The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Alan Pogroszewski

Alan Pogroszewski highlights hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Alan, an Associate Professor of Sports Studies at St. John Fisher College, breaks down the new tax code and how it impacts the sports we watch and the teams we root for.


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But a sports car with danger and exactly guys are working hard wind and now the time of year where you you make a lot of gains we'll put an instance you know the new system on offense and and then it carry over second gear now it's on the defensive side and special teams as well we'll be in order BA record for a couple weeks for about a week and a half. Mike danger to Buffalo Bills might have. Near the bottom of the league in quarterback play offensive line play and wide receiver cliff Jean which actually asked why he didn't ask. Ball argument could there be right now because pulpit are better off without carrier pregnant Gordon Hayward an impressive road win for the Golden State Warriors who takes home court right back in the opener this Western Conference final. 119106. Over the rockets. It's pretty much all the like royalty adjustments as the rockets handling and would make. Make it doesn't quite different after hole being lost as hard as scores 41 of Chris Paul didn't think there's a lot. The idea of the guys tomorrow will be more like God's gonna wanna shoot the ball make me more support from other positions who dat gonna watch a little hockey and also. Homers. But this just shows. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet and I might wanna check them marxism guys forget them believe Florida gave him. Bought back to sports bar danger Ametek dot Sears good guys Florida for Vegas is success there. Head coach is pretty good to know yes. Ridiculous what about the sports bar danger to tag Leah. We appreciate you stopping by on am 950957. FM we love the Windstream is live at ESPN Rochester dot com home on line. Forty tickets with you everywhere you go on your phone with the radio dot com map treated downloading you can take ESP in Rochester with you to listen. Anywhere any time alongside gene detect Leah I MI danger. Yeah we had a great some baseball conversation first visit in the sports bar with the twins general manager Thad Levine who's in town. First time is the twins GM taking they'd seen in that door and it. First and foremost for some relationship building he knows all the stats he knows the guys in his system but he's here and now on our show danger. He set pretty much yeah the twins wanna stay with the red wings I have talked to people within the red wings organization that the feeling is mutual so. I would expect before the end of the year announcement. That there will be a re up here the twins in the wings off for another two years. Path then it's good it's good parties share and its class organization. The twins. I think a lot of you wanted to write twins often at the at the all star break last year and they made a trade that I think a lot of people question and turn out and last year. Well the twins this year. Activision terrible effect are excellent the Indians are 500 and everybody else twins included are below 500 but because the Indians aren't that good this year either. There are the twins only game in a half fouls so it should be an interesting. Season of baseball I just. I this is not going to be the team this is not a franchise dealers is gonna ship off prospects for the quick fix that's not the way the twins operating acting that's high level and sabathia. And here's the thing I think. Pay ultimately we want to win a World Series and for gonna do that. Can't we figure out a way to beat Duff freaking yankees. Is they yankees just our own Minnesota. They can't get over a on the yankees' all that David the twins get over on the keys is that they believe they can win a World Series. And you know I grew up watching the points I know that they have a bit that I noted that the the organ is it I don't know what that that. That bought the vibe is like when that that team. He's contending for World Series. And right now there's a dark cloud over their chances of winning a World Series and that dark cloud. Is is paper resides in Yankee Stadium it's the Yankees. Well right now there's a tremendous imbalance in baseball the best teams in baseball. Man they're all the American way the elites Boston New York but. Holy cow Houston's really go Lloyd at the angels are exciting they are for your playoff teams right there who are going to be the wild card imagine that. And then you're gonna happen. He for the twins and the Indians coming out of the central but. Don't fault the two wins for the division their end but yeah I knew he objective is to win the World Series the twins may make the playoffs this year but if they're looking long range. It yet big. Player development and here Rochester playing a part of it that's a big piece. Mr. conversation with twins GM Thad Levine joined us last hour it's on a man right now the all new. ESPN Rochester dot com you can listen to that at your leisure. And coming up here in the sports bar and a few minutes so we're gonna talk with Al public Chatzky. And Allen is the associate professor of sports studies saint John Fisher College also the president his own. Tax consulting business. And what does that mean weighs a tax consulting business. With clientele professional sports over 200 professional athletes. And coaches sports administrators. Taking the advice of Al public Chatzky is gonna joints and little bit because. Well there's changes in our tax code that could impact the way we consume and in the teams that it is sports it's gonna impact sports and in one way shape perform well aimed. Here's the example say the rob excuse me Robinson could only that name came out and not because he gets suspended eight games not declare look for the Giancarlo Stanton trade. And that's a 300 million dollar contract that the Yankees basically gave a wave of one prospects in the eighth or win. You'd. Sterling cast. Well now home. Cool of the Yankees perhaps. Have to pay. Federal tax. Sign that for capital gains can you imagine if you're a team that wants to pick up the big contract. And now because trades are traits you make a trade in any business in ever got tax stuff. My now you might get taxed on and and will this have an impact on sports will this low every trade mark it down wolf for example for the Major League Baseball trade deadline is this gonna impact things well. Allen has thoughts on that. And I and we wanted to tell you if things here on our show before you hear anywhere else and to meet its an under reported stories so Allen. I'd again I'm gonna goal we're gonna try to distill this down in a warm people talk about taxes but it will have a major impact in my opinion in the sports world. We'll get that or get Ted Allen here a loss at ask Allen about sports gambling being legal and how about might be. How that might affect our our winnings. Given the new new tax code and and how how taxes will be applied that to anything that is it. Already is having. Casinos everything's a look at Allen a little bit and by the way speaking of that. I've boy jerseys and holding back it's not like they've been fighting this fight in the courts for last like six years I wanna say. In the announcement that the pass was being struck down by the Supreme Court yesterday. And jerseys set to go. Higher up the casinos. Fire up the the wager it's all I mean injures. Yeah I was looking at pictures on line at this racetrack Mon meth. And in point fourteen in preparation for this Gerri have a sports book there are days like Alec cameras and all the venues where you can. You know place your sports wager right there it's it's ready to go in Jersey they've been waiting for this day so. Okay actually jerseys out of the gate all wait a second the United Nations says more ready. That's gonna happen until by the time football season hits and it they're gonna go I would think every casino. Are around us here in New York State that has. You know that's run by the native Americans. Will have. Gambling on sports ball and Brady tell. How does New York State reacts how quickly can can they react how would this change our war. Everybody's really fast because I don't think anybody wants regulation. Ever he's going past don't think anybody wants anybody tell them going after some of that money to acts. Not a guy you have to give some of that money the NFL. All the for a major leagues because. Weakening the integrity feet. That's free money why are you giving that up today. The integrity fees ridiculous because it's just that you complain with anything less than integrity all of this time no wing. The gambling while not illegal is a current. Everywhere. Constantly. Legally in Vegas and that's it but everywhere so when now all of us are worried about the integrity of the game now. Please you're worthy you're not gonna get your fair share your haircut you Sheen everybody everybody. He's gonna move fast on this yesterday is that within five years in New York State. Now I'd like to revise that I'd say within five months I'd say by the start of football season there's money to be made. Why I would think by the start it it at a minimum what's gonna happen first days. Euros TDs. And you re seeing knows. We will have this okay so you Batavia downs your Finger Lakes I predict. By way is the time football season comes around yes they'll pass that legislation. However danger. It you got me I mean we live on the west side to it the you don't find one don't. Place a wager on Monday Night Football to what really wanna get my car and drive to Batavia tonight's question. Adding a lot of people view the same I mean yes it's part of the experience when you go to one of those venues it's a lot of fun. But deer are easier ways and they deny it I cast my guys over at. Lyle okay. Ohio's pretty simple. OK you're guess numbers computer spits it out or you let the computer picked it up for you and you give them their money and you get a ticket. Well isn't that the way you were had it Kim we have. That. Can you imagine the money that would be me if I went into the corner store to pick up a twelve pack and I wanna put some action down on the cavs and Celtics tonight or imagine. In electricity and I am Monday night a chance well we're gonna we're gonna play so bad here over on the gained two for Monday Night Football. I mean whatever your favorite sports bar east. I could see a future where it's going to be ubiquitous it's gonna be every. Where we could get on the phone and get it over with it when it's on the phone anymore. You have to leave your house enough to do anything the year gonna make you say you're gonna make those wages off of those earnings from gambling on sports gambling. With people just doing on the phone. Mean is not what what was holding up annual draft kings was their problem there they won that there are suits. And Kate I don't think it's legal in all states but he is legal in New York State. Now why. It has New York State's getting a piece of right it it was the action it in the in. And this is how silly things that. Because it to mean is there really a difference. In taking a fantasy line up. Or saying that I like the dolphins plus the eight points and now I don't think there's a different spot in legal lease terms we've talked to experts we talked the lawyers about this it's considered scale is scale up. Why is it not a skill form mean to you looked at an over under okay. You and I can look I just laid out Syracuse of the over under four and a half. I'm too mean it seems pretty low if you're just projecting on the number wins last year I could see that but I look at the schedule I look at your number three Dino neighbors I like what he's doing. I think I'm pretty used my skill my knowledge. You know that's considered chance. Why I think it is still considered chance because. He can't changes the outcome of the game. You don't know. What is going to happen on the field and and even in fantasy mean you might have this guilt of draft the right players and make the right trades throughout course of the season. And this is where the chance comes in. Antonio Brown catches one ball for ten yards and championships Sunday in your league. And in you don't win you know like there is still an element of chance but. I think a little bit more skill. Fantasy football thing that was just in some legislation adopt by the goal. So I think that's the difference right I did what they always you know I think what this is I think the Tennessee football lobbyists. Really knew how to sell they're position this isn't it a game of chance. Look at how much data we pour through to make the decisions that we make on draft day look at how much data we pour through through the course of the season that's work. That's not it's that's a skill that's not chance. Com you make that case. Knew if they're willing to buy it and they are. And you've got legal fantasy. Fantasy action in New York State and it's on your phone. It's on your phone but I don't want regulation I don't launch the government telling me how much I can or can't do. Tell me where I can or can't do it. We you know. Where does it end. He read when now I think it was Bloomberg when he's mayor of New York City who wanted to. Regulate the amount of soda somebody could drink like were only going to limit. You to a certain size and of soda in New York City you remember that. It's a terrible idea. What's next. You know like you. You me. Anybody. You should be able to make a choice as an adult the right vs wrong. Any. I wanna be sympathetic to you but I can't be sympathetic to you if you choose every day. To eat fast food. It that your choice obviously need to ask whoever. How I wanna be sympathetic but I'm not you know you're making a bad choice. You know we make a choice not good for your body you make your choice is gonna affect you long term. The same can be said for alcohol. Same can be said for sports gambling. Can we. Listen. I. Modest income. You know middle class. If I wanna drop. 104050. Unsuitable Sunday am reasonable. While I like how you lay all that out. Like it's the same argument but really it's not if I choose to have pizza every day what's the danger well. That's a risk I'm taking. Some people can't help themselves that's the counterargument team that's. That's everybody that's but that's the thing I don't want the government beat they can't help themselves because. They've lost the ability to regulate themselves because all. That's they need somebody is computing needs somebody tell me don't you can't do that that's not good for you. Well yeah. If you have all this regulation we lose that still that ability to make a good choice verses they damaging choice and we want the government telling me how to live my life. I want that ability a lot that skill that's a skill I wanna pass on my kids. My kid is a girl the world where they lose the ability to regulate themselves because the government regulating everything for the there are consequences to your choices. Always everyday. So. The the NFL statement is is we we talked about yesterday it's comical to me. It's it's it's a veiled statement. Where if you break it down translated to. Hey congress. Fight to get us our our fair share of this. They don't care about the integrity of the game and a Phyllis stupid the game is going to be more popular. Than ever because of this. They just want in the and they know that now and they wanna make sure that they're getting theirs their piece of the ply. And the by the way the players will be right behind the NFL and in terms of the unions how do we get our piece of the pot and any of it other than their token. What are they calling it. In integrity fee. Well like Daughtry don't give anybody an integrity feed that's read. Q what was the last franchise to move. I OK let's say it's the Oakland Raiders are moving to Vegas is that how this is gonna work now. If this happened today let's say the OK you wanna move to Vegas wait did does that pay us our integrity. Feet. No they did not eaten a pair also faults the list right I mean that's how this is going to work rate or. And it's. Yes we will accept bids for the Super Bowl in the earth 20/20 five and old fla did not take us are they are integrity C tonight no. That's how is gonna wanna go to London. And I'm not an annual go to lab. It hailed Beatrice is Seattle plays out but I thought it was very funny that that Jersey. Already there ready to go. That casino Monmouth you said when they starting. Is this is it immediately yeah immediately immediately. Home cut that the legal path that's clear. Road trip to hurt sick this week but that's portable sports both look pretty nice. Let's get Al blogger Chatzky with us next that changes in the tax code and how it might impact the sports. That we enjoy this going to be interesting conversations looking forward to it. Allen's good guy I've met Allen at the careers in sports day at the other Rochus Redmond were both the panelists. And Jeanne you know alum from way back in the day starting off. Eat your early broadcasting career. I'm I'm the idiot that state radio announced figured you know what I wanna go make real money so what Alan does is he works with name age and he's probably worked with him. We'll be aging doesn't do the x.s and knows when it comes to putting a contract together and you know what the tax ramifications are. Alan that's where he steps and works with these agents directly fascinating stuff. I don't think he's gonna tell us and its clients know now and that we. Wanna cross satellite uneasy associate professor of sports studies at saint John Fisher College own blogger Chatzky joins us next in the sports park danger Ametek Leo on ES PM Rochester. What's in the hills John Murphy and peels wallet Famer Steve tasker gives you all the latest news from. Exclusive interviews lined up each city. FL analysis Murphy and task are taking wins the lottery and down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with him. Hill's right here new 3COM home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN broadcaster. From the field to the court to vote rink to your sports on eight and 950 and 957 FAM. These sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports bar with danger in the tag leave ports our mission to make you a smarter sports fan and talk to the best and brightest minds out there. And we do not go far defied Allen told were Jeff ski. He's the associate professor. Sports studies at saint John Fisher College. And you've got to figure out what changes in the tax code targeting impact how to impact the sports that we watched Alan welcome to the sport sports greats talk to you. Thank you could appear Allen now you work a law hiding in this field. Ellen Howell EU looked at his new tax code you work with you know many clients. What's going to be the biggest impact tiger would you say it is this rule when it. Coms to trade you couldn't explain that you know what what the Genesis of it is of how trade was never taxed and how that may change your moving for. OK now you know what we've done that number way is what eight. Labeled as the story changes in the tax code and what was a dork about it from those that talk wit is the amount of time that how you put it through congress. And what I would expect will happen is a lot of what we consider on her being circumstances that are on thirteen consequences. Is the tax code. And one of the way it is. Be like kind exchanges. And 31 like kinda in it and it relatively. You need because I don't deal with. Corporations are businesses. But it a little known me and on her feet and that these are Matt. Actually back. They were put in place with the initial tax code. I'm going to act in that 1920s. In their opponent played because a lot of time. Small businesses are armor would do it news is between now or four feet or four. It equipment or a building and they would be great and government out there there were numerous amount of trade in on trying to track down the fair market value that that. They figure for every game they found that they were able to act they would have a law that they would. Be able to claim a deduction and you know the net value in doing it would be normal so they made them make them so. It wasn't though the new teams the tax code that they reevaluated that they may put a number of thirty point five billion dollars. And make considered that the loophole that noting that that is that you make a big. It was their Vietnam of these urban ministry and you try to close a loophole in hand. Aren't you don't have them or at least I feel is bad. Or your tree. All under that week that. Hand. Are now potentially. Subjected to acts and we can talk more about yet but. The way or then. Created in a lot of time government is octave or talk a little bit about. It gambling how the government is right if they outer court. It and the active sport and you do not having you claim that he's. There may be some. Potential tax consequences that may or may not. BP. Alan let's look at it let's try to debts come up with an example here let's look at I don't know judge John Carlos Stanton. Who got delta the Yankees from the Marlins. Were ridiculous. Amounts of money and Andy you know the Marlins getting prospects and essentially sterling Castro mean. When you look at that deal. Does it if so. If I'm understanding this right the Yankees could get taxed. Because what they acquired in John Carlos Stanton is of such greater value than what they gave up. And then the Marlins to just take that is a loss is that basically you're saying. Well if you look at. I don't I don't inquired whether it be better for their commodity. But that's kind of what this is right I mean what we hear you talking about fair market value of about a higher contract. Exactly what we're looking at though what the Yankees gave up. What what we eat is of greater value. And is the new cap growth. It is all part of an eye out higher corporate what congress has. Thought the at that point oh taxable event in the revenue there. The Yankees every EU group Carlo can't believe. You sure they'll view and from what they have given up in the capital gains and read that correctly that. Are we not be a case of the IRS says yes and you you're gonna get taxed if you acquire big contract. Are we not setting ourselves up for the potential. I don't know recessions the right word but things are gonna slow down in the trade market will they not Alan until we get some clarification on this. When are not. Based off the everything followed state you know eight are as he. The Sherman antitrust exemption from federal baseball. From 1928. Who would they. Spain act. Google at 100 years or nearly 100 year bird they got only RE government intervention. Okay and then I went in originally why they were on transactions where he they were numerous and they beat the LU. And acting. Like the transaction so. The question. We are looking completely searching. We are in on what the ire at the size and determine. Is it then be account and put it in the count went to bed. You baby that follow the law. It and rightfully claim are. Where is neat yeah ire will not per who. Or hey well we won't. It now at that because we haven't yet who in the past. And be held accountable. For rocket. Is not an inkling. Though how it looked like it is. You know in the right now what made this okay that with a simple. Either held accountable who claim act. And go to revenue generated. I would like a bank in a perfect scenario will become more of the money. If he where you eat their accountant who picked basically. See how you view that. Hand you at the right. Make that trade for the player and paid a capital gain or possibly. Sell off some of their high priced. Players and get a capital loss in the claim a deduction. Al poker Chatzky the the associate professor sports that is at saint John Fisher College also president zone. Tax consulting business clientele of over 200 professional athletes talking about the changes in the tax code. And how might impact the sports that we enjoy and an Allen I don't wanna come off as not eve but if if the IRS is able to get. More tax dollars from this franchises in this teams in the sports that we root for. I mean is is a public as a whole should we be excited does that mean some. And wanna be not leave it does not meet somewhere up there are taxes will go down because it found this brand new revenues. You would. You know I have a very short or that you would hope so but yet more than likely now. Right now codec just catch. Alan I Ed somebody we work with in the office was telling me a story. On the owner of of their friend owns a business every year of AM. This business buys sweeteners in the Buffalo Sabres game. And this year they are considering not renewing because. What date claim marital this to be true are now that this is kind of what sparked my initial call you. Was that with the new tax code. And the things you can't deduct any more. That this suite at a sabres game no longer is a business right off. What's the impact of that Alan I mean when it comes to business deductions and how might sports be effective. Well a good example of that is. Not only won eat you mentioned. But really or be out pretty intimate. Where they play much more important we heard some of the production that remark and we were called me. We're labeled as. Close the loophole. Though was that are related doc are no longer allowed for individuals on wait it. Four professional aptly. One of witnesses. You know you can there abnormal in April you can itemize your deductions and ankle or you never entered the ducks. And grow older. Go to I don't know how. Or you know living near eight week eight state income tax. And then we pay property taxes. And remember about and then we have a mortgage we have is mortgage interest that we're able right now we move beyond into the dock and we itemize or not. Welcome actual epic. And for many of them when they're earning. Larger sum of money they're back there are so that they act. Are they're able to duck it and itemized deduction. Well in active will be limited and thousand hours going forward before you know and Utley got to make millions of hours in California. Their state income taxes are going to be hundreds of thousands of ballot. So they're no longer allowed to. Paid deductions. That are in contact it would mean their federal tax rate is going to be higher. Now the average person might not is that my. Open if you but for aptly deciding whether the way. In California look at high state income as we in the pat they were able then deduct a federal rate. Lower their bad girl. Now though no longer be able to do that that not only holding up the eight the state active in California or New York on the border with all that I ate in a they're battle that rate they don't know what I'm having is that the dot. Other deductions that are locked. Is that related but are adequate equipment in which would be honored England. Related matter. Or aptly. You know they may have been regulated under. But they all got eighteen. Or some of the guys that work was very either hundreds of thousands of ballot which now. You know an eighteen we are a 100000 ballot. The goat it. If you're a 40%. Correct you're 1840000. Dollar in. Though it doesn't he spoke with them. They're also losing deduction for one on the road for example. And other in the related expenses fell. Or that issue. These guys where they way become much more important. Alan I remember that being a factor and the bronze decision to leave Cleveland them for Miami and make a guess it makes me curious about what. What you do when your business with how you're dealing with agents how you assist. These agents and these athletes and directly with their contracts. Yeah well my partner who all want to compare that active and the other is beaten old. Prior to see the weekend. National brought. When we put around and I'm in 0808. Upon me to go to Miami over. Cleveland because the act for. You can go because it went beat or are we only went because Dwayne wade was going to he is. To win a championship and Miami Miami. And Cleveland Cleveland. The decision to go down there. Active. Maybe that has banned in major article I'm sure it can hop and it went. Is we talk about you know if you want to go to clay but it got there or the lakers. In Europe on. Clay there are. When we work with eighteen is not what they don't want a player because of the well it is okay you want to play there here is he caught. That you are giving up though if you look at company by Miami which they know they are. Burton is playing in California which got their secret but. Then we would wait for the player okay is that where. 400000. Hours the equivalent. Or is and we've worked without them here because the product in this new bought that in about it which as you know they are. We were able helped negotiate contracts. With players with thirteen. We were saying well he comes in on earth to create the beer he made it go to law they. Then they would be well what what are what type of eighteen year that we would not that we incurred them and then we would expect in the contract. Or go to the right thing alt well you know players playing in New York. As we live in the rye New York. Or that we live in. And they want a little man is we won them what are the consequences of. While it. That's fascinating stuff that you know a team that is playing one of these states not like on the matter floored. You know and it might get leveraged Alan I think Eckerd. Yes this boy you mentioned California. Where does New York State. Does rank overall it's a from upstate New York now factoring all that downstate you know you mention the man and tax or whatever but agree in terms of buffalo for. I had a franchise the bills of the sabres that want to attract a free agents. Where is that the taxes are rate in in comparison to other markets. Well I know we we kind of creating what we we termed as it got to act and act and it kind of ranked each team. And. The issue that you not only talk about is not only are one of the eight axes in the state or that city that you client. But all of you played it percent of your games on the road what state are you Klain and would act regarding objected to on the road as well. And eat it well eaten at 88 tax credit coming back to your home so we look at all these like the thing. But when when it comes down to it. Watching or in California eighteen isn't guilt or at the highest act pre New York is sitting there at. Just under 9% Minnesota sitting there just under armed or not. No realistically you were ranked them. You really would be looking at California is the ball back then go to the second highest. And then you look in New Jersey and New York is be great there burden for. Alan blogger Chatzky is the associate professor of sports studies saint John Fisher College joining us here. In the sports part danger tightly to break down the changes in the tax code and how it impacts sports and Alan if somebody's tuning in right now. How wants to know or talking about maybe the only business were talking about this new tax code what's your advice to them. When it comes to that new tax code. It is that you see and we still haven't figured it out only because I'll it is right now is it. It senate bill that and turned into law and that and handed over the higher and higher they'll incorporate in and they and they will what they called code buy it. And then those will be the law and the rules that we follow. Realistically. The biggest gains in the back button to open for the corporation. The corporate tax rate. Or individual they're. They cracked the simple I'd be echoed much like that you mentioned earlier. The law and order quote look all itemized deductions but they increase the standard production they lowered the individual rate. Repeatedly that there you know on they'll kind of figured figured out myself but I can't necessarily but he'd bite but. It barely look like you're the perfect in their current. Which none of these small businesses. It couldn't quote. What it has done in the area you have revenue coming. And then you add your expenses. And then. You will be back then. Now I gotta ask your take on nine you know this whole new world of sports gambling that's about ready to open up to everybody. Would where do you see this going is this going to be. Take it off the top when you're going to this future establishment or will this be like a Vegas establishment. Would that be the better course where. All its it's the new year and I just got a 1099 in the mail for. For hitting on my parlor I mean how how do you think this'll all work out. I think there are the way Beckett got there is probably the way other popular. In a news story one among. My active client. Call me up in the numbers AA we visited they get men I won 25000 dollars the route that they won and if you add up on the and you know what you expect there you fact that before they leave the casino or. You know what they're doing what I'm or you know. Some other way that they receive the I 99 whether male demo before they even lead the the facility. But he never land and I don't believe there'll be any federal act for eight tax withheld by running on eight that you're you're gambling on when you you you have women. There and let the people that are on they packed their. The one thing I would note there are gambling law are deductible on gambling when he. Though up until. Up until you win though if you win 101000 dollar write up it sent out Ballard that. If it's interesting stuff Fallon and in like a set to begin AME our our purpose is to try and make you. For the sports bar listener smarter. For listening I feel like we gained some wisdom here and and new weird times ahead did differently definitely different times ahead we appreciate you kind of navigating us through these waters is the tax code changes and and how might actually impact the athletes we cheer for the teams we root for in the sports that we love what I really appreciate your time Allen Covert Chatzky. The associate professor sports and he's a saint John Fisher College or against her in the sport brow and enjoy your night. Europe could well you know thanks Alan. In Tulsa player. It's what you thought you guys like gossip dirt Horace asks. Now that's a that's a cool story and that's now when teams go to Vegas yet they might play a little bit. Well hopefully got something on that and it sounds like to mean from what Alan said you know as Dara has been caught off guard by Elvis right. If they can interpret it RA might give good years turning your taxes late and let that man I'm telling a few of them. It's triggered I get your hands full let's of today's top NFL stories and bite sized form NFL appetizers on the way next in the sports bar including. A new owner the Carolina Panthers will tell you about him his background. All the way next sand sports bar danger MB tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Street. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered the demand audio and all of them best moments from the sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com the online home of the DM 950 and 95. Sports sleek. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio. That is the official new home of ESPN Rochester. Via apple cart labor and wirelessly yeah speakers we're just pops and earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957 have been the sport's leaders and ask you. Master. His news from around the National Football League. That little boy today. Served up in black eyes for. There's no assurance that Hadley are serving. This play was so. Now in a sportsman. Another free agent is planning a visit to one bills drive tomorrow. According to Ian Rapoport NFL network Buccaneers created defensive end Brian Russell is coming to. Point six year old Russell had three sacks the previous two seasons with the block Sierra Leon's point fifteen with the cowboys as a fifth rounder from Purdue. Steelers minority partner David tepper is expected to sign a deal with by the Carolina Panthers are Jerry Richardson sailors have. To approve the transaction and have the opportunity to do so next week's owners' meetings in Atlanta. While tempers cooled tempers big was it the highest BAT's. Certainly the wealthiest to bid on eighteen tougher also has the support for a group of owners more than happy to see him join the club bids were reported a size two and a half billion dollars. Temper came in around two point 12 point two billion dollar and someone that range. And no speed bumps expected in this deal moving forward. So the little brother out bills' offense been starlets who leg. Have about a short NFL career as you can imagine Utah nose tackle mole looked to land was 18 players who signed with the Denver Broncos. As an undrafted free agent immediately following. The draft earlier last month now look to a Lang inform the Broncos of his intention to retire from playing football instead. That the younger brother star intends to pursue a coaching career instead. Denver wave won't look too late yesterday and he returned his 151000 dollars signing bonus to team. Four franchise is big name. And for the developmental alliance of American football whispering legal have a Salt Lake City presents coaching the game. Later according to the AP Orlando Atlanta Memphis. Who host the other three franchises that we know so far the eight A half plans to launch an awful plans to launch next February 10 week regular season and two rounds of the playoffs. Finally before Mercedes bin stadium opened in Atlanta last season their line and made a decision to lower concession prices from the previous home in the Georgia Dome positive PR ended up. Can a 16%. Rise in concession. Revenues interest rates while apparel arises certain inning getting attention of other teams in the Baltimore Ravens are now actually following suit. Team all the press conference that it tomorrow they will to announce more concession stand prices at an empty stadium. How much the decrease in price remains to be seen but it won't be surprising to see other teams. Take the opportunity why in their margins while we. Fans wide fairways yeah that's I think it makes me nervous about layouts. It's great it's a great value and it's good for business in your product to sell a lot more concessions. But where are the ones that can't control ourselves right oh well off its dollar dog night let me go leg gets legs. Six hot dogs not good you know might be might feel good fur short amount of time and it's good for the soul at the moment and then the regret comes in afterwards. I do you know what's the high concession prices have you been to Yankee Stadium you know Latin week. Wait fifteen box or draft beer why in I don't know what the price is but I remember just having that sticker. Shock and it. When you get shocked it causes you to reach to the wall it's a more so why it's an interesting exercise. To meet. I don't know if that's the play the reason why let's be honest here danger the reason why the falcons went up 16%. Good worry you know steady and that's why get all these other real bells and whistles to it of course I would hope concession prices would go up when you change. Stadium so that lets see what happens in Baltimore this year they get a rise in concession. Crises in the same old stadium then you know Ole your on this. Dueling go to the sushi bone nominee yankees stared him. Warned to sort would you like for a short narrow launch and swords with the has insuring. Sushi bar. Caught saw a few. Immune Knology. Tron so well both local and I like the idea that that I like the PR behind it it's a good move. Georgia too by the way right annual what's the story about when you go to Augusta for the masters it's dirt cheap. It's shocking how their cheapens that solid club wanted there and that's the way it's always been. Happy hours upon us you know let's take a break here come back we've got another round of shots coming up as well go around the world of sports to mr. Conversation this hour with Alan poker Chatzky is weak breakdown new tax code and how it might impact the sports that we consume we'll get them for you on demanded ESPN Rochester dot com. Shortly stand by. New Jersey not holding back sports gambling his little boy now they've been waiting for this day they are less hair like what purpose here read up. I mean hey pay Albany. Might want to get going yeah pay attention what's going on stay in the sports bar danger the tightly on ESPN Rochester. These days. Celebrity. Most listeners.