The Sports Bar-Hour 2 11/15/17-Mike Catalana

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, November 15th

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with more discussion on the benching of Tyrod Taylor including a visit from 13 WHAM sports director Mike Catalana. Also, the guys serve up the NFL's biggest stories of the day in bite-size form with "NFL Appetizers."


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The sports bar with danger and exactly as I continually evaluate our our roster and our goal to become better. I decided to start Nate Peerman as our quarterback this week. I remain confident in Tyrod Taylor. And his ability to help our football team reform obviously disappointed I don't agree with the decision but this is the decision was made it. Come forward. It was a dream come true obviously to get this opportunity. You know I've been through a lot of pain to get here too so certainly not done though. At all I would still off on me and I gotta go work there and. Mike danger while I believe Tyrod Taylor still gives you the best chance to win I'll put an asterisk at the end of it and say. That is for Dennis in. Doesn't wanna change his offense to suit Tyrod Taylor who then yeah they should consider making change and new computer because you're not putting Tyrod Taylor played a position to win. Jeanne exactly. Don't. You need to hear me and go in there right now and haven't seen this season do not even come with Steve did you see how the offense looked on the one drive. He executed it's either Tyrod important enough. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. And an interest in 24 hours from Buffalo Bills fans a wide range of emotions I think. Immediately while my first reaction is well documented on Twitter something I can't say on the air. Holy asked for half a cup you listen up. Tyrod Taylor. Is the most divisive. Figure. In western new York and you have people celebrating personal. Celebrating it yes I heard cheers. In the hallways here ESPN Rochester. Keisler we were brought me he he thinks the Buffalo Bills now are well on their ways. He's out there ya this it now it's the playoffs now you can lock him in his playoff team. About a hundred box. Do. You pay money that much anyway I don't otter box in this team make the playoffs now with that who. Ticket makes it to first half without getting killed and Melvin Ingram Jolie both saw. The way to bills' offensive line has played this year. If we can make it through the first half or that's a moral victory right there and let alone yelled come out with a win in Los Angeles you're you're going to. You know I appreciate that we had south macho with this last hour and if you missed will have an on the map for you shortly the only ESPN Rochester dot com. Is there something to. The idea of coaches don't have a lot of film on me and Peter. Itself didn't dismiss them up neatly into knows the strengths and weaknesses of this bills' offense with. With Tyrod Taylor and with LeSean McCoy but not necessarily with Rick Dennison is DOC and Nate Liederman is the quarterback. And then you go to Kansas City then you go to. New wings yet we minds on knowingly cry all right let you know he's usually like three to four weeks is enough time enough data points you can certain spot transit and make adjustments in and I think that's what you've seen. Partially you saw the bills last couple of weeks in their poor performance that I think teams. Got lies what they need to do is stop the Buffalo Bills I. In somebody wants the caller right to me again I'm still waiting for the parallel in NFL history. Where this was done by choice. With the rookie quarterback in the later rounds Tom Brady was not by choice that was by blood souls injury. Act press Scott. That was by injury. This is. New ground here in the NFL. What this head coach in buffalo was doing. I don't agree with that I would not and made his move because this could blow up it's gonna divide your locker room and the season all the sends good to go right now. The psychology of confidence to go Jeanne pick about this mean Tyrod Taylor is just had to. Well Oakley losses that he's the quarterback of the team that is just just horrible horrible. Losses. And and constantly getting peppered with questions of can you beat the guy are you the guy would you be you know what what does this team need to do blah blah blah blah blah. And now you get an endorsement from your head coach if your new computer moment. We're gonna bench this guy you get the keys to the car don't F it up. That's got to give him even if he's a fifth rounder even if he's a quote project. At least you know he's going to with I would argue more confidence. Than Tyrod Taylor had going it would have going into this game don't think. Am I and Darren have played do you terrible as this experiment of a dispute that. But the check came that's revisionist history it was not a top ten reasons why the Buffalo Bills lost that created it just great. Good thing that makes you the most nervous and I think the thing the bills fans are well prepared for is. This is what it looks like when a team turns over the ball a lot did you forget he's a rookie he's going to quarterback a lot. Of mistakes and it somebody who watches more Buffalo Bills football more more football period. Then possibly use a lot smarter laughable that a Steve tasker and we talked to him in the pre season set as much when we had a month sports bar with danger tag list. They completely different game the issue of little bottle bill he can struggle. Under the two great about it it's a tough spot to even and honestly you know sometimes you can kitchen in the ball with a young quarterback. Get to the playoffs are when melodic and with them but for the most part to gonna struggle. Because became so complicated and some fast and I think it's rare pictures you see a lot of our core rookie quarterback has six. On earth would they do which indicate they won't drop in. On. The deck right situation with the great and great running game and it seemed that. Doesn't turn it over and playing with a deep and it gets a lot of turnovers so no question it can be done. But it is very rare Liverpool. Neal who's happy about this Baltimore. Every ravens fans doctor Ross everybody else because that's the one contender we identified for the Buffalo Bills chasing them down. Who could see their way those tie breakers because what are the Buffalo Bills do today. It tasker to quote him they went to be lightening any not a normal. With a rookie quarterback even though this team is in a playoff position this is unprecedented. We're any of us beef reading just make a wish every now and then though Jeanne I mean yeah Iraqi no Zell Liaoning I got this job because I made a wish that's why I'm here. Forsythe that's what Sam here because of make a wish as one. 454 ESPN 4543776. Fields caller from pits verdict felt. Your power on. Obama out on Kyra there are you at he's warming in per year. At all and RPI and what you are worried about winning game I mean I don't feel like. At the end of the Buick could then down in buffalo. Wrecks make it. On the I hate it is special but I mean I opened their Ira. Editors here. Who wins are they're in for a team. I think it might though that went on your amusement parks and I like regret it. That honor may aren't you know but. We got to do something at some point. Well still again I I just keep gone back to. We all bill's chance he'll really good about this one is Peterman and two of their ground. Can somebody answer that forming a bear or the bills that much smarter drafting and everybody else in the league. This is a risk and bored it lightly. Again I would not have made his move right now you are in the final playoff position. Solve this seizing goals all the sun six in ten and Donna head coach. On that coach. And if it doesn't work out this week guess what you haven't divided locker room it's not that you have players that are questioning the process. It's on the head coach who who nick who pointed out when he sent me an email. Has not been perfect with everything he's done this year bills have been the fortune of us and good luck when you go back and review. Sean McDermott's moves so far this year again nick. Emailing me. And that ten men on the field for Atlanta that want to bill's way second half vs Tampa that in the end of the first half against Tampa that that when the bill's way. You don't really have an answer for that performance against the jets your defense your defense Sean McDermott's defense. Doing weights on the last two weeks. So he is about look for Sean matured and by the way it's about the for a Dennison is well if if need him Peerman can't get it done with this offense. Then came in pictures to who your offensive coordinator is Dexter is a pretty sure won't be Rick Dennison. Rick Dennison. Well for now he's bought some time 4543776454. ESPN Patrick Cohen from Rochester how Loria. It good guys are you. I just I don't think a total cop out by by the coaching bad here in I think. Erica and ultimately. I think last year was pretty much the same personnel from quarterback who played an offense but why I'm running back. We or pop off back. And all this year where in the bottom of leaking out and were anemic we entries any thing. And you'll look at it had been put in place with those outside on running rank and or a power power rankings last year was so active. I expected that you cannot Tyrod Taylor I don't understand why aren't. While they don't want of the critic here on I think it should be and it is really working for his job and I just I don't understand movers. That's the good news here is that if it doesn't work out there Rick Dennison will be here I mean you know I got to imagine that somewhere along the lines will mean your reviewing film. You Rick Dennison Pam called the place this is my system. He would pull the trigger tsunami is a quarterback. Give me a quarterback who gets rid of the ball getting a quarterback takes chances downfield get it quarterback play within my system again the assumption. Of rational coaching it's a lot like all of us in the ass we assume the guys are gonna know what to do with the kind of talents that these players have. But they install there system in the they look for players that fit the system and we. Talked about it earlier in the week on road act talked about people that are going to. Be locks for this team next year is not a lot of them and they're guys that gave handpicked. For there system it's the way the patriots have done for years system. And value. If you theater system won't make it work or not and overpay for you were that you're gonna fit within our sister mean unit provide value what were paying you gonna give us in equal out. And also while write to us on Twitter Chris writing in Tyrod goes on winning games he just doesn't lose that. Now we're gonna see fits magic level interceptions. But maybe those unlikely TDs to Woolsey let's be honest Dennison Sox and we never should've let our next opponents now hey coach. Walk a way that being Nicole I and that being the interesting little side bar here. McCoy ended up in Denver choice number two also ended up in Denver musgrave so that's the Aaron airman on the not donating on Denver to mean don't have a quarterback as well. I got my catalog standing by let's blow through a couple more quick calls your geno and Jerry in Rochester in the sports bar. With danger and attacked lip. I got injured. Oh what a panic move almost all we know we're. Yet like all over by an order what you guys last week a water and you guys are about in part because we support. Okay. No I order there you know. I'll I don't what the overall. Listen to it it does reach a little bit of desperation. You're making a move that I think everybody would be okay with you making. Your questioning the timing of the move I mean doesn't. Feel right next timing feels bad. If you're trusting the process would get we had south auto line was so much process process yet awesome and still it inhale that so much process of the so here we talked catalog about the process he's a Philly guy Serena was all about the process Doug Webster. You're in the sports bar with danger materially. Eight guys I don't. They you know first thing when I heard it today I do have to admit I I I was going all right finally and I did expect. Then to make this change but it that'd be another two or three games from now. Put to read I think I'm excited I think a lot of people I mean I'm actually I did not watch the game Sunday. I've actually heard that from people it's funny that you mention that Doug I'd actually now I'm excited to watch the game like. Now you've got a fan base energized about. Watching their team on TV it shouldn't ever get to that by the way if you're real fan these wanna watch through the good the bad but in the year people say I'm actually excited to watch the game on Sunday. Well again be careful what you wish for you can watch the game on sunny here rookie quarterback. Not survive the first half or throw for four interceptions. Now and I and I agree. But I think that coaching staff is at a point now and I I would get this stated that watch a lot of footage. Om I think they have made the determination. And I'm Tyrod probably not by now. There that he is not you know pull the trigger when he needs still in and you know I was at the game I have seen ticket and it. Was aired last week and it was wine. Really. Warning Ed gain in and you know being at the game you get to the guys that are opening day at troll troll troll and and in the any doesn't. Well I my prediction actually I think Liederman gonna. I think he's gonna throw for more into the 200 ST this week but I I do think he's gonna have a couple text of the year's been afraid to throw it and the big thing here though is that coaching staff at the biscuit gap because they know now what Tyrod they have three years of summer okay. They wanted to get kids got because if not let's face it in the hot seat in here than we're gonna do use some. Yeltsin draft picks were quarterback and I think they're really wanna it would that it adds that he at the end of the future you know I think it's like but. Greg called Doug appreciate it take your call and check in any time here in the sports bar 454 ESP endangerment tightly we we welcome in my catalog next. Thirteen laps for stricter McAllen. Yeah what does this all mean Mike Carolina he does asylum reporting for television during the pre season he covers this team as closely as anybody so locked. The Rochester sports icon Antoinette smoked and he's also talked to us about fifa is tempted World Cup in ninety it's going to be on suck opt to getting. My catalog and next the sports partying German tech Leah ES PM Rochester. Bills football. Starts we. Are Smart here. Here every player of the 2017 regular season the bills trouble Los Angeles to take on the chargers coverage starts at new. You've gone before. John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest to make this. And vice Alina when Barnes featured. Call or text eight. If you want if you were on filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place they had nine vivienne 957 Afghan not a sports leader ESPN Rochester. We're grace with the president's Rochester sports icon Michael catalog we've got to for a few minutes it's a big day. How are you Mike. I am you'll have. Like a little boring and older apartment yeah I don't know yet interrogate fired up your little logic here on the sports bar with danger tightly by the way. Is this it's like to be a filly that I can't take much more of this process. Are you talking about bill brought this Bill Elliott this is the process right with where this is there's so much process. It's a little different then what what they've experienced with expert. Because. Sean McDermott came and talking propped up by Internet and interest in. While he's doing that there are juggling that present and future Angolan at the thing not yet and you really do have to read into it a little bit. What do they think are at in simple terms I look at that and I think I honestly believe the whole narrative. I racquet in the best chance to win. I think that could technically still be the case because we don't know how vehement gonna play. But I think they've gotten to the point where they say. They don't think it that big of a different they wanna give it a minute shot to win the president I don't think they're saying they're giving up on the beat in. And in the future they wanna see what they have an eight Peter meant for now in going forward so. I think it reached that critical point where it was like how much are we losing. To that Tyrod down. And could we possibly gain now and in the future by letting eight Y. How watch role do you give me Peter Hermann this week because this is a game or may be. Maybe offense is just so bad the bills still have a chance to win this game they could go back at Tyrod could. But parrot dot I mean I believe unless there's an injury I write down and if you go back to that we book org you figure out really were gonna go back to the quarterback that group that he backyard not like. What erratic and not gain were you know he threw for 240 and there were a couple of picks and paying it and go its way. I think he frustrated them last week I did that my own speculation. I think when they looked at the tape they thought you're down by thirty plus point. And you're still not trying to push the ball down the field and and my belief is that that frustrated coaches. The point where they say do we wait and in my mind before I thought it was going to be three weeks I thought it was going to be. Chargers keep. Patriot. Where are you now I can make the move when you come on like cult. I think John McDermott where he bet today I'm not afraid to make decisions. Make that decision and that I'm gonna go with the rookie now and were people we. Every almost feels like what you're saying merry is with your speculation is that Tyrod horn tyrants greatest strengths is. His inability for turn over his lack of turnovers actually hurt him it was is undoing in the end that he didn't take enough chances and didn't force the ball on the field. Well there are times when you'd you just have to do that at least a little bit and most of against Tyrod Taylor played the they'll have been in the game right. I mean the games have been close certainly this year they were closed up and over this jet game be let to. And so you could you could really speculate the positive but not. Turning the ball O. Because you're indicating you don't wanna make that big mistake. But. Going forward when you talk about what you Avant Tyrod Taylor and act I don't know app is eight Peter mean yet. But when you talk back going forward you spay yourself. And every game is not going to be. 1412. In the third quarter like there's going to be times you're down to court and you gotta have somebody who can light it up a little bit and a and I think eight. I'd gotten the point where they they thought. They knew it and Aaron by the way that the Olympic all frustrating I international people all emanate. Jumped in and they don't understand anything about buffalo. Rapper and paying what are the bills doing you know if why did date you know 888 at that don't we Haley Barbour won a record out Whaley kept Tyrod. And and bill made this move on and Sean McDermott made the move keep Tyrod Taylor absolutely it was a McDermott moved when most people thought. Ira was going to be gone and he brought him back. And he found out I think what a lot of people thought before and it there's only so are you gonna go with tyra. What. Makes this so interesting is that what we we don't really don't know what's gonna happen here Mike and earlier up against it here you've got the I'm glad our our hero if we're OK Mike tell honor guess during the sports bar talking about this. So Los Angeles this week the bills had never done well Lisa until four last year being the first win since 04 on the West Coast but this. Shouldn't feel like a road game not that atmosphere so what should be the expectation this week Mike. I think they're expecting to play OK I don't think they think he's gonna collapse there in in quote I I think when they when they look at him and they think the kid who you talk to and it's been a meat. He's pretty. Put together young guy and I I think he's been an approach system where and I think he feels prepared now but nothing quite like going out there and appealed plane again you know. You know they're both and company if they're Russian quarterback but at the same time I think they feel like. He connects acute be up and it will be different there's no doubt it will be different than what with Tyrod. On and I think everybody's gonna get excited early at an all out early gonna completely you at the U gonna be people and that's the way you play and whatever and then. The chargers are gonna adjust to on the slope and I think he's gonna have a struck I think that's what we're gonna pay but we're coming optic gain weighted where we got. You know the built up virtually nothing out of the quarterback to issue though do you have a lot of confidence in Tyrod this week and that and the narrative that. I ride if you have trouble when the other team at at rush. Well the jet adding that in time and kept him in the pocket and you heard what the players that last week from Portland that China making quarterback. And if it that the guy. I think I. It's more an endorsement for Rick Dennison system then it is an indictment on tyra Taylor's performance. Well now that I start to wonder I don't know what Rick Bennett and has been thinking I mean he he's close at bat like McDermott it is. I start to wonder what Bennett in playing it now maybe Bennett and has been pushing a I think we will eventually find that out. But it it could be that he believes it does the guy who can act cute is that a little bit better. Actor played Tyrod is made that it helped them win game. I think we've seen that. But in terms of that system and what you want a quarterback to do. I think the idea of Nate Peterman works better than what we've seen it Tyrod. And Abbott and I'm not on my recorder game against the bank but that is I think what it Peter. Thirteen went and sports director Mike cattle line I'll also be on the reporting tonight for the Rochester Americans of the TV citing immerse taking on Binghamton targets during the sports bar. So Mike guy you went through the block and strayed here in the you know everybody said and did the right things and we just went through the arias treatment. This is different right and soul. Inside a locker room right now are there people that are gonna second guess their head coach could this actually be a problem at this backfires on not Shawmut term. I think ironically popular guy in the locker room I think he hardworking guy and I think players he'll close to one. But NFL player they're pretty resilient bunch and I think they also start point. They look out for them now and it Charles liked catching balls from eight men and and so it in that case Kelvin Benjamin in. Shawn McCoy in a little more open space. They're gonna say they are a lot Tyrod but they're gonna jump on board could cause a problem. Yeah I guess but I think that tocchet is that we should pop right from the beginning that. He's gonna make cult he said today I am not very make it. And he certainly want him with that the station but. Here in that locker room left behind you didn't see this coming at some point during the year. I may be a little earlier than you thought but you can't be not thinking. Edit the point of what we saw last week that you didn't see that coming at least at some point during the. It felt that after the pre season and we saw enough of him in the Creason a couple of throws like while that's pretty good rolling maybe the kid has something. More than what we've seen entire taylors we wrap things up with thirteen when sports are my cab Lana. In the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah but by the way the defense gave up almost 300 yards rushing to the sands. They're gonna make any changes this week on the defensive side of the ball missing personnel moves there. I think we might and Abby is innate to boot yesterday which were aware at the you know they're they're they're gonna move some players around the battering guy again a guy who had had done that with the bill's report. But at the thing I'm honest I think a linebacker positions were being wide open and I think you're conducting a lot of on the field more. And I do think Sean McDermott ain't a gonna get the best three linebackers on the deal. So playing time I think could really be adjusted but at linebacker room and I've wondered that about Preston brown. I'm wondering about how he's been playing and whether they decide to eighty curtail some of his time on the deal I don't think he played well last week. And I don't think he's been doing what they want. In terms that you know you hear about the gap control and also I don't look this week it beat out things change a little bit and maybe get a lot of back on the field more. Ten tonight on thirteen women site had done told beyond the Runnels press conference Gregg Mike. Yep yep the Soviet network and on that I've got the built up here early and and be it down the hammer being the night in net though we got everything else. As always we appreciate you covered up some time out of your busy schedule Micah cattle on a dirt human sports director joining us in the sports Formica enjoy your night. Appreciate it Mike cattle tonight as we continue to get more. Voice is more opinions and we welcome your voice. Pull the store all of us 454 years skin here in the sports bar as. To me danger that this was the most shocking Buffalo Bills news saints. Since Wade Phillips on a Monday in late December. In last buffalo bills' playoff seasons that were going to grow with Ron groans in this week in the rob Johnson and only started a meaningless week seventeen point. The difference there was now we know the rest of the story. I came from the owner Ralph Wilson said no we're gonna go wood Johnson in that playoff game in Tennessee the last playoff game so. I guess we don't. What happened in the last 24 hours here. Sean McDermott was pretty evident following that game that Tyrod still their guy is it just as simple as they looked at the tape and narrated trying to make the move now or did this come from somewhere. Could be that simple. Could be. Ito a head coach holding his coaches accountable. And the coaches pointing blame in looking for a scapegoat. Be it could just be quite simply that they've seen enough. And we've got to be an a sample size to make this decision worked past the halfway point this season. And he's there with this team long enough we have enough film we have and of data we know what he is. And he's not going to change and he's not going to change to fit this system we will find somebody who does. That's one way of doing it the other way of doing in the way I think the way that gets more respect out of the leader is. Recognizing the strengths of your player and working around. Those strengths to -- saw some of that but not up not a lot of it out of direct Edison office. Now now so idea Dennison you're on the line here. 454 ESPN we've got a lot to get to hear you wanna watch it NFL appetite yeah they look around the league the biggest stories of the day in the National Football League on the way next. We share of them up for you him bite sized form. NFL appetizers next in the sports bar ESPN Rochester. This news from around the nation mall. Have a little fun today. Served up in black. Here's the during an attack we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in the sports market. Well your top story today of course the Buffalo Bills mentioning Tyrod Taylor for rookie named Peter. Taylor guided bills to five and four record this season and it's fair to ask people seem buffalo and when he team. There was contract as he one million guaranteed for next year and another six million due by a roster bonus on the third day of the week next year that would be march. So there was always an easy out of the ball bulldozer they wanted to take it you're today's announcement that need to hear rules start this week. All that makes it certain. For the bills will be taking that out. While the bills made a quarterback change today and the team playoff position is committed to a starter for another week vikings head coach. Mike Zimmer announcing the case Keenan would indeed start. In his team's matchup of division leaders against the rams on Sunday Teddy Bridgewater is active and back on the roster. But this move is less than surprising Keenan has played well in seven starts and has the vikings on a five game winning streak right now. Let's go ahead and fanned the gruden to coach the Buccaneers flames making an appearance of Mike and Mike this morning. Grimm says he's happy working cobbler on Monday Night Football what he isn't going to declare that will never coach again. Haven't talked to anybody and all I really have in my life is is my family of football that's about it. And I'm real sensitive to the coaches that are out there coaches waddle speculate. I just love football I'm trying to hang onto the job by apple very fortunate to be with the people on I'll whip. I don't know what's gonna. Gonna happen in the future I just though this some of the continue to give my best effort for the game to stay prepared. And I love Monday Night Football don't plan on leaving him but as you know in light you'd never say never enough. Sounds like certainly in non endorsement there's been increasing talk recently immigrant could return to the Buccaneers. There's also been talked at the University of Tennessee would love the higher green for its coaching vacancy. While he wants to coach again put simply it's gonna have his opportunity to. They'll always beat the bucks a familiar face returns to lineup after one game suspension Mike Evans. Has served his time off the field for cheap shot against saints quarterback emotional matter more a couple of weeks ago you were Xstrata the Tampa Bay times Evans. Said that the fact the bucks for getting drilled by the saints was contributing factor in his decision to. Drill Lattimore from behind the bucks won without him last weekend without quarterback James Winston whose. Honor Evans was trying to rush to defend Evans said. He doesn't want to put team a situation like that. Ever get it turns out to. Say it's pretty good team creating good team. Did with Diddy is divisional opponent that might get results fired up I think coming to buffalo into that they get number unbelievable they could be. They could be right there with the Eagles and assaults and done well in the UBS he's clearly better in the and seek we just point that house. In not only that stains the vikings in keen on that's a real team that. I yeah yes the rams are exciting and you on the board of rams and saints this week rule. That's in two weeks I beg your turn to that look reported that certainly and then don't forget our guy. An 81 Philadelphia Eagles right now who's now. Boy. We forget about a 65235. Pounds of your quarterback for her to stay with the blue collar work ethic. Western values just listen that's soundtrack on Sunday Night Football this week let's you know let's watch the and a oh yes yeah Sunday night yet that's that's playing your head down just just no way wind winced throws for some touchdowns this weekend we jeopardy you'll. Just Q the Berlin. Just Q you Berlin. My breath away a bit and oceans third eaten. It is its way to hold a second there's an ocean's thirteen or at ocean's eleven I'm sorry. Isn't there it's in the original ocean with a lot and they do this little sequence of bad bank heist gone wrong bag casino robberies in the he had they were recapping. In 1980s a guy where you know yes made it out the door in the Atlanta is that I was not course lets them know. On the Buffalo Bills danger heard it was Sean McDermott is try to attempt something that you got the foul me comments. This is never been attempted in NFL history. I'm gonna lay out why this is a mistake. You're gonna eat your your Cotton Bowl for now and for the future what. Is happening in buffalo is impulse. Hey by the way king king can you all cull up gene and call him wet blanket because that your son is he's being a wet blanket. Everybody wanna call me a web blanket when I said quite an honest question to Calvin Benjamin move. All right. Fine you can call me what like I like your G 4543776. When it up not getting enough process not process indict its more processing your diet. Do you what everybody watching here at all Nate PM it was Gordon net what was the score that I was really. Well and a pair of keys over the jet right now Claudette pre season game against Lee grandkids winds are one that's. Did right there yep we got let my thought about. And Tyrod Beijing Peterman starting on Sunday. We'll get to that and more with your calls for 54 ESP and 4543776. Thanks for joining us in the sports market. Danger and protect Leo on ESPN Rochester. We rendered model Rotterdam the it's. Protesters most listened to sports station. PM 950 and 957. FM ESPN Rochester.