The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Mike Rodak

The Bills have re-signed Kyle Williams and picked up free agent Star Lotulelei.'s Mike Rodak joins Danger and Battaglia with opinions and reactions during hour one of The Sports Bar.


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Both sports bar with dangerous for exactly Beatles and vandals will swap. First round picks bills go to twelve. We'll do all book quarterback in advance their goals this fire off these groups to go out and I did franchise quarterback in the draft. This got a lot more instinctive buffalo is looking at twelve on the prowl. For a cornerback Brandon v.s certainly had a lot of interest that you are true yeah that would then had become by and he said he'll make a trip out of California at the end. Mike danger sure you're defense starlet to let this is it. You can thank you you got to I'm getting ready for when you actually become department's chief Jean. Exactly what's happening with Kyle Williams was remarkable moment for awhile now really got the point where but get this done and now where everybody to be happier what you did either boost or our football thing to. Bruins are here deservedly so and they have a very difficult match up against saint Bonaventure and I'm telling UCLA. You better not overlook. The Bonnie backcourt you know you really enjoy being that killed their backs in the the battle for a minute that compete you know this is that the atmosphere injured and just in the back of their. Rochester sports leader not 57. Yes he had. After down and we'll just you'll join us sports bar or danger of attack Lee is open for business we appreciate you stopping five. And M 950 not 57 of them. ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester apple war searchers on the radio dot com the radio dot com top. Might change your life we cheap attack it's been almost 24 hours since we signed up yesterday cheap at the bills moved into the top five yet. Could ever have what the number one. Keep going up could off Friday at some point they will work their way this process the process. I I'd laugh how the national people like well of buffalo is going for. Not yes yes they are introduced it in drafting a quarterback laggard is catching on that is right now. Yes that was stunning yesterday the bills are swapping a number twelve but. Today there almost feels like old news danger would all these moves happening around the NFL today. With the Buffalo Bill shoring up their defensive line a five year deal for defensive tackle star looked to delay. And also bringing back on a one year deal Kyle Williams yes Kyle Williams is back with the Buffalo Bills. Big day for the Buffalo Bills. And now. As we are live breaking news from Ian Rapoport the jets are working on a deal for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Not his only option. But it's their first choice. Sheer terror Rai a do you see that now after bosnians in the kind of recap here if you're just. Tuning in. Can't wait NFL really something for the actual start of the league season. I mean free agency doesn't officially start until tomorrow at 4 o'clock this legal tampering. Oh my goodness gene where I can have anything anymore when you Wear or report tomorrow. This is Smart on the NFL's part because they go to tomorrow on the and it drags in the Thursday what is everybody doing on Thursday. Everybody on Thursdays watching the tournament and looking at the brackets this is Smart by the NFL to get this all going right now. Cousins goes to Minnesota teen in the Denver Sam Bradford goes to Arizona. That's perfect for him because that's where a lot of retirees people go on. And San Joaquin goes to Kansas City. We're start I mean should we start with let's start with the bills they and look I wasn't surprised. About two effect I was kind of relieved that the bills made the move. To sign starlet to allay. And sure up the middle of that defense of law. And I think that. That news prompted. Reaction from Kyle Williams which is like yeah I'll come back another year. Thank you for the assist thanks for the help I'm back let's go up. And it sounds like this was something that. Was working on new and thinking about. Going back to as far as the end of last season Kyle Williams early with Joseph Murphy show. Yeah you know we kind of we've been working on that Europe for awhile now it. And really it's got to a point where I atlases let's get this done and and where everybody can be happier which excited the couldn't create it over or are all day. And the addition of starlet to elect. Well I you know I I know him as a player and you know obviously. He never. You never certain of those things until until it happens so we'll see what goes down all but I am all for having that many good players is as we can get. Yet in the area in Iran and in working with these guys don't know where we ought that's like a chain. And a perfect world danger today Kyle Williams it's great he's coming back quite I don't know you want him let's be honest as your starting. Defensive tackle now coming in me in situations. In. You know down the stretch yet you need to rotate in defensive tackles but you can do batter and bills paid him actually like a back up today. Out one year 6000005 which again is guaranteed but if he makes the opening day roster yeah it it's a one year six million dollar deal I think that is what. The money the bonus you're gonna pay Tyrod Taylor six million. There yup you shift the Daryn over to college. No like the idea that the bills address the need I mean you know Kyle Williams on that line after. They made the trade to get Marshall Darius Jacksonville. I mean that run defense suffered I mean you collegiate their run defense for the bills fell off a cliff the second half of the season. How Williams is just one guy can't do it himself he got to allay. And Williams and whoever else. You know it'll be it just to see. How that plays out training camp in what williams' role will be. I liked it there keep the normal round like that he's a leader in the locker room that you know he he becomes kind of like the heart and soul of that team. On defense especially. And then the additional two lays the icing on the cake. Great. No we didn't think the tool they would even be in the bills range now have I haven't seen and again news coming in here frantically. There is no official declaration from the Buffalo Bills because obviously free agency has an old enough. And I won't happen until tomorrow but usually you get the agent side on this danger have you heard about the dollars here for starlet to know I haven't seen anything yet Jean and I think. Be you know that probably signals that the bills. Got a little bit of a bargain. I'll look to elect. Danny B agent doesn't come around and say well we kind of and who we can get top dollar here unit you're never gonna get that side and the agent the agent just won't return your calls of that's the case. Again this all of these moves and and with all of the quarterback dominoes are kind of falling. In order. What is this say for the bills. And the quarterback position aside from what we already presume which is they're gonna move into the top five they're gonna select a quarterback in this year's draft. Is very a breach. Quarterback in mind is I you guys meet here are gonna start now. Season when known known to restore that ought to know all holding Knoll. Yet Duffy will be here Friday how someone that. Can we looked up. The caring he's the guy that we've been talking about since day 18 Bridgewater ends up going to jets fine. It may kind of for the jets in the thinking you know we have an option quarterback and we don't need to spend that pick at number six overall on a quarterback. If you had to say in what's changed your last 24 hours well. It's all not great news since the trade meaning if you think Denver is in going to take a quarterback. At number six excuse me a number five government. Com then no debt and I don't believe that to be the case because Deborah is going to be in play for quarterback here at some point. So keen and to me it looks like. Landing to the bears last year. I mean and now he is not a future franchise quarterback of John Elway identifies one of these quarterbacks that's a team you obviously have to get past. Denver it causes one to Denver and to pay that money. Dad it's different story eating go to Denver that's a promising thing with a jets to if cousins went to New York would have a much happier for the Buffalo Bills and their quest for a quarterback. What the trade also did yesterday though another team that. Has no court actually just signed one apparently Sam Bradford goes to air his own at Arizona is behind buffalo now. In terms of drafting a quarterback bills jumping up the twelfth. Arizona I would have to do something special to get up into that top five. And that's what this all comes down to this all comes down to the bills. Getting into the top five. Get in front of Denver getting from Cleveland it in fact get in front of Cleveland at four. Two and three to win three in those are the spot you look at how to injury. On last. The whole thing goal completely sideways. Cleve land that laws are old Cleveland takes it to Arnold. And the giants realize hey Eli Manning's gonna be forty year and a few years we need to draft Josh Rosen. Laura and won't won't won't won't won't. Then you'll have some team reaching the jets are the brought so you might feel the need to trade up past them for a baker mayfield. Is Mike did you we get three quarterbacks in the top five for that reason alone if he plays out that. Way. If I'm Cleveland that's what I would do I would take the quarterback how many times they have the browns passed on a quarterback. Tyrod Taylor should be their answer that they think that pirate dealers are at over sixty years Cobb looks. That could be the one thing that screws up this whole plan we will not Null. Until the day of the craft navy until they're on the clock what are the true intentions of the browns in the giants. Barkley. Job goals are players that you know we scored goal number one overall. But can that I've found the Buffalo Bills I gotta be thinking I gotta get the number two. I would think. That it's either Donald. Rose in at this point you you don't trade up to number twelve here thinking may feel will be a number twelve either they may feel will be number three to me it's very clear I think to. Josh jail. The most divisive figure in this draft in my opinion is Lamar Jackson mark Jackson's a good quarterback anybody wants to dispute that but that's not divisive. Devices to me is everybody's got a different opinion on John jail. We've had experts on it's that no not until the third round and we doubt in my guys say number one overall. Buffalo Bills and make his move dangers do. Draft Josh Ellen today is Alan could be a top ten quarterback but I don't I don't see that most divisive figure in the strapped to me just show. Quarterback from Wyoming. Yeah I think you're drafting a guy Josh challenge. On potential. More than what you see right now Ryan if you believe that he's a project and you need a guy that will. Get chew a couple of seizes at least one full season. There is a positive to Josh Allen and his number one strength being his arm strength. But certainly do worse and having a strong arm quarterback playing in the winter months of Orchard Park I wouldn't be. Terrified by Josh Allen if that's the guy. But don't get the impression that that's the guy I believe it's probably rose in one to Arnold too. Would you get that impression. But it's one of those two guys for the Buffalo Bills. Or could be flip flop. Sure they're not doing all this right now you're not making that move with Cincinnati not flipping Tyrod Taylor for next a third. We will hear all the same things whilst really got to do interviews and you've got to go to Prodi a lot lot lot. No I think they truly believe they have their sites I said I'm one. I think they know who they want at this point you're not doing all this it's. You truly think you you still have time to evaluate now they have their mind made up who they want. We will find out now. I mean this is a different front office now if you were the front office of adult whale air I guarantee there would be leaks weeding even know about Kyle Williams today. Was pretty much radio silence nothing nothing I Collins bone back for one year deal oss. That's the way I want a front office to work OK it isn't there's a fair and usually want your front office to kinda act stealthy to especially. When it comes. To the draft apple what's not still so stole stealth dangerous there's only one reason the trade off. That trading up of the running back to net trading after choppy not train up for any of these guys that Patrick you're trading up for the quarterback that is very clear. No we talked about the slowly yesterday I don't know that the bills. Gain anything or benefit now. As free agency opens tomorrow by signing. A battering free agent quarterback what's the point. While now. Mean it's funny how things have changed here in the 24 hours because when I said hey you've got to sign one of these guys because you don't want to project. For trading up. Well that was before the bills moved up the number twelfth. So okay the reason you move up the number twelve now it's. You're telegraphing your movie here in this is very Smart by the Buffalo Bills are they in my opinion do everything it can't get up. But who's left right now. Gee you pay for Bridgewater. Do you pay for McCarron. Or do you week for McCown or someone else I think that's what it's down to write. My missing anybody. On this list the list is ugly what's left now is. A swing line state dealer. Broom handle and a bumper bracket might 2010 Toyota four runner. That's what's left it to a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of free agency after those names. Like Josh McCown has to be like really. I would imagine that the jets would work out a deal to get McCown. Back. In the count is already said publicly would embrace the role of scooter if he would. If he got signed and will draft and yet but it stand up we're Bridgewater in the ending and there's a report from Rappaport that daddy's. Not dawn and that's the way it's low keying. Then ya then new could do like I've been saying for months bill says alike wanna say this. You could do worse as a bridge quarterback. And huge huge. In our jaws went out your lap and his team might face here in its. Yes yes if that happens I'll have to say oh right my danger it. Can we get tomorrow can we get lever filth from jets confidential lob with does just that we can get our gutless about it and speculate that there's a problem we might never felt much. He will try to make the argument that the jets will wean the Super Bowl next year right. Is it. New Yorker everybody that knows a new Yorker right the world revolves around them. You're gonna love you guys know. Blight has yet casual and it was last year that we're given Marta shot judgment count as your starting quarterback good luck with that. You look at the numbers that count and a. Really decent season for the jets and if your intention is you're gonna draft your future starting quarterback. Assume that account gets injured week two or week three. Trust the rookie and into his role and let him go. Because you're not really left a lot of options right now it's McCown. Matt Moore has some. Experience with Bryant able back in their Miami days. And then it's of course in TJ McKay there. When your quarterback in Alabama. You see that lovely lady there she doesn't offer one of the net but she also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the ride his dvd Boehner. That's it is wow I tell you quarterbacks you get all of the good look at the eyes of lot of beautiful woman wow these AJ goodwill and things writedowns and Jerry Unser and Alabama. So I get the football throw around the backyard would. You're you're missing the point here danger we'll just be selfish and think about us here in Rochester okay. There is going to be training camp at saint John Fisher College Q what Teddy Bridgewater. Or do you want a star sightings you went deep team Bonner. 21 needs he's AJ McCarron to come to saint John Fisher how much to me those would be start citing danger. Our little clot DB DB Boehner walked by right now I would I'd be. So excited meter and you probably think I was weird yell for knowing all I know but look I I know. What's left in the veteran free agent quarterback market is it sexy. Including Josh McCown in. Including amateur. Yes including. Let's Rihanna is nobody laughed at any McCarron yes who's a great college quarterback he cooler and be notes. Andy dull pain you'll bright AJ McCarron an it training camp nick. Jeter and beat out AJ McCarron who are great for Nate heater right. Look here's what's complete what is happening right now. OK yes the Buffalo Bills would take in Teddy Bridgewater yes they were taking AJ McCarron. At what price. And it is think of it this way if you're a general manager. Would you just not way I could you can make an argument for Bridgewater you can make an argument for McCarron you can make that argument you know which one I would settle on the guide it is. Coming cheaper is better to town at this point. I think it's all about the dollars and not overpaying that's why you see all the dominos started to fall. And here he is soul last share in this game of musical chairs and there is in buffalo even have a bridge quarterback downed Arizona and Sam Bradford. Okay. And by the way. You one year twenty million for Bradford with an option another second your option and another twenty email. You repeat one email for Sam Bradford I don't blame the bills were passing on that number that's too rich for their blood and they're Smart. To pass on Sam Bradford. He's keyed them. What was it eighteen to twenty million for him I'm sorry I don't I don't. Know all know it's. Glen in type of numbers. As an forgot about Lenin Lenin's up clintons out there isn't going to bring his big neck the draft you know equal to hit the it deals Twitter would have some funny thing with the Photoshop and Mike Lennon. But writing and I would never take Matt Moore after the hit he took last year two years ago. Question mark had to take 20% off or for good look yeah right he's got to mileage on them and I am sure you're talking about that in the playoff game I remember that the golfing game in Pittsburgh it was very ugly for him very ugly for the dolphins. And that more would only be eight break glass in case of emergency quarterback in the month of may in my opinion Joshua town now alas. You're just. Some stats in thirteen games nearly 3000 yards eighteen touchdowns. Nine interceptions. Hotter and 24 rushing yards five rushing touchdowns. Eleven fumbles. Bill's fans in San Diego chief Tim. In San Diego chicken with a sports bar hates him. Mrs. Beatty borrow one year. As well. Little about it and you didn't do either I not all of a murder off. And that they are so good that we focus on that's right well. But. Yeah I think that's about option at this point that water obviously. We want our president. Look at any one moment amber out. But. You don't count as number thank you gotta know that. That on the so yeah I think I agree I aged colonel in the animals are welcome. Over all the bills on office looking like a really Smart. Well for the first under the current. It's Great Britain but he knows how to really feel about a team it's kind of shot now they're making these moves you like India that makes sense of apple makes cents. Yeah that's the free it's gonna go after makes sense. It's a bit all the critics look I'm I'm shocked by now we've. Got to. Actually much currently happening on the actual. Smart coach. Not hurt us. Seoul. All down quarterback. I actually have policy and rapidly sometimes he will quit also and number twelve what he done. In real time block away you know you know I don't think we've heard so grew out of those quarterbacks. I mean I I can then Donald being out here. He's got potential or knows a lot. In public what. I'm not. Although Alec may also talk. And execute. The court. And structural and normal it's intimate it opened optional talked about. I you know it's in my impacting Mason rove has a chance but I don't think you're making them move with a bang goals to the draft measly offer Lamar Jackson I think. It's one of those four I'm. Putting Allen in that category is we really don't know I wouldn't do it. But if the bills were to sit there are number twelve I would bad Alan would be there tend you you're the best appreciate the call on him to appreciate by the way the Merck Hanks Paul. Memory and the safety from the nets getting nice that gas app now. Best neck in the history of the NFL would you customer Hanks at Glen Glen is the second. If Clinton was a better football player maybe we'd fall involved with that long neck over time and now the let's get like direct from Oh that's next in a sec it's we've got Mike on of course plenty to talk about reaction to all the moves being made by the Buffalo Bills but let's take. To get. And number two I think road back is a little bit of little bit of work on this kind of figure out what package would need to be put together to move up to get that number two pick in the New York Giants for the number three pick. From the Indianapolis Colts and what are these sightings today that the signings of both. Starlet to allay. And Kyle Williams mean for the bills the rest of free agency. The necessary draft pick for so many things we can get into with micro neck joins us next in the sports bar. Danger of a tightly appreciate you stopping by this afternoon AM 950 in 957 FM these sports later. ESPN Rochester. Fifty and 9570. Ask you this give you twelve chances yeah we didn't win with a thousand dollar keyword cash contest. Louis which leader each weekday. Every hours starting at 6 AM we'll announce no worse when you hear text that code word nationwide to 72881. Donor keyword cash contest we. He's like six and yeah. Rochester home front live sports have the best sports talk anyway being a 9957. Yeah. Does sports leader ESPN Rochester. Why not I know him as a player and obviously. It never. He never certain other things that until silly happen but we'll see what goes down the fault but I am all for having as many good players this week yet. Did in the area Ron isn't working with the guys or we're gonna go about. College is fully bought in on the process. But end Kyle Williams defensive tackle Buffalo Bill signing for another year. It was a one year five million guaranteed that yes five million to six overall but the fact it's a one year deal on the fact that it happened now. And also in conjunction with star looked school delay. Our guest Mike wrote back Mike out of such a busy day we we appreciate your time today. Would you call starlet looked to delay yeah a big splash in free agency for the Buffalo Bills. Based on what the and based on the length of the contract we get to eat the dollar out of the contract I think part of that such as course bill. Before the actual you know region the start of free agencies that thanks and agents are a little bit we here at putting too much out there about. If you look at the contract yeah I mean it is at the spot I don't know that were used. It is both connotation a bidder at. You obviously don't wanna be the unit overpaying for wire. In this case and I think it it's probably going to be good value for them give him any track or at least he. John McDermott obviously aren't reached last year the moves Brenda Jeanne. I don't think they're out there and and too much on Fareed that the channel that quite yet need to expect of course are so. Based on what they need again they need to tackle other Iowa him and street technique or. With so I can't even get me rarity most of lately there to let me up on the. What I struggle as well might join club lower than where their together with your brother. It just it remind me of when back when I lived in Boston has insure everybody out there knows. I'll direct talk street for Doug Mientkiewicz took me at least director reach it yet that spelling them out. It's gonna take me and get on these man and a coworker on it but. Romney's Mormon nose tackle and that's killing more the role where mark of errors began last he's so. That one's probably number one underway as the eat out that a quarterback entering this week and that is certainly a cartel built it. Mike we know that they love the player being was a part of drafting him McDermott was defense of coordinator in Carolina when he was drafted. What about the player what about his skill set what about his statistics how has he held up. Through his rookie deal now that he's a free agent signing with the Buffalo Bills. Yeah well I say black and if you look at is pro football focus. Numbers. Or hurry in fact I think 109 Indiana out great month. Which is just above work all that Washington was essentially the player is placing in the defense but. I talk to somebody you know airliner and a didn't put on a stock in an act in the back appointed to. How the panthers' run defense there last year finishing third in the NFL. In yards allowed per game third best. So it's not like even if he was not playing at a high level. In our defense was suffering so I won't trust on a permanent as 1 August. Or agents there's there's guesswork that goes into it but. They're eliminating some of that given that McDermott coached him for forced even down there Carolina you know bring. The system. He goes on behind the scene so. You know our trust him on that over well all focus. You know others potentially some questions there. Tom is based on. How things one currently Carolina. Well it eight quarterback society here now that the defense and tackle position being addressed today. What's the biggest need here Dez free agency again it doesn't kick off this little tomorrow but. Hot linebacker positions to me are we hearing anything about Preston brown is anybody being connected. At linebacker in any such weight of the Buffalo Bills right now. All oil oh yeah I agree that there and middle linebacker is probably eat they eat that on this roster after days addressed. You tackle with quarterback you know more than likely only be addressed some point. Because there's no heir apparent pressed ground on its roster seeing Mickey apple Lotto at a outside linebackers so. Welcome here try to resign Preston brown look at the deal that at the kitchen formerly of the cowboys signed with each piece today. Or greet you to cheat today in nine billion dollars per year. According you know on network and that's probably in the neighbor and what Preston brown book yet. Based on a tackle production based on the their ability. At least sixteen gains all orders year's bitterly in the outfield last three years 98 at eight under wraps. Seemed like Bette in wondering why able player you know beyond Il peak and of course brown. It is the fact that linebackers in the biggest playmaker. There's that would values that are brought my understanding is that those agents pressed ground and Ebert Williams and I wore green main line backers out there are so. The build could still very well be an. I would not rule out he went to check. They have a lot of cap space. That's I think you know watch here I know there's been speculation that the patriot I'm not sure. That will come through but you know others to step community teams and on that one. And now again the price tag and going to be 89 million dollars support marry him be 79 range. So if you look at Christian courtesy of the day and the Cleveland Browns is he also in an. That's probably more and I think the Bill Owens so. Again left to the other or shake out over the next 24 hours so. But it built would be kind of in a bind trying to go on somebody else in that case to wondered eat pretty big. Significant job and there's not a a lot of depth to this free agent class linebacker media Hart Davis. With the Broncos. Maybe get an older player what are Altman or Margaret Davis competent jet. Or maybe to look at the draft and try to Frontline back early on and kind of run your defense but of course requires keeping some of those text so. I think what helped the bills to restart Preston brown but there's a pretty big price tag on. He's Mike wrote back covering the Buffalo Bills for Joining us in the sports partying germ tag Leah on ESPN Rochester Mike of course yesterday the move. By the Buffalo Bills from 21 to twelve with the Cincinnati Bengals without giving up the draft pick trading forty clan. And of course a move that telegraphed their intent. To be in play for one of those top tier. Quarterbacks available beginning the first round. What is going to get the bills into the top three what kind of combination a package with the have to present to either the colts. For the giants to move to three year two respectively and beat the browns and beat the jets in beat the Broncos to that position. Well let your growing in what they at first round pick next year spectrum pick next year. I think it's probably going to have to start with you first peck and our people and don't order of a product that no law you know was not give up bulk of those critics I think you're probably gonna. Active on who got two or three or four summer and change. Pop in that spectacular for a world just those two X four. But that may not be I would say you know another team out there it is try to trade up and try to get had to use the jetstream that is due. So are they Ottawa out of the the quarterback race. Then. Eat more or you're any higher ash said two or three your giants colts beat give up that pic which may. Requires sweetening the pot so. That means some combination of those second and third round pick obviously it keeps summer and I don't wanna have a huge gap. Between pick number three like today and you're picky pinnacle per round but. You know perhaps it's one of the second round pick one of their round picks and maybe something later on her up next year commitment gonna be a big package. And certainly getting number twelve helps. By bill. It's still going to be arraigned and transport or and be used. I can't buy and referred to you know what it's gonna they trade up but but but decided it was a bad trade I think it's great trade. Especially when you look at the value in moving now remember when he ordered the well. Points wise on a raft tree creature that's worth about spectrum that. So we look at it instead build respect Europe kickback according lines. Of course swapping spit that as well but good trade. I think positions built well but it does require you to take that acts that. In order for all this work out. Eight are we missing something according Glen because I've been the reaction we got on our show yesterday Mike and I'm sure you'd you'd follow along a lot on social media the bills won over on that trade and it certainly would look like E*Trade and up back up. Is there any downside to this or we just underestimating. According Glen in the valley he could bring the Cincinnati. Or thinking it was starting left tackle for the Bengals. Eagle I think he could work out triple a angles. Get C a pretty good at left tackle who was close to a global level before I hurt. And they get him for about ten million dollar a year all non guaranteed. That could be you know win for the ankles as well. They don't quite huge huge deference see number well number 21. He's starter I mean. At the opening if you look at him last year spoke almost starter Ian early open back. But there's reasons why the bulls won the trade and were dated contracts which was the most expensive the first he'd most expensive. After the Tyrod Taylor trade and beating injuries were reliant and beyond evil so. I think there's a reason global brand of restraint for each team be happy and the networks go to overtime but. You know metallic one team that the way to trigger once in that pollutes. Let her back joining us in the sports bar with danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester. Let's talk what's of these other free agent moves in their ties to buffalo we'll start with. Sam Bradford one year twenty million in new with. I think that the Sammy Watkins deal is something worth discussing did that to the chiefs overpaid. It first and he watched cans and Ito will what are your thoughts on some of these other whose what what moves that have been made a really perked up your your so far. Yeah I mean the Bradford money is pretty dead calm twenty years that twenty million dollar one year to leave a second year optional thing right. A bomb which means that the going rate for starting quarterback in yes well that they took the bills thank our Taylor before they traded on. Is not crazy money for the cardinals but. You know you you do have to wonder. I'll let he. Where exactly it he is going to quarterback get their degree recline and Bradford are bidders but keep track quarterback as well. And they might get boxed out by the bills and tried these so. Yeah I'll probably I need. Kirk and obviously you were fully guaranteed ED four dollar deal that goes show you. On just how he really wasn't realistic option for the bill even what the app state that podcast they gonna have next year. They opened their willingness on the sort of money in mock up there our cap of one player like that. Where a lot more economical. For the bills to blow draft quarterback even. Very early in trapped given the rookie wage steal these days. It's not that bad Easter app. Have been out much. You know better approach even though Kirk cousins is somewhat prudent. He could potentially get a better player through the draft. It might if you can kind of lay out the compensatory. Rules here as we know now have free agency begins tomorrow officially but. Any player besides gonna count against you or any color that believe you will help out. In what is the window here in regards to the Buffalo Bills. Tie it at what point could the bill's signing quarterback off of the streets in Matt Moore is that amazing June what is what is the timeline for that. And do you see brain and being working in this angle to accumulate more picks for Tony ninety. I do think that that immediate priority would be what it parties CNET based on the bond they didn't irony of course I I think. Where he's written a guy who were released by their former need. As opposed to guys contracts were expiring it will be our region are. That's really the key differences aren't as tort formulas are more than the timing. Possibly have a quarterback who was released by former team at its peak on knocked up I had those who these guys are others are free agents. And it would help build the sign at quarterback. If you wanna count at least banning torture at Torrey formula. Com colon and I guess I did and yet. One and yet or are part. You know Vietnam cut quite yet com. Yes that's going in early on I would get that a deeper water drops out there all those guys our. I'm restricted free agents map or Erica Anderson at all on that category. So. Bill Pickett can't help there but overall what it view. Is try to sign more players. Our. Who were released by the former teams either do that or wait until after a well. Made while chew. I understood for that and I don't out. But. You know the bill to be helped here they get a tutored act and elsewhere order Preston brown. Or EJ gains or Mac use. Some of those potentially bigger Eagles. He beat you qualified for that story technically graduate girder or our back pocket and on the the average value of those deals. So it's not unrealistic to think that the bills might go silent terms of picking up a free agent quarterback starting tomorrow and all the way through the draft to wait until after may twelfth. Before they sign a veteran quarterback to essentially come and compete with whoever they may be drafting at the end of April. Yeah I mean at that point your probably. You know pick through scrap heap. Sort of GGE eight batting as it was last year I don't know if you want one of those guys starting Oreo. But that you know that's one option that's one wrote that. Take it they truly want locally. Get an installed into any sort of situation where they're not getting as court pick next year. Com but you know I think there's still a decent and they but he board that would create. Michael floor where you if at all. The bills got a third rounder for tyra. Well surprised I think being in an. Really good. The idea I had going into. Last week was that the builder and a probable. Aren't getting much ready for Tyrod Taylor and from all accounts the browns swooped in a boost late last week it surprise a lot of people. Com yes on the bill and sitting looked at sixty bit overall pick in the draft I'd get that you'll Don. Four we have a parent Taylor six million dollars and former roster bonus this weekend and yet take. I mean I think he'd beat our discussions or that oil while those who wait until after the bonus and eat the six million dollars and a one year and only dollar deal but more readable nobody but wait out the we await it'll. From August that somebody hurt. And all the sudden ground common an opera that that that prize and I think that might carpet built off guard too though. That's a great deal and I think you know we look down the road that we want better groups that aren't being has made. Mike guy I saw the assigning her that you know tomorrow the signing of Paul Richardson a Washington and NFL Paul Richardson would've been. Rule just one of what could sure the buffaloes. Deals on the office side of the ball that deep down it's downfield threat with a lot of speed on the outside but then to see the numbers five years 40000020 guaranteed. At Washington I kind of understand why the bills. May be a little sticker shock and walked away from that are there any free agents. That feel that rolled it could fill that role for the Buffalo Bills and I'm just kind of glancing at the list right now and and you know Mike Wallace isn't quite doing it for me a guy a guy like me via Taylor keep real or or you know somebody meet people the more speed on the outside. Anybody you've heard. They can be a potential outside option for the Buffalo Bills wide receiver. Yeah I mean Richardson was named him that we had them there are some Twitter rumor sort of circulating around and com what I bought it on the bill I'm not out of it outs and potential because I think he was pretty acquire or lack art in America right I think you'll automatic bid price. They saw these and he used eat rat. Com yeah you're looking at the same group or receivers last year between the regional outlook management. Arms. It is in the best case scenario those guys they LP announced that forward and have. Sort of a deep breath and number three receiver and India are on the heel stretch appeal so I don't know the span. You know fifteen. 20000030. Million are on a guy and for two or three years and be that. That sort of you were. Because you might be spreading out on how bad. Let's not forget that he's coming out Q after this year. As a region and now you're ready to resign him at all wanna be left for much poppy receiver. Mike guy wanna get your thoughts here as well micro Nike our guest the former Buffalo Bill signing a three year deal today with Kansas City. Sammy Watkins odd to me I think and it is is a sports argument danger and I were having before went on the air I think that's a great place her in a land dangerous thinks Al caters to many options there in Kansas City work what do you think you know or of that move Sammy Watkins to Casey. Now that respect obviously. It's eat that span sort of eager receiver the last few years you know these urgent Carey there'll. Started to change that but they've banned mostly white anger and he's running based in green and our format. And they've never really act to get stretched Il and and I'm make that a more dynamic often so. Well he gave me period. Like and respect cream on it and carry over any market they feel like I can find a way to get open and for that all parents to do. Do some things as a matter what happens a quarterback. Oddest Patrick Holmes turnout speed while we think he can be. Which. Could be something great. But does that all come together the first year. And you need animated some of those personalities which it LE eight and Mike Gilbert stronger. You know how does that all shake out I know these are Eagles. Ears back corner back landed on Jack's. It Osama always in the back field as well there's pretty big personality and that he injury at the Beverly worked out in terms of the wind so. Will say but it can get on seem to watch it here about. Migrant back Covering the Buffalo Bills encouraging go check out his work there AD always go with this time joining us here in the sports barging termed tag Leah on ESPN Rochester Mike let's hope that tomorrow the NFL has something left for us to talk about. When the actual league year begins. I'm looking forward to when you meet our our while. I think. It's great stuff right might appreciate it I was I was Internet but. You gotta get it yet. Lots to talk about today. Just joining us those Mike wrote back did you brief recap what happened in buffalo today starlet to delay comes to buffalo. So would you call a big slash I would. That's a five year deal all rating on the dollars. And Kyle Williams comes back one year deal so with those two with adults as Washington without or whatever else might pick up in the draft. It's not like the bills are you know. Top five I guess in defensive tackle block down is not need any more if you sign a two lane bring back Kyle Williams you don't have to draft by need now. At the defensive tackle position. You need your cornerback on both sides of the ball you need to middle linebacker and you need your quarterback and offensive media you know that's. Those of the two biggest needs now after addressing the needed defensive tackle with Williams or with look to elect. Well I aimed in that being said now if your brain and being how many calls are you getting today from a mile manager. Don't Preston brown yeah Preston brown to mom also he's he's agent. She only has one client that being Garcon. He didn't have time for that night he's got to figure a way to get the top five of the trapped here I am able to them by point being that present browser come back and do better now. Gene and except for Thursday not only is at start of the tournament. You know we're going to be. Murphy's Murphy's. Murphy's law. Welcoming in the sports bar with danger to tag leave Murphy's law Webster location at 14100. Empire boulevard now that is the spot. To watch all the NCAA games in March we will be at the empire boulevard location Thursday for the start of the tournament from three. Until six we'll have all kinds of Irish drink specials for including Guinness. In Jamison they've got all kinds of great Irish food. And also if you check out the parade this weekend or forget Murphy's downtown location right on the parade route they're going to be opened starting at 8 AM. Both locations open starting ADM the senator for Saint Patrick's Day. The apart boulevard location Webster by the way hosting the biggest seem Patrick's day parade after party. Starting at 3 o'clock the got a huge heated temple have live music and of course the down the downtown location right on the parade route we will be. On Thursday it live. At the Webster location Murphy's law for the start of the term in danger and technically in the sports bar look afford that Gina. Yeah that should be a lot of fun a good so cut out of work a little early better yet it's come join us for the whole three hours and have tickets great prizes and now. This is a weekend that's gonna be a lot of thumb of the parade on Saturday at basketball this weekend coming up the Murphy's join us this though. He's working nobody's working. Everybody's playing hooky nobody's paid if you are working you're not focused from the let's go we're about a half an hour away from suck taught you WGR and bills radio southern reported to join the surrender for thirty. You know when he saw your loading up on the bill stock and we wanna talk do you bills fans they're really excited yesterday getting excited today. Okay no today the bills did not trade up. But they took care of in need might danger that being the defensive tackle. They took care of the leadership on this team people should be excited Nick Collins is back for another year. But to get starlet to allay. Maybe a defensive tackle he would rather have on the free agent market and that guy buffalo just landed him. That is awesome. Yep it's very are let's play held her to that next in the sports bar. Provocative thoughts from around the world of sports treat you agree or disagree with you're always welcome to pull the swollen joints here in the sports port 454. ESPN 4543776. Also drop slime on Twitter at ESPN Rochester more in the sports bar. Danger of attack Leah on ESPN Rochester. For Edwards talking. Every spectacular C. Mean slap shot in the game winning goal. On seven. The sports leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey is dropping you onto our line will purchase you. Williams said. And by Debbie supplying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rapist beat. Easiest way to connect with broadcasters most listened to sports. ESPN right. I guess your life. Listen to sports bar would do injury and attack. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Gestures toward leader. We tied seven. ESPN Rochester.