The Sports Bar-Hour 2 10/3/17-Mike Rodak

Hour 2 of today's show starts with Gene's "Survive and Advance" pick of the week. Next,'s Mike Rodak joins us to talk more about today's Bills roster moves and a preview of their matchup versus Cincinnati. Finally, the guys tackle the NFL's top stories of the day in NFL Appetizers.


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The sports bar with dangerous does that. Another senator Dave played great looks into the. Yeah Tyrod Taylor nothing phases this team everything got to be perfect every week. We've been through a number of different situations. To our games over the past four. Got suddenly. We expect to win those situations that may not go our way but we don't play when it's. Mike danger who were four games into the season. 25% of the season is now behind us and just ask a question or the bills. Through the first four games as they've been good good enough to be in first place better than the patriots head feels good to say Jean jacket and a danger. Just recent history will tell us okay you can feel good bills fans. But these days long. Long season and we have a lot of work to do between. Now they're what happens in November December that's why it. We have to continue to push towards this our quality of play every week Rochester sports leader and 95 to seven. Yes he had. Welcome back to the sports bar danger image tag lire you can download our athletes free ES PM Rochester search it out in your App Store you can take us. Everywhere you go. I connecting it to the. In truth in the car genes. That we hear not limited by any signal deficiencies can take you out of town we know a lot of our audience travels for work up and down through way. Maybe even out of states. No excuses ES PM Rochester out with the latest bills and sabres news as well download that for free. And while you're there you know follow us on Twitter at ESPN Rochester blows keep you up today. That's the best thing clears way here yes. No doubt tumbled the apathy AM daughter and all right and Jeanne. He to forget you forget that. Is your favorite. Segments of the week it's. My Tony seventeen redemption tour Mike danger as gas week. Our winners once again in one there was a big hit ball last week it was called the Georgia Dome or whatever that don't make calling. No we didn't take. It didn't take I've I was still playing in a survivor. Football pool I probably would have taken Atlanta to beat the bills. At home. Because it fits all the criteria it looks nice when you look at the rule. Rules that we late fourth street to advance he survivor football for you know we money and survivor football. Atlanta game would have been too good for me pass out cheat somehow you have the discipline you Steve Wittman. Thais stayed away there was a better choice on the board that was Seattle and even though the first staff. This kind of and now the colts show that they were the holes in that was a comparable weenie. In the end to work on the weak side now full disclosure okay and you know the effort to be accountable here in the sport yes we're all about accountability all right so opening night we lost as you probably all know what are you talking about numbers also stops which. We're gonna get it out of the way there's only one game really dry. Hey never get Friday and we will be crawling to take my danger we thought you're peck. What are now he's going to face 80000 enemies that Thursday night can you envision. Any scenario where the Kansas City boring she's in the basin college goalie. Who Foxboro don't think it is not. Happening know. Of course not you take your best that we want annual let somebody else grew up. You'll let the bears never took falcons fueled up the browns shocked the World Cup almost none. Those games it's gonna happen to tell which ones not that's getting new lately. What is your week one survivor there. Now you'll thank me out. Did she were all about a con are you just don't care how many more times do I have to be subjected to GQ that lol the only thing I love hearing more on this in the sports bar is jus a fighter jet. That I might be the only thing I like hearing more than hearing you're we have on the week once the idea of the uncle Jews and uncle deuces. The man is prudent. Her uncle juice David Schumer saying juice over and over again these these players but that is a close second. Book. Apple fight fire up the music so I bought back in and that's wrong number one headers are losers had to loses got it all right why hatch I want him back into I can play along we took Pittsburgh we want. And Pittsburgh advanced and after that we took all going to we took the patriots. And and we took Seattle we'll get our rules for fantasy football hedges are losers my most important war he can remember one rule. Never never never never ever look bad to all your only Dutch savers are losers don't say got a whole city. Let somebody else zero strategies in survivor football what that is not strike you all a big strategic I'm gonna. Wait until next week to take that team exactly and you tell me who's gonna get hurt this week all that's right you can't look past this week and you. I dot my strategy more often than not will win. So don't say avoid the divisional rolled the obvious stuff before the back to back home. Bad defense is a bad place. So if you still have to wait a little I've taken all the patriots against it knowing that you better let them know injury to course correct you can take them and you know you avoid the patriots until something changes in you do not take them on the road even their favorite in Tampa. Take that one off. And it may never take the New York Jets this is a problem it's a big big problem last week we have options. Older people. Mom you know it's. You start looking at Vegas right in the the first thing you do Jeanne. Before you before you look at the crystal ball you choose your your survive and advance pick every week. Your first stop is next right there is little more than we can correct and Aden in this case we cannot go with the highest pick on the board that's Jacksonville Pittsburgh beating them half. But let me ask you this compare that do the jaguars have a good defense. Do the jaguars. Have something to prove after coming up to the jets. Again that's not a lot either Pittsburgh eight and a half. I would feel comfortable picking that we can't Bergen home with the jags come and attempt. But we can't for the sake of this game because we are artists and Smart guys are so other games on the court if it's like that Tina gets bad team here. We we have a lot of these matchup San Francisco Indy. There yet groves chargers giants. Somebody's gonna win that game yeah but I don't know how about the jets in Cleveland we were joking about this game when the NFL schedule came out like Kate is is that tank ball isn't a good strategy though. To always pick against the Cleveland Browns when that the rule would that be a good strategy this the only game that you can't this the only game. With before the season started the clean those actually favored to weekend. Yes if you want you you've. You wanna pick on the week it in in survivor football and that's it who cares it's the safest play you'd take the safest play while. This week. The weak teams meaning your Cleveland's here in eastern jets you're niners the chargers we can throw in that category yes the Jack to bet there. Each other yuck wow and then the rest of the games on the board. Commission gains meaning Detroit it by three at home over Carolina Knoll yet stay away. All Clinton by two and a half over Baltimore all like I like can't pick the raiders anyways but no nobody should take EJ Manuel. Dallas two points over Green Day that the victim essentially no hole avoid that. Danger all the picks are going off the board. Minnesota Chicago no lying around from what I'm seeing here just as of yet but who cares I don't want any divisional game. And Chicago real home underdog and did they went as a home underdog over Minnesota Nevada not a lot of people out last year yet. You haven't mentioned the bills and the bank Apple's yet I have under our rules rightly Cincinnati beat the home team. However only favored by three only favored by Korean and stump spot to fifth two and a half. Now. You notice there's one game on the docket I happen match. I yes. We're gonna goal. To the one man who could bring us to week six. The one man. Cool because of his upbringing you won't let us down oh. Yes you know warm gulf what is it like a day ago with this I was your teacher talking about a phone. Your quarterback out of North Dakota State. We'll get to give the midwestern guy. Absolutely. Arizona going from west to east. Think Eagles favored by six and a half this week over the Arizona Cardinals Arizona got their win last week they'll be down this week. Know your pet. Re number five in the NFL. But did you general. Harrison went Lavinia. Philadelphia Eagles. She would tell me exquisite fashion ticket Philadelphia for week five. It's survivor football there is your survive and advance pick of the week I did not even consult with cattle on on this war. I just didn't arrows point the Philadelphia really is being your only. Which points here. Do not over think this don't. Don't fall into the trap well wolf you know all his might be the only time like the colts this mirror it it's gotten in enough. What's fueling delegate to the browns there's no. No you take your best way on the board and if you follow along there's only one play this week that Philadelphia. Now it's time to see if gene is smarter than a fifth greater let's well now you know Jean. Week one. We all took new England and got bounced. Embarrassed. You still feel embarrassed every summit played a clip from week one. But there was one person one person and I ran across. Actually. Picked Kansas City. To win that Thursday night NFL kickoff hope home opener in New England. That's my next door neighbor Jacque how oldest at a fifth grader now. Fifth grader now Jean. Jake is still the whole Jake has been making picks along with us. And it's time receive Jake. You able well for the record here I don't know what Jake is picking so last week got picked Seattle and then come to find out. Jake also picks yet so if you two either spoiler three Eugene if if if you're a friend of mine on FaceBook or if you follow ESPN Rochester on FaceBook we did a FaceBook live today. From the bus stop in front in my house as I shook down Jake for his week five survivor security is alive from the bus stop. And it's time to see her. Jeanne. Is smarter than a fifth traders. Good morning Jacobs who flying a Loria. They were very well okay. Now survivor thoughtful very important stuff we know the rules new leaf picture we're about to enter week five this is a very important pick Jacob. Let's see if you. There are smarter than gene to tightly in my co host is Jean Smart than a fifth grader your week by and survive and advance football Pitt. It okay this week is Neil Jackson oh yeah. Though some say that's a little bit of a dark horse pick their Jake I mean. The strategy to go against Cleveland I think I'm okay with that strategy jets winners of two in a row you think he can make it three in a row being Cleveland against the browns get. Jets over Brown's Jacob good luck to you. We'll see if gene is smarter than a fifth creator makes Jake have a great day at school. They got Jake. Jake you're taking an underdog. Did Jackson not favored in this game chick you've just violated. Learning from me. You did violated. Every rule I am giving you bad defense rolled team. In all fairness gene he's a screener. I know it's like your house your son makes big pick is that correct. Well. House. Jacob trying to help you. Now you know what's gonna happen right the jets a win so Jake. He's all that yeah I'm not betting against Jake. In fact Jane given our track record. Tom I think a lot of bills that just want you to take Cincinnati so that they can secure win this week go ahead and pick Cincinnati so that the bills can go into the bye week Ford. Not okay stop our parents two years ago seventeen is seventeen. Blaster 1617. And this year we won loss in your Stiller right we don't require us. I had not not mean as much as the audience G audience he had every time Russia under yeah see and Rochester on Twitter then they pretty vocal on they've been telling. They've been telling this gene if you just go ahead and take Cincinnati this weekend. The bills can go comfortably into thereby at four in one go ahead. Take Cincinnati I am not taking Cincinnati and for that matter I'm not taking bill's. Let's talk us more bills football next. Our buddy Mike road back from Is carved out some of his afternoon force can make us all smarter just from listening to ESPN Rochester. Road back has the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream. Life he's a bowl. Cary yes so there's a lot of things we can get to rolled back about namely these moves today Julie brown and two bills released suit him up this week I would doubt it but what is the planned. Who's good at now see the raps with Jordan Matthews out Ramon number. Okayed it seemed in serious heavily at bay could you perhaps cast up Ramon Humber is he going to be out this week so. Lot of questions here as it's fun to be talking about the Buffalo Bills coming off a win in her body might rolled back here will set us up for the weekend. Semi roared back on the way in the sports bar with danger amid tag Leah eight and 950 not 57 FM ES PM Rochester. Almost all season your home for the MLB playoffs and World Series AM ninety. N 957 ask them those sports leader ESPN Rochester. Post season begins in baseball tonight the Yankees and twins the American League wild card from the Bronx coverage begins at 730 tonight with a play by play a little after eight. Right here ideas Ian Rodgers from your home. For all of baseball's post season the bills making moves here this afternoon Philly brown trails him coming back to the Buffalo Bills. Wide receiver brown let's go with the in the camp doesn't make room Ryan leaves Robert Blanton. And pulled him in person. He also plays tonight articles also signing up. He's seeking remarkable Thomas micro would act joins us next to figure all this out from The sabres sent down to today Alex and the Lander and come along buffalo still have to make. Two more moves for the 5 o'clock deadline. What they're about to buy these dot com are you hiring frenzy over three million businesses that using. Deep attack EST Ed Rogers. Mobiles traveled to Cincinnati to take. Take on the visual. Coverage starts Sunday morning. 57 advantage thus we'd sleep. As far as the. Let's get it up like Florida It's gonna provide exclusively about Perry's ice cream like feasible marries him. Are you. Mike we have you. Yeah I got a break up a little bit. Here and my tower. Pretty get a like some moves today for the Buffalo Bills feel Lee Brown amongst those coming back made it could expect brown to be in the line up this week right. Unfortunately it really. In yours its stride to be calling back. Our idea what you wanna different final bit out here yeah I'll get joining the line and try calling you back. Hang on a lot micro equity and money here shortly in the sports bar with danger and behave you know Jean this gives me an opportunity to some housekeeping here in the sports bar. Remind you that tomorrow afternoon from three until six you can join Jeanne myself at this Stiller Emma hope avenue if you're Rochester Americans stand. York attendance is required to meet the players night. Great opportunity for you and your family to meet the Rochester Americans of 20172018. They will be on hand at the distillery mount hope avenue we will be live. From three until six. That's tomorrow afternoon the sports bar with danger of tightly live. From the distillery. On mount hope avenue also. If you haven't yet. Pigs can pick them while we're talking about the distillery chance feel when it 250 dollar gift card from the distillery when you go to ESPN Rochester dot com. Go to the contests action to make your picks. In the best record after the season is up wins at 250 dollar gift car from the store we also weekly prizes for you as well. A from the distillery pigskin pick come on ESPN Rochester dot com make your picks each and every week for your chance to win big. A courtesy of these sports leader ESPN Rochester are. Cheek we try to get a micro and. Your true radio professional killing time like that I think we have this figured out hello Mike can you hear. Much better job. They really are loud and clear. I think that's what color stretch in the industry you know just stretch things out to its back on life. Mike it's good to hear your voice Jeanne you're asking about Julie Brown all right so Philly brown you have these moves today. What's the plan I guess for it for replacing Jordan Matthews here in the short term and could you really expect Philly brown to be active this week Mike. You might be active but I don't think he's really and it DOD interest and don't opt that's going to liver director Charles clay in Shawn McCoy B that's what. The source we have Akron and so far. I don't really think it's going to be. Too many. Multiple receivers that he's not rely receiver or record he set a good thing though brown that you like. You'd see an active and I think he will be active battery you know. Summer. They're learning curve there for them but I think to talk to guys who'll be a Jones. Andre Holmes. And obviously there's very little production speak go from either of those guys receive about side. Under gold two touchdowns. Believe a one yarder that made it to your children so. Obviously don't often get they're gonna ask that is happening in it'll work and Charles clay. I that position and also Korea back much else to write home about. So again whether. You know do we brouder Kaelin clay here are great old age notes I don't really think our Taylor's going to be early to is wide receivers. Are too much to respond. Mike if you don't want your scouting cap on for sickness and killing clay is a name that that we know of but we you don't what do we really know. About killing clay who was kind of signed under the radar. Yeah data that more speed. The familiar Geithner a that they hope that they are not known as a key. As Kate and waited. Com quite out yet returning experienced. For forty which has not bleeding but he actually wonderful pastor. I'll Jordan back or more compact Ebert. That's the one aspect where they've they've tried to use and as often getting in the ball deep game. I believe it twenty are twenty yard catch this he's an at a cost of our. So at most he's just that. Sort of mark he stood win type player in got to try to open up over the top but not really a focal point of the offense by any sort stretched. Micro next joining us here in the sports bar in 957. ESP and eight U Matthews with the thumb injury also on the other side of the football in a mall number one with a thumb injury. But the two positions being so different in nature were Mathews you've obviously need your thumb to catch the ball. And they said anything about Humber missing timer could this be an injury that you could just club up and put cast on the hand or what's what spurred chatter right now Mike. On the number injury. Well I think the fact a bit on the linebacker say it is probably positives are back sooner rather than later. Are they act on ejecting them couple weeks ago for one Jeep at. The numbers game you can't. And I thought maybe we see him back today but we Tenet. Which suggests meat eaters chant number if he doesn't do that Sunday be began back capped by a week. So. More than likely don't be Matt a lot of the rookie bought all the start quite public tried and are down and I didn't really work. Obviously they're they're kind of scrambling in that case that put something over it whereas if they haven't our beat me but he can you know the past there were something. A little more substantial protect him are protective pain but I think the most likely areas seem a lot focus. And it is chance I'll Burke back after that but again the fact it is my objective. Good sign that or at our back against the day that backs rather well. Talk about a lot of for a second because he came in for number immediately sounded like he made a couple of buy decent tackles is he is. Fundamentally sound as the rest of this bills defense what do we know about the young rookie. Yeah the I thought there isn't reported there there also weighed usually at the apple wanted to. Whether or trigger Coleman is running well at the right edge. But that change your game on our top that do the best. There's another play where you are pursuing a screen pass that. Report angle to it but all at all really not a bad. Rusted you. Pretty big role in that defense. Unexpectedly in Chama directed praised them Amman Monday or did so. You know I oldest civil expected there's going to be mistakes here there. Accurately. ESPN's Mike wrote that joining us here in the sports are 957. ESPN. As the Buffalo Bills team Cincinnati. We can go back to Atlanta and you know when you saw. You Jerry Sullivan called this the biggest road win for the Buffalo Bills since the Super Bowl era so that's you don't know where the albeit a little debatable might put. I guess my question is when you look at how final Lyonnais in the NFL between victory and defeat. And when you find out they're only ten defenders on that game's final play did we ever find out. Who is at full holds not being on the field there when the Buffalo Bills made that final stop. Note among clear you know what package they wanna be in there and other coaches that that the real. The problem and they are all out. Stop walked in and out of figure with the falcons are doing before that you can call two timeouts and that it is that the way it was well done deal at that point and they came away went out the first out. Like he sent it back on the other direction. That probably going to be the story that everybody's talking about this week. And even the story line as well you know much better shot interpret the rexrodt. One of the big stories a lot. They're all in game one oh the bills only at and guys on defense. Com in overtime in that during that they are a run or their or lost that game. A lot of people. I think accurately. About certain app that there others coaching issues and just caught it should focus so. Epic battle have been fair to bring some of those stayed questions. Ultimately every coach and every coach is gonna make a mistake it at one point or another mean it's impossible to beat her expected and I guess my bigger question is you know that mistake aside. Everything about this this coach industries the regime feels like a 180 from what we have last year at this time with Rex Ryan in the house. Right now would be it. Com that would be I think that countered saying there's any sort. Correlation lyrics aren't ministers and got we have to change competent and players seem to be. More focused on what is the goal is around here and in not as. Com Koppen and in some of the off field stuff than. Note this is trying to finally this dispute in the back and shot victory what is it. That. He did he did not Wear today they need to be I can't imagine right. After being went over the falcons I think there's a level complacency. That might have happened after pick went back to it for to us is that when guys are at you after their fortitude they want or straight games for partners all that epic game. I think players at that point. Maybe took a step back and that you lose I hated things start to unravel it all the other. And the bad this year at shop there Britain's RT preacher. I'll. What it takes to go get an excellent. And that he can't wrestle at the party done and I think that we change the law be that. Hopefully prevent. Column. All get on the minds of players and who'll keep them moving in our direction on absolute difference that I advocate. It has been and also are. That need every single player you don't think that way it is arsenal Barrett got a throughout this week and not rest on. The bill passed she wins. Those but it that there are more players in the locker workers wired that way. Are you can't. You can't really look at the respects gave you can't look back in it and celebrate what you dog except focus. With an experiment and I think that that's a deterrent though. But in this brings us the Cincinnati now and this is a one and three team that. And Mike you simply can't look past I mean there is talent on that angle team so. How do you size up this matchup for the Buffalo Bills Vegas says the bills as an underdog in this game. Rehab point underdog which it will have a strange. I'd. It's a one had three teams like and the frequency. I'll buy it yet the Bengals are. Looking better all the bills bills came off you wrote in over a much appeared to falcons so. Well art trying to. Quantify that why you know it Aspin and not one as a starter on. I declined to actually move more deeper wrinkles. Column that I think part of it might be just the way the angles have bounced back from those those first couple games which were disaster expired. Rapids of coordinator Gary you know date look at the leader be there are coordinator and ever since spent any don't look much better. Now granted. Early witnessed these in last week against the grounds so. Column. There's a certain perspective there at the adult performances do but perhaps the the Arctic is out there are looking at. Just what the bill packer receiver and what are often used on which has pretty consistent on and banking that a debate at all what. Dalton and AJ green it expects the way it goes but. I can't sit years been really cute you're good explanation to why. Why that why it is what it is. But I will say that. There's certainly a risk of the bills losing that game adult tickets. It's going to be a blower I don't think babies went by any means that there's. This. This Dole's team is still polarized electorate that not exactly at the bubble and expect walked into an opponent's stadium dissuade. I think Tyrod Taylor a lot of cubic games here. Thought you look at the offensive and having our respect strides you know last week that really just went nowhere. If you have one of those wrong are. You know who knows what can happen he could lose the game it should be recorded it something going you might lose game. Com you can make that they played Charles why that are tailor made last week. So there is your counter riding on the edge of opera and need to go back to where he or errant artillery or more points and they're going to be trouble are vital that the defense obviously is a big issue but. I think the offense will hold them back especially game in the game on the road. Gillick the reason why the offense hasn't held them back the shares just lack of turnovers and tyrant who has been save the ball they have important on the carpet at all and and you know they haven't turned the ball over since the first series of the first game of the year which is pretty remarkable and as long as they continue to do that just do enough. They're gonna be in every game and he's gonna be competitive and I feel like this is gonna be the theme for the rest of the season work. There is going to be a single game on the schedule to meet looks like. Well that's an easy win for the bills and they're all going to be tough after all to be competitive because than let's face and we will low expectations. With this team and right now feels like they're playing with house money Mike the reason why. I'm nervous about Cincinnati tell me if I'm putting a little bit too much stock in this. I don't know what connection is between the bills coaching staff and personnel. To Cincinnati where is the last three weeks of feel like we've had Juanita McDermott's comfortable. And has had to coach against AFC south teams like Carolina obviously an Atlanta there was also the connection. Between now Rick Dennison. And the Denver Broncos in week three is there any connection to Cincinnati in my putting way too much stock in the connections for the past three weeks. All that we talked about it last couple weeks I do think there's certain advantage you know Chu wa. To what McDermott at a camp and I I thought that that meant a little war and McDermott at a cried at Pratt and actually. You played in the air defense for six years. And down as opposed to handle having played against the Panthers koehlke so. Leaders kind of mixed. Effects there you know with those games then you know does it matter that the bank goals. Don't have any connections to build build and use that advantage well they get the same sort of thing is if the angles. Don't have any connections then that's also an edit repent because they touched these coaches are. And you know Bibi to build etched the edit it. Coach our guard because one black ark ark was coached he got shot McDermott the market leaders to change. So. It kind of goes both ways with what some of these things that. You know media played a role media doesn't it totally discounted but as McDermott likes to say it always comes down the players on the field and down. That's about the matter the most and in the case of Tyrod Taylor as other irons last November. Our body's built on players. So obsessed the angles defense last November as well that might. Have more to do that economic Durbin and the coaching staff and their lack action. Maybe this is a stretch guys by Leslie Frazier was on the ravens' staff last year and of course obviously. The ravens play in the dangles division coached against and why you go but the question being why. Mean how much credit to give Leslie Frazier for what dye has gone on walking with his defense so firm buffalo. Yeah I mean players really seem like they like is they like what the defense news. Inadequate so. That. Look it's been great at that critical I don't want necessarily what adopted at an operator McDermott technical. Are all the cards. Are people that have. Pieces of there mr. monitor their systems are in this sense but. That it seemed like players and more comfortable in the scheme in the war on Iraq's been called that checks and substitutions and all the things that players in about. The last couple years calm so that that's a good start and again tells them on the first ballot they the players they've brought in. Just a personality make up standpoint are better at handling the but the indication aspects in the mental aspects of the which has literal too so. It's hard single freighter out but I think he's definitely had a partner impacted it's pretty artsy to a dispute that are. Mike recchi our guest in the sports bar with danger amid tackling and of course the following week. Bills by we might what do you do with your time during the quiet week you'd get a couple of rounds in before it gets too cold. But I tried it I don't think it ever needed to cool that any. 677 degree that your need I say it stays this way November. December a much keep playing shooting 125. Print until Christmas that it would make your best. Mike what one question about a team you used to cover as not only for bills fans was it enjoyable to watch the bills win but then after that you get to see Stephon Gilmore the patriots lose so all. Covering the patriots when you did. Desist. From now observing from the outside does this feel any different or do you give the patriots a debt benefited doubt that they'll figure this out here. I mean you know there's there's different examples of all back on I think when he ports either one where it started off to whatever it is on erotic mosque that that law were the Monday night that she's and then there's on some bad economic and they only loss in order to more games after that on the Super Bowl. But there's also years go back further. Where it never turned around 2000. I'm and mine a team is never crowds grew at a insects may got trials the first round of the playoffs. 2008. That defense was awful com. Yet injured operating that your but the senate really kept out of the playoffs Matt Cassel pretty heated. And and 2005. And one that that hatred he's coming up back to back Super Bowls and that defense to spell parts that I don't you like it. It is. I'll they're gonna be let down by that you can get a lot of big waves. And theocracy can't quite. Put up the points to watch it heat up so. You know which example of it all back on which you know and that eating its cartel Munich I turn around that colonel Robert prayer. I really think that the patriots will. Belichick will. There's also examples in history of them that are being able exit and try to simply go to the next I'll see it and then I'd be players do it over it. ESPN dot com's micro wreck our guests and sports part danger to tag we always good with this time Mike we appreciate you joining us this afternoon. Have a safe fun trip to Cincinnati and at thanks again for your time. You got it thanks the great Mike wrote back talking among all things Buffalo Bills and it I. Saying Kimmel will have that for you the whole hour for you if you missed it but dude do you jumped in late the bill signings Julie Brown. I guess I agree with Mike Brooks pointed and manner of its Philly Browner for its brand team or if it's you know the other clay. Just the guy who can potentially catch a ball when it's thrown at him which might not happen now all we know all know these are all does guide is here so we are biding time till Matthews gets back so. This passing attack right now it's tight end Charles client. Made easy Jones and that's it shady out of the backfield and that is pretty much it. How shocked would you be if Tyrod just throws for 350 yards and the receives a Jones ends up with you know hundred plus receiving yards and multiple TDs like what we all just die of cardiac arrest right there at the LA. Buffalo Bills is never happened that's a weird thing is that it Tyrod he actually throws a pretty decent deep ball it's the intermediary stuff so it if I don't. Drawing up plays. And of course I don't put this'll be my suggestion just. Send Jay Jones on the fly brought every once in awhile maybe beat the other clay. And see what you got there because of rural Tyrod Taylor out it pretty accurate when he's out of the pocket throw on the. We're gonna serve today's top medical stories next in bite sized form we do whatever it this time we call NFL appetizers and sports bar with danger and the tag Leah Jeanne. We have to announce a quarterback. Who's getting another chance in the NFL I think you know lower I'm going to win this. Is it tied. No it's not time you know it's just no way you really think they're gonna do you really think somebody's gonna sign calling Catholics still still. A we'll get to that and more as we syrup NFL appetizers next to the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the National Football League. Have a little fun today. Served up in place. Yes during that attack we are serving. Art display news. Now in a sportsman. The Buffalo Bills made roster moves this afternoon three players. Three players are gone the bills bring him back wide receiver Philly ground was released to be in the camp. What was seeking free else did. In seek peace remarkable Thomas now to make room the team releasing events of one and Eric Lee Lee could go back on the practice squad safety Robert Blanton. Think the whole they understand went on our apparently Anderson broke his arm in the falcon game. Mike wrote back from Join us just now in his point game. The Buffalo Bills could not sign a linebacker today at Mac court vehicle. They're not concerned about the long term health of linebacker Ramon on the pump for leaving the game against the falcons with a thumb injured. Tiger announced quarterback who's getting another chance in the NFL. Now. Simply. Randy I mean he's better here the titans have added I mean. The former first replica of the rounds have been less than impressive throughout his career with Stockton. Houston after. Tighten sort of markets Mario danger is captured on Sunday because it. No it is as if he'll miss any time for the teams at some depth Matt Cassel finished Sunday's game in Houston. After the Marriott injury we'd last played in the NFL game in 2015 and he started three games with the cowboys. Got cots. And then signed with Houston started one game with Texas that's. Former Buffalo Bills crawled full safety jurors heard. Nationally he's got a new home they Carolina Panthers assign her with their open roster spot after placing one there in your receivers and I hour. Byrd want to put safety. And he hasn't surfaced beyond if you work out since the saints caught him back in March and 4014 left buffalo signed a moral went. To the tune of six years 54 million dollars and he hasn't been the same since. Quarterback Andrew Luck is set to return to practice this week luck has been recovering from shoulder surgery back in January important coach. Chuck gone O he's making great progress the expectation along. Has been that it will take a lot multiple weeks in practice. To return to form so it's not surprising to hear that you thought you were sentence start again for the colts now for the fourth straight week. Let's check in on league ticket sales as NFL spokesman Joseph Lockhart announced that attendance throughout the league itself. With the exception of one market that market being Los Angeles where the rant played in front of tens of thousands empty seats in the chargers well. They play in a soccer stadium filled with the opponents' fans caught his first ticket sales in stadiums we've had less capacity this year. Because of the teams in Los Angeles but overall percentage were right there we're bin last couple years over 90% of seats filled were right there we thought we'd be so there's no real concern there despite some of the comments that have been made out. There's a beat. NFL spokesman. Josh Gordon ever return to an NFL field now. For the browns receiver and did in ninety day rehab stint last month he's eligible to apply for reinstatement to the NFL. The pro league sources that hasn't happened yet even important files this week. The league has no deadline or timetable for resolving a reinstatement request. Profit off with Gordon not having Egypt right now the application process may not even get off the ground Gordon. A second round pick in the 2012 supplemental draft last played in when he fourteen appearing in five games he hit 2.4 passes for 303 yards back in 2013. Gordon generated 16146. Receiving yards. In fourteen games. I would Eugene I mean as much as I would love to see this guy back on a field just to see if he can return to form I love the idea of of him getting back up there eight and just feels like this is a dead and that is not happening dizzy and Egypt right now that's gonna help him through this application process. It's not all day and that's a lifetime of going NFL's 2013. Was last time he was a productive player not counting that and four games and when he fort okay. Josh Gordon is the cautionary tale and there's all the lakes there's a CF sell local player arena you need to listen you control your own destiny. So if he wants to get back into the sport yes sure some passion for the sport nobody is gonna change you would job or at camp invite you get people out there current humble yourself Josh. But I don't see that happen. Parker sir our cars and same garage you detect Leah I agree let's get to happy hour next is we serve our dearly special. If the bills right now at this season to end they would be the number two seed in the AL SE -- Kansas City. Just. Joy while we can here at the end of week for what we learn from watching the chiefs last night listen. Will talk about the the scenario here in the AFC is not. This big and bad conference that surely is one I've seen so sod far will drive and that little bit more next in the sports bar with danger tightly also. If you missed our conversation with Syracuse football coach geno neighbors we'll have that for you before 6 o'clock is well real quick conversation in advance. Of that cue stick cannot pay its dome this weekend Dino bearers. Syracuse football coach joining us before six clock is well in the sports bar danger and a tightly on ESPN Rochester. The. We record mollid Notre Dame. It's. Protesters most listened to sports station. PM 950 and 957. FM ESPN Rochester.