The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Joe Buscaglia

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a visit from Joe Buscaglia of WKBW in Buffalo. The guys discuss what the loss of Leslie Frazier could mean for the team, what it would take to get a quarterback, and who impressed in Mobile at the Senior Bowl.

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But sports car with danger and exactly rating watch to prolong his career defy the Clinton federal I think he feels he needs Baghdad. I don't think it's harder to connect the dots is safe did recommend crest of that pet assurances can be made to mcdaniels that you won't be the next head coach. Mike danger to the patriots could screw the bills all working directly. Cults and umpiring Leslie Frazier should build be concerned about losing Leslie Frazier. I don't think it would be a huge blow to the bills the worst part would be the time gene exactly and we're gonna try to get to the bottle. What's actually happening. With the red wings week's school. Rory another question as. It's fires. How much more what the hell hey and good if I had to break her ticket more and it's the debate that I could you know. We're in the twenties and even then last year buffaloes are aware yeah. I think one area that we have to look at their defense. Given up a lot of shots the last street games. I just told our guys to have that shop mentality and try to create offense so weigh in Rochester sports leader and 957. EST yeah. Good afternoon involved a stolen join us the sports bar is open for business danger of attack we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening and join the program this afternoon AM 95957. FM PS PM rod just got comedy radio dot com happy. Surged ESP in Rochester you can listen to is that way as well Mike danger here. Jeanne exactly there not nothing going on quiet quiet and prayer out drank and opening tranquil. Downright relaxing. We're start problem. Let's start or close to the glass so let's start with the Rochester red weeks and blast on being right across the street correct. So we have a deadline. As we talked about in order to get a deal done anything and is an issue needed deadlines so not set by the county not sit by the Red Wings' top. Set by the muscle and is the International League is set the deadline. Of march. Verse good. And the way in the internationally phrases in this. This easing Josh McDaniels all we have a deal this easy. The August press conference all we have a deal that that would turned out if our dare needs to be. Pen to paper. By march 1. In the league office. Or else the contingency plan quote unquote will go into place. The red wings responded this Naomi silver putting out a statement today through the team. And it reads in part danger and I think this is telling. At this moment we are very hopeful that it will not be necessary to sign a one year leaves. To allow us to stay of frontier field and at the county executive in county legislature will do what is necessary to ensure a ten year lease with the option. For a ten year renewal. Reeves reached out a couple of times to Monroe County spokesman Jesse sleaze or just he sleaze or has not returned our calls I is telling nobody. Here in the county wants a one years a one year deal they wanna kick the can down the road in the red wings are long term deal. The honey not sure what they're really getting into with the long term lease at frontier field wants to see hey let's hope let's test the waters a little let's dip our toe. And that's not how the international external war that cannot allow that putt so. Decor yeah Detroit big vehicle we haven't heard from the county right we haven't heard anything from the county on this and. All other than platitudes and they're talking. I mean we're close it you who saw Cheryl that off all. When that she was in here are talking about another initiative separate issue but on on PXY last month and she was all gone all right there are positive at the very least it's something we'll get thumbs up. We're close feeling good. So if if we're feeling good were we feeling good about are we feeling good about a one year lease if if that's the county's view wanna think today's deadline and and you know. It's Naomi is. Statement that goes with that deadline is pretty close like yeah one year deal isn't gonna get it done were were not blue cross Serena were frontier field. Where the Rochester red wings. Work class organization and were in a class a league the International League has options and they have leverage and that's why the muscle has to come in and say hey we have a deadline it's march 1. I'm glad they did it. Now and by rule believe has the power to move the games. Quite frankly I'm surprised the deadline is that late I thought maybe they would even say as soon as next week because has been going on and wait too long. And if you Greta make contingency plans it's not so easy just to book dates I mean think about it. Did you expect another team coming affront to your film you had a staffing. Get traffic and it's a public safety issue and everything else that goes into it so. Say for example. And this is being not confirmed by anyone but it's been speculated that. Syracuse and buffalo what's divvy it up. That's a big commitment to those front offices danger that's a big commitment say in downtown buffalo where all the sudden. That opening day for the Rochester red wings have Friday and April all bets now in buffalo well that's gonna drop. All the buffalo fans going well any got to get police and staff and everything else I mean. There's a lot that goes in the staging these these games that's why I'm surprised the deadline is march 1 and that's why I believe. That's a hard deadline. This is not one where all OK you know what we're gonna grant an extension okay we're gonna granting extension I think it's really late. Arc if this is not a bluff I mean this. In this this get done I mean this has happened it has to happen now. And the county who's been dragging their feet or how many who's been trying to get a one year extension rather than a ten year extension on this lease. It just not gonna be acceptable. In this city does that mean that the you know lake the outing in the city trying to do things in similar fashion. Right DM Merck's live in this geared year lease thing that was set up wall I think the red wings are looking at how the city treats BM Merck's. And they don't wanna fall into that situation north who wants that stress you wanna mortgage debts paid off for you wanna go we dirty air pay. Now the red wings want ten plus ten I think that's a fair that's a big kind of agreed to and then this all fell apart for various reasons. Back in August. I just cannot believe we're here I cannot believe we're here we much rather be talking about. Actual baseball pitchers and catchers reporting you would tilt. But in this is the town where we we have a soccer stadium that. Yes it's in the wrong part of town and nobody goes but you know now the city's gonna have that go dark and we have a blue cross arena where we are promised ten million dollars worth of improvements that. Never happened. And now with an ace. Look I know were rust but tone I know that we've had better days but this is all happening at once. I mean I've seen people comment on our FaceBook page saying that they wouldn't be surprised if there were zero sports teams left and when he nineteen in Rochester. Am learning to read and think of that that's hyperbole no I don't even think that anymore like I don't know if I can believe that because. Of how poorly. These teams these franchises are treated. By crew they're paying their rent to by the city in by the counties are ridiculous. I can't believe that they did the value. Is it. Seen in it you know that that it's a no brainer it's it should just be a no brainer. For talking about because if it is if it's obviously. Six million dollars worth improvement. For frontier field not now. But over the course of ten years we're talking my maintenance things are talking all right rules and painting things like that we're not talking about major operates. That's really what's holding this up. County needs to do a better job. Of articulating. Their position on this matter. Because I don't believe for a second. Debt Gerald enough always doll. Back I think it's kind of the opposite. They're looking at something David tipped off but they're not explaining why this is such a burden to taxpayers and Munro count. I think personally she's covering the tracks are predecessors I think that's really what it is because if you wanna dive deep into this. This trolley the stadium was issued and paid off a long time ago it wasn't and then we go into it. Are right damn now we're going back into the history Maggie Brooks everything and in in the chair of the novels feels that essential loyalty. I can be totally wrong on that but I bet that's my read on this situation. Is that this stadium. It's been bad math all along it's been a shell game all along with these LB season shell companies and their and whatnot. Now an awful wants to come and do things right in you can't do it without the shell game. Linda's compensate act the got to throw somebody under the bus just do. Come out and say it. Let's get some high. It's it's something in the water here I don't know what it is but whom we talked Andreotti yesterday from the DNC. And we as a boy Blake. Is it Rochester. We're what does it mean it's not just. The way it's not just the sports teams. The arts of suffering to urge words are performed some. You have. Our favorite son Tom Golisano home to get pointman on it or pull that back that I really like to let. This guy is and that's girl we actually induce somethings but the 25 million just kidding you don't have trust in this town is everyone wants credit. If we don't real servants in this town you wouldn't want that Friday's you want what's the greater good that's terrible leadership. It's terrible leadership. It's it's terrible leadership right. Yes OK yes I. CAD counting Democrat Republican. Things don't happen in this town because everybody's got pop out their chest. They care about us Jeanne. Insecure about us. They care about us GU. They care about who's voting for that is the end of the story they care about what would get them votes I guarantee you this deal gets done. Using Cheryl an awful wants about love on our hands. What she's done if the Bradley. Gaunt. If they go to Iowa or somewhere else that has a vacant stadium waiting meanwhile. Now that deals getting. And and by the way the silver lining to all of this the deadline and everything is that that we've yet to talk to somebody. Even in the counties are that dealt the believes that a deal won't get done like a deal will get done. What it means to us is the fans is is a big question. And we're allowed to speculate more you look at the numbers and you look at what is at stake is it going to be is a game day experience can be anything less than what we're used to. Depends who you ask but most people say no it shouldn't you know won't. I hope they don't have to. Be no cut back on. Staff were salaries that would be terrible like I would really like to see the red wings not. Change anything plagued this shouldn't have to take a step backwards in any direction. Make any changes for May we should. Even be able to see the Rochester red wings deliver on the expectation of what we've gone to every single summer a frontier field so. Look I can live with a home uniform and road uniform I don't you're Groundhog Day form okay. Do we need. Fifteen nights a fireworks and I don't know that to be the exact number you get worm going to get that rhetoric. Baseball in other AAA markets does not calm with the expense I'll say one thing we don't need. We don't need ex major league baseball players signing autographs you really think Pete Rose came in here for for. Well it's an investment gene Wright like he's at some point you have to look at those expenses. And decide whether or not it's worth the return on investment. Are you getting a value wing you do a groundout state uniform are you getting. Enough merchandise sales from that Groundhog Day uniform that it it makes sense to well to invest I mean. That plates things got paid out hard for me I I guess I can make fun of the Groundhog Day thing but the plates thing work was an absolute smash it. So you know. We look at that he and a high heat that I just mentioned PW look at that he and Allen and that's rejected. The little bit of analysis there like is this worth the investment. When we bring in Lenny Dykstra is it worth it did we recap are recouped the money that that we spent bringing him in. Bringing in Pete Rose are bringing in who have him bring in. It would tickle me hit leader Egypt he can't even call on big. Call me hey king this managing edit trademarked the the but I'm curious we should get somebody on from the twins. Because of a push comes the shot they should weigh in here because all along. Now and all your opera's second. You really think they want their AAA players living out a suitcase all spring and summer. Short term pain for long term gain they'll end up if if they were to leave Rochester they'll end up in a market where they actually want to be. Where they're we talk about the twins little red wings. Talking about the red expand. They wanna be in Rochester as long as there Rochester one year would be. Rough living out of a suitcase if you're playing games in buffalo one night Syracuse next whatever might turn out to be if police deal does get signed. But then the following year you know that they'll just relocate the team of find a market where. Where the team is wanted to Wear the team can operate. Wanna see that I don't think that's. Deed you see the movie war. Number were named Matthew Broderick yes OK our. Maria dot com. At Defcon five or Defcon one Defcon five being made its peace and harmony and you know laws and roses and Def com one it's were worth debris are bought new killer wore a global the global thermal new killer war. I we're not that Def content will line is. February 28. And there's another market out there today has put out a proposal with an empty stadium and again for this sit sake of simplicity. I'm just gonna say Ottawa. I'll watch capital of Canada Ottawa 101000 seat stadium that lost detained. Or Montreal for that matter metro one's in any Derek Lacey is danger that could take fifteen. Until we have another city that says hey. I will take this team for a year and you look at that sitting say oh my gosh that's a bigger market in the us are all my gosh that's closer to. Then more at Defcon one well right now I'd say we're at Defcon. Three. Tight tube I'd say that that the deadline makes it to solid two you've got. The until the end of the month meant a lot of action to happen at the end of the month chief. Ridge and we have that deadline for the frontier field least we have that working all of us just. Same day I think that that you're gonna have like a moving vans goal over there and like you know we museum restaurant shut down or put that orange stickers hi guys going on in our city wow it's originally Rochester sport states that her words. Yeah well there's not a leak your refusal leap day February 29 to figure all this out of play taps on that day. Are we doing. Even put two and three gathered to you brought that's unbelievable. That's going to be an interesting dad. And your good show treats and that's that's our lead local story by the way. Cleveland Cavaliers I don't know what that team is any more on everybody out there except LeBron you stay. Big. You triggered a way. Where you're being now for a bunch of guys from the lakers were playing OK right now wade goes that I get I can't even make any sense but. Whatever was in Cleveland wasn't working they won last night. Way back to Miami Isiah Thomas still lakers you imagine if your JR Smith he just took a nap this afternoon. My item pages woke up premier now. What else out there ended. Off and then and then the other big breaking sore by the way. Or Philadelphia I mean Philly fans today was the day you've got the parade going on that was supposed to be the big lead story this afternoon but meanwhile you've got the cavaliers treating everybody and you've got. Jimmy drop below becoming. The NFL's highest paid player on a average per year basis. Buy he'd by the way for different for both of view bills fans out there holding out hope that the bills are going to be in the market for genetic problem. Now. What causes that wasn't healed his meat head Chris and encourage the office excel like Iowa another bill the message boards last night visit this could psychotic side listen to this. There are rumors people said they saw. Brandi dean having dinner. With Jimmy to rob. And now all the there's going to be a 318 year old it out every out here via the three team. That's a good impression where you know like before you say there's nothing that quick quick quick way. There's a very sales and whenever there's a dealer has great appeal is that can I know you always they always bring about look we heard of do it there and up. Three team deal. Where. Kirk cousins and get franchise tagged they get traded on December Cisco Jabber Rob Lowe would end up in buffalo ball movement drills and give a draft picks to San Francisco I don't like. Hey look at the bills get to make rubble that's great don't think it's happening now it's not happening and gave her point of reference if you are a view VMware vase for awhile. This is the sales manager. That came in and was puffing out his chest it was predicting Nate Peter Meehan would lead the Buffalo Bills Al only solace all the media interest me now Chris yeah Chris is es I love them. I loved them loved like a brother he's awesome is on the waste time trying to at night Chris there's nothing to do is all well and it just you now. Today the day that. The David it was announced the Tyrod Taylor was going to be benched. We had Chris is in my office scored. Excited. And meet all the rational thinking human beings in the opposite where their world like. Dude he's not going to make it through the first half. And we were right at. No actually your wrong they'd let you know and the first ever in riposte. But I don't ever Philadelphia adds because Philadelphia as as was your moment your staged by the way if you have a chance. Find Jason Kelsey sees speech in the Philadelphia parade it's a five minutes. I hey I want her throw often act guy he's my new favorite player that might be one of the greatest speeches of all time. It on the reaction now from Mara talk on the Red Wings' Chris writing and money laundering a frontier field. Chris I don't know but I wanna learn more about those shell companies that were set up way back when Don writing in. It's mind boggling the city Rochester is more than willing to allow multiple teams to sit. Amp just because they wanna play hardball addicting the rhino strata shaft the red wings marks least. The ineptitude. Easing saying talent responding it's absolutely insane ramblings being one of the oldest professional teams in baseball to bring telling goes on which will not repeat the last part of that but. We appreciate your the you we appreciate your feedback on Twitter at as any drop the jets go Lou only mentioned in our in our mentions on Twitter I appreciate that we don't wanna go Jeff and Jeff Gillooly reference it is Winter Olympics outside see what occurred. Right. I want some girl cried because it will die because it was on. You nothing else not you watch QVC arm might 600 pound line this early in the business. And those last night rough night for the preacher shooters don't agree is regional ice plex and the ice puts gulf hockey league okay tough loss for three. To the mighty drunks. Which a team which includes. Channel eight's Dan fates. Sports guy. Lost that guy must face off. Physical player by the way. Ten times a player I am good player. No chip beat them he did is ten minute misconduct he was in the box ten. Shooters could not capitalize during that time it appeared their best player in the box Timmons who could capitalize that would be the difference Owen and then meet taking up. Careless hooking penalty in the third period in old. Careless smoking lazy hooking penalty move those feet looking at least on Channel 8 that. On their power play they scored the tying goal that would eventually go on to win four to three. And so after the game. Needless to say it was a late start at 1030 start last night after the game he does is say me in the rest of the shooters we're at the bar drowning our sorrow is. And I couldn't help but notice what was on the monitors. Curling. From South Korea I'm in. I'm in all day. It's Boxee on night watch. Bonus by the time I got home. I was fully invested oh South Korea is. Taking on Finland. I mean it. I'm watching a have a problem. Jobless Kelly is gonna join us yes. On all we. It is we believe it is on the bills may be losing their defensive corps that's next February attacker non Joba Scalia has watched way more tape on these QB prospects and you and I and everybody put together. He's an expert so we're Nance Joba Scalia and greet them back on the show with a standard. WK BW dot com you can read his work he's got an all 22 review. Where your brakes on the bills position by position. I believe the latest. In this series with focuses on centering guard. What do the bills do now with the passing out of the torture reach from Eric Wood to Brian Roy. And more ward diving to that wall dive into what the loss of Leslie Frazier could mean and what the bills can do. Now that the free agent market is kind of I mean it's insane at this point right between Alex Smith and Jimmy garrote below. One of the bill's going to be able to get if anything everyday at this point Jeep that that probably lucky to get and Sam Bradford without any knees. Praying is that it is our docket. Brian Hoyer you know lots of jealous guy joins us next in the sports bar danger to tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. Out guys I you don't need me to tell you well maybe you should know right Valentine's. Coming up. Injured you know that. I heard I heard something about bounce things that you gotta do something for your best friend on Valentine's Day that's what they keep telling them or he's your best friend it's true. Right if she would love it. If you treat her the very best this Valentine's Day well you know like you can do that. You when he nappy gaudy airway were talking about the world's softest jam is available exclusively. At the Gemma Graham dot com that's been Gemma Graham dot com. He's been jam has created by eighteen looked. Open gym experts they're world soft as the jam is there lighter than a cloud they are softer than a bunny. Though like cats were only better if she's gotta love the way the world sockets been jam is looking dealing. You're gonna love the way they caress her every curve more than a gift there are feeling an invitation. For hurt to relax and unwind. The world saw this big jam is available only happened jam a grand dot com visit today and give her the softness warmth. And comfort she deserves plus. Who don't even have to wrap because every bit Gemma Graham includes free get packaging. Makes cities. Beyond Daisuke delivery obviously guaranteed some gold at the Gemma Graham dot com or call 1800. Give Egypt's. Brewers and Rockies from salt river fields at taught. Concrete double header. Big resorting Scott's. ESPN Rochester dot com and enter for your chance of winning this national contest this spring training pool party concrete double header. The sports leagues. And Rochester. Oh sport. On March 1 deadline has been set by the international league for a lease agreement to be signed between the wings of Monroe Connie. Rochester community baseball president Naomi silver putting out a statement that read in part quote. At this moment we are very hopeful they'll not be necessary to sign a one year lease to allow us to stay at frontier field and the coney. In the county legislature will do what is necessary to ensure its tenure at least. We're an option for a ten year renewal. Monroe County spokesman Jesse fleas or has not returned our calls. Indianapolis Colts have requested permission to interview bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier for their head coaching vacancy first reported by Ian wrap before. Don't miss Gallagher from WK DW joining us next. What's Iraqi dine deed are you hiring which indeed you can post dominated senate screener questions and zero in on qualified candidates in an online dashboard. It started in the dot com slash child. Can't exactly ESPN Rochester. If you want pure fun filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place they had 95957. Then those sports leader ESPN Rochester. It's been a minute to catch up is Galley nobody can be W on with the securities were toward danger in the tank we always brings the best Buffalo Bills knowledge. Joseph hi event. I've been great guy I think for me that show was you know certainly scouting out everything down in mobile couple weeks ago. He's been breaking down a lot of tape but you we have the story today Joseph I just have to get your take Leslie Frazier. Not surprise. You know considering that you know he would be wanted for an interview. If this goal is the way for Frazier he gets the job are are their candidates on the bills' coaching staff right now in your opinion that could be promoted. I mean not one that has added an extended amount of experience. I think. You know those the one that really jumped out more than anything. That picture and any time that you know. The linebackers or or even draw employer gets brought up Sean McDermott. McDermott is very quick to parade Babbitt should it and bringing lawyer in there of the job that that they don't that would that unit on the especially with. Amal lackluster option is that these though he would be. The between the internal candidates. Although I would I would wonder whether or not they might. Break out in and trying to get up additional code that he might have a relationship that that maybe elsewhere right now. Jolie's at a serious loss for the bills considering there would venture Tony eighteen when new coordinators now on both sides of the ball if Frazier left. Well I think it's it's all a matter of how much you believe that Leslie greater impact that he I think. By and large that would Sean McDermott he bent than. You know he might not have called plays buddies certainly. That the parameters of everything and you know we've been watching him practice especially later in the week when when the coach is really starting he has not McDermott would. Really am not with the do you did down the stretch but you did so I think. I think all at all. It would be a lost to McDermott as a resource because Frazier. Has been a head coach before. You know McDermott can bounce ideas off him and ask him is that is that a good idea is that not what what did you do what you were gonna go to. Bing if things of that nature that is quite valuable public trauma Durbin who adding it or be at that coach. But that bad. Now that he is. One year and he knows what to expect it might be a little bit more apt to. You'll which the rigors of the speed in the and so put the freighter law would would being because you know they they do it again lose continuity. But I think they're going to be eluding continuity in a lot of different spot along the rockers though. I got what and other coordinator right. Childress Skelly a WK BW our guest here. In the sports bar another story today from the NFL like Jimmy garrote below. He gets paid reportedly a five year 137. And a half million dollar deal. Joseph Ohio does is you know trickled down I guess the market to the Buffalo Bills who desperately need a quarterback to mean and what's going to be left hook in the bills afford it that's where the markets being separate now. Well that is the I think it. In terms of what they need a quarterback I think everybody. Believe that are going to try and trade up and insert the top. Near the top of the order that did trying to record of Africa I think that of the worst kept secret around the NFL right now the buildup that in his first round pick. They of those 22 round pick and Brandon would be in the Wheeler dealer that we saw throughout the heat out seventeen increased beat him at regular dough. I think Berger have their best course of action. Based on where there in the salary cap because they do have a lot of that money coming against that and while they can preempt some spot you know it it wouldn't make. Fiscal then. From a cap perspective to go all in on occur cut now they can definitely make it work because. It would seller the salary cap you can about it that you can make anything work that they. In the year that you're in the but you're also essentially. To borrow a braided being term kicking the can down the road. And eventually. Those salary cap being is that you had pushed down toward the future years will end up coming to like you're back where the build worked under Doug Whaley and that's where rated being at trying to get out. Though that's why I mean the whole idea of Kirk cousins lack. You know I would if they were a better cap situation I would definitely consider it but where they are right now I just I just don't know that have expense menu from their you've got. Hate to you know look who might get paid I don't know anywhere from eighteen to 21 billion which is ridiculous in my opinion but but I mean that the ratings for him. I think their best course of action really would be to wait. Until after the draft. Because they're the reason they're 201 to. You could perceive what happened in the NFL draft you have to acknowledge you you have whether or not you have your franchise guy. And and what you need to you know around it wit. And two if you go out and get one of these. They you know it may even a middle pure quarterback. That's gonna cost anywhere from fourteen to eighteen million dollars a year. Bet that it's doing yourself a disservice in an area of the brain to be specifically want to get better at with the well built back in the building towards compensatory pick down the line now they have three key freeagent here. That that. Are going to be. You know. To order that you know the dole bill get the look on the open market. And those being EJ gains toward mapping Preston brown especially by starting quarterback on the open market that has become an unrestricted free agent. That would be canceling out one of those don't pay third or corporate profits but comic Contra there would sign it it just doesn't make a lot of that. I think they're back. There are honest to goodness best approach should be aware of the weapon for a. Joseph misguided WK BW joining us in the sports barging German tech Leo on ESPN Rochester joke you mentioned the course of action for the drafted the bills. Move up and try to get their guy and and we saw last year what the bears had the leverage in order to get up one spot in the draft to get Mitch troop risky I see the colts at three. And I think to myself all right well maybe the bills can. Give the colts something to move up to three boat. What the global. What with the colts except. 2122. From the bills are 21 in and first round next year. Or will they look at like a team like the jets and say you know we will back three slots among a lot more from the jets. And still get a dynamic player in the top ten. Yeah I end it really all depends on what happened then and we value highly too I eat it they if they wanna traded to the the top story. Will be able to put together a package to make it work I really don't have any doubt of that and you know the fighting a young quarterback is is the trump card it. It's always been that way it'll continue to be that way. And I mean even now you can point the Super Bowl in an apparent that. Rival aide nick holt has just won a capable or he also played in a bit like it was going I doubt they're playing at a but it in no way it started at top ten starting caliber quarterback that that. The level he was playing at the opposite that they were kind of in and they needed that in order to one up the 500 acting York operate though. That's why they're quarterback. In finding young one bit if gore team in your organization about the global trump card so that it takes them. You know bowl 2120 to one of the second round pick in the first round next year Padilla I mean I mean that it would be. It would basically be saying our Bible that god of the pan out that everyone that fire but that said I mean. Until you get back I think kind of build around in your and it spit spinning your wheels and trying to all the while whole body and I guess what could be one of the bigger travesty that you become that you have more head coach. And him and try do everything in you were it will buy two get that young quarterback to build around. And never being able to do stone and getting fired or your ever able to have a tea developing bread beat up idly by a though I think. If they want to make it get it done they'll get it. Joseph the question I got to ask you has Tyrod played his last game because a fight I would think yes. But then I thought the same thing last year and he came back so I mean what what percentage would you put it on it that you know that that tyra would actually end back up in buffalo next year. Well at this point a bigot looking more likely than not and it at all because that property and get it celery at march 16 because. It beat six billion dollar roster bonus due the first day of the year and that is. Very important here because not only is it money that they have to pay Tyrod Taylor it's also. Six billion dollars on the cap that they apt to that they have to pay though that would mean that. It hit dead money right now they were to cut him tomorrow would be eight billion two have accused of leaking out. If they work Q and they would if they've about had no doubt. If they were to wait until after march 16 and then cut. That would increase its debt money hit you over fourteen billion dollars and they would only save about the Reid read change economic. So big there at the decision that meet the debate so they wanna Mark Gordon and have there would be. You know as the bridge quarterback whoever young player they bring it. Then they have to make that assessment by mark sixteen than in order or to make business that. Though from that perspective I think the Tyrod. You know you can certainly make a case for him to stick around because you know what you is you know that he's. Quite literally a good enough player to be your quarterback a playoff team but but that said the Oprah do. Think about it humanistic standpoint and and because he's been benched now by the coordinated organization. Two consecutive years by two different head coaches. And it if it was quite plain to see that they did not believe in Tyrod Taylor otherwise it would bird a Peter couldn't get Los Angeles. So you know I I would tend to think. It probably the end for Tyrod Taylor but I learned it in the NFL. Never say never because of gotcha. And on for dear life in big stick around a long. Java Skelly and joining us in the sports bar danger mechanically on ESPN Rochester Joseph your your all 22 review at WK BW. Dot com is fantastic the latest article you've got focusing on guard. And senator in your of the same belief that I think both gene IR that losing air was a virtual leadership standpoint but. That the bills really don't need over think this position you've got Ryan groin who stepped up whenever he's been called upon in nation mall sample and 2016 but he played very well in woods' absence the bills don't necessarily need to go draft a senate given the news of what's retirement do that. And first formal appreciative statement about the ears of a lot of on right now but speculate mean yeah I don't think they need they go out. I I I mean Billy price. Mocked them. Buy in by so many different people and I sit there and the black belt. Why I mean this is that the achievement. That when Ryan grow way it would is. I into an offer sheet by the LE ram blast off the the bills put a lot of law but there was no no we like that and we liked what he did in the final seven games and in 2016. And when Eric what went down with a knee injury and he's a good depth piece that has the it's able to swing provider dark matter and what the potential but are these the lead dog to. Though to me I think that would just be. It is they were to use one of those optic and let it get overwhelming. Overwhelmingly good player that you know will immediately. Upgrade your entire off I'd like. Then then do it but I'm not sure that that would last reported quarter when he went that it though. I think for me I'm completely comfortable right Royce start to get better and heck I think I need to a couple of black pickup starting right carpet that it bought brought up that he'd beat that if if if I would've told you that I'd bet that on February. Be seen when we had talked in the summer trading about it that. Was what I hide it but I despite the fact but now Bobby what peacock has been great team and he's and he's certainly. It definitely you know. Steadied the ship parent I think the bigger question is whether or not to move on the job Miller before its final yerba contract it. Also from Harold pointed to Joseph. The corner position opposite tray why adding danger and I agree. We like always Saudi. So. It like at what price would you put on EJ Gaines to bring him back into the gets too much. Do you even entertain the thought of somebody like Malcolm Butler. King well I don't think that I would just because of the composite portrait or you know if I'm going to be very. Big into that. Speaking then I don't think they're going to be and on the Malcolm Butler. Are you Dick gave. If you decide to do. Pick that million dollar a year contract but at work that. Anything above that and I figured it mid. Funny money a little bit with him and with how well quarterback get aid on the open market. I would tend to think that. He gave gave the gonna wanna see what doubt there as opposed taking out below market value with the ball built in and the point you brought up is is the white wanted to make. He missed. A total of five games due to injury and not just that. He was also. Injured in or of the game that he was active no. It added a total of nine gained effective. Body injury out of sixteen or seventeen a well that that is the abetted above 50% and at a high percentage. And that's to try it it especially if you're gonna be paying him that type of money. Double strike and I think the underlying factor here and I've been saying that throughout all of the all of the articles that I've been writing over WQBW dot com with that all 42 would abuse thing. Eight you'll see this be they got to defeat the compensatory pick EJ gave it one of those three guys. That they can get something probably a good resource. Out of in the 2019 NFL draft. And unless they can get him well below market value they want it to quiet attribute a third round pick for a guy that. That day. That they got there at the Roland in the then you ought to deal when there are at thirty. Joseph while we have you on with us some I'm curious I'd like to go back to when you're in mobile for the Senior Bowl and talk a little bit about. Who impressed UN and the name that I think a lot of bills fans became familiar with after the Senior Bowl mobile Kyle latter would you learn. A law I didn't think much of Colorado. Going there and you know and then. Outing the quarterback before I laughed and and being everything an error that they were about well lighted to me it looked like. A player that has probably eight range rat for a B player that will double Britain's strapped require. You know his arm strength wasn't great. You know someone that could eventually develop into a back up but you know now relate to much more of that but like solid. Much different match. When you get you know these these people wouldn't it be that first and the well let that we took command of being down there should them very natural leadership is our look a lot stronger than I had been on. On paper and and it's making me. Go back and watch Morgan. Though it is though a lot of good will work well. Throughout the Senior Bowl and this body in the game it was the practices that that is what is important to note that. The game is what they have to look at while he was named and the people of Egypt and I would think too highly but during the practices that help you with. Cleared away. The bat. Quarterback I'm B I'm that side of the Senior Bowl. And so I think I think from me. He's definitely making me go back and watch a little bit more and that's about as as good as you can do at this at a bat like he. Joseph I'll throw out the disclaimer here because we still have a long way to go we have to come mind we have the pro days lot stole that happened here but. See the Buffalo Bills were just a wait a 2122. Words the second round. Megan if you when you're looking at these projections in these mocks and everything else who would via I candidate right there that you would think would be. A great quarterback at that value. At 4122. That that when you have the Labarca election and Adam because I think. The top or probably be gone by that point. Both the California kid wrote in double B thought you would expect me you'll probably aren't jobs sale of property guard. I think that's right in the Labarca acting Palmer station now it really all depends on what the build value. From a quarterback position. You know Brandon dean has made it known any time in finding a big franchise guy has a lot. He then he must be able to operate comfortably within the pocket while Mark Jackson has shown flashes of doing well sure and he he does that a lot better than. And he'd given credit for a pick but all at all you know it there are some work to be done with immediate corporate prospect. Is he one of those that where you him. Put him into the starting lineup immediately at a media but one. A counterpunch is needed after thirteen start the bigger problem he'd be able to do that which probably lead you to believe that. He's one of those guys yeah. It a little bit longer. So why it debt that would be the only one we'll be that. I would. Constantly taking it one quarter point do I do not like me have Rudolph whatsoever I think. It got a lot of weaknesses that. That scream back up to meet on you know if the first of them being a is. Rain boat type of are gone deep ball that allows attackers to get back into. They get back in the position when they are clearly beaten me he was playing with two. Probably. Spur for third round wide receiver at its disposal. While at Oklahoma State but that the year. Mean gaudy statistics I know but you know and it got beside but I just. When things break down in the and when he turned it broke a deep ball I just I'd I don't really even if you'll bear for me I think he's more. Oh I I would I would take him at earliest but there for a that the Arctic but yeah the only guy there would be worth. The. You can read his work at WK BW dot com. He's the best to cover the Buffalo Bills we love having a model or were honored to have jobless Galley on from WK BW Joseph it's been great avenue and hopefully we can have you haven't of the conversation with you here shortly really appreciate your time. Thanks a lot guys for having me and in the that should be should be unless the. GAAP Childress Scalia who read his work on the all 22 WK BW appreciate his time. Got that you won there a danger for 54 champion for 543776. I'm glad you brought up but Kyle will let out because. This is the next guy we've got to dive into it and to help us out actually. Tomorrow in the sports bar were and have a guest named Mike barber Mike Barbour is with the Richmond times dispatch he. He convert Kyle a lot of soul like how we want to learn more about Josh Allen we talked to Wyoming reporter I think. Will law does it. Second third round I mean if you're gonna wait till then this will be the name that's being kicked around I wanna learn more about the Senior Bowl MVP. You should certainly mean if you've seen some mock drafts word the bills go defense defense. With 1122 what's available in the second round while that might be one of those names and once you know as much yet. You can't about some of these prospects at the bills might be eyeing. Come draft time so that that's tomorrow afternoon that is tomorrow awesome round this time are provocative thoughts around the world of sports on the way next. It's a game we play everyday at this time called I'll drink to that you're always welcome to join us. By calling 454 ESPN 4543776. Or on Twitter at ES PM Rochester here in the sports bar with danger today Leah. AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. For average talking. It was spectacular scene. Mean slacks shunning the team winning goal. 97. The sports leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey is brought you on target line will purchase you. Williamson at the height Debbie supplying commercial street east Rochester. ESPN Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect with Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Yeah scores from the listen to sports bar with dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. 57. Ask you right yes.