The Sports Bar-Hour 2 10/12/17-Matthew Coller

The guys discuss the power of Fantasy Football in how we consume sports when we have multiple options as we do tonight. Next, we talk some hockey with ESPN Twin Cities' Matthew Coller. Finally, a look around the NFL with "NFL Appetizers" including what looks like a 6-game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott.


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Good sports bar with danger and to tag up but next time. The ballgame so over. Eight season. I'm still bitter end. They hit millions who are up two games to none. Have fallen to the New York Yankees. As the Yankees. Sweep the final three games and eliminate the Indians here in Cleveland. This is trying to fight this. You know it's great picture view things and veteran players that leave the way then it's hard to leave because we just feel really really good. Mike dangers okay soft Stephen Strasburg think your soft they have relatives as a blessing in disguise and I think it high energy wasn't really a life. Through the truth so I think it was easier to imagine Jeanne exactly behavior comes and there's a state the obvious here you want to go back. Want to do the one woman Taylor's swings into high drive right center field that going back bought the warning track that the law and it's. Did thank god Michael Taylor as bad hay Grand Slam. Rochester sports leader 95 cents ESP yet game five tonight cubs snacks. In Washington DC. Here the actions starting at 730 right here on ESPN right how are not nervous. Her cub fan I'm being I'm C she hated gene you know I'm fine with my one World Series every what was a 116 years. I'll take it. Got three hop championships. In hockey you've got a World Series in our. You're happy fan I'm really you know I try not to be greedy is a fan like that is why I think New England fans in Boston fans are kind of terrible. Because you just so smug about all the championships they go all the playoff appearances. 11. That's all we want I don't care because the savers I don't terrorism as I've heard this like though he would be blades it has to be the bills are so I don't. At this point don't carry just just one of the two in my lifetime port from four. Now I feel pretty good about tonight's game for the cubs like I feel like going into DC. Putting Hendrix on the mound. I feel like they can. Cutler Hendrick speaks a stone cold assassin in the post season. Yeah it Hendrix Ngo Gonzales. And Gonzales in his career has a tendency to be while. So I yeah you'll know after 23 innings tonight our idea is Gonzales on or not so. That that's were I think the cubs did get on him early work like it like any other playoff game work pitch counts tonight if I'm. You know the manager of the Chicago Cubs your guide humanity that's the message underling in all my players to network account. Ed is exciting as game five is Gina I would be lying. If I didn't say hi I feel little worn tonight. Because yes there is a game five with my Chicago Cubs to deciding games are exciting game five but I'm being drawn by. 35. Pound second year quarterback from. Blue collar work ethic midwestern values and howitzer cannon of an arm. It's a good game tonight is on not your typical Thursday night Jacksonville Tennessee snooze X I would normally say you know what I'll I'll I'll just wait for the highlights on that but I'm invested. In the ginger general. Well not just because you're a fan and you like the six foot four midwestern doll like 88 you knew drafted. He came out of stadium. And this is the power. And this is why the NFL is what the NFL is the fiesta real thing like when you're investing your invested. We never. Before played fantasy football ever. Make a point. To watch a Philadelphia. Carolina game on a Thursday night other than just I'm a fan of the game and I want to seek his there's nothing else. But now. And punches score touchdowns. Public Kelvin Benjamin. Got McCaffery gold tonight danger Yakima on the on the ball cam in the ginger general do something against Carolina defense what you got. I'm going to be watching. That closely. So what's bigger fantasy football or baseball. Fancies the full yeah sorry baseball purist bands we look. You know I am a cubs fan and I will. Pay attention what's happening game five tonight but I would be lying if I said. I'm not going to be switching back and forth night baseball on a network should have my full attention will not have my full attention that he is the power. Of fence on our side listen. Danger I I wish I could say I've mobile. And say they NM gamblers start off with a baseball game but there and it looked out of my phone and I'm gonna notice fold. Wait Carolinas in the red zone. Listen I am with the amount of baseball. Commercials and it's true of any sport you're gonna flip over nine and in it it's gonna take away from them viewing making five clearance. And by the way I mean I've got a third option the hawks are playing the wild. And then later the sabres are playing in in Phoenix you don't they don't beat him down on that remote control tonight. Crazy. Any all that said. None of them in baseball will not have my full attention. That this that the game that will have the best chance of gaining my full attention. Is that stupid theirs in a football game. That degenerate from the NFL team. Help me I don't need help like I I don't wanna feel guilty for for being obsessive the NFL but here I am. I think I'm admitting I'm obsessed with the NFL. Well. If through word either OK let me ask you this question him any fancy players tonight when you watch. You're you're you're not tuning in for Jacksonville Tennessee dollars that I will well I am ready. I like I but that's where my plea your move rug got the phone and I'm just kind of checking out score. But I'm not watching just kind of checking out the score. Maybe flip over to earn a commercial break in the flip back. I think the roles are reversed I think what I'll probably do is start with the football game flip over the cubs game instead of the other way around. It's. That sick that's a sickness that's not right the priority should be game five. You'll wins sports bars and stuff. Because I listen. And not that I'm the guy goes out on nights worm you know not working life. I got I got the sandy treat at this point what yeah. Another baseball games and I know. Who your life is planned on holding up now I'm out so well. John. Yeah she got young pro job cart at the job cards assault when Gina mean you know my wife admittedly is not the biggest sports fan. Or and I've had plenty of heated discussions over the values of the national foot hole. Hard to defend an art looks at the end of the National Football League to a woman who has the kind of moral background that my wife does. But I still unable to wait like I still can play the heck no I got to watch the bills sorry gotta do it. The tires are playing on Monday and I felt like I watch the bears. The it's my job cart. We do we really are kind of fortunate to be able to throw that card down gentlemen how many of you out there and I know that that there that I'm not alone I know that there are people up in the like. If I could only figure out away to get out of this so I now watch this instead. I've got to go to a baby shower all I've got to go to you know when and is still gratitude that going in and our job you know. What do you. You do but do you Blake. The heading into this phase of the relationship that your age or how important this person is how close of a friend this person at its Stanley yes if it's fairly. You're you're not getting out of it forget Stanley first always you're not getting out of but about that to be able to throw them. I work. What he got did today for your job you don't go and he signed up our girl. Three hours. Talk about sports tomorrow afternoon preview which six are dog now you know still it's tough Derek. We are fortunate Jane. These these are what I call first world problems. Well sabres tonight 1030. Late look I'm going to be honest I don't know front stand up to 1 o'clock in the sabres net and I know this might be one more I just look at the video recap tomorrow. I'll buffalo in San Jose of course the sabres off to the old tool one start to doubt the lose a point against. Montreal opening night one week ago and funny how things change in a week because this time last week on Thursday were all sky high in even after that. Boston Montreal we're still prompting a pretty good. On. As anything really changed danger in the last week or did we just. We're blind to this whole time the deficiencies at the Saber team and this is the new reality that this is rebuilding year. No I mean I don't know about the deficiencies yet like I know about the effort if I hear the coach say that he's questioned the effort of the team. One that will probably get addressed and multiple fashions during who open you know Bob pencil practices. And you getting more reps in the system in practice so maybe that helps but they just look lost more than anything we just looked lost they looked lost playing in a different system. They'll lot of them were used to playing in and that's only gonna improve with wraps. Maybe this is a good time to get out comments there. I mean I I feel like that's of Ed. It's it's kind of almost a shady to hear somebody say on at all this West Coast trip is coming just at the right time for this team they'll be able and galvanizing unify each other when they're on the road in the West Coast yet. Maybe. I don't know what what does that mean you know the team building is they they're gonna become closer to each other because are on the West Coast as a traveling. At eight. How does that affect them when they're on the ice they don't know the system's shot and on the system and yearling alerted by doing by learning more and and getting more reps in practice self. We'll see. I would certainly expect them to be Phoenix. San Jose will be tough. The way we'll get caller on with this here and in a few minutes. Vegas golden heights. Eight. Is good start she more of it yes solar news I think there Daryn two and 03 you know or two once elected. There's three you know three and out for you know. And outbound they just told us I guess that. Ocean could be in that sport emotion get very little like I don't tell me that narrative doesn't belong. In sports. It's awesome in sports it should be in sports who belongs in sports and there you go. You're closing arguments the vaguest golden knights three notice start the season after. Just that unimaginable tragedy in their hometown. What do they haven't that could tell you now. Yeah mark congress flirt. Okay what else okay. Great depth nobody expected that nobody expects that team to be a contender and they very well may not be a contender it's early obviously. Yes three nose and a slow start for the event is golden knights. Now we fund not a doubt and to tune into next Tuesday night that 10 o'clock as. I just be curious to see how many buffalo fans will be we didn't vote are tweeting book our trip gene Deanna. We should of booked our trip to Vegas. We have to work guy and when the blue raiders. Moved to Vegas officially. That would be one hey listen I'm not picky. We can go to LA later this season for the bills everybody can go to jail lets doing. We can't show up the day of him by two dollar ticket to be this stub hub senator and rep the bills and nobody would bat nine. That's their weekend before Thanksgiving ha. Lot of people be you know pick in the week off for Thanksgiving now that's not a bad idea there. I mean out of the 25000 fans it'll be in that stadium at least 20000 will be bills fans would you not say I'd put it higher even higher than that. Public charger fans are there no way at this point office. You know now that winning on the road took the the attention off of how horrible that situation is. But their next home game that all change again it will be look at them like oh boy they're getting booed again on their own in her institute here. Well a they're playing Oakland this week so at least their their condition and know that every game's a road game yeah port team. 46 we get color with us I think so Matt collar cop from ESP in the Twin Cities of course she started here in Rochester host the show called the Blue Line. And then he moved to buffalo and now he's in Minnesota covering the vikings on full time basis but he knows hockey inside. There's few guys that I trust more in the game of hockey as far as analyzing hockey in Matthew caller I mean the guy just force through these numbers he watches a ton of hockey knows his stuff. I'll we'll get his thoughts on this season thus far for the Buffalo Sabres around the NHL and more. Matthew caller ESPN Twin Cities our guest next in the sports bar danger Ametek Lia on ES PM Rochester. He's always. He's like seven. Forecast just keeps. At a sports leader each we did seven. Yes we do this ominous when we. 57. ESPN Rochester. Washington's gonna send GO Gonzales denying for the deciding game five feet cubs going with their ace is seizing power Hendricks we'll have the coverage tonight on ESPN Rochester. With the pregame beginning at 730 it is week six the end of the season beginning tonight Philadelphia. At Carolina. College Mosul Buffalo Sabres might not play tonight he's under the weather the support of Paul Hamilton at WGR. The Buffalo Sabres begin a four game West Coast swing tonight. At San Jose can hear that game on 965 WC MF we'll talk hockey with a good friend Kathy kollar coming up. A little bit here on the sports our sports that are brought to by the extradition temporal scanner thermometer. Taking your child's temperature at the same way it was done decades ago what upgrade. To the exit in temporal scant kilometers don't delay pick one up. At your local club warehouse or other fine retailers keep exactly am I fifty that if I seven FM. ESPN Rochester. Yeah CM 915957. Epidemic streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester around. Good sports leader ESPN Rochester. Gee there are few guys I'd rather talk hockey with more. That ESPN. Twin Cities and Matthew color ESPN Rochester along Matthew caller knows his stuff joining us now in the sport are immense power of. Armed they're well our gray met you know I dean who's gonna ask you about the while the journal because they face the Blackhawks look at the sabres to appreciate your time. Wanna first the last what's going on Wednesday he has three in all the golden knights what's happening out there. There are back in the north and I want. I mean I think that we always do you really bring results at the beginning here and eat these grand. The you haven't played together in. The bulk sample by random their battered goaltenders. Who have right now I think that they're they've brought in on 980%. But I don't know in the end of that but the papers added well I expect the for Columbus but I. Not mark Albert where they're really hot new he's not a great they are. For Beckett I think that part of it. I don't know if I would think a lot together you expansion into the path. I mean if you go back and looked bad when Columbus when we wouldn't recognize and you won and that expansion draft. The Lambert Columbus would be really awful and then perhaps I hope we built there and really worked out for them at that time but it went. The opportunities that they have to pick up Rio was yet players. They put together a team that they have on a more competitive between. Ballot in eagle would bring it up by op he is he went out what a little but there in the Carter. Or forty ball or are arguing that the that he put a couple of pot and the Nat. You know they they haven't happened in group of players I think it is even wears on know that when they play at our site appetite. You'll start that he then paid back quite a bit. The act but I'm not terribly bright. Either they've got to happen. Matthew caller ESP and Twin Cities are gas in the sports bar with Dane German tag Leon ESPN Rochester you mention that. That being this season if there's a lot of uncertainty teams kind of learning their way feeling their way around not not used to playing with. Some of their teammates say would you chalk that up is to. What might be ailing the Buffalo Sabres and their first three games and we were certainly encouraged all be you know a loss in the shootout after the first game but the last two games just absolutely terrific. Yes but Montreal game might not out there and ordered open look like I mean yeah I hear it. It hockey though anybody in the loop in or out or one more game up on nightly papers but they had all the pot a little bit more. You know they're playing at eight and I imagine that they blow it on track with that upper wild. Proper Albany new eight is on one at last year is pretty much out by the beer or player went through higher overall. I suspect that that probably they Wear their arm and even in Minnesota last year when there was a boat and gain. And Bruce Boudreau and then I'd allow that up with a great record in the eaten by the book and know about it and where everybody was bombed in page. With a new coach in. Some of these players there don't feel like they've had different coaches all the I'm out there either about it joining for a guy that with a new coach. I that it is probably on the dot but there are. I understand you go pretty disappointed that he. The last couple games when your active in the local whole lot different than it did at the end of the day and while our. Now I've met you that one week ago tonight Jason Thomas still comes back to buffalo scores two goals I think a lot of people ought to allow. What a great trade for the Buffalo Sabres getting scanned LA in palm until. How's that trade viewed in Minnesota today. Arthur Hertzberg about one. I mean they want that buried don't know later no doubt about. They got beat that player in the strait with it in bella and you know I know that he got work there pretty hard by. Oh tired but I correctly announces name might order up the crowd ate it but. I I thought that highlight he work pretty badly there by. There's anybody that good player I mean. I see him as a legitimate opt for a defense and that he'd like one minute every night and indeed what the boy and maybe at a little off at that time. And a little bit Elliot time and it is spirit that. Exactly what the papers needed. The great defense board that was really really sweet. I'm last year and given the way you guys that had been disappointed over the past few years the market going now and parlor and I think Minnesota and let idol Tyler and it. Realized quite quickly that it isn't it out walk anymore. Art but he's on the board ought. I. I don't think there's no question that the papers in my on the better and now with an almond they'll. I don't know about playing him was that cycle and for one minute all the time because when he ordered most of that last year in Minnesota. Despite a lot on the line and was really well but human. And not one big big minute. For the wild and I think it is they probably don't want him to. Not with pop pop it in all the time like you willow on the same line with technical eye opener brought he's been. It is by without. Mass grave that if the sabres won that trade with Minnesota. It certainly doesn't feel like a win in in big acquisition of Nathan boy EU is the last two games just some really really terrific turnovers leading to odd man rushes shorthanded goals an Emmy. You know did Montreal throw parade when they got word this guy and hang out with big offer for for him from buffalo. No I don't know I think he's better than what you are older or appointed. When it Dodd who is it spent the week is based in art he has that when he and the not if Ottawa really and I. Probably back at any is spent and that the puck mover like you know what for the entire physical guy. Even Brian Campbell earlier career at the moment where you're apple at the and that happened in his column don't. But you don't want there on someone like Brian Campbell wanted to move in the park. And a man you know was better than a lot of guys who brought up the game I think is that the case I would always like they're in bed. You heard here at him it yet top guy and they opt went on. Popped up in that not where and the need I think he got to the either by having a better matchup was urban war on. And is being a die and let it go out and play again the Mac at the ready for the world Ellen all of the world. I think that's not really where the most in the most favorable rate and though it might happen or not. Is brought up that part of it. Is no I wouldn't. Are learning what everyone do there's only so much it means bringing it up and bring even. We directly at the guys out there and reopening and apparently he and I think that's why I'm fun. Would you vote is a little while we get rolling. Matthew collar Rochester is his home town he's in Minnesota now covering the vikings a while the other teams out there with. ESPN Twin Cities our guest here in the sports are 957 ES can't. Kathy when you're in town that was you know certainly in the savers when Marie took over and one of the big moves was giving up the first round pick for goaltender Robin Lehner. And here is Robin Lehner. Again not making his saving the shootout opening night. Jane number two he's pulled again not all his fault but I guess my is my long way to wait Mathew leading up to my question. You know it at what point do you say you know what meat may be the sabres should gold at different direction near tie that that letter is in the guy moving forward. I think you're gonna need nor baker ample part I'm Leonard but that is one of the worst grade. That is they are leaders are rally level I mean. It's not quite giving up but I would expect in the ballot but it felt really bad giveaway effort compact. Oracle and or use of these other teams. Having the best fight yet finding a guy that growing network binding somebody or make yet. Straight where they don't give up anywhere near as much that gave up but Lennar a guy who. Went and now that the bank. Usually if he's yet sprayed Wear it to that higher burst respect around their expert goalie who has on bumping. And went letter he had had the same quarter in it that the heat on the HL I mean I was covering Iraq is there ever there with the little 10. Way back in the day Robin letter written in bell and that was what everyone thought about it yet he didn't he is easier stretches where he is really for. You wonder about his mental game I don't outburst that was the papers where you wonder that blew him off. And and you wonder about I mean in big moment was out. I think that shelled out here and local first round pick that guy is no mind boggling may. I mean I think it would only he never really know who's going to be their franchise goalie. Four or whatever might be but with a guy that much and then there's B and earn about his demeanor you know with Robin letter. That's not somebody I would want a fate that brought five year contract with big money Adam I think that you get a room pro franchise goalie. You probably just wanna see who's out there and overall and hope pepper perform well. Massey you know these prospects you know this game inside now you follow these players you crunch numbers Matthew caller ESP and twenty he's our guest here in the sports bar with danger tightly we're pretty excited in Rochester we you know we swept at home and home first weakened against Syracuse who had a good season last year we got a lot of the prospects. Here in Rochester playing you know give. Give and Merck's fans. A sense of how Long Will be able to enjoy the likes of Justin Bailey a branding Cooley and since we're talking about goal as we. What are they gonna do with the Linas all mark who's certainly you know the EC feels like he's stayed he stayed up past his welcome in the NHL. Yeah yeah I think if you are a very top there and act like they're boxed well. I mean if you look at what happened in welfare. Of their brands that are spread it looked very were everywhere they go quietly out there and have been. And bringing back somebody like that in order for the money at the bit about current like that a bit of a lot about where they want now. Where it ever occur very valuable art the long arm in a box broke really believe that. And with somebody like that Britain who died in doubt yeah. I was really aren't that he didn't make the team be about a parent I am seeing you know wonderful bigger. IT IP that our players. Forward and the pressure and heat India died at late in the week are really want I'm not he. You know the Mac Eric Carle and or something but India very moved player that really helped out the ball back and I wouldn't write him off with him and Alfred Berkeley by them like they really I was. But he didn't make more of an impact in buffalo but he got about unity. Last year and I I eat at the show it again. Yet he Morton has been but I want his. Eating ability. And I like his demeanor it was. It determined guy I always an eye on Elie you know I'm in a bit this paper are really gonna determine where the ever though fell on Portland for the year because. If they do need to bring up on the vote dies at the and in the struggle like Eric bar and then you actually going to be right up there are you know it is the priority for the team. There have those HL players ready to go and I don't get what Belmont under it. Matthew collar I guess you're in the sports are 957 years the end Matthews we look around the National Hockey League anymore only one weekend I think got. The devils might be a little bit of a surprise did you expect to see this much a particularly about. Will torture will mature player that. OK maybe he's come to buffalo all he's not well you know we have you know where to start registering its highest job they're with doubled our play right now. Yeah yeah and and you know with a double bye had one real lack. Stop eating out market and that problem. Washington and it allowed back or forward and obviously brought the number one is gonna help anybody but I want to their former. Now that they've really built it up O'Meara is really not wired very dot an arm of the year ago. But that the band was the artwork really earned last year where tiger down here and I really happened symbolic but there was a lot. If they had gotten rid of their only competent but really that different than an atom mark then but now are built back. Might have a little bit and I don't think that they're probably not quite there again. 81 year away but finally got to are getting away from that old you are files are yeah I noticed last year. They've put that you have an honest shot again other they are. I should say eight of the unit mama out. And that's been all over certain file format that Taylor hall and number one crap they find buyers. It's probably I'm now open it up and move away and maybe that's occurred in. Matthew caller ESPN's Twin Cities as we talked some hockey in the sports bar with danger of attack Leah. On ESPN Rochester at one week into the season Matthew what else is your I would else's got you surprise what else is kind of status quo including a you know your wild tonight. Against my Blackhawks the Blackhawks say you know looking pretty strong early this season what are the wild looking like and what has your eyes around the rest lick. Well I know what really got my guy is for the UN. I did at the for ESPN about players that is our for a stop they'd back a little bit and I you know Alec about it and in Florida mark. Last year compared to what on earth might have been here for a much of that. Into coming out of the gate. Loading I think is there really noticeable they're. Capital window is got a quote that arm point they don't have from the biting on wired or is that I really like I. If all bats in his back when it respectable level they should be right back in the net. As a wild. I think that there is really. Not a lot of earth right now and he did that they look at it like you made a bad buried in the not even he didn't do a whole lot now. The group back where he is not played yet and not on their Brit and you know Mattel brand when there are news. I think that while and that last year after getting eliminated in the first round again. Are pretty much in Baptist Shelby dumping in the playoffs vote if you made there I'm not on your part and competent stable even make it at this point. Because Iraq is week in and last year they have a lot of standout performances and really did help. Though it paid for back even a little I think that an opposition is very strong. And don't the pride that the Blackhawks are going to be voted yet I mean every year. And you watch the black awful ballpark because they don't have and they never do right there only in the neck. When it on balance it was well I I think your black thought are going to be there on a lot that will end up. I think he's a tremendous tremendous all around the great player putting him with Donna paid other things are not there like number eight I. It's funny how the Blackhawks just feel like they ranked players like side we'll go away for you know an assignment to blue hood to Columbus for a couple years and come back they have Patrick Sharp is back with the Blackhawks where he belongs after spending some time in Dallas Matthew before we let you go with the sabres on the West Coast move for the next four games. If you give us give a slow closest to what you know about the sharks the kings the docs the next few opponents here for the Buffalo Sabres. I think that they're not an army he used to be. Especially the shark. Probably predicting as well. All agreed that it goes that way when you have a salary cap right they only last. For so long before I it all in it. By people would create these replay experiment. There are others are bought at Barlow is on now for one at people for them. And they can only one point in the off season or when and they don't really have any opera at. We're coming proof that you entered the better a Covert better than other great band. I'm Margaret were flat at one under appreciated players around Brett Butler everybody knows. Or seventy or eighty point the year amid the Batman which is pretty rare I couldn't have a pretty up matchup when your partner in their but. Not anywhere near on this is that you know in their bad years it was the only shark. One of those weird thing. But I mean it that into the bank and they go about their star players that can be off. The matchup that both the played it and they were spoke up when it collided with a little bit different being the dot I built the area and was up final part of the I. I think they're buried dirt that they are not. Well one of the supremely high level that the band is back the land the ball and it was really really good last year I think there that they're not occur require a lot. Matthew collar Rochester native now with 15100 ESPN mainly as the vikings reporters I got to ask you a one viking question here Matthew. On we gonna see Teddy Bridgewater this year those murmurs true what's going on now with the vikings at the quarterback position. I'll what's going on is that big question here and then at other I mean yes it is possible that Edinburgh water at some point. But the back under better but the fight these were you know a year ago we weren't sure that would ever happen but our next week he can be brought up the our west and it could be activated. That he might have a couple weeks to decide if they want to. Item by. They'll be able to do that he'd been practicing a lot on the item. Looked like there are about quarterback again from the he I'm at a at walk fine. And the impact the opposite side they'll. Yeah yeah it's definitely possible especially where I am Bradford even. Is not clear when their bread but will play again this year up there Brett cool quake and the so it is going to be brilliant they because. If you left and right now who's the quarterback week and I mean I. I would say it. 33% for all three guys meet in a rapper or that report we don't either way. I think keep him just got tagged by the commissioner for drug test so we know he's being charmed some that's. That's gonna throw a wrench in the works for the viking quarterback's a situation. There are a lot of guys in the league who I would say you know I don't think there's an awful lot. But I am not one of yeah pretty. You could've it been me that he would occur. I'm not not the guy who use there right now. Matthew collar ESPN Twin Cities I guess in the sports bar Matthew it's open Mike here in the sports bar go ahead tell everybody where they can read your work for the can hear your work. Well if you're and it'd many of those sport 15100 ESP NN dot com is one way to do it but our national hockey I write Prius and a period didn't utter a featured check that out or follow me at Matt he collar on whether. The best Matthew caller ESPN Twin Cities joining us good and gracious with his time has always Matthew love love talking hockey with you look at fortitude against soon join the rest Unita right. You got mad at you collar the best all right we we have some breaking news. This is a big NFL story as breaking. Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension of federal appeals court clears the way so Ezekiel Elliott suspended now. Six games. Your fantasy football player go pick up workers pack up and running back is right cowboy fans are you knew this was common at some point so get. Federal appeals court clears the way for the NFL six game suspension. Of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot in that domestic. We'll get into that and more go around the National Football League today's top stories and bite sized form we serve them up for you and NFL appetizers. Like we do everyday at this time it's on the way next stay in the sports bar danger and the tag Leon on ESPN Rochester. His news from around the National Football League. And that little boy today. Served up in place. The are serving. Aren't that play was six. Now another sportsman. The federal appeals court has cleared the way to the NFL's sixth game suspension at Dallas Cowboys start Ezekiel Elliott. In his domestic abuse. Now we'll hear more details as it is just breaking right now. But this ruling would make it appear as if Zeke he's going to have to serve his suspension it. Let's see if this sounds humility pills fans Sammy Watkins tweeting out comments. About how his team uses him on game day. Why can't its fifth among LA rams and targets for fifteen catches. Last week against Seattle wash kids tape recorder receptions and menaced by Richard Hammond of the orange country register his role be increased wanted to applied. I don't know. And this week the rams take on the league's best pass defense in the jaguar so it's likely an uptick in production for Watkins won't come until later this season walking the course. Easy to contract year so he has reasons both personal and team related to one more targets. I felt. Cardinals traded for eight. Recovers from Dresser Reno rehab on Johnson's dislocated wrist. While appears to be gone one up for coach Bruce areas to put a timetable today and a star running back return variants appearing on NFL radio. Mentioned at the earliest Johnson returned it. These things giving the cardinals are six games on the schedule after Thanksgiving started what they know. 129 game against the jaguars. That leaves him indefinite suspension of quarterback dominoes nachos for Marty. The giants made a move today to add some depth promoting. Donte' dress at Dayton. From the practice got Dayton has spent his last two offseason with giants. Saw action all eight pre season games for the team and the last two Summers he also returned an interception for touch and against the jets this past summer. Generous Jenkins Eli apple. Ross cop role will likely be the top three quarters for the giants against the Broncos this weekend. There. Heidi Houston Texans are losing JJ watt and Whitney Marcellus is season ending injuries on Sunday. They could be short another start this Sunday. And linebacker JV clowning clowning missed his second straight day at practice today while dealing with a knee issue. The team expects Connie play on Sunday against the browns so what are revealing his me. They've made me more about maintenance and ability play for the Texans defense a loss of another star quality that could have devastating consequences. Natural disasters party played a part in the NFL this season with both the Bucs and dolphins sacrificing their bye week for week one. Postponed game at the hands entertainer of the weekend this weekend has wildfires. He in the San Francisco Bay Area threatening the raiders game against charges readers practice was already limited yesterday and today. Due to smoke from the fires air quality in the areas actually gotten worse. According greatest quarterback Derek Karr quote it smells like someone is barbecuing. The easiest solution of course we'd flip home games. In the twice for your series against charges charges hosting this game now in the raiders' most of the rematch in week seventeen we'll keep you updated on. The whereabouts of that chargers raiders game these Sunday there you go and fill up Taj in the sports bar with danger tag glee. We've had come Sony and arms all these natural disasters here after hurricanes and fires and everything else OK enough. The tick the war. I feel like we never heard of any of that though when we were watching games as a kid like I don't remember hearing of games being postponed. Or games being moved. Safety first is become like Brian mantra that that we didn't really exist when we were younger G. Right well I think it kind of its immediate tipping point on now wise there was a game in Philadelphia you remember this I wanna say it was 56 years ago. Lleyton is c.s in. Eagles at home all a snowstorm. And we go down live to Michelle to foray yet it was snowing but. It lately we were laughing up here am like OK you didn't play tonight because they're six inches of snow on the ground c'mon. And add that to me was over the top but yeah I mean there are other instances though like what happened with. In other hurricane down in south border earlier this year that diagnosed early. An idea I'm not saying play football and hurricane and that's ridiculous but you know I I've also feel like we've as a society we've changed a little bit you know wanna say that. We've gotten soft as you can't predict three cat you can you can take measures against a natural disaster. But I also think that the that more than anything the reason why you see them taking these precautions is because of the threat of a lawsuit right leg I'm a fan of the Oakland Raiders I went to this game and I couldn't breathe and I got bronchitis. And I'm suing hey why would you have to get you know those. Those people were up now most people are out there. And there was there's somebody it's suing the cost because in political and that law well listen it says ran that baseball could go in Spain Warren so yeah. You know or were we live in a litigious society danger no question about it all right coming up happy hour it's right around the corner. Server daily special. Peel strength of schedule will be gene and give you some reasons why if your bill spent. You can actually feel optimistic about this team's chances of not just having a winning season but maybe even being a playoff contender out of the biweekly well. If there is there is a common threat to the opponents that they faced here in the last few weeks that I think. You won't see the rest the way out that would give me you know reason for optimism. To try to make it get you off of the ledge in terms of bailing on Tyrod Taylor. I you know it's the easiest of all Americans after a bills' loss I hear everybody say it. The moment the game is over our quarterback is terrible he does it do. OK let's. Slowdown let me be years therapists here for a little bit the sports bar cheating and I will walk you off of the ledge and make you realize. Tyrod Taylor still gives the best chance to win every Sunday. It's not ecstatically plea is not true no it's it's meant he'd ordered this ate spinach. It spinach. You don't like to eat your spinach you know it was good for you. So eat your spinach dammit and like it. Happy hour on the way next and another round of shots as well stay in sports bar danger of attack Leo on ESPN Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives when he forced out. Probably his bills and sabres you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leaders ESPN Rochester who.