The Sports Bar-Hour 1- Mike Barber

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys reevaluate the Bills offseason plan at QB. Mike Barber from the Richmond Times-Dispatch joins the show to talk about Senior Bowl standout Kyle Lauletta.


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The sports car with dangerous do exactly this is an immediate issue. I'm talking 28 season with a deadline well before opening day if we don't get this deadline. Big games will be played a frontier feel we were so well under way here we'll go to break. About the good news coming your FaceBook there. Already itself. Mike danger for the Rochester red wings were class organization and work in a class league the International League that's why the muscle mass the company didn't say hey we have a deadline. It's march 1 gene exactly. There needs to be handed a paper by march 1. In the league office. Or else the contingency plan portable will go into place. Leslie Frazier bills defensive coordinator has been requested for an interview he's going to be doing that on Saturday a cycle. Took a shot. Buffalo plan. And by putting that focus on these Olympic Games on the world's. Clark to showcase their very excited about the opportunity Rochester sports leader and 9570. EST yes drag. And after no one pulled a stolen join us the sports bar is open for business with danger and Bagley appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Radio dot com of the radio dot com app just search on ESP in Rochester and you'll find us. Mike danger here G tech we have there a danger ready for the weekend now aren't I am ready for the week and I'm I'm this puts us right out there. The Olympics start this weekend yes they do curling. I don't know alone. Return or go look at we go this morning talk a little curling action. Listen. Eight is some haters out there calling it shuffle board on ice. He's don't know the strategy you call botch a nice spot GR nine inch bought John a lot. Appreciate sport for what it is. These these people are drinking at least a six pack before they get on the ice play curling. That ain't easy. I can't wait bomb book if you have trouble sleeping tonight. Know that with the time difference you probably flip around walk catch live action and that we'll help you get back to click yes yes it go she. She acts. It's fast it's so much love and they can't wait for some curling and has dug a little bit of Olympic fever. We're gonna talk to Rochester is gold medal Olympian this afternoon in the sports bar. Yeah before we have Brian Gionta. Before Rochester we had a happy one back. We had an athlete we do have an athlete. Her name is Cassie turner Cathy turner gold medalist 19921994. Danger I'm excited that she's gonna come and share our experiences approaches to she's always been Rochester prob that's been the cool thing. And then nine after her career she's been our communities so. I'm just curious what it's actually like for these athletes tonight going into these games. A picture I mean you know the opening ceremonies of already happened right we'll see them on TV tonight tape late form but the you know what. What is that feeling that deal. Paint a picture of what it's like to be there with teen USA representing your country and being a part. Of this global event the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics going to be phenomenal. Down him what happens after two I mean Cathy turner. As ninety's she was a household name and may need you pop Rochester celebrities was right up there so I excited that she's coming in today. And we'll talk some Olympics in. I'm just curious how. Meat dish he not wanna watch her she'd be tuning in like the rest of us are wonder what her level of interest now is here in between thing. Yeah she joins us 425 this afternoon sports bar with danger and the technically yesterday we had a conversation with WK BW's Joseph the stallion. One of the best bills if not the best built be router out there eighty brought up and injure staying up point to us Jeannie in I think it leads to why we wanted to talk to his many people as we can. Prior to the draft to find out as much as we can. But some of the prospects that are out there a quarterback and what Scalia said was that. He thinks the bills it would be wise for the bills in free agency to take a step back in terms of the quarterback position and wait. Until after the draft you'll have a better idea what your team looks like after the draft what other teams look like after the draft and then you can go out there. And find that bridge guy. That is assuming you move on from Tyrod Taylor which you'll have known by that point. It might young comfortable here while other teams are making moves now and understand that. Bought most Galley out brings up two points and if you want to weigh in on this we welcome all of you points for five for ESPN 4543776. Is a tournament. In point number one being the obvious one the money. Armed yeah we're not talking Jimmy grapple money detectives set the market. So drop below get snapping cousins is gonna get more what you think tastes genome is going to make public key stake. Sam. Brad Bird is going to make are you willing. To chip off that much of your salary cap to somebody that in a perfect world shouldn't be your starter two years from. If you're being fiscally responsible and 28 teen your best bet is to go with the cheapest free agent option that's out there that still makes sense while drafting. A young prospect. That your high on going in getting your guy in the draft and we're gonna talk with. Mike Barbour later this hour he right through the Richmond times dispatch went to the Senior Bowl yup and was watching and covering a column that. Who was the MVP of the senior poll being nice and a little bit more about him. Where he could potentially end up. After the Tony eighteen NFL draft and is acts is how to fit for the Buffalo Bills. Assuming they do take a quarterback at some point maybe it's not first round maybe they wait until the sec or dessert that high on them. Will see wolf find a little bit more about collateral we talked to Mike barber. Of the Richmond times dispatch year little little bit here about twenty minutes or so in sports bar with danger mechanically but you know in talking about. The free agency what these guys potentially get. This Sam Bradford is an example when he's eighteen million dollars last year. Eighteen million dollars for Sam Bradford for wide one real big game. At employee noticed an eight. Oh my god that's two appearances yet while three touchdowns. I can run down that we did this Texas is almost exact same exercise last year at this time. Where each is run down the list of free agents and you try to find. Something anything that's inspiring that makes you think okay yeah I can be at peace with the I'm looking at this list and it's hard Jeanne it's really really tough okay. I'll make a point where you go ahead and grab a lot less are right so. If you look at the very top. Of the listed it strawberry ice. But everybody kind of knows he's going to New Orleans he's gone back. 24 quarter million dollars and 2017. He'll probably come back to New Orleans and sign a new deal. He'll probably ask for just a little bit more ending were awful per year but they'll be sure to three years something like that dirty matching Kirk cousins he's gonna make a mint. He'll be the highest paid quarterback in the league right which is a joke but. Hat tip their hand for reading the market correctly last year San rap for me eighteen million dollars. Jay Cutler is a free agent he made ten million Mohawk now. Josh McCown. Is a free agent made six million dollars for New York Jets last year. Played in thirteen games posted almost thirteen almost 3000 yards threw for eighteen. Touchdowns this is where you say hi was right Jeanne Mika 23 touchdowns total when you factor in the five rushing touchdowns he had. Good numbers. Good numbers are numbers that jets are not gonna stand pat. Good numbers for the jet a good number for jets quarterback and an affordable at six million dollars. I mentioned that at the end of last season and I got killed I'm guilty I guilty everybody aren't guilty and any look. I again. I wouldn't want him to be your opening day starter we made fun of Josh McCown and we will we had lever fell down with us before the season is certainly a just battalion likely going to be fun any and you know what lever felt. For what it's worth was right the email a lot happen in office it didn't have a lot going on. Shoddy run game. Right but all foul Matt Forte and no good knees. Hobby Anderson. Will eat right. It's not a good offense. Eddie put up pretty decent numbers in the thirteen games that he played in Josh McCown meets six million last year he's a free agent. Drew Stanton. Is a free agent. Played five games in Arizona after Carson Palmer blue. Oh thanks. Can make issuing Chad Henne night and picks up. How about running Fitzpatrick. 35 years old you've been seeing a lot of that around one bills you run the last. Yeah yeah anything going to be in town again for the Freddy Jackson I don't know why he wouldn't be at their threads IAE. Yeah I was on the John Murphy showing he was supporting me and Derek would. Some Irish 35 years. Sold he played in six games when James was who was hurt last season over 11100 yards seven passing touchdowns three interceptions. Ryan Fitzpatrick made three million dollars last year too we do better than this Patrick well now I would love to tell you that it gets better after that. Now. I mean I'm gonna throw just a little laundry list of suck catch you when you tell me what you can live with if you're bills that disease of the free agents that are available. I'm Derek Anderson. Mark Sanchez. Case Tina we mentioned. Matt Moore. Miami Scott told seeing at all. A Teddy Bridgewater will be a free agent. Geno Smith is a free agent Kellen Clemens. How Brady. And guide. Chase Daniel. Our very own Joseph Webb is a free all kept our. That's not an option right so we talked cast video. Listen Joseph Webb made 900000 last year. We're talking third stringers now right we're not talking about starting caliber quarterbacks and lets you consider Blaine Gabbert. EJ Manuel. Brought DOS Weiler starting caliber quarterbacks. That's. This list is Tom savage. He's starting caliber quarterback he's TJ Yates the starting caliber quarterback and we saw you ate here and I would say no. Yates had four games. For touchdowns. There interceptions. 523 yards. Not impressive. I will make this point. And you were right danger we went through this exercise and I know Groundhog Day was what last Friday and it feels like Groundhog Day again. But if we roll the tape back from last year when we're going through the whole list. We wouldn't. There rams offense. OK GI Omar got nick falters written oh so apps there's not a lot of these yuck names. On that list is going to pop. Or somebody. Bought go back to the scalia's point point number one is the market's going to be too high when the first names go off the board because yes what hectic a flyer reporter absolutely it's gonna get overpay absolutely. So we let the market settled down number one employee number two he may. And I think this is something we've got to keep in mind as we look to freeze enables I get the sense or not can be beat players off the bat because Brandon Venus. We've heard this from a few is going to work the compensatory. Formula. Mean more free agents out the door. Eight compared to free agents coming in a while lie you might get a third fourth round pick the following year. All right so explain that again if if the bills have in the bills have a handful of free agent this year right. Let's say the bills lose. EJ gains in Preston brown. And they re signed Joseph weapon again is just hypothetical. Okay is that they lose two guys they resigning lab. And they bring in somebody else on the way I understand that to be you week yet. It's long you have a net loss on that thing you can you're so you've got eighteen free ass right now eighteen free agents of the Buffalo Bills if you lose ten of them. And you only bring in five. Free agents Bryant your do compensatory draft pick form right and there is some sort of it it's not a cut and dry formula danger or your awarded. Brandy is not gonna go shopping. Right off the bat for these guys. You're gonna have. A secondary market ending that's where the court that the veteran quarterback will come into these Buffalo Bills because. Would look at Ryan Fitzpatrick for example OK right last two years Ryan Fitzpatrick was cited the very last second one was that. Because teams figured. So that's what we are the if you're not gonna pay top dollar for any of these guys then goal goal while wash now. The guy in the middle there you bring up. Life Jane can I'm coming around they're just a little bit is the guy who started for the jets last year Josh and account. Is Josh McCown a guy you could wait out until June. I'm guessing not I'm guessing I teams look at that and say hey. I was like dad leases my numbers to make with a chance to be a bridge quarterback to number one and think all the teams in the average quarterback buffalo Arizona we can go numb all list if you want. Certainly he could go back to the jets it's probably your odds on favor if we're talking about average quarterback. Don't the bills already have one on their roster. No Joseph Webb is not a not. Let me know or have gone into donate Peter it. They are lower. Listen we're all we all saw what we saw last year in the you know they have an inspired a ton of confidence and Tyrod Taylor. We've seen enough to know this is not a guy that's gonna get to the Super Bowl he's good enough to get you to a playoff game. Barely but he was good enough to be handles himself and he's good in the locker room right he's he's somebody that the team his teammates like. Because of how he handles himself because of the work he puts in. But it's clear that the coach is a kind of moved on from him and at that you know Shawmut German it did him probably don't have much more than a business relationship cracked. Well. If you're talking about spending. The kind of money that some of these guys are gonna command whether it be up a case Kino must Sam Bradford Teddy Bridgewater. What when why not just. Have Tyrod Taylor as your bridge quarterback. Is he a better option than Josh McCown. Go look at the numbers to fit right is eight. Danielle watcher media is depending what you want is your desire the desire. Somebody who steps US in judgment county get out their and he can me you know rush for a few yards here and there but I mean the guys that it kind of injury prone battering guy. But also will of god works hard got the prepares guy that did a lot with nothing in New York. Tyrod Taylor's gonna have a long career in this league. Because to me if he hits the market. He would beat the number one backup quarterback for any team. A quarterback. Who smarts quarterback who. Understand the playbook but he doesn't have all the flow of the point being dangers got to turn the ball over we can go over the at the positive attributes of Tyrod Taylor. The question is do you wanna. Do you wanna paint the house or not he's really that's what it comes down to where you just tired of looking at that 1980s look on your house. You want a new new book is that really that's the question your when it comes at Tyrod did we call. Smartly guy we saw enough plays of Tyrod Taylor where it's like parties is not processing. He's not process he's not picking up there's something missing there but you've got it a new offensive coordinator now that maybe maybe if he spent some time maybe days. Maybe there's something else. I'm just throwing out there that. When you look at who's out there now available in free ages senior assume some of these guys are gonna make money they're gonna go get theirs. Yup you pay case key to a case Kean is probably gonna make he comes your guy he becomes your franchise quarterback. Are you comfortable with case keen image or franchise quarterback I'm not. Uncomfortable with the bridge guy but nobody's gonna pay him like down. Well you can go back to Europe team the bears there. I wedding and it to a gland and it is gonna relieve some kind how much boom debt monies that can be an ounce of I mean maybe they don't release may be he stays is back I don't know what he's an expensive back. He's not a free agent did you know that it'll change in and you know. They'll work their formulas in the work to capital for growth the best course of action is but when you look at the free agents right now the people that are out there right now it's hard for me to find a name. That works. That is better. Know what the bills already half sorry. It's not an endorsement of Tyrod Taylor are just it is. I eight Aggie I you're you're saying I'm just not picking up any signal out of one bills drive though this is zeman on the table and I think when we talk about should they consider this let's go back to. December 2016. We all remember that it's a week between Christmas and New Year's and packets a day after Christmas. And Rex Ryan says they ought to start Tyrod Taylor and a conference call the nurse is no we're not. With the GM backing among upper or one and it did that too. I get I always go back to the man behind the curtain. And the man behind the curtain has never been fully behind Tyrod Taylor. And this point last year we all soon Tyrod would be gone. Might. Sean McDermott comes in and says you know what there really isn't a better option out there I'm sorry mister Dougal. And that's what leads in my opinion to the exit of adult whale. You think Terry Google wants to hear that again and I aide Terry Google is presented as a hands off owner. And that's only because he doesn't talk through the media and rarely does he give interviews. But I am of the opinion and we have circumstantial evidence of him watching film during. You know training camp something owners normally don't do. Then he'll weigh in here at some point. If we ever really ai if we speculate that he waited on the benching of Tyrod Taylor yes right I mean I don't know that to be fact. We don't believe that that's true we could eat this not on the realm of possibility. And went owners start meddling in the affairs of player personnel and who should start Newt. That's who you see teams get dysfunctional that's in east sea teams making mistakes. Let the football guys make those decisions should have trust and faith in those guys right Blake. He hired Brandon mean to do a specific job you're hired Sean McDermott to do a specific job let them be the. While some of their represented that that was my Lai a you know decision of course you know and that's the right thing to do just type I think we can all wonder but again I. I'm just a lot if for we're bringing back the is this really an option I. I don't believe the ownership is they're gone home on Tyrod and we have yet to hear anything. You know as far as I Reichman back. I pay and I'm not advocating for that. If if you moved on from Tyrod Taylor that's that's fine boy from a dollar standpoint what you're saying is he would be. You gonna I wanna say bargain but it does yeah we're gonna save money by releasing him any you don't have to pay in the six million dollar roster bonus redo all of that and that's that's fine. Each year being responsible and I understand why are making those moves but when you look at who's left out there and the free agent market. Cool. I don't know that any these guys give you a better chance of winning the Tyrod Taylor maybe. Pound may be. That's a big may be in that certainly isn't sex appeal nothing sexy about saint Josh McCown is starting your Tony eighteen seasons. And I don't for the record wanna go on pay eighteen million for Sam Bradford if that's when markets no apps sold Enron. Stock. I don't wanna pitcher Matt Moore I don't wanna pay for. But the fact Fitzpatrick. Oh. They eat it during the John Murphy she 00 he's coming up the pumps irons idea though don't it. Do I kinda get ready for the beard. On my gosh. Well this is why we have the conversations such an imposition it and when you're talking about free agents. You know the dominoes he default there. Of course the draft will follow after free agency opens and we are talking about the bills in this draft of course quarterback is going to be part of that conversation. What direction they go to they put together a package to move up in the drafting get their guy did he sit tight. Do they take a quarter of 12122. Or. As many mocks have shown do they go defense first. With 1222. And wait on a quarterback in the second round and if you look at who's available or could be available in the second round. A name that is emerged out of the Senior Bowl university Richmond quarterback Mike Kyle a letter we're gonna talk to Mike barber of the Richmond times dispatch next in this. Port jab he covers the ACC mainly. The cavaliers in Virginia tax so it really a deep one of the Ryder Cup because. Richmond is. You know in the in a news he went down to the Senior Bowl so why it's gonna be good to catch up and I wanna learn more about how loud I'm sure you do too. So why is going to be a fun conversation like Barbara Richmond times dispatch joining us next in the sports bar danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester Juno and actually just. Yes I mean you don't need me reminding you. Found times. You when your girlfriend or your wife lot of danger forgot you all. Make the pitch. Close that door. Get this total which is dotted. What better day. So are some I don't think that was part of the read here. We go off scribe Melissa. And sell yeah. While we're talking about the world's softest jam is available exclusively at the camera Graham dot com. That's been Gemma Graham dot com they're created by a team of the JAMA experts. Easily jam as are the world's softest generals are lighter than a cloud they're softer than a bunny. They're like Cashmere only they're better than Cashmere she's got along the way the world's softest began Muslim concealing you're gonna love the way could they caress her every perk. More than a gift there a feeling in invitation for her to relax. And one in the world saw just jam those are available only at Gemma Graham dot com doesn't today and given the soft this warmth and comfort she deserves plus. You don't have to worry about gift wrapping because every bit jamming Gramm includes three gift packaging. And Valentine's Day delivery is guaranteed. So don't way. Go to the Gemma Graham dot com or call 1800. Give KM 950. 957 epidemic streaming online that ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester Iraq plus boards liter VE SPN Rochester him. In the sports bar with danger and protect live really wanna talk to the best and brightest minds out there the people that are smarter and won't make you smarter. Just for listening to ESPN Rochester new comes to. Breaking down the game film of how we'll let. Universe ever truly go right to the source talking about Mike Barbour the Richmond times dispatch joins us now in the sports bar Mike how are you. We'll give thanks for that introduction that was quite the artists that. Well could appreciate it might go work you know the I think a lot of us have heard the name Kyle allowed on. And to kind of give your point of reference you're Iran here in the heart of Buffalo Bills country in the bills and in need of a quarterback and maybe that's a quarterback they take him round water crowd around too but certainly. Column letter it's fair to say he's a quarterback to certainly help himself flood during Senior Bowl week. Yeah I think so I think I'll kind of went there and I mean that respectfully. I think he went there is a little bit of an unknown commodity mr. You know people knew his number nearest productivity. They saw some things on sell what they like they have some questions and I think for the most part Kyle answered them really well I think the biggest that he did in mobile. Was he was sick but first it. And it was a little shaky. He was one of the guys down there that really stood out because got better each day and that means. He responded to NFL coaches and I think that's supplement but especially quarterback. An eagle scout remote. Talk about his season there at the university Richard knew we also other. The MVP performance at the Senior Bowl what was his season like for the spiders. This number were great era this season over politics and I was it was a little disappointing but an interesting thing about college is coming off that knee injury. A year ago he really led the team so to be in May be an FCS championship level team but I got her right at the embassies missed the playoffs and I spent the off season. We have been and cannot prove 500 ought. In his first game in a new law bans all that knee surgery. I think it really set the tone that any this was a guy you can build this your Richmond offense around and offensively they were very good. To walk on the up and a lot of work it was great defensively. So I think the record is ordained by. Terms of what you're looking for the next level I was able shall. Mike. Barbary covers the ACC for the Richmond times dispatch he's our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Mike what is so fared what do we know about Kyle a lot of the person what do we know about. Hey he's backgrounds. You know how close is he to his family what what can you share about impersonal. Then there is a really doesn't get these really. He's fascinated by a wide range of things not just all a discredit to the internship. It is all season. Looking at a market studies or could consumers to all the difference between a real diamond that mistake diamond and they couldn't. You know what would they will of the paper that they diamond you know knowing that. He told the state in I talked to work with and so what was it was just kind of a cool thing to do in the off season and get some credit he said. How long letter wanted to know everything there was to know about market research about diamonds about a whole process. I did that usually goes to a person now. Not that was necessarily gonna go into that a lot of work is that what he's got something in front of them immerses himself in at. That he playbook or offensive coordinators or Steve which is a little ridiculous correctly. And the fourth offensive coordinator Jeff Burton who's there now told me that when Jeff took the job at Richmond. I won't let it was the first guy who called and he said I want to know what you are wanna know what we're going to be running wanna know that it was a big how was nervous rapper and it's wanted to start today this is my new assignment how what you're working on it as fast as possible so I figure you're going to enter into what kind of but kitty. Sounds he's Smart sells eggs got a little bit of a work ethic. As we continue with Mike Barbour the Richmond times dispatch talking about how low lad. Graduating from by the University of Richmond spider quarterback going on. Now into the NFL on the come by and on the way in scouts Mike had him pegged. And with a little bit of a lack of an NFL arm a little lack of NFL arm strength if that's even a thing is that overrated treat your opinion can you. Straight to your arm of the course of time in and shouldn't offensive coordinator designed be designing schemes that. That high your weaknesses if you have a little bit weaker arm. Jack I think there's definitely. It's just it took it to be aware of obviously you're spending your number one overall pick top five pick in the draft. You want bet big on that arm strength along with all of the other aspects of quarterback. As you go down the board and you're looking prospects. Is not having the biggest army is that the number one. Sin for prospect depends you talk to I don't think so and a lot of and a belt I don't think so. How well let it has stronger arm to play in the NFL. He does not have the big storm certainly didn't have been on the Columbine and to your point at which are what they were able to do distinct advantage of what you did. He has tremendous anticipation. Has tremendous understanding of the offense. He's a guy who could. OK if you would be very rarely under doable because he knew where the ball into the where the hole in the defense was going to be you get the offense very well now. When you get the had a sell those windows get a little bit smaller store piece dornin has sixty yard out and SL does he have the arm strength to get there not been. The question that was a big question or the mobile and and I thought he wouldn't insult. In that regard fairly well also. Yes I think that's the question on powers does he have a big enough are our most out who watched and that would say yeah you know it's not the biggest storm they've ever seen. But it is optional to play at the next while. Mike barber covers the ACC conference obviously also covers enrichment. Spiders athletics here joining us here in the sports are Richmond times. Dispatched might cut to one side we have Syracuse University here in Rochester the other side we have. UV. On we don't have a subdivision teams or Carroll watching this from a distance here and we we see somebody like Carson went to make that jump. I mean how. How much of the difference is in your opinion between the subdivision. And the big boys of division one. There are covered James Madison for ten years or start over and checked on the football side and I would almost say that I think that. Starters. The first one players on the really good teams at SES. They're right there would. Guys that occur in Akron yeah. I think where you are the big difference certainly the deaths. Scholarship but a lot to do with that. There aren't as many odd star blue chip that but. Particularly at quarterback what you see is a lot of guys who were good enough to play at Ohio higher level. It kind of trickled down to the yes yes level. And you get to learn different things about it yet when the plane at that level I mentioned that it wasn't great in the also applying. Your little doubt that you're looking for guys who can. Make plays outside of the pocket and Reese that is the the deal with a pass rush well there's plenty of film are on trial law let it do in those things behind what was a very good offensive line. I think he played against these are does that work quite as good. As people at a higher level I think he was at the same terms surrounded by offered to players who weren't quite as good as the guys in the next level so. It's an added wrinkle to people who were evaluated him and it was sort of residual doubt well it got down to Alabama. You're dispersed and practice and talked to him on the field. Kidnapped I've got some good wide receivers you have to throw the ball. And certainly get the NFL that's what you got around. I mean Mike gene mentioned Carson went you know we've heard scouts say that the comparisons can kill prospect and it really is probably unfair it to have compare Kyle let to a Carson much is because they're both FCS school quarterbacks but what can he do. In the calm mind that might shed any of those preconceived notions about a quarterback who played subdivision. I think inspire I think that the Senior Bowl might have been is better chance at bat because he's going against the competition that child will pass well. At the top by again you are very thing that has brought up and that's going to be. Something that they really want look he's gonna grow and at a don't pass increased. Come on those doubts. But he's a good athlete. Pakistan is his ability to move and run move around within the pocket those are things that are gonna impress advocate com mine where people were gonna. Really kicked a column letter is going to be at some of those interviews and and in the way he takes coaching. It really showed up and mobile I think will show up in Indianapolis that. Nobody if you tell him something couldn't get it real court of I did get a goal coaches like to even think about. Collagen and whatever you say about it people talk about their being an education aspect to college athletics and you know obviously there's also lost about model but in the ballot and there's and they're not that interest is in huge amounts and and coach. But you know they want people who work or something and take your pick on their own word and understand. I think I'll insure that the com by. If you're comfortable with what I can do physically. You're getting a guy that you can mold into whatever offense it is humor. For the Richmond times dispatch Mike barber our guest here in 957 ESPN might guy you were down named Jennifer only a couple of weeks ago down at the Senior Bowl it one other takeaways did you have from your experience down their. It was sort of back to the first time I had been there. There were four players WBA one contact and obviously Kyle being there which Cordoba. Made it worthwhile would go. It was a person to watch the cardinal are coaching the guy has gotten and there were some people who. You obviously knew certain guys are gonna stand out. I think when you look to pick who made he'll maybe he performed. Better they're so much hype it's org I would paper because all eyes were on him but maybe equal or blow better but the wide receiver Oklahoma State really chime in and looked like guys who. You know and get a deluge got you beat physical press man coverage. You've got to be sure catching the ball. Google apps on tight windows. I thought oh Washington statement from Oklahoma and really showed that these are the kind of guys and go after the football and when it. And there were some deep principle on prospects including Andrew Brown your from from you yet really showed that. People look at Andrew brown and the height and weight and it is running ability that elected at a sold it and it watches film but it out. Only NFL guy about 30% of the time. I think they went back to all in what would have a little bit because it upside is so high. If you can find a way to get that out of him three snaps or series. Personal freedom to the low to be a pretty impressive players so. I think it is a great opportunity for guys to show how they can perform against guys were going to be the next level as opposed to. Big part of the college game to say can you exploit the guys in the don't belong out on the field. Mike it while you're paired got to ask you just you know for quick take on in of the ACC conference right now men's hoops with Virginia. Coming up here are way out last week in and I was you know ugly win button or win nonetheless over over Syracuse. And what's gonna be different for this year's cavaliers team to to get the job done in your opinion. We have to do agree we all remember a few years ago when here was able rally in order that final four ought against a team of urgency about the most people would agree was. The better team that year or not to play that great sinister game advanced. You'll attention that that Virginia this year's believe it or not more dominant defensively. Not necessarily in the points per possession or knows metrics. But they're turning people over more people seem to be getting frustrated more I desperate and defense also got a Euro shot blockers pilgrim protectors. At the back of the pack line defense. And I say awoken Jack's all I think it added dimension that again it just makes this even a little more dominant. I think people under rate the opposite of the capital while. Because we don't put a big oval but they're very efficient and they've got a couple kids in the backcourt in tile guy and anti hero accused. The popular way. You know those two guards who are fearless in taking good shots. Clutch shots long range shots I think that's an added element that. That what he is even went twelve in a row in the ACC the way it is he's he has right now that's saint supplement. I think all of those reasons I've just that are a reason that maybe be helpful if you're traveler and the big ticket. A few steps further this year. It's our go ahead we were trying to figure out how. Clear how many teams are gonna game from this conference Mike so I mean you brought up Powell. Good the conference is and you know just from the Syracuse point of view at the a team that's. One game below 500 right on the bubble and many teams do you think would get in you know looking at this and again that it's still early on your understanding. Yeah and what's interesting about these is because the league is so good. A lot of seems to have a chance to get quality wins but a lot of interest on the chance to eat a lot. Coming down the stretch and got that you look at it right now and I think there're there are six and seventeen but still really good about where they are. I think obviously you know Virginia and Clemson Miami North Carolina duke and an epic Louisville is in pretty good spot. I think those six you can pretty good about what you look at that next cluster and Virginia Tech. Is a team that had a chance to play its way. It took its orbit they play here at EPA tomorrow they still play at duke. Some big wins there. And they heard in court in the same for NC state they let one get away go once in the Virginia Tech last night that was a big win for them but they're seeing that. What the opportunity to play the way. At least on the bubble Florida State and thinks we're these purple right there you look at their win total Youkilis with a winning record. In this conference I think you're going to be in the discussion. I think you're looking harder on you will be in that spot. Now when the dust settled yet probably going to be more like he did yet. There's certainly at least ten and right now the level I spoke with. He's Mike Barbary covers the ACC for the Richmond times dispatch also covers. Kyle eleven as he. Enters the come by and in the NFL draft after a stunning Senior Bowl MVP performance could learn a little bit more about Kyle let up Mike we appreciate your wisdom and appreciate your time this afternoon have a great weekend. Urban. Mike barber Richmond times dispatch. Danger what's your biggest take away from that mine would be. A lot of sounds like a process guy does he not well. Yeah I mean my biggest take away was the story about the project that he did afterschool math okay he's gonna immerse himself. In this project he's gonna learn everything that he needs to learn. That he improved every day that he was at the Senior Bowl he took the coaching he's coached ball for different coordinators for differing years. GM that you work ethic all that. Just saying that if the bills go to defense defense or. What USA nine quarterback non quarterback in round one. Yet that might be somebody that is that bill strongly consider on the number two. It'll be interesting to see in mobile hear the reports of you know who he meets with at the Columbine and how we how we shows that the common honestly mean that like. If you want to shed the image that your not NFL quality quarterback he's come from the FC asked. Or that your arm might not be considered strong enough for NFL will quality. Short of the Columbine wins people over meet with some teams are gonna like this kid from the way he was just described us I don't know high you can't. I do love he was somebody that was going into the Senior Bowl and the range maybe third fourth and then all of a sudden Dawes that against quality competition meaning. Nobody was saying without a shadow of doubt that Carson what Walden new danger was going to be. Their cars and went sky no. You know while doing at the mid western values in the blue collar work at the cheap night out. Hard to say no to a six foot 535. Pound kid out of North Dakota with a blue collar work ethic midwestern values. I don't think Kyle let his Carson went. What music we play for Kyle a lot of sense of go get them to accept as fair and went back. Dooling managers road. But it was great it was good deal little bit more insight on young prospect. That the bills might have some interstate. Kyle alana the University of Richmond. Keep an eye on him is the outcome by hits is here and a few weeks in and maybe just maybe that somebody that that the bills fall in love with. Followed with a guy a little bit more talented probably put together a package go after implied. If if you waiting to the second round tutors quarterback. Did you do worse than Colin let it sure sounds it is character is there. Let's see what he looks like an incumbent wins continue to evaluate. That's intriguing name. It's a good to keep nine if your Buffalo Bills fan glad that we can get Mike barber and talk more about it all right let's let's I get to some provocative thoughts. From around the world of sports next units that Becky we Michael I'll drink to. Oh yes I am I today in I'll drink to that. You have be watching the Winter Olympics tonight in her mind you who the worst persons in sports that worst person in sports danger okay. Come. Pick against I'm gonna remind you. A through the best person in sports is. Taking guests. That's coming up next let me jump over it no. That's next to an older that the sports bar or danger to take Leon ESPN much. It is our round. Post rigs in the in the sports. It's. Eddie eagle straight with so there were talking about it today after the here's a story danger I don't know if you saw office. Big CE SPN reporters self Cowell Antonio march in the championship parade. I mean look I don't mean to beat the journalism police but Theres. What you're supposed to be injected itself but what am hopeful I mean look you can. Danger wolf what's gonna happen all of the bills ever win the Super Bowl. Does this actually mean Chris Berman is going to be the grand marshals very. Illini. Sellers like a beloved treasure in Philadelphia they love him he loves them. Prob with Gina the hammer swing the Calder cup. And they asked us to march in the brightness they know what though the difference being that we comparable Weinstein the cameras were in Rochester innings out panel polio. Congress Vienna felony warrant an eagle at yeah. All in Philadelphia he's covering the Eagles I mean he's probably make it all the media around to talking about the Eagles more than he's talking about. Any other team and he's a Philly guy who's probably a really bad for support I like how used you keep going nowhere on in the Amber's offices. We got to do a better writing from if you were not I don't in the parade leads her name that makes me let's go. I'll drink to that on the topic of journalistic integrity did you see the story of the Boston Herald reporter Ron Borges. Gorgeous reported at this be the front page G. Tom Brady put a hole without getting a deal in the neighborhood of former teammate Jimmie drop below what turns out it's source. Hope he believed it was Brady's agent Don needy. Was actually a hoax Borges got catfish. Cell phone was on his Twitter profile Hillary tweet it out by accident some years ago and a Boston the Boston vocal. Started texting him as if you were telling me he didn't follow through. He didn't check his sources. That is some strong trolling but imagine how irresponsible. It is reporting. He's in Boston and he's plus stingy and not eating even. Bother you just a couple line tax assuming it was ye who wasn't in his phone by the way. I mean you lawyers missing here is a call like well. This is quite the Kansas. And probably junior writes I'll drink to that safest prediction in sports danger. The Winter Olympics shall have the biggest TV rating today between the Super Bowl and March Madness I'm not telling anything you don't already know. But. It's just something we have to point out again why it's. He's needs wouldn't wanna showcase. Their products to all the world to millions of new fans in North America. That's right this is a good time to remind everyone. How shortsighted any shoulders are connect Gary Bettman is a terrible commission. It's not your body's beloved by all. Yeah at least during the Olympics get some some Promos. On the air for the NHL the whole thing we at least see that but you probably won't know here's NBC's probably furious that hurt them actually it's terrible out. It's terrible law. Love hockey. Amend the NHL makes it hard sometimes I'll drink to back G. Why wouldn't you want a role model like Tim Tebow the Mets uniform it's still confusing to me. Tebow is set to host his fourth annual night to shine tonight which is. David is like a problem. For special needs children. The Tim Tebow foundation is expecting. 90000. Participants. This is taking place in 540. Churches. In sixteen countries over a 175000. Volunteers. Are needed to pull off the night. And Tebow will be making surprise appearances at some of the events tonight go have. Aides say something about his batting average or how we can't pro football team that treasure. You're putting this out this is a great cause. It doesn't change my opinion that Tim Tebow is about the Tim Tebow ran first and foremost so this fits Brandstater. It's been an hour. That the great 8000. Special needs children will be participating. This is about his brand could. Hope you'll be here. He's doing this for himself. You're putting me in his spot where I cannot say eating better watch it yourself up. I'll tell anybody tell me about his batting average just as good which is about obtaining. I'll drink to that surprise you friend. AME. Change your worry about too but I just a reminder that die I someday I might tax you OK okay. I'm concerned about you and I'm concerned about many other football fans. You could have symptoms Sunday but think of me like your sponsor. Sunday's going to be different won't get through the day together before we get the mouth. Twitching could be asking for a member of the Pro Bowl used three out of his I don't want to Pro Bowl right now. Yeah come off when it's positive now watch movies what's a Meryl Streep film that's what I'm doing. I feel I feel kind of weird today Gina you. Indeed we share the story what happen about five minutes before we we came into the sports bar you walked in in my office and you kind of caught me you caught me red handed I'll write it this is funny ID ED's didn't even register with me because. You're listening to some weird music I just authority and indeed we musically and outlets it's a song called stir fried by me ghosts hip hop group meego us. She walks did it on and I shut up like I just got busted. You know you like that Judge Reinhold scene and passed on to respond. Might not. It just this is all over year apart yeah. Guilty pleasure he's got a busted me read and hear the guide allows Kanye West so I just throw everything into the okay. You're here that guy RA how everything. Right now that was the thing that's that's my song in the moment it was on apple commercial Assad on the outwards like what's that oh my goodness that's me Eagles on like them Ocalan to listen let's hope this is really good. Your party your job you've got to be on the cutting edge for PXY. And listen to new music I get that I wouldn't have thought anything of it. I want everybody to know the idea that danger shot economy. OK for the shot I bring him ideas sometimes yes that's good sometimes the back burner. Donna Brock Thursday the yacht rock Thursday. If you're not familiar with yacht rock I'm talking Amro job steely Dana and Christopher Cross. Music of our generation danger. Forty year old women love yah rock and. He. Many are known to us. Their best. It's not wrong its unilateral option because sports book. I mean this is the one right this is yeah. Signatures. And younger until we got the public this every Thursday. The first line the previous line in the history of music and she's just sixteen years old leave girl lol they say end. Denny Margo did. The hope god yeah. Won't be amazing. I got out all well I finish after that was my hands until thirty I mean like. Where you are they do the studio recording okay banning take one rent a cops she means June eyes fourteen years. Although I cannot negotiate as we get we get back drop and here. We are ahead fourteen. Swift that didn't age well on the meat to Aaron did enough. No no. Our goal. In terms of yup rock songs. I'm kind of it's perfect. It's perfect. It's eat as. Many more don't is central New York treasure. Can't perform anymore he's he's he's in rough shape I'm Tanya go home tonight danger put on a low yacht Roxio sandy reacts. And you know. Billion out of benefits yacht rock you already know us now are are you iPad dock as she's these are all you know which one I'm really gotten into. There's another one to. But this is legit like I am I'm telling you this song is I'm really late it's irrational. How much I like this song. And at and I don't have a reason other than I think my dad used to play this song. When I was really little my parents subconsciously I didn't realize then what it was but now that I hear it and when I do hear much. All this a good sign be ready yeah. Baker baker street name that tune in one though. Visual and the lyrics of it and all of that. It tells a little bit of a story. With the saxophone. The saxophone Rick is. Awesome here comes. That's an yacht rock right there. Oh come on. I can't save you part of part of puts a smile on your yeah I can't save you Kenny G stayed down. Jerry wrapping up works out all the big guitar solo in that one too. Guitar solo that's good song. Julie from Skokie firm's rating and you can always write to us your cracking me up today guys too late lesson not rock. The words that she we shoot those fifteen years 08. Police week we started eighteenth at work. The worst yacht rock song. Is the Kenya a lot of if you listen to the lyrics of that song. Like we were messed up and play the seventies early eighties mine got out any hear a lot of these songs and I just wonder how much cocaine did somebody do you think that was a good idea. They've got it was a good idea so they went with that. Yet Jeanne it says mean listen maybe your in the movie because it's Valentine's Day. Maybe that's what is its right on an RV the Pepsi got it's got a rock queue up your yacht rock solid jet program back on yet another outlet ever by the way you know it because it's been such a busy winner. Valentine's Day is Wednesday time is running out this is your chance you can make a moment you can. Queue up to me yacht rock and bring the romance to the table with a gift card to the spot the Del Monte. I request it when I go to the Del Monte. Yeah I know you've got your ambient you know tones and in musical Yelp. Withdrawal baker street I want that. What was gonna tell you what she wants you know the gift card. To the spot the Del Monte was short you've been paying attention to make the right move and purchase gift cards in store or instantly online. Del Monte spot dot com. Flowers CB blooms. ESPN Rochester invites you to garden sleep right gestures premier Garden Show as a newly remodeled domain Henry. Companies from Marie. You're area as they transform the dome into a garden parent. Most unique designs displays class products and more for tickets check out Rochester flower show. With the eight and 19 PM 957. Notice fortunately here ESPN's. Rochester.