The Sports Bar-Hour 2 11-10-17-Matthew Fairburn

Hour two in today's Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia has the guys discussing the differences in coaching style between former Bills coach Rex Ryan and current Bills coach Sean McDermott. Next, The Syracuse Post-Standard's Matthew Fairburn joins the show at 12:14 to give further insight into the Buffalo Bills this week. Finally, a trip around the NFL with another serving of NFL Appetizers at 38:23!



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Most sports bar with danger and exactly we'll be doing game sweep. So whatever it takes like I've said before obviously you know. Whatever it takes to win the game and that's really really looking at different. We got to find a way to get the winning is a good team so early care about underdogs. Really care about all that tells us so we got to go out there and get it going. Dinner and they you know it's about how good your team is and how well you match up an insurgency and Oreo. Mike danger this is a six in ten team they're proving us wrong like the opposite seems true whatever the critical mass that is out there that exists in this -- exactly. I think Floyd fans get the most enjoyment from his when you're an underdog in new team pulls it all yeah all I like being the I felt like I personally. Having everybody picked against us and then now you know while we shocked the world fertile field for the best players out there that we favorite gets a chance to be successful Rochester sports leader. 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sport sport live from the sports bar where the penfield whorehouse with our friends from spotlight on AM 950. And 957 FM also streaming online at ES PM Rochester dot com I'm Mike danger. Along which seemed exactly Akamai. Here we're we've got a great set up nearly guys Luke Kamal look at this prize table we have and play roulette you can enter to win appearance tickets that the sabres game coming up on the twentieth that's against Columbus. Wiesel also have some Syracuse basketball tickets are TIE tickets allotted. Cool prizes up public here we've got that cooler to give away so I am. I'm way it's Friday danger. You should stay late at work tonight you know yeah I would never tell anybody to come out of work early. On a day when it's twenty degrees outside you don't feel like being there anyways incumbents are where it's nice and warm here and they'll pour house warm myself up alongside the sports bar danger Anglia as we prepare you for an exciting sports weekend you've got sabres action keybank tonight. With Florida coming to town you've got hammered section you mentioned Belleville tonight tomorrow night the hammer Sagan on built Philly or all that action on ESP in Rochester dot com. Tomorrow night after an Merck's action Notre Dame. Miami. That turn over changing mood. Catholics against convicts. Spurring him now hold back. Rivalry back to life yeah I have it in for Notre Dame. You lose this is is it this is their playoff basically if Miami too because. Miami loses this one okay. No one wants they could make an argument if they won the ACC by. Now this feels like an elimination game that's that's what makes college football soul Corey. And we you're with a guy that loves Notre Dame football it's all been talking about I don't make fun of them yeah yeah I chain on him put the yeah I like that season does not keep tellem that Notre Dame has been irrelevant since 88 he loves hearing that. You know he just loves it. All of that by the way foreplay. Four. For this Sunday Sunday afternoon. Kick off at one bills saints some updates on the saints geno. Safety kitty the caller ruled out for Sunday's game or an injury. Left tackle Ron Armstead and right guard Larry war further both questionable they've been practicing a limited basis. Michael Thomas a wide receiver and defensive and Alex spoke for both practiced fully today and will play on Sunday that loss of Karl. Might make it a little bit easier for the bills to throw the ball on Sunday and I like that a couple of their offensive lineman. Are questionable means and not a 100%. In this. Can this mean at the bills get the running game going outside of the shop core. Yeah you would hope that's got to be the problems aren't talking about the there it's out of ten can the bills pass rush. Gets Drew Brees can you get gigs that's what's been missing last few weeks mean really be seen. He sort of pass rush at all. On the bills with your car and Josh McCown and it's been nonexistent. Now you had the one forced fumble of gene is Winston nap but no. Pain it. And Josh make it home click you know Pro Bowl quarterback 70 OK here I understand that. But no we've got to get the the quarterback please get some pressure make true reside get rid of the ball sooner than he wants to book. Where that the saints have been. Running the ball effectively. LPM I'm. I know I can't do this because every game counts in the NFL blah blah blah and he put the last game aside. I'm sorry to point points at home against the bears does not impress. Or not getting to thirty in Green Bay when you're playing vaccine coming off you know I am a big injury to Aaron Rodgers. Some of these scenes Wayne's just don't look like saints win in the past but maybe Datsyuk their credit danger is that they'll need to outscored teams. By. You know putting up. Forty points a game here in years past where their defense does make enough plays it seems like it's a more balanced team. For new war lands I'm Heidi you get to Drew Brees I don't know the answer that question polite. If you had faith in Sean McDermott because I know how you get it to Matt Ryan. Aimed at the rim Matt Ryan haven't met Ryan threw the ball well. And you've seen Sean McDermott team plan for some of these quarterbacks Winston OK Winston got it's yards and also turn Bobble. So to me I would think that Sean McDermott with the extra time I don't think he took the weekend off last week in my danger. So no bills are gonna what we have they're gonna put in all this was not Rex Ryan not going to the World Series or. You know going on board or wherever racks I'll whence you I love that story by the way we have Michael rolled back on off early in this week it. The other Rex era. There were so many stories that you forget about some of the good ones but it puts it in context to me where. That Monday they lost tough loss against Seattle okay now you're flying cross country where that sounds like at the long trip. It is what it is an understanding here on a chartered plane. And we've seen two hours after the game ending your in the air and within seven hours after the game is over your back on the ground in buffalo. So in other words by 6 AM you're in buffalo and you couldn't you know assuming it's not the few hours on the plane. You're good to go to get some productivity and the next day. Rex Ryan after that Seattle game was supposed to give a press conference at 11 o'clock but nobody could bind at racks he went off. That grade until late in the afternoon like 4:5 o'clock quarter Mike wrote that. Not tell you everything you need to know. Greg McBride yeah pretty much. Hell just put the guys side by side you can know everything you know got one guy awakened to 3 in the morning make sure it's as workout in every day. And another guy who looks like he hasn't had a shower in three weeks. Yeah I'm probably gonna think that the guy has a little bit more just because it's getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning you know one guy might talk a tough game which Ryan did obviously. I I'd have more faith in what term it is done. And I like the tone he sets so far this season with this team. That the biggest thing I'm looking at his effort power they can respond to being embarrassed on national TV we go Thursday. And if you see is similar. Sort of efforts. Then I think you have reason to concern or reason to question. Whether or not the players are actually audience on Sean McDermott's system order hurts I you don't I don't know what the excuse is. But you can't see that kind of performance two weeks of. Right it's 1 of those yeah o'clock questions I could see dapper but maybe. Because it is not that good initiative they're getting figured out here and only paint a scenario for you and if anybody wants the job and you are always welcome to pull the school. I either on the phone for 54. ESPN 4543776. Or right with us here at the until morehouse drive him by c'mon man you love the hell have you come hang with us. What if the secondary. Just with the two quarters. We DJ Gaines is not a 100%. And with previous wife who's been up and down we just say that what he's been good he's been really good when he's been bad he's been really bad we just put it that way. Why if Drew Brees. Directs. A few drives that pass rush doesn't get anything going I don't think it's. After necessarily I think you might just beat this team. It may be really is and Zach goalie and his wife we thought they were all along and here's a team that has its act together. And if the saints go up 213 at the half what would that surprise you at all. Like the day you know what it wouldn't surprise me that he you your you built this team this roster this year. To run it stopped the run in if you can't do that they don't think you have a chance on Sunday. And I think stopping the run defense side of the ball. You gotta get back to fundamentals you gotta get back to watch these guys actually making tackles not trying to arm tackle barking outlook markets. That will result mean it just massive gains the saints run game picked on you throughout the year at him that makes Peter principle while Powell. Can do what he did in Matt Forte. At age 73 can do what he did last Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills I'm nervous about the prospects of tomorrow. And marquis group so if you're able to stop the run on defense. Keep it close get a couple bounces get if you turn overs. You might see Drew Brees throw it all over the field you might see the saints offense racked up the yardage. But this bills' defense has been bend but don't break for much of the season he could close and give your team a chance when he the end. The saints defense has improved. But with some of these injuries. So exploit them you got a new weapon in Kelvin Benjamin. You've got LeSean McCoy who wants to show. That he can be consistent. In show up against New York we Thursday I we like him or recommit he's a 100%. There's we have that report Thursday night about the online and I'm not commits any of camera percent right now Jeanne immunity you're at the midway point of the season knowing you're doing this year players complain. About how they're not getting enough rest. And how there on the top. Am not going to discount. The fact that Sean McDermott knows how to game planned for this seats offense. Given that he saw them twice a year during this time the Carolina. That's proven to be beneficial against Tampa. Pru would be fit beneficial against Carolina. Certainly helped them in their win against Atlanta so I I am what you are predictions here I just under an hour from now the sports or teacher tightly but. Gina will be going in a slightly different direction. That you might be going through in the final outcome this time. Could be. I'm not get a deal like our friend Duffy on the break group who I was gracious who would buy this in this morning on his show and you know who's brimming. With overconfidence. Going into Sunday. But. There's a handful of things going on with with this bills team based on what we saw last week and based on. What I believe shot victory is doing. I think the bills could could upset the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Really I okay this is. If you're here you're still reserving judgment here you're just gonna teeth and here are you I'm giving my critics aren't look at my prediction you are predictions coming up here. In about 4045 minutes here in the sports car with danger protect it before we get to all of that. Let's get a little bit more data let's get all of that more analysis is gonna look that more from a guy who's been one bills drive. Covering the team all season long it's our buddy Matthew fair birds airport Friday after all. We've talked to mind a week. What's the latest one bills drive and after or heard of the Syracuse post standard. Will be joining us deaths in the sports bark. Danger and Ted Leo on AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. Beer is cold and the wings are hot. You're in the sports bar. He bites gently. He's worked both sides. And his play guard also sold. Assault over the course in his house crews about two more. It's different positions they're also show they tell me confronting Gaddis has got to the position flexibility. That's a good thing. They go coach Sean McDermott's talking about Deion Dawkins who will get the start. At left tackle for the injured Corey Glen on Sunday is the bills to on the CH your pregame coverage starting at 9 AM Sunday morning. On ESPN Rochester here talk more Buffalo Bills in New Orleans Saints. Our body from the Syracuse post standard Matthew fair for joining us for his Friday visit fair or Friday Matthew how are you. Now under Mario. We're where you were at the penfield poor house so this is the way to start the weekend Matthews so to bet you're not here Rochus should come around as more often we take area. If he gave me some advance notice that could have made it up and then we committed a party. Gimmicks. All right well where's our planning team would seriously and would it Moreno will plants on tonight or next time around carefully which format. How are you could miss it still is sol forum for Klain gains let's start here. The best freedom both of these players here should we expect them to be in the starting lineup on Sunday. I would I would be more confident about Charles quiet and that would negate game but I think both have a pretty your shot ideas that are. Charles plays seems like it's been trending that way all week EPA game. You know. That's tough because of the hamstring injury and I nursery right. You know it has played pretty well independent Napster though. It's they have any doubt about it and you know they then I called out but. I think clay and as the better shot at the view but I think people they're definitely you know it's been in the mix to play on Sunday. Matthew what's the latest sons A Jones need. Yet they actually lifting it has an ankle injury so it's not the first ankle. Kinect games well. It at this point they're still. Calling it dated date being greeted practiced all week though. You know they think and they called toward employers dated days well and you know he ended up opening game though. Maybe next week will will learn a little bit more coming out of a weekend Howie I don't you know how rest helps out but it. Kind of national day. You know I know you're coming up a great game. Or is that game against the jets but. And waited I mean not terrible that they wanted to make element to it and this week anyways. Sort happy LP. Yeah not a competent got up to be so they have options. At the position maybe ignorant and you know ticket that attack and did not have what it much on his plate here you know be severe injury created that. And that's in it could be that the. Betty fair ever in Syracuse hosts dinner guests here in the sports are 957 ESPN. How would you assess the rookie season for Dion Dawkins so far Matthew. And it's been. You know not at I think he's at some pretty good game and is that some games. Work quite as good. You know I think. There was probably an expectation. When he was drafted at least outside the building. You know a second round pick word. Jump into the lineup right away. You know they've made have left tackle matches. Limited you know his ability to get an honorable court like I'll be because garnered such a good player but. Though it and that's that's I guess he saw a little bit short of expectations but I think what he's been on the field of party unity of buying block tackle well. I wouldn't you know it situation where the bills have to feel pretty good that they have. A player like that and developing your gut and experience. These moments one and according monitor LP it's definitely a better situation than it was. In years past and Oregon will go down and are on your it would happen that they are Sean Crowe Anderson and it. I think socket and then you know an upgrade to their death by. You know you definitely see him take that next step and it would be tied to the beat the player right tackle though. Maybe future he could have gone adopted them film it. Matt the bills aren't the only team banged up on the offensive side of the ball the offensive line the saints have some injuries coming Sunday as well talk about to say it's injuries coming into Sunday along with that can leave Karl they're strong safety that's a big loss for words defense. Yeah I think to Iraq arms that the left tackle you know being questionable. And not. Hitting an all week of practice it is a pretty big deal I think Ron harms that one. Offensive tackle in the well he's been. You know a big deal for that up on the line so for him to be you know up in the air for Sunday I think is a pretty big deal. You know weary of war urgent that work led back on. And abdomen injuries though. He's also questionable he has split the last few weeks that are about I would out of arms that is very big injury resentment. You know he can't get out there. And I think that that you deal and obviously any Carlin well. You know he's one of the guys that is. I depends moving around their second period can do a lot of different things of them lined up close the line permitted. And you know playing covered. In fact he senses made quite a turnaround in the third period tactics including street. In the car that we've got a part of that though. Those are two pretty substantial injuries and they're part of the reason I think the build them pretty good chance went under. Lion and I'd ask you about the saints here too because we've had various opinions on the on saints are six and who applies. You can't fault their schedule they they play who's on their schedule but Matthew when you take a closer look at. Is that an impressive six queen's Q could you take anything away from Norman's. I would take anything away from the six game winning streak unnecessarily. Do you think. You know what there's I am trying to bring it. A certain way as you know. Tricked into this season in the NFL is this what it was in past years you know that. The top team so called police he's in the Super Bowl contenders. It feels like everybody's. You know. You know sort of clustered in the middle a lot more than years past though seems like the saying that the chiefs and patriots are on schedule. And built in the next month. You know they've shown some. Pretty big flaw and I think you can include the bank and nice group as well that need the six game winning streak has been impressive no doubt. You're breezes they'll land at the top of the game the defense team looked turned it around. But they're still up big plays on the they're not quite an acting down BO belated normally it would on top and so they're not perfect they're not untouchable not let. I think in the bills. The hope heading into the second half that he's in because I haven't theory in Broward myopic here was so much parity. As it's ever there was years need it and you know upset if you'd seen in the second half. This is the year mean there's really no team in the NFL that are running away with it either you know Eagles looked really good right now but. You know who would who would be terrified of pine needles and track up the out of that are not here. Anybody it was so. There's just a lot of parity in the and a belt I think unity can look at the saint and CNET the other team that. People are talking about in the Super Bowl contender but I think they've got some laws that you know there are obviously different people away from the super well. That's the spirit of the Syracuse post standard gas in the sports bar with danger and tag glee let's talk about some of those flaws for New Orleans and let's talk about. How the bills might be able to exploit them they've given a lot of big plays on the ground is this the week. That we see LeSean McCoy returned to form the offensive line kind of have their way in the run game. Yet think he'd be offensive line needs to play better. Obviously it did on Thursday night some oil should be able to do damage against B linebackers. You know who have had some trouble. You know you mentioned those big plays they give up they do the same thing and it happened in that time marched on Mark Martin and rookie corner offices. A very employer might be a front runner for deepened the rookie of the year. You know he's already looked like one of best cornerback. Al. He's just walked god and he can't cover everybody so you know bill has. You know and new weapon of their own instincts help Benjamin that they can try to get free and you know he's big play machine packed tight rode out there and you know you can get your sons the big yardage out of them and I think. There are definitely ways to pick up. Those strong always on Odyssey defense but. On the top and that all it knows you know the paint there's sort of an up and the power out there are a little bit more balanced this year Drew Brees. Brought the ball up 32 time big game and opposed to forty ought you know that he ever do numbers courier. But he's also down there about 235. Yards passing per game which. Would be if it held up over the course of these will be as. Low per game average and like about it and there they're doing a lot was short passing and they'll build compatible. You know they've been might be able limits of the the explosive plays the debate spec ops sent sent an injury to try Arctic could create an opening. Wouldn't slowdown in the running game meant. Teams haven't been able to run up bills in the buildup on alt though. I think they need to capture them you know magic that they act. You know and the first or own game and make sure you know there there's bound defense simply because. You know that that's been a calling card one point numeric field and I have to take advantage. You know the home field home crowd against CNET you know obviously. If they get rolling early they can pick and opened up on. The talk bills football with a beat reporter for the Syracuse post standard good friend Matthews fair burn. Here in the sports are 957 ESPN. I think you could agree that Tyrod Taylor is a divisive figure meaning Matthew everybody has an opinion but. This being the NFL on Rudolph the bills can win this game they could lose this game let's play this out if they win the game and let's say it's it's an old fashioned saints game is going to be a lot of points on the board and Tyrod Taylor out tools Drew Brees. Would this finally is there finally an opportunity. Where the public opinion here to change a little bit here on Tyrod Taylor. Should the game all that way. Absolutely. I think that spends so hard for the public opinion to change on Tyrod Taylor because. I don't think he has changed a whole lot. I think he's taken the next step this year in terms moving around the pocket and you know making a different boroughs animated years I don't mean to say that he hasn't developed substantially. But. Days you know he China. Loses the game you expect them to lose and wins the game you expect to beware and occasionally. They'll you know. You know a dual quarterback and occasionally though there have an okay game and the defense to carry them go and vote. He hasn't really had to. And gain more you know if you won that game in Seattle last year what about a game out you'll want about quarterbacks currently. He had to have one of those. Just yet and I think that's what critics are quick to point news. He'd never done that so he did it against Drew Brees in asserted that all I think that might change some people's minds people are so. Dug in and you know on on their opinions on our Taylor when really the reality. All I'm perfectly secure green. I think he's a good enough quarterback to get the little biopsy and he went against Drew Brees I think it would be very little reason earth for people to complain about Indians or red. Yeah I hear what you're seeing and I agree with what you saying and I think it's gonna be you know incremental. Incrementally you'll see people kind of starts. See what he's doing with each. Passing week where he wins but ultimately if if he get this in the playoffs only anyways complain like Tyrod Taylor at that point. No I don't think so either but you'd peace prize and the minute they get to the and I expect. And the defense is playing really well there will still be people out there that day you know you don't take enough chances they're. He can't win from the pocket at all you know. Lazy convenient narrative that people of stockpiled against them you know. They'll they'll use them that they don't get our proper. Updated defense carried ever what Shawn McCoy aquarium. There's still be people out there but I think if you get into the oil out. There will be more people that will come over you know it is side because it's been quite a while since any quarterback in the accomplished near buffalo and that is no small. I guess we look through everything through the buffalo prism of Matthew how many fan bases would you say in the NFL today. Are actually happy with their quarterback situation. You know that's the thing. Not that many. You know occasionally you'll. Try to gauge that you know there's a lot of lines and that are. Not happy with Matthew Stafford you know people in Baltimore certainly divided over Joseph Flacco needs. Aleks Maric creates a lot of debate. You know Kansas City there's there's quite a few franchises I think we're the fan bases. Definitely questioned what they have understand her I mean obviously the patriots start writing op operating you know they're span. You know love and Packers and the other Roger and me. If it boils down to the question of which teams that on questioned franchise quarterback. There's really not that many you know Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady. They've Matt Ryan but I guess and even in under a lot of key you know received an. Usually it's a young quarterback as shown some promise as a and but the rest of them belong here in the league the more people start to doubt she even. And sure there's cowboys and this that don't like to act or not but what he's done in the for years I mean. Quarterback to polarize and position it's the most important position and it tends to be the one net everybody cares about all the times. I know it it seems like Tyrod Taylor is you know the guys that that inspires all of this the buffalo. Look around the league here. Turn on Sports Radio in Detroit they're yelling about that bird dinners are with people. Upset about that Roethlisberger. All around the league. You know that's an app that because people have strong opinion on Larry. Matt fair bird at Syracuse post standard joining us in the sports bar on ESPN Rochester. Live from the penfield pour house let's talk a little bit more about Tyrod Taylor. And what goes on between the ears and we've seen him this year staying in the pocket a little bit more not pulling the trigger hitting eject getting out of the pocket and making plays at his feet. As much this year you mentioned him making different types of throws moving his feet in the pocket at different kind of Tyrod Taylor now you throw in the a new weapon and Kelvin Benjamin. And you basically knowing that if tyra is gonna get the ball is gonna defer award up Kelvin Benjamin force balls and that he wouldn't normally do these. Fairly risk averse is is a throw or. How much of this mentally can Tyrod take. With with all these new kind of wrinkles in his game whether beat. Shuffling in the pocket rather than teaching the pocket altogether or or forcing the ball into or receiver. Just because he's six foot five. Yep that's going to be a new ones for him because he hadn't had a receiver who's who. Can make plays on the football and so you know it's it's almost like you know he hasn't done it but he also probably shouldn't have been. Don't know patents that they get of their door mat these you know so. It's hard to tell how much of that is. And you know an Indian and how much of hitters you know that it is you know and then have those weapons and I think what it's gonna take it a few of those plays to go their way. For Tyrod Taylor's start to trust there are no that he can put the ball out and until the masters now come downloaded. That's the only way to build trust as they happen happen under fire and I think you know Kelvin Benjamin is he's special he's. It's fun to watch at all it is doing you know Washington oiler and our larger are now on the Internet so it doesn't matter as. There have not been humanities you know corners. At either level that have been able to match up with them and I think parents it'll start. Marty. He look now. Coming into this week he's gonna have better weapons on the field but he's as. Maybe you know assuming Charles quite well it's up at a lot of them opening at all here now better weapon but he. And I don't know and Percy Harvard and the locket or else it has been unmet need be I'll have a pretty good. You know. Variety. From which to work in I think edition choke on it would be huge just because the the chemistry they had early in the season and in the perfect fit. The trial quote seemed to be in this pop sense so watching out and humid. Impacts how the other guys that have murdered out internal player that will buy out these other will be you know pretty fast and. Matthew fair Bernard guests here loved talking quarterbacks is that what drives league you know anybody who's in business I love talking about. The owners and what's happening down shirt kind of following along this whole story of Jerry Jones threatening to. To sue the league but he's not happy with Arthur Blank it. And you have this divided owners now while we're worried you're on one side or the other potentially here. They're just curious what do we doled out but the school is at least still so new in and it still circles. Are they influenced on the Jerry Jones side you they fall a little bit more with the old school. How would you classify the school was Pittsburgh where they did an and then. I guess the bigger story yours what what what's your read on on what's happening in the NFL with Jones in the lawsuit. Yeah I don't. Europe and they had built overture out there who feel about this particular issue. But they have fallen in line or when it. You know the majority. You know they voted for relocation. You know with all these schemes that relocated Ralph Wilson needs to be the guy that would vote against it out of principle every single time. And who have not carry that on for so they've all and in line with some of these owners now. The issue that up and up now is you know a much different you know we're talking about Jerry Jones. Probably the most powerful. Man in the NO the most powerful owner and apparently. You know trying to do battle against you know balance. Trying to go you know toe to toe would Roger Goodell and it just goes. The thing about it is you know if it's not Roger Goodell is going to be somebody else you know the owners and Eric you know so. That's why would and though they direct their anger Roger Goodell. In the region he gets a one of the thirty or forty million years. It because the owners. Taken to be their punching bag you know that they picket guy. You know he's doing their work or. And so that's where you're getting this situation where carry guns in just gone against itself Alley turned himself against other owners. It's not totally unlike you know. The way Robert Kraft was the over the old Tom Brady thing but this is taking it to quite an experience and I mean Jerry Jones. And a lot of power and a lot of ultimate conflict. Bone growth. He had the only knows one way to do things and that's big if you're gonna. Sue sue the NFL Goran after me it's Jerry Jones after all Matthew fair burn in the sports bar with danger but Anglia. On M 95957. FM ESPN Rochester Matthew of the former that you go can we get prediction on Sunday. At Muirfield. Yet capability we're gonna win. I think it's going to be somewhere in the range point seven points or point seven point three. I think the injury he err on arms that in any RO are pretty significant but the main. The the bills have been really good at all and the saints are quite sustain he's away from all traditional and they they've been OK on the road. They're not they're just not sustain I think our offense I don't know that I would expect them about 35 or forty. You know against the bill defense the way and playing at new air field. I also think this new bill but in L Benjamin Charl played back. That move the ball again he's he's been especially with the Carlyle. Boy could get going in this game Benedict the player on the well. I like their chances and others think they're good you earn some people are wondering whether the Bill Berger in I think. You know with ten days to let out a lot. You know Mary and what that walk one here. But don't expect him to have back to back you know performances like the woman have on Thursday night. Expected to be much more like it seemed we the first seven games of the season and that he's. I think they have every every chance to think. You know Matthew football players and not allowed to look at the media people can and so looking ahead for you or are we gonna be able to catch up within X Friday are going to be hanging out though little extended weekend in Los Angeles. I will be in Los Angeles but I there's I'm trying to think. And I think at land and we should begin at I'll be out there I think of the what like you do at 1:30. Pacific time but I think. I will be out there again Orlando at 1130. Elected thirtieth in the afternoon here I think they're good can squeeze in a little look there were. What all we're really wanna know is is how bills mafia represents. In Los Angeles and we've been hurt hearing you know reports. You know over 50% of visiting team's fan base is showing up. At the style of senator I mean. Eat your home field advantage for the chargers is not a home field advantage and all you're getting boos. Educated produce heat your home stadium I hit the drills I think have the opportunity is as a fan base to represented better than any team has thus far this year in Los Angeles. Yeah I would think so they've they've represented pretty well the policy in the year ago they yeah represented well everywhere. I would I would. Back it would be one of those road trip. You know people who travel to games with circle on the schedule and they Ellis is that one you know I know. A lot and went so now a lot of them want to Carolina. Whoever has no money left to their savings account I'd be out in LA and you know that there's small stadiums so if you can get a good amount of fans. Then you're gonna take it over pretty easily because it's really I think it's like 40000 seat. Stadium something it's pretty small planets well standard. And an act I'm really looking forward to. Seeing as stadium because that is so you need. And the atmosphere is probably really strange. You know given the fact that they're not getting a lot and really. Quite frankly kind of a dumb move to loose chargers well I am in. They're not looking good right now and I wonder if they're. Am as much money is they're gonna make him a new LA stadium I think he can suck it up here for a few years and you know until you get in there. Matthew well that will catch up with you next week we always appreciate your time in thanks so much. There are little partner here. Net if you're ever in Syracuse post standard go with this timing joining us here in the sports bar with danger of the tag glee on ESPN Rochester as we continue live. From the penfield pour house we've got NFL appetizers on the way national go around the National Football League it's about the day's top stories. In bite size form in the sports bar in danger thing. Tonight into tomorrow night in Don Stevens who have the call tonight at 7 o'clock singed Merrill had pregame beginning at 615. And amber hockey on ESPN Rochester probably brought you buy will hurt you bullet. Having trouble selling your current line or you know you're your truck pass inspection or not. Here's what you do you sell it to well hurts call will you pull it. At 315589. Suits you to do that gonna pay cash visit them online at WUPI dot commerce stopped in the store. 4936. State route one gulf war in Williams in. Again did we mention you get cash for your card trucker man as UV today will hurts you pull. In his news from around the National Football League. And that little boy today. Served up in black. It's the during the attack we are serving. Aren't that play us. Now in a sportsman. Nicer time. Feels headline. Court Quincy Jones they're full. How it's for the game against the saints on Sunday. Glenn has dealt with foot and ankle issues dating back to last season and he missed two games earlier this year so will be Dion dock in starting at left tackle. Jones meanwhile hurt his knee against the jets last Thursday and the rookies absence and open up more room for Kelvin Benjamin in the offense. As Benjamin makes his Buffalo Bills debut after last week straight tight end Charles clay is watched him although the signs have been. Positive about his return from a knee injury we know a little bit less about corner EJ Gaines. If a player not for the first time since injuring a hamstring back in weeks out. That's nice Seattle victory was costly one as we may have seen the last quarter Richard Sherman in a sea hawks uniform. Sure reports Achilles tendon in his season is over with an eleven million dollar salary and a thirteen point two billion dollar cap of 28 team. The thirtieth birthday coming up march 30 the Seahawks may decide to move on with. Or without an effort to keep him with less money. Surely has played for Seattle all seven of these years in his NFL career and rather than get carted off the field after the injury he stayed on the sideline for the remainder of his team's victory. At Doug Baldwin school is the vocal NFL players against Thursday night football called this. As should be illegal Baldwin said by Greg Phillips Tony news Tribune it's not okay quote it's not okay you can call me at that. Baldwin was one at least fifteen players herder injured in the game between the Seahawks and cardinals last night the Seahawks alone at twelve different players injured in some way. All the money generated by Thursday night games are competitive pro players and owners the brits the players' safety. Inherent lack of in quality and diminish rosters and create a problem and needs further addressing moving forward. Matt Forte won't suit up what's under for the jets game Bristol bucks Forte has been ruled out due to a knee injury that kept him out of practice all week. Expect to see while Paul and large acquired jets' backfield in place also in the AFC east. Martellus Bennett took part patriots practice this morning. There were reports that Benedict the torn rotator cuff might try to play through it. Which apparently case Bennett had been sidelined with shoulder injury and was caught by Green Bay earlier this week. But his presence at patriots practice indicates. It nasty there's going to be back up backing up Rob Gronkowski wants that completely ineffective wade Harrison the patriots signed for Indianapolis. These past off season. There isn't a lot of sports bar with danger and tag me alive. From the penfield whorehouse on petrol broad intent you'll Jeanne great atmosphere at anfield or else in your sports weekend kicked off. Yeah I in his cop like his are going to be given noise and sabres tickets why now we've got doesn't Q Paulo accused tickets are gone. But we do have RIT tickets and Saber tickets for you as we mentioned and a lot of prizes to stop by now and now you should be out of oracle plays so you know stop by I have one with us before you had Omer where we hadn't do tonight. Coming up happy hour we server particularly special cheated not predict. Sunday's action between the bills in the saints are just predictions for Sunday you right now I'm right he had been ready all week here beat big game for the Buffalo Bills gets in Orleans saints. Well some like your phone calls of force by four ESPN will also go around the league and our look around the world of sports and serve another round of shots top. News stories of the day coming up just after 5 o'clock Santa sports for a lot for the penfield pour house danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester.