The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Jon Frankel

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a discussion with Jon Frankel of HBO's Real Sports. The guys discuss tonight's episode with a focus on the NFL's CTE settlement with former players. 

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But sports bar with dangerous for exactly or allowed to do for NFL rule a little bit more from me. Offense vs defense standpoint. Feel it was loud. To do some other things in the NFL rules that we're not allowed to do this time of the year Mike dangers in the vets come to town true. Are organized team activities what you can be paying attention to achieve exactly. So routine kind need no real leads from the reserve retired list ES being content you know words you on that retire. Then he's a free agent he can go sign wherever he likes cavs host the Celtics before. Box itself. A statement. But it does go seven games I don't think the cavs win game seven. And Boston and I think this supporting cast in Cleveland this year. Would show off for game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and we have. The Eastern Conference final attempt bag with a chance to eliminate the Washington Capitals on our side held. The delegates at JW. Rochester sports leader. 957. ESPN and grabbed a couple of stolen join us a sports bar with danger of attack late it's open for business and we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening this afternoon on AM 950. 957 FM ESPN Rochester our whole almighty has in Rochester dot com you can also. Listen to us what you device just download the free radio dot com maps search out ESPN Rochester. And listened to was anywhere anytime you might danger along with James Bagley Daryn how are you today. I'm well then I the idea that somebody Smith Kelly scoring Washington's second goal last night. I don't know how much of the game you lost slot watch less they Gina I caught a good chunk of the second period before I had to turn in but. What I noticed about that game the difference in that game EU could tell Washington was a desperate team Washington and woods. Man. Handling. Tampa Bay it last time we just the physical nature and and Smith Kelly specifically. Hit that he laid on on a guy. A Tampa Bay player to Tampa Bay player to a Washington player that Deborah bass player was engaged at the same time he got two for one I mean it just physical physical hockey last night I loved every second that I was able to watch. You know that you love how much I got to watch last night last night was nurtured united champs. Ands. Term is up for basketball. I gotta be honest I ain't nobody's coming out to see the Washington Capitals Tampa Bay Lightning it was all. LeBron the Celtics so we have the sound up on that so watching two things at once danger was a great night to watch but. From what I saw law. In regards the hockey it seemed like. The opening script at least the first forty minutes first thirty minutes of that game. My gosh this is Washington throwing everything at Tampa Bay and we're still scoreless. Here is this how Tampa Bay's gonna sneak out of this with a win the web look at this. And Tampa you blow that was your chances in Callahan talked about it after the game two would like you've got to match that intensity. You you were ready for that. This was your chance to close out Washington you left the door open now goes to regain some yeah. It's unfortunate that that game seven is being awarded to the horrible fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning hit a ball remember the reaction after game two and everybody leaving that arena early and it looked like that's yours or it's air weather and wagon type fans. And now they get a game seven with everything the play for. I'm not rooting against Tampa Bay I'm not crazy about Tampa Bay fans after what that what I saw in game two it would how silent it wasn't that arena. During game two when they were just kind of shell shocked I think they went in little over confident as a fan base. I'm still not getting gonna pull against. Ryan Callahan still polling for Tampa Bay to win that game seven. But they're gonna have to figure a way to match that is quality of Washington's Washington just poured it on him that first goal. Bio she last night just a perfectly. Acts acute it's green on a power play. He's you know just. Gotta love watching hockey when it's just aqsa Q did. To perfection and and you saw Washington play at a different level last night both physically. And and there are there were crisp as they were just it just a more intense hockey team last night can't wait for games. Tired I wanna go back to act comic you mean about Tampa Bay stands though. Is our worst sports city might be in America today you might be the case for Atlanta. Bly to Dane Tampa are there more lightning fans are fans add everybody else up I would say probably stands of add everybody else up between the Rangers are les what eighties. To say a transient city would be that the state the obvious but got stick take a look at what's going on down there. The rays shouldn't exist you have been there all time greatest player adding to Longoria saying. The team should rule while doesn't seem like anybody is outraged over that. Imagine somebody like that saying that about a team from buffalo we do we want heads to roll well. Not not the case in Tampa nobody can argue that not the Buccaneers welds the NFL people come around. But even that there is not a passionate fan base down there are so. Two Y want Tampa to wean. Yes because of drying kill him that he believed reason Mike danger again I IA. And someone who admits and after electable mold them as because people were approaching last night saying. What are you crazy pulling for all that skin no I'm not crazy he's completely. He's image is completely gone 180 in my mind from an athlete I didn't care for to somebody dad. Now like putting that rate for class somebody that I want to wean a championship and maybe it's not this year. But this is the far this that he's gotten and if you don't feel anything for Alex Ovechkin should they losing game seven. Dan I don't know if you could feel anything at all and I know you disagree with. I'm dead inside itself I just need a little bit longer but I'm not ready there I'm not I'm not ready to did. Say Elian emotionally pulling for Alex Ovechkin to get over I'm not there yet. Not yet. They get their sum given night yet. I'd if he makes it to the final it's a nice story. And had pull for Vegas. You wouldn't want to see I'll pull for Vegas and and its its Opel for Tampa Bay if they make the final. But Vegas is is the you know. My heart again my heart would be my head would be pulling for Tampa Bay in my heart will be like a Vegas is a good story that's a nice story. And part of it sadistic as some people make money won't be ironically the one time or Vegas Wynn's gonna say Vegas. We referring to the other Vegas the other biggest is gonna lose Jake getting killed all my guys getting killed. Additional and a free today who bills OTA's starting today genome yet it's still OTA it's not all been to the media. Today. Tomorrow opened the media Thursday so we cut us what are we see and learn Thursday we gotta kinda keep it in neck contacts in other words. If Josh Allen doesn't take the majority reps Thursday well. We don't know exactly what happened Tuesday Wednesday so that's the disclaimer we throw up but. It's a good time to catch up with our body separate pot TO will join us now live from buffalo on the 4 o'clock hour today to get this update and I'm what is happening on Wendell. Doubt curious this what position battles maybe it's way too early to start talking about this. But there will be some position battles this offseason heading into training camp and I'm curious as to what sells going to be looking at which ones are most intriguing to him. No it's not too world. Because won't work for that this is the joy of training camp right if you're into training camp he wanted to. Discover. That player who's gonna make the 53 last year was Eddie Yarborough. It was going to be this year I can't tell you that we might learn along the way here when it comes to mini camp. Certainly seems like the wide receiver position he's wide open. Yeah now I'll keep it on an awesome Proehl. And I don't know a lot about you know it's I didn't break down any of Austin trolls college film. And make I was probably like a lot of view bills fans just kind of scratching your head at that selection at the end of the draft of the Austin Proehl. Why I don't want to keep rolls kidded. Yeah and if they in the connection there Sean McDermott Ricky Proehl Ricky Proehl was on that Carolina staff faults. If you had that strong connection why couldn't sign him as a street create about what ever what I've read you you spent the seventh round pick now obviously like them. Bonnet competition and is that why open who's who's a third down receiver on this team when it's third and seven Rudy go to danger. Ball right now I would say in the slot it's probably Germany Curley right Jim Jeremy curly in the slot. He drafted too wide receivers and ray ray and control. And something about troll I'm not going to discount that pick up of roll through the draft. Because of his wiring because of his DNA because of where he comes from. I'm not saying he's going to be Christian McCaffery light but I like the odds of a player coming into the NFL. Having somebody that close to you having your dad be somebody who had to go through exactly what you're about to go through April wasn't. Wasn't anything good to brag about our economy that guy. Was. Fighter he was just the just. Adult these pre. Must need a beneficiary though you had who. You can't hold him Bruce or neck Marshall falcon everybody else the they'd all look there's three brawl wide open nobody's gonna double team that guy. Right right Olympia bite you know I look at you know low go back to Christian McCaffery First Act and we also would he didn't stand for he looked every bit the prospect. That they drafted in Carolina that this last year and I would expect that his production only increased now that Jonathan Stewart is out of the mix. But if you just look at the DNA in a wiring the make up the upbringing. What do you remember about his old man Ed and Ed McCaffrey was playing in the NFL he was scrapping. That dude was stuff. That you fought. That do you worked. And I kind of feel the same way about Ricky Proehl from from his days playing. Whether it was with the the rams whether it was with the Panthers are just remember that needed back has passed now and cost control is gonna live up to that kind of expectation that is old man set for him. But he spent some draft capital spent some draft capital meaning to break the bank obviously but even you did spend a draft pick on him. I. Attention that when he's he what they want. In that slide is he the guy that could push Jeremy Curley to play at a level we haven't seen Jeremy curly plat in some time. Or is he is gonna be the guide takes germ occur these do it. There's another name. In that wide receiver battle I'm interested in and sometimes. We overlook things that might. Have happened last year because they don't seem new lesson. I get where you're saying about the role Mets the new thing you know I'm not referring to branded Riley bring Riley's gonna be a darling camp I understand and and people will be following him to go to somebody else. That in my opinion and I've talked to people he would've made a 53. He does not apps that packer. Fact he's a guy that had the starch you call. Fact break the streak we're practically Alfred state when I talk about talk about rod Streeter rod Streeter. Had a great camp. Was catching passes from Nate Peter it was a lot of fun. And nanny got her at the title but the thing I remember about that wise. Wasn't a typical all here's your camp injury getting carted off the whole team won around them. That's how much everybody felt for the guy. So Siri is coming back and you want him to finish off the story. And again and you want to root for a good story our room for that guy to make the 53. And I think he's got a good shot as anybody to get one of those 56 spots that might be available. Why is wide open. Or 54 ESPN is our number 4543776. The offensive line. You mean you know that there are some battles that you gonna be paying attention to their right. There's a battle with senator. We keep hearing about Marshall Newhouse. Our pact that seemed like one of those are it's not quite as street freeagent let's bring the guy and needs. Starting a league feels almost like glad you caught somebody that has some. Years of NFL experience on his resume but these never stood out tonight. He's the guy that is mentioned to challenge. Right tackle Jordan else. Jordan mills is still here he's still here danger. So right tackle is. It's not a very sexy competition know right now is that fair to say between mills knew what else I'm not excited about the elderly now. Oh. To the rookie. Why teller why teller why it teller a decent at this time that I quiet tellers well liked there so again. I'm not suggesting that the bills just start all rookies on the offensive side of the ball. But you know these are the guys I think to meet personally I wanna see. I wanna see with the bill song I wanna see why they they thought they were worth the draft picks that they were worth a wide teller is one of those guys. What kind of an offensive linemen are you getting in why Heller. And and my curiosity comes I mean we spoke with Harrison Phillips last week. And after speak to him did you get the sense that it. This is the kind of guy. That they are actively pursuing that that Dean Mcdermott are actively pursuing the make up this roster this this culture change that they're going through you eliminate guys like Richie and cod needle. And you're bringing guys like why it's allergies just you know different personalities different kind of work ethic different kind of attitude. There's something to. Those guys that that they selected and and you would hope that you would see that return on the field as soon as this week in OT and it's. Well why teller for being a fifth round pick he's still at the end of the day danger is a fifth round pick there's a reason why Heath Bell there. So I don't think he's somebody you can automatically pencil and it one of those the starting guard he would have to really impressed. Or there would be the unfortunate circumstance of injury. Manning said he you read in the death. What depth is there on this offensive line right now who's back up to Deion Dawkins can do. We did talk about that we're just like assuming Dawkins is gonna improve on his rookie season and second year he's going to be great at left tackle. Lot of assumptions hunts its offensive line right now is an area need for insurers so again opportunity there for white collar. Just because there's no debt. Chuck pot she'll be joining us at 4 o'clock hour. So get about a sense for what cells can be looking out later this week when media has access. Before Thursday's practice. What do these changes the office of climbing out now you have officially let go of averaging cog you know we still haven't heard. What's going on with Eric Wood and he's retired but it has been made official yet by the team. Russell vote nine. Why teller I mean you know Marshall knew us all these guys would we know bottom. Yeah who and what kind of camp battles and we X. Yes do costs against Miller. Who's got the upper hand there are there any other camp battles so to speak whether it's a linebacker. Vontae Davis do we pencil him in are there any contenders sides on C Davis at the long corner position. I.s so yeah it's a good time. Because to me what Robinette a little bit of down time being turned Memorial Day weekend right holiday weekend starting up I'm already thinking about things and they can about the red fez done. Thinking about things I'm gonna watch on TV the NBA playoffs it's going to be a fun weekend and election time do little reading yes it's a good time to kind of sit down and figure out all right houses buffalo bills' roster shaping up as you're like me I like to try to figure out. Who's gonna make the roster had a time in that way you can get a baseline at who might be going up who might be going down good time to catch up with cell. Terrible revelation. I Syracuse where we learned that former. I'll orange tight end Chris getting we he past couple months ago we never got to cause of death. And tonight HBO's real sports it's gonna be disclosed that he took his own life. On the battling with depression. And aimed to meet danger it's it's one of those storage hate talking about but. Football so important right now and we're gonna talk to other correspondent. A little bit here did did the story on that CTE settlement. What is it didn't I guess more importantly what is not in that seat TE settlement for the players. Jon Frankel. HBO sports re real sports with Bryant Gumbel which show you can see tonight 10 o'clock on each BO John is real sports correspondent Jon Frankel. Also personal friends with Chris get me so this story hits close to home and and before we get him minding we're not gonna go into any of the details. Surrounding the death of of Chris Kennedy but we are going to talk about. That settlement that CT settlement. All. It feels. Well feels incomplete. Well ditto what John did that our guests coming up here he sat down with the lead attorney. On this that was representing the players. And if I have this right danger. Depression. Isn't part of this. Which is. See both sites I really and I sides. Here's why I see both sides because I would be willing to bet any former NFL player at one time or another post. Retirement. Has battled at least a bow out. Of depression. It may not be related to see deeds may just be related to. I'm press I've lost my purpose I don't really know only one we've talked. To former athletes. Who. Just don't have that seat you can hear in their voice they don't have the same life the same spirit. That they had when they were playing and and that's partially I think because. The thing that you know the thing you've worked so hard for for so long the thing that gave view purpose in life or at least one of the things it gave you purpose of life. Is no longer part of your life and you try to find things to fill that void and you find. Time and time again it just doesn't come close to what you're looking for pants that oppression salad and I think every. Professional athlete. Post retirement only goes through that so if you're looking for a settlement. And you include depression. We have to settle with every former player in the NFL. Even though depression is a simp some of the CTE. Is it a symptom or the symptom in other words is that the first indicator I don't know the answer to that I'm asking questions wanting to learn more about its. This story. And for Jon Frankel as you mentioned danger this is gonna hit home for him we're not gonna go into any details. Out of respect for John and out of respect for further Denny family about what happened but. I don't know always. Seems like some mean. Mental health is something we don't call now all. It's there's a stigma to hey nobody wants to talk about eight it something you push away in the corners is something you're you're supposed to top out. Now what this story is really about here. Yeah edit any gates day is hard to talk about because it's not the same for everybody. Some people battle with it will always battle with at some people can battle over comet some people. See their lives come to an untimely end. What did you see that's the problem I have with the story. We understand CT when we see Justin strolls are driving down. The wrong way on the threw away and taking his own life we feel terrible we understand. What's difficult to understand is. About mental health is well I gosh. This man at all. He had a job in broadcasting and yet a loving family and although it. It doesn't show the same way you're not gonna have all these players having showing the symptoms in the same way. That's what makes mental health so tricky to talk about certain sold. So hard to kind of garden and well. After speaking with the attorney who represented the players for this CT settlement with the NFL Jon Frankel. Put together a nice piece for HBO's real sports which airs tonight at 10 o'clock with Bryant Gumbel. I he joins us next Jon Frankel joins us next in the sports part danger in the tank Leah we'll discuss that segment more. Stale stale with us here on AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can bills wallet Famer Steve tasker if you all the leaders knew was right. Exclusive interviews why can't each city. FL analysis Murphy and task irritate you when signed a locker ran down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with their. Bill's right here and you get three all home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN broadcaster. From the field to the courts have already did we're sports on ABM 950 and 957. FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Looking forward to a new episode of HBO's real sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight. 10 o'clock Jon Frankel is correspondent for HBO's real sports joining us now and sports bar. With danger to tag with. Yeah and so our listeners know in advance year you were gonna watch tonight we are not on the show going to go into any details regarding the death of former Syracuse tight end Chris get any. Otter respectively Denny family and John frankly out of respect to you did you say in the piece tonight John you mentioned that Chris is a friend of yours. A John how are you today. I'm I'm okay thank you guys are taken an interest in the program has. Well yeah I mean he hits a look close to home immunity I think a lot of us Syracuse football fans remember Chris. Hearing his name mentioned in this piece tonight and and getting more into. The NFL's. Concussions settlement. Or what exactly John is covered or not covered in this settlement. When it comes to mental health. Anger and here's a quote yeah we've been covering yet our government and it was announced back 2013. And we obviously government numbers stories over the years on real sports about the players who have suffered the consequences as a head trauma brain injury such. And so will be we embarked on their if you lose to explore okay. Who is getting paid and we know. Of the food chain with those of the year illnesses those do. It died of those guys. With TTE. We're getting. We're getting paid and at this point guard the bulk of the money paid out under. But there's a great many players who have been shut out. Guys who have been. Not just. Certified doctors removed under the various other disability program. Better place at the bell but are receiving social security and war boring. And then you know they were 05. Years ago what element within that. Well you bring your people were forward and the will be fairly straight forward in the year he had you'll get aid. A lot of these guys guys. Want to dementia alzheimer's. And such are not yet. There and what happens then again so people understand there there's yet ago. There is Chris seeger who represented. That the place does in this case players in this class action suit. Those sides agreed on a bird or. Independent party. Law is the artwork like this would basically be the arbiter administrators. Over the subtle so when a player. Well they're being. Third party. Oh the right to you oh. And there have been instances where players in Peru and then the NFL has appealed. And you know. That decision. Joining us on the the phone is Jon Frankel if you watch his reach peace tonight HBO's real sports with Bryant Gumbel debuts at 10 o'clock tonight. Johnny is is depression com verdict in this settlement. If he hit you you want to write the part of the issue here for a lot of these guys so. Obviously the crop that we've got to eat right. Problem with that everybody. Beaten year. You are diagnosed each year somebody while there live. Nobody nobody knows whether they have it. Until the end. There are true side that. Art in them actually a NT one and they card didn't shoot well. And that executive functions and decision making and so war. And other of their behavior should. Bring them. Rage impulse control. Depression. Post traumatic. Stress disorder. Suicide at age those. Things that I just mentioned are all under the it girl issue. Are not recognized. Under the settlement agreement so essentially. She easy. Is not cut. And and the waist up is that if you talk to doctors as we it'd be that our psychology. All of those things that I'd get anxious. Most of them are diagnosed. There's no question is no there's no debate in the medical field whether you can diagnose depression. Or ESPN. A lecture to the side radiation arch. And while those all lineup is the and seemed to be fairly clear. Representations. Eat eat because you cannot officially be diagnosed with BP. Until these guys. That is all it is essentially there's a lot of these issues. And they're not being where he. And the behavioral issues and to present particularly younger guys you've been to Korea 3030. Those in diligence. Tender circus it present much earlier than they are in the position. To even though these guys have all these issues. They're not getting recognized their quota cut the. John I'm not some is adding it's unbelievable that what what your what you Boehner appeared that the idea that that the symptoms that do. Lead to CE CTE aren't covered in the settlement I I guess my first question will be will what what exactly is getting paid out in this and know what kind of conditions or. Getting paid out in this settlement and end. The other thing I was gonna bring up an end is is touchy but I I imagine that the more professional athletes you speak to post retirement that that. I would say that the vast majority of them have probably gone through some sort of depression. After their playing days are done because of that void that's now left. In their in their head it would mean for not playing the sport that they've played devoted their entire life to we would that be. Somewhat accurate I didn't I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that depression isn't the symptom that's covered in this settlement. So it is very complicated and it and it very greatly so that there are I don't I don't mean to your question here that there are guys that we talked to. Like a body hadn't played with a New England Patriots are numbered years in the eighties he and he's got some. Depression issues instruction correctly diagnosed. And even discusses. To our radiation does get some good ability. Under a different. Of compensation from the well. And just so people are clear that there are obviously other disability program that age guys are right then there's also. Total of permanent instability in. It will be able brought it has yet. As a result of being diagnosed with being. The press. The other thing is keep in mind here in the of the complicated. Is that it. Causation was part of oh so that you didn't need to move that you wore the rest of clinically depressed. Where some radiation because he clinical ball at Warner. You merely needed to be able. Okay. I I think guy goes with it everything from the street at the crack angrily well. You played at the other bell and you've been diagnosed with depression. That that would qualify or some form of that ability but don't have it they can prove that football offered by that make that. Yeah I think it's a little and a little bit. Credit make it user and and and so again I can. Kirk by it was a program that was set up in this as a result job back you know called the cornea and under the 88 players guys certain guys that qualify. Guys they have all ours. And other forms of dementia and go to believe. What it. You know paperwork from the certified doctor. And if they are prove they can get. Competition that at a global among chuck player goes would be. Receipts that are covering legitimate help. It can be home regular caregiver that I was beginning to from doctors. Etc. that. And you admit goes legitimate receipt and then here though we'll will reimburse the player for the receipt. So when there are certain it was talked to a couple acquired veteran that he. Look at copper plate for the baseball. And that Bedard knows we all are so he received money under the 88. He's covered one or predictability. And it was Ole by courts secretly. Is. The coldest all the players are out got in the circuit and he says. You will not have a cup start getting. I'm. Sort of very same people that got where was diagnosed with calls are received compensation under the 88. That buried in work as he admitted. I don't deserve it underneath under the settlement. A third party independent party that is administering a settlement funds said. So you'll call. So you're up what are your equipment you're only you're you're giving me my. Because you think I've got is busy and because I collect social security. And yet under the settlement you're telling me I don't qualify. It doesn't add up. A lot of these guys who are expecting there's the B apparently beat Crocker are getting enough. By the handled it administers the stuff and and one of the things that the other bill will say it is if there is look we think that the broad is. I may be overstating it but they're gonna say that the law brought it great. That they're all of the lawyers or doctors at some it is players. Who are scheming. Together. And the players aren't certain they say they are what the lawyers and doctors are in cahoots together and everybody looking for you know can grab some of the attract. Well I can absolutely yeah. I can understand the NFL's complaint there because that's my my point exactly you know every player to probably come out and say after they're downplaying. Yeah I suffer from depression and saying okay get dad died I mean. Yeah you mention I think the figure was a 180 million is so far been been paid out this settlement you know again I'm curious is that who seeing that 180 million and how much 880 million for the NFL feels like a drop in the bucket how much more. Could the NFL be giving out to people who legitimately need that money. Just to get go about their debt. Well let's go back to the original settlement of the five years ago and it was it was. 765. Million dollar was was there the amount that they can. And then that there was a lot of criticism. That that wasn't going to be enough money to blast the 65 years that mr. Obama. I doubt. Writes it players that are described years former players in if they are registered in a as part of this class actions and if they've registered aren't they are then able choose. Eight in ten years old now on he'll. I know. The judgment day. Or are they are not enough money. I got back together that okay what we do all the sudden the 765. Was not a member of the Amazon app. Now the other though on the book for. And then let out. Bottomless well. And at the size. That they may be out Craig who represented. The players and acknowledge that this is now gonna open up a situation. Where the end well. And as one of the things that you agree to in this element that the I was going to be able to a Yule. And two there was room war. Certain clean audit. And he said the had a build adequate opportunity. And maybe it would have been here or maybe you could argue that then it would have been better for the players. If there was actually. It quite right number if they had stayed with the 765. Million in the NFL understated exposure and accepted doubt about it. In the development. Then maybe a player who would legitimate a legitimate claims that what you're right there at the pro. I've been diagnosed with as a consequence of security such standards either. And Libya. What would that your. You're you're now we caught a bit about what we agreed. That farmers who don't get as much anybody's got pressured and get that much. But that was an untapped it. If yours is scrapping ought to try and control at cork. Jon Frankel is a correspondent with HBO's real sports with Bryant Gumbel the new episode at 10 o'clock tonight. And in his new episode you'll see John sit down with Chris seeger who is that lead attorney. We settled with the NFL players in in terms of this concussion settlement. John what was your sense B ease the attorney at peace with this settlement or eaten when you were questioned in use since he has any regrets. Chris I think would say a bit you we're glad that it. Banquet didn't think that commitment then I think the settlement were inserted the Dutch. And they think that they think that there were some start up issues. There's no question about that good in the beginning it was a little bit slower but he thinks there of the system. It is finding its footing and the payments are moving out at a faster rate. There are players who would argue with in the but I think there over wall. To make this work. And some of those might have been involved with the addition. Some local law error for instance that they tick is rather. And scenes work. Be arbitrary window. But those who died he'd see that you had to have died between two doubt no doubt that in order to collect and he. And that you didn't figure out a lot and that lead for the mayor Mike Webb. I might quipped are you guys know what the first diagnosed in it being. Maybe somebody else would have been diagnosed every bit as important it but there are many including Mike Stanley that would say. There is most there's no lawsuit. Settlement. Without Mike Webster having been diagnosed with news. And he guided 2002. Because of those arbitrary what appears to be arbitrary window. Mike Webster's apparently occurred I think bigger he acknowledged that you feel bad about that. And you hope that they are gonna get some forward in how that happened I don't know. But it went there. That's a great story I mean you guys are really doing some amazing work thirty HBO's real sports Jon Frankel correspondent for real sports joining us here. In the sports barging German tightly new episode tonight at 10 o'clock as they dive into the CTE settlement between the NFL. And its players now John the football isn't the only sport that has a CT issue I think we've we've we aligned football. With CTE so much any crap so many of the headlines and and we've seen some so many of the stories is so much so many of these the tragic losses we've also seen other players. Former NHL players at take their own lives earlier real sports covered. Issues surrounding the NHL and concussions and the lack of action around concussions in the inch hole we're gonna play if you have a second in and you bear with this it's a sound bite. From a former buffalo sabre Patrick Colette who's who's called in on the show. With us here in sports bar a handful of times earlier this year he actually talked about the battle he's going through Patrick Colette in the sports bar this is in March. Of this year take a listen to this John. Health wise right now what probably you there's a link express the past little while. Voted in the worst I have Ben and oil. A lot of it to tell you that are or whoever also as you know listening. Arm into a tough thing it's a tough thing where. I'm that I am personally that type of player who would do something hurt anybody else or. I'd be more than happy to. To break MySpace serve a blocked shot to win a game more. Whatever the case may be so. Armed. I have dealt with injuries and I've dealt with. The mentality of having to deal with those sort of things so I I always go back to. You know some of the meter injuries I've had him in the sports psychologists that are work with them some of the things that we worked on. Not all that depression not a following. And that. The crevice that pretty hard to get out. John what are six or thinks that things are headed in the National Hockey League we have a situation very similar to what the NFL as concurring and encountering right now. Obviously there is eight different in the added football. It is inherently part of the game. Summit that might be truth NHL but that's not really true. I mean you don't act the act but he couldn't stop the car that not been seen as a result. But there's certainly have been you know a great number of players. Show who had suffered the consequences whether it be a bit of complaining. Checking. I think a lot huddle. You know what yeah has got. That I puzzled by that they're. Gary Bettman and his colleague that NHL are taking towards. The and and brain trauma and the connection to play in the NHL. You know what they say it. Ever the crime to cover. And yet been. The folks at the well on come around to acknowledging that there is a connection. And that there is an issue to be dealt. I'm surprised that the NGOs the position that there isn't enough medical evidence to suggest that the music and each. And as I understand that you as a fiduciary responsibility. Two is lead by you know this. You've got to pay one day at the so it seems to me acre acre page via oil well and as it. And figure it out and and by the way you might ultimately. Though the body because then at least on the record and they're no. You don't face a legal repercussion you could go and say look anybody's quite beginning. Knows all. It pay off our understanding that decision and it occurred late. So. I think we have NATO gonna have a problem. They've magnitude that the although it again just because of the nature of the game but it would include a legal expert and so I'm sure they're getting great legal rights. But I would I would get ahead and beat it down. The way that it happens to be yet though. Tonight a new episode of real sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO at 10 o'clock or gets has been correspondent Jon Frankel John one last question anywhere. Talking about CTE installments and lawyers. Is there. They're bigger question here in other words does this speak to the way we view you're the way we. We should improve our view. When it comes to deprive Sheen or mental health in our country. Can't we be doing a better job is this something we should be talking about more in our society. Bid without a doubt I I don't have to think about that perspective I think that applies do. Athlete who did the push forward into the second greater picture elementary school. Then the stigma of mental illness. And we we've done we've made progress over the years but we are the chip away at war. That people understand it yet. It easy to see if I have a broken leg where. But you can't see that there's some bad all mine because about where. And I think it lead. As time goes forward we will continue to understand war and except that people have issues whether they were born with them they were brought. By the fact that they played certain sport and suffered the consequences according net sport. And some without their equity to be more understanding I think we will be. As we learn more and more we come become more accepting of in all sports and life. Great piece tonight Jon really appreciate the work you're doing to further that discussion HBO's real sports with Bryant Gumbel 10 o'clock tonight on HBO. By Jon Frankel has been joining us here in the sports bar correspondent for HBO's real sports Jon really really appreciate the work he's doing and thank you so much. For carving out some time on your data speak with us here. By Jeanne thank you guys so much really appreciate. You gotta Jon Frankel thank you John. Great stuff. It's. It's. Happiness is is something that I think people think that that just shows up that that it's. It's coming to me it's coming to me. It's it's earned. Happiness is earned. And you find that happiness. Through a sense of purpose. Purpose leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction. Leads to happiness. And and if your professional athlete your purposes. One day take it away from me. The challenge then is to find that that new purpose in life that new. Thing in your life it's going to give you the satisfaction that ultimately leads to your happiness I'm saying this is somebody who battled depression. And I was clinically depressed in my twenties for a good part of my twenties and and for me is that the purpose that that came in in my life. It was my family if you mean well losing one part of my family my my my parents led to me starting my own family and that. Is the purpose that leads to my satisfaction in my happiness. And it's different for everybody. But you have to kind of get into this mindset of happiness is on. It's our right he'll walk round thing where's my happiness where's my fair share what why it's not fair like this entire adult life isn't fair. Do something about it. Get out there. Find your purpose. Find that satisfaction. You'll find your happiness. I feel for for ex athletes geno I mean that it just during that pastor Collette. But I'll have a march. When he said senator show I think you and I were stopped dead in her tour our first thing is are you okay now after. Are you okay. You don't wanna see them a shell of themselves. Once their playing days are done but but so many of them struggle with finding that new purpose. And and that satisfaction that leads to the happiness. That everybody believes are entitled to and everybody is entitled to pick it doesn't come for free you have to. You have to do little work you have to find that satisfaction. There's a line that interview to react to woman react to one thing. How dumb is Gary Bettman. What we can do to kick the can down the road on this. There's no connection. I'll OK. Doctor Gary Bettman thank you very much stock. That's a lawyer's giving him some advice. Am. Let the NFL take their lumps and and maybe we can get by say at some point. At some point the NHL's gonna have to deal with the issue and and listened. I know you can't compare. The NFL in the NHL in terms of how much head trauma is delivered. On a per game basis. Anybody who watched game six last night. I don't know if you saw this human in the second period Callahan. Got Rhonda and he made over the bench. Barely he collapsed. In front of the bench in right when he did it was almost like his body is diva and all I can think to myself this. All that guys can cost. And he got there's no way that is he just took a head shot and he's so days right now he can't even stand up on his skates. Well. OK. So maybe that's one reason why Gary Bettman is scared to this than them what would happen in the new NHL where you have to adopt the NFL rules we're gonna. We're gonna take the player off the ice right there in the eye in the sky will say concussion protocol get off the ice right now and now all the sudden you got to shift lines around rolling in until one day we'd like Carol world we're in right now blah blah blah blah blah we wanna deal that. While there there's been plenty of instances in the NHL as as in the NFL where you hear about former players. Taking their lives far too soon. And it's it's. It's not a pay it's a pretty significant patter when you see it's the same type of player too it's the player that absorb. The majority they had from lagoons. In 48 enforcers and so. Yeah I ate some. It's a little crazy for the NHL to take the stance they've taken at some point. And you know I love that John throw line that I tell my kids go to the coverup is worse in the crime as at some point you're gonna have to pay for that. Many chills gonna get theirs and I don't know what has happened for them to recognize or see the core relation between the two. The NFL might not be fair and other dishing out the payments for the from these settlements. But at least they've taken the step. To having settlements to recognizing yeah we have a problem yeah we had. For quite some time now that's good piece tonight on HBO's real sports. Good get chino Jon Frankel correspondent for HBO's real sports. Yeah and if you're just jumping in at the end in this and may view heard whispers. Jon Frankel. Went to Syracuse Jon Frankel was friends with Chris did mean. That's going to be addressed in the show tonight but out of respect to beginning family and out of respect to John we year not gonna go and that an investigation that according Syracuse police is still open. Correct so correct so we got a kind of backed off on that as you can understand but. It he unit that it's part of the story tonight to one minutes and for John that's. It's it's personal tonight and I and that's 10 o'clock tonight and HBO. If you miss it won't get that conversation for you on demand shortly here ESPN Rochester dot com coming up next in sports bar. Let's while trick to that compelling thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree we always love when you join us at 454. ESPN's 4543776. He'll talk to Buffalo Bills in the 4 o'clock hour as well with WG ours sell pot TO. OTA's starting today could time to have cell c'mon an endless snow what we should be looking for and what kind of camp battles we can be anticipating. As we move through the offseason workout programs and OTAs and heading to. Training camp at saint John Fisher stand by for cell just few stay in the sports bar danger and the tightly on AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. Street and. 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