The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Martin Biron

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Thursday, February 15th

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a lengthy Sabres and Rochester Americans chat with future Amerks Hall-of-Famer Marty Biron. 


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But sports bar with danger and exactly. This is just a situation where Sarah Hughes Frank Howard in particular does not react well off this great battle doesn't get there is time. Decided. The three point shooters street. The last five or six positions. Really good looks through. Good shooting team. Mike danger you lost in the most Syracuse of ways and we just every game this year felt like a repeat of last name pretty narrow. He came pretty team but sadly. You can't gulf. I don't losing streak here those six intending conference because then it's lights out no NCAA tournament for the second year the wrong guys are getting opportunities and oh. Guys are doing the little things it takes to win. I'm Brian Gionta then I have thought they get that he had just. And they'll play coming obviously a big financial and anything built to play I begged him not rise in orbit somewhere nicely and then I got great centers could really don't count brightest planet Carolina. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet it's good after no. All of us still enjoy as the sports bar with danger to tag leave this open for business appreciate you stopping by KM 915957. Of them. ESPN Rochester dot com searches out and radio dot com of the radio dot com happy as well along we GB tag Leah I am merely Mike danger elegy. That danger it's beautiful outside glad. Honey take a deep breath this is my oasis and having a day today yes home download Goodyear you can use this. Ports barge yours and you can use a sports bars your escape from all of the ills that are in our society I I logged on in my news beyond Twitter and I was scrolling and scrolling it. Oh gun debate here schools should be on the air trump here at. Time to log off. Time to step back. Let's just spend a few hours talking about sports where we can talk that you know uplifting spirit he uplifting say no. No room now now I mean even Phil Housley sounds depressed he's one of the greatest NHL players small time sounds. Depressed. You heard just now Jim behind sells like Jim big time Phil Housley sounds depressed. Let's let's lift the spirits a little bit here okay I'll man actually a pretty good note. You're in a good mood I am. One of those Dane days danger where. Here in the office. Are general managers who month. I lost sue to me I would do anything. Great leader for us. I letter down and to avoid you gets attacked sales yeah you know 11 business thing I. You know I dropped the ball line I don't like to do that at the hold myself accountable that was bad enough. But then the other thing. It's going auditor studio it's great now I'll do that has everybody else that really our entire building and. Captain Dan you are building smells like fish. Fish is also. G. Our bit now why. Are you bringing in fish kept and so on radio I should go let me. Let's let's backtrack a look all right again aren't sure for those who were not in the know every Saturday morning here on ESP in Rochester or find program called let's. Catch fish airs. Saturday mornings it's hosted by our friend German Newman former sister station at 95 WB informative and entertaining. In fishing is awesome it is fishing is awesome now they may pre record to show. It's recorded in advance during the week. Leading up to the weekend bird bears they did the taping yesterday. And one of our studios here is at the studios are false now. You see him every week every week there's they're taping a show everything's good need to Neil think anything of it because there's usually people in studios recording taping. Creating contents Jim producing commercial content might be. There's activity there's actually don't think anything up it. Now. For prospective G I came in this morning kind of oblivious to any situation. Other than I walked in. In hale took a deep breath and assets. To clean. Extra two uttered the date change out or filters or some. From Greece the entire building because there's a fresh. Sense. Throughout the building. Aimed at not complain about it it's got like a clean up baking powder. I it is eat you know it's funny because normally a I getting here early but not today ahead and an appointment like Q I came and latent strength while. It smells like the mall you know when you walked by the nice smelling store in the mall and you get that smell they cut. I while it smells perfume meet handily it's like get DA Yankee candle sorters are wild. They shampoo the rocks what did they don't year so. Oblivious again completely oblivious to any situation that's gone on I walked into our engineers office then the engineer. Then. Delete it we saw air filters you like everything smells of fresh clean looks and is like a you don't know. Well let me tell you what happened. Captain can in his guest. Recorded a show one of the studios. He's gassed. Brought in some fish. Fish is frozen. But it was left in the studio. Dead fish. Left in the studio. On refrigerated. Overnight loans now. I mean Jane it. Now I know that'll all that would explain why were masking. It would we're using whatever we can to mask the scent of my high school prom date. Junior high school. Dead fish. Thanks than immigrants. Again it's a radio show. He's bringing in Asia pork wow look at this fish are like that hey I caught this in the Genesee. Newman eat some fish I brought this page for you that's what it was like it just offering right silence I guess it's his would have been a testament what do we make it. I guess said here here's a gift of giving you a fish Newman. Feel free to take this fishing human you probably thought of self. Yeah that's really nice but dying eaten a fish that you're given me my Newman impersonation. I don't eat fish now meet that kind of I don't know mate maybe they just left the fish on the floor it was surely didn't. No it's a gentleman took probably didn't say that out loud dumb imagining his inner dialog telling him. Whatever you do don't take the dead fish from a stranger or did they just did he just throw it now. Now putting two and two together you throw it dead fish in the garbage. Have a lot of cleaning crew here that that empties out the garbage mean Jesus we have one got it here you don't usually hear cleaning crews shows up after hours of Wong got that shows up here the truth thirty. I think he wants the talk viking football or drumming that that that's besides the point. Are a whole building smells like a dead fish now. Can't get rid of it is any suggestions are living for Brees Drew Brees Drew Brees or how long this is going to take and by the way. Because I am responsible for camping and this is undermine a watch. Welcome the mayor of management and this is so fine Yale. But that's why I'm kind of everybody's on me today thing smells like. Fish. Sheila is it's the equivalent of the when you were younger. I'm not saying I ever did this would ever you do. If you're listening at work right now lower or near you might not even need to look this up in urban dictionary or whatever you do don't look up upper Decker. Jeanne are you familiar with what an upper Decker is I am not gonna get graphic on the air let's just say that upper Decker is an extremely. Extremely impolite thing to do with you ready guest house. And it evolves or toilet. And what this man did is the equivalent. Of an upper Decker of of somebody doing upper Decker in your job. All I saw it on non and I don't look at that article what you make me yet whoa how I told you not to. Put it on and not imagine that happening in your house imagining throwing a party at your house and somebody performs an upper Decker. You wouldn't even out you know why do you and so this smell hits you in the you'll like. God something is foul something is wrong. Kind of what this walks. Littlest graphic in the upper deck or apologize for that but it's a dead fish. Are studio. Now the entire building smells like dead fish. Speaking of dead fish. Were sick way alert. Storage. But. If she rewrite Gil bit let's trade deal bid at Syracuse this team wasn't very good to begin with this team was hurt. This is the product of getting in trouble with the NCAA is few years down the road when you don't have as many scholarships. You can't cover up. Mistakes. Thus the 27 teens 118 or he sees in officially came Dornan. Act network free of danger I'll take yeah I hooked. Six and seven in the ACC Billick. Still in it now all stop. Steam is not going anywhere last that was one you had to get you didn't. You lost the wake earlier in the season terrible out by the way now here comes the teeth of the ACC schedule. Miami. North Carolina duke rape Clancy and other road at Boston College. Maybe they win one of those games. Navy. New Guinea NIT at this point. A little bit of faith I think last year when I wanna vacation duke. Was upset by the which was at duke Leicester North Carolina that the orange upset. Nationalist yeah I can remember that was on I was on vacation as well I'll be going next week in and be you know those games are happy mom. My punch over and just kind of give a little juju. Towards you orange. We're talked. Our buddy Brendan mcdaniels we have an animal on. While now Brittany Daniels was by no Time Warner Cable sports net channel stations does exist anymore you bomb. But he has found a new medium. Call FaceBook here Roosevelt who we are doing more to he'll show on FaceBook so. You go and watch it it Rosie in here too at some point in your mind that up after you get back. I will be here next week of course but credit mcdaniels will outlast him point blank area and was that they can we write the old bitten. I'm already looking ahead what will we look forward to next season for the sworn steam because is a flawed team they don't have a body don't have a depth in other words yeah. I kind of wrote them off when they lost the Bonaventure in the loss to Wake Forest I mean like. Not there this year this is a bit this isn't the year now this isn't a team. Now there's been nights where they've had six scholarship players stressed and yes they've had injuries yes that the kid transfer. Yes those things caught up to. But knowing this conference that's not gonna play Brittany Daniels join us here. It in a little bit and then thrilled to have one of our favors. Danger not not fair for us to say this this is the best host her best guess we've had on the show. But my got you for to make up the list he's on that list of top driver and a Marta Veronica. Top five are easily. Love had a Marty on ties to Rochester of course is days playing with the Emerson. Those connections will pay dividends on Friday night as he is inducted in the Rochester Americans. Hall of fame. I'm curious again it is thoughts I mean is mark because Marty Iran. Young goaltender he had his ups and downs and right now. Lee is hallmark I don't pull it in the top five reasons and one of the Rochester Americans have hit the skids to regulation wins in their last eleven games not good. And not gonna caught it. However. Lee is all work hasn't had a win that in regulation since the buffalo game. And so it's a war what is Marty C yeah I I understand he doesn't Culver that if the hammocks like he follows the sabres and he'll be on the air tonight on amnesty the sabres taking on. On the sands but I won I'm curious to get Marty's thoughts on that he is this just typical for young goaltender. Or what can be done here will be his advice to leave his hallmark. We've got to. A little bit of Buffalo Bills news to discuss I don't know. No I called a story is much it is that feels like it's an opinion but. I'll listen to it kind of makes sense. You can read about it ESPN Rochester Broadcom is well. This is according to. Eric Alco. Of optimum scouting. He was a guest on our sister station WGR this morning with stuff Howard in Germany and made some comments. That I think have a lot of people. Drinking Kool Aid that the Buffalo Bills. Our. Carpeting. Josh Rosen Josh Rosen is a guy. That the bills will do anything that they can do to get. Basically. And a big part of this is because of where they projected to go if he goes at number two. Or he's available at number two that is where the bills make their move they strike because holding the number two pick. If cattlemen in the New York Giants Delmon of course with the relation is like we've been saying all along yeah. A couple of a couple of quotes. From. From Delco. On the bills and their ammunition to trade up. Quote the bill's been stockpiling assets. One reason to do that is to make a move to get a quarterback whether it's moving up to draft trading a guy. To get a guy like nick pulls or just take multiple quarterbacks in this draft. They knew that we're a playoff team to get that except when you're French as quarterback and doubly Tyrod Taylor ornate impeachment or those guys again this is also that we kind of already know. What. Rosen we haven't spent a ton of time talking about Rosen. I'm gonna present is scenario first of all Eric gal go. Okay you you did some scouting you rate for sporting news. I'm throwing the Diaz flag and that's oh how on earth. Would you now what the Buffalo Bills draft board is we haven't even gotten to the confines yet. OK so yes these dig grab headlines yes. It's. Ask crude for all of us to consuming him to get clinics I'm not buying it. I'm sorry we invite him on the show. I'd be curious your you do a podcast and it's it's great promotion for your podcast Heidi really know hoosiers source not buying it. Now that I said that danger. To other OK let's just pushed that aside what you want responded. Responded that he doesn't apply Cassidy mentioned this on as podcasts on Monday and and when I do a little digging and listen to some of the quotes from that podcast. I pose a question. And and I'll get to why am I asking this question here and next but the question I have is. Was Doug Whaley. Right. And yet all I know where. I I will let you explain but go ahead knowledge misery your typical thing that I'm not saying that I agree with this but this. This is according to this podcast with with Garko. We when Sean McDermott got the buffalo he really. 01 over a lot of the front office a lot of the ownership group and believe they elderly to McDermott that McDermott believed in Tyrod Taylor and he said hey. Let's kick the can on drafting quarterback right now they didn't move up for Truby a ski. They moved back. Chiefs go give homes it took Davies white which are definitely happy with but they passed on basically two quarterback opportunities. That they had and that's not counting the Shawn Watson either and basically said that they. They really thought in Mitchell Robiskie really thought that he was going to be a Buffalo Bill out of all the teams out there. And Doug Whaley. Was was behind it Doug Whaley really lecture risky. Really wanted to go and get out there or higher that the bears were probably just a little higher on truly is key then the bill's work but that too risky looked good. And it got a big decision to go in get him to be aggressive and go get him. And McDermott. Said you know let's kick the can down the road and taken a franchise quarterback a. This is Doug Whaley review is revisionist history OK this is not new ground. The bills are interested in mr. risky while. You know why here's what I remember I've written member un social media the Buffalo Bills themselves posting a picture with the owner who flew the private plane pearl worked out in North Carolina. Yes of course they present themselves as interest stated mr. risky. And Z adds Doug Whaley did go on national radio after the fact. And say that at number ten that would have been a good spot to take a quarterback but you know you're welcome buffalo I set job for the future. Okay Doug Whaley is in the year. All of this Eric gal go in painting a picture that I court of salt buffaloes. Quarterback problems but. They wouldn't let me. Doug you had a four year run you gain addressed the position. You assess the pick up EJ Manuel wasn't your take it what's your pet. All right and by that time that this draft get around sure you didn't have the decision making ability and you could Monday Morning Quarterback days. All you blind but I listen to this podcasts I listen to this for four in its pretty every games. Where he's getting that sort of stuff from its whale he's he's stuck in Wales absolutely. Interesting absolutely and if you're Doug Whaley you want it to be known that hey. I set this team and a great position I deserve another spot Bob about the baht Doug Whaley. This is why I plan my flag on about where he's an excellent scout. He knows talent he can help the team in that regard. But you know what they're not called general scouts they're called general. Manager Ers. No people skills or his people skills were weak managing. And that's what his downfall ones managing with Whitney Whitney genes to. You get a contract you know everybody got a contract adult whale it wasn't a negotiation. That part of it too. But I listen to this by Delco. And I'm like come on. Get I am not buying the fact that Delco knows the bills or interest in Rosen really was telling is all week and Whaley might be telling in this. I'm not buying any of these sources but what I what explore with you danger ease advance. I can think of a scenario. Kirk cousins. Which Kirk cousins gonna go is gonna go to the team that gives him the best opportunity to win. Where's he going to goal routine that will pay him the models because up to this point. He's shown that he can certainly know how to work the market here going to pay my point being who has the most money under the cap. He spent. The answer browns correct. One of Cleveland. Cleveland. As well bill's fans should be salivating this scenario that's Cleveland Atlanta constant. And they say Kirk you work quarterback you are now the richest man in NFL history please sign here. And they can sell that to the fan base you know like itself it. Well you know what we can focus on other areas we can draft Barkley say at number four we can trade down and get a bad idea. Courted the Buffalo Bills go up to number one what would it. Take exactly angle I think it would be possible. You don't you you don't think there's any way that they're going to trade. With the giants to get into number two that feels very plausible all that good and every idea that you're giving up that is the way it's presented. In this piece you give up 2122. Both of your first round picks and you throwing forty point. And that's enough to move yup to number. Two overall what days as wild just like we're doing here it's a wild speculation the because he has a pod casting rights for sports and sporting news. Delco is presented as somehow or acts are sure they actually easy connection is a course in cattlemen and being in the term connection Iraq but I would say that that's a more likely scenario than trading with the browns or just. It's just functional from the top out at me like you really wanna get in the business with them. Well it's the only way it works with the browns again if they go while it may take care of the quarterback position right a big fat check. I would be shocked if a guy like Kirk cousins who's publicly said winning is important in me wants to go someplace where he can wind. That pretty much eliminates Cleveland right that's a slap in Cleveland's face and cool the money is gonna be the money he's gonna make a bank wherever he goes. But if you know you make money wherever you go and you have the opportunity to win that's what he's after well okay her feels like the most appealing. Now here's another scenario presents you want if we have. Of course when we talk about the giants of talk about you I mean angle what do we have an Eli Manning situation or John Elway situation norm go wait this. What if the browns draft board and everybody's universal draft board when this is all done. Rosen is number one in Rosen says I am not going weekly shirt. Nobody would fault him would you do if you're the browns right. Do you take somebody you're not convinced is an exit number one overall value or do you have an auction. I see that as a possibility to. And I'm not scared off by wrote I know some people are that he's not into football wants a career after football blob blob law. I'm worried about his durability. IDs from this smartest quarterback in the in the draft certainly he's athletic. More about mr. ability. But. Value to worry about any quarterback's ability right by the way and may mock drafts. That puts out. Rejects oppositional. Help me speak gene it's the smell. It just I just got a well I just got to with a I can always terrible how he's ahead he's re is it he's raked his positions his players by position he has. Let's getting the skins don't Arnold at number one he has. I'm Josh Allen at number two Rosen. At number three art we've got to get Marty Iran. And works all Famer Marty Paronto we allowed to call him a hall of Famer even though it's three induction ceremony. Yes he's always yeah analyst Marty brown joins us next you're the sports bar with danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochus. Asterisk be released its tickets. I've been Superman sports junkies can come and. Rochester home for a lives boards and the best sports talk anywhere in nine video and 957. Benton does sports leader ESPN Rochester. On blog about the sports bar with danger and Tagliabue is a top five and are not in. In reality what he is a hall and look. Famous talking about our next guest gene potentially it's Smart people on joining us in the sports bar with danger to tag list Mari hi Ben. I've been great you are looking forward to tomorrow night Marty the blue cross Arenas and not now you have the speech prepared or you're just gonna. Speak from the coffee houses all gonna happen to mark. No I had to be prepared. I was watching the Olympic last night and saying. And in paper and I can't have that pattern that I wrote it and everything that I would honestly. And yeah that debate big week cut it down to about 25% of the guys got daily we will be careful out I knew it. You know going to ever. Person every eat deli priest priest all right. Generalized a lot of it but that is elect. I don't have the work to do and it but I think we were right about there. Pretty cool that we we know your character so well that would we heard that you were going into the hammer hall of fame our first thought was congratulations he deserves a press about his. Well what are these could edit that speech down there wouldn't be running a clock on. Yeah I wonder like is this going to be like the Oscars where the microphone goes down the band starts playing Marty gets whisked off here you concerned that the clock might run out on yeah. I'm not a concern again is that they've already told me they got me especially and sent MPAA to. Two were in ceremony and I player. You can edit when he by minute ceremony to. Be respectful at Eleanor. And get their game go on and they're preparation. But about. I it was city urine flow. We had Danny Briere. Who gay only at your. And yet you know a great job. And I. Followed I start telling document. And they didn't run that you'd. Like normal electrical I'd like. I have people that will make it an. Actual date it and ran it again so that. Marty yeah imagined. You're remembered being a player of course in Rochester and in you mentioned that you wanna be respectful of the players in your speech really quick I know you're not following the camera probably as closely you follow the sabres but. There's one Hamrick in particular who had a one game. Will play one game with the sabres performed very well has come back to the F Merck and his kind of struggled since that victory in sabres. Blue and yellow and and that's that's going to Seoul market eagle you know as a goalie. You get that call up and you get the adrenaline and you perform at that high level that NHL level and you kind of know you've shown everything you can show what the HL level. What does it duty your head in and what might lean it's hallmark be going through a right now on this little bit of a slump that he said. Well I mean I eat pop on the hammer at grand dot is that. There every night when he got it got a computer ultimately. Variant of important Faber and he'd eat universe there is a computer and that aren't. I mean that's just watching coverage in any adult about it. The about it and we we've actually that it's however that it instantly and and done it since returning from Afro wearing the point being here at buffalo went really well. You know I eat. Eat eat and then it hasn't been the core rate of return in Rochester what you think of winds that oxidant. When I think and that's that and Randall. Yes they are the patient and Eddie played really well like doctor and talent that goalie coach he and we are about penis. Andy said he actually played college. We haven't been there aren't. You know when. You've got a lot of ball a lot they're dealing with some injury you're dealing with you know a little bit that they are. The whole point that their ease and in Rochester we're. Yeah of course but it puts a lot of stroke and all. The blood game in the bill there there's a lot of factors that are coming into play right well. That's a good pass oracle center that's a good. Is. Additional. Character. Being able to easily gain in Europe and I think it's. Well it's got to happen by eight you know edit I think about it but at that spot over that. Are right now. He's going into the hammered salt same tomorrow I'm Marty Iran. Goaltender now sabres broadcaster joining us here in the sports are 957. ESPN. Marty when we look at the sabres obviously the the topic now is what's gonna happen here in less than two weeks with the trade deadline coming up. What's your sense here what can sabre fans expect as we had to the trade deadline. Well I think they're gonna be maybe three maybe four. Players that are gonna be on the move three. Can you expect that won the army need to beat their prospects nor. Eight eat your prospects. It could be a certain ilk as sabres beat thrown in their personal. Doc about Evander Kane I think that India rhetoric and asking him to be on the move. Just a matter of being able to get there right we are and maximize that we are where that while most favored. I kicked I like spent a lot will dot could also be on the assent. It really well and Portland all. Silly ball. He sure that he in Horry got some speed. It's been hard for him to stay consistent. In that. Let it seems that looking toward doubt that looking at. You know bottom six forward I think you can look at Dunlap we got that that may be a good step. Wrote a letter II. And I bet you in the mood on the situation around the national actually. Being the goaltending call. It just edit. Brian Elliott. With them Mottola. Is it gonna be out I think is set or. Maybe so I mean you're thinking you're the battle at the metropolitan division. And if somebody that are there any lead. There there. Definitely option there that that's the eastern right there. And that body and looting. The possibility. Like OJ. In the restricted free agent at the end of yours stole. That could be in media more so that's what I expect. When February 26 from. Marty Brian joining us in the sports bar with danger to tag Leon ESPN Rochester I'm glad you brought up Robin Lehner I feel like. He's in a no win situation and that in buffalo fans are always gonna view him as the guy that they gave up too much for. In the eighties playing behind you know team that you know that it's it's tough I mean I don't know what goalie would flourish with what's in front of him like Robin has it where do you put rob. How much of this season for the Buffalo Sabres that the failures this season for the Buffalo Sabres do you put on Robin Lehner who if you had a number on our percentage. And sort of put a percentage but I can tell you that it started and record irked by that is brought to want. Andy seem a little and imports or Canadian. And in any given out based shorthand it. Cool art wraparound. I think the latter. In that government should make that same event so you end up. You know have been up there with the lead and then. You know narrative is the same as last he's in the include an. Army had been yet. That knock big knock on private letter last hour. Estate industry are now Wednesday problem Graham an inning and that is still. I think it started. There were probably Rob Reiner and at that never really got going again. Ike yet that is numbers that hole work great this year Stewart extent. I is numbers he's been that money. And blood I'd saying other bad team. It was fantastic but. You know that there's much you can do in the west look into what you look at number. Right just Armenians as one that's important. Yeah are all locked wit the New York Islanders meet. If they don't forty. That yeah they'd. That's insane but. There's what are ready and been given so like the evidence might relate. Eight. Oh and then Bovender in the less likely would have bet that he knew and is keen. And and not let. You weak goal here they are all of that being dead and a problem with Robert is yours though. Is he dead at the end increased its neighbors well lightning. You know it'll. That east and have either of art in the in the next door yes I'll still out there. Marty Iran joining us he's going into the am works hall of fame tomorrow night of course we'll have a game for tomorrow night here any as the end. Rochester Marty you know the sabres to get the win as you know over Tampa Sam Ryan or contribute again. Just here's your thoughts on rhino. What would you say is a reason your for the improved play for Sam Reiner. I think it's simplifying it game not having him at center right think there. Being. Outlines standard with a great experiment. Why did it it didn't work and now. You're asking them to simplify the game to be strong and well and yet up and down the he doesn't have this need to be able to go through the middle of he had a I can't wait Kook. It doesn't work that was on the wing when he did a great life yet and not be able to make plays. He's incredibly Smart idea right. So. Billy house. He gets in yep that's the old. You really good at it the best. Actually in Rawalpindi that are. Getting that best now that's all right art you're not asking them. Cuba which you're not putting too much display. You know odd that what you're trying to. But the issue here and this is why not get that. Stock broker in the stock market like watching. It'll be every bit what do you do not right. Well because there is I value. Yet. Or you aren't because he ex attic get this return year after year here and I think that in years. I think it's very complicated that we candidate Barry yet. Hartford date in April 2 to win in this situation if you read Arab. Well reported to give up until right guard who lately is already gotten. Reform that we dated before me right now. You are on our own soul of very very Asia. Marred her on our guests in the sports part danger of attack lay on ESPN Rochester and other sabres forward who set himself. A nice few games written recently Ryan O'Reilly talk about his play last few games for the sabres. While we talked about speed grade earlier in the year in the carpet. A lost art but it looked like ion. Eating with the panel and attack and I mean that. It's a little bit hard to understand that but it. There's yet it contracts. Between. Right at a rally in the first thirty games at this season when he has the puck artists it. And trying to rally now in against Tampa Bay and then you know we were getting ready and I. During the day I get it yet if it were broadcast a bite and are able. Like highlights and watch it Riley and he'd be Edmonton. In the corner by quickness I mean. Of the top NHL defensemen. The physical. Up pops and just completely. A little bit Victor Hedman and made up late the different. Ended up getting a rebound and it caught that late and eat the things that we didn't have an outright at a rally earlier that year. You know an eight. Look I. I mean I have awkward talking to these guys and talk to write a rally as you know I wanna play more and I don't even like it. But we also know that. Yet you know is as young as eight were two. You know their first child. You know round on the east east and which I mean. That's about what you call open. You know you're about to wade spoke. Having your yacht to give birth then you your strength to get organized and you know that it wouldn't be caught part of your heart and your body doesn't. Really need it at all therefore you know I think now that odd. It almost felt like it was the weed out disorder Eddie just didn't start playing really really relaxed. I thought about you know all we can not the right if the baby and all of that any part about it wouldn't buy out which don't unity in the it's best place life's great talent it's sort ready as well. Marty Iran going into the Emerson hall of fame tomorrow night our guest here in the sports are 957 years the end. Marty few weeks ago we have Brian Gionta. Score a goal in front of a packed arena in your of the average to now Wimbledon but what a moment for the Rochester native to score for the Hamburg and now he's playing the Olympics. I Gionta the former sabre captain what kind of market do you think there would. For Gionta had a signed with the team late tick and help them for a Stanley Cup front. I think there is they have markets forwards your item. It's a small market advocate that we need the hit team that as a they're. We need to. Of a player and me doesn't. The the ability to to Wear layered buyer rating. But if you look at deal mean. Olympics and that I hate it became the American League and be ready by. A little bit like in my mr. Swedish and international. Yeah. He'll sign with an NHL team I am. I don't think landing on February 28 right I ticket and it they get a couple of weeks to. I'd get him out to eat with witted teammate with the team that he was joining. So cool it's a bit unique it's Asia edge I think. A player may be too. To play. Like ten games down the distraction. Possibly play out front I mean you you have to look at their house they're. But more than that that that space. In Iraq right now at once he'd trade deadline. It all we're. You don't have it the limit on the amount of players can have a roster. That you want but still. Never good at Kerry 26 the 27 players are rattled that may or Eric Robert locker room. You elect able to manage those players so got their fair market. In you know I really don't know because all year long. We've been studying OK where's the markets were under gain well at the market. Actor ready. Going to be good bet that deadline they're. I left we're at all. Little yellow being dad you know we can play right away in the latest their position. There are a little bit of a wrinkle that. Either a better need for a on the beat not many players available that didn't do it Bryant yet they can do. I try to analyze the struggles. Marty of the sabres this year and look at the roster and it's a largely the same rosters last year with less result. And then I think to myself what boy there's a mental toughness that's missing in that comment lock in that locker room with this team. And there's also a veteran leadership that I think is missing I mean it did Brian Gionta. Did did not bringing Brian Gionta backcourt the sabres this year. Our kid at heart and be. In debt let. You. Mainly. Believe is that. Mark Leno and Carson I. Yeah recall that it was really good at our lines are that good team they may have been a sport line I didn't really good Portland but that. Yeah I think that the sabres are trying to do and what eight started trying to do and I am starting last summer we. It's back and. The locker room and don't Wear a second inning or two from now and our sport not yet if you look at look. Are you can't really act. Your daughter recorded there as quick I repeat I think at that time that it was like it. You look at it on from fuel and our leadership that we are the bad. Guys that chance that a lot. There are leadership quality or are too because then meet down. Tippy top leaders is that start at when the 1819. Darker or 91 he's he's that because. Right now. The need to get bigger and aero. I think that is. Probably aren't allowed to do with with I didn't make that decision. But the numbers game because. I am you have only need. Who is here. Our there you wanna take a look at whatever mention you know in Argentina on durst and they really are. Bat he's. And I actually. Guys that you had he put in a petition to get them a good luck. Which it would provide you to route you weren't going to be able that just. In August oh. If he's witnessed they were playing is not just sit and rest are so. There were a lot of factor but you know. Gotta give Bryant got the credit. You work are. Consistently all you belong to be ready ordeal it. And where you know potential return to the national actually a lot immediately. Either. Marty one final secret question here what. I don't know Scotty Bowman to coach this team the plows that being said how do you evaluate the job to fill house leased on. I think he's doing a lot better I think earlier in the year I wouldn't. You know sure obviously the first time where it's still a coach so I actually. I there was an hour. You know we didn't have answered and outlined in a postgame conference or even the morning it's a lot of bit. As replied that is response. Very generalize. You know that was really maybe there's apart bit strange new. Yeah oh. The media and not having yet confident that. It will be able to report what he's saying the right way let another part of that is tied by the elite yet have the answers and need it didn't needed. It needed more time. To be able to push the right button. I think all of you know in a lot on. Really pushing the right button in the newspapers blogs the oracle to Winnipeg jets. He put the right button that very neck pain you honey I. Annika heated and big battle and I went Britain Italy Russell mark or playing. That next night again he that Columbus Blue Jackets they come back from their bye week is that what that are. And he pressed the right button because they went on the western Canadians swing India street went over there. He's made them to open down the line up. Put players been in a position to succeed when they were right when it does perpich well I think we are are seeing. A bunch. I couldn't hold so I'll leave it much better a lot of I hope that it continues because I think that occurred. And you're not actually coaching at a lot of the way are at Inglewood an organization go. Well they're gonna try to make it five wins in a row on the road in Ottawa will be looking for you on the TV tonight of course coverage with MSG and and your partner Brian Duff in the studio. In that will be looking for of course. On the blue cross arena ice. Tomorrow night for your induction into the Rochester Americans hall of fame Marty brawn has been our guest in the sports bar with danger of attack Leo love our chats Marty. Hope we get a chance there against him. I appreciated. It. Marty Iran that's going to be fun tomorrow night hammer fans get out there early mixture you getting your C and time because Marty. Going into the camera called fame and he never forgot his roots are I'm glad that he is still close. With the cedar organization how one deals noting pass along your danger Vontae Davis taking his first free agent visit today is accord and add a chapter. And as as just told it's the Buffalo Bills so former colts corner. Vontae. Davis had a lot of injury history. But this. Waited does this feel like an indication that the bills might not be looking to retain EJ gains in the free agent market. He might be able to rich for their blood given his history of injuries and what his market value will present here in the free agency market when it opens up. All dreaming of Vontae Davis cheaper than EJ gains. Edited in both have injury history yeah that's I mean it's good plan B in my opinion and and certainly the bills have to address corner. In this draft two original wanna be seen a deposition on in a passing league op but for Vontae Davis good to see the Buffalo Bills. Are just on the list here again now making his first free agent visit today in buffalo. All right let's do this you know let's take a break here come back with I'll drink to that provocative thoughts from around the world of sports will agree or disagree and you can always join us at 454 ESP animal. We'll write the obituary for the Syracuse Orange 2017 when he season yet with with our guest. Brendan mcdaniels the coast of Orange peel Facebook's series orange peel. He'll join us here in the 4 o'clock hours well stay in the sports marked danger of tightly on ES PM Rochester. For Edwards talking. It was spectacular scene. Mean slack shunning the team winning goal. On CNN. Thus towards leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey has struck you on board okay wilderness you. Every one of four Williams can't find Debbie some flying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Listen to sports bar went to injury and attack. ESPN Rochester wrapped. 57. ESPN Rochester.