The Sports Bar- Hour 2 10/4/17- Chris Taylor

Hour 2 of today's Sports Bar starts with Danger and Battaglia discussing the captaincy of the Buffalo Sabres after the contract extension of Jack Eichel. Next, the guys welcome Rochester Americans Head Coach Chris Taylor in as the team and season to come is discussed on Meet the Amerks Night. Finally, the guys tackle the NFL's top stories of the day in NFL Appetizers! 


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But sports bar would danger and it sadly it's great yeah. But the deal being done in knowing that all he does hit hardest. This report this year it's education. For my god actually I was really excited about the true. That was the way decided endured so they decided to take the sabres also broke it just came up all the some Mike danger and here we are okay now now you have to produce. Now you have to do is no excuses jeans exactly. Happy new year deal into every other hockey fan now listening right now there's a lot of happy people here involved for. We're starting from the management down to all the fans here in buffalo and not get involved we'll put all over the place about four. Then perhaps you signed and sealed and I think this contract is far from from both sides and both should be very pleased Rochester sports leader. 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to sports bar lives from a sports bar worth the distillery a model Babineaux might danger. He's GB tag Leah beats me the Arab Merck's tonight here at the distillery were looking forward to seeing US the Rochester Americans are going to be coming out shortly. In their jerseys you'll be able to meet them all we got great prizes warrants your tell us that we got tickets to giveaway autograph jerseys autographed sticks lots of great prizes of course DSP and Rochester table here's a distillery is well more free Crosby to win. Just first stop announced at saint hide the sports bar with B Mike danger and Jeep today as. Have you and your car right now you Peter by 5 o'clock in it's a great place to be in in to meet the distillery on my own all of this was the first sports car I gravitated to when I was in my twenties here. In the infancy. On the NFL ticket danger yes design it's always fun coming back here to your roots here on mount hope but they certainly do a great job. I for the hockey season is such a long season fact I would make the argument that the hockey season. It's longer than any other season in professional sports football we know the short season. Baseball okay well it by the time the post season gone that's seven months hockey it's a seven month. October to April but then you tack on another six to seven weeks of the post season. In other words teacher is such a grind to reenact championship. It's so hard Ive make the argument that because that the grinding hockey it's harder to win a Stanley Cup for a Calder cup and its incidence then any other sport. Yeah I would agree with that in and I've heard a lot of Smart hockey people say that that it's hard. For for players with European backgrounds. To withstand that right to make it all the way to the end to win a Stanley Cup and think about in the NHL was last on the team led by. A European. One. The Stanley Cup I. Have struggled I really struggled predator army II think of Forsberg when he was with Colorado but that was really Joe Sakic as well I think of I think Detroit maybe Federer off but then you also had eyes remained the same time you don't wanna be like there's so. That being said. The idea that Jack cycle is now the leader of the Buffalo Sabres. For the next nine years and say you know these these great contract extension that was given last night not just great for him. Geez you imagine being eat at forty years old and having eighty million dollars radio I mean that's just mind blowing to me and good for him. Good for this organization because he took class and I eagle but flexibility to build around him in the future. Bob what about that that's a leader to me well. Clue who this is the debate this debate has been happening ever since they made the announcement. These Jack Michael your captain and you are these theaters on earlier before us. Basically saying not so fast hold on. Let's see. What he can do because that's something that's earned. And in the locker room you don't just hand over the captaincy the guy with the biggest paycheck for the guy who's the most talented. The you're rolling your eyes GTE your tires are my what you're tired with this debate you don't wanna have this I often just wanna see you see on Michael's Jersey higher because he's got anti. Charlton mean that's as being contrarian for being concurring sake if you're saying that Jack cycle doesn't deserve to capture or he hasn't earned it yet okay. Look around the league are you saying the economy David doesn't earn it doesn't have the right we can't see and I don't. Retained an old enough personnel and ended scene like I know the personnel and in buffalo where OK now we'll listen to the argument there are other options in buffalo. With danger you decide into an eight year deal to give the captaincy now it's an eight Yuri investment on that could invest eighty million in the guy why can't you well in the end. Saying hey this is the expectation. I guess that's why I would say what's the rush. You know you've got eight you've got you here for the next nine years. And that allows him to Fortson the time to grow and develop into the leader you know he's going to be you've made this investment in you know what's going to pay off. But either hearing stories from practice this morning cheek where where you heard he was kind of yet we kind of village. In two being the leader on the ice leading the TV in their stretch of morning practice on a bill. Actually being the guy nudging my apartment bills and you could argue could be wearing seat based on his time buffalo or based on the amount of a hockey he's played with this organization in his sleep. On the bill saying quote he should be there I think everybody was kind of telling him. To go in there just give a push to go in there I think it's important obviously he's probably a little embarrassed and shy he didn't want to go in there. I think it was the right thing to do you actually at palm and bill acting more like. The leader of this team in the guided their pushing to be the leader of this team. Are let me turn Enron that. By the landing exactly he's like dangerous the distillery here on loan office we're getting ready for me cameras next fans are to come and Anderson is going to be really fun hop and atmosphere. He turned around here. So why in the name of captain are excited that the news last night broke a Jack cycle. And I connect the dots here it might danger that they were waiting for days to happen because the captaincy for Jack cycle. He doesn't happen without the contract would you agree with me on that. I would agree with you would happen again I I don't know what the rush is to put the seal on his sweater if he's not ready for emotionally I think. You know that the story from this morning's skated is is just one in it once story that we know while there might be many more instances where. He's more reserved he's not as hopeful. We see how he is. In posting UCL emotionally he gets when things don't go the team's way. And that is it necessarily I think what you want is equality being your captain of the U wants to be who is ceasing and does understand. How to work comedienne how to work the rest of the teammates on his team to get to a point where. Where they are competing for playoff berth and and eventually Stanley Cup. I don't know what the Russians to navy captain. If it Verity believes he should get again and by the way. Tell me if you're with the year against the 454 ESPN on Twitter at ESPN Rochester I don't think that the fact that you're the most skilled or the highest paid. It exclusively means that you should be the team's captain I think. There's a little bit more that goes into it and a lot of it is stuff that we don't even get a chance to see because it happens in the locker room. Terms of how your teammates react to you and respond to you. It could also be something that's completely overrated and I will point to last year's Buffalo Sabres team has come to find out. All right well you know there was locker room issues and not everybody was on board we're rivals. Boy you could answer better can't confirm that Brian Gionta can we agree with that Brian Gionta and media eight plus Brian Gionta teammates eight plus. So why did they have. That locker room dressing room whatever you wanna save room chemistry last year. Liza Brian Gionta back finish your team and this is not a knock on Brian Gionta was Brian Johnson to a lined with a regime that nobody else wanted to buy into. And we've heard everything but we've and we've written the first some writers of the positive about files muck and GM TM pro from this group the sabres. That that will be rare and maybe judge that was the only guy that was actually buying into what they were you know. And rightfully so your coach did you order you follow through Gionta setting an example but it wasn't working wasn't connecting. With the new generation of players that hit a lot of you know the old young team this Buffalo Sabres team. And you talk about giving the captaincy to a twenty year old. I'm not. If it happens I'll be fine with it but I'm not saying we have to do not saying it has to be tied into the big deal it has to be tied into the fact that he's the most skilled player. If it happens you know when I wanted to happen. And we could we do little trauma tomorrow night we have Michael come out the pregame warmups and then all the sudden and live music and audio. Friend Mike Jean Marie endlessly you know public address that in the T he bank arena but it isn't journal but it that you're new tactics. What would that arena on opening night when people realize that Michael is the cap yeah I mean that would give up. I would imagine that would give Jack cycle quite the boost of confidence of eighty million dollars into its formal already I don't know that you need it I don't know that you need it if if it happens I will be fine with it. What I want him to beat. Seasoned and ready when that he is on his splitter and it will happen if it doesn't after the season we'll have to soon. How do you see this why the contract now why it's a great thing because during the course of an 82 NHL game season. There's gonna beat believe it or not that's the best gains or just buckled might not get a point. Right so we don't have to have this conversation well he's distracted well he's thinking about the contract up up up up up. I'm so happy with Scott on last night but the fact that eighteen from Michael and you heard cycles agent afterward. Michael agent to denounce that no we advised him to play this out and take this restricted free agency could you make you could make more money at that. Shocking that major would want their client to make more money anime commission yeah. On the show I'm glad it well and I think about the team what's best for the city it's weird. Well those net national little bit leadership quality that is so many athletes danger and you've been around sports. Where the athlete is led by BH in the aged maybe doesn't have the best interest I'm not saying that's the case here with Jack cycle. Why you've seen them before where an athlete wants to do. Sign on the dotted line needed you to your agent steers you the wrong direction Jack Michael took control that situation. Is that not leadership. Yes it's leadership. In terms of Powell Jack cycle looks at his future I don't know I mean. I think leadership pass that happen. It has to happen organically it has to happen because you see other players respond to your reacting to you. You're able to connect with them there they're willing to have to go that extra mile because you were pushing them to go that extra mile. You know part to save Jack cycle is that player right now. He gets a letter though regardless. With things yet you would think he'd be in line for that but I mean if if it's. If we're hear reports of palm and bill as the guide nudging him. Into the circle let's tells me that on the bill which is more holier than Michael in public though might be the guy that you weren't see at least eighty for a season then you know just because of his history with that that organization. And with buffalo. And in India sleek and there's a lot that you know. But then there's the other side of it where alone Michael sees what is his contemporaries are doing what they've gotten and you know it's not universal Austin Matthews is it. Captain Rondo certainly comic David will be linked Jack Michael forever because of that. Here they were drafted once you. But I don't think that that it I don't think it's needed in the last. Unless he's truly ready for the parents we begin though to what he isn't ready that's adding too much pressure for a reason hey. Happy you know happen when he signed that the big money contract. I have a lot of the I tell you everything I don't think the fit into the a my impression Jack cycle is this is that what competitors do. Is they always measure themselves against their contemporaries. And Jack Michael he's got his contemporaries he knows he wasn't drafted first it was contradicting. Inject Michael hurt his ankle Lester he knows eating it to the playoffs first it was Austin athletes Austin Matthews where you had unanimous counting like Jack Michael. Couldn't hold his job. That is where Jack cycle he puts pressure on himself when he reads quotes like that and always measuring himself against Connor McDade. That's like Jack cycles also home. And tear point to that sometimes when you know the cameras in front of enemies of that little salty sometimes and things aren't going his way and I would agree with you on the point that he could improve on that area but to me captaincy. Dealing with the media that's. That that that's not in my top five list there is reasons why didn't name a captain it's on the list but it's not at the top. Let's start to the season though isn't it Gina we think about it this is why. You suffer through the tank here oh yeah this is it this is what you were hoping for and you got it you've got it now for the next nine years you've you know you invested. One lousy year as a fan during the tank so that you get this guy and you've got to for what ten years total I mean you know like. You hope you get ten years of production. On that one bad season. You know remains to be seen how it all comes together and whether or not. This is a playoff caliber team and I think if you if you take a glance around while the experts and all the writers and everybody that follows is being closely thing majority of them. Have the sabres on the outside looking in. But. What do they know right of veto would these predictions pre season predictions we nobody had Daschle doing what they were doing last year they like some of the moves that they made that nobody had them. Fancy of the Stanley Cup final so really you know. In this season of hope. I'm I'm overdose. On hope with the Buffalo Sabres at hand maybe go back to last year for as bad as the coaching wise and for his erratic is the Blue Line wants. No one if you had Jack Michael the first two months of the super season. You pick up 45 points in your lawn today and in the gains Paula suddenly march early April become a lot more exciting so this team the Buffalo Sabres. I don't think peripheral I think their playoff team like danger high like that. Play like that down like that he predicting a playoff berth from Buffalo Sabres I just wanted to be fun I just want them to get out of the come on the gates strong we like it would was last time we saw sabres team. Come on the gates firing. You know like start strong it's a new day. Lot of the same pieces are back from last year that had so much potential you've made it. Editions and I think it's hard to say this he got worse. In the offseason they got better in the offseason with the additions that thing right I still can't believe they need the traits that they did I mean you gave up and it's essentially coupon they'll. Welcome back Jason that's that we stand gal on the Blue Line up you've got. You've got a lot to be optimistic about if your boss solicit them I would love to see the economy be strong. Start strong and just be fun to watch this season. This signing this Jack eichel move. That's it's our right direction my picture great timing for that you all right we're gonna talk more hockey this afternoon as we're live at the distillery amount holt avenue. It is meet the ever Snyder Rochester Americans kick off there when he seventeenth when he eighteen campaign Friday night at blue cross arena. We had Don Steve and some of those last hour reminding us that. There's a party on the patio blue cross arena that you can eat here at 5 o'clock for happy hour to celebrate the start of the new season RT Schneider will be. On the call for pregame starting at 6:45. Friday evening Don Stevens with Paul. Starting at seven from blue cross through to Syracuse. Comes to town to kick off the campaign. We've talked Amber's head coach Chris Taylor here before 5 o'clock we've got some some players lined up for the 5 o'clock hour as well as we didn't live. From the distillery a month about the sports bar with feature take Leah. AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Need more on the rocks and you're in the sports car with injury exactly and Rochester sports leader. 57 ESP yet. And. It's been the zoo whirlwind for me the last play for hours and sitting here and out they never imagined this. I'm on my 21 birthday in a few weeks and ever imagine that none have been concentrated. This is my hobby for a living and it's been an unbelievable time here and it's a special on and then more than others remembered I'd supported in a part of the city for the next nine years and all the success is that we're gonna house. Since I've been here ever owns the nothing but great to me and I just it's almost. So much to offer and then does someone should prove to all the people here guys what I wanna bring so much excitement to this team this organization in the city and it. There are teams had in the right direction I couldn't be more excited for the future here in buffalo. As emirates head coach Chris Taylor joins us here in the sports bar with the Ager to tag -- alive from distillery in my hope avenue got it coach Taylor's first words who has. Pretty good data be Jack cycle. I can't exactly it's Aaron. Well deserved all you know he's. He's played really well on you know he's that he's a player that wants to stand buffalo so. Kristen Hammond pricy right Jason and ran NC really to Baghdad and them done. Chris Taylor our guest here in the sports car on the new head coach the rock just American so I guess how old story you went through camp. Portable war where you're feeling here is you know open up the Tony seventeen point eighteen seasons delegates if you guys and he's got a near your ass now more targets can go on its. A lot of practices and you know I think the guys a rating near eager to get to season certain. Along training camp and down. You know again guys going give their prove themselves and from what happened last year the guys being here and other guys that are coming into your organization more proof. Which they can what they can do and I'll put the put the Iraq. As Americans united doesn't get easy free to start the season to Syracuse coming in after deep run in the playoffs last year. What do we know about the crime and show you get after it we don't have your workout for your Friday and Saturday night. Well for sure they were hurt their team that you know we're gonna play a lot so we are grip the bat we have make sure that we don't like them. And satire or humor and I came here as a player around. You know we always had big primaries against at Syracuse and we learned to hate them and the other lot of points he had for us against his team for the whole season so. Rip the start reassure them that. You know there in for a long season against Rochester Americans and down. You know I think some guys like as played here before with the only thing Kemper and they know that and they got to read me that's the other players as much as as I'm going to. Gosh I remember growing up yeah I I hear the Baltimore skipped Jackson the main mariners almost seems Chris quite. As hockey lost a little bit of that which you think again those rivalries at this level they have I think com. A little bit because sometimes it's condensed sometimes you played and humane Tynes knee on CM for. Fur a long time after row of the Friday series home annoying. I series against some sources are up the season I think it's great I think it's great to be getting it straight for the players to build off that and zero understand. You know that there is him era this year that we all their oil and iron out down the road that you know we take care of business on Friday is relocation have anything to do with the is an eighth. It's gonna feel weird not playing a team gets up from Albany the Shah that sign on it's it's definitely different route that different. You angle on the Canon you know playing against those teams now with although I'm not about come in so it's silly different madame. You know again. We take care of our business that when we play we got to understand any team that comes in our building we are making art form it's not an easy night for anybody come in our building I think the last. Two or three years I think a lot teams you talked other approaches. You know higher right now OK let's just defy the righteous Americans dew points in the bed there and thank you mean like that anymore here when they come here it's going to be our game and down. Now I can any points from us. Love to earn an average coach Chris Taylor is our guest here sports bar with danger to tightly it is weak players night. Live from the distillery Al mount hope avenue just hearing you talking me to feel like there's going to be a different kind of toughness in previous to this team. That maybe hasn't been there in the past and I think some of the moves made in the off season especially green and got like patience been in the league who has roots in Rochester. I'd talk about what's the importers it's hot but some of the veteran leadership got a locker room. Going into the season. Well I think it's it's big green off the bat there extension of our of the coach's arms all the mound you know on. You can't just go think in nineteen app. Three coaches and think to a year just some charges team and air thing's gonna run smoothly with young guys and you need veteran leadership in the room to help you out then you on the peer pressures artist and it put pressure on them the young guys that play harder and the young guys are put pressure on your guys have played better bombs so I think it's good and I think with. You know special occasion quarter coming back from people known they've both played here before. They understand what it really means it whereas the amorous uniform. And you know I think even the experience with cordoning coming in you know long time. Person that I've been a coach against the Rochester Americans and he understands with the tradition means here. Com and where it hockey means that his damn mean now he is and max's coach I think it is speaks volumes of the people we brought them. It was fun we haven't fund debates should Jack cycle be the captain of the Buffalo Sabres and you know it's DDB determine how are you guys gonna handle it won't go which way do you prefer one it would come to something like that because you do have candidates and I guess that's a good sign that you you know you. I could make in our give me your vacation somebody else to make an argument supporters so if that's the fun part is stands but. Hi how are you gonna go through this process forward through the processing and talked a lot people I had talked to people actually sign these guys and I had talked to are my assistant coaches and even the staff that's you know interacting with these guys the last couple weeks and even other players. Whereas if you look at it I greens up there I think got five guys that have war and a captain in the American Hockey League that few we've Friday and so. For me I I look at that first of all. Jason raining Steve did a great job bring quality people and when you have this much trouble trying to find a captain that means that there's a lot of great people and our Dresser and that's good things in them. I think the biggest thing for us Ingraham go to leadership group that whose primary five guys now leadership group that will. Helped handle the load in the Dresser or me can't handle by one guy two guys three guys I think if you bring five guys in all different types of pages different. Assets would they bring to a team I think that while everybody else. Paris coach Chris Taylor our guest here in the sports bar with danger protect me as we continue meet the players Knight averaged at least are stopping by here. All right around 5 o'clock about a mount hope distillery. With ESPN Rochester. Let's let's take it easy team by TP right every team has their own method of selecting who that leader is going to be here eventually be ADV. Is there are a way that's more effective the other say if it does come from the top down to players resent that at all or does it does not even factor it writers players I think it. Guys I think it's gonna come from the coaching with an in which he believes in how much she believes enough person to lead the church. Com you know and that's what's gonna happen just like any moves that we may period. Com by the final decision's gonna have to come down to me and what I think and I think that's great because I don't want. People thinking that they're getting called up because manager wants to called up right I don't want them thinking that there's enough because men who want to run errands can be also in my choice my found decision on everything and down. You know brand name or through the process without I'm not just gonna. You don't not include my assistant coaches are clear and emails and your organization I'm gonna include everybody and then come to a final decision so. Com again I know you're talking money contagion to reporter first all those two guys are great candidates being captain we'd be lucky to have either one of them. And down you know I am for am afraid try and always captain there for cordoning. So he knows him very well also there's a rich history very candid so. We're very lucky and down again we're gonna make the right choice I think it's a big choice for us to make and who we determine who came to captain because. It's a big season for us you know we're trying to change culture and this is where it starts asserts Merck. Coaches and insert grocer captain on so it's a big decision for office monarch and we don't take that lightly. You ever take coach Chris. Broadcasting live from the distillery on mount hope you were part of this event for many years. On. How has the transition game going from player to coach because I remember coach did it John damn box nurtured her than him and boxy once gave the quote saying you know I had to learn how was. Not be one of the guys so when these CI has that been difficult making that transition hero. Time for him on it really hasn't night I believe I act the same way I don't want acting differently when I played into our coached RTC. In different situations you have to do. Where I'm the same person and you know when I talked to Nathan outside the rain dirt during their game very tense. He's still talking to Chris Taylor we've talked to win me when I sat satin dress her death I still care barred him wealthy friends. We talked a lot we understand why there's decisions I have to make that might you might not agree that that's okay that's part of it com. You might think respecting each other and what you do is is the biggest thing for me and I care are all those guys in the room that I make kids think is. They're all family they're all people that we care vote. We always talk of order you know how you value they can read enjoy your players think they. I don't consider them players are concerned people they're people that we care broke him what they're gonna do and I believe if you care vote that people. In our Dresser might think they'll play harder for you. Chris one of the most daunting tasks like I thought anybody. At the HL would have is that coaches he's feeling good management doesn't get some players that are coming down from parent club they'll want that shot the parent club. Some players at the need gets a chance to really compete for that spot just got. You know brought down two Q Rochester. How do you manage through all of those egos and through the season. How'd you manage your team when you don't really know it's from night tonight who you might have on your bench. Well that's that's the hardest part but that's again that's where the leadership roles and you know and down sometimes or coach can. He's hard on those young players that they have those legalized but it. It's better when it comes a little bit more from the players inside your peers inside the dressing room just as much. You know we had a when I played in down. No we have some young guys you know Toms and it Jason palm and don't let these guys are all big stores and they thought they issue a call up. And we had dark grim myself and Jason daughter only we tried the teacher and allows guy's name who great careers and enjoy and I think it's. Just the experience he hadn't addressed and that helps a lot to. Me so I I believe it helps from getting it from peers and peer pressure and what's what's going on Dresser more than as coaches give rove. Times Taylor is our guest here in the sports turnout by seven. Yes I was I was really curious been part of that was you know I I I try to put myself in the shoes of of pallets new owner Dan was. Here with us last year we did the same event and the first time I think many of us got to hear him got to see him got to meet him and realize. Can you see these in years old but he's got so much talent and in this. This pre season had a bit frustrating what for him being injured to the Prius is really not getting a chance to be out there on the ice. Time for shirt did enough you know this is. He knew he noon. When he heard himself who's like you felt so bad about because he won their impressive new people that are in this organization price because a lot people saw him but don't really know him. And then you wanna make that freshening you know we got hurt but. Since he's down here diseases first day down here are great vibes from me wants to get back on the days he wants to get help he wants the play he wants to make an impression. A better impression we did last year for the Rochester Americans and I told him that they might not be. Maybe a month might be two months before he even consider you getting called up. Don't look at the short term look at the long term really help this team win health and how are you gonna play. Has it as a player for the Rochester Americans and match your sole focus. And you know I think I think he's embraced and again the older guys you're out among. The coaching staffs can help mode. And you know we're here to develop and make him better but also to help him to be a great team player as well Chris Taylor is our guest here in the sports are 957 and ESP NS it's meet the players like Chris we talked about this when we had beyond not back when you got the job in the spring. Not to interrupt Jeanne I just got served where's our snow coming honesty and Aaron we're not do any work over here. The other horse yes there are Yahoo!'s scale conservative here we did get 1 this morning tomorrow after only begun to cure the coach absolutely had to have to take care the coaches. Yet that I think you want popping. We talked about for folks to remember you as the player and then they were familiar with you coaching in the Pittsburgh organization. You stay here in Rochester the whole time now tell us why and and and how difficult was that when. U obviously wanna be with your family but we you know wolf Sperry and spend what four hours draft. And I are just so it was a tough since the situation nom. You are steady Marco by myself have a special needs that check out these 21 graduate from school boy touted and we've had all of his services here in Rochester and he graduates and he's going to stay out program in act cobblestone Aaron Victor they're now so he loves it. And we just couldn't move him on the environment and this is our home business where they grew up there are five and three my daughter was three when we moved here. And we've narron after you went play in Germany we came back this summer stay here. Com you know so it's always been our home and we never leave it so in my daughter. Last year went to Brock university in Canada now that's only an hour appointments so it's a perfect situation for us. So we listen wanna move nick out of his surroundings are more at Rochester is done for him. Because they've done absolutely amazing job in the support. Com how to community accepted him where he does he's in math artists and limited that's a program that for special needs kids that. They act and he plays in the wintertime he's in now. He's in saying he does everything in Rochester area and it's our home and you know what a great place for to bring up a special needs child has Rochester now everybody's so. Willing to give and support in down except us and you know that's that's why would never leave. Any worry that the challenges you face is a coach I mean. You faced challenges that many parents don't face I mean talk about that what it's been like for you look being the father here if you're yet it's it's it's tough it's we have good days we have bad days that's as part of you know part of it and every has a different problem here and there and we don't prayer problems anybody else and we deal with Clinton gets straw are worth that and when he makes you laugh he makes a laugh and that's that takes away that too bad things for one good thing and nom. Com it's been great and again the support that we had from people. Within the hockey wrote that we may hear her sister and outside hockey road it has been fantastic we met a lot of different people outside the game and down. He wants because of him and he's very happy boy in laws that he works at the game sometimes you can he sells T shirts and stuff like that. And you know we just can be more proud of him and his sister and and what they mean to us and with the actually mean to Rochus I think the day Tesla lives through here. Emirates coach Chris Taylor joining us here in the sportswear with danger protect me alive and distillery a model avenue meet the average night happening tonight. Here at the distillery we welcome you down to have a couple cold ones with us meet some of the players that we got plenty prizes that we'll get to hear a little bit as well Chrissie you know. Is somebody who didn't grow from Rochester like you and you move to a town like this and you you try to explain to people who aren't from here were breezed through that is equality of life here that's really. Hard to explain to your not exclusive in that there are other players or other coaches there are people that. Through their time in Rochester chosen. To make Rochester. They're home and and in Asia is one of the leading even all we talked anything out there early you're right your right just or really it you know. What what is it about Rochester aid your stories obviously unique but you know what do you think it is in in the case of of of many other players. Through the course time that it played for the incident warned that red white blue and decide to make Rochester. Well the first thing we got here as well passion defense where where I really love playing here just the house. Knowledgeable and passionate the fans were in you know I survey were so nice to us everywhere we ran her brain viewers through land. Who's really nice and then nom. To find out that you know all of a sudden growing three hours with my hometown and sharp from Ontario is like OK this is nice and then our kids are going to school in the match. Haas school system was unbelievable and in Russia searches it's amazing community and we don't even kids go to school and maybe meet new friends and they grow up there in the communities create and and the Finger Lakes and we went camping all time we go to Q can only candidate who they thought time 1000 islands and everything's a surround you in Lake Ontario like it's just a beautiful area that. We didn't while he then we love it and again we've moved here and now when I signed from Boston 999 would never move sent so it's pretty amazing and no I difference for me is the other people is that. All four of our family members were born in Canada we learn. No we didn't marry any gray here we didn't have anybody friends we had no relatives. Everybody from my family still is a sharp on terrible we chose so live in Rogers is just because of how the community accepted us and where we've where we think of this community. Chris Taylor our guests as the emirates open up against the Syracuse crunch coming up Friday night at 7055. And what what are your expert I mean I'm we're all excited here and I asked on Steven this question in the Q what kind of team we have and his answer was we will ultimately ended the season so. I mean today put Chris we look at. This team in. We seal mark we know what he could doom goal we seek believe we see players down what. I mean what what election gimmicks manic fans expect this your mistake well. For me we're going to be exciting to watch I I really believe that I'm I'm a love for checking on loved getting on their defense. I want play fast but there's Herbert says they wanna play fast and tell you how you play fast as. I mean are structured knows an error whatever he's doing so that's how you play faster brain knows that we're going. Chipping the puck up the wall our Reno is a part DD rewards straight up so he can play fast that we doesn't necessarily every says. Play fast that mean you're feet going to be moving and you know gap fast skaters. No it just playing together and playing fast knowing where you're doing. And you know I don't know our season's gonna go I really don't I've we've had market practices. We have a lot lot of work to do and it's not gonna come overnight it's not Kerio K we're just gonna change their cultures can change in earnings gimme final or win. You know 45 games your I don't know where we are gonna change culture we are gonna change things and how we do things and I think the fans are gonna like how we're gonna play. And I can't take any crap fame Macomb and our buildings were knocked green stick up for each other room the exciting rumor worker butts off every night. Can't we do that Ringo I went. Love it love here and everything is Jose Chris Taylor ever sent coach joining us here in the sports bar with danger but tightly at. Appreciate you carbon that's on top this time body afternoon it. We know obviously business threaten going to be plenty people here way to reach Chris great thank you are nice guys appreciate joins Laporte I'm not now Peter great time dimension that by the way season tickets. For the toll 1728 in Rochester Americans you get full season you get half season. Flex season memberships are all on sale starting as low as twelve bucks a game if you want more information amor dot com slash seizing ticker tickets. I'm fired up period coach talk Betty yeah Chris Taylor the don't talking about a different team a team that's gonna be. Entertaining team that's going to be asking the sun can put up with any crap from any other team. And think about the story line here too he was part of both good teams from the decade of the two thousands that they're really good. But never quite got to Wear her camera fans wanted the team that was the call the company a lot of things looking good not bounce your way wolf. Here page comes back your dealer comes back had this that this this the storyline how can you not tied into whenever. You know look narrative in sports and you belong to sports and you got a great story building here in Rochester with this. This season in the Rochester Americans look at Rochester Americans hockey season ticket memberships ever stuck com. Slash season tickets. Find out more information right next year in sports bar with danger to take Leah we sort of today's top NFL stories and quite size formal or around the National Football League. And Desormeaux the stores and NFL appetites since we added as a former bills receiver that. Is this the end form we'll debate that coming up I think we should raise a glass crooks got coach Chris still has doubled over there will get all those who get that up. Up for you what social media as well and we return next in the NFL appetizers and sports bar with a major tag -- live from the distillery a model avenue on the united the united 57 FM ESPN Rochester. His news from around the National Mall it's a little fun today. It's the during the attack we are serving. This play was so. Now in a sports car. After the second week overall Eagles kicker Stephen how spill on the AFC special teams player of the week award. Osgood nailed Google's 55 in the the bills upset win over defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons. Koch just hit outlet for the straight from fifty yards or longer think about that he hasn't missed one of that range. Since he was with the Seahawks back in when he fourteen converse kind of bills players want the award two weeks in wrong. Constitute joined pills legend Bruce Smith to Cornelius Bennett is the only bills player ever to win the week award. Consecutive weeks. Former bills receiver and current forty niner marquee stood what is in the concussion protocol feels like. If it feels like here in the slot because set for concussions over the course of fourteen months. It is a three concussions last season with the bills couldn't able to return to action consistently missing only one game at Sunday's loss cardinals. Gooden was staying for a fourth time some urologists believe that repeated concussions have a cumulative effect. Each concussion carry additional risks of long term effects that. No reduction in the suspension for Danny batten. I would have proctor made that for me out and thank you very much danger I is that you saw that fish's head against the Packers. Dovonte Adams last Thursday night. For to me then I his suspension now we're one game here. Part of the game yet I don't want to see at the rear view mirror yet many are stocking up they're defending Gervais content and even going so far as calling it a great play. Ex coach and current Monday Night Football commentator Jon Gruden did so it's just that this morning a Mike in my. All right do we need another of the controversy or should the cowboys just play all of their game's in prime time because chiefs Monday night when Aron had a four point three rating. Among adults 1849 compared to last week's matchup between the cowboys and cardinals ratings were down and 16%. To match a season low total viewership ratings slipped 13% week to week even though ratings are sliding. ESPN top both cable and broadcast TV ratings thanks to perform some minor football. I see FL or NFL watch out go to side by sports net dot CA the former top three pick up ground. Trent Richardson is expected to make it CFL debuts Saturday night playing 376. Saskatchewan Rough Riders against the Toronto market that's. Those B Richardson's first game at any level since point fourteen. Deaths are trying to stop Richardson wolf that the job of another another NFL named for the pats. But this guy danger forma articulate to our lines offensive coordinator Dick genius mark tres Bennett who now coaches the Argo. So we got to be sitting out with us here live from the distillery as we wrap up but it fell appetizers had a chuckle there when he heard the Saskatchewan Rough Riders need to page. Average defenseman joining us here at the distillery what you you watch CFL back in the day Nathan and conferences got drunk so that was your ten. Yeah the Rough Riders say I grew up in northern Minnesota I remember watching a lot of Winnipeg blue bomber before he out that's a bigger army for their prayers the labour day classic there you go religious get a new stadium or something apparently talking about it don't think editors say their data personal some snapshots from both Franzen went up their fur and yeah. Used each cease doesn't set to show us gently patients snapshot stocks on Humana like. I can't do what I like I've try I might daughter does it. I can't fully embraced that to you Donna I'm not really on its like my kid's account I look at siren. That we do this they think Peja joining severance defenseman nine years we're doing meet the players that if that historic we take a quick break come back and instead of time talking we appreciate you giving us a Tommy knew what people can be. Geared it to meet you tonight but that you you you take some time wanted to talk with us to stumbling. You can page join us here few minutes for our rights him by presentation ever suspensions we are doing meet the players night here. Live from the distillery on mount hope avenue funny and I 5957 FM ESPN Rochester.