The Sports Bar-Hour 1- Jordan Schultz

The Sports Bar with Gene Battaglia and Steve Hausmann begins with Buffalo Bills talk and Head Coach Sean McDermott's first impressions. Next, we welcome in Yahoo Sports Insider Jordan Schultz to discuss LeBron James and where he may end up. Finally, we share some sports thoughts to consider in "I'll Drink to That"!

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Most sports bar with dangerous do exactly yeah just a bit of threes on the other two will be with the ones and twos for the most part it. Periodically we'll change a little bit like I said at this point time. For the foreseeable future. That's the way we anticipate starting training camp Mike danger the Buffalo Bills announced their training camp schedule. Why. The DA is. But both short interest in training camp Jeanne exactly yeah. We're gonna change it up here to talk a little golf and US open returns to Chicago Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas Tiger Woods doesn't Johnson's game could play any course by. It doesn't matter where you go when Dustin Johnson is law and he is world number one period right now he is all on the member associations. Both. Canada Mexico and USA have been selected titles if congress. That threat that could get six fifa World Cup seats in the works for PNC to purchase the Rochester nine dogs. And the corolla really haven't been shy about the interest in our sister building under stadium having and the blue cross arena. I mean I'm guessing you guys have probably agreed that a new stadium would not be a bad idea. Rochester sports leader 957. ESPN. And welcome to the sports charging the tag leeway if you danger is out today but I have. No fear he is one of our favorites that nineteen of Rochester sports stock I like needling where he summoned. House music you know you have some. In common with a Josh Allen. You working with the twos today. For the streets I'm sorry you're really serious three XNM you use your your you know your box Josh here have. I will talk some bills football on the shelves today danger. Now for folks who don't know he is also the program director for ninety TXY and tonight is the summer jam concert so. Doody calls for danger on we will have a great show for adult today can you name one artist and a civilian. Lisa Kara while yet she's the headline and been able to that. It's a great lineup it is it's a fantastic fantastic Larry whether spreadsheets he wields a great venue and good for the guy just pat myself on the back here perspective I am the father of the year because. Tonight my daughter's boring and she is taking France. Wow so but this is the first time I'm letting. Alley tanning goal on her own now I have to ask how old she is 1414. CNN had a daughters who I can't sell so how many kids go Sheehan. All she into her girlfriend OK and so I'll let in I guess this is okay but for me I'm attend the lead on the overprotective side. But yes I will be. Picking them all home tonight after the concert so awesome sir Ivan about the pin good dad. Yes so we will be out fun tonight for anybody and over to the concert and joy because the weather forecast. Looks nice our producer Matty seltzer is here you still work here I do that's great mystery after me come by every once in awhile. Daddy's here high hill. Take your calls still also will point us in the right direction our phone number is 454. ESPN 454. Three Savion 76 we will talk bills football. As it was the last day of bills mini camp micro and act To join us next hour wall held up some comments here from. John McDermott in just a bit but how I wanna get to leaderboard here it at the US open in and very anal Honda. Red numbers so to speak right now on the leaderboard by your leader right now is a guy named Russell Henley he's on the course he's three under through eight. About the storyline is the course should cock in 2004. Got blasted by Phil and tiger and others back then. For being just too difficult the greens were concrete like. And today well you have golfers that. Are not doing well Steve had a 78 Rory McIlroy in eighty tigers on the course right now through four he's four over through four. Steve look I know you want to have like course debt that challenges but you don't whenever court certain areas he's the best golfers in the. They did widened the fairways. Since they last played down their Long Island but yet I you know I like to see golf and shooting eighty the decidedly that is okay now and then. Because they improves your moral. But. You know it's it's like. Giancarlo Stanton striking out five times in the game if you don't come to see that. How you appear yankees being you know you knew what Asik. Golf and now it my idea especially a major. I think Ernie Els had a quarter bottle pale. Then that said it was half but it was fair or there are opportunities. And you played gold values you can make courteous you know if things are going right disk. Sheila Cox tough and it's. Scott history to it one of the oldest courses in America that's what they claim it is the oldest I of course this is the course we you have to get there at 5 in the morning and really be Gideon. It's on the tip a long time so that's also you know makes it difficult where as in the traffic getting out there IA EU what they called the Long Island Expressway it is the world's biggest part. In mediate in league date really you move out there you're staying out there because it is that difficult there one road in and one road out. You know if if we get these. Unbelievably high scores and Saturday that it's gonna be real disappointment I would hope that by Saturday and certainly by Sunday. We'll see some good golf. It's been an interesting year in golf I EU golf and Yemen lead channel Aiken at the rough is that just unbelievably horrible. Every golf course should play. I mean you know I did play in a blue heron that's a great shape at that course is in the best shape I've seen in years. But you know when when you play a course every single week you hope that they can manage a banner and it's been it's been a tough year for golf courses. So far maybe even get my game matter. Well here I had to do music danger and I disagree on this music this brings me back. We will do leaderboard updates. To this golfing. Moot. Hello friends. Seemed exactly what you would take a look at the leaderboard. At the US open I know it's Russell Henley three under through eight Crying Game is the ninth to wander. And then there's a create bunch of one under including Jason doppler. The number one golfer in the world Dustin Johnson is on the course right out of four of one owner coming off a fantastic win last week. Ian Poulter a 69 today along with Scott piercing. Your seem Poulter clubhouse leaders right now in Tiger Woods. At four over through four let's go around the course to some guy talking with the British accent yet why wouldn't they. Why do I feel the need to kinda going to that voice and everybody who does the gulf leaderboard have to go to the appointee Tweety was verbally Mac. It's not easy to do you know ha ha but yet that Barry White this was a sore easily. Not know do you agree I mean danger and I had a thought argument is like you're not a player that attacks. This reminds me of golf watching golf when I was a kid so then those sold like eight generation gap between danger now. That he he would not that would not bring him back that music. Well you know the peace he's he's two years. Mean if you if you hated it he'd love. It that by the way that is buried one. When the great man ever live out there and win and he didn't sing and dance are. They'll Barry White orchestra. It. It is old old OK goodbye everybody. The but yeah. When switches to the XY RA Mike broad acted join us next hour to talk those football will also talk about LeBron and all their store the stuff thought the World Cup underway opt. Making his sports bar date view like jordin Schultz with Yahoo! Sports he's an insider. I'll right now covering a lot of the NBA stuff so if you were curious about the NBA draft next week. And if you're like me I can't get enough of the LeBron rumors. Odds that is guy that it now you wanna listen to you dodge forty Schultz to join us here. Talk about the Buffalo Bills today I Shawna mig German. Wrapping things up how one last practice today some of the rookies hanging around for a little bit of work but pretty much there everybody's. Going to take now a six week break. McDermott asked. How many camp went. You know we were able to. Move the needle a little bit this offseason. You know certainly we've I would say two thirds of our team overall is isn't new and that's that's somewhat. The case every year we're just in our second year right now story will be you know still wet behind the ears in terms of our. Our time here in our process here. It's do I can't say enough. About the effort to focus his time. Big commitment and our of our players this offseason to what we've tried to get done and and it really starts with our staff right with the and with everyone in this building it's been a real team effort since day one. When the players came in in March and we finish it up today in the rookies will be here for a couple more days and then then I'll go off to to where there had to this offseason. Am and then 16 week break attendance a mini camp really this was not an issue whatsoever we had. Being in better tens this year so credit to the players also credit to the player driven leadership in fact. By holding people accountable players wanting to be here the culture that we've been able to build to this point. They're great facility we had here the energy around western new York and you experience that I experiences. This is a great place to live in and the people. That we're bringing here wanted to be here and and it's an exciting time in buffalo. And the quarterback depth chart and no that's the question everybody wants to know where is Josh Allen figure as other next time we'll see him will be at saint John Fisher College. We'll keep it like it's ten and and you know like I said before just to do with the threes and the other two will be with the ones and twos for the most part of the you know periodically we'll change a little bit like I said at this point in time for the foreseeable future. That's the way we anticipate starting training camp. Steve I don't have any problem with Josh Al and still working with three easier Ramirez is the first. Monfils in just being a pro here's. Yet in the you know he's still I think he's still little giddy about the fact. I heard him earlier in the weeks and this is your dream come true he still can't believe he's on the football field in the NFL team. Any here than other links him to Arnold hit apparently is off to a great start with the jets. And there are all that pretty much things going to be the openly being started it. You know it's it's not like the coach does that mean it's not his process. Yeah yeah he's going to be the starter don't you think it. That's a thing in an aids. How do you know. It and I'm pretty give you a very cloudy answer but this is the best way I can explain it. Ages well. And it's likely it you know the congressional hearing where the guy gets up and says that the how do you define an adult movie out in the final point. I can't define him but I know when I see it may I think that's one everybody will know when the high aim. Is right for Josh Allen to step in I don't know that we won the I don't know if that's weak sat in or eights. And I'm of the opinion that would have to the team does wins or losses on the field policy if the team gets off to a rocky start Josh Allen is not ready yet. To back that wins and losses in the muck the September him the team goes on for inner trying to save the season blight. Inner heart are it's in your valuation you know the Josh Allen would benefit from. More tying taking reps in practice and none of the field you got to resist the urge on the other hand. Do you think he's ready. That's going to be the interesting part if they really think he's out week one ready house stats the fascinating part here what. What do they have to see and they're never gonna answer that question directly what do they have to see to know when Josh is ready. A lot of it's gonna depend on what happens in the in the pre season games. You know it's gonna be Vanilla offensively though defense but he's gonna you know be facing opponents. Who want it taken down. And we'll see how we adapt to that point that we will wait till the bye week that's for sure because. With a week eleven from this year now that's not gonna so will be a little will know. And as a fan and I hope these are hoping is the guy come on I think everybody knows I mean nobody's really excited about AJ McCarron. Apparently he is sliding quickly. He was sliding quickly during a workout this week. From when you anger you guys have a few who was the guy saying that. Peter Reynolds played a lot better than him. Yeah Peter Meehan on Tuesday was clearly the better quarterback than McCarron bounced back yesterday and what happened today while mobile talked road Jack coming up next hour he's out at one bills drive I'm sure. It's got to feel like on the other so many schools that are of wrapping up whether it's finals and high schooler kids in grammar school next week this has to feel like. This is the end of school here for the Buffalo Bills go is everybody. Kind of scattering to win that's not a rookie right now. Port 54 ESPN 4543. Savion. 76. Were talking to Steve Houseman from the B morning coffee club in for Mike danger today coming up a little bit we'll talk to George Schultz will. Get the latest on LeBron James the NBA draft him also curious to. I get his thoughts on the world copper you World Cup guy house. Not this time around no USA. My son is a huge soccer fan. And he. You know he's of the same. He's in the same boat he's not as ecstatic as the US is not playing but you'll he's into it yet it is some favorites he gave me his list of favorite good. And Russia winning today five nothing five nil over. Do you see a million can do that paid what is the proper way to say a soccer. Well if you're one of those as soccer announcing he'd be seeing Neil. But delicacies it finds that by zip by exhibits at soccer talk that you know Neil yes. Million Neil happens all the time net doubted it I house you have covered sports and is down for a while and first of all I have a theory is being put to the task that brought this up yesterday nobody has come up with any. Is that it's it's there's the Kevin Bacon game of sports news that there is a rock sister king action and you assume everything. There is but right now I've yet to find Rochester connection to the World Cup no. Are any of the teams wearing Hickey Freeman suits. Maybe that could be Adam. But I think they have the Olympic deal I don't know old yeah I guess that's up the top of my head. Why put this out there on Twitter. And you could write to us at ESP in Rochester. On. Jeff riding in team. The use of brown ball the World Cup they sell those same sheep balls right here in our own city of Rochester bone connected. OK. I'd die out given the death. Bedroom writing and simple one there's probably someone. Rooting for the eventual champions. That is eaten a garbage. Okay that a connection or has visited the wegmans. At writing a pro soccer was once played Rochester a faded away when a stadium built in the wrong place. Thank you add key threading is there exemption in defining. A connection when the United States is involved in a hot meaning that that stuff that's because it to you if you had the United States in. You would tag Christian ballistic. Playing for the US. At nineteen years old and of course his dad was yet assistant coach of Rochester so that would have been connect. Is the US that bad that we couldn't even meet the field at the end of that goes back a few months but that was until over him that bad. You you can't lose the Trinidad and combine go I'm sorry but. That your house. A field in eight years will be opened to 48. To thumbs up yeah hi everybody gets Jacob. And in the North America. Soccer you did you play as a kid now I'd to a baseball and time. And I I wanna make it clear I am not unlike you I'm not bashing soccer in the in danger saying all year in or not at all. What if United States is a minute that doesn't make me. After not being interest it isn't my cup on some other country just so to foul long and losing interest like that and I agree a nine there were played. I can tell you honestly I don't know the rules. I don't know I don't know upside is. Well in soccer yeah imagine there's imagine there's a blue line but yet not on the field so you'll always have that judgment hall which in any. Dicey sometimes there are too many judgment calls and soccer. In its. And I is that largely essentially new music penfield Ike. And I just totally lost interest well the thing about soccer. And any fear soccer purist it or soccer fan you wanna call and have this debate 454 ESPN. We live in a great country here in United States that has great sports in some of these great sports are very physical in football. Hockey. Soccer sizzle to but. I don't like the drama. Any acting. And the rolling around to try to draw a car I mean yes I guess we have this in the NBA it was an epidemic a few years ago with the floppy here. But. To me become. Maybe this is now becoming extinct with high definition television and you get to see these things but to me that when I'm gonna to remain at. I'm gonna watch too much of that as a world cup of guys. Flopping around just to get a call I'm not a fan I'm not a fan of the extra time when you don't know how much extra time there is. You know you Katie there's no clock to watch you don't like the mystery tell know right now the real and you don't play that someone could easily be on the take there. Don't you think walkers and in. Everyone back a few years ago if it were there was extra time in the member they beat Brazil are less like. Well let's go to count yeah we're gonna patent. You. I didn't you bring up the clock thing I don't know if you saw the end of the gained five the Stanley Cup like the EU. The vaguest clocked him in clocked Milf function that stop with in the last minute. And I've never seen a hockey game where you had to keep the time on the ice now they got it back with. Forty seconds remaining but music is wondering oh my gosh is this. How how we gonna know in the game is over so on how people being in in in Vegas and call please yak yak in excess back hair. Seat house and is the voice your hearing eighties the sports bar mining is dean attack we want to get her phone number. He's four or 54. ESP and Mike road back from one bills drive ESPN dot comes micro neck this'll be essentially. His last visit here until training Campbell or something. Sure it happened and and hung in there hurt actually mean there may. Kind of get close to this what is taught in a Murphy last hour. EU went through his dead time or six weeks worth to you guys and last year we had a gulf as Washington in the water park and was a situation that half of all alternately went all over. I'm under. Rex Ryan one of the coaches airing chrome or a few years ago this might in three years ago the offensive line coach got into what drunken spy eaten. You have six weeks view your head coach. If you wake up in the morning and you don't see any text messages life fell asleep than. Okay it's another day in M world goodnight think. I think they've done a good job your house of drafting guys with. Character like yours and Phillips say for example like a Wyatt teller in Austin Proehl all these guys seem to be like the character guys. However it is full all of violent game played by Colin that. And they now have probably collected their first paychecks in saves and a country actually had a little bit of money. In balloting that is suspended over these you know really going to be Smart they gonna just go around and heckling. You know young twenty year old kids which they are so Bauer coach it would be like watching your daughter go to a six week problem. You know. Talk through the house it had no no again it's you know what I. I don't know what to a golf I know why this six week promise him in the hospital from a heart attack. If wow. It's only semi Jim Miller you know criminal. House I live in a world global standards that you never did. No I mean I mean if if your dad have a daughter yes double standards. And all things work. Mean I had to go to so many graduation parties and dads were breathing a sigh of relief that the dot resonated through high school but now they go after college. And you know it's that whole anxiety thing again. Glad my kids grown up. Congratulations on fifty years by the way. Everybody's done it so lighting get a chance to say thanks to you house but that. It's a fun month for you about I mean I'm I I opened up social media and there's Keith Urban congressional urban. Walls here. You know my wife to a party for me for a break from working I've been lucky enough to be in broadcasting now for fifty years if she threw a party for me. Back in March. People literally put him. And I was great that's enough you know I don't need to be in the spotlight allied and then you know it we had our equivalent to savaging him in the B we have good cars and stars. In the kind of gave me a little bit of a tribute there. In those another surprise you know I do it totally cop and the easiest guy in the world a surprise. And that would just it was it was fantastic get a video screen with that. Friends of mine in the business who tonight that was capped with a message from Keith Urban who who is if you're in a country music he is the best. A little heat that he's the primary nickel in them yes yes yeah. And I think that is discreet so EF fifty years. In you know now we're ready to move. Now notoriety and and not move out but move. I can promise you this house if I don't have any surprises for you plan today no beer Nolan well that's going to be the to make sure that you deliver on the three hours first college game and Africa the terms are net thirty so I've thirty days to pay even if you didn't you should do I think. That's great to hear class where it's hot guy it will and we're gonna talk two Yahoo! Sports writer his name is Jordanian. Schultz will touch and a World Cup and I am curious to get the national perspective also on the Buffalo Bills. And Josh Allen Jordan Schultz to join us next year in the sports bar might esteem attack that was Steve's house mean today our producer Mehdi seltzer. And thank you for listening to sports pro and anti civilians can't. Raising the bar. On Rochester sports stocks. You're in the sports car with the injury exactly and on 957. ESPN. Yeah I always say something happens so we had Jordan Schultz lined up and then. Where the Manning lost a wheel lost against I don't know who called it and call back our rights. Tomorrow yourself everywhere is he he's in New York City zone so Jordan Schultz. Who covers sports all sorts for Yahoo!. Was going to talk about not LeBron and in the NBA I guess before we. Bringing in mind. But you take pretty thinking ends up out. I mean it was announcing LA. And it seems like they'll be pretty good fit. I've heard you know and then a little bit biased view of the whole talk of him talking with the Boston Celtics. I'm not all that excited about him joining the Celtics highlights of this team as it was this year. Did you say at to see the thing I can't get overwhelmed about the Celtics is this it's the stock higher even nor anyone yet Perry will be back next yourself I mean they did not have of the relationship and Cleveland now. And now yelled at her I Tyree was asked about it this week. And he said it's a management decision he would live whatever they decide to do but he gathered at them and I called the static at all. So you know I don't I don't so I like that as I said like the team as it is Gordon he would back the entry parry of course that I wanna see what they can do with those two superstars without. And also I think what Brad Stevens here who is truly great coach having to step back a little bit let LeBron coach the team. Betty we got. Good to go we welcoming Yahoo! Sports scene setter. Jordin Schultz a sports bar Jordan Jeanne attack with Steve house senior and he has few Rochester pre shared time are you don't into. Her grit their trip it's so we're just talking about LeBron and I guess this is what we're going to be talking about everywhere for two weeks but it's fascinating to me Jordan how would you. Handicapped by the suitors right now for LeBron James. You're right I that the lakers for awhile now iPad is like what you want. I'm developing is brand is iconic brand await a court globally. Magic as the loop current that and then obviously. LeBron orwellian I don't know what they're. When you chipped it right away different than they gave him the ball towards Arab look who's and and and you know maybe I Ingram broke bought me a debate they have only. Outlook but they're not there yet a rubber chicken and had Martin beat goes there. I have a duty to build up they maybe don't have the pressure right away don't want to chip chip that's why do you typically does the it didn't. How important do you sense it is for him to maybe take a good hard look at the Western Conference. Amulets and eat it. Really right now you two were great with the popular Italy you know maybe or there but I think what does that mean that. Obviously an eight final in any oak career but a couple of than it used up their current at thirty courier all what is really entry end. You know I I I've been told by multiple sources that the united bot or all day. It is it it is. Is interest in him more at this slim chance and an act that why both the avatar to the words yet it has a lot arrive at pebble. No it's not the only game in the chase carrier straight AE and that's why I think you know he's he's a Laker. Be it starts up a press or even if you like he's been a little. Got it right on the I don't think it would damage is like at the wayward. It went to a Michaels creator or even a lot so I think that what brilliant thing I mean. Ignore a big dark horse but. San Antonio the dark or but I would look at LA in the west the top of. Yahoo! Sports insider jordin Schultz our guest when we had decision one decision to Jordan. Are you always have the knicks come up in the it's not even I haven't heard anything reputable that it's considering I mean. What is the state of the knicks right now because the words that for them in their state right now not even to be in the conversation to meet guys and expand Jordan I'm embarrassed. Yeah edited out amateur video you are always and no it every year but their order. I think they Munich re tired bought it they'll all start there if you look at their roster would be steps. That's resilient they're totally devoted not a one of the worst rock we mean they just don't have pieces so. Now proper bill we're at one at LP attic Alec is double will crack political outlook on. I and any of it out well. What it at that I picket the straps allow Roberts to get a really good player maybe it's the one dot Carter. Oprah has thought somebody like that. He's neck or New York but it's going to be. Two or three years before they could start a really big about winning 45 the games. Why aren't they entries to LeBron an and one of the teams. No I think everybody in hurry they art is realistic way. It is not gonna happen. There what it is that could get there's only a certain Matta came back and AM the lakers. Great Severino billion app you know it responds theoretically it great the money there are certain he liked it do it. But realistically I think everybody knows that it is pretty but it rate jury that he is about winning. Well you also have Paul George out there and you know from everything I read the lakers would be able to fit. George as well. Is there any other team in the mix here that would be able to bring in bold jeans and Georgia in your opinion Jordan or. I guess another way asking where do you think Paul George plans. I'd pick a Laker you're right I do a pocket of Ole Ole ball up we thought why. And I beat him and I both agreed that all it. That you'll hindered because wouldn't toward art each holiday with Curtis. But those schools as you go way. On and I think he's always a good back California under a heat in my book ironically. Those other beat Utley beat I think Oklahoma City village that are due to work out this summer or a Westbrook there is a sentiment. And prepare. You know pack out of it that it in Belgrade this year but I would go out Arctic we thought he beat Owen and a little speed toll PG. How much would a LeBron and his decision weigh in on the coach of the team to which he goes because you know you are or you aren't the only. I'm sorry. What would not Hitler would LeBron. You know because he tends to dominate what happens on the court both on the court in on the bench. And I don't think elect Brad Stevens of Boston you know I think he'd be bad freedom Boston because. You totally take Brett Stevens off his game epic. Got it apart and that's that is one I don't what they erred when it if you edit agent perky but like a lot. More on the cut greatest of the great young coast it is they don't need the run but you know you gotta understand you like the brawny. You're gonna dot McGraw but a guy like it to him earlier maybe I like it it and was not gonna well alt and and that's what they were really close look at beat to we Hilliard. The right there. And the rock comes in with a one point one. That I don't know what that does mean you mean IE he might wanna chip chip but long term. If you think you have to weigh in all ought to be emperor Roy long time and I think that's why you haven't beat. That's what you want you'd he might off on the air but really let along a brought it though. The other area but he press where in the world dirty re probably being. But there's realistically only. You know report he'd expected at AB even if shops and even more weight into a traitor. Outs post you Wear it rock it like that but. I don't see. Boston pianist or old they two point has earlier. You give Thelma on Twitter at Schultz underscore report jordin Schultz from Yahoo! Sports is our guest dornin we'll have a few more minutes so one asked about the NBA draft. And then your on in the heart of Buffalo Bills country that is when they're national take on you know your your opinion and drafting Josh Allen. First it's time flies here on the draft coming up in the NBA next week. Overall how would you say ease this class here in when he team. Don't really like what I think are about. You know. The gap and it. You earlier player late lottery dialect. A rock you sort of like not to do or die net or our state early reviews are really good players. Back and will have a number on it now you might go five. Out I don't. Like it a lot on our what sparked the op. Got like eight don't know a hundred was a superstar but yet volatile world beat out. And and for the Buffalo Bills doing they wrapped up their mini camp today jordin I'll tell you this. Josh now looks great short Sistani everybody looks great. What is your opinion about the bills making the move there are two I'd get up to seven. And the future what do you see out of buffalo in terms of the bills this coming season. I think it will be an awfully local dot down like I don't know minority here but I I'll move. Patty quarterback of the future and I upper built around the data we. He's gonna relate guide or what when more. It armor to deal that was that weather which I don't go all the you have Osama order back. Sparked a lot smaller than a credit or this smoltz who look like wildly and everybody I've not been. What impressed with the obvious evil well so but the bottom up. Debate that aren't that it bought all the pills that. Jordan where you working on now working people out read more of your work out absolutely. Blah are all up while today. Via Twitter or whatever you watch shall report. Trying to get a much information integration out there about the draft. I just. So well I had a spell it he think he could be shocked that it that he would component did beat. Arts aren't leave so that that they'll all. That well. There will be a lot of on. Al looking forward to a Jordan this was fun now we should do it again some time appreciate your time today. It carpet. Jordin Schultz from Yahoo! Sports and there is a national writer and I slated knoller was coming any law did not shown. And he's in New York soon ease you know easiest to get around giddy about what's going on music it was going on here so that's that's good a year. Yeah it's fun talking LeBron James and there is somebody that you and does a podcast nationally who writes for Yahoo!. And he is in the chorus that says LeBron to Los Angeles. Or Oklahoma City. Here here's the thing that I was kind of surprised me do you think LeBron and Steve Steve house and by the way the moisture hearing today we got to chew him more often as a much fun when you're coming out. I'm gonna pay you with Heineken and I'm okay it'd but the Shiite twist your arm Rea. How safe is as far as LeBron. I get the sense he is somebody that knows. Basketball history and he is concerned about his legacy and because Los Angeles. Where would he rank as far is on the all time lakers that we talk you hear that that that Jordan LeBron all time but then. Would he ever really. Only that how own an all time and again I'm I've just it's different out there it's magic. And it's Colby. And people love cream. I guess I'm just wonder if he wants to follow in those footsteps. And be compared to those guys are he wants to please and who trailed is that does that make sense. I think he immediately just up the top of my head immediately becomes one of the top ten ever LA lakers aren't without a doubt. I'm looking enlist your ten greatest filly leaders of all time. And you think Colby meant a magic and then you go from there. And and so I clarify my poignant way in a 454 ESPN. Of course LeBron. Is better than Colby's I'm not seeing music but as far as. What they've done yet the Laker organization. As far as great. Lakers. Who we need not get along with a on the team. Of our political hardball guilt or ma'am bong evil slam ball yeah it was. Talking crap the LeBron and then mention his kids and that was the equaled that stood out to me where LeBron ported down today as last time you. Ever mention my children. And that was the last we hear Lavar ball on. To me that he you mean I think that's a big deal I I would think that those weighed in if you're making the list of pros and cons to go lakers I don't wanna deal that guy. And islam's all that great I mean he's okay. Does. Does LeBron make other players on the team better or does he just tried to bring what he does to the team and let everybody adapting him. I think guys it's the former I would think if you what I'll answer the question this way or what happens the Cleveland next year. Are you out there'll lotteries team and they may be the worst team in the late he could be yeah. And so. Well let that doesn't answer the question now but that does he make everybody else better or does he just went. Work his magic to make a rule make everyone else work around him then. I see we're saying Michael Jordan had the Jordan rules you had the fear follow along there is that sort of Jeanne if you will of course Iran is giving leaves Cleveland they're not a team than I was at the in the shell of the team they are. But what happens why would his wins if he goes to LA. What does he make better on the team and who does he hurt on the team. Well Avian trusting needed in what tonight Jordan Schultz was reporting that he. Certainly is the opinion that pulled George will be going to give you a big man unit the weight mortality Kevin Love of the stages career that some. Peace is you can build around appreciate George Schultz for his time today. A we got a lot coming up here. How we will play I'll drink to that opinions from the world of sports on I'm gonna tell you. What baseball I think has actually a problem here it's something that they're gonna act. Have to kind of work around here on and also will. Beat the play ask how's that nobody questions about to fastball some soft balls. Bullets across and other ones America try to trip built on hand Mike brought back to join us here next hour to. As the bills have wraps off mini camp stats it off season program with the exception of the rookies hanging around today and tomorrow. On the everybody scares them away and nabbed training camp opened six weeks from today the way he acts. This initiative I have Soledad and people like camp now I love it I love in fact editor Diana I came in this area. Yes can't wait to talk about the quarterbacks. Mike wrote back to join us here it'll be at Steve's house been from the is our guest mining misty but sadly it is is sports are 957 his camp. It is our round. It's time for post rigs in the in the sports. Still we do every time this day we devious thoughts either you agree you disagree. And since we have house and Manny. I will begin here battles there would baseball you don't get to start relative and I don't know and while. I may draw sports analogy house yes. The NBA's Western Conference is to baseball's American League in other words the conference season where the league's seared they're just a little bit lopsided right now. That more so on baseball are fourteens and America right now yankees Red Sox Astros mariners are pretty going to. Got a chance to reach a hundred queens on the season and would be funny if not Cleveland snuck through because they have clover that's possible. Which ever comes out of the American is gonna be the heavy favorite because right now house to meet the National League looks. Very watered down. I'm William will feel a little bit on what's going on in the American League tonight Red Sox Seattle when opening a four game series out west solid. To back. It offers him a place in the possibly toughest group for the World Cup in the field to attract any high quality opposition friendly matches now and even their first game Iran. Has been hit with a sportswear sanctions did you learn it CN. They are not allowed to Wear their favorite books and his boots is the fifth he would from cleats in World Cup Coca. Apparently Iran's World Cup players. We'll have to Wear a different boots because of sanctions imposed by president from Nike is not being allowed to provide them with the her. Shoot. And in turn and actually it's a bunch of major foreign companies that have also announced their sustaining activities with a right now I understand sanctions against nations America he had political Cuba now. Does eighteen really need new cleats. I would bet that every soccer player in the world as an extra pair somewhere in the house. You know state but I would think too it's like when you go running. You don't run the road race in a brand new right when you break in a few times so. Every kid in the world is an old pair of celebrations in his closet. I think what you mean Kinect is from a hand in the air like oh wait I didn't know around me the World Cup and we that I got a bigger story here they play against Marleau. Rocco to warrant not. Solve drink to that. Cleveland Cavaliers are Cleveland Browns excuse me defenseman miles Garrett. Shared his disgust with Kevin Durant moved to the warriors. All this may be old news he says meat and too competitive to try and write someone's somebody else is hotels to get a W. Coming for brown he may have a point. But I mean. So we have athletes and superstars. Have now wondering I say go ports and get what you still can't. I don't you know I think we've all kind of come around on to rant because he fits Sina on that team. Perfectly and winning is now become boring to them where they're okay yep here we are at the parade in their they're going to be odds on favorite for four or five years to me miles Garrett. I'm yet you're about two years too late with that any concern about it so I'll drink to that. To cool though from our guest that was just on Jordan Schultz of Yahoo!. Back to the World Cup here about a title World Cup its north Americans when he when he six. American star Christian holistic will only be 27 years olds perfect all these other guys will be aging out. Now White Sox at the United States is nominated this year. Eight years and now house failures any reason not to believe the United States can't make a deep run in this term. I'm with the I was thinking about that you know eight years from now due to a ten years old right now could be on the team. As a pitch in this. Eight years from now will still be talking a war for more your house through tough parallel guaranteed I am right now. And I'll be not working here any year. So I'll drink to that sports betting in New Jersey it is now real because this morning the governor of that state. Philip Murphy kicked off the new era of gambling in the garden state by making his first the first two legal bets. In the state parole can use at Monmouth park racetrack news Jersey Shore he put twenty dollars on Germany to win the World Cup. And then another twenty on the devils to win next year's Stanley Cup. So another awards go to Murphy also cast the first two losing bets. She's injuries he wow. I'm. The way New Jersey is not mean I barely got into the playoffs this year. Now they're not that that's the politician you have to bet on in when someday and we get batting in New York. Yeah average politician wanna bet on the bills there in the Yankees where teams playing in our stick it to get out of Vegas oddsmakers have the devil's in the bottom ten among contenders along with the teams like Arizona Vancouver Ottawa and of course. The secret would be the better player he really wanted to make mining. The ban on the giants amenable to call and or giants here they're paying taxes and New Jersey writes so Goldman Oka and how long before I'm MetLife stadium becomes just one huge. Betting parlors yeah yeah you've seen that endangered I talk about this a lot where if we ever get to a new stadium in buffalo house. It's going to be guys stadium slash betting emporium. There it still any money making opportunities involved in this you have a separate restaurant for instance. At you know in buffalo in in the stadium waiting to watch all the games. You have a separate bar. You don't even have to even go to the of the bills game. And he likes to keep it you have you been to 716 in downtown buffalo it's not okay I'll describe it it it feels like if you're if it feels like sports book and it feels like you're in sports books so to me you're just convert that instantly there. They're ahead of the game. So I'll drink to that. The competition to get LeBron James continues. Akerson Carson Wentz busy game four of the NBA finals. Trying to persuade him money recruiting trip to become a 76ers. If James or smarts he will be home at seven sixers beat us. Closer to the North Dakota State superstars. Go for LeBron. Bring home a win this bill for. I'd put it marry men it's like he's pulled up those of Kevin Durant take from two years ago and then. Team for the NBA finals that was that was last month rate. Oh no that was only Friday night I feels like last night. That's funny at altering to that you're in the sports are 957. ESPN if you missed I jordin Schultz that was a as a fun conversation that guy knows his basketball the NBA draft coming up. On next week we will when he talked a lot LeBron later on years in the I think the majority right now I think he's gonna land in the lakers. And we'll have that up for your honor web site. Yes in Rochester doc I think that's part of that he knew he was he's a huge huge fan of Josh Al. Now that was great T here I mean have you heard any national guy that came on said this guy will be a superstar. No there are others and other than somebody you deal from the NFL network that went to the pro Dana got really excited. And it's great to just hear us being discussed on the national level and he's from New York City. And isn't you know he's he has all the excitement in the world that's happening with the jets. And he's just the guy showing excellent that was cool here. Now so while we'll talk cannot come and appear in just a bit with Mike rode back. Thursday we Rhode act as a bills wrapping up mini camp today what do we have to look forward to six weeks from today. That's when the Buffalo Bills will open up training camp the saint John Fisher College cannot wait for that so we we into the dark period here I'm not just the Buffalo Bills but. All also the NFL the dark side of the moon now the united if you're an NBA season NFL I coach or GM you're just waking up every most burning. It myself and then go off overnight. Okay were were another day through this. Will also have a leaderboard coming up in the US open that's in sports center minding his team attack go along with Steve housed in this is 957 used him.