The Sports Bar- Hour 1- Scott McDonald

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk some hockey as the Sabres locker clean out was today. Joining the show to give his predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs, RIT women's hockey Head Coach Scott McDonald. 


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Damn good sports. ESPN Rochester. Oh. Thus sports bar with dangerous for exactly what more perfect grade. Include me in his life changing moment. I guess. Got stuck just wore that green jacket symbolizes everything in golf. It's just it's it's the top. Could really impressed me anyway after being played on Sunday was the fact that every time we needed to do something she did it. Every time he made a bogey bounced back she never had those two bogeys in a row he might danger we'll would appear that you're starting to move in the right direction to Buffalo Bills you've got the right GM. Looks like you great GM brake coach do you have the right quarterback machine exactly what your thoughts on Allen to me he's the most divisive. Player in this draft a favorite are the favorite at this point but the common denominator is. Be ready for training camp. No we've got to take the next step and we'll watch it starts now starts now here's your preparation for next season I mean sixteen teenagers have when a playoff team. You know they're gonna play for the next few months and then where are we doing things so all. Figure for next season and feel Riviera Los. Lost the love of the game multiple times in this. No immediate factor contestants this season. Myself up it's the other guys who just soften its system. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes good afternoon pulled the stolen join us the sports borrow the danger of exactly it is open for business we appreciate you stopping fine. However you may be listening this afternoon and night 50957. FM. Our home online ESPN Rochester dot com where you can read up on the latest bills and sabres news you can download the radio dot com now. Search on ESP Rochester tickets with the wirelessly. And everywhere you go I am Mike danger he is Jean the tag seventeen days danger that draft coming up how do we embody a week it was good regrettably spent part of my weekend it doing what no guy wants to do. Buying window treatments or I should say. Heading Ernie it'll know retail earning window treatments Jeanne I came in two week with a full head of state. I got home Friday night you know what our window treatments waiting three to be outlining these lines and we will move on with the weekend everything will be great. And help put him up and realize. These are not the window treatments that we ordered the air outside is the right way they are not the right color these are not what we York. Right now one of them. Now we have to go return them to where we bought them and realize that the person who put in the order mix up the length with the width. Kids this is a lesson. On attention to detail yeah WNH means something details. Matter. And how many hours we spend an hour getting that order put in an another hour returning a in the two hours this bet putting in order to return those but I could have had them song. Drives me insane details matter. And probably in the sports world constantly we hear that we do things only one way danger at the right way correct. So what's it got past that hurdle everything was good. We can was it correct we a lot of masters. Lot of masters. Tell me if you're like me. I I bypass the CBS coverage. I watched street through the website now how was back 'cause I. Didn't even cross my mind dare I say it and the reason why I brought it up is because Thursday Friday AMOCO allied. It was on my desktop in my office. Now watch in tiger's first round tiger second round on Thursday and Friday in my office through the web site or via. And I thought you know what. If they're doing on Thursday for the probably do and not Saturday and Sunday as well sure enough coverage start early love and clocks at 1 o'clock Sunday. Bull on beam it up through the apple TV. And I'm watching the web site's feed. In the coverage on the web site. If I'm being honest. Superior experience no disrespect to Jim Nance low for its. It was awesome. Don't they just take the CBS speed though on Sunday I think after awhile they do they don't cut away to commercials. And may you can feature you can focus in on a group that you listen when I realize this week it would gulf. I've invested in watching tiger. Like I wanted to watch tiger's rounds more than anything just because I wanted to see. Any sort of redemption now like we said on Friday tiger is playing like a 103 ranked player in the world. So you know Wally wasn't in contention. I was still entertained watching him throughout the course of the week and then you know watch the rest the term as well but watching it through the fee I've found to be superior experience. Well Sunday to mean the last round and I was the only round I got to watch beginning to end. To start out with Reid and oh my gosh McIlroy he's closed the gap and a McIlroy fallen behind the day and you see this run that jordin speak is going on. An interest these ten minutes. That little pods on eighteen. But there'll sudden Fowler is there isn't having any kind of get in there. Pool where is second is to advise gonna blow this is dad not gonna blow this advice it kept waiting for him Mino. These are typical golfer seeing all the emotion any misses a party flips is potter you'd. Today and most these guys are like robots like you did a little deeper danger and very likable caught this Patrick. Well. You sick sick to think about the guy that was just talk about tiger ports. Not electable. And it's really really bad decisions at anything read up on on Patrick reads back story it stems from. You know it sounds like he's kind of an a hole in college of can be guilty. I think all of us media have I don't think a lot of us been kicked out of college she got kicked college and autumn is Tina you know their right near it in. Does he should be the hometown hero to Augusta State and the report from me as Guinea nearly got voted off the team by his teammates. The that the extent to where I could find on his back story is that essentially he is family is estranged. And it's probably mostly due to his wife. His wife kind of you know claiming that his family abuse or abuses him. He comes from from a rough background with his family and and rather than unite the mall she's made comments in and now the families left to defend it reminded me a little bit of the Aaron Rodgers and like there's a lot of questions their financial like. What would make a successful athlete. Completely cut his family out. She was his former caddie to which that makes it also kinda interesting that you would merrier. Caddie sole authority and Aida. Criticize the man who dips his pen and accompanying me neither player. So I can't find that team too bizarre but. Yeah I TV is the reports are. She publicly his is basically swore at them off as saying that they were abusive or that they are abusive. And and now the families left to defend itself. Including his sister they weren't invited to their wedding. So little portable weird back story. OK with IOK with packer green because I I think. Golf needs to heal and if he's the he'll move in port. You know there's a lot of things he does that tiger does tiger's very emotional tiger drops F lobs when he. When he shanks one off and you know it's same type of characteristics that tiger has. You see some of those characteristics of Patrick reed. Hate to guide. I'm not gonna be rooting against Patrick reed I mean et Al have other golfers and I'd probably be more fond both. I just think it was funny that you know away when he was asked about what he is. What this meant or what it meant to have to be able to do this but not without his family is heating and we're reacting to sit my job is to win golf tournaments. You are robot now you worried programmed robot. Now it may do it what's fun about golf this beat certainly spore you can watch with your family everybody in all them watching it. With my fourteen year old daughter Ali yesterday and she Bakes the comic while. Seem wearing that hot pink shirt like I don't know figured maybe this story hot there is a story. Caroling collagen you know until we got his deal would anywhere on Sundays at the red Paula yeah ha ha yeah they cited 1980 like yet none you can sorry dear Richard you are not wearing already Paul lo on Sunday so that's why Nike puts him in in the hot pink there but that's always a little bit about his personality that. I don't know patterns himself a little bit after. Listen he is he physically when you see Amy doesn't look like the park ready looks like a guy who's literally waiting for his wife outside of addressing army JC Penney. Sweaty agency announced that god like just. Not happy to be here kind of uncomfortable little yet the polls little on pocket. Got a step below by the way the what you guys in the tore a you know for. Give me a couple of guys look like they're out of shape for a while there you know is missing Craig Stadler and Colin Montgomery Montgomery and Phil Mickelson it is hefty list. We need more backed. Gives guys like you and I gene and the opportunity and that the belief that we can actually played this stupid game. The bench press a Volkswagen Golf. Oh. It looks like lorries and tigers enjoyed these dudes are physical freaks they're physical specimens and this guy comes Rolla rock look like crickets from McDonald's and wins the masters. Judge John Ron I'd ever heard him danger now that did not walking disaster looking up at six shirts opt out but my wife saw Gillette. Doing the answer too tight for him only the up those pants elect a cheap motel and look like no all the world. These gentlemen might injure. Your only now. We got a great show lined up for you here in the sports bar or danger to tackling a Rochester sports icons that to join a support when he five. Carolina will be coming on. Taunting me. Saying on come on him too busy playing the Mets parade feared championship locked up yet. Don't know what would mean that the psychologists definition of that because yes the Mets are off to a good start. Yes we have 150. Gator sold games ago. Somewhere. I SG we talking about accountability. I like I wanna an LD SNL CS cubs Mets let's make this happen. Road trip sports bar road trip. Show you what New Yorkers about the only you know we're going to Chicago. Go to Chicago could you never been I did to New York now you you've been dead Times Square. I created an archive big in your planning at times Chicago. Would dole and will will will she'll likely run the city. That's the plan. Wrigley don't worry it's a friendly content did not gonna give you are tough times you lodges is lungs you know I'm going to my Mac or Dahlia dog out. Would want it any other way in my catalog is gonna join us at 425. And then we're also gonna talk some hockey here oh Stanley Cup Playoffs he at RT women's head coach Scott MacDonald lost a finger to. Yes Scott MacDonald head and in last year it was a blast just previewing all these matchups. That you know beliefs have to face the. Once and it. I god there's so much wrong with the NHL and and you know you can start with the point system in the regular season and then trends in transition it into the post season where. These team should not be facing each other in the first round. Dole. Get bring it back to the one verses eight. To vs seventeen that format again because this for this format blows. I'd even take a one over sixteen all remember what we currently have the one over sixteen at least you would have the team that snuck in playing the best team in hockey. But to have Toronto organs bought it it doesn't make any. Cents one of those two teams is not gonna make of the second round that's that is dumb. Hockey the only sport that does this put a will review all the match ups is the Stanley Cup playoff to begin on Wednesday. Scott McDonnell RT women's. Head coach and also. Gosh. The AD it's funny I I'd talked to Scott earlier today and just asked him point. Knew it his thoughts on the whole humbled situation of course he had a teammate who played for humble. Scott played at Niagara Dick dangers of those stories that. Just kind of shows you how close the hockey community really it's everybody knows somebody. On that level and then on the level he played any sport. Any level jets are you bitter boss and chances are you've been on a bus late at night debut and fell asleep on a bus late at night so. I could've been anybody zone that is just a terrible sports if next Saturday at being feel like I wanted to celebrate sport to just felt. You you. A little bit deeper than I did not I can't like I can't when I see a headline. Rather than. Like a headline like that specifically. I can't I just see it and like I try to. Acknowledge removal and thank you know the deeper I get into with a more or down I'm gonna get more depressed him and get or the more I'm gonna live in a world of fear and sadness and I don't want to live in that world. So you know my heart aches for for that for the victims in that tragedy and their families. But I I'd. I can't dwell on Andy eat this is why don't wanna be on social media because more more now when I go on social media I find. Afterwards that low less than satisfying feelings meeting. Yeah all great my former coworker has been diagnosed with cancer that's great news a wide I checked FaceBook again. Let me just log off and and if that means I go through life blissfully ignorant. Then I will go through blissfully picture arts at that that's stories terrible. It's heartbreaking how over the kids four sixteenths like that. 0616. The twentieth okay six point 121. So this is a good junior hockey team. Often Saskatchewan. That in the crash happened Friday night early Saturday morning somewhere around there so we all. Got up Saturday morning look at her phones can learn what happens there. Scott will give us a little bit of his insight on now that tragedy will also talks of Stanley Cup Playoffs with him in other news in the NHL because we have to the sabres. Clean out their lockers to back. -- Ryan O'Reilly. Low round and round little more about Ryan O'Reilly now. Ryan O'Reilly today during a locker cleanup day for the sabres. I feel. Guilty your boss. Lost one game multiple times in this. I media factor contestant tests eaten myself opening tee other guys who just to soften us. This is south. What do you make of that apparent well. I wanna film. Bought on the other hand. Isn't really all that surprising with the way he and others play that you'd you lost your long game look at how do you fix that. As I too am a cold coming your little bit because and by the way. Hi how we got help fix that I mean c'mon. Your job as a coach is the push buttons and if somebody's losing their love for the game and sitting down come up with some. Cockamamie. Big excuse it and now for a couple weeks ago figured out here is coach Phil Housley on rhino rally. Why can't speak for Wright or Riley even I didn't feel he'd. Lost his passion for the game I pay attention that could be a direct result of juxtaposition wherein archived I didn't I didn't see it I mean and look at. Our team and I look at the individuals. Some guys had career appears some guys were right on spot with their their career. For Ryan O'Reilly I don't think you lost the love or passion for the game I think it's just a result of where we are now. Divorce yourself from the emotion is a like to do in these situations and you'll see that Ryan O'Reilly. Basically had an average year. His production was consistent with what he's done in years past story set some record for faceoff victory or something like that and I am so sick physically speaking. Right O Reilly is fine. Right around he's just. In the. Now Al go back. A big day we did our show it to the stroller with the M marks the meat dimmer extended to getting this season next day the sabres are opening up what was the top order show that. Who with the sabres named as a cap. DC's lot happens when you don't have any leadership. And one of the names we kicked around we are debating. Should it be Michael Boyd they should've brought that Brian Jack should it be Ryan O'Reilly. I'm just wondering if it had been in Iraq not Iran they deserved it but. The EI I don't know that cinemanow a tailspin what he'd be telling us all that he law lost his love of the game that if you were named the team captain. Get a team captain would that team captain of kind of alerted everybody to the situation. To meet X is disturbing as any some might have heard it from the sabres all season. That a player that is one of the highest paid on this team lost his love of the game ankle doesn't know. So I'll play too glitzy new tell me we think this is Jack Michael the end of last season during locker clean out their. So mrs. Kravitz substitutions some of my hockey and good two games left them. And the season ends and needed the summer so. It sucks we didn't make any so many premiere from last year and it's another. Phelps isn't in my mind so calm. Think it's obviously suddenly it's a change and we just need to. Needed to plan hockey more that this time next year Susan can end here so. Whatever it's got to be for us to get there we got to do itself. That's nurses try to you know its. Stuff film and really in the eyes and face. Another filled seasons. They're done. Michael last year vs Michael this year utility which you hear it's been a tough three years but. You know it's I mean I'm I'm fully invested in this team this organization the city so. I'm here for awhile and you know I'm I'm I'm excited about it with citadel the future I think. You know things will get better and it's. You know I needed to growth of bed in and you know I think may get done and over the year I mean you guys can attest that but. You know I think it's all part of it it's all part of the process. Allow. Danger your job on that from last year. Sounds like somebody lost a little bit and his confidence would you not say a little we need to make sure where I go any here's what I'm hearing I'm hearing got its little bit more humble. I'm here to guide it's a little bit Mormon Church. And me from being on listening you talk about lack of leadership being part of the reason why Ryan O'Reilly sounds the way he sounds. If Jack tackle isn't captain come next fall and it's a huge mistake for this team. Is your best player he's cornerstone of your. Is it tough pill for just a fur fur ride around to swallow your teammates you have to work to gather and and right around production this year is all white it's it's where it's always been. But nobody's taken the reins nobody's taken a leadership role. But what I hear Michael say is the closest thing I've ever to anybody in that locker room taking a leadership role. It's funny how when the bills. Came in with their new head coach and to think about it. The sabres in the bills seem timeline for new coaches. And McDermott comes in into it with being in tandem with dean. Their cleaning house anybody who's not on board okay run Darby you don't like this. Sammy why. Gone Marcel oh okay. Who all day then Evander Kane at the trade deadline. Had talent now you could say eighteen com. But those contracts were you hit. Some well Britain being was able to find a way to get rid of martial artist was he not. Yeah but you know there might be something to the talent of martial artist vs the talent of what this sabres roster as we went over this over the trade deadline it's like. It was making it trait for Benoit we. Now OPEC. Now you could find a suitor for fur Ryan O'Reilly or Kyle opposable who sticking on her heels. Awful deals you'd after. Essentially people I know I would be surprised if the sabres didn't just walk away from Robin under the soft seem to restricted free agent they should just walk away. Not guy I invested in not the goal that we want for our future. Just walk away and I guess that would be the closest thing to a step forward if you're comparing the bills in their moves to the sabres and their moves are certainly more could be done. But I think I figured a hard time moving some of these contracts. Their ugly ugly ugly deals. We'll talk some more hockey. With RT women's head coach Scott McDonald who joins us here a few minutes in sports person got time for one call at 454 ESPN 4543776. Earlier in the sport are a danger tightly without Phil. Bigger idea when that last favors him well. And unlock code as well. Coach you talked cocky and play firm hand but I. You know it's just there's no laugh harder and yeah aren't. Tom and I feel like that strictly come from coach you know you've inspired the team and not a epidemic in. The lead the team it's got to come from the coach and you know he lender it looked like a teenager out I'm sorry I don't think he's very children at all. It is scored a goal it would middle sector like those guys. I. Supporting cast really isn't helping them but. 888 just it was it was really sad at the end of the game might. Those players have to stimulate your maturity to. And they just did not seem right he wanted to be there at all their energy in the building on the there was a crowd and they have liked to about people that are you know car for the sabres. Ninety talked talked about it but I don't know they'll probably should you'd that there next year term I am in peaking at realize that Ryan O'Reilly. It lost to now where you know you bought some of the game like that record in the coaching you know so there you are opening up a. Yeah you guys utter failure on point when everything descent I'm glad you brought up. The crowd means you're not giving anybody anything to cheer about that atmosphere for the last two months of the season. Eight is as bad as the year win this sabres were owned by the league for everybody remembers that you know one of the Regis empire went bankrupt and there wasn't a buyer before. Dallas on a team in Iraqi rescue the team. I. The issue was just terrible and I do not blame the fans at all. I'm glad they use you heard the same thing I did if Ryan O'Reilly says I've lost my love for the game and that comes as a surprise to the head coach to head coach. Anybody can X no I truly believe that. But I had coach. Has to know all his person now -- know what buttons to push. Scares coaching here's the other thing going how do you coach mental toughness. I don't know he can coach mental toughness I know that you can recruit mental toughness you can find mental toughness but how do you coach. Mental toughness and you are right around even mention it you know I wasn't mentally tough this year. Mentally I wasn't there. Okay. About the head coach. I'm looking to coach mental toughness looking to find a player who has that mental toughness who isn't going to lose his well. His love for the game midway through the season I can't explain what they're ending right we had a kid this year right there every reason. To be in love with the game every reason to be at love with life. Mentally you're not you're checked out mentally. Your professional athletes. Validate. It and it'll I don't know the Phil Housley having that conversation many of these guys and out a beacon teacher coach that you we'd have a. You don't wow OK but you have to know there's a problem. If this surprise coming on locker clean out day dad is. That's indict him well what I will say in and we said this before I mean we can question whether or not the houses the right guy for this team moving 41 season. So we're not really giving a ton of time but my you all well I think you'll Null. By Thanksgiving next season whether or not Phil Housley is the right guy for his dad's dead. That's edit the sabres are in thirtieth place thing comes Thanksgiving or more then Chris Taylor might do that there you go on his visit furthermore if if the average make a deep. Playoff run if the abduction happened as shocked the world and win the Calder cup. You don't think Taylor would be looked at as somebody that they would bring up. That wouldn't shock me given his relationship Jason bottled him what he was able to do here. In one season turn it around a turnaround the way. Given the fact that Jay did that he's part of it those eight guys record of eight it came back from buffalo to Rochester. Tommy is quarry are going to be up in buffalo next year danger six. Sure saddened. Now paid. Antonia. Chris Taylor has an opportunity go. Mercifully the season is over. And now we have what the draft the lottery to look forward to let's see. I mean there's eighty something percent chance at sabres are gonna get the number one overall pick but getting Nidal lean would be nice nice addition of the. Act you know this is a year where you don't have the number one. Overall changes Dolly would be the guy that you end up with somebody like the chalk it and you're gonna get a prize out of as the sabres can drop no worse than four so they will end up with a good draft pick. Our lets us talk to more hockey us in the cup playoff preview RIT women's coach Scott went on the waiting in the wings we're getting me here I in the sports bar next. And we'll talk to sell a cup playoffs in sports partying German tag Leah. On ES PM Rochester. AM 9957. Afghan man streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrap the sport's leaders ESPN Rochester. Welcome back danger of the table here in the sports bar and AM 95957. FM. These sports leader ESPN Rochester do you know it is it looks like you're testing your hockey's Stanley Cup playoff time. We just got done beyond college national championship on Saturday night and now it's time to focus all of our energies on the pro game even with my Blackhawks. Out of the picture. I'm still gonna be invested it's the best post season in all of sports don't have. Yeah yet he's he's from Canada from Toronto but you grow up a ranger fans got McDonald's. Head coach are to get how does that happen when you're into what it's like somebody in buffalo becoming a dolphins fan and I Scott how that happened. You make the right choices are kids not to follow the hometown team Rahal. The because you know up until now I'm I'm I'm getting up there and agent that leafs are just getting good now so. I made the right choice in NATO the Rangers didn't make the playoffs so. All have a clean bracket this time without the my heart picking my idea because my picks for me because I've been right a couple of years. Scott I look at this bracket and I think while so much potential. If only the NHL. Did it right away at me that that Boston Toronto matchup in the first round is a travesty. What can they do will they ever do anything to do to fix this broken system that they have for the Stanley Cup play. I don't think Sophia in hopes of it you know it's a shame that you have these two teams match up early on. That's a marquee matchup that you want you want for a couple rounds later yeah not not opening up and I don't say get some height on stuff like that but. It you know you've kind of put up. You know who's gonna be paying attention now Tampa Bay and New Jersey. You know you wanna split those guys up there must put Tron and in Boston up and just have a true one date bracket. You know per side per per conference. RT women's head coach Scott McDonald talking about the NHL brackets coming up Wednesday night. The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs so when you will get the team August we'll sort Pittsburgh they're that you never know those guys out to get Philadelphia around one. Yes that should be. I think it sweeper at least in Pfeiffer for Pittsburgh you know that's that's the match up they want I was looking up on those guys may have a pretty easy time with them in the regular season and then you have. Syndicating your two time defending champ and I don't think they're gonna make it three but they'll certainly be. Com one of the final couple of teams feeling for this year for those guys. How much of that do you think that matters how they do in the regular season is post season is a whole different game and you know Tampa Bay it was. Fairly dominant over the New Jersey the regular seasons and with Washington and Columbus in me you know I don't wanna say that we should picture hawk who were looking that are brackets but it's tempting to just go chalk because of how dominant. Some of these matchups were a one sided these matchups were during the regular season. Yeah I don't think you beat a team four times by mistake you know in the regular season so I think hockey's a little different that way. Especially when you're a seven game series annoy anything can happen but. Today and not. You don't see Philly in particular to come on beat now Pittsburgh for an for a seven. That's a tough task and I don't know but it's it what you said earlier opening the show this is the best playoff out there buyer bar non. Because there's some upsets there's a I think Columbus can upset Washington brown who that would be my spoiler peck an offer for the brackets out there. But I do think new Jersey's going to be even though they had done. We're not beat them they're gonna lose to Tampa Bay even though they did quite well against them in the regular season I'm still gonna go with Tampa day. In that series 22 we talk. Oh Washington for 12 because every year we have the Washington conversation they just can't get over. And and get to that next level is this the year do you see anything in this team this year that makes you believe they can be a Stanley Cup final contender. Now now under the idea you know because that's in this conversation for how how many years in a row now you know every year it's like this will be the year they finally break through this will be the year. You know it it's not gonna happen for him I'm sorry and I'd read up on Columbus a little bit you know they're the hottest team and I like I'm a fan of torts there. They'll have a voice fired up for the series. I think they've taken on the first round. Well Columbus Pittsburgh around to a be a lot of fun Arty women's head coach Scott McDonald is our guest here in the sports bar 957. ESPN. But when the season start out I saw Vegas is south that that's kind of fine that's cute story and then. All right it's January they're still winning it's dead you were there still warning but. I mean is this a team that has built for the post seasons Cotter isn't that is as good as it gonna get away avenue the regular season. No I I think they're gonna Mikell around here you know regular season. I don't think anyone saw that when common but when they're building the team they had an older team and experienced team. I think the right makeup to put older family guys and Vegas setting where they're kind of over that part of their careers of maybe late nights on Vegas strip and on both for visiting teams coming into Vegas. You know what a great road trip to be part of so I don't they had every once full attention during the regular season but they'll they'll certainly never once full attention now. Put in their half of the bracket. You have to know what LA Anaheim San Jose. Personally I think all three of those teams are on the older side known kind of Passat prime. Where yeah maybe this week on a first round or some without but I think Vegas is the one primed and ready to go to to make some noise on on not half. Decent San hose and we Beirut for San Jose appears sabres won a first round record yeah that pick sharks. I I'm intrigued by by the Winnipeg Minnesota matchup in the west team for selfish reasons I grew up in that area I know how important hockey is to the fans of Winnipeg and how devastated they work when the jets became the coyotes and deceit and in and to be able to see what what will be I'm sure white out there in Winnipeg. For further you know first round match against the wild into the wild the team that. You know growing up in Minnesota was a team that everybody referred the north stars in and it before the wild. What are you nobody either of these teams who BC coming out of that 23 matchup. I like with hay out of this one Minnesota's limp and end with a couple key injuries to some other some of their guns back especially on the Blue Line there. But when a page has been itching for this they wanna pulled the white teacher again. I'm like it's 1985 cents right it also they did that that roof is gonna come off that building when that when the puck drops for her for that series and I think. Winnipeg writes I want rate through that first round. Well at the national story last year was the story hockey in my opinion but we kind of forget. RL began dangers hopeful hook Blackhawks in four and a link in the beginning yes terrible now this nondescript it's completely flipped they are the top seed. They are playing a team that how at a Colorado game there's so. How do you think this national team. Now we'll activists kind of favor wrong. I Nashville wins everything that's I got them we'll in the hallway there there do they've made a couple nice long runs are still pretty young. Outstanding goalie that can steal any game. When given a little bit offensive support. And the crowd it's a college crowd and who doesn't like it college crowd at a hockey communal cell. I think ankles guys are due commuted on the share it you got national winning it all against two. He can sample I think Toronto's gonna make a little line realized that it can't believe that. Yeah as just. I don't see Pittsburgh getting through you know they've had a couple Greer really long seasons and only have. That the best player in the world but. Two cops and roll. They're not make it three if they want three that be the first time since the islanders in the eighties right so yeah us and we've had back to back to back and it's even even the back to back has been followed the red wings you don't you know it's been a while it doesn't happen very often for a reason. Would be great storyline sure absolutely would be but I just. Toronto. Well they're good in their young. Little run last year and they're they're ready for more and I I don't Ronald certainly ready for more to. RT women's head coach Scott McDonald course not in the play outside of Buffalo Sabres Scott wanna get your opinion on there's gonna play it to sound bites here. On the first one from Ryan O Reilly a locker clean up day. And then from head coach. Phil house. I feel. Good to your boss. Lost one of the game multiple times in this. You know. I media vacuum conditions tests beaten myself up and you see other guys who just keep myself and it's. It's it's tough. Now coach Phil Housley on those comments why can't speak for Wright or Riley even I didn't feel he lost his passion for the game I think. That can be a direct result of just the position we're in and another quote from 2000 camera and rightly I didn't I didn't see it I mean and look at. Our team and I look at the individuals. Some guys had career appears some guys were right on spot with their their career. For Ryan O'Reilly I don't think he lost the love or passion for the game I think it's just a result of where we are canceled sky. You were ahead coach and to me if Ryan O'Reilly says he lost his passion in the game the coaches. Kind of oblivious to that fact is that not. By herbal offensive mean coach has to have his finger on the pulse of this players Dziena yeah. Unfortunately sometimes your you're the last one to know that where. The coaches and always in the locker room they're not with the met dinners are not at their houses and stuff like that but. On to be perfectly honest they grow up man you know you're pro you're getting paid to play the best game in the world and you know you get to travel all these different cities. First class all the time and your plan hockey but I like gimme a break. That's a tough one and don't care if you're winning or losing on basically just a cry of please treat me. Somewhere you know on on that GM said the coach aside you probably wanna get that guy out your locker because maybe that's part of the problem sure is not have a heart your locker room or passion in your locker room. You know but did he give that guy what he wants. Butchering them somewhere else and you know maybe maybe you do trademark. To a nice colder climate than buffalo. Palm don't send insult anywhere where it's nice and warm and it you know because. But any of what GMs can really take this guy after hearing these kinds. We have right I mean how do himself for the team any favors and and I only got that big contract as well I I don't know who's who's taking that on eight and it's funny because statistically. People often meets is this lead was performing right on the level in all the performs that so. To hear him say have lost a lot of the gazette to death blow to his ability to be dealt somewhere else if that's the first question any GM is gonna ask. Let's talk about his mental toughness because it doesn't some like this guy is an NHL star. No he's not going to be it especially not now you know in duck. It this time of the year he used you see you guys that play with heart not impede anymore you're getting playoff bonuses that's it they're not very much. In its all heart grit determination and that's why. Unfortunately teams like Washington. Com don't move on they don't have that harder passion and then the sabres don't even make the playoffs because the a handful of guys like that a lot from that. You have one guy kind of spouting off like that the law for a minute kind of drags other people and then. It's two back is such a talent on the ice and you know I was she could just kind of flip the switch and unfortunately I'm having heard passion for the sport isn't just some flip. Or switch that he can turn off and on. There are you know you're youth culture many many years are you able as your level to detect when something is off like that I'm just curious like at what point. As we get to the NHL I would have thought that all these guys will be motivated all the time so at you or leveled the visual line. What are you doing when something like that occurs. Yet it says that's beneath you I think we're a little closer then then the pro guys in in that aspect where. There's always something going on a college kid where they have an exam a test. Something going on hold something going on it at their dorm. Maybe they had a party in the dorm that the next door you know that kept them up all night just don't know on but the pro level it's. Be a pro on your your paid to do a job shall open do it. The coaches aren't babysitters your it grown men. You know. The pick at the University College level it's certainly different your mentor needs. Armed guys and girls through life as are just coming into their own in guiding them to adulthood where. You know you're in the NHL easier man. Don't act like one. This is a transitional leader for Riley personally as well I mean giving birth to his son during the course of the season and you know it's sad it's cliche but win when you have. A kid life is you know it is over you know your your completely in a different mindset you have a different perspective on life. And I'm curious as to how much that might factory in took his comments today the idea that you know what. It is it more is it worth it for me to be heat. Getting my skull bashed in every night on the losing team or should I be spending would do I have guilt inside for spending this time away from my son who was born this year when my love. Unconditionally it's got to be a tough thing to to balance if your if your professional. Kind yes and no I'm really going all women say is not the only guy in the NHL kids Utley. The so you know and I understand that the birth to your child and that's especially it's in the first one that's a game changer for any person. You know I and I remember when my firstborn was. Was ready to go. I didn't write the team bus you know I drove to Connecticut because. My wife was ready to go at any minute so any committee got to be prepared to walk off the denture at least finish the game and speed home do you arm but. You know again your how cool is it going to be in for five years when your arm when your kid is that that agent Mike yeah my dad please national. You're my dad's on the NHL and then you have those moments with your kid as legal up where you bring into practice you bring him to a road trip you know there watching NHL games as. That's normal life for them which is it normal life Furl for many kids out there. He also it's a game changer this hopefully get his head on straight and you know what there's a lot of sacrifice in the scheme it's a long season. Armed to practice long hours you travel long hours and you're gonna miss some things in your in your kid's life but you're also going to be able provide. Quite a bit of things are unique experiences for your kid when the time comes. Scott MacDonald is the head coach for the RET women now we're talking about the Stanley Cup Playoffs are just talking about a Ryan O'Reilly there of course of the big hockey store room. Humbled. I mean there's so many angles to this knee I've. How many times have I wrote wrote Abbas and I see that that I hockey broadcaster is one of the fifteen Scott and I hockey is such a small community it's anything that's what fish story. Shows you do you have a connection humble there. I do finished just say just talking about that just gave me chills. What a tragic story it is and you know Europe and my heart goes out to. To Saskatchewan not a whole league especially humble that the town and on a guy played within that tiger he was a humble bronco on that was a junior team he came from so to see some FaceBook messages going his way. I'm certainly sending out our messages to him because he's still in that area. In depth within minutes he would. You know kind of dusted off his old Jersey and that he had in his closet still still hung up and he had his two young boys wearing them. You don't and that's how close that community wasn't. As they say you want your bronco or there Europe bronco for life and so to see this happen and and what a sad what is sad story and insert hearing some other stories coming out of it and seeing some pictures from a bomb but. It is unfortunate it happened any any team out there at any given time especially in the hockey world where your drive in those roads out there and I've spent thousands of dollars on a team bus and you drive through nasty weather and a to make the gamer get home that at a reasonable hour and and those guys. Unfortunately just. Rhonda. It's terrible and if of an accident where. You lose coaches you lose staff if you lose the radio guy used equipment manager the bus driver on and certainly the handful of players and you know didn't even see some of those pitchers and have anybody walk away from that was surprisingly like surprise rate there but. What an amazing thing that you'd see on social media are now going through like the NHL guys. I'm stepping up big time my junior hockey guys called people on everybody has changed profile pics and social media status that the humble Broncos and hearing on the news that their goal funny pages just killing it right now from mom. Off fundraising standpoint so. I think that hockey's a great sport it's the best sport but the hockey community is it is the first class a first class all the way in this proves that again that. In time of need you can be somewhat enemies on the ice but in time of need everyone's everyone's Airgas support yet. Hello it's got and for well sad and I believe will it be EB our Christmas but he doesn't echo those sentiments in the hockey community is. Unlike any other were about to enter the best time of the year the Stanley Cup Playoffs Scott McDonald joining us here in the sports bar with danger potentially a little Stanley Cup preview now you've got Toronto. And you've got Nashville with Nashville. Winning at all Jeanie have you made appear. And I have not snow I assure those buy it. Taj site you know your ass and a guy last minute guy and when I come back on Wednesday but see. This good and pulling from the get your data from status yes and broad broad bringing some. Some some good good knowledge there on its tiger team and I just a quick thought how old. How the reinforcements come in for next year. Oakley pretty get you know it was. I just got back from Boston last night in know we're out there watching that national through the USA hockey national tournament and we had. Two girls in the national championship game today that ends up losing which was unfortunate we had a at a younger level one girl on the team that and her team ended up winning so. In another two hour on. On a team that lost in the semifinal so we have a crew of girls come in with some championship experience and at a very high level source excited about that and you know I think we learned a lot of lessons were those lot of close games and there was some blowout games what. That the NFL we actually were competing where it didn't matter the score and coaches always said like man your team just it's tough to play against sometimes you know and 23 guys who keep your heads up and kind of keep plugging away and it'll happen and there we hit the offseason heart. You know it we have to harder than we ever have and get the girls focused already just stuff pagelet we're not doing that again no no way so. I do love to have much air as a division one coach contact their loved to have now between on the season to him kind of planned to lay out. Yeah we have every day we're seeing now seen the players still in every day thing that now on the ice it's not every day we won't we've cut it down to two days a week. Not policy senators took their cell on Friday so. Removing order Ridder to stay on the ice so the benefit happen to rinks is coming through for us but it turns into more of I strength and conditioning program now with. On our guy Billy sour. And now he comes in and runs girls who worked oats and currently alone in all of that and then we have a couple these skill stuff on that we're allowed to and from a team standpoint we're not allowed. Run a power play penalty kill and eighteen system stuff it's just strictly focused on. Individual skills. Diego Scott McDonald RT women's hockey coach joining us here in the sports bar danger to tightly we can expect. An improved RIT women's hockey team in the 20182019. Season. Yes indeed demeanor I know people are in a condom day's over that's did tiger fans are unfaithful or they're out there and it's like falls hills mafia country around here you know also their their rate in there at that put the RT favorable rate against those guys Scott I just have to vent here okay. Two nights ago was the championship game can we change the schedule for the men to be playing. Hockey masters weekend after the NCAA it was almost an act it in not almost it was an afterthought. The it didn't you know the hockey community news. That the teams are fine if you're if you're knowledgeable though. College Hockey unfortunately for some maybe the TV people they wanted to different match up in the finals but. Yet it it tends to get wearied. Between the men's basketball the championship the week before. Bomb that's all that that's all anyone talks about and then mom quickly as soon as that ends you have the masters and that. That's all anyone talks about so hockey was stepped Malia I thought an afterthought. Arm but I managed to find TV at at the hotel they had an on site ended up watching it and there is a pretty a pretty good game entertaining game. You know Minnesota Duluth pulls it out so good for them. Less Tina that's in the frozen four tours lasting into the year term and I believe that yeah I'm mistaken and it's a make that kind of run where. Consecutive games one goal games going showed a lot of heart to win the the championship the way they did did after losing it. Last year in the championship game I university of Minnesota Duluth the bulldogs. You're national champions and NCAA men's hockey east Scott it's great having you in here love getting your insight on hockey. Nobody in town knows it like you do and I you know I might disagree with with the leafs in the finals when my. Have to adjust that we talk about our brackets or later this week chino but he has always you're always welcome the sports bar love having you. Market thanks for having me we'll do some altering to that coming up dangerous thoughts off from the masters. Also lie Yankee fans and retaliated shell. Erica provocative thoughts from around the world sports on the way next stay in the sports or altered to that is on the way on ESPN Rochester.