The Sports Bar-Hour 1- Toby Motyka

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk about the new HC hire for the Colts, a familiar name in Frank Reich. Then Toby Motyka from 13 WHAM joins the show to talk about possible options for the Bills next QB and the current situation of the Rochester Red Wings.


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RCA and come. Yeah HD to Rochester. Rochester Don Gonyea nine video 957 F. So clearly ask me in Rochester. I. But sports bar with danger and exactly right bright new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. I have no idea its culture and I. But you've got the guys that was farmers that their car off Qaeda expert judgment day of the Bill Belichick got good enough for you got the Super Bowl winning offensive coordinator over the Super Bowl losing offensive coordinator Tom Goodwin meant anything like an adult. It's one they began to walk going. But it's another thing frank needs more weapons offensively defense leads to better team around Andrew Luck. Mike dangers paint a picture of what it's like to be there with the TV USA representing your country to be a part. Of this global event of which. The study found gene exactly. We also have Rochester people who root for a we have more bench you'll die in the Mobil's we have of course Brian Gionta. Player got hurt get behind that that and that is Jack cycle it is not an insult to. It's part of the game it was unfortunate. We were the boards. To keep pushing forward. No I think there's a possibility could come back Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes good afternoon pulled the stolen join as the sport's public danger tag glee is open for business we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening this afternoon in 950. 957 FM ES PM Rochester dot com. ESPN Rochester have radio dot com search on ESPN Rochester you can nearest there are Mike danger he's cheap it's actually out there how are you today and a rough. Weekend duty here that that some bite of Michael crashing into the boards and it now man like it was it was a loss season. Anyway. That's just the the the that whip free month ASEAN which it says I don't even know what that you'll hear wherever Ali yeah when a terrible eight. Terrible. Terrible news. We'll continue name though its season in franchise history that's worse than what the Buffalo Sabres are going through right now. I'll wait this is the worst season in Saber franchise history well the tank you're. Well. Sure you could say the tank here where they want the fewest games but at least she knew they had a plan in you can disagree with that plan could not like the plan. This year it going to a plan danger. Well we'll talk a little bit hockey later and I'll say hockey I don't know pulled necessarily talk a lot of sabres hockey I don't know what's left talk about for the season but Dennis Bernstein. Queasy senior writer at the fourth period dot com every time he comes into the sports or he makes a smarter hockey fans. And we'll find out what's left what's left to salvage. One what are we talked about it the trade deadline. What can the sabres look forward to in the draft if any thing you know hall all of that information will try to find the bright spot. If your Buffalo Sabres fan even though this season is completely lost. Yeah Bernstein is great as were only two weeks away from the trade deadline so I'm just curious. We have our perspective here and maybe we over value thinking off. Hey somebody's gonna trade her. Crystallize in an entry for O'Reilly your name is Saber I want to talk to somebody on the outside that actually will give us a fair assessment as far as. Learn the values of these players on the trade market for the Buffalo Sabres and entertain. Obviously could help any team. Bought at this point. He's going to free agency what he really getting for Evander Kane I think Dennis can give us an honest assessment of the new year. Just lost the guy. Who was involved in almost 50% of your team's goals. Ridiculous. Now he's gone. And the guy that you're talking about trading is neo essentially the only other goal score you are consistent goal score the item those kind of coming out of a slump right now. It's gonna be a long. Long. Rest of the season. You've saved that bought it bought. Hockey's a sport where your best player. The only on the ice war. 30% of the time if that. Seoul maybe this could be a thing danger where an am follow me here okay is gonna sound a little while there where Michael's out. Everybody else has to realize all okay I guess this is on me and you start playing better as a team. The writer Bill Simmons came up with this years ago we call that the Ewing theory 1999. The knicks Patrick Ewing in prime of his career. He goes up this season he goes down dollar goes the next season what happened after that we'll that knicks are kind of a bottom of the tier playoff team in the east and they went all the way in the finals without their best player he called a viewing here so I don't know if that'll applies here. Bottom line no danger is what we're talking about matter this team is dawn for this year it's adverse sabre fans. You were having trouble this week drawing people to the arena. Any way east. Last Tuesday night against the devils will girl I think fourteen. Rose awful the Red Line. Eight dollars for a ticket normally goes for 300. Did you know. Now Michael's out. I guess we got to look to the future but that being said two weeks from now we're gonna get a good feel what that future will be. Come trade deadline date at the only thing we have to look for. Seriously coach Phil Housley and how Jack cycle stake in the injury hit it's it's tough I mean you know embattled backlash you're from London. And this year weren't just waive his player thought that he has game really. I was coming around and then for the last two and a half and so you know he's a tremendous competitor he wants to win and an. An easy price take these things pretty hard bit as we move forward there'll be light at the end of the tunnel. It's rough for the sabres and then just when we thought that we had something to look forward to appear sabres fan and that. The complaint really really well this season well it works have been struggling since little bit before the all star break that this team is now. Circling the drain a little bit eights it's scary. Poll last night's terrible they had a lead danger and tied game with three seconds left they lose in overtime. For lean is all mark it's not eighteens in a row he has not won seventeen in regulation. Last time that happened. You wanna Damon regulation wasn't for the hammer who was for the sabres it was one Gainey went up that was January. You'll admit it's now been over a calendar month for Linas. Omar. And by the way. Never have more problems than goaltending effect I don't look just like the sabres that looked that download on Melissa seems like. That this season buffalo has now spread over here to the flowers it. I wonder what that does your head if your goal if you're lien assault marquee get the call you play well you get one game. You win that game in the NHL and come back to the NHL. And now you should see him struggling. You know. Maybe Dennis can provide a little perspective on that I'm sure that this is the first time this has happened but do you basically say it because you get that taste. Do you think that it's just now forty T can just get get back any time you want to. That you know that you're able to play at that level we all know he's able to play at that level but. He's got unfinished business here right I mean if you're the merchant and all pork has proven everything he can prove with HL level except. What. What's wrong goal for backup. I just say make the playoffs before you start off where I yelled at you still have something out of at the HL level even though you've gone up to the NHL level and nobody knows you can play. At that level so look at Dennis on with us here a little after 4 o'clock in death. Talks are serious hockey with him the senior writer the fourth period dot com dispersing and join us for around 445. Our friend Tobe more ticker from thirteen Webb joins us later this our Jeanne. Yeah there's lot to talk about all talk about the ankle injury what this means for the sabres. And or the air Merck's. Are we saying the earmarks are in trouble or is this just a patch here you've got to correct real. Soon here because looking at the standings right now danger on yeah IBM works right now. Are in third place in the on north division was Syracuse right on their tail. Until we can talk about that and then I'm curious as to get his perspective of what he's hearing if anything. As to date being February 12. We're two and a half weeks away from deadline today for the Rochester red wings not to bring that. Back up on a Monday and put a damper on things but get told he's perspective on this is this. Is this just in negotiation or is this real. Cause for concern Toby I'm curious to get his stick. By the end of February is going to be fun isn't it got down march 1 deadline that the internationally imposed. On the county and you've got the city's deadline to get the Rochester rhinos evicted from compelling sports stadium. I hate saying Ryan as the victim and it just sounds wrong but that's with the city is due Winger essentially right there's no other way to say yeah. Not a good time to go on vacation. One though by the time you give back all you realize that only sluggish back. We're gonna be. That will have red wings decision rival's decision. And I met Monday the NHL trade deadline made all by the way we might have a Tyrod Taylor decision to extend their due. Yeah yeah I'll be fresh. I'll be fresh. We'll be ready by the way houses and you don't even know houses in going into the weaker out so all week Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Friday was it Thursday Friday and a Lieber to each. I haven't confirmed yet but our buddy keep from let's go Exxon. At some point that out do you key US to come on their ego. But I'm no excuses keep getting here. Make sure you give gene a hard time you know we can do when you coming Keith. Celgene on the benefits of dressing like a leper no seat actress way to Second Amendment and then yes it would have written this up yeah now. Keefe is the one that that saw our banner hanging in the blue cross arena. Saw assault on us. Hanging right there and decided if they'll Photoshop. The lucky charms leprechaun over your face I mean he's doing. He's doing Jeanne. We share that with the world to keep just said that to its privately but keep busy you know your key it's well thoughts and I think keep editing a lot of us wanna see this happen. I am not the court gesture of the shell. Or Rochester sports talk radio failure sonar whenever let that happen I'm just teasing you know I would never looked I know you're hanging on by like to talk about it it's funny. The idea of it is funny or football sadly if the average don't turn this around we might be left for comic relief flight that is the only thing the look forward to bring goodness. The colts named frank Reich their head coach over the weekend. So that means. We should keep Leslie Frazier that's good news good news writer frank Reich it's. It's nice to see him get his. I'm a little bit nervous for him because. IE here all these great things about frank Reich the person frank break the coach but you know besides what he's done this year and in last year Philadelphia mean. Frank Reich was not a great offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach prior to his time in Philadelphia. What's gonna happen when he goes to Indianapolis he's got a lot of holes to fill and you don't even know if your quarterback is healthy. Well that's it so like how we say with the sabres. House Phil Housley doing as a coach. That's a tough question and answer Reich has the talent isn't there. On without Andrew Luck I can certainly see a danger that the colts are looking once again. Losing seek. And I don't care what your name is any head coach is gonna have trouble at least at the outset so. Comes back to how long leash are they gonna give frank Reich frank Reich by the way in Indianapolis. Christian Mae and values. Coached who I'm Peyton Manning's. Watch there. It's gonna play well OK that was more of a higher for the fan base who we are on it and by the way it. The last team that hired coach. Kind of as a PR move when they got. In various by getting fees back coach walking out of the war bills yeah laughs. Yeah acts. So on the one hand where I say yes frank Reich is is a great hire. It does seem like PR being the number one reason why the colts made this move. By the way too. Think for Philadelphia you couldn't as John. Zack always say is named. Now the offensive coordinator with the vikings you so they couldn't get into the stick around for Philadelphia so apparently the Eagles are promoting their quarterback coach that. Oh see so the two guys running the offense under Peterson in Philadelphia are both gone. That skier talking to about how to pronounce. I know your concern for many of us because we didn't know what we're gonna do on a Sunday without meaningful football to watch. Don't worry. I came down on the methadone known as Olympic coverage. Did you see the ice dancing couple from Italy Jeanne. And today. I think that's leases loves them I beg your shoes and white dress. And I just don't. Think every. And he. Well. Lol and if you're watching. The Olympics not to go off track here but everything in a tape delay world. If they're not showing the Americans are thinking now. They're gonna wipe out or other vehicles owner. Don't win you don't plays really high or some big bat is gonna happen or not gonna show so I'm watching the Italians thinking all is good and bad was it at all. Well he didn't fall in total. The body doesn't fall and don't hog. I was American port between NBC and MB CS and all day yesterday a halt and I'm actually kind of like right now. Anxious how I'm curious as to what we missed that a big key to help me keep of the stories we keep over the all the story much. What are we gonna see dumb. He's tongue in cheek here there is no are serious serious I was up late too late last night watching mixed curling. Like doing with my life. But I don't care of Canada advances to the final while watching. All you kids got three on that last stop whatever it's called what is that called every time they they take a turn it curling. Rod no it's not run alive and and it. And eight kids I don't let it drive me crazy all watch that's up all day I don't know why am mesmerized by it and then and then there they'll flip from bat to. The snowboarding right there are some half pipe last night there was. Oh what's it called they call it something. It's not it's slow style. All my god. They got rails that they own that's the one where the rail yeah summer's gonna break and now I'll keep watching their daughter out of the wives is unreal. It was kind of bomb that they didn't do all the scheme that they wanted to do army or NBC that are promoting the Q Alicia different. You know it may make sure your watching Sunday night McCain Ulish. In all of it all to kill all the time in our opinion at her and her mother saw that there had to cancel them. Highways. Can't do her event if there's high winds. I didn't know the Olympics were named are under achievers. What solution you now watch it all its alcoholic I apple it up completely and so this was your football methadone basically it's saying. Absolutely. Travel more I'm ready to me more I watched women's tee yesterday. Team USA with a victory over Finland. 31. I caught Canada. All gay all our. A candidate the or connect athletes of any Olympic athletes from Russia. Yeah that how that work out Canada wide right general want Canada's good. Yet kept this good. They're gonna curling they're gonna hockey. They're good at Dutch team figure skating. There winning the team to go I think he won the team figure skating events or do you want a medal count right now yeah okay. Who's leading here what do you think. I'm gonna say. None Norway Norway and also in Norway saying orient her neck. And and you are right now forget it Franklin. Canada and sir is Norway so you are watching nine for the Norwegians. Canada has seven medals and the US. In Norway's got sick. Sick by half a one game Jeanne sick cross country skiing by Appleby there all their crazy crazy good lot of medals there. Did you know by Athlon is the only winter sport US has never met. Bell the bobsled man and everything else knots. By half. I don't know I watch these guys. Do the cross country skiing. And the by athletes and I think. Am now and I run a marathon itself you know I dole. What it feels like to push yourself and dig do something XP you know for for an extended amount of time. But what they're doing looks so. Rigorous. And painful. I just I'm not yell ski appeal is wanting skiing. No thank you all I think you've got to shoot things. That's insane to me it's like I respect it's so much I have no idea how they do what they do. So I meant I'm thumb fully invested going to be hard to prime me away from the next couple weeks. Are you in and you gotta be. Dying men for GO in the US. Rate now it's going to be us what it's like Wednesday era and Wednesday Saturday morning I think that 7 AM. All. Guessing a lot staff put a little capping cam on the radio here now Saturday morning's all six. Is all some gene fish is also. We'll get some captain Ken on a Saturday morning with with some Olympic hockey in the background of course. Let's get so be here to be much he could thirteen win sports lots to cover you know Toby it's been a Los we've had Toby on. We we got some bills. Redux and Merck's would tax sabres. We don't look at all that with hope I'm glad he's coming on today you know arias twin girls age is being called babies anymore it's that birthday that. Happy to hear birthday to toe b.'s twin girls. A smash some cake in the face forest from the sports bar. That's a restaurant in Syria and eleven just Matt eat whatever he was your fingers get it all over the place smasher face in the K Catholic. Toby joins us next to be with two to thirteen wham up on the way in the sports bar danger and tag Leah on ESP and Roger. Protesters home for live sports and the best sports talk anywhere BM 950 and 957 Afghans are sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar with danger and attacked they were we only talk to the best and brightest minds we've got to say happy birthday and it's ultimately gets. When two year old daughter celebrated today so totally might be a little sleep deprive us. But always thought his game arguments took him a ticket joining us now in the sports book. Kobe how are you. I have it fire crap I saw it. Yeah who will what was this past weekend the big celebration with friends and family and lots of Kate told me. While. There are weak and it was friends and family celebration city the actual birthday. Com are light doesn't up predicted the sheet that she was off work. And put them for their own little independence celebration do that I was the art of great they're at their noise is. But you know 22 year old play off each other I feel like it would be like having a teenager but I don't let teenagers yet. So I can't I can't really say that. Told them it cica thirteen win joining us here today I told there's so many things we wanted to talk to about. But I wanna start with hockey here and with the sabres losing NightCall that's just perfect what a fitting way to end the season. But now it's like the the disease in buffalo is spreading over to rod sister's a suck cause for concern for hammocks fans. Yeah I think at this point it kinda have to be I don't think they're they're well apple burn any danger but. I'm a month ago they were jockeying back and forth the throttle our league best record does that Bridget comfort in the league. And now today that are eight point actor model and they in the Eastern Conference so at this rate you're not even looking at both being. Your first round playoff series of their their only he who were three point back a second places real logjam. In the middle behind Toronto was completely separated from the pack but. At that you have to worry a little bit I mean I offered in twelve game is kind of a big deal even appeared get the point some of those. You are all the back to the packet that it looked like it was gonna happen with the game not that long ago. Until we I don't wanna put all of on the goaltender we love Linas hallmark in the sports bar but you know since he got called up. To the sabres and coming back down and playing for the mavericks mark struggled. Since that one game we got with buffalo. I think a lot of that it got to be put on the guys who were in front of them do last night I would watch in. I like that we got from Percy and collapsed coal that that I'd be game virtue regulation. Was probably does it and second lap the amber let. At Hershey bears quote scores may it was. Skated to his own across both blue line. And basically evident that the look at the net from about fifty speedway ten feet away you through it all and that the eight bit leader would love to have. But it one shipment estimate does nobody stopped the puck in their bit he too many in the of people did not stop in the pot of go back the throttle cable grind our way. In the third period they gave the Marley wait too much from which you perhaps could they were after the game what apple. Lately that. We got to stop wearing loon. And I'm sure all the Baylor against building here archery and have a similar answers the it's playing not to lose the post what they were doing earlier in the year ago is going to kill. In it they're not there I think about the trade deadline are they here told because it's it's it's not like there's been a big shake up both. A personnel here insists it this is just. For me it's hard to put my finger on what what is happening with the with the team here. Well again Brenda goalie back you know but he's he's mr. really good stretch of time yoga eat it up and down and he'd been about much better. Wait where this year. Other anyone that your hair it was more awkward than got a little bit more a liability. But it it otherwise it. In the ever worked hard to get our target the late comeback. And Burton act we get them where they work really. Dominating that many so every one goes with what you re appointment year. Are we ever want right now is pretty dear I do think they're gonna come back out of idle copper comic back out of it and they were early. But again I don't think they're playoff and in any real trouble here at least. Well that's good news is especially if your Buffalo Sabres fan looking for any kind of bright spot and if you can get any worse. All the god it's been a part of almost 50% of your team's goals has a high ankle sprain and could miss four to six we at this point why why even bring him back right to be mean. What what do you see what would does that serve if you bring back Jack I cleared at the end of the season. I think the only reason you bring him back at the Jack cycle demanding to be back to eat it he says that a month I'm ready to go yeah I. And it started at mega deal you gotta start making technical app because. As good the bad. In happy with other beat them and it's been a few years now well look you gotta block then. But now you got to get is mood and morale up yet become a leader RBIs big. Seemingly starting dispute that really truly becoming depth player. That made everyone around him better. And what your RBI Jack Michael looked like people eager better player you appetite the guy. That one they've been aware beyond sweater and you want your best young player to be that guy. Back on the right we continue to stir well. As a player and be real big year for a couple of papers moving forward edit he wants to be back out there which. Competitive kid can they what you want about maybe need to grow up for the the way he talked for the media. But he in the competitive guy out there helping anybody in the question that he want to be back out there do you think he's ready outlook on the back. Sabres losing last night to Colorado they're back home tomorrow night against the team the best record in league Tampa Bay. Well meaning all the personnel. Needs in changing their toll my question is about the coaching how do we evaluate. They'll house Lee's first year. It up. You know. At a certain point you point the players because you were away you go out here on your Yamon. The players just barker is I think there's a weird mixture of guys here at the or outright O'Reilly good player. Standard saying they. We're offensive zone penalties that really inopportune times and put the team and bad situation despite the good number. I think it Allred a lot of yesterday effectively get bench it even strength situations. And e-book could be year young league in defense men aren't you the guy who Auburn at the side of the Blue Line is completely and totally. Negative. Brigade meet their purple here mix of guys that are supposed to be yours dark. Outside of Jack cycle that that artwork and I don't think you have to go to a total and complete all law rebuilt again here. But clearly you've got to get on the these bigger name that should be doing better pick your team. Out of the position there and it start bringing in new guys and neighbors are going to be advocate position do that trade deadline. They clearly have nothing to gain this year from keeping these guys are a curious to see how much state yet. And exactly or boo when it comes to guys like Cain Reinhart letter and they decide they're audible on. Thirteen grams Toby Mexico our guest in the sports barging termed a tightly on ESPN Rochester Toby we haven't talked you since before the Super Bowl. A line and so much can change in the NFL so quickly immunity you know I think the bills maybe dodge a little bit of a bullet this week when frank Reich was announces Indianapolis is head coach and not. I'm Leslie Frazier what ten. Intercede for the bills going off season with two new coordinators are both offensive in defense of coordinator. We've spent some time in the last few days talking about of course quarterback situation. And what might be the desk of action for the Buffalo Bills here once in a free agency opens up. In just over a month. What do you think the bills should do in terms of quarterback if if you're assuming that they're going to go quarterback at some point in the draft in April. I think you wait to pick a quarterback late and that because I think the bill baker on our. I've. What are those guys. There really and truly believe our record doesn't work becoming a higher state quarterback in NFL history. I'm one of the guys that truly believes in three years that we the empire state quarterback in the league in the contract. Like market because that's just how they work in the NFL. If Kirk doesn't get familiar and app corporate seed in the big Iraq or got a thirty. Put more on paper and drop below patent is probably more worth it contract in terms of record or that drop below has. I took when you haven't many bills do. And you have as many draft pick as the bill this year and it really hit it out of the part about our black strap. Hate here on the quarterback position Paetec quarterback. And to get that dot. Leave it out of the equation come draft they're fighting starting caliber quarterback. And build your team younger and cheaper around that player what you're seeing the state that a bit at the Bill Bennett deposition. Get the sure thing and and I don't think they will that Scotland Spain. But I think they should. All worker but might not be. While eyes it's so you're one of the few out there told me that is saying I'd go this go this route. OK so let's dive into this. Washington from their perspective why did they never horny up three what is it about cousins and play that caused them. Second thoughts may be hiring you know this this guy isn't the guy because it's so rare we see. A finger quote here franchise quarterback hit the market liked it. I don't. I don't see drew the second coming of Drew Brees I guess that's my point your Toby is that. Watching I don't get why breeze. He was coming off an injury like teams are scared I. I just don't see it. Well here's here's my question for you in this regard is it that the neither he the guy who cut it and get compared to. Is the garlic world. In that the numbers are very eager late game situation. He seem to make that kind of backbreaking plays that that killed. On Tony Romo free agent as you know in his upper twenties most people are probably get rate payment money one reason that I. Oh I Washington. What they've been all that I read it. Because. They are a lot cigarette in the debate in Butte that I might actually be right because they can always seem to make the wrong but did. They can get Kirk got the money but that they gave a 36 year old Alec people ought to though. What you wanna say it would opt out. All the jump up in the rap and Coca order recorder back that you don't even know one day it will become Kirk. And if he does get one. And it all blow over cash. A whole lot more than content that they can I don't get the organ for the next year I get that. But at a certain point and a quarterback if you get a franchise quarterback gonna pay him. Truckload of money. I think it is I I think easily built around I think you're good enough not that there are greedy or spell all paper. And probably now all her at all. But he he better than most guys now their chances are better that any rap. And every year contract right now will be like it down right park. It's funny I mean if you didn't have. Other rules in place that you would have you'd be talking about the highest paid quarterbacks in the league being rose in darn old. And baker may feel old and ugly rules have changed where where these now rookies come in and they're not make any kind of money that they used command. Right out of the draft and improving commodities that lets say Toby that that they. That they end up not signing Kirk cousins and they end up drafting a guy in the draft and is there a guy. That has caught your eyes through the Senior Bowl or or through all of last college football season we salute. A lot of football to be played a lot of hands that need to be measured in and long Johnson. And you know at Charlotte runs everything that's coming up the come by but who do you like it's out there right now for the Buffalo Bills. I'd like if you keep getting him at you know it in the twenties. I might like Rudolf Otto Oklahoma State I like. Lamar Jack at a local more than most people do but I note we just got done with the Tyrod Taylor big we just got done. With a Tyrod Taylor cites people here you know and the mobile quarterback role there arise breed bigger than you think he is. Need the work on fundamental. But he good player bigger arms that you think is well. Actually a bigger guy coming out of college and saw a lot. I'm not Beatty does ready about and a belt after a lot but I think he would want to date beat that the guy. You know electric are kind of like I am. Project type of quarterback I don't really. Know that any of those top guys are going to be worth what it take read up get up into the top five or top ten I'm talking about Alan Carr wrote. May feel that you can get a somewhere between tenants want it not give up that much I would definitely be all that. But I'm real skeptical of a right trading up for what these top five or ten guys that people think for a certain bank. It's frankly what I. Well it's funny so we we we feel like we go through this exercise every hearing you mentioned Tyrod Taylor the exercise. We went through late last week you know assuming the bills. Eventually at a free agent quarterback and it's not Kirk cousins. Boy the names get ugly really really fast and last year at this time we all kind of assumed they were gonna move on from Tyrod Taylor. Put a number on told what do you think chances are that the bills actually keep Tyrod Taylor that the bridge quarterback that they have that they need is actually on their roster right now and it's still allows in the draft quarterback can address the position in the draft. 40%. Here are eager you know the Alec victory be to make that much and form. I think that that was there including myself start to get their edit. I don't. Get a guy but now that it off the table you actually start looking at these other guys that you know will be available. And boy you know iiroc iiroc are in the upper Echelon. Player. You have to look at catch all what it's gonna caustic iiroc purses. Like all other people. A question that was you guys they didn't notice the indigo. Or cut and if you're the build beacon fitter going getting Qaeda he consider going getting Bradford be that are. Operate water because they're gonna have a pre QB on the market. A big paper again but not any of those guys presumably at least two of them. Outlook be available on all three so. I just where he'd buffalo movie ought to figure eight he'll debate on as far as they go with him and their quarterback but it might as well written it was but he Al. But. It completely rule out the moment it was off the book and now with the Washington Redskins beyond that keeping character we went up at least a little. Right now the bills a 29 million in cap space but dad certainly will change with Derrick Ward then what actually go down if he announces her retirement so. You whether it's cousins whether it's one of those viking quarterback's a buffalo with some room to play when it's in terms of cap space so we would seek a thirteen women against. I'll say and I I don't know that that I'm that I find Sam Bradford or what he made last year or key scheme that what he will make this year. As appealing option doubles collect those are soccer bats and I'll put Tyrod Taylor. Who I think would make sixteen right he's got a ten million basin and the single dime on us I mean I would I would say that that. Might be a better value for you then what you would have to pace Sam Bradford or. Keys key eggs cheese cubes gonna make over twenty million per he just seems insane to me. The team is gonna pay that for a guy that that you know had one season I don't know that that that's. The case can that that's really case came to me now. I don't either but you watched last year is Tyrod Taylor worked. And I know compared to other guys on the market you know their beekeepers indicate Needham. But there are it was available Obama will note that what you're elected that they beat but what a cop beat our route three years that it you know keeper. Depending on how it's structured. Bill and it would angle. Would be really really he'd given what we took off and frankly is just regression in terms of the ability to get all that quite beeper. No matter who was there out there well. The part but look at five billion or dollars a year but what kind upgrade are you getting I do think they ate them. Would be an upgrade over Tyrod Taylor there Brett error by a body like breaking down. So. Whatever you're paid him get the car you're going to the back pathetic. At least ten games which is how it all appealed for so long any rapper Joseph couldn't. Hey LL. On the pop up flawed fatally I'd like that. Either there is likely that. It because I ride it out and vote at. Or created these really got to settle it right earlier connect app at the site on is a or I barely know you're going to be out there that want the quarterback though. The bill. I like the beltway elite days I feel like they're real plan a year. At a priority that let people we can do to get these guys they wait for these ones. And I just don't think the they're gonna keep our erratic beat they're gonna risk it because it he strike out and create in the air and wrap. And you go it. Get a guy that you presumably will like while. W a T get thirteen when our guest here as a topping normally late February and he could say that's the quiet it is time sports back. Not this year we got the 26 the NHL trade deadline. In rock just do the 28 all eyes are gonna be on compelling sports stadium with the Ryan Els and are they gonna stairs to get seagate kick him out. And sand the the deadline now at least we have a deadline. Of march 1 with the Rochester red wings in Monroe County so we what's your read on the situation with the red wings. My read is that there. That makes too much then that should deal I can't really actually wider arc all being played here at it. I keep that in mind that if they don't beat the march 1 deadline beetle that at least start losing all that bill. Or that I think anybody would like to be. We've got the political game being played I'm sure they're either going on here back and forth between EU in the yard and all that stuff that I frankly just don't understand it. Ever care to understand but at the end of the day. That the community baseball here community team. It is our group of people politician that don't want bit on their resume. They're gonna find a way to get things done and I think will be played baseball right what we're both be played baseball but it certainly going all out. Wait too long and as we learn from what happened late lap barber. Nothing happening now until there's actually a big sign on the dotted line. Nobody should be taken further word here. Yeah who say it all the time put that coffee down copies for close just always be closing. Took him a ticket thirteen men joining us in the sports part danger of the tag Lia Toby enjoy your daughter's birthday. And I get some rest we appreciate you given some of your time as you always do great talking you look forward to doing a joint and against an all right. I'm I'm gonna go to work and it happened it you don't let the. That he can beat them and nothing wrong with cake. Yeah vacate happened on your kids per light weight what is acceptable for adult after a kid's birthday. Your birthday and your homework and Nuremberg there you can take. To get a verdict on carrot cake. Care and access files down. No not a big Stan franks didn't. Care kicks and long care cakes number one on the power rankings Jeanne. IA EU. Number two number two free out yet double double chocolate. Special occasion holiday chocolate are eagle and eagle let's go to nice steak house danger. Now. And that's that's a good way to double chocolate and yet you know they always general a little carrot cake. Cooper Union care kick delivered that's good or parent nine on next year and dangerous comes around. Carry case though police don't know and why I'm Kirk cousins there's another voice it says gold sign Kirk cousins. Oh look there's one thing they could overrule everything. Your charity on airlines dirt continental Africa or cut but hard for me to see that because. Yes you could make this work under the cap that thing you're not doing anything else this year. Am. Why would you want to hurt your cap and future here. It's crazy we can talk ourselves out of any scenario right and we don't know we don't know nobody predicted that Carson went would have the kind of season that he had that big holes. Will be the Super Bowl MVP that case keep them would do what he did nobody predicted any of it you can talk yourself out of any these guys are just with case Caylee. On paper you take you ski don't yet. Looks and that's guys paid twenty million per but here we are you from. Real big darling now throes of a lot of prayers days is that the system these in the team and he's playing for what really led to his success Kenny duplicate that somewhere else. Skeptical I think what we're finding out the more than anything is if you want your franchise quarterback yes at some point you're gonna have to pay for that guy. And when you do for that guy you commit to act. You build everything around that guy which I don't really know if that's the way out wanna build the team and wanted to kind of do what the other way around but. Obese in the camp of gold get cousins he's out there pay him everything make him the highest paid player in the league. And you don't have to worry about quarterback. Is on you governor contract. The Redskins that come on. Out. Yeah I like to think they know what a little bit they know what they're doing it. You think they're that dumb the only thing I the only argument I can make against it we were in terms of other Redskins view Kirk cousins is today. We've been seven and nine. And we haven't really made the playoffs in awhile so old you know maybe there's more than he can be doing for us. I don't know. Sure feels the part of a leader. Good stats. Go back and watch Kirk cousins give that speech when he was in college Michigan State. All of it that's very process like yeah well yeah yeah. Elicited the end these guys in brandy be knows I mean this decision whoever he decides tag is is quarterback is. He's gonna be guided he's aligned with his and it's gonna determine his legacy. Your failure or success in the NFL based on where your quarterback is as an executive as a GM so he's gonna take his time in and will sequel Seattle plays out general fund into getting cousins that what it's gonna cost to get cousins. And so far I think this guy is actually presented to the best case of all which is weight. Wait because one of these average quarterbacks Jimmy do you want paid twenty million for T skeen a Morsi what's left over after the draft. Again we're assuming that that's. Option number one here Goldfein your quarterback of the future really we're all we're debating here is should the bills paid for a guy wanna move ahead. Or not. To what bridge quarterback what it's gonna be a bridge quarterback I agree with this gala just just way ago. It's on me Mike danger for our friends from rock castle floors increasing candidate what. You hear a lot of bats from national floral off its ask yourself this question where those flowers coming from and is that really shopping local. Rock Kessel force increase candidate with a got you covered with great gift ideas Gina placed my order today for Valentine's Day bouquets. Baked goods for the kids. It stuffed animals and more EEE conceive right now when you order online rock castle floors dot com. Don't drop the ball on Valentine's Day order a local from rock castle force dot com Jeanne we've got I'll drink to that on the way next. Yeah I'll drink to that I'm gonna tell you one player that in this Emmerich freefall. And hold accountable here this player has shown me nothing this year and in their call minor. All right that's on the way next we'll give you some provocative thoughts from around the world sports I'll drink to that. On the way in the sports bar with danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. It is our right. Post rigs in the in the sports. A good hire by the colts grabbing frank Reich but I'm not waiting compounds you're doing cartwheels bills or let's take a step back beyond this. Wright's success. Is going to be determined by one thing. The Mets the health of its quarterback Andrew walk. The federal law needs surgery again. And that's one possibility here another year missed time pulling colts fans are better have low expectations for their. Team next guy listen I would say keep those expectations low based on the fact that we really know what frank Reich did Philadelphia last year. We are Philadelphia guys on the light it up for eggs there and it's he's a part of the offense but he's not all the plays. He's not working exclusively with Carson went to fools that's really more deeply oppose the what does frank Reich did. You know easily Herman and so he'll probably be OK but. Friday joining Phillippe and jettisoned by the chargers I mean like frank Reich's coaching resume is not that. Time Tanya. It deals and a strange way. Now tell me he's not Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan was hired. By the Buffalo Bills in part because the team needed to PR health. And hiring raw eight exceed sheets that fan base don't play well in Indianapolis his style but in the end I don't know if that's the right. Kyra you play you hired the guy that beat the guy he originally hired in the Super Bowl so I don't way. You upgraded. From a guy that turned you down for job I see you working Indianapolis. Brings it back so my first when he eighteen strength of schedule table today gene based on the opponents the opponents of the between seventeen record. The Houston Texans have the easiest path to victory next season the Packers. Have a tough this the bills right in the middle where you would expect them to have the eighteenth toughest. The strength of schedule with their 2018 opponents going 1271292017. Normally. I'll just dismiss any pre season as strict as scheduled data because of how much can change from year to year but with Shawn Watson returning. And healthy defense Jeanne I've got to be careful on this live I'm about to step what do you think they're Texans could be a playoff team next season change. All wow what a big limb here going I'm danger I know who I am race. Yeah if you go I just our Super Bowl team can't step out step out the top contender in the patriots. Are you I dare you. Lefty. I'll stop that that look they're better they're gonna be better than Tennessee right you would think. Can they be better than Jacksonville. Yeah I think there's a team that to win that match up for use that's. I'll drink to that the most disappointing c.'s dean for the Buffalo Sabres the guys edit but who in the sabres organization. Now from buffalo all the way to Cincinnati. Is happening but the most disappointing season as a player right now. I hit it on somebody on the emirates roster some it is not carrying his way. Someone last year we're targeting perhaps as a top Ninth Ward in buffalo that player. Justin Bailey. Bailey showed sparks for the sabres last season wasn't healthy the beginning of this he's in he's been hurt this year now put the injury excuse its side. He should be scaring off. The American Hockey League instead. For example involved way to look at the game tying goal last night. The website let's go hammer is pointing this out daily just standing around at the spectator and like you need to play both ends of the ice. He ever served freefall right now and Justin Bailey is one board that needs to raise the level of his play. It was a bill or what if he's just an HL level guy Jeanne Wheldon Sawyer NHL Don Wright and not be showing that last that would that goal given up late. And really just kind of standing around disappointing and frustrating season I'm sure. He's frustrated knowing. Hey he had all the potential the world be in any Joseph guy. And get serious. Good luck with wiest Som that does meet PM Merck's thing distillery I just read the guy's body language that sad you know one I really don't wanna be here. And I hope I'm wrong on that but that's. My opinion on just a bit so I'll drink. To that she'd know expressed on you you expressed concerns over how high in many NFL fans would cope with a lot of football on Sunday am happy to report that. I came gone off the high with heavy dose of curling. By apple on slow style. And women's hockey Jeanne. Paulino the Winter Olympics back. Buying you say I. I saw this I can't do it Gina and you'll keep saying that tongue is nodding she is trying to. But then you keep rattling bump all the details of what to watch them and thinking you've really. While that stage to listen to realize I normally don't just sit around and sit in front of my TV but yesterday good part of my day was spent just. BO or with a TV was on the back what was that was the from the house of I mean I'm in I'm invested are now. Was there watching downstairs and you're doing you know or OK was it watching with the girls. We watched some of Friday night with the girls. So this Saturday with the girls little bit this Saturday. Okay Friday night at full disclosure celebrity Big Brother took control of the house Friday night. We'll need a hand and I really got to do something about that I nobody on Saturday night. We spent some time watching. The the slopes on the men's slope stuff the kids read. From mom. The kid read what's his last name I forget the seventeen year old. Redheaded kid goofy looking teenager and yeah it's okay so I went and played the first gold medal for the for the Americans in the Olympics. Solve extensive action Jean Paul ask for water iMac on how about instinct of the oddly is uniforms in the NFL. Are going all the way Jacksonville no more time don't helmets no more crazy looking except L garb. They're getting a complete make over and when he eighteen new helmets knew everything. Now you can argue with me on this but to be wrong the title of worst uniforms in the NFL goes to. Tampa Bay Buccaneers colors that don't go together numbers that look like numbers you would see on my alarm clock. That team should bring back Bobby near Bruce in the green signal caller Younis and they'll be. Yes of course offering to that who who doesn't wanna see that gold uniforms are classics. Gotta have those uniforms Mickey are the worst person is the worst person who's upset today. That that the two tone. Gradient helmets of the Jacksonville Jaguars are a really like those helmets would be doing those are really good helmets. That is the worst all snapper I diary no I don't like is it off fear my mother I know. There are people that that that we don't see that look who look is blows all the tools you version of tools are going away. The gritty no more team should do that. Okay. It's our itself is so you're all about the fashion more than function. Is that we're tired I'm sure Tom Coughlin showed back up in Jacksonville said OK yeah the way we look here yet this doesn't look like a football team so let's. Exchange yet dare I say gene that they'll look more like a smash mouth football team next year. Black and blue world they'll want it more right more like a large hail. Like a lunch pail rag tag group of athletes. Ready to give it all see who wants it more every Sunday. Not wearing radiate to tone helmets anymore. Good for Jacksonville and by the way imagine the bills that one. It made it to the AFC championship we'd be talking right now about 11%. Ticket prices. Eight being the increase of a numbers Jackson this season up 11%. What's the bills I think was wondering raid on average three I yet they're gonna take that parks down in Jackson Hole. What oh. Allow your gonna sell ten kids graduate or you use your an NFL team again win today so yeah overall terrible market we're all rooting for you read Girard bridge Gerrard business. Gerard first gold medal for the Americans. Slopes style. See you call yourself this Olympic if they ship you know you're Olympic guy that's what you law when it. Nobody cares about the Olympics our listeners don't care it's for everybody else in the world I am sorry I meant maybe I mean maybe him everybody else and I'm in I'm invested I and I can't wait. The siege GO whenever you know you will I won't know that it will certainly watch but to sit down and watch by apple leader. Snowboarders. Big jumping off the rails and you know it's got. Staying quality and costs are now. It's awesome. Cheat it's awesome why why should ask yourself how the hell do they do that I'm in. I'm invest in them you know. I found a fun new thing to be addicted to. Football's over season's over got a couple weeks off here the Olympics. I'm in our let's get to a let's get your desperate scene here and a few minutes dispersing the fourth period dot com joining us here in the sports bar with danger detailing about a twenty minutes a self. Yes I mean who is gonna be actually players in the trade market sabres that could be on the mall what value do you put on these players Dennis is one of the best Latin. Are coming up as we are. Two weeks away from the NHL trade deadline. Tried Dennis bursting forth purity just a few stand sports part danger tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester.