The Sports Bar-Hour 2 1/8/18-Nick Veronica

Nick Veronica of The Buffalo News was at One Bills Drive today as the team emptied out their lockers. He joins Danger and Battaglia during hour two of The Sports Bar to share what he learned. Also, the guys serve up NFL Appetizers including a new head coach for Chicago.


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But sports bar with danger and exactly. 34 seconds left no timeouts down by seven here we go you. The thrill looks right into. Like Jay Lynn Ramsey. Picked off and that jaguars look at this victory. Heck of a year appreciate how hard the guys played how hard they worked all season and this was a step we learned a lot of valuable lessons today. Alonso will carry forward as we move forward as an organization. Knows that said we're we're not really need to be. Mike danger to the process and once situation couldn't have worked out any war terribly that he didn't Jacksonville Jeanne exactly. You're good at peace dad's Victor relief camp right because you see a correction for this team. The parts are there they need to improve the run defense you one way or other have to address the quarterback. The good year. Will we know we have more plans and more gold but I'm just start our fans of the best indoor play forehand it's been a great privilege and our place and discuss all this year. Rochester sports leader 957. ESPN. Pull a muscle and join us the sports bar is open for business that we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening to AM 950. 957 at ten ESPN Rochester dot com. The free to download speeds fast and Rochus apps like danger here. Jeep and tightly and there you can also read somewhere by the way gene that ESPN Rochester doll. Tweeting it if it's any consolation for. A season ending in a sour note it's gonna be a wild ride come draft time in April with only in the New York there could be a trade up from. QB incoming can't wait that's. That's a point that we ever really talked about the fact that gentleman has a relationship with both been. And McDermott there's another GM now in in the league who these guys are familiar way if that can only help you if you're the Buffalo Bills. Yeah eyes so if you haven't heard it's now the bills know where they're drafting two when he first and twenty. Tech kids so they're there you have it in the you know it doesn't matter who's the bills tickets when he won the nude she's a 22 I don't think we all thought the bills will be taking in the bottom. Third of the draft but. Here they are that's fine. You do have the collateral you have to second round picks you have a third round pick also remember the bills gave up a third round pick for Kelvin Benjamin so. Com yeah you do have all of these connections and we do have a lot of time to talk about the draft. I'm and we welcome your thoughts on what you saw yesterday are yet. Are you sad you're down and out that the sense I gather here is most people are are taking this you know dean strike out what they soften the ball well both yesterday. What do you. Areas where this team can improve I think the story though that's bubbling up here is danger. Is this story it in regards to reaching kind needle as we mentioned in the sports flash it is an investigation right now. And when it comes to matters of race danger this is just my opinion you always have to be very. Delicate okay because Richie in tiny you know if this is not true then. All right well then in the mild state character assassination however does Richie Encarta needle based on its history deserve the benefit of the doubt I would say no. No he does not. And where do you draw the line when it comes to race well my opinion when it comes the slurs or somewhere zero tolerance. If this ends up being true ended the week can be looking at the last game Richie and got needle played his buffalo. Yeah in the league is set a pretty hard and fast rule about slurs on the field of play and if what's being alleged is truly the NFL is going to investigate and and yet you're you have every right to wonder Prejean Kanye will play another down. In a Buffalo Bills uniform Joseph tweeting and look what happened to Jonathan Martin out of league not because he was soft. But because he went against a team mate even if Encarta vetoed did say something no bills players are gonna talk interstate. Even Deion Dawkins who's alongside Richie guy need on every play African in America do you would think if he were to hear his teammates say something would step but. Out of his way and say. Hey man heading cool. Well collide as Campbell did confirm today talked to a Jacksonville reporter that yet he heard something dissing now you have. To Jacksonville players. Making. Not even a direct allegation that saying there's something and now they're playing the process play out here when it comes out this effort trying to remember right that's wheat that was sent out originally. Basically just called more racist little you racist like you you have to come back with something better than that racist stuff Europe yes it again this season yeah on 8 an am forgive me for not seeing his name correctly if I get wrong guy didn't do grant. Yani can Ndukwe great win today. And 64. Being Richie you gonna have to come horror than some weak racist slurs. I'm proud of my African heritage as are 70%. Of other black players in this league hash tag I am Johnson mark. So when you read that danger. It needs he's saying is he drew bringing up the past year was something I actually sat. The the term I let I brought the question last hour what does that even mean to hear that when you get labeled racist in the in the year 2018. It doesn't even mean anything anymore because. And in one of our followers point discount and in he's right it there are people. Who. On Twitter who if you think. If you like Tyrod Taylor they think you're racist just because you like Tyrod Taylor. Write the thank you get labeled a racist just for saying. I don't like the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills about that dancing correct like if you use a slur. That daddy's eye I saw it I admit that I'm guessing that's what I'm saying is that the well that the bigger point I'm making here is that. Racist the word racist and racism. Is it's great now that the meaning of the word racist is he's gone. Weighing you factor in the true racist that are out there and there are racists out there there are racists out there that are. Burning crosses the keep themselves warm at night they're out there you know this this state heads the people that. Actually want to insulate Charlottesville right and let actually want to inflict harm. On a specific group of people they haven't is specific and direct hatred they want to inflict harm on those people. There racist any use those sellers now if Richey cut you don't use those slurs. That he's going to get what's coming to him. But I don't know that I feel like the turtle races gets thrown around now so frequently. And I don't know that it's it's meeting is is what it used to be racism. Was a major major problem and still is a major problem but that didn't hit the term racist around is loosely in freely as we do as a society now. Makes you wonder. What a real racist. Is in 2018. I know what I I know my head the people that wish horror at a specific group of people. I'm qualified they are racists they all are racist is reaching cog Ni no racist want to use those slurs. It's unacceptable. Well. He knew this is one of the conditions of him coming back in the league he served a year suspension by the way there's a follow up that as Kurds in the New York Times. In two week away telling the Associated Press when asked did he really said quote. He said what he said he knows what he sat I don't have to repeated someone says something about cigarettes and this is the best excuse me ethnicity. That's really kind of taking little too far. I'm all would trash talk it's part of the game that you cannot say certain things. All right so now that's a real allegation so if you're reading his tweet saying he's bringing up old history now. This player is actually alleging that you know he's putting his name on Indian claim that it every Sheehan got Neal said something he shouldn't of danger of this is true. I'm sorry yes I understand what you're saying your absolutely right that there are real. Evil people in our country today that you. Assays to wiggle can we stick to labeling them. The racists right that is a racist meet Richie and cut needle using a slur and I think you know according to irk would. Woods saying this it was a chippy game there's a lot of trash talking. I ever heard Ritchie say anything racist on the field I know for a fact he didn't say the N word which is what is being implied. There was a lot of trash talking going on and I didn't hear and Dionte near deal on doc can stay here so they're not gonna wrap their own team that's fine that's fine. If you does the N word. It's a lapse in judgment he should use the Edward is Richey and Todd your racist for using the Edward. And that's where the gray areas Richie caught a neo isn't isn't in Charlottesville. Look I mean for this guy you won't get free every case individually this guy. Yeah didn't sign in general there's zero. Tolerance. For using that war it TUZ yeah that's your goal. Well but what we say we don't know what he said. We will know what he said. All they'll find out I'm sure the investigator who com and and audio for the view of the team that preaches character everything I I'm beginning to believe that Richey and Todd Nino de Carter against him until he comes out insists are. I didn't do this or until Sean McDermott comes ounces he didn't do this nobody's saying that at this point. I'd I do. I do have a if your eyes were ever dubbed a racist. We've been shot from the mountain tops that your wrong then what we said. It was not what we set or that we your misunderstanding or. You just reflecting your heart yeah and it now with all of your parts that your wrong about what you think about me or you but you're not hearing that on average she caught need to today. Reaching kind you don't not available. To the media as the bills cleaned out their locker. OK so will have some bills news tomorrow is they have just announced that never were saying earlier in the show danger when with the bills have their. Annual state of the dress the season had press conference to wrap it up tomorrow 1 o'clock. So that's gonna happen we'll have that relied on the John Murphy show tomorrow a Brandon dean and Sean McDermott bolt together at the podium tomorrow. 1 o'clock where. I don't think they're gonna come to the podium danger and say we know we know we're gonna move on from Tyre honor yes Kyle Williams is retiring but his question they're gonna have to answer. What later left guard say word as things stand and while men they might disable league is invest. I would like to know lol what you know what ideas you have. For the quarterback position for the offense in general and what does it mean for the future of your offensive coordinator are you committed. To Rick Dennison. Are you open the idea of upgrading office reported in such a thing having when you consider Marty morning wag continues to have work in the NFL is there really such a split. These office of court dieters feel like it Donna does like another running backs of the coaching and the coaching world you can find one anywhere and they can probably be serviceable if you give them enough leash if you give them enough time and if you get the right players that fit within their system. And one season of the Rick Dennison office clearly we don't have the right players for this system you only got three points in your first playoff game in seventeen season. I'll hear the Dennis an argument on the way implied. The end of the day it's hard to defend what you saw on this new teacher and at wake up kick it was terrible. Axl we terrible against a very good defense. That's true. But on the whole. What what in the bill score this year that you. The December. Okay I'll. Look at how they did against good teams winning teams want to play off teams and then look at how they did against teams that. Were less than that I mean they thrived on. Teams that were like locate even. Carolina was a good talented the Carolina game in this Jackson look into mural of practically the same game and they were just. Ugly field position battles not a lot of offense on either side on either sideline and and Carolina was a pretty good defense that we too I mean me but against a good defense. He can't match up the talent does not match the bills just don't have the talent on the offensive side of the. We're to talk guy he was in. The locker room today for a clean up today nick Veronica from the Buffalo News guy in of air waited talk telling Benjamin now also talked to we had some interesting things to say about. I hit L about the offense and we're the bills may be headed some knicks were on the Buffalo News coming up here just about. All right stand by nick running joint is next the sport where danger to tag late ES PM Rochester that's Rochester is giving away free hammered tickets and. Even Superman sports jobs. Like each player an expert. 857. Yes Rochester home for a live sports and the best sports talk anyway AM 98 PM 957 Afghan. Thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sport toward danger and take the RE SPN Rochester is the Buffalo Bills. Clean out their lockers today to drive the Buffalo News was on the scene and he joins us now on the sports bar how are you next. They have bigger things certainly. Yeah you always appreciate your time nick got so many your your biggest takeaways not everybody made available today but of the guys do you talk to what were some of your biggest takeaways. On one bills drive and a. Yeah like you mentioned we're open to view it mode Richie. Or get out of China saw like that are have a lucky course oracle. Big bankers locker it would be back I don't William. They'll have 88 prisoners feature is well aren't able when he wants to make that decision probably mull it over and they beat dent. Or at the Nazis in president vendors that he has no plans to go there he. At 34. Meet we played really well mr. eat it while the bill that they'll want you. Nor the place Baxter's that would to being politically. Other bad and so the the yacht and keep expecting change at marching on the offense. Maybe you know the biggest breaking music have expected that Benedict at. Up and hear from all of them in. When you hear that from Kelvin Benjamin in its a player and certainly not the guy making the decision but. And it is lord we here in a moral 1 o'clock are we hearing that the bill's gonna go to different direction with the offensive coordinator or is that more of a vague kind of like expected that there will be changes and could start with office coordinator can also mean quarterback. Worker I did have lowered my expectations nonchalantly parent is carpet. I mean I was not expecting air anything major part of Ingle tomorrow. You know Cornet in Egypt but tomorrow. I mean China probably just guaranteed himself if you don't trust the process. Humble hopefully we hear more out of branded ink are should be in about all. Benjamin. I would imagine or their did did you guys talk today about obviously the play a lot of bills fans are talking about in the first down called the goal line what did he have to say about that next. Yeah I had spent about that specifically. But it apparently at the ability abruptly at the ability. Switched to it has split. Emotion that you are now left or not opt for them out first look also along that was. They must know about lapped I think in India on him. And our. He had the ability to that to go littler run there into the past and then those implement that they didn't granite. Give a little I was on blocking look like the OPEC are interconnected that they were expecting a run. Immigrants Haaretz newspaper has spent an indictment that you know they'll open at the eighty that that that's a football player having people out the ball is that. It is need to execute and be. You understand what people are mad but he that you know hit another drive that they. Does go around the country now a couple of times you know even he reached his opinion is even more mad about that and about eight if there's such as well. Yeah for the Mormon like or. Why is he on your roster if you knock you lie sit in that exact situation mean. You see a lot of football teams X cute that they play with precision and and it happens to be ineffective play with somebody of Benjamin size. Where he's G giant and money here about players that you should be getting about. He got our potential and really. Really able to back hanging out of economic topic is I about it. I mean probably you'd like that Iraq was LeSean McCoy whose two you're you're number one best player but it. Mean the bank you have a couple of cracks at the end them from among one by the court and the only thicker. As clearly got. I mean I didn't I didn't have a much of a problem with it because you think you know. Hear me either that or concert where they're trying to budget and and now elected. Not running it the date you know you because you have port report found that seat in the front there. Well you nick what we like to do on Mondays you know it's not. You know unique certain Western New York every NFL market we like to assess blame so if we're assessing blame for for calls and coaching. Who what was your take on the sequence of events at the end of the first half. That led to Jacksonville getting the ball back when maybe you could run some clock they're forced at least Jackson will use timeouts maybe you go into the half of the lead rather than being tied 33. That it that's a frustrating point dispute has built. Yet gotten about the chance to run the clock. And they have really step that it is sponsoring they're getting complete answer that it but that it allowed their GP timeout then it. And you know I wrote as I think if it either you know the first step back app where I got the policy of pre. Treatment but maybe and they based out of really takes I'm up o'clock in the team got the ball back but the APEC and bank. It was digging out of a lot that are that are that are under meant that they are especially you I think that's right I don't get any good. I mean it doesn't short possession he would really used to let you. Take the clock like it's a routine thing you know value that you could imagine. You know rocket and have released them up with the little pilot that they can't do anything. I mean even after that it has been made that Blake world that yes ma'am no in the run game you know it up but more running yard at just couldn't scrambling you know it. I think that was because. Overs Ireland that they let me like oral he didn't really. Defensively. I think UConn for everything you could have accounted for except that that was you know the improvisation of of like portals. Our plays where he just didn't have any thing is what ended up defeating the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and and you really couldn't ask much your defense do much more. That what they did he stopped Leonard for now he held portals passing attack in check I mean. Defensively that was the only that was the fatal flaw for the Buffalo Bills. It'd be immune defense played great you know I can't vote I'd vote that is really a yacht and the but it been that I elect their bills left to play out in for the Emmerich that 99 beaten him. I think they've been allowed combine my top 130 passing a Manila vote in but that's as it but the defense the defense played great. I wouldn't that would limit beat them up but I mean you like to have the spill back over vote but rootkit or that group. Nick Veronica from the Buffalo News you can film on Twitter at nick Veronica. Our guest here in sports are 957 ESPN so nick back to why your assignment today out one bills drive talking to players as there you know. Gathering their belongings and you know ten off the Wear their hand off. Ot the other story today that's kind of developing his the NFL is investigating whether or not. Richie in content Ito said something Eric Lloyd died came to his defense today what do would have to say there. A word and dear doctor spoke bartenders are our clergy. The Palin has the story generous player. We've created that went there achieve their racial letter sent to him you know those are currently looking over that. Virtues in the locker and to do that you thought that spoke at that she needs both both the bandit. The book and Richard it's a bit in anything especially the end docket that you it's that I'm aware of I mean that's not cool with me I would. Hurt but I did hear that. So we to get back to be here for Richard you're actually opened June. Give him recently at the stadium have been the last has however that and I can't go but were told the statement confident shortly. Nick brought to the Buffalo News joining us here in the sports bar danger detecting and I guess in terms of reaching into our need out. You wanna give him the benefit of the doubt because if if you're labeled a racist ones you have to go through a process to rehabilitate your image and it certainly seems like Richie had done that. Here in buffalo but Ritchie not speaking to the media today and that at least is we wait for that. That statement come out eighth is that an indictment did Richie Incognito really do BC's even though his teammates. Didn't hear him sane thing. I think there's only two people who know the answer to that and it Richie at the jet worst player at the jailers let me. I don't know why did they open like that out the specific one but. When you open the cookbook area metro Ritchie is it early in. I mean yes I'm a lot people were I mean that's where the urgent named me the out and the people who are certainly includes. That it. I mean you Daniel hope this isn't true next gen. Flight when he came back. Yeah I used to pretty much she was good that there's no there's no slack here right I mean if there's anything the league fines that would have to think. You know at the very least there'll be some punishment coming has got to be zero tolerance policy when it comes that that is Richie but at any player that would blueboard commit something like that. Oh yeah that in a nice supple I mean. Especially to some of the Richie I mean that's an asthmatic buckle well. I would imagine I don't I don't know about constantly at our pension kinda environment and their views on them about that. Nick guys we look forward now to the arrest in the offseason of course you'll will be speculating what the bills are gonna do with 2122 in the first round what. What do you what does your gut tell you as far as what the Buffalo Bills are gonna do in terms of free agents. Certainly in the draft in April. But where do you think about but everything now is determined but what you think about what it does what what what what does involve. Usually there the other college outside you know Archie freeagent try to like Italy that etched that are you know. Do in the entire rebel then completely with a rookie cornerback but this sure is open they're ordered that I'm in the to inspect. I think there's a strong probability that they APEC is on the boat picked that that air partners that they act it some of those try to move up the draft. I think one of the bigger question I think at least prepared to being an okay epi. What taser even available and how hard you really wanna go get. Maybe the top cornerback charity arm went into like at Indianapolis at Arctic but Cleveland in the giant that they book their quarterback excellent Q. Even if you had it not to trade up to number a breach of the colts so maybe they they took its final trip respect even if you had not forget there. It is a worth and it will it take to move there if it's up to that very dark about it it'd maybe depend today like the most. Mitt could be there's a lot of possibilities there were trading up oh PP interest in. What about the relationship between brand and being and new giants GM Dave Gelman former Panthers GM sitting there at the number two spot. Wave teeing we saw a lot of loose between the there's in the bill is that she's in the bill that inflicted the people they have Spencer let fired. Part of the trading cards of that that immediate stimulus but it feels like the giant reveling in their own. Cornerback number two and not let them Munich at bats and that that people buy that they're ago but the quarterback. Around the giant that is physically but I do wonder our hat that some day on the trade market you have met united. Now diving nick the thing that I find interesting was this bills team is looking when you're looking ahead of the draft they say one of the top needs. You can make out an argument for. Every position maybe not safety but certainly both lines linebacker quarterback edit so I guess it in your opinion. You could either a fortified his defense go to when he won 22 wing get to two guys to can help you immediately. Or do you focus on the other side of the ball in other words do you wanna make the defense. Goal from good to great. Or the offense from it'll all be held below average to serviceable which which is the better of the two options would you say when it comes the draft. Yet that's on it a little bit threatened let looming out there that need that. Bet that most positioned them you'll perhaps but I think the bottom left in place. They let up and ointment lot but I think like that defense is a huge issue relative to the top of the yup I'm a proud but they either do it. They need to address cornerback if if they're not parity in the creation or in the draft navy boat and look at creative picket. But it in the draft I think it would just determine a that they by the quarterback and create it and they open it up or they don't and they go to draft threatened at that that the that the draft a quarterback. But other than quarterback could mean defensive line is going to be huge stress need that. Entirely after the strong chance that retiring make it there any probably Sacco and maybe it and then the there won't eat I mean they could need quarterbacks I think amnesty to gain the reasons create the lack but is it. They could need that we receive very cute but think is the needle running back even in need. Made they have their ballot linebackers covering need to have opening bell of but I think quarterback. Or Wear it well keep some calling. Well that's interesting turn out there that are that are top of the game. But you're gonna pay you if you if you if you're too Latin Mercury in your accused. To order of the guy too late which used to still rank thanks so I'm not a matter of I think you go outlet in the saint I think it'll be interesting dispute the what Randy and being in those guys do that it does considering recorded a performance relative to a relative to the year plays that are out there because. He is an apparent change he is may have you illustrate why is I don't know what they're at duke I think you. He's having eaten up. He's not bad yeah like these you don't but because it back Dexter to the parent that Powell. But the bill still that they can move up from them and historian what they can buy it but it. I mean after they traded there is that your lack it and acknowledged PO untouchable ignore it about whether. Nick it seems like you know a new admitted Joker earlier about how McDermott doesn't like to answer questions almost got new Belichick you know partisan again tomorrow 1 o'clock this season ending press conference here. Well almost like a state of the Buffalo Bills here for the GM and the head coach both on the podium the same time so. You with a reporter going to a press conference. And unique gasket question about the quarterback beamer trying to get a get a straight answer so. Really what should be the expectation. As far as getting information tomorrow I out of the the two that will be at the podium in other words what questions can you ask where you might get a response because of I asked the question. They what do you think it Tyrod Taylor I know they're gonna do go to the shut down Mo and say well you know it's part of process will evaluate blah blah blah. What are hoping that percent of McDermott that that. As sleek red mark coaches and during the play out with talk about out there at Baylor Iraq Europe or the oak merchant ship McDermott indeed it did deputy out. He would take a moment kind of mentioned that there are urged though it now you know I don't know about that animate it doesn't. Coming out I don't think Beckham a violence you know it's got to the al-Qaeda network at Ari you know these guys but I. I mean some version party you went where is your plan to go from app Alpert to chip each other I think is going to yell but that it. That's going to be at the that the court what they've but the topic at the at least the addressed tomorrow. Amendment just more or. Thought they housekeeping thing which is it has the valuation. Different different players at different. Being that. We increased the we repaid says that we let it be that the coach and the how does he EU promised on the court has but the ink touted you tyra. I am either you let us State Department though we're asking them. Nick Veronica the Buffalo News who was there today as the bills cleaned out their lockers probably be there again tomorrow 1 o'clock I would imagine nick for that. Press conference with Sean McDermott and Branyan being go with your time this afternoon as always nick we appreciate you joining us here in the sports bar look for talking you against him. It got to about. Nick Veronica. Joining us here in the sports bar and indebtedness that will have an up for you. On ESPN Rochester dot com and on it yet locker clean out day by no final comments from. LeSean McCoy Tyrod Taylor was walking around but you know didn't you know wasn't obligated to talk to reporters as you got his bell wrong certainly yesterday. And it again reaching in cog neo. Not talking but that's the first danger I had heard else anywhere. That Veronica reporting that there's going to be a statement from being kind neo so to me that would be. Also fall into the category of acceptable you don't have to say it but if you poured in imprints say I did not say these things this is not true. All right then you did that's good enough in my book. Tried yes and look I just want to label racist to be designated for the actual races that are out there may be Richie and cut neo. He's that guy and deserves a label of racist. But I feel like he gets thrown around way too liberally and you know and if we have facts if we know exactly what was said well then let's reserve a little. Does it keep using is slurs that meet your racist. 'cause I mean if you have bet your head or your heart. There's something wrong with dear okay so if your white rapper and you drop it and bomb and one of year verses are your racist. Jerk Curb Your Enthusiasm that there was an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David is walking away from his car in a parking lot and he walks past an African American gentleman a black man and as he's walking by him. He hits his alarm. Is Carlo and now I have to find his voice and the blackout what's it like really really you lock your doors. It wasn't. Intentionally isn't a racist. He just that was it always right and it was now used for comedic if it was it it's a comedy show he's not a racist but. You know like where is the line that's I guess what I'm asking is where is a line in reaching Gagne don't as a history. Is he speeds here racist. He could he could be if what he said yet if what was being alleged with said yesterday. Another strike in the column and yeah a year closer that some reserving that label for a guy like preaching god Neil if it's true. We don't know I would love to know factually. What was said but nobody is is talking about that. Right right in there and give people are hurt tweeting in us yes we we know Dawkins came on defense of and we know where woods did black. Until reach Jean type Neal says something. Himself. Well then I sat. Against silence lead to speculation but we're expecting statement here shortly from retreating Kanye. Now if your bills and looking ahead chew important dates the new league year starts at 4 o'clock. On March 14 this we just came up from our bodies suck watching. The date to watch regarding Tyrod Taylor and his future with the Buffalo Bills is march 16. To Friday I believe. If he's on the roster at midnight on March 16. He receives. March 16 is the date to watch for the future tyrants. So and then so that would be the Thursday before we should know let's also look Thursday in the opening of the NCAA tournament so. It will be talking bills for all they're about a world sports is always always something going on out and inlets and don't ever accused me. Of being you know of only wanted to talk about my interest my teams on this. At all how are almost a full two hours and we have nary a mention item one upset she let their higher gusts hit you hired a chief coordinator as the bears head coach danger pulled out a second. Shocking. But the players would do such a thing. And it fell appetizers on the way next in the sports bar with danger detect Leah we will look go around the NFL and serve up the day's top stories including. That head coaching vacancy in Chicago that has been filled. That more on the way next NFL appetizers in the sports part danger and the tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester. Before concert on. Deep down. And you're only way. Easy to win. Tips listen wait days ago. I enjoy five for the code word and cute to enjoy this national contest when you hear it checks that go to work just seven to eight. 81 and you'll recall. That's seven Sunni. He's scoring leader ESPN Rochester. This news morale. The national football. Little fun today. Served up in black. It's the during the attack and we are serving. Art display was six. Now in a sports car. Chicago Bears announcing they have hired former chiefs offensive coordinator Matt. Nagy. You know thank coach Nagy interview with fares on Sunday after the chiefs. Knocked out of the plows and a 20/20 one loss of the titans Nagy will also interview with the colts were plays John Fox who was fired after three years in Chicago. Katie spent his entire NFL coaching career Indy Reid's death in Philadelphia in Kansas City. He became the offensive coordinator in Kansas City and when he sixteen and so often to play calls. The duty this season because they he comes to the offensive side of the ball there's a chance the bears will hold on the defensive coordinator Vic Fazio. And the defense. Took a step forward point seventeen season. Gonna be interesting off season brandy reed in Kansas City along with losing that offensive coordinator is mentioned the the inevitable transition quarterback from Alex Smith Patrick Holmes the chiefs will likely also lose assistant head coach Brad Childress. So retirement. 61 year old Childress joint chiefs back in 2013 after his head coaching stick with the vikings in the year. As the Cleveland Browns offense. I'm an ex Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator could be eighty X Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Ian Rappaport reporting. The browns are interviewing Ken Sam PC for the job today you'll remember this day and he's he was fired as the Bengals offensive coordinator this season just after. We do. Did Iran with a single to start all 3M PG with the quarterbacks coach for much of that time of war with. Round take coach hue Jackson is only the connection right. When he was on the singles coaching staff more portals six and then once again for throwing fifteen. Points while the when he fifteenth. Texans quarterbacks Sean Ryan they're coach is also for the job in graft court reporting that he would interview on Wednesday. Earlier we touched on the tough decision that awaits the LA rams this offseason on what to do with ex bills wideout Sammy why can't his performance at Saturday's loss and fell against. One catch 23 yards Watkins set for free agency in March in Saturday's game ended the year that saw him ranked fourth in targets. Former cornerback Jerry golf given the rams. He'll the second round pick to watch kids he did have eight touchdowns. On those limited targets a seasonal rams may actually have motivation. To keep watch kids around I don't know where you where you stand on that gene but you know the. The idea that Watkins. Is gonna command the kind of salary that you think he would've gotten after his rookie deal would like. Not guaranteeing him after few not picking up that fifth year option feels like the smartest move the Buffalo Bills. Oh my gosh in effect that he's going to be on the street down of the rams club lot why why are the odds against Sammy Watkins. Returning the Los Angeles. Whose best receiver on the team Tiger Woods Robert Woods is leading receiver that is the guy that should remain your number one. Or he can't he Sammy Watkins more than robber was it would upset the apple cart I would see watt gains. At other brands they just cut my losses yes he gave up a number two pick for it didn't work out. On am watching it's hitting the street you know maybe he'll beyond two is thirtieth and by the way in case anybody's morning no no I would not bring him back to buffalo. Moved on form for a reason even at a discount rate not at all he's not the type of guy that stuffed it into the culture here now buffalo. All right so what did you miss this afternoon of the bills clean up their locker we get word that tomorrow 1 o'clock. GM brand and being a head coach Sean McDermott will address the media they're a year and press conference it will look forward that you'll hear here. A during the John Murphy showed tomorrow afternoon. On ESPN Rochester so plenty to talk about tomorrow afternoon in the sports bars we react to their closing comments and I don't think we'll get anything of any real substance. Probably fuel speculation as to on the future Tyrod Taylor. Future of phew there sure is Shawn McCoy certainly and what are you don't with profits according to Rick while. That MI beetle one thing that you may just say that the coaching staff is back but if you. You don't address the topic then it's all up for speculation but that would be. My expectation is that it as far as news I would be kind of surprised if they got up on the podium tomorrow danger and said okay well you know what we're looking for offensive coordinator. Yeah I only had an out the first time ever that that this regime has given us anything of substance in a press conference other than you know that that standard. Process and we love us some process and I went down. Love. Some process soul from my locker clean out today it wasn't a case so who was talking it was a case of who wasn't talking. Hot Tyrod Taylor obviously did not talk to media today LeSean McCoy not talking to the media. Bridging guy neo not talking. To the media today this after the allegation made that he used a slower but apparently he's gonna be coming out with a statement tonight on nick Veronica from the ball Sloan who's telling us that earlier today and it's. We got more on that are coming up or daily specials happy hour is upon us here in the sports bar. Danger and the tag Leah you're welcome to join us as well 454 ESP and 454. 3776. As we had to pre game at 630 for the college football national championship. Alabama. And I Georgia tonight on ESPN Rochus. And decide broadcast tonight 630 for the pregame and its should be a lot of fun tonight again this is brought you impart by the tax oppose her. 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