The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Nate Geary

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features Nate Geary from our sister-station, WGR in Buffalo. Nate explores the possibility of the Bills being able to move up to the #2 overall pick in the draft via a trade with the New York Giants.


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Those sports bar with danger and exactly your downloaded song it's not to have multi ended a one timer at that dot. The defense and finds away to add Dick Calgary's lead of five that I think you know they get the start that they wanted to do you have to push back. You know we're staying in and around watch him. From top to bottom it was it was a really ugly. And that's just unacceptable. You know the reason get trapped capitalist the other move around it and have that maneuverability. I think there really isn't any decision may still be in the best interest in football giants. Plain and simple. So if someone makes you offer he can't refuse what I moved back to disclose there. Mike danger that doesn't mean the bills are special movie and there are plenty of teams that can offer up Nixon to the giants if they want Jeanne good sadly after. Yeah would you be training not go drafted number. If Josh rose in once there Josh Rosen. Anyway observes and detergent to. There was no way editorials were loser and 7859. The final score for the Tory ovation from Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon on. Pull the stolen join us the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah is open for business here and AM 950 and 957 FM we appreciate you stopping by. Picture taken on a website ESPN Rochester like Connie you can also hear us on the radio dot com up for a free download ESP and Rochester happen. I'm hopefully Mike dangerous heat is she exactly yeah there's. No bubble talk here whatsoever right Bonaventure whatever happenings in the 810 tournament easy in. Syracuse whatever happens in the rest of college basketball. They're out right there's no way they get and that's it comport CN united. It's at the zone tonight. We move on. Them I'm already over. On I've moved on armor. But I'll also say I'm not here I am not what you consider your die hard Syracuse fan. I don't wanna see the orange do well but I do not crazy about. The next five years of Syracuse. Next five to ten years is nothing behind on to say a damn you know I'll come on respects. Why is she yeah but I. You know that's the difference is he that's a slight difference between you and I 'cause I think anybody. Made out like daytime but you've got to respect I had time. I say I did I do respect him I respect his legacy our respect his longevity I respect to success. But I think any other coach first thought if he was coaching any other team we would all hate on one because of how. Angry curmudgeon Leahy is with that with everybody becomes conduct its seemingly. And do how many years of this. When the expectations are high is they are for this program how many years of this. Are you willing to accept and I feel like you get a pass because you're Jim. Changes they made the final 43 years ago a little Fuzzy gonna find you know find how many years in a row not they can determine. And it may be changes next. NASA experts like let's look I if the expectation every are you gonna make the turn. No I think this year no it was foolish training ready think that this team with this roster this year DC's where the scenes of the the probation came up all right this is the punishment the lack of scholarships you get to one guy transferring out another season ending injury. No orange friendship ahead expectation this year. That this team was gonna go to the tournament that's my point your today. That you just keep moving on now next year in class so gripped that body behind me break shared. Did ai and by the way there is it gonna use a loophole there where they're not to give him a scholarship he's come in the school for free because. Well is that an employee there and that's one of the perks are going to Syracuse so I look that's. That's all well and good next year different conversation this year. To represent yourself well. And I AA ears you know your your struggles this year come from the probation. Coaches have gotten fired for less than what Syracuse was you know and for less than those violate any. Big time. Can do no wrong and I don't know that that's. True I think Anaheim has done wrong I think. We're seeing. What happens when behind I was wrong and that's why they're not going to be dancing in a couple of weeks. Well. I think that you give him a pass just on the fact that he built the program to where it is today. He was that coach dangers that in the A gave the big east. Early ninety's he could've left for the NBA and are offered a Washington. When they were called Washington bullets died did not take. He's had opportunities to go elsewhere but he chose to build and stay. And that is always the argument which a rally going chase the big money. Behind by the way two million dollars is all the guys in college basketball right now getting paid as much as nine as Calipari so. It he's not getting that top dollar certainly. It to millions. So deserve the top dollar I'm sorry you get paid for your performance. Tell party is more consistent coach right now and Jim on. Yankees they have has a better legacy sure but did you justify paying that I nine million dollars a year when. Eat your team is a consistent year your violating NCAA. Now is how well I mean you you what use violating NCAA rules every time Calipari brought a teen some wiring and whether it's UMass or Memphis. That team is had to sneak peek its final four appearance. Funny that you vacating you don't need to think it's just a master X almost we don't think of it that way but I don't. I don't care about championships. Well that's over app so. We don't have to debate that will all do our brackets next week we will all I won't be Bonnie fans out before one. I'm looking forward to see more Bonaventure ends up on the bodies begin there 810 inquest in DC. Tomorrow night. Got a good show lineup for today the sports bar danger and tag we appreciate you stopping by. Why not combine is overt. What's. Did we learned Christa paso our body. CBS sports dot com many he's done amazing work down there at Columbine. And really all offseason just scouting this talent. Com. Who caught design. Well that and he's got an article up about the running backs to. So war is no pay attention that we got for cyber were fine. And I beg to define it yet and unsung endangers cheap there every one bomb you know united get Barkley bite you you sure Lloyd. If not Friday definitely on Saturday be drafting a running back at some point for this buffalo bills' offense Crist apostle is article today kind of breaks down. Some of the day one date two candidates. You'll certainly gates who for the Buffalo Bills are they could be looking at. Always love talking to Christian pop so CBS sports to join us next hour. We give it a few minutes from our sister station WG arm buffalo will be talking big here. Detonate on never known on he's got an article up on her website. Talking about why ain't. On trade in the NFL yesterday. Just on the surface it thing about it oh that's nice in giants and rams did that could that really have an impact for the Buffalo Bills Mike danger yeah sure. Well no dates piece I love it. There's a tinge of emotion to it which you know I feel like if you divorce yourself from emotion and just look at the raw data and try to figure out how does this work. You know it does paint a picture. Where the bills could be coming in. Help the New York Giants in this draft that they almost. The giants of almost set by giving up the draft picks that they've given up that they need somebody. To save them and give them some draft. Phoenix this draft. The bills to be that team. Like Mike argument will be will any team could beat a team ball. If you are giant fan the expectation I would have is aim for the bronze to you are in a position to calling. Are. Trade down and we CAA how the bills a 21 Tony to throw in a tackle everybody says Glenn I would say they would Astrid Dawkins. Another pick may be a first rounder next year that's what it would take. Who are you willing to do that well is that attractive or for the New York Giants is it attractive to. Seek trade down the number full. Or maybe a team lighten Denver. Where the giants still could get a top ten pick in Denver would give up you get the point there. They are gonna have. Multiple offers to move down in a founded giants the last thing I want to do if I'm a New York Giants stand is to see my team actually stayed pat. Santana never do you have an opportunity trade down. No doubt. In the draft. Now that the thing that that's interesting here in this is where you say the emotion everything else these are OK you can have it off ray offer beyond perceive your Dave Gallo man. Everybody knows a connection here and he was in the show we talked about this date gentle man of course. The former boss of branded me Dave Galileo was that the G and a Carolina. And dean was right underneath it. Beam and remember how this all played out beamed did not run the bills draft last year he got hired after the draft after Doug Whaley. I fire well funny thing lies. He wasn't the last GM in the NFL to get fired Angel La. Weeks before training temple in Carolina fired. Chief. Channel. When Brandon dean sat down with us back in training camp talked about the relationship. That he indeed Gelman had days ago. Man first of all good person. Good Family Guy. We worked well together he taught me things wolf we are taught him things and so first former south Phil form as a person. But that's what you sign up for this business I know he knows that as well and he's gone we are right. You we'd never kind of figured out yes they had a good working relationship. But where they've friends didn't mean being consider him a mentor. I mean I think that you danger we've all have bosses. That we could pick up the following and call later in life after we moved Don but. To what degree did they get along I guess and trying to dignified. How much do you need to get along with your boss. I mean he you know the bosses Daiei. But looking back the boss is that I respect the most are the ones that he switched business. Need to be your best friend outside of the Bill Nelson with four able don't have great conversation are you know it go to work a meal are a function or some light. And and we all get along world court the great that's that's a bonus but. I don't need my boss to be my golfing body I don't need my boss to be. My drinking buddy. I think it comes into play now when you talk about the reputation date Gelman what is the reputation and gave get home in our. And a jerk and a so is Fred in being the one god got along with big element or did he treat Brandon being the way we would hear that he'd treat everybody else well and I don't have the dust initiative answer on what is Brandon being like. But from our dealings of Brandon being am from everybody's perception let's just say comes across as the southern gentleman right sharp businessman competitor southern gentleman. Dave Gelman it seems like from our perception a year in New York City we're we're made for each other right. It ends justifies the means I'm gonna get right to the point here. I guess or trying to figure out here is. When the bills traded down. And eventually getting through Davis why now worked out while it was indeed read picking up the phone and Andy Reid calling is. Former pupil and even though he fired Sean McDermott he did he fired Sean McDermott John McDermott was trying to draft last year for the Buffalo Bills. The point being that they had such a good enough relationship been Andy Reid. Had so much respect for Sean McDermott that's what made that trade happen is outweigh elite. Was sitting there call the shots I'm not sure that happened. If you're trying to connect the dots what is the possibility of the Buffalo Bills trading up yes we could say what the offer is applied. At the end of the day is their human element. Tuesday's. Would Dave Gallo man do that does he view. Rain and being the same way Indy read viewed Sean McDermott. I think everybody that's gonna be involved in a trade is trying to think how can I get one over. You know we might look at this some papers say this benefits both sides. But anybody that. Gets involved in the trade possibly they got the batter into the trade wheat we all to a fight just by nature the competitive nature in making the trade. Hall those got one over on the rams area and I Yankee said he watched cans in and we Eddie. Well Smart move. The Eagles might have got one over on the bills Ronald RB Germans alone remains to be seen was that everybody analyzes trees that way so. It doesn't matter your friends are not predict Gelman. Hey I like brandy Mina work with Brandon being but what he's offering isn't as good as what team axes offering and that's why I'm gonna go team acts Ari. I wanna believe that this is a special scenario ended very. If you're ready Maine you have to view it as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make this kind of move. Just because you worked with a guy does that mean your special. No but I think he gives you if if all things are equal that's where it would tip right. In any trade like this anybody that wants us that you know wants the way in and we're talking possibilities for the Buffalo Bills a trade up at 454 ESPN 4543. 776. How many offers will the giants get the trade down. I don't know the answer to that but I can tell it's probably going to be more than one and if we're a sit today. It would surprise me if the Buffalo Bills are one of those teams ask him what would it take for us to trade. Up. Do you think and and when you spoke to brand him being at training camp. One of the big and talking points he he kept on harping on was adding 2018 draft currencies part of why he made them moves and he made last pre season. Remember that arena and we're trying to to do things right this year first. We just could not turn down the opportunity to add the draft curse that we did for 28 team. Now he's talking about the organization. I need to clarify of course obviously brand and beam was not here impossible for the draft last year and when he made that comment. It might have been him tipping his hand we talk about draft currency yeah well. In that Watkins steely get a second round this year and that Ronald Darby trading got a third rounder this year players and in that the system of the mindset you got extra draft. Six draft. Currency. Are you gonna use that currency in in cashing your chips so to speak. Well it seems like you have that opportunity with what the giants team made the move that they made. Yesterday. In trading for Alec Ogletree it almost feels like they're bagging a team to trade draft picks with them. So they can acquire more draft capital. Or 54 ESPN as our phone number 4543776. Let's check in with Mike. In Rochester here in the sports bar with danger but tightly. I guys richer are looked every damn well should thanks Mike. We would ultimately make it a partner whoever you have to beat us out. Josh. Helen okay do explain what is it by Alan Light point. The big guys rent them up our mind there you know but I don't do. How our break here or not are under. Oh lead to a receiver Adam. Go up but. I. You know all there at Iowa. Or we all. Hope for our rowboat. Now. I'm laughing can you say he needs good receivers well that would Dick that would exclude buffalo right there yeah it up off the board a Mike they are just say it I can appreciate that somebody is is banging the drum for Josh Allen because we don't hear a lot of that. I would say that of Josh challenger target and that's the guy that you love if your brain MB and that's got you love. Any state put disease beat there's a chance to meet our 21. As a chance he can either and one when somebody will be there at 21 now OK let me rephrase if you love Josh out. They knew that you make to move the estimate that it just sounds like one of the top five. I hate. There's a one red flag when it might appreciate the call and I appreciate people that are gonna you know like. Call your shot now OK don't call us you know in June on illegals should have taken. Lamar Jackson OK well. Color shot now we want and you queen we learn about these quarterbacks. To meet I'm calling my shot we're just channeling. Not the first round not in the second round okay. Maybe I'll be proved wrong but there's one giant red flag that's the accuracy issue the last time the bills drafted a quarterback in the first round it was a quarterback they had terrible accuracy issues we knew about it and it never worked itself out. EJ. Freaking manual is still honestly let's look at who you're when you're. Kind of group going Josh Allenby in their 21 thought you meant you wouldn't be there when he went you don't think he's gonna make it easy to be. Pass the second round no no no no I I think that from from a buffalo standpoint. Everything has a valley for some reason Josh Ellie is there in round three seniority took quarterback and take him there and take him. I'm saying that with all the hype surrounding this in there's going to be some coach that will love him and try to Dixon Tim Tebow what in the first round. Probably Allen will goal in the first round. I wouldn't do it. I would be floored if he went top ten by. Yeah it's interesting Mike you brought that up because of all the quarterbacks. I think we have a handle on where they're gonna go right. I would say Rosen and Arnold both in the top four I think we have our top four guys identified and throwing Barkley in job in their two. Mayfield. Not top five top ten in the reason for the top five is because history tells us that doesn't happen. Last time three quarterbacks went in the top five yet go back to 1999 and who well worked out for Philadelphia didn't work out for Cleveland Tim Couch to work out for Cincinnati. QB Smith. So I would put mayfield top 10 I am pleading. Rudolph in he would be available at 2122. Mark Jackson available at 2122. Kyle a lot of being the guy dad he is rising on the board and could sneak in. At the end of the first round I would put then why and then perhaps fault round three or four. That's how little pride that I forget anybody politics and now. And but but the one guy I have trouble getting down worries going to be its Josh Allen because. I see the upside you guys see I see the strength I see the speed I understand. The lack of competition in highs that project. The accuracy issue I don't know why you. Let's get a jury from our sister station on this next Jeanne. Big theory has an article on our website talking about. This exact thing are are the giants prime. For a trade. In the Buffalo Bills beat that trade. Partner. Because. My gosh you get to number two what's the worst case you would have the leftovers from rose in her Arnold and if Cleveland goes Barkley at number one overall which they very well may. To get the number one quarterback of your choice of number two what would the price tag look like them. Because you're talking NFL draft again and yes because we to spare you the sabres talked today and saw half. What's hit you let's talk Syracuse know payroll OK it that really lost to Syracuse in the say oh we talk about crib death or something more uplifting. Let's talk about the NFL draft final and I'm I mean I did the torture myself watching that Saber game last night. I yet the EU line is it there goes the storyline like well you know they turned it around in March and April is on the build off of that was as bad game of siege. This year's. There were. If we're not talking Boston or Tampa Bay that was Calgary. We'll talk some NFL draft next with knee Geary our sister station WGR in the sports bar danger to take live next on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk in the week we have merged tickets and. Good super bad sports junkies can come to. Only chance at three hammered stick expert. 857. From the field to the court took a week to more sports on ABM 950 and 957 FEM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. If you go to ES TM Rochester dot com plus required reading for Buffalo Bills fans from our sister station WG Arnie Gary great piece on. The opportunity that is ahead of the Buffalo Bills in the draft. With the New York Giants making the move that they made yesterday trading for Alec Ogletree Nate Geary. From our sister station WGR buffalo joining us now on the sports bar his inaugural visit into the sports car paid eight hurry up. I'd still based radical hey would you think of the trade between the rams engines. I was at in I was actually in that brown the rock out on Twitter at. You know he brought to that point student that is merely a smoke does not only quarterly in Ramallah. All of the quarterback is that are less likely now. The the bomb was sort of a tricky because. A player's standpoint local creek on the ice in my opinion audible overpaid middle linebacker while all ten million if Hillary this year backed off that but it. That salary. That goes over to New York but oak tree at it was ranked at. It was 300. In ninety some odd players ranked by a local focus and catapult you reflect re under sixty so Ricky Rubio beat up your last year. And at the team that eat a lot of old bill now I'd draft expert at it to you would trade. I don't know it it's that they put themselves in typical position on I think that they could very obvious. Incident the opposite is that a bill ethnic they can potentially up under the trade partner. Well we we all connect the dots between the bills. And and the giants because of the government being connection but you know there are other teams out there that that have draft picks have to move around the draft as well I mean what's to stop. How what's to stop Cleveland from saying hey you know what we want number two we wanna dropped one and two and we'll give you for how does that mean they have just as much capital what's to stop any of those teams. From from sweeting now applied to a I feel like we spent a lot of time talking about that the government be relationship and we don't even know what their relationship early ones. But that obviously they'll put him out of there. Abel lot of it and it was sort of an awkward thing that happened there but from what element of the good working relationship and when you look at from a bar not the bill at. Yet another. Consecutive X indeed begin to the twenties in the scrapped and the kind of what you're looking at wrapped in the upper ankle problem I find out there as the noble back on the prep it. But the wind help on what they are articulate or linebacker help your but it is a at linebacker and a lot. You know. It is what you look at it from eight what you are deep in quite a lot sort of like court quite like it also. Roster player that they think a lot I think it at the top I ain't him. And it built like at that salary and back so actually this morning about the way it would be great point on it goes the Dijjer. And he talked about beyond docket. Potentially being the guy the aid that they that they gained a lot there it in the right about an item. And we couldn't look even more importantly I read your contract. App to become very attractive than eight here's how you look back with their wallet lacked here. What I don't know what eight under but at left tackle what he'd go from a lot of I think that the expert help the bill or obviously they're at. He's got a heck of a lot of early confident that what to expect to pick between one in 22 it. I'd like with a builder and I think they are. Round exit while an and I think quite honestly it's not that bad for tropic next here on the part of that package. I mean there's one thing that we have and consider what are the what are the giants just stay there and number two and the reason to stay there number two will make your guest here. I'm from WGR will be while maybe they're ready to move on screen Eli Manning a do we yet. Any sense that they're ready to draft their quarterback of the future their number two. I think really all throughout the last. Each month. Opt out and from means that process it kind of the Al quarterbacks Kyle player. Heard those sort of create perhaps. As for the wonderful thing I thought all along. The you know the track this group of Barry where were you. It would happen. And I sort of fell into the very that Rockford he buried at the top of the draft they'll wanna go in Bergen. Put up they're up and play every other player in the league you're looking at bat by at the Baltic why they work durable. Oh yeah they have a lot of or if they'll they could either. But I think that they there are eight cattlemen. If you've made it pretty clear that you might make the Carter back here are walker. Mile an actor. Steady decline considering. That had no offense the no running game I think it because. This is where I think. You know if government. He's got to worry a look at all the quarterback. Was what all of this watch Blake or will it eat it if we watched. Nicole where's the global and that you want is about six or wobble quite for the ax. 23 even while we still around and actually that you're running game and it was bumper actually in the clean it. Look at bat is a very viable option that he is we beat you were reported that a Ely sure we have this number X they're gonna need it. They want Barkley but it ain't that Barkley that would be a great occurred and what else and oh sure. That we be between a look at the bill. On the terms of how they get there. You don't eat the water and I don't think that bullet could be caught. About as much but it definitely them vote. Realistic the race in critical of the top dumbo. I think Decker. They Gary from our sister station WGR with great piece on our our website as well ES PM Rochester dot com you can read the appeals pathway to the number two pick. That the New York Giants currently hold after that Alec Ogletree. Trade. Yesterday with the LA rams Ney RIA. I think the giants have to address quarterback if not number two at some point. In this draft any there there are the holders of the second longest streak in the league without scoring thirty plus points that 33 straight games. That offense has been able score more than thirty points a browser the only team with a longer streak. They don't really eat I thought that that opportunity to get big opportunity. Two were regain their state went a guy the eighty you know. At that crap at that last year. Brackett back L. One L a couple of your act but. It was a big guy big arm. Or is it that African weekly look at last when they could. They don't really know what they haven't been left out in order for the courier is at the broken bat at the level Carter. And right there at the other corporate. How are they great back is you don't guys or make it into the back in the oh look I'd like. That all eyes that island in and Arnold both guys well so now. We're back I can. And then when. The they were trying to build the wind now don't back though the overall pick. With the idea that doesn't help you and what. You'll opt out they were at a. The teary our guest steering and you could read his article on our website ESPN Rochester is the giants. Now we just over thirteen million in salary cap space for twenty Ottawa Alexei makes it that deal even more puzzling what they did yesterday. Are you from the bills the quarterbacks we ask all of our guest this question eight. And to me where do you plant your Flag Day is far as. All of all of these guys and you you could answer loud I'm brown to you could answer Lamar Jackson wherever. Which is the guy you would want and where would you wanna get that guy. So from the I have oh yeah. And for anyone is Josh is dot rose one B baker may vote. And I. Read perhaps in the opted to combat process either but the guys I feel the most comparable giving up. All out at what I don't. Buy a particular or. So be it bill despite state putt with it or possibility is not your work. Getting up to the topic we got still got frozen bakery you are out work those big. Item there against me. I'm a I don't believe there. Ought not only that I. Well would you bring you to the critical people over on them but as it really is you know being who would play is played a repeat. Well sure that the knock on baker may heal but as inept to order long term app as the baker and it went out there. Our and I don't really lucked out there and so does the project in democratic governor you're out there you sort of have a project. Players are you ready I'm on the project. I'm ready or have. They wanted to do that and represent them at their dock road and they. Other people quite a different opinion. What are other than that they they put the one I'd be comparable. On it and that the bills Robin bright able to recognize that would be the most part exit but. I'm. Not for the you know make it would often about children are a lot of my pocket but in. That their part dot com that open up the I'm about how a lot of work a lot about it a lot about as quick and got school. Don't beat you a lot of and the guys. And the lack. And eat eat out reporter. Would have been big Rodney and I were there like 90%. Of the road lot even in the last thirty yard out. And you look at the league now about 80% of the pro rebel what. 08 that is happening and we act like it's happening from the RY and so when I was or their tactics and honored that's how a lot of and that's not dot salad though it is that the value. Considering it's the league that really ride in the mine at. He's a guy that's gonna ride in the. Nate you mentioned Kyle a lot of that is coming out party the Senior Bowl I think we all kind of learn a little bit more bottom and he became emblem more intriguing figure for the bills. With this upcoming draft and a lot of moxie I'm seeing you know if your bills thank you see the bill's going defense defense which certainly fills a need 2122. Which would lead you to believe that may be column letter in the second round is and if possible avenue would you be OK with that. So he's firmly I think debate. At least from what I've been old and sort of what that program I think a put back. I think you would it is written in part in her property is for his lack of a real. Arm I would worry about him in the coal is going to be directed at constrict eaten cold at or about that is inside checked out. I think in three quarters of the like a pretty big site and so is that goes for it does worry about it. However like that. Well we work and I'm. You regard that. You don't bet that you have to regiment and pro and nobody would think our market wonder is so not for. Need Geary WG our guest here in the sports bar Nate TV two options here. Are built whole in our respected man we should respect his opinion built whole in the that guy that football has passed him by were word you land on that. Com I've sort of landed the middle I think that it all be true I think we all respect for the at all though it would agree to bulk of the EE or that guy he verdict off on the appeal. And yet it and he ate about Lamar Jack. You know I'd never. Or being. Or portable out and we don't but that we doing element. So you the order you know respectful with Alan you know I hit with respect what over the course of the group but as an analyst. He can be a little it was he and you know how to get in. I don't know I don't know that. Authentic although it is either. There's really speak from a party out on their you know look at Berkeley they're looking for so I don't know I think. He really believed that then that I'd be worried that he doesn't want an end and really I think about thirty. I hope that's the way that he has but it helical martek. For an opportunity that the play quarterback and. Nate you like us you spent a lot of time watching these guys at that the these prospects at com by what. What players stood out TU in terms of who could potentially. Land in buffalo any any names that a jump off the page idea. Well I mean economic order and then broke it open at Portland yeah I'm always really been married at your I would look at it. Built to put a good all of them and I would love. Present at a net I think that's something they want and I think it wanna add. Is crap and not the other side of the albeit I really like I think. RE. Marcel. Hearst the defense tackle from Michigan who headed up by having this is viewed it and the participating in the Khobar but. Bill popped like. The first all there. Then I'd love them added earlier that but it got a way to add about a monopolize it like Auburn not actually but those are. I think it really sure up if they decide not quarterback in the other guys at that I think. It evaluate that they've got rid of Kirk I'd look at is quite athletic ability to opt. Nate it we've been talking so much about the draft and next week is a huge week. Any NFL when he did finally we're gonna have by this point next week some resolution. I'm Tyrod. Taylor what happens you here's the thing entered the bills pick up that six million dollar option. Yes. It's not it's exasperating topic with billion. It's it's like. You're you're born between net about what do you get for that it out and made that you up player on the roster erupted at. Or does that mean if you that's not what it eligible Kyra it was because spent a year but that would be giving him only getting ten million about that though. I hope the entries. I ethical it would but I'm very worried. You know what. A product to be a two part pirate because I think he does a lot of good things like and also repaired realistic and I am ready you know all. A person who tries to watch this. About you know. Objective point and then our objective and then you the other tiger also spoke about he'd like. Born between what they should do what they will do. Because I don't think that they're the same thing because that at that picture. Let them go lower. Them if I'm worried that that a copy but he had to beat back. Yeah I I feel the same way and and I would I would say that trading him isn't easy is just picking up the phone and finding the right suitor but he kind of he kind of gave a message to the rest of the league about your feelings on Tyrod Taylor when you decide pension before Los Angeles. Yeah you replace your hand very early on that for sure there's no doubt about it in. What you're spot put off the top spot though ready. It definitely not perfect it may be one of the top quarterback and we are probably. I mean if there's anything now I guess you take it from the standpoint if this were Ralph Wilson allowing the Buffalo Bills and and you tell me hungry as they're not kids don't discussion you're not trading him for anything because you're not even Ryan is six million. Yeah. You know regain their ownership group that group in the it will eat are apt to do it or that would I don't. I don't think money that's for sure that we Belgrade that it it's what they're gonna feel comparable doing in moving up from knowing that they need to add something here next year that in. Help them this year that it well our. Nate is settle the disagreement to gene and I have often you mentioned this team's ownership and and you know hearing in this regime in a hearing. That Terry Gould was cited. At the combo line watching the quarterbacks infuriated. She'd know what is he doing there he has no business being there he's meddling his medal Simon. And my cannot cleric and I beat yourself odds Artie RA innate right my position is days that Terri the goal line. Pretends like he's hands off but we hear these stories where you actually. I think he's more hands on and I I can understand why are curious but. I like the fact that he's already. Evaluating quarterbacks caused me to me that if your hand a little bit. And not in my position Mike is that he is a metal some owner when it comes behind the scenes there Isaac. I think I think I eat I get real little they were there you're going. But it is evident that this I what they would do here. At a picnic at home. From what we know is that you want apple and it would be monitored and know the other upper. It would be sixty years. Like I just really wanted panel that all. Eyes. It's not that Adam and pop it out though. I agree I don't want that. The needy too much of an important but it didn't beat it or drop back on eight. So it's appropriate slow but it team with the money it's apple. Nate what's up what are we knew about this new analytic department this now football analytic department. In buffalo that that Sean McDermott was talking about a little bit last week it's come by. Yet interesting I don't exactly know what they're going to you are there going to be a field on game days but I like the current at a natural order of the level they're at that department like the deal on Sunday afternoon they'll the he what people it. And I think it's in our he made a passer. With you know. And and I'd just like that the fact that this organization is now 88 in the future where the team going portly I was beat the that was really. The worst part about bill for their quick that we are in now in and out hopefully that that are under on the front of the pack. Nick Terry WGR Nate I mean we we should do this again sometime this is a lot in. For sure and it's time guys that I appreciate that and yeah I mean what distracted him well. Who knows though it doesn't look the other end up on that outright at about. And I since we're all in the family let everybody know where they can hear you on a more frequent basis. So during the build it did not on pregame halftime post game but he. Every basically every Saturday. Not that you are up Saturday on whether you re the we yeah. But thanks Nate trichet in time and enjoy the rest your afternoon. He got in a carry former sister station WG our guest here in the sports bar. Enacted some good stuff some good reaction and he is of the opinion. I mean I said hey frozen the guy that's the one if I had a choice I just don't. No if you could pull it off that sit Cohen from scoring one point two up to do. He's just just such a high high price and for the giants is the bottom line. That they're gonna have better options and I truly believe that. There's going to be a team in the top ten that is gonna want their choice. And what would you rather have viewed the giants he could become potentially trade act twice in this draft and load off. Then again it could just take Rosen themselves and number two and draft their quarterback of the future right dead in net so. I would do I Melissa and I need depends on what Cleveland is what direction Cleveland is going myth if Cleveland wants. Saint Paul Barkley. I just can't wait to watch him on an NFL feel I am so excited. To watch him on Sunday it's if Cleveland takes a com Barkley. And you're the New York Giants and yes you've got Eli Manning. But you evils of an offense that has failed to put up thirty or more points and what do I say it was 33 consecutive games. 33 consecutive games. Maybe it's time and me knowing you bring in the rose and you let Rosen. Lawrence for Manning for a season or you let Rosen alert for many for half a season. How you benched Manning last year for last so why you know why not. And and you know make me agree point and they don't really know what they have in the kit from cal that it really humid chance last year but he did invest in a quarterback. Last year in New York so. Remains to be seen. If the browns take Rosen senior the giants. Do you seeing noticing on Barkley. Or listen to the team we all laugh at will be the team. We can't wait to watch. Next year that's how quickly things earning Cleveland. Browns fans your your ship is finally gonna comment if they do this. If they go from four. It too that's the ideal situation for both teams I'll explain next year the browns you get Barkley. And your choice to quarterbacks. Barkley and Roseanne. And they go spend some money is at wide out. Wow. Any fear of the giants OK you could trade down. The defense is very good last year you give its hat trick number for everybody considers him a top four right there. Or may be there's a team that's nervous and jerky that this will be the year we do actually get three quarterbacks in the top five. Mean V8 goals chocolate and then at quarterback and there's mayfield something deals that either the judge to trade act I DN. If the giants your expectation. Is all. Op it's like first draft drive to be back in training back in trading back. I'm just gonna say it's a guerrilla first draft scenario like we play first draft all the time. And the thing that that bothers me about is like this is unrealistic it's fine there's no way you're getting these kind of deep or or are you. Or is it more realistic that we wanna believe and if your team like the giants right now. With that number two overall pick what he can you acquire the you can probably require a lots and still. Have a very high pick in the first round it will be interesting to watch and I love dates piece on it again if you haven't done ready yet ESPN Rochester. Dot com and if you miss that conversation or she came in that conversation late one out of four argument shortly here. At ESPN Rochester. Dot com market they will have Crist apostle on and he doesn't have the latest CBS Mott the CBS is released their new mock draft danger. Are they haven't helping coordinate work one to Cleveland OK with Barkley going to the giants Cha. In Fitzpatrick. And the Rosenthal into the jet to number six our buddies wondering okay well what mortem would have been built in this mock draft. We have the bills trading up to ten really all claim that the couple who does need a quarterback and that's where the Buffalo Bills select. Acre meet fuel at hand was Denver today. Dan. Moon. At its. Number five is taking quick Nelson. The guard from Notre Dame. I mean may be in this. Example they're figuring that Denver everybody's kind of saying that Denver is that where it I mean. Whereas the free agent quarterback from Washington and out danger. Yeah I think I'm a Minnesota three I could end up in Denver at the ends of a Minnesota and I think case Keenan could end up in Denver. You know the interest in seeing and the dominos will begin to fall with free agency next week so excited fort. Are listed as some housekeeping. Let's get ultra that's. We'll give you some provocative thoughts around the world of sports you can agree or disagree can always join us. At 454 ESPN we love communicating with you on Twitter as well. That will be at ESPN Rochester. On Twitter. Crist sponsor as you mentioned will be joining us hero for 25 will review by the latest moxie he's got out there and what we learn from the NFL scouting come by through his eyes. Angie we should probably give away some mop passes to join us tomorrow night. Yeah cross reacts on tomorrow night hammer to Providence and these are just any seats. In danger we are open this week. Yes so you can come sit up in the suite with pots and we will raise our pink piece together and Watson and the top. Harness. Dress code at what is it would proper dress a lawyer but taught pro Brooke Hoyer. Is requested. Do us. Remote to hang out with you in the suites. Any that classical music that you know what I'm saying that that. 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Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester.