The Sports Bar-Hour 2 12/5/17-Kent Sterling

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia kicks off with a conversation on NFL coaches on the hot seat. Then, the guys welcome in Kent Sterling of CBS Sports 1430 in Indianapolis to talk about one of them, Colts coach Chuck Pagano. Finally, we serve up "NFL Appetizers" including suspensions dished out by the NFL in the wake of last night's ugly Steelers-Bengals game.


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Sports bar with danger and it sadly yet to score points however you score points you've got to be able to move the ball and score points. And that's what we haven't done well enough to this point I have confidence that will be able to do whatever we need to do to move the ball when the game that we just have to be efficient forward Mike Dee. You're so you handle colts. And you tied your your back there you're you're tied once again was with Baltimore and busier here a better position if you wrap this season the final three weeks of the season Sheen attacked me. And when Tyrod Taylor went out well. I don't people who wanna hear this but there goes your season right there anything shot at making the playoffs if it Tyrod Taylor isn't healthy and you can start to look forward to next year because may Peter minutes not only this team to play out for the world is gonna do what's right. This team that's who doesn't pass a sport continues to move forward. Ever they want. A section. The same approach as it. Rochester sports leader not 57. ESPN. Tomorrow night's one tomorrow night sports bar after hours it's the answer some holiday is Christmas party Jeanne. To profits should wait sorry what time do you start to revive. Tomorrow. We. Well we're start broadcasting live from our own party at 5 o'clock to eight they set up an actual sports bar for us here in our studios. Right is people are entering for the party. And we start data five. And so were sitting at the sports bar starting at five a believe that was. It is that's pre negotiated right we get to start at five yet so we're gonna switch from our studio to the sports bar that's made on our trial studio we transfer over into our sports bar here at the intercom holiday party tomorrow night. And yet 5 o'clock and I believe the station is right next to the red closure poll out. Yeah I think that's a good spot good itself so if you are listening in your one of the leads who were invited to this. Cap this event with a forty seeing you in person. During the intercom holiday party to Moreno we're gonna have a bunch of gas and Tony you are of course of the evening has done stevens' goal and that's a big hit the shrimp table or does he come on the here where those first Howard did dawn is gonna show up. To it to his portion of the show he's gonna lock in our sports bar. And he's gonna have shrimp spilling out of his pocket. Got good doggie bed I heightening public strip the magazine just like spilling out of his pockets like he's taken some for later like handfuls of shrimp. It is coat pocket. Walking into the studio with a trail of sharp behind it could be that. Acute if it he could put that much damage into the shrimp the fact. He'll be here at 5 o'clock yeah yeah before it's all gone. The sports sports they brought about Firestone complete on a pair Firestone complete auto care. They've been keeping cars newer longer since 1946. Firestone complete auto care what ever you drive drive Firestone. You know yesterday we had our first in season firing which to me comes a little later this year with. Then Mac have you gone in in New York in that that's not a surprise that was not an if question that was a wing question. And you could say there was some dysfunction their boat but whatever at least the ownership. Cool whip quickly corrected its course may be Eli isn't going to be very at the end of the day next season but. Nonetheless we had our first coaching firing. And here you have a team that's coming to buffalo this week. In Indianapolis a team with the lowest paid head coach a little over four million dollars in in chuck got a career. And team and that Indianapolis would figure chuck McDonald danger. What a but the guy out of his misery area yeah she's not going to be head coach of this team next year you would you would have to be shocked right three in thirteen four and twelve. There's no way chuck McDonnell. Is coming back as the head coach of the colts next. I think to three coaches that are for sure gone gone now. Hue Jackson. John Fox for sure you're Jackson is not fair but. Listen. Maybe not. But how do you justify 127. You can't you terrible 127. Any might be again I like to talk about the regression of the mean like hue Jackson might be a great offensive corner. But in Cleveland he's been a terrible head coach mean he gets another chance somewhere down the road. A Bill Belichick feels when he was in Cleveland to. So know you know all about the second chance but he can't justify one and 27 sorry. Other coaches. Right now that would be on the hot seat I mean I don't think we're gonna have all that many years danger do you have those three and get I don't think. You're you're close to where it expand more on fox because that's Stanley in Chicago later than that begin to change there they're not. The big into the big splashy move. He's out because he's been. Checked out all season and him checking out started. When management went over his head in drafted amateur at ski. He didn't agree with that move C defense in my head coach he hates rookies. And he's been forced to play want all season a quarterback. He's got a weapon entry Cohen that he doesn't know what to eat what to do without using you get to see some of it on special teams like him running back to kick. On Sunday were like yeah. The guy's special Claire you have no idea what you're doing with him John Fox got ago if you bring in a guy I know it's easier send W bringing a guy who hopefully. Has a little bit of a sense of what to do. With the quarterback gain the best case scenario should bring in somebody like. What LA is always Jerry golf and you've you've seen a second year quarterback flourish after having. A not so spectacular rookie season I think that's the best case scenario for Chicago and 2018. Just pause and as we have breaking bills news here danger Shaq Lawson and Jordan Matthews both go on IR. So couple well yeah. On soul they have promoted. Defensive and it capped happy to be 53 man roster that is his real name cap cap being Agassi learned about him but. Who is the one player from training camp dangerous. Paralyzing me on this Brandon trial for Andrea Riley is finally on the active 53. Makes it just Cooley finally shut up okay good Randall Reilly in god god. Now now that's the secret formula right there that's what we've all been waiting for a Peter means you Brandon Bryant Brannon Marley that's that's the year right there that's gonna cure all ills. What are we dealing. Jordan Matthews and I are. Tough to see him come back next here. Disappointment this year I mean yes he got hurt me Alanna game was never right after that but. As a free agent right now I've car for me just say he's coming back next year as it gets another opportunity Mike just. Yet he'll be able to tell right I mean eight I think you're able to tell right away with him that that he might not be the kind of guy that fits. McDermott's culture. They picked him up in a trade. You got a nice top player that you I'll be productive but a player you probably didn't have a lot of time to really dive into what kind of looked you know what what his head is made up of. Well in that trade really was Ron Darby for a third round pick. The third round pick allowed you to trade your home third round pick. For Calvin bank. So that's the way you could look at it at the end of the day you can justify Brian Darby cornered in bit system for a wide receiver who. May be a sit down the road but you're gonna have to make a decision could. On that's let your bills breaking news here. Back to we're talking amount if you're just to me it coaches that may be. Go on here after you we get back the black Monday affect the air will be on the second of January this year i.'s New Year's Day is on that Monday. Danger what about. The Cincinnati Bengals I'm watching last night's game I'm looking at a coach that he himself looks checked out. Into the Bengals Q you've heard reports in the past the Marvin Lewis they were talking about it and exit plan for him perhaps being in Cincinnati. And at some point this team has to hit the reset button ending this will be a good point of this team finishes up. Six in 107 and nine whatever it may be. IA in a draft where you you have all these quarterbacks and you do have a contract you can eventually were gone out with eighty Dalton. Eight Cincinnati. Should make demo I don't know they will. He didn't get the extension. The contract extension part of the season he's he's done at the end of the year's contract is up I don't see them bringing him he might retire. Or they might just part ways. And as an only seven in the playoffs second longest tenured coach in the league. Owen seven in the playoffs. That's different kind of frustration right. You just never able to get over it's on not on Pittsburgh. So I think he's gone this name. Where you fall on this. And I don't know that anybody would say that this is a coach who might be in trouble. But after the kind of season they put in this year a season where. They don't have a wind over a team with a winning record. Playoff team from last year. Jason Garrett. Now. As he's nothing more than he's chair Jerry would not do that. I know Jerry likes the big mold. Blight that the excuse there is Lindsay gallery yet so I don't see that the cowboys make an ammo. You know one name that that we thought for sure to be in season was gonna last. Another sere when would be gone after this season I think has probably done enough. Todd bulls and New York I think he's done enough to shoot the Jack stable over achieved with limited talent. I mean no way in a hundred years we predicted that the jets will be less dysfunctional. Then the giants this year yet here we are and I think polls comes back around next year and he's done enough. How much Sean Payton. Could Sean Payton right now. Could get out and violence he wanted to. All right so he just signed a few years ago 45 million dollar extension. But if you wanna did not that I would think that yeah he caught. And let's say let's play this out here because of Drew Brees doesn't come back to New Orleans and sad strange to think that he's freeagent danger implicit reacted to the streets. I mean it's hard to think that drew dewy breeze to play anywhere else and they're winning games and everything is fine right now. On. Like could quit you flip draft pick to get Sean Payton nine into warlords that talk never dies down. If you or the giants is that worth it if you're another team in need of a head coach is Sean Payton it's still marquee name at this point. Sean paying coach that's won a Super Bowl Sean Payton that oversaw. Downey gay and lied to the NFL conservative pretty big suspension half the season that one year and it really put this franchise back what. To his credit. Cannery build the thing the old fashioned way and run the football may have a competent quarterback in and Drew Brees and and any other saints team is going to make the class I don't think they get back to the Super Bowl this year trumpeting his GA given that he'll be back in Wallace. Housing is given and furthermore I think there can be couple's teams. Fighting for his services. I'll throw another name out there because I am feeling that that that team's president has any G trigger finger in is impatient. After one season have we seen the last of the Vance Joseph in Denver. And if cell. Dish on May just Sean Payton make a splash in Denver war. Bears general manager Ryan pace. Chris his teeth in and you know earned his chops in New Orleans. The bears make a play to bring in Sean Payton and have him. Work with a rookie cornerback and second year quarterback mixture and Robiskie. Let's go back to the Denver thing endeavor right now only three wins. They are the team that wall OK I knew they weren't gonna be a playoff team but I can think they be. Potentially picking in the top five of the NFL draft bad. It went horribly for Vance Joseph danced Joseph having the time of his life. Tell us about that guy. Quote it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on. Would love to love just watching. Both events tells us. Around here. Watch him now on the screen this diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight a look back at Colorado defense of back in the. Wow that's just shouldn't we should've known that is in trouble disorder known then. Or reporters is Sergio debt. Was and that's the Nate Peter minute reporters sure it Sergio debt he's got talent but he was put up Tuesday that's never forget old Sergio dipped. You get another chance maybe this week against Indianapolis. Danced Joseph. 5050 he gets four. Because if the if the Broncos are picking up that high. And John Elway. Has he's die. On one of those quarterbacks come and on the drafting enter or. He really wants Eli Manning create that limit the possibilities are endless point being advance Joseph is an offensive coach defensive coach. Took a deep reds and made it much worse after the coaching staff somehow let Wade Phillips get the Los analyst. Phillips. Wade Phillips can sit again. Think about the regression of the mean Wade Phillips maybe not a great head coach one hell of a defense of head coach. Q Jackson might be a great offensive coordinator means are really good head coach. These guys and interview well when you hear them. You know when there are eloquent and they've got a plan and they've got assist on the and you believe in their system and and you. Search realize all right yeah but they're not cars of men. But that that was the flaw on the whole Vance Joseph during Miami's defense Lester 25. But I don't yeah I mean added pirate was weird from the. I agree and I I don't really understand I don't know we you know I think that came. On the recommendation of Gary Kubiak on his way out telling the you know John Elway K. Vance Joseph. That's a guy that the guy you wanna get. I. I I I've. I believe these some of these guys Gregg coaches he's gonna make better coordinators move for the seat time and time again. And you let Dwyane Wade Phillips go from Denver Judy does accord or what happens diva at its worst how's he doing Los Angeles get. Egos. The most at the co head coach there right it's you need a got a guy like that when you've got shot very much like Leslie Frazier and Charlotte there. Leslie Frazier not a great head coach. Turns out is decent defense according now. And let's see what happens when he gets the right guys in the right spots and get the right personality talent on this defense and they've got the signs. Of a really good deed as I have a feeling it's it's gonna get brighter. By the way you real quick. I wanted to share this because I thought it was really interesting. Our friend nick Veronica from the Buffalo News shared. Shared tweets. Earlier today. Asking the question which unit is better or worse for the bills than the offense of the defense. And Brian Burke from ESP yen. Did it did a graph that they. Sickly. Shows you which teams are over performing on the offense and defense of side of the ball. You know the the median being the Fisher line. Jeff Fisher line. It teams that are that are performing above the official line. Baltimore above official on because of their defense. New England. New Orleans. Above official on both because. Of their offense from New Orleans pretty balanced both offense and defense Philadelphia the most balanced of all teams. With a very good defense and very good offense of course ball playing above. This Fisher line just got to tell you which unit is better. What is the bills. Both units performing below average. And the defense is better but not by a hole much now not by hole and not it's it's close. It's close. But I think that gets better I think Leslie Frazier is good I think you need a guy like Leslie Frazier when you've got new experience a coach Sean McDermott. And he's trying to get the sense those two guys work well together Dennison told the story will see how that plays out in the offseason but. Com. Lacey who gets their shot and where guys in a Celtic shopping is done as a coach. Eye's head coach. I could see a scenario in New Orleans where vase. Hey hey let's. Keep the ban altogether we're gonna. If a show on drew we're gonna over pay you for one season so in other words come back for one more and two more. Something short term it's almost like the franchise tag for both of them. I I don't think it's in Drew Brees is best interest to chase the dollar at this point if the team is winning in New Orleans and they're willing to pay you. When the wind jump somewhere else where you don't know. It's better I could see Denver making a play maybe sneak DI LIK we can get it Drew Brees here and you know get the short sticks in here for Denver but. On to meet that would be the best places to keep status quo down in warms our team out there that I'm curious about. And it's an owner that has always love to make headlines always loved the big free agency splash and an NFL franchise to me. Kind of for relevant I'm sorry Washington Redskins fans bought these last few years have not been entertaining football you being in this. Terrible situation you've mishandled the whole contract situation what Kirk cousins you should've dealt him awhile ago you did and now you're gonna end up having no let him go home walked in. If you end up doing that well then you might as well draft or trade up for the future and if you do that. You really want gruden measure head coach and in other words there that could be the secret team implant team that. Data somewhere around 500 that could end up making a head coach. Change exists on mopping an effort to gruden is coach you know once you're up now and I think that's clear to our cause that wants way we can have to agree to group that wants. Yeah 19 hired in Tampa and one leaves a Washington. Because you see out plays out here and a lot it'll be telling your left the final four games of the season see which teams are actually quit to see if there's anything else complete. We different topic your renting we should pass this around rush has been banned from the wind yeah I saw that yeah so this just coming over yet clarified OK yeah so Ron Shaw. The Russian Olympic Committee. He's suspended for quote systematic manipulation of anti doping rules and systems swapped. But why the individual. Athletes so let's say you're Russians gear you can still participate. Or you're not gonna be participating under the Russian flag you're going to be you know how they have the independent athletes or wherever they call it. It's all will be Olympic athletes from Russia. All AR that's not confusing so Olympic athletes from Russia can compete but Russia cannot compete. Everybody follow me and I got you so wing you see. The figure skater. Who. Has a mustache because of the to the hormone injections if we can just assume it's an away are. It's okay. Got a world Claire. Into sync. Joseph Olympic athletes cheating lying never rush shall also be flying fifteen million. While yeah and how much money did they make on the table the Asher. Com let's get to let's get to our next guest in the sports bar we're gonna welcoming Kent sterling from our sister station CBS sports 1430. In Indianapolis in advance of Sunday's action with the colts come and a new era field will be tense. View on how the colts divide done this year will find a little bit more about the future of chuck McDonald get his outlook on Sunday. Whether or not the colts have a chance against buffalo are curious about the future Harry the call can be domino often trade Andrew Luck could. Those rumors she Lucio Guerrero last Kent about that next in sports bar this holiday give your loved ones a gift card to the spot to Del Monte. Let him indulge when their signature spot treatments like massage spot facial body treatment or visit their full service launch. With state of the art hair and nail care turn your holiday memories into traditions and purchaser gift card at this law. By calling 4193000. Or instantly online. At Del Monte spot dot com Kent sterling CBS sports 1430 next in sports bar with danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. It was football. Start to. Here every player between seventeen regular season this Sunday the bills are home to take on the Indianapolis Colts. Which starts at nine kickoffs one for John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest. And by Selena. Injured don't wait call or text eight. If you want Q or on the department ultimately in sports come to the right place they have 950 yen 957 and then the sports leader ESPN Rochester. A welcome to sports bar with danger of tightly it would really wanna talk to the best and brightest minds up to beat each prepared for Sunday's Buffalo Bills posted the Indianapolis Colts. He's laughing because he doesn't know it doesn't no doubt it would despite that we're gonna inviting Kent sterling from our sister she. In Indianapolis. From CBS sports thirteen thirty an Indy can't how are you this afternoon. Well it's going to be snowing it's going to be cold this is what you get what's and you work on in the month of December cannot. Or was it talking to you here for the first I'm more interested to learn about. Where this colts franchise is heading I mean it's a lost season this year. But. I guess we'll start out with a head coach you're chuck McDonnell. He still is today as of today and head coach. Well I hate that part parts to hire Chris our. Early equipment hire Ballard. They asked in my picture emerged they let it keep track the Battle Creek here try to go Lamotte. And if you guys can't get along at a way to bridge right operate. In tow truck on a bill here there's nothing to be gay. I'd firing him at this point and there's been nothing to gain. But fire at any point that he's in because about four and a half million dollars per year and that's real money to your. A bit I spent part of it was economic. In that ought not to hear and then two more up on it not track that Coulter gonna paint ball. At the end of this era at there aren't going to be allowed to do what he wants in on New Year's. I expected chart but Donald going to be fired. Can't what about the Andrew Luck in his catcher in Indianapolis immunity if it was as bad as he is us hearing trade rumors. Because of how he was houses injury was dealt with by Indianapolis. About what's the status for the franchise quarterback. Well and he he's trying to figure out how to get well. Building a house on the out west side of Indianapolis I don't think that. Well I don't that the coal committed to a they're not gonna trade him. And in so it is what it is a god help me and we ought to be ordered back and forward. There are Albert. Because you know what what is. Rumored. On that he's having difficulty. Finding a way to get toward a long term what it. Where he's got a project to work long term health and end result. All. Are all there. And all and I. Want. We're not gonna go out of luck at the colts and quarterback the or. Yeah. Skull or the other option. Pence sterling CBS sports 1430 or guest here from Indianapolis. In the sports are the bills taking on the colts this Sunday game you'll hear right here yes in Rochester. I can't it as far as Andrew Locke and if he is going to be back next year's we all think that if chuck McConnell is not. I would have to think that the colts job even though you're you're dealing with a an owner there that you know certainly has his way of bottom. That would be an attractive shot because not every job opening up this offseason we'll have a a franchise quarterback attached to. And great attractive also because respond or hell why are. Wrap it up now I know that you know what. It is slower one or equipment guy. Got close to make a commitment towards starting quote agent couldn't try to build this franchise. Of all the court. That's not happened early but the current is partners' client Gretchen court outlawed. Our great it really that local scrap and re absolutely terrible drought. I'd like this is a terrific job a lot like that. A mop. Up and quell a hearing that this person of course what what the carpal. The court interim. At Indianapolis Colts went truck out of being treated for Kenya. He said that the rock for about twelve. It then yes. And look good but not yet seen quite a while but while it ought LP. Group chalk. Out a rock. That interest and he whether. It happens go after a marquee name. It. Hitting it didn't see it early or go. All the out and outlook are typically and look forward to actually ya got it. You know what all packer. Arbiters we're gonna find out what. Aisle seat. A hostage. All but that it sees. Or allowed to speculate right I mean a name that we heard. Already attached to the giants' opening would be somebody that would think in Indianapolis and make a lot of sense and that's Andrew looks college coach David Shaw from Stanford in me you know what is there. Dvd or be anything there we did today Adam I just completely speculating just popped into my head as we were talking. A name that. Might. Not. Our own equal records are. Or or or group question. Caught or are they can't eat treats I think that that. Crop. Of determining or are what direction he wants. I can't aren't. Trust people easily. You want about what. She didn't keep creeks are still relate well. Can't sterling is our guest here as I he is from CBS sports out in Indianapolis 1430. I can today than we did hear the story this year if I TY Hilton though little. Little bit of dysfunction there out calling on his offensive line is that with over what's and if in May be if not could could that be a player that I can be on the block next year TY Hilton receiver for the colts. At. The wedding. I want. It to an alternate shot blocker. Hey I can't ever for. Oh. Really hurt them. He is. A note back. I. Quarter. And it was well. Well. And whether. Or not. At all. In. Error out. And it. It took. I wanted to. Contrast that. Record. Coast. Credit. A lot of knows a lot of we want our part. Up and that line the pride that account pertinent. To I don't think it early crime. What about. The Colin guys out. Can't three wins at this time of the year is nothing to write home about but but I'll go back to the beginning of the year when when the colts signed Jacoby ever sat. And it really felt like their plan at the beginning of the season was there wasn't a plan at quarterback should Andrew Luck not be ready to go and and given that. You've got colder reset playing all these games this year I mean you know you can't ask for much more. That what you got out of the second year quarterback at thrown into duty in in a pinch hit a kind of the last minute. What you got out a whole lot of talk a bit. Late. A work that. We. Hope. We. I'm. At work earlier and in. Well in. A while and getting up at a court order or. Are we. An article called me and not apple. Well of course work. And it up we want a grand opening her acceptance. When asked about it on Monday. Lap it up or looking at well but now my query but got a like why so the next question was what happened. Well. Might not. Wear it Ebert ought to be a a quarterback. Where we need that were going to be. Can't have a court pick emotion. On caught up on. Hot crew. Over. By. Go back out while. They want or nine different art. Are. And that lack. Can't exactly what happened. You got one rate at quarterback on the now going to figure out how to get shorter help he got one fighting for quite got a third one white. Don't know for every output. Target against sterling at CBS sports 1430 in Indianapolis and it's funny can you mention that Scott holes seem performance against a Los Angeles rams and new computer me just gonna stands over here it's as hold my hobbies are. I tell you are well maybe facing a computer Meehan this on a day it knew where a field I'm curious what Indianapolis. And Indianapolis fans see when they see the Buffalo Bills and how their perceived. As an opponent this weekend. What we see because of the weather or. The name. Don't go. A little like well all in all Apple's O. Will quote the book altar now when old eight. Ball park. Out of it was just right there on. No wonder what ball terribly well. Or. Are. Shaken or. School coal. Is important and what are. You employed. Early and off. Can't when you're taking calls on your show on and indeed. What's the view well there Jimmer sank. Does it air Irsay outside Indianapolis we have our view but what what is it like they're within a blast zone ever sect. Well you know. Little about. All of the attention audible lots. Until you'll only got a group owner I. Are running out of your football operation. About it. Got a little not a little anxious and build all. Your quick point oh and came up at the odor and that's not a good spot for worst ever know about what well. A tried. Our. And cute and he's the kingdom as part are operating football back need a great football guys. Iguodala out there are other issues whichever. Well not. Up all. Out on. Dated back which is a problem and it never. All our own. Team but. Yeah. Well armed and is there to kind of work. All week like crop. Number not born of a media will not. After the final and didn't worry are about a lot. Oh older having. All. Ought not apartment. Or about. Greater impact cracked the shut up and now nobody knows where he is probably in Europe art and am now. All IR. And saw. Well. Well in numbers. On the and a good point on teachers are trying to. He's Kent sterling CBS sports 1430 in Indianapolis joining us in the sports bar with danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester can't. So gracious with your time before we let you go can we get a prediction. Out of view for Sunday. I wouldn't be on the bill. And up it was cold we like and this week and an aunt or uncle or a one hop on. Call ultra. Interest in where where do you think they go into why 12018 with that draft. I think they're gonna go on the crowd from the quarterback when he you don't now get. In and don't want you got a quarterback upright. Article as quarterback. COLT not good government quarterback. But are. There ought to go outside. I know what team though that would love to trade up and get a quarterback though so can we put our people and talk to your people can't put it back well. And and. It's certainly great talking you do nice to finally meet she'll look forward talking you again in the future Kent sterling. From our sister station in Indianapolis CBS sports 1430 Kent great with your time this afternoon really appreciate it talkies in Iraq. But again cancer ruling out joining eastern sports bar with danger to take a while we're talking account we got some clarity on the map Molson situations you know he's not coming in the hammer well. He's gonna play in America not doing a follow me on this the sabres is putting this out to a little bit ago. Matt is a true professional especially during this difficult decision at this coming from sabres general manager Jason bond troll. Matt has previously spent time with the kings organization early in his career we solve this would be the best opportunity with them. Assigned to the Ontario rain in the American Hockey League going on. From an organizational standpoint. We felt that with our young forwards in place in Rochester. We did not want to take away from their development and ice time by adding another veteran player at this time. Look at him Molson Simon's sabres organization is over well. And maybe I mean I the way I read that he's still a member of almost like he's on loan he's still Saber properly he had planned but yeah it is kind of barrier and you know play in in California rather than Rochester. It's that's not even the real HL by the way I know they say they're in there just a little division you'll slam it's like they don't even exist neither and a. Let's get to NFL appetizers nexus sports park around the NFL answer to today's top stories and bite sized form suspensions from last night's game are outs. And also some injuries report on an advance of this weekend's action we'll get to all of that next in NFL appetizers a sports partying germ attack Leah on ESPN Rochester. If Colin can win. You know I always wonder and we talked to coach K that the former shell could I ask we need to don't where's the dump button going to be further whenever I following we need to do what day. But it's almost I don't know man like you know you play these the teams you're really know in the beginning but in football you really don't you're writing your schedule. Please try and figure out where and is this your team how many games into the season. You really feel you know we are football separate a lot different if you have no warmup game adding to less consistent product overall in the NFL work as much turnover is there is used to get that familiar names. And you still get that sentencing someone to your poor your team like the NFL we could look at the quarter mark of the season. And they usually we get a better idea of the team dart around that time period. In college you're right and once you get your conference schedule comedians start to get through those teams negotiate a couple of times but it could be different. It's torture window. On AM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. This news from around the National Football League. Have a little fun today. Served up in my eyes for. There's no assurance that tag we are serving. Art this way lessons. Now another sportsman. Suspensions in the Al. Aftermath of last night's Steelers Bengals game came quickly today NFL announcing one game suspensions. We're still wide receiver futures Smith Shuster. Single safety George I'll woke up this after their vicious hits now both were flagged last night for the helmet to helmet hits Smith Shuster. Dropping Bengals linebacker Vontae is perfect woke up. For hitting Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in the end zone we'll joint patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the shelf this week. Pending rocks appealed his one game suspension. Steelers linebacker Ryan cheese here remains in the Cincinnati hospital after suffering a back injury and being stretching up until last night's game against angles. Coach Mike Tomlin said today that she's here feels good mentally. Even as he declined to give any further information about his physical condition and Stevenson said they hope she's here will be able to leave the hospital today Tomlin indicated that a further update. On cheers she's serious condition could be coming later today as well. Couple other injuries to report including the status of lines quarterback Matthew Stafford his right hand is still sore after being stepped on line crossed the ravens. Staffer described having burning nerve pain and came begins Sunday while coached him call will also Monday the quarterback just sore. Just just enough to keep them. Is being certain or uncertain about Stanford's status now in New Orleans. Who got a game Thursday night against Atlanta Mark Ingram who showed up on the team's injury report with a whole injury Ingram was listed as being a limited participant in practice. But we should know that practice actually didn't happen today. But the injury is there nonetheless disclosure undoubtedly mean that he's received treatment on the tone in the aftermath of Sunday's win over the Panthers. I can go and make speculative golf. Chris Cosworth will someday be be replaced on NBC by Kurt Warner. Warner who's been a studio analyst and NFL network for some time now we'll get a couple of chances to be game analysts this month NBC announcing today that Warner will Steffi Chris Collins worth. As much Rico's partner for two games. Who called December 16 game between the bears and lions and NFL network as well. As a Christmas night game between the Steelers and Texans. Vacuum will be on NFL network and NBC. Warner worked as a game analyst and fox in 2010. From a lot of gas probably provides a more affordable option in the future that Chris Conner. Earnings. Don't know eight seems like Collins worth and it is have you noticed during the intro is that they each pay pro football focus rank. You know that would who's got. Our ownership in in pro football focus calls were cannot Beth and I know he's going anywhere anytime soon Nader just to be a couple nights off its Christmas night. And it's one of those Thursday night games that. It's not even on the real Matt org it's on NFL network. So payment be testing the waters a little dearer hero your wishful thinking you know a little bit of wishful thinking but also this. Companies don't like a lose money. And at what point if the ratings continue to decline at what point do you say look at everything. That we're spending on this production. On Thursday night's. On Sunday night's. Now let's look at how we can cut those costs. Calls were it's got to be one of the higher paid guys right. Some. Somebody can step in into it let. Jon Gruden wants try and raise his value is valued ESPN it might by saying these he's in the media and and talk about his coaching days it is up for. Good luck with that they will replace issue. I OK you're you're right but I wanna ask you this question unless this question any bought in between is that it at ESP Iran registered danger and beyond us. I'm going to give you a golden ticket in this golden tickets says. This person is no longer allowed to call NFL games whether it's a play by play guy or color everybody has the one announcer. Wind disdain that they just want to pull off the island are you all working with mean. Who my answer would be but I don't know who yours would be CU in Joe Buck. Joe Buck is is yes shocking yeah yeah Joseph blocking you pretend like you care urges the little bit. Can you put a little more effort into this these two groups too cool for school yes and the next Joe Buck. Game I wanna hear called as the last one I wanna here call. Hey. Mom I gotta think about this the first second. I guess my initial reaction really really don't like what at what fun money and if Opel has become a shot McDonough in the Booth. But that said I don't have a specific reason why I believe that other than. I've now I know there's better options out there and a Bratton wrestler calls a way better game they Sean McDonough. Wise right all right Sean McDonough is that they have any personality right is that what it is it is something there is something that just doesn't sit right with me. You're comparing him dollar Monday night announces before he's not anywhere close he yeah maybe that's what I would say yeah goes in my argument of they will finally cheaper option if it's not affordable yeah how to to re going up and NBC right he has parenthood occasional widen. Good bloc Syria rights and it'll come at our expense it'll come at the expense of what we you know we think Cosworth is in good right now. We'll careful what you wish for you get Kurt Warner in there and it could be a lot worse or. Yeah or maybe it's a lot better media have a situation where you see him doing kind of things like Tony wrote was I Tony were all. We don't we're Leslie's changing the big game for analysts he's doing things that other analysts have never done before. And it's fun it's great to watch. Great to watch mr. brown mos burger. The draft brow it. Brett would be OK if we just need to chill offers second have a cold one maybe one or two that you are cold and Olivia want her to be happier better move may be if he did that with Romley BO OK. Let's get to happy hour next in sports part danger takeaways is upon us right now our daily special on the way. Yet another round of shots next stay in sports bar danger the tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. And listen lives what do you foresee. Probably his bills receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.