The Sports Bar - Hour 2 12-6-17 - Dennis Bernstein

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia kicks off with a conversation about who should the Buffalo Bills sign at QB this coming off-season? Then, the guys welcome in Dennis Bernstein, Senior Writer of, to further discuss the Buffalo Sabres. Finally, we serve up "NFL Appetizers" including an update on the status of several Bills injuries.


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Kathy and I knew that you and even party and a bit. Found that she tried process. Most Buffalo Bills fans don't know what to say about process but we do there is help. Called danger midtown Atlanta sports bar at 454 ESPN. A public service announcement from ESP and Roger sports bar with danger and attack. Aaliyah and eight in May have been with Tyrod Taylor from the locker room just went up on the back of the car takes over just there's no timetable. Like again no timetable on. Practices that he doesn't practice what that means. Six days of practice they'll get the reps and Joseph also work. I've comprehensible as our guest obviously. And then. And we threw Jordan Joseph Webb in their program for a cameo role if you will. Is it possible McDermott brought in Dennison the same idea of Taylor which is you can hang on your for your will see other shows and then and go back to that and get my first choice she doesn't like getting to hire somebody else write a remain confident. And right. Mike danger I healthy need Peter may who may already be a better stage in the Rick Dennison offensive Tyrod Taylor verses being banged up Tyrod Taylor did. Against the colts gee I'm leaning towards Peerman. I think Peter and he should get the czar came exactly. But these need to hear me read. I don't know the answer that you don't know the answer to that. We can save from the Los Angeles gaining NRA maybe not ready you're gonna rock the kid Rochester sports leader. 957. ESP yet we'll back in the sports bar danger and to take Leo and I'm 5957 FM these sports leader. ESPN Rochester quite dangerous on the team tag glee just giving your daily dose of process Jeanne. I thought we we we detox process yesterday were were dressed up for our company Christmas party ever come Christmas party just. We're gonna start here at less than an hour from now we're gonna be in our makeshift sports bar I am decked out in my blue tuxedo. With red hi I'm into those colors. You I didn't realize I did this is you know. I mean Carolina Panthers callers hear a general rule I am. Didn't realize I did that black tux Carolina look if you're a the Carolina blue tots and I do like all right Jeanne Jeanne. The the audition for dumb and dumber sequel was I don't know. We or just word Dick it. Deep into the process that are actually felt pretty good yesterday just putting on the process. And we talked about silly stuff we talked about announcers we talked about how bad the sabres were it was it was a good show yesterday. Walked away from the process but here we are again danger it's. Bring us back. And Kahne and series is the quarterback controversy right we all lived here through Flutie in Johnson and that was. Funny entertaining because it was fun because the bills are winning it was entertaining because the bills were winning. But it was also interesting because you could make a valid argument for either guy. Right now. Neither one of these quarterbacks I want as my starting quarterback in Tony eighteen. I'm telling you that's why Josh count. Josh McCown 2018. Yes OK well Brian Hoyer Josh comes Saturday Josh McCown stats you mentioned Doug Flutie. Very similar to Doug Flutie very similar career. To Doug Flutie. Long period of time where it was a playing in the NFL. And now playing at a high level Lleyton his career. Just. As a breach just is a guy where yet you could have. Hot shot rookie first round quarterback. Learning from him but also pushing him. And looking for wraps hungry looking for raps getting reps maybe by the middle of the season I'm telling you if you can get him cheap. Based on what I've seen on him in New York this year which it he's exceeded everybody's expectations. I like that. He he saved Todd Bowles is jobs still whole body thought Todd bulls will be who would be back next year. Now we're all be believed that the jets will be crazy to like going topples dole is Justine is not going. However you're gonna have high draft picks you have not cap room you you purged a lot of that dead weight member. Or was on a team Lester Eric Decker we are rare doctor Noelle Brennan Marshall he's got it ain't that there was a lot. Even Harris movie it was unseemly at the time they may lend golf added that door okay without him. The point being that the jet to set himself up that's why don't seem account going anywhere why would the jets let him Golding he's perfect bridge. Quarterback for them one year contract if they don't want if they want to keep on another year or worse he extension. And I think it that way while then OK then had to Bob you should Colbert paper jot them down no no no absolutely not I'm just saying if you're looking for an option for next year. A guy who can Newt. Help you win now all. And help you win in the future does that sound familiar them you can do a lot worse than Josh McCown and you'd be in better shape than you are right now. With the middle laying quarterback like Tyrod Taylor and a fifth rounder who doesn't who group makes it look like the game is bigger than emanate Peter meant. So in 2018. A quarterback like and let's say you have to go get a quarterback like Josh McCown at the right price. Not overpaying for him along with the first round quarterback. I'm OK with that. How could live with that it's not sexy Josh McCown who was a laughing stock we were joking. With Lagerfeld before the season even started about Josh McCown being their quarterback. And I remember him defending him thing you like he's lost his mind he's lost his mind this guy wasn't good enough. Thabeet Cleveland's starting quarterback. He couldn't keep a starting job in Cleveland it. Yet eerie as in he's having one hell of a season in your life he saved Todd bulls' job early two games out of a playoff spot. Well it if you're saying and now I've moved we gotta have this conversation at some point though it's gonna have to sign a veteran for next year. Unless Napier ring. Shows us something promising in these last four games which. I'm not holding my grass anything positive will take bite now you're gonna have to bring in. Say a third quarterback because you're gonna have it Peter rim will be back next year Tyrod will not be or at least. The circumstances of a Tyrod Taylor returning to buffalo hard to see you at this point would you not agree not happening or so not happening for Tyrod. Who wouldn't beat that veteran you would bring it. Is it somebody like. Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer Arizona who is heard it seemed ready to hang it up I. Take McCown over Palmer right now. Really yes really because half Palmer is being held together with bubble gum and duct tape right now at at this stage this Kirk a lot of hard years on that career. Macau loan. Thirty dates but how many years was he a backed up how many years was he out of the league. He's a fresh thirty eight's. I would take account over Palmer. He's keen and you're gonna have to pay if I was just get billboard got a got a memo case Keaton you're gonna have to pay for because he's shown something if he stays in Minnesota EC's image but if he's out there you're you know case Keenan is par laid this season in two and he'll he'll be he'll be making some money and would you Draper tapered water. That's a tough one and I also younger and up first round pick for Tony Bruno are now I'm not there area. When you think the options that are out to the options that exist and a lot of this'll change between now when the NFL draft but. If you ask me today. Alec McCown. Number one and at the potential list of quarterbacks that would be available. Not constant right and get we don't know no Eli JJ Johnson right you have. That is a lot of football left to be played a lot can can play itself up and I mean we went through this exercise last off season. Juror remember that disgusting list of free agent will be back we ended up back on tyra you end up back on Tyrod Taylor and right now. Based on what I've seen. The jets have a better quarterback than the Buffalo Bills. There's no question okay there's no question okay so if he's available team next year and you get them at the right price don't overpay for anybody. Well that that's warm goal with this I don't want. To meet average quarterback is just that I don't really need I don't care I wanna find the quarterback. That's going to win the Super Bowl and point point for the Buffalo Bills you laugh at that but that's how does not possess the look. Yeah that's fine you draft that kid writes OK but you don't force that Katie into action before he's ready you don't you don't Peerman him. She don't break him. Right sold the Shawn Watson he wasn't Peter minutes is they they saw good things in camp we heard good reports he's in trust to right. And then it was a week till later ring. Colin there is no clear path to doing this the right way they eat you have to have faith that the guys. In valuing the talent know the right way to manage and threw away how many years did Aaron Rodgers sit behind Brett Favre. Brighton you know and Aaron Rodgers Michael down as the best ever there is no clear direct path to the right way to do it. Other then you know your guys you know your roster you know you're teaming you know what they're capable of what about the BI. Alex Smith now. That the top eight EU they're gonna turn no term at some point you're not trading my home zone it's. I think I might still like McCown. Head to head who won last week Jeanne the patient Paul on one side of the field and Josh McCown on the other who well till the other account it is. Just account. Wow. Who else. I'm not taking portals. I don't know linked Jabber if he's out there I don't want you know like I can't think of anybody else that I would take is a bridge. Should you draft a quarterback early in the when he eighteen draft. I'd like the guy. He's a character got to how emotional he was at the end of last year we didn't know. Whether or not it was going to be able to play any kind of was it was talking about how we want to be there first teammates who doesn't take any of it for granted I love that. I that now. Love that guy. That's a guy you want. Your young quarterback to look up to and learn from. And yet maybe he's never won big game. He's had a hard time winning a game but the way he goes about his business the way he prepares the way he excuse on the field. Half greedy Smart. Experienced. I don't know if there's a better bridge quarterback for the bills and Josh McCown. Just thrown it out there. I don't think it's it's stunning goal though anger was is it about Josh McCown or does say more on the collar of the fact that the two guys behind him. You spent a second round pick on Achtenberg and communal feel like Hatteberg into the practice facility at all manes is invisible from that team. And embrace pennies not getting any shot here either so. But I just am wondering OK what do we spend those two picks for but accountants played enough. To put those guys and bad I just don't see the jets turning the page from a count his balls is back with Cal's back why would they let him off. But they haven't him an extension for next year nor Allen so. You imagine they'll pay a bait and it's by you know anything's possible to NFL. I like what he's doing now they and you know I'm willing to admit that we had that tag. Completely rug it's NFL again you don't you know what the NFL continues to show us we don't know anything. We were laughing at lever felt laugh at a G I remember the conversation. Our friend and lover filter jets confidential as all of us now and we're giving getting getting his look a preview of the New York Jets. And he had Rosie optimism about him that we thought was either aren't liver Phil's been forget and get an easy knock. And director of energy I watched it checks in Austin's a faring hey are you shocked at about these kids Josh McCown I'd like he's gave he's a good leader he's gonna do good days for these Steve lined up and listen. Billy's got a good name here in danger growing and you could also write to us at he has been Rochester on Twitter. Sam Brad no. Real goal. Available he starts. Arianna always Kurt he's he's another Carson and got it's being held together with duct tape. But look on the paper clips no he beat cheap Le baron tweeting if it's Patrick that's a joke I get it ha ha now. No ultimate well it now. Apparent months. Are let's not let's switch gears let's talk some hockey some NHL hockey it's Buffalo Sabres. Dennis bird sees a senior writer the fourth period dot com it's been minutes without Dennis some with just love to get his take on how the sabres have started this season that we last night. Trade possibilities for the Buffalo Sabres and how the rest of the league is looking. And shaking up but as we had set. New Year's Day in the winter classic with the sabres of course will be taking on the New York Rangers I always feel like that's a turning point New Year's Day he start to really. I'm just curious Dennis he has his ear to the ground when it comes to rumors. Trades. All Riley arcane or some of these big names could could there be a market for any of these veins seem. Next in the sports toward danger and tag Leah AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Bookmark that sports leader ESPN Rochester dot com. The sports bar in danger of attack live picture joining us this afternoon ES PM Rochus. Bernstein is he senior writer at the fourth period dot com Dennis MI right or wrong or you can't Los Angeles and if so are you safe. I am in Los Angeles. One of the fires a couple of months in my home but on the other side. Wolf I didn't know anything about to turn these most troubled girls current world mentally excel at each other questions in this morning put up. We're cynical opium the wins in the whether or about. Good support of their. My gosh are they telling people just. Stay home treating us like a storm don't go anywhere if you don't have team owner no unnecessary travel. Yet none so because of the year and Barbara just to help responders. Clean purpose to going in. Particular hotspots around president. I will be fired. I too would like it was it was anyone in the city. And so that is what the real clear about an idea target chip market on later on this morning and the you know it was so you know like 3 o'clock in the morning to excel light and compete but on. So for so good you know or I'd Wear to lots austere it was a good thing but it's cola. A significant part. Dennis Bernstein the senior writer at the fourth period dot com reporting in from Los Angeles let's talk. Our favorite subject let's talk some hockey Dennis the sabres got a goal from a defenseman last night yeah. Cool or wow. It's been a rough start for the sabres Dennis give us your view from 101000 feet. Very disappointed I'm sure the most is on of course simple loan deal. This team I thought was Libyan coastal cleanup spot conical copy. In particular contract. You bring in Marcus in Alina. And the year of experience and it just all. I mean this drop has been a precipitous so if I'm Jason borrow your work. I pick Gloucester. And across our names. Michael. Going there and be scared now. And I email the rest of the roster to you have an audio. At this point could I don't it is reversing direction. I appetite with Libya as a I I kind of wonder what happened to. Urged deals that pay players right now. Coming out of two level Eagles Jack tackle some of the great where. To get some ten million they'll text you when you got cut Michael also because six. And ride around in the consent applied didn't make any sense and could maturity because I got a little bit more and that there are different he had to rate the level so but light and the rest of the certainly what you're getting. On the Coast Guard Peyton 1000 your initial appeal leader and obviously gonna have to simply pillow like he's got him but there's an organizational failure. It would bottled or truck that he'll that I mentioned Opel sort. And probably won't what was good timber so he can he got a job at all out and I create some good so I think the vultures circling to conceal scouted both on. Internet because he mortal trades. I'll let go leading off well by the freedom. Dennis Bernstein senior writer for the fourth period dot com so it says that next next question. Who who won that they awe of the players you say would be available on your your crossing off like going to crossing offers the line in scan dollop. Who would have the most value would it be and Evander Kane. GM's jump at the chance to get it. Yeah I think of it because you know I back this council a couple years and watch and plant so once the sabres games. On the package. I already injured duck goose. I'm on a key part of the solution that I was are well I was sorry and I just have been caused so many holes and cry so I'm Leah and the only way to look at what more could go for it that Merkel that bastard called the big score the bank keep continuing. This market it's great to you know they're called on storm could trade them on because that's go to. There's electrical spark so bigger than. And it could be able even to be the number two would automatically in the moment when you know more. We didn't restrict to create two UK get first round pick and a prospect in the corner and wreck you know do your job so yes outlook the scenes leader I think he. It's part of the solution but I took a look at that we're the luster sits right now look beat in movable pieces. I wanna run it like Koppel so. And even a guy like Jason Congo may be at some valid market but yet clearly event that scout you look at I assume you wouldn't be instantly assumed earlier. The walkway created little in the seat him but I gotta get pretty accurate target him a cold. Bottle could there was so this is happening in the early as about. It's because the solution so can equip equip the weight bottomed out I gotta go get Korea payment because there's no guarantee election that there that day. Could they can say look we want to keep people from my interest and got beat it beat you clear indication noted that at. I'm I'm completely opposite in the corn try to recoup it. Dennis let's talk about goalie for a second because there are numbers as early as late as today. The Philadelphia a scout in buffalo and their need right now what are you hearing about the goalie situation with the sabres. If I think it'll premature because Parker in Atlanta going on out there I think that. There are such all right now you don't know how bad that is your most general account one in a black elite is that usually decent. Regular Google and currency gonna get them he's promoted and been an extra. Didn't category and so I think a little bit premature to get Robin is not enough it was decree is restricted free. Ian he's and so listening to open I don't do Parker hurt so that they're only exempt them to others around him could it happen. I gotta get some I gotta get to act on them and I don't think there is market value based on the buy. It's gonna be there so I think a little premature could he go well yeah like market mentality like approach in. I'm I think there will be premature to say he's gonna work so well in the next week or ten days or application beacon at the jury think happened I would like in space because. I'd put this on Google can come I just think that improvement so pork. It score that it is in the collection in critical and they all got to be in the car now too but it looked at first Welker or. No problem. It's going to be it's gotta be me to open a paper like that still only 260. So I just like it could be given up yet what I'm seeing in the it'd be the bachelor so I don't want that kind. Of object. Desert birds seen as a senior writer for the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports are 957. ESPN. Looking around the league last year you had once the calendar turned. Some firings in the NHL one was surprising coal Claude Julien nobody saw coming I guess my question days. Which coaches right now would you see on the hot seat in the league in. Gosh if I hate us and we we all love Phil Housley. And it but but we got to given some time here right at the green if he keeps going in this pattern meaning meaning there's no way. They would even consider that right Dennis. You can't get in twenty games it is nowhere and that. If you so is this sense that you would think this team played good defense. They've given up by difficult when he he doesn't mean I can't sit them even or orange or they haven't acclimated to get to go more troubling thing where the by this. Look better score or get coastal the secret source. But the fact that so we're currently he's in the in the quietly expect it to be so concerned but you can't know there's just no way I mean post tour America and get our work coat and jail those so. I doubt that. You know I was gonna waste is so weak and so I don't I don't see that happening. With respect to relief. The only guy could see that's really in trouble at the scored tunnel can't call it an amateur and I like. I would personally column what wouldn't consent mainly shocks could go in Ohio likely to be right for the job but. When you look economy being good again you know parallel to go to Jack article Kyra is that pop group who had. Being tried to make it nine billion dollars next year and he went 500 and not contending and when we all fired an eight no problem. I'm I think it back to Katie can't keep that look at our. I think cart clearly and content but I am in under coach. And I keep happening but I think if there was no contract picked for the first year you can continue on this at NATO called out. And we have been in general and under fire under. A common now in great delicacy that happened because the expectations are Scott based on their seat last week. It's funny I mean you image McClellan and Edmonton and and the parallels between nick David and Michael forever be linked because of where they drafted that year you know. I get the sense that they have and wield so much power within their organizations that they really could be coach killers. If expectations are met. You'd think it just got the walk into the office today alternate Google that he wanted. Are you aren't good you know all of them what. You can upload them in a collection of treatment so I don't think it would have been. In. Players exercisable count them you know I think that certain substance look at an example. On the Chicago. Right arm and let these. Canary had a great season or turning power on. Kincaid swatted at the top electric import and that we had in concern he went to ownership in general Americans are we want credential back. Magically. Shot impact Chicago so I think that the actual stall players. You get to the OJ depends on the organization did look at expanding. Hate Cain right three Stanley Cup KP sixty vineyard that a court techie so they're gonna have and Jack are everywhere but I do think they're. When no when you signed those players to those because contracts in their careers. It's a it's a yellow flag number one number two and acting at table in Iraq to booklet features decent. We did a little bit deeper on this and talk about continuity in the important seven in the NHL we talk about in the NFL all the time when. When teams fire head coaches after two season like you really given my fair shake me what's the time unlike in the NHL and when what's more important finding a head coach. Who wants to implement a system giving him the time to put the players in that system more fighting head coach who knows how to mold his system around the players. That he's got his team. I think it's evolving to the point good to see a morsel in the media and in neutral. I think that the player coach has to connect with the players and I sort of mosque or mosque. Darryl Sutter won two Stanley cups but he never let up never took its toll kept busting the players even though these guys are accomplished. Champions have won two cups and one cent. And they just they too got the message is don't hear anybody didn't wanna get yelled at everything that you don't put it in practice and they just bit the bit yet this season. And I have just beaten the whole opposite person. Eat the clock the sort of go into this guy and sort up pot the committee. The incident don't make it to the round is even more. It's in response on any exculpatory brown responded well the public's help in Nelson's been all the reasons on the coach but. I I do think that this or countries you liken their coup. On Travis green or where he broke when you see in. Accuracy which are right over you know a guy who came to correct a young guy who connect with the players you don't see. Picasso and then you don't doubt starting don't see. You know that can Hitchcock anymore I think the task list does not it it was Al because. I have adequately to eat and knowing about a year and derelict coaching him to them out and course it would seem that so I think. I continuity I think everything in the right to fire one coach. I continue to see that the younger one doing each quarter quote I coached in this league and that continued that you don't connect with the players. This is not my I was ironing board is that salary aptly and are priced wares at Kimberly Gloucester and so if your store or commitment to coach. I think coach is welcome. Yeah it's funny because what you're saying it sounds like what Tim Murray said. In regards to why he fired Dan vials and by the time before Murray let me and so got fires so I guess my question is about files much. Miles my coach who won Stanley Cup and grand yet talent on that Pittsburgh team that he won a cop and easing down miles Mayo will get another chance Torre is you coach that. You know you with his style like he's sad news doesn't relate to players as the NHL pass him by. Well he won the Stanley Cup the genome opulence. Particularly give me eighteen the couple compatible with sees a keynote it then maybe get them shot I don't think so I think they did they would have to go. Like one level below epochal eager to. Europe war we expect the HL and went in creature and see that he can he can connect would cause many children younger players so moved to meet. He can connect with the younger players is engaged talk coach Larry my way quietly and I don't think that they took guys in the league. Connecting the day it was hot property. He would have got farther up the equipment in. And you'd see happen so I think that's parties are exported out into the knicks coach tickets are but it is going to be compared. I sort I think backed out with banner just. You know he he he he was bill won't car and the only one truck and then Michael incompetent and they backed the creature so. When you look at the body a look at Pittsburgh saying OK well Mike's our coach there are getting bought it back to Adam. Plus nowadays code however you look at diplomacy or maybe it was part the ball. Go out because a great guy. From its all paper. Really good guy ignored their actual Peter Laviolette so he can't just couldn't coach you know ticket to America. I could think this is a ilk who could not players and just haven't walked out respectively art school. Well wanting that I think you could draw a parallel to in terms of Jason bought to since coming over from Pittsburgh. It certainly seems like the development is a focus and we're seeing here for hand in our marketing with Rochester Chris Taylor and and these guys are playing some good hockey and we've also noticed that the of the opportunity to call up some of these young prospects. The sabres have have held they've aired that that the Ericsson kind of held there on the glee. You know a nice young prospect in defense in the certainly need help. Been playing in Rochester elitists all mark I mean what more can he prove at the HL level yet curious I'll probably have. A nice long run this season in Rochester you know is there are some positive to be taken to to be taken from. Bottles approach of development at DHL level and that feeding in to the NHL team. Don't hate debt positively out of that situation what pocket if you don't ask me. You gotta look and so a lot of my last clip. Yet you have to resist it at the sale and we have to. We had to develop these guys. Like in the right manner in the right time and be patient and goes I'd rather bring opinion article back. With the Detroit went by in the play up straight more because we will always when you currently being cut out early so he got the guy developed and you should. Cool when you don't have complained earlier postseason with the amber and bring up Mexico don't eat Iraq statistically. American correct the problem. Prospects coming up it will McCain's receivers back seat. To corporate or should there so you keep those players on the right Google track you don't rush. I'm put him in position to win to succeed because. Possibly keeping a lot they got a creek right so you don't let that get into the creep in because the team as well so I think it I think that you always have to because I now. Jack continuing excuse can go get it certainly golf and I need to bring up these kids that or. Mean yeah storm entry level PO that you know this it was pretty car National Hockey League have a couple guys out of the country by and now here. If you don't have that young talent. I don't put the command by which the Chicago that bring it to on the radio he's got the I know a million dollars he you need it in your organization so Jason Castro does bring up these cute and rushing in that they're going to be treated and are going to be. I'm keep them on the right about the track and take over tolerant to increased seasons they be Inkster. Dennis Bernstein senior writer for the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports bar. It's depressing Dennis when you look at the NHL standings overall there's an error to the bottom 31 buffalo and I say 31 now because we have an expansion team at a buffalo all Vegas it. Is what is is this real what's happening out Las Vegas right now. I've been here there extra X it's they have real because you know what they wanted that eagle McCracken expansion in. Now we are recruit speed there in the system. The well with the score articles in the mix global calls that in order book in accordance with the in the in the basement so it's a look like political content in a I don't think so we'll limit the playoffs. Icing may be an eight seed market that can step it. I can't fathom that they may be Carrie Lee currently delicate topic but there are a real this is a legitimate team and remember in particular they may be that the critical problem course and on track like Oracle's stock and call it but I'm. He did the right thing the coach harder right coach he would work towards from the get go into the week and also that it would gum. He's a likable go to again connecting with the players that stepped into the coast they connect with the the players got a good system and you can bring up our military I was impressed us unity. To talk block. They do not take issue. We get maximum effort sixty minutes mean that when everything but they're been impressed that they are for real I am going to close not put. Vegas is going to be very strong attractive and the conduct of the the team I think primarily one major reason why it was because the one trashy sort out an elasticity and and regress or something competent and very don't. I like what we're doing and have. Pretty close contact actual or sport's been really good players coming through and and he's capital mr. excel this team is and that is gonna be. Something similar this beaten and don't portrait of the guys who. Combine efforts on you know that they're in 32 I'm sure they want the thing about it you know don't you think you were spectacle. He is a senior rhetoric the fourth period dot com go check out the work that they're doing their it is pretty remarkable Dennis Bernstein has been good at this time with us. This afternoon here in the sports part danger of the tech lead Dennis let Ford talking to Tony eighteen begun all right. Because they took record increase in Qatar. You got its Dennis Bernstein good stuff good stuff and we'll have that up real little later on in ninety misery of the top he is in Los Angeles and news talk about his commute on the four all five going in there that is. Just some scary video that's going out there so hopefully they get this under control at some point. Yet he images the video I mean it's apocalyptic in LA does it's not your normal commuted and an end. LA commuters have to deal with a lot. On a day to day basis of the debt to deal with fire every single day it's it supporting our leasing out their glad to hear that Dennis is okay. Dennis Bernstein from the fourth period dot com our guests in the sports part where few minutes away from entering our makeshift sports bar for the inner come Christmas party which is but get underway here while many of guest. Throughout course of the evening our. After hours special tonight as we roll until. 9 o'clock we're to do our best to roll until 9 o'clock right no days off Jane no days off dangerous for today's top NFL stories invites us form next with NFL appetizers. Saying the sports bar danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the nation called. A little fun today. Served up in place. Here's the during the attack and we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in the sports market. Of those Turkey portrays life may be in the leaks and collection protocol. What he was a limited participant in today's practice that would suggest that why. Others in the Bronx hit. On Sunday what has made some progress in the protocol all the bills injuries to update Kelvin Benjamin a limited after missing two games and any injury. According Glenn returns to practice on a limited fashion as well. The virus could net Tyrod Taylor Hall held out of practice of neat Peter managed to first team rap to. He tells companies take a compensation committee has informed all owners and a new contract for commissioner Roger Goodell has been executed. The competition committee received unanimous authorization from the owners and may eighth. Take execute contracts it sent cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been working to delay and or. Derail that process he had four or five other owners on his side at most ultimately it wasn't enough to keep the contract for being executed we're hearing somewhere in the ballpark of this nearly 200 million dollars five years. Follow up from yesterday suspensions futures Smith shoots there's one game suspension upheld by the league. Okay quarter Juliet Georgia a locus suspension. Over to hurt. Instead he'll get a 76964. Dollar and fifty cent fun. I locus stood to lose 235000. Dollars game check plus a 31250. Dollar per game roster bonus. But he had been suspended meanwhile Kansas City the cheese. Have made their own suspension they suspended their quarterback Mark Peters one game Peters left the game after drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Perform well for throwing a penalty flag into the stands this after teammate Stephen Nelson was called for penalty on jets two point conversion try in the fourth quarter. It's scary scene in California we were talking with Dennis Bernstein earlier an adventurer county fire that has forced the rams. To Alter their schedule this week rich Hammond of the Orange County Register reports the concerns about poor air quality resulting from the fire. Have led the rams to call off their usual minding their practice for today the whole the lighter walk through practice instead of regular session the Eagles are also practicing in Southern California at Sunday's game. At the coliseum at their practice at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim is expected to proceed as scheduled. California fires have now forced to routines to Alter their schedules this season fires near Oakland force the raiders to make changes to their practice plans. Earlier this year. Former NFL head coach Ron Meyer has passed at the age of 76. My coach the patriots and 82 to 84 in the cold to 86 to 91. What 5450 in his ninth season in the NFL two playoff appearances as well my it was only two in the post season. Meyer also spent six seasons it SMU. Eric Dickerson who play for both Meyer at embassy SMU. And with the colts we're out quote. Devastated to hear of the passing of my coaching great friend Ron Meier my mom and I love coach Meyer was great man. Coach and his family are my thoughts and prayers got less coach Meyer there you go. It fell appetizers in the sports bar with danger the tag Lee and but gene duty calls we're gonna have to move our our show into our makeshift sports boy here for the intercom Christmas party makeshift. This is over the top danger you seen it with the lights and it's like a stage and hear her on stage tonight here's what I know. The bar is next to us and I believe radio jurors in the same room we're gonna be happy what you that that's how we know people are gonna be coming in yeah fragile Bruno's here. Drinks yeah this is the place habit yep I'm all for looking forward to we're gonna do that next in the sportswear with danger and tag glee at will also serve up another round of shots here for your ride home as well.