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After Danger and Battaglia marvel at all the improbable events of the weekend, from Tyrod Taylor getting traded to Syracuse getting an invite to the NCAA Tournament, 13 WHAM Sports Director Mike Catalana chimes in with his thoughts on the Taylor trade and how the Bills should approach free agency when it opens on Wednesday.


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Most sports bar with the danger and do exactly the Cleveland Browns are trading got me around draft day. To a buffalo for Tyrod Taylor Tyrod Taylor pulled out three throwing to Jarvis Landry in Cleveland. The new GM John Dorsey making things happening Cleveland. We start the browns really go after AJ McCarron and free agency instead they get Tyrod Taylor who I think gives aberration if they want a quarterback like that baker may feel that the guy in the draft sort of most closely resembles Tyrod Taylor. Mike Dee injured Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns for a third round draft. Pick it. Unbelievable. Gene which badly at the Buffalo Bills currently do not have a starting quarterback but they have two strong options I'm one of free agency trade up in the draft to get one or. I McCarron buffalo Syracuse. Did well Oklahoma State. Out searches over the surprise privacy. The tournament after US troops off to this report. It's millions of natural stroke. Rochester sports leader. 957. ESPN. So when does the sports bar or danger to take league isn't open for business we wish you good afternoon. Appreciate you stop by however you may be listening this afternoon KM 95957. Have them. ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester up also finds radio dot com and radio dot com maps. I am merely by danger he is Jean the tag I think that daylight savings they might you have affected Jim Graham what do you think I like he has kind of woke up. How many heads that's kind of like beta I'm just that's bait on right. Jim may Iman how Syracuse got to end it. Probably didn't take. Oklahoma State because of their nonconference schedule they've been consistently there were. For a while now but we know we have quadrupled in wins and obviously. That beating Miami in little little ways from here I think was the difference. Eggs should it. That the poor guy hey. You get the job out of this cold dead hands the poor guy. He's out in Kenya he's on the north end of seventy danger so de hi by the percentage and he gave his team to get in. Five. But I think so you know when the only time my changes as they were announcing that seemed sent. When Notre Dame who building giving and I thought ever go we had a chance because Seattle. Color league was gonna get another bit ability truck took the one thing we had deleted avalanche here's one away from all of. Nine ACC teams nine and when he said local and Notre Dame yeah those are two teams. That's Syracuse Boston back in notre Dame's case they played only one gathering at Syracuse and yet the one that. As most people kind of upset if you're at Notre Dame fan but I think it today. Sane ACC record eight and ten. And had to had Notre Dame over Syracuse to me that today you you know your quarter inch Margaret all this other stuff just go back. And no that is important November 5 at Syracuse the last team in. The last team. And while well adding we're gonna have done that toad on our next hour Bly. Let's say they do get by Arizona State. Bomb yet that's a fun bracket. TCU. And if you win that and Michigan State and if you win that duke and then if you win negative number one seed Kansas. Well easy the Clinton and no problem by the way TCU that's that's one of those Kiichi all Mike Cook is looking it's. Their coach I'd she need to expand. We never would have meant to put that yet as their coach rate they're Jamie Dixon the former head coach of tape that knows how to coach against it 23 zone. Yes they'll be prepared they'll be ready searches is not getting by the first round. Sorry. The wedding on Wednesday though right got to go past Arizona State I would think so I would give him actors the pac twelve million. Although they have is really cool thing it at at Arizona State danger I'm sure people learn about this. It's called the curtain of distraction. That I it literally it takes the student section to all the level work. They put up a curtain. And just as the opponent is getting ready for the three pre thrall. The curtain has unveiled at the U elated to be something wacky like a mascot. Or they've had. Celebrities behind like Michael Phelps came out with his gold medal seriously that they do all these sort of weird things and I wouldn't do any justice trying to explain it. But as far to travel yeah it should travel so that's reason to tune it. And look at. And make my wanna tune in seats turkeys actually wins I tune of about. I I wish I could tell you that I was. That I was even paying attention to selection Sunday. Tiger was in contention. I almost forgot. I almost forgot. Even though he didn't wind I still almost forgot about selection Sunday because I was so gripped. But what was happening now Florida at that tournament the mouse. Our debt I it this all in on a day where that should have been owned by college basketball yesterday. I'm at my son's. End of season function is wanted dad sitting around watching one monitor that's all we had Watson. The world watched and want to entire what's it all my gosh watching tiger. But I still think that the over welding. Lead story today is this story from Friday because it's led to all kinds of different stories and speculation and angles and where were you know. When you heard the news. That Tyrod Taylor was getting traded to the Cleveland Browns Jeter and I know exactly where we were this is this is from Friday night after we closed up shop here in the sports bar. Hey everybody's happy Friday Spain and fits on ESPN radio. And the big news today of course is how was seriously we're going to take steps Currie latest ankle injury. No no sorry sorry sorry. I don't know I don't know I know everyone rather than talk about. That's high ankle injury yeah. Leave it so yes we're alive we're breaking in hello it's danger exactly yeah. We're just closing up shop we're getting ready to head over to the hammer gaming guessed why. The Cleveland Browns after trading for drivers Landry and David just made another trade might danger. I got the Buffalo Bills fans all my guys what's been way. For. Cleveland has agreed to trade a mid round draft pick to buffalo all the quarterback Tyrod Taylor. That was Friday night that was Friday. That point we didn't know was a third inning when they said third naming her an explorer and when you relate the third is really. Since the second because they pick the top of the third round. Bigger a lot of things I was wrong about OK I wrong about Syracuse and totally called out on the wrong way. Never would I have ever thought. That the Buffalo Bills. Would a six million. Dollar bonus due to Tyrod Taylor would find it team don't off. To give up a third round pick. Clearly you are still bit. You could have just take you hand it may buffalo patent six million or may buffalo. Just caught it all right in not giving up the third round pick. This is why you wore the browns. For what for an extra 48 you could just waited until Friday if he really wanted him. All I think you should learn how to negotiate a little bit. It's insane. It's insane I I still can't believe. The job that Brandon being did. On the Cleveland Browns. No idea how he pulled that off. There has to be more to this that we don't know. There has to be some kind of a secret under the table handshake agreement between the bills in the browns where this evens out because it just doesn't seem logical to me. That. Knowing. This team has moved on from his cornerback new telegraphed that by benching him. In favor of neat Peerman in the middle of the season a winning season. You would. Still be able to deal him. Not just dealing with you for something of submit value a third round pick which is the first pick in the third all. It doesn't make any say there has to be more to the steel. I would've thought maybe. If buffalo had agreed to pick up. The six million dollar bonus. No what do forty Cleveland an opportunity to work things otherwise it just gets a little more attractive right here just talk about Tyrod Tony eighteen days of town now. And that was there was a window. Danger on network leap year regains. And then we get to midnight on the fifteenth with the Buffalo Bills paid or not. Felt well maybe they would pay an entry in the right afterward net would Ding the bill's cap but for the bills now we get the third round pick. Ought to clue me your cap that significantly. Now you're looking at cap from a 35 million Gina are the quarterback and a roster of appearance OK I get that. But the cleaner cap also on their smalls. I click the what are you doing thank you. Thank you Cleveland. Illegal tampering period is under way now in the NFL for free agency. And of course league your search Wednesday starting at 4 o'clock so we'll have up plenty of action on Wednesday. And before then leading up to them have lots of rumors and speculation I'm sure one of those rumors. And it's being floated around. Plenty of rumors are of the Buffalo Bills but now with only one quarterback on the roster of course you're assert hearing while which free agent is gonna land in buffalo well buffalo like Sam Bradford. It. Now. Don't know let me explain what is going on and you you might hear it might have heard that report. Offerman and it wasn't Rappaport was another guy reported there's interest for a time for Sam Bradford in buffalo. Do you really think that's coming from buffalo. Do you really think Brandon being is going to tell Lee NFL network yes this is the guy we wind in their four. It you raise these rising U worthy to get him cheaper later Mick let's just is an answer. No of course it's not it's coming from Bradford side. Bradford AG needs to drum up interest. Bradford. Which there is no locked the season lying yes if you are. He's not even this second best quarterback to come out of Minnesota this free agent period he's the third best okay team's gonna get day. Bridge water. High risk high reward what's Bradford he's a thirty year old quarterback a bad knees is to be begging for a job. Look what it all happened in baseball all these players with some talent they've sat up there for awhile because there is America correction. So no wildly for a second Buffalo Bills. Our interest in Sam Bradford seasonal line that's coming from the aging and may be the aging say hey what about Sam Bradford and Brandon beings as well generally we can get back Dion that. Does that mean the bills are interstate all week does it I'm not buying it I'm throwing the BS flag on that one might think. I agree mum. What are the bills to a quarterback so. Given that they've now got first. 21 two seconds 23 round picks. You have and you had this before you have even more now ammunition. To galloping get the guy you want in the draft the guy you love in the draft. You would if you would think that that's objectively one will know. You know come draft time yeah that guy is who think the apple. Of the bills pie is. But before that we have free agency starts Wednesday and what other bill's gonna do what quarterback could they be looking out. And I'm reminded of one of our smarter guests who joined us I think last month in the writes mark. Joseph this guy who wrote about this again at WK BW dot com today what should the Buffalo Bills do in terms of our free agent quarterback. I think they're best course of action really would be to wait. Until after the draft and because but the the reason they're too old won the you could just see what happens in the NFL draft you have to acknowledge you you have whether or not you have your franchise guy. And and what you need to you know surround him with. And do if you go out and get one of these they you know it may even a middle pure quarterback. That's gonna cost anywhere from fourteen to eighteen million dollars a year. That's not that doing yourself a disservice in an area of the brain to be specifically want to get better with the Buffalo Bill. At what he did mention there that might be also mentions his article is that story draft pick formula once again. Okay if he's actually wrong now. Times have changed here OK and again that some bite from a couple weeks ago. But his article basically saying the same thing why is that not a good plan right now. My opinion here's what. Because if you go into the draft without a quarterback and you wanna trade topping you are cool wing. To get raped all over the coals by asked mark GM I'm not talking about Cleveland found the giants if I'm Indianapolis. You'll see who you'll see a record haul in draft picks you at least have to create the illusion. All of walking away that's how you win a negotiation walking away. And the Buffalo Bills are so desperate to drain op. We can't be desperate. If you go into this draft with no quarterbacks on this roster all within eight Peter may. What he says makes anti agree with that because what at the end of the day what's the difference between say a Teddy Bridgewater and I don't know named one of those guys and might be available Sam Bradford might be available match. I am now a lot not a lot. Which is why not just wait because. You don't want to create this full blown rule you know sore and when Joseph. Said that to us. They still had Tyrod Taylor on the roster now he's sticking to his guns here and believing that you can. Ask do you get your guy whatever it takes to get your guy you can still. Get somebody. To be that bridge and you can do it an affordable price the difference here I think would be. You're right Jeanne you could create the illusion that you found your star you can do with a bit more what my bears did last year. Free agency opens three years 45 million Mike Glenn and Michael Evans our guy. How yet remained Seattle when Matt Flynn circle will semi there's plenty gain steam sees where you can draft the quarterback but you have the veteran. While others Bridgewater McCarron somebody like that I would've fully expect. The Buffalo Bills and I go out there this just wish you would. Don't be surprised if they don't because there will be options available to them. Now they are big game options the art sexy options there are options that fans are gonna embrace but you're gonna embrace whoever they end up drafting high. In the first round if that is indeed the course of action. And everything that they've done every move that they've made leads me to believe that is what there course of action is going to become draft. Would you and and again from this guy is RD will would you be OK with Mike glad he'll be out there. Would you be OK with him as a quote. Rich a troll bridge quarterback not a guy it's Sam Bradford who doesn't wanna be a bridge is a wanna be considered a bridge wants to be considered to start seeing what Teddy Bridgewater. Same with key scheme these are guys that are gonna wanna be a starter for a year they wanna be the starter for a franchise their franchise guys. Let's review you're in no position call your shots when it comes the quarterback I know they have all these picks and everything else. No if you will be if the gang game here danger. He's. To draft either Rosen of Arnold there may feel is to get up into the top ten. Now all that's not gonna fool any team with that picking up a claim. Or Brian Hoyer. Nat Moore are saying these are the guys you looking at after the draft right not before the draft it because let's face it in the fridge he opens. Is our Matt Moore is Foley is not gonna ring off the hook. Matt Moore might just be out there for. Mike Glenn I might just be out there or Trevor Ximian. Might after it might might get dealt if Denver gets a quarterback in the draft or Denver makes a move for Kirk cousins Turkey schemer whoever may be. Ryan Fitzpatrick would be one of those guys except he signed an extension to continue to be. Joshua town I'll always yeah yes yeah all these guys will probably be available. Post draft. At a discount and that way your not. Spending. Hopefully should the bears look for spending fifteen million dollars last season. For four games of awful production an a guy that you end up cutting you're able to do that but still what what is that. What's the purpose of just throwing money up to. Because they fell in love with troop risky and that was planning all along. And nobody saw them trading up one slot and beat Cleveland couldn't take introduced. That was the whole idea if Chicago winning into the draft last year would know quarterback on the roster you would've known. Instantly. That they were going to take a quarterback at number three. But nobody had been taking for this year I wanted to the raider you thought you had your guy. That's the difference here. So how do you wanna play if you're the Buffalo Bills going into the draft you wanna go with a big neon sign that says we need a quarterback because. All other teams will trade up and try to bite John. Think and how that played out for the bears that's why that was a Smart investment gets a landing got played. What you've done. And Bermuda. Home. Still you got out horror that ropes is just yet you can get your quarterback you don't have to spend fifteen million in addition to giving all those draft picks up to do and I don't think you do I don't think you need to. That you need to. You can spend. The jets spent firm for. From account last year was it six was a nine was six wasn't like six million wanna say. A look at don't look Franklin is there are things on a reckless that I wanna say it was nine. Maybe it was six maybe six. Six million vs fifteen million if you can save nine million in cap necklace that sure you're defense maybe you can make a play it starlet to elect. This is Imran due to thank you gotta down. Getting ready for when he actually becomes a part of this team. If you can see that money and invested there. That makes more sense. I don't like the idea of having to go out and spending for a bridge guy who doesn't wanna be average guy and no none of those guys are part sexy enough names from needed to even think about eighteen million poor. He's keynote. If you can be if it's a contract. Light. Landing. It was like Matt Flynn like where you can have the XT button is not gonna cause long term damage to your salary cap Emma I'm all for. I am all for you were gonna pay a Tyrod the ten million plus the six million bonus so he is cap figure was gonna be sixteen. So now you're just gonna allocate in different spot why not give it to look quarterback that actually. Might win you some gains and a different way. Macau was six million lesser sorry Franklin and you're looking I just news or find a teacher of you are worried sick woman. Sickle realty to the west. Later this week we're gonna see astronomical numbers being thrown around for quarterbacks for free agents were gonna be looking at the market as a whole. And saying Walt. Who really you're paying that guy fax. Holy hell. Let that markets settle a little bit. After the draft and get the guy that can be a true bridge and it might not be sexy Matt Moore might not be sexy. But let it might not be sexy. You know that you're not get suspended. For production that is it going to be there. I like them there are things in life you've got a speech and money. I'm at listen. You're the guy danger that will drive to Florida are I am flying to Florida and I'm getting some because you don't like how I'm ordered pay and what it coms to the. This year. Okay what's the end game here. We talk about the breadth of the important thing it's getting the quarterback of the future in the draft that is the important thing that's the number one day. A new draft him and one if he's not ready what do you go through all it can't be elect you know what would be better if he came in mid season. I don't wanna deal with 68 weeks of Matt Moore Josh McCown sorry. That to me is like plant paying for the plane ticket up for as opposed to driving a Ford okay. I'm going to pay that because it's important to me if I'm calling the shots and NFL team. Quarterback of the one position. I don't mind making investment. Sorry well perhaps on similar like this is that this is the doors we knew mile high I believe in terms of how you're organizing your team in managing your team. If you look at the teams doing the right way that that wing consistently. If they believe in their system they find value the patriots always find value now they last your little bit crazy some of the deals that they made which is. On patriot like but it's always about finding the guys that fit their system. And getting them in a value and I think the bills can follow that template specifically with. What they do with the quarterback position you can still move up you can stick you have enough to move up to get to Yahoo! won't get raked over the coals. We look at it anyway you look at to get the word you want to be to get Rosen to get Arnold you're gonna have to get into the top five and do that you or going to get raped. Prison sex OK it's going to be ugly it's ugly. Subject. Why would you want to also want top of that overspent for a guy who is not go away. Spent fifteen to twenty million AJ McCarron who can't beat out any Dalton. Hole. Where it got any complaint for no more than six games. Or she had a guy like Josh McCown who's gonna get hurt after you know the first series of the season and you're forced to start the rookie hope he's right you got got got there. When this team over I don't know Jeanne you know we we are a little bit different there and that I think. Ice I still tend to look for value I get your saying that you don't want to give the illusion that you're that desperate for quarterback gets what. You're that desperate for quarterback. You just traded Rod Taylor and now you're left with native Peter and that he's ball. I don't know I I think what you are big and it was gets more people talk. And hit. But again might channel a lot of thirteen lamb who is not. One of our trusted voice is your love having him in on the sports bar you can write to was at ESP in Rochester on Twitter. Like Don did. Allison saying a chance to hear you guys come back on the air Friday for the Tyrod trade I'll pick my victory lap now ranks of the bills could easily get a fourth for tailored deeds that they be lucky. To get a six role to date baby girl. Eight roll the tape hey I love tell me what Jay and I myself of that and we we've all owed it till I think. RD efforts our teller. I will say you are vending machine it's got some fresh onions in it. Now that my deal too rich for blood. Did you settle for a packed a post it notes. The good ones three. Now. Third. It's crazy. Insanity to be can we call that a sack in its number 65 overall it's a top pick in the third round. Does any third it's the best pick in the third. How are catalog joins Rochester sports icon. Thirteen went sports richter Mike catalog our guests next in the sports park danger of tackling on ESPN Rochester. Fifty and 9570. Ask you please give you twelve chances yeah we teach the way with a thousand dollar if she weren't cash contest. Plus what's leader each weekday. Every hours starting at 6 AM we'll announce cool were you hearing text that code words nationwide this coming U 881. Our keyword cash contest we. I sat and yeah. ESPN Rochester. From the field to the court took a break that you were sports on the you can DM 957 have been these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here humble little sports for Mike danger on the cheap attack we are always honored when he Rochester sports icon makes his presence felt. In the sports bar with danger detect wind thirteen web sports director Mike cattle on the joins us now hey Mike. Bellowed with that in not to let surprised you more all over the weekend the fact tyra I don't win for a third or Syracuse got him like. No. Doubt in my mind and notepad out I thought. Syracuse at a shot I trust Jerry media is always pretty close. And you know there are all over again I think I mean that you know people wanna. Iowa debate and you're at it relax a little bit they're trying to kill them of the people they had here now I mean they were on the bubble bubble bubble. Mean even pay time and we don't know it but to the committee though. Not a time to doctor action you're very fortunate to be in any team that made it or should it be and the other ones were on the bubble went wrong way. Now I gotta go out try to justify getting kicked into the turn though it was that caused the Tyrod not just the third talent. The first pick but there ground so I was stoned in that. Might help us out with the debate here Gina are going back and forth on the best course of action for the Buffalo Bills in terms of getting back quarterback and I think we both an agreement that you should. No matter what go up and get the guy you want the first round early in the first round of the draft. What do you do about the free agency period its opening up here on Wednesday do you go early in free agency to secure. A quarterback or. Gee you wait until after the draft to secure your average quarterback at a better price knowing it basically getting the scraps that are left over one now quarterback market is down. Non trying to get my quarterback now in a minute I hit it I don't know bill. Are fully committed to any of the quarterback that moment I think they know. Look if you wanna pollen lot you can convince yourself you're in love and so I think they're going to want to find a quarterback they really really love. But they have not go on to the probate they have no. Brought any of these quarterback into their ability though to think they know what let's get used to court about what they Josh grows and may Brent. Josh wrote in you're gonna trade up getting wherever it somewhere in the app and eight top five who knows where in the bay. But he you get done all your valuation deeply may Rudolph is a guy you can take get 21. And not. Make it deal. I don't think you can decide that you're not going to be I think that really and they'll get much closer to track is really cabinet. That much time with these I assure you dedicate that. Again I don't know you know so in my opinion you're out there right now go in. Okay Teddy Bridgewater OK okay asking them you know with which one of these guys or whoever it is an. You know like you know my problem has an eight game. Which prompted the international. We don't you tell that initial quarterback. JP DGA and then on the back. Accurate record precludes you from being in the bills' quarterback what I'm getting that it I think you're black get the best quarterback you get at bat. Right you can get and that. And and see how that impacts. When you go looking where you're long term solution quarterback has while we like a lot of creating or what they are. On nobody out at a unit in the ninth even anchor read or write you convinced Drew Brees. I know you like New Orleans and and plain and let down but you really wanna outside playing ball well. Against hatred toward each year which seems pretty logical. He still not a long term aquarium and close in forty years old though. At some point your opening. Bell I collect and get the best. Of these quarterback that I feel comfortable it with the right deal and and I go look at that best quarterback back and endanger my ten on. Thirteen when our guest here in the sports are 957 years in if the objective might gaze at it to get the best quarterback in the first round do you would assume they would have to trade up so. Going along with that. You'll want to trading up from up. Yes it's a position of weakness here going into the draft if you have nobody else on your roster other than Nate theater in the whole world will know that you're gonna be in the market for first round quarterback if you. It into the draft that way. Yeah I don't think that impact. The moving up part of it I mean I don't think it means if you're trying to move from 21 and 22 or work. Whether you have a quarterback or not I don't think it as much. I don't think it that much in terms of language you wanna make that move it's gonna cost in gonna cost debate whether you have. You know I mean I know it and if they used thank eighteen even repeat 98 you know more whoever you like. If you're trying to make that move that you know you wanna be there and I don't think you're gonna be the only one mildly spot on the they'll make it and Lou. Can you make it from 21 and 22 to get a team in the top five. To move back and the reason I say that it accused New York Giants as an example right and let's say the giant. Fake daequan Barkley does go. I and that a giant that there and they don't want to take quarterback. If you trait with giant even if you get up to number one in next year's one are you really. Gone back to 21 when you like giants really earned that pot in the top. You know who this year so I think maybe there's not a possibility note that bill. Maybe the bills look up at. Ten or twelve or somewhere in the range. And use the number one we get there and then use accurate one that they need to go up to the top spot I mean I think there's only a possibility could be to deal. In order to move up that high to convince the and other team. It's worth going back they just don't have to go back that far. Mike is there anyways and just staying put at 2122. In recognizing that you got six picks in the first three rounds and they can all be impact players on day one. Out what their win the minute that you got to have a quarter. And that you know I I loved it meant out well there's no guarantee on the court really. Okay though but there at the guarantee on why the white papers like the ones who were picked last year work. Or go during the planned and built a pat for a lot the last two decades which is either. Not who's ever around you know Kyle Orton ranked Patrick wherever overdraft guy like EJ Manuel. Eight he hoped with a guy like need Peter and I mean. They have been bargain shopping for a long time it's going to cost you at some point unless you get lucky what what more. You know realistic if you get. Fortunate to get a Russell Wilson hurt even attacked at bat in the draft in later rounds. Ordered trade up or to be up and to go and get one of the young quarterback has I love the mentality and a lot of these guys fail while a lot of at. A lot of them had heeded to and in recent years. I think they've been eating at a little bit about higher rate. And you know prepared he's going to be a really interesting. Because they moved up he would be guided maybe didn't have ol' rat and a lot of people like guilt. We got some time on appeal last year showed the lashes now he's gonna probably a better coaching. So he may be another guy. Along with what we're gonna being in this day and hopefully they return used in of those two quality. Players. That may be moving up and trick taking these guys in the first round isn't vigorous and people. But get on thirteen when joining us here in the sports are 957 years PMI don't. Yeah parliament posting. The round straight at the first pick in the third round Tyrod Taylor I used when. I. Mike I all weekend long night you know moments when it that. Did that really like what they've done with the three straight properly. Good luck and I don't mean a lot of people are trying to make it used it won the one night here on the ground have a lot of apps that make it were cute. OK most people I know that the accumulate a lot of money are stupid but they're not that PayPal lot of pick. And I would actually turn up on how many young guys eat it one trip really would that hurt you may be treating back. If you get when he used it summaries and could be picking up to pick in next year's draft. In two years from now after I mean they're back out UN knows it everybody at that point usually. Steal somebody moved up. And look. I don't make me like I'm like trying to kill Ira I do think I know like you guys do yet after years. Any play a little better shortly and better wrapped and sure. And the filming the ground they're gonna right away be trying to. Wrapped right over and again and and eventually replace him so to give up that when it seemed like the belt. Well they were going to make the move I know pick for Q report a couple of the teen children interest by. I would think that was more and that it round range in May be the bills paid the option bonus that that roster bombs or. But no roster bonus on you know the other one is that the part of the package deal. Right right. I can't the only way I can justify the my hat Mike is a by the there's got to be some kind of handshake agreement under the table that we don't. I don't let that that they that they can. But I'd have and we now okay let's look at that the browns have taken one. And they're Smart right date that we're gonna build on and we're gonna take aim Arnold what could it giant particular quarterback in either the cult. Okay if that's really what you think it worked articulate quarterback not gonna be dark. Let the bills fall in love with Parnell and and and IQ at. Some really that formal handshake agreement and I don't know why they would do that over Niagara. And you would say well what bill jumped up and they named Arnold at two victory I mean again or whoever happened. I think that would be endangered gain to be playing if your cleat and just. Get Ira and again it C okay sure but I think it was going to be high. I think it was pretty good chance you gonna be cut. And that I had brown and good luck with that it be you're gonna be replaced. 10 o'clock a thirteen wham I mean yeah we're all scratching our heads Friday night when that that deal came in and I guess we still are here Mike. Are you covered you know the NFL draft for you know decades here and yet it's. Are are we over value in the quarterbacks in this draft because history would tell us we might be and you last time we had three quarterbacks. Going in the top five that was actually McNabb here in the into other quarterbacks on either side couched Achilles Smith. They were boss I mean Mike eighties when it's also and Don would you be surprised if some of these quarterbacks actually sleet and we're just. You were were hyping this up too much right now. Well yeah they cut that I think the opposite pat and I think they usually move bop and I mentioned at any critic ample. And you know last year the that the online in and then at the trip and I'm hearing people say. You know I don't you wanna be quarterback it's worthy of the top twenty pick. Well obviously John Lott was obviously the people a lot in play. You might get that he's worthy of the number one overall. By the way at least plate forget that he's mentally hurt and sometimes we we think like that but the reality that. Yes there overvalued in the and in in May make eighty individual got. Are going to be it later that night they can go in the first round. I I think they got there in the attic apartment and it really well supplement probably gonna be starters in okay players in May be a couple of mark. Quote but the guy that never deliver. I'm on I think in recent years. Most of these quarterbacks have been pretty good and I think the reason it and I think the coaching has gotten better I think teams are spending more. I tell you guys all the time when Donovan McNabb got picked by Andy read neagle Andy was excellent network and quarterback. Count went to the browns I'm not saying that he would have been a great with the Eagles or make that I think McNabb would struggled with program. And instead it got good coaching is equality player and ended up having a really really good career. I think the coaching has gotten better look at Eric off but the ram you go from no coaching great coaching and we say look I can do though. You're prepared to do that I think I think it's like the arrest. And then people think because. The individual players can only be overvalued. But man the position not overvalued in the late. Well that being said what do we know about Brian Cabell kind of system we hear a I don't know you know what kind of coach. Is this incoming quarterback gonna have in terms of you know you're right jerk offs a great example we saw a team in Los Angeles. Under Jeff Fisher that looked depressed and everybody was yeah cradle able black guy a boss you get in some fresh thinking some fresh minds. And you know a new head coach in and the next thing you know everything is right with with the quarterback position and elect. They're both interesting because a lot of people looked at in the last year. You know right in Alabama he'd get to quarterback that can move it right at it and make you eat at fifteen years feature. You know so I'm not saying you know yet he went the next Tom Brady because Brady is Brady but. I think keeping the value of the guy who can read field and you can pick his spot. And you know I think he's I think is Smart guy that. That these what works in the NF well. And that it's not like other system can't work or using players and certainly can't work. By you know and I think you want a guy who's gonna get the ball out of it and be able to pre pre snap Reid defense is that what you're gonna one day. And be an athletic does not hurt at all. You know there's a guy who can move and then there's guys. I'm personally not a big fan of the guys to run. I like the guys who can move in the pocket and moved to spot though when you look at this strip there's really one quarterback run that well mart Jack. And the rest of them at least this first round some more athletic enough there but he's going to be fine in the guy who. Who I think what they're gonna look for a guy who can read the defense then and make Smart decisions with the ball and I think that's going to be to keep what they're looking. Man Mike gave him one more question on the quarterbacks are you brought up Lamar Jackson and we haven't had Johnson's Bill Polian went on you know. Went off the reservation with his takes there. Do you agree when my theory here to me I would find it hard to believe that the Buffalo Bills would take Lamar Jackson in the first round knowing that. The polian still has the owners a year here and when it comes the quarterback you're gonna draft. Ultimately it's Terry the gore that's gonna say yea or nay on this so to me. I will finally odds long the draft Lamar Jackson in the new if you were available at one. Yeah I I think Bill Polian and the owner's ear but I think fighting back. Let them let them back there. I mean it is that that McDermott had been. Shell to run here but that being the case. If you're the owner and your bit on in and you know in Dean Mcdermott country eclectic art action. What he had and questioned gone away and I trust the polling and ash clay another picture. Yet biding their could be an impact there let. It went about Dolly you know I and I are gonna come by. He doesn't mind what I think it a little hyperbole I think in it low and air I at that. Well Mark Jackson tension play another position. But I think you can legitimately say I think his style is an app how I'm adjusting well. So that might be more there and he finally sure you can lightly in short he can play quarterback and the only question is do you want addressed team. We York picked in the first round anywhere in the first round and that's going to be where Ike is you don't think it's going to be where the bill go look and our long term. And it you know I don't think it's likely wintry all the media not me to number one to number two and of course they're betting get on them. But the reality is he knows nick pulled it and go on for 21 into news is saying. Don't don't let anybody try to make an opt for. That backing go overwhelming when an operation and we can talk though. You know I think about everybody want an immediate eight. Because he's the old guy he get labeled as creepy old but the reality with the market act and that he they're probably. Better than that he's he's gonna struggle. If you go by by the height of style they play. We built the a lot of guys eat or a long time without. I am I ate in like a great it is their present appeal I OP spectacular. I don't know I would threat in that first round make court. My catalog at thirteen when sports stricter joining us here in the sports -- danger in the tag leave during the season applying his genius has dubbed this Nancy Redd around the corner report just. Crossing our feed now from pro football talk that the bills are willing to trade left tackle forty Glenn. Course there yeah of course I'm curious as free agency opens up by Dina and we're gonna continue here talks of trades and and and you know my bills moving around. First for Reno up up the draft board. Free agency specifically Mike I mean you know last year they didn't really make any big splash last year they really couldn't make a big splash this year. Do you see them going after maybe a starlet to delay or war or other. Kind of more bigger I mean free agents me you know with Micah Hyde really the only thing that we know of in terms of a splash in free agency for this team. I don't know they're gonna go Chris splashes I really don't I think they're gonna look especially if they're going to be. I think they're gonna be looking for. Maybe some guys on shorter term deals and and again it depends on what you pain to go get quarterback. I think they could still open at wide receiver but you know we were just talking here in the office about how. How rare is that the big splash the Oro one shining really work out for a team unit but I think good wire. There Josh Norman excellent buyer. But you know what if but he got or Washington that make a lot of money you need to look at wire but it's not like I mean. Toward employer might I'd have more impact open -- this year and he's making more money in the boat but then combined probably double. So I think that in the dining you can still see them make. At that I don't buffalo and it opened with certain guys may overpay to get him to come here and I don't eat and be an inept position. On with with a with other position guess it depends on what they the quarterback. Island and how much money they're willing to spend their according glad that you and I we are banned the why trade one of the one and they were Tyrod and courting him like. According Glenn music I make a lot of money any an entry at the epitaph contract to trade it got to know he'd help. I don't think you're getting it on record you're trying to get some of that money off the books. He had left tackle who has played well when he's out there by. I don't think they're gonna get rid of a contract like that and turn around and make a big big ticket sign. But about the guys they're all gonna hit the street here eighteen Obama it really is only one I think people are interest there and Kyle Williams look what's your read on how Williams at this point Mike. You know that was interesting to hear to not suck at some people in the know and upload. He with the team and I think it general feeling was a big bucks I'll come back. And but I not had that feeling and maybe it's because I think it guy like Kyle and that back and pick Brett. I'm sure you know he'd been keeping himself in shape personal career country not just like that back. You know doing nothing I think he probably want to be where it is and then he'll he would build them back money. If he wants to come back. I won the need to come back a plea of built up really well when the guys in form but I don't know what he knows yet. Mean it's really only room in March hadn't been over that I would think you have an idea. But it I would bet on it now I would they still welcome and I think if you want to come back any decent price I think they'll act. Thirteen we have sports or to my catalog was always good with his time to join us. Let's peasants here in the sports part danger but tag they were we looking over your shoulder a little bit there while you're doing the image problem for the amorous. You to tip staring down a lot. The thing year alcohol year your adult effort is looking over the crash and that an entertaining game yesterday I was on game. Hammer blows they should've gotten to points yesterday that ended up getting the ones. But well partly opened up their thirteen and three days and out there lot that was a physical game two they like it accused in the playoffs. That means we're heading but you know what I really noticed it went in the mean. Turkey is loaded. With Tampa Bay's stratex. Rick healing pointed that out and look at that roster it's six rookie draft pick at all play and that's the goal that what I think. And be back in and and gate and optional one hat here you gotta build that back up from where they've been. But I look paper for Chris Taylor they paid played hard they play opt out of you guys and just in daily lives. Now Andy yesterday he keeps pocket like back. He can really be dangerous and then when they get to the plant that was a fun game even though YouTube creep and a commercials. Have been in the game you know propped. The problem which we're just working on tonight Mike. The talk internment you know it Bonnie what we knew you'd be in the and certainly they're cute. And in fact I'm going to be Aetna Dayton get out there at the game the data on into the LSU does and it they can advance. And I know they've had this reputation that means it and get him in the tournament and now appoint a date set and dump up here because yes they got in. And you know get that they got in by it would be quite a run to get through a couple of ram because you know you gotta win against an eleven either similar. You know level team just to get. Detroit just to get to try to block to pick up at. Get it around sixteen so it's gonna take a lot or been it had been beaten anybody. You know really no they haven't beaten any top ten top five teams this year and the Bonnie you know they. And a hot pot but that night but maybe get a little better the but Burnett gave the game hurt them. And you be really didn't get a lot of respect for dean at the that they. But they you know a lot there and go winning game go into games give everybody pay attention I think that organ. Slowly lots of action safe travels to date my cattle on a thirteen wimp sports director our guest in the sports bar with danger to tag leave Mike has always. We appreciate your time. Art wrote a letter you gotta Mike awesome so much there to talk about. He's floored like everybody else. When you have a story that happens on Friday were still. It makes sense of Britain. Asked if that really happened talk about the pirate day trade for a third round that. You get some high fives today in the hallways and we did absolutely everybody everybody's excited in our bill I ran into my neighbor Nikki GO wegmans yesterday said hey we got a third. Two days after it happened I was at forgotten like yeah yeah we got a third. Kind of ridiculous. It's well. But Dustin Fox who used to play for the for the bills he's radio guy now in Cleveland for the CBS sports station out there he is on John Murphy show. At this point. Since the browns reincarnation. To tell me who is been a more accomplished quarterback in Cleveland. And Tyrod Taylor. Proof that our solo that is super aloft have Barr is said low instant trivia Mike. Brown's only playoff appearance. Since coming back to Italy who was their starting over this I know they played in Pittsburgh they were the wild card. It was 2003. He'd go on the plea to the Buffalo Bills later. It's and we can hold adios. Six or five or six minutes this is that let's say you're braking energy will come back with is a chance trivia question. Secret for later tonight champs. And will also play electric did that give you some. Provocative thoughts from around the world of sports here in the sports bar with danger ambit frankly and we spent a lot of time this week of course. Talking about the brackets Jeanne bear sat you can fill yours out now at five hour energy brackets dot com what makes this different. Then in years past. Real time brackets that allow you to make a switch in any game he could switch out of your losing picks without the four minutes left. EBay gave. Help you pick Syracuse all the way through it still have a clean bracket when it's all said and done you wanna make your picks that we would normally makes a usual habit and you realize like any year that you're gonna miss on some picks you can make those changes stage in the game longer and eliminate busted brackets with you your friends and your coworkers. Course there's and now of course you can take it everywhere you go play five hour energy brackets on every device and any location again five hour energy brackets dot com and stock up now. On five hour energy helps you feel alert. Helps you feel energized and has as much. Is much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee it's five hour energy get back to 100%. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Sports bar would danger in the attack. Chester wrapped. Points leader. By examining. ESPN Rochester. For amber it's. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester.