The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Brendan McDaniels

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Thursday, February 15th

We talk some Orange hoops in hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The co-host of Orange Appeal, Brendan McDaniels makes a case for the long shot that the Orange could still make the tournament.


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Those sports bars with the injury ended jag yet. The situation where Syracuse rank cowardice. As Bob react well off this brave battle doesn't get there and I. Decided. To three point shooters street. Best drivers in positions. Good shooting team. Mike danger you lost in the most Syracuse ways we just every game this year felt like a repeat of last name pretty you know. Trading machine exactly. You can't goal I don't losing streak here goes six and tanning conference is that it's lights out no NCAA tournament for the second year in Iraq guys are getting opportunities and no. Guys are doing little things it takes to win. I'm Brian Gionta then I have all the good because he. He had and don't players coming out on the big financial and it felt like I'm they did that Brian what it's somewhere and I usually they'll make up contender could really adult downside of revenue to line up. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP he had. Both still and join us here in the sports bar with danger and the tag really appreciate you stop them by however you may be listening whether it's on AM 950. For 957 FM maybe online ESPN Rochester dot com or through your radio dot com Al. We achieve technically I am Mike danger Jeanne if I if you'll allow me to look for a moment here let me give a shout out to my daughter's. Social studies teacher mr. Monfils well. Who's a big listener of the sports bar with danger tightly at the chance on last night you're comes humble Bragg and my daughter's. Induction into the national junior honor society they don't school districts. Very exciting night. Very proud of my daughter but also very excited Mina the listener of the sports bar mr. Mark Leno. Who's done a great job with my daughter she raves about what a great teacher he is and I love hearing that because when you think about how many teachers you had over the course of your scholastic career. There's only a handful of them that will truly resonate with you when you look back and it certainly feels like this is one of those types of teachers that is inspired my daughter. To do great things so I love love meeting him is a listener love meeting him is is a guy that's working with our young minds and molding them into something great that's coal. Your prop proud moment for realized pretty excited alignment by the way congratulations to all of the other parents that were in attendance. A great night and adjusting awesome to watch the York creation become. Something like this in India and ice immense pride and know that the parents that were there in Hilton last night felt the same thing it was a quite quite DR very very cool. That's awesome night of fun day here in the sports bar were talked in some hockey team is to marred the Ron we'll have that up for you via on line now now that is up our guess yes and Rochester are quick there. I'll talk some Warren chair in a little bit easier in the update. Free agency starting you're just a little bit players that were released prior to the end of last year they're free to talk Danny boy. One of those players that has some name recognition corner Vontae Davis Vontae Davis formerly of the colts the colts let him go inland John anywhere. A former first round pick. Had a high price tag laster nine million dollars Seoul would he take the last. I always like try to connect dots. Here's your op Vontae Davis is aging is to hide France. Hide France. Represent other players like to keep to leave Marcel arias Todd France in his career also bought a company that represents. Some players and music stars being by star management know boy a year ago who owns five star management the coolest entering. So this is Todd France. Trying to bring one of his clients than the coolest first so right gesture so this just you just shows you. At the coolest still have their hands involved and things right. Listen. If you had to pay nine million for Vontae Davis that's a move move away and I got Mindanao let's see let's see what what that leads to. I'd argue that he's probably about his injury prone is is that got you moving on from an EJ gains if you can't forty Jake Hanes PEJ Gaines and value. Then I say do it buddies I'd say the same thing drawn to davis' no way you're paying him back at. Hiring Vontae Davis is damaged goods at this point. Didn't nobody picked him up last year and this is Todd France calling a friend saying hey can we star. And from the Buffalo Bills. Sure money and let's talk at all. But you kinda connect the dots and say pop pop pop this is going to be aware they're gonna sign in this is the entry tickets I don't see it that way at all IC Todd France the guy. Who has done big business with the Google family that's your connection. It's good look connection that changed tweet that out that's good little connection their goal had tweet data ownership of the boy you're doing that let's do this. It is a round. Post rigs and in this fourteen. And I'd like to start altering that this afternoon gene with a little sweep your candy are you ready. As for monsters ink. Not Gary Bettman commissioner of the NHL obviously now we're going to listen. To make a suggestion and I'd like to make the suggestion that. Gary and I'd also like to make the same suggestion NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Stay behind the scenes stick of the shields which she represents. The NFL draft and take place in a couple of months and in its in front of the largest live audience and the largest televised audience that it's ever going to have. You've got to mob of people doing the face of your league. I don't release fixes every said that it's terrible look it's awful eat it's. The optics are not good I think is what they would save incorporate small a commodity X and so joint shell eagle I know you feel like you have to get up there and represented the Shia public and can we show up eagle. Get someone else to do the honors of announcing the draft picks or dishing out the Stanley Cup. At the end of a long season I'll miss that sweet music that we just heard. What do think for the for the sake of both leagues they represent guys you're getting who mercifully. Take a seat and let somebody else. Take down. I'll drink to that gonna bring a little closer to home goes city registered website. That the skyline is it talking about our great schools to universities and quality like knowledge that picture of an air. Stop you are not the celebrity. Here. Via server. So I'll drink to that. Kirk cousins. Might go to the highest bidder who could blame them right there we go probably would do the same thing but what it. Who pool but if that highest bidder was the team that had the most cap space who has the most cap space. You know the answer if the Cleveland. Browns and you could sell that to the Cleveland fan base. You could trade down me more picks and still the report date at 61 Barkley likely happen get a boatload of picks up. Look this is the dream scenario for the Buffalo Bills the trade up if the bills want the quarterback of their choice real. Rupert cousins and do the unexpected pick the big payday from Cleveland. And then honestly and danger I could see the Buffalo Bills giving up the farm to get up to number one yeah I don't. No I don't want to see them give up the form to go to number one I'd much right to give up anything to move up I do like them moving up but again if we connected us to do like them moved to number two. I would rather they say it when he 122 unless they absolutely love somebody and it sounds sensible we're hearing from. Various reports out there that the bills are infatuated with. With Rosen if that's the case he's available to and you're able to swing a deal with gentlemen. And New York Giants to move up to it costs you open your first round draft picks and forty glad. I'm actually okay with that movie jets got more than they get to number two. Minister downloadable problems solved drink divac. The bubble the uniforms are officially put to pasture for the Steelers they're getting new throwback uniforms this season Jeanne. Which is completely unnecessary when you consider that the uniforms are already kind of throwback to the uniforms and altered in any way. But it collided while they're gonna be have also added they'll shop dot com we'll I don't even need drawbacks for team that really has had the same uniform for how long. The only thing I could think of is would they go back to the old style numbers that kind of a mean that is just a small small tweak here or are we talking about the year they were at. For the in this Eagles. Have been this much. I what are the throwback uniform is there for the Pittsburgh Steelers we have an RDC. Months I'll drink to that I'm actually sets of bashing genachowski is not going to be with the Oakland Raiders this year's seriously. Is there another player in this league right now. That is he's out there should be looking at sea bass. Dad pods everywhere unite we need someone to represent us. Initially you know there's only a few guys left it's him it's the punter now what's interesting Lechler. And Tom Brady three players selected in the NFL. From the 2000 draft those three guys and two with a three. Looked like you and hygiene just you know little doorway a little loose in the cage just a little bit out of shape we worked out from time to time but we're not really committed to it. Genachowski on day one have security bull and a dad bought yet does not care solved. Did that it Rappaport of NFL network on NFL network actually mentioning. What we've been kind of saying for a while the Tyrod Taylor is a lucky and likely to get caught that the team would. Prefer to deal victory yet no kidding and by the way good luck with that enjoy your conditional seventh round pick and used jugs machine that you're gonna get in return for Tyrod Taylor. And that I thought right. She's getting client. Of course and of course the Buffalo Bills are not gonna economy until they realized. Blasts that kid is like here take it what you're holding on the scratch off ticket even though you know we're not gonna win solid proof to back. Whole ye welcome to my church home. Much I'm here to give you the obituary in the orange sees in what you're talking about its February 15 on an. Having only six scholarship players suiting up on any given night this team is not gonna pull it together. They're gonna barely getting to the N ninety yet PM Britain has done talking about you. Weren't yeah I kind of worried about this team that on eventual losses. In the Wake Forest lost kind of epic kind of clinched it for me this team is not that team. Let's move so I'll drink to that listen a curiosity Jane that secretly been hoping that AJ McCarron is ruled freeagent. And go play somewhere other than Cincinnati. But tell me this scenario strike she what does McCarron. He's ruled the restricted free agent. That would force the angles to roster for another year. But clunker trade Andy Dalton and his base salary of thirteen point seven million in cap charge of 2.4 million. I know it's probably unlikely when you consider that McCarron was a dysfunctional browns' front office away from being treated to a divisional rival but. I'm allowed to wonder what if right. OK so you're wondering and is being kicked around here what if ironically. Andy Dalton and up in buffalo and he was the bridge quarterback in. That would be a tough sell for Dalton to come Ares Artie felt the law of I just go back to the fact of why didn't this happen before. You could say because like I said yesterday the Bengals. Are dumb they are right dom organization to let AJ McCarron perhaps goal walk away and get nothing for him when he could've gotten easily a second round pick. Had done business the right way. And again you could fault that the browns I faulted on the Bengals Q at every opportunity to get that done deal prior to that you didn't. Now McCarron walks away fine but it to me I think the more likely serious for whatever reason the singles are not sold it AJ McCarron. Ease the answer and I can't put my finger on that it Dalton. Halted mr. average right. You get a B Dalton nine here is your fantasy team. You're not excited he's not a difference maker he was throwing AJ green until it Tyler all right Fredette. Near the height of his career he's had some good cool wide receivers and play makers around him. So it becomes the buffalo. Gray gray as they parade each. Option you still need to identify. Who that for future franchise quarterback is gonna be through the draft this year and it's certainly not going to be. Andy Dalton. Navy. AJ they carry gets a second act somewhere but it just leads me to wonder why did the Bengals never really giving AJ McCarron a shot. Yeah the argument against AJ McCarron is you don't want a guy who couldn't beat out and he told me time right I mean like he's had plenty of opportunities. I'll perform Andy Dalton just hasn't done it. That's a guy you want he's jerk your bridge quarterback that's a guy you wanna bring in a free agency at fifteen million per year. Just intrigued by what we don't know and I don't know we know what AJ McCarron uses an NFL quarterback. We saw small sample size and I think that was just enough for the taste to make this kind of curious no matter what else could could be either. On him and by the way we're supposed to get a ruling on whether he's going to be a restricted or unrestricted free agent we still haven't. And I guess there's something personal happening in the judge that's ruling on this case so there's no real sense of urgency to get this ruling out there other than. Just peace of mind and satisfaction knowing this direction that team's gonna have to go it and it has happened before Lamar right yes so there isn't trying to there is no. Immediate sense of urgency to get done so whoever's is is ruling on this. Arbitration is is being tied up with something personal with some have been able to get a ruling on just yet. You know Walt. I would expect this to be done and if not by tomorrow certainly by Tuesday so. We're gonna talk some orange basketball gene was right reading the obituary there. Brenda mcdaniels. Poe co host of Orange peel. FaceBook series a nice job yeah he doesn't with Rosie do we. Former orange great former first round pick of the Dallas Mavericks. So Brennan Danny is haven't talked on this year so be good to get his opinion on what is going on. With the Syracuse program because let's face it last night. And I like to default the orange or end it there there really shorthanded and you played at two three's own and you shoot a bunch of threes over the top that's what's gonna happen in North Carolina State. Winning that game now the wolfpack. Holding you know the advantage over the orange just seven and six in conference play that the last time these teams mean I don't see the orange. Getting back to 500 in conference play now with duke and North Carolina and Miami Clemson and Boston College all coming up on the horizon. Wanted to talk a little bit we touched on last start but just in case you joining us now there's been a lot of chatter today. About UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen being the apple of the Buffalo Bills high. And what's the likelihood of of that happening come draft night that the bills would make a play to move up. To select Josh Rosen and I'm I'm need to throw the BS flag on here. When it comes to in draft gossip that's what it is it's got us. So if someone insane. Unsubstantiated. Rumors that at the bills have their Ryan job frozen I'm saying this isn't true. If you're not citing a source you're just throwing that out there and then maybe it sticks against the wall I understand you right for publication in. You have a podcast. But I do not believe nor should view that the Buffalo Bills right now have the draft boards that we haven't even got to come by to look at the Buffalo Bills actually have their eyes set on. So this is this is all coming from Eric out cozy on her optimum scouting he writes for the sporting news. You can read more about the city SP in Rochester dot com all sore but he Ryan Talbott did a nice piece on this New York upstate dot com. Cal goal sharing on his. A podcast. That the bills were a team that he's heard are very strongly linked to moving up to draft a quarterback and that the pie. And Josh Rosen and the aces. A story line it stems back to last year at this time. When the bills were scouting for the 2017 draft. A year ago according to Delco. The Buffalo Bills were linked to Mitch too risky partially. By Delco and that it was confirmed many times through the process that Doug Whaley they're GM it's time. It was very interest in bringing immature to ski. Uncle saying I was told him and part of the front office really lectured a ski. I think that's well founded they were higher ultra risky than we were but two missed it looked pretty gut. He was good decision to be aggressive towards him I know people closer to risky who said that yeah he believed. He was likely going to be a Buffalo Bill all the teams. Out there and we're not surprised by the IG why because we saw the prodigy adding in the whining and dining of missile tube is it would just open to them that the goal was you know really like Mitchell Robiskie maybe Doug Whaley really like Mitch Robiskie and maybe. The guy that kibosh everything we Sean McDermott. Won over a lot of that front office and lot of that ownership group that believed in Sean McDermott from day one. Amateur Tripoli the Tyrod Taylor was going to be their guide when he seventeen basically saying let's kick the can on drafting a quarterback on the road right now and they didn't move up for too risky obviously they've they've moved back they gave up that number ten pick let's chiefs. Take out my homes and took two Davies went which. There is not new ground what is new about this who is in this writers here. At school whales. Whales feeding and stop this because that's the narrative he wants out there are law. I hate to hold the goalless Robiskie was going to be a good quarterback. I told the Google was that age you'll certainly there's other options including Sean watts and everything else. In a court every owner wants that quarterback in bills. Would have had a lots it could matter too risky battle but not sold under risky nick OK yet it all came Brooke. Season you have an answer at least for the next few years you think you have an answer you're not gonna bench to keep it right I mean he got to play forty terribly treated bench Miette to have. Innately human type of half three eventually can ruin his confidence and I'll think you're gonna get that next. Season or two. So you at least have an answer at quarterback might not be the franchise guy you want but you at least have an answer I think that's. Again you know we talk about how many quarterbacks starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Were chosen. In the top three of the NFL draft each about half it's about half of the quarterbacks in the NFL that are starting were chosen in the top three. So if you wanna starter if you wanna answer at quarterback. The odds are in your favor. If you take one in the top three that they will be your start not saying that the success but you're dealing with odds that are a lot. Greater. If you take one in the top three verses taking one the rest of the 250 plus pics that are out there. Till skewed though because if you do to pick one in the top three tie. There are instantly a star and every year you're gonna have guys that are going to be in the top three. There instant starters in this league. And extra biz ski if he was selected in the sec around I'm. I just said he eats he needs to take a step forward to get meet convinced that he's actually going to be. Quarterback particularly it is I don't know that he's a franchise quarterback I don't know the jerk off as a franchise quarterback we saw a nice season out of him last your not gonna. Wave the flag IA's. Elise you know you have your got Blaine portals. There's your case in point lately though you haven't used to the last power many he's been five years late night this in his fifth year you've had an answer at quarterback you have been in the market for quarterback. And he might not be the right guy for that franchise that's fine you'll move on and you'll dress it. Should he perform below their expectation but at least you have the answer instead of being in this weird limbo that the Buffalo Bills aren't they are our current. It but my point being dull and try to follow me on their skis that if we just look get teams that made the playoffs awarded those quarterbacks come from. OK if you draft a quarterback in the first or second round and it eaten the price tag is a high you can move on from a little bit quicker Jackson will then have a choice. They did in immortal showed just enough because you got to justify that after the general manager on same danger is that. The number of half the starters and a league draft in the top three it's just saw. Just a little bit skewed because warned you commit. Keep that in mind bills fans you trade after the quarterback. This is not like you're gonna go to plan B here early to be very difficult to go to plan B you're only here you are all all. Aiding and you're the GM that's attaching your name that quarterback and if that quarterbacks seeing so do you when you probably lose your job and I think that's why. They better be damn sure they've got a B I am sure if AV is Josh rose with daddy is the guy you want that he isn't going to let you down that you believe. He's he's gonna pass all of these gonna check all the boxes right I mean that's. Yeah he's got to be sure if you're gonna make that kind of investment. But you have your answer. You have your answer the beach is he with the bills doing. You know what you for what it's worth I know you're not really body and in this up but I love reading these articles I love reading these stories hello this speculation it's what we're here for bright but I. Let me ask you this do you really believe in this reporter. Sad news. Bills are targeting rose scout. Uneven overly e.'s report he writes for this sporting news and he does there's a lot of times scouting players in and you know. There's so much chatter this chatter I guess like that. That's what it is and so much ms. information. But I think the thing that we can dice seemed to his. What. Possibly trading up the number two number one. Number two possible you circling have a relationship put that GM in New York now in number one. Cleveland probably is going to have to go quarterback and I'll get again give you two scenarios one being in this is the more unlikely. Cousins takes that huge record payday from Cleveland and he's gonna leave okay. But what about scenario number two with a browns. Do their draft board they have rose in higher than anybody else on the board of and rolls in comes on he pulls a John L I ain't playing for your. Then why. Many got move off that victory gonna trick take a quarterback you don't believe to be the number one overall value that could be the opportunity for buffalo to trade up there. We're to talk some more basketball expert and mcdaniels the coast of launch of Gil will Facebook's series we're gonna get to that next. Brennan gonna join a sword and were we gonna break the season off for the Syracuse Orange and exchanges and I am gonna area maybe Brady can you know bring you back on track but this team is not cool and accuse the taps and ask for the Syracuse Orange 2017 when he eighteenth season. Brenda mcdaniels our guest next in the sport sport danger of attack Lia on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk yeah Merck's tickets. Good super bad sports jobs. If you want pure unfiltered un adulterated sports you've come to know right place KM 950 and 957 Atlanta sports leader ESPN right gesture. In the sports bar where danger tightly we only talk to the best and brightest minds out there to be able to do the heavy lifting the people. That make you smarter just from listening to ESPN Rochester guys like Brendan mcdaniels. Who's the coast of Orange appeal. Collect the FaceBook series Brenda how are you welcome back to the sports bar and. Bump into ethic guys thanks for having me back we rely oil off. Are you beyond Google web. About it on credit contact me the other day. Yes that this team is. Well it well let's BI's Brandon. It first all things are coming back on that they it's not the right deal being on the awards right that was it this team is not getting to the NCAA tournament. And are played what when where and when they're tired at that you have got to look at 801 out. There's some hope we get that right there right on the bubble but. But our laws and everybody on and they are in in order in our problem mean. Amir go back over in bed I'm in order a bit deemed to be in the eight year. Breading you saw a lot of people complaining about the officiating last that what are your eyes seek. I don't know a little bit rough that at some point. Thought I was missing it by. I'd do anything moves in the NBA that they're good players. A model walking in hot air on the end yeah act couldn't believe it actually that can't always say. Is that that makes sense to me because you can pick up the ball well and block the order of pain and noted BP. It was. Whatever it is what it is and you never want to get to a situation where officials are defining game waiting. YouTube and because it special or terrible they want civic and the country. If that your question yeah I thought he was terrible. Not an enemy and that's always the answer right Heidi beat the zone in shoot over the top of it and that's exactly what. NC state did last night's 73 pointers. By the wolfpack in the wind I mean yeah there's begs the question I mean. Why can't Jim day time change I guess if it's not working one way you know switch up to man I guess that's the age old debate here brand pretty calm down on that. And Cuba technical expert. The first aspect game last night and stay restrict content point one in Syracuse was doing a good job of getting out I'm sure it was. Last Arctic production that the investment where they forgot that quote which shooter at the most part they're doing a good job but. You'll Internet that. In our future and implement before approaching on an odd lot. Not he's not going to start playing man to man in order to other Spaniards they're accusing you went on to explain that you own. Opinions. She and her own health is not so thank the bureau there. Our own team but you can follow it and go at the art she was injured and injure. He's taking some debt and putting and putting in the middle. And it's dependent on an option was seven foot two and they have no wingspan. Why it's so when you quit chi Kuo in the middle that won't. Those wouldn't include help more on our help more on the view should. You take all of that now on the men on your putting a smaller error. Or. When you put a Smart guy and all that won't and everybody. In a little more normal closeout maybe water depth. Becomes steps into that dynamic is now I think that's what or where it was when it's always was and has back issues. But I'm distressed because it will come alive and coming in being that element in the other. Myself I'll wait to hear you say is it losing your cool is really gonna. Purchase already depleted team even more. Yeah I mean I mean you're curious to running out allies are you lost in 04. Her court Washington going down in the heart not from the as a start but from up in point. And you look at how I was playing forty minutes a game how much playing or not. Amber stepped up at around 38 minutes a game not be as yet those minutes but. I'm happy to get some pressure like that there are a couple of minutes and get them out going to be huge difference in and now you're seeing it would do you mean it it it. It took quite a little bit more if it can be cut and able to contribute. A little bit minute last night that couldn't and the difference in the game. You're when he when you're limping depth in Europe and Asia is only so many things to do and would like well. Upper. Into the dynamic that power and force this perimeter shooters. In certain practitioner and a really good defensive new York and sixty point. That don't so far this year are still overall it has been pretty what what Schilling and is the first half they do about them. Then bought at the end of the indigent. To have that mental lapse which it calls armed. Ready mcdaniels along with a Roosevelt bowyer host of Orange appeal on FaceBook our guest here in the sports bar 957 ESPN. A soul as you go going out you did get back Matthew Moyer some more wary against wake. Was in a boom but there he was on the court last night what did you think of moyers return. Well first set him when he went down and in went down hard but I'm not yet been helping operate back up. The guy not a hundred per cent. That they'd get out from got the equipment shut down at Eaton got the fact that they need some odd ball out there. Have to contribute whatever weight eat and that it's only four minutes at a time a couple of point the couple accompanying it really at that point. Where we're not Moyer at which you can out of them is that in its interest and although. It's out the Syracuse we wouldn't that junior high school you went in there wanted to hop off the entire country. Augustine and they'll order crew. Latin you know what that that. That outlet last year and in this year with some of these entered in just patent and that. Well at this point in not being a 100% this kind of go to court and so at bat but he can contribute and think it is that esteem. Oh civil orange peel on FaceBook Brendan mcdaniels our guest in the sports bar with danger and the Tagliabue read today we we you mentioned it's gonna take. Nothing short of a miracle for this team to get into the turn meant. I'll I'll go even further and say this in complete. Honesty we knew what if the wheels. Come completely off of this team in the warrant shall lose out the rest of the way talked me out of that because this schedule looks brutal from here on out. Well I think he ought to be to work this whole thing down the job as one of the worst teams in the entire country but they figure out a way to beat you. So and they're still has you've got their schedule in it would all be teams that are bubble that they can move out. A couple. In against Miami North Carolina duke Clemson still bought the parts that I didn't department then. It is going to be erupt but it wouldn't shock me they can pull out one of these and they still have. Hi battles still a top ten shooting guard in the entire country when Frank Howard is on. It is really good and that's the thing and I think expected in them stretched out to be frank our. They are on our. Time this year the teams really get we get there are urged on the ball all over the place. It's rock and Howard and Amin and cube with confidence like he did last night in the last couple games. This you can still win a couple games Michael that was being done. This year. Unlike any that you're on basketball. Stop it happened I mean that lets be honest there's been some really wild and out all your cell is much that I would. Right there I don't you can just because there's ask all means is that it's so strange but it had put up that have been happening throughout the eaten. Well Brendan will a wanna ask you about the future here but before that it easier Rochester we had our number one team as far as fan interest is the awards. I'm gonna say number 20. Because they come here every year that would be the saint Bonaventure bodies and I know they are close your car brand and big big game tomorrow night against a nationally ranked team in Rhode Island. What do the bodies need to do to get into the tournament. About that I went to Friday night between Rhode Island that are gaining in the second longest win streak in the entire country. Bonaventure might. Now look at that he could have at Bonaventure or it wasn't. Matt multi engine when Adams might be the best backcourt in our country in terms that. Sure offensive talent in pure excitement in these guys are under watched it on Adam that would that art. Even with a leg injury obviously don't know what happened the dome that game in the dome bodily it was not a when there are a lot of people that are there. Department is gonna win that game. Bonaventure because they've they've. While the couple in the early part of it and he's and they need a win over Rhode Island. Maybe you oh run to at least the Atlantic and semi final match and they can get the NCAA and it LP. But when he went team. At least in fourteen years ago on the Internet are. You want weight gain and still couldn't find their way into the NCAA tournament. So if the team that still like are you gotta you gotta win games down the steps they're at the time now what the committee is important but those big the that your win. I venture of net signature win yet. Act could come on site Connecticut are really really secret albacore violent game. Targets of Orange hoops talk and some on event troops with Brenda mcdaniels is the coast of Orange appeal he could see the series on FaceBook Brandon. The back to Syracuse for a second I mean if we're gonna. And we're not writing off the season just Shia community aid that we know what's what's what's left or right idea what. But next year what is next year's class hold for the weren't you in his there is there help on the way. A lot of help on the way here I mean everybody knows but he they find common their there's a couple of other guys that are really. And recruit I mean this is gonna be in the and one of the reasons why. Mike Hopkins went to Washington because you've been under a lot of eappen. I knew what he had coming along Natalie is on coming. But some of these other guys playing in the ball on the totem like waters and newspapers. Have been watching amity it's coming and and the way they are. We're gonna comment and be impact there are a lot of them this year so. They covered their this year and you can you can you can survive this year or basketball. Next here in the next couple years should be really fun because they've got or are coming in. And they're going to have more adapt and people underestimated the and actually got a couple of your development off a couple of art should. You're you're really being a lot of gossip really our president black ethnic collect their injury. Next year they're gonna get somebody that I. Are doing it I battle coming back and think he's going to India. Shoppers that should be coming back are power will be back. Chu will be their memoirs out in a year older than when he bringing body and the other three guys that are there are common enemy does not stop my hat. There was pretty good recruitment and that you're in that this is this your carbon anomalies that are going to be back at the ready baseball bat. I mean day you brought up the you know this is where. All that trouble with the until later showing up this year where there are some nights that the war literally trotting out six saw scholarship players and again. Injuries a one player leaving their there area other issues for that. I Abraham what do we aren't available woods here wanting. What do what do we say OK everything is done here with what happened way back quite in the orange now are playing with a full deck here as far as the NCAA is concern. Your regular dude you're looking at next he's in his when you're gonna fail everything. Is going back to normal you're really not going to be in pain and effort and I remember back when all the went down at the oil doesn't matter point. Anyway. There that's proof that you still need enough. Able bodied. Would it be one guy playing practice and you really took five on five image when you've got to walk on who wouldn't be here. It is indeed. So next year they're really gonna have that core group of an 1112. Big bill and they can scrimmage and can have a couple guys out and are going to be. More competitive they're gonna get a lot more wrapped and then you're in either their effort so. Next usually when they're gonna be out of work and as. That put people on freshman class continues to mature about it when you're gonna eat. Hopefully that their basketball program come back to the way that we don't know. Brennan as always we appreciate you coming in the sports for just for my own curiosity I I'm so intrigued by orange appeal. Being on FaceBook how is that bin this season for you for Boeing. It then finally there are prohibited note Roosevelt delete. Off the camera is an adventure with grows in the when our when Specter and shut down there are not the year there. Read immediately called me and yet these honest guy in all this up and that growth that we need 60000 dollars a week off which you'd. It does not gonna happen until every week of Palmer wrote he would comb it would all these crazy idea of what could you urged comic actor and I'm down. It probably that would just get on base that down on the plate if ago. On FaceBook called built Shackelford. Get him on the audible is that there and talk like we get on Errol Shalit that card out. And in the Asian guys would do in the that the stepped now. But overhead and reach a lot of people I get the books that account how many people are Greek or Indian figure out how they ago that are now. You would get people from access or. Iraq sisters here he's buffalo all over the place watching us signing at note that it it on because. And we directory yeah we've got some sponsors somebody's temper or read error and I like him propped on our web site. All of that mean we're truly expanding where he managed just didn't talking. Syracuse basketball went on part of it is people have been ER shell yet. It the last 510 minutes when we sit down and let wrote in dale just tell stories mean last week. Go to post story about how he he tied up their former trainer down low in this hotel room and an adult he manipulate for the bar. Because wrote he paid download into a telephone and it got the lag in Duncan. Where is well cholera. That's what I anything like that which is what they were. Is we got a text from Julie Barrett an actor. They've developed one of the funniest story should ever hurt him or that or. Sell it to you and he might might get lapped couple we go on road talked about African well. Which is on form an active. History that the on part about it is there and that route being and they'll really be on luck. And just let them truly say what they want and it is it's a good time. How has he ever told you the Soria send Geovany. Noble we will bring that up I don't and you guys do that Brett now explain to everybody here what sent you bonnies bread and we appreciate your retirement thank you so much. I'd love it that the if you know either one of these in those of the tournament because we put the eighth in the day. The look forward march. All right I like it Alex Brown appreciate time as always Britain McDaniel is the coast of Orange peel. You can find on FaceBook. Doing a great job with the Roosevelt bullet. San GO Vonnie. Used to do some games of Rosie back Blanton and Roosevelt Kuwait talk about a different got former number one pick in the mavericks. And the mavericks were expansion team. He said no and he went over and played over a decade in Italy and made it on money law of the Italian lifestyle. Blight. Calling a game that was a terrible foul. And he just says send you money. Okay well you got to explain that to me in the rest of our viewers here what that that exactly means their rosy. Well apparently that's a saying in Italy when Iraq for Reid makes it terrible. Hall. This series scene Geovany and I got what would make sure that that player. Would miss the free throw because they didn't deserve the free throw in the first place in zone. Every time I see a back call and then the player missing the free throw I think Roosevelt the way they think of the Italian tradition in Italian basketball of sandy not it's basketball's version of the block that set. My lawyer we call the animal walk. Rosie we got to get Rosie in here to tell me out. Not to get a act is he's strict diet right he should tell it like a family I'm married into right up until I hear that same. Let me it is and alienate your G day OK okay. It's Samoa so it's a basketball version might send you on a light does go out like an NFL appetizers next poster of the day's top NFL stories and bite sized form. On the way next in the sports bar danger to tag link ESPN right to. ES PM Rochester wrapping speedy. Easiest way to connect with Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Ford's car would dangerous bit. Rochester wrap. Just fortunately you're. Like salmon. ESPN Rochester. Rochester new homes for amber so. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. His news from around the National Football League. Have a little fun today. Served up in place. Here's the during that attack we are serving. Art display lessons. Now another sportsman. RA need danger at this is just over the wire. The last minute we've got rolling and eight. NFL media. According hit source bagels quarterback AJ McCarron it. One he's grievance against then he will now beat him. Unrestricted free agents OK let's table that for a second time by teams of might be interested in AJ McCarron is an unrestricted free agent in the sport sport. Meanwhile longtime cardinals receiver Larry FitzGerald decided to return for another season in Arizona. Cardinals coach Steve wolf set on AZ sports PD 98 point seven FM that FitzGerald told them last night. He intends to play and when he eighteen Fitz Gerald is due eleven million for the Tony eighteenth season after hauling in 109 passes it's clear he can still play at a high level. FitzGerald distance 390 receiving yards to move into second on the league's all time list behind Jerry Rice. FitzGerald also just needs 92 receptions the past Tony Gonzales. First second all time behind Bryce. Going into the 2018 seasons Tom. Brady now will be the only player in the 2000 draft still on the same team at that originally drafted him net because the raiders. Are planning to part ways with kicker Sebastian genachowski wants league year begins genachowski missed last season with a back injury. And his agent Paul Haley says it will not stop him from getting back on the field and Tony eighteen Texas punishing lacquer. And Brady the only two players left in the 2000 draft they're actually still active right now in the NFL. What that or would you like to watch this year's draft dungy because there's a new player in town went. The announcement that fox. Will carry the NFL draft for at least the next five years. The price for televising the draft is built into the price the network paid for their Thursday night football package. It's tough pick for ESP had who has commanded 67%. Of the draft watching audience now Pope goes to prove co producing the event with. The NFL network fox will surely heated that number fox will simulcast and almost. Thursday consisting of the first turn and Friday coverage which include drugs to. And three it's unclear. What will happen on Saturday for rounds for. Through seventh time. It would it be that risk of sounding again we don't work. For ESPN and we work for a company called her com we deserve the ESPN affiliate so I just need to make that clear and nodding he has been an homer but I will watch the ESPN feed because to me that's the tradition. I do like the little chime in the keys in and I act like their reporters and that's. That's why I've grown accustomed to and for fox Kurt you know if for the NFL they want the draft to be everywhere I understand that I it's is going to be the same. Coverage though you've seen we flip back and forth right when you're watching the draft the NFL network is is now gonna be simulcast on fox do I understand that correctly danger yup. They the just gonna some Cassie and apple network's feed on fox. But the idea that it's on network TV now instead of on cable TV should command more eyeballs get more people watching in and take. I hit to the 67%. Of the NFL. Draft viewing. Population there was booze watching on ESPN. A hit for ESPN this is that your you it guilt hyper guy or remain on doctor cut the guy April excellent watch. ESP I like man up through. I Berman. Being set aside ego and he and I don't. After Burma losses wife I don't wanna pick on Chris Berman but that was actually probably a good thing with the network. Having. Trade wing go in literature main anchor on draft. Yeah I would agree with that all right so the AJ McCarron news. Right now what you're hearing that it's UT's most interest in would be Cleveland the team that tried to deal trim at the trade deadline but he holds. And Denver. Ads on TV if incident Denver I don't know if that's the long term solution or that's just another year of Trevor simian like O Whitney at Trevor simian like quality of play and all of that that's. A long term fix unless they see something and AJ McCarron that we haven't seen a guy who couldn't beat out and people. Doesn't AJ McCarron sound light bulb. Dream breach option other words the Eagles to Denver your bronco fan you really believing. And AJ McCarron is gonna be your starting quarterback or do you bring in AJ McCarron. And then Broncos sitting there in the top ten. They take baker mayfield or something like that. Is it is us criticizes gore are bad for the Buffalo Bills in the carrying now is on the open market. My initial reaction is. A good day. Because. It while it's good as far as a team thinking maybe it will fill a need to AL with through McCarron in free agency. But not a good thing if you were thinking that a they're gonna get anything of value for Tyrod Taylor. Aging just really quick because I just saw something that flashed across my ally and wanna make sure I'd I'd understand what's going on here. You we mentioned earlier Vontae Davis. Taking meeting with the Buffalo Bills free agent corner Vontae Davis. Who's represented by way what's the agency Todd France is well okay. I just wanna throw this out there. The agent for AJ McCarron is a guy by the name of Todd France. Okay well take a break we'll talk more about that next in sports bar rules being injured and obviously guys on ESPN Rochester stem. Just your virtual career fair is happening right now. And virtual career fair dot com. Heads to discover your next professional opportunity all from the comfort of your. You visit the virtual career better. Boost from local employers and openings that need to be filled immediately log on right now to apply verb position and virtual career bear dot com. And 950 and 957. These sports leader ESPN Rochester.