The Sports Bar-Hour 2 1/11/18-Martin Biron

In-studio analyst for the Sabres on MSG, Marty Biron highlights hour two of The Sports Bar. Marty is being inducted into the Rochester Americans Hall of Fame and Danger and Battaglia also ask him about Linus Ullmark, getting the start for Buffalo tonight, and what's gone wrong this season for the Sabres. Also, the guys serve up the NFL's top stories of the day in NFL Appetizers.


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Most sports bar with danger and it sadly. And the great thing about Tyrod you can never question his work ethic he gives himself the best chance to succeed on the field out what he does off. He knows fears he's got to work on I have no doubt he's gonna continue to improve. Mike danger does that fall on the shoulders of the offensive coordinator does a fall on the shoulders of Tyrod Taylor do you make a move a quarterback you keep your OC deep blow it all up and start from scratch machine exactly. What's your read on the future Rick Dennison pretty much every person that they felt he would be gone. I don't Obama so sure that I think it's about 5050 to me but I would not be surprised in the least the pavement to change the opposite support your position. Well I guess that's your that's your decision. I was your call for not satisfied with the whole office and it wasn't just about Tyrod can. We know we have to get better all office in Rochester sports leader at 957. ESP yet. Full of pursuing join us here in the sport's mark danger Mattel actually we appreciate you checking this out. You know it's just five minutes however you might be listening AM 95957. FM. ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester up my danger here. Gina technically a better. Hey Mike I think got talking to Rolodex kind of cleared up what's going on here with Rick Dennison because well what's going on why have they made a move well. This easing under the guidelines of the Rooney rule in other words you could have. The quick move. Dennison fired and then all the seven point four hours that the new coordinator is names. Well looking example of why that might happen with the kind of funny how Carolina and made a quick move with sure look on Olsen got hired Norv Turner. That was what 48 hours is pretty quick stats yeah I was fast after that the panthers' season had ended. So roll back confirmed what we are kind of thinking here. Ease that that's what's going on right now you can have a vote of confidence Rick dance so the speculation is open source they're going to make a move. You want the coordinator. To commit. At least handshake wise I mean whether that's according weathered that. That's true or whether it's the guy down in Philadelphia that road exit would be a good. I target effort that may be it's not gonna be a prolonged danger. Well an interview this candidate neck cannon is can it. I would expect this of the word go this way football. Denis in goal on new coordinator introduced when he for 48 hours afterward in the priority worked on this here they might be working I'm now for all we know. It makes sense and the timing of these firings and higher exact find fascinating to who Darrell double getting like going Seattle. 24 hours after Mike Shula gets let go in Carolina do you only get rid of Babel because you feel. Now we sure look out there in the market that there is indeed a Bob deeper pool to fishing and in terms of who you begin to run that offense in Seattle. Mike Shula guy who had success working with Cam Newton meaty can read in the Russell Wilson and awaited Darrel bevel wasn't able to. It's it's. Mind blowing to me how interchangeable. These OC's more. And and but that might bears that they hired health help for it from mom it's the original organ yeah Randy you know we're even talking about. Org about college coaches that could fit that those were the role of an offense a court here in the NFL as well so. You would imagine that branding beating Sean McDermott all are going through that standby. Process of trying to find that next offensive coordinator before. Jumping ship on Rick Dennison. And what they don't find that dire the camp find that person wants commit to buffalo than hate the worst case scenario might not be the worst case and are you bringing Rick Dennison back for six. And as well and again a free Dennison comes back for another year and it think about how this lines up right. You gonna draft a new quarterback. And if the bills offense next year with new quarterback and Rick Dennison produces the same results is Rick Dennison back. No. So long why would you wanna put your quarterback and this is a situation danger where they would have to learn one system one year and I'm potentially in our system that and. I mean that might be a little bit overstated I mean. Again who is your coach. And what does that coach B Jerryd golf would be the example with early you last year that offense was depressed. Under Jeff Fisher. No other way to like I can't think of a better way to describe that offense last year and they had Todd Gurley they had some parts grant didn't have the receivers at that point employed they were you depressed. Offense and that quarterback play it was atrocious. You make you change this year it's a brand new system yes but. You side Jerryd golf for so you know. No that might be a little bit overstated in terms of a young rookie breaking young rookie in and watch what happens Chicago you're too mature risky. Well okayed I I used this with the Brown's analogy right huge checks in return its people and a well. What what is the built browns have to do to get your Jackson back into when he ninety can we agree the Brown's gonna draft a quarterback this year finally. I mean yes they draft to one last year didn't it leading goal allow top five there there every year this is the year they probably. Take a sand Arnold or wherever they light stake it picked they have their toys their number one. Well. Where the quarterback gives you better do everything you can't get that quarterback the best. Possible tools. And it you're gonna bring back Hugh Jackson for this year you might is all say he's back and when he nineteen to you need some continuity that's the power and try to get. Well we speculate a lot about what what the bills could do in the draft in terms of a quarterback and wrote that believes that. With all of the draft capitals did require that they will be flexible they will move up and they will get the guy that they want early. In this draft and add that I necessarily. Agree with that but there's still a lot of the valuation with these prospects. That we've yet to see I mean you know. A name like Mason Rudolph. Could be there at 2122. You save that now we don't know we I don't know yeah Mason Rudolph could go like pecan bun on fire in the next thing you know we're not talking about Sam Arnold. Or or Rosen we're talking about. Rudolph Jackson we don't. Last year we had pat homes going top ten it's a one team to say you know. We want Pavel homes going top ten right eagle the plot so when you go through rule. You know the Senior Bowl and so and that combo line in the interviews and the individual work outs in the pro days and everything else. Will get a picture year right now danger I think. Part of me is we seen the highlights for all of these quarterbacks. And we can say wow. Out Rudolph we'll look at buffalo on the date may if you will look of the mark jacks you could say that but. I don't think they're all week. And I think we're gonna learn. Which guys will separate to the top. Go get the guy you want the mall right don't settle for the second backs on June. The thing that made me furious is Chicago Bears fan on draft day don't get the guy you want no matter what the expenses that you're saying the bills need to do this your Madras. So what they reach. For a job challenge. We hear the same kind of a. The that was the reaction when they the bears stick true risky sigfosin got a reaction out of those fence. Gosh Josh Allen in the new street guy right we talked how many people has said. No hole I wouldn't draft imminent third round. And yet you have all their guys like hyper saying first round. I would not at the public but put him to the side. You trade out there the rebels have traded up to select. Louisville quarterback the market. I bills fans lose their money well. Yeah keep the mine your trading number 2122. Were you could give up next year's first round and maybe one of those seconds. You have to pay king's ransom and for teens like the errors. For a team like eating me. You don't need a quarterback who you can catch. You just sit back on the throne okay bring the offers from yeah duties. Yes. I look at this danger and I'm thinking I don't think. Rain and being in the bills can afford just to sit there when he won the way I read this right now they look who they like the guy. You better go get back dot. And the casual fans will see there's still get excited. Draft knicks will not get excited at the end of the day we won't know for years whether or not this quarterback complain that's what matters I mean. Does anybody really care right now eagle fans that your team gave up all that march. I can tie this went the added per year redskin fans are going delirious for RG three didn't work on the end but at the time that look great. I mean there's there's pros and concentrating upper quarterback all the old. What you want one of those guys. Look at air Rogers senior 2.3. Or in the Shawn Watson where he went later the first struggles to needy. Are the anomaly she got trade opting. And then the other conversation is free agency. And getting a veteran. Quarterback through free agency or or just acquiring a veteran quarterback in any means possible and once the league season opens and it's a wild wild west who lands where. Rhode X seems to think that there might be some smoke behind the Alex Smith fire. Now I wanna talk about this from the Kansas City perspective you would iron agreement fifth round pick him broad accent yeah. I even take it step for the fourth round that's where would throttle. Then why. I would candidacy. Too. Now. OKO. Lugar be carted you figured out of all this distraction level is about this how what Tyrod. This is from Matthew the grain have matching the green on Twitter. How Tyrod and a fourth rounder. To Kansas City for Alex Smith. Yeah to be given up a fourth rounder if you're Kansas City now you've got a solid back up to tip Patrick my homes but. I don't think Tyrod is what I don't know why Kansas City would do that in other words. Philadelphia. Showed everybody why can happen and when you have an average quarterback and can I call Sam Bradford average. Can I call Alex Smith averaged yes there average quarterbacks in this league we call Alex Smith the Bayesian Pollock for crying out lout. However when it comes to quarterbacks. It's all about the market right now. I find Kansas City I am not doing that I'm holding on to Alex Smith and then there will be some eighteen that will be desperate thinking there. One quarterback away because somebody went down in other words. Waits. Wait I don't think you're getting Alex Smith for a fifth round pick I don't think you're getting for a fourth round pick right now and by the way. For Kansas City if they old either Alex Witt and claim all of what's wrong with that in indicate all the shows he is a raid backed out met. There's another brawl that either I don't know why there and we all assume that he's gonna get adults here. You know he can do without Smith. You can win with Alex Smith. Can you win because of Alex Smith. How many games per year can you win because of Alex Smith. And go there. And it's not that that that that's I don't know what direction your going into that at that tape is going to be earned it. Yeah it was one and G there was one game where Alex Smith really. Did I would argue they won because. About let's admit they or as weak one. I'm not sure and I'm not on on an island off by I see I'm not gonna I'm not exceed them you your mom and there's no. Prince this week. We're gonna get a the way there's only one game really right. Friday we will be crawling would take my danger. Thought yup you're pet what are now he's going to face 80000 enemies the better Thursday night the king you busy. Any scenario where the Kansas City boring she's an amazing I'll go east to Foxboro it's not. Happening. You take your best that we want annual let somebody else grew up. You'll let the bears nipped the falcons you'll let the browns shocked the world now. One of those games it's gonna happen appetite which ones not that's getting new lately. English Major League one survivor said it now you'll thank me. Because of Alex Smith he showed us in week one Jeanne thanks appreciate that danger it's. Sorry Jean we play the hits here in the sports bar. The fans that as a request it. I think what I learned that night better or wanna be one of those how guys know those he got the wing of not. All right well hold no I don't I assure ourselves accountable here oil there's only hide from our failures and armor stakes field ourselves accountable. We were wrong. Alex Smith outplayed Tom Brady for one night even in the early fall spec. Maybe that's the lesson mirrors don't read too much into a week one game because Doris Kansas City now where is New England though you right now. Yeah I'll be just in to see how it all plays out. If you miss that conversation last hour with micro an act of We'll get it up online for you shortly here you can listen on demand anytime. At the all new ESPN Rochester dot com got some new toys. About the Buffalo Sabres before tonight's game gets Columbus Jean lead this all mark will be starting to angle. Yeah and this is not because somebody's injured this is a time were you rule against that team Columbus that you can give money nice homes starting here. Omar could be back this weekend I would like this rules and to me this. Might be the first move from text easy near because of lean a small market and plays pretty well you you Jelena saw mark tonight. You wanna naked half. For Jason box oral and tough for Phil Housley to send you back to rot chest. A house Leon the announcement deadly missile mark gets a star tonight. We've decided to put in ugliness homework tonight. We feel that. He's earned that start to appear he's had a terrific season donor Rochester. You know you know HL all star. In you're looking for sparked. The ice bear Judy. It's a start tonight asks cast so mean and again the evening next year he won't be in Rochester that we know so. Linas hallmark. Good luck tonight and side we'll have that game four receivers and the Blue Jackets again like I said. Is that the sabres season and is it is is been terrible but goalie being up that was the reason I watched Tuesday night. Now the reason to tune in tonight is on the first start of the season for rod just his goal he was now with the Buffalo Sabres. God knows a little bit about playing goalie for the hour Merck's Marty brought going in the Arab Merck's hall of fame next month Jean and boy it's been seconds we've had Marty on with us we'll talk some amateur toxin. CA was just our hockey would Marty Barack talk about it he's one of the nicest guys ever and he joins us next in the sports bar with danger. And the tag leave step by Marty burrow on. Honest on the other sports park he asked PM Rochester. Even Superman sports chunky. Only chance at three hammered stick expert. 857. Epic victories heartbreaking defeat us no matter your team no matter your game week talks sports on TM 950 yeah. 957 FM and a sports leader ESPN Rochester. The sports bar with danger protect live this afternoon brought to buy Firestone complete auto care. At Firestone complete auto care David keeping cars newer longer since 1946. Firestone complete auto care whatever you drive drive the fires. As we're waiting for Marty Iran here Lumia pass along this one Hocking no danger on the best in my opinion ever player to pass the rule. Are right seat to the NHL Crist Hannah defense been you know pop carries to me in my opinion one of the top fifteen defensemen in the National Hockey League. I Christa had have come to find out skated Thursday. For the first time since taking a puck to the face against the may police he lost six and a half teeth. All option mean in all I'll let me hear hockey players losing 82 with a that's that's in serious dental work right there. Not notices them. And I don't think about it that that's kind of thinking let's keep those stories quite okay aging those are the kind of stories and white peers that I'm not logged playoff seed when you guys. Shooting ash. Soccer coach skip we don't need we only talk about. In hockey players losing teeth. The 28 year old city needed surgery on his guns to remove shrapnel. Fix damaged nerves and Bruins. And still have that all Don Moore a surgery on January 14 in points is not playing but he's skating right now so. Off former RIT player Chris ten have we've which shot meant speedy Recovery Act but. Kind of I always amazes me how like you have and being College Hockey danger to the full cages I just you know there was a time worried. Hockey please did you Wear visors. You think about that let's. Going door outlets. FaceBook like Swiss cheese. Crazy. Crazy. But awesome. That would change I love it. I have to but that's let's keep those stories on the Dow okay I'll give you another hockey story from the united states army is sue wing. The Vegas school the next did you see this loan come. Logo what what is it. Is it is it because it that the get so. Tell me a little bit more about. The golden night. Name is actually trademarked. By eight the united states army it's further golden parachute team and today was trademark back in 1969. The locals are at the same but the name is there but where. The hockey team maybe have some trouble the owner's name is bill fully and in this lawsuit. This trademark infringement lawsuit the united states army is alleging that bill fully what he said this he drew his inspiration because he's quote unquote. West Point got. So right now we army is acts is they're asking date is to change their name. Which way they've been playing this year we'll see how the soft folks got Mari now on mark eagle on. That's yeah the other is what it might done. Where it and a crank calling means we needle color right. It was yet again. It it is right calls from the radio stations show up is blocked and are all our idea in years Yucca eyes at you. Exactly or come from Marty because my kids will. Wolf facetime ET in the middle of the most into just just just praying not it is it is insane Ebert just so excited to have this device in their hand these wanna use it anyway they candidate gets reports like. Gadget just stop Jesus it Saab but. Enrollment. It's only that the worst when I was late night. TV interview onetime idol week yeah. I segment on are the aptitude that French. Sports station that he isn't much talent. And I eat everything else right like my old I'd eat my acquitted on airplane at eight in the so quiet I got it and not thinking Colin. It and like they never do but all of a sudden they decided they eat but the fate by by eight but is there. We love those guys need I would not back yet but nick data like. Or whatever it doesn't happen but until now like why is point oh yeah I got back. Marty Mariah night you're watching tonight's during the intermission reports and MSG. And he is going into the hall of fame for the Rochester Americans Marty congratulations. What does this army India. While bank at its biggest pretty big I was completely surprised. And our number last year's technically capital while I didn't. AMBER Alert riveted I'm like and that's cool like. Nicol went there when it got to Rochester in you know he was there where you're at it and at least. Is local bureaucrats are dead in. And in a depicting it with the national predators they heard it earlier in the public historically haven't been just a group already I mean. I've got article lifting and I was. That democratic and article it. You know it's it was a moment when I saw that last year I didn't think. That I would get a all of a better quicker routes that American. Consulate Jody gauge called beat. It is that we're in the year. So why is being very hard worker buried yeah humbled by it. I won't need. Always have love like I haven't Rochester. He ops send it down and they are bent down then. Everything they came along with it but. Even the last few weeks you're talking about. You know the color club but I Calder cup run that we ought to Prague 9899. Outlet. And that's. It'll overall. Is give put may have that this mountain bike state because there was some of the best memory and not yet and it's been great just even reminiscent of that. Well Marty it's an honor that you more than worthy to receive aid and I think not just because you were great player for the organization but you were great. Person for the community I mean always remember the first time Marty broad came into the 98 PX why studios feedback and doing you know senator you take you know talk about the games coming up this weekend was this Alan sandy and and you know I remember thinking obvious this guy is he's young he's vibrant he's got a great personality eighties it just a good. Jude and and it's funny that work having this conversation with you today when a guy very we feel very similar TU. He's getting a crack between the pipes tonight for the sabres in Linas all mark you know what you know oddly this is game what have you been what do you see. In what he's done in Rochester and what you expect out of Linas tonight against Columbus. You know what Alina today unbelievable guy like he's such a great kid. Iconic you know I mean it's the third year. Well. In all I been electric yet what I. Your career but. He and pat to. Space a lot of adversity in his first year pro I. Get the word wrote. Earlier there are. Your year Eric gay couple. I didn't get. Went. Sport at the Rochester. According to plan. Been blocked to other people about its course he's been. They say about Rochester at work ethic was wearing it being 80 what you know everything we're going to be easy. Change a lot of that game. Earl erupted out of work Americans. Eat. And it didn't happen the first year well sure changed it around last Eden. And maybe even one minute David this year it wouldn't be playing at bat. Desperate. To gain a little bit. What. A process. Acrobatics they. Would that be there. Not. Pretty at age and the outlets at all unless he cared. To give up. Buddies despite a lot that are sort. All of goal we. Get a yes string bikini cover a lot of a space in the created by or like the other. In all gonna have that advantage but the shortened. There's little to read speed and grit in the crease. I had that need to be sharp that in due course by. A lot of particulate vocal lead watching have been reporting it this this morning or. Practice started and is movements are sharp they're good. I think it it's a variable. As mature. I'm quite sure. Experience. It is so hard it will impact I hope it goes well in that that go yellow. Cool. Like Britain and those guys that are from the ball well so they got. What gene on golden. All. You knew that we airplane. I'm excited RM but I look forward to quote that's just there. Marty Iran joining us who is going into the average hall of fame will tell you more about that coming up on nothing new worry this sixteenth their guest here in the sports bar 957 years yet. There's a parallel here too with you Marty because. I you spent parts of four seasons with the air Merck senior you've got some chances up from buffalo and then would have to go back down finally would break through so. How were you able to just managing go about your job while you're waiting for the opportunity and is that kind of where. We're Linas is that right now just keeps doing the things he's doing what he's gonna get his chat juror sooner or later in the National Hockey League. Yeah I remember as a second season and I ate eaten with Iraq just for America I can't. Remember ever watch it here on EEU and opening the paper that morning and seeing the neighbors do last night I didn't care I would Rochester Americans I wanna be that bad that there was a leak that year. You want etiquette he can only he ain't shell. Color crop was. Kopp I I you know I got lucky I got called up a couple of guys during that it will upset their I got to have my first NHL we have. Against the dollar aren't playing that spelled out if my. A couple of days later it was the buffalo I have. Wreck. You know packed into a hotel. Yeah it's. Awful. I haven't brought out there it. Our sister was really everything that I hear about that year so. I was seen as Spain and we're this year. The sub you're seeing that asking. What. That east but really don't I doubt this. Is. Gained valuable. Google. Arbor. I look at what. We've that they play and as a to cancel it. But I haven't opera. Acknowledged. I'd probably believes that local authorities. Last eat that. Op opt and latest execute well well it got to be that they purchased at Russia but. Don't get any solid. And I doubt it it's only. The best out there. I've heard people say that it's better to leave somebody in the NHL for too long them bring them up too soon. And everything you're saying makes sense and we've seen many franchises from Detroit to Pittsburgh built this way we shouldn't be surprised. To see what's happening in Rochester based on what bottle said when he was. Introduces a new GM that he was gonna focus on development I guess Marty the question I would have for you if you're sabres fan. Is the development and what you're seeing in Rochester really the that the only bright spot on this season so far. Out of me it is that there have been asked to have a bright spot I don't edit the only one. He had brain doesn't have a lot of on every night but that's a bright spot. I was asked how the job is going Marty being as good a great job. A lot of art art at the bright spot I've got. A lot of at Stanford a lot of course by heart eating at. Game. But well. Right now it's a and EEB. Samples. And and I allow. In the media and you'll the Arabs in our lap at the end game and all of you wanna watch it all. Does it mean you went bad because public. Debate goes. All right go. That might lead. On that quote up where a lot on the line like. You. Because that's our neighbors are you right now each and much attention at registers stored at that. Here is that Buffalo Sabres at bat is. Able to bring guys out. You know the conference finals you're what we got terror in a lot of that. Credibility. Aren't built while. Derek Roy. Campbell. Incorporated Rochester at a sister the alt rock the best most well it's so that stable. Order that bit of our. Throat and it's your birdies were at and every night that occur to their American but the park guests but you know it. Really a great spot. Now we love when you do a Marty Paronto is going into the hammocks hall of fame coming up in February guest here in the sports bar Marty LSU the question open ended here. And who and what's gone wrong here in buffalo. But at that I have is that the question then isn't lasting half you know audio and I don't want it billionaire. Yet the question and ordered not to. Hello Mario saying when we got about an hour twenty minutes left the show can keep it to under an hour and twenty minutes with your answer please. You know I got to be don't doubt that I'll. Edit it. A lack. A little bit fortunate. A lot of players. Oh. Let me be as. This summer and add it up but just like the media. That. I hit it. Where it's at that chart so. There's that aspect that. It illegally art school. All year by the government. And they'll they're not there. Yet I only did they are much. You put so much. Emphasis on the west pressure on the bank at eight. The other two theory. But the upshot. It sure is already. And is in good at. Over that he's been. In good enough obviously. I don't want to ill. Yeah. All of them. Look yeah. The players. It digital locker right now. It's a forcible. It's a big challenge we're just bought. Well. Marty is a better Cain a bad teammate. Not that it is a bad teammate I think daddy's. Unfortunately. It. Restricted free agent that he that the book that they odious. Or write yet that eight. Eight deadline I don't need to be thinking about himself though. I. Want this. Buckle in you're sort of say personally believe it is. A result individually. And acts. I. Don't choose to resist as he can now ask partly in May well that. But what you end up wet but. They're guys that like commander in yeah. Michael is that it out on the street beats. You don't need it well together. They're. But the situation is stop hearing about. That. In thinking happen at the beginning of this year. A different every day it all in there's Arabs did Ian. You know that. You know Jack superstars. Program. Ankle. You know. That. And look at it like being like ten seconds that all hear about job yes that's or the and he said that it's difficult for everybody and extra year or an hour that's so I thought that that but as yet. One guy who won't not be going anywhere Jack cycle Maine to the all star team so we're talking off bright spots. How would you say eichel season has gone so far here Marty. Cycles in and gotten better. You know early in the year it was. I'll forward felt like yeah. It all. Second guessing everything that he would do it on the right very very rarely it each. Will with a popped into open I eat only to make up task force that I'd like. We want to. Earn yourself the best so hot chili and pick it up and and one that he'd start playing better jacked start to get more confidence. And you see him now. Streaking down the right. They can play it back so you. Don't deserve it. We couldn't. Iso. Jack I'd go to that tactic you. But not all. The one coming back and break it up to 11 or. Come back in and lift. Beckett so that is great and the have been covenant. He's you know he's a clinic gained eight apps. But if you look at it should last year and has that option is here. I think that they all. And he's done as forty grosso. I know whatever it hasn't lost track now but you. Go as you're able to so quickly what he'd. Marty he's an emotional player I mean you see it in his expressions on the bench seat in his expressions after a disappointing loss. And I'm curious what it takes for a player a professional player in the NHL to be able to channel those emotions negative or otherwise. And use them to improve your game isn't as simple as a coach getting through do you or is it just a matter of a young player needing to mature. I think young player needed mature but also I think that role model I think that's on shall I. And all going to channel that that negative about a well spent after Winnipeg jets. Got to go to it as I believe. Yet to quote that we have to reply. But. Guys that we. At the front of the camera. Puts it in a controlled way in Kuwait he went and how it look like bottom lip all the way to the ground. Facing the music and they were very intelligent. Spoke of which they're really good thing and there are a matter of growing. And Angela in the right direction. Marty moron who's going into the Rochester Americans whole thing coming up on on February 16 the got a speech prepared Mario and you know who's gonna and doctor Craig put any thought and all this. I don't know it's not about the word that the out of Egypt look at dollar organizing all of it and 8:7 o'clock 10 o'clock puck dropped outright that you are not defined by. While Marty nobody more deserving we knew we can't wait for that night congratulations once again and by the way. You know your first season do it doing studio a tougher and and it's been entertaining it's been awesome you bring a great energy and enthusiasm to the broadcast I appreciate everything that you do and we look forward to talking again real soon all right. And it thanks for having me guys. Marty Iran then put a smile industries best bet the past how do you not love that guy. That's one of farce that is and he stayed here in Western New York in me is happy to come back at night come back Rochus during. You know paired with its offer to lawless. You know loves himself some Rochester Americans hockey Soviet jumped in late there will have that up. Later on ESPN Rochester dot com for you to listen back to you on demand and once again tickets on sale for the game there were sixteen Marty Iran. Going into the Rochester Americans whole thing. And members of sorry sabres hockey tonight starting at 7 o'clock you can hear that doc. Action right at 7 o'clock here. On ESPN Rochester right back to football back to the NFL next who serve today's top stories from around the league him bite sized form NFL appetizers. In the sports bar with danger and tightly and next on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. And with Rochester is most listened to sports. Sports bar with a dangerous bit Jack. Rochester wrapped. Points leader. Like salmon. ESPN Rochester. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. In his news from around the national football. That little boy today. Served up in the here's the during an attack and we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in the sports market. So we know was played over a month or next season the first game marked the debut of the NFL in the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Which by the way happens to still be under construction next game because the Seahawks and the raiders on October 14. The Eagles play the jaguars another October 21 or 28 at Wembley. And that titans will play the chargers on one of those two dates as well this'll be the first trip to London for the Eagles the titans and Seahawks. Leaving only the Pampers Texans and Packers. Since teens yet to cross the pond at play games. When the bills decided not to offer the choose your option of Sammy Watkins rookie punter we're dealing in the Los Angeles which became. Where Earl what his plans when he eighteen well. Here's a good chance of ransom slot that franchise tag on Watkins this offseason which shouldn't be surprised considering they invest in the second round draft pick form Watkins. Top 39 passes this season but had eight touchdowns on those 38 passes. Last year's tagged for wide receivers with fifteen point six seek to. Million dollars. Ian Rapoport reported the Seahawks pulled. Who want to talk to Brian Schottenheimer. About their vacancy created by the fires Darrel bevel this week. Schottenheimer spent the last two seasons as the quarterback coach in Indianapolis. And spent a year at the university georgians when he fifteenth. He was a rams offensive coordinator in 2012 point fourteen held the same job but the jets' most six to 2011. Falcons offensive coordinator Steve are Fijian who also worked for Pete Carroll USC. Come up as a possibility earlier this week my falcons coach Dan Quinn said Wednesday there's a quote. 0% chance of Turkey Jim leaving Atlanta. Former bills GM Doug Whaley 125%. Chance of returning to the NFL as a G having green bag. The Packers as it turns out had four candidates for the GM job that went to Brian good constant. Three came from within the organization one Whaley came from outside. Whaley was the only minority candidate Green Bay interviewed. A global they'd get a minute John Dorsey of regained GM positions in the league it's rare. That a former GM returns of the league in the same way Whaley as you remember also interviewed the GM position Cleveland. Just a couple of weeks ago I think that leaves just. The one's job open but it's not even a true this is a GM job the one downing. Houston. Now remember Smith the GM down there he's taken a leave of absence because his wife days battling breast cancer so. Yes is the GM job but it's almost kind of got that in terms single soldier trying gain I guess. And he where you better offer you better off staying in buffalo here going back home a shot from one year known got to hand the baton off millions when he nineteen I don't know how those all's gonna shake out. Yeah I'm sure there behind closed doors right now trying to figure out what that all looks like and how you make that work for Brian gain if you indeed want him back in Houston now. Part of the appeal of coming to buffalo was that his wife is from. Downstate so. To me that's I always thought of that as a stretch we heard that coming. Now like it's not like Kenyan hop in my car and you know hit the city tonight and a boy but. That that one hour jetBlue flight from buffalo to a JFK. Is a lot easier to stomach than traveling across the country. So I you know point Walt thank you know on me family is family your wife's family is. Import so it'll be interesting to see what will happen with that in and whether or not. Houston can actually make it the gains family. And make it worth their while to to make that trek back down to Houston. Back to watch him this was the only place for the rams right they cordoned possibly give him the big money contract that would be foolish. On the other hand you don't give up the second round picks he'll let the guy walks so you're you're giving up cats east this year and you want Watkins. To prove himself tees or. And we seen this before Obama Hillary yeah yeah exactly. They'll be interesting to see what key. Can do now I mean we keep saying oh this will be as your crew with SBA's. Okay wait when exactly is Sammy Watkins and release we saw him this year. Relatively healthy right I mean I wanna say that he didn't miss any comic I'm Trent Dahl and I don't know is there I mean he was he was president. But the puzzling thing about them watching that Thursday night game week to member that's effort Cisco Walken is going all the plays a Lego case. Yup yup he's gonna have. That was really above Villa Gainey had this year after that nobody had Robert Woods out producing Sammy Watkins in Los Angeles. Yeah it yet kind of funny how that works out but. LA with a decision on their hands in terms of what they wanted to watch it's in the shirt certainly seems. As if that franchise tag will be applied at some point this offseason. Not to Sammy Watkins is that they can kind of protect that investment that they made. In the second round pick or they're gonna get a lot of prime time appearances next year Los Angela as high flying offense young head coach yeah I mean you can see a lot of the rams next year on the scandal. Our let's get toward daily special and serve up by happy hour next in sports bar. With danger in the tightly we'll talk we'll talk some bills the latest and we had Mike correct all with us over recap some of that. And me and a little bit sabres in advance of their matchup tonight against Columbus which you can here at 7 o'clock right here. On ESP in Rochester and still flying high after that call. Marty grove on he had doubt was the best if you missed it we will have doubts real funny ESPN Rochester will talk bills will take your calls for five for ESPN danger. I think I have connected the dots year what's going on with Dennis in. And why we have this radio silence I'll explain. 454 ESPN is the number for you to pull the stolen join us in the sport's mark danger tightly or more next on ESPN Rochester.