The Sports Bar-Hour 2 1/12/18-Don Stevens

We start hour two of The Sports Bar with a round of "I'll Drink To That" where we learn who could be replacing Jon Gruden in the Monday Night Football booth. Next, Danger and Battaglia welcome in Amerks play-by-play announcer Don Stevens to discuss the growth of Linus Ullmark and Brandon Guhle along with a preview of this weekend's action. Finally, a look around the NFL with NFL Appetizers including the Bears keeping their offensive coordinator.


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But sports bar without danger and to tag not satisfied with the whole office and it wasn't just about Tyrod the bills have parted ways with OC. Rick Dennison Mike danger when you make it change it offensive corny you bring in a guy with a new system and everybody on the offensive side of the ball has to adapt and learn that new system. Are there any offensive core leaders out there with the West Coast system that's not too dissimilar from what Dennison has already installed so that that change is it that jarring for this group at 2018 Jean detective. We have highrise where exactly where we were last journal way but at the end of the day the bill's support around the league set tangled why we don't like the other options. Whether it's free agency the draft is it fair to say dead heading into this offseason that there are indeed better options available for the bills to go yet. We've got really good fans come into the game there's something for our guys that play for let's play for them. This coming here and spending their hard earned money and we have to be better. Rochester sports leader. 957. Yes he had no thoughts of hockey later this hour with Don Stevens Emerson play by play announcer joining us a preview this weekend's action nice night last night for the sabres. Yeah and you know in the cameras tonight and by the way I understand the forecast Steve will be scared off. Smart mighty hammer to the schedule Martin Luther King Day I mean lots of kids have that day off what the game in the middle the afternoon. We'll have that game Monday afternoon 1 o'clock against you because so. I do not going out tonight certainly Monday is and an option for you to is this camera team again paid attention. Odds like the Olympics here this is the team that it is competing representing her town pretty well here in hot goalie coming down. And Omar coming down and danger I'm sorry I no longer to get killed for saying this. Brain eagle it belongs with buffalo I'm sorry I think he's graduated. Yeah let's let's debate that little bit more here. Post rigs in the in the sports. So if I say rule holiest graduated danger and I understand he's backing towns enough. But as soon as the five week is over. This weekend should be the last weekend we see branding bully until the playoffs. Brandon goalie right now today is one of the four best defenseman in buffalo he's got nothing left to prove you're the American Hockey League I understand well winning what it. He's going to come back to the postseason let him spend the rest of the year in golf cart at those free I apologize human I disagree. I want to see granny you know a little. How does he granting do we stay in Rochester for the season build up its confidence get more reps at this level dominate at this level so that he could dominate at the next level and and you know the way he's a little stand there in buffalo started I'm worried that he's not. Get that get those bad habits audio system here at the at the Rochester level before going back up. To the sabres his time is gonna come in BC winning teams do this all the time. And I'm trying to remember who said if it was tougher or whichever team whatever whatever analysts said it. One of our hockey analysts say this it's better that. To leave a guy for a year too long page shelf that bring them up a year too soon I'd rather exercising caution with branding it's. I'll drink to back ESP NG announcing that. Matt Hasselbeck will be in the Booth for the trouble. Be occupying the the occupying the seat left vacant by John edwards' departure backed coaching the Oakland Raiders. This will lead many and probably Hasselbeck himself in believing that he'll score one of the most coveted spots and all sports broadcasting. On Monday Night Football be careful though. We all know what happens when Hasselbeck gets a little too confident. Member of the hour. That was Matt Hasselbeck all the demons in Green Bay torture. Yeah and then what you end up doing it now Pickens expects the IRS. That is settled down really you know everybody needs stay out yeah do you imagine a scenario where Matt Hasselbeck says it all to get the job of it how long Monday Night Football career. They go ahead and watch ESPN higher Peyton Manning. The kind of community yak computing you better first of all on the Pro Bowl itself. I normally see this I'm a hypocrite danger admit this I. I don't want April all through it yeah I'd like to many people that say that man gonna watch it but. Okay hassle back this is your audition I think I think he is being to do better though. The net Al's back as a color government and its reports solid drink to that we are two upsets away from this. Titans jaguars AFC championship. There may you'll get a Blake morals need bowls Super Bowl. Well look you may not like Tom Brady you may not like Ben Roethlisberger you may be cheering against them but if you're true to yourself. You're a man. You do you wanna see the best quarterbacks on the biggest day. I'll drink to that are we doing their predictions for this weekend's best we can football right yes absolutely we're doing our predictions that I'd want to do now we'll wait until fund. I I've got another I don't know I think is guy who do not okay so op I'm going. I'm going to Atlanta New England. Pittsburgh New Orleans. Going the same thing you are still put that up. And really I mean. The Philly game the Phillies a three point hole under I don't want to pull for Philadelphia but gosh sniffles I don't know what happened there maybe they can pull it together that would be the one and wavering on the most. I think the war winds going up there they the way they play football have their template. I know they lost to New Orleans we want I understand that it's a much different scene steam since that opening night. So I'll drink to that are the firing of buffalo bills' offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Allows that seemed to share the offense down the studs start fresh to god probably wanted in the first place animal for continuity Jeanne. But the move makes sense that go get the guys you really really wanted in the first play. Yeah I hadn't left eye and I am for this to end if you're going to draft a quarterback it makes sense to marry the two. Go get the offensive coordinator. Who can work with young quarterback and I was never convinced that Rick Dennison was back on salt drink to that the you know Matt lives where you feel any and all that okay what pop up this for altering Tibetans you know. Met live your own starts here okay this is just too easy here on the region that headlining you're gonna start cracking up. Here's the actual headline today. Norv Turner will help take Cam Newton to another level. The exact quote from head coach Ron Rivera and god on the yeah it we're gonna mad at this side we know now at what level are we talking about here danger and. And Norv Turner and it is entire family it's gonna take not Norv Turner in the entire turner family tree. To help take Cavagnoud whenever love nepotism alive and well in the NFL. What they say earlier it's it's it's turner is the OC. He's son he's a quarterbacks coach his brother is the offensive consultant. And his nephew is the assistant quarterbacks coach. Hey you there are all there man in sports. Who just get job after job after job Larry Brown comes to mind Larry Brown. Basketball coach. But at least he's one he's he's been to a final four with Kansas and one with UCLA and one in NBA championship at Detroit he still kicking around some more. I don't understand what Norv Turner has done. She retread head coach of the Redskins retread with the San Diego Chargers ended up in all when he still hanging its hat on the 1992 Dallas now. And get annual owner and they're they're gonna change in the franchise the Carolina norv Turner's. The war it was stuff Carrasco stuff Currie and it who quits if he's teaming up with the buy that. By their franchise dangerous yet others no of the Carolina Norv Turner staff. You put you're logos day you know an average looking man with us and acne. That's your logo up. Carolina norv Turner's. I I'm I'm just chuckling because if this were the old Buffalo Bills may be nor what ended up in buffalo I honestly believe that figured you know. The bills are gonna do better than no war of turner. Norv Turner I think he's worked for half the teams in the league so half the fan base is listening right now or are kind of nodding their and an agreement. It is sick commodity team too many Turner's. Exit and ABC heavily. Now. It is off. They bring back serious enough that the story of the turner is the antlers. Line. You do better than that right it means you you didn't all work you do your due diligence. And you said Norv Turner is going to be our offensive coordinator. Based on the fact what that you have v.'s entire family tree working for at well. We point soon this year is that shining example danger. You don't team that made the change in offensive coordinator in coaching to that we we golds at the rams right. That was the shining example terrible offense awesome offense. I'm we talking about another team right now that fire there offensive coordinator into when he. Sixteen but it did a pretty darn good and they're hosting a playoff game right now that would be the Minnesota Vikings and they're doing that kind of pact were quite put my gosh we detailed their plane out of their mind. All I don't way was there all spent a quarter of the got fired. Norv Turner. Is such a great job with Teddy Bridgewater. Maybe you do the same thing with Cam Newton it's gonna be awesome hey it's somewhat and it hasn't happened yet but when you specifically talk about Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. If these teams don't succeed at the La at the expectation that they're they're they're supposed to if they don't reach that level of success. And they start churning through offensive coordinators I mean you know you could be labeled coach killer pretty set pretty easily mean if if you work that much of an supervisor. Is Russell Wilson walks. Cost Darrel bevel is job. Cam Newton is childish as he is. Awesome actually his job. At one point you know how many ought to support it is will it take and how much failure. Let's see Carolina making it to the post season next year when Norv Turner dropped into corner. I mean I heard you were irritated figured take Cam Newton to another level what MVP and 151 record what what what are you talking about you make any sense. Zak writing and you can also write too was in addition to calling as a 454 years Ian Wright was on Twitter as long as goalie is getting good minutes in the pros. Leave them up there. If he's gonna be up there and get seventeen minutes then leave him down obviously yet you don't want him up there just. You know do the morning skate and then nine somewhat from the press box but last night what he gets sixteen minutes. And go pretty gore picked up an assist is first up point in the NHL or will look at the US a good start. I you know when you're talking about development a big part of that I think is is confidence and boy he can get a lot of that if he continues to play the HL level you know he I I think he just dominated this level. Help this team through playoff run. Both of them both hallmark. And -- the two guys like it's it'd be standouts right now we'll talk more with Don Steve and turn a few minutes in sports bar with danger tag with a get his opinion on this but you know. Your time is going to come ready to release time is gonna come lead is all of its a matter of time. Exercise a little bit of patience and feel good sabres fans in knowing that this development is happening. And this is what the future could look like but I would want him to go there. And and lose any Al wanna play it the NHL level lose confidence and then be broken and I feel like that happens. Too often again. I would rather be right debts that daddy is the fine line. I've what you never gonna know until he gets a little better run and if there is such a thing danger is. That's the crawls there's never no pressure but get a Saber team I think the consensus is ankle when it. It exposed at some point this season you know if you with each you know that that's a fact. So you have nothing to lose you have nothing to gain just given the given the raps in the minutes but. Boy probably felt good winning last night too didn't it you know being a part of that wind for both hallmark. Angrily to what that does for their confidence if you can get them in those kind of situations that heavily I didn't see this yesterday but I was worried yesterday that the only reason like Omar was the starting goal is does he wanted somebody just get rifled. And didn't want letter to take another beating. Both kids have held his own I mean he he played well. It was 44 but it wasn't stand on your head 44 and make sense if you watched that game there was a lot of create chances boat so to speak. Bly DM and the goal for Columbus came way which rule in the show I. But nonetheless though I mean now I use you know it's funny to see sabre fans on social media picking up things. The Wii RD new appear like the mean you and it is an old mark in the post game interview on MSG is his personality coming through its. Now he's got personality he's a good kid you can tell he's a hard worker and he's gonna do what he asked to do eat a good attitude about him in. And you know what maybe that's part of what's missing in buffalo. It certainly feels like you've got some petulant children on that line up doesn't it. Handful of just a spoiled entitled. Players now just a couple. Not the point any fingers but I suddenly got. It will we have Martin Iran yes on yesterday and you could listen Baghdad by the way he's awesome. Great for Marty was getting inducted in the Rochester Americans wholesaler February 16. I'd love how you asked in the question point play is substandard Kean a good teammate. Is it team it if he's a bad tee it you don't like. Hey I don't know many good teammates that are getting to skirmishes with your fellow teammates. But what Marty said and I get this right now he's probably looking out for himself he knows. He's number one on the trade block he's got it's going to get dealt at some point. So he's allegiance now is waiting with the Buffalo Sabres he's about getting his squad he can. That makes up pretty bad team it right now Marty didn't come out and say that but. He said he is probably looking out for himself right now OK so why not answer the question. In answer to the way he did big came the same conclusion to bad team. No right in from zag devil's advocate to Mike danger confidence argument but it tartar night Quist dominate HL average in NHL HL confidence in illegals so RB. So far brewer before they have to get that confidence and in NHL okay well I mean debt that's the you're. It's a different level hockey. Going up to the National Hockey League and having the time is right actually on a lot of people don't wanna hear that but keep in mind cool Lee and all bark. If they go one for all February march. Only can you back there for the second week in April from the Rochester Mary. Let's talk yes and and let's talk to a guy who's seen this movie before dawn Stevens is is seen. By you know that the branding bullies in the Linas hallmarks of phenol. What twenty plus years so we can. We can pick his brain a little bit about what he thinks the best route for these guys all are. And end their best path to success also preview of this weekend's Rochester Americans action Don Stevens hall of fame play by play announcer for the Rochester Americans. Our guest next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ES PM Rochester. Asterisk in the week we have merged tickets and I've been super advanced sports chunky. Bone crunching hits backboard shattering dunks. Netflix and a hat trick on the boards leader he had 9:15 PM 957 after death ESPN Rochester. Ever sexy tonight on the sports. And of course Paul whole pain hammers play by play announcer Don Stevens he joins us now in the sports clothing to thank me hey Don how real. I'm doing great how are you do it on this fine. Celebrate this summit return date. Not very well on doing very well thanks for out recognizing that today you know if I can for one moment I share a birthday. With Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern's only broadcasting legends obviously have their birthdays on general my eyes go and be proud and it's getting his party a from rolling his eyes. Yeah they're gonna say years selector participating states. Some work to do artists say that you don't look at day over 67 I think you're doing really well a great. Thanks for the gray hairs on I appreciate. Done that seemed back home against if Binghamton tonight tough loss losing in the final seconds of him Belleville but we we've been talking on the show all while we saw on buffalo last that would Linas hallmark of branding goalie now both sent back. Aren't here to Rochester. And guess is the only age old debate and Don you've been through this how many times where. Hammer fans want their amber players stay in Rochester yet here they were last night in buffalo. Hot eight you know so so what's your read on this situation. With branding cool the it what are you hearing do you think he's done enough. I you know to get that extended stay of course he's back in Rochester with his being the bye week so they are what are your thoughts about these two players like getting their opportunity last night in buffalo. Or might starts last night were so I was watching a that I want to do well but I don't think a lot of them didn't quite that this bit. Yeah it's a scary situation in years gone by those guys would have been gone by now so. That's often the the new regime if you will the sabres in and really. Sticking to what they said that they need to do it has to develop the winners here. Built these guys build their confidence. Haven't become winners of the where they do go to buffalo that they'll be ready to do the same there and I think they're gonna try and do the best they can do. Keep it that way do you think is he ready for the next steps certainly hallmark absolutely and I think that. They're only gonna get better in and develop even faster if they stay here for just a little bit longer. Don't talk about the confidence that they can acquire. Playing at the HL level and how that could translate to a you know taken that step up to the NHL because you know that there I guess I could hear both arguments that you gain confidence by playing. Well at a higher level but when you're winning at the HL level when you go to the NHL level and you're on a team that might be struggle and it does that does that kill your compass and you've seen this in and I'm glad you know dozens and dozens of times which. Which way is a better way to develop these players. Well that there's nothing that's going to develop their confidence faster than winning a championship. And day having a strong season and them personally and and that kind of goes along with having a championship type team. Is that the individual accolades are going to be so much higher that are at our team is struggling. So they get to. Buffalo and it's obvious that. Things are not going that great they're it's going to be a struggle I think probably the rest the way for. Why put him in that situation. Where they may be. They don't excel. And they're not having that much fun that it if winning his. It's a lot of fun when I think that's one thing that they need to do is to continue to enjoy what they're doing not only that but gaining more eat more confident state by date. Don Stevens we'll have the call tonight 705 the Emerson back home tonight there are also home Monday afternoon the holidays special 1 o'clock against. You'd cut so does not act as were to assume the Lander ease back in the lineup tonight if he can give us an update on that. It's you know get lenders back in the lineup and that's it it's so here's here's a here's a guide Nellie used to knickers debt that marked the end of his junior career. Now he's gonna start playing like a pro. And sort of looking for him to really pick up the pace here in the second half of the season. We'll see what he can do starting tonight all market and to really -- Are brought great to have the night off tonight the plate most likely in this search used to moral. But is gonna give a little bit arrest right here right. Tom specifically with with Neil under. You know some players hurt or some people I should say this more general I mean we your face with a new challenge and you're left with nothing but to rise up to that challenge was the fact that he was. Still can't you know consider like a junior player and go back the world junior champ did that hold him back alt stunt his growth and development at all. To play at this now HL it and hopefully potentially NHL level. No I think you're thing holding him back is himself then and there that's certainly something that I think he needs to do is he needs to start playing bigger Q will older more mature. Eight he still fairly young. Obviously you aren't. And they still I think actually growing dispersed. Body strength and that is concerned so. There is another one of those guys who really needs to not only built physically but still mentally and date gain a whole lot more confidence. And I'm hoping that. Maybe getting back was so obvious that countryman and and their friends and that duke give my little bit of a jump start to really be strong the second half of the season. Done now what do we know but Justin Bailey anything closer to a return. Discredited right way as also may compete just playing to right page might remember was injured the second game of the season so cajun and Bailey will be in tonight doesn't. And there was a page missed 32. And babies missed what it arrest or reward. Communists have both those guys back on the ice for the hammers as we continue with Don Stevens ever play by play announcer here is called just after 7 o'clock tonight. On ESPN Rochester Don you know explain to me how old worker explained any fan how work is it one of the players that we had a chance that. Get a good lie on during the world junior championships was Casey middle stack played the university of Minnesota's freshman year. How does it work and would there be any chance that we maybe see KC Mittal said towards the end of the season. That's a possibility. I would say that's a possibility. But I don't know he would. Go maybe to buffalo. Nurture are exactly that would work we always have a lot of power players do come here. And then you have to wonder but next year. I think that if he was to leave college he would only leave if he was going to the NHL I don't think you leave college to come here next year. So. Just I don't know what to say at this point what might happen with a. Well I guess and again let me just throughout this huge disclaimer because hockey people in your itself include diners solos super species about this. For a team that might for teen acts that might be headed to the post season. Let's say the NHL wean know hall. Wraps up in the first weekend in April. The American Hockey League season goals a week longer in other words we've the sabres don't excuse me. If team X doesn't make the playoffs and sends everybody down to their minor league affiliate. In other words. I'll go back with a dime could we see guys like Rodriguez who would be eligible to come back to Rochester for a potential playoff run. Well Rodriguez is a question mark because of his age. But and in this thing is I don't think he would clear waivers. The one if you what you wanna get right to it cycle to come back. And right hurt I think could come back. They're obviously not gonna send them down because there NHL hours now also I don't think they're British sent those guys down but they might try with a Rodriguez for example with. I wouldn't. Wouldn't count on it and the good news is that there's a lot of depth great here as it is. And a very strong team would be nice to Eddie Rodriguez and certainly. Maybe with the team over the top a little bit but. I'm not counting at this point I think we were to develop the guys that are here and did really get our strong runs in the second half of the season. And Don Gina touched on the a disappointing loss Wednesday night walk us through what happened there the hammer X look down one. And they let it slip through their fingers. You know actually happening to the last three games where it's. They are played and struggle to score goals it is seems like the offense is slow coming right now. And they they've come back from behind it gain the lead. Get down to the last half minute plates and the of the peoples are goalie in the score. Well that is fortunately three games ago the embers came back and won an overtime but last game unfortunately. Which is normally the case with a team comes back from behind. Ties to game usually you're the one's gonna win the pick up momentum on their side. And that's what happened the in the game on Wednesday night and they'll both the senators came up one and over time. Well being in to any in town tonight new Buick mentioned earlier that even though Omar angle they were sent back to ride just as they will not dress tonight so. Who gets the start to we get our first look at Yaris you Hanssen was called up from Cincinnati dot. No I think going to be Wilcox because he played really strong aspect in a losing effort. He was one of the three stars of the game was named by the a Belleville. Staff there are so he played extremely strong game and and deserves another opportunity and I think he's gonna get it today. Don let's look at the rest of the week in this long extended weekend that the team travels to Syracuse tomorrow. How we matchup against a crunch so far this year and then Utica for Martin Luther King Matt neck. Well right now search users probably about daughter's team in the league as they have six game winning streak. They just roll right along downwind on that is when and sure accused gets going so that's gonna be a tough game to moral. And the Hammerschmidt who need all the horses. Very good also wonders for that one and then Utica on Monday. Utica is also been playing pretty well lately. They have respect points in the last four straight games with three wins and issued our laws. 521 and two in the last and so they all servers drunk so it's a tough divisional weekend here for the average. That I remember the first time we had Giannone is in Rochester. You were talking about we talk about the glory days in youth. You recited the stories since I'm bringing this story up because today's dangers birthday I know your birthdays and made died. I mean I would love it if the camera won the Calder cup on your birthday can be arranged for that. Well it that actually would LB probably not possible because the championship games are gonna be somewhere in the middle of June. Liberties at the end of the law back then when we won which was 37 years ago the season was ending parade around the end of day so. And they're gonna happen their current. Well nonetheless are looking forward to life here in your call tonight and not. Really kudos to I don't know over the Alberts of the league but I think that's and that's great when the kids have a a day off on on a Monday am curious to see the crowd that the hammocks depth of that done that and AM Monday down. It's actually pretty popular around the league there's a lot of teams that. They do it school days in and special they'd like to our browser that they do quite a few of those even having games is or at least 10 o'clock in the morning. So they do different things so we'll try to hear and see how it works. Hammer host of Binghamton doubles tonight you can hear John's call just after 7 o'clock here and AM 950957. FM and ESPN Rochester. Dot com the great Don Stevens could with this time in joining us this afternoon in the sports bar Dodd have a great weekend talked against him. Thank you got it on Stephen's our guests and if you miss that amber stands we'll have that for you want to make sure lead ESPN Rochester dot com yes of alien pace sure in the lineup tonight so that was us something against a long time coming but that that is. Welcome news in and again goalie and all mark even though they were sent back they are not. Dressing tonight but you would assume will be back in the lineup tomorrow night when he averaged Pulitzer can. Yeah I and and again I think he'll call. He'll stick my head until somebody can prove me otherwise that it's better to keep a guy at the HL level too long than it is to bring them up too soon. They're four goalie stick in Rochester as long as you meet cleanest stay in Rochester as long as you needy you've proven everything that you could prove the HL level now win a championship well. I mean eight in the case of all mark. He can't bring up three goal is is not not possible so he's not going up unless. One of the two guys you know Chad Johnson her Robin let her get her portrait. So what what happened this week was Robin -- kind of got Ding there. In practice after the Philadelphia game so they gave wall market shot so it just a one game. Am what we say yesterday came true. Mean it's all part now he made the decision difficult for the sabres DB showed everybody something so fans in buffalo or are looking forward to a day and you know what that team and when he eighteen Tony nineteen in buffalo I eight danger you can say this. Both school in all marker on that scene Dexter I'm sorry. Yeah button you know for all of us that say they've proven everything they can prove the eight and I haven't won a championship. What do championship now you could say they've proven all that they need to prove to the HL level guys went right. It's still competitive still wanna see them it's it's more than just a league. To develop and take prepare for the NHL it's a league that's competitive and you want that cup. Well here here's what's gonna happen often buffalo he got to consider this our our the seat is gonna make trades yet has. It what would they got a trades for draft picks okay then what happens less bodies dollars and in the law. Either battery is gonna get generally are just bodies up there but in other words is going to be a vacuum I would expect here when we get to the trade deadline in March at another fact. At let's go and Merck's tweeting at ESPN Rochester. Ivan Rodriguez only has 22 more NHL games before he'd have to clear waivers. To come back to Rochester now. OK and let's go hammocks Corey cameras feed does that mean jeans he had it like in other words what is the rule up that hey if he doesn't to rest. But he's been dressing when I talked about in disappoint to them. Doubt that then Denny wouldn't be eligible to come back now without Clearwire. Saying you know what I like this team like this Emerson and no more you need to add to it if you do have goalie even if goalie does go up. And play for the sabres but it comes back down at the end of the season and and helps them down the stretch on file without like this team. And not only needed to add anything I was curious about middle stead because. Well I think we all got excited when we saw a middle stint played juniors like while we see more of that please. That would be the backside that's the thing that sabre fans can look forward to right. Knee Lander. Natal stabbed Webber the first come picky is going to be this year Cooley. And the on and you throw in eichel maybe Ryan. Kind of is the plan but as far as middle stack. Peters is a reasonable comes back for software a year Minnesota UNAIDS he's decision but. We're we're by the way we're gonna have about Randy sexton in studio here later this month the hammocks GM he does a lot of scouting so he's in and out of town. Are about when not. When the amateur out of town range sexson is gonna stopping you know I think it's a question here. You know how how whose decision is this ultimately to make kind of nudge middle staff what is he stay in Minnesota so. Yeah there'll be one of the questions here we ask our rainy sex and rejoins us this month during the sports. Are today's top NFL stories are on tap here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Lee we serve up NFL appetizers. Including the leading. Candidates. If we're allowed to speculate who would be replacing Rick Dennison and who could be the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland to. All of that and more coming up with NFL advertisers in the sports bar danger of tightly on ESP and righteous. Fort concert on Saturday February 3. Steve now. And your only way. Is who wins. Experiences. Yeah listen weekdays at night. I enjoy five for the code word and you'd get injured this national context when you hear it tax code word just seven to eight. They want and you'll recall. That's seven Sunni. He's scoring leader ESPN Rochester. Let's check out this. This news from. From around the net. We'll call me a little fun today. There's no assurance that. The are serving. Art this way lessons. Now another sportsman. But they did the bill's decision today to part ways with the offensive. Coordinator Rick Dennison the move comes less than a week after the bills failed to score a touchdown and a 103 while her boss. In Jacksonville. Dennison joined the bill shortly after Sean McDermott was hired as head coach last year. In all oversaw an offense that finished 29 in total yards for the bills and it just one executive points. Run game a struggle to Shawmut quickly in the light of the passing offense struggled all year with Tyrod Taylor and eighteen minutes ball. Thank you start to quarterback. It's all speculation begins to move could be dead since replacement via Alex marked as of the sporting news. The top two options to replace just fired Rick Dennison appear to be Mike McCoy and brought to didn't ski Jude's Hinske worked on the Panthers staff with bill that coach Sean Victor for two years from. 20112012. Before he coached the grounds for a cup of coffee so there's an automatic familiarity there. He's been with the colts since when he fifteen double coy. He's known as a coworker only the general manager Randy beat he was an assistant. Carolina from 2000 to 2008 carrying over from the George Seifert staff. To the John Fox regime that's a long time ago jima the Broncos fired McCoy. From his second stint as offensive cornea with that teams during hit the middle of this season. Can damn easy isn't name that's been thrown around various offenses jobs as a coordinator looks like the next movie. Now let's DOC but as their quarterbacks coach Sam PT work but. Brown tech coach hue Jackson Wimbledon and we're in Cincinnati. Typical of the Bengals offensive coordinator job when Jackson got the head job in Cleveland. The Bengals failed to score a touchdown the first two games this season and your calls and he's he was like held MP easy. Will be the browns' third quarterbacks coach in three years they hue Jackson has been the kind of. Victor NGOs contract with the Chicago Bears expired this week and he had a chance to interview for head coaching job at. Received interest from other teams as well in spite of all of that the errors. Have retained their defense of coordinator on a new three year contract for. New head coach Matt Nagy a first time head coach to lend depth and experience assistance such as. Then Ngo that's a win and very much the same way it's on the day was able to hire Wade Phillips. In Los Angeles she'll take a win wherever I can get. Much. Chicago Bears I think got one there with Angie are returning for the defense. Real quick on Cleveland. I don't know much about hue Jackson I don't know much about the situation there but don't get the Santa got it didn't have an profits according to last year the sense that hue Jackson doesn't wanna bring in a cornea that might just be. Thought of and higher regard than him himself. While would be higher. Somebody he's familiar away rights I'm not even on bit I need quarterbacks coach like now. It's easy could be an offensive coordinator having didn't go well the first two weeks in Cincinnati lost his job he was. Is there for a long time. It just feels like every time make your reader Brown's story. It it shows. Almost. Insecurity. By hue Jackson. Yeah or. Or maybe it's an eagle beat or a relentless. Desire to not let go. Control free kind of attitude. While I mean the fact that he was the head coach and he was not hiring a real offensive coordinator this year. Would you spend it you do instead of first round pick on a quarterback how does that pass the tests and say she doesn't mean we going ballistic and buffalo think about this if the bills. You know hired what nub which of the bills drafted our first round quarterback and yet. You don't what we don't need offensive coordinator Sean McDermott's gonna to. Us we going nuts soul. To everyone that says that Kaiser's and I guess I'm one of them now he's not a guy well. He was not given the tools wasn't given a line wanting given the skill player. Even get real offensive coordinator. Yeah I don't closer to saying Kaiser has the potential to be an NFL starter more so than and you can Peerman at this point. You know. We JaJuan I mean a winning team but you know police she saw the team sort of respond. To Kaiser more than they did anybody else gonna go get a quarterback again in this year's draft. But I think Kaiser's a part of that equation moving forward and who knows maybe Cleveland is an Eckstein ends up with multiple quarterbacks. That are capable of starting in the NFL. We will a lot of talk next hour to our good friend from the wing lane and Mike the trolley out. Mike trolley who is now with CL and as media idea host the patriots beat podcast. Hi he will set us up for the patriots titans game enough package all things Boston sports he's one of the best and a lot will join us next hour as we continue to talk about. Well and be on the field action this weekend danger out Steelers jags. Abs are I'm really looking forward the last game to me is the best one funny how that always works out on the Sunday afternoon game being the vikings. And saint one thing that kind of makes me sad I thought they did aim was to happen by accident last year danger. Where they actually hopefully 1 o'clock team hammered that removed at the Sunday night. I didn't like dad when the chief Steelers moved the Sunday night the divisional round I thought that's for weather right whether it was going to be it was a bad forecast they're worried about people getting into the game safely and they figure by the time kick off happened the storm more pastoral. On the hour right did I figured okayed that means we're gonna have Sunday Night Football now it's a gamma 1 o'clock we'll have Steelers jags on Sunday. The out and what do we can for football you gonna be snowed anyways. Taking some NFL football best all weekend of football the entire year. This is the weekend I've got. I've got Atlanta New England Pittsburgh. New Orleans Jean do you park your car and same garage and the littlest. Are at the same way I am not opt out and to me Atlanta and the war loans and I'm sorry viking fans the vikings it to me that's the don't apologize to viking fans they're terrible. The New York Mets fans of the NFL OK I've spoken like a through bear fan I. I'm sorry misplaced I did beat the port fans and our one social misfits older not what problem. Your problem dude you've Minnesota under yours I know that your personally I know them personally I can't say this from experience. It just social misfits. And I say yes. I'm sorry viking fans but the saints. Against the falcons to a fan bases that really don't like each other two quarterbacks that have won MVP in this league that's in interest staying. I'm not interesting that's a great NFC championship game and yes Steelers patriots we've seen that movie before but I wanna see it again so that's. May be our picks danger are are coming from a place of what we'd like to see bohea were picking with. Because Jacksonville can't beat Pittsburgh region earlier this year I think a lot has that gotten. Come to be repeated but and of course you know Minnesota beat New Orleans earlier this year that seems so long ago doesn't it now that ride was just beginning. That was that was Adrian Peterson and insane yet. That was that was when you thought the scenes were just functional remember the first two weeks of the season Jeanne mirror making fun of that team. Oh so you won't need to enjoy your 79 season New Orleans your defense sucks again. You lost the Minnesota Adrian Peterson's puppy on the sideline. Yeah a lot has changed since then. And we thought the vikings were going to be done when Sam Bradford went on the ups Embraer third threw for 300 plus yards I'm you know that was last year trees are let's get our. Let's get happy are on the way next here in the sport where we super daily special course more. On the bills parting ways with Rick Dennison next. Another round of shots and of course as gene mentioned Mike trolley SE LSI CO NS media and the host of the patriots beat podcast. Joining us before 6 o'clock as well in the sports bar danger of a tag Leo on ESPN Rochester.