The Sports Bar-Hour 2 11/9/17-Jared Smola

Is Roger Goodell on the way out as NFL commissioner? That's the question Danger and Battaglia discuss to kick off hour two in The Sports Bar. Next, the guys talk some fantasy football and the impact of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension with Jared Smola of Draft Sharks. Finally, all of the NFL's top stories in bite-size form with "NFL Appetizers."


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Sports bar with danger and exactly from inside out we believe it just came this can't rule them. Had been wanted to invest ghost isn't that we have brought their improvements you know come over absolutely summed up. I'm always a really good team. Also quarterback and a solid team together. So that tells force. We have to get as before when this game six and third there's a lot different. That happens so I was government sorts of services were focused on this this opponent you know this is good opponent in under 62. 16 straight so. You don't score to have our hands full got to prepare to play well. Mike danger and it's on the we think their six game winning streak is just more right we're just gonna say it's just me and gene for exactly play and Benjamin on the field the same time. You only have a week to figure this out here but that's intriguing to me. 'cause that's what big to get a live. We always say. To give them opportunities to make plays his best of my job just because. That's all passengers up looking men and brought them Clifford. Rochester sports leader. 957. EST yeah. Yeah we're back watching the sports toward danger of exactly on ESPN Rochester I can barely say chief. They did. A little color doesn't feel good like Kurtz might stomach it week to rule rule. Do V8 ball it's well first of its like everyone every Tuesday it in that the world we don't use an untreated. Do you hey did get done well that's not the case for war I mean it's hectic it's nauseating YA. I feel the same way away when I hear somebody I hear the same way when I say the word itself the can barely say it its growth. So healthy he will. Eight day when we talking about. No by all means enjoy your two very day on your birthday. Exact tweeting in but it system. Picture of us live look in a gene in danger and its recall these tool guides and Muppets Donnelly L is that Waldorf and Stadler and I think your name only that quote scattered show that's ridiculous Abdul guys may have comments about the balcony pretty close yeah thank you Zach. It's all up. Or. Actually April 2 good stuff the all right. Let's reset here welcome to the sports part danger to tech we assure they'll have for you want demand. On ESPN Rochester dot com our conversation with soccer watching a bills radio sideline reporter who joined us so last hour. In the sports born in a few minutes we'll talk us and Tennessee football. Which are smaller drop sharks. Yes soul breaking news again today and how excited every time I think this is the real story but it feels real for this time that. The second circuit in New York City has upheld a Z deal Ali its six game suspension which means. Okay that he won't be playing this week NA won't be eligible to return until. Week sixteen which from fantasy football perspective that is an and so your championship game. From the real football perspective. Where's Jerry Jones to here. Jerry Jones wit this news and by the way it's not coincidental. That you have this story at least in my mind in the tin foil hat that the NFL is saying. No no we're gonna approve the Roger Goodell contract extension right here Roger Goodell contract. Runs through the year when he nineteen. Like a head coach like a general manager you do not. Wines. Are commissioner. Going in to his last year's lame duck because you wanna show unity. When you have this upcoming labor negotiation that is steering in the face just a few years out rugged Al we've we've debated the pros and cons of this but right now. You don't see an owner of the NFL least I don't Rick hall and owner since the days of Al Davis threatening to sue. The NFL know whether this is just Jerry globe creating in he had an angry nine at the bar. Or he's really really angry and apparently he's. Obtained a lawyer that is well known dead old defended are represented Harvey Weinstein and all that mass. I would keep an eye on this too if you are interest in danger. Up out. The cap briefcase and I am too were geragos goes okay are dangerous did. The C is Jerry Jones going to take down Roger Goodell because if you like you like to say take the emotion out of it. I would just make the argument that it is time for the NFL to get a new commissioner ratings are in doubt. Ratings are down that's gonna legal less money the next time the TV contracts come for a that's the reason number one reason number two bad PR after bad PR dating back to the Ray Rice thing. Dating back to the lack of having any uniformity on discipline in the league. And then. And I could drop like you completely missed handle this whole cabernet. Kneeling at the anthem issue. You should put it something in place last year yet didn't you and see what could happen you have a new president will like you very much of your league as you left them out not once but twice. Rocket delving show these genes in that whatsoever to me at strike one strike two strike three Europe. What is the rest of the owners look at Jerry Jones and just think in your wacky. This guy's making us a lot of money and he served us well he's taken every bullet that we've asked him to take. Why would we get rid of them. Because there's probably a sentiment in amongst NFL owners. That is probably have political as a look at Jerry Jones and just think shot a couple man. You made your money the rest of us were you know we're just we're fine with what. We're doing who orchestrated the rams. To Los Angeles. From Saint Louis was Jerry Jones. And likewise the chargers moved and then the raiders move he he has. Jerry Chris. And that the stadium. Leads to profitability if you have. The new shiny Palestinian did Dino ATT stadium is the benchmark. That is the benchmark for all stadiums. To follow. And if you have that in if you have at times 32. The NFL will achieve its financial goals lofty financial goals that they have set themselves over the course of time. I I don't know that the Jerry Jones. Has this group of owners that are side by side isn't it now let's get around. Jerry Jones has has a beef. With Roger and now Jerry Jones is a part of the the compensation committee. He wanted to be was thought he was he kind of wage is way in there that you know make his point heard but I don't know that that's gonna change. I don't know the Roger Goodell goes because when it's also not Roger Goodell has made these owners a lot of money and he's taken a lot of bullets for this league. And I think most owners. Allison I think they're kind of detached just kicking back and count their money. I don't know hall on life is good yeah don't write I don't know much of them really care about equality and what the players care about did they just look at is like. But I do not I mean it and if I point out the negative things that might three strikes in your nothing against the dollar me the positive I guess from a good Dell's standpoint. You've created. Gets football through the last labor negotiation. We lost what I want all saying game nobody. No chance at all that last labor negotiation. With sol. One sided towards the owners it's so slanted towards the owners. You've got another agreement. Coming up. Who were you going to have negotiate that deal you already know who the players are gonna have negotiate that deal they've made that clear. The more Smith will be represented the players on behalf of the NFL PA. Bull warn about for the owners why would you change that up you took the NFL PA to the cleaners with your last CBS. You know at risk putting somebody new in there who doesn't know the ropes doesn't have the experience. You can get a deal done that's more in favor of the players. All I'm an NFL are wanna make is much monies I can't all the time. He's having it. Don't be that these are about to change at this gravy train is coming to an end. I don't know I mean that Jerry Jones as a legit beef with Roger Goodell. But no that Jerry Jones. Has. I hope he has the ability to unify all of their owners. To these costs. Ain't part of as is our northern got yelled and I liked it how charismatic easy I imagine he's pretty damn charismatic. I imagines a pretty good salesman I imagine he's pretty persuasive. I mean can you imagine. Being in that room it's a league where if your football fan I'm guessing you cordon name off the top your hat from more than happy my point. Terry Google fit them all. Manila. These hits it here is very fit leave me alone and I think Terry took malicious. He is still kind of the new high in the room press. Lol when I got nobody respects how did you get here as mark days since mark Davies who who will cater you know and it's so you you're looking bird already Jerry controls its Mark Davis. That's the guided Gerri we'll take up the dinner once a year and smooch him in no he has vaulted behind closed doors like OK yeah Baghdad no worries but he still has. One volt. Every business has their clicks on that they you have like your old guard in the NFL your your Ruiz in your Mara family. Craft. School race craft gonna come out Kraft may be. May be the shape craft because. You have a beef if you're the patriots give a beef can Dow well that that's that's the acoustic thing and and craft handled it one. Way. And Jerry Jones hole panhandling and a different way. And Jerry Jones wants everybody you know he's got some power that that's where this is all about it just tuning in. He Gil Alley it. Apparently this is for real this time a six game suspension that will begin this week so Ellie it will not be in the line up against Atlanta who for the carries goats to. On a few minutes here will be Donna Jared small lot. Who is we draft sharks dot com he'll be our guest here is sports are trying to figure out of that going back might be from a fantasy perspective we're just trying to figure out the real perspective this. Jerry Jones actually going to threaten us who believe Yang had Al Davis to this sort of stuff way back in advance currently never ever led anything on him now being house. Size with all of this legal news happening. We should point out for the sake of full disclosure. Are scheduled guess that this time was was in me dash whose legal expert CBS sports and WFAN. With the easy eagle Elliott news breaking Amy had to postpone her appearance in sports or her inaugural appearance in this portal trying get a run next week. She's on with who's that guy that does afternoons in New York. William Mike princess shoes month Mike fund social issues its report of girls from Sosa I guess we'll give her a pass. She's talking to Frances he might be just a little bit more important to mock sports bar Rochester. Yeah. Look at India with us next week to breakdown not just Ezekiel earlier but the Cullen can't predict. Collusion case against CN FL let's toxin fantasy football next year it's mullah draft sharks joins us in the sports bar with danger him tightly to get to a win this weekend. Stay with us AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Bills football. Start to. Aren't Smart here. Here every player between seventeen regular season. This Sunday the bills return home to take on the New Orleans Saints coverage starts now. With John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest. Which is northwest. And by Selena. Injured don't wait call or text feet. Merck's hockey league this year and Merck's bill bill. Friday at seven on your home for Rochester Americans hockey every game all season AM 950 at 957. FM thus sports league. ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports bar. Mike danger along with the chief to tags lead in about 15957. FM. ESPN Rochester and the freedom download ESPN Rochester after so. Lots of breaking NFL news this afternoon including some news that will affect your weekend period Tennessee football player. What are you doing now you can't cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott here to help us navigate through those waters from draft sharks dot com. It's a buddy Jerry it's mullah joining us is sports per how are you Jarrett. I don't know I got an earlier Jerry what's your read on this is this time it's for real with Ezekiel Alley and you better go get your waiver wire right now what's your read on the situation. I hope so I'm sick of writing a the the I'm irked when I not hearing you know that that's just Erden is. It chapter you know letter that it is I think it's for real it eat and that week and clearly states in. This shirt cuff and this news obviously hurts the cowboys. Won't what does this mean for. He held the backups and talk about Alfred Morse talk about Darren McFadden and talk about got it really nobody's talked about it Smith you know well who is the back that. Zeke owners should be targeting if they haven't already targeted one of these products. Re an up or the issues that they're reacting don't know searcher that they're gonna eat that he got out of it. And that it speculation Bernie Mac is like last year a couple of though I'm just this year. I mean you're an Alley eagerly averaging four play on your air this year he was up but I went on last year. That's coming up for more than gonna get the first shot at. Extend going to be involved especially. Mean he's easily the best passed accurate and got out of Austria I expect and that you must act statute that. And that hurt I had not met the other thing I would really IN. Undrafted out of our effort our civic is that you know that 330. We don't really big. And everything but not your area that either only only and yet. Not you. AMP TRQ anyone in the three have an advantage. I don't think it in the mix that in doing that aspect and I just don't know how many very he and I mean. I guess are now effort mark is died at the top and then he outplayed and out this week in the armed. Jarrett smaller draft sharks are joining us here in the sports fourteen German tech bully talk it's a fantasy football here. Week eleven action week eleven week ten and we weekend I'm sorry a week ten action starts tonight. With us Seattle and Arizona not talked about the Seattle backfield for a second jury did you got Thomas Rawls. Getting the start Eddie lacy with the injured groin also CG pro sized returning. The Seahawks have been notoriously bad running the football this year. He is this a potential breakout game for Thomas Rawls. I I would that I had done that much space in the current Indian aren't acting or I'll. And options speech just because you Qaeda and the inner very Higgins had been delayed running back is hurt and but there. Now only spent on that you are gonna look I think rather. And in the history. I'm hoping that TJ Kirk and then they're out because I think eat the most count that I and that bill he just has not been known as an era this year or last year. He got a lot of not dealing options on the waiver wire as far as the quarterback position is concerned but. Here are the guys that nobody drafted meaning your hum lean Green Day or now it's Packard's gonna be under senator. On May be 88 stand tonight I now weigh in Arizona Dick do you think any these guys would be worth as a streaming option. This week chaired. Thought I mean the current name opera there it got out. Should be owned in a lot early opinion that it had been up and and cornerback that he'd been and yet and I expect to speak in the car. They eat your bat streaming option then and other static mat actor. Reading Mike Evans out as speaker and quite a bit but there's spoke some weapons there. And that answer will get used them at a point on the ground that the correction ability. Jared hearing word this afternoon that. Broncos running back CJ Anderson was sent home ill from practice is this the weekend that we search Seymour Dovonte Booker. And doesn't even matter considering it generally has been able to run the ball much in the last few weeks. How to act and the lady is you know these yet to be an arms that Asia not in unveil it does only under on netbook or corn ball Booker is. And aren't even doing that at that out of the backfield. Lately and you know that they're trying to beat around the majors are most or all that era and and I I think Booker Schott the lead back to the. I you have a breaking story this hour too with some Martellus Bennett signed kind of weird the circumstances he leads Green Day or something about me injury not being disclosed then. Just claimed this hour I know Jerry were all shocked that it's actually the New England Patriots that put in a clay. Paging real quick and ask your question gee you know how many receptions. Rob Gronkowski is back up tight end Dwayne Allen his record for the New England Patriots are here I do not. The answer is 00. Receptions for doing. All right so maybe that would that would explain it singers till. But I mean have Bennett I mean if he's in no way if Green Bay to a certain Green Bay why the LP in New England I'm just curious how these things work terror. Yep that thing in the shorter period about today's game at peak go look at the about I mean landing in the lingle has probably that are the only are you actually at an Italian yeah obviously knows. Actually rip current Oden being out potential and their there's probably a room for. You're it re involved in the acting game back again Aaron you're not gonna buy it we ordered. Jared you you mentioned Green Bay and that just triggered a thought my mind what are we doing with these receivers I mean. And Jordy Nelson brought to gather these these guys that that were drafted high in and earlier in the season and and it doesn't look good. For their future outlook I mean aegis pension these guys is there any way any thing of value the you can get in a trade for any of these guys. I doubt it and I think if you can afford to back immediately and there's an entire don't have the luxury of being on these. Come out of state and our enemies are now look like that better back among the you know easily you leading the demons are at an Olympic over. But it's eagle are I thank. And it keeps and they're they're actually in the the opera now. Probably one camp out of an opposite in the league without anger. Jerryd small our guest here in the sports for 957. ESPN. A little closer to home everybody interest in the Buffalo Bills and you know from Fannie C respect I don't think anybody's picking up. Kelvin Benjamin but I had. I mean it does he do we is numbers are they affected one way or another better for worse now that he's an eight from going from Carolina the buffalo. I think downgrade abandonment because they got the grand went on and maybe we feel like you're coming in and created the and it has a lot is people are not content and they don't struggle in their purse is eliminate it and I think Benjamin united going to be up for him. You really get comfortable on the up and cut the red I think you know you're starting in year oh many or. If you're short a span. You mentioned streaming quarterbacks earlier by Jared I am somebody that firmly believes in streaming defense is. And I'm curious as to wait chum which match what you feel can be exploited this week for our benefit. Yeah and there are some good about either might be an album I think the top. He and really not and it is it is there and you where Obama and I'm spam act the savages and Mikey you were ordered back barrier there's a lot of that quarterbacks starting on out like the Steelers is typical occult blood the most back in and the bears. At home against the Internet backers opera which is going nowhere with there only. Jerry Dodd tell folks go up people could not read more of your work in up a little bit about draft sharks here. Yeah check it out on captured and where were local company and a lot of street caricature we do our best if you've accessed the meat and of that. Check that out on an island structure on Twitter and rapture and insomnia and later at mullah the FO. MO LA yes. Monetary it's mullah joining us from draft sharks good with his time. Giving us some fantasy advice how to get a W this weekend journey through the rest your night football season guided continues tonight kicks off we tent. Nextel with the Seattle and Arizona Gerri good luck. Here yet tiered small joining us here in the sports. More and if you could you hopping at the tail end of that we brought Jerryd on because of these eagle Elliott suspension who'd you pick up. If you're looking firm Roman did in Dallas and the answer is we you don't know I mean you think it's gonna be outlook now for more us. It could be there at McFadden but I'm intrigued to learn a little bit more about the X-Factor. Rod Smith yeah there's been writing it yet that might be the guy with the highest ceiling easy. Mean do you see you. Your team being led to a championship by health remorse I don't or are your seer T impairment static shot Derek federal way around for how many years are backed up. I don't know much about rod Smith so it's always the thing you don't know about that intrigues you the most he's the one that B. Putting a flier or is it better to just avoid the situation at all and know that none of these guys are even close to easy he'll Eliot in this is in line. That has been as good as they've been in the past. I might take the latter approach and just kind of saying man you guys can go and record I'll find somebody else. Well in a deal for Dallas this week you don't have you might not have Dez Bryant for a little while that ankle sprain so on dallas' week and Atlanta. And for the cowboys are great they're they're testy game the playoffs now just got a little more difficult. All right so let's say gore on the NFL we syrup today's top financial stories of bite sized form. Every day around this time with NFL appetizers will get to a next in the sports bar with danger to tag leeway what stories we got brewing here IG Ol I've got. I've got. Yeah indeed. Interesting angle on why. NFL ratings may be sliding. We get to that. Okay and then others the colts here Vontae Davis getting my goal games and you know if the colts didn't have a bad enough public image with. Everything else ME I think the players association might have some to say about this warm so Vontae Davis out in the street I'll talk about back and an up and and a collapsed. Reserve and today's top NFL stories invites us form next with NFL appetizers in the sports bar. Danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the national football. A little fun today. Served up in my. Here's the during an attack we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in a sports car. Remember the spot on Sunday nine and lingle a couple of weeks back again. How that forced NBC to switch their sky cam for the majority the second half. Hope you enjoyed it because next Thursday night's game between the Steelers and titans will be shown primarily. With two separate sky camps. Younger generations FL fans have grown accustomed to watching football from this angle they're law all the video games. Telecast will have a look and feel akin to that experience. Says the executive producer Fred but Alley. Some fans consider this I can't mingled with the improvement over the standard camera angle it will be interesting to see the feedback from fans for an entire game. That a shot from that angle the head while then you're gonna see more games to follow suit. Adele Ambrose was the seats top quarterback heading into the season bro it was announced they will list all of this season the recent setback. In the recovery from a fractured stimulant August. Roadside saints in 2015 after sticking candidacy FL started all of his games that season. Leg and shoulder injuries limited him to playing just six games last season. And the good news for the saints is their pass defense is improved significantly over the course of this season. Thanks in large part to rookie cornerback Marchand my animals. It's been a weird week for Vontae Davis who was caught by the colts today. He's made inactive with a team claiming it was not injury related wolf Davis said. For his groin injury continue to be a problem while there are reports out there that statement gave his only season ending groin knee surgery right. While it seemed he played eighteen can claim Davis off waivers he's in the final year before you're 36 million dollar contract with a nine million dollar face a lot of money for a guy. Might not be able to suit up. And. All right team stay with me on this theory in a theory that I find a little interesting on. NFL ratings millions of Americans say. That they've given up on football. But they're probably lying about it this according to CNBC. Analysis of pulling the ratings data that was released this week in new hole. How Thursday from Seton Hall University suggested that 29% of Americans said. They were watching less football this year of that group 47%. Said it was because of players protests from the National Anthem. Whom do the math works out to 14% of Americans cutting down of football because of the protest actual data from Nielsen. Suggest the total reach of the NFL last week was only down 5% vs last year so. That big gap between polls and reality could suggest that people are simply lying. To pull serves. You mean to tell me that people don't tell the truth of the poll. In America in this country. However that doesn't happen here. I mean aid everybody lied last November did they now. Yet again there are now. Football now is is in line with Donald Trump is something that you love. You can't admit that you love that you want but you can't admit that you want that you support. You can't admit that you support. It's the concoction. I mean everybody says that it's and yet the thing is to. It's starting let's keep our eyes and say yeah you can okay we're gonna cheering and my what does it tell my kid watching a sport knowing. This is dangerous. And players that have played this sport. Darryl Talley I don't like seeing him deceit oh by the way your chance tonight look up nick wanna Connie. Icon at crucial times and Adam. He donated his brain last week it would advance. And he is in tears he's a shell of a man that used to be I don't like seeing this. Buckeyes up there and how all the seen how he's got to be way I I hear what you're saying though it and we knew we oh my god gene did you see the movie concussion did you see the movie concussions and trying to buy changed my life. By the way I'm always skeptical person who says that something changes their life something insignificant like a movie year the air conditioned. Her film like god did you try to do target this air conditioner changed my life giver heroin say that. Either movie being changed my life but it certainly gave it to gave you a different perspective on what we enjoy consume. Every weekend in football and and so I actually believe that I believe that if you're being polled and asked about whether or not you watch football. Even though you do. You may not want it would made it to the stranger that's calling you on the phone the pollster and it's asking you the question. And your right Jeanne and think about November. Hillary Clinton would you know what she saw she is doing just fine ears nose and yet Hillary yeah. Us yeah I had struck it possibly when there's hey you're lies. Supporting this guy. But they're not admitting that they're supporting this guy there or shamed to admit that they're supported Scott or whether they don't you that they don't want the ridicule that comes with that meeting. I support this guy. And what happened. The pollsters were wrong the holes were wrong. I wrote this earlier this week would Vince Scully. I have not gonna watch. NFL for Biden decided. God and NFL what. Ball pound they've been written that will now I think Bob Costas was a list now that's interesting because. Cracked the rug doesn't Bob Costas have a pretty high profile that NBC Sunday night or at least he was from time then there might not like Rico now by. But still I Bob Costas going on saying you know that that he's. Realizes that these men. Should be watching that. Well. I would buy that I would lie. That the ratings. May be down. But not a's down as. What we're seeing and that people who actually say. They're not watching. Are watching. If Google ratings are down by 5%. Is it because the concussions. Is it because Vietnam's. No no debt that plays a part number one reason on the board for playing Jamie through. Yeah. Yeah. Gang. That's up on the border okay. Mobile phones. And strike 20 okay TMK number one reason on the board I'm Richard Dawson or whoever is the host now resort to save our receiver Steve Harden. Dawson's dad. NFL stars being hurt. Yeah whatever yeah yeah as you know rogers' know why the heart again. Absolutely I think. I'd be here. OK so. It's not just the NFL coming down 5% is in line with. All network TV all broadcast TV like everything is down five or so it's actually you know in Indian sums some Aries not down is much. As other network programming. Yeah that he is that does take a lot of the shine off then maybe we'll have to think in get creative if you're. The NFL and think how can we flexed this schedule even more than we already flex this schedule. Because. I don't wanna see Brett Hundley. He's terrible. Non prom night interest said no I'm not interest stating you know the new England and Dan Burton looked like a pretty good matchup on paper going into the season but. You tell me I got to watch brought costs while or for half of that game. You now in game mobile or now wolf. Al deter the rates may be I'm seeing this through relents Monday night could you know if you watch Monday night's game it's ray green dam thing in the whole time this would have been a lot of fun watching. Aaron Rodgers and not a kid only did okay bark. I don't pay went land Thanksgiving week that Sunday night game Green Bay Pittsburgh I'm not interest in seeing Brett Hundley. Get beat up by the Steelers and does not. Chris in Rochester pull the sillier in the sports bar with danger to tag list. Oh I got a break at all. I'll bet they. Already you're bound to be over odor U available. He's been waiting for every Sunday and every Monday you look important IE got Thursday. More than half where the knowledge eaten over you get Saturday yet and AM Monday. And then there's that many big contract nowadays is that he'd I don't practice but there aren't they used in more injury they're and that being our player but these are reduced. I don't need to Indiana bell every single day. Chris Fair enough and I and your thoughts have been already put out there by the president of fox sports saying that been McManus from CBS to also -- CBS and fox have both said that that's what they blame the declining rain ratings on I think they're doing now also publicly. Because I don't think both fox doesn't on Thursday nineties I think CBS wants to get out of the third senate package I think they can make more money if they're not running NFL games on Thursday night. Special in the ratings have been what they are and and it goes back to what you were saying earlier Jeanne Thursday night I mean most matchups on Thursday night is. Really. Now all that Baltimore ME Miami game was great and let. He lets be honest thinking Thursday night this terrible bills jets Arab that was not a do know people around the country turning their often asked. So and what my expectations for tonight. Not great put it that way it's Arizona understand. Two thumbs up yeah good luck with the. Not via it's not it's not Carson Palmer who you thought would be starting against Russell Wilson so yeah half of the time you're watching a backup quarterback fight for his life. I the most compelling. NFL. Viewing. So the budget problems and I I I did find that fascinating and I love the parallels to the bigger picture when you talk about americanize a hole. And the holes route yeah last year at this time every poll telling you that. There's no way. Trump is gonna win there's no way he's got to walk it's going to be great Hillary's got a really almost suddenly whoa there about 10 o'clock realized she's gonna lose yeah. Mike yeah. Ellis 3 morning. Look at my team like this is happening. My god this happening. How is this pretty. Everything that we were told was that this wasn't going to happen and this is happening and why it's because every hole that was taken. Baloney and you wish lying on the polls. Support Donald Trump. Home. Why. Is it because you feel bad you don't want the ridicule that comes with saying you support. Trump seemed the NFL. You want to ridicule you wanna deal that you don't have one idea how to deal with the hassle my wife saying we'll call. Is that I can't watch it's too violent these guys there that big meeting a year from girlfriend's and their wives and this concussions and all the negative that that we hear about. Ad nauseam. Around the NFL. I just wanna watch the game. I just wanna watch the game at all. So if you were to ask me do you support in the I would probably say yeah I I watch the NFL. But I can understand you if you said now. I I don't want to see if alive Paul by the NFL. While aids somebody then ask the follow up question to you are you watching last NFL you might say yes. Boy if you can't your pure actually tracked it might be watching the same and he did last year that's a point game. Absolutely are let's etiquette to happy hour next reinsert a daily special. I chino the bills a playoff team we. I have found an article on that debt that from a lot written written a lot of people know a lot more muffle all the new ride Eugene and it'll be. Interest you see what you you know I'm curious to see if if you could figure out how many of these experts. Have the Buffalo Bills playing in the post season for the first service. All right so why didn't the drought is gonna and I will try to figure that out next 454 ESPN you're always welcome to join us in the sports bar danger and tag Lee with more next and happy hour on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect. That would Rochester is most listened to sports. Ford's car with a dangerous bitch back. ESPN Rochester wrap. Just fortunately you're. 57. In Rochester.