The Sports Bar-Hour 2 11/13/17-Dr. Russ

Russell Manalastas of and joins us in hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to recap all of the week 10 injuries in the NFL and to discuss what would lead Andrew Luck to Europe to treatment rather than staying home to rehab.


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Let's say it's hammer the Buffalo Bills player score of 47 to ten. Well they'd they'd be used on the and then getting time credit they beat. It goes better we play better that's the obvious. We expect it. You know we've got to take a hard look at Mike danger we don't it did for. Changed to live my life. Changed my life Jean jacket. That destiny alumni can't find or certainly respectable five important game ahead where you were last year you know we're building nobody continues to. Yes it is also looking at tape and allegations before we go coach since Argentinian. Played so. They are look at Rochester sports leader 957. ESP he had. Welcome back to sports bar with danger of attack they appreciate you listening this afternoon. We'll recover from. You said this is the worst bills plus you can remember. Yeah guy because you could say that Sunday night game in 07 that got flexed against the patriots but. Bomb that was the patriots it was pretty good that was Randy Moss scoring four times bills couldn't stop home and the patriots that regular season went seventeen you know. This scene or a good team. They're now one of the best teams of all time. The Buffalo Bills quit yesterday and I don't stroll that around the light leave that word because there. You know these are professional athletes but how else do you explain. A 96 yard drive it in the second half. Entirely of runs. 22 straight plays were called in this game all run line Ron Ron Ron. I'm OK if it's if it's personnel that put somebody in there that knows what they're doing if somebody I'm watching sure Reese right couple times he's he's not even try to wrap up just throwing his body in there. Mean it's pretty simple. Right out Caldwell brother corner in their PJ Gaines can go. Preston brown now. Small number of them had to play yesterday. Lorenzo Alexander out I'm sorry map a lot else start to tickle locate him. If you were that bad you can't just be all scheme and for what Sean McDermott said today. He went to be well it's pour technique. I'm sorry these are professional athletes port technique you should know what you're doing it you're showing port technique they get somebody out there who knows how to tackle what happened to tackling in his late I I it. It blows my mind. I don't practice it anymore that's not just to bill's problem that's universal problem throughout the league but. There's nothing the Sean McDermott could say the day after that kind of a loss it's gonna make you feel. Like you have any hope or like you believe anything he's naive you're gonna tell me that that that's pour technique. And that's the reason why. You got beat up the way you did. Well I would ask what you were doing would last ten days because that was the same pour technique that we saw against the jets and at this defense. Doesn't get it together they're not beating anybody for the rest this year they will lose out the rest of this year. You looked bad against jets you looked worse. Against the saints and the one thing that that I believe EU could. Panic about is what we saw yesterday. A worst effort not on par with what dated against gets worse than we did it against the jets. After ten days off wing you wanted to believe the head coach would have this team at least looking prepared. To compete and outside of one drive offensively. You didn't see it. Now you're home you're supposed to get a bounce off the home crowd you're healthier. You got Charles clay back it's the debut of Kelvin and Jermaine. That's the other thing too. One was last time the Buffalo Bills offense looked that bad you could say Carol line up blatt. You know the tenor of that team. Really was feel dizzy Sheehan in not turning the ball over yesterday you were moving the ball at all. Tyrod Taylor directing the offense two week total of four. First down Tyrod Taylor not targeting the brand new toy and buffalo Kelvin Benjamin. After the first part. Look I'm sorry if you're not targeting Kelvin Benjamin where coaches saying hey. Why did you look at number thirteen a little bit more designed some place. Balls on denizens you. Mean there's so much blame to go around and they know bill's fans don't wanna hear this but. Yes it's one loss and yes it's not as always is bad is it law. Like you said right at top I I couldn't imagine a scenario where the Buffalo Bills would look worse after the jet game. We ten days to prepare they managed to pull them off. If you want a low point low light of the season it's probably that played you were talking about were Camara tripped. Himself. It got up instill ran for eleven yards. But let's worry about technique the have to worry about technique you also have to worry about effort by now you know you guys are getting now after the way they used to get after something has happened. They're not buying in when a process it is that you're selling their not necessarily buying it at this point. What are we doing differently. What's happened. What's happened. It's never one thing Nate 45 for ESP ample the store and help us try to figure this out danger to tag earlier in the sports bar. What's happened. Can we throw out 99. Marcel darts marshaled ours to pass rusher was bad Marceau was having a down year Marceau was playing only have to sad sacks but. He was all okay. One stop them I don't know that solves everything yesterday danger that this part of the equation knowing I'm fine now because. I get what they're doing with guys like Marcel. They're getting get ready guys that don't quote fit their culture. And I don't know that there's more than a handful players. As broad act pointed out earlier today there an actual law. To be on this team next year. I think they're starting to about as are evaluating players and who they want where. They're determining and and they're evaluating a week by week basis and incoming to the conclusion that there might be a lot of players on this team. But don't belong on this team there might be guys that that you and your name's stars on this team that. You might think they'd be crazy to get rid of that are on this team. Next year road act tweeting out earlier players or not. There are only eleven players I would consider locks. To return the bills next season to see if you can find a common thread these are. Mostly guys that they drafted or brought in through free agency or just signed the long term deals. Peterman Benjamin Zeta-Jones Eric Wood. Dion Dawkins about Milano tree white Micah Hyde Jordan Hoyer Stephen how bush got cold and Schmidt. That's it's those are guys that they have brought in those are guys that they hand selected are drafted or guys that they extended themselves or would be an act. And so we think it and you think it that way everybody else is just kind of auditioning to keep their job at this point. And I really showing any kind of exploration out there. Ugly now. Port 54 ESPN is our phone number we welcome your calls itself let's check in with Scott Brock or we do waiting patiently to pull the stool. Scott you're in the sports bar with danger tightly with somebody. I didn't go out there you just don't bolt. Don't let under I was in earlier. Well before bored out of the last game. What the only well the only thing that changed. There so that between debt and only one thing. That marked areas being on. Marcelo he was he was gone mall also for the raider game Bly. The raiders. There was physical talent since he got paid I mean what went to what she got paid you didn't see the same what Marcel hole. I just wondered if and I know they talk about it weren't that great you know at that make in a lot of tackle or whatever. Get these or being double being there all the time that breeze used their way down there will grow. I'm single coverage. It just deployment but there you know somebody all I can say that they were under some of the players are taking it because they want. Peter men in their of eyler. I you know I know I would disagree with that because believe it or not. The players really like tyra Tyrod is cool would it in that locker and Scott I agree with your point that we just can't say it's zero effect with Marcel I think there is a little bit. The fact of not having 99 out there but. He wasn't going to be part of your long term plan appreciate phone call 454 ESPN team is calling from Rochester hate in your in the sports park. Are you door of the news and put down a bit or are just so light. Seoul. To make things Nazi with the bills. Is lying in DR. Davis could get that corrected update there'd be all right everywhere else. They're delighted O line did their corrected if we aren't. Yet tibia what a lot of people say this about teams are constructed that Smart teams build from the inside out rather than the outside in. So as we're talking about how we you know. Is this a time for native Pete immune to come in the game is this the time for Tyrod Taylor be back you know we need to acquire real pass catcher for Tyrod Taylor. Newton who's gonna get the line right. Right now and I think the offensive line isn't as bad is. Because they gave me terrible native they taken a step grabbing terrible they must relax while they were good last year so what happened here. Well the at a year old or French yeah mills writes yeah it's a different system. You got a year older and you got Deion Dawkins in their learning as he goes he's a rookie he'll get better. Any certainly going to be on the team next year is something they can look forward to seeing next year you hope that they didn't whiff in scouting that guy's a rookie but. If you built from the inside out you've got senator that you locked up or what are you going anywhere. Gain academy is not going there are no way he's not Rolodex lists and hopefully we'll get Mike on the show markets and asthma that. Tim I agree with you you know things the call 454 ESP NE one to the flip side of that which team did it wrong. A team that drafted it. A franchise quarterback number one overall. And then went out and draft a wide receivers and then kind of address the offensive line in the got their quarterback he'll talk about the Cole yes. I mean that that's the wrong way to do it so yes it if the bill's gonna. Draft next year it's not exciting. But to your point. Absolutely. If he wanna win football games they get some big guys approve Dallas. OK so Dallas is deck press got it would get press got behind a bad offensive line how we look at this we will know that but it's a hot it's a fun hypothetical is it not. Because. That offensive line and Dallas up to this point as you know yesterday being the aberration you know allowing the six sacks but they've been they've done a good job here in the last two years in Dallas. We got doctor Ross a standing by go around the league in cover up some the eye injuries. From week ten in the NFL his weekly house call and just a few minutes before we get to doctor us in the sports bar. Let's check in with Victor in Webster Victor you're on what's up. They've got got a couple couple questions or bring just one. Tom as a watch in the build up lifelong built they have don't watch it again I agree with that squalor. You're not looking at ball flying be applied on stage and I'd give up that need work you are is cute but all it is going to be the on the bill. Have a question first iiroc inaccurate people's pain that he returned in preparation and in. You know he doesn't have I'd like distressed steal form. Are you guys agree with that you read the route that he'd chime in on a little bit. Victor here's what I'll say I'll say one you brought in a receiver Kelvin Benjamin doesn't need to get separation. Yet the GM of the team's sake even when he's covered he's open if that isn't it invitation for Tyrod Taylor did take some risks with the football. I don't know what is and yet outside of one drive yesterday their first drive eating seemed. Now checking down to Mike Tolbert is not going to move the chains. Mike Tolbert is right over the why was open over the middle danger could is you'd be outward force upon because he's Mike Tolbert dads he's not a threat yes. Oh Victor I would say this. Yes Tyrod is missing wide receivers. Tyrod had a poor game. And I wanna see how we're response that. As I I didn't I said lastly danger top ten reasons why the buffalo plus senior jets didn't have tiger Terrance Taylor in the top ten. Certainly he was terrible. From yesterday how does he restore. You know what I think you when I get may be tagged as being Tyrod supporters. Am I really believe that worked supporters or detractors we just pointing out all their teams that are yeah yes if you if you just look at numbers you could see some which were Tyrod looks good because he stretches appeared. A time were Tyrod Taylor. Looks like a top ten quarterback and there's been times this season where he's looked. Like a top ten quarterback. Morals are gonna point out when he has a bad game or not he's you know he's not immune to criticism after he plays the way he played yesterday which was atrocious. Internally 11 tech you could argue that it wasn't his fault right so again he's not. Turning the ball over he's not costing you football games but he certainly is going after winning U football games and yesterday was an example where he is. He's inability. To process is keen ability to pull the trigger. For them offensive. What you're down 143. And for any other team in the National Football League that should be okay got a little bit of work to do looks roll the sleeves and get together and office. I don't ever get the sense the Buffalo Bills or her own like falling and around the field. Go to our hurry up and have Tyrod put some points up on the board quick that's what should happen yesterday. Tyrod gets high marks for having his high football IQ we should realize hey Mike defense today not their day I'd better to put this team on my back. I keep weighing whether it Tyrod Taylor game where he's gonna put the team on his back. I listen I'm gonna say elect. I don't know if they win that game in Tampa we Tampa was a pilot puffed up forced fumble by tree white. And Tyrod Taylor bean number making it closely they didn't you feel that Tampa game that they were out they were done that game was over. But somehow in a quick drive Tyrod Taylor got them down the field a couple of big plays Dionte Thompson and Nixon you know I want score game that he he brought back. But what I'm saying when I get quarterback in the NFL. It's hard for any quarterback in the NFL to come back from greater than that one scored deficit I mean it doesn't happen all that often it happens with. And we know that Tyrod Taylor's Natalie it's a what are we dealing. We know he's not back quarterbacking and never be on the level of the Manning or a Rodgers or Brady or any of those guys is is not that guy wanna see Manning meet Peyton do you. Peyton when he was in his truck so you don't. Il what are we talking about he's we know he's never gonna be that guy but if you if you see him come back from ones were deficits up. If you had he we'd see him do any he's had stretches this season where he's played well and even. Last week and liquid magic he wasn't the problem in New York. He didn't play horribly in New York. But what we saw yesterday timid. And yeah that's that's it I mean it's it's. His personality is is one worries kind of shy and reserved. And believe it or not it reflects in his. Game. He's not playing with cocky this or arrogance it's playing shy. And reserved. Unique quarterback Havel Lil bit of swagger and I think he has this quiet confidence and quiet swagger. But you need enough confidence to be able to rip bitten you've got your GM. Telling you we've acquired a guy who even when he covered he's open that's your boss telling you media. Let's get doctor Ross in here. Get a good mood let's get a good morning talk about injuries Jeanne. But why. When I learned this. What is this trend more athletes that need treatment have to leave the United States. What is it like that prevented and our laws and you gotta go over to Europe and so what what is it now has. It's like do you know what what innocent doctor Ross. What can he do here in New York State that. An athlete like Andrew Luck has to go all cross an ocean to try to get right what what are we talking about here. All right we'll get doctor assigned to explain that and more will go around. The NFL all of the injuries from yesterday's action an update joined some lingering injuries with doctor Ross Russell medal last distorting its next. Stay in the sports bar danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester. Bills football. Starts we. Are Smart here. Here every player of the 2017 regular season. The bills trouble Los Angeles to take on the chargers coverage starts at new. You've gone before. John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest to make this. Call or text eight. The NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home for a life sports is CN 900000000957. FMP sports leader. ESPN Rochester. That's Monday afternoon and he's got to get a house call in with our buddy doctor Ross Russell metal last this. Four for four dot com SI dot com injury expert. Physical therapist. Man who knows more than you do about injuries let's get right into it right so how are you. Are great guys out here expert yeah AL as we always do on a Monday and we've been trying to figure out how to the Buffalo Bills Ron defense get so bad here but. Russ not helping the matter was that Jerry Hughes missed the second half basically with a shin injuries so what do we know about the Buffalo Bills defense event. Yeah I mean coach Rick Perry were pretty prepaid. Bill Belichick then turn provides update today. On data days of maturity cruise ship and nothing more dramatic in the power that rob mentioned your problem this year. Get the ball very argued hollering. Based in that area so if I dated there wouldn't expect too much. The machine. Carpenter is partners around there aren't caught. Doing now mr. Bloomberg dot. I don't address the issue but again you know one should at this point I'm not sure that doesn't have an issue any lingering issues. Russell middle class is four for four dot com doctor Ross in yes sports bar with danger. And the tag glee as we do an NFL injury roundup like we do at this time every week Ross your physical therapist. You provide some of the greatest care in the world. And we have the ability that in the great US today. So what are like Andrew Luck and other elite athletes go to Europe for treatment what's the water over there that's not the water over here will commute right about that. Yes so and Arabic are about you know the guy like Kobe Bryant and her heart surgery. And Germany. A lot of it has to do with tissue regeneration. Public. Us in the United States is we can't. You that you're a lot so. Read what ignored Gerri because they can do a parent it's not all are preparing that we're dealing orders. Regarding about you know words cartilage degeneration and the tissue regeneration he can't manipulate blood in the united it. These are really in my knowledge in terms of what are seen in terms of no the difference between what they're doing northern German neighbors here they are about stem cell therapy or rupture injections to reach crop. I've approach injections. Over there little bit from what they're human with the blood. And they actually heated up two candidates on the anti inflammatory markers to kind of create this. Admission process of Cambodian process so you know what Andrew Luck going over there I mean I think the concern is. Why is he or repair nor is it really are cartilage which you could cartilage issue. I mean that the communities and playing with what they'd go not so sturdy shoulder there. It potentially could caught in particular cartilage badly damaged was then you look at achievement I get regenerated at which is not a good sign that the one time. Initial the ball socket joint. What did it effective Ricardo on the ball market doesn't matter you know underlying issue and you echoes the bone and Bo has caught comfort. Cartilage in general doesn't have a lot of good at an 18%. At a vascular. Beating that it doesn't generate on its own to what they need some restart is out there and two it doesn't cost Cain. And so if you get to always having discomfort maybe it's the art others. Mexican down in cement bony defect it's called the discomfort usually go to China should I don't know what to make a bit odd package going over there though it product I. Also gets more and Asia comes out. Yeah hey dad is a little alarming for Andrew Locke and that's why would you your press releases saying we you know it's we don't consider this to be Kurds threatening our. In when they even bring that up in a sentence that. Leads me to believe okay this is at least kind of something they're wondering about I'm just curious as to more about this there European and what you might know. What is the downside of this because I would like to think that are FDA here ally in the United States. Has not made this legal for a certain reason that there would be some sort of danger with this. Yes so I mean you're doing your partner Dick using your own blog at bill when you are about. Drawing blood out there and if they do you introduced the cast separate them a different. Issue or that. Factors in the blood itself. You know that it can mean different topic during her is that she didn't issue which it will be inclusion in that state so get not a huge you know you'd maybe. Is changing their community chemical follow what's going on there but you're not he's your your home plug which is to in port partner so. What we're doing here in the states again United States is very very strict on me being here a while. To get herpes or is it may be. So again I think a lot of it more deeply ignorant it's been very restrained in a ordeal our company to market cheered. They arrest before we get some the injuries from yesterday's action let's get a couple of updates on some lingering injuries. There have been exit of some of these players other you know not that New England needs another weapon to return for them to be good all of a sudden but for Chris Hogan's absence if your fantasy football player severe keeping an eye and what about Chris ogle what we know but he's injury and and possible return. Yes sir I mean last week part electric game. Total bonus link. But never an encouraging unpredictability. Of the availability will be other. I would hope that he comes out of the early this week. Immediate command wearing them maybe that incoming equivalent of practice and again the pages Ruble note too much because there are so. Big on everything. Downright actually you know he had it in action at all are so what Chris told Howard took it from week to week. But if he does it shall on the practical import or in any faction that was incurred starting may he might not. Late week eleven but he could be available we well. David Johnston now couple weeks ago we heard Doug Bruce aryan as the head coach of Arizona pretty much shoot down any. Talk of Johnson returning this year but he is available by rule by the new rules of injured reserve if he is healthy enough. So when do you know with that wrist injury because of David Johnson comes back and he's available on a waiver wire that could help some fantasy team out but in my. Making an assumption here first of all went with that task call the come off and you know what this type of injury it is it realistic. Do expect that he would pick up where he left off. Yes there actually catch up today all booted out. Erupted days in a bust went right now so. We have an important don't work on rent much and be near Casper on a lot of the risk in the super stiff and it's so ought to pardon thing to worry about it. I made her wrist injuries when you're trying to break your fall well without adequate to hand out common that you receipts and moving while American cause is irritation so. No he's total return big twelve. So you've got this week in a detention next week and in particular into this to get ready he could potentially play. I wouldn't rule it out but the thing is. How much would the the heartland risk with David Johnson having him and about in the playoff picture and they got it in peace and their two. Mean it's hard to say whether or not it can be as effective or even thirty years in the apps and utilized in what is what how to normally what is it cheated investors so. I've been very great question mean if you can beat beat require. Is adamant the speculative that. But again we still don't know too much in terms of how they're gonna use them or even a bit and bringing him back in incomes and older. Doctor Russell last time we saw Matt Forte on the field he was making the Buffalo Bills defense looked like road cones are for. What happened to Matt Forte with the we're hearing a neat kept him out of the game on Sunday it was a it was a knee injury that popped up. During practice or is that something he played through against the bills. Yet so earlier this week there are some reports that fort they would deal to cuddle and insulin in the need it clearly never cleared. The swelling in the scenic going to be troubles on so jets this article about an actual word about NC Leo no longer and it sounded just. Slowing in the need to always word about a underlying issue sort of happened out of nowhere beauty there's an underlying issue. My guess is near there's some sort of Carly German history issue. That could be going wrong which is wide and you can as well every having that cartilage or Haitian government or Asian. If there is. Significant type of discomfort or not significant enough to tepid damaged. That it can cause the residuals launder that lingers and lingers that never goes away so. I would keep an eye out for a period apart due quartet because he was going on but my guess is muted some sort of like Asia to wider holding out longer than them. And we thought there were all about four. Doctor Russell man alas is our guest here in the sports bar doctor Ross running for the website for. For four. On Thursday night football we shots we saw Richard Sherman with the Achilles injury go out IE. This if for his career I mean I needed the Achilles injury how difficult is that to come back from. Yeah I mean. You know wrote aren't brought the economy but it certainly isn't try to play it through this kind of it's an issue or are looking tired you're so far. And arguments elect you know medical special order maybe look at the kind of protect the player. You can go to like out there and they wanna do their best in the prestigious have a doppler lead to leakage and allowed the kitchen or he'll get back to. Corporate normal speed there and in this seems like the repetitive stress in the situation distress over time. Our elected Richard Sherman is terrible and not on Thursday and unfortunate that obviously did you have you don't mean. As it is to have been in the past it goes when you average term on field best return on him being shut down pat down that field so. This is a tough injury com you know again. In Canada right around the age 3031 I believe. Well I wouldn't say it's your career. Under an ethical return to the webinars can be as effective as. It was art it in either practical soap lake but whether or not it is India defective we still don't know it's India all law were stripped. Some injuries from yesterday's action doctor us willful are not like Houston's passing game has been lighting it up is to Shawn Watson went down with a torn AC public. Insult to injury will Fuller with broken ribs we you'd expect to see him out for any significant on time. Yet very stated in this at least we eleven. If not more I mean not work. Report that it is damaged look in to see it yet again thinking we deal with into trash agreed to Wear the Haitian. You're about pain tolerance there's so. Looks like you're gonna miss B eleven I have a moment in my racquet on the bench. Are. The mother bent so he's going to be. I'll Wear. At least one week apart return to budget colored Dick the same way he has the lead in the return so. Armitage is buried in an expense to our congress and are used to put my receiver. I think Libya on the going to at a minimum one lead in them. I returned. A running back that does some might picked up off the waiver wire Aaron Jones and Green Day was carted off yesterday just can't be good nose right right Russ. Yes so there there's an ad you can miss sports XP you can't put a new and knowing you're integrating a ligament sprains you know he. Read one great to great degree Q you can integrate tutor in terms were. Four to six weeks here in the pollen doubted that basically. The precedent tire and the regular season and so on there. And they get it Soledad time ago we went out to. Both those are backed out of DeMulling become the top guys and so he's on the label. I want an ad in Montgomery we accurately predict injuries they're so nice that he served his status or so. A lot of injuries and Packers are Brit Brit on the also strange entry area in the game you know he's finished beans in the can it be putting all this and we can. We already have about one. Suffering concussion early in the game against Dallas. Already ruled offered next at Sunday's game was a money's in the come on and I think underwear and yes so. So. This is his second concussion I believe in just a short amount of time Russ I talk about Freeman's. Time more in the game there. Yeah anytime you can deal with multiple concussions in the same seat in part that actually Jordan reed. You know sometimes the second time around are approximate. Or so. Even though they play on Monday that there are in all the now an article said that he and Karen Bluetooth caller caller. Oh OK for a policy you know move forward. To talk and still in the playoff contention there are evil and seizures can produce stronger arm. You know I would hit the record processes will be able to its lowest especially in these. So even though he's out this week awarding guaranteed anything you all we all put advocate chant just never know what you are going. Every concussion so different it should cut them ever trust. That we live in such a look pages society. And we know concussions are serious so explain to me why. Ha it's hit debt. They're his academic medical professional holding Russell Wilson back from reenter our game or in the case Jacoby Bree sat and apparently had a concussion that's. Qaeda itself reported a mean what what do we know what that is well then us. So let the thing I mean you know with its aggression Provo about a poster and do what they aren't you turner cut down on had trauma and been without. You know. Players that's a thing. I'm concussions are sent them concussions and honestly pop up right away. You know it's almost single where you might do OK during the game western games over also and issues that are probably two to congress that was going to be able there. I mean ERC 10 worry about player route players see the and to protect them at all costs or. Russell Wilson you know I'm not actual why he went back in the game here well apparently didn't buy it encourages. Good chance that if there's any. Any dangers impotency having introduced and edited it out so target date the the Seahawks. A lot of nickel back in the game. But this is kind of we're back out to those children and that's how does that mean. The thing is players have to report sent them an identical or sit it out there even go to invite. That's the issue here and that's what we're seeing some point so many different challenge account popular not because sometimes cute people to the reporter met the press club in its. Ross finally before let's go a couple of things happening in the NFC east rob Kelley with a high ankle sprain that's the bad news good news for Philadelphia. When there's looks to be getting healthy Zach Kirk's back to practice today what are you know. Yeah Decker it's practiced fully today select we talked about last week. That we. And I used to years your guy's practicing in full early in the week it was an encouraging sign for their ability availability on Sunday so. My guess is that Packard will play barring any. Patient. Our rob Kelly. Now behind the screen again hike in sports the Eagles you look at and they'll spring. Are just because of the neck and whatever your foot or get turned out and ran it on there and doubled up on there. You're Neil turnout as all of our most stranded in a ligament that part of life so. I would give up Kelly will probably they're gonna talk about test it on our. Alerting your house significant injury you're so. For safety purposes is used most likely to miss the rest of the dangers these and then. I'm Alex Marty. They acted normal two in terms of change he's back but much Iran partly because though are takeover of the downward progress toward. Russell we love having you on the show here for folks that want to read more how can they find. Yes so what I've oh or act. Also on like out there I'll read a little more depth. On two days and that we update our. Our analysis. Every other day throughout the week kind of reflect different you know practiced art distinction being attacked them. Don't forget also that poll. Germany's. Regeneration government sent a little complicated. There's a lot of different laws and regulations on them but it would every deal with a temperature you generation. Eric meaning you you're out while a part of the country because ultimately they can do it now against the cost and got those things I think Putin. It's an thousands of dollars a Dinka and agree injection over their German that it. Maybe eight to 101000 dollar support that sort of ridiculous. So that's why a lot of times. Professional athlete of the doubt have that money to do that so I'm. You know it's got to create the but you know that's correct and that's where you know him from recovery that's where we're headed that's going to be yet about. Doctor Russ we appreciate your time is always a good follow for you on Twitter at rust. PT Russell now last just joining us in the sports bar with danger tag lit. And our injury around up Ross enjoy the rest of your evening I know you enjoyed this week because the ravens were on the bus. Yes that was good that somehow they are still in the hunt and I mean just based on strength to move or they've got a pretty big guy. On the industry into the package that got ounce average is I mean. Watch a lot of more watch opera ball much bigger girls than I would want to rest easy on your laurels watch upper ball to the guy that's six caught right away a new book before you even know. Russ that I enjoy your right after the somebody. You go to Russ is joining us in the sports bar. Danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester are itching here we are a little bit of crossroads in sports bars after. Now we can bump NFL appetizers and get your reaction at 454 ESPN. As we've got plenty of time during happy hour today before we get to shots to talk about. What you saw on the field yesterday between the bills in the eye opening up. We've sent four fire warriors can share this Lanny yeah winning so with some opinions they saw what they've seen. The last two weeks so the floor shorts for 543776. Again 454 ESP and getting now. No topic is off limits anything from Tyrod to appear in. Two with the bills defense. Who's the streaker. Any of it. Would love to hear from the history urine and in. You can recap your miserable since dismissed or 454 ESPN. Stay in the sports bar danger to tightly and more next on ESP and.