The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Rich Donnelly

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia has the guys welcoming in Rich Donnelly of News 10 NBC Sports. Richie Incognito has retired. What does it mean for the Bills moving forward and their draft plans later this month? 


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But sports bar with danger and exactly Richie can tell you don't apparently gonna retire from the Buffalo Bills this is kind of a shocker. For a team that really didn't need this news that can guide you don't go ahead and does retire the bills are not going to be without their three best lineman. Here would retire earlier this year and the bills traded left tackle forty glad yep we saw thought about this lump in your next steps in moving forward. It's just rare liner of your life comes at you fast cherish every moment you. I'm especially in this business Mike dean you're one of the changes do you think could happen with the bills offense moving into 2010 team exactly after. Would that change your thinking if your brain and dean heads a little more dangerous. We for the quarterback appointed I think they're waiting for a quarterback at 22 I don't think they've done all this bit back and wait don't. Funny dude why this one's and Arnold I just exam is the most complete quarterback in this class O Stanley Cup Playoffs yeah Adam I think Columbus can upset Washington. That would be my spoiler ahead. Everybody wants to know he's still hoist the cup in two months he will it beat. Thanks for the Fred's my take the Boston Bruins I'm gonna go with the national predators. It. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet have the captain Dan Troy yeah. Nice work to welcome. All of the stolen join us here in the sports bar danger of the tag Leah appreciate you stopping by on AM 950957. FM. Our home online ESPN Rochester dot com you can read up on the latest bills and sabres news. Answer just out of the radio dot com apple you can listen to his wirelessly to your device. Wirelessly through your card your Smart speakers I have Mike danger he is Jean the tag. Leah today's actually didn't day for the Buffalo Bills I mean I don't think you should overreact. To reach Jeanne cog neo a 34. Year old player. Walking away from the game. The bills are. Understated it cut his pack. Was yell locked even make this team if the bills were to address this position in the draft now have to address the position but my point being long term. This team is ready to contend for a championship. Richie and got neo is not part of the plan you may mean you have been able to get one more year out of endangerment. But I would over react to today's news. I don't see anybody overreact and I think that makes me proud picnics beep proud of of a fan base. That you know where for so long the sky was falling the sky was falling what does this mean what does this mean. And how how are you supposed to feel about Richie caught need those decision to retire to that in and you can. Believe what you wanna believe in terms of what led to this decision there there are so many things. And different angles that that you could choose to believe. I don't know if I believe anything that comes out of Richie caught need his mouth and for more so that. Richie and I need is it wrong by the way like when you factor in how much are actually how little he was going to make this season. Probably has some sort of a gripe however if you empower your agents. To get a deal done they give you the deal but like you have to be aware of your business your dealings what's going on and I don't know that reaching cog Neil is that guy. But. This is another opportunity. For branding beating Sean McDermott to build the team and they want to deal. With guys they want to bring on board. And reaching cock need it was certainly. Along with Eric would last season and a couple of guys that really worth that kind of the leaders on the offensive side of the ball you lose both of those guys this year. And who's left to be really who's left on the offensive side of the ball for leadership eight shady and yeah I was and it's. You don't you know with a quarterback is you can't say Charles clay is a leader cal and Benjamin showed up midway through last year this is not a good offense Bly. With all these draft picks. It's a good time to start over on the offensive line and I'm not gonna Monday Morning Quarterback so to speak the decision to trade. Courtney. No way no no no no no I I have seen that now know have lawyer bills could use Gordy glad all we might have been able to move in regard. What are courting Glenn exactly off of the Buffalo Bills last year nothing. So the idea that you could move up. In the draft like they did in the traits braves recorded glad I'm not going to second guess then I don't think bill's fans should either. But now where we said the clear number two need for the Buffalo Bills as middle linebacker and I'd say it's offensive line you can get of linebacker anywhere on the cheek and might not be your guide eagle at the linebacker in the draft. Here's what I say you have to draft not want. At least two starters on the offensive line major offensive line ring other. Okay we know Dawkins is your left tackle. But who's to say hey hey good rookie season me skinny build off of that I don't know we're left guard is now. We assume Brian Grazer setter and let the cost is at right guard. And the right tackle. Beat George mills still here. By default. And if you're left guard if you need a pencil in somebody there I guess Miller still on this roster but he was never I. A guy that though the Buffalo Bills are high on this and not drafted by this regime so. There is opportunity for whoever the Buffalo Bills draft. Start day one despite fault. That's let's reevaluate here you are trying brooch is a bit of an unknown. We saw what he did replacing Eric what are the other 2016 season its owner. Glad you costs going back and no he did not look good at training camp he did not look in the pre season. And with made inactive for the fort first four weeks of last season where a lot of us wrote him off. He actually kind of came a little bit on towards the end of the season wasn't terrible. You still have big questions on this offensive line you're going to have to address them in the draft and and by the way Jeanne just for what it's worth. Reaching content Hedo. Was scheduled to make four point 75 million in cash when he eighteen. That would've ranked him 37 among active parts so it talking you know probably you know looking around the league. Realizing it after the fact it might take it does want to give you what. But who who you know. Look there's got it doesn't have it doesn't those surroundings. Ritchie. Route. You weren't Lockheed have a chopping this week. The things you dig down in Miami. Become a second chance. But the way this is ending just slam off the social media if you wanna walk away. You know it's a way it's hilarious he's he's conducting business on social media like he retired to the league. Just say I'm done with the Wii remote G though don't we keep tongue out MOG what what is that. That's how are conducting business in 2018 if you're an NFL player and a okay. For your you need to know about the man. And good air. Certainly not hall of fame player the way he that he likes to believe he is. Well that's that's the part of this buried as well yet as part of his tweet that he wants to focus on the hall of fame ball. I don't think anybody's vote you for the hall of fame. If that's if that's something that's being said that did to try and get the bills back. To the negotiating table. I don't know. Who's buying that either that's not a good pitch. Senior in sales that's that's not a good pitch right. If he's pitching that he's a hall of Famer and that. Is that what is sure that is that what's gonna get him back to the negotiating table at the Buffalo Bills have a hall of Famer Amy like one. Mean now I mean this is that yesterday was Ryan O'Reilly today and we talked about well did he burn the bridge is he on his way out and I think it's pretty close. I don't seeing tiger nearly any changes mind you what this feels a little bit like this feels part of it in it's like everything else having gotten ego. Gonna say it's not black and white and realize no it's not a good way to go with this guy. It's complicated. Here's the way I read the situation. He took a pay cut. He was finally the time. Blood then over the weeks while he's not being active in just sitting at home with student with him. Just like anybody else have you have to take a pay cut after and knowing that he's probably today right here and now he's the best offensive line in on this team and I'm counting. Dawkins not Dawkins will be better. Two years from now. But my point being that like you said danger he's not the 34 best tackle so it or guard if he's just looking at from that standpoint. He probably has a horse and understand at least they got to work it's not like the Buffalo Bills just insane arbitrarily hey you're you're your your pay is caught. No all you have an option bills go to the agent and they say listen we like to have you back. But here are the terms and it's a renegotiation. And at that time. Either in god need Alter his representation can say. Yeah you know what I'm gonna if you want me back I'm gonna play it under the terms that we had agreed to. That's why you see players get caught. And media that's being cut deal reacting in a way that lack could've made a lot more money on the open market then when making right now at least in his money. I don't know for that to be true. But it certainly scenes. That his behavior online last week's firing his agents what did he tell the agency know that deals off not. To me it looks like being Wimbledon situations. In other words my really retired. Ward why wanna place somewhere else and not buffalo I have some some second thoughts. 454 years piano and 4543776. Dom writing in. Terry Google is sell the Buffalo Bills after hearing about being guy need a retirement. Pager you rather sell the team angle always sixteen for the next decade with a 34 year old card route Kirk. Take a step back from two different Don exactly right. A 34 year old guard. He's you could find somebody else in the draft prospects are. But just to play devil's advocate advocate here and I'm not siding with Richie and cog need to let. Jury out. If you hate the guy a little bit more cash. Comes back your offensive line improves dramatically. Just say dramatically sick probably dramatically. When you got your team leader you LeSean McCoy making please publicly via Twitter. To get him to come back I owe you 300000. Dollars if I get 15100 yards that happened. So there's a need there he's important to that office won the success of the office or will this kind of penny pinching with the Buffalo Bills. For them in 2018. Well case that debt that was the decision they had to make I guess danger when they said you're taking a pay cut. Because when they say hey wanna cut your pay. Because said no and then you would have been left with a decision OK are we gonna bring him back this number organic cotton. I just go back to the behavior issue I go back to the Miami there there are teams he's not. Toxic like cap Bernanke but he's pretty darn close Bryant. How many other teams would just it some teams have do not draft. For some players on their board well for Richey and Todd Mino is there we're not touching this guy. After you think. That he has rehabilitated his image then you have the Jacksonville situation which by the way. The league is never cleared him or is yet to clear him. Yet we don't get any resolution from that a young man. Other than oh we worked it out be in the players we worked and. So old. Is this part of the story is this perhaps. Perhaps. Because we know this to be true danger when a player's going to begin in say a four game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. This happened when Marcel Darius and training camp in 2016. The team gets a warning. Usually it's 48 hours. If the league were to say hey Richie gas one hate Buffalo Bills I don't know that to be true. But it's dared ask is this part of the reason why he's walking away. Why the Buffalo Bills were willing to say we're gonna cut your pay. Knowing that you have this issue out there you never this issue you might get suspended for. If the leak comes back he get he his name was yet to be clear in the. 454 ESPN is our phone number 4543776. Euros welcome to pull the stool. And join us here in the sports bar just like Jason in Rochester hey Jason how Oreo. Well I'm. You know that's that's really put them a pets spot and and it really totally two options. Are. Humans what. And I you losing our NATO. And you'd think it operated young quarterback. Well. You're gonna create a Couric I kind of a piecemeal lot of the mine and and I got there are urgent. So. I suppose you don't want to option you doubted you got a mortgage next year's draft to. A terrible quarterback Jimmy up a client this year. All are you gotta stand pat you've got about but why would accept it happened a pretty rich strapped but now. We I'll be partial to the position did not draft spec quarterback and these stock we had. So at a potential pick up next here in the draft that at at the quarterback spot so there it really does put a little bit and very difficult situation where. We're not a lot of great apps. Well here's what else say I don't think it changes your draft strategy in terms of how you're gonna get a quarterback. And I think they've done everything that the that they've done to get a quarterback and get a quarterback this year there's so much riding on this year's draft. Getting a quarterback is going to still be there top priority and I still think it will get a quarterback. I just don't know if this move makes it almost impossible for them to leverage any kind of future draft picks to move up to get back quarterback. And furthermore room whoever that quarterback is. That quarterback needs to be Richard first for year one do not do not throw the rookie. Behind this line in year one you still have pieces that you need to get in place. In order to protect your investment you your line your current offensive line for the Buffalo Bills. Dion Dawkins on the left tackle. Ryan Roy or John Miller left guard. Right grip potentially be your senator Russell told dean it senator. Free agent acquisition all deterrent they're brought here from Cincinnati Vlad do costs on the right guard. Jordan mills Marshall Newhouse are Conner McDermott on the right tackle. Eat. The. Income from them boom boom that's red shirt the rookie. Or war. Today Jason appreciate the call on I appreciate the analogy to you did David Carr from Houston because. When our butt but here's the difference. Car came in the expansion franchise no offensive line no running bet you duet with Sean McCall you do radical left tackle the okay you have a few pieces it's not new quarterback and nobody else. Laughing because some people just wanna see it burned that Joseph just tweeting us as were as were ranting just trade shady now get something like you cam lots of running backs in this act. A I see it are. You can't trade cheese too expensive nobody is picking that I hope when you getting for. That's your best weapon on officer all that's your leader on offense now that's which left it. Daddy is not gonna get you what you think you're gonna get return any bills ended thinks you're gonna get a second round pick polish on the court at this point. No all know or not I mean what's the point. Roy is the interesting one as groin could be somebody you could plug game at right guard and Modine at at senator. Mean there was a reason why the Buffalo Bills toes writing goal line. I'm rather than it was either groin remember this or. Re sign that the running back Mike he'll mostly when it up going to New England while I thought they made the right choice but what was the killer last year was. We never sucker right get any perhaps anywhere on that offensive line last year and how good was that offense than. And it wasn't really an accurate. Jason pre share call our numbers 454 ESPN we're talking Richie being caught Danielle as out today it's not official. And gave the crew chief Buffalo News breaking the story earlier today that in guide me go lands. To file the paperwork with the NFL TA and he also cited. Health issues danger the stratus by the way if he retires what does that mean for the bill's cap situation. Where now all seen the bills already paid a bonus this'll be interest. The bills dole after her much easy day they have a right to. When you play up pay a hill player bonus like the Buffalo Bills did. Three Jean Cot need I'll. Do they have a right to go back after that bonus. The other thing that we don't have clarity on yet is the Kirkwood settlement right we don't know what's going on without a win now under the cap be now now so the bills have. Some mysterious room here on the cap now. To review year what happened within kind Neil originally. He was due to make six point 325 million based this year. They reduce that base to three point 65. But inning guy and you know got a one million dollar bonus. So that. All told saved about one point six against the capsule that one point six as they had in car communal hot under the collar. By in my opinion seemed like he had. Misgivings after he agreed that pay cut got a lot sat well the question is danger do you view the Buffalo Bills go back after. That's signing bonus and I think the answer is yes yes scores should do. One Richey because I could come down to some alumni benefit and some that. I'm sorry as that that's the cost of doing business unit agreed to this contract you took this bonus. You're healthy enough to play you've changed your mind that's fine we respect her wishes. Now give us our money. Big show lined the streets and the sports are danger protect liberty talks in Stanley Cup Playoffs with Dennis Bernstein in the 4 o'clock galleries for the fourth period. Dot com hockey fans need to check that web site out. It is spectacular and Dennis always brings it when he comes into the sports bar where it talks are Stanley Cup playoff predictions. We'll talk some Buffalo Sabres. Try and rallies comets mission that we spent a lot of time talking about what what do you do with run rally for the Buffalo Sabres and so have some it's. We have less that we have Dennis time was right before the trade deadline and it was laughable thing ham and Stewart his level play at that point what. When their view market for Ryan O'Reilly no hole now I've he's making seven and a half million every year from here at 42 point three that's not gonna happen. Blight I would just be curious to get Dennis is stick what are you where eagle from here do you. While news sabres a little bit of a corner here and there are some great. Great playoff match ups coming in particular the last two award Dennis is not based out of between. Vegas in the king's you've got to upstart Winnipeg taking on Minnesota and he's great matchup we Japanese Boston Toronto. Feels more like a conference finalists in the first round match up in the last thank you NHL that's all we have. Will get that takes on all these series from Dennis Bernstein the fourth period. Now he was faced with either breaking the reaching cock Hedo story today or joining us in the sports bar. He chose to break the Ricci and cut need a story we're talking about of the crew chief the buffalo now yap again Vick on those heavy schedule go to join us today but we will get back pick on another time. How're we gotta love that we make the call the bullpen and our man Rich Donnelly from Houston NBC's gonna join a channel do you do you think it is we call limit to 55 do you think he knows. Or he'll be offended rich that you know Kiki was called in from the bullpen here. And all went well it will we will be upfront work are about accountability and stuff out hey listen. We love having Donnelly L we love talking sports at Donnelley he's great. Vick courage you you know we don't get to talk to Vick that often. You he's not peddling a book today he's he's breaking stories are awful setup would pick on another time and I'll look forty getting Vick on another time. He's it would it would and it was his he's the godfather of buffalo media right now as the guy that loses. Yeah I mean EU is yet he worked in Cleveland he does than the national show their guide Dan Lagerfeld on Saturday isn't serious so. He's somebody that has its finger on the pulse and I am just curious to get his take. Since seat has contacts in Cleveland since he works with the guy that covers the jets. As a listings train up. Come on heart I think do you still talk about training up now. Given what we now. Given now another hole that needs to be field I don't think today's news should change your course of action I know. And glad Jason called it. Is that going to be in everybody's mind bright like gosh. You're gonna have another second coming of David Carr in this quarterback quarter the bills are gonna draft you can't protect. I'm either assume that the Buffalo Bills deedrick we just assume that they're not going to goal Mike Dick. I think he got a reference for I let. Everybody in the draft what value we did. Rep Ricky Williams I'm going off and I remember him saying that I'm going to all yeah. He traded his entire draft for Ricky Williams and then my mentally. Golf and love the coach. Knight's. Can we assume that that's not going to happen. And the bills. Did you give up bulk first let's say you would let's say develop maybe a second on top of that but. That's going to give you other 82 picks to address the offensive want I don't let all that worker who led to use draft to your left tackle last year in the second round. If you're courted this game and taking out talent. You'll be able to find a star on Friday during the draft. And again coal energy in getting at 34. Once he got to get suspended let it this year. I can't tell you he was it now I I want. Listen I I don't know that I believe anything that comes on enriching commuters mouth so when he says this is health related and this is stress related. It off early by the mean let's call what it is about money and this is about trying to. Press the Buffalo Bills to get back more money get a new Carter and by the way don't have an agent now you fired your age is how he how's that working for. You know he's already admitted these. In not offering not caving to Richie got. Yes you cannot cave eating cotton Hedo is not the guy you wanna set the president non. Let's not forget. He's a bad attitude to I need to go over the whole history review Regina can NATO he should be thinking the Google us he should be writing a thank you know. To Kim the goal for the second chance and all the millions. He made coming back to buffalo the second time because you know royals gave a second chance nobody else buffalo. Buffalo. For him to go out this way danger. Seems pretty immature. Very immature. Let's get rich only from news and NBC sports on with us next in the sports are dangerous tech we will talk more Richie caught Neil we'll talk to draft. With rich only we have an animal and a little bit so we'll be could get Donnelly now with the Jack yeah Rich Donnelly on news ten MBC. To come up and we'll also talk us Stanley Cup Playoffs next hour Dennis grandstand sports toward danger and tightly ESPN Rochester. Who dreamt about that one touchdown. Dreamt about that national title. You dream appearing in your name welcoming you to back games. Just. Dream becomes reality. A first round. 46. Flight seven. Supports me. ESPN Rochester. We got a goalie can win go in the morning and drive home with dangerous fit Jack. In the sports bar CN 950 and 957. FM does sports leader ESPN right. Yes all right there we go we've got is I'll walk up music cued up the playing Rich Donnelly news ten NBC sports joining us in sports park ranger protect Lee had enriched. If we can be totally honest and frankly view that we appreciate you so much. This was a cult of the bullpen I mean we you know we confront what we had depth correct she's scheduled to join us at this time Vick crew chief breaking the Richie caught need a story in buffalo and and you know for for good reason was not able to make it. Work with us this afternoon but we appreciate you giving us some of your time in joining us here in the sports thanks Bonnie. I am happy to be considered a second best option to pick crew chief when it comes to the bills together made my day. I take that as my don't compliment that way and that's worked for work you guys that you can't take it back. Yeah I know you're you're in Miller your you know what where some one of their best you know senate guys who downed tents is sure I doctorate. Absolutely. Robert and yeah it's so Inkatha neo. You make of this whole behaviors he took a lol good snapshot and social media over the last two weeks I guess. Isn't fair to say debt you could've seen this coming rich. I mean. Hindsight 20/20 I. I don't know we really could have I mean I can understand how he'd be irked about the contract but then don't sign it get released. You know. I will separate both for the drafted helps to build out a little bit read it and after it. Could this have been. You know just a deep dive into things. Number response to all Eric Wood situation. You know possibly could remember. He in his retirement press conference didn't really retire. I know those two guys were really really close yeah. Could be a whole number things. Right now I haven't been too cynical about it I kinda take him at his word decree to do and some phenomenal reported. Said that doctors told him like various internal organs just couldn't take it anymore. And look if that is the case. Hey and good luck to you. You've just really can't handle lifelike dead. If you take it to be equally you know help have to come before career so. Good luck to him in that respect if that is the case. Yeah I mean I like him the benefit of the doubt but given his checkered past it's hard to believe. Everything that comes out of his mouth we're talking with Rich Donnelly news ten NBC sports here. In the sports bar with danger detect and I think. You know what if if this is all about the money maybe there is something to be said for Richie and talking you know not being satisfied with that pay cut. He would have been now ranked 37 among active guards. With that pay committee was set to receive her 2018 so he probably does have a case and my curiosity here would be are the bills doing themselves a disservice by. Any pitching duel with the pay cuts or save what one point how one point six to one point six million dollars. Now you're out New York starting guard in reaching cog Needham who is gonna hurt the bills and and furthermore rich what does this do now. The bills dropped plans coming up later this month. Well I owe it to the second part first I think when it comes to the draft they still need to be all in on a quarterback and with all due respect to reject an idea because. Four time pro bowler. Number troubles with the bills. An anchor on their offensive line. You if your ability you camps. Just reconsider. Making a move for the franchise quarterback someone who could potentially. Be a decade changing player. Over the decision. C.'s 3834. Year old offensive lineman. You know it. Toward the end of his career albeit you build will need to address that position in the draft but address still needs to be directed. At the top to beef franchise quarterback. Now when it comes out of you know money at things like that. Yes you know I think bill had a do over maybe a did you meet is. And number because. It is so he's 37 highest paper would have been in terms of art you'd better. Like I don't I don't know what what that number is but he's better than 37. Best guard via what is it just take company Pro Bowl ego to. Ari I have or worse somewhere on the top twelve. I just that I guess that's my question is the bills done themselves a giant disservice for 2018. By shaving one point six million off of his salary to see him walk away now discussed. Well in in less baited him. In what they think they have gotten all they can't out of him maybe maybe they don't think Ayers all lot left in the tank. Now maybe they think he kind of finished the speed and on MTI. I would disagree with that I think he played great. Down they're whole entirety of the he's even one of the guys that you could just go yep Garrett depositions solid big check mark there. You know I'd it would interest in Ritchie route to his credit has always been. Very honest when matters camera and microphone in his face. Is at least in my experience with. If it would be interest in just sit down a moment ago how important was this in your decision ho much of a factor was. The money's been beating losing Eric Wood and a teammate. You know that would decimate the you know I I I did do kind of a deep doctors. Twitter today in some weird stuff. You are right he he he he puts he puts it out there rich and and don't know what is he's putting up we saw our. And and again this goes back to hindsight being 20/20 like OK. You look at this is Twitter yesterday and you're speaking maybe he's just kind of in doing some weird off seasons four if you just don't guy or whatever. And a new look at it today in OK well. Now oh in this current light in makes it different. I don't know like I I put this out there. On Twitter. Just quoted one of one of fixed lines. You know and it went back to help. Football a violent game. And Richie Incognito played it very well. For a long time. And if he thinks his body done where he's had a doctor Carol and your body is done. And ma'am there's a long left we had after football so you gotta get well and enjoyed that. Rich Donnelly newstead NBC joining us here. My BS detector is always going off with think I'd need although I mean day yes he'll give you an answer but I don't know rich I would discredit an old it's. It's a straight answer on but I'll just read you this quote this is not courtesy of the career cheek. Eight is just about doing what's right I just want to be in the hall of fame. And that is probably not a wall of fame ring. No no it is. He is a very very good player who has done some very good things for the builds. In his time in buffalo. Certainly helped the running game. Be toward the top league for a number of years. Now he's he's not all Famer. He's. I'm sure he will be in. Invited to Kenton when. If you push on according become an alternate earlier today but you know other than that he can articulate the rest of us that at all. Rich I'm just curious demeaning and not trying to make light of that but is this what early stages of CT looks like it gave Richie guy and you don't think she's in the hall of fame he's firing his agency on line on Twitter he's he's. Telling the NFL players association you're you're on Twitter he's conducting business. On Twitter if you look at his Twitter feed today your right is bizarre you got. You've got the Jeff of of Chris Farley dancing like a strip current and all kinds of words about you don't. Is rich got II is it article to ask you Richie caught a needle is is all the air right now. Well our president does credited as a twitters when and rip with no further comment I'll leave that one there. This TTE. Element crossed my mind today. And you know he is the air. Who's playing football prior to had trauma truly be in. At the forefront. Of federal spot when it comes to football there was certainly possible he played the position. That would. Unfortunately lend itself to range problem. If it could be I mean we. I've it would not surprise me if in fifteen years. We're talking about it they're very sad case involving you know the latest. CT victim I hope that complicate. Honestly I hope he's just. Kind. All ended her career and acting weird because he knows that people like us are deep diving through Twitter in. Pete what a mode she's she's tweeted in the last five hours. You know by. Over the near unsteady hundred intend out of 111. NFL players had TT and included a punter. You know. He probably has some form of it. I hope that's not the case but. You know if it's something he's gonna have to live with the weather TP organ does have a weird today. Richardson's efforts to what I think thank you very much for poignant erection averaging Kanye is clear timeline it's. Yeah it's bizarre. Well it's there's been nothing short of head scratching in re tweet then there. And then you look at it like the week replied that it operative. Now. Switching gears here of course we have this thing sixteen days from now not that I'm counting rich but the NFL draft what. What is the dream scenario for Buffalo Bills fans you've you've heard you've taken in all the information. Six quarterbacks we think her first round grades if your brain and dean. What would you do it. What I would do and rip with a grain of salt because I'm not in the draft room I'm not a professional out however. When I'm when I'm looking at these court back to meet Diop Trenton. It's about score I think he is and forever even I don't think we undertake no one that leaves the giants did to. And I was speaking to a giant ten yesterday and just posed him this thought. Both the bills first round picks this year. And their first round pick next year and Shaq law. So it's effectively for a first round picks for the number two spot. I think it through the giants he needs some help on the defensive line there's Shaq lost. And three more first round picks to move down ten spots. And if you're the bill you don't even like you maybe have kind of so what agreement in place. With the giants should they go for that but you don't make the trade until you know exactly what Cleveland is dominant. That's what I would do some buffalo I think they need to be aggressive in this because the quarterback and being guy. That's your franchise out. Per perhaps getting it wrong. Just. If you're giants though and and I see where you're working on now one in and it sounds nice to save for first round draft picks. For that number two overall pick but if you're the giants and and listen. Lot of people say the Bradley Chubb is the best player in the draft he's there for you a number two. Wouldn't you take him in and dig this guy is going to have a better NFL career and what we've seen so far out of shock Lawson. Well and we're also assuming that the giants don't want quarterback right I mean bit. You are getting older than the giants. Still looking exactly at this quarterback class like buffalo and going. You know maybe they have their list maybe it. Arnold want Rosen two or whatever why don't you want and I'm going to. What thank you you can offers whatever we want but we are taking or quarterback of the future here because we're the giants and we don't pick in the top two burial. There were taken and now in writing that. And it hard to blame them if that's their line as well and but maybe they will go Bradley chipped Pinkney he's a better option. Then again. The giants indeed take that trade. You've been. Think you could then utilize. Open to 42 and try to get back up. Again you know money you'll. Rich Donnelly news ten NBC aired guest here in the sports are 957 years the end. I like is that we don't know who is gonna you know what's happening in the draft Roman let's say that other scenario op. Comes out another words there's not an opportunity for the Buffalo Bills to train up. What would you do it number twelve if one of these quarterbacks were to fall. It I guess it's a round about way asked the question. What about Josh Allen number twelve if he were to fall number twelve is that a guy would take a chance. To meet the completion percentage in colleges and non starter me. 56%. Just. I. I liked any of a strong arm but the 56% accuracy is not for me. You know no thank you. Best of luck in the NFL by. Just tell. I just don't see that translating. To the NFL if you know the windows get tighter than defenders give pastors the schemes get more difficult. And of course started at 56. How much project is he. You know how well can he translate. And if my option is. Kim. For. Eighty. Game changing middle linebacker that Sean McDermott can mold into. The buffalo version of Luke equally. Do that. I. Rich what one about a 22 is assuming that they still state territory to would you be content with the bills looking at a Mason Rudolph should he be 22. You know I covered the big twelve scorer for a number of years and I saw Mason Rudolph play and I was impressed in the game that I saw him play. I watched a little bit of them this year. I saw his game in Pittsburgh. On TV and using lighting it up now he also had a couple of really good luck beavers and if they're available like go for the receivers as well. You have it in a report that. We may go up big. Pocket passer can do a lot in it. You can solve your issues or another glaring issue twelve what you could master we move up to get. The premier guy I don't think Mason Rudolph necessarily. A saddle on him quarterback. Much like someone would be in you know six or seven round pick fire on them. In some who knows what. Mean Alec Mason Rudolph but I think. If we're just going. Okay who had read yet I think there are bigger hole like a wide receiver to mature I think you get a better player. For a instant role especially if your gonna sit. Rudolph for a year to if he's not ready to be the guy right away on the player who is not got it right away provided you can't move up in the draft and get. The French court. Reached down he newstead NBC our guest we've got it's a fun time a year recently. Now the NBA Klaus starting out over the weekend and then tomorrow night the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin though we're not part of the party. In buffalo this year but when you look at some these match up to Boston Toronto. I eat you've got national play well out west who who you have early on your eyes your cup favorite. I mean. Sent to mentally because I wanna see the Stanley Cup in person again. I'm going to Austin and Brian Gionta. I'd be all about it he brought that back to Rochester again remember advocated when he won majors yet I was like equals in the world. Because I wanted to be him. Defeat him. We in the Stanley Cup in my mind like article that's the pat summit off to College Hockey and appeared double. Can do that. So. Mentally I'm I'm rooting for. For the Bruins a 100% because. You. But matchup wise and just in the past never disappoint they never. I'd. It's excited as the catfish get thrown on the ice in Nashville again. SC went crazy last year with that. Are also wanna be outrageous and he. Are they how many how many times along the way did. We keep on saying watching the sport are at what they're an expansion team like okay now they're gonna start to anyway now they're gonna want to mention. Let what goes seem biggest advance deepen. Comic and deputy. I mean we assume it's going to be crazy. But they've never had hockey I don't know if they really know how to. How to deal with the plan. B interest. Muslims and not a boot Gary Bettman if you miss it ha in Canada that would be only needs now really rich what do you guys work and it does news ten NBC tonight for tonight's broadcast. I well we're deep into this Richard got veto story working on that also are red rings should they keep point where it keeps freezing and been there high school across don't hard bring in more registers across reporters going to be. Out of a couple of games tonight Jupiter braved the weather. And you know to deny care channel ten we were scholar athlete of the week I will say. Two nights scholar athlete is probably the biggest thrill seeking adventure junkie I have ever met out of a high schools scholar athlete. That is what they call in the industry rich a compelling tees. Thank you tonight at 6 o'clock and channel tenth. Rich we appreciate you coming in the sports bar is always great talking he let's us do it again real soon. Gary got a Rich Donnelly. News ten NBC sports joining us here in the sports. Kenny wigand's Earl watch for Larry war forward. Anthony Steen and Marines Smith there innings names popping out to you. Great man's when these free agent July and Lou jackal remembering him yeah creatine freeagent line instill left Kyle Fuller DJ. Now a DJ fluke or sign a bigger part of. We have a little bit color is what the retirement of Richie content you know might mean. To the bill salary cap situation. And whether or not you can address that through free aids you know you know that. This is at the end of the world and I like how bills fans today haven't been treating it as if it is the end of the world now there might be something to be said for. The bills being a little cheap here with a 3534. Year old guard. But standing firm not caving to demands of what are your players it's elect precedent that that's that's. I like that they're not bending over but it did you know hey listen if you don't like to deal darker than. At certain wire we have this discussion move on. Aldridge that on the way next in the sportsman we'll give you some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports for you agree or disagree with you can always join us at 454. ESPN Riga on tap their genes. All right so lie big deal we got alive things coming up here in no as far as not. The blue cross really share a story if he's at Saturday not eight's move on. Yeah. Yeah we've got some infrastructure problems of the BCA and it more and gonna keep stoke the fire here. Got some on draft night fashion. To share with you next in the sports bar altar get out on the way on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rapist. Easiest way to connect. It would run gestures most listened to sports. Ford's car with a dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Gestures voice. You might salmon. ESPN Rochester. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. It is my round. Post rigs and in the sports. It's. Have been trouble wrapping my head around this one danger maybe you're somebody can help me out so on Ian O'Connor great writer from New York. He's got a piece we spoke to build three. Bill read is Patrick Reid's father Patrick reed of course is won the masters. Bill read in tears talking about his son winning the masters. And it's a different story here trust me bill and Patrick have not spoken since two when he fourteen. Dillinger that read estranged from their son had yet to meet their two grandchildren. I don't know what can be sold bad. You gain sole upset you would cut off your parents like Patrick read her. Air Rogers of dawn and drew breezy that he was estranged from his mom for years before she finally passed. Less they've done something illegal pour into jail which to my knowledge they haven't. You are your parents they're the ones that brought you into this world of radiation. Okay what if his parents reviews. How much of that happens it goes on reported. We don't know the whole story ME. I would say the only thing in my mind that would make it acceptable and wave if you're not able to share. Your biggest achievements with your family your your family's not there for the birth of your grandchildren your family's not at your wedding there has to be a damn good reasons. The guys that like they've done something illegal well whether in jail but if if they remain isn't what what. I guess what we see it used to mean that's illegal there's a fine lines and the other is being not a tough hearing good apparently you set boundaries that's not. Being abusive now being a prepared now but we won't know the story has so much abuse goes on reported and in the case of Patrick reed maybe this one of those instances where he was abuse. You just never heard reports of the abuse until. Then much later that. That said don't let's say that's not that we're electable he's terribly sad about it but what if that's not true what do Patrick reed is just. And that I don't know. We that you can start speculating lately all the white is involved with a wife wants to keep the parents away or the whites does get along the white Stanley does get along with he's been from you can speculate all you want but but the only thing that I keep going back to. It in this is something that his wife and alleged. If abuse is the reason why they've been cut out of his life. I I can make justification for that gene Newton. That's not acceptable in any way shape or form solved drink to that Richie got me being in the news today geno enforcement look back some of his more bizarre antics like. Remember in 2014 when his Ferrari was all smashed up with a baseball bat reportedly by his own doing. They make this big cover before but I don't know what god. That does that to his car let alone as high performance sports car not like that and not necessarily buying it is health. Is all of a sudden an issue I hope he's healthy I hope he's able to have be long and productive life. After his playing career is over. This series track record telling the truth isn't exactly. 100% who. No Aminu we've we think give him for the bullying thing but if this were the meat to. Error that he did all the stuff and it's a bad summer that story about him on the golf course. I don't need to go into that. But I don't think it's day is a day. We celebrate it for Eric Lloyd and there was a day of mixed emotions. Eric Lloyd drafted by the Buffalo Bills the bills leader did not end his career on his own terms will have a question. Will there be a real cheap cut your retirement press conference ala Eric what can we us. I know that's my point there's not going to be on high let's pop the champagne for reaching in cotton mean you don't. He got a second chance every like we like to say yeah. Everybody deserves a second chance but his behavior. Yeah this is not the way to end that would do this and things he's putting online solves. To that Andrew Locke says his rehab is going fine. But he can't hit it he's yet but the old football. Seriously. Not even a nurse so hole he zipped a throw the duke go Eagles yeah by the what's the reference there I don't understand why call the football would do. Anyhow don't be shocked danger. If the colts are six. They're gonna have to be thinking about the unthinkable right now old seeing me feels a rose in her on the board would be unthinkable. Happened I don't think you know ill. But what I do know is this. That this rehab for Andrew Luck is taking way. Longer than anybody expected it. This has debacle thinner herself. Fans are oblivious to this I really believe like when we talk to our guy in Indianapolis can sterling. There are viewing this team through the lens of 2006. There can go to the Super Bowl every year they're oblivious to this his happy to have a pro franchise the big going cheer for any day that gorgeous. Stadium. I know that they're nervous. Now they had to look wants to beat Indianapolis I think that the idea that Andrew Luck was forced to go up there play. With a bum shoulder screwed it up so badly that now doesn't wanna come back and let's he knows he's 100%. It's who's gonna follow his re got to the letter which. I don't blame solid proof to back and according to Arizona sports 97 FM baker mayfield. Sat down with the psychic while at comma after palm reading and revelations that he were confirmed that he tipper were accurate the psychic Betty at big deal pick a set of cards to determine what team would pick him. Now if your believe our Jeanne. I am not prevent Arizona will be drafting baker mayfield. Edging just the idea that he spent time with this is enough for me to pass on May go by. It's got you're going to not quite sidekick. That's how you're spending your free time. Talking to us like your nose and a pull up. Mayfield you'll remember we have the story about the Tampa kicker was going to a medium. To how that epic and sadly the particulars of Ford credit to admit that today makes me want wanna associate with them to Bahrain where you're going to let what did the medium you you we will keep good today combined. I'll drink to that note to our city leaders of all the blue cross or freedom let me just related story. A friend of mine her name is Chris. Is a local business owner. Q what did he ever gave us edit I had a great time. It's a great camera came out when they came back one beats rock. Sitting in her seat something dripped on her hat. Now she assumes it was water. But the point being dangerous when your indoor stuff. Expectation is what you're indoors. Nothing good will drop on your hat. No. Bad days we needed new arena rock just. I'll drink to that she put him by the way I mean you know you're looking at this all wrong I mean what's not refreshing about some cool water being drift on your head while you're enjoying hockey. There's nothing more disturbing your outside into rating but then something hit you yet. To send Joseph off course and employee you know. I'm bored I'm not holding my breath at the same time I wanted to add this on as well. They knew where released. Images of their draft. Night caps official team caps for draft night. And they've got different slogans on the every team's cap so Cleveland says dog pound. Jets says JETS. New England says. Do your job. Cricket what the Buffalo Bills cap says. I would guess bills mafia. Know now we don't want to associate with the bills on correct. Not like this at you it's not neo. Bill leave. And we public he'll leave. We sat. We're past that how many years ago is believed. I mean it made nice bumper sticker royals' Ross brand in years and yet there was always the bras Brandon marketing campaign roll out last year was Sean McDermott and in this day. Pregame speech number that I. Why what starts with one right right now that yeah sorts of 11 buffalo problem. And are par nothing nothing on the process can we got to respect the process I mean. This process politic process on the draft mean when you have as much draft capitalism bills half of this is the process. And if they don't get what you want in the draft this year remember. To process the accidental. And all. He's more than processed so what's that process. All right let's gets you. That let's get to get its. Birds seen. From the fourth period dot com we have your calls a 454 ESP we'll get you in a moment let's stick quick break here. Comeback will talk a little bit more about reaching cut need though his decision to retire would at least for the bill salary cap on the way next. And to disperse into the fourth period a common toxins Stanley Cup Playoffs here all the way before 5 o'clock in the sports bar AM 915957. F endangered tag lay on ESPN Rochester. And. These days. All summer do you. Most listeners.