The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Matthew Fairburn

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Battaglia and Hausmann begins with talk on the future of wide receiver Dez Bryant. Next, The Syracuse Post-Standard's Matthew Fairburn joins the show to talk all things Buffalo Bills related. Finally, we give you some sports thoughts to wrap your mind around with "I'll Drink to That"!


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But sports bar would danger ended sadly it is a done deal the Dallas Cowboys. Have released wide receiver Dez Bryant. When you talk to people close to Dez Bryant what they imagine was. They pay cut off from maybe something severe but Joey ate takeout offer in the end it's not clear that came. Who was going to be the team that's going to pick a mob it's really interest him with three teams in the AFC east all looking to get quarterback potential this year when his buffalo. In that scenario gonna pull the trigger. Mike danger she Houseman always stepping up to the plate when we need to achieve exactly but what he's a Sox fan I'm a Mets then we'll make the World Series plants. The New York Mets have won their big game and her all. They go to ten and warmed up again. This season still to come last night to eat better can't add two goals in his playoff debut carries behind. Great first playoff. First shots postseason golf and always nice to finally I don't know clarify atmosphere in. Obviously nice to. Get so much for women in the playoffs you Rochester 42 leader 957. ESP yet. Very Good Friday to Eugene exactly would you in the sports bargain they don't want your just a little early wine were rated talk sports with do you. Have 4540 SDN 4543776. You're always welcome the pull of the stool with us we've got a great show lined up on this Friday the thirteenth. Danger is in route to Cincinnati for youth soccer turner has been to daddy is so once again. Our good friend from the B morning coffee club the dean of the Rochester sports media Steve how things shake it is that I noticed that there was some. Two things first of all I and is in danger has negotiated a deal where he gets every Friday the thirteenth off. I get that deal so he will be awful in the thirteenth Friday the thirteenth of July me who knows that. And secondly in that little intro we talk about the Mets and Sasha played little Mets highlight. No equal time with a Red Sox had life. IA don't put that together you thought the banning him. That's and then we well have violated Sox did win less than those in play so to your point Stephen I would say. More Mets fans are Sox fans in this town. Pie is probably Sox fans and I think civilians it is and it's it is tens of yankees seem to me he's being admits he instilled. No they don't drive and known and unknown and known the Mets fans are not pull for the Yankees in in vice Versa. We got a great show lined up but coming up here in just a little bit we'll talk domestic fare Burnley Syracuse post standard as the Buffalo Bills they're gonna have us. A mini camp coming up next week or organized team activities everybody coming into town at the week before the draft so is certainly some interest there. What's gonna happen on the offensive line. Could the Buffalo Bills the interest in a wide receiver will get to that with Matthew fair burned danger will be calling me and Arab somewhere in Ohio maybe around columnist I guess is his wife Sandi got off the year on the buzz this morning. Their heading to Cincinnati for you soccer tournament ccb have to grow up in this era where. You had your son I don't know what sport he later didn't play but now it is not good enough to play in the local. Youth League eating got to play travel. Travel soccer to her rattle hockey travel baseball travels. How he never traveled he barely you know he just ran around the field in a big score when he played. Youth soccer. He didn't and assuming and I think most kids that we when eaten any media don't know the rules he just out there you enemy we kick the ball once or twice don't care for keeping in Euronet. I'm extended play football and feel high school back in the go to the tag Leah payday when he first what innovative and feel high school. Everybody was still making the team at Penn fuel heat very seldom if ever got into the field. He and his five bodies could sit with him to the bench they were just practice every every week but he did play some football. I was not a fan of playing baseball remember the first day my son played T ball first time for senate but that he swings at ball off the tee. It's it toward shot I shortstop who feels compelled. To slide into first pick up all hope. I. So my place I became a football player threw out fantasy football he became a football feet and two fiance got a guy got you so I was coming home this weekend and attract. Let's call it at school by your son not. Of course not now a grown man at the University of Pittsburgh an adjunct yeah University of Pittsburgh. I'll tell me about it I mean how many people like see like I remember you when I'm sure he appreciates that. We will Lott talked. Mike danger. Co host of these sports far but he's being a dad today taking his daughter to a one of these youth soccer tournaments and this is a big one apparently in Cincinnati eight hour drive. Odd danger coming up in the shoulder later. Is feel positive or negative about doing this stuff because I hear danger I hear both sides of danger and they show his cynical side and his you know I'm a great dad's side. Where is C stand having to drive home how many miles it is to Cincinnati to. Oh I think he's finalist yeah I think he's fine I'm not sure Ers I mean I'll limit toned hills school but I know. Sandy isn't so dollars in China yes yeah soul. Well let's ask but this is. What do you sports of Terry news flash turn into big business here for everybody and you if you want your child competing at the highest level these things you do. The love of your children so a danger to check in in a little bit of course ever hockey tonight NE SP in Rochester 70 find the face off Belleville the opponents. Seoul this is the final regular season game but for the first time since point fourteen as me as a final game of the season and home for Rochester there will be playoff hockey. I'll talk to Don Stevens check in now. For what's happening with the am works here as they looked a nail down the third seed which Willard Gibbs in the first round opponent of Syracuse. That's coming up. Later in the show as well and of course you. You give us call 454 ESPN 454. 3776. I'm sure gonna take calls I'm sure people have opinions but let me just start off of the numbers here house yet pocket. The numbers this wide receiver ax okay wide receiver sacks in 2014. It's yards per catch 1515. The Tony seventeen yards per catch. Twelve point one. 2014. Receptions 88. When he seventeen receptions 69. Fathers are telling stat of hearts. You meant brought a Tennessee football team targets are virtually the same warnings fourteen targets. 136 when he seventeen targets 1320. Well just do the quick math there percentage of balls caught there were targeted your way on 2014 respectable 64 point 7%. Did being materially over half a 52 points or were you talking about the same guy I was assuming eighteen million dollars. He makes twelve point five the because he's got a bonus earlier his cap figure is an eight million dollars I'm talking about Dez Bryant. Folks. As Bryant is going to want. Just as much if not more. Then rule what moved to Dallas Cowboys are gonna pay him this year. I'm going no this is best option would have been to take a pay cut in Dallas but. Pride being one days the funny thing scheme agreed that and it's within his right. He's on the open market. And maybe he thinks he's going to make more. Then the twelve point five million he was going to make this year and eight million dollar cap savings when you factor in the bonus money or he received. I don't think there's a team out there it's gonna take Dez Bryant more than twelve million dollars and his agents tell him that. Agents given wrong information I could be wrong now it could be a team like Washington. There somebody it's a middle of the pack team that would be willing to overpay into fur the wrong reasons and Denver's Bryant would sign of that team. For the wrong reasons. House. Debt has four teams. That needle next as the top fits for Dez Bryant please don't tell me the bills a room that listen let me give you the forehead okay. First being the saint. And that makes sense of highway is Drew Brees they load up he'll get his targets. Baltimore's always in the need for receiver last year. It they tried Jeremy Maclin that didn't exactly work out. Mike Wallace laughed. I mean they've met with Eric deck her or the Baltimore's eight perpetually need a receiver Baltimore will always be on this list. Surprising. That. They released the Green Bay Packers. I don't see Green Day. And the reason they list Green Bay is because they let go Jordy Nelson well. If you Jordy Nelson Dez Bryant kind of the seem receivers seem sort of timeframe. I'd drafted earlier in this decade but now the numbers are dating in eight it's better to cut the player you're too soon and years too late. I don't see Green Day as being a possibility that that's who they sat. The fourteen they rule out. The Buffalo Bills they ruled him out of these a rule that I mean the end okay interest in Brian can't be ruled out. Because the bills have a need at wide receiver. The ambassador resource is in Zeke Jones and Calvin Bender in but the results. Have left something to be desired it the bills lost young they Thompson in Jordan Matthews. In free agency so they need veteran. Okay. The other three teams I'm sure Dez bring can look at and say oh I could fit there because they all of establish quarterbacks obviously announcing a good quarterback to be look at Joseph Flacco but there. At least established. Who. And why. Would be the quarterback here that would throw the ball to Dez Bryant. Keep him happy. And why would he wanna come here to play with a quarterback. Who perhaps has well has very little if any experience. He's he'll start complaining three weeks into the season I'm not get the ball down you know. To think I would think Dez Bryant. AJ McCarron. He's going to be fighting agency is owned stuff together let alone having to deal that a diva wide receiver. Who wants the ball every single time. That's how I look at it the release of eat Libby goes to Baltimore Joseph Flacco is gonna give him the ball. It is to be Joseph Flacco Iowa's big Joseph Flacco is the old war. One season away from an all ending for Joseph flat assuming he's there but he's better than anything we have if I'm just thinking about from. Dez Bryant you've had why I think any receivers looking and when the bills got criticized for Jordan Matthews going to New England while cook well if you decide that the bills go to Brian back really use a freeagent. Yeah if you are free agent wide receiver. That's the first question quote getting me my ball and how my getting my targets and ergo my catches. From me yet I can't answer that question how's Dez Bryant would come here and become the demo were receiver. The television and on the other side so you be the number one guy. But again we all first hole we don't know who's gonna play quarterback lets it whereas today and so for desert. Brian if he wants to sign with a team quickly England beat buffalo tie that there's a mile teams. And then on the other hand it will get this to Matthew several when he joint missile that were we talking about in terms of cap space right now for the Buffalo Bills because. If you were to assume that Dez Bryant is looking for just the amount he made in Dallas. Inch when he. Seventeenth when he eighteenth when he eighteen being the twelve and a half million dollars. Actually no I am not paying that for Dez Bryant at this point it was great does it fit the timeline. The timeline for the Buffalo Bills to build this offense in my opinion. Look at what Oakland did Philadelphia the Philadelphia being the better example they draft a quarterback. Carson when it's much as we all live in the sports bar he had a man for season good Babbitt to. It's great you really haven't received what Philadelphia did a year to they brought being the guys including Al Sean draft for. That fortified our offense in the in the numbers in the stats produced it and there you go eight for the bills if there is one thing that they need to focus on. On offense. I've for the quarterback of course is the offensive line house right. Give an NFL we're gonna open the show today before it was Dez Bryant story layered OK Richie and cockney dealt weaving a lifeguard. Now it is dust to settle. There's really not much you can do. Where this offense in terms of free agency could you look at a free agent and less okay Lou Joseph cool is out there. I had read yeah and a bunch of names not on a well known the only thing that could benefit Dez Bryant here would be. He could use coming to buffalo as a cash chip for himself. You know the whole thing about sometimes the bill and bills kept overpay just to get a guy to come to buffalo. Maybe that could work in Dez Bryant's favor for a few extra million bucks okay I'll come to buffalo if you take. The take the best offer him getting topic life you know X amount of dollars and I'll come to buffalo as you know it's a tough sell. The topics we live here we all know but when you live in Dallas when you look in the middle of all America's team all that neat pictures and go to buffalo. Your perception. Is your reality. Now so I mean that's the only thing that maybe he could uses a. Well as saying hey you work for T Alitalia. In I think Theo was options at their well being critical of what was gonna bring in men and buffalo needed to be validated did that that move. Honestly that really happened and that's one of those what was I think everybody remembers where they were we found that out yes yeah. Yeah I was at six and five basketball. At the war morally he could feel. A wave going around the arena is it when found that appeals to sank he'll. Some of them as plain as day I remember my father in mob listeners to me and I'm laugh it was cute yeah psychiatric. Don't know really go online right now yeah and that's why this if it really before we all had these am ending my phone in nine. And where he's. Eight funny to think that was an even ten years ago black guys that some news nine years ago kind of mode it was a lot slower and a nice picture in your home screen. Well I don't tell the truth aegs things you just yet stuff if it's blank. Hi Chris is calling him from the city you're always welcome the pull up the stool like in today for dangers of which you're hearing Steve Howe's new hey Chris how are. Did you head out I'm not. They so there is still under a during the same big boat you know. But Vietnam we got banners and held an open up until holes or street view and some percent off and why thank. Yeah. Yeah now. An interesting take. How well I guess my first question is what. It hits he gave the possibility word bear. What he had his head screwed on crackle I'm surely beginning to be seen doing the right things applied. Long term how would do this work out is he a process. Finger quote guy mercy and the guy wants his targets. You're deal in one year guilt proven deal in the news can be also tomorrow. Good ul and eat it. Seekers I'd say yeah I sure bite to eat I would think somebody else is going off from a little more. Right. Now. I don't know we'll still much interest out there. How about this side or Chris would he be good fit in the bills' locker room. The bunch of impressionable kids. I think so I've been. I think you'll be sorry because the exact count one year deal and he's trying to prove it and you try to get up better semen. The more money lectures so. I think so that the ball below the illegal I don't let your little heart upstate. But if he can't make it here would know quarterback he's not gonna make it anywhere you're out there and it's a risk premium I think it's not a sure thing. Yeah Chris appreciate the call. I am opens a blind 454 ESPN 4543776. Matthew fair burn. A Syracuse post standard needed to join us a little bit I am curious to get his take is this would this really be a possibility. Because to me what Bryant deals and I don't know if this is true or not I saw a report today where he allegedly sent his way out of the war. I'll see you guys twice a year. OK so apparently. The story dean had this release happened and it was very Jerry Jones style right normally at least things happening over the phone or her email. And they break it to the agent players at home. This wasn't the case today this was very cowboy show biz that squared Dez Bryant actually is that the cowboys' facility. Has the face to face meeting we Jerry and Jerry. Doing it the man to man I'm way he's going eleven goal and that young Brian of nearly stormed off and there's video in Dallas today of you know Brian says you V Karen out of the practice facility for the cowboys. I'm did you see what kind of an SUV ones yeah it was a Bentley. A petty name bill Bentley made suvs. Who is a Bentley as UV and what do you put in the back you know go to the double that think that it's it's got to. I don't know third is the and that somebody is decreasing of this is my other car. And you. Forsythe for years beat. Look I think you have you have holes all over the place on this team but there the other thing too is look let's not overstate this and your point about the quarterbacks is a good want. That if you had the measure the opportunities for Bryant right now. And I would think that by Monday of a pretty good feeling who's interested in who's not. Onto I want Russell will I'm just throwing out spit balling names here folks I really don't know but to the point being if it's Russell Wilson even Alex Smith. See it's Philadelphia in Carson went you have all their opportunities from other quarterbacks. Buffalo cannot. Even answer the mix. Until we know would have first round quarterback is going to be great and then you have other holes on this team. Again is salary cap space I don't think there's an option right now better than what the ball a little sub in the offensive line that's. That's after a number reasons you might need to get a line that you probably will need to get a linebacker. Dez Bryant what are your thoughts for five or ESPN. GM is calling from Webster he Jim welcome the sports bar. All right I'm great it's Friday were gonna get an ice storm itself you know ice storm. Absolutely note and Craig. McDermott. European quote that character. That ordered I knew they would every. One. Our humble BJ would potentially out there he just could not gonna do that solid deciding this here track Murphy. Scarlett who. All class. All the time he does or not do no matter how good a player. And 888 inning tech Ed Jim I agree with you and aid may be OK there's no offers out there for Dez Bryan. A one year five million dollar deal. Hard for me to imagine that guys swallowing his pride. Am after it was due to make twelve and half from the cowboys now I don't know with the cowboys wanted to caught on Tuesday this year Jim Bly. Hard for me to imagine oh we can taken a one year deal or what good does that do anybody anyways. John appreciate the call 454 ESP. In a plays in Jimmy made good point I don't think that he would be a good locker room fit remember last season the bills players all said no one was bigger than anyone else. And you try to fit Dez Bryant in the he's gonna wanna be the guy. What all the endorsements do what all the attention. And I think it would be kind of disruptive to the process. Yes. No well I eighty here's the other thing to house is that when you bring in these quarter. These receivers that are divas. I don't want a cloud the judgment. Afford this new quarterback is going to be. Let's just assume and I think this is a safe assumption the bill's gonna draft a quarterback is OK it's all talk and I know that's our assumption right. I that quarterback who should be able to progress through his reads he should not feel pressured. To get the ball to a certain someone just because the certain someone is gonna. Carry the clout. Or the way or whatever you eggs that can work with a veteran quarterback that knows how to manage that don't need the rookie quarterback coming in having to deal with. And in terms of fan perception how much how how well did it go and seeming lack and said get me the ball more Paula did was sour him with a fan base. And you bring Dez Bryant in you know everyone's excited he's here and he starts griping. The fans of turned him in a minute. Well I think part of it would Joaquin was not only was he griping by. OK when the ball's going to get on the field you know it goes part and parcel there. I.s so Matthew server and coming up here in a little bit in the sports bar later today we will all so between some of the things you know like when you. Tune into sports bar wolf. Play I'll drink to that some provocative stalked three wrap your mind around shots coming up later in the sports bar will glass house. But it'd Manning seltzer is our producer today got these pretty got the music ready out of fri am putting them on a Friday I did save words ice storm. Okay. It's a year or two into the new. He error. House three you were here in 91 yen on his own. We lost power. For over week. End. You we'd move out of the house. Yeah we tried for a few days just to push in the count try to against the fireplace. Make a pretty old pretty quick. And then news I never gone to an ice storm before they'll lose the pretty new experience and in ninety wine here now I'm. I was at school all the time I'm missing so but I was here. In all three men those thing are always remember our whole three wise and that we were we lost power for a debt which wasn't that. That was also the final four weekend for the Syracuse large and I had friends and family without power. Also my house became the great place the watches him resort to the final four that was 2003 and I just remember how everything was kind of pretty and it was this time a year or so. Yeah it was cold out but it wasn't anything so cold it was gonna. You'll ruin your your night there if you didn't have heat and fatigue that guys don't mind no heat into electricity snow cable that really gets it. You know that's what why is it okay it could picture exactly. Second don't TV and searchers tonight. It is built so that yes so hopefully. This'll all passover but I'm sure that that'll be OB a big story on the news tonight. I so when now Walsh talk a little baseball. Greatness I think so so let's not take a break Matthew feared her in Syracuse boasted Buffalo Bills he really. Interest is. In a free agent by the name of Dez Bryant. I'm Matthew fair burn. True or false will do that coming up next year in sports park my esteemed tackler with Steve Howe spent today and then by seven he has been. Great job with no chaser. At street. Sports why would need your big tab on Rochester sports leader from 95 C. It. Sports parred the tackle in hell's been today danger. Two in the bad thing on his way to Cincinnati for youth soccer tournament but. Always stop and buying a Friday. Our favorite Matthew fear burns Syracuse post interfered and Friday we call admit he was always. Appreciate your time today the Buffalo Bills certainly losing some wide receivers. On this year on the depth chart gigantic Thompson going to Dow is here Jordan Matthews going into wing when. Would it be if that would Dez Bryant. I don't think so. I had another build badly need. Some wide receiver help. Just look at where there are a lot curve is at the moment. Green and a guy like does Bryant might you know not be that in terms. I think that Bryant probably gonna wanna go somewhere where he can win now and I don't know that the builder set up to do that either going to be playing live. AJ McCarron or a rookie cornerbacks so. But I'm dead Brian and I am probably picking a better location. You know and not to mention. He's gonna command quite a bit of money and they've made it clear that. You know they've tried to clear the decks and not make it. You know commit too much money to guys this year. I don't envision a scenario where that it worked out in my that price tag come out. That's if every Syracuse post standard as busy week here at Buffalo Bills let's go back to the role. Craziness. That was routine guy and you know announcing his retirement. Over social media the bills officially put it putting money reserve retirements. Do we know if Richie turned in the paperwork. To the NFL PA and Matthew were or does that even matter at this point. It sounds like he did he and stay on them. And retirement which means that would assume means eight filed paperwork some. Well early on that the process and I don't think it matters that sounds very much like keyed on the fact that the old says. You know put out that statement or at least you know put him on reserve retired means they think he's done. Obviously he changes his mind that she's now free to do. That is the property of about or so then they can decide what you know whether to bring him back and op. A thousand. From everything that that he Don that it's very abrupt it's a little later in the top seed in the you'd like but it. You know about that and that they've been dealt you know. I was the third key operative line and that they have fought the Nazis in one via trade. And according gone and then and record Richard kind you know too early retirement so. You know good luck could be rookie quarterback wind behind a brand new top of the line. If you Steve how soon here is sitting for a for danger today who will move ahead to look toward the draft but. It all the talk this week that every team cog veto was not happy with the team the pay cut his agent all of that do you think that played at all into this. It's not to say he's saying you know that it's helped related that it kidneys and liver are in great shape and tell me. You know I've virtually cut vetoed it and a little bit of a strange guy in I've heard anybody who watched his Twitter feed this week. What probably scratching their head wondering what the hell was going on inside and I've you know had. I tend to believe them if there is legitimate health treatment that pop up and if that's the case. I'm not sure that too too much of that could have to do with money right I mean what amount of money is gonna they keep keep flying. Even though there are health risks in doing so now. The contract is still interest in because the fact. He hired his agent over whether lead me to believe that he wandered very happy about the deal. Which is also strange to me because that would seem to be something that he would sign now on before. They happen so. A really weird couple weeks enriching 'cause he goes about what bill and and appears. And bit and all the ceremonies and it is time here but it was a reasonably except one. Museum is quoted Sports Illustrated is saying he would come back if the price was right. Right that's the weird part and he went. You want and sent back and then later in the day said that you know it was because his liver and kidneys shutting down. Look at I've literally problems and I'm not retiring. Right forgot to let. You know as its interest is because you know you you wonder hey. If he. Is that something you learned in the last couple of weeks or the last month or so woman that's something he's known about they have tendencies of physical. Ever hear that's where Eric what discovered is neck injury and obviously the second period something you can't play. The liver and kidney I mean that's very day I don't know what that means and obviously taken continues. Beating up on the line and probably than good for that depending on what it and I'm not a doctor I don't know exactly what he's the only. But I also think in the fact that he mentioned in the morning that at the price is right you'd come back mean there was some sort of game in the plying. In terms of the contract. Again weird because he agreed to restructure. And it didn't agree to it I don't know why he signed up on an agent doing that so. A lot of rear moving parts with the whole thing. I doubt the builder going to budge on a contract. After they argue agreed to restructure that contract. And how they actually have the light to go back and get the most signing bonus money so if they've got a little bit of money. In this whole deal. Many server in Syracuse boast they're one and one more question cunning con neo beaches when the story unfolds I'm automatically thinking OK this. This is going to waving Guam bulls and Anquan Boldin. Comes to buffalo all all I lost my love of the game I'm retiring okay pat have a nice career has a nice life it was a good career. And then all the sudden the reports that he's interest in common back. And credit the bills my opinion Matthew for you know putting out. The letter that they did in in making sure they held on to the right ankle Wimbledon Buffalo Bills will get some compensation. From whatever team that one aside and nothing ever came of it. Guess my question is do you think we could ever get to that point whether gene Cog Hill where they say a period she went back in the league. Knock yourself out go find yourself a deal on the net team can go come talked offs. Yeah it's possible. It all depends on where the relationship stands to divide will be interesting to topped. Economic term and Bernadine on Monday. Because. Forget a lot of different answers from Reggie and without bail out so it's hard to tell exactly where he stands in terms of that relationship of the seen. Would he try to stick it to the bill by coming back and won and played for a different team. May be I. I really doubt it but. It all depends on where the relationships and at the moment and I think that's something that is probably evolving in real time. And if he really did that some sort of deadline and want you know makes some contractual demand. I napping could get sticky and maybe you wanna come back and played some now let's not forget. It insight health reasons and he is going to be 35 years old I mean he played a lot of football. And you know I don't think he had something a lot in the tank and could play that game. But there are underlying health reasons they're competent that apple way I'm not sure don't matter whether you're about or points I'm Carl. Betty server Syracuse post standard so on now where the bills go on the offensive line because. Now earlier without your left guard and of course Eric Wood isn't coming back so. With what is left over Matthew how would the shake out. I guess at the moment you're probably looking at Rock the Vote on as your starting banner rising global Lorraine. At left guard and by the cops at right guard would need to be the way you view edit out. John Miller could compete for one of those guards. The it's not the worst scenario in the world Russell Bodine. Glad to and grind grind all do have experience. Starting in the NFL on you know. Some of those guys that higher level another there's they're not not a bad interior offensive line in the world. It is going to be pretty inexperienced group up front. You know beyond doubt and in its second year. Ryan grew Roy hasn't limited starting experience. And then you know that the rest of put it up on line voting to content. Jordan knows that it stays that way. You'd probably want had a rookie. One of those spots if not. Either honor guard combo guy. Whether Billy price from Ohio State frank rag now marketed. Lori you know maybe an opposite but exactly and I doubt that the priority for them both. That's an area of concern and culture and losing and literature and at the though. Just made it more than one. How deep can you go in the draft. Before you have to start looking for an offensive linemen you can finally Goodling in the fourth or fifth round can't trip. Yeah probably you gotta be a good raptor. I I would think especially at garden center you can get those guys a little bit late interior offensive lineman. Don't have that carry the same value at not at the tackles and you know you can still find pretty good one late. You know obviously court now and give it up and they cannot get back caliber guard. Later in the draft but you know frank Bragg now at probably second or third round pick. Billy price could drop the second or third round. I think those guys are plug and play guys Jane Daniel from Iowa. Another one net debt can. Probably jumping the start right away those are three really good prospects. That are probably day to ethics. If you wait till date agreed there's going to be somewhat though he well I mean. I think particularly. On the interior of the O line you can definitely wait and still on the starter it's just a matter wrote. How good you are trapped. So I since you don't feel like some bills being discern a freak out over the bills have to change their whole draft philosophy. Because you're losing income beat. No I don't think any it drastically changed their approach and not. It's one guy right you know I mean Richie Incognito into a key player no doubt. He's the guys that very important to to what they did the last few years especially run the football and to have court declined Eric Wood in which in a needle all that on. Coming up on the line a couple of years ago that made it the number one rushing unit you know up. Obviously initially. But I don't think you know. Guarded anymore the priority now in the early than one and the number one priority in the strap it's still to find and identify a you know quarterback of the future and I don't think we didn't guard should change that approach at all I I think. He had made the Icrc that they're here. Could likely get probably you can get a garter. Third fourth around. If the third fourth round pick is going to get a deal done to move up into the top five in your quarterback. I don't think that there aren't we can't do it we just bought lots retreat and you know we really need that fourth rounder defined under guard in our guys. Yeah and do what got you got a quarterback and the bigger the crackdown on the fly and you know particularly whether a position like garlic I think you can. You don't have you know struck out about it I think those guys are important but they're not necessarily guys but here. You know building your trap. And the number one priority here is still the quarterback. Think the build it oh. Anti severance Syracuse post standard our guest Monday's actually going to be a big day as. Players report for the first day of offseason in conditioning here oh DA's I guess would be the term they might use. Matthew were expecting Sean McDermott and brain and being them both speak on Monday cell. I know we ask the question who's the top quarterback and your board your your you know they not give you an answer but. What what are you looking to learn off from brain and being in Sean McDermott on Monday. Yeah I would actually open. They would bring cornerback org we commend apple had. The previous big white board shooting. You never know until they asked. You know you never know I entered and got. I think. If you think dollar interest in the welcome here is black and learned absolutely not income on the and that Brendan being that sometimes a little bit. More forthcoming but this is the first I'm going to get he and in this setting that the you know how secretive years or how to play there. I think there's interest in ways that you can and you know learn from me. You're not gonna learn anything by and paid on. Is gonna talk about how they need every position and everything. And you know they're not gonna sentiment that about anybody got a but you can you know ask them what it thinks it quarterback you know. Little things like that there you can kind of corralled around on some a lot of see how they late or they get it I don't ask about. It. And then they'd move up and trade on. And we don't get you know the benefit a year from now when we're talking about at that and remember last year this is how they. Said they felt about them and then that is what they've in the draft but that's where I think it can become a valuable exercise does. You sit there and you say wow look at all the stuff they said about these quarterback. They were totally different in this spot because they obviously didn't like that I would ever done. Know what they're not gonna bring their organs and you know we've the other crap on. You never know lawmakers are not here there are so although recently that you. So do you assume that they are looking to maybe begin up to number two would this trip out to California to have me a one on one session with him to Arnold. I would say their openness to get to number two or you know get publicized possible. I think the trip out to California the heat and Arnold would suggest. They think there's a possibility. That he's not a slam dunk number one and and that would mean that you have maybe they go up and number two. And and take a shot at a I still think. That other than Donald goes number one or egos number two with a giant bat. My gut feeling is that if the ground. Do convinced themselves that got towns were number one pick I don't think number two pick because you know I think the giant but there's a then Arnold I think suitability got to do their homework on all these guys because they don't know exactly how it's gonna shake out and they need to be prepared in the united. When it comes to public perception you know it Santa going to be excited but it. Give you one scenario it's the Buffalo Bills trading up to number two and they draft Josh Allen. Scenario number two. They'll stay number twelve in the draft Josh down. It is there a difference there Matthew as far as you know how how the public might perceive Josh talent. Yeah I think there is quite frankly when you get about. What it would take to get up to number two you're talking about bowl first rounder this year probably to second rounder maybe an additional first. And actually strap yeah but that's gonna change the perception as opposed to hitting merit on the loan and taken Jack accountable. That not only not gonna change you know it'll change the perception and the pressure on him but it also going to change. The perception of kind of being John McDermott and how that played the only thing because. When you move up to number two and a quarterback you know it looks. Like you really you know got after it and duke got talent. I tend that they looked a little bit desperate if you apparent on the wild and that they just down. It looked at the shrewd move you use that backlog or all of you involved in all of you know one of the top guys LB. That's certainly change the production but not in a vacuum when you look at that you say got sound though the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. I don't know how many you know about public and divide the people on the day that I did something not. You know ultimately. It won't it becomes a sprint out quarterback. Nobody cares where I honestly if he'd become the complete spot. Obviously it's more noble honorable man there he moved up on the news. But it probably equally as that it is their number twelve of them so I think he had changes perceptions a little bit. Ultimately. The only other point I would make is that if you give up all those picks that. You guys that you can surround back. And increases and is that. It. It definitely and that's what they're considering it you know. Not only look at these guys don't work out I'd expected among the top five or whatever that they get up there. Matthew you for folks who don't know you you. You have studied this since the last draft has ended you went to mobile you have done your homework are always prospects. From the Buffalo Bills standpoint. If you're calling the shots that rule which will one of these quarterbacks would you say would be war. Trading up into the top five and that's a loaded question knowing. Not knowing but let's just say we all kind of assume what the compensation would be which would be an it minimum here to first runners but. As far as top five quarterbacks in this draft. Who would you make that trade for. I'd make it for Josh Rosen. No doubt without hesitation I'd give up the package I just talked about all first and second in the future of fruit. Development of the Truman got. I've been feeling to be a the he he's. Very consistent in his mechanics he's. Just of the best pure passer in the strap maybe the best pure passer. In the last and all of years. Very very clean prospect. I think he has. What it takes between the years. I think is going to be great leader and you know I'll buy it let you know the perception about a minute I think he's I would not kill them that they did percent aren't. There are some blog and Arnold gain by I think the upside there is tremendous. The ability. To create out of structure and and provide. And trying to have a natural feel pressure no pressure moment. That you know hard to each of them Donald had a lot well he's another one I would look at. After that I start to get a little bit Dicey Joshua Allen and besides he had the arm has the athleticism. But he had to put it all together Wyoming and I wonder if they'll be able to do it yet though. Baker made field I'd like I think he's a guy that could very well become a franchise quarterback he's not a guy that I want to bet against. All right he's the guy again you know IE and some of the physical limitations. You know could hold them back by. He's probably the third one that I would consider good or honestly. Lamar Jackson in that conversation to the only reason I'd say it might not be looked at it because you might not. Moved up I guess you could probably sit back. Incapable of picking and out by eight you know we talked about a lot yeah I think he's a guy that. Has every bit the up side to these other quarterbacks have. And you know maybe people are you know dealing and that led. Immediate it's our reality. So you wouldn't trade up to number four then I get this give away the farm to get them before and take whichever quarterback is left. It depends Brooklyn black I don't think I would hate and you know it got you down incident or war. I'm not at all would be idea given up whatever it would take to get up and on the foreign take action now and that's why I think you start law. And act a little bit desperate you know because. You want to have some control of the situation but I don't know that there. And it goes back to the Senior Bowl we've been talking about that there's a lot that they don't have control you don't have control over who pick up the ball and then. Do you want to work out a trait that you don't have control over which quarterback of the on the in which one you're going to be able to get an. That up because they're in the position without so much crap capital. That you know you don't know when you're gonna have that many Mexicans in such a quarterback witchcraft. On the one hand I think that take advantage of that but you have to also pay tribute well and today. You know what they did our board we have this guy you know if you're segment got talent there and have greater than that first round of the you don't go up and get them you know you don't go up and go about everything that they can get him just because people lack cornerback on the board. Just because you like to have it on that flight have to have a plan BE EE at all the way down because. You need to be prepared for these scenarios and become completely nude. The worst case scenario when you get comfortable with the worst case scenario. That's when they're a really great spot because then you're not going to be desperate and out and reaching here not to you know screw up by giving up in the apex. And find your regime in your career. I guy that you don't have a strong conviction. So you have answered my next question which was do you think the bills brain trust knows who they want to or they just figuring out who they're gonna get when it's their turn or how to get there. I think it's a combination I think they know who they are at at this point you know. I believe we're going to be in all throughout the process January that come mind. All the different interviews being done when he says you have you don't know me haven't overboard now not buying that they've had all these guys that the final piece of the puzzle. If you don't know now when you're not gonna now in an extremely got two weeks until the draft board should be. They're out of LA. In it and Arnold this is the final. Piece of the and I think they should at their board they should add it. Not only at the guy's brain and grade it. They should have. The answer to the question you get that meat which of these guys would you trade up sport where would you trade out how much would you be on again about. Beyond that they also need to have a a preparation I'm okay. We've had preliminary conversations with a giant brown Bob goes here's where we're and those conversations here's. The package they're looking for here is what we're willing to about. You know. We're not gonna go beyond that point all of those things yet that all of that figured out. Very intricate process very much more involved than normal crap obviously a lot more work capital under the strap. I am a boom dropped the ball because in a global grab it there and Ortiz. What have you declared that the board and you know all on the media quarterback of you have all the extra build that. And I trade up could be part of the equation. They get very complicated and that's why quite frankly is the career defining go out there going to be. He is Matthew feared her thumb on Twitter and Matthew stare burned and next week the Buffalo Bills back. In Western New York a lot of players for the offseason conditioning of course the draft now thirteen days away now and I'm counting Matthew. I think you appreciate your time Matthew have a group great weekend. Think Matthew server in Syracuse post standard. Just dawned on me too much like prom time. You know you know who you wanna ask to the prom you know at this point is just a matter of where you are in the pecking order would that prom date possibility envoy who she wants to go. With say I want this thing I don't have a tendency to the prom but she seems to like Joseph better than me so if she goes would jolt. Then I'll have to settle for Caroline. Why the heck is it a little. It was a Josh Allen already turning down the browns yeah yeah I tackling that data browns are the the girl nobody can get a date with us. But she's good Dickson yes he's next we will allow political trick to that some thoughts for you to raptors find your round I don't know I recover after that. Had the sports heart attack when housed in. In for danger today on ESP in Rochester. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. Site danger out today we've got Steve house many we've got producer Manny gentlemen you remember how this works. That's an okay now I'm gonna read something in the and you agree or disagree I'm actually getting off the board here. Not sports on and it'll pop culture. Is sad story actor comedian Will Ferrell involved in a 2 car accident this morning it was serious apparently but ED apparently he should be okay is that he flipped over. I like Will Ferrell I get to meet the person that doesn't think Will Ferrell is funny. I think how rare that is and all his movies at a mall old school Talladega nights anchorman who else also gathering. How is I have never been disappointed. In a movie that has wolf there. Or an episode of cited in his life yeah I'll drink to that. So I'll drink to that. Well it's who's to blame for this one calling cap critic. And the Seahawks are lined up to bring in cabinet for his first work out but the NFL team since he became a free agent. But at the last minute you may have heard it was called off and here's why inside business seeing the Seahawks demanded to know what the company still playing that. Neil during the National Anthem or they to sign him. Now before you decide you'll drink to that his that the work I was all scheduled then at the last minute the kneeling thing came up. Japanese response was that he was focused on football would not agree to any preconditions. And that is when Seattle call things are so I think Dick happening here. I Seattle and a bunch of guys who knelt Seattle had a budget as you know during intimate season no questions are asked by the team so what do you. Khalid capita is kneeling standing allowing that in his back and begin to believe that this collusion grievance with the NFL has legs. Well. Yeah I will drink to that I think it's notable that when Kapanen didn't play at and deal with C efforts as collateral it. He was standing when he came to buffalo eating meal. So now he's going to Neil I mean to me just seems like a a peeing match that the officers or. So I'll drink to that. Penn State running back what's the sequel Barkley was spotted at a barber shop yesterday in Pennsylvania wearing a giants sweatshirt group the rocks but he was the jets fan. And I try not to read too much into these tea leaves but it's all the more reason I think the giants may have had something to him me pick me pick him at the second spot. His own now all know we just they gave them a free sweatshirt that song was you get free gear when you go on these visits I remember. Gosh who's been defenseman now want my drawing a blank he signed with the doubles at the rookie OK somebody you'll tweet it and anyways he was wearing sabres here what was only because. Sabres games and gear. There are any heads in our your your broke college kid at this point. Matty assembly gave you a teacher that says I love bins will you Wear it you know you are one step it up for what do you have an affiliation so which I think that's not bills related to our guests. I agree with Gino in this one there is a game you'll take anything it's free objects. So I'll drink to that NBA playoffs begin tomorrow on ESPN Rochester we're gonna to get San Antonio Golden State. All right ready here's my NBA finals prediction parole at tape that's ulcer. Not Golden State's. And not Cleveland. Who. The public may not like this but I'm telling you NBA NBA fans wore here's your finals folks. Can be Houston getting through the topsy. And representing the east. Philadelphia. From rather rides ahead of schedule however I see Houston taking you know 2000 degrees. I agree with Houston taking all Philadelphia is there but not quite all the way there. That tournament would that solve. That. Energy guys addresses to keep in Chicago missed I skipped school to go to the cubs' opening day only to be comforted by his own principle also blown off the day it's. Fourth grader who was with his family carried the senate since skipping school shall tell the principled and somehow. Their eyes met. The kids and he quickly ducked down we didn't want comparable to see him in the principal said you know I see him either. I'll drink to baseball in this one. Especially nobody there we we feel Levy parents take the kids out of school for reasons way worse than this baseball is fully traditions especially Wrigley Field. The principal said he wouldn't hold with cookie kit against the Euro for a fruit skipping school to go to the game. And how could he especially since the principal had his fifth grade they're begin to bets. House I know you say it was remarkably Woodrow mom take you out. Absolutely. Well I would just gonna have snuck in first of all yes absolutely if you can't. You've got to go to opening day. If you think about is the only sport. We say opening day can you know would not listen suggestion Dan Mason a staff we have an opening gate two because it feels like it didn't happen that could be and let's let's make good on the. So I'll drink to that well national sports sites cannot get enough of Jhonny Gonzales and ironic I'm talking about him. Every single supreme leak performance it's talked about I've had enough of man's Al I think that it's time to move on from an NFL teams. Probably are picking up the phone call anytime soon. They need to see just a little bit more than one tomb to spring games is not doable if he's willing to. Put in the time at a spring league or. You know he does deserve the coverage he's receiving Mac and however I think that NFL teams are monitoring this and at some point somebody's going to much. We do dig deep in the ESPN some night when he's playing for the CFL to watch him yeah it's absolutely yes of course is if filtered. Overpay I'll drink during that. I. Steve how's she likes himself look good at hiding candy at our guest here in the sports bar on 957 ESP and now I love playing. Ask house as it feels like we catch up. Every odd couple months here in the sports bar between the drought between the Sox between. I hate where the bill's gonna do on the offensive line. I know you have take two more were uptake here will do that coming up we have time for your calls at 454 ESP and by the way thank you to everybody who wrote in. It's will torture that was all that's been that couldn't I couldn't pick pick out the other defensemen for the devils who sabres brought in for a visited Dublin he opted to sign. With the New Jersey amateur hockey tonight we'll talk later would Don Stevens as well danger will call on the road he sickened road trip to Cincinnati was his daughter's. I was deemed to tackle it was Steve housed and today many cells are producing this is the sports bar night Tyson and ESPN.