The Sports Bar-Hour 2 1/10/18-Sal Capaccio

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, January 10th

Bills radio sideline reporter Sal Capaccio joins The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia during hour two of today's show to discuss the latest from One Bills Drive in the wake of yesterday's post-season press conference. We discuss the future of Tyrod Taylor, OC Rick Dennison and what direction the Bills may go in the 2018 Draft. Next, the top NFL stories of the day in NFL Appetizers.


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Most sports bar with danger and that sadly we're always gonna do we feel is best for this football team this organization. Then we'll continue to do that moving forward and actively pursue. The vision for this football team we can never get on track consistently and that's what we got to be we got to be more consistent and a lot of areas. And now that's part of evaluation process how do we do that. Mike danger to the lack of a vote of confidence for either Rick Dennison Tyrod Taylor I mean it that. Leaves it all up in the air for speculation right I mean we don't know if either of these guys are going to be back in 22 gene but sadly. Always he's. The best. Teacher for this offense I'll listen to the -- simple ways danger but it's hard to. Dispute the fact this offense took big steps backwards. You know I think first of all we're roommates and saves Rochester sports leader 957. EST yet. Jack cycle just named an all star. So that's breaking story in the bills made an announcement danger when I saw this come across what we have what we have the bills just announcing they have signed. CD LJ McCray and linebackers Xavier Woodson luster to reserve future contracts. Don't know announcement otherwise from the Buffalo Bills. Spending a lot of time over the last 24 hours and we'll spend more time here with soccer got you when he joins us runnerup for thirty talk about what the bills. Should do with their offense a big glaring question mark after a departure from the playoffs last Sunday. Clearly you've got to evaluate everything on that side of the ball you've got some pieces on the defensive side of the ball but the offense certainly the weak link. For this bill's team it it does a fall on the shoulders of the offensive coordinator do you fire Rick Dennison. Does a fall on the shoulders of Tyrod Taylor do you make a move at quarterback and keep Euro CD blowing all lot. And start from scratch these some of the questions and I think a lot of doors fans want answers to. We'll probably get answers to at least the OC question here shortly. Whether or not they decide to move on from Rick Dennison or keep Rick Dennison. But but the debate I think that's worth having gene is is what he is. More important is we see more and more offensive coordinators kind of lose or gain over the course last few days and we we saw another one Darrell bevel. Officially lose his job in Seattle after seven seasons the first season. That that they have made the playoffs. Scenes battle right to believe in 2011. And you know and that's with what you thought was a decent offense. Although very reliant on Russell Wilson. So I guess the question is what's more important. When your hiring an offensive coordinators is is it the scheme is at the x.s and o.s or is it the talent on the field and I would argue. That with what Rick Dennison had this season. You might not like every play call you might not like every how every situation was handled book. When you look at the talent on the offensive side of the ball for the Buffalo Bills. I don't know what else you can expect from any office or what off at the corners gonna come in and be able to do anything with that talent. Fair point I I eat it's not about what happened this year it's about what's going forward. And we have the definitive answer. Tyrod Taylor is not the future quarterback of lives Buffalo Bills right now I mean there's his chance he could be on the roster next year so again do you trust danger. Rick Dennison to take the next quarterback well we have a quarterback coach I know it really is the office of court. One area that new quarterback may be and so probably it's gonna come from the draft let's just assume that. Do you trust writ Dennis it need to have. Here in the mall back quarterback and that the system to put that quarterback in the best position I don't. I don't based on what I saw this year yes there were things that went against the bills offense a bit. Based on based on the fact that he did not Nathan Peterman ready to go team is. That game against the chargers is that is that what this comes down to because I think if I'm if I am Sean McDermott. And you know I've got to make a decision do I keep my offensive corner that have had for the last season or two why start from scratch. Is is it to double what you know or the devil that you don't have that your closer to. Well I'll answer like this. The offensive line okay what happened with the run game this year due to hook. Bug number one line rushing attack and they got together a little bit toward the end of the year but if you're an offensive coordinator. We do what Rick Dennison we do zone blocking scheme we're gonna do is all the blocking scheme won't meet the person a wasn't best for that zone blocking scheme. But it didn't I would point the finger one Casio. Who is let's face it he's been diss it checkered past in terms of his coaching career. Dating back to Philadelphia dating back to his relation Sean McDermott any McDermott trust cast steel. More than he cut trust deficit would you be content with them firing Rick Dennison not bringing in somebody from the outside but rather promoting. One test DO carpet are. All I know always if Dennis single I was struck and that's guy he probably trust more than anybody on staff. Right that's a guy's got the best relationship with probably on the south right so. I know it that bills fans smell blood in the water and I know that their reports out there from our buddy Mike verdict that there's probably a better than 50% chance. That Dennison is out. I don't know if that's the right move for this organization. Ted I don't know that that's removing and without the right personnel. I don't know that any offense according is gonna come in and give you the kind of results that you want on day one. No well you now look at your looking for here in the reset button here on offense in. In the results you YRA well. I think there's a lot of offensive coordinators it would jump at the chance to work with the future hall of fame running back we can call Sharma Quaid and I think that's fair that's fine and I think it offensive line that. Not tatters you have peace is there especially if this whole Regina cog Ni don't thing blows over and. The the most important position on the field is a wonder where are pressing its quarterback so you know I was. Full disclosure I was I was getting caught up on my Chicago Bears news I was listening to some of the interviews being done with new head coach Matt Nagy in Chicago Sports Radio. Last night. And one of the hosts on one of the stations. How awesome a great question and it floored him he he didn't really have an answer for. His question to Matt Nagy was in the Chicago Bears win with an extra risky or because of Mitch tributes to. And I would ask the same question I would ask that same question. To any head coach or any offense a quarter any fan of any team of your quarterback is that's the difference between being a good team. A mediocre team at terrible team right you can't tell me nobody can tell me. That the Buffalo Bills are waiting because. Of Tyrod Taylor you win with Tyrod Taylor. You can get to the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor are you gonna win some games because. Of Tyrod Taylor. And it's you find the quarterback you're winning games because of that guy. I don't care who or Gator you're gonna fail. That is a great question and no they're not winning teams wish. To read your because of Tyrod Taylor. Think of the three years now we have a three year body work for Tyrod Taylor Khamenei gains danger would use say. The Buffalo Bills won because of Tyrod Taylor because he wants the difference. One I can think of war. Andy calls back to his first years here. Playing terrible Tennessee team they repair that it was. Mary Otis first year in the league. And nobody scoring points one of those games it's a road game in Tyrod the two game winning drive playing somewhat lower back game you could tell. But he finds Chris Hoke in left sideline deals pull it out in Tennessee that's a calm from behind Wayne that Tyrod Taylor made plays at the somebody else can think of war games in that. I'm open to suggestions but three years and you'll have one game like that. Them. The quarterbacks. That our elite. Get wanes for their team because of who they hear you you the Packers you win because. Of Aaron Rodgers now with your rights because of Aaron Rodgers if you're that he treats you win because. Of Tom Brady. Right. Dig up dig up Alex Smith the name that's been thrown up by bill's fans you winning games with Alex Smith or because of Alex Smith now this isn't. A couple of games because like I point two week one against knowingly you want that game because of Alex Smith. Okay let me ask you this question in port by four ESPN if somebody wants the way and we always loved tickled. If the eight teams remaining in the playoffs. Cracked me if I'm wrong seven of the eight would fall into the better category there's no way in Jacksonville. They're seeing their winning games because. Cause. On the lake ball well not to act. No all day you know like portal all absolve me nut. Yeah ranked defense was great but you're not scoring any points against the bills defense without late morals doing it wasn't pretty. But you won that game on the legs of Blakemore he's okay yeah. We're gonna look back at that game like only got the bills lost a playoff game because me. I allowed just 87 yards passing. Right you could have done more on defense except. Would plague portals data with his feet those handful as what it came down Tuesday. Portals girls are. 87 yards this weekend in Pittsburgh there gonna get smash yes they're gonna get smashed that's why. Weighing in Has a piece up right now. Predicting where Tyrod Taylor may end up in a lot of people including Mike wrote back saying maybe it's the street. Ill knowing that bit. Tyrod in Jacksonville would be enough to think about that because you Tyrod threw only four interceptions he would fit the mold down there Jackson. Com. Wanna make America's worst. You're seeing. Lou. Though I thought it was an interesting question the way it was phrased MM by the way Nagy botched it he had no idea what. That's correct but no IB flub his words he he staggered through policy we know cold cocked it. You know at this stage of extra base used to career taught you add to that question. If you wanna believe you can win because of him. But he's so wrong and so on proven. You don't know yet well. That says something about an eight okayed that each he's got to deal with the media you're in a major market if the colts comes upon a question. That they don't know a lot of canceled that can't handle then you go to what are your shot down walls well let you know it's part of the evaluation in order to prop you just. Pivot does it had not yeah doing some of that there's a lot of that believe me I mean you know he's got. He. And hearing that question the way he answered it it really got me thinking looking at that quarterbacks around the league quarterbacks you can win with. Vs quarterbacks that you win because of and there's only if you you win in Seattle not with Russell Wilson you win at Seattle because. Of Russell Wilson. You winning Detroit because of Matt Stafford you winning Green Bay because of Aaron Rodgers. About Houston. Wendy Shawn Watson goes back on the field with Texans winning games because of dish I would say yeah yes. Out yes yup and it proves that you picked the right guy. From the get go you could have that guy. Yeah how about Mary Oda. They want Max gained danger because he made plays in Kansas City. Rob yes. So but so I guess my judge now of of what makes. Quality NFL quarterback is. How many games he winning because of that quarterback verses winning with that quarterback in the bills won games. With Tyrod Taylor this year. They won zero games because of Tyrod Taylor this year. I just thought it was an interesting way to kind of viewing judge performance at quarterback position. I'm using now I like that. Pen and that's the answer to to what the bills' offense needs you need a guy that you go win because of not with. You know and everybody believes you can win with this guy you go without OK I wanna know -- you Kuwait because of. Tyrod Taylor. Would be the best. Backup quarterback and a chance to. Go win X acute not turn the ball over not put your team in a bad position know what's going on a car. I think he didn't mean his league ten more years of the wanted to danger personally from what he show home but the ability to win games on his own. It was a shame to. We be saying there would be a second Wayne had not the only. Little issues like ten men on the field talking about the Miami game last year so there were other opportunities for Tyrod that we were set rule that's a Tyrod win except for the you know there's the video side. I don't wanna use those excuses oaks good teams find ways to overcome those small universities. You find ways to win those games and and that's what this comes down to I really don't believe this comes down to whether or not Rick Dennison is a good offensive coordinator sure is a fine offensive coordinators got a nice track record he's worked with some really good teams he's worked with some really really talented players. But that's what he's missing in buffalo on the offensive side of the book who really really talented players doesn't have that yet. What I would say give it some time but I I would not want them I have said this reluctant for the sake of continuity. Don't get rid of that guy. Keep around believing his system and find the talent that fits that system. Are you weigh your one earring you. No I gonna start from scratch with a new system you know. Here you're basically hoping you'll find a cornea that has a similar type system. That you might develop more trust with that what you have right now in Rick Dennison if you Sean McDermott. Crown I mean -- Dennis in. In his spots here what I mean who do you give credit to me organization you work where Denver forever. Three years in Houston. That was aryan Foster okay that's really what is he's gonna hang its hat on OK adapt offensive line. Where if he was unknown but it became a household name aryan Foster back earlier this decade. Album of the one year in Baltimore we forget about them back to Denver. Yield to me what to Wear my hearing that. There's an offense that Rick Dennison developed. Yeah Clinton mil one night hearing that any were not Denver. And I you just can't give them credit for Joseph Flacco all certainly nine Houston in not in buffalo that's my concern with Dennis. You can say it's all circumstance but to mean he has yet to develop one of those quarterbacks. It's all circumstance so it's not about him it's about the players the he has on the field. Might my buddy Tim semi secret text. Secret tax ING. In regards to the bills OC it's not the x.s and knows it's the johnnies NGOs. You can have the best plays and schemes but if you don't have the players it's for not. Tyrod is below average and the starting receivers wouldn't be number force on most teams. I'd like that accidental and not the Johnny Angel well. Yes but. Have LeSean McCoy and you have an above average offensively. And easy with the above average. Easy. An above average offensive line can zone block if you ask you this foam block and not just rely on what they know easy. Should pass out when it comes up here in a little bit what things will be offensive line average on average are we were stuck watching our next we are okay we're itself bills radio sideline reporter suck botching up. Set to join us next in the sports bar danger Ametek Leo on ES PM Rochester. Asterisk at least yeah emerged tickets and. I've been Superman sport's young. Only chance at three hammered stick expert. Up next local sports talk about flowers sitting John person killed when a sports bar would be dangerous for exactly this afternoon Thomas. ESPN Rochester. Still coming up in the sport but we did you take me through today's top medical stories and bite sized former NFL out. Advertisers on the way before. 5 o'clock and plenty of coaching changes offensive coordinators on the move openings. Happening all over the league and and whether or not there'll be an opening a buffalo remains to be seen we're gonna wait patiently. For soccer pot she'll bills' awful above global radio sideline reporter to join us here shortly in the sports bar or danger of attack. Out of those four matchups. This week in which one are you looking forward to the most and he seems like. The AC match ups we we have a notion how those are going to go all right so. Will it it will Atlanta going to Philadelphia that one certainly interest thing but for me I wanna see strength vs strength the New Orleans Minnesota match up who. At that defense in Minnesota against that New Orleans running game because of New Orleans gets by. Eight gets by Minnesota and they have to play a knicks bulls are they go back home against Atlanta. After the saints win that game danger I think we're talking saints in the super ball. Well for her selfish reasons I'm gonna pull for Atlanta because my pre season prediction for the Super Bowl was Atlanta. Vs New England but I'm with you that new New Orleans. Minnesota match up looks like tool that that's the game that I am most excited for just because well first of all because I don't wanna see Minnesota advances Chicago bear fan I'm kind of rooting against Minnesota again Purcell fishery selfish is all follow you yeah it's all about me. Those those AFC match ups are nice but everything were all kind of reserve the fact is probably gonna end up being. New England vs Pittsburgh which we can predicted. You know midway through the season the way things have been going so. That that New Orleans Minnesota game is is the one of them could be locked in on. You know we know we we bring on guests danger we like to bring on the best because we've you know. Bull with their knowledge they make you smarter this guy made are smarter and wanna give him credit to cut because during training camp early on. All the bills are tanking everybody is tanking and it was kind of the consensus here and this guy said. Hey hold on a second Kawhi played big teams can we see what this team is actually. About it and nobody had the Buffalo Bills going to the post season but south. Eight you were the voice that said hey Q could we actually see how this all plays out that they first thought things through time so we appreciate it we'll get to Rick Dennison and Tyrod Taylor all the fun stuff but. In this part of you wanna just say hey. They I was right we told you soccer. Oh. Yeah of course I wanna be right I want to brag. Well here's the thing I knew that they were trying to win I don't know they would I didn't think it would win. Nine games and make the playoffs and yet that they can top oddity made I thought they'd be better than most people. I knew they were not trying to lose not trying to get to the bottom I was around it in every day and training camp I saw what they were aren't built. And you know wasn't a surprise to me that they were in the mix at the end. Of course you know you get a port as well actually adult legitimate playoff so I think and it was just cherry on top. And so sell or we look at what this bills team did in the over achieved and they made it to the post season mean. How sustainable is this level of success from buffalo or. Could we be looking at a buffalo team that ends up resembling more like Miami looked like this year after making the playoffs the eight a year ago. Well I mean any respect back at it are are partly because of their quarterback injured. You know I think that matters you have injuries things like that. I think they consistent except everything matters schedule matters stuff like that you're next you're all of those other teams are of course another guaranteed update us. The first time a long time. I think about the bills are in very good hands with ball he general manager and head coach and I don't just mean those two guys I mean that. Front office they've built the coaching staff they've built. Ivory liquid opt out I think that I'm a lot. I also say the first time in several years I would state the the future is as bright as I can remember at least as are the optimistic outlook because. Gonna make for fun offseason. They'll sideline reporters Alka pot GO making one less visit this season here as we wrapped it up here in the sports are 957. ES PM looking ahead of the offseason. I sell it what was your read yesterday about what was sad or what was not said which you read on the future Rick Dennison. I think it's. Tough call here probably if he picked yet it'll drop or on the media room. Pretty much every person that they felt he would be gone after what we heard yesterday. I don't opensocial or and that I think it's about 5050 to mean but I would not be surprised in the least if they make a change. The operative according to position I mean for them to use words like not satisfied. Off and this year they've not just on Tyrod I can't tell you I think that there were some. There were some missed steps that they felt that the Joker have been better in the indicative of better after the game. Last week when sonic characters you noted that it was the lake at back regarding that play ethical line. You know that that was a run pass option you know irregular but maybe he should have given the option note I mean there's a lot of things that. Go into that and all those all the little things matter they're gonna add up so they'll do their valuation and we'll see it. Evernote might also depend on what their plan as a quarterback what they've what ought to do at a court. South on I met that first and goal play that was so heavily scrutinized. While on Sunday. I mean I might be alone I didn't even hate the Cole played eight if you have Kelvin Benjamin on your roster that's what he's there for. And why not throw that fade route we did Dennis and take too much heat. First furcal but ultimately you know isn't really in my opinion that got a call. Well the call. To me it was wrong it was it was a support choice or call but more than it hurt that was after here huge ball in the audience while. Excuse of I had been completely you know try to eat that's what you have Calvin and that's why you brought here lately but the ball all our current leader of the suspect that one. But what saw which what you're expecting all from the eleventh. So I think that was the that was the issue I probably call acting. You are built on the football you have LeSean McCoy you're any very close football game being covered regular Ramsey who's really really good. And you know you have a pullback is well and I just think you'd you try to run the ball at it. Again. I wanna throw on bursting all I think. All without the early on ethical line Burke I'll probably go back because at least you know he's probably not expected to play action might be in the best way to do it but. You know I don't think of it if it there's no push off. We're not talking about the opposite expecting that they aren't we at the end don't expect Kirk. Well it is in regards to Dennis in overall on the body work can mean a lot of that has to do with the the quarterback let's say Dennison dollars. Does come back I Sal I ain't what. You know you duke we're just diving is early on from from people you talked to and you know things you're reading any rule which quarterbacks do you believe. Would be a good fit. In this system for Rick Dennis. Well I mean I don't know about which was needed that or I'll tell you I don't think it Kyra it was. So I mean I I don't know. Regardless of record or not I think they're gonna have to report back starting at eight. There's a lot of talk about out that now there I think he would actually be really bad in the system Alex net but. I don't think you make the decision. Although it possibly can think about that'll beat you make the decision on the quarterback based effort. We operative quarters I think it you basically. And decide every benefit of the guide you to think and it'll do a good job regardless of where you have a quarterback. If that occasion people if not then you fire him. And then you go in future quarterback. On the planet in the Ali everything vehicle back you look at wrote in and Arnold in the field and Rudolph and Alan all the the guys in the free agent come into play at all at I don't know is a perfect fit their there's. You know what levels of that there are these systems and assist them I just think you're gonna have to report back. Sell about the offensive line enemy you know gene I think. I don't know if you would whose real back your statement by Gary young classifying them as above our I guess but I mean are they above average or they just an average offensive line. I think that there. They're they're better than average offensive line I don't think that there rating they're running a bit eight bit comfortable and because systems up until the bye week and any other reporter in that you get worked at credit. You know these Wallace's own. Playbook and he'd go in all that stuff that he changed he went from. The zone blocking system to more power scheme that Hillary on the don't like they went to more powers unit that you know what I after the bye week they did a particularly good rushing as. You know it still wouldn't pretty good it still didn't have a great you're rushing and they also. Armed had to grind everything out in May state they were very heavy run team that part of the reason why I do you were getting credit for changing up something else to say this guys. The other the quantity and the year was much better than what the beginning of the year not because of scheme I think that especially guys like black do costs. I'd Jordan they'll actually start to play pretty well toward the end of the year we were talking about let cops every week like why is he active and Jon Miller I think by the cops they've got. And that goes direct benefit in wants it he'll let the equipment they're better than ever goblins that live look at the left side about it pretty well for rookie left tackle. Repeated target of sort of global air what does that really get better so I think they're better and better than average. We learned does stick you with the offensive line yesterday all according Glenn had surgery that's interesting. It cellar we were we to believe that the bills are going to be pumping the tires here so to speak recording Glenn Nye EOC but that trade market might be. Come spring summer maybe later on. Yeah I think that they're gonna try and move according glad and we'll see what the what hold but in others in our cap ramifications. I am regarding what they do but I actually recording on coming back this deal between eighteen. What about cell Koch of bills Bob Buffalo Bills radio sideline reporter joining us here in the sports bar AM 95957. ESPN. One about that quarterback positioning you mentioned a couple of names that they might be looking at draft you mention Alex Smith. Are there any names that were forgetting me they're still players I mean you are in the Minnesota viking guys potentially guys you would look at considering that there are going to be out there right. You know give us. The Opel. Wide net this force if you don't mind so. On the luck. This there are more options available this off season the quarterback position then. Maybe ever before now you're talking about Iraq agrees it will be available in the problem is probably of the franchise extra topping guide there. Obviously not going where I mean like there are some. You think you can buy the draft and free agency. He talked about some guys are going to be on the market why Draper out there probably will be able to you wanna thank Kirk and he's going to be available do you. Minnesota has three quarterback probably pretty good in grad degree water. Into eighteen and an all going to be reagents so little lot out there that you can. Aside I think that is even more bad news Tyrod Taylor becomes the bill I think it aside and aren't prepared. I think they'll do eight the trade market for him I think thirteen that are interested but those teams also have options like a sense like I also think it hurts the built in that regard because. They don't have to trade him for that great asset for pirates they can say. We got this other guy were to draft a guy or what assignment you cut out. So I think it's kind of a double edged sword for the bills but I don't expect him to be on the roster past. Well midnight on March 16 which one is six million dollar roster bonuses do. You can follow him at sell sports on Twitter sell the pot she'll bills' sideline reporter. WGR joining us here cell is there a window where the bills might and understanding that you do have this. I wanna say clot and other options there but say it team world was interested in maybe flipping a late pick. Offer Tyrod Taylor if you had I guess you need to teams to have a market but what would be the possibility of the Buffalo Bills actually. Trading Tyrod Taylor. Well I think they're try and I think Turkey papers that I question is what are they want to give up at the bills. Can at least get something for I don't know if there's six. I think they might do it but here's out of time I worked Cingular or notebook or no. The new league year begins on March 14 at four. He is due a six million dollar roster bonus. On the third day of the new league year. 4 PM and an account that your will is they want any it to midnight on March 15 that they to deny our sixteenth at victory that's when the roster bonus news so if they want to trade him. I don't think I don't think they're gonna say in the old demonstrate they won at fort. So. They would have to get at street done beginning on March 14 at 4 PM. It would have to be done by march 16 at midnight. But you can always make the deal you know insecurity that amount but we also do it elevate unity of a curry saying. Whose interest I don't know Xstrata seem optically when interest. You we have a deal with Cleveland at Hugo negotiated new deal would dabbled straight Uga or the roster bonus view and then. You know they don't have to pay the bonus that you play and the new deal so I think all the things can happen I think bill will try to make the. And they can release him before that roster bonuses do as well correct. They can't. But then they have to designate any post. You won cut you have more cap relief which they can do but it would spread out the cap relief that they released and they still. There's more capital applications that they release and that they treat him. Their last application support order we're doing. Bills radio Sadler reported sucker punch you in the sports bar with danger in the tank Leah cell wondering if there's anything new today. On the reaching cog need OK yes. Nothing new yesterday on the current rate of being able talked about a little bit and at a press conference today Brandon ansari shot was on now job murky day he also spoke a little bit about it he said. It's unfortunate situation. Operated means that there was an exchange reaching Richie. And and our way the young man who accused him of saying something. And he said but we believe that the misunderstanding after talking with Richie so there's any brighter player right now they're gonna let the investigation play out. You know I think the other thing I will say that in response to. Jaguars players saying. They well built players are being chirpy like it was coached to be chirping like they're trying to throw off their game you know medical just all the may face stop these guys these are given to do things. John McDermott basically responded that today our station on armour the shell instead. That they he basically denied any place that was what we all our guys all week what has to be poised to not do those kind of well we'll see where goes. You know because of Regina history this is a story obviously so I am quite sure to build are not happy about it but you know other outlet investigation play out. Well if we know there was something said there was a misunderstanding and it's again according to the the general manager Sal. You're in a place that we shall so many people would love to be net being the sideline and once it like in. If you're down there in your you're so close reaction in this day NH there's so many microphones particularly in an NFL playoff game. Do you think that somewhere. There's audio of this. Sure I mean it's possible acting at. Part of the investigation right that they're probably going to. You know go through all the audio they have. All it but you never know what when it when it was. And they need a player considered a reject a plan play out in this week probably got. Too involved and their investigations they wanna air Bowery now regarding that they've they've they wanna focus on. Pittsburgh Steelers so you know we'll see where it goes to charity and it very well could be audio of that. But I'm sure they're also going to be you know air what exactly are actually I am here to India docket but I think. It would protect to I'm sure they'll have you officials. And players and the jaguars so all that's not to let the play out and noting that. Brittany did say yesterday guys was that Richie has reached out to and our way and you know. Hopefully I haven't they hopefully you know maybe those two can come under more of an understanding that a misunderstanding what was said. And you know we the league and move optimist by I've no idea out. Suck budget bills radio sideline reporter joining us in sports bar danger in the tightly as cell before we let you go you're always so great either time. Where were looking on the barrel of an off season and and really what do we look forward to the new league year free agency and of course that draft bills with eight picks. None worsen a fifth the fifth at peak in that became a fifth. Win the jags made the class a Marcel Darius straight. Problem mock drafts are out there are some of them have the bills. Loading up on defense in the first round knew what direction do you think. The Buffalo Bills with plenty of holes and plenty of need I know that this is wild speculation but we you know in that first from a 21 and 22. What does your gut tell you. Well we saw all three eating it just so yeah I mean let let he'll do it every actress routed the old and eat and what. As I sit here right now. I couldn't wrap core. Mean they're eating it straight up draft water in the aircraft wondered at rap core NN will see what assets they used to get them by. You know they they Billy Eli and help they need a speedy wide receiver acting. There are other things they need to do that their practice court. In round one. Even if they don't like even if they're not in love with any of the prospect. All that where there's still created you to get you don't you hold out hope they. I could. Well let's not sell well start we started by saying you have the right to tell everybody I told you so you are the guys that go with the guy we come to first. He's I would never hold teach you something that it. I'm sort even at what villages there that you yes route one in the report. I said even if they're not in love with any of the prospects. Yeah I get ticket wait around you but I I don't think that but predicting what are our station this morning and Jeremy White asked them are more show host said and Buick what. How many quarterbacks have you watched this year basically out at dawn to personally he said Brittany said. Back to give your number but all of them that matter and then Jeremy that will be what does that mean he followed up. And what it or what is what matters mean basically brandy instead all the guys that could go in the first round what does that tell you. It. Well Lou it's good no bigger so. I mean think about it like Jeremy if any as the salute to Canada deduced all that figured it out because right in the habit telling you. I've watched every one that matters and then the next sentence says we got to matter the first daughters Annie Lee spoke for quarterback. That's great information self. Stock pot she'll win. You and elicited that your practically dot com. You've played yacht you guys doing your. We carried John Murphy she'll YouTube style kitchen I don't let her desperate state and we share audio or network were brother that there's. You just go play it for your listeners can hear from. This morning a brain Ambien I would how order. Sal always great information. Hopefully in a few days off here but. In and excite yeah I guess not come to appreciate your diamond. Our guys any time in almost here's reach out. Talked to since Celtics because thanks for joining us here in the sports part danger to tag Leah suck taught GO of course great but this time and we will. Get that interview up for you at that ESPN Rochester dot com he is. Right though because what matters in the draft duel it what happens in free agency souls saved for example. You know OK let Preston brown walk cocaine then you you better go on sun and other middle linebacker Earl's everybody knows you're going to be drafting. A linebacker so can the bills and I don't. Danger I don't want them and I don't suggest going out and get the big ticket. Reagents worked out pretty well last year shopping at the mid level my god. Toward employer he's pretty good signs even glad you're causing I would kind of glossed over so to meet fortified adapts. And not having to go into the draft saying hey we really need right now. Middle linebacker because we let pressed him bronco. I would rather not have my eighteen in that situation. Fill your holes through free agency don't break the bank. And then you are free he as a bird to go any direction you want but that being said yet better take a quarterback one way or another. Serving up today's top medical stories and bite sized form next we'll give you NFL appetizers in the sports or stay with us danger to tag glee on ES PM Rochester. For amber soon. You're seeing. Winning gold. Times seven. In Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. To sports bar would dangerous bit. ESPN right. Rochester wrapped. By examining. ESPN Rochester. His news from around the nation we'll call me a little fun today. The are serving. Art display lessons. Now in a sports car. Start with a Seahawks. Today firing offensive coordinator Darrell peddle this after seven's easy Seahawks missing the playoffs. For the first time since devils' first season in Seattle I was back and when he a lot of sales up and struggled to find consistency all season Russell Wilson he was the team's leading rusher that's never good. The quarterback to win at CL structured rushing attack was ineffective for most of the season. The Seahawks rank 23 rushing overall but 586. Of their 16100 plus yards came from Wilson. Over 400 of those yards by Wilson came on scrambles. The first offensive coordinator gene for Seattle since Jeremy Bates who was fired as the offensive coordinator of the one sees what Carol. I'd the Packers are preparing to hire Mike Patton. As a defense coordinator and chapter ESPN is reporting Patton spent 2017 and consulting role in Seattle. He was defensive coordinator and jets in 20092012. The bills won thirteen of course for the browns hired him. As head coach the Packers fired Don capers on January 1 after Green Bay finished once second in total defense the Packers last finished with a top ten defense. In their Super Bowl season when he tent when they ranked fifth. I think that move danger appears to confirm the bearers. Who retain defensive coordinator Vic bond GO find just contract which are cowboys fired after. This week he's rumored to be the packers' top choice to replace kickers. Find GL has a strong track record defensively going back to his time with the 49ers under Jim Harbaugh keeping fun deal in Chicago. The united start for head coach met making these staff. Meanwhile the chargers have announced that both of their offense and defense of coordinators will return next season to work with former bills' offensive corner Anthony Lynn. Defense coordinator Gus Bradley was on the verge of signing a new deal with the team and charges formally announced more heat. And offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt will be back at 28 T. The chargers finished thirteenth in points scored in fourth in offensive yards in the second season it was announced second stint as offensive coordinator. They were third in points allowed and fifteenth in yards allowed in Bradley's first season with the team. New England Patriots defensive core here man for Trisha had head coaching interviews with the read teens last week. And it continues to look like QB moving to one of them. When New England is done playing this season Peter king of the MM QB reporting that the lions like Patricia. Patricia fevers. The giants job pat letter of the New York Daily News reporting that all signs point to curry shot while also review with the cardinals. Mean the giants choices well. Nothing can become official to the patriots season ends obviously in the giants are still conducting interviews for the opening. And a lot of time discussing decline in the NFL's TV ratings gene but the popularity of the sport is still strong this according to a poll to Gallup has been conducting for eighty years. What is he answered the question what is your favorite sport. To follow. Football. Was where it's been for fifty years on top with 37%. Basketball is second at 11%. Followed by baseball 9% in soccer. At 7% we're talking. Hockey was at 4%. That ball has a margin of error above 5% so there's a lot of sports kind of vying for second fiddle to football although football's ratings have declined. It's a moderate decline here that still leaves football on top in terms of fan popular. Well and I got into a Twitter exchange danger over the weekend and I'll just region between that was sent. Maybe now the deals are done Rochester sports fans can take some of that law and money they lavish on another cities team. In support actual Rochester teens like the camera night hawks in our Antioch. Connect if you look that you're you're you're losing me on the point here in the NFL he's not. Cole weighing all the way. It is still you can point yelled rating here arraigned there that's ratings overall. Boy you're you're mixing the arguments there of course course in Rochester we can do a better job of supporting these teams because that's what the sport of the like we saw the trials with a flash or anything else you always run that danger but. Do not say that the duels. Bill's fans are bad in Rochester for supporting the Buffalo Bills I don't like that tone at all. Well I think you're gonna support a Major League team before you support anything right I mean your allegiance. It's starts at a young age your allegiance is always going to be. With. The experience that you have the fondest memory of as a kid right. I I went to plenty. Of College Hockey games growing up I loved recent College Hockey growing up. But afterward to my first. Blackhawks game. I'm sorry that's what I'm watching that's if I have the choice that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go to the pro game. Over the college game itself because they don't love the college and go the college game I'll still watch because what might first lot will be that Major League sports team. That's. I think that's the way most of us are wired. As we grow well the the the lights and end the bells and the whistles and everything that goes into a hearing and going to a Major League experience. I I just think it's you know it's a ridiculous take. That if you see Europe bad Rochester sports fan if you cheer for a team in buffalo now that's crazy at that it's just terrible sports tech it's sanctimonious. It's it's in L. Oh and by the way you can be proud of it. You can still support bills export the hammer to support the sabres in the absence bills and Syracuse or export all of it. If you're into it gotten you don't you that's what I was a year or do you. I don't understand why you would be upset though that that he or think that local teams do you play second fiddle to the bills and that upsets you. Mind. Really. I don't know if there's any saving technology. Now are now I mean a year you're mixing two points there can continue if you're not exposed stammer hockey RT hockey. Yeah uncle support the teams here you'll you'll have a good time but. You should waive your finger at somebody. Saying awful balls bad if you like football in these other teams you're not paying it. Non non non non edited the do not connect that you were not bad Rochester sports fan a feature the Buffalo Bills in fact I would say it's the opts. Let's serve upper daily special next happy hours upon us in the sport sport danger to tightly we also have another round of shots on the way or go around the world of sports. And give you the top stories of the day which shots all on the way next in the sports partying German tightly on ESPN Rochester.