The Sports Bar-Hour 2 1/5/18-Matthew Fairburn

Hour two of The Sports Bar begins with a round of "I'll Drink To That" including trouble in paradise for the New England Patriots. Next, Danger and Battaglia welcome in Matthew Fairburn, of The Syracuse Post-Standard, live from Jacksonville with the latest Bills and Jags news. Finally, the top NFL stories of the day served up in bite-size form with "NFL Appetizers."


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Those sports bar with danger and it sadly it's the same. Yes it does take. Sean. You'll see him do some things today and we'll go from there it's focused on. The news these days on little. Some big games which I don't that are. Insistence on the other one movement at a time right now to see how it goes through this feature individual part practice and think of that. Mike danger it's the turnovers it's the ability to get the ball from their opponent and again if they have any chance to bring it back around it's got to come off of mistakes public morals and maybe you know from fort Jeanne exactly. But the bottom line here is Tyrod Taylor will have to make some plays here this week. Toy play again. No they've got a good came strong team. I believe that our guys up they would get a good team so what should make for a perfect game. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Danger to check layoff were in the sports bar ESPN Rochester IE SP and Rochester on Twitter. Predict the outcome for the bills game on Sunday and you know give a prediction again here shortly. When you see you winning between bill. And the jags. Vinci has right now. That's 58% of the bills winning a close one. Tacked on another 19%. That say the bills. Win by a touchdown. Or greater. I'm bad at math what does that bring god to us. They waited for a similar on the second at 77%. 77%. More than three quarters of vehicles. While. And I united scientific yeah yeah Jane and I have our predictions coming up first. Let's get tore out of order that bodies that Cameron. He decides to run. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. Sports. Her eyes Cheadle while the yeah the New England Patriots raid may happen sooner. Rather than later. I'm not buying a lot of what's being sold in zapped with your your article and everybody's talking about it especially the part about rob hello Kate offered multiple contracts. Jermaine in New England is Brady's backup. Gee here I commit the ESPN AS PRI. Yes yes I do this this was published today to get the Talking Heads something that the day. Before the lone playoff broadcast tomorrow afternoon. And yes he had now. I'm not buying. All right so. Yeah you could have published this anytime you could've waited until Sunday so yes there is something that the timing of this danger I will say that's true. He is a link theory you're gonna have to get yourself a good half hour read it but there's a lot in their danger and if there's smoke. There is fire and it does I mean what I'm buying here. How cool it went in before the draft last year reportedly Cleveland offered a first round pick. And we went past. On trading Jimmy drop will now all of a sudden it knowingly traded for a second round pick out of that work for this article explains it I do believe. Not all is right pair. I agree with that but the idea that Rob Lowe was offered multiple contracts. To stay as a backup is silly to me. Drop below and Brady have seen agents. It would make moves their age it behooves each player is for all of them to be starting quarterbacks in the NFL not for one of them to be backed up. So the patriots know this there's no way they would make an offer of seventy million dollar offer for you stay here and be back up quarterback when he knows he may 25 as a starter or else. Well look like anything else though I mean what when they're reporting isn't going to do you throw around numbers what's the real number the signing bonus is the real number the length of the deal those are the real numbers so yes I'm sure they offered him something but was it real or not that didn't really the article doesn't going to sentiments. I'll drink to that danger I thought asking this question today here in the sport's first set of bills game which game are you looking forward to the most watching the NFL playoffs they thought. We'll have one tomorrow. More marquee against the fat man in the Asian Pollack who weighed woods walked gains against your Atlanta Falcons danger now. And then Brees against Newton in the nightcap on Sunday Gere yeah. It. I've got a family function on Saturday while. Yeah site you know I'm not I'm gonna be dialed into what's going on with the family function but as soon as it's over yes I'm going to be. You know in the throes of of NFL playoff action Saturday night yes Sunday. Sonny gene I know you'll be celebrating the bills that the thirsty turtle I will be holding us I'll be holding court in my basement and I don't know that I'll I'll have a full family support down there I think it might just be be flying solo pages to lock the doors so proud program not only outwit you all altering to that I want all. The playoff football it's always a good weekend of football this first run that you did the wild card weekend is always agree we can focus all. Drink to that she Lamar Jackson has officially declared for the draft. I don't want to keep an eye on him given the success that Dean Mcdermott had in Carolina with Cam Newton Jackson may be more count did. And less physical version of new and that's available at a discounted enabling bill that a lot of bills fans. Don't wanna hear that. But it's realistic. And it makes sense. I mean I will drink to that if he is on the board you don't hear the qualifier injury you don't have to trade off. I mean you you grab him and when you say less physical Cam Newton I daddy gotta look up to these assassins nearly a specimen Jack seeing. To me. On paper it looks more Palin did in Tyrod Taylor he that you can't ignore the production he has put up in college football in a major conference. He's an excellent quarterback he's gonna go in the first round so I'll drink to that thank goodness the Buffalo Bills are in the class because if they or we be talking about just how bad it the Buffalo Sabres are. Eat cat. Peter work late last night got in the car for the game out of they're like turn this off there's a replay right now if Phil Housley Maine were still Jones. We would be having the conversation let's be honest about changing the coach. But you wouldn't bet the house Lee and I'm not saying that we should necessarily do that the house lead but what I am saying is that everyone. Including the coach is doing such a bad job with this. How listen altered to that they're under achieving sure but I'm not. I doubt he sees it but I'm not down on this team. I'm not I'm not I'm not. Not down in the organization I should say because when BC what's happening in Rochester when you see Casey middle stint doing what he's doing in the juniors and we need to consider that the to have another high draft pick this year given how this season is going. Listen. CEO Bob drove do his thing like you let. McDermott have been doing their thing I think it's going to work out the end it just might take a little bit longer. That it took the Buffalo Bills turn things around so I'll drink to that Jeanne I saw a garbage truck driving off 390 in my way to work this morning and got me thinking. What it make people drive more safely not just not just it these conditions but in any condition. Are you ready for my million dollar idea you know give it to me and order and were replaced the airbags in one of five cars with an active beehive. Can't we. I let my deep breath. Go with like in the NASCAR version put the governor in the car in the temperature gets below zero that your current can't golf ball that he thought. How about that. We meet halfway if we do maybe it's out of beehive maybe it's a prussian helmet. You know the helmet spear that jointly meet half way. And it's something I'm comfortable that we'll make five well it's. Our guys are all about like up. You wouldn't rob a bank looked like I'd say the way the way they need to be able like this you're raspberry jam don't want to get Bradford Tim splatter all over their clothes so I'll drink to that over under on cut aways during the Jacksonville buffalo game of Jacksonville jaguar owner shot and time. Look at the jags are winning this game I say three shot kind I don't wanna see this man. The man smiley who looks like an evil James Bond villain. No shot con during this. Peace to bond that we be expecting you know. You stupid. By the way he's got to Phoenix PD new he's Gordon's dad everybody in the back in five years a move team to London. You expect estimate leg. Well mr. bond I expect you don't guy. Should I talk. Come along way in the sports bar. We used to be able to whenever we said check on a play that you know the shocker shocker can't shut can't. Chipped on. (%expletive) on. Chad Chad Chad. East of mind that's a drink to that the sports part danger in the tech live. Back to those playoff matchup some before we get to Matthew fare over here now and a little bit the sports or danger to tag list. I don't know which 1 I am I mean clearly looking for the bills more than any of them that's going to be the most exciting to watch for us here locally but. ELI. Cool this great story lines and all of all yet there are let me ask you this question I guess we know the matchups. Tennessee Kansas City and then being the nightcap it'll be Atlanta and LA bills player early Sunday and and that's all buy New Orleans Carolina. Of set aside the bills Jack. The other three games. Give me the one team out of those six. Val walks would really really error in changes would need to be in war. I feel like Tennessee is the one that's that would happen I feel like Mike Malarkey is. That if they were to lose. If they do win. It's going to be on the legs of Derrick Henry. I mean oh in Derrick Henry fancy brand coming on as if she ran aside just look at two players. Side by side in this has nothing to do with the fact that I invested heavily Derrick Henry this year. I invested in Derrick Henry because. Next to DeMarco Murray is a superior. Running back. We can and week out you saw it yet. Malarkey. It is why it's it's dangerous to assume. Rational coaching. Even when he was hobbled even his lesson on percent to Markel Marie DiMarco Marie DiMarco armor. Derrick Henry is the superior back. And he was soft last week against Jackson Billy he admitted it himself that was his first start. Official start of the season to play second fiddle DeMarco Murray all season long. I think if Tennessee wins. DeMarco Murray not Marcus Mario but the more homer goes off. That set I don't know that Tennessee is gonna win in this Tennessee loses. Then I think they will it be that the team where changes are in order and Mike Malarkey might still lose his job. How do you view. The team I think it's not Tennessee but before I get off this game day if I'd choose a player. If Tennessee goes in there and handles Kansas City audio host Alex Smith that's going to be the course you're going to hear about they invested highly in Patrick on homes. In a they have another early playoff exit and Blaine shifts the the quarterback look out the back so there's a lot riding for. Alex Smith but for everybody else in Kansas City having everybody else stays the team I have my eye on. Actually the saints yeah how often do you gets a playoff team. Where a head coach. And makes it clear free agent quarterback. Okay well you'd have to pay kings ransom that did Drew Brees I don't expect Drew Brees the jump ship. But the patent thing in other job openings. Mean boy if he wants to go with the giants want to talk to what the bears wanted to talk to how how in New Orleans let this happen. And for New Orleans this to mean there is is cool as it's going to get with an old. Quarterback he might DNA is jumping off point and a patent liens then then who knows what happens down in the by. So funny how quickly things change in the NFL gene we knew it was weak three. And we were laughing at the saints' top cop. Owing to start your defense is a sale hall choice 79 that's all you guys are good for they look like one of the best teams in league all season long. They they showed the bills what's whipple's postal like they just humiliated buffalo. The combination of marking Germond Alvin Camara. You don't need Drew Brees to throw until arm falls off anymore. You've got to really really solid running game and your defense is improved your secondary Marshall a lot of wars is is out of his mind. He's right there with tree widely the two of them are going to be linked forever. Is longs are playing in the NFL and their both breezy really good players. Hum. For selfish reasons I would love to see Sean Payton go to Chicago but. I don't think it's gonna application Chicago's notoriously cheap in and you'd have to pay a lot I think it Sean Sean Payton it beat your head coach. I could see that don't like it see that if they lost to Carolina and I'd Sarah that's it that's the end of that regime in and you're coming back next year with life. Guys and they're paying goes is breeze come back and there's a lot of questions there I would assume so but you don't know that for sure. Media other matchups it should be a lot of fun tomorrow night rams and in felt as I'm sorry you got fame we function you're gonna miss that one but my expectation is points. Sit back. Kick back debts a lot of fun to watch that game and now hopefully Atlanta's healthy on that side of the football because I wanna see full quote go up and down the field where buffalo Jacksonville. We're all expecting a slugfest now a lot of points last team that kick a field goal get out of there with a win that's the best case scenario for the bill right. Got a deal for the rams and falcons. I expect that the overall Mac. Our let's talk about we elect. Real like he in the early game tomorrow Kansas City hosting the titans Kansas City. Andy Reid. Against Michael ROK. Pick and even Alex Smith at this point. I thought they would honestly danger I was surprised they move the bills jaguars. Is Sunday because out of the fourteen he'd have to say probably on a national level Kansas City at this point. When sandy Reid and with the playmakers had the other Dell the most familiar to a national audience but they kind of put that game on the Saturday afternoon. I will take the cheese based on experience. In this game because I think. Game like this experience does matter and for a second year excuse me third year quarterback a marionette and four Malarkey I don't have any faith in that. I like the chiefs as well it's funny if you ask me if the chiefs can beat the titans after the bills beat the chiefs are probably say no way. But you've seen flashes of the chiefs are what they can do as they wrapped up the season and I feel like their back on. At least a little bit more stable ground chiefs over titans and then Saturday night the rams hosting the falcons geno we got. I get the rams in this game actually I think that's you know there that the team that has. Put together some things I don't put much stock in that last weeks seventeen moss. Ought to San Francisco. And a lot of fun going either way that's the 1 am I'm having actually the most trouble picking your danger but I will take the rams in this game. At home on should be a fun crowd there Tuesday you know and figure what the 80000 plus there are coliseum. Falcons are undefeated when they score seventeen or more points and taken the falcons. I can't argue with that that's the one game that I really have troll picking her. And then we gave well then we've fewer risks with us earlier we did pick the bills I'm going I think this is tougher buffalo I'm saying jaguars dangers saying the bills. I Carolina New Orleans Sunday for forty that's the game on fox and this is another one of divisional matchup love the divisional games danger I I will take the saints at home in this game. New Orleans it won't be the last game now for Payton and Brees with the saints take the saints in a you know in a one score game. I I agree with you there are like saints in that game I just don't know that. I have a hard IA you know what V could come down to. I. NFC championship by I almost feel like it's gonna be all AFC south affair like the saints. And I like the falcons that much. I yelled so about the falcons. Since during the dance at a redemption that's there Julio Jones you have the weapons the defense is common around. You win when you score over seventeen points. The saints just being Hoff to stop. Tough team to stop. Funny all four of these teams in the NFC. I like better than Philadelphia this point. I think Philadelphia is a one seed right now about their quarterback is the right for the upset. I ground I agree. On it's it's not sane when you don't have a six a five to 35 seconds your. Couldn't stay we'll call work ethic. And in western values I'd synergies is not sick well we're all losers well all underestimated his value in the hunt he will be helping his teammate he will be watching film. You'll be a coach and you will be an inspiration. He is the leader the ginger general. Carson went Sylvain cars went to the the it's fair burned Friday in the sports bar or danger to tag clear but he now affair burn. From Syracuse post standard do we get a verdict is she in Jacksonville is in Jacksonville he was in the locker room today. And he was the first guy to really point these out. Go back to what so many turning points in this Eagles season. But. After us the Los Angeles game against the chargers and you had to go back to Tyrod Taylor. Nasty fear ever wrote about how Tyrod Taylor picked up the ball and let his team after that and it's a lot so we'll talk about we'll talk about Tyrod. We'll talk about what was being said lock from server was also there for them roam press conference today I had some are buying that they're burned her and Friday live from Jacksonville coming. We also Bob before we wrap up shop here this afternoon in the sports are and it looks hockey tonight. A lot from blue cross Serena Don Stevens. A will be joining us up before closing time at 6 o'clock to 545 will be talking to Don Stevens my first question that Don wick to mar nineteen Star Wars. Who's don's favorite Star Wars character. Doesn't answer that question danger you say you would does he say. I ate I have Don tagged as up I've never watched Star Wars in my life this guy. That's fine. Those people exist I I you know kind of a big pop culture thing in. If you've never watch Star Wars are United's Star Wars this is final judge put don't know but I have done is I've never watch Star Wars guy. I think I think he says go to you going you are going yards. From. Whom can. He's never watch their rights are worse right now I I I've been calling gain since you're on the Seve out pretty evident on the soda beer watch them. He's a good princess lay a kind of guy maybe I am old school prince's layup. Odd they help me Obi wan can Obey chris' live we'll get to him here in a little bit of course and Merck's action tonight. A starting at 650 with a pregame team shatter will be here with a call. And Donald take over play by play at 705 live from blue cross Serena hammer hockey has always here on the home. Of Rochester Americans hockey and tonight it's up brought to danger. Sally so Wilbur it's called what hurts you pull it 31558922. Suits you visit them online at WUPI. Dot com. Or are you wanna quote you can always stop right there 4930 sticks state route 104 out of Williamson and Dick hash for your car trucker. SUV today from wilders you pull. A sports are a danger Mattel actually we continue next to Matthew Everett of the Syracuse post standard our guest on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk in the week we have merged tickets. I've been super advanced sports young. Plus college football championship leaves here in the Alabama Crimson Tide. But Georgia Bulldogs couldn't game at 630 Monday on PM 950 N 957 Afghan dust sports leader ESPN Rochester. Probably brought due in part by the tax oppose or homeowners are you all were paying for property taxes because it's on you live in is over valuing your property. Or walk into the tax suppose there's they will give away free no obligation review all of your assessment. Pay absolutely nothing unless they succeed guarantee call 5468185468184. The tax Boston. Asked if you're ever Syracuse post standard joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee and talk about that college football game we know. How big college football is in north Florida do you think it's taken a backseat. This weekend with the with Jacksonville hosting their first playoff game in seventeen years Matthew how are you. I'm doing well I do you know what I think. This town doesn't get enough credit war you know that that type of action they have for the jaguars. And I think that's gonna come out this weekend I mean. I know that built and they're traveling again. You know they have this grand idea that it going to be 5050 in the stadium meant. You know it's going to be a built takeover but I don't see that I mean. These people are fired up about the large it is the first time. They've been good. And quite a long time and yes it's probably normal college football down but the gators suck right now you know that it's really gators out. Here so. I think you know they've been looking for an excuse to jump back on that this Pope all in their. There's also a segment of the mandate that does die hard as they come up I think it's going to be electric atmosphere and. Well Matthew down there today you were at the facility today you know what was your biggest take away I would assume you caught up the Marcel Daria as the former Buffalo Bill. Yet you know Marcel Barry this is is a lot more lax. And I ever remembered him being maybe a candidate how he handled from a PR standpoint or you know maybe he's a little bit more comparable. Being away from you know that the place where he made so many mistakes but. The last two days I mean he's been willing to talk in just kinda cute the breeze then he's been real relaxed joking around. They can ought you know make a lot of joked to reporters so I mean. It seems like he's. Happier than he lied. At the buffalo and it's funny because he's buying them does blow on the guy who he called NATO led you know that all the stuff about them now they're getting along great so it's. It's kind of funny how everything worked out for. But it was also laid out kinda cool to hear of you know talk about what it meant to on the you know accused up late on Sunday night. You know watch it all the celebration videos from the bill get into the play out. In what fans are saying about it. Tax and all the guys on the team is legitimately excited that built to maybe a little bit bummed out that you know you order a part of it but he also. Fired up to be a part of this defense you know one of the best in the league and and he got to be a division champ he gets the go to the point out it felt very fitting how are a lot of these you know guys there are becoming. Full circle here you know this week at. Matthew the reversal of fortune run defense is since the Marcel Darius trade has been well documented that the jags were last in the league weeks one through seven stopping the run. Daria comes to the jags and all of a sudden there you know on our top ten. Run defense team but I argue it and you tell me where you where you stand on this. That it's less about the play of Marcel Darius and more about the motivation to having Marcel Darius on this roster did for the guys in front of him Malik Jackson and end. And Audrey Jones who we really step that the game since Doris is been add to the roster. Yet I don't know it to its interest thing I mean. I think that hole. Narrative might be a little over blown you know the idea that Marcel Dario came in an expert on defense is playing fine but he's not. You know the dominant player you log a few years ago and you still get used to the gave I think all in the last. You know monitor to that he really started to take hold. And establishes a role here. I think there's probably jump into your point you know it it provided a little motivation and guided around them also can't discount. What happened I got like that does you know two guys around you land. You know you get more attention on the defense declined in any doubt blocks from the nose tackle I think back to help free up you know linebackers. Bring up you know other people on the climate debate always I mean that's just such a talented group that it are today Daria it's such a huge difference obviously. It didn't hurt. But the disability and I think they can beat beat whether a good running game with respect to the running in admin and have bad about the way obviously passing unnoticed. Usually fruitless so. If you're going to be there be happier with the running game and I still think. You know that there is some cracks and there are there because. I just don't think Dario slowed this quick fix that everybody sort of made about a bad. Well I guess that you know leads the my next question here and it begs the question. All right so if it's not push on the corner of his Misch from LeSean McCoy hit you know 75 so what whatever percent to wanna put added. You know I Howell. How much faith do you have Matthew in markets Murphy. I've got a reasonable amount of faith and and I mean he's he's a guy who. I had a pretty nice skills say he's at bat signed backe fairly elusive I mean you know Shawn McCoy by any stretch of the imagination. But he held a lot better than Mike Tolbert so. You know he's at least. A decent option just spell McCoy hit it it's been frustrating all year that you you watch accord come out of the game and they don't have anybody you know that even remotely. You know it's similar to and it's guilt so lies they go right from buoyed up my whole group which is. Pretty sobering so I think you know to have a guy like our people at least as. A little bit of that game breaker NM is pretty good I think it's there it's funny this week yesterday. The jet or you can court entered topped lodge was. Was talking and noted that asked and how it changes. In other game plan you know what I don't know whether always going to be in there and you know he was that about bargains Murphy and other repair program. And its response post market perfect. It is that they meant nothing bad but so you know a second later collect our other running back and so I think that might have been a little bulletin board material Kirk. The markets are. He received that message and and wanted to sit on response so. He'll have plenty of motivation at that London. There's really no tape ought to get eight career carries so obviously this if it got a bigger war on the. I love that the thought of a big Chad narrative and support the idea of a guy with eight carries. Being able to showcase ability his abilities are on the biggest stage in the NFL in a playoff game. I mean if your markets Murphy you're going into this game with a whole different kind of motivation you're playing for future. Absolutely and you know I feel like I have to mentioned like myself Marcus Mercury into the new guy can help us. He's played entirely. Waited so did they gave up or are covered them in his junior year but do we had nine touchdown on the ground out here. And in his last college game. It biggest college game you know against you know ball game final game Iran for a 150 yards. The last time they got to carry the load the game and who knows maybe you can pick up Oreo I thought I needed but the guy that has. Legitimately never had an opportunity to run a applauded dollar and return man. It built to do it and you're right it would be such a cool story to you know have this guy. First under the sea to come out of nowhere look we beat a port you know these. Strained right back. Tell I don't know where it a joke in big moments about big it's one of those positions where if the blocking me there. You know he just captivate the most here opportunity and I'm. A book of orchestrated. In other but element you guy can't can make it happen. Matthew fair in Syracuse post standard certainly worth the follow on Twitter at Mathieu served earned. Our guest here in sports are 957 ESPN I thought you had a great point here earlier in the week you're you're. Article Matthew. About what happened. After the charger loss and how Tyrod Taylor. Well I mean I'll let you expand on this tell us your thoughts on how Taylor handled the situation and coming back and leading Buffalo Bills in the mall the December. Yeah look I mean that you. There's a lot of debate over him and a quarterback very Tyrod Taylor because they're not fit either franchise guy and you know obviously the team. As their opinion of that fact that they bench doesn't tell you all you need to know but. Well I think shouldn't be up for debate is the type of guy here is the type of leader in it then and you know the type of person is in now our current and I was watching him closely that we and you know obviously you know leading up to that game. And mostly because that began the last Pete than it did he exhibit about some ore body language when he got benched. You know when they decided keep them on the bench to avoid injury is so he had a little bit of you know a history of a you know baby OOP has stopped because he had a right to be and you know. Nobody would blame them but the fact that an hour after he was banished by McDermott. You know become talked to the media is a guy who does not like deal it will not at all and he came and and you know. So the question that it took a bit strident of the pro about it. All we keep rapidly he made a I was told by day joke actually after I wrote that story they don't Olena Tyrod Taylor were holding kicks that we. Roche does note and you know you don't see that from you know big. Big money quarterbacks during your star players and that resonated in the locker room and I think that's why they were able to transition. Smoothly back at him because. Keep it Cheney she did a waiver it ever does what he's doing well lady he's the same guy when he's not doing well and so. That it's sort of I think that's why even though you might not you know have a greater relationship which comic Thurman after what happened. There actually a really good match because Sean McDermott the same way and it is there are some of that credit too for a bidding up at stake. And you know not letting it get too big event you know just kind of moving on and I think that resonated with the team and you know I think. Tyrod Taylor didn't light the world on fire he had become a different quarterback down the stretch. But his leadership on the board and without it they might not gullible beat Kansas City and they don't want back in then they're not a while. Matthew I'm curious what you think because one when he was benched and end. After that was made that announcement was made it and eat it we all kind of can go well that'll be it for Tyrod Taylor. Pay the bills have to have structured his deal in a way that they can get out from that contractor easily and this will be tyrants last season a buffalo. Given what we've seen down the stretch here in the bills finishing the season four and two and ending the drought. If fans he's gonna be divisive figure by the with a fan base as long as he's in Buffalo's gear. But this Tyrod Taylor done enough to stay on this team and when he eighteen. I don't know I mean that's a big question I'd still get the feeling that there all move on Burma and try to find another quarterback try to draft a quarterback but at this point it's tough to rule out you know. The idea that they can keep them and still trapped there or not immediate at a reasonable price tag in eighteen million. Pan he got and that's already the first quarterback to get them to the play out since 1990 diet but. You know I would argue and I think a lot of people what they know. If not the stories and they got killed by Nazis it'd probably not necessarily one of the top reasons I got up or out. But fact of the matter is she is a leader football team and it's hard to argue. You know that there he is a one under center he's the guy that you know and help lead this team. Got to where it is. Could they upgrade at the position absolutely I think they occurred but you can also say that it would veto the worst thing in the world broke whatever rookie quarterback comes then. To sit behind you know veteran Mike Arafat earned yourself. He still had everything apart I think that's the beautiful thing about this situation and about the app well and and professional sports in general is. You can write his own story can you know you can go I'll beat the jaguars. Gonna little bit of Iran either read a bit he went big game either read a bit in advance into the buyout. And old up and upset. And then he changes the conversation I think it becomes a really interest in one that they beat the jaguars this week. Ms. sue grad. And writer for the Syracuse post standard Matthew Serra heard our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. On that injury report also questionable today is mental line now I mean he left that game yet in practice this week Matthew. Pot so on your list of concerns. The Buffalo Bills this week and a match up where would you put the rule on the fence now knowing also that you likely not gonna have meant a lot on their. Yes definitely at the top of the list I mean if they have a chance to pop an upset they have to put the game and and deploy oracle and they can't do that then I don't know you know how much of a chance they have been. If you wanna put the game and and support portal you have to slow down letter the net and jaguars are not meant that there are going to stick. At Waterford and that and that running game as long as they possibly can't. And they know that that's their formula for success so. You know if you want to have any chants of beat egg and you got to find a way to orbit around map on how would obviously a nice upgrade over LeBron Auburn but. The biggest issue a ball over at times to a noted athleticism in space. And it jaguars have that power running style of baby number. You can Billiton and make something happen they people on a complete sort of a part time role Woolsey but I mean. It's about more the mono and somber created spent all a unit that has been. You know dot all to sit he'll lead the spending Iran whether it. Maintaining their gaps or tackling outweighed its its edit in the struggle in that department you know are not all season long and they need to the other way game because. Perhaps welcome pretty LP. You know that the jaguars are but the quiet and then really improving them the Strachan. This is a team that is not going to be afraid to run it right down the build the road that they're not stop but it's so. If you wanna win that gave you put it only oral and make a big mistake you know the gag order but know. Better that to do that on our own data to be forced it to do. Matt do you think that that the bills defense breaks there's no asking him a little bit more for this game may be looks at more eight in the box trying to stop for net and and let your secondary deal with with these jags sub par wide receivers more man on. I mean eight year old little bit of that anyways I think they pubic since the men went back app news. I think these jaguars wide receivers you know that they have some pop. Mark deeply. There's probably going to play on Sunday Doug Brown said you know you look pretty good today. Allan under the back so they've got you know some guys that can make big plays and so you wanna be careful about completely sell out. Opteron but I think it up like got to think about broader picture guy in the box set time against our I mean if they do a lot of aid and boxes to begin goods because. You know everybody at this sleek nose. You know what the jaguars they're gonna do well there are about but. I think you have to think about it because. You know if you can't stop fit into based scheme then you'd eight. Load load up the box every current state it down there try to discuss that because. If you can put of the second and third on that sort of gonna have opportunities to get turned over to pick always avoid all the. I'm just curious to get your thoughts as you brought the safety Micah Hyde named to love the all pro team the second one today and Jordan's lawyer AFC defensive I mean. The bills getting these two players. You know relatively speaking and bargain basement price Matthew. You had a story this week for me in Rappaport it was we were kind of debating is he serious about this is a tongue in cheek about how. Doug Whaley could be a candidate to interview with in Green Bay but. Who really should get credit we know the draft this passenger was certainly is Sean McDermott but. In free agency was a morbid German or was it more Whaley would you give the credit too Matthew for bringing in toward employer Micah Hyde because. The bills are not the clouds about two or employer mica high. Yeah that's Sean McDermott a 100% I mean the idea that that it was W Lee. At all this off season is laughable I mean. It's it was a Sean McDermott knew his defense knew what he needed there defense like now unidentified. My god sort order guys to a Tibet in it's it's that simple. He pretty much and tech like I'd. Interim order and and stop a law also would have been what he tries to do. And he went out pictured a display. You know I'm. Do you organize that Sean McDermott wanted to I think. Look I. I like Doug Whaley is a guy I hope you know very its stake Betty land on its speed to get another general manager that's great but. I just think the idea of giving him credit were signing and blamed for many things that happened. Aftershock McDermott attire and a little bit silly because. It was pretty clear. Very early on. You know that's going to be Sean McDermott's keep what he took over at celebrated gay guy here you know they share some of that responsibility. But. The most part to me I mean you know everything that happened at the spray that's shocked they're copilot. He's got a fair to the Syracuse post standard I wanna get your prediction before we get chew up the line and let your resume your activities in Jacksonville we started by. Our conversation by talking about Marcel Darius is another ex Buffalo Bill on the defensive side of the ball that that it feels like forever ago that he was a part of the Buffalo Bills to curious as to it what you know we know that roan has been asked a million questions we know that Darius has been asked a million questions. And talking to Paul Posluszny this week. Yeah we had a lit up odd yesterday. I didn't cover him you know that your parent is. It arrow at the bill well you'd eventually got to channel these said he never wanted to leave buffalo they wanted to say with a built earth all right it has sort there's. You know delusional idea that he could do it that he could you know stay there. An and feel like Burt and the other what he said look you know I wasn't good enough to do that you know I wanna get out. Did it everybody's ski event and you have every general manager want it to be a part of a go. Color to go back I want it at the funny thing about it is she's ended up landing aired Jacksonville and despite you know constant speculation you know if you like every offseason that you know would jaguars move on from our Bosnian. You know they've brought by an account to your linebackers to all the that the vials jacked. It banners you know Karr wrote a role for himself and a mentor and as as kind of a two downed guy a you know about he get this first crack that the playoffs against you know the game he wanted to they would at all so it's it's kind of funny how worked out. All right Matthew everybody's waiting. Bills or jags are you got this week. Well I. Yeah I had bake by official prediction on Saturday but had great but. So earlier in the week. The guy put up or at a time junior I don't now aren't you know it's grounded out prediction from visiting writers that aren't out. And you know. I went on record there are allowed record on the radio this morning you know all I'm strip on down on it here I've got the built seventies and the Jack course search. I think the build of all of our. I think not only to the ridiculous Brett. I don't trust like oracle I don't. Quite frankly trust they don't know coach Steve in the post did and I think if they put the game of oral and is gonna find a way to confidant and the bill to make the big boy what accounts and and by god they galloped really stupid there account or caught on Sunday but I have got the built. Matthew you don't what I I don't know if if it's it's something that's not tangible so I don't know if they won't we over blow up momentum. Does it have any place in this game on Sunday the bill's going in on an emotional high. The way that they did the jays kind of limping into the playoffs on a two game losing streak does it matter. I'm not I don't know that momentum is really you know it's so hard they're caught by it you know can change in one point eight by. I would say that. Well mental standpoint as it has psychological stamp like jaguars have lost two straight games. They. Won their division they're playing at home they're huge favorites and they know it and are acting like gay and that puts pressure on the ticket you know that puts the pressure squarely on whereas there's this. You know idea out there that the bill they're just happy to get into the playoffs and that you know maybe don't have a let down this weekend I think the opposite I think the fact that they're so. You know that they got it and Edgar so log larger cultural I have about it. Means that they're playing out on. You know that that spanned thirty think that they've actually won the Super Bowl you know it they're treating it almost that way. And so the bill pretty much have nothing to lose you know nobody expected that the you don't nobody is expecting them to win this game so that I think that takes away the fact that you know they don't have play out the spirit I don't think they're going to be feeling pressured. I really don't and and if you look at it. They actually have a little bit what our experience and Jack what it's so. I I think psychologically the edge goes off all but again in out up like that can change really quickly with a few big plays early again. Great match he's ever in Syracuse post standard Matthew loved loved talking to you in January. On Friday and good luck have fun not cover the demons on the that's good dirt ever. Talk to sue Matthew fair burden of the Syracuse post dander our guest. In the sports bar with danger and the tangling love them get two guys with their their feet on the ground in Florida covering this game talking to us today and sports park. Yet we have Rich Donnelly who was already down their for Monday's ten NBC on earlier in night that is the par and I think right at the end there. Momentum it is on Buffalo's side air pressure the pressure on the bills are paid and the whole yes they're just happy to be here and by god they don't belong here and it'd. OK you know that all works the Buffalo's advantage here it'll. The way I see this game bigger the longer these growers. The better the chances. Are for buffalo on how much gonna kick at the end maybe something like that. Again I'm predicting Jacksonville but I Obama. Serving the day's top NFL source and bite sized form next NFL appetizers in the sports bar. And NFL analyst is about to make serious bank returning the sideline. As a head coach will give you the latest bills injury news before Sunday's game and the patriots with the joint statement firing back and ESPN report that more as we serve up NFL appetizers next. In the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Sports bar would do injury bitch back. Rochester wrapped. By examining. ESPN Rochester. This news from around the national football. That little boy today. Served up in black. Here's the during an attack we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in a sportsman. The cellular shaman like fun. Eight spotted lining up for positional drills and bills practice today now while he remains limited within ankle injury suffered. Jets wide receiver marquis is Lee is expected return to lineup Lee missed the final two regular season games of the season. Lee like McCoy returned to practice sales from the war that his level. Participation both Lee and McCoy are labeled as questionable on their team's official injury report. We're involved with chances to play this weekend also bill for the bills to reach right out with a concussion. Don't take time to jordin mills met a lot of all questionable. With a mono mono sitting out practice once again today. All the elements are in place for the raiders to sign Jon Gruden to return as head coach the announcement is expected to come down on Tuesday. And according to multiple reports Bruton we'll be setting 810. Year deal with the team. Earlier this week drew denying that he didn't ownership stake in the team is part of his deal but if you believe these reports today his contract with the team. We'll be worth 100 million dollars. It's appropriate that the raiders are moving to Vegas because the unprecedented nature of this still sure looks like one hell of a gamble. And patriots released a joint statement today from owner Robert Kraft. Good Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady is in response. By the way you do have to read the sacked workers sham report on ESPN it. Paint a picture of a fractured relationship and dysfunction what this is from the media release is unfortunate. That there is even on the need for us to respond to these fallacies. As our actions have shown we stand united the statement concludes. Patriots are off today and get back to work next week in preparation for the AFC divisional round. Meanwhile patriots defensive corner Matt Patricia was interviewing for head coaching position with another team the giants announced today that they have. Completed an interview with Patricia for the opening created when team fired the American during the season. Patricia is also a candidate for the lions and cardinals after six seasons running the defense for the patriots. As far as the giant's search goes there are expected to also interview pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during their trip to New England. Finally the Associated Press is announced that's when he seventeen all pro team Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown at. The only unanimous selection on the first team in his position it's the fourth straight year that brown has made the first team. Tom Brady got the first team not a quarterback. But ensuring you'll be league MVP buffalo safety Micah Hyde. His lone Buffalo Bill to make the hot earning second team defense. Wondered this music that messes with some of these bills players the forty think it it's added motivation like if you're. Michael hi entered Jordan poirier. ABS wide you've received these accolades over the course of the last few weeks. Do you feel like if you're. Micah Hyde your second team all pro satisfied with that he feel like you got snubbed. Well put this way they've received I don't really think it matters at this. Point right from high he's never been in this honor wipe test chip on the shoulder though white believes he's a rookie of the year right. So let's play with the cheerio like me whites lol actually came from. The hawks pro football focus light hitting the number one rookie this season and here's the problem now and it's our cognitive bias danger. Who had who K was drafted ahead of him and had a pretty good season slot a more correct who's going to be the defensive rookie of the year it'll probably be right so that's it where you could have a good debate about that but. I'm I wish that voting lets see what happens because Lattimore as playoff game. White has a playoff game update one player though going back to that workers' ship report there's so much in there you talk about individual honors apparently New England. We have eight. He created all of the week award like an employee of the week award if you could imagine that. The patriots actually give an employee of the week award to one of their players after that we are buffalo Bob our our boss buffalo Bob got the your soul amazing warts and he was bright red like impeaching you missed it bears. That's seriously that meant a lot assumed to mean those are useless if you are motivated individual and being up there you go well six super written this report might workers and that's the one thing I find BS that. Tom Brady is supposedly upset. That this year he hasn't been named patriot of the week. Really really. Obviously Tom Brady you get the patriot of the week every week how much you mean that organization. That's kind of just met the lift the spirits of some other plan is doing a key role I found that funny thing. Judy was meant to lift the spirits of buffalo Bob. Pass in buffalo Bob but he's getting the random blog she leaves the employee of that week award poll came out very. It's the law. Our daily special happy hour in the sports bar with danger and tag we appreciate you listening on your ride home. By the way taking easy out there in the roads might be a little bit treacherous certainly the temperatures that dictate to slow things down a bit it'll get to another round of shots as well around the world of sports with the day's top stories. Before 6 o'clock. A dot Stephens. I'll embarks play by play announcer hall of Famer I joining us here before six clock as well with a preview of this weekend's action. From blue cross through and that's all coming up in the sports bar stay with this danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester. Yeah. Today stroller and Leo and we're hit true. Live from the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta from the college football national championship game Georgia and Alabama we can't wait covering our us. Check out our sweet new real I got top bunk. You know have a school doing you'll live from Atlanta to a college football national championship January 8 we go to go only can we go in the more. ID 57 FA ME SPN Rochester.