The Sports Bar-Hour 2 10/2/17-Russell Manalastas

Hour 2 of today's Sports Bar has Danger and Battaglia explaining the path to 10 wins for the Buffalo Bills, an injury roundup from week 4 with Russell Manalastas, and a look at the biggest stories from around the NFL in "NFL Appetizers."


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Come to find out the Buffalo Bills had only ten defenders on the field on that final fourth of one player of the bill stopped it. And won the game 2317. Bills knocking off the NFC defending champs in Atlanta. Buffalo 31 out of corner one of the season they had to Cincinnati this Sunday we'll have a call for you here on ESPN Rochester. Buffalo Sabres still must cut for more by 5 o'clock tomorrow Justin Daly among those sent down the Delorean Hudson dashing as well. Cameras opened up the season this Friday the sabres coming up on Thursday a wildcard tomorrow night yankees hosting the twins coverage begins at 730. From the world of music Tom Petty has been pulled off life support is according to TMZ this after suffering a heart attack. Sport there's brought to my target trick out your Halloween at target with costumes candy the court more. Was scary good prices every week target running done. Intently as the in Rochester. The sports bar with danger and integrity. Ports and one fountains at the buffalo ten yard line. I formation play action fake. Brian players right so I. What a victory this made. For the bills. We communicated new guys that are really good job of communicating and criticism Intel defensive staff and need the players they're on top of their their game. Mike danger who. I don't I really like what the defense is done I think the defense is going to be this steady factor throughout the season this bills team remaining competitive. Dean all of their game. Just came exactly yes. When you are playing great defense and you're going to be in every game so what are the problem. What they'll do what they didn't tank the rebuilding on the fly your focus on that process and it's really a 90% processed 10% result that's where I expect just to be. Feel that focus on the process focus on Cincinnati Bengals run gestures towards leader. 957. ESPN. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and haggling appreciate you giving us of your time this afternoon and it's gonna. You gonna talk about the pills. Ending that drought. Being a playoff team I think today as the day the July yourself to do. Because we've been. Following this team for a long time and how quickly things can change how quickly things can turn pitching you you seem to think that this year feels differently. Then years past where the bills have gotten off to hot starts and kind of crumbled down strip. I think when we had Tony mode seek and we asked him that question to you sit well it's the defense down if you have a defense that's respectable. That's gonna get keep you and every game. As long as this team stays healthy and I would make a case in 2008. And when he allowed and what got him off to good starts in both of those seasons for the Buffalo Bills. Flashy offense 2008 anybody remember that bills go off too if I don't want start a trend that Ortiz make it all the right decisions but. He now 51 start the one loss being the one in Arizona he got can cause the bills are never right. And they ended up going seven and nine this after a 51 startling defense wasn't good enough you know women Gainer. Let's go ahead it's 111 that was the last time we were Wu biggest deals seen their three at all they're foreign one. Well that was Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense. Pulling in the ball it was fun football. Was a good scores that year we won 41 points week two against the raiders 38 with three hits and they want 34 Eagles thirty walked. But in the end of the dating never defects. And vaccine lots of acts that at all my guy so that's why bill's fans. You know around cautiously optimistic being the cliche here you can be optimistic but what appeals different this year is bad defense. And also the coaching and I know all Sean McDermott has made some mistakes here. But the attitude this team just deals a lot different dozens feel like. All things are gonna keyed in for us or anything like that it seems like this team is playing hard for one dollar anybody watching this team can figure that out. Here's some McDermott earlier talking about ten guys on the field for the game deciding fourth and one play well you look at it and I substitutions that's another where we can improve our substitutions hey we don't. We called time out trying to get a good look at what they are. I'll wind to get done on offense and you know we need to get better in that area as well also going back to communication. Unfortunately. They don't the rules don't allow you to cause two consecutive time now some we knew we had ten on the field. That's a positive I guess but we can do anything about it which assured me walking on the field and you know called for a do over but no great heads up play. By our players around their Smart football that's another air we've got to get better at critical situation again Allen doesn't feel like I don't. How does he know all we want to be too worn breed that's a plus we knew about that. Okay you knew about that he didn't do anything we'll have a player jump off sides so instead of it right that's what we is what I would have done that Orly Scania opportunity and they you don't get date. On fourth and one and you jump offside call an automatic first down I guess so yeah I mean I you know I. I don't know what they could have done but these are the kind of breaks that normally don't go the bill's way. And they're going their way it's weird that I feel right in and you know we're having a different conversation if they score on that play. I mean right now that would be kind of delegate kind of covers issue were used to have like we're talking about this coaches in trouble this coach now you know doesn't know what he's talking about he's mismanaged is these game again. But this does feel different and you know what it all change tomorrow so let's enjoy the fact that in October. The bills are in first place all by themselves they're better than the patriots right now we'll see that their better than the patriot right now. The patriots are dumpster fire right now on the defense side of the ball up it would Stephon Gilmore pats fan tells our. All you can cut only known you can't cotton is a game forty million. OK can change it and we went from two weeks ago while maybe Tyrod Taylor when you bring in Peterman up. Now well that's the one injury you can't afford right. But I will say this it's not like Tyrod Taylor has won the game streak he's played well but he's not in winning the game for you. He's also not losing the game for you he's doing his job. He's not turn the ball over yet the bills haven't turned the ball over since week once is set Charles play deflection against the jets in the end zone. The first tribe this of the season. Yeah it's been it's a franchise record for most consecutive quarterly without turn our self praise he's going. He's doing a good job that he's being he's he's minimizing risk. Which is great because Bobby and his out of the ball Matt Ryan was nothing but risk fumbling the ball throwing you know. Those are the kind of mistakes that you and you make that cost you games. And the bills are making those mistakes now that could change again they can change is early as Sunday. Against a Cincinnati defense who's foaming at the mouth and speed I'll look they've looked good the last two weeks with a change of offensive coordinator they'd be home with Green Bay they blew the doors off of Cleveland. EU we are going to Sunday thing that the bill's gonna win this game easily. Vegas has them is all basically this is. To pick memorandum mandated Vega says that the dangles a three point underdog right. Which I think a lot of people find surprising but. It is the NFL and it is a team of angles where you go off the last few weeks it could be lost in green bay of that offense did move the ball against the Packers. And then it's hard to read anything I guess in the win against the browns but OK maybe Cincinnati this is good to them awhile to get on track but. I don't know you look over the next quarter of the season. If you had to break it down after that after Cincinnati that the next four out of that. Pills or homes 34. Weeks with a one road game being at the jets. Okay let's say even on the the bad side of that danger let's say you win only 103. Of Tampa Auckland in new warlords. What if you beat Cincinnati. Are you beat Cincinnati then your 41 at that point. And that Mickey six and three heading down that the home stretch that's even if you we beat the jets and you win one of those three Tampa all of Quinn. Or New Orleans and help law is Tina lost to Minnesota then they haven't come of age yet. Oakland you tell me what's going nine with Derek Karr because I don't know. Don't know he was terrible Washington and now back injury maybe he's back this week maybe he's not a month. We'll talk to doctor Ross little bit into the saints defense we know about the saints defense okay so. That should equal out everything. I was using it to erotica who's against from the buffalo newspaper article as a guest of ours last week in sports bar here with danger in the tank Leah. He laid out a pathway in the bills get it ten wins. And I'm I'm buying in I'm buying into this pathway it makes all this WorldCom based on what we've seen. After a quarter of the season now this is all point to change obviously bought. The bills can get to ten wins by beating the dangles on Sunday. By beating the jets. Who now have a two and two record. By beating the winless chargers the one into colts. And the one and two dolphins twice. Sweet dolphins. Beach colts he be chargers you beat the jets. You beat the dangles. Are you with me so far program because from that point on all you have to do is win one. Of your games between Tampa Oakland New Orleans Kansas City. New England to doing the and you get to ten points. It does it seem that daunting when you look at it right now this will all change but. Given what we now. Judy the bill's going to be afraid to go into Los Angeles faceoff against the chargers they shouldn't. Be a bills' home game. Purity beat the jets and I got to go to the meadowlands but he appealed once already this season. Short week bomb. And that'll be an ugly game believe it or not I I would think that's going to be calls are a lot of people think the colts. It who's their head coach at this point they shut Tony Andrew Luck to even see general lock this year. And you got to beat the dolphins twice. Dual that's late in the season and I think the dolphins will. Come around either they come around there one of the worst teams in the league. I don't know what it's going to be but right now they don't look good at all. All they have great leadership a quarterback Cutler it's a problem with the bills and dolphins is that they play two of the last three weeks when does that ever happen where you. Piece of divisional opponent. It within the span now of twenty days essentially it's gonna be it that'll be Tosca is there'll be any secrets. If you're going back down to Miami but if you're the bills you hope. Whatever it is your plane for that you don't need that game on New Year's Eve down in south floor. Can you get one against the patriots I think that's an interesting conversation. I don't believe it this sit with this scenario I don't know the unique to you you really don't. You got to beat the Bengals on Sunday won't start to the winning and in Cincinnati on Sunday and by the way. The way the bills have been playing the way Sean McDermott has this team playing I struggled to think that Marvin Lewis. Is going to out coach Sean McDermott on Sunday. He's just attacking each game with a different kind of attention to detail all that said yes the ten men on the final round but. I mean think about how this team his body and he's got the right guys sitting in the right seats in the boss and their moving in the right direction. Have a hard time with a Marvin Lewis going to be able to out coach Sean McDermott on Sunday. In the other thing to hear is when you're talking about a scandal is not who we played a weighing you play them let's take for example the New England teaches this week they got to go to Tampa that's. Losing a kick. They really gonna figure how what kills them defensively here. When you have Welling up preparing today get a full practice in tomorrow and then you travel on Wednesday. Rule. I did it just looks like it's gonna be ugly football on Thursday night but boy oh boy can you imagine the patriots end up dropping. That game. As surprising to me. As well as the Buffalo Bills at 31 what's more surprising is what's going on with New England defensive. All the figure it out team they figured out there okay. Debt I'll I'll listen to that argument because Bill Belichick act deserves the benefit of the doubt. Bly and I don't think that comes without making some half player personnel decisions things like. Hey we're gonna start this street free speech over Stephon Gilmore or something like that in New England because what they're trotting out there defensively. Hey it's terrible. Kansas City Houston little mob. Ending Carolina. Weren't they discussion. What we brought on doctor may rename Miller last week Al cables as the week Cam Newton figures are not sure is because he's played in England defense. So we have that's surprising to me. I hate to point your point about the bill scheduled all danger where New England. December 30 Ginn in buffalo and now Christmas CD you go to New England. He thinks. If the deals keep going you cool it honest to god. Have a discussion of divisions still being up for grabs. Entering the month of December when was the last time we said anything like that again not a 100% of the bills it's the fact the what's going on in the wing. I don't think the patriots are gonna run away and high with his division. I'm just I'm on fixated on ten wins. Because the path looks. Less daunting now than it did it's beginning in the us okay sold let okay according. To Veronica. Cincinnati is that one you got to do got to beat the Bangalore says so that would get you to form one. You get advisory get two weeks to prepare right Tampa now do we get the you have to win Tampa you don't have to win Oakland you don't have to win New Orleans need to win one at a one of those well one of the one of these five actually one of the six Tampa Oakland New Orleans. Kansas City or New England. Yet to win one of those games. But in order for that scenario play out you have to meet the angles you have to beat the jets yet to beat chargers the colts. And the dolphins twice. You're taking the the less daunting path to ten wins here well he elect harder and so I have to beat oak lane under Kansas CD or new wing when even wants. It's the NFL the knock Eric Bell all those games you have pencil it is wins including Cincinnati. The bills could easily lose total was canceled a Cincinnati oral one of those Miami games at the divisional game. Look at their records right now age you know cure our work quarter of the way the season and you are what your record says you war. The dolphins are one into. That week one by template home game yet they have played all jamiat and and by the time they get to the bills at the end of the season. Without that by in the middle of the season to break it up they're gonna be beat up they're going to be tired right safe to assume. You've got to beat them twice. What we play the colts coming weeks. That is December 10 and a clock yes I assume Andrew local be in and ready by that. Or ornish Ottawa county shot and on the season goes completely south of the aisles there in the has some intern had coach. And they're taking a look at other kids that that could happen to. I'm not worried about the chargers that's practically a home game. Kansas City is a loss to Kansas is probably a loss there you don't have to you can afford it. A loss against Kansas City you can afford a loss against Oakland you even afford a loss against New Orleans and Tampa Bay well it can't create lesser teams Tampa Bay's interest to. Can't win or lose this week you get two weeks to prepare for Tampa Bay. And if we're using the McDermott. Hey McDermott against Carolina pretty good game plan hey bills against Atlanta. Set aside though Jones I know he was out pretty good game plan. You think Sean McDermott might know something about the dirt car offense and how to game played at two weeks to prepare for camp. Yeah I I I'll buy and up and I'm not as optimistic as I'm going into Cincinnati this. This weekend that that we were you have connections between McDermott or the bills and their opponents the last three weeks. Going to Cincinnati. Do you have any connection at all. Not really no not really I mean you have experience from playing them last year playing them tough in winning. Ended without AJ green. I don't feel great about them going to Cincinnati in winning the email. Records dictate that they should do that it dies off. Will save this how war. If you're believer in the trap game since there are the foul X got to go to Pittsburgh. You don't think eight of the past the Buffalo Bills now not when year one in three in and trying to regain credibility. And respect. Honor I've I I saw that tweet by by the Buffalo News is nick Veronica and I thought it was pretty intriguing when you. When you stack up all of those teams have losing records at the bills are gonna be facing on the schedule now. You can get to ten wins. Well keep this in mind to get we're talking we're human we're trying to put this in context with other years in the crowd error. Ten wins should get in the Clausen nine. Twice in the drawn or the bills got the nine wins and didn't get. So unless you win your division who lost you have to beat out so. You did you need ten and minimum there's been teams like the jets two years ago got a terrible in Zain get it. So keep that in mind as well that ten is not the golden ticket to the post season should get jammed and now. Max in Rochester pull the sillier in the sports bar with danger of attack list. Big guys all men are the show thanks thank you won it stops on the spot went on went period. A lot of everything or are obviously you can't complain great compared opt out there. Out the body armor or might rise of on. What about why are you we are really hot summer or Mac on down. Are both the creation. Wanna start but what that other Nat offer removing the ball okay. Are they expect it. Are they solicit MS appreciate IR OK so here's your first little speed bump on bills have been healthy but Matthews. He's starting wide receiver. And your most reliable. Wide receivers they dollars and area. You have Walter Powell coming off. The suspension must. You kept them around for a reason did you not might danger they obviously your whole like camp OK if he got top four games for. The NFL substance abuse policy and he still kept them on the roster. Not thing's gonna come in and pick up the production but to me that's the most likely scenario stack of one and I did like this player. Hi in the pre season that was out of what brought wide receiver Riley. Possession guy kind of a different sort receiver body. Yeah street freeagent tied for the bills had a practice squad. Eligibility be stashed in there I would expect maybe to bills might do ball activate Powell. And bring up Riley from. And kill as they didn't do anything yes and now all. Yeah I. Listen I I struggled to believe that teams are gonna let Charles clay do Atlanta let him do to them yesterday and it's on film around people kind of figure that out and Charles clay is niceties avenue nice season certainly the apple of tyrants hi. But at some point you are gonna have to find your wide receivers. At some point Zaid Jon Tester grow EU have enough. You have a wide receiving corps regardless of Matthews being in there or not that hasn't been able to its operational season. And a quarterback that doesn't really trust them and throwing them the ball in you know letting them go get with their giant catch radius. It's gonna be tough but I think you know what you can hope for is that. He will. We needed utilize his wide receivers not in a way that forces the issue not no way that creates turnovers disease hasn't yet. You just hope that the guys that are out there are making errors mental airs that would create the that kind of miscommunication. That you know leads to a eight interception I don't. The title. Tyrod Taylor you know I keep waiting for him to to make the mistake but. It's it's been like a year and a half since we've seen Tyrod Taylor like cost these. This team win with with that play with turnovers it doesn't happen. Now paying eat it's almost like don't want pre season game in Philadelphia or his son taking chances now. This is exactly what you want on a tyra OK let your deepest mostly the temple when Rex Ryan was here right from the football play great defense lately played terrible defense. And although the running game was there you're quarterback wasn't there to daily Gallup U what's changed that Tyrod blaster this year. Outside nothing. Saint quarterback it's a if that maybe you say he's going a little bit better right now because he's healthier it's got another year under his belt the ceiling for Tyrod is in there as much. But. The bills are playing complementary football right now so your defense is playing lights out. Offense is not getting in the way you didn't turn the ball over week to week three weeks four all right now on the week's fire. And your defense to get a taste of that in on defense the taste of the big play that the you know. Fumble recovery for a for a touchdown that the two picks by Micah Hyde I mean you get teased for that. At least a momentum. If you could see more of that as the season goes like this defense of unity ease legit in the might actually help aid in the efforts of putting points on the board. And it won't have to be all on Tyrod Taylor he won't have to shoulder that load. Should Davey is why. He's playing. I did this world what was the last time you saw jewels rookie corner played as well our I Quinn saw. I could not tell it and win because we did sell unless you're it will last week any at this point like would you rather have and his roster. All things considered with the money aside great or rather manager Dave is a white. Obviously you rather have widens to find him. Let's go around the NFL Endesa to the injuries that occurred this week. Russell metal last just four for four dot com SI dot com or injury expert joins us next. Couple of Buffalo Bills of note the we wanna check up on also what we know what do you the injuries to. Derek call arm. Marcus Mary ought to mean for your Tennessee football teams heading into week five. Doctor Ross on with us next to explain in the sports bar danger in the tag Leah AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. It's always ESPN broadcasters we really PC into a contest you've armed yourself with the knowledge. And Rochester dot com. Wearing the crown of broadcasters best. Broadcasters peaks can pick up one. It's. Bills at three and one there this after hanging on for dear life yesterday the fourth and one play in the red zone that ended the game. Now here's the rest of the story the bills at that time had only ten defenders on the field but got away would it. Getting out of Orlando win now on the Cincinnati one of the call coming up on Sunday Eagles and Bengals. At one Justin Bailey nickel Lori eight Hudson fashion Paulson now for the cameras over the weekend the sabres still must. Hot for more by 5 PM tomorrow. Sabres opening the season Thursday the universal in the season coming up product outsmarted baseball playoffs against the American League wild card yankees hosting the twins coverage begins at 730. Great unions in Rochester. Tom Petty has died at the age of 66. Sports are rusty by UPS jobs dot com one great pay and benefits joint UPS now hiring part time supervisors package handlers and more right now. UPS jobs dot com he's Dudley is being Rochus but. Some local sports talk in the flower city but John Murphy she OM a sports bar would dangerous and exactly yeah. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Gallup beyond raising a glass later tonight in memory of the great Tom Petty and passed away the age of 66. That's waits. Way. I thought she was doctor Ross Ross the man alas is he's our injury expert here in the sports bar with danger but technically yeah. You can read his work before for Ford dot com also asked by dot com go with this time every Monday that. Review all of the injuries from Sunday and end the week that was Russell man alas is howry this afternoon but. A good guy sent by the news Tom Petty and that it is. Here are. That are. Now no doubt about it 66 years old as we mentioned enough heart attack and they were not able to revive among you know in the brain activity. I'll when he reached the hospital that according to try Ramsey. Under it lets us start off with the bills here Ross odd jordin Matthews a farm. Injuries so what is the extent of this in her one report that this'll keep the motto Mon so what do we know about Jordan Matthews. Yes sir George Matthews. Upton and a bogey it was I don't know lots of doormat users are repellent period yeah I have put. That injures him to look like basal cleric and yet you know more about them and aren't sure. Which is required surgery or not. Many could be out of monthly get it at the sprain. Expensive for receiver when they've got a cat named duke and grip on the ball. Both have been injured and stern about bill I'd say it is when times are we we have a Kurdish surgeries on the table or not. It's probably eaten at a police to the card get there is some doubt that. NC state induced something academy Tippett opera so my act. Back on the practice. Well let's talk about the defense side of the ball for the Buffalo Bills. We knew that shark loss that was deal with a groin injury last week he'd play. Yesterday let's talk about his status heading into week five in Cincinnati and also. A remote number broken and I believe he's got to have surgery as well I mean you know we've seen linebackers. And and and defense of players play with that club on their hand border what what's second look like if he indeed is able to do that. And so with the rest Jack Watson you know he he dealt with a or currently we. Aggravation right now in the capital about what we which Arabic side. Heading into our January ballot. You're right in arms over our exact lock and are due to an injury in the current listing current turnaround on the ground there about mr. edition. I'm about something important bird and the guy like him so. I'd say you party will be limited would practice on most of the week there. The heat could potentially be game time to having the caddie and then going card read a broken hand you know most guys. Angle and play with the club. The most effective way to go about a book about the I'm not so. It depends on what ever certain debut on the and all of it apart and whatever area that was fractured correct or not but also it lies that your that your acting aircraft or on the kind of read that the or it is the Alec and appearing at his name is under control of the we're trying to go with our club. And then pink not interrupted his orbit on that it would go. And not pertinent to Lawson but just in general Ross when it comes to our growing intrigue is to me they're crying hamstring it's always. Grain they're pretty you know his soul what would be for somebody when you hear groin injury assuming that it's just not a terror ending series like that. What would be the best case and what would be the worst case that you heard for for somebody like this. Want to bring you arguments that he's been right it would currently an injury at a reading this ever rights are. Arguably tiger relations. Stepped back when you try to return from the initial injury and fantastic longer between Hewlett mortar patient and shoot. So I mean I think what if scenario looking at me via another bubble we checked out and bought. Prescott Garrity YouTube better on this week in the well elect I mean Erica elegant that aren't aren't even though Monday. It's probably he's heading toward the game on and at this point are not impacted change as practice as well on the later this week. Greg Ireland would be soft it's an injury. Oh lead we recently or. I'm not looking light and be ready soon or if if it if he is inherently it's in a collapsed and. Russell metal last distress or four for four dot com also SI dot com fantasy injuries like the ones suffer excuse by Julio Jones. The first half of yesterday's game a hip flexor what exactly is a hip flexor area and how. How much time could Julio Jones be missing. It took electorate is some muscles and other. And I'm I'm not either console are. When you're walking Paris England or ago when you're sprinting trying to rival export our treatment toward when you're running so. We're gonna go to got a bye week it's me. Tuesday about surgeries started to Eric greatly. So. No I believe early reports are right after the game was were saying that we're doing as well not expect this and I'm I agree I think it's a little restraint. I'm in the bar Niko Duffy help him. Again as secretary Karen you know it kind of nicks and bruises and bumps and all sorts of injuries the last secret to back this street is. Very great time but you've got to use it was a to a lot of those small thing is pretty. Well. I don't see him too much arm or org Alec on the news. There are talking about in this at least two to three weeks. Due to an entry in the they had yesterday so those Spain yap and worry about what dirty about this week's Bradley gave. I want the baby as you can view more here. Doctor Russell men alas this website four for four dot com you also can read doctor Russ is working SI dot com or just here in the sports are 957 ESPN. For at least for these positions wide receiver running back any other position other than the quarterback you could always play the game time decision. Hard to do that more often now when it comes to quarterbacks so. Where he will likely will learn more about markets Mary owed out. But so what we know about the severity of the titans quarterbacks hamstring injury suffered in the loss yesterday Iraq's. Yet so. So. I mean their protections way to walk into that but our home. There noted. The call and edited the points so unquote Malarkey was and view notably today. And he was kind of appreciate ordered not you Mary noticed tension there estimates it would Mark Palmer and Wasilla. More kind of tightness it and in an unnecessary or so ago I wouldn't really desperate. Straight in the major candidates overall an estimated culprit that note you need to kind of monitored maybe it was a cautionary thing or what amount. Artist went diving dated a mean. Opportunities to spur quarterback that's mobile area of the page you worry about it in game aggravation or potential eye irritation with pregame warm ups. Brought it out like he could potentially you goad them as Clark that. The net net and practice article that are completely yet. So to a degree I think rare go to get a pretty good enough to get the ultimate cold. I believe someone else that pretty favorable matchups so for Greg area that you want to make sure he's in the line up also spent so that. Yes you always go get two rushing touchdown broke wrecked yet so. I've got to my team to start and bright open that. He can be a progression or the beat goes on. Tough a loss for the Minnesota Vikings as they lost their rookie starting running back delving cook. To a torn ACL. What are your thoughts line. A jerk McCain in the TV as Murray the guys that'll be taken up the slack in the in the stead of of cook. There adult could you know get that go to Google you know knock out act grant used to and he goes down. Even the general public now our associate that according yells so problem mr. residencies in the import and that is having a pretty dark on. Now you've got guys are we getting are subject security while we're not that sure do the entire beat goes on maps. On the thing Belichick is very what was recovering ill apparently from our ankles are you worried not fully on to respect so. I'm not love and anyone in the backfield. Probably hey big guy that would be adequate power it is just as temperatures in. You remember one EP went down last year as yours. You know they'd be trying to aren't as dirt in the nursery school that role probably an out in that Ottawa's that went on so. I would expect it is very proudly take over about that factual backup by our. And then Eric oh in that chain to Israel. Low and you know option at this point. You know we were talking earlier in the shell Ross you know we feel sorry for liking fans. You'll also feel sorry for raider fans traders get to the play out pressure in the and they don't have a quarterback and now. What's going on here with Derek Karr because of the future holds EJ Manuel for the raiders. I don't think I wanna sign off of that of a raider fan at these backs that dozens how serious are they for Derek Karr. Yeah O lord our producer it did speak and they know what going our art back. Getting down that change in the out crowd the better. Got operated. Often this is obviously last week in running you know I think really guys go when their passing game. And now the radiator and no with Eric Carr getting hurt in mail deterrent and wouldn't Citic and it got a lot of cops and an optical and an orientation. He'd get mail so. Mean I think it'll hold most likely be dated and I think he'll go and a week. But I am going to be limited most of those because he can't get under cover. No the brutal injury to a rookie running back occurred last night in Seattle Chris Carson going down with. Was originally looked like in a goal at Tweeter and ankle sprain Michelle would now we're talking no broken bones broken leg down and high ankle sprain at same time there. Yes so if you look at the replay of the act on them. Where his body was basing its angle not history which is. Usually not. It's not that the way the wider your ankle or be. So. Whatever I would put in and Eric or at the port and then have a card. On the field. He used to dealing with some sort of fracture or even some sort I sprained arm and and it's skated out like he'd go to a fracture. Associated dislocation or or 282 era will call this in this most news ligament in between. The load that bone you know and again. You anything about how much at all to pima that it is merrier or at least the guy guys who had surgeries. No the recoveries have been a lot longer because yank coaches and it not a ton of muscle there it's more cartilage and ligament more. Issued it doesn't get a lot of blood supply so when you've got pairs and fractures. Where are you need plates and screws in order kind of put it back together. To recover prods as usual the longer and that's why. The air got it within these murders and kind of recovered from all angles are not a percent yet so. Are important that your electric carts and cut a deal. To get a better idea. The extent of the injury but it is one time he Unionist majority deceit and now. That the raiders for a second here Russ Michael Crabtree. Yeah I had the pleasure of going at some point mystery danger that forgot the Michael Kraft and play. About these great when he pays attention defense yeah it's that's a bye week for me eighty cruising two point. Seriously don't bruise long mole that how. Gosh I mean it sounds like ticket via season and they're good course we know it's not so. And we'll what is the timetable for something like that. You would every delegate sever their brood it is very. Or. The fact that. Well the thing is I'm. They have the one that actually because he was downgraded. Calmly and meet him and inadequate. Well again this time I believe rent a cop. They'll look those. You usher two years ago. I mean that's a big debut we could choose so look at it and most aren't it will be in more than two. But again these don't know the extent of it on. And get it just postings where you need time to becoming US if you really can't do anything at that point and I expect. Rossum alas is our guest here in the sports bar danger Maytag Lee injury roundup from week four in the NFL you can read rush is work a four for four dot com. Also SI dot com Thursday that feels like a long time ago but we you know a lot of us have to put in waiver claims. For our fantasy teams tomorrow rush Ty Montgomery goes down with what we heard were broken ribs. Think yourself are one that's gonna mean he's gonna be gone for a few weeks and certainly whoever replaces team in that Green Bay offense would be productive what do we know about time Montgomery's rib injury and what do we know about his potential replacements should he miss any time. There sort you know initially the reports that I've got you know multiple fractures and ripped to use him more. And then also and that the game could go on. They're talking about negative between I'm Margaret was. Secret spot. Targeted quite satisfied we we. You know he'd be able to aren't just. No electric cartilage strain in the rib cage area and there are losers chess switched and it seemed to assist. But I'd just we we ain't Matt Barnes. Knowing talk about in really blows. Column some guys here XTO local sports interpreted. As put it back. These guys that aren't tracking that data to. Based on the injuries don't look at it and impose or how long person and now based on you know the data that are from all years. Next is our part in Iraq is not longer also. I give them all but applaud umpire. Were ever rib fracture and a group. On the card. So. You know we're guy who's got I Montgomery he got backers Mo Williams who actually pretty new authors and are well. Like eat. Kind of bullying producers injury in junior Erin Jones. You know it from Montgomery and into comeback on target that chart. These guys know when you talk about we have cranes are very cost tens of particular budget. I wouldn't break the bank and guys are weak and you get a better idea. As. Russ a great work is always for fans who want more and knowledge from you how do they follow you on Twitter. Actually saw me on Twitter at Ross PC. You game look me up or or dot com. I'd you Sports Illustrated now as well. I mean there and then I'd be remiss not to October is national every month. So you in the if you're looking for sport performance ever. You know trying to come back room is calculated in the year order maybe you can find yet my my what that meant forms therapy art com. What we're trying to do is trying. Bring about their exposure to be that you come see us about your doctor. And Kyle it to better. He is a great Russell mental asses are injury expert here in the sports bar or endangerment tag Leo with the injury roundup from week for Russ great work is always appreciate you giving us some your time enjoy the rest unite. Thank god and I would go Korea is crowded on that we've wired so it was a lot of these. They're good advice doctor Ross appreciate that for fight for ESPN is our number got a breaking bills known here in danger in this. No gimme some clarity RA so we know Jordan Matthews with a thumb injury likely out for this week. Other bills have released Walter Powell about. So would you keep them around for Walter and if there's ever scenario you might need some guy that went through all of camp. Walter Powell so as as mean they're gonna promote Riley off the practice squad perhaps. Me. Being as I'm teaching through. These do these names excite you will halts the three major wide receivers out there like. Cecil shorts. Stevie Johnson and Vincent Jackson. 34 years old. He's not not a lot out there if you're gonna go that route so the bills right now. Certainly have to you figure at some point. Plug in another receiver on the 53 but it's not gonna be Walt Powell the bills just releasing Walter Powell. They're gonna get killing claymore exposure watched. Just saw enough of him two weeks ago watch just watch he seems like he's a one trick pony right. You know he's. NFL. As we syrup from the top stories of the day and bite sized form call it NFL appetizers here in the sports bar. With danger in the ten year old will checking with our our favorite fledgling NFL franchise which in the latest going on. In Los Angeles with the chargers. A bomb also. All the. Query each year bears they made a move yeah you mentioned I didn't you mention the united we'll get into that more next. We syrup and I thought advertisers next in sports or danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the national football. A little fun today. Served up in black. Here's the during an attack we are serving. Artist playlist of now in the sports market. Thought he knows more playing time bills rookie linebacker Matt Milan on yesterday's game Malone there was a reason for that. The lead to be a broken hand for starter Ramon on Palmer expect in this time all the all playing with a club hand can't be ruled out. The four games Humber has 37 tackles and a lot only four tackles yesterday playing. In place Bob. It's what much of yesterday's loss about their two top receivers Julio Jones. And Mohamed in new while Jones hit Fletcher injury should have them ready to return after the team's week five bye. Prognosis is not so good person you could miss two to three weeks with a hamstring injury in week six the falcons return to action. Take on the Miami Dolphins it. Let's check in our favorite fledgling franchise the only characters who yesterday host city Eagles at the stop upset announced crowd. 25 health. 374. Have you had a chance to watch hitters seem to highlight its shares sound like people home game he'll bring that one small world. Set after quote. Point during the pregame I thought Carson meaning person ones just coming out. But it was good church perks according to Jack wagon the Orange County Register of voice from inside the chargers locker room yelled. Sixteen away games this season and every games and away season after yesterday's game. And after turning the ball over four times in the first half of two out of the last three games. Bears quarterback Michael Landis taking a backseat. Two rookie Mitchell Stravinsky the Lenin's lows in the extra time to prepare with the bears playing Minnesota a week from tonight. Make it time that this move less than surprising to this people get an extra day to prepare. For his regular season debut. At Soldier Field Jeanne how how far we've come. I mean I was. I was inconsolable on draft night you were furious. You heard this or not she but mistress he looked pretty good pre season. Mitt children's Mitchell to miss it or very good in the pre season in an after four weeks of of watching Michael Lannan. Sure this is going into play against the vikings. Yours you're not serious starting next Monday night you're gonna be miserable next Tuesday camp viking defense Donald makes you won't get to see it. How much progress look that bears did note. Choice right. But to go to the kid. If John Fox wants to save his job this is what has to happen. Right if if the bears. You want in theory if you have Haney H on a chance at all of of having some kind of a winning season they get really don't like. Maybe short of the browns I don't believe that teams are thinking right now even the jets are 20. Is the patriots. So yeah I mean jobs are on the line John Fox will lose his job. He won in three England's been terrible. What you have to loose. Or amend it you know what you might want to. You viral and but at least shall now at least shall have so you are right about showing Kaiser Jeanne Sean Kaiser might not be. Ready to be starting quarterback finally they Nolan but at least you will now you'll have enough data to make an informed decision. Come the end of the season come draft season. What are we don't we can keep this guy we gonna move on and try to find somebody else. And the jets philosophies keep drafting quarterbacks until one of them pans out right mean that would date. Well they've reached second round write it out on. Resonates when for the jets but wait dumber wrong. Just rose star admiral for a second in place kicked it yard field goal here at all over time but do we have to put them back okay what do you want sixty yards the DC Philadelphia wanna game in overtime. On Maroney but you know why. Not shocking any bills fan knows dot Barone over conservative Doug Maroney that road you you're playing for a high with you more on yesterday. Kick the field goal attempt the field goal made it would have gone Ain and maybe get out of there with a win trust your team. We are happy hour. Approaching us here. Just a sad day overall Jean Marie the passing of Tom Petty of course before that. Everybody's thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the the Las Vegas shooting the deadliest. Mass shooting in the history. A far country and and I feel like everybody's walking around Seoul us today just now everybody not really violent how to feel. And this came after a great day yesterday for the Buffalo Bills and of course we'll lot. We'll do mortar recap that came on in Atlanta yesterday and look for Cincinnati on Sunday as well. That's all the way out the hours we sir Robert Daley special nexus sports bar with danger MB tag Leah. On AM 950 and 957. FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives what do you foresee. Probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester and.