way or another by the trading deadline and Angel are packaged and. Course that that should happen last trading deadline Kerry and I know you cover the Brown's soul. Mean what would your best guess what actually happened with McCarron deal and now that not doors seizing Cleveland nine. I mean exact completely 100% off the table or could you see the browns once again making a play create Jamie care. Well at a culture has certainly hopes that play is not a checker epic and that there are topic that. Will offer. Margaret Jackson is a huge AJ barker guys from all indications my guess is they usually action was spearheading that trade. And had. Was on the verge of getting his way getting a deal done and Archie brown we can at the last minute and that. The browns have been nothing but a power struggle with that or eight different I didn't or Alaska and and the whole thing so or at the last minute I think now with Dorsey is the journal manner of power structure is a little hope it's a little worse analyst shake off to our country and everywhere. I don't know that it certainly not going to be first check it out there and pick I don't think I can get anything out with the browns. Bleacher report's Gary Davenport joining us in the sports bar danger in the tightly read his work of Bleacher Report dot com his latest article breaking down most realistic potential trades. Of the 2018 NFL offseason Gary you you greatest scenario in your piece. Where the cardinals could trade with the browns to move up to four grab their quarterback. By giving up a first rounder this year and first rounder next year and of course to bring it back to the bills with the bills. Do you think be able to offer something similar or does the difference of six picks between. The cardinals picking fifteen the bills picking point one is that difference in this example the value and offer from buffalo to move up to that number four spot. You know I think you might have to see buffalo maybe sweetened the pot a little bit with an additional they even whisper argument or 91 there's you look at the state of the two respective teams. I wouldn't I'm not saying it's built in mic back to the playoffs in 2018. But just looking at the roster to understand right now I'd. Would expect in the probably batters he's in the oracle. And the cardinals and they're bringing in a rookie quarterback in either. Grumbles. Or it will matter perch are accurate we could easily be talking about topped it they can keep out the ninety Greg I think the bills. Pardon me sixteen. Between its next generation where they're picking this year which has only one and twenty Q Utley actually might happen early and they're there. Want grounder along with that to get to deal done I do exactly what Islam will be ringing at work. And assuming that they take your core racks one and with the first there were all there which in sourcing everything mostly on. I think they will listen to some of the operatives for which as they do a lot whole of little. And what are the impact on Shawn Watson last year it did give them to top by six this year. Terry Davenport bleacher report's browns observer as well much quickness here in the sports bar. Up player we we saw last year hold out until right at the end live Dion Dowell. And looks like they're ready to go through all this rigmarole again alas. Maybe it's traded. Mean if if that the distilled you're able to pull up a trade Gary we're would you see him landing perhaps. This separatist go to see the sticks out to people because they absolutely have plenty cap space. You. Not only take on his salary in 2018. World Stewart attacked him trade him but they've got the money to expand Levy on bell and I'm sure. You know vacuum the culture an and the idea of having you back Larry Brown belt still say it in his often. That's gonna make. Offensive minded Catholic church of very happy camper I'm. It's so hard for me figure out what the Steelers are going to do with Levy on belt and I've just had this gut feeling. Going back to probably halfway through last season that they were relieved that series about bringing him back. In Q doesn't it seem like they keep going back to that workload he went over 400 total touches on the season. And the historical data on action Kerry. Actually all that make I didn't even. The following year it's are good eighty plus percent of them at least significant decrease in production in the following season. So I wonder the Steelers is that hey you know we got down here and franchise tag and people out of 72 item two wheels law. And then we'll move on in the off season maybe the couple back in free agency maybe look too deep draft that the position. You know most senate soaking now you're running back as one of the more place or position on the roster and is great let me on bill is. There every year forever touches them anymore and while on the chest. Gary Davenport Bleacher Report in this sports bar with danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester Gary you know Jean mentioned you your. You're covering the bronzes while you're there and browns country long suffering browns fan. And you're in the same mambo to the bills are desperate for that franchise quarterback just for a second I wanna. Take me kind of go off script here and talk about the quarterbacks in this. Draft class Purcell who do you like. Who do you think Cleveland goes with a if they go quarterback it would do I think we'll kind of assume that they will. And and what do you think will be left over for the bills. Later in the first round if they stay put a 21 point two. I'm just really starting to get in the watching a lot of them on the course correction others in the little that the optic appear in her from watching college laws and record radio. I think baker made field champ Arnold offers an all three. Bring different things to the table. And there are some things that I like about each of those guys Josh Allen I did I look at that 5056%. Completion percentage. And I know we Eric Cantor. And he'll making it a beautiful road second half the Senior Bowl that you look at that artistry that. College quarterbacks who have come out and been drafted with the completion percentage in that neighborhood. It is not pollute. Just meet the woman on the I would choose. They shy away from Joshua Allen. And upload gonna get any of those four quarterbacks they're probably going to eat. Need to do after a long way we've got to calm behind pro days. Anonymous source as much left right stellar result short than not these quarterbacks between now in the draft but the wait and sit right now. Given Al-Maliki there are hard at cornerback Al I don't know that any of us will make it out atop the. Buyouts the browns here because so much of what you know on the the bills or any team in depends on what Cleveland would do. What's your thought on Dorsey coming in. He's he's someone that is finally he's the adult in the Rome and he's gonna straighten his organization out. Or with the owner in clean lane. He's he's just the next guy in line the next domino to fall here so to speak because as long as that ownership. Eight is in place in Cleveland and then you're always gonna have some level of dysfunction there. Also float or the weary of the latter I mean you look at most of the personnel decisions humidity in this city and do pretty well drafting talent. He's the guy that rock player like Kareem Tyreke hill. The ball mentality and and the quickness with which that happened in Kansas City just a little bit applause that you kind of hit the nail on the adding Cleveland. There's one position that you know the guy is absolutely not going to be expired. Is the owner and I think a lot of the problems with the browns right now and the reason they're kind of government into real losing. Industry album and I don't know that that's going to change. Bleacher report's Gary Davenport it's been great with this time this afternoon joining us in the sports board danger it's Anglia read is article breaking down the most realistic potential trades. 12018. NFL offseason a Bleacher Report dot com Gary worlds can we read your work. All during the offseason additions in the sequel boast oh in the future works dot com and the world dark comedy by and don't quicker had I eat sure. You know we're at we're gonna have to talk IDP with the one we get to August here once again anger while avenue on so. I carry appreciate your time enjoy the rest your afternoon talk to you real soon okay. You got to carry Davenport Bleacher Report joining us here in the sports park danger in the tightly some really wild scenarios that he whilst I I think. Then bell and this is kind of the nugget that pulling out today. The 400 punches but dollars. It doesn't make it extends to the Steelers to going that direction your Pittsburgh you've got all other areas you can investing in now roster. If you can get something of value for Levy on now you've tray high and my beyond now in your eliminating by the way ask. A lot dramatic I mean a guy who didn't. Go to practice the globes last week it you know you Google's sort of things count hovering around I want to deal with it I would move on from Levy on bell from a. Pittsburgh Steelers and is indeed and face a long suspension year 2 PM breaks a substance abuse policy again raining like there's a lot of red flags or led beyond bell. The one positive being. He's really damn good and now he's healthy he's the best. That's the kicker via. Like uttered at trade him on your two solid Guerrier and yet they play al-Qaeda so high. Let's get sit altering to that next in the sportswear with danger particularly provocative thoughts from around the world of sports. Let's see Gina I've got so I have fear of guts. A guy who's not in the hall of fame that will be honored by the team that he broke a lot of records with in Major League Baseball coming up. Not a look if you wanna feel old. Today is the anniversary. To anniversaries in sports what happened thirty years ago today. And unfortunately what happens 45 years ago night wrap your mind around that seek to come up with. Other that next in the sports bar danger and tag Lia on ES PM Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect. With the broadcasters most listened to sports. Sports bar with dean drill bit Jack. Chester wrapped. Fortunately you're. 57. In Rochester. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. It is our round. Poetry then in the sports. About a good 454 ESPN if you wanna join into the sports for a drink that right now on the San Francisco Giants you know. Are gonna retire Barry Bonds 125 on August 11 now your baseball fan. Let's problem with this. We can't see. Him as a player brought joy to a city fan base the way the bonds did this he deserves minimal. This kind of recognition. Holy I can't you see. It's complicated. I will say that I'll say this danger. In 2003. This was two years after he broke the record I was down San Francisco for a game in. That CD. Loves Barry Bonds' defense did Barry Bonds. What. Game of shadows we're talking about I know this booklet steroids I don't know it's all oblivious defending him blindly. So the IE one to honor him goal right hat. But I am a part of that. Well as I said F man a moment she deserves this recognition. Think about how happy he made that fan base. What he meant to that community what he meant to that organization while he was playing for that organization. Minimum you'll retire his number of them right. Yet and think of how many kids minus that I wanna be like Barry Bonds so let me. He'll do this in that now they're experiencing health problems down LA and no stuff where the parents the parents seem to be involved that's not the it is saying that solved. If that's all right I'm happy note danger writing yes happy day. This is a big signing him baseball all right the editor of the news. This exciting. Not now not Yu Darvish. Oh it was it's got to be area out of it and I know. No not not cost Marie either written by BA got me. He's going. He and can't beside the minor league contract. With the Texas Rangers the 44 year old look. I think the Mets fan base is the only one. Does celebrate the greatness of Bartolo Cologne mop my advice to everybody else and that's a baseball fan Lisa hall. Danger come on you. Celebrate our. No I won't. I will not what your social misfit it is it is coming out your social mr. estimated Jeanne it's time to let go it's time to let it go. The dream that was big sexy. How old is he now 44 let's move on let's move on shall we. But a lot of the big sex act guy do you lane and ended bad paid now. That's okay. While it's still fresh in my mind. Off of the Super Bowl halftime performance Justin Timberlake is Super Bowl in Atlanta next year. Look at the opportunity the NFL we'll have to celebrate some of the best hip hop artist. The come out of Atlanta I go you're gonna hate this ideology but this and if you want. If you want up a party if you want the halftime at Super Bowl 53 to look like a party invite outcast invite TI. Invite a Little John they get back to me. Apparent lack Cincinnati and play a Little John and what drops that are ongoing Milos Djokovic. That's party now that the party gee she did and you don't know we are Super Bowl history danger. Can't last time the Super Bowl was in Atlanta well two times ago. Bills last Super Bowl was the headlines they went off on jury okay yes you go hip hop I'm telling you the biggest country accurate view some. Sort of jam through his Garth Brooks will it not to be Garth Brooks put the picks someone out there any country down beer at. Jimmy outcast give me a party in the have to outcast of the US halftime show like nobody's ever America's not ready for a cast at the Super Bowl halftime show and glanced. So I'll drink to that. Eagles went from worst to first OK and last place in 96 season. First place 97 season in the Super Bowl so Britain's greatest danger they can go from worst to first. All right eight divisions to be the most likely candidate. Next season to pull this off. While it is not the jags. Now the browns. On not the giants not the box not the bears say sorry Dana not affairs. Mayors are intriguing there's still ways away. The rock songs well I have to have a they get a quarterback cousins come back to me. To me right now the team that would be the most likely out of those eight gulf wars the first. Give me some that's John Swanson and he's consensus. I would say yes normally I would agree with you except Andrew Luck returns to Indianapolis and that makes that divisional look at more competitive. Jacksonville. Did what went out of those eight would you today. Ready. Niners. I'm all objects grace. He's never gonna lose a game undefeated for his career in San Francisco a bigger drop below niners worst the person that next year. Looking geno solve brings to that. But another Belichick civil becoming head coach Josh McDaniels making it official today in Indianapolis. And while the Belichick coaching tree has harvest that a lot of through Jeanne most of it has been rotten. Only held row. Has a winning record is an NFL head coach rock and Atlanta what's weird drop outs wrote down in the sports bar while it is failures in Denver Edison mcdaniels expect experience with. Position it for success but. Until Matt Patricia stop wearing its hat backwards and looking like he just rolled out of a frat house. I'm gonna need to see results before I believe he's anything more than Romeo for an L two point. No but don't you know he wants our appeal he's very intelligently and hasn't been instituted occurs off. So I'll drink to that are on this Dayton's warts 25 years ago today February 6 1993. Gas anniversary tennis great Arthur Ashe pass that was ammonia brought on by BA's thirty years ago today. 530 years ago today that you worry 61988. Michael awarding won the slam dunk competition in front of the home crowd and you know you're not familiar with that you might. Member of the vote on this perhaps his most iconic vote all the one of him going down the lane on all of the rim radio broke down. That happened thirty years ago today danger I suddenly feel very very old. I feel like this air Jordan. Spike in the logo that that from that iconic picture that you're talking about these older than thirty years with the you're saying that that. Captain thirty you're two years ago. Wow that was the slam dunk competition and the only time he did and for all powerful that image is it it it's on the local the local that you now still seem to this day everywhere. And brand that is unstoppable. Thirty years ago if you longer than now that says. Jeanne where he. It's eight dollars feels you say feels longer I'm thinking thirty. ZVue lady where you thirty years from now. And you get to the age of well I hope I'm here. But it could have been you know they're getting all the debt damn. Thirty years ago so I would've been. The out of it thirteen that's what I felt like at thirteen I was seeing that local but I guess not. No not until later my teen years when you see that logos are popping up everywhere. Pretty remarkable stuff that's all drink to that sports bar with danger. And the technically obsolete angry nation radio's. John tortured. Was closest to the hole and our Super Bowl picks out of all of our experts out of all of our guests that we pulled last Friday. So we'll tortured in know the sports Arnold to gloat and talk about the Eagles victory in what's next for Philadelphia. Media some thoughts on what New England. Cooter could've done differently during the during the game but. March is always a good time and he'll be joining us here in a few minutes in sports bar. Danger amid tackling them ma'am wonder was he out on broad street I wanna get some of the flavor for having it clutch busy sober. SE sober up. We'll get some of that magnitude that's all the way saying the sports park danger and the tag Leo on ESP and Rochus. Like just your virtual career fair is happening right now. And virtual career fair dot com. Yeah discover your next professional opportunity all from the comfort of your. You visit the virtual career better. Boos from local employers and openings that need to be filled immediately log on right now to apply for a position at virtual career bear dot com. And nine. 957. These sports leader ESPN Rochester.