The Sports Bar-Hour 2 11/3017-Mike Rodak

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Thursday, November 30th

Hour two of The Sports starts with Danger and Battaglia discussing the Rochester Rhinos parking the franchise for the 2018 season. Next,'s Mike Rodak helps us preview Sunday's Bills-Patriots matchup at New Era Field. Finally, "NFL Appetizers" serve up the NFL's top stories of the day.


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Codec from The point is here in a little bit. An updated daily news reporting the Rochester revelers will no longer operate the mock dogs exports Iraqi by the excerpt in central standard thermometer ready for bad cold flu season. Of course as a cold the flu brings Peter he's prepared with the accident several scant at the monitor backed by medical professionals everywhere. Do you detect raise the Iraqi. Sports bar with danger and it sadly that is almost question. About the patriots. So that completes a Muslim public game. That feeling they'll be we'll so. It's always that they saw a specialist Regis Mike danger and let's just respect him for what their daddy is coming to town on Sunday. Those students forty years and learn how it's incredible you know it's incredible what he's never do it through it throughout his career he. Then I know. I'm not only what he does on the feel weight is off to show a picture in terms of what a perfect preparation their entire team yeah I think it's every great okay. Like move on right because we know it G exactly. You're on your way to what scientists call Stockholm since your coming up with scenarios with the patriots will win and you can. You love your captors he just to make you love Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Murder and one of the slope neighborhood into. Focused on buffalo. It's. Sort of Rochester sports leader 957. ESPN. Welcome back to sports' Marc changer tightly on ESPN Rochester appreciate you listening AM 950. 957 FM on life ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester after Mike rode back. Bills the reporter for And join us about fifteen minutes here sports are a danger tightly. Yet so. We're gonna have somebody from the rhinos are not sure to remark wash or when you're David war commit that that'll be coming up later in the show here today and hold so work out the details on that. As we just mentioned and sports center. The rhinos announcing they will opt for the one year hiatus so we knew this was on the table so I guess that's the and good news here I guess danger is that they're not holding meetings cell beating relocate. What do we really feel that our. Our city government our county government our business leaders are all gonna get on the same page to get their act together for Tony ninety. IA don't have any faith in her. They have shown an absolute inability. Or willingness. To work. With that stadium. Which begs the question why did you build the stadium in the first place. Well. That's you go back in time. And let me take you back. Story time for geno here yes we had Major League soccer dreams and really high in the sky sort of thoughts back then my gosh we can get the Major League soccer make Rochester Major League town and only if we build that stadium. And rather then doing it correctly. We rushed it. Yet got the state funding because the guy the mover and shaker in our town the guy had to go through bourse the stadium there. Being David gantt. You would have been better off not building the stadium there but it's there now but hey you know what it's gonna spur development and it's going to be fine and everybody will come down you know a lot. It didn't spur development. And I'm kind of embarrassed that our town just can't get over one ever issue it is why they can't go to that state. But the fact. These guys and I just sovereign down debt. First of all. There's nothing to do that. Your eye doesn't like the aesthetic it's not pleasing when you walk through that neighborhood and you look around that stating you see. Older houses or you know you see things that you that make you nervous that really. Statistically. There is nothing beckon and that there's. Show me one instance of somebody getting mugged shall we want it's it's somebody's car getting broken into shock me what is is that anything negative happening to somebody when they go to that stadium. Because your eyes tricked your brain into thinking this isn't a place I want to be you've completely written it it's unfair now that said. If you had if you had asked me where I want to build a soccer stadium. In our county. West side of town. The number of site would've been verve banks are critics right off the expressway. Easy access. Soccer letting communities on the way as. Cassie every go to TSE on the weekend. Yeah it's a lot of action there at TS EC that's that's an area that's that's a hot zip code if you want to soccer fans. That said you know not being able to change that now hindsight being 20/20 there I don't I don't get to I don't get the well I just go to this stadium. No I'll go so why. Watch. Nobody can give me any kind of statistical data. That shows that you're not. Safe. Pork or that something that is going to happen you like going to that stadium. I'm. The rhinos are coming on whether us right now and here's the reason. Armed they're waiting like us the city's coming out with a statement. Whole ball. Her itself. That OK not now they're gonna. Released a statement early. This week a city spokesperson this according to news ten NBC. Mentioned that giving the rhinos a cut didn't make any sense. Quote what you're asking me is if you change these dollars and divert dollars to another facility. He would leave a gap funding in the other facilities this from James Smith director of communications for the city. All are doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul. This part of the hotel taxes the county sends one point seven million dollars to the city this is not our money. This is the hotel tax. Right it's not as. I'm in taxpayer money it's not money that you were lies or are dishing over tick Ted help a sports franchiser to keep the lights on in the stadium. So this city split that money between blue cross arena. And the convention center. Cheryl an awful said. On behalf of the county taxpayers were not point to divert any more hotel motel how. And did not your tax money. Okay go on bigger and start on behalf of the county taxpayers. We're not going to divert anymore hotel motel tax from the arts and tourism. At this point oh billion Rochester so important in the day why. The court or think for tourism that's. People. Did you know the the X. Want to. Don't. Go back to the city spokesman. It to me that court again danger and go you're asking me. Is if you change those dollars and divert dollars to another facility it would leave a gap funding in the other facilities. Doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Who who owns most of the city stick to. Me. Our congratulations. Congratulations video Rochester. And oh well you know what we'll get section five football at all. Do you. Well you know what will get some drug Ambien oldie from Lancaster PA. You have nobody. Operate that stadium. Well you know what would you put an. The other. We're not going to divert any more hotel motel tax from the arts. These are. All church. We talked about these arts in tourism so in the way below. More bad go to our grave about money is going. Now famine if I read that quo. I'm David in India and just like you know live. It where we're selling the we're selling our franchise. 454 ESPN is our number 4543776. Or just tuning in the rhinos announcing that they're taking a one year hiatus. From the united soccer during the when he eighteenth season we got a lot of questions here about this and it's a developing story and again nine nobody from the the Tony that the city seems to be. Stepping up here now on so right now no Ronald soccer in twenty team beyond that is it's in doubt disabled list. We're gonna get back some bills and patriots coverage here and I talked or for an micro act from And a few first. Christian Rochester joining us in the sports bar danger but tightly actress. They would pull our guys. I elicited so every day or so I mean you know lick which you guys pitch and everything I disorderly comments about soccer. And I grew up around 34 years old now and I grew up in that hole. In order and you leave us and Doug Miller. Era over that he really grabbed city by storm. Be honest visited there and I totally Gillick the statistics we is Blakey though there's been no bargain there are no I think he's saying they're. It's just not a politically to use it I think is one of the things people keep people that I have to of people that have to get up auditors suburban homes in and go out of that place in. In India don't wanna be there it's not accessible. And in is it huge sinkhole called unacceptable it is in excess or sites win when it's dad Mets ineptly it's. It's city would be more criticism that that it twisted trial which we wouldn't be talking about it to bed but. I think it is from the business point the city own good. These side is the business side sir and they don't want to win back that's number one and I think number two. It will pass between time we're they eat they took that team. And they. That you had everybody on board that you had a whole generation of Roche is still areas that would have. Followed that up but they would lose in Greece team in the grassroots beginnings said that he and why is. And and it turned into you know let's play against Euro land doe. Do. Chihuahua spin let's play against this great group of good quality of soccer. Look I don't well the sport what it's just it's hard for me wanna go down there and watched you know division during soccer. Congress and people as well. You don't. In reality check we are in Rochester New York I don't know what made us believe ever. The MLS was an emerging league so maybe it's a time when they were you know now building informing you think it say yeah let's let's. Rochester is not. Columbus is losing their team Columbus is he larger more you know more lucrative market then Rochester. Yeah I've I've driven by that stadium danger it's think of probably sports stadium and then multiplied by two and now that stadium isn't good enough they're going out so to growth markets they're looking for areas of growth they're not coming to markets like Rochester New York that that are seeing declines in revenue declines in population. Then that's not an extra by the way. It was. Trending that way when we were having this conversation Rochester wasn't growing when you're talking about Rochester having an MLS franchise. But if you were gonna go to the Buffalo Bills approach and regional lines it I mean you did have in terms of attendance figures into chris' point by the way anybody else wants went 454 years into his point. About the heyday of the rhinos here is a problem and the rhinos weather was the war games whether it was the rob Clark. I can namely that teams in the heyday. Ways Miller and all not an I instead all those guys that Schweitzer. And 20s1613. Or fifteen at one reject I could name you one from the edited the face is that the players today. You don't have that connection invite yet everybody from the ninety's can still remember whole. The shirt and and that speaks to a problem within the organization. But I'm still not going to put all of it on the workings not when they fought to keep this organ is now in Rochester and then the other point about. The aesthetic is exactly what I'm saying in what Chris is is crystallize what I'm saying it what I can't get past it when I won't listen to his. It's not aesthetically pleasing to the odds that's why don't doubt that it is accessible. It's a block away from a place everybody goes to every summer frontier feel lucky to have two blocks is not far it's it's accessible it's right there. But you don't like how it locks. You don't like the name the surrounding neighborhood. We statistically. Nothing. Has ever happened. Nothing has happened. So you can't get past this thing in your mind that says you know what I'm not gonna I'm gonna have a fun night out of my family watching minor league sports in Rochester because. I don't like how it looks it's you can't say that it's not safe. Is there zero. Instances. Of your safety being threatened. At that stadium zero. Shawn writing and thank you thank you thank you for expressing the same frustration at soccer fans such as myself. Have for this stupid situation involving one of rock sisters most storied franchises. Temple women. Rhinos are not playing the shift well. We knew this is come nearly make you feel any better enough. I Gino up. Let's talk about something uplifting the patriots are coming to town. Yeah hockey without change my mood are a variety. And the show McCord Mike you are allowed her true. Let's get broad acting here byproducts recovers the Buffalo Bills for Our guest. Write to me insight what he's seen a practice so what can the bills due to surprise the NFL. And pull off a win on Sunday will dig into that with Mike wrote that Buffalo Bills beat reporter next in the sport's mark. Danger to take Lia on ESPN Rochester. That was football. Starts we. Here every player between seventeen regular season this Sunday the bills return home to take on the patriots. If you got good ones. John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest makes this. It's injured away colored text feet. Professional athletes talk trash to get into the heads of their opponents ESPN Rochester lie like disposal giving you a forum to talk trash about whatever's on your mind leave us a voicemail and a lot like disposal trash talk client 432950. 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No rhinos soccer games when he teen who knows beyond that the team announcing they're taking a year hiatus the team releasing this statement reads in part. Quote significant gaps remain including the compelling sports stadiums exclusion from receiving a portion. Although hotel occupancy tax. You know team also adding that anyone who purchased when he eighteenth season tickets will have her money fully refunded. You can get those refunds beginning on Tuesday. For Shawn McCoy showed up on the buffalo bills' injury reports with a knee injury. Practiced on a limited basis are good buddy. Mike wrote back from to join us next year in the sports car. Sports are about to Mike Dunn tire looking for great deals like continental. Tires stop by your local done tire store break complete selection of content no tires of the lowest prices in town it's a done deal. Javed dragway at 95957. FM EST Iraq just. Rochester home for a live sports and the best sports talk anyway PM 9:50 am now. 957. Afghan dust sports leader ESPN Rochester. I'm moving on to something positive and uplifting it's patriots week in the sports bar with danger of attack. Micro back Joining us how are demonic. I am doing well the ingrained in our debate will be stoned out on it but you get action at that are operating out. Now I know I mean did did you are just Stockholm syndrome now Mike I'm just I appreciate the patriots. I law of the patriots I think include that more and more bills fan to come around to me because usually. Would you not agree there is zero chance no chance to Buffalo Bills win this game. Yeah I mean I don't want you guys are. Seen it. Go out there old. That's system revised deal is that there. Just. Nothing to inspire what you've done the past month particularly. You eat out that he'd he'd want. Seven game grow they have been doing what we do every arms so that book or people back into that actually bookie. At that chiefs game last weekend. Sort of it now. Side of the bills could pull off the upset. You may be they. We are stuck on radio and at least some equity. 818 or loose. It's funny how it is our opinion of their own teams on each side that. This battle but. My personal. You know neutral and unity journalists at the bills just double. At a column this past month you'll cheat is not too impressed with what they did I think a lot of that had with Al just getting adequate Opel. It and move the ball all of Africa early. Equate better on our defense. And teacher why it. Day's pitcher one Beckett play well not offensively and really are. 08. Mike are there any weaknesses. In the patriots defense and special teams that the bills can explain the special teams are banged up but. Specifically. With the defense. Passes to LeSean McCoy aim in patriots linebacker corps. And then not exactly world beaters Charles clay potentially have a big day in the passing game if possible. Yeah I mean those are all possibilities I do you know we this hatred and it is. Either pass or they really don't at an early hours. Shall promise last had to put up big numbers this year is that make up. It also last weekend but beyond that they go out. And it has taken at linebacker it's not right now so McClellan about the year. But I'll enjoy it while he didn't out so that. VP com. Kind of went that treat you Charles clay the book Kyle and going on. I think the biggest illegal look forward to each own around balance which allowed four or 87 yards per carry that he's in the worst you know battle. Has gotten better. Unstable. Income you know last 45 weeks but it's bill whole com suspect that I'm an. You know from a court ticket and electrical office I did manage a culture mean we mean both ends of the spectrum. From that bills' running game. The pretty big gains this year he said games over five year carried in court also. Or games under reader to carry. All so it's kind of all or nothing. He could go what were the other I am not sure it is. It working. But I do thank you gotta get too wide receivers and ball the united and the ball. And just try to attack this creature defense and anyways can't. ESPN dot com's Mike wrote back joining us here in the sports bar 957 ESPN Seoul on the injury report today dollars LeSean McCoy showing up so might. Is this something that you know it is concerning or is this a little of that almost patriot like injury report gamesmanship. It what do we know about the Shawn McCoy in this knee issue. Yeah just to you to clarify I don't think you mention flash that it would they're just there's actually cool musical art discredit the day's practice. Act achieved it yet lot practice that now. So was on you tired I needed to beat it co. Creator. I'll. I can't give you all answer probably. Amateur record boarding or see how it like it anything major and yet. But does that mean. Maybe we'll going into the game possible. And what you already have Mike Colbert who's now I'll answer. I'd like to play on Sunday and app act DiMarco. Did not practice on Thursday it all back and make. Actual income that. And that would leave spam Wear a potentially being doubtful trouble coy. Two hours at one bank is plain increasing role orbit are. Eight paper markets are CO practice squad. Out of Missouri at level of experience spells so I think model BP. Exciting day on eight DiMarco where he can play in this game and the where recorded equity or tweaking the there's. Mike any idea what happened between coach Sean McDermott and Shaq Lawson before the Kansas City game and what's been done since then we see more Shaq or about the same. I don't know. They've been pretty tightlipped about it that it. I'll check that everything is clear between which scattered idealist but quotes you know also are after. Some of it is picks up where it was shot down everything in between the coach now. Whether that's actually true or cultural long term will see. Com. You know I. Check Austin news. You know quite ready guys and Iraq there are acknowledged expert equity archer you he'd pop app select group but. That's it's this kind of where you are out. The first circle technique but it released. And I'm not. War and perhaps by this are. Based on what they look for guys. Com. Now does that mean he's on a roster and actually Europe their are sure. But that's kind of where they are what Adam it might have actually opt to leave or 70% of the maps that she's gained after deep bench opening. Bribes so. He does everything is clear and he does start on what to expect any you know it's been playing time but yes and yes it more productive. Net that but it issue. And yet a recent acts in peace and against Iran but. You know and are all there is an issue. So I'll trapped in the first round ethnic audit is expected out of doing. Yes and quite deliver. Mike gives the bills are gonna have any shot obviously trying to get the Tom Brady alien it's easier said than done but just the front four. How come they're you in the bills' ability including Lawson in Accra. Not very I mean that's the kind of been the story he would argue that those bills team does not bullets are much. Their bottom article we doing so next ammo was recurrent deep and then a solid arms deep zone is scheme. And I hadn't guys that act. Game you try to realize that you are applied pressure and opposite has happened. Between check Austin and Jerry Hughes and I want them. Levers at play you know there tackles spot. And I don't. I mean pitcher has some injury issues that senator. David and about the last couple games elder speed data extra lineman calls because of what a he's back he's back practice this week that Obama. I can't see. Much of Hawaii. That could get pressure on Tom Brady just goes organize. And meet stats back up to. Richard Serra has built defense is only pressure quarterback. 23%. Drop back this is of which is second worst yet but also now getting urged anybody. Really mean as you guys in a delicate ball quick and somberly. So I don't see it. Cover the bills for micro wreck our guest in the sports part danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester Mike. Everybody that we talked to about this game when there was sell pot GO weather was our friends from Boston. When we ask about the turn around. On the defense side of the ball for the New England Patriots consistently. The answer is the same. It's the play of still foreign. Gilmore what have you seen. With his true round that that's made this defense that was. Who have pretty porous the first quarter of this season improved to one of the more elite defenses in the league now. Yeah I'd say that's part of it com. And I watched older games that followed everything pretty close it out it was me I'll keep an actor Ethan. Getting better get their secret it. 32 here in the NFL points allowed they are allowed 32 point game. And Gilmour playing during that time and not playing well when he got hurt in Russian that would get hamstring injury as well. And it started played better on defense how are starting got a bit of a quarter. And and he came back. And the defense and he play well what impact it. You play well now so I maturity over there on the peace front that they get. Out so overall. Then. Kind of figuring things out and always acted beautifully with liquid always out. Amber what they wanna do what they want Iran. And by October November they always seem at a higher year and the numbers actually at their best record of the past and it. The patriots haven't 97 when he percentage in December which is better than each eat any of these open it. December's audit put their best ball on both sides of the ball. And I want it necessarily attributed just on Gilmore the opposite happened every single year it better or not. My grunt like joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN is the bills get ready to face their nemesis the New England Patriots. Mike during the SC BS broadcast of the game in Kansas City on a team of Greg Gumbel and train green. Sat in their pre production meeting they noticed a more serious to hone with Tyrod Taylor which. You know I had a chuckle at like really any you're not getting anything different but I guess I ask you this question. Do you notice anything different about Tyrod Taylor. Post what happened in Los Angeles. Not term holders neater I think that's always been as Spain beat. Curious is that what the word to describe them. Com he's not we get as much from a media standpoint and he's always been a quiet guy on and off field that. I'm not sure how much there as there I would say it yet. There's certainly a blow. In the chip on the guy's shoulder I mean after being benched wiped out pretty obvious. And yeah you can set it when we asked them last week about his relationship with Afghanistan and shocked every inch organic. And needed right in my on the derby and I'm one of us are that all. Well what about John McDermott. And especially Arab as yet there is released so it's it's it's basically you know where we're both trying to win. And a bit later on chuck McDermott it properly those two dang right you know from you yet about. Attic all along the line note you know eat Arab B Trent Acker what happened weeks ago so. It's a business relationship I think at this point. I think that Aaron Taylor Burke now. He's locked in on climate to play is that these last five games and I don't think there's too many people that over a quarter a year. We'll get a lot from Tyrod Taylor would look at life from Shawmut to report you know we kind of long for the days of Rex Ryan and and by the way Rex Ryan did. Deeds speak out RE SPN ended tot telling goal in lingo that you don't really what we already knew that. You know what led to his firing was his refusal to bench Tyrod Taylor week seventeen of last season. When the goal is told him to do sell. Are we allowed to be skeptical enough to think that the goal is had something to do with the decision to start eight Peter mean in Los Angeles. Yeah you're about that come as little hole. On terms of what wreck at this week I mean I think a recorder that hurt you expired I think managed it well that ship current podcast. Amber's I know that got them headline this week accurate as the. That's already I already knew yet. Ride yet will straighten. The answer question and I'll. He did Rex also set on on medical when got you this week. Something along the lines of what you eat that quote but you know maybe Sean McDermott did decide his notoriety. And there was some doubt in Rex Ryan I. About whether this one is truly. Something McDermott then on his owner what a cool stat that I don't know I mean that's. That's helping it doesn't hurt that are out of somebody especially in the in the present or it may be the derby at Harvard and years now what you'll. How that went down right now at heart to get that answer. In Asia that. Yeah I mean. About output owners do and sometimes it's not an order as much as it is the strong western. You know wrecks Havoc that it ones where Tyrod and eat it. He set out struggling curse do it I think you're off. Ask you to do that especially that help you do something well. There is some domestic issues there but I. You know deter it Google have a congress stationary shot McDermott asked why heater most starting maybe it. Again assists is hard it's hard to know for sure as there's no way. Robert derby it's going to repeal that and it doesn't make him look. We you know that he's not making decisions make calls or here although each and lend credence you know it it makes him look. He's got hooked. But that's hard to do just don't buoyed by the person can't really say that you know they are the ones to do. Well if I'm gonna. Draw that out a little bit did you find it all curious it all Mike as we look back on that Los Angeles game that. If Sean McDermott let's just say again hypothetically speaking that he was told to do this. That he's in their four interception three. And interception for. And interception five I mean GAAP and putting my tin foil hat on I'm just wondering if if if that. Boredom play out the way it did that maybe Shawmut Doerr was kind of saying it is this wasn't my decision. Yeah I mean maybe. It's that it's kind of going down you wrote a little bit but. I can't rule out created one of those things where again you know outsiders are currently bulk. Oh. But it's. Yeah in eighty that I guess is that if that was true then. Why in the U imagine perhaps at halftime but you know really. See how far they'll. I don't know it's. It's a tough for the decided for a I think. I'll believe McDermott and added pork that auto the best thing for the team I don't necessarily agree to order a don't believe about this earlier that. You are the best thing force team that he's like he came out there when he made that companies said. You know we're trying to get better or try to do more than just though. Speak into the playoffs as saying. I don't believe that I think it was truly a move designed one ET I think he do that better or worse with uterine. Kudos are sure unit. It's. Again it's a bit of find out crop it down. Like we have a lot a lot. Of process. From Sean McDermott at yesterday's trash can do it we actually got a few processed c.s I mean. Do we do we continue to have the same levels of of trust and respect. In the process to do different process sees deserve different levels of respect and trust you know Walt what's. Where do you where you stand on on respecting the process as we go to patriots week. Yeah offer the most though not answered this question that they got. Europe you look at the process of this Yzerman. Just try to get better ever try to get better every week every day there were out there every single week they're out there but now I don't know it now. I think at best and should be skeptical mean if you are saying well as any sort of problem. Anything invested in them in and financially you have tickets are paid for jerseys or wherever. And you should have some levels deficit shouldn't just I trust somebody. So take a look at it as east that is what any individual and and maybe there at the direction it also look at. They're tearing things down and they're moving further away that'll maybe. Substantive. Steps forward that we see are. Either could be true we don't know that's. That's part of the game and that's part of what makes it yet. That's why I'm on a radio network talk about it it's just. You don't now. And you know I think any healthy and should have a goes it's got the skepticism here. And just. At a C out goes your one year to EB you're ready to go from there. Mike before we let you go. Story today and I'm sure it's gonna get legs here. There are so many items you could they'd get it charitable auctions right now I don't know if you saw this or not. But there is on the website charity buzz right now. An opportunity. To have lunch with dog wailing. Estimated value for the ninety minute launch would Doug Whaley 2500. Dollars right now. Bidding is open. And there's no vents. Mike how much would you bid on lunch with Doug Weight week we get ES PNC pony up a budget so you can have one would Doggett Whaley and how all the questions we want to answer. Yeah it's funny I was expecting I had not heard that there is we are all see that it. You know Payne stories or any resources that it. But it. Charity events charity charity or Mike to double down and throw away and that's emerge from the sabres if he was at the lunch will be get your minimum 500 dollar bid for that lunch can we at least talked outlet. I don't I don't know we hate don't you post area down right it's tricky. I would love so that really mean I break away from you know for every time we saw it from a bit wanna talk to load them. You declined interviews and it was actually told not you know got that he interviewed so. I broke. It isn't you Greek parliament might look what Charlie Batch. Mike we appreciate your time is always enter the risk here we can stay dry this weekend. I know. You got a micro back Covering the Buffalo Bills. Martina what do you think NFL appetizers on the way yeah today's top NFL stories will go through that still no bids on the Doug Whaley launch show a little bit adds she. There's always put in a 500 bucks or launch of four guys Siegel you know. Just tell he's worth at least 500 blocks I listen broad act eight ER I'm beating my own money I'm not alone you still. No way in hot it would be funny appetizers next in the sports bar danger to take Leo on ESP. Rochester goal and get away. You know I always wonder and we talked to coach K that the former shell could I ask we need to don't where's the dump button going to be further whatsoever that following we need a fun day. But it's almost I don't know man like you know you played these the teams you're really know in the beginning but in football you really don't you're writing your schedule. Are you trying to figure out when is this your team how many games into the season. You really feel you know we are football separate a lot different if you have no warmup today adding to less consistent product overall in the NFL work as much turnover is there is used to get that familiar names. And you still get that sentencing someone to your core team like the NFL we could look at the quarter mark of the season. And they usually we get a better idea who he dart around that time period. In college you're right and once you get your conference schedule comedians start to get through those teams negotiate a couple of times but it could be different. It's torture window. On eight and 950 and 957 FM sports leader PSP and Rochester. Whizzer and we Isner a leading DW I defense firm that prides itself on getting results. DW I defense is all we do. That's our trademark based on decades of defending Russia steering this. Before you firewall from that ties your feet two juniors socio command for free consultation. You deserve better. 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And sit out yesterday's session also like last week he returned to practice on Thursday after missing the Wednesday practice. Brady wasn't the only player bracket practice today after sitting yesterday linebacker Trevor Riley. Tackle Adrian why don't both on the field today Packers patriots receiver Chris Hogan. You may sound hasn't played since the week eight shoulder injury and. The NFL a group of player representatives headed by Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin. We reached an agreement Wednesday night on a deal for leak financial support of players. Community activism pure stuff pursuits. That's according to market mesquite. Of the Washington Post the deal calls for the league and teens to commit ninety million to 100 million towards causes deemed important by the players. With a focus on African American communities. The agreement will run from its inception T 20/20 three. Final approval from team owners to go into effect. You think this deal wolf. And anthem protest again yesterday. Eric Green of dissent is the 49ers a Michael Thompson the Miami Dolphins announced they were splitting from the Jenkins pulled a group because they felt that no longer spoke on their behalf. Just because an agreement has been reached with one group doesn't necessarily mean the entire group of players protesting will feel obligated to end their demonstrations. Thought Eli Manning is looking for a silver lining to his benching at least he knows he's got a career in the caught broadcast Booth waiting for him if he decided to retire CBS CEO. Les Moonves telling TNC that is network or higher many clothes in a second if you are interest and CBS is shown they don't have issues with making room with former NFC east quarterbacks in the broadcast team essentially shoving still seems out of the boot in favor. Tony Romo. There's no indication in many his greatest stuff playing the when he does he apparently has an open offer. The joint CBS. Speaking of New York City quarterbacks at the beginning of the season G no one could predict that Eli Manning would have been benched before jets quarterback Josh account. But how does that absolve this little season in New York so so much so that the possibility of a return isn't a stretch. The town is kept Christian half in Bergen rice paddy glued firmly to the bench and he's exceeded every expectation for a team that lets face it. Is on the same accounts contract is only a one year deal but his play and his reputation. May lead to an extension of his career if not New York. Somewhere else yeah. Finally millions of NFL fans of cast their vote for the Pro Bowl ring voting he's always been through December 14. You won't learn the rosters on December 19 now the top five vote getters. Include veteran quarterback Drew Brees and Tom Brady two thirds of the experts killer bees and Antonio brown and letting on bell. But who is the top vote getter to this point. Home. Berlin it's six foot 5235. Pounds second year quarterback got in North Dakota State. Think blue collar work ethic in midwestern values. Person wins leads all players with 400000. 491 pull pull votes Wentz is legally 28 touchdowns in his ten when he Eagles also has an as the favorite to win the league MVP. Don't act like your surprise. No home you listen to the sports bar. We're talking about this guy a week one last year this was something it's not shocking to us the next surprise police spot talent we will tell you. You're ahead of the curve if you listen you right right. Yeah you gotta really question. A six foot 5235. Pound second year quarterback out of North Dakota State. The blue color work ethic in new western values. In the second only laid eyes on that guy. You'll remember week two this year drives his team to field goal position said. You want if he makes this I'm donating my check. And he did domain is checked the care that's right that's that's the type of man person that's right. Doesn't love Carson when's the best. Thing any little more Wentz talk I need a little more happy talk today danger all the stuff going on here. Here's articulate place. Where were fan when this summer when thinking about Carson let's try to get try to get no mindset where you could be this happy again Jeanne. It's the thought of would be what made it's so awesome. It didn't hear the opinion away from the earth they brought it. Prudent and to get to see Carson when he sets. You don't love them sister role model for our kids and grandkids it. I wanna love anything in life is much is that Sam loves Carson went. Edit the part that that you listen back to that such a role model for our kids. And Arden graying kids so say you're you're seven years old with a 35 year old pop out you know what danger. I'm 46. Person wins is a role model for me yes he's a role model for you this apps all model for all of us Q the Berlin and t.'s. Are happy hour on the way next love more on the new right. Just a rhinos a decision to park the team for a year after falling short. Of the one point three million Dollar Financial gold deadline being today to tender roster for the 2018. Season won't get into that some of the details. That are involved in that next in the sports toward danger and the tag glee this holiday. Give your loved ones gift card the spot the Del Monte love the spot to Dilma to me and we indulge one of their signature spot treatments massages off facial. Body treatment or. Visit their full service along with state of the art hair and nail care turn your holiday memories and traditions and purchaser gift card at the spot by calling 4193000. Or instantly online at Del Monte spot dot com. 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