The Sports Bar- Hour 1- Joe DeCamara

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, February 7th

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia, the guys talk about the McDaniels decision. Then, we welcome the co-host of WIP Middays on our sister station in Philadelphia, Joe DeCamara who talks about the possibility of the Bills trading for Nick Foles, and the impact of the Superbowl in Philadelphia. 


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Exciting opening several birds care communities once and assistance power in construction group incorporated pride plumbing and precision driving in manufacturing corporations just to name a few browsing is confidential and you're able to climb run online don't wait. This is virtual careers they're dot com your next opportunity could be closer than you think. He HD two and W 239 PM Rochester AM 950 and ninety bikes Canada. Sports and ESPN Rochester. But sports bar with danger and exactly the city had bad news for rain. I just said I just need a yes or no answer you in around. New cities now that's an okay we're removed for a wish you best of luck the punishment. Brent the notes I think last night why it's either you believe that the colts are good job and you wanna take it might have the chance for you believe that they're not and you never even. Make a verbal agreement I'm surprised that it would really come down to just the patriots showing him some more affection. And the guarantee it bill sticking around we have work to do it. And our somebody that's a 100% committed to partnering with us and getting that work. Guy Mike danger and the Tyrod Taylor conversation gets marked up again can the bills get anything of value of the number five. GB tablet. I'm sorry. Does not happening. I'm sure revenue. Thinks it's gonna go off the stakes so. It's unfortunate but like the way we battled back from Rochester sports leader 957. EST yet. Good afternoon pulled the school and join us thanks for joining us in the sports bar and danger Ametek they appreciate how you may be listening and they have 950. 957 of them ES PM Rochester dot com. Radio dot com search IP SP in Rochester listened to us on radio dot com radio dot com I'm Mike danger. Paging detect more danger how are you today busy today could happen. And out lots going on. Let's get right Joseph with news that broke class that of course is the deal would everybody's been talking about Josh McDaniel. Pulling out of Indianapolis Josh Josh McDaniels pulling out of Indianapolis. To stay in New England leaving Indianapolis without a head coach. Yeah I mean we hinted that this could happen but nobody here actually thought. He wore it eight. The signs coming when Matt Patricia gets named lions head coach on Monday and then the end of that day on Monday comes and then. Monday changes in to Tuesday more rain and then it calls call press conference they schedule one they're all set. Sir any of winner in all this. Maybe the guy who gets the colts head coaching job at it in the end. But we actually the debate Monday danger if you were way less which is the better position. Easy it. Working for an owner that has issues and we'll leave it at that in Robert Irsay and and not. Knowing whether or not your quarterback your finger quote franchise quarterback Andrew Locke would be available in when he eighteen. In VA's is he gonna be really healthy there's some some uncertainty there. War to stay in new wing lane in May be Golda. The original Mike Hopkins played in Syracuse if we will in other words your you're and there's been no guarantee from what I heard but. Right Josh McDaniels of these TV staying in New England that that's got to be his thought there that he he'll take over the house when Bill Belichick finally steps aside. I com. I'll come right out and say my opinion is and I agree with with. One of our cohost of Boston who shared this opinion earlier this morning. My opinion is that Bill Belichick is coached his last game with the New England Patriots. I don't think I don't believe for a second. That Josh McDaniels turned down that head coaching gig just to come back. To be offensive coordinator new and just come back and do what he's already been doing what he's already been successful. Don't buy it. I've diet. You're alive. Don't do that Johnny men's elf thing if you can imagine that. Money yeah yeah I mean Robert Kraft. Robert Kraft probably said one is it war two year. He throughout a number you throw out something stupid and an all got you got to make a split decision on this. And if he was being offered more money. To be the offensive coordinator in New England in the B to head coach in Indianapolis in the contract. Let him understand I don't know Jeanne I mean this guy. Time and time again has proven to be petulant. Childish immature unprofessional. Stick. Try to Daniel yeah CS is correct yes but but I don't believe. I don't belief that Josh McDaniels ditched in. So we'll say I might be wrong on that but you other people they're closer to the blast zone and I am that believe that as well and and I see it as. Look you can you can be mad at Josh McDaniel and you've met mcdaniels and say this is a professional and and how can he do this and he's you know certainly hasn't made any friends and head coaching community. You know Tony Dungy extremely critical of this moved in a team that's close to his heart. By lashing out on Twitter at Josh McDaniels. Ultimately this guy did what he felt was best for Stanley and if there's any hesitation and if I'm trying to justify why he backs out. Your family. Life and don't wanna go to eating out why is saying and that we cannot it's. You're already too far down the road and you just got to go also over I'm not a critical goal back to the dungy point he hired. To assisting coaches who were under contract now if you could kind of go back in time you're you're the colts. Hey don't assign it don't have the assisting coaches. Signed guaranteed contracts until you have that coach actually sign on the dotted line right. Yeah I can I can understand why you would look at that good luck mcdaniels went for a technically voodoo that and that's fine. I understand that blots. That thing because. Only one thing counts in this life. Get them to sign on the line which he's got eight. And the colts didn't do that. They didn't do that they may all of these moves under an assumption instead of under a contract. Get him to sign on the line which is dotted that's a mistake Chris Ballard's never gonna make again. And what comes out we Jeanne Josh McDaniels is taking the better job. He's taking the job he's most comfortable with his family's most comfortable with that probably pay him more with the owner that he trusts not a wild card which immerse. Well if you wanna be critical Ballard I don't know how these things work amid would do would build taking your body might be a case where. He can't sign until the season's done for new wing mean you're all kind of going on a verbal error rate. Look you could say sign on the dotted line man is his record is he's warmer. It's like if you got him. Even have this problem Matt Patricia he signed on the line which is thought it should get him after the end of the season. You get him to side line which if he's important you if you value having him he's or coached. He's heavily sought after a lot of teams would love to have Josh McDaniels. You get him to sign on line which is body you know wait what makes this even more. Ridiculous. Mcdaniels and ballot at the same agents. So agent clearly doesn't know its clients well enough to know that he's not really is into what is he saying he. How do you not know what his true true intentions are college again. This is not about the Daniels. Mcdaniels. Didn't handle himself most professional ways but this is more about mcdaniels being bent in willed. By the patriots. To stick around. What gets him to stick around. The idea of these just gonna be offered supportive or again the idea that he's the next patriots head coach in waiting may be. What I have to I believe there's probably more to it that we don't know like. We don't know I don't know right now that Bill Belichick has had his end of year meeting with the crafts. When you start talking to him about what went wrong in the Super Bowl what wrong with the Butler why do we make this is all these things. EO Bill Belichick. And and Robert Kraft if you wanna believe what you've read the wicker shall report more. Maybe this is the end. Well it would make Disco danger is the patriots like every team in the league. They have to give us season and the press conference might happen next week could happen Friday but at some point. They're gonna have to get up and maybe they'll just Stonewall you like they normally do but hopefully we get some answers there. I hate seeing it was a case cause we're gonna pay you more money. Stay here. In news stay here and if when and when when coach spell checks leave it leaves I mean you're you're you're that you're the guy. Kind of a handshake sort of agreement but I don't necessarily think this means that. I know bill's fans wanna wishful thinking here but I don't think bill well Jack has coached his last game and I saw that report. For me yeah I am getting in caller reported was that. Jillian it's the game it's opinion but I share that opinion I don't I get that night share that opinion. I think he's coached is I escape and here's the other thing. And this is probably a small small part of it but I don't I can't for secondly the distance factor into it. How much to the patriots wanna screw over the colts yes for deflate Kate yes. We are going to take. You work that the guy he won a coach from our coaching staff in yank him at the at the twelfth hour. And keep them here. Have you revenge. A New York to get his press conference today all the rivalry is back on. Okay now so there there's so is if there is some of that revenge factor that in the you know I used to think that. It dealt was the most evil man in the NFL might be Robert Kraft. He's port city it's that guy is being seen if that if that played a role and I don't know how it can't play at least a small part. In your decision to talk Josh McDaniels into staying. Even deeper the patriots courts screw the bills over indirectly. Yes colts end up hiring Leslie Frazier. Who by the way. Is right now the colts have not requested permission to talk to Leslie is right now as of right. Now but he has a history with the team he was an assisted. Underneath Tony Dungy so he's familiar. With the organization. All my god. Now the bills. In the AFC east look like the least. All will go into the Tony eighteenth season with with the most change and you know it's a pig it's gonna have most changes in the coaching staff. Bells went to 2018 without DC or with the new DC and new offensive coordinator. What. And that in the patriots go go into the new season just losing Patricia. And having his his predecessor waiting in the wings. I hate these mean details all that valuable I am just asking. Worth fighting over. That guy in other words danger you are there new offensive coordinator the New England Patriots must draw I mean honestly here's this stadium that. Here's what I see mcdaniels as of right now in the patriots organization. East peace keeper. He's the guy the to bridge the gap between part between bella check and Brady. He's the peacekeeper he's the mediator he's the guy the that key the glue that keeps that together. Because let's face it. Belichick wanna Brady all he wanted to move on from Brady. He had his future franchise quarterback to quarterback that was gonna lead him into his eighties as a coaching GM of the patriots Jimmie are up and the owner. Who loves him some Tom Brady. Shot him down. And if anything's. From the workers report that all seems very plausible to me. All that seems believable. It seems very believable to me that as a GM as a personnel guy as a head coach. You see your aging quarterback in the twilight of his career stop at a high level how long up. Meanwhile U got to got that you drafted that can add to your legacy. That has all the traits that you wanted to quarterback for the future and Jimmy drop well. You get offered a king's ransom form last off season turning down. And then finally you have an owner stepping up saying. Now Tom Brady's gonna stay at patriot as long as he wants to stay patriot that is final my game is on the checks you cash. And so what does mcdaniels provide. Peace harmony between the two. That can't be easy job and I don't think he's gonna want that job I think eventually. He's your op he's not your offense according to keep your head coach. Well he. He bit his tongue when Tom Brady let lashed out at him in buffalo member that. Yeah the first buffalo game and we did the story line that game the number one storyline was grunt can. They hit the Trey white but the number two story line from next game and what was Canada. Sleepy patriot win if you will. Was Tom Brady off line in the first half having that sidelined law with Josh McDaniels. Ice. Although there then the peacekeeping aspect to mean he's not that valuable in the hole he tree. Machine as far as axes and knows. And being an offensive coordinator. You you could have poured in any bawdy and met off fans will have that success with number two well. I'm still floored they're all this happened. Again. Horses come back to alternately you could say the Coulter victims now it's the cult of you do your due diligence. What happened in ten Kirk with him right but it got a guy that everybody was I under the died in Jay Cutler and if one really bad in Denver so any should've had a buyer beware saints on this man. Shame on me Amy just 44 hours she knew and our having this discussion. This discussion about eight Josh McDaniels going to Indianapolis may be. He doesn't mean Indy what he did in Denver maybe Andrew Luck becomes available and what's worse to a team to go after Andrew Luck and opposite you're saying. Sure Josh McDaniels has learned from his mistakes I'm sure he's grown up a little bit since. He made all those mistakes in Denver needs probably a different guy different coach now more mature. How was I think now. Is childish is ever. Got worked over the patriots just flip mcdaniels. So unless. Unless it's what you were. Kind of an alignment with you a morning guy EI saying. We can't explain this now Josh but you're the next head coach in the New England Patriots. Its goal of bad for a little bit. But I don't think that's the case. You and I disagree on that. Yeah I that's fine I don't I don't have anything to back it up other then. There that's his opinion he's close to the blast zone and there's other. There's other NFL people that I follow that I applied to value their opinion when I hear them question. Why he would return just to be the offensive coordinator. Or that I think there's something to them. And given the way the Super Bowl ended. And the perceived stubborn nature of bill ballot Jack and how he handles his players and its personnel. Malcolm Butler specifically. A difference maker that could've caught the other bench could've cost in the game if it didn't cost them again. He would have made a difference out there. And watch for what. If you're Robert Kraft you're having your end of season meeting with your head coach. It's probably not a pleasant conversation. It's probably a lot of you know let's have honest dialogue about how trust has been violated between us in terms of Howell. Your now dictating to me who the personnel on this team is going to be. And now your questioning how I'm going to manage the personnel on this team. I'm GM and head coach. Now. Every report we've said is that we've seen is that Bill Belichick act will return to the patriots into when he eighteen. Willie return of the patriots is a head coach. Only return the patriots may be is the GM. That transition becomes a lot smoother for Josh McDaniels if he has his guy there in the complex telling him in advising him. It's a little less stressful. Hey you don't you don't have to do every week press conference it's you don't have to be that salty. Old old school coach giving non answers to the press the get out of that every week. Pack you can golden and pocket every weekend and be with us girl who has just such a Schulze both before and still politically duck. We'll we'll we'll we'll pool for my diet and look if you're patriots fan in your excited that that's your next tech coach. They can do better than Josh retains. No I listen Nadal had to know if any Vicky a look. It doesn't matter who the next head coach is going to be it's going to be a disappointment. It's going to be a disappointment you're not going to follow in the footsteps of of the greatest NFL football coach of all time. And match that level of success anything is a disappointment. Well it the only example I can think gov. A guy who actually won a Super Bowl yet we can you couldn't guard him is being successful George Seifert. George Seifert taking over for bill wall ice that system was in place and and also in Yang he's out many goes to Carolina and he was terrible that was the day and night. Not not that go out there what was mcdaniels record in Denver he was eleven and seventeen is the head coach of the Broncos. You thumbs up yeah ran out so if your bills fan. And hearing this is keep your fingers crossed that the don't indirectly screw the bills by poaching. Leslie Frazier in Indianapolis is their head coach. I he looked Indy I don't expect them to have a quick resolution here they're not in competition. With any bloody right. It's so they can take their time interviewing candidates and they probably will talk to Leslie for probably sure like. Talk to everybody at this point you can take to the end of them want to hire a head coach. Columbine isn't until March really that my head that that would be in my mind warn you you really got to have a guy in place in Indianapolis. I think they got to move fast you know of the I don't think they should take their time hey listen they they've done a great job the last 24 hours of saying hey we were prepared for this we had a contingency plans OK let's see that lets see that in action now because if you did and you were prepared for this than the guys you have on your list you should be able to get them in for interviews quickly efficiently make your decision. And get till I'm through on the BS flag on that point you can't say you had a contingency plan when years when you call the press conference. Wayne Hughes heads to assisting coaches sign on the dotted line this was not even. Cold be just like don't press conference today. If he started with all worst we've spent so much I didn't watch the Super Bowl. We were so concerned about the loss of life one of our players in the Boudreau a look I wanna believe that I want to believe that they actually have a horse. That they actually do feel really really badly for the families of those that were in that accident on Sunday morning. But I'm jaded cynical and sore Ewing you don't believe that for a second run as you've seen enough. Enough political. Press conference is an enough. You know state of the union addresses to know DS BS BS this is all BS. You're just covering your ass and and that's. You start that press conference and everybody's on your side hard to disagree with the guy who says wolf we really really. Really feel. For the families that were involved in that accidents anymore so much so that I mean we just we couldn't function. We couldn't even watch the Super Bowl we miss Edwin Jackson so much and we care about is Stanley's head all of those sentiments are all right on. If you wanna believe that they're actually truce and as I don't say you watched Super Bowl I do realize is Super Bowl. Where we're we were soul. Soul ripped apart by the loss of one of our players. I get it yes it's horrible horrible story and I wanna believe that your intentions are true. Don't I don't. We we've we've lived through this way too many times. So you start your press conference with that I'll call BS right away. I'm calling BS right away. It's just seems if even if it is genuine it seems. Disingenuous. What's up our old friend chuck O'Connell think agent it's probably lapping the morgue this whole scene than what it comes back to is the owner. Right. And the culture and indeed. I we have the debate on the show earlier this week which is a better job offensive coordinator is the patriots take coached. A working for that guy in Indianapolis 454 ESPN 4543776. Year old always welcome to pull up a stool with a this year. In the sports bar we've got to who wrote it we're gonna talk about this and other things today in the show here as idol next hour. We're gonna get an update we're gonna try to get to the bottom what what's actually happening. With the red wings least story. I diets it did reporting on this in the front lines a guy was poured over the the spreadsheets if you will. David Andrea out of will make his first appearance on Thomas for the Democrat and chronicle excited talked to David on next hour here. In the sports car as on the clock is ticking. On the red wings as far as getting a lease for 28 to eat. I would hope that if we're gonna have David Andreotti and for his inaugural visit to the sports bar we could talk about hockey which Douglas something uplifting but no. We've got to talk about whether or not the red wings are gonna get around signing a lease county in the county and around the sun is with the red wings and whether or not we'll have baseball. A frontier field 12018 season he joins us just after 4 o'clock. Here in the sports bar with the German tech lead up next. Odd co host of the WIP Mitt they showed her sister station 94 WIP in Philadelphia cosa showed John Richie. X Philadelphia Eagles lineman Joseph the camera is gonna join us here in the sports car will talk more about what's happening feeling sure yes and opinions on. On everything that's gone on the last 24 hours of me you know is is this victory for the fertility dealt the Eagles the one that can actually break the back of the New England Patriots. While today and the patriot dynasty. Looks like in Philly right now do you think they're actually doing any work. I didn't put the parade on Thursday. Bright tomorrow nobody's working the thing critical back to work on Friday. Yet it in the GDP of Philadelphia right now not very. Zero productivity zero so Joseph joins us next in the sports bar will also play I'll drink to that before 4 o'clock. You're in the sports bar with danger of tag with thanks for joining us this afternoon on ESPN Rochester. Up next local sports talk in the of flour sitting at John Murphy killed when a sports bar would dangerous and exactly we day after. Good news on the sports leader ESPN Rochester and here in the sports bar we don't wanna talk to the best and brightest minds of people don't make you smarter just listening to ESPN Rochester he is right in the middle. Still celebrating after. Sunday's us Super Bowl victory he is the co host of the WIP mid day show with Jon Ritchie at. 94 WIP our sister station in Philadelphia Joseph to camera is joining us in the sports bar a danger to tag Leah Joseph Lauria this afternoon. And a danger could if you're demand it and now. Quite a scene there will let that record date and of course it won't look that great mark a lot at. Joseph I got to imagine nobody's working this week right parade tomorrow and then you're not who's going back to work on Friday meaning can you paint a picture of what. The party is like down there in Philadelphia. You know and yeah and not having a benign it was obviously. You know some people up there it would. The broad street the main street so is it all all that is that there is there is Indian. You know you know Monday that a look at the artwork is say in the technical you know about going back to work with mark of the year. No and back to work there. You know who regard whatever the record straight going to be crazy this is very. Very special and meaningful for the people sold out here I mean obviously. You know great sample across the nation and in many cities and Phillies won a vote at. You know it that it that the passion for eagle the passion for Obama the some years. Not have at a Super Bowl championship and especially in light out. You look at the division I mean heck they are distraction eighty's and ninety's and it. And there it can get two and a giant step there and that was that or record separate incidents. It's like unity but not and you look around geographically in the patriot will work by the jets he app on. The ravens who can think they are or about a minute ago they how have bill. So it just click equaled have been around that buildup is the by the cities that want and so not yet not at two to he would eagle it. And see how they did it were some of the people here girders. Jordan Cameron ready for WIP our guest in the sports partying German tag Leo. On ESPN Rochester I think one of the one of the big story lines out of the game out of the victory the aggressive nature of the play calling of Doug Peterson and we we knew going into the game that he was an aggressive play caller and one of the things that that became more more. Apparent storyline that just kind of surface more and more as the game got closer and especially after the game the role analytics play. In he is play calling it in the Eagles success this season at last it Peterson. Has guys and easier is feeding him stats in N probability is before he's making some of these aggressive calls Joseph is a true. That is true he Gaza and the opera to protect you going to gain I mean certainly prepared for situations. Where you'd begin. You know I really believe in her account or create a there's a question but they're treatment history or are they all he ought. But I really believe what a lot of people you do and it got. And out of the box. He's spoken in future years there will be seen as more conventional in the box are up only got I think would bud Peterson did you bought off the I saw an interview with until years ago or a year ago. And he was cast in a look at changed April awkward like it here but the market is that it was quite on line. And I have always remembered that and you know obviously point of the car football local or call that. But Doug Peterson really believes in god or a lot or want or who were the great western little reckless with. This year I think he's on the proper now operate. If you were as built military act aren't on here are edited by our but it does make it mistake Bill Belichick at the ball a yard line down kind of bring it. Probably the first order dated back. And fortunately you know what to kick a field called out just so happens they are the all that. Probably should've been not a game but you know Doug Peterson would have thought that are on Bravo on. And I really believe the way he deleted. I think it will change the way up the coaches coached it. Joseph way we bring us up to date here as far as what's happening today because we're all kind of bug grab and our popcorn and pat. Chuckling at this whole Indy new wing Lynn McDaniel story but. A guy that means a lot you're on the air here in the heart of hills country near Rochester frank Reich. I you know we grew so much respect for frank up here. And what he meant to what the Eagles and to go to the Super Bowl six times and finally get a championship it was almost like we were living vicariously there with frank Reich but. It what what's the thought today because I would have to think he. Would be one of the candy if not be leading candidate to join in these so you know what are your thoughts on that. Yeah well it makes a lot of sense you know it certainly does. You know look I think it will not quite that it tremendous shot at situation what three quarterbacks. Indicated no quarterback rumored well with tutors that as head coach Wright and those they. On peaceful at both quarterback Kurt chocolate like Quebec different leveled the place tournament pros and you know it was a right computers are obvious real close. You know they're great sort a mean once I get up as the year it is. It seemed the emotional meet that it after the game. And yet he's he's obviously it a real candidate and and we would hurt or not occur in Vienna. I'm quite a chapter about cities. You know one of that one and one of the leading candidate and he'll look at and yeah under a question if it's hard for immediate value exactly what he does because it equals or a pretty quiet about. You know outspoken not you have head coaches and offensive. Mind who the play caller took a little hard to know exactly what right but it is not you know Arctic and reap a lot figured out that was part of the plan. You know preparation process or what quarter crack me up and Jacqueline. You know he's been part of a winning Spain and you've been around. A coaching that Peterson who created a culture that was very successful independent like all. And I'm sure it went from that course you can learn from the mark Levy and at some of the other street yours yet I think is very strong candidate. George camera joining us here in the sports bar danger tightly from 94 WIP in Philadelphia or sister station in the sports bar danger and the tightly you mentioned. Interviewing for their office of coroner opening day didn't denied him until after his Contra dissolved which I believe is in another week herself. I mean if this perfect storm happens in the Eagles again kind of get their wish and they don't wanna lose frank Reich frank Reich goes onto a bigger position. And they're able to promote from within and not lose the flip on the process. Could happen in very viable option. You don't want any issues as binders and equally he really hit it. I party. Quarterback urgently got to put that out there there's a lot of quarterbacks coach. Coaches that are not viewed as make it jump to be coached equal at both wanted to you'd argue that literally make that jump. Which has a very rare injury made that up at that point you're out. We join eagle Serbian report court records it could happen obviously this year you know the Indian art but. That the one thing that works against the Eagles on retaining equal let go if Peter if right les. Is it political not. Would not have like on. And you know eat eat and have that and it so you know that Peterson's not only play caller is that. So technical equipment that decision if he's. Present it with that possibility and an it's we're now he's got options that are at question again a lot of the market dried up. In eagle on as far as it did in the playoffs certainly did not help as clean or one can't cannot help out Internet he looked like a rock star is. No one or more arsenal and no no one more or are reduced even. And then he's not he's sitting got to work with Nicole's over the last month really got it got such a better way to get credit all great and right and Peterson they they altered the are they really really pitching opposite. And they get Nicole amok at a place in advance so what all three of those are there. Jody camera host BW IP mid day show what John Richie he's our guest here in the sports are 957. ESP NI Joseph you could imagine the day after the Super Bowl after seeing knicks bulls. Or eleven years here in you know in bills countries seeing a quarter pact that for the bills who. Your quarterback you see worm goal with this de L on our station on the John Murphy shows Steve tasker was hosting this weekend he won't set I would give a second round pick. For nick false egg question to you is in what the Philadelphia Eagles actually sell high and it falls. There's one major variables that nobody outside. And that is what Israel golf course that's a huge. You are you know and it. Let's be real even at Eagles haven't yet he got it right now I understand it was obvious they do what they perceive that there's Crocker. You know he's in equipment are and this is early in each year we got hurt you know I guess the market I have to. So all starting point me in the conversation as what do they really reject this course. And you think you're talking about special player real special player who could be the next benefit year I would not rushed. To meet at the start. Art so he. They feel confident. The course of what is gonna be ready for amber. Currently the only holes of course the cut and I would expect OPEC seem like reasonable. That lake on point compensation I know that on the evil I wanted to consider. Her second straight and nick all. Her bare ground. I mean at night and not even a debate. And that that Odyssey might even be if it carts but those without because you know it was a report our arms. I attend years you can go to your backup app pack what it. So although at the back and I think another major factor all that but is it you get up. But another major factors that market is much more on it back out this year normal. Yet you know to work 31 round picks that are coming out the obvious if it. You get the Kirk got the situation you got all. So it. You know if if reporters summer to be considered a possible starter who knows that he has yet Rick potential there. The other really than usual market option and it and I think that actually hurt equals. In that there's a lot of options that it in May reduce the competition yet I would be on the Eagles sitting here today could be buried at the oh all but I thought. The only topic they want to apply and even then I would meet struck out there. Joining camera is the co host of WIP mid day show at her sister station 94 WIP in Philadelphia joining us in sports barging termed tightly. On ESPN Rochester joke you look at. The two opposing sidelines from Sunday you have by the patriots the dynasty. The Bill Belichick dictator ship on the other side I feel like you have almost the opposite what Doug Peterson is created in terms of a culture in Philadelphia and not to get to show multi and sappy but I mean really felt like there was a law of a respect and trust between players and coaches is an and that's what gets nick fools to play at the level he played out. On Sunday. Talk a little bit about what that meant to this team through the universities that they went through this season. It. I can't even tell you you're you're ignorant here right on it it's. You know first up they don't lock in on his fault Lockheed fire left tackle is Peter edged ought. In a Paris goal tremendous player Jordan Hecht outstanding. And of course the big Ian in Atlanta ethnic groups Ehrlich. You know I had legitimate interest in. Subplot with in the Eagles he's accurate the running back where you loose balls. Yet had a guy at the air on the lecture led the NFL in rush in and cut out the patriots. You have a guy court on it goes under it will turn on his way quickly established that is why I mean it starts the play ball. And then you have the opportunity but what year to acquire. And that being that it made me is that they an age where we all know basically every city Eric there's alt billionaire aptly. Who grumble about this of that privately or public. And it though it is the Eagles running back room at three quality options all of the them supporting each other all the room. Did not crumble publicly or privately. Mika and I know that Eagles very clear these guys they had their heads screwed on they are although. And credit that require a lot of credit but Peter's report now established our culture. We'll continue forever I mean probably not they gay guys that are contract Yorkshire got a lot of football. So people's he has as time goes on other wipe out what. For one year this teen. So that there might show there was no issues with equal share any governor that you don't mean that Specter act and the possibility. In pro sports. After a year ago Euro per football prep school based are pocket after our bureau issued. Regarding break in each other public comment on him now. And it took it and they interpret acquired the coach there her record Coulter thing. Why I'd I'd look at it from a bigger picture and think to myself you know what maybe. The Belichick way of doing things is such an old school way of doing things it doesn't resonate anymore with the younger generation of players that are coming up and and the Eagles might be a little bit of a trend setter here and we we've got a guy. In Sean McDermott of buffalo who who talks all lost about culture so much so that we start to wonder like it wouldn't really yet does he really believe everything that's coming out of his off but. You even start to see some of that here are aware you know all I'm thinking to myself right now aside from that the bench give Tyrod Taylor in the middle of the season I don't know that there was a lot of the big a player debacles that that the bills had this easier and I think a lot of that has to do. With the kind of culture that you're building and with trust being the cornerstone of of that foundation. I mean it's a big part of it you know the want to of the patriot. Also earned her a lot of of about it there. As partners. Everybody in America that it you know is it not a picture there would like to write them off and and we've been good bar there happily. You know eight bit still calm with it a lot it's like went or regretted it would get a two point emerge. They're big they were still wreck on the doorstep. Brady and Belichick know what they are doing it lost before. And it come back and have another exceptional year or the year after I would be I would be careful of Limbaugh now. The coltart saying you know it was would spell check arrogant in the way he handled. The situation with the court here today but he could not play and not a spot where I mean maybe probably. Are being mean Nichols went wild throw all over the place a lot of it was. At backups that published an article you know. I'm Bill Belichick called cool guy he's a lot of were there that would may have worked against them but they also came there quote the article saying it. If if they're back next year and it probably will bring great culture. You know I mean it could say it but they're they're probably practically promised partner. You brought up Butler that was going to be my next question what theory is subscribe to I until we get the real story here this is. Make for an interesting storyline but you know what do you think really happened there. I just heard it here at the bumping. Up beyond yard performance. On the field other gains or hurt as it wouldn't do in practice. It just give me too bizarre or you know obviously 98 other apps this year and I'm pretty sure I believe played every single after the Jacksonville. It's not what I mean I hit the Seattle idled by you know if I wasn't the right guy 00. So I think but what happened what happened. I mean I don't I mean I've are seen it especially in post you know I know it but Brandon Carter you know alluded to publicly out social media. You know up in the you know. I don't know what Spain is I think I'm saying it immediate over the possibility. That think they're knocking. You think and we had tortured all with us yesterday he kind of threw this at a sit in passing that he heard from from some his New England connects that that. Butler might have actually been one of the sources in the wicker sham article anything to that. Well I had not heard that at. Korean. You know anything from my inspect you in that regard I. Here's the thing Tom Brady like one of the vote that was we're not spot. On Tom Brady. I believe that this guy was speaking publicly. I mean I have to go through the whole article and it got to remember what twist earned that story lines I would say that it did not exactly. I don't know reflect great operating. So I don't I mean maybe it was then the there's obviously. There between gradient Belcher there's no question up on our. And the district angle being you know. Get into the whole equation out what's going on there. You don't want and people Hewitt is Belichick's going to be out and a coach other people's they'll know what. Belichick's. Echoed what he's probably not occur much longer. I because there are very I mean the most at are obviously. Pro football. You know recent 49ers clearly in great kick back while the Packers expect. Very dark the current Burnett could be real interest next. Market there I don't expect quick resolution real at all put into the it is being dragged out of at a it would happen but really that's. Joseph I mean are you practicing like they call the Rose Bowl parade and everything else in the week. Great could be on remote location tomorrow I'll call this. Yeah we well the in the midst of the act and look forward currently better you are great location. 08 are blacked it out I. Down here all the action and they're motivated they're agreed in Italy was up there and I would support by the year. Throughout the go to you ain't but he sixers. That the of the Phillies and only and outside effort for the eagle Ottawa. He'd never orbit to order. That are not going to be great and I had to give credit on my on Russia than a state he got. The meteorologists. Who worked consistently draw a cut in but everything like actually done it right. Because this was a nasty weather day could. And they advised the city did not have the cradle and they have on Thursday they're nasty. And marked as speaker there's the Iowa yes brilliant book report that. Really awesome stuff really appreciate your time he is a co host of the WIP mid day show with Jon Ritchie. At our sister station 94 WIP in Philadelphia Jody camera has been awesome with his time this afternoon. Enjoy the great moribund we look forward talking again soon all right. Eric are you got Jody camera guest in the sports bar with danger to our he was great. Cliff note version here on he did make reference to rein in our brow owners. Not always this these Browner what he said quote. He not the first to get caught with week. It we've we've heard that before but I haven't seen that com. Reported anywhere net I don't know this is actually a former patriot that knows something. Or he's just kind of speculating their but the the mystery still surrounding what happened there would Butler we may never find out what happened. Yeah I think that's probably the most likely situation animal find out he'll get picked up in free agency by some team in in this'll become. You know it'll become part of the legend of super bull 52 immunity you know just another. Story line in what was probably the best suitable we've ever witnessed. I can't get enough of an you know here we are three days later I still wanna talk about it still wanna talk about the gutsy play calling in the in the you know the feeling special my god gene did you see the video. Of fools come and over the sideline. Asking. Peterson if he wanted you to. You want to Philly Philly and he DE pauses for a second. Any us. Yeah yeah let's go and all that right there that is immense trust and belief in each other. And you know like this the moment is not bigger than what they're they are not a day they have together I mean like. And and again trust trust is the foundation for that you don't make that call real packer quarterback your backup quarterback the last. Call it trick play with everything the plate for a fourth and goal. And then have that the took. Its to a law that. Yes is this story is that they had that in the playbook. It in the Minnesota game but that the situation wasn't right they didn't dating need to use it against the vikings so it wasn't something they had practiced for two weeks a practice that for longer but. The Kohl met an oh my gosh yeah what what do Damon I will say this best Super Bowl. Yes are we guilty of being in the moment probably but. Danger what do we talked about a Super Bowl the Wednesday after it doesn't feel. Hire others still residual story lines after an anemic Daniel's last night saying Indianapolis you get it. It just it's never ending drama. It's drama it's what we live for it's why we love the NFL let's let's get to some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports is a game we play called all drink to that. And it's on the way next in the sports bar with danger. And the tag Leo on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester it is me Mike danger for our friends at rock castle florist increased. And Canon daybook Valentine's Day right around the corner don't. We'll do this CVS flowers a hole she always you know your best friend. Your best friend deserves more than CVS flowers. Gene you don't wanna talk to you're helping a local economy may go to change ass so what does it when you hear these ads you're gonna hear a lot of home. For these national floral off its ask yourself where those flowers coming from is that really. Shopping local helping the local economy rocked council floors increasing candidate what. They've got you covered with the one Valentine bouquets are Shockley it's stuffed animals cupcakes. 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