The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Thad Levine

Hour one of The Sports bar with Danger and Battaglia features a chat with Thad Levine, Sr. VP/GM of the Minnesota Twins. The guys discuss the partnership with the Rochester Red Wings, expectations at the AAA level and the state of the Twins in 2018.


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Thus sports bar with danger and exactly guys are working hard in another time a year or you can make a lot of games. We'll put again since you know from the system on offense and and then carry over second year now it's on the defensive side and special teams waffled big order of CA the court a couple of weeks for about a week and a half. Mike. Near the bottom of the league in quarterback play offensive line play and wide receiver played gene which sadly. What seated basketball argument put their view right now the they'll be better off without Kyra you're pregnant Gordon Hayward an impressive road wins for the Golden State Warriors who take home court right back in the opener this Western Conference final. 119106. Over the rockets. Pretty much full go like royalty adjustment to the rockets and link and what makes the makes it doesn't quite different after Hosea lost. Put Hart scored 41 crosstalk yeah. I've got to get guys. Capital punishment ball. I don't want to show little hockey. Rochester sports leader and 957. ESPN. Good afternoon and follow the stolen join us the sports bar we danger on the tag Leah is open for business we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening this afternoon. In 950 and 957 FM. Streaming online our whole long line ESPN Rochester like come war on your device the radio dot com that free to download a logic take ESPN Rochester with you. Everywhere you go alongside gene protect Leah I'm Mike. Danger hey Jean guy I see you got the memo it's blue shirt day here pretty stress up today I don't know what's going on but everybody decided today was a day which it'll sharp. Looking sharp today geno. We are rot sister's best looking radio should she have anybody that's in the blue cross three knows that for a fact demeanor and you don't really see a lot of radio faces. A hanging from the rafters. And it did take a stroll down blue cross Serena yeah there we are. RIT right Chevy Nike illicit. We're probably prominently figures featured. Multiple. Spots that you like to enjoy sports throughout the greater Rochester area. Don't see everybody else. I did not comment on them let me brush special is their junior absolutely correct we've got a great show lined up for you this afternoon. In the sports are we danger tag in order to talk. The general manager of the Minnesota twice here and a few minutes is that right yeah is Ted Levine. He's in town. By he wanted to come check out. Is prospects here Rochester after not. Heading into Rochester last jury be team ended the GM and when he sixteen days in in net winter. And was not your last year so he's in town visiting the red wings were gonna ask the important question here danger because. The wings twins agreement is up after this season so we'll talk some baseball. And last that question because. Certainly Rochester community baseball. From everybody I talked to over there they're happy with the twins. Marion on the twins happy with practiced community baseball. Or so. Look at other teams like buffalo and the blue jays they just three opt. Ward is the twins take this in do. You got us now you've got. You've got a stable. Foundation. For the next 1020. She's right. I would understand why the twins of behest hinted they did not know that's out last year as of last is that it was a two year agreement these are always two years and two year agreements. And I may have yet to talk to the wings fan may even exist. The twins are not happy. I am now at the end of the Orioles tenure it was time for the Orioles to leave. Get out don't let eight even Oreo things you agree with me on this great the way they just didn't care about the firm's system. The twins by a large big deal okay. I still like to see more wins out of frontier feel to be nice to make the playoffs. It's not really the primary focus of any Major League team but it would twins seem to pay more pain Sheehan. Onto their farm system in the Orioles did at the end of their tenure if there's one option out there a danger and may throw allow for the red wings next year. Look down through way the Mets are coming back to the International League. As they bought literally they bought the Syracuse Chiefs so the Mets will stop the genes which means. Washington. Has hung out to dry so the nationals have to look for new home if it ends up being a swap. Woman in nationals would goal. Over to Vegas. If the nationals are interested in staying on the East Coast are just wondering if there is back channel conversations. And I don't know of that would. Actually excite anybody here in the Rochester marketers. You know the nationals are nice team that you'll Montreal Expos is now like there are displaced. National. Fans is going to be picking up the Yankees the Red Sox or somebody like that so to me of all things are equal. And let's there's a better option out there right now I would say stick with the twins. Next hour we're gonna talk to alum over Chatzky. Who is the associate professor sports studies at saint John Fisher College in the president. Of his own local tax consulting business clientele of over 200. Professional athletes right here in Rochus athletes coaches. Sports administrators. God knows his stuff we haven't talked to Allen about. That changes the recent changes. In the tax code you've heard it but some of these changes how they might affect you personally. We talked down about how this is going to affect. Sports. I was gonna affect the athletes that we watched the teens that we root for. It may impact Ayman Al lubricate downforce. Jack it's gone I trust me you got trust me on this one is going to be an interesting conversation because it's a story I want you to hear hear first. When it comes to. Capital gains tax and who thinks like that I know people have a tendency to cleaves over. Boy and I believe this will have an impact. Ended in sports into and what you're viewing it may slow the market down medial will disagree with me on this. But he is the expert by the way. Some of those stories he can't disclose on the air. Who what contracts he works on the way it works for him danger is he will war with agents that. You probably have heard. Egypt isn't that. And I'm nick I don't in they'll put the contract together. Allen is the guy who puts the contract together and will look at all the tax ramifications. So he was telling me a fascinating story. About basketball free agent who had four offers from four different states. Can't mention who this player wise. But sometimes the decision will come down to our right. Mike 200 million dollar contract here in state AA is not the same 200 million dollar contract in state B. This happens more frequently and and you would think in. If you're curious if you're. Your team fan of the team that day is out of state which which states or is it easier to do business with when it comes to love the local. Taxes and everything while no seat he can now lay all that out. Us I feel like I remember that was part of a big part of why the decision happened with LeBron that he went. Miami. Partially because of the tax breaks that you get an inflow that taxes are are next to nothing yes Florida. Taxes. Not so easy here in new York and that's a wheezing Californians there right. So looking for that conversation that's coming up the 4 o'clock our own program Chatzky will be joining us here in the sports by and I've met Alan a couple of times at the red wings out careers in sports. Showcase that they do every year for a the area high school kids on one of the guest speakers. As well and and oh just a great guy really knowledgeable can't wait to get him on as our experts like it is. It's a funny thing is. He started the same time as I didn't his business and he was the regional. What Tim Schneider does army air Merck's. Allen did this posh Allen was he originally game at grammar sock yeah I screwed up inspect it nine dollar and 95 yeah yeah I and then you realize he had you know when a pro wanna make a little. But more money right Allen realize that you wanna work in radio you probably hate money. Alan likes money Allan go make money. That's great I'll talk to Alan while we have remind me you know you know. It makes sense talk to a guy who deals in finances. And and is is knowledgeable. In in in that world. Hey yesterday it was a pretty significant day for sports fans. Very significant day for sports fans who like lay down some money. On action. With the legalization. Sports gambling. And word today geno. Jersey and get away at the gym that there are casinos in Jersey ready to activate. And so when you see that you hear that you think to yourself okay. You know yesterday housing I New York with in the next five years I could see this happening hell I would like to revise that I mean either you could. If you have the infrastructure is New York does with some of the casinos you could have. This up and running as soon is the beginning of football salt. Garrity talking united nation danger and I'm sure others will follow. Just that their casinos will be ready to go all com football season where you can go place action now. How is this prompt New York State for every bloody. Else in the Racine and I'm I'm looking at you Batavia I'm looking at you Finger Lakes. Places day. Might go to occasionally. But they're gonna feel updated really quick if I go their football season and I can't take the bills. Plus the four and a half I against Minnesota. 88 Eaton this how quickly can our stage acts to get everything up and running. And this is where I think to falls apart do you have any confidence in New York State and Oregon ordinary in Albany really. Really. Seems like our city of Rochester takes cues from all leading up nothing to see here keep everything the same not look. Jersey will have it up and running other states will have all been running. I do predict all because you're gonna have. The eating casinos. Up and running too will the New York State has to make sure the key pace draws third they're hurting. Themselves. What we were speculating yesterday danger is how long before you have that next step in other words where are we heading with baltics. Can New York State get this in other places instead of a quick draw. Well can I look up at the monitor and acted seed to logos for the Monday Night Football game I went out to watch American. Actually enjoy a beer and play some action in hand over my ticket and boom it's Centre right there like a Lotto ticket. I think that's where we're headed well. I think. It's fair to question. How quickly or or how how long it expert first stop to get done. At the state level. Here's why I think they're gonna fast track this. Because the NFL wants. Congress to take action the NFL wants congress. To regulate they want to make sure. Based on their steaming yesterday that their BS statement yesterday. That that you know the integrity of the game and it's not about the integrity of the game it's about the NFL wanted to get their cut of the action. The sooner you get this done on the state level. And you don't have to worry about the NFL the reaching out for their piece of the pot. Get it done now you keep the majority that money through the state to get done fast. Before congress and get involved for congressman ghost of around saying hey by the way should we pay this up. Integrity theme they're asking us until that old that only seems no gas gauge get it done can get it done now and worry about all that. Later Larry Dillon that luck the loser in this might be park avenue meaning the NFL had office. Is this really a good time for the NFL would be goal to congress asking for are doing. Pack the president is not a fan of the NFL's that we know with the anthems and everything else so congress. Greg. I'm Ronnie had not been an NFL think they should they get a piece of the action. Should get a did they ever got a piece of the action not abate this. NFL get and a. No no either gonna ask for these yes integrity. Fees. And that's nothing more than a shake them. What leverage with the NFL have for an integrity. Feet. It's such it sorted. If it. It leads to the impression that you've been playing all the law we have a plan all along without integrity you so. Has the game billion less. It lets integrity of the game up to this point B you haven't had these fees and you gambling is big everywhere and legal in Vegas. All this time so are we to believe that everything we've watched up to this point hasn't been within. The boundaries of integrity. It's going to be chipping away at every avenue another words danger. The will happen like this and I agree with you were headed to a world where. Looking at my phone. Preview tonight's game a little button that here. Well I exists out you know you can do that now if you if you have the means if you know where to go. The world is is the world relate that's. The leverage the right if I am the NFL or find any Major League sports. Organization. What's the one thing I have I have the broadcast rights I have which you won or else you know what I'm Michael Amazon I'm Mike Gordon Netflix there. Yeah the world's getting bigger in that regard. That's where I think the NFL and everybody else can make their money. Not necessarily from congress or an integrity feed but hey if you. Want our broadcast rights and okay. In the contractor gonna give us X share all the bets you to take him because if ESPN and M. There be taking bets. If they do it they do yes I agree with that or the NFL could actually look at this say look the popularity of our league and all of the other leagues is gonna grow. Exponentially with legalized gambling more people are gonna wanna watch. The action network putting out. And that should meaning higher bidder should get. The rights to broadcast our games it should go to highest bidder in and when these TV deals right now and we. Fox paid a ridiculous amount of money just for the Thursday night package. The league is going to get more popular all of the leagues will get more popular. Annual have more eyeballs on every game. With legalized. Sports gambling. I don't wanna hear about. Regulation. We need congress to regulate us regulate this to make sure that the integrity of the game is is intact and that we you know. That this statement was so comical to me what was it regulatory framework for legalized sports betting. In efforts set to move forward the to protect our fans. And the integrity Avery for our fans. Jeanne. Adults. Protect me I don't need a state or regular. Can't you take care this yourself NFL that's I mean really really unique hot careful what you wish for congress is gonna step in and regulate you. All I think you and Aaron lockstep period danger only less regulation yes. Congress has long recognized the potential harms posed by sports betting to the integrity of sporting contest and the public confidence. In these events OK you're talking about. The public view of whether or not these games are legit based on how much action is being placed on set game it probably also. Worried that. You know Joseph lunch box. Is gonna drop his entire paycheck on a game and then his family's gonna go hungry right we week catapulted that a little bit yesterday. In the sports bar you know do that the PSAs that you're gonna hear moving forward. No windows. CE no walk away. Yeah I mean what is the worst owner. Beating kids grabbed. I just put down action on the bills is to know all the when it back for us and then we can go on that vacation but really here's the thing. We want the government. And we shouldn't want the government regulating. Our lives. We we go through this every day in our lives and where does it end. We have to be able to self regulate gene. I'd love me some fast food I didn't go into the drive through every single day. But I'm not doing that. Why it might not to excite dot because we're not 22 wins all right and we are adults. Kick back here quickly metabolism is fine yes all right. I like to have an alcoholic beverage from time to time. I'm not gonna. So many say that I will wrap my car around a tree or do harm to other individuals. We self regulate. We should we eat. All of us. Should be able to self regulate when it comes to it and you know what it's the Super Bowl all put on ten embarks on the patriots. Rather than. Every week coming up locked up my paycheck because I don't have the means to do that now you you regulate yourself if you're a millionaire. And you feel like you can drop a couple thousand dollars a week. You have the means to do so yourself regulating you don't have the government stepping in and telling you put that cheeseburger down fatty you're gonna hurt you're gonna hurt yourself. You have the government telling you pay out. Ease up on the baggage garrido is their chief. Yeah doing yourself any favors. Right. So we need to step in our lives and it comes sports gambling. Well. I could see dad danger but on the other side. There is a tremendous. Moneymaking opportunity. If it means at the end of the day might taxes will be lower because you're bringing in this and yes you need a happy medium and Ed from a congress level. No we don't need any regulation. But New York State every other state going to be. Rule solution we saw when marijuana sales. Okay in Colorado Washington and every other state that's done it's it's a huge revenue. Stream so as long as. I'm gonna say something and not make any sense as long as our public officials look out for our best interest when it comes of these things out my kidding. They're not I don't lower taxes because there's going to be. Sports betting there. It's nice nice utopia you think they're too. We've got Minnesota Twins general manager Thad Levine waiting analog were to get to him next in the sports part talks in baseball putts a red wings Sox and twins. Stay with us Thad Levine joining us next in the sports part danger of tightly on ESPN Rochester. Listener rob us towards me and you deserve us paying bonus. Chester risky. Dollars ninety. Weekdays starting at seven at that company each hour will announce a cool. You hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Thousand dollars signing. Unless fortunately here. Aren't you sound a new look and a whole new way to bring you everything Buffalo Bills bills one of Famer Steve tasker and the voice of appeals John Murphy brings you one pills block and he's been this week right here on the home of the pills ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and potentially on ESPN Rochester proudly welcome general manager of the Minnesota Twins fat. Live feed into the sports car that how are you. From doing terrific guys and your revenue you know yeah welcome to Rochester. Talk some baseball here with the twins GM not for your team all right so. Things so far are three games under 500 but that. Congratulations you played the AL central league game and have bout so. By the way you look at this right now are you glass half full guy or glass half empty got access. Always been blood sample and I think we haven't played our best baseball yet we saw a glimpse of it on the road trip. We're went through some tough tough competition being up 73 so I think we're getting opiate and actually global. I think we're gonna get better we're gonna under workers and and as you reference were playing to division right now that moment in time and couple teams rebuilding. And by and work we haven't put it he's against our division so. We played a lot of great competition recently we were isn't it Asian. And we can when you Morgan's an ad but when we had battled their support. Minnesota Twins general manager Thad Levine joining us in the sports part danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester that whereas the team need to improve. I think just consistency and we we have been as many games in which we clicked on also wonder what you say we haven't had consistent contributions. Offense defense and pitching as any gains and when we have. We born and we people really get key that we a lot of our from a pitching staff general and urged parents. When we spend a little less than that and threatened when he's heated heated and stirred nuclear more balanced baseball I think that's when we'll really hit it. Well tonight here in raw register with the twins there at home mind taking on the cardinals so hot that tell us so what. Brings you to Rochester what's on the agenda for you tonight. Well you know we have a lot of guys come in and out of Rochester. Who work Skelton players and I'm really here for more relation to be an opportunity tribute to get together. What a front office whether or lunch today with international Hungarian. It bella relationship building about connecting the coaching happened with the players. Triple is a unique affiliate and so much and you've got a lot of we're sure this article or not global so don't meet even those relationships. Giving those guys some Guiding Light as well but they can do to be more consideration next americorps which he most significant. That is that you mentioned a lunch with the with Dan in the current they gotcha garbage plates at the edge of the kite told you all about late night everything that's going on they fed you garbage plate lunch didn't think that. Only there was a fine dining and certainly a local restaurant or were standing in Rochester a little bit. A little bit radiator enlargement that beautiful downtown and heritage and be a little bit of little bit of a beautiful city did you benefit or on the label. Nice night side Thad Levine was a general manager of the twins two years into this joining us here in the sports are 957. Yes he had sad now light now that you've been here awhile how would you describe that the state of the twins' farm system right now. I think it's it's it's a working Barbara demanding that probably what most called was paperwork you know and always be a little bit more dependent on system when this team was. Performing at a initially it was supported very important on citizens in the game it churned out. Premium players that made good level almost on an annual basis. That's where we wanna get back to and I think that's more committed to Lester we heard. Achieved their first pick in the draft which you don't release are to have to protect this art and never have that again and we were very fortunate he can deal I've got to Wake Forest Lewis as a first fiction or stick in the country and I think you get beat him up here in a couple years and be really excited to watch him play it and there are. It did Sean John and we or amateur endeavors that he has done a tremendous job here of farm system as. It's good to connect to get a chance to really really degrade over the next couple seasons. Minnesota Twins general manager Thad Levine joining us here in the sports party germ attack Leo on ESPN Rochester. Are curious that how important is actually. Waiting at the AAA level all week we've. Experienced on the NHL side of things with the Rochester Americans end of the Buffalo Sabres where they really Winthrop culture change where they need to believe that winning. At the HL level is his. It's crucial to the success of these players as they come up to the NHL level you know you have bigger fish to fry but they're fans of Rochester that want a winner. And they just missed out on the post season the past two years how important to the players how important to the organization is winning at the AAA level. Why acting big picture and article mean you're always looking to develop players first win it. But it issued just illuminated era in which you could control what you want these guys are. I they're very close to the major leagues you wanna create a winning Altria want to create an expectation that every days are they comparable or. But now we believe it when they expect one and I think that that that sort of thing that is infectious. As you mentioned that we ended up tied for the heat with a team that ultimately ended up going to the well cluster because he's futures. I that was gut wrenching for for clothing and you news article and well we give guys that experience. So that when they get the big league. There expectation that we're playing deepen the seat in a meaningful games at the end of the year that we spider hole a player raised their battle tested they're they're ready to go on. Help us form not overwhelmed by the moment so through the lower minor league I think there will be more focused on development. The triple or double it's probably equal balance between development and we need it and dealt. Aesthetics and my gosh all three since the Orioles I mean it's been that long or big time plays. Hi yo tricks on your mind here in the agreement is up once again as you know between the twins in a Rochester community baseball after this season. Out what your take on this will something get done before the end of the season as far as an extension. Or will the twins organization in the exploring though all your options following the season. I don't think we intend to explore. We would locust acre and a tremendous relationship been over one show which is more going to the fact that that. This city is set a franchise for for quite some time now and only twenty. Major League affiliations that argument was it was all morneau Minnesota we we don't we don't want an expert on the outlook for so. We're hopeful that work here worker for the long term has been a very very fruitful relationship. But one that we aspire to have hurt or couriers come. Wealth that it's you know a little bit about the history here having grown up in Northern Virginia as as a memorial Sammy net vet I'm sure you remember. Read in the Rochester box scores and everything else in that we saw. Wings players go up to Baltimore way back in the day. Geary hesitant and he assured me don't go over those negative for the first time I will be seeing plaques that have neatly written on her again. We burned down Ian knows that because I'm I'm ecstatic that ago reputed it was my child and when I was growing up this whooping they thought were. Guarantees for the rest my life is that I was gonna look my mother in law of the Baltimore Orioles turns out other work for you mutually franchised one of those anticipated. I still look my mother poll below that humor in power in the Q you're from the corner and people. I'm I'm excited to go step foot on the field were those guys that finished off their minor league development or getting through a bit on Memorial Day you know Camden yards. It dead I'm always curious how did how did you do way to ensure you get this question from a lot of people don't wanna get into the business hottest someone like yourself. Goal from division three baseball. Eyes to being the general manager of a Major League Baseball. Team in living up the dream that so many people have what was it for you how many sacrifices did you have to make to make this happen. Well he did all right I and I appreciate the question I had an older. I was extremely passionate about the game of baseball one thing at the my parents instilled in me is just the fact that so few people go through life. Getting to pursue what they're passionate about it and if you find something bigger question about it don't Politico and so I did make accused sacrifices along the way back at them. Very attractive job opportunities that are turned down not because they haven't jumped in baseball but I spoke that had to put my spoke you were no safety. And that's win. Port construction on and on me and I was able to get an entry level job with the color or are these and I see. As it is it is open arms and light. Once one opportunity woods was present and I tried to make the most of it in that led to another which in turn tried to make the most open. Just was round about some of the investment or I have ever green. Didn't know though Josh Byrnes. Bill guys early in my corner and then Jon Daniels and John poured out of the middle my career now getting a chance to work with their LP. And the folks over what Minnesota standards and surrounded by the best people to get him. And a voice said that spirit alone throughout the process and challenge and so to grow each and every day. And through that route but I think it it yielded an opportunity which. I feel quite frankly very fortunate what happened and I will never lose that feeling it and you'll still uniquely blessed we sent every day I wake up. And I will be my Palestine to go to work and I leave work at the end of the day kinda go all that truly bought. I feel like it's a constant all the successful people that we talked Eugene Amy did it there's a story of I followed an opportunity I had my passion I brought that passion with me and it sounds like with you that there's also a moment of you know what I'm gonna bet on myself I know that this is what I need to do ominous turn down these other opportunities. Follow the opportunities there in front of me and bring my passion with me to work every death. Well I just in my current so much credit because. At that point they were willing workers and management or lead that most people never even find out what about night. When I had come to that resolution they're really just incurred don't. Don't let go by the wayside and don't pursue a job that may be a little bit more lucrative in the short term but. UV lust passion and I remember distinctly back it's got burns called me that. We want to come work the Colorado Rockies at first it yes and and expect and said boy be doing. And then like. Briefed tremendously in the armed citizens of by the it will likely make it and it turns out Oprah so are secondary to the opportunity I had to grow in difficult not organization. And I think that's when I really dynamite open. And it proved to be a great situation there's more focused on trying to Michael arrangement or are necessarily the job responsibility title a at entry level position. Ted Levine and general manager for the Minnesota Twins are gestured in the sports part that if you can indulge me for a second here bring you back to your last job because. Add to me one of the greatest World Series of our lifetime we don't talk enough about was that won eleven World Series. And her folks who don't know you came from that Texas ranger organization in between the timing Colorado. And Minnesota that I felt so bad for everybody on that Texas team and I'm I'm just wondering what was that experience like for you. Watching that from the press box area and humans now probably arts bleeding for those players on the field. And I appreciate your bringing up and going to venture copper. The last ten years it should be able to figure out how to cope well what that experience. I I am a black belt or into the game what ended up happening in LA and it didn't end well this really intricate. It was. It was a spectacular. Spectacular moment I mean what was not a lot announced during the which unit is rose and an emotional roller coaster. We just how much I drew that stands in the game baseball for. Her period pandemic and we are treated with similar Wall Street Keisel out two years just you just so many of enclosed in something that moment. It was it would just a spectacular evening news you needed that he would call for a laugh when you when he saw that we had a chance that he'd. He's a big reader. And knowing that the players personally or the coaching personally. I just added another level and I just remember so I'm the only city that and Jon Daniels meant so when Ryan and are pretty well aren't. And the ball goes operate fielding. We are sitting foreign out where that for a moment it looked like he caught the ball and we were euphoric only going to see the ball rolling on the ground and runners for streaking on the bases in David Reeves was. Tramp and he's sliding. And it has you don't will be resolved before my entire life I don't because when they goes by we're worried or compact and a movement really tries to now. You like in so many candidates is that you guys probably can attest to. Org galvanized by some of those the most gut wrenching moment twelve at that moment galvanized the Texas Rangers tonight in. When they went Walters will be that much more. Triumphant or them having gone through that a current. I'm so proud of what that team achieved it and I'm not allowed this event could be at the last moment of that he's in its. Was such a gut puncher but but it really was a great union tremendous man on that team. A moment in my current so proud of but it obviously it'll be something that will be artists are all group of people the other for the rest. That I'm sorry I brought the brought that up and it means to protect. Painful and that breaks the grip but it was not a very good but but everybody here you know in Rochester training camp home for the Buffalo Bills bomb via like you said we all have our our stores when it comes or our favorite team. That we really appreciate your time we know you saw the responsibilities in wanna watch us and batting practice here in. Hopefully we get the chance to do this once again. We're fortunate I very much and you know. You got that talk to you soon senior VP general manager of the Minnesota Twins it's Thad Levine joining us in the sports park danger and the tightly that was great. Really interest it. Yeah I doubt it any time we can talk with that general manager we're gonna do it here in the sports bars that will be three we talked to being talked about troll. And now all we've pad that Levine and we wanna think candy Roland Rochester reveling. We are under thanks Nate really. Okay fast he can again and thanks Nate. The vast. Hey that's good news for Rochester red wings fans who appreciate the affiliation with Minnesota Twins sure sounds like he's. That getting Don that's getting done I mean eight if you want to say. I'd rather see that Washington Nationals any year war. Pick a team. You you're not gain the Red Sox out of putt tock you're not getting the Yankees out of Scranton. So what what options do I it is is a team that is committed to the development where the Orioles. They were that the team there was always chasing free agency development what's that. And to me that is the red wing experienced. No the red wings haven't made the playoffs last two years you know what debt products pretty good on this too good product. The field is a great fan experience class organization and I'm glad that dad is in time he's in town. For relationship building that is awesome news because guess what you're gonna have great relationships. With that front office they're there. They do it right they're all class the only. Dan. Now are taken for garbage play and on and some likely did but yet they they know what they're billing and there's a reason why there is successful as they've been. And there's reason why you don't seed. You know had done living come and it does a you know on exploring other options now now now as it has done so let's let's work our. I guess so they're there you have it I mean. And we say this is adding to do just get the deal gone I would've renderings right now the election your sign here and then come back midlevel Prescott. Slower we need to get that deal done we needed deadline. The so I don't know I don't know when that deadline is but you know it's at some point being deadlocked and it'll get done. I don't get the impression from that conversation or from anything that's happened with their affiliation with twins at the deal is gonna get done I mean there has been. And he is is that I know where we eat is a local sports so I Minnesota screwed us over again now now it's it's been a good product to watch. And they've been a good team the last few years. Must see if we can continue. If you miss our conversation. Thad Levine general manager senior VP of Minnesota Twins. We'll have the story on demand shortly here at ESPN Rochester dot com you can listen to it on demand as well on the radio dot com app next Gina. Around about drink to that what you say. Ha ha basins were talking so much that way. I'm not you never believe the over under is on the orange. Who like wait a second Erin and and and all this seems off or does Vegas know more than you or not. And then we gonna talk about that okay. I would like to discuss. The future home of Dez Bryant. Who and why that team needs to think differently about what they're doing with their organization. Trust. I'll drink to that Boca. Provocative thought from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree we always love when you join in a 454 ESPN. That's a phone number 4543776. On Twitter act. ESPN Rochester mourn the sports part danger and the tag glee and next on ESP and Rochester. Look super fast sports junkie. Nice player and expert. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. That's sports and no sports leader and listen lives what do you foresee an. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester doctor. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who. It is our realm. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. Winnipeg Vegas now tied at a game each end the series goes to Nevada. Dangers of wanting to Winnipeg I think they do is really cool that I wish all the team to do it particularly stateside. If you haven't seen this to me next time I say this series gets back to Winnipeg for all Canada. We have been singer we'll start out with the opening lyric. And then be quiet. Everyone else in the arena takes it from there every line he's seeing English with pride here. I can't speak I can't ever see that happening but it would be nine it's it's. Great I have seen and know exactly you're talking about my first thought was a wonder they got the anthem singer to discount she's only singing the first line center. Think maybe that maybe they can't afford it and singers of these apps are really considering a liner to images taken over and you know very hands up in the air and point the ceiling I. I could see it happening here it's unfortunate but I think it's it's gonna takes the kind of tragedy that we had. In 2001. To unify us as a country and realize that the country is bigger than any of our differences that we might out. In our day to day lives we've gotten so far away from that now would you remember how patriotic this this country was after that horrible events of September 11. It didn't feel like we were unified as one even you we were we and it was it was an all a remarkable time I don't hate that the that we have to sees something like that happen again in order for us to get there. In fact if anything I feel like we've got the exact opposite of what you're seeing in Canada and that. You know well might as you know I watched the Blackhawks. What they commuter the national let them they're street Gallagher the entire thing is that considered disrespectful. That's just there tradition in the NHL in those arena is they have. Different traditions. In Vegas. When you get to the part. Where you mentioned the work nights. This figured as missing it everybody there it goes. I guess everybody has their tradition in their arena right leg in Baltimore and you would you morals are oh yeah yeah so. I like the tradition I'm a benefit. I could see it happening again but unfortunately the only way that I see some of that happening stateside. Is a horrible tragedy that somehow unifies us all. And makes this really feel. Fool like we can all be wanting this country once again so. Solid proof to that where does Dez Bryant's former teammate Jason we configured Dez Bryant lined up to twenty team. It's guess is that Green Bay Packers genes. Another weapon for Aaron Rodgers. Just what he would need. I'd better solution for Green Bay you should cut. Aaron Rodgers to criticize the team's offseason moves publicly known team needs that she. Aaron Rodgers do now for the season starts. And Rogers. Afternoon they show dangers of bears fan I don't know why you don't need any manner I don't know why you need that attitude. Can second guessing your decision if you the Green Bay front office. She sat up. But make a move that's gonna make a difference really is Aaron Rodgers doing now. We don't read the the Dez Bryant thing to Green Bay would make sense except for that one little thing right. Why did the Packers ever spend money in free agency. Spots in new guy Jimmy Graham coming. In from maybe this is a new Green Bay Packers since they've made some of these changes in their front office we'll see how it goes. But that's where at least Jason Witten believes Dez Bryant went up when he sees south into that hey you want some. Good PR due dates lower your concession price is the Atlanta Falcons did that when they moved in their new stadium. And now another NFL team will be doing the same this coming year. Baltimore Ravens announced that reducing prices across the board although to what extent really don't know danger is the one place today. Briscoe gets sticker shock it's okay to make sure leaguer arena or stadium in. Who ate it up at all that that's fifty bucks for not yeah. Yeah it's a little pricey. Order symphony which the World Series which came sixth beer and a sandwich it one of the vendors. But still. Wasn't fifty but it was just me I was buying for me now combined for the entire family. Oh yeah you racket up and you're looking at him like all right well I just bent the price what I would spend. Going to a restaurant with my family is essentially which paying for. I worry that by lowering the price of concession food like your hot dogs in your burgers in your beer. Who you gonna apply more of it we hit who can't regulate ourselves. Yeah oh god delicious hot dog firmer dollar pick your article have eights. And eight hot dogs later can be your PMI is. I don't I don't need the old fashioned fifty cent. Dollar dog day when everyone I call it but we'll you know I don't was Saber game danger with my sons were it's our tradition. Will get done three slices between the two let's do sort of a Clinton got thirty box what we. Is that right and do the math in your head like pitching Nicholas Noe banners. There's there's the good news silver lining his win other teams see it teens do something successfully. They start to copy that model the ravens are the first team to do it and I would expect more teams would see that is good PR move it away for them to actually make more money if they can make more money. Then it will be solved brings to back athletic recently conducted a re drafted the 2015 NHL draft gene while they still have Jack cycle as the number two in class overall they know that he may slide based on what they seek to foreign squared. I would sic giving the underachieving supporting cast whether you're talking about Ryan O'Reilly a couple of Bozo Robin liners performance. Samurai and arts I've been down before the coaching change mixed in there. What Jack idol has been able to duty surely jump career thus far is this is pretty phenomenal considering all of the circumstances. That sounds like click bait to me honestly enemies you can't you're gonna say you're gonna suggest that Jack cycle doesn't deserve to be the numbers tool crawl and at this point. Kama you can make the argument that maybe receivers should fork over the money when they did and you could rode it out and I'm maybe you could even in the say what would Jack I'd go get on the open trade market but it didn't go through this exercise right now. Do not penalize Jack cycle for the lack of town that's been around so I'll drink to that hot so's we're talking a lot of betting you're danger let's talk about. Vegas is Vegas is set the over under on wins. For Syracuse Orange football this year. Let's review the award should not get to a bowl game it back dating at the 500 last year that they only won four games. You know neighbors here are three of the neighbors era what do you think they have the old runners sat for Syracuse. Vegas as it sat at. Four and a half. For math that's a low waste in the ACC. Aren't they yes. Steadily right now the top three easy western Michigan. Wayne Wagner wind you've got a home win okay that's three right there to any foreign wean it. True love the other nine games go to win sat there for me when my back. Yeah I you bat. Update you'll be out there and how you hear that but I don't think Vegas is necessarily often came predicting that we need you mentioned some of those. Those opponents that look like Kate walks. They have the same thing last year and lost those games. It team in the mail ten might Johnny can't lose that game. You can't lose that game one week and then deep class less than could I. Today I would bet the over is well and you know how I feel about coach favors or anybody that gets this past. Our. Bit different. I'm Molly wow what's expectations for the senior wanna listen. About this hour tomorrow. John awhile back to eighty per Syracuse joining us he had a really big announcement. This week in regards to the dome renovations but we've got our questions and John is a good friend of the show where knees. Coming out tomorrow to answer the questions about the dome renovations but. I asked him danger that is fair question. This is year three. This is the time usually make K when you have a couple recruit recruiting class is under belt here what is the realistic expectation of the Syracuse football team this year. Yeah it's a fair question asking and I can't wait to get while tack on with us tomorrow here in the sports or danger tightly up next in the sports are coming up. Our next hour in the sport bargain before clock our album over jet ski it's going to be joining us who is Alan. Chatzky. He's got it knows a lot about money. Easier associate professor of sports studies its intent to issue college the president of his own tax consulting business. The clientele that includes over 200 professional athletes coaches and sports administrators. And he's a money guy you know his. Tax law. And there are some changes. In the tax code. That could impact the sports that we love to watch the athletes that we cheer for Allen's gonna break that down force journal bit. Yes I think it's a story that you'll learn a little bit more about so what we try to do we hear every so often and I'm not ashamed to save his stained. Allen's waste Maher tonight okay cause so much so hopefully we don't come off like a couple of dom. Knew we would like sports there will not tell us about the contract to put together for that app. Like I hope he can hear us over Mike cave men club thumping in the background. That's what I'm hoping. Allen is Smart the both of us combined age he'll break it down force give us Knology make you smarter sports and that's kind of mark. Our purpose here in the sports bar with danger tag Leah happy hour on the way at 5 o'clock is well Ol old that didn't take long. We're gonna get a little bit into what is going on in New Jersey. Hole and actor. They legalized sports camp there were I think. Here's the punt were optimal raises danger I go on the way next in the sports bar endangerment tag Leah ESPN Rochester. Baseball is here. All summer DG. Most listeners.