The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Ryan Talbot

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys recap the Richie Incognito retirement, and how it can affect the Bills in the draft. Ryan Talbot from joins the show to talk about how Incognito's retirement shakes up the Bills offensive line, and what the Bills are looking to do in the draft. 

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Those boards box with danger and exactly how this whole Richie income you don't think even in just one piece in the guard is not enough left tackle you know protecting your blind side what patty. CNN a very integral piece for the Buffalo Bills to himself I think you look like that's going to definitely be met it's like she's. Relationships. Might danger. This is another opportunity. For branding being Sean McDermott to build that team they want to build with the guys they want to bring down. She knows exactly this is not a good offensive line with all these draft picks it's a good time to start over on the offensive line. Bill will need to address best positioned in the draft. But the draft do need to keep directed at the top. To beat franchise quarterback I don't think people truly understand the difficulty it takes to win the cup but to have Toronto against Boston. That doesn't make any sense I just think it makes for intriguing didn't have fought to try to going to be amazing. Public battle of Pennsylvania fires and wins the battle of the keystone state is probably the series I'm looking forward to watching the most by its very difficult for me to see our team meeting the penguins four times out of seven sought about the parents and six. It's sucks because we do have all the resources or perhaps success Rochester sports leader 957. EST yes good afternoon pulled the stolen join us the sports bar with danger and the tight lid is opened for business appreciate you stopping by. We do not take for granted we can't do without you AM 950957. FM. Read the latest bills and sabres knew as it ESPN Rochester dot com. Find us on the radio dot com map as well free to download on your device take this with you everywhere you go I am merely Mike danger eat the brains behind the operation cheaper tag. Sort of think that but fifteen days danger. That set fifteen days to the NFL draft it's funny how this story what makes address or interest during its ever. A vault. Because if I ask you two weeks ago Firestone last week I asked Monday. Part of the bills don't get a quarterback what's the sakic you would have said okay the other need would have been middle linebacker wide receiver. That's all changed now hasn't with the news last point four. Have a lot of flexibility what you do with your picks we're gonna talk some NFL draft later this afternoon for 25 the senior NFL draft analyst for a full draft scout dot com T burglar. Making the rounds in Western New York radio I dirty was on no Howard in Germany this morning and her sister station WGR das so what Dayne is coming out with eyes and he in his mock drafts. News he's kind of a connecting guy. As the Buffalo Bills trading upper quarterback. Yeah I'll get you excited when you see that they're trading up to number two giants but then. World they have that number two pick and they're taking the most divisive. Quarterback in the draft Josh Allen. Move. Okay. Given what you would have to give up. To get to number two. Would you be satisfied. With Josh challenger franchise quarterback. Rule I can answer the question this way. I might wanna call in sick Friday because everybody. Here all bills fans in Rochester. Would be upset when we tee with a rating up. So OK here's Josh out of my question would be upset with that or would you be more upset. Because I think there's two schools thought he and and you know I've heard it both ways where. You can't draft a quarterback he's gonna get killed and you don't have any pieces around the quarterback and he's out okay. Yes of course you you want to build around your franchise quarterback but. If you make it through the first day of the draft you don't drop court what's more depressing. The idea that you go to bed on Thursday night not knowing who the four in the future franchise quarterback the Buffalo Bills is going to be. Or knowing that you at least. Have your franchise quarterback. I think bill's fans would be Smart enough to Knoll. It's not. The be all and end all to get up the number two if you don't pick the right guy and into. Take apart what you just said there what if we get to the end of Thursday night in the bills don't pick a quarterback well. It's not a question that the first round has only four quarterbacks or five maybe Mason Rudolph the bills could take him round tip. And I'm not saying that because it and that's what's going to happen anything could happen. I think that they've done everything that they've done to get their quarterback now to get their quarterback in this draft. Elton however that quarterback is. In May be instruction. Maybe they do it may be it is a Mason Rudolph. There's so many options and so many dominos that need to fall in on draft night but it wouldn't shock me. If the bills wait till 22 to go quarterback. Is it wouldn't shock me if they don't go quarterback at all in the first round because the guys that they want have already been taken they were able to move. Shut me either so there burglar covers it all. And you can now by the way in a greats. Tool if you're if you're a junkie. And get his 12018 FL draft guide we just tweeted a link out to it ESPN Rochester dot com. I mean this is thorough. In depth analysis. On the entire draft. Dayne does a better than anybody else he'll be joining us at 425. And if you wanna read up on the NFL draft is draft guide. Link we posted just few minutes ago it ESPN Rochester on Twitter. Now look forward to that and the other story here in its bills related Ricci and kind -- we've got more developments on the intact Neil story but. From the bills' offensive line standpoint what does this mean who now ease your left guard who will be senator. What do you do with the two guys on the right side all of this all of sudden now all who looks way in flocks. When you consider that Eric Wood and unexpected retirement of forced retirement if you will. Because of his injury and now Ritchie and Khan neo. I talked about this one of our good friends Ryan tell bit off from New York upstate dot com covers the bills for the Syracuse post standard. I'm getting into this tool. And this is up below the radar signing in my opinion who body it's gonna be important now. Jeff bold nine Cincinnati Bengals are former starting center with the Mets right. Russell boat and I got picked up in free agents on Iran and wanna write it and via. The time we get really think much of it because we thought oh right Roy's gonna take that position that's going to be his gig. Right right now could move to left guard he what. Potentially you keep Brian Hoyer California match an offer sheet last offseason is it is a flexible. Player he he's. He can play left party to play right RD place center in and he did well filling in for airports owner. He'd be fine is a left guard as well does that mean Russell Bo died as your your center moving forward. You probably saw gonna have to deal with your lying somewhere in the draft. Probably more than once in the draft. But what does Russell would sign off 12018 good piece. That Ryan Talbott wrote a few weeks ago it upon that signing about on Russell boat nine. It New York upstate dot com we'll have a little bit deeper and that what he knows about Russell would die and who's in coming from the Cincinnati bank. Snout so are the bills. At least snacks. They don't address the offensive line on day one day to. You almost have to you would think at least on Friday not address the offensive line the what do they didn't. I rang Talbott the join us here later this out sabres GM Jason bottle just wrapped up. As for end of season press conference will dive a little bit deeper into that as well geno the first. Let's continue some bills draft talk Christian Rochester joint eggs in the sports bar at 454 ESPN 4543776. You're always. Welcome to pull the stool and join us as well hey Chris how real. Yes vote on top grass. They got to question Korea is doing a draft party under a 91. Omaha hi I'm Chris sakes that is not a plan I gotta tell you yes we are. We don't really assist danger I think we're ready by Jeanne you hold all the cards like to secure the breed RE Christian Chris will get back to that won't what was your second question. Oh now on the quarterback issue of we do not draft a quarterback they won. Movies they're not believing in the process. Unless they give some amazing tackles and they trade back they get multiple. Let me let me stop you right there first of all Chris I mean how dare you leading question the process immediately. What it. Anybody questioned the process. You can't question the process these all part of the process. You Trace it they don't select a quarterback in Juan. We will have questions. But those questions will not be centered around the process the process is infallible. Can't lose but the process this is all part of the process everything all of it no question the process. I really don't want to own the both brought in de Villa. Are the other thing I'm good are you Chris let me ask you please Josh Allen at twelve united way. Johnson Johnson had 22. Don't know what looked on the border oh. No you you could have Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson. Now there I go on Dutch don't. Know whether it's a little bit and Rudolph belt it will Mark Jackson. Oh boy he re so they industrial. Gee don't leave Chris and suspense any longer we're going to be carried out of there are right we are going. To where life is worth living vault one yeah. Well yeah. I York Webster were common for you we are going to hooligans east side barring great goal. Ford draft night solar show is going to be live their three to six. In danger united gonna hang out watching the draft where everybody's job listen I love my family but I'm not going on draft night of staying at Webster. I'm stand at Webster stated rule against Puerto see that first round through. You knew overnight for a Caribbean overnight GB we got a lot to draft last year you saw how I got when the bears looked at Mitchell true this gimme look I I mites. I might consume. I'm Mike consume a few beverages. I gotta say I'm every bring you know by all bid a pimp it guys. Though that's earlier on a grubby. Love it I look forward to seeing out there it will have a oh we'll have a lot of fun lamenting what the bills do or do not do in the first round NFL draft on that Thursday night. Chris appreciate the phone call 454 ESPN 4543776. Chip question process. You know by the way I wanna thank god Miller Lite for putting us out there. That hooligans east side bar and grill and it's going to be on the 26 we broadcasting live. In the world's going to be broadcasting line. Have this announcement coming up for round two because this year or danger. The round to always going to be important ha ha it's this year the bills that were right now they have to second round picks. A law also be some moral idea later on were will be for Friday but for Thursday. Yes hope you can join us again hula who against east side bar and grill high again thanks to our friends at Miller Light. All right. Quickly let's not touch on Jason doctoral. And his end of season press conference. I know that I've heard NHL GM sound that angrier Lisa sabres GM some that angry at the end of the season which. I guess if you want good news that would be that okay he's not robotics he is angry. And even mentioned that you know Terry Angola is angry at that this is unacceptable. And that moving forward you're expecting to see. A different Buffalo Sabres team. I would say Tim Murray was very angry and do. I mean pull the tape from last year where he's talking about he threw his head coach under the boss through member it OK I guess the coach. Getting fired here. Tim Murray was always angry and in difficult that the deal with but. To your point danger this was a different sounding Jason bot troll but. As far as what clues. Did we get as far as player personnel. I think the only clue why I picked up bomb was Robin latter where is the question was about rob a louder letter and he hit mediated overall. To the goaltending situation. Mean there wasn't exactly a breakdown rob letter it was the the goaltending situation overall in in his answer. He said that mean as hallmark was going to be one of the two goaltenders in buffalo laster hot. All right so. For Linas congratulations sound like you earn yourself a promotion who's that other guy going to be. In sales to Iran Leonard danger. Well listen I don't expect him to give us answers on what he's gonna do with Robin minorities and of season press conference but he certainly made it clear. He or at least hey don't pass for Robin letter to not be on this roster next season. That wouldn't shock me shouldn't shock any view in and that might be a move in the right direction for the buffalo centers at least tweak but the Buffalo Sabres at least between. The pipes. I'd like his stuff Jason botrus. I'll elect what I heard today. They can't be. They can't be anywhere near satisfied with this season is probably one of the more if not the most disappointing season. Did the same as it ever happened. So you know this stuff is is the baseline I wanna see action now behind those words and this off season. You know expect I expect the sabres to be moving supports around. And let's see what happens what that with that draft lottery as well like that's. I'm curious about the draft lottery as the first step. Yeah and that's going to be coming up on it thinking this when that NFL draft is over. Sabre fans as McKnight that and by the way there's going in which. Any other legal put their draft lottery on a night were people watch television not buried it on a Saturday night in between innovations of some game in the playoffs. That's one year and have the NHL draft lottery that will be two in and that night deceive the sabres get the first pick they have a neat scene and a half percent chance passenger. In. That that defenseman from Sweden will look awfully nice yeah. Colleen on the affluent that would be nice Phil is in pits for joining us in the sports bar 454 ESPN. Ohio Oreo. A keen on keeping an eye out orbit. What was. But troll commented on the communication between. Bill and the players. How it getting better that Beckham who has struggled at that stood out or no I am really that is the communication error like it. Look at the players vs bill and not cohesive at all in the second thing you know a temporary it is. There's a losing culture right now the newspaper or they. And if you look at McDermott and being there's a winning call regardless of the winning orbit. Everybody you know the winning culture there's just alluding to and when. But ultimatum that there's a losing all culture of paper picked up. And that is anecdote in the occult or paperback of not a combat that you know. When they were just. You gotta fill any time in the thank you for the call. You know he met you mentioned that the difference in cultures between the bills in the sabres or bills. Made moves to change that culture and they made those moves regardless of the expense they knew that there was going to be some gain. To be made wit with some potential losses that think about what they lost and Marcel our. Yes we're Sammy Watkins any or Fiat an idea. Darby I mean those were deals where yes you got draft picks but it didn't make on paper the Buffalo Bills a better team or did. Because. Bulls' three guys we just rattled off each of them in their own special way. At least had an issue in the locker room or is some question about them being all it now I can't pertained to tell you. Which of these Buffalo Sabres and more all in but what can tell you is this. That wind how Leslie and Contra war hired. The line we were steady here was better coaching. I've revamped defense assistant more than defenseman will jumpy and you'll have everybody will be on the attack and a full season Jack cycle. And that will be the difference between this year and last year that didn't happen. Jason bottle had an opportunity come in and do some of the things that brain and being did. So where return wickets a lot of the credit any any short break and being dessert but all he moves came it. And we say that now saying now wasn't it now the big deal of the time. Located rate Sammy Watkins 'cause you were on paper we're making yourself worse in your heading into the season and talks of the tank and everything else. Who did the sabres. Sacrifice if you will Marcus the Leno well I lost Tyler Ennis why. I will say this mean these guys are gonna make the bills are gonna make mistakes the beetle but let's not look farming the Eric Lloyd. Retired it was a calm but it was botched completely like a show called that there completely botched. McDermott made plenty of coaching mistakes through the course of the season misuse of timeouts field position blah blah blah we we were views reviewed those. Throughout the course of the season so they are not infallible but. In terms of culture I think they've done a good job of identifying the guys want to be a part of what they're doing moving forward vs the guys. Who. Are expendable that can be moved for for all the pieces other parts. I don't know that the sabres have the luxury of that because let's face it there's just not a lot of talent on this roster. Let's talk about the head coach Jason bought troll and his confidence in Phil Housley. Also your coach picture I have certainly enjoyed working with Phil. Over the past year here. I think the way. I wanna put team together way he wants to play right now. We have a losing culture. We haven't won here. And it's up to fill and I work with our players. To work through that to make sure we changer culture. To change the culture. You can do it through trying to change the attitudes of the players you have already onboard. You also by eliminating the guys he can't save that you start putting in the effort that are putting the work that can't be. Turned around we don't know who those players are even a guy like Ryan O'Reilly who publicly said what he said the other day about losing his love for the game like. Yet got had a bad day and maybe there is something to saving Ryan O'Reilly getting him back on the page of a winner you keep. Phil Housley and kill you mentioned this ought when he called this is now Phil Housley. Developing relationship with the players and that doesn't happen overnight and day one the I can imagine Phil house that was probably a little tentative walking into that locker room in dealing with these guys. And working hand him with these guys that probably improved over the course of the season and a little bit you know gradually day by day about walking into any new job as a leader in but. Did it and. Did jump up to anybody else because the one thing from last year's season ending press conference Tim Murray throwing he is head coach. Under the bus saying you remember this danger yeah well hey you know get a better communication. It gave me you got to work on that stuff instead of being in the film room you know. Grab a cup of coffee and walk through the dressing chair that was kind of a quota kinda yeah. It's funny B analogy is almost is that what Bob draws kinda have it in current yes in Alameda you know you get the impression. From GM first of all we GM TM said that Michael that's not really a good leader a good leader would go up on and use his press conference is a platform to throw his head coach on the bus. And churn up there were both on and I think the Google was recognized that I think that's why you saw the changes that you saw. That's. A dysfunctional organization. But my point being just what the message wise. Kind of the same that this is such where the word Murray did a bad job of explaining hay season and review my head coach is what he needs to work on. Bought draws a little more tactical. Alexander today or gas action by the way. I don't know that I believe that. He is confident how's he could say that he has all the cubs the well he should say that he has all the conference in the world but some of this team does get off to a slow start when he eighteen. 2019. Twenty games Thanksgiving will you know like I imagine till houses on a short leash. Here's the problem. Problem for Jason block troll he's a Smart dude. How Khomeini had coaches are you allowed to hire as a GM before you yourself are gone and then nobody has the stomach go through assault again I'm not suggesting Jason Bob troll. But whatever point Audi is. Tom Donahoe Buffalo Bills who resident. He got the higher to a coach losing it a chance at the thu. Jason bottle Smart he's not going to use that card in the Dak right now that would have been a shocking move. If they had even with this being one of the worst seasons in sabres history the first team ever to finish 31 that this is not the time you fire Phil how well. Not now not today maybe early next year it doesn't go the way he wanted to and you made plenty of changes I think that's you can expect Jersey as been expect. Some changes expect to see some new faces in the lineup in Newton new faces on this roster and expect to see team that come training camp is going to be. Competitive internally. And nothing will be given and you've got some of that ruling here at at the Rochester level that. You know these guys. Played for the networks are are gonna want they're going to be hungry they're gonna what their opportunity to play for the sabres. Purchasing will be exciting I like what he said today like that he was pissed off I you know I might I don't disagree with anything he's saddened and though the culture the changing of the culture. The losing culture. A lot of that has to do with the the players you have and that that locker room and whether or not you get through to then he can change that or if there's anybody worth saving in their might be happily guys. That are worth saving. By not giving whenever a vote of confidence they give identified one of them right there. Hey before Ryan Talbot into talked about. All things Richey and Todd need on bills offensive line in bill Straus strategy. War we get a little love to a intern yet for a second in your neck. Why is that while this just underscores. Offense when nick blight. You getting breach we needed it. My Richie eating cotton DL good job first the ball like eight just says what do we year do you reaching kind Nikko. I eat I mentioned it yesterday and I'm not saying this in jest. Is this the early stages of CT there were witnessing in on perhaps watching unfold right on Twitter write on his social media page I don't know Ole. Is that he's of right mind right now. Well he he he will collier if you look at Twitter this morning the first week you saw from reaching content you know. Hi app Buffalo Bills. Cadets would you call a troll is it not. Very passive aggressive what are you saying this is. Right now technically still your employer. Yup OK Ares VCR said he's eaten Richie wanted to peoples talk about Richie you're setting out a tweet like that. But then. In turn nick now I at surface level you look at this thing you'll look like you treated him. As a fan explained everybody will what you set out on social media the rich. Yes it might might treat Asia said see I take him in canyon retired here's a little something now to remember combined peninsula. That's also why it's. You call it a nice little thought I don't know I mean he's aware that this song exists but I don't know that he knew that this was. The tribute. That you were saying farewell to him with that this is. From four years ago I wanna say this is from the laboratory show I think your I am. These Richey and Todd you know song I'm. Then in turn tweeted if he then proceeded to reach wings. Rachel haircut here retreated this to ever. She. Nice. Really she. Good writing so. That was set out by certain nick directed averaging god we don't you reach weeded it. Okay I'm gonna say bridging content you don't didn't listening to that song. He's had all heard that song right. And if he had why wouldn't he re tweet and everybody you know what. Maybe he hasn't Giambi beat me we're dealing with a guy who just so oblivious to the outside world. That it doesn't exist outside of Richie. Maybe it took him how long did it take for him to realize that he had taken a pay cut with the Buffalo Bills. From the moment they sign the deal to the moment. He fired his agents on Twitter. Is outlawed it took for it to realize that he'd taken a pay cut. Well that's what he would tell you. I would kind of goal to the track record David dawn and athletes first of being a reputable agency that'd. Yes I would think they'd laid that out from this is the deal here Richie yeah. Our rights helmet from New York upstate dot com joins us next in the sports bar. Or gonna bring on Ryan because a couple of weeks ago the bills made it kind of under the radar. Free agent move but that move now. Looks like it's going to be in play as he entered the NCAA's Russell bold nine going to be the starting center for the Buffalo Bills with the Bryan Croyle left are. Paul Bryan Talbot. Did the background on borrowed time or have him come and. Our Brian tell the joins us in the sports bar danger or take Lee thanks to listen this afternoon on AM 950. And 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Who dreamt about that one touchdown. Dreamt about that national titles. You dream of hearing your name welcoming you to back games. Biggest. About dream becomes reality. 59 by seven. Sports me. ESPN Rochester the emirate hosts Syracuse tonight incentive upon the proud home of Rochester Americans hockey PM 950 and 957 at them. These sports leader ESPN writes yes you're talking to Buffalo Bills are Buddy Ryan Talbott New York upstate dot com might do on Ryan. I am doing great things as. You know if Ryan idea I thought we'd be talking a lot of draft but then here is this to story about reaching company of before we get to Richie I. Well let's jump ahead what is this all mean for the Buffalo Bills or trying to. Come up with a depth chart it's funny now you know bill's website is that I had taken all the references off to a depth chart right now but if we. Epic kinda gas Ryan. Odd does this mean Russell ball on rangers' starting setter coming up for the Buffalo Bills right now as things stand. I wouldn't say not necessarily rate now electing John Miller. Possibly light over a lot guard. People forget about how big today. Com how improve guesses about it but he was from your one year Q but last year we we saw him. Odd people thought maybe he ought to be coaching staff and line coach means what it. But he did have a lingering ankle issue throughout the year last year so. It becomes then healthy this year I think he can compete that left guard job acting maybe you can applying great look there as well. Com and then this could change their draft plan in terms of what and they wanted to address the up and outline in your open line edition. Now maybe instead of 83 immediately after you 92. We didn't make much of deciding when it happened but you you did. He's at New York upstate dot com to tell everybody a little bit more about Buffalo Bill senator Russell boat dine at what do we know. About the incoming freeagent for Cincinnati. If you know I talked to joke good varied he would actually be athletic and he's or writer on that being able. He knows a lot about all the dining instead. You know here's a guy that on day one as a rookie started at banner at a bank all buried terrible note you know. I'd been missing gain XP or straight start and every year he said there was small improvement is gain. The only problem was there was an on not improvement. All right he he'd there'd be times where you would get blown out on a player that plays you'd missed a lot. On debt is court string was lacking. So it wasn't necessarily. The greatest. Assessment of what you want to hear about a guy coming in. But any kind of local bill add analytic and eat and have a really strong year while. Good year by it ended in 2016. At the dangle a lot last year little. On the LEU you wonder the changes scenery will do him wonders if this new. Are blocking scheme under one you'll do him favors obviously the bill targeted him. Emperor reason they've got a eat at that potential but I would come in heard job. Saw aren't into at this point is hope there. It is going to be the starting parrot that. EE keeps taking those doubts. Have been. We're talking over the Bryan Talbot New York upstate dot comer guest here in the sports bar another attorney for the Buffalo Bills on the offensive line who. And you tell me where he fits in that being Ryan. Groin it went Roy was mural offer that. Did cheat by the LA rams at the time they it was concurrent with the timing in my queue mostly in right right Revver. Us having that debate on our shelves saying wall's Achilles Celine or do you pay right groin I think a lot of people. So all grind Roy. In the last part it's when he sixteen stinking you know what this guy has something. So it kind of begs the question what exactly happened with wind gripe last year would've thought he would be given more of an opportunity and when he seventy. Yeah you know I thought those laws especially because they'll an issue there and there are interior line. On that date aimed at settling on lied to dot someone like dart. Awe and then they never really gave any else shot there and some people dot meaty Cora get an opportunity. And the big thing that Sean McDermott Atlanta beat in his it was good outlook Ryan great versatility. But he wanted him more so it'd be ready to back up here wouldn't you spent bumping happen. I'd take him so it's more like living given an opportunity to compete at guard where. This thought he'd been at the public might be in that city to give him a shot the play left guard. Players that are I I think he even played at start of all position depending on what Sean wants you first and foremost. All do they target a guy in the draft to honor guard and then he what happened there and then they did make that decision or final decision on growing. That that's the big question. I think that the draft is gonna let us now. What the plan dark rank or whether they're gonna add and compete for the starting better job against Russell both nine or beginning at seem to eat pork. Pop was a lot guard job. Again John Miller or even someone else immediate sign in street. Ride tell it New York upstate dot com our guest in the sports bar danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester so. Let's talk about that draft strategy now known what we know and EE do the bills now invest one of their higher draft picks and certainly plenty of offensive line talent available on that first round. Do you see the Buffalo Bills investing that heavily. In their offensive line or I mean at quarterback being the obvious exception or their other. A more pressing needs that the bills will would deal with earlier on in the draft. Yeah I'm still in all believe that those in impact there urged to get a cornerback. So I don't be it and going after not lineman in round one. But in rounds Q yet you hope that someone all down the board. Obviously that all pretty significantly down to 53 year did he stick with the gold are aching. You're not gonna get it will Hernandez. Someone that I pull into it will go one on one was strong impairs. Odd to Richie eat out but maybe you get a Billy quite out of Ohio State data center or dark. I and that versatility could be really good for the built during that those are all spot that. I you're gonna have a open competition for Isaiah when and I think he goes in round one is lawn toward the media eat all. Operate in meant that I eat the player out of Auburn I think he's the guy that they target date to draft well well. There's talent there. It really depends on. Line bill do you rate opting to bat quarterback in realists believe you're talking 1222. Burst trumpet next year minimum. Com do they anticipate in this quarterback. Starting this year and as well you better get in that protections ought you know why do you think that I'd Carter's and it may be one of their priorities on the second. If if not. Is there anything left in free speech it's Iraq because I was going over the list last night and rule written known names are or are jumping out to mean maybe you could trade for somebody at that point boy if are there any viable options as far as a veteran garter veteran center that might be sitting out there still on the free agent market. You know the two names I did the same thing enriching thing either declared that you as I looked it up and it. On picking Ali of Jill called the first in the jump to mind. He actually. It was an up and down season in Seattle opera keep getting at that moment where he played well there are gains or very bad that well again. That the rams but he earned. Well Aaron Donald and an. All. Those you know when you're gonna get a week now like I guess there's times you'll get a posted joke or college be at the top of the list. Jahri Evans another guy who's out there HEX higher either on the same page article leaders need out. Odd to build a few years ago brought in in Purdue has and they are actually. I trying to resigning and you don't sell that could be in play those that opt to mean elk goon is on the market. All beat you really is on out. 49ers. Eat eat at a stand a very short stint with the vikings are a year oblivious of the cardinal let in sign somewhere around. They might just go out there and look the what's out there just to bring another body. Building Noah. Will be available on the draft there obviously there could be a dire Tuesday it's hot in training camp leading up to the season we really don't want to depend and hoping that someone that you think would be your op Ed will will get that you and that early before the start of the he'd been. Ryan you know last year at this time we thought it was pronounced you costing I mean that's how little we knew about Vlad do cost. And while his pre season wasn't anything inspiring and you know he was inactive for the first quarter of the season a he kind of came on. As the season progressed which lends me to give a little confidence in and belief that. Cast DO and big term it might actually know thing or two about coaching some of these guys that might be known names you know the loss of Richey and Todd need oh. On paper doesn't mean the roster look any better but is it. Amenable lost when you consider you can find a guy like do cost kind of out of nowhere and get them to be a productive member of the bills' offensive line moving forward. You know I think one way or the other of the build immunity. Is number eatery in thirty or you know the day is. You probably over dinner plate any late in the strapped her find someone to work fine and grow into the job behind thing outlet it reform yet more. On good moment in Atlanta he's he's still at a few moments where we're on block where. Played a blown up because he eat at a few misses but also sprung from wrong. But on the quality and he also had been great so. You do hope that maybe Russell bold nine comes in it and all the sudden you look much better when hurting. Banner job you all that running growing year cured John Miller and year to it that. Blocking and step up at left guard and eighty that you can bring a rookie along well here meaty Gil are an up and their ilk that. You put shop that until day three of the draft so. It it does give the bill and kind of glimmer of hope that someone internally in that spot. But the same time that this is property. Pretty decent giraffe. In terms of the interior guys that you get all like it said that Billy plays bring rag now want to get better actors and our art RB Corey Bennett. In this draft class for the bill though there are guys out there. If you're only looking one or the other. Ryan tell that our guest here covering the Buffalo Bills a great reporter for. The Syracuse post standard res work on New York upstate. Dot com Ryan where it or look let's tackle the Ritchie stuff here. When the story first broke yesterday. It was actually a tweet from Peter King gain in net. Peter King quote it out in Ricci is thinking about being done board comeback quote if the price was right. And then he's retired a couple of hours later mean. What are we to make about everything has happened with three team tie needle in this ever changing story. Mean you know it's. You would think that a player at the time now on restructuring deal. And that's the outburst they struck at nine you restructure his deal they've speech that the bills. Came out between nine outlook he was he bat. If you really unhappy about the bill coming in or restructure you'd think that he simply does that tell. And I know you add those issues years ago but there would be Mark Kerr which you know. He's then pretty good not the deal is and in buffalo every obviously. Com so why did he agreed to restructure and try to it was a matter of money and he'd he'd won Abacha. Yeah and that I IMAP and eat it are anchored just around the great opinion. When you re sign with keen. All or a lot ego. So what changed between now and then weary players in Beijing one day. And now we come out Peter seeing that the prices right I'll come back and man hours later. Now aid you know organs shutting down labor whatever may be. Something you know it does seem I will be urged to. I actually thought for a moment you know what he he's not entirely if he has a gripe about what he. Is getting paid yes you you don't agree this term restructuring your deal. EO he would have gotten paid is the 37 best gore in the league. Reaching cockney does not the 37 passed Gordon a league so that one point six million that that was shaved off his salary by restructuring. Yeah he's a difference between the bills. Having. A little bit more respectable line and then what they have it at present with Richie caught need to retire. Yeah absolutely. But look like is that what changed in the bank signed off on a deal to present day. Some being. Obviously upset and mother was in maybe the amount of money that someone else got in free agency. Who knows what it is you know it's not my place really speculate. But it but it is I. Odd that all the telling how he was dop her courage yet to populate other restructure. When he won that agreed to a. Well look we're we can figure out now where where is this had it because today right now. Pretend god Nino is still listed on the roster for the Buffalo Bills on their official website which leads me to believe that. The paperwork hasn't been found though that might just be paperwork delays or whatever but. Ryan what this drags out I mean how big a distraction. Could this be cool we'd be heading. Were kind of and Anquan Baldwin situation where I'm retired I you know I wanna back remember that whole story in the bills had to put out the notice that they would receive. You know free he compensation I'm just not convince Ryan. That the story is done your weather team Kanye. Yeah you know law I'm not convinced either until the paperwork is on. 88. We last night. Staying there this morning saying that in eagle on plane retire you're right on that people are officially bottled. There is only just and the lingering in the year may be. Maybe he is open to a trade may be open to. You know he doesn't distract internal political last crept all environment Indiana now. ID eight paying job no matter where you go now. I don't know what it is your right I mean it could be 10 are important situation and Brandon being valued ones that keep them on their reserve retired. He said they weren't in a lot of you go look at yet and and that they're out in Asia all. I don't think it is gonna trade him away or not they'd they'd have to find a deal that we're them while. Right into real quick before we let you go we appreciate your time as always any word or resolution. To the Eric Wood saga. Can know there's still nothing very you would think that given the amount of time that. Dumping would have been worked out initially and now. Now it's not be a month ago the evil that a Louisville game being at the same thing that the press conference. On the roster built to a site and help this team going forward. But you know it's been like there's nobody had over out or going you can do about the bonus money. The have to pay it back. At the end of the day you're not voluntarily retired why they'll play ball all on it help at all and only are not about neck injury belt. It's a tough. Yeah from brown to build our topic standpoint you're trying to get it much money's seek and yeah what he clients coming in the one and money in Egypt and I'm players' injuries murder. Whatever if need be. But that that the clinic eight that the guy just quit the hired so unfortunately it stalled a resolution there. Ryan tell that you can follow months quitter at Bryan Talbot bills read his work New York upstate. Dot com Brian now we always appreciate your time thanks for thanks so much right. They anytime they. Right tell it drug read his work in New York upstate dot com including the seven things that you need to know. About new Buffalo Bills senator in this is from a couple weeks ago but I think it's more relevant now than it was and Buffalo Bill senator Russell. Vote on GAAP. Who could be your news starting setter for the Buffalo Bills on him and you've got a competition right at me like that I like that. Well it to mean do with the way this feels danger whether it's Tony to pick in the second round you can get a card there. We can't get to meet Billy price Ohio State income guards senator. Versatile. Boosting McDermott likes those kind of guys. On air water when he came model global he was a guard and moved over to setters so a lot of guards move over to senator. But that would be somebody that that would certainly help and if you had I Grohl a bold nine battle for a it in maybe the offensive line isn't as bad as we're led to believe here I would say this danger if you work at before. Season ending injury knock on wood to Deion Dawkins that we have problems popping up left tackler we're talking at left guard. In Gardena school it is a loss but he left tackle. The way to get work on the depth his wealth I mean it off and what's not and how to do you need Pasadena in the NFL draft for the Buffalo Bills. All right you know let's get altering to that next stick a little little break here. Come back with some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports and I believe you're ready to unveil. Your Stanley Cup final. I like to say danger in Asia. Raw. We are shape. And tell you will be. The Stanley Cup we are about accountability here in the sports bar danger tightlipped we will roll the tape we'll tell you who we've got going. In the sell the cup class which of course kick off tonight's. And it's sad farewell. To a tradition in the NFL short lived tradition in the NF doubly sad farewell that will tell you about. And I'll drink to that all the way next in the sport sport danger to tag glee on ESPN right. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Sports bar would danger in the attack. Chester wrapped. You might salmon. ESPN Rochester. Rochester new homes for amber sort of hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester.