The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Bill Hoppe

Bill Hoppe of is our guest in this hour of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys discuss Rasmus Dahlin and Russ Brandon's departure from the Sabres.

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Those sports bar with danger and exactly I was isn't training camp yeah. Yeah oh Rochester. They sure. Yeah it may not have been the greatest fan experience but you're certainly want and her a variety of Greenville that you mentioned but the fan experience during the season we'll play better. Mike danger and there you meet G mechanically. Did the bills trading can't just look for him bro must burger we could show us Coleman. And I feel one or two. Jeanne exactly. If anything should we eat perhaps expect the shorter camp here Fisher twenty team I've been so I would just because it would order a lap here. He just won his fifth Kentucky Derby with an undefeated told how do you describe what justified just hit until he runs three on. Senility doesn't get resistance unheard. If you say expansion and what does that really entail. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes he had. And plus some hockey Louisville hockey. Buffalo hockey B dot com just a few moments here in the sports bar with danger and Ted Leo welcome it. Thanks for stopping by AM 950 to 957 FM. You can read up on the latest bills and sabres news there home online ESPN Rochester gonna come also our conversation from last hour. With my catalog available on demand now and ESP and Rochester are common if you're on the go. Listen to us on the radio dot com am free to download take these sports bar ES PM Rochester which you. Everywhere you go listen anywhere. Anytime I am Mike danger he is deemed tackling. One note just coming over from the networks. Another divisional our realignment here in any. American Hockey League this one's not too bad though there adding a team back into the hammocks division. Welcome back Cleveland. Soul formally do Lake Erie monsters the Cleveland monsters will join. Delve building and team of all searches drone Utica. In Rochester in the north division next year eighteens in the north are coming up and when he eighteenth when he ninety. America's stuff you ready to play a drink that the sport are of course let's go. It is my round. Post rigs and in the sports. Green Bay Packers take coach Mike McCarthy says these new back up to Sean Kaiser. Kept the draft being diss your head Kaiser being in this year's draft he would have been a first round. Really why would just it acknowledged Kaiser went in the second round last year it's not like. He upped his value he's got no guard driven off a lot immediately hired there's value went now last year playing for only 1618 that's how you got. Packer fans I don't know why you deal with a guy Mike McCarthy he's. Full of guys pulled it but he's also trying to create value when he. The public perceives it there is one. So by saying that he's a first round talent. Well then when you paint Aron Rodgers lessen what Aaron Rodgers wants and he's disgruntled. During his playing time in rebate you'll always have this so well and maybe maybe maybe just maybe your that you crucial because there's a first round talent. Wow they look why is Ben Roethlisberger. Threatened by mace has their potential mesa grill. He threatened by Desean kind of a quarterback that went on sixteen and now we haven't seen any shot Kaiser a real. Football uniform we played for Cleveland last year what you it's like what I thought to why have a lot to Sean Kaiser you've heard me tell us a million times and got ahead. I saw enough from the Notre Dame could you blog I would draft him in the fourth round of our running NFL franchise so. So I'll drink to that geno I'm convinced that short of me saying something horribly off color my future broadcasts it's fairly secure. However if I ever replace Jean if your replaced. That replacement will come in the form of a former Catholic kid got cliff April. Joining in Seattle sports talk station to post their midday show great post career move for him. Had more fear for us to live in your lives insecure radio hosts like you and I look who who could be out there I mean. The lien is all I can be taken over by Linas hallmark Olympic another of Buffalo Bill danger. I mean you're out yup charismatic Alec yet basically decides retires GM of the Rochester red Angel the he would make a good place. Guys are bigger names that you and I did you just walking in here want to hear any day any moment. After they retired after they did it pushes them. We're gonna try to secure as we think we are we just told you we got now is security set now we want to hear him maybe as you mean security listen to tasker before us. Agile so good now after an area pets I'll drink to that. Yankees swept the angels yankees took three or four from Houston. Yankees sweep Cleveland law Walt Walt at all they've won fifteen of sixteen. Imagine what's gonna happen and when they go to. Stovall likes of the Baltimore's in the Tampa's the world is in a flow this team is good all the missing hour. Snakes. Like Houston going on getting Verlander last year that put him over the top that something Brian Cashman. Should go acquire the dental. Into that new well the warhead the Yankees are going to be hit Apple's. I'll drink to that aren't let's not reviewed Twitter here this was us sent out. Evander Kane thank you to the dance of passion take San Jose. For the sport throughout this post season you made a great experience each and every night in the in the tank. This is not how any of us want this season end but it was special being able to play this group of guys in the organization. Sighing he canine I'm only bringing the sub not because we care about what descent while we do care about there really wanted to San Jose Sharks don't voice that Stanley Cup to get back additional first round pick. Now we only four TDs got got a he's got resigned got to resign was generally found in this tweets may be the first in this in this step in the process. To having you better caned. Backing teal next year getting the sabres while additional tech. Yeah the reasons why San Jose Las Vegas I won't put it entertain in the whole wide not a on you know seems like that's a good. Fit and yes they're still in the honeymoon phase there and you may seem bad Evander Kane months sighing. Sign make itself. I was hoping it would get at least one game seven put down my goodness Vegas taking care of business how about that hand up taking care of. Thank you think caught listen if you're grants to animal apologize to thank god you're not the post season and I I can't watch. Brad marsh and look any more faces. Well why es I I did what he's doing I understand why he's doing it. That guy as the most eligible face in a hockey. I can't believe he's last this long without somebody just taking KM. Outs. No I Kelly that was gonna take up I've got talent is gonna kill him the other. We're dating catch is that regional. Data came back from break and racial delay and yet kennel and credit him for not going crazy odd. Hillary is he went lull. And and then and then the follow up with a look to the face. Brad Callahan has more patience and your can be combined mile I would kill a guy. What are you doing. I well it's marsh and but like the little. Skating who he is you know he's just misbehavior. In the and you look at the parents the parents are on the floor. Hone the. Parents are not paying that well. It's easy new with Maher show what was the story at a Toronto series he lit may believe yeah so what are the NHL date. The wind licking basis we resent we sent a letter. Oh wow that really. Did verdict and then after the after the martyr shy after the it. Marchand did it again. Well you know he's gonna do it again and you need peace and G act. To discipline. Out that works with kicks in it also works wit hunky hockey players too like Brad Marchand. And age or else stop you you condone that sort of behavior when your we're gonna write a strongly worded letter to you stop to poring arts. Stop any julliard apparent on your phone pay attention. Bill hop you'll talks more hockey both of sabres talked about law hockey B dot com. And also the only times herald bill popular joints here just few minutes in sports bar with danger tightly jet week I did. One of running to anybody in Rochester who had a bad weekend I don't know that anybody had a bad weekend when this really felt like. The first week or you could get like winter walks or multiple neighborhoods just saw people working outside. Getting your work done cleaning get to Dino clean sweep was that if frontier field on tap everybody was out. Everybody was just kind of get their house in order felt right everybody's and a great move. Who did what for couple runs danger. I took up track meet died hilt in some my daughter run on us Saturday night so that was a lot of fun so. Yeah just a great weekend to be out and when you settle in and night to watch a little playoff hockey in the NBA I mean it's it all comes together and I. Don't watch a lot of action on Saturday night is the neighborhood get together soul all of the neighborhood got together we all met up downtown secret in my amateur hour in it was insane. Downtown would to a restaurant downtown and and had a great time. You know. The value on the good neighbors and and think about situations where you do know your neighbors are you were close with your neighbors and then. Think about what it'll be like if you add these people eulogies people you know that if you work on your locker something bad was happening they would either for you. Man I am never leaving my neighborhood and I am I refuse to it suits it to think that any of the neighbors and I was out with on Saturday night. Or ever leaving my neighbor get up. And your neighborhood exhaust every demo mopping your neighborhood don't exist people out every sometimes I wanna go home and just be in my case. Plea and yearlong quest Greece. Girls and as elected Ella ya know listen I am not I'm not exhausted now and I'd I'd value any opportunity that we have as. He neighborhood to get together and it just all I always appreciated that much more like. What life would be a little bit more challenging if our neighbors were. Awful people well all good people all good families we had a blast. Fun Tony came out on Tony's always my favorite when fun Tony comes on after a couple of cocktails. And fun Tony over downtown to fund he was it was ready to go. Would flood Tony comes out it apologies to anybody that lives in the law upon me lane neighborhood of Greece because you may have heard Italian man around 11 o'clock and I go. Oh boy I mean it was fun Tony. My favorite is normal pony then when news on the grass and a normal talk yeah normal talk normal Tony's great. Foot Tony is next level. These are these same guys that you play cards well yeah out there while the aren't. Ali but believe me if I fire put a recording a recording device in the middle of the table well. Personal you know so many things are said that are off color we would never be able air here in the sports bar. But it would make for an interesting podcasts I think it would make for entry into entertaining but nobody is funny. We need to we're recording device were to come if if Ford ever come out everybody would kind of. Yeah you do realize Jordan neighborhood ease the exception more most people live there or not. Going and socializing. Is is a grope its almost like. I wanna say clicked. I feel like all right I'll tell you I love I feel bad for you if you don't have that I really do like I think that's important it's important. For you as an adult I think its support for your kids to see you know you have. You know that you have people that that you're close with in your own neighborhood there's a sense of security and safety that comes with that. I'd I'd I feel bad for you if you don't. Injured guy I'd add. I don't care saying this as I live in my neighborhood six years ago I was across street from me and try to make eye contact and down walks away yeah I got from there's a problem that I know that we work with that have. Situations with with their immediate neighbors and I'm telling you man. I put a value on it. Rich canyon analog the most ever. An extra neighbors never I was exposed this last year when your wife had the eighties party in the bought mail came out yes he's. It's like CC gas came out strong. Strong and support. Love that neighbor had a blast secret in my though you don't many times I got to I got here with hey it's your holiday known. Have Spanish. Not Mexicans. I saw Duffy do that you want yet you were did not tag Alley you know not let me and say Latino that you know I don't know I don't know I don't disrespect the Latinos no disrespect to the Mexicans. Spanish not my holiday. My family's killed people for last. Let's not make that mistake again. Two we noted it's. Our little by the bill Hawkins. Toxin sabres hockey can read his work of buffalo hockey beat dot com our guests next in the sports park danger and the tag Leo on ES PM Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can pills wallet Famer Steve tasker if you almost leaders knew was right. Exclusive interviews lined up each city. FL analysis Murphy and task or take you inside a locker ran down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with him. Hill's right here he knew this three on the home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN Rochester. But it's tough you know flowers it. I'm a sports bar with the injury exactly and ESPN Rochester. With his ear to the ground and all things Buffalo Sabres hockey you can read his work at buffalo hockey beat dot com. The Brady bill hobby or gas in the sports bar with danger of attack we have Phil hi event. Anger or your bill you look we're just enjoin these Stanley Cup Playoffs wondering what will be like some analyst in New York when it comes back our way. Blocker in the in the term. I mean now holly if you'd Dolly from what we've seen how much of an impact player. What this player beat buffalo or any team that drafted him. Well he's going to be huge impact cleared and you take over state thing that can sustain image. So we think it over quite a prospect the player I mean he has every how everything actually. The real deal about dissent occurred at ski and it chilled ready seventeen of Egypt turned eighteen last month. Illiterate and terrific defense and NHL franchise defenseman and I think he's the kind of guy who could change the trigger at least you all having. Favorite unit number one bit and Beckham. Play in every situation point five minute. Our and I think ever written the line you know pretty good but he he's got to become overrated I think there's too much. Well up pressure put on I think here. Given too much ice time and I think the upper collider link below that airmen. Is this somebody different that the boat in the paper. Milicic is there a way that we can reject any ads that were were we haven't even knew I hit the draft in of course is a lot of of a pre season to go before we talk about what that starting. Lineup looks like on opening night but I'm I'm curious as to your thoughts as to how these defense been pair up assuming. The dollar lien is the guy it's a strong assumption he's gonna be the number one overall pick he resigned Casey Nelson. Out recently how did this how does the Blue Line a pair up for you appear if you look at an opening night for Buffalo Sabres. Well I am happy reassure apparently there's a big chance especially with. Colleen a beautiful red replica pistol and could be treated. It would that's pretty good return it the guy that. I think he'd betrayed his interior unit changes eatery. But I mean I'm not sure what I think we'll be a notable trademarks papered whether. Animal card reader someone notable though are you expect now. Even at the rookie that. Probably be their number one defensemen at least by the mentally you're only a year ago. Maybe he's paired up with the linemen. Expect. It McCain could be better at an outlet here I think you that there are at or near her shoulder and even in the early but you expect him to be better. You'd apparently he's he's helped them. Coming back after B but I think with the secret because crying and I hope he advocates a that but it. Repeat the third career I think that the cricket. I mean they don't have that might be there and they're as bad as it is important for a few years they do that and. They'll hop beef from buffalo hockey. 957 ESPN. What do you think got raining cool he sits in geek is early in the season near Rochester wop okay he heard somebody that is. Dominating this level then goes up in there and you know that there would there were injuries so. Hi do you think you know that they a year handout for branding glean how you think he fits in next year. I think hit a pretty good first pro season I think there are a lot of an army beat sports America where you expect to do it basically skipped PH island in court the state court but I think easily kill. Hit him pretty well I think OK what he created a book favorite for about a ball they're so. Art it was telling me hopeful. Those. What else and do it just relying. Maybe. Maybe he doesn't start Mexican awful immediately Specter Rochester Vermont green bunker. Two months that needed given that Texas is again. He still played out there and eat it on the matter option with it yet so I I think that the chance even though it would be there might be a record for a little. Built towards the end of last season wind. It then became more more apparent that Robin letters that is probably seen. His last game in a Saber sweater. Hey I think a lot of us had come off as well we got all marketing he's proven only to improve the NHL level and that three game. Playoff series with Syracuse happen and we're all kind of going I know it's a small sample size but all market. Homer was shaky in that series let's be honest our week. Are we right in being a little lesson confident in the idea that the media saw mark could be the starting goaltender for the sabres to start next season. I opened with a very good chance that that'll be the starter at least. Ambiance and so whatever action I am not sure they are gonna do. It to address Burkle and a Beagle all marked at the well. Whether they trade and free agent. Market for bullies I'll earn a lot of very good free agent. In scenario which regular there yet so that it wouldn't let go sabres. But yeah I mean it here you're here mark over three bad games. The body of work over street North American O wave. Basically abandoned because under so but it over the biggest gain and that is what American clear if you'd think a brew though. I I think eat at pebble picture. But in the long term vital it affect the the secret plant for him he should be here. Hey Jason barker was true his words saying that you wanted to start the rebuild here Rochus during although. The playoffs is short Ron it was normally made the playoffs they'll. A lot of decisions at this level that certainly all it will impact buffalo what what what are the biggest decisions do you think that's facing. Bilateral when it comes to it you know from who saw significant nice time here Rochester as far as who may not be with the organization next year. Well I think I think he can be charged with finding their rhetoric pictured mixed again. There are a lot of prospects they're gonna regulate correction in the interview earlier William organ growth for full year that the prospect. I get to go to my head here but. He's however right Richard. They published HL guys aware. Figured it'll be signed older guys that were were the curtain or hurdler guy Redman who shall ask the and and persecuted and it's a prospect. They were one of the best he will be rely so I suspect the playoffs the target and ethnic. He did a good job with written I think that's what you have to try to do again just signed the right that your not that it really good sign that the players like we thought Emery. To a few years ago where you throw money at these guys are one to capture the dynamic of the ratchet it you can battled a much better job of doing it. Bill poppy buffalo hockey B dot com our guests in the sports party German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester last week. Brandon or Russ Brandon resigns and the boys sabres Twitter. The bills Twitter are erupting after the resignation. And then of course the the appointment of Kimba goalless team president now the first thing that I started seeing immediately after that was announced from sabres Twitter specifically was. I never gonna hockey guy get a read a hockey president ought to present not. What side of the fence do you want aiming at you look at. What Kim Google is gonna be doing it in and that Ross brand and roll is it's more of the same or do you believe that that. The sabres do you actually need to get in hockey person in that team president role. I think a happy person would be very definite key role would you look at that role can look at. A lot of successful game they have a hockey. Person in that role there immediately or. The world would I look king. There's some. Name that are speaking. And yet British yet and that there are some of them may beliefs are all wreck. Look these and they can do it on. Typical very Smart. Are woman and that's just ridiculous you can do. Cheap cheap certainly any different than Robert Ray put the bill that would curb our I think that on the job from there are so what's real about. It eat you brought up the rinks there and at. Our perspective here Rochester les if bill when when I go to buffalo on while this is really nice but I realize things and every the stories that. Maybe it is time from upgrading your opinion. I'd just just how extensive. What's needed here it to keep bank arena as far is this a remodel their talking about. Oh why. It. You're. Currently it's 21 years old and they are sure Hillary by. All the other candidate with partner and NATO MBA Rick bloom and a mid late ninety's and a level of the plate is there. Undergoing. Renovation order. Have already under on reputation and I think it is not knocking out Lowell expanding if it's a lot of it just. Here. Being eaten he thinks matters. Or dirty to be a lot of America every thirty year. The prime target by the clean eaten that it seemed like bet that he monolith that there are. Promote maybe similar projects. There. At people's eyes but it is it's a lot of air it for a typical. Probably be charged with that brought Brandon went on trip they'll they're ranked the they had gone. Adam. Shall probably an air. What kind of reputation. In Italy and it it it need it it's or they get away ability year I think they need to really go. Because the earth to show. Bill I mean you spent time at across Serena when you look at blue cross Serena and keybank centering you put him side to side of course. Buffalo would be the priority that's the pro team but. Hey you know everything you're describe a bookie Bakes and we've been dealing with the Rochester for Plano last five. Ten years amino you know how do you prioritize Dikembe below oh what needs to be fixed first and that that the arena with the leaky roof. Or the arena with C a dirty seats. Well Arctic. And it so it may take priority over the age so yeah I think they. They met in electing rectitude and the F have to be attractive compact. I go there maybe five and I'm the year I could. I can't heal the problem. Probably illegally in the league with an elite within an what do you. Older building a lot of the Levin who were Greg where were will be ideally Antoine. I I think they're beautiful like many young children and current rate outlook crop compared. Did you do I mean back into when he fifteen now and no one at stir the pot here but it there was talk that the yeah Merck's Lloyd. The US perhaps split half their time may even play games at the harbor senator edit it. At Harbour Centre could never housing HL team full time correct. I don't I've witnessed the 2008300. I don't think so I bit the preceding game every year. And I I guess they could move on game they're put that that the really work in my opinion. All hoppy. Is the editor at buffalo hockey B dot com if you read his work they're really good stuff like joining us here. In the sports bar with danger attacked the bill let's let's look around the NHL we saw one series come to an end we will we'll get to. What the hell is going on what Vegas and and and just how they've done they've they're they continue their improbable rumbled forward that I wanted to talk about. Is enter commander Cain. We wanna trigger that conditional pick Jamie would you know that it with a Stanley Cup which is what we're kind of all on four but. And now it's just a matter of him resigning with San Jose what do you think the likelihood of that is. I think it's very possible he seems to sit very well there played well there it is there. I mean what people wondered where the better. And you use your ankle over from there of course. You know your couple of brokered by. What the piano days and act you know playoff round. And it and it will give her a dual about a year or so. They can give him a good deal I don't think it went private property and break the bank but I don't think it's gonna get it. What more immediate would hurt our storming pretty maybe get five years of thirty million sharks or years or whatever act. And could very partly. It in dangers on the we're really get the touch on here but. In the loss on Saturday now make their Friday night Brian Gionta was on the nice and die you know did not tie up this man that Dublin for the game winning goal. Boston's now on it it. Bill hoppy our guest here in the sports bar bill is is that if for Brian Jian Terry can museum holding out hope that duck who try to give it another go there. Well what political life. Michael what but the Bryant out of let's shift in the NHL. It could be. We gonna be forty years old I think in January. Right dollar four year old days ago. Public support of all it'll be the here it's see you want to move everybody that are. Real life interest sensitive Olympic. That never say never but it earned him the complete throats were locked in somewhere overseas or in the excellent. And included plenty of opportunities that are further NHL I'm not sure there are a lot of legal or. Bill were about enter our conference final season. Vegas is punch their ticket we've got a couple of game sixes tonight. Boy I'm just curious you know first of all hot what his Vegas is done. It to continue this remark Gorham and nobody could of predicted that this was gonna happen some people. You know these are expected that your typical. An expansion team fare out of Vegas gold knights who is certainly what we haven't seen in I'm curious Alston as to whether or not you think one of these two series tonight will come to an end. Well I mean they get so I mean I thought they mean OK I didn't think they'd be. Everything I have fifteen win like a lot of expansion team who Wear no I don't think. Their. They just living there. Ferocious air decree with the number older they'd they'd never quite like that they would all be that it's amazing that the debate on the already I think what the rates were upper school upper and I mean. They have in the air real reckoning that might with a critical. Earlier this theory. When a picked and I Nashville would occur at the very good I mean they've been building now for a while auto. I don't think because they're outlet ago in. Different kinds of adult with a lot of people realize how good they are. Right now of lack of depth that's there everything you want to be. They could win at all. They're about to back off topic of the best in the NHL so that's impressive. And then Washington Pittsburgh you you're you're walking could not trigger a wave of Al below it. But I mean they have the penguins a liberal media that finally their year. I mean I keep watching this Washington Pittsburgh series thinking OK it is where the penguins blow this in game five. He didn't oh my gosh but that being said bill. Because the K seven I still don't trust them at Washington's gonna move on it's got to be tonight correct. Yeah you would think but the main thing that that L so let's get all the greatest. Clear their medical history. Did you ever play in the copper I think they're important piece of what we are now and day reviewed them never to level at all. So maybe this is the year if not it's your Adam Opel. Off the top my hat on and go back to Winnipeg series I don't know what Tyler Myers plus minuses but boy bull when you kind of watch his game. Under the Jewelers die it certainly seems like he still somewhat of a liability out there on the blue Lendl I don't know if you're seeing the same thing. I don't want this period that closely watched when I wouldn't last week but. Acting. Defensively when they have a bit much for them on the right I it if there's going to be mistakes and they're gonna are caught up. They quoted welcome to be aggressive and at and amp but I think parliament. And I was right. I was that the sabres should it happen again because they're a big portrait of right now. And I think Tyler Myers is one reason that get there but it should position and Eric. Abdullah hopped buffalo hockey beat our guests bring you back to Buffalo Bill a fill in the blank question here for a the biggest decisions facing Jason bot troll this offseason is. On board. Whether in fact he treatment. That's my that's my biggest. Maybe a forgetting something it. Well I mean I guess on the surface. Yeah if you get a good response but but they are you saying it is a big decision because you he still court being that. Top pairing defenseman everybody hopes here bell is they're still hoping your mind then that you'll figure it out. Yeah yeah I think than. For a lot of where you're good you get that he's wearing and it shouldn't be playing. Them. He never added. I lead the lead them to pick the restaurant am. You know what your body mobile there isn't Carrie wracked by enemy or adequate equipment. It's forty points leaders of Asia and are you not think that a bit player by any stretch. We do with trying to Raila. Well it at all I mean you do archery. If their market for him because people are herbal auto market again you can order a perfect player who just. Maybe you shouldn't quite clear that much maybe either. Too much pressure and interpret produced offensively stoked port. And that of course is worth it Lockett went like are we called it I don't think that meant. Easter when the hell hole in the U retrieval travel very. But. I mean those words and the fact that they it and he maybe they move rocker I don't know I would will beat them. Follow him on Twitter at bill hoppy NHL you can read his work of buffalo hockey B dot com B coverage of the Buffalo Sabres. Camille in times herald bill poppy has been our guests in the sports bar with danger to tag when bill would love having you on thanks again and look toward talking gets an injury afternoon. Our. Bill hoppy. Who led the out like us wondering when Colleen comes sane. It's sad assignment. I would want and I hate the phrase stay at home defenseman that's the only way I can describe it danger a defenseman. You need a veteran out there I wouldn't goal all Yong A you don't wanna pair mop with a school years somebody like that right off with a bad. And to be their pensions on the roster right now. Have you yet to hear someone say something negative about restless style and I haven't. They do got to dig a little bit more right I haven't. Brighter days ahead for the Buffalo Sabres great haven't hopping on with us if you miss that conversation we'll have for you on demand shortly at the only ESPN Rochester dot com. Our Jeanne let's get NFL appetizers next go around the world of the NFL serve today's top stories and bite sized form. So movement around the league little bit more color in terms of who were going to be watching and hearing in the month and a football broadcast. And a new home for CJ Anderson as well we'll get to that here coming up in all little impact on the way in the sports barging German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. I'm super fans sports junkie. Say you're an expert. Says to them. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. 57. Must forcefully. In his news from around the National Football League. And that little boy today. Served up in place. The are serving. Art display lessons. Now another sportsman. Now which not one but two collusion grievances against them in the NFL individuals. Teams maybe maybe giving them the ability to create their own policies. Whether or not player should be allowed to Neil during the National Anthem does support it according to the Washington Post. It was a leak which gave players the right to protest in the first place so it's a matter of labor law may get challenged it. Gene variant of policy or give the control of the teams. And then there's the NFL PA which could. Use any policy change your decision as a bargaining chip in their next round of negotiations. And the collective bargaining agreement. Carolina has a new running back at their backfield arsenal Panthers have signed veteran running back CJ Anderson Henderson. Released by the Broncos even though he rushed for over a thousand yards last season Anderson providing a solid content Christian Caffrey who. Despite his skills may not be considered an every down back Cameron artists pain and causing Whitaker. The Panthers backfield so things look after the release Jonathan Stewart. Who's now in New York Giants. After a couple of seasons of underperformance in New Orleans Saints are released I think Colby leaner cleaner was brought in from the that Colton when he sixteen with the hopes of being replacement for Jimmy Graham. Well if the movie is designated host June 1 the saints or save three million against the cap this year not. Will be eight point two million dead money this year cleaner at 72 catches for 926 yards and five touchdowns of 47 games of the season the last two years. They'll send it to yards rushing touchdown in between sixteen seasons and ended at 4017 season on IR due to a concussion. Pentagon Watson has signed as a free agent this off season he'll join Josh hill and Michael. Good. Yeah now I really think you in the saint tank war. An alliance of American. Football has a thirteen we already known that Steve Spurrier is gonna coached team and Orlando Brad Childress well coached team in Atlanta today. Comes word that Memphis will be home to the third of the franchises in the development in front of my. Charlie ebersol and Bill Polian former NFL star Hines Ward will travel to Memphis next week. To announce the team's first head coach. Voter McFarland is about the channel his inner Tony Syracuse. The trawler will be joining ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast team. As a field analysts this according to the athletic. ESPN news Louis Riddick as a field analyst during the whole ball and as it turns out the move was a test run for the new position. Riddick Matt Hasselbeck incurred or were also consideration through the position has never been part of money folks who left Monday Night Football legacy. Lisa salters will continue to serve as the sideline. You know nobody listens to us geno we're just small little radio show on pirate ship radio station here in Rochester New York why. Why would you listen to anything that comes out of our house we now liked what I know gene I don't that this is a mistake. There's only what I said yes and Carson you wanna hire to be your field reporter it is not. Bugger McFarland. That boat it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field remotely close to watching. Both events tells us. From here. Watch him now on the screen this diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense of Matthew. Is the kind of feel reporting I expect out of Monday Night Football. I expect nothing less. I'm holding out hole because that happened on the way Monday night game we still don't know who that team the case. Sickness there it's like. He deserves another shot. You want to name. If your full ball broadcasting Johncke. Here Sergio all Monday night what is this it's an Oakland Michigan right it's the leaves the rams and the raiders were yet not output Sergio back and back. Lisa salters is Scotland with a fine OK Lisa salters spot. Aren't you you've got. You've got to test the tour. You've got Jason Witten. But you can't tell me bugger is better than Sergio new. Mean I don't I don't like the circle saying although I'm in its test their own way and Diana who bugger Syracuse. Say Connie at say a big big guy little big lovable guy just sit in the back of the end Zell cuts over time it's not just got to do what this thing down there. Talking about what he's seen on the field. I how do you get better than talking about a coach's diversity. And him having the time of his life that's kind of hard hitting analysis that makes a Monday night pop or rock it's steep it's kind of analysis you get Sergio. Sergio dip. ESP and you made a mistake. Were what do we know little older we you know we don't know anything. Don't take us seriously. Who. I liked Lugar I think that's gonna be fine. We added this is going to be totally different. I'd give him credit for trying something different for purpose. Different for money at football is it's not a dead new concept of course but it is different for money in a football. NN com interest to see how it all works out but any time I've heard bugger up filling in on ESP radio he's he's really really good. And I think he's gonna make a great field reporter in port when you're the he beat out the likes Kurt Warner. Matt Hasselbeck. Louis Riddick. That's nice view big personality on the field to lead like what you had in Tony seraguso all those years for fox. There's NFL appetizers in the sports bar look at that she's happy. Hawks happy hour Monday. You know I think steeler fans. Actually should be excited over the news over the weekend does this and drama this is all gonna work out short term long term is ended. The fascinating discussion here. We're gonna talk about what Ben Roethlisberger said. On our sister station talking about. The steelers' decision to draft a quarterback. In the third round look at. Shareholder Ivan of that next. Plus give you another round of shots and take you around the world of sports here for your ride home stay in the sports bar danger and tightly appreciate you listening ESPN Rochester. Baseball is. All summer DG. Most listens or.