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The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, October 11th

Danger and Battaglia start the hour with Gene's "Survive and Advance" pick of the week. Then, the guys tackle the top stories from around the world of sport in another round of shots. Finally, RIT Men's Hockey coach Wayne Wilson checks in with a preview of this weekend's Brick City matchup at Blue Cross Arena.


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But sports bar with danger and to jag media players now feel quite wide open mic to exit the 47 and is knocked out of bounds in Cincinnati territory. There's a silver lining in sum this up all the old. But nevertheless he got hurt it's in particular. Any play let alone player Charles cal. Take full responsibility fell asleep what's opportunities it's for his upcoming shows didn't convert. Sour taste yeah. Just like all this we have to continue to improve Tyrus working hard to continue to improve but got all the confidence in the world and Tyrod Taylor. Mike dangers it's gonna be tough but I think you know. What you can hope for is that he will. We needed utilizes wide receivers are not the way that forces the issue not the way that creates turnovers came exactly. He wants change the Tyrod and last year this year. But I have nothing saints quarterback. Rochester scored two liter 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar danger potentially up. ESPN Rochester dot com also the ESPN Rochester after this free download. Take with you everywhere you go you can take this car this via Bluetooth to beat. It's a great we listened to the a sports bar with danger to tag it's also the best way to stay up to date on the latest deals in sabres news. We have some great prizes SeaWorld we're gonna be to be out on Friday and now we're going into the hooligans and Webster going to hooligans seaside bar and grill Webster. We're be looking dapper as well Jean Friday be another day at work colorful high school full well we we always looked dapper looks is put. Get data out there we are registers best looking radio you'll always looked dapper I can be an unmade bed from time to time but yeah I AL Friday will both be looking go out. Well bullpen looking sharper hooligans get ready. Hooligans east side bar and grill. That's. Friday from three until six join us life as we prepare you for your sports weekend. On ESPN Rochester all right Jeanne it's time get your favorite yeah yeah genome map of exquisite passion. None more so I mean your Family Guy OK we'll we'll see your family probably comes first right. You are passionate about sports it's was a passion constantly hustling bull one of the things that I think you're more passion about that than most. We do we help our advertisers our clients we help you the list here that they. The next round OK remember survivor pool football one rule. It's two outs it's the bottom of the ninth. You need to get to that ten dating if this is playoff baseball. You're not thinking about the lap and just get in the hands. Apply that same principle don't get caught looking ahead. There is no tomorrow I always think of that scene in rocky three were Apollo is trying to. Pump book rocky Rockies down and he doesn't really know if he can beat clobber Lang and you know he's he's done himself and each is not he's not exhibiting is he's not he's not putting up maximum effort. An apologist look but yeah. Apply that that mentality. To survivor hope tones don't get caught looking at and they'll get cute either for OK take your best bet on the board. Every single week let's start with what Vegas knows what does Vegas know so far weeks 6 June parents let's go over some. All of the lines here and again tonight just got anything you've got options this week that this is where you can fold some traps here. Taking off the divisional stuff like Green Day in Minnesota none on now the Thursday night thing that's that's only three points Philadelphia Carolina void that. No way you want Indianapolis Tennessee yup there's an example right there will Indianapolis bad at this will be my only chance to take Tennessee none of them don't know. K you don't know who's gonna win neck games don't leave things to chance. Let's go over the line to your finger first of all this looks cool life. At hand right now Houston started at nine it's gone up to ten at home over Cleveland Cleveland quarterback switch here perhaps we'll see. The browns. Always a safe place to bet against it that's one option. How about Atlanta. Member Lannan didn't have a chance to take a shower get deaths being bought them from losing a buffalo what. Atlanta which they wouldn't winnable game or at least it appears this way line it'll Leavitt at home against Jay don't care Cutler in the Miami Dolphins. Can't. Golf and by the way within a little offensive line coach thing as a distraction or a party without guy who think. Washington but Washington is an option this week Sampras Cisco going across. The coast day across the continent to the East Coast nine and a half the Redskins at home over San Francisco pat. If that's not good enough. How about Denver at home against the real lenient giants team all and by the way this is your Sunday night game. Yea Broncos might well. They're hopeful that he is lying is what we call the Broncos with a Eli Manning no running game nobody to throw the ball too but. You know are the giants get it just figure it out one of these weeks. Can you on the hot seat yet he's officially on the hot he's got to be on the hot seat right he's been on the hot seat here the last few week if he's got a hell it's terrible now. His hair mats you. There's one game here that I'm gonna say it did it were to take Rafah border right now they do you like this Baltimore is a touchdown favorite. At home to Chicago okay. Now take that off the board OK why don't know why because I don't trust the ravens and you should neither the better options this week any other week we be looking at that no. Chicago's good enough defensively can we say no look at their linebackers back a little bit this week. Now I take that one off the board that leaves us four options Cleveland Houston. We taking Houston are we taking Atlanta are we taking Washington are we taking Denver okay I'm not trusting any Washington Redskins team not this week that the two Q move right there. San Francisco has being competitive this year they have a line any thing. San Francisco played Seattle topped Sanford Cisco sure don't want against Indy San Francisco's gonna bust through one of these. We just looking at their record a lot of people just look at their record a beautiful course wanna take Washington. San Cisco has won a game this is one of those case I might not be able to take Washington data point not seem to argue that that Sampras is still might be due. You know look out taking them off the boards announced on a Houston Atlanta and Denver. By the way that seems very taken in our side Pittsburgh Oakland New England Seattle Philadelphia. So after that'll wants star were five. Thank you for not playing the paper. What Owen wants thirty talking budget ever raced from memory now he's going to be the only one start where we that we sell wiggled the retail. There's no suspense this week that the we're gonna get it out of the way there's only one game really. Friday and Friday we will be crawling would take my danger could never thought never act. What are now he's going to face 80000 enemies than it did Thursday night can you busy. Any scenario where the Kansas City boring G golf in the days of solid goalie in metal zone blood Foxboro never it's not. It happened on top. You take your best that we want annual let somebody else draw. Let's go browns shocked the world. One of those games it's gonna happen tonight which was not that's getting new lately. I let. Major League one survivor there. Now you'll thank me. Death. Well for us week one. No but we bought that game yeah so that's you know sort five you know at that point so I again I apologize over and over again. Houston Atlanta Denver which one way like the best gosh. I Cleveland is winless Cleveland I'm not and there are less. Who's starting accord is gonna be Hogan's video in this week's round they're gonna start Hogan over ties around. Hughes' defense a little bit banged up. JJ watt and Whitney merciless. It's not like. The strength of Houston's offense that passing game so like Cleveland's been given up Holland. To passing in supposing passing games Cleveland's. Been pretty competitive this year. I think that one off the board I just don't well I don't trust the rookie quarterback get danger all right okay I'm with you line hi I'm with you death a week we consider that we had better options. And lead over Miami. And Denver over the New York Giants. Who's the worst team right now who's the safer path. What's the biggest line on the poor Miami he's got issues. On and off the field okay that over the I I that's a tough one. I don't know that Miami is bad they just want I don't know that there is bad is we want to make not good. Don't know is if there is bad is is some of the other teams that are out there that's true talent they have talent on that. That's true and it what do we know and get this is Tuesday in this is that this advantage we have been giving you is this advice on Tuesday. Who is back for Atlanta this week off the pot Julio Jones okay is he going to be easy right stuff ease Vick Beasley back is he right. I would stuff we got to learn. No you know why. I always. Keep telling people you gotta wait outsold midnight Sunday night this week you're gonna have to weigh it out until midnight Sunday night. We are taking danger. The I'd get the bat against the New York Giants topped Denver is the pick this week. Oh points over the New York Giants who by the way. Who would've thought that they were the New York team that is tank man who would have thought I that coach. How many weeks is so are we away from him being fired and all the Mariners don't normally do business like death but that's attractive job for a stable front office but. To me the whole. The whole thing should be blown off to get rid of Reese the GM get rid of their head coach starting new. But at least you have stable ownership and front office management beyond the GM work. It would attract. If you wanted to keep GM I'll be OK with and keep your Reese it's all up Mac and do get a new quarterback in the draft is gonna be your days with the Eli Manning are numbered. And you start from from scratch I mean acted it was the guiding it they. In Coughlin kind of didn't wanna leave but laughed and Mac and he was the guy and the staff went. Coughlin they wanted to get rid of it they just didn't know they're very passive aggressive about it a warning keep their. The guy who ran the offense but it just his it's apparent that the Mac can do. Eaton two things working against the reasons not cut out for this job where they call to Peter principle he's good coordinator but then you rise up and realize that he's not a coach. And then the second factor being here course. I did. What we're gonna throw the ball to. I mean personnel wise and by the way you do need a running game in this league even it's what he's seventeen because you don't ever running game case in point look at what's happening with the New York Giants right now he err on NASA. Listen if they. Outweigh Goldman. Of these go player I don't like on this week in Denver Denver's rush defense is the best in the league. Sterling Shepperd is that really what we're talking about Eli to sterling Shepperd against Denver and tough and I know endeavor by the way Denver also would be extra time to prepare this week so. Deborah primetime game. That would be a shocking loss that would be more shocking than them losing to the bills. We thought the only out without the bill's victory over dinner was shot they gave Denver. Is suffers from Pittsburgh syndrome when they played on the competitors I don't know that I see that happening. At home. In prime time against these giants. Adapting sat. I can do this one I was just very drawn to Atlanta there. There's a land as a very good team obviously and I cannot see them losing two games in a row when Miami beamed back to back on map but. I like you said danger Miami's a better team than what they've shown so far even though they won last week nobody's really giving credit for the dolphins come away without thanks. Have more talent than them we give them credit for I listen about accountability in the sports bar Jean. On hold myself accountable. I've bought into Jacobs Stockholm syndrome my buddy Jay Cutler. Stockholm syndrome. That team is taken on the personality of their quarterback. They don't care. Don't care big low. Care day. Error. Well you thought Jay Cutler smoking a cigarette was pattern and offensive line. Coach did you see the video violent death cocaine overdose. Death videos to stir. Very disturbing now at like coach so about accountability in the sports are all up to my mistakes genes owned up to the fact that he took New England to be Kansas City the best team Italy well he may want you make me old enough to win by playing a darn tape every week we get to this segment there's one person. A soothsayer or profit if you will. Who's very close to me is my next door neighbor Jake. Just greater. The morning all of that week one NFL kickoff between the patriots and the chiefs Jake said to me you know what. New England's losing tonight I'm picking Kansas City. Jake you're the only person I know that's picking Kansas City. You're the only person I think has enough now adds to come right out and say Kansas City for the win tonight. That night Jake my fifth grade next door neighbor was smarter than all of the experts. So now bears me out as we continue survive and advance football here in the sports bar with danger tag list. We need to see. Is Jean smarter than a fifth greater. From earlier today right standing by at the a bus stop. For week six survive and advance. Good morning Jake Kearney all right you advance thus far. Bold pick taking the New York Jets over the Cleveland Browns and yet here we are weeks six are you ready to make your week six survivor football back. Are we six we tech. And group classical style and it. Know how to win listen New York Giants going into Denver to face off against the Denver Broncos like this pick because. I feel like New York won't be able to do anything against Denver's defense. Legal claim sharper alpha and who's Eli Manning got to throw to. It's only chance but if he's okay ready if he's okay and and wanted to get on the ball against that defense I don't think I'd like this pick CU got Denver over the New York Giants week six survive and advance. Good luck Jake and let's see it Eugene is smarter than a fifth grader. While aim for the record you're not coaching Jake off right now as Jake yeah Jake's doing their research. Jake is spending time with these notes on the screen eighties seized. Look at the matchups and he's he's dissecting. I think a little bit and cut goes into that the text he picked the jets against the browns last week that as a risky. Risky play when he. Hit against the giants uses Eagles tend to remember that one need only one divisional he I don't without. So Jake are I were were were in lock step here my area that could advance to week seven together or you gonna crash and burn it together. Jason day's Jake you've got to get the data halftime I don't know what time your mom then they can get to go to that I mean on the Sunday night games IQ and make it up for the end at the time. Oh game by speaking of that who look at why hate myself as much as I do why did I force myself. To stay out last night and watched that ass show of a Monday Night Football game. Why yeah that's a Prejean who you are you don't listen to me why high school. People ask me all the time does danger really get that angry. And the answer is yes. How do you know Sheen. Well let me tell your story it was the night of the NFL perhaps Eddie is. He gave up. Driving the wrong anymore and anyway. Crunch. Hey. Everybody last night tweeting me. It looks good he's looking good actress. He. He'll look good okay he had some moments he had dress nice now ball and you know yes there's the whole thing that that probably are brought back at a couple of nice plays. You know the game is on the line you have a chance to be the hero it's it's your first NFL start. You had an open running back up on you know in the middle of the field you avoided him and you wait. You forced it against Pro Bowl safety what did you think was gonna happen rock. These are mistakes that rookies make these are mistakes that you hope rookies learn from. Pal last year at this time we're calling Jerry golf the biggest boss to you know by the by the last season at the end of last major golf cost. Jerk offs can be fine. You stick with your guy and you let them go is the bears are throwing games as they turned the ball over the way they turn the ball over their defense is paper thin. It injuries to deal with. They have nobody to throw the ball too although I think the bills would take Kendall Wright. Domestic markets wheat with the bills would take market's weak if it did the bears decided to release Markus Wheaton by way acting you realize you haven't hatch. Don't know a before last night you know I might be wrong but don't I think he still doesn't have a cat noting get one last night because they catch. That he made. Was challenged and it ruled that he was out about so yeah I mean. Why do this right you know it the at least at least. I got a little taste of something positive at halftime. With the Star Wars trailer thank you that that was good I I can handle that. Update that's called corporate synergy there at all it was is that me or any jazz piano always does that work you had the storm troopers marching on Soldier Field US storm trooper next to Sean McDonough who did who looked lost yeah I thought I heard some exotic just doesn't know what it like I'm talking about Star Wars I couldn't tell you the first thing about stall or who sits next to me. That's a fun gruden what did you dress up as the storm trooper for you know just it was that was awkward but yet the synergy it its full display. During Monday Night Football last night like the Star Wars trailer I did not like the outcome of the game. Why is there is a positive and all three phases of the game got involved for the bears a fake punt that accounts for their longest. Asked all of this season thus far. Listen we knew the bears weren't going to be good doctor okay. What about the politics why about the vikings. Can we just put Sam Bradford career down once and for all if this were New York City. He would be a new team on next sacked last night where he chest it it was the bucks at the end of. Lee he didn't look right all night and end. Credit him for wanted to compete in the left his helmet on on the sideline like he was gonna go back in the game at some point you're not healthy you know and and I worry. At night. I know this from experience like it when you have a knee issue we you're not really sure what's going on their you don't wanna say that's toward a sealer or what it might be. You're not right I'm still not right from my torn ACL Jeanne almost three years now be three years in February and I'm still there still moments were not right in each week at the wrong way. And you don't you're not the same guy. And Sam Bradford it might just be enough is enough flight that left knee of his is shot. And you see him go down out of fear that he's gonna take more punishment. It was ugly you know is really the only chance at the bears add in that game was if Sam Bradford stated happily case kingdom got one over. On Chicago Bears put that how it goes as nimbly as stiff for a whole key. Doing because true pesky Bill Gross and I relieved I need to shower was disgusting are let's serve up shots next. I'll go around the world of sports sura today's. Top stories. In shot brought Cuba market you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway. For the best selection best prices give market you liquor shots. You'll be glad you did. We had on tap for shots neck. Well no listen a lot of baseball we can get into Bob big. Big move for the Mets here as far as they're moving to Syracuse they're AAA team so. Mean was that really mean. Com and then also some things locally we've we still have to cover energy out of the hammer some -- home tonight. And out the most embarrassing thing for the sabres yesterday. Well as the score but there was something else it was pretty embarrassing for the sabres as well I'll look at that. More next shots on the way in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah ES PM Rochester this. He's always. I'm 57. More chances each. About sports leader each week day at seven. They've always. Yes we tease calmness when we. 57. ESPN Rochester. You're doing shots. It's. These top sports stories with T. Danger and attack. Time for another round on shot. In this war lie it. I'll Yankee fans are still alive thinks the 73 win over the Indians last night forcing a game 5 tomorrow morning Cleveland. Air judges two out RBIs doubles in the second inning that extended the Yankees lead before nothing and the team would take it home from there. He'll be a rematch of pitching for you match up for game two will be the same as game five quarry clover will take them out for Cleveland gets CC sabathia of the Yankees. Meanwhile we mentioned exports that are the other series that is still alive from the divisional series will join so shortly game four between the cubs and nationals general war. Going against Jake Ariana first pitch coming up at 538. It is over the Boston Red Sox socks. Failing enough for games to the Houston Astros for the four games to Houston Astros now the attention is turned to the future of Red Sox John for Ferrell. Ferrell is the only Sox manager who is ever guided the team back to back division titles. Also manager for the Sox and last World Series chip 22013. Girls contract is up. Speculation is Sox GM Dave Dombrowski made Atlanta walk. Live in new voices mean in the clubhouse if this was the end for Ferrell Boston and he didn't get to see. The end of the Sox season from the dugout as he was injected the second inning of the game for law. Meanwhile the National League the team that no one is paying attention to you were talking about all that's maybe because every game in the series started so late here on the East Coast. If the team finished with the best record in baseball this season that in the LA Dodgers the Dodgers back in the post season rolling right past the team many thought. We'll give them problems in the flat out stepping Arizona. Yu Darvish tossed five innings to get all the bullpen took it from there it LA taking game 331. The sweeping the series. The best part of this story danger after the way to mounted police officers who win over by the swimming pool there is over that's one out right field. To prevent dodger players from celebrated in the pool blue. Matt purchasing the AAA Syracuse Chiefs the Mets. We'll own and operate team reportedly except the least through 2019 deal ends a six decades of community ownership for the chiefs dating back to 1961. Unlike the community owned red wings chiefs. Have had their problems including attendants. For the Mets to purchase this team shareholders need to be paid to Syracuse post standard reporting that the team has about 4000 shareholders. Who hold the combined 151857. Shares. NBA pre season underway the Philadelphia 76ers take care some business right to lock up Doyle beat to win. Five year deal which would pay in the Max at a 148 million. Don't be an interesting case after being drafted third overall point fourteen missed the first two seasons due to injury. But later for about half the season last year walls which could be on the court the sixers didn't look like a playoff team. The seven footer averaged twenty points in nearly eight rebounds a game despite being limited just point by an effort to. Still given his injury history of chronic foot problems and long term commitment here's question. Some Tuesday night's soccer rhinos are home tonight against Bethlehem the first. The final two home games the regular season the team is also home on Saturday night team is offering a special two for one deals on tickets. As for the runners getting some of whole playoffs the team controls her own destiny and Rochester currently sits in fifth place. But as a game in hand with their last two. You know they win their last two they're gonna be hosting a playoff game in the first round. Saying no longer in the sports are Brian Gionta could not get in NHL deals to his liking wall thing will wade and a great career. Would be to represent our country in the Olympics will apparently. That's going to be the plan. A Rochester Americans ago and in my hand here Gionta was on the ice this morning practicing with the cameras. Jeff will not be playing with a hammer so let's make that clear just working out with the team as he gets ready for international competition. Are things going for the sabres. Kitty given names right on their jerseys if you're watching closely during yesterday's game where Kyle Bozo was skating the first period. With the Jersey where is nameplate read talk all polls though. His name was misspelled with an extra hope. Someone caught the mistake. NN. There was the sabres Winger on the bench taking nothing incorrect sweater and putting on a new one midway through the first period. Rough start. To the season for the Buffalo Sabres and and having Jimmy white on. With us last hour from WG army Chris laws and look if if they play the way they played night one against Montreal. They might not win every game they might not be a playoff team but they would certainly be compelling need to be entertaining. That islanders game and the game yesterday as couple of tough watches right there. Four shorthanded goals and two games play you want on earth this is a team to have been more powerfully last year and a new gone from that to in app. Multiple. I'm just wondering. Training camp of football long process baseball spring training wait too long. Hockey training camp what is it three weeks and you wanna install new system in new this news that I don't. I don't know they're picking it up right away here is dangerous seems like there's a lot of new pairings and maybe that's what this seats may we just need to give them little time and anyway felt the sport hockey knows that yes the teams playing bad but. Let's check back into the holidays I don't think it's time to hit any panic button with the Buffalo Sabres or any team in the NHL for that matter. Until look calendar goes to 2018 here. Receivers coach Phil Housley I just think the our effort was unacceptable. This came in this game in the sneaks. And it just seems that we're making key mistakes at times in the team that are ending up in our net you've been saying net. Our resilience has to be better we're faced with adversity. And we were not facing it the rate way we're seeing little. A Lawler gain men and we're not reacting in the right way. And it's funny because you can you can grow the game playing you can strategy that it starts with the work we have to understand how hard it is to win and compete. In the states if if killed listing teams that at key times in the gain it we're gonna make mistakes that we in a face that adversity a lot better. You can kind of sense a little tone of frustration. In the sabres head coach right ladies not get he doesn't seem like an explosive guy would notice like buying clothes were maybe he is but. You could tell like and the effort when the First Lady about his effort is unacceptable. Easier now than what some butts into shape now and I know it's early but I. Boy you. On terrible terrible I mean it didn't just gift wrapping a couple colts hiding just gift wrapping them. The islanders' goal I don't know if he came back. It again after he gets trapped that that turn over for the islanders on Saturday and and then. Again yesterday. Terrible. Terrible gene. They arable well he's a player that Montreal said hey Vegas here. Okay well wait a second you know what would just send them off do you buffalo and data draft pick fourth that's how boy you ended up. And to me is just a guy that you took a flyer on. And he looks like a guy you'd just took a flyer leads me to this great start for the Rochester Americans that the patient is going to be the call of glee at some point. That's been changed things for me hammocks just a little bit it'll be a little disappointing but. Odd to me eighties something that. I'm worth watching. And ever since. I want school week here as long as possible but that's the easy quick pit pics here for the for the Buffalo Sabres if you wanna get better personnel is called cool it's well. You get a chance to. Hear how burning goalies are progressing on Friday next time the hammer stake the ice against Utica pregame serving at 650 with team shattered on Steve's with call 705. You can hear all of your Rochester Americans action right here on M 95957. FM ESPN Rochus. Another story from shots I wanna go back to because. Maybe you you do know Syracuse is also community owns like the Rochester red winks. Boy it if Syracuse can be soaked the red wings ever be sold would this is this a trend now. Where if a Major League team can be purchased at AAA team. Run that more efficiently. And I could see where the Mets are working here you got the double eighteen in being insane and it could but the AAA team in Syracuse. I'm just not convinced don't at Syracuse sorry Syracuse fans it insert these residents and others. You're not a baseball Thomas Brock just not even close OK you're great you know the the school and everything else Miley baseball bat. I'm just wondering though if the Mets do this and they move the team somewhere down the road. And if the finger quote community own team can be sold to the parent club of some other team. Could that happen someday in the flowers that. I don't think so I think did the ramblings or we're way way away from apple like will we see more Major League teams buying AAA teams had to do and I. There comes out of the stadium. Right I mean it's smaller scalable we talk about all the time in the NFL I think comes out of the stadium. They can draw on Syracuse for in the have a nice stadium right and a they have and they see an opportunity for growth now so that's why they make that move. They can make some money. And we you know when you've bottomed out from an attendance standpoint or to go but up. Let's continues talks a mocking. RT men's hockey coach northeastern comes and they are ranked fourteenth nationally hockey east and for folks who are for Miller hockey is that basically like the SEC College Hockey so a very tough opponents up the very T tigers opened up. On the season against Wayne Wilson will join us here when I when Wilson joins us next we got baseball the top of the hour the cubs in the nets from Wrigley. We'll get to that in Mort next stay in the sports part danger and tag glee 8950 and 957 FM ES PM Rochester. This local sports talk in the flowers sitting there John Murphy Joseph Louis sports bar when dangerous and exactly. We day afternoon summer sports leader ESPN Rochester. We appreciate you giving us a little did you time this afternoon you most valuable and precious commodity and lower deviated version of the sports bar with danger to take me as we have. Major League Baseball the UNL team yes. From Chicago pregame starting here at 5 o'clock wanna talk a little bit more hockey in and give some time death. One of our good friends here in the sports bar with danger of tightly don't want it what are the finest events annually in this town is the brick city game downtown sells out every year not talking about RT hockey mean you've had other teams like points like Michigan Penn State Boston College coming over the years. And now nationally ranked team in northeastern head coach Wayne Wilson and RIT tiger's joining us here. In the sports park or can it can you schedule somebody easier Mimi and here. Do you think you have every sometime. By I think it's great child for a and I really enjoy the challenge and it. Think if fans really appreciate kingdom of the top caliber teams are on the country. Coming into Rochester and now. We look for towards the old girl in Fallujah this year. Coach got us fired up for the season talk about the teen talk about what has you excited is. As you know here here we are beginning of October hockey season is getting annoyed or excited about the sabres he Emerson of course the RIT men's hockey team the tigers how we don't. Yet the images don't exciting for everyone involved you. Ever popular people in this particular game a little bit extra. If that were just what we get down county. It is great event both coming in showcasing. A little that little code talk so. Are you weren't really sort of both work well you for almost done. We've got great leadership and a four captains were the ball all up front of one of our returning to blow up the war on. And director going to on the back and little. I like Turkey defensively that they were as good as anyone in the country via what the defense that we dress so that tonight. This system upfront return a lot of firepower drummer leading scorer of all. Terms that are productive as a belt where with regard to return among launcher. And we did not move a lot of firepower return rule on the back. Did coach and all yours a hockey have your been around a team like last year's team that was you know. So snake bit by ranger. Yeah I would stop right valued you've got to deal with that. In the top part because if people look at these are going to achieve their cultural traits are what it's like that would go somewhere that you're gonna get injuries. You can all hope there's fewer than during the injuries and and Bo or choose you know. Home to you players in Italy getting hurt. And other guys that we have that though the article that would model is up by that shot the last couple weeks of the year. I don't know what took so. Along with those guys that it's curving and others that. We just talked about. Padlock in the world as part of our union got to deal. Breakdown the rest of the conference coaches we head into a brand new season area and how we stack up against. Some of our are noted rivals urine in your home. Back at some particular soles and our work to be going titles alternating hero. Over the last numbered years. I think what we've been startled last year was. Just to have that experience playing in an orderly return of original. But we do return a lot of the two previously Google we won the durable. Seniors and juniors or in little. We've got a ticket down to that but I think the producers urged all morsels to victory in. Army's third strong. Up and coming in dirt about the peak of four. Well where they wanna be a world class size and war experience. Often deploy again. All across. That everyone really. The bottom as we try to squeeze the total work. If you're not playing why you're not gonna win. I guess that's what particularly got much better. Oh culpable scholarships. Personal but political accomplishment. Of making it also virtual. It's a great generals in the achieved partial model receivable the airport question and against western wish you almost to a couple local or regional. You know that we're not far off or Beijing will. Replace or at least challenging yet there in the our good wherever you want so as we keep progressing at Connecticut for. Picked out Dwayne Wilson the RT tigers at home their home away from home I guess the blue grass during the coming up Saturday night against northeastern them. Any chance that we may see Teemu salami in the stands coming up Saturday article I guess what I see. Eggs children of former NHL greats I as the opposition makes me feel old. Yeah outlaw and we're big bigger problem is. So far and over a lot of great little players at all. Respond to upload up and comer of the we're regretful but two players in particular food or literature actually there's got to get that secured through. Outstanding where it got a better chance was. Olympic team this year to true or their top players. I don't know what they're also. Very very don't have it. I don't know what received much better than going to look while the worst wrote to countries that are equal maybe but not many in. It's going to be a great test our defense in the as we. All. Play. Any any chance any of these players might end up in the Olympics coach with how everything's gonna be different this year. The idea I think competitive. And where plant or children of depressed. Are. I know he's on her watch lists that. No more Placido we don't know the year but we don't want it to that you cannot do. Earlier too favorable or him. Or play him very try to administer it. And works article about. It between wells and RT tiger's game always sells out a handful of tickets to remain to this gaming it's northeastern. Saturday night coach who do you have bus schedule for the brick city game what opponents say in future years it's always somebody that. That they're here to predict if you look awful wouldn't it but don't think it's going to be coming in. There were only two or. Come back depreciation would really kind of a around the country on the we'll continue to do so although we've got some other. Two and so we thought Stovall built up a double talk on trucks and Sloan didn't at all. Coach appreciate your time good luck Saturday night and ready for that season tiger hockey. Extra room. He got an RIT men's hockey coach Wayne Wilson this first of many visits this season. Joining us here in sports bar with danger to tag and of course for city is this week. This weekend so that's basically our t.'s homecoming but unlike other schools in the football team minorities so this is why you get. Downtown full. Of tiger claw humps and there will be 101000 plus of lacrosse Ravi never banned. It is a great atmosphere with a band and that corner crew and everything else in College Hockey by the way with the way things are set top. You're gonna see on this northeastern team like he match and a handful of guys they you'll see February in the Olympics here with on the NHL not sending their players this year. Always a good time look at Ford talked to coach Wilson now throughout course of the seas near the RIT men's hockey team all right the sports bar with danger and tag glee at abbreviated version. This afternoon that's a Major League Baseball coverage to give you here at 5 o'clock as the cubs host the nationals game for the cubs look to wrap up that series and advance. To the NLCS against the Dodgers for the second straight year in a row. And they don't forget tomorrow tomorrow night 730. My game five. Yankees Indians here on Rochester is most listened to sports station. I you can hear that coverage starting again 730. Tomorrow night on ESP and yeah. So we'll have a full week of the sports are coming up by this week is that looks like from here on out to outsmart it just a one game Thursday one game Friday. Are you and I will be out of Webster danger looking forward to another remote broadcast coming. Prime rely cooling gains east side bar and grill. In Webster from three until 60 you know my advice you'd be figure out a plan where you can cut out of work a little bit early start your sports weekend with us. Koppel in and get ready to go to Jeanne I would be. Will be looking our best welcome good every day and men merely look look so good he should be walking the streets of Hollywood but. Who you know Friday night we've got a little line action at the Victor high school friend that light slow high school football game action or beat on their gene and I so we'll will be dapper. We're always dapper danger. By the white thirty seconds last Thursday you were Kelly Clarkson house yeah hot and back off how does that go IDG. To get those seen any parts or how I. Tell you Kelly Clarkson has a beautiful house. It's the outside of Nashville and it is. This is not an exaggeration it easy 22000. Square foot house. House is on the market. Bully for eight and a half million so I would have put down to twenty gene scan hold firm on that wait for the phone rang and enough. God has a plan from Albion national soon may be living out of her swing set as just showing her with 2.2 120 Howell how much of a toward a target house or you basically garrote you know they broke it off we're fortunate backyard runner pool or hot you're her. Little play area for arcades she got a greenhouse the turned into a coffee bar. She got a bar we saw her home theater ridiculous all the certificate 22000 square feet gene that's ten. The size of my houses. It's a good time annual bunt other program workers yeah yeah nodding your head or later music we have a lot of fun it's a lot of fun in Nashville also yet could be back though. And back again tomorrow afternoon starting at 3 o'clock with another version. Of the sports bar with danger and take another addition on the way to more starting at 3 o'clock. We'll have a recap for tonight's Major League Baseball action more bills more sabers of course. And I will get you ready for yankees and Indians tomorrow night at 730 so we got that on the way next. Cubs and nationals from Wrigley. Tomorrow afternoon. It's that time it. And moose today. You know it's okay. Lauro. All right you know. At a very. These live. Please here. It's not Bedard acquired Steve. Nowadays you see what America does in college football and we want the competed does Willamette sport but really this is the talent is not an issue what is an issue from the elephant all this is. Remove the biggest challenge we have teams are really. The best college football matchups live on PM 950 N 957. Advanced sports leaders ESPN Rochester.