The Sports Bar-Hour 1-Toby Motyka

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a discussion on the Supreme Court's ruling to abolish PASPA, essentially legalizing sports betting on a state by state basis. Next, 13 WHAM's Toby Motyka stops by to share his views from Buffalo Bills rookie minicamp.


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But sports bar with the danger and exactly especially my career to be regarded. The city of buffalo like Clijsters and fell in. I think that's every quarterback replace your wants to be in the same sentence of them just because of what he isn't. You know what he's also the city's fidelity aerial view the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills though. Mike dangers that's coming towns are organized team activities what are you gonna be paying attention to it out AJ McCarron who look Jeanne exactly. Remain Edmonds in here we are we having gotten that hot at the L linebacker looked pretty he's very big is big red report NBA playoff action. It's up quite tops and obviously for the right away. Crossing. The bulls Celtics. Want to have you a little concerned that the solution on the novel one of the novel to. And unforgettable season I didn't really like Washington's chances against Tampa man to wanna I wanna cross it like this summer travel all. Over. Score. The offensive blue line they give over to launch clutter that's been very intimidated by news. And the favorites right now in the Stanley Cup Rochester sports leader in 957. EST yes good afternoon and told the stolen join us the sports bar with danger and that's Magglio is now over for business. Thanks for stopping by medium and 50957. FM ESP and Rochester dot com our whole online. And of course he radio dot com now free to download you can take ESPN Rochester with you everywhere you go listen anywhere any time. Alongside chief detect where I am Mike danger. Page have a good weekend on had a good recap how is your week I it was great man did yesterday was a lot of fun Mother's Day weekend a weekend now. Ever all the moms in your world satisfied. Happy it was all about the preparations danger Ole miss this guy if you're waiting around last second on a Saturday I can understand why that might be stressful making sure the kids are all set but. That's that that would be my vice to anybody when it comes these things just like sports it's all about the preparation. I don't like to throw the term hero around lightly but. I was prepared for Mother's Day Friday morning Friday morning. I got my flowers out of the way I got my card out of the way laid out house that was surprising she got home Friday from work. An entire weekend a Mother's Day celebration all weekend because you go golf it and we so Saturday. Saturday was spent outside of you know what was great on Saturday but Saturday was a good day to just get stuff done. Around the house so Saturday was spent. Cleaning up to garage cleaning up shed moving stuff from the garage to the shed. Cleaning the garage cleaning garage floor again I just now getting the patio the back the backyard all set the patio furniture out. And it's Saturday night. We. We watched on the big projector in the backyard who watched a movie in the backyard on Saturday unit which is always fun it's fun thing we are doing our evacuees back adios kind of all of rules that over hangs not enclosed but we can. Hold on a projector and watch. Movies on on a big projected screen and Leo low fire pick on the do it but we did we get the movie it would've been nice to have little chilly on Saturday night but was enjoyable. And watch my wife's one of my wife's favorite movies watched meet the parents. Still holds up. So holds up it's about why join in and parents is that. A real life thing for you you really miss him very similar route yeah if if if you feel old you want to settle here that it was may know looking to peaking too remember. Against ninetieth. By who that's that would be way you'll know 2008. Years no one is eighteen years old. It's crazy to think that eighteen years past has been that at least it was for me so we watch that Louise on my west favorites. And it's and we get up we get together the family we all get in the kind of have little brunch he brunch. And and we went to the driving range. My game needs more from rusty I am rusty who now I am rusty. And Anita golf club I blistered myself not doing all the hard manual labor in the yard with the playing golf again by all. Completely forgot. Some adjustments. Should be doing should be all always loving them when they're. And then. And then gene. I did it predictable. Well you yeah yeah. But I knew for liking this year doing now this does not need that isn't necessity I will say this. I settled I did I don't like seven I settled I don't like settling but. It was a deal that was almost too good pass up there's a store. It's going out of business in Greece and had a they had a pretty remarkable deal on some weather some of their gross so who bought the grill. We were walking through distorts the department store and we were walking through the store and Ed I don't wanna be. Too much of a Jewish on Mother's Day but they also had lots of sales on vacuum cleaners I wasn't about to say hey while we're here we should just you know check us into the back to his we need a vacuum cleaners. Do animals died in that did that and I spent last night putting the other grow so we put together a grilled you know. Here in America. And figure no never do that I. This is my second guerrilla yeah I've ever put together actually. It that was advice we are not from my Carolina he has no he gave that advice to mean but I took it personally he said that on the air one day. It's worth the extra few blocks. I hit put together do not mess around when it comes that poise or grills or anything like that yeah. They they were able to sell any of the floor models until there there's their shelves were empty and there were last ones on the shelf so we you know we got a big box and I emptied out the box put together grill but again. Is there anything more satisfying. Than a hard day's work and then seeing the work after like. Is is much work is when it's Saturday. Sitting back at the end that was a cold one watching the movie under the stars those pretty satisfying day same thing with last night all that work. All the way you know and here we are we got a fancy new growth so that that was that was my weakened. Your ideal search for 11 good decision leads to another good decision Leeson of the decision minded decision was hey you know what I'm we get everything on Friday morning in terms of the get you know I mixed in some breakfast in bed on Saturday man thing. It is yeah I think. Gentlemen do the right thing. You had a good week of very good weekend. Kids are happy. Ex auto producers. That the sports are assassination was a little stress but she knew Julie was fine in the end zone. Juli is the type I don't know Sandy's like this wherever there's a our holiday event to you know every that house needs to clean everything needs to be done in things not so I I know it's going to be a stressful weekend but. We managed that everybody was over your house no well no we did the double dip yesterday we learned this in my amount in the morning and then we went over to Julie's folks in the evening that's all washed up. Perfect. How did did you sneak away for any action. Reeled them working in. The players we risk tiger's round as the likely. That list Saturday night we have gonna watch a little hockey and hockey it is it's an all points I'd at all these games so far pay real quick I mean you know I only punched up a little bit of last night's game. Tampa since the worst in the leak. The worst in where right down that's a pretty terrible right at me and I I I. I had my doubts about Tampa fans back in the black hawks were playing Tampa in the finals and they weren't allowing. Any any black hawk jerseys or ticket sales the Blackhawks fans is like well I hope wolf well from scares us. But. True colors gonna show up your team's back is against the wall you could hear a pin drop in last night's game at that in that arena it adds. Warts town and we just say Tampa we had Ronald hole. What is the worst sports town in America. Tampa's up there. It's sale landstuhl. But at least Alam has college football mailed rally around that whenever there's a big SEC game they they do that right what do what is Tampa known for. Tampa Bay Buccaneers they have that crowd is. For the opposition and the rays they should be cool on you have aren't really the best player all time Evan Longoria saying this team should move. Tell me it's the same deal where if you have a team from the northeast yes you have your lightning fans out here Rangers your flyers your whoever they're playing in town. I would just think if you're if your team is in the Eastern Conference finals in your got a couple goals in the third period you might wanna be Indian game I mean. Lose the call I mean you can hear the you can hear the players on the ice like bush immediately hear that. In an atmosphere. That it playoff atmosphere if you're the home team you should be. Do it. And then of course wait when they scored a goal late in the third. I don't know there 89 minutes left the gate I mean you just saw the that camera showed the mass exodus in the arena Michael wow. Wow. Tampa fan. Shame on you. And it's not like the traffic is that it's hampered traffic while the snow birds are down their patent. And they are all gone and should have been that bad in no excuse their Tampa sent. I agree dangerous act I'd like to see Washington do days I'd like that sealed that skin I don't wanna see of vets and go through his whole career not getting one. I'd like to Tampa though I think Tampa has a lot of talent like I like that team I think that's a good team. They just have been a girl Washington washes you don't let. Stacks for the year before the blow like come on man why don't we really neutralizing. Why don't we hold Callahan. Or do we all Callahan in the same regard as Gionta in this town. Is that it we are sold super provincial. Channel hand. Former Olympian yet. You would think that more people be in the Tampa hockey chairman. But they're not. No I I'm gonna continue to root for Tampa even if the fans are jumping off them Alec. I want attempt to win that series I'm sorry that case scenario is AS and mentally one of that scan in the final in May be a matching gets his first it's. I don't care about like Tampa pilot the talent on the team. In the middle third out. They do they wealth but to that series. Boy it sure seems one sided right now both of these sip having the action we saw this weekend pretty one sided not the most entertaining brand of hockey. And it's all leading aim if Washington makes a final it's a Washington Winnipeg final all just ratings poison for it and. Other's brains poisoned anywhere you look because even though Vegas is a nice story. Now see them bounce back let's be honest. You know it's only one now. None of these markets. Vegas is in that debt this transient as they com the Las Vegas market. Yeah it's gonna be repeat and perhaps record low ratings for the NHL and you know what Gary Bettman deserves a great sport terrible week. Gotta go Lyle lineup for you this afternoon on tap here in the sports or danger tight lipped. We will talk some Buffalo Bills football with micro Iraqi joins us in the four clock are rough for thirty yourself. Bills are working meeting camp over the weekend. Rhode acts views and also hole oh I wanted to get road X opinion on this Ross Tucker. Was telling Mike wrote back how he believes the Buffalo Bills. Might have near the bottom of the league in quarterback play offensive line pet play and wide receiver played the roster wise. They might be the worst in the league in those three. Those three positions. And I'm curious as to relax response to that it's hard. It's it's hard to argue the ads apply to you could say outlook a lot of things happened they're kind of out of their control means I'm sure they want. Preparing for Eric Wood daft to retire prematurely in. Enriching cog needle thing maybe the pay cut forced him. In retirement but he was also using his body is that you know hey look my my body's beat my doctors are telling me I can't keep this up. You haven't addressed wide receiving your drafting your quarterback of the future years opposing quarterback of the future so you. You're you've addressed that in and the line is kind of out of your control. Wide receiver is puzzling to me. Why no bigger moves with wide receiver are you waiting maybe that maybe that's the play maybe the play is let's wait until after the first of June. And see what shakes up some of these treason and meet with the plot one of these guys. Yeah out or made you wait till next year I would think news of the bigger attitude to me if you're gonna go while we make in investment. In the end Desmond demon number seven overall picking give all the draft capital and have for Josh Allen great. Hopefully if under guy. I Unita hacked that guy wouldn't want him taking unnecessary hits and if you're going when Jeff bold nine as George senator what was time to. After. Eric Lloyd and Richie being content Hedo I think that's the question. Yes you have white collar okay that's is that nothing more than a late round flier as far as us somebody who might. Compete at the guard position. If the bill and they do have a little bit pocket change here they wanna go spending. Coming up here in the summer months and you can find some talent but to me. Go get some more guys can compete for a spot and that offensive line danger because. RAE you can hold your breath and Satan the five out there their war but. Where's the depth what its effect what is chore mills goes down. And bill sense couldn't wait to get rid Jordan mills now he's back again as a break tackles so yes I agree too wide receivers you can certainly improve there. By year your offensive line Russ to ross' Tucker's point. And then don't appear to be very good year. Or about fifteen minutes away from toll would seek a third team in sports joining us in the sports bar looked talked Toby all things sports. And our lead story today. The Supreme Court striking down passport. You only say like. This game changer. Or or. Try this new. Flavor of Gatorade. Changed my life like really how how miserable was alive for you tried that new flavor of Gatorade. No this is actually something that might change. Your life is a sports fan. The idea now that. Gambling. Will eventually be legal legal betting on sports. On a state by state basis. With the Supreme Court striking down. The federal law passed a law that bars gambling on sports in most states. He is a big deal. What does this mean for us here in Rochester New York Mike. Danger. Well believe it or not ESPN did a ranking of who was closer right now as far as legalized sports betting. It put your state atop not look near state. You don't have a have a net NN day here no legalize marijuana but when it comes to these inroads. Yeah I it's seems like. This is the way it's going I'm wondering if it's gonna be looking. Kind of like an old TB thing. Like yeah you can bet here but you've gone on. Here and that the loss well. The stakes are gonna prove anything until they can trigger what their taste is going to be you know and as it stands right now. There is a state senate bill state senate bill. S 1282. Which would authorize betting on sports and any casino racetrack RO TD facility. A currently sits in the Senate Judiciary Committee. And different politician standing up being and kind of explaining what the song means it is being the kind of quiet in Albany in terms of lobbying on this issue. With the exception of the people that represent the receipt nose in the off track betting facilities that are making sure that they're going to be included in any kind of initial legislation. But the states in though legislators are gonna kinda keep everybody arm's length like fear they get their biggest piece of the pie. Before they unveil this and I would imagine if there was a timetable. And you mentioned ESPN had New York State is one of the top ten states that that'll. Within the next five years. Seems realistic for the next five your eyes. New Jersey to get to dom before this year there's he seems to be the state that was pushing this. All long but. Danger just really change our behavior in other words you want action you can go either way down through way to the left of civil right. And if OK so they're gonna put it it at the racetracks in the casinos the race he knows if you will. He did sports book downtown Rochester. The one place I'd be into a New York State that fuels like a sports book just 'cause of the monitors in the way it's laid out you're sitting there and everything's Brett actually 716. Something like a 716. Ranking god. Have a nice meal and there they're gonna give you an iPad or interpret is and I can mean placed my wager whip. Are we heading to something like that or is that too complicated for our state. Again I think if the secret is that a way that they can wet their being this is all about it that it's gonna be a huge industry. A massive industry. CNBC saying. If you all professional. Sports franchise. Today you just doubled. The value of your team if you owned that team imagine that. That that's how much. This potentially means it's so much so that the NFL could then and today was. Let's face it today's a loss for the NFL in terms of they haven't really been able to figure out a way. They were trying to think to work the federal angle the journal way along with the players union stairway that they can get their percentage figured out before. Before this past before they mean and now rather than the NFL saying oh now we got to go shake trees and every single state. That makes legally need a gamble gambling. Legal to figure out what our percentage is going to be now we've got to you know trigger a way to work through congress to eject to regulate it in a way so that we can get our taste the six wanna taste but there is debate is is. Here's a quick this if you hear them say integrity of the game that's basically the NFL saying. We're not happy until we get our cost. He integrity of the game means not being. It means nothing the NFL's gonna keep throwing well Lou we got to make sure that the integrity of the Heidi you wanna make sure you're getting your piece that's what you wanna makes. Our integrity of the game did they not put gains in London where it's legal the bat are they not moving at team gives Vegas were they talking about integrity gain back that. All by the way. Are we can be splitting hairs here what's the difference between me putting. The patriots minus Gavin verses. Entering the draft kings or fans dual whenever it is the best place in this stadium. And I should say I should take back some yes Edison was badly to that leaves a loser this actually great for the NFL it's great for the NFL. But they aren't satisfied they they know like. Everybody knows that this is gonna make the fell more popular the baseball all actually about any game golf. Tigers and misses but. All of make all it more interesting more exciting it's great for sports. But the NFL's gonna hide behind this integrity of the game in skill. They figure a way that they get a piece of it and of course the states now they're gonna want all that money for themselves. At you ask asked me about. About the integrity of British Premier League soccer because you can walk in any stadium in the British rarely do you. You're watching this film tours ago. So let's get the new domed stadium in buffalo in the year 20/20 five danger that's where. Okay I'm gonna locked in in my phone in old look OK yeah I'm at take the bill's late in the fourth today. Will be of little plot when I walked right through media betting parlor the rain and understated. Sure and an I your second I would love the guy I love the idea is to listen full disclosure are set foot in an OTB. I want I've driven by money and I think to myself I don't know what that the inside that place looks like. But it doesn't look to meet doesn't look appealing it doesn't a we're not so but if you had. Eight PR EE I didn't sports book. I do Vegas sports book. That is appealing to me now I don't know if you're able to did replicate that in any way in this state at any of the casinos that already exist or receivers that already exist. Or if you're able to do it and satellite versions of that. Like you mentioned the 716. Kind of looking place where you walk in and it's his wall the wall monitors in sports everywhere and you're able to put on action that's it that's enticing to me. But this. You have on your phone right now and if your if your betting right now after gambling right now there are plenty of ways you can do it on your phone. Online it it's it's it's all out there you can you can find ways to do but think about how easy it would be Jeanne. To pop open and app that you probably look at every day on your phone. You know can really win. From the legalization of sports betting. The four lettered network her. That we that we share a name with ESP. And I mean think about your opening up that out there showing point spreads on their schedule anyways how easy would it be for them. Just a little button there that lets you bet on the action right there on your phone if your ESPN and you have a way of monetizing that. Ole boy. It very happy and think about their fantasy to go you play street for the caption about that I've heard of yeah. It's gambling without high stakes. We know with no stakes there's nothing involved it's. It's well beat ya we're talking small fantasy stuff and small street for the cash potent. When you're talking about how. About going to look at you you are not the target that Vegas once they want the whales. I his neck kind of crossing over though like if the media company like ESPN is gonna be taking your. You're 101000 dollar bet on you know the Monday night. Or the Sunday car away for example I'm. And then. This thing. Utter I don't know gee I don't know I mean I. I think I think they if it's it's that widespread. And out of that will ever get to a point were all fifty states that will be legal. Depending on what state your and you download that that you haven't there I mean we've done already with with fantasy football and in daily fantasy. They can continue to take out money in in terms of ad revenue. Why not do their own thing. Who promotes ES PM better than ESPN themselves. It's why we play the tourney games every year it's why we play fantasy football every year they devote their programming to I mean you know. Action just became a massive massive industry. In the states that are going to allow betting. Well it seems it becomes legal in New York our stations. That. She hear you use that you thought reverend a couple of years ago when it was every other that was draft kings and sandal. Oh my gosh I can't even imagine what that world is going to be like. Because once you get in what the web site or service your comparable way it. Packing in towels services good time to be in that sort of game to danger aid. Maybe you should stop the owns sports bar we can go into that sort of business what you think. Like put them towing chain went on you that unhappy. You talking. As it's a new world it it it's gonna change and end. It's worth monitoring here in New York State and I'd I'd be very curious to see what whip. Well what you think it 454 ESPN 4543776. That's our phone number. Told him a teacup thirteen went sports gonna join us next we'll discuss this and more with Toby next. It sports bar danger of tackling on ESPN Rochester. Listener rob the sport's leaders. And you deserve a shot. Dollars I. Weekdays starting at seven at that company each hour will announce a cool. You hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Dollar signing. He's on us fortunately here. Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio book Marcus sports leader ESPN Rochester dot com. Here in the sports bar. Danger mechanically he's seen putting together drill anymore is what you're saying that you pass that that when your life for not gonna. Take it still wanna waste time dangers worth the investment times money right but what who is putting it together for you know that's the thing like if you're. Is who is in on Twitter Jeff points on Twitter morons put those floor models together. To rule you know I don't know and floor model to gather mean you know if you're just getting it right off the floor. Not your paying somebody you trust me Felix and you need to. I don't trust myself but can manage not to say that OK probably the guy who's done it like point five times would know the pitfalls and to build a lot quicker. Plus a lot of these places dangers go online. Order it. Pre delivery in three assembly. Well as Chris Allen when he ordered online assume who's assembling for balance the united Sweden where it normally ships there's you mart stores are right. I'm not hot and I'm kind of against it I think improve role. Putting together your own growth. I gotta do now. I'm a little bit nervous but who puts a formal together. We're talking about the hum supreme court's. Decision. To strike down past the dom tweeting IDS in Rochester the biggest ripple effect will be with the players unions in each sport. I think he could ebbed and bringing players unions and the league's. Back to the table and writing a new CBA is because the players will obviously want a piece of the pot. They all want a piece of the pie whether you that a year that that the owners that the the league's. Or or. The players I mean we we are kind of heard. The players union. Last month make you snakes and saying you know hey we want to work with our leagues we want to get our piece of the pa. Yes they they all wanna get their their peaks wet and the way this is looking now on a state by state basis. Most states can kinda keep everybody at arm's length keep as much of that money is a camp for themselves. Well. Right how does this go into the pot I guess because every league as the you know the that the sharing of revenue between the association and end. And the owners wanting I'll point out it's. I think not quite it's funny how one of the secret winners and all this. Is a guy who was forced to sell his team. Jerry Richardson. Had this happened three years ago or safe for years ago in the the colossal this franchise would not have gone for what it is today. The reports that it's gonna go this guy tapper the you know he as a minority stake in the Steelers he's. In hedge fund guy. Carolina Panthers are gonna go for two and a half billion dollars bill in the dollars two and a half what buffalo bill's goal for little over a billion right that was a record at the time. What are the business danger do you have. Such an increase in such a short amount of time. And with today's news that he's only gonna increase more now and there's another thing that we can talk about went with this this decision from the Supreme Court. States. That this what is the best. States are considering paying league's integrity fees. Are you worried about the integrity of your league will pay your feet leave us alone which that's it that's jacket. It's off if you're if you're the NFL and let's say it's West Virginia. They're giving you an integrity fee of government many million dollars it is basically did it. How is that not gangsta that's. Money that I bet take your money go away here's your integrity feet. Other states don't have to do that but they might do that just that they can keep the larger share of the pie. Moving for the entire share of the line. Becomes another chip too when it comes to franchises moving and everything else in his state. Yeah and it doesn't wanna play along wants to keep a hundred cents. I'm looking down the road that you know a state that doesn't allow betting day in a state that doesn't pay the integrity feet to win ever leak. We're seeing that league is looking to expand all the state doesn't have these revenues streams well cross them off the list. That's why two days. Email released there from the NFL PR department talking about integrity that is adds up. Bunch of baloney it's kinda it's just saved from it what it is we want to make sure we get our hearts that's all this. What does it mean for you in New York State a couple of local officials. Politicians have chimed in. Com and tocchet did Chuck Schumer because he wants to put itself and historians are being. Member of the bills are staying at singles issues occur as a get. Hey chuck thanks we found that about a week ago but here here's your headline thank you you're you're still relevant. Anything else. Now the the that the president's. Of the receipt knows they're all you know. Eagerly looking for an opportunity to work with state officials. A state assemblyman Angelo Moore now eight. Quote I have not heard much in Albany. I'm sure it before the end of the session. This will be acted upon and discussed. Whether it comes to the floor for a vote before the end of the session is unclear it just seems the decision will be made. More towards the tax revenue concept. Rather than what the people want regarding this issue. You may translate that for you. Like the NFL the states are in it for the money we want the money. And if it's our. Law it's our money we don't have to give it. TUMR receive no owner or TUMR. Franchise owner. Or NFL or Major League Baseball. So. By the way. Like do we really believed do we really have faith to states are gonna do this. Right now don't they if they're thinking in New York State danger. That while this is great let's just replicate OTB in mobile call it. I don't know sports betting parlor and we're gonna become normal. It's got to be right here on your phone on your salt that's where it's got to be. The states can't pave freaking roads like I have very little faith that they're gonna get it done the right way Aaron away that that. Makes sense for us that I would say the people that were. You remember how point it was. In the early eighties when it win talk of things like a state lottery came into play in in her book ball well the opponents are Null and just introduce. More gaming and more BO gambling well you're right it did and here we are. Lotteries have been such a stable financial stream for the states to employ them. Why wouldn't you take your chance. We've legalized sports betting now if you're New York State or any other state you've seen what would that revenue stream looks like from a lottery standpoint. Now you have another revenue stream coming in with legalized. Sports. An. Eight it's gonna be remarkable time. I'm trading taxed here the holy month cica who's running late because he's in a heated basketball our game. I guess that's a good reason. What are way. You whatever it is severe yeah. What heated basketball argument could there be right now I mean this Celtics. Have the best coach in the league. The six Ers are years away. Toll what is this heated basketball argument you speaker. Well my god public came back at my office saying that the Celtics are better off without her career again. And Gordon Hayward and and it was just. Dario and other playing well right now we get. It out. That that is insane argument. Eight sorry what we also blowing your your take on the legalization of sports gambling. With or without passed but before you know something really important are you more of up to grow together yourself kind of guy. Or are you idiom and have the store put it together assembly required I have a feeling and or cattle on a stance physique he was telling gene that you know you gotta pace somebody do that work for you or you more guys that. And I'll get my hands dirty on all working and have the satisfaction knowing a tackle against myself. Now we're talking about literal grilled the good news is Ahmet Terkel guys that were eight. Opening it up putting little little wrap on it and getting the article it go in in that regard that that might style that well. Nothing wrong with that no that's that's the prefer wake. That's him that's the man's Whitaker. Toby. What are your thoughts I mean like today's one of these days where it may. I think he's changed everything to me like I'm not gonna say I'm gonna remember where I was. Win when they when he struck down pass ba. But. Is today's a pretty significant Dave your sports fan. Yeah it it really is I mean if you really really scored on it that the pet on board under way into these big but. But for casual fan that. That is a pretty monumental peel them and will change the protection of Spain Tuesday you're already hearing about it could be broken Angela prepaying. And how their instructors are gonna be kind of kind of put in place hopefully at that you know we were with governments that are etc. But not at that they had been kind of at a quote the really long time and of course now. Were about to get it is that well. Yeah at viking York State's Colby is at the state where. We have. The difficulty getting things done on an EA if you mean I'm reading articles that were actually clothes or your in your state and some small states do. To this happening how to access. Houses all look I mean is this part of the short term mean this is a bomb for the Racine knows Laura long term do you think. Instead of getting an ally a scratch off Lotto ticket I can just go off to the cholera and place my bets right dare any convenience store. I don't think either Rutgers thing I don't know we'll get to that corner a little bit at least in the relatively near future but look it. Our government and I'm no expert on you know political one not but it been like our government have been. What because you know these last few years of course we have the one at all but it that. Has heated up and and if they want to dip casinos the boot. Legalizing sports gambling is certainly not going to hurt them gonna become a place people go to eat watch game that on their. Papered mean delete it or whatever it is certainly going help our local could be no doubt. If if New York State which is that there's that that really prize. I actually. Fix it how you view television how you listen to the radio moving forward when this becomes legal in New York State. It's gonna act drastically impact how we conceal our sport because all you know it'll be. As Agile in the wild wild west like it was a couple years ago with draft kings and stand tool O'Brien overtaking the Airways and think about every single. A sports better than that once advertise they're going to be they're going to be everywhere. Everywhere and and I mean I'm about to make the comparison forget drafting been painful to think about when you first started playing and it beat football. How that ain't believing you yet that being beaten or NFL network and what I think I started out 2004. And it just changed everything I'm refreshing box scores all over the place in game capping out of up all over. And it just became such a bigger consumer of Vienna fell. That I was before I was always a diehard New York Giants and be sure to watch the giant and everything else kind of background noise. And they're related might be what you get a fantasy football team go and you're paying attention to everything now you can bet on whatever team you walk or whatever game you want. Economic that he. Told him a ticket thirteen when joining us here in the sports are 957 years can't remember two weeks ago Toby you would you came mine and you're one of the first ones to point out a well when the bills or if this year look out his Josh Allen got a look parade in short you're going to get excited. Sold did that at the storyline would you say for the first day rookie minicamp on Friday. A 100% and and look we didn't get to see you know all the full on 1111 ill we got the either or that one day it will be more go to the eight the court a couple of weeks for about a week after I think it is our first that's an up there. But I remember watching one on one. And there was one player in particular with with often parole and he ran a pretty nice route but it was well covered. Kind of book pearl to a quarter route. And and Allan. Just. Dropped it right over the fingertips of the the better it but how had made big power and a perfect putt on the trajectory at the same time. And I kind of look like Ole Ole. Oh that's right. They pick it can do that that's why he while people become part of why is Prodi what made it quite a while training to happen. And throughout all these different kind of reel that in. But again it will everybody I was happy to be that the storyline or about how dot Allen look on its first big bill at and more. How he's adjusting. The Vienna well a little bit and that great moment to tell it because really if we all read into it after just that one practice everyone in adult man. He could beat start better than everybody thinks. Which may get beat through we don't know that for certain may still be true but but he certainly look at the path. And how it happened to see everybody here you did not intent happy everybody had to back off a little bit just let it be won Iowa. Well we did Jim Kelly moment was great it was images big awesome to see him again exhibited courage to come out and do it to be out there. With the bills and in to meet Josh Al saying you know to hear his emotion behind meeting. A Buffalo Bills legend and the perspective and realize and that's what we're gonna strive to be that's the greatest in that two week but you know while want to be with this game. I I couldn't help but think though Toby you know somewhere visit projected starter for the Buffalo Bills week one AG McCareins wondering it will where's might visit with the hall of fame quarterback I didn't get one of those. Not Italy not that we know of right. But no PH will PH it McCarron out there. Certainly to open a week and a half. And that'll be is and that our laps and what he can do at least a little bit. And a court may Peterman brightly meat you've got beat but. You know we re all in battery easily there create in the Kerry you know. It was it that the that he was ever really given it can't would Andy Dalton. Obama Powell founding we've been given kind of the green light for years there now. But you know immediately know he's gonna get a shot here. But he certainly have to compete for a though you wanna I would chip on the shoulder AJ McCarron has certainly going to be that I think our region he was going to play out. Much differently than it did for him whether he that are. But will inevitably happen at our lighting it up hunter Jim Kelly appetite are they at. Doctor thome with two to thirteen win joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN. I understand the bills an opportunity to go get and means a guy they wanted in that first round that middle defenseman hope we have. Have brand being done enough for Josh Allen in other words offensive line wide receiver. Can more be done this offseason to help fortify those positions. There's so little that you can do a wide receiver you wanna and that kind of higher rhetoric. There are pale or right I like that. And out real big injury black on the the crime but at least can make some plays orient but it does. I don't know how much more you're gonna do in terms of import fine. Starting division should work things you're gonna have to hope that you know you look along we often the lottery a look at. A position like that and hope they it would it would peak this last year where you're like I got I adore employer really that that. Plant going into the year and that at the end of the year you can't imagine the build beat them about the have to hope that. You know me being you know what they're doing in created the Gavin and bill that they have the dark and apply it weak year. That we haven't necessarily eat yet. Otherwise you're exactly right remember who I saw this week from earlier today but it was that the bills wide receiver often the line. Opposition. Are in the conversation or Italy and that it is you don't want that to beat the perspective or the reality. Because that means you have a lot of work to do we do that the kind of cross their fingers I think at that point oh that these are right about the. We were joking around this time last year about the Buffalo Bills and there it just seemed like every game or sign another fullback the sent into the foot. And yet today isn't an exact all stat signed with the Buffalo Bills you'd probably turn some heads during the rookie minicamp last week and blocking fullback. When we talk about the lack of of movement at the wide receiver position meaning it's not a stretch to believe this is going to be. A team once again that that flows through the shalom Cohen their ability to from the apple. No question and I think that. If you happen on McCoy you don't mind doing that anyway what always make me nervous about the build the look it up Kelvin Benjamin Charl out there. You're not in bad shape. At the receiver position and we although it was not McCord and catch the ball a lot of back he'll make me nervous did either of those guys are iron and and and I feel like every year there's there's a point at about week five or they were I looked out at the deal and I'm like who. On God's green earth are the guys running around right now I just have no idea. So it's not so much the guys at the top that concern me at those positions that I don't know what's gonna happen at any of them go down or anybody in that bit. And you know copper that it looked on McCoy or so but he a little bit for the person that is careers well. Not that there's call Perkins or whether this big relentless on the corner. Ultimate seek a thirteen whim joining us here in the sports are 957. ESPN released Toby you know movements as we last talked we will have the training camp at saint John Fisher College. Yeah I hit it. I don't think they're blowing smoke when they say they like it here that I and you know re the future and they that they'll be here when their contract is up. But I think that we looked pretty good impression on on McDermott repeat with the bill the ticket help that typical loose from the area. And of course you know she's replacing brought Brandon and it's not like we don't apple rot at the connect to go in there. Or what happens on the deal expired but really I think right now for the next few years. Uphill spent too light the Olympic camp right down the road here rot so they could beat Brett. And just look forward to doing. Safe to say those Toby that that what we've seen in years past is probably not all we're gonna see in years future and I think we got a little glimpse of what. The bill's vision for training camp at saint John Fisher is last year where early practices not necessarily the most. And friendly however. When you consider the results in the end the drought I think fans would take panel that. Yet 100% and I don't spend a lot more I practice and I I ever bought the coaching that was creepy about those I feel like it was kind of you know it mostly our ticket yet open it you know and look forward to it obviously McDermott at company kind of in like I'm gonna run the ship how I want to run the ship. And now. You know we I think there was just a one barrier Leon camp last year I would expect the exactly that Spain bank it you can get up old grown that you're with at least one of those backtracked is that there. But don't expect them to go you know we need to do more for the band the old going to be a lot of lot of crap what. He's might have to pick aborting all or want to. I can't wait for that does that to win what's he could talk and some bills football. Odd Toby things wanna him before Lago allied yet understated yesterday and our station I was aboard a settling in and watch and a good game one between the Celtics in the as it didn't happen are. I've but hey they're better off without the without. Without re right. While. Brad Stevens was a mess yet but. But I think it's humans here why did he not get any votes for the coach of the year. Yet we're hooked up a little weird I think that people are already you know it's only been a few years attic getting AM. Being a really really good coach. Oh when you consider that you know they want is second best player earned it Blake in out. You know later on in the even top ten player in the entire NBA. Is that he wrecked. Gotta figure that the guy's going to be pretty remarkable playoff art book come into consideration. Yet but. Even if he doesn't win. He easily gotten at least a little little love for this thing because you're in year out. Only at your ability to establish the bell that it looked like the next great at basketball coach community. Talk politic a thirteen women sports our guests in the sports bar with danger in the tech lead Toby euros to go with your time with us here floor George what are you working on over thirteen when sports. I was talking a little bit of bills rookie camp organized and stuff that we kind of gathered at the end of the week but we're gonna do a little bit on. Off control to tackle rather real nice round of course although at Ricky Proehl picked off in the little bit similar we bought them and you'll hear from him later. Yeah it's a great year to be a sixth or seventh round pick of the Buffalo Bills wide receiver position so you got a real shot got a real shot. And I'm looking forward to learn more about him tonight Toby always appreciate your time here on Monday thanks so much. It. Thirteen wimps told him what he could joining us in the sports bar with danger to tightly and if you missed any of that. We'll have a for you on demand shortly the only ESPN Rochester dot com. Big story today out of Syracuse danger and I'll get to this and I'll drink to that that carrier go home. 118. Million dollars of improvements now. And funny how like some cities. And it can get things done. Who had. Tubby mentioned tweet that he saw earlier today that the mention that the bills. Offensive line wide receiver may be among the worst in league yeah I read that seemed tweet discuss that a little bit as well. Altered to that provocative thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree you're always looking to join us at 454 ESPN 454. 3776. Take a break here and come back with that next on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and that's. Let's say yes yeah. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. From an EN 950 and 957 FMS forcefully. The sports leader and listen lives when he forced out. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when teenager and exactly how. Stories opinions and contest people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.